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implementing these key strategies, it can expect to see its net


profits grow during the same period. BUD







Architectural, Construction, and Interior Design firm in the Midwest,




a number of companies,

1.1 BUD DESIGN Objectives BUD DESIGN’S objectives for the first year of new strategies:

businesses, churches, families, etc., which have a demand for the types of services in which it provides to the general public. BUD DESIGN can also become a great destination for those individuals in the business and residential market that may need a



offers an

Become the best firm of its kind in the Midwest.

Build strong relationships with its clients and partners.

Maintain a healthy, happy work environment with a

array of readily available

commitment to build for the future.

information online, which can be acquired while they surfing the internet.

1.2 BUD DESIGN Keys to Success BUD DESIGN keys to success will be:









companies who can meet the demand of today’s markets, BUD

A multi-facted website design that will be both visually attractive to clients, and designed for fast, efficient, and

DESIGN can capitalize on its proximity to the Mid-Michigan

interactive experience.

region and I-75 / I-69 corridor, to build a core group of repeat •

clients. BUD DESIGN can offer its clients the best prepared

Employee training to insure the best client services follow-up techniques.

design presentations in the industry that can be complimented with a strong relationship approach, as well as timely follow-up

procedures that its clients can count on to enjoy their

Marketing media and strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal clients, maximizing the sale of high margin

experience with BUD DESIGN.

products, as well as offering online support/coaching.

The company currently operates an office facility based in Grand Blanc, Genesee County, Michigan, a small suburban city just south of the City of Flint. The company is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 30 years. Mr. Gary

1.3 BUD DESIGN Mission BUD DESIGN is a unique place where employees can work in a comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying the best available tools for personal and business growth in the industry.

Rodebaugh Serves as it’s CEO. BUD DESIGN will be in the business of helping its clients to By utilizing several key initiatives, we believe that BUD DESIGN can expect to grow its current client/revenue base substantially within the next year and beyond. As BUD DESIGN focuses on maintaining

its current





experience the best possible service by providing easy access to

its products and



services through its online website, location,

friendly client services, and

products of consistently high quality.

Summary BUD DESIGN, a Michigan based Company, encompasses the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Construction and Interior Design, and other products from its current offices located in Grand Blanc, Genesee County, Michigan. BUD DESIGN’s major markets are: 1.





Industrial, and


Medical which make up a substantial part of its future growth potential here in the next three years.

2.1 Initial Objectives The initial objectives include: •

Design and Develop and multi-faceted web presence on the World Wide Web that supports its efforts to be the leading organization of its kind in the Midwest region.

Build a solid base of support for its marketing, advertising and promotion campaigns, aimed at targeting people who are in decision making positions at their companies.








organization which is responsible for compiling this Marketing/Media Design Overview. •

Develop a commitment to dominate the marketplace, with effective marketing / advertising for the upcoming year with budgets for the subsequent three years as well.

Create a significant Internet presence which includes: o

Non-Static Website


Online Client Support


Social Networking Capabilities


Media Production for Perspective Clients

BUD DESIGN can require excellent sales and clients services as a

Products & Services

paramount standard of its total quality services platform. A BUD DESIGN can offer its clients the best products and services in the industry. This will be achieved by using high-quality products followed with excellent client services, unmatched in the industry.

minor deviation from the level of service, the time it takes to respond to a need, the arrival time of a finished project, will affect the quality of the total quality services platform. Careful attention must be paid to every product and service offered to the clients of BUD DESIGN.

The company’s marketing

activities can

be focused on

cataloging all of its various products and services which can be easily







pamphlets and other (easy to distribute) printed and digital marketing materials. Along with its current line-up of products, the company can also include a suite of services which are offered via their various partnerships and other business alliance relationships. This will add the overall number of products and services BUD DESIGN can offer its clients.

3.2 Sales Literature The website of BUD DESIGN can be distributed and marketed to optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the printed media, the postcards, the booklets, and other printed/virtual materials can be distributed in the targeted areas for growth, such as: hospitals, construction companies, school administrative offices, state and federal offices, and in selected office buildings within the targeted areas for future growth to ‘warm up the market’ so-to-speak, prior to the sales force hitting the ground in a

BUD DESIGN can also offer its clients website interaction, as well

perspective market.

as technical support via phone and video conference. For its higher end clientele that prefers a more personal touch, BUD DESIGN can offer private client rep services to personally assist clients with their entire process, start to finish with any project.

Subsequently, the BUD DESIGN website and other printed materials can and should be redesigned and updated to increase the company visibility among its clients and to offer the most current solutions to its client’s needs.

3.1 BUD DESIGN Product Catalog The product catalog (physical and online) for BUD DESIGN can be built around ease-of-use and information that is simple to find. Each of the itemized products can be offered with or without the assistance of a personal client rep.

Each of these products and services can be based on one-time purchase, or an ongoing purchasing scenario. Single project purchases could come at a premium, while ongoing project purchases could be discounted to empower the buyer to buy more and save more.

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

Market Analysis

4.3 Partnering and Relationships

BUD DESIGN can cater to clients who want to be served in a The Midwest market for full service companies, such as BUD DESIGN has shown steady growth, with the medical industry providing







throughout the Midwest are among the most demanding

friendly and productive fashion. Such clients vary in size and scope, and although BUD DESIGN’s location is on the Midwest, it still should maintain a healthy strategy for building client relationships throughout the U.S. within the next few years.

institutions. They favor full service companies, along with other sensible choices and excellent client services.

Our market research shows that there are discerning customers that gravitate towards companies who can offer a more online

The Midwest, with its liberal and outgoing university scene and

approach with needs as well.

huge automotive infrastructure, has traditionally been a great place for companies like BUD DESIGN as well. BUD DESIGN can strive to build a loyal customer base by offering great products and services in a simple, easy, and hassle-free manner.

So, although BUD DESIGN is based in Grand Blanc, it still can maintain a global presence, and this makes a world of difference in the minds of clients in terms of them targeting other

4.1 Market Segmentation

companies that




business with



BUD DESIGN can focus its marketing activities on reaching the business clientele that would be most inclined to need and require its full service firm, thus eliminating any need to waste precious time and energy to build a dead end road to nowhere. However, building relationships with the key players


full-service-minded clients consider companies

that have to outsource everything to be an overall negative still. But when a company has a full-service menu, it makes a world of difference.

within industries, which have a higher rate of product necessity, can and will prove to be BUD DESIGN’S greatest asset in building out its strategy for growth in the Midwest.

a loyal client base that it currently does not have.

The market research shows that there are customer groups that are most likely to use full service firms. Since this fact is not universal



industry categories,



depending on the level of service involved, proximity to the institutions most likely to use BUD DESIGN’S products can provide access to the targeted audience in a more fast and efficient manner.


by utilizing



wherein a market is ‘warmed up’, BUD DESIGN can potentially realize a higher new client acquisition rate.

For BUD DESIGN, this can provide a unique possibility for building

4.2.1 Market Needs General trends toward quality among U.S. consumers definitely play an important role in the recent growth in full service companies








Additionally, such factors as desire for personal service, for something more easily accessible, provide a great selling opportunity for companies like BUD DESIGN.

BUD DESIGN can position itself as the leader in this industry by utilizing this Media / Marketing Overview provided by FIFTHKING and by partnering with FIFTHKING to implement these strategies.

Strategy & Implementation

as involved or uninvolved with the actual implementation of any or all of its recommendations as well. To ensure that all needs

BUD DESIGN’s marketing strategy can be focused on retaining its existing clientele base,, developing a new stream of clients, and persuading clients that currently use other companies to choose to work with BUD DESIGN for its full-service needs.






base is of paramount

importance since this core of clients will not only generate most of the sales but this group of clients will also provide favorable word of mouth referrals, which still is the most powerful form of marketing to date.

5.1 Competitive Edge BUD DESIGN can position itself as a unique company where its clients can not only enjoy a great product/service, but also, they can work with some of the most knowledgeable and friendly company in the industry.

5.2 Sales Strategy BUD DESIGN can handle the pre-sale, sales transactions and post-sale follow-up. In order to build up its client base, BUD DESIGN will redevelop its website, under the direction of FIFTHKING, engage in the use of online postcards, e-flyers, utilize client referrals and cross-promotions with other businesses in the community. At the same time, client retention programs will be used to make sure our clients are coming back to spend more time and money with Bud DESIGN.

5.2.1 The Costs The costs of services rendered are assumed to be open for discussion. FIFTHKING normally precedes with projects of this scope on a case-by-case basis and tailor makes a budget that is suitable for the client we are working with. FIFTHKING can be

are being met, FIFTHKING can arrange a face-to-face meeting or video conference, whichever is most suitable for our client’s needs. Thank you for the opportunity to help BUD DESIGN build its brand name and client base in the Midwest and beyond!

Contacts FIFTHKING GROUP Primary Intermediary John D. Lee / Senior Managing Director Telecommunications: 917.727.0911 – New York 810.308.3911 - Michigan Web and Electronic Communications:

Bud Design Overview  

Media / Marketing Overview for Local Design Firm.

Bud Design Overview  

Media / Marketing Overview for Local Design Firm.