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SPRING 2011 | 37

04 | The Author’s Corner

The Author's Corner is one-of-a-kind magazine exclusively for the self-published author to promote their works, write articles, and showcase excerpts from forthcoming books. Our vision is to reach and exceed over a million au thors to promote their talents in our magazine. As a self-published author, I know the hardship that confronts many new authors. Not be able to have the audience of support you are seeking can be sometimes difficult. For this reason, The Author’s Corner Magazine was created; to help alleviate this challenge that many self-published a uthors face. This publication will be distributed via Email, Text, Fa cebook, and many

Editorial Director Dr. J.D. Lee

other social networks. It is on par with the new era of digital publications which is becoming more and more popula r. Please join us in celebrating the new look of The A uthor’s Corner Magazine and thank you for supporting our vision. Sincerely, Renetta J. Cochran, Publisher The Author’s Corner Magazine

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Spring Issue 2011 | 05

Many of the concepts, ideas and perceptions that have shaped the way people think and interact today have come from this creative/spiritual mine. It is a place where men, women, the young and the old can engage in an exchange which cannot be equated in mere words alone. This mine is the birthplace of some of history’s greatest inventions, life’s most wonderful moments, and some of our most intimate occasions.

In this issue of the Author’s Corner Magazine, you will undoubtedly read many things that will create a concept, birth and idea, or cause a revolution of thought to take place in your own mind. The authors, who have submitted their works and have been chosen for inclusion, are from diverse settings of life. Some are professional writers, while others

Creativity and Spirituality are not strangers. The close connection between the two is clear and distinct all throughout history in the writings of mankind’s most illustrious personalities; Moses, Shakespeare, and Malcolm X, to name a few. 06 | The Author’s Corner

are just getting started with their careers.

However, I like to always say that “No great thing is ever accomplished without someone who has the will, resolve and tenacity to

Many have tried only to cave in to the inevitable reality that there is something about us that’s bigger than just us. And

make it happen.” And, that ‘someone’

regardless of your personal religious beliefs,

happens to be all of the contributing writers

one would be hard pressed to refute the fact

who have taken that step of faith and put their

that there is a spiritual realm to life.

thoughts into words, their words on paper, and that paper into book form.

So with all of that said, I want you to think of your writings as works of creative food for the

Writing is no easy task, as you all know. Thus

spirit, body and soul. We have enough

I am a firm believer in the notion that writing

garbage circulating throughout the world of

requires more than mere human inspiration

media and publishing. I want you to begin to

and creativity. This is where the spiritual element comes into play. It is in the spiritual realm that your thoughts are first formed before they even enter into your carnal mind. Now I don’t want to get to deep, but it is important to note that we cannot escape the

stretch your imagination. Extend the boundaries of your mind. Look for creative ideas in places you’d never think to look before. Dream bigger than your boundaries. Begin to tap into your spirit for that well of creativity that flows like rivers of living water.

spiritual realm no matter how hard we try. We are spirit beings wrapped in a human shell.

I know you can do it and I know that your spirit longs to create writings that will shake the very foundation of the strongholds which have been placed upon you. I see greatness in you and I feel an overflow of abundance coming your way. Get ready for doors to open and opportunities to come your way. Your best days are ahead of you and you cannot afford to look back and wish things would have been different. So get that chin up, get that pen out, and get to writing that next great work of art! Dr. J.D. Lee is an Inspirational Writer, Speaker and Coach and is the CEO of


him on Facebook at: or twitter at:

Spring Issue 2011

| 07

Shay knows what being a hustler's wife is all about. Being with Q is more of a curse than a gift, full of the consequences borne of bad decisions. They live in a cold, hard world, but Q had saved her from much worse at age fifteen, when her family had taught her the meaning of the word betrayal. For Q, friends don't exist and life has no promise. Getting money and selling drugs is his hustle. The streets are all he knows and the only things that matter is protecting Shay and keeping his organization on top. When their house gets robbed and his team starts getting hot, Q looks at everyone as a potential enemy. Heartbroken, scared and confused, Shay turns to her best friends, Star and Keisha, for comfort and begins to realize that power, jealousy and revenge can turn the people closest to her into vicious enemies. Feeling scorned, she loses faith in everyone around her, including Q. Will she get caught up in a dangerous game that destroys everything, or will Q be able to save her before it's too late?

08 | The Author’s Corner

Shytayjah Johnson, AKA Tayjah is from the streets of New York. She is known for being beautiful and having a glamorous life when her life takes a sudden twist. She falls in love with a big-time drug dealer named Jason from Harlem, who is known for being a killer. But when he is put in a coma and his right-hand man, Rob, is put in a grave, everyone becomes a target—including Tayjah. When Tayjah’s little sister, Neka, gets killed and her mother becomes a crack head, Tayjah and her brother, Shytek, takes the streets in their own hands, leaving the streets of New York with shootouts and dead bodies.

They will do any and every thing to find the person who murdered their sister. Their hunt is put on hold when both of them get arrested for murder because someone close to them is snitching on them. Betrayal, jealousy, greed, envy, love, and drama are knocking on the door. Who will keep the oath they made to the streets by staying loyal? Who will fall? Makes you want to read some more?

Spring Issue 2011 | 09

Schooled by a tough knuckled hustler, CNote, quickly adapts to the street life while becoming aware of his swift fists and women seducing tongue. How long can C-Note keep up with the breakneck speed of the fast life? Even he lacks the answer, but he won’t admit it. Focused on his family, money, and women, he will go through anything or anyone to get where he wants. Yet, despite his seasoned technique for handling trouble and balancing his aspirations, he begins to realize that his life consists of too many women, but not enough time.

Tonya Percy is being hunted; are the hunters evil or good, friend or foes? Follow her through the uncanny tale of supernatural suspense and bone chilling adventure, as she discovers who the sisterhood is and what they want with her. Her life depends on it. Families will be lost, friendships severed and the battle that will be fought will be enough to surely have you wanting more.

10 | The Author’s Corner

This writing project is a journey through my childhood. I am the baby of seven! Often I must laugh to keep from crying. From brothers fighting on the porch to my kindergarten graduation, all my family's dirty laundry in the street, have placed a comedic spin on the dysfunction within my family and I am quite willing to share the laughter with you, Sugar! Hold on because this is only volume 1. It will require 5 volumes to get every laugh to you!

This is a fascinating story about a young woman who loves a challenge. Dueling over their complexions, Lynette is confronted with a dare from her best friend and ends up winning her man. Later, she finds the courage to choose between being abused and her love of money. Finally, she has to make some decisions to keep her family safe from this abusive man.

Spring Issue 2011 | 11

Freedom is Not Free is about a Houston Police Officer named Rashard “Stone” Williams. Stone is a part of an elite fugitive task force known in the streets of Houston as the “Ghost Squad”. The young officer’s life is suddenly interrupted and he has to return to his hometown to bury his father. Stone discovers that his father, had unfinished business with a dangerous organization.

The members of this organization will stop at nothing to maintain their secrets and power that has kept them wealthy for years.

The reader will discover that a small city like Montgomery, Alabama can have serious big city crime. Get ready to dive into a book that is full of action and suspense.

12 | The Author’s Corner

Jewelz is the hottest young hustler in the cold, vicious, and unforgiving streets of Killadelphia, Pistolvania (Philly). His name and guns ring bells throughout the whole city. Guys want to be just like him and all of the young beauties want to get between his silk sheets. In his hectic world filled with sex, riches, foes, and murder, his crowning jewel and refuge from it all is his ride or die chick Kayla.

Jewelz feels like he has the world in the palm of his hands until thug politics come into play. However, with large sums of easy money and power, come secrets, lies betrayal, and vengeance8even amongst family.

As the drama plays out in the theatre of the streets they all quickly discover that love can cost all of them the ultimate price!

Spring Issue 2011 | 13

You have done time in prison and now it’s time to go home. In my opinion, this time in your life is bittersweet.

14 | The Author’s Corner

Freedom is here but is the outside world ready for the person you’ve become and are you ready for the inside you left behind. Are you going to be able to make the positive changes that you swore to God you’d make? You go home and everyone is so happy. For the first couple of weeks you are the shit. People are buying you clothes, giving you money, taking you out, throwing you sex, cooking you food, and putting you on a big pedestal. You love all the attention. Once all the hype is over, then reality strikes. What are you going to do? The hardest thing you have to do is separate yourself from all the negative people in your

employer that you are really trying to turn over a new leaf. While locked up you may have written books, music, created art, or learned a new trade. Make those talents work for you. Failure is not an option.

life. You have to focus on yourself because

Going back to prison is a waste of your life.

life is going to be hard on you, especially if

You are important and God has you here for

you are a felon. Stay away from people that

a reason. If you have children, be their

want you to go back to the old way of doing

number one role model. They missed you

things. There is no love from that. You have

and need you to be around. Read to your

to love yourself more than the drugs, the sex, and the money.

children and just listen to them. Trust me you will learn so much from them. Their love will make you want to be great. Always

I know that many of you will turn your noses up at working

remember that when you are doing dirt, you will always have a lot of people riding or dying with you.

a minimum wage job or two.

That’s because they have no self -love,

That may be your beginning but it doesn’t

dreams, or ambitions. When you want to live

have to be your ending. You have to crawl

right, many times you will stand alone, and

before you walk. It may be hard getting a job

the friends you came home too won't be able

at first so get a volunteer job. It will look good

to understand. When doors slam in your face

on your resume. It shows the potential

and they will; don’t give up. Never give up.

Spring Issue 2011 | 15

Inside the gifted pages of written words in Empowered for Purpose: From Pain to Promise, you will travel along the journey, as Author Shereeda L. Bowers reveals her soul's thoughts about love, pain, society, and purpose. Empowered for Purpose is a powerful testimony of endurance, victory, triumph, and faith, even during some of the most tumultuous times of life. Allow Shereeda's words to minister encouragement, love, faith, and hope into the deepest parts of your spirit as you take this journey. Enjoy!

Sable, Ariel and Gabi have everything they have wanted at their disposal except the one thing they wanted the most, love. The test to conquer the element that unites us all is harder than they bargained for. Spiraling through life’s obstacles, they find out everyone is not who they seem to be. Will they be able to overcome their quest to love and be loved? 16 | The Author’s Corner

Are women aware of what it takes to be a wife? Are they prepared for a husband? If they knew what it really meant to be a wife, would they still want it? I Wouldn’t Mind Having a Husband, I Just Don’t Want to Be Somebody’s Wife: The Single Woman’s Guide to Self-fulfillment will advise singl e women on how to answer these and many other questions for themselves.

In an excerpt from the book Author Elaine Flowers writes the following:

No one sets out in marriage contemplating a divorce . But, what if you did? Not in a morbid sort of way where you’re setting yourself up with a death wish (speaking to the death of a marriage) but, in a realistic way of thinking of an ‘every’ case scenario. Ask yourself, “How would this man treat me during a

You lose faith in romance and commitment. Say you

divorce?” This is something most people don’t consi der.

pledged your life to a man who seems to be out to get

And when the person you were supposed to love forever

you. The word “committed” will take on a whole new

turns into public enemy number one, it’s difficult to

meaning—complete with a straitjacket.

process. When the man who was supposed to honor and cherish you is not only not wishing you well but is doing everything within his power to bring you down , it’s enough to literally change your outlook on life, love, and relationships.

Spring Issue 2011 | 17

Meet Richard D. McVickers, Aka “Big Mack”...drug dealer from Marion, Indiana, a small town in the Midwest. Just one year out of prison, this aspiring rap artist is a realtor by day and a gangsta by night. Caught up in the sticky web of the streets, Big Mack starts funding his real estate and rap careers with drug money. He wants to make it out the dope game and become a rap star.

Mack’s biggest setback in becoming that gangsta rapper is that he lives what he raps and he raps what he lives. Talent isn’t the issue, the issue is: “Can Mack stay out of prison?” The fact that Mack is gaining success and notoriety in the music business pushed the task force over the edge. They know drug money is the power behind him, but they just can’t catch him. They are determined to send him to Michigan City, a rough prison in Northern Indiana. With the help of Frederico, young underboss of the Panamanian drug cartel, the county can’t hold him. And once Mack is free... All Hell Breaks Loose!

18 | The Author’s Corner

A world that is ruled by greed, betrayal and secrets! Giselle Whitfield's life has always been full of surprises. It all started with Ms. Greta Mitchell; her jealous-hearted mother, who abandoned her at a young age only to barge back into her life to create hell on earth. To cope with the drama of her past, Giselle does what's expected of her; scheming, lying and keeping secrets. Now, as a grown woman holding her own, will Giselle be able to extinguish the hellish flames of her conniving past and deceitful ways? Will the red carpet treatment from her Prince Charming, be the beacon of light to escape the darkness of her past? Join Dell Banks in his highly anticipated debut novel SHADY as he introduces some of the shadiest people to ever hit the streets of Detroit. Experience it all as it untangles toward a state of undoubted destiny...or fate.

Spring Issue 2011 | 19

Have you ever wondered what the end times will be like? Have you thought maybe we might be in those days now? “The Falling Tears of an Angel”; is the first of a three book series. “The Falling Tears of an Angel” is a fictional novel that is based from the book of revelation. Filled with a thrill seeking suspense that will keep the reader at the brink of high anticipation from the first page all the way to the last page of the book.

Author Matthew Q Dawson presents an individualized and intriguing perspective of those often contemplated and somewhat confusing “last days” discussed in the Bible. While many viewpoints exist regarding the exact fulfillment of this time, and while we cannot know with complete accuracy how all the events will unfold, Matthew reveals his own personal understanding of what will be difficult and challenging times.

In the last fifteen years, we have seen world tragedies, massive wars, great diseases, false prophets, and the world’s economy crashing. Blame is being passed around; however, little do many know that all this was prophesied in revelations and is presently being fulfilled today. Take a journey with two individuals that happen to cross paths by a tragic event. Neither one knowing that the event would also change the world as civilization once knew it.

With the many interpretations of the tribulation Mr. Dawson tries to show that Christ will also show his grace during those last days.

20 | The Author’s Corner

I grew up in a drug infested community and home. I was raped at a very young age about 6 years old to be exact. In this book I give my life, my dreams, and some of my deepest, darkest secrets. Writing it brought back many memories. Some happy, some painful, some difficult, and some were even embarrassing. In spite of that I reveal my faults, my short comings, my trials and tribulations. Many of these were dealt to me by the evils of life, but a lot of the pains, I now realize, I brought upon myself through poor choices. I am sharing my story because there are those out there who are having a rough ti me - some maybe even worse than me.

I wrote this book to tell the world’s addicts that you are not alone. Regardless of where you are in life, you can recover, but it starts with you. I am here to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others to find th eir own way. Every word in this book is true. There has been no exaggeration or dramatic embellishment. I have found my way. I have been clean and sober for seven years and counting. I am now in college pursuing a bachelor’s degree in special education, married to the most supportive man ever and I am very proud to now be involved in my children’s lives.

I am extending a hand to help others find their way. I should point out that my efforts don’t stop with just this book. I am also doing speaking engagements to inspire others and hoping to help those in need alo ng the path of recovery.

Spring Issue 2011 | 21

Here are just a few ideas& Writing Tip #1: Put off editing Brainstorm w ords or images about your topic. Don't stop to evaluate their worth. Keep writing down ideas. When you can't think of another word, wait a while. Often the most powerful idea will surface after you have cleared all the less valuable ideas out of the way. Write a page or tw o w ith your eyes shut. It doesn't matter if you can't read what you've written. You are giving your mind permission to make "mistakes" and just get on with it. Write w ith music in the background. Experiment to find the style that you like. I prefer baroque or classical music. One of my writing teachers needed country and western. Giv e yourself permission to be emotional. If your writing begins to move you, experience the full emotion. Before your writing changes others it will change you.

Each of us works at writing on two Writing Tip #2: Write w hat you know

levels: a creative, unconscious

Given the chance, what do you talk about endlessly?

level and a critical, conscious level.

What drives you to seek out information? What are your

The unconscious produces creative

authority. People listen to you because you are one who

passions? When you write what you know, you write with knows. You are interesting because you are interested.

and powerful words and images.

Your knowledge is a gift to share.

It makes surprising and original Writing Tip #3: Research

connections. It shuts down if the

Deepen the well. No matter what you know about the

critical "editor" part of your mind

subject, there is always more to learn. Make sure you

goes to work too soon there are

differences of opinion in the area you are writing about,

have the latest information on your subject. If there are acknowledge the other side. Your statements will come

many books written on how to unlock your unconscious and

across more strongly if the reader knows you have addressed the arguments others would raise. Once you write something, at least some of your readers are going

let the writing flow.

22 | The Author’s Corner

to believe you. You owe them accuracy.

Writing Tip #4: Use a structure There is no one right structure for a book any more than there is one right structure for a house. Some will be linear, and take the reader step by step directly through to a conclusion like a long hallway opening into an inner courtyard.

reader is there with you. When you tell, the reader relaxes to the point of mental slumber. Writing Tip #13: Use humor w hen you can Not everyone cracks jokes all day long. But a light touch from time to time lowers a reader's guard and opens her to your ideas. Be careful that your humor is kind and tasteful, unless of course you are writing for seven-yearolds, when bodily function humor is high on the list.

Writing Tip #5: Use strong v erbs and nouns The verbs are the action words. They put things in motion. Make yours as strong as possible. Short words are usually best. They have more punch. They hit the gut hard.

Writing Tip #6: Be w ary of adv erbs and adj ectives If your verbs and nouns are strong, you can get rid of many adverbs or adjectives. Don't know what they are? They are the "describing words" your elementary school teachers told you to use to make your writing "more interesting." Writing Tip #7: Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar Yes, there is a time to turn on the proofreader. A book is like housework. No one notices when it is done well , but they see your mistakes clearly. Writing Tip #8: Work the details Your ideas come through more clearly when they are supported by details. Sensory details bring a scene clearly to mind. Give specific names for things

Writing Tip #14: Build to the end When you write a list, put the most important, unusual, or powerful item last. The final sentence in a paragraph ties up your ideas in a neat package or hints at what is to come. Your most powerful paragraph comes at the end of the chapter. Writing Tip #15: Choose a beckoning title A good title is catchy and says, "Read me." Dependi ng on your topic, you may want to steer clear of a "cute" or "witty" title in favor of one that makes a clear promise of what is inside. Writers often discover a title as they write. Sometimes a phrase or reference in the book comes to stand for the whole work. Take your time to find a good title. You want one that calls to a reader, insisti ng on a purchase. Writing Tip #16: Print out a hard copy Writing Tip #17: Read your w ork aloud Writing Tip #18: Find an editor Source: This article first appeared at by an anonymous author.

Writing Tip #9: Cut, cut, cut Cutting words from writing is like pruning in the garden. When we get rid of the dead, diseased, and ugly, we are left with a stronger, more beautiful, fruitful plant Writing Tip #10: Use activ e v oice Active voice is stronger and moves the action along. Passive voice sounds like someone is trying to hide something or to avoid responsibility. We find passi ve voice in many government documents Writing Tip #11: Use parallel structure Doing the same thing in the same way creates a pattern that helps a reader follow along. Writing Tip #12: Show , don't tell What does it look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, smell like? When you describe a person or event, your

Spring Issue 2011

| 23

St art ing at t he t ender age of 10 years in Hawt horne, Nevada, Andrionna Williams is definit ely no st ranger t o t he world of writ ing.

Williams’ first literary piece was titled “I Am Somebody.” She also wrote for her college newspaper, Southern Digest, as well as freelance writings for The Answer newspaper.

Williams debuted her new hot radio sitcom "YOU DON'T KNOW MY HELL" July 6, 2010. Her second nov el YOUR WOMAN IS MY WIFE debuted January 16, 2011. Howev er, In-Laws From Hell was her first published nov el. And with this publication, In-Laws From Hell has been blessed to see another lev el of success.

Currently Williams is working on v arious projects which includes a screenplay, UNTIL DEATH DO WE PART that will be seen on TV. “I will continue to keep you the fans updated on ALL of my upcoming ev ents!” she says.

Although writing is Andrionna’s calling, radio is her passion. She can be heard on Simply Andrionna on Blog Talk Radio, Open Book Radio on KKVV 1060, and The Talk of Las Vegas on KLAV 1230. Andrionna currently resides in Las Vegas, Nev ada with her three (3) beautiful sons.

24 | The Author’s Corner

The wind of God is blowing and moving in a direct ion much different t han many people have been accust omed t o. Where will this new wave of God's spirit take us? Will we be willing to mov e in sync with God to experience the change that is taking place in the liv es of men all across our country?

Poet, Author and Writer, Arnita L. Fields presents in America's Change a Poetic View, poems that were birthed forth in her spirit both before and after the election of our nation's first African American President. This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and prov oke readers to embrace God's change for their liv es.

The key focus of this book is to help sound the alarm for America as a country to unite, pray and mov e in sync with God so that we as a nation can experience the change that has already begun to take place in the liv es of men and women all across our country.

God has a special place in His heart for those who are willing to submit to the winds of change. Change is good, and it is good for the soul.

Spring Issue 2011 | 25

Ms. Burke began her writing career with the release of her first children’s book entitled, Yap-Yap, “The Talking Horse” in 2008. In addition to being an author, Ms. Burke is an entrepreneur and Co-Founding partner of Sisters in Harmony, a web based Economic Networking Organization which uplifts and encourages women of all nationalities. She is a survivor of domestic violence and has had a lot of challenges in her life.

Survivors, “Emancipation Day”, has given Ms. Burke the closure she so desperately needed to continue with everything that God has planned for her life and she hopes this book and future books will do the same for others. The book will open doors for sisters to release things they’ve covered up hoping to forget about, only to have these same issues pop up in their lives from time to time making a mess of things. After reading this book I felt that the reader will have some new weapons that they will be able to use in overcoming some demons that have haunted them for far too long. As a photographer who understands the difference between a picture and an image, I see Ruby as a sister of vision, love and determination, walking the path that God has given her, and I feel blessed to call her "Friend".

- Edmund Herman / Umoja Communications

26 | The Author’s Corner

“Shug like honey. And now I’s just like a bee.” Celie, The Color Purple And so it is for me and poetry, inseparable from a time before my comprehension. I can’t tell you the precise time, minute or second in which words intertwined their potent web around me or when concept of prose and rhyme married, blending within it the very core of me. What can I say? Poetry is like air to my lungs, lyrics to a hot beat and within its textures and hues; I create the motley of my life, experiences, observations, and a mix of reality, fantasy and possibility. I believe one of the most powerful legacies we as human beings leave behind when we are no longer, will be our words. Their power can provide strength, inspiration and love. A legacy as described makes one richer than all the millionaires combined. The Ebony Kryptonite’s inception comes from a myriad of variables. My love for unique, soulful prose of the likes of Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Rita Dove, Zora Neale Hurston and music certainly has paved my way. Within these pages are the heart of a poetess, a woman, a mother, a friend, a lover, a sister and a daughter. Without any of the preceding factors I could not have composed this collection. For a long time, words were buried inside my head, afraid to give life. Little did I know at the time, but have come to embrace as the barest of truth, as everything comes to light. Whatever tries to bind you in this world has just as much power to free you!

Spring Issue 2011 | 27

Colleen, Allison, and Justina have been friends since grade school. This story takes you from their childhood through high school and early adulthood. Upon graduating high school, each has ambitions to achieve great things. Like most young people, their goals seem simple enough; attend college, get a job, and you are on your way. But life is not as simple as it seems. Remove the cover and see what’s beyond. A story you will never forget.

A few words of inspiration from the heart are what we all need. Day by day, hour by hour, every minute on the minute somewhere in this world negativity is taking its course. Reality doesn’t have its picks or chooses. That’s why we as individuals need to count our blessings and give thanks to the one who makes a way. However, just knowing that we’re living in the end sometimes has us at a loss for words.

28 | The Author’s Corner

In this Inspirational Devotional, Shanna Stroud expresses inspirational reminders that as God’s children, we are someone no matter who we are. There is a study guide to encourage in spiritual thinking. It has a short story






understanding of what the word “reject” stands for. Shanna Stroud has been through many things in life. She once considered herself as a reject. She has come up with an enlightenment to encourage the ones that maybe in the dumps.

Shanna Stroud tells a story of a young lady name Precious Bryant. She finally has the chance to escape from her family. Precious meets Jared along the way. His body, full of steam and love draws Precious his way. Precious’ love for Jared is interrupted by Mikal. Confused in the second as if the man in her life is the one, chemistry of love will burst out into flames from the one she wants and needs.

Spring Issue 2011 | 29

32 | The Author’s Corner

The humbling journey for this courageous, African American woman began in her birthplace of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 2006 she self-published her first literary project, but encountered difficulties promoting it, and after numerous inquiries for assistance without any success, she took matters into her own, capable, hands. Her ambitious self-promotion effort was the simple, underrated, word of mouth, and she also utilized her most precious resources, her family; to get the word out about her book.


As a self-published author there weren’t many open doors to walk through to make her dreams come true, however, quite a few were blown open based on the content and integrity of her story. The barriers she encountered during this period of time struck a chord inside of her, and once the final note was plucked she came up with an idea to be the voice for other authors immersed in the literary struggle.

Spring Issue 2011 | 33

The relationships she has

personal experiences as a self-published author. She

with her current and future

answer on hand, she does research to locate it. This

bevy of writers flourishes through social networking, which she uses to,

responds to all questions and, if she doesn’t have the

down-home approach to cultivating relationships is her unique niche in the literary publishing world. She educates her authors throughout the networking process, offering them affordable publishing prices so that they can get their books published for a reasonable fee. Another service she offers is a spot in

voluntarily, promote their

her magazine that has a list of over 500 avid readers,

projects, as well as, read

correctional facilities.

excerpts of their work. She communicates with them constantly, and as she

which is circulated throughout state and federal

There is also, currently, a mass mailing to the media in progress which will, undoubtedly, add a brighter spotlight on her company and authors. The diligent

supports their efforts she also gains their trust showing

creative team she has in places is working extremel y

them, by her actions, that she cares about them. Her

hard to take The Author’s Corner to the next level by

special approach to building these relationships is the

getting it in bookstores and on the nationwide literary

basic and honest down home


nurturing method. Whenever she

In addition to circulating her magazine throughout the federal and state correctional facilities, she is also reaching out to that, virtually, untapped market of


writers who are incarcerated. Her hope is that their

an instant message to read an excerpt, she does so in a timely manner, always providing

stories will inspire others on the outside so that they will avoid making the same mistakes that cost them their freedom. Renetta’s commitment to current and potential authors is genuine, and selflessness is perhaps her best quality. She will not ask anyone to do something that she would not do herself, and this ethical characteristic is what also makes her appealing and easy to do business with.

constructive and supportive feedback to the author, based on the knowledge she has accrued from her own

34 | The Author’s Corner


Spring Issue 2011 | 35

The Chedda Boyz, a blood thirsty,

It looks as if nothing can stop them. But looks

money hungry street gang from

can be deceiving. One by one, each member

Cleveland, hell bent on locking down the marijuana trade. With the Chief of Police in their hip pocket, they seem to be poised for a long run of dominance. Big Mo heads up the vicious crew and anyone in their way seems to disappear.

36 | The Author’s Corner

of the six man crew runs into a life changing situation that not only threatens to rip the crew apart from the inside out, but by putting their lives on the line. Murder, betrayal, lust, and revenge all come to the forefront and culminates with a gut wrenching secret that might just do what no one else can. Destroy the Chedda Boyz!

But while out with her friends, Essence and

Sex! Mind numbing, toe curling, soul satisfying sex! The ultimate weapon. Is it a good thing or a bad one?

Angie one night, Diamond runs into one of her ex-boyfriends and makes plans to seduce him. Things spiral out of control and before the night is over, he ends up dead. His family

For Diamond Robinson, it may turn out to be

blames Diamond for his death, but they don’t

both. She has a serious problem. She loves it

want justice, they want revenge. Diamond’s

so much that she is willing to do anything, including sleep with people that she shouldn’t to satisfy her urges.

buried secrets rise to the surface and her biggest secret of all ensures that her Nympho way of living survives, even if she doesn’t!

Spring Issue 2011 | 37

God’s Word Will Work for You is a study guide and a how to manual on utilizing the principles of God’s Word to be beneficial in the physical, spiritual, financial, social and relational areas of your life. This practical guide gives scriptural references of God’s plan to live life as He designed it to be lived. If you are someone who desires to better your life and transform into a new level of living, then this is the book for you.

Woman In Black is an eclectic compilation of short stories written in a variety of genres. These genres include juvenile fiction, romance, science fiction, and action stories in the form of heroic tales. A one-act Absurdist play is also included in the collected works. There should be something for everyone in this anthology.

38 | The Author’s Corner

You Can Make It is an autobiographical journey of a young woman who faces breast cancer. Her faith and determination offers encouragement, inspiration and hope to those facing cancer and other life challenges.

Marcus D. Thomas gives us a hard-hitting look at relationship dynamics, including what to do and more importantly what not to do. This thought-provoking book is both entertaining and long overdue. His intention is never to impose his views onto others, but to help them examine themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Spring Issue 2011 | 39

Set on the gritty streets of Watts and Compton Zipcodez is an exhilarating urban anthem that is bound to entertain and inspire. We are introduced to Lana a resilient young woman dealing with the excitement and disappointment of first lov e, an abusiv e relationship, and the trials and tribulations of ev eryday life.

We also meet Debo a young menace from a well to do family who is mesmerized by the gangsta' lifestyle and gets caught up along the way. Will they change their outlook or will they ultimately succumb to the ills of the ghetto? Supported by a cast of colorful characters Zipcodez is a definite page turner that will grab your attention from start to finish and hav e you asking for more.

Narrated in the form of first person, the characters experiences are exciting, hardcore, informativ e, and sad. The twist and turns of this nov el are the same as those on the street unanticipated and vivid.

40 | The Author’s Corner

Oh, to be young, dumb and full of yourself in the 80’s. Alisa is a money grubbing gold digger w ho sashays through her days w earing this title like a tiara. Feeling life’s all about the expensiv e gifts and money a man can giv e her, Alisa follows the steps of her mentor and basks in the glory of using men, until she stumbles upon Omar.

Tired of hearing her mother rant and rav e about her gold digging ways, Alisa takes her great grandmother’s adv ice, "Always get a man who lov es you more than you lov e him." Stumbling upon Omar in his brand new Cadillac, Alisa decides to make him her man, or rather, her v ictim, or will the tables turn? Hell erupts, splatters like geysers, while skeletons and bones fly out of closets, in this edgy nov el, Life Knows No Bounds, “1 Who Luvs U More.”

Inspired by Omar's brand new Cadillac, money and his feelings for her, Alisa decides to take the adv ice of her great grandmother. "Always get a man who lov es you more than you lov e him." she warns. The problem is, Alisa becomes spoiled rotten, confused and can't seem to see the flowers for the bees. Through it all, Alisa finds old sayings and bad habits don't mix in her story, "1 Who Luv s U More."

Spring Issue 2011 | 41

A sacrifice most of us would not be so willing to make however the sacrifice has been made. What of the veterans who have sacrificed and still live to tell the story, feel the pain and suffer through it? We made the choice to join the armed forces but many didn't make the choice to live with the scars.

A person, who enters the military, is not the same person you meet upon seeing them again after boot camp, and most definitely not the same person you will meet after they have completed their service. Unless you have served, the words may seem so true

We hear constant chants of “Support our troops.� the rally cry of the heroes fighting for our freedoms

however it is not something that you would be able to get a full grasp of unless you have experienced it yourself. I am sure most veterans would agree with this reality. Every military veteran to some extent suffers some type of military trauma. For instance: post-traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, and nursing and

which we as a country hold

medical trauma just to name a few. What happens when we are made to assimilate back into a society

so near and dear.

that isn't ready for the brokenness that comes with being a military combat veteran, who now has to deal

We have parades, ceremonies and dedications which give remembrance to those who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice.

with a society that has no understanding of the trials the veteran will inevitably face?

There is a level of isolation; a feeling that no one can understand the hell they have personally witnessed or survived; a feeling of regret. Knowing in your heart you did the right thing but having this ever increasing pain of wishing you had never done it, and the feeling of being misunderstood or feeling as though you are constantly judged.

What of us, because I am a veteran, what of us that have to live every day with constant scars, mental,

During my military experience, I used my gift of writing

emotional and physical that veterans live with? I want

to express my emotions, and the traumas I endured. I

to delve into this topic because it is something that is

consider myself lucky for having this outlet because

near and dear to my heart. No disrespect for those

many can't put into words the emotions they are going

who have died in combat because yes, they have


made the ultimate sacrifice.

42 | The Author’s Corner

So many veterans including myself at times have lost their way because of the things they have endured. We find ourselves fighting for basic benefits through the Veteran's Administration. I can't honestly say if there are panels of people who have never fought or served or if these people on the whole are uncaring, but why is it we have to fight in a war away from home, and then once we take off the uniform, have to fight in a war for our own personal survival. The majority of us didn't ask to be injured or hurt and would rather not deal with the scars. Regardless of what we may want or not, the fact remains that the scars are there and they are permanent. It is in how we deal and the assistance we receive while dealing that makes the experience smooth or as traumatic as the service we had to endure. A constant reminder of the trauma, having to recall it and live with it, is not an easy ordeal. And, in fighting with the VA to claim our rights makes these things a constant painful reminder. I myself carry my scars as do so many of us. Be mindful that when you down the war, you are to choose your words carefully. You may down the actions, how it's being fought and the purposes may not be justified, however just remember that the men and women who are out there every day are suffering in their own personal ways asides what we are told. Conditions in war situations are poor. Remember these men and women can go days without real showers or meals. They can go the same periods of time or more without hearing from loved ones or even a simple thing as finding out what is going on the in the world aside the reality they are currently faced wi th. When you sit comfortably on couch, lie down in your bed, eat dinner with your families there is someone who isn't so lucky to have those luxuries. Thank God that you have that ability and thank God for the person who keeps that a reality for you and your family.

Spring Issue 2011 | 43

It is possible to live “your best life” Unfortunately; many of us experience obstacles or challenges that prevent us from living up to our full potential. Temporarily Disconnected offers an engaging, conversational style which offers readers a distinctive way to understand their problems not as permanent crises that can’t be escaped or remedied, but as a temporary situation that can be worked through and resolved. The Author uses her own experiences to find common ground with readers and share some turning points and advice that helped her through her troubles, and might help other women as well. Temporarily Disconnected helps readers reconnect the power in their lives so they’re able to live their “best life”.

44 | The Author’s Corner

What do you do when the man you love betrays you? Cheats, lies, physically abuses you and pretends God personally told him both of you belong. Despite of the emotional abuse he’s put you through. Trice, was raised in a spiritual home and had accepted God at an early age. As a teenager she finds herself making decisions based on her hormones and not the smarts the good Lord had blessed her with. She finds herself in love with a guy name Chris in which she tries to mold him into being the man she wants him to be. Doing so she slowly realizes later on in life he is not the man she thought he would be. But instead of walking away Trice decides to stick around although all the warning sides have pointed her in the opposite direction. Hard head Trice later becomes trapped in lust and curiosity which ends her in a relationship full of emotional abuse.

Sharon may find herself in a situation she may or may not be able to get out of. With physical fights and other confrontations will Sharon decide to surrender herself to the Lord to end the embarrassment and pain life has issued?

Spring Issue 2011

| 45

Feel happy, outraged and even cry as you go back in time with Fawn and everyone who enters and/or leaves her life. Her life alternates between her father's Indian camp, New York and Virginia in the time before, during and after the Civil War. Experience totally, the danger of war, the hardships of slavery and the ecstasy of love with her.

High rise, a fast-paced, fun, gritty story about three women at different stages in their lives. It delves into your heart eliciting numerous strong emotions with you experiencing all their joys, heartbreaks, devastation, pain and rebirth. You'll relive a few of your own as you identify with these women. Look inside the walls of Tiffany Towers and see what happens!

46 | The Author’s Corner

The ruckus, the madness! Deceit, lies, infidelity and blackmail abound. Take your seat in the

Connie - Do she and Ecchi have enough fight left in them to overcome the Internal Affairs case and a psychological issue looming ahead of them?

boardroom where corporate schemes and backstabbing are at the top of the agenda.

April - When did she get so out of control? How did she left her life become an audition for Desperate Housewives?

What's going on in the house right next to you? Any desperate housewives? What if you could

Chris - What happened after the break-up?

find out every intimate detail of your neighbor's

Can he finally move forward with his life? Will

life? Would you spy on them if you knew you

he ever recover and get over Michele?

could get away with it?

Mark - Brilliant Businessman or King of Insider Trading? Corporate takeovers and a massive life-changer no one sees coming, especially him. Michele - Be in on the planning of the wedding of the year. But the very nature of their relationship is drama! Are Michele and Mark doomed, star-crossed lovers?

Niecie - Is she jealous of her best friend Michele? Will she and Jemel mirror Michele and Mark? How will their relationship hold up?

Cheyenne - Can she trust Brandon enough to start a new relationship with him? Has he had his fill of groupies yet? After all the sacrificing, will his basketball talents finally pay off with an 8-figure NBA contract?

Spring Issue 2011 | 47

It has been said, there are no words that have not been spoken and there are no stories that have never been told but there are some that you will never forget – until now. Just a Season is a luminous story into the life of a man who, in the midst of pain and loss, journeys back in time to re-examine all the important people, circumstances, and intellectual fervor that contributed to the richness of his life. This fictional narrative begins with a griefstricken father visiting the grave site of his beloved son who was killed in a tragic accident; a moment that he and no other loving parent should ever have to face. As he sadly gazes at his son’s headstone and reads what is inscribed there, the dates 1981 – 2001 bring about an illuminating discovery. The tiny dash that separates the years of one’s birth and death represents the whole of a person’s life. So if this tiny dash were to tell his life’s story, what would it say? In Just a Season, the dash of this man’s life is revealed and what emerges from the pages of this book is a legacy of true benevolence and grace.

48 | The Author’s Corner

In 1981, a Norwegian businessman, Tom Brungar, has an increasing drug problem that ultimately pulls him into an international cocaine trafficking operation, while vacationing in Ibiza, Spain. He is swayed into the drug business and ends up being arrested along with his partner at the Mexico City airport, while smuggling cocaine from Peru to California. He then serves five years in a series of Mexican prisons, where he quickly learns that drug use and corruption are just as rampant among the guards and officials as in the outside world.

In order to survive, Tom must walk a fine line. In a world seemingly without hope, he achieves the impossible via amazing perseverance, strength, faith in a higher power, meditation, contemplation, self-therapy, truth, love, inner peace, transformation of awareness and consciousness. The title signifies the “Mirror� he sees himself in and the "Maze" he travels through to arrive at the exit.

In a world seemingly without hope, Tom achieves the impossible via amazing perseverance, strength, faith, meditation, selftherapy and transformation of awareness.

Spring Issue 2011 |


What Is Marketing? In the broadest sense, marketing incorporates everything about understanding markets, bringing your product/service to a market (your book), and even developing new markets. To get to the real essence of marketing, marketing is about producing what you can sell, rather than just selling what you can produce.

50 | The Author’s Corner

Effectiv e Book Title An effective title alone can make the difference between a mediocre seller and a bestselling book. The title of a book, like the headline of an

More important, however, is that many distributors, bookstore buyers, reviewers, and subsidiary rights buyers also judge a book by its title (and its cover). They know from experience that a good title sells more books. As Gloria Norris of the Book-of-

advertisement or news story, often makes the

the-Month Club once noted, “We can break out good writers—

difference between a reader passing the book

especially if their books have good titles.” Does a title make a

by or picking it up and giving it more careful

difference? Yes, it does!

consideration. More often than not, the reader gives less than a moment's attention to any book


title; if you don't capture the reader's imagination

Analyze the market by determining who might purchase your

in that short moment, you will have lost the sale.

book, and then figure out the best way to reach them. Find out what store they frequent, what magazines they read, what associations they join, what conventions and events they attend. You’ll want to send news releases, review copies and articles to a particular group that may interested in your book. The trick is to think about who the buyer might be and then think about where this type of person can be found. Rarely is the answer bookstores or libraries.

Key Media Contacts Key media contacts are those people who can help move the greatest volume of books with the least expenditure of time and money. These contacts must be developed if you’re going to promote your book properly. The only difference between you and a professional book publicist is that the professional already has media contacts. There are many wholesalers, TV people and subsidiary rights buyer who are just waiting to discover you and your book. Spend most of your time and money on your Website; it replaces brochures and mailings. Your business card and email signature should drive eyeballs to your site. Make your Website centric; all your promo material should start there.

Book Rev iew s Reviews sell books. They are the least costly and most effective promotion you can do for your book. They cater to separate markets, and the approach to each is different. So basically marketing and promoting a book is entirely up to the author. Get out find your audience and take your book to the next level. Source: This article first appeared at by Author Dan Pointer.

Spring Issue 2011 | 51

Anabella Carter is alone and miserable. The only thing that brings her happiness is a blunt and a pint of Hennessy. Due to a number of misfortunes, she doesn’t know where her life is headed until she enters an urban fiction contest. As she journeys through her tale, she discovers the meaning of love and pain.

52 | The Author’s Corner

Anabella realizes one person has stood by her side during the goods times and the bad. She wants to tell him how she feels, but doesn’t want to risk losing him. Will Anabella succumb to the pain or will love prevail?

This was also part of the reason Anabella decided to tell her story. She had been unable to talk about that point when her life took a turn. She hated that part of her life and most importantly she hated the way she was headed. She was 21 with a child.

Anabella had gotten pregnant at seventeen and continued to see hell from then on. Her checking account had a balance of 23 cents and she didn’t have anything else to lose. At least she had a roof over her head and food to eat.

Anabella thought of herself and her daughter Isabella. She was due to start one of her three semester at a local Community College the next day and she really didn’t know how she was going to swing that, but she decided to manage, because it was mandatory. Anabella decided to tell her best friend that she was in love with him, but she was with another man.

She dumped him to be with her best friend and got her heart broken only to run back to her man’s open arms.

Spring Issue 2011 | 53

Logan Cooper Davenport is still in love with her husband Actor, Producer, and Director Derek Davenport after ten years of marriage but a move to the Hamptons brought new challenges to their already tempestuous romance. While their love for one another is deep and profound, their passions pull them in opposite directions. They pursue their purpose and are bamboozled by temptations, betrayals, and deceit from friends, foes and colleagues.

If that isn't enough, the Davenports find themselves caught up in murder and deception, and discover obsession, blackmail, money, and sex plus an old friend at the foot of it all. Logan and Derek's w edding vow s are put to the test. Find out to w hom, w hat, or w here their hearts are, 'Committed.'

54 | The Author’s Corner

Honesty Mitchell was a lost child in a woman’s body trying to find her way. As a little girl, she witnessed her parents’ brutal murders and never fully recovered mentally from the trauma. Not w anting to follow in her parents footsteps by entering into the dope game, Honesty is determined to play a different game. She w ants to do things her w ay. Armed w ith her mothers’ beauty and her fathers’ intelligence, she embarks on a series of w hite collar crime sprees.

From w riting checks, to making credit cards, and other elaborate bank schemes, she gets her hustle on, quickly making a name for herself on the streets. But then she meets a man that makes her w ant to leave the lies, games, and drama alone. Soon she is faced w ith hard choices.

Abandon the game and family that raised her or follow her heart and future w ith a man she barely know s. Now she’s beginning to learn that the rules of the game are the same despite w hich game you choose to play and getting out is certainly much harder than getting in.

Spring Issue 2011 | 55

A vibrant, intelligent, quiet, 'white' collar high school senior at Stevensville High. Who finds herself mangled between two very different gender specific and opposite relationships. One a jock by day and king pin by night and the other a reserved business consultant? Tangled in a web of love, lust, lies and deceit for such a youthful girl to endure and have to give way to an ultimate decision of an intimate, “trine” for life!

Reflections of a Journey are a compilation of poems that exhibit the trail of experiences of the Elitess, and many others. The poems in this book display the confusion, inquiries, frustrations & fantasies that evolved many of us into the women & men we are today. Reflections of a journey encompass over 38 pieces that will take readers on the journey of The Elitess’ life, to serve as encouragement for others to look at the things, in their lives, that molded them.

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MOI: FRENCH CONFESSIONS OF AN AMERICAN GIRL was born while Ms. Stoakley was attending college. Years later the stories were manifested as she was exposed to a life foreign to what she had known. She lived for a time in France. Her book begins with a greeting full of warmth and warning: 'Bienvenue aux voyagers internationaux! Welcome International travelers! Or should I say beware of these eerie French shorts that will haunt you long after you close the cover on that final chapter and attempt a sleep that is not forthcoming'.

Author Sandra Peoples ripped these keywords straight from the headlines and placed them within the pages of her book, "Foolish". Take a seemingly perfect marriage. Bring in a scrumptious ex-boyfriend, a jealous best friend, and a sexy secretary and you've got a story that drips with sex, lies and deceit. Journey with Sandra to the city of New Castle Beach. Where the drama is real, the people are real, and the results could be deadly.

Spring Issue 2011 | 57

58 | The Author’s Corner

I know that we all love to please our partners in every way because we want them to be happy as well as satisfied. I have a question though, what do we do when our partner wants us to do something in the bedroom that we are not exactly comfortable with doing? I mean for years now there has been the saying, “What one won’t do another one will.” So a lot of times I know that we will go ahead and do it even if we really don’t want to. Is that fair to you though? In some cases I know that we can talk to our partners and let them know how we are feeling and they will understand but then there are cases where the other person doesn’t understand. They feel like if you are in a relationship there should be no boundaries or limitations. I know that sex is very important in a relationship but so is love and respect. I feel that if you love someone and respect them then you should respect how they feel. If you continue to try and pressure someone into doing something that they don’t want to do then that is only going to push that person away and make them very distant. Now I am not saying in any way that there shouldn’t be a compromise. There should be, maybe the two of you can find something else to replace that one thing that they don’t want to do. Explore some different positions, and sex games. Maybe go to an adult store and pick out a few toys or something together. That way in the end everyone is happy and there aren’t any problems. This is just my opinion on this. What’s yours?

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