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The 48 Laws of Virtue Revealing the Wealth and Richness in Every Woman

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Acknowledgements From the many experiences I have encountered throughout my life, most notable the 10 years I spent living with my mother, while she recuperated from a sudden divorce, the fundamental basis for this book was birthed. Those were the dark years of her life and I was thrust into a situation of providing both financial and emotional support for the woman who brought me into this world. It has been many years since that time and my mother will have turned 82 years young at the publishing of this book. In my view, she is one of the best examples of virtue that I have seen in a woman. She fought through the stain of being a divorced woman and recaptured the essence of beauty that always was within her. I salute her for being a woman of extraordinary virtue. Thank you Mother! There have been other women in my life who have also blessed me with the gift of virtuousness, most notably my darling wife. And yes, I am a bit biased and rightfully so. You see when you have been exposed to the real thing; you just don’t want to settle for anything else. She has been more than just a wife to me; she has been a friend, a mother to our three children, a partner in business and an advocate for everything that I have ever attempted to do. We will have been married now for almost 2 decades at the publishing of this book and every day I see a new facet of the virtue within her. She has been patient with me as I have grown as a man and has been a support for the purpose I was created to fulfill. She is as much a part of my destiny as the stars are a part of the heavens. I also salute her for being a woman of extraordinary virtue. Thank you Babe!

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Also, to the two young ladies who have been the rays of hope on many dark days in my life. I speak of my two daughters, who will be the ages of 12 and 16 at the publishing of this book. In the world we live in there are many young ladies who will never have the luxury of having a father around. But you could also say that there are a lot of fathers who may never have the opportunity to have their daughters exemplify the grace and virtue that is only reserved for queens and royalty. I have been the latter and for this I am eternally grateful. I also salute them for being young ladies of extraordinary virtue. Thank you Sweeties! Finally, I could list a plethora of other women who have also played a major role in my life and who have none-theless embodied the essence of great virtue. From my lovely mother-in-Law to my one and only sister and my nieces, cousins, friends and mentors who have been the women of virtue I needed in my life to help me become the man that I am and for many women to become the vessels of virtue they have become. I salute the extraordinary virtue in all of you. Thank you Ladies! J.D. Lee

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PART ONE: THE BEGINNING Law #1 Law #2 Law #3 Law #4 Law #5 Law #6

Never Be Too Accessible Maintain the Highest Level of Self-Worth Trust Is Never an Issue with You Cause Others to Become Fulfilled and Enriched Always Be Generous and Kind Create Longevity and Sustainability

15 17 19 21 23 25

PART T WO: T HE UNITING Law #7 Law #8 Law #9 Law #10 Law #11 Law #12

Seek Only the Best and Avoid Cheap Imitations Do the Work That Others Aren’t Willing To Do Go Where No One Has Dared To Go Before No Span Is Too Far To Reach for What You Need Learn to Love Being a Morning Person Be Dependable For Those Who Count On You

29 31 33 35 37 39

PART THREE: THE BUILDING Law #13 Law #14 Law #15 Law #16 Law #17 Law #18

Credit Those Who Work Behind the Scenes Be Savvy When Negotiating Terms of the Deal Only Pull the Trigger When the Time Is Right Grow Your Assets by Making Wise Investments Surround Yourself with People Who Enrich You Be Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Fit

43 45 47 49 51 53

PART FOUR: THE PERFECTING Law #19 Law #20 Law #21 Law #22 Law #23 Law #24

Know the Value of What You Bring to the Table Sleep with One Eye Closed and One Eye Open Be Proficient In the Science of Home Economics Be Ambidextrous Never Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty Always Appeal To the Strength in Others

57 59 61 63 65 67

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PART FIVE: THE REFINING Law #25 Law #26 Law #27 Law #28 Law #29 Law #30

Prepare In Advance for the Next Seasons of Life Make Sure Those in Your Care Are Well Protected Make Statements by Creating Your Own Style Represent Yourself as the Royalty You Are Build Circles of Influence for Other People Never Be Afraid of the Social Power of Others

71 73 75 77 79 81

PART SIX: THE STRENGTHENING Law #31 Law #32 Law #33 Law #34 Law #35 Law #36

Do Everything with a Spirit of Excellence Promote, Market and Build Your Brand Build Bridges That Allow You to Create Wealth Strengthen Relations with Character and Integrity Always Smile, Even When It Hurts Be Like E.F. Hutton

85 87 89 91 93 95

PART SEVEN: THE COMPLETING Law #37 Law #38 Law #39 Law #40 Law #41 Law #42

Give Counsel with a Heart of Compassion Handle Your Business at Home Avoid Conversations with Gossipers Be the Example That Others Look to Follow Be Gracious When People Speak Highly of You Never Deny Someone the Opportunity to Bless You

99 101 103 105 107 109

PART EIGHT: THE BLESSING Law #43 Law #44 Law #45 Law #46 Law #47 Law #48

You Are Not the Only Woman of Virtue If You Can’t Outsmart Them, Outclass Them Use Your Inward Beauty to Draw People In Make Sure That People See the God in You Get Everything That You Deserve Out of Life Let Your Life Speak For Itself

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There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you are not being valued when you know what you bring to the table. For women, this can be a most unbearable emotion that can cause them to self-destruct before they ever get started on the journey to fulfilling their purpose and destiny. On the other hand, the woman who becomes empowered by what she understands and knows about herself can lead to a life of fulfillment and being fulfilled. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her worth and refuses to allow other people to define her value, based on their low appraisal of her. A woman who has the revelation of who she truly is cannot be stopped. She can do anything in life she sets out to do. She can overcome most any obstacle she faces. And she can withstand the storms of life to one day see the horizon of her dreams pierce through the rain and clouds of negativity and pessimism. The 48 Laws of Virtue helps women discover some of the nuggets of wisdom that can help them harness the power within themselves. The laws are derived from one of the most discussed passages in the book of Proverbs, contained in arguably the most popular book of all time, the Bible. In the 31st chapter we have a portion of text that has been the basis for countless discussions of the Virtuous Woman. This prototype of a woman has been the gold standard for thousands of years and the text lends a masterful rendering from the mind of King Solomon, who some have argued was the wisest man who ever lived.

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Beginning at the 10th verse and lasting through the rest of the chapter, the reader goes on a journey of capturing moments in the life of a woman who masters the art of home life, social life, business life, marriage life and her faith life. She does it all with such a level of ease and eloquence that one has to wonder, what is her secret? In The 48 Laws of Virtue, you will see verse by verse how she does it. The book takes those timeless words and puts them into working principles that can be used in today’s world for any person, but especially a woman seeking to discover the virtue within her soul. This book can be used as a tool for any person looking to utilize laws of success that can empower their life, period. The principles contained are not gender sensitive, although for the sake of this book, it has a definite overtone that leans toward women. Virtue is a word that simply means moral excellence. And the word law, although it does not have a universally accepted definition, it denotes something that can be used to create a cultural structure to build a society upon. The 48 Laws of Virtue will help you master moral excellence which can be used to create a culture of success in your life.

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LAW #1 NEVER BE TOO ACCESSIBLE Who can find a virtuous woman‌ Proverbs 31:10a


ne of the most interesting things about objects of great value is that they are not easily obtainable for those who lack the means by which to acquire them. Then again you would never want to equate yourself with an object, but rather the opposite. On the other hand however, if an object can have a certain perceived value and remain hard to acquire, it stands to reason that within you is something of extraordinary value and it cannot be too readily available to any and everyone who seeks to have access to it. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 15

The truth of the matter is that you have something of immense value within you that should not be made too readily available to those who seek the contents of what rests beneath the surface of the shell of your body. Many men will try to convince you to have a ‘sample’ or go for a ‘test drive’ so-to-speak, of what you possess as a way of trying to decide if they deem it good enough for their ongoing lustful desires. But the virtuous woman understands that she must not make herself too available to those who seek the plunder and pillage her most valuable goods. She knows that she is a treasure and like a vault, she stores her wealth deep within her soul. Her heart is a bridge of compassion to those to whom she serves, but she has a protective mechanism that alarms her of anyone who means her no good. On the contrary, many young women in today’s culture have been brainwashed and manipulated by a media machine that promotes all sorts of promiscuity in order to create a false sense of value in the mind of women. There are songs that are written to entice you to be some man’s sex toy. There are books, magazines and periodicals that promote all sorts of uncommitted, cross-gender, same gender and/or multi-gender lifestyles. And there are television shows that blatantly promote a warped view of women. Remember, it is called TV Programming for a very good reason. You are being programmed. So with all of the in your face barrage of ideologies that are in direct conflict with how God designed you, guard your thoughts in order to counter the attack on your mind. Keep yourself in a place of exclusivity. Do not allow men, or boys for that matter, to access the hidden treasures of virtue within you. You will do well to learn patience and build even more character within you until the time is right for you to become one with the man of your dreams. 16 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #2 MAINTAIN THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SELF-WORTH ‌for her worth is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10b


hen God made us, we were made without flaw. We are born into this world as innocent as they come. Remember the first time you looked at a newly born child and saw the virtue in their little eyes? Then they grow up and their character and personality start to develop. But for some, a funny thing begins to happen. That once innocent, angelic child has now grown older and life issues begin to stain the pureness once within them. In many cases they act out unresolved issues from their childhood. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 17

There are several areas of our inner psychological makeup that help us identify our overall self-worth. These areas can make or break the trajectory of your future and they will definitely shape how you approach the pursuit of your purpose and destiny. #1 SELF-ESTEEM: A confidence and satisfaction in oneself. – Merriam-Webster. The word esteem denotes the view or opinion which others hold of you. So when we talk about self-esteem, we are dealing with an area of our mindset towards ourselves. Do you think good things about yourself? Do you have power over the negative viewpoints of others towards you? And, do you have the ability to think yourself happy? These are questions that must be answered and dealt with in the affirmative. #2 SELF-RESPECT: Regard for one’s own standing or position. – Merriam-Webster. Respect is something that every woman must have in order to excel. But there is nothing worse than a woman who settles for the crumbs of respect while giving away the loaf. It was Aretha Franklin who said it in her song. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Listen to a portion of the lyrics: “All I'm askin' (ooh) - Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit) - Baby (just a little bit), when you get home (just a little bit) - Yeah (just a little bit).” OK ladies, I know you’ve sung that song countless times, but NEWSFLASH… you don’t deserve a ‘little bit’ of respect, you deserve and must demand ALL of it. #3 SELF-CONFIDENCE: Confidence in one’s own powers and abilities. – Merriam-Webster. The word confidence denotes having a state of certainty. You must be confident, bold and certain at all times when it comes to defining the woman that you are. Arrogance will get you nowhere but confidence will lift you above the fray of naysayers. It will cause you to excel while other settle. 18 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #3 TRUST IS NEVER AN ISSUE WITH YOU The heart of her husband safely trusts her… Proverbs 31:11a


rust is one of those words that is so loosely thrown around these days. Often both men and women use the word when seeking to garner the approval of someone they want in their corner. Don’t you trust me? It’s a question that has been asked countless times. The answer however, cannot be found in mere words alone. But rather the essence of trust can only be found in the heart of the one in whom we seek trust from. If trust is really there, you will never have to ask the question. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 19

It is only when there is a void of trust that the question ever has to be asked. Think of when you were a child. Your parents more than likely at some point placed you on top of the kitchen counter and when they said, “JUMP!” they evoked a response in you that caused you to depend on the trust you inherently had in them. You may have looked at them, then maybe looked down at the space between you and the ground, then looked back up at them; and then you just went for it and you jumped! But why did you do that? It’s because you trusted in them. They never said, “Come on, don’t you trust me?” No you didn’t. You just gave them a call to action and the trust they had in you already caused them to not even consider whether you would catch them or not. In fact it never even crossed their mind. Why? Because their life has not been yet tainted with the lies, manipulation, and trickery that many women have been exposed to, they could trust you without the need to be sold on whether you were trustworthy. They have a history of you holding them in your arms, feeding them, caring for them, changing their diapers, singing a lullaby to them as you put them to bed and meeting all of the their needs according to the riches in your heart. So why wouldn’t they trust you? But in order for adults to trust and be trusted, there has to be a reconciliation of the things in your life that have gone both right and wrong. Forgive those who have failed you and empower those who have helped you along the road of success. Your journey in life will require that you wisely discern who is to be trusted and who isn’t. But never let it be a question in someone else’s mind whether you can be trusted. Make sure that above all others, you are the one others look to when they can trust no one else. It is you who will hold the key to unlocking their potential to JUMP! 20 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #4 CAUSE OTHERS TO BE FULFILLED AND ENRICHED …so he will have no lack of gain. Proverbs 31:11b


ave you ever went to a great five-star restaurant and felt like you had just been served by angels? Or how about one of those luxury movie theatres with the reclining chairs that comes with VIP treatment from the staff? You could say the same thing about that favorite day spa you love where they pamper you with body massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, etc. In all of these cases you were in an environment where the people serving you had an incentive to go the extra mile to make you feel like royalty. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 21

There is a huge difference in these types of businesses versus the ordinary run of the mill company and it shows. In the same sense, there should be a huge difference in what people come to know and expect when they have the opportunity to be serve by you. People should have an appreciation for the care and concern that goes into whatever you have been blessed to do for them. When you understand who it is that you are ultimately representing, you take on an entirely different attitude. A woman of virtue takes great pride in the way that she carries herself, the way that she speaks to others, the way that she takes note of the little things that make their experience with her all the more enjoyable. When it comes to her family, her husband feels like he is being served by the staff at the Royal House of Windsor. Here children have the feeling that they are being cared for and looked after by the mother they hope to emulate when they grow up and become parents. She is a master of the art of creating balance between home and career as well. Here peers at work feel as though they are blessed whenever she is on an assignment that includes them. They feel a sense of belonging and family as though they have known her all of their lives. This is only possible when someone has a true gift of lifting others up and making them feel accepted, appreciated, wanted, and welcomed into their personal space. The majority of women who will remain single for the rest of their lives are in many cases those who make people run away, as opposed to run towards them. Do not be that woman, but be the woman who has the home in the neighborhood that all the children want to come and hang out at. Be the woman whose family feels as though they are being touched by an angel every day of their lives. 22 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #5 ALWAYS BE GENEROUS AND KIND She does him good and not evil… Proverbs 31:12a


here is a woman spoken of in the book of I Kings in the Bible. She is not mentioned by name, but she is mentioned by title. She is the Queen of Sheba. King Solomon, among the many people that he entertained, gave audience to this woman on occasion when she came to seek out his wisdom. In I Kings 10:13a it says “Now King Solomon gave the queen of Sheba all she desired, whatever she asked, besides what Solomon had given her according to the royal generosity.” Why was Solomon so generous? The 48 Laws of Virtue | 23

The answer is simple. She was blessed by the King because it was she who was the first partaker in being generous to the King. It says in I Kings 10:10b that “There never again came such abundance of spices as the queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.” You see for the good or the bad, the laws of reciprocity work every time. Whatever you put out into the atmosphere is what you are sure to get back. In other words, if you have a bad attitude and you are the type of person who struggles to get along with people, don’t be surprised when you don’t have a lot of friends. But if you are the type of person who is generous with showing people the love, care and compassion that serves them well, you will more than likely be a person who earns the right of passage to many great friendships. There are countless other scriptures and writing throughout history that bear witness to substantiate the fact that generous people are the most happy people and happy people are the most healthy people and healthy people are the most blessed people. Being a generous person does not mean that you flagrantly give away your resources to anyone who has their hand out either. With being generous comes the task of being a responsible giver. If someone is in need and you meet that need, but you help them at the expense of your own family going without, then you may need to re-assess your practice of generous giving. However, if you have the means and the wherewithal to give without endangering the quality of life of those who you have been entrusted to care for, then it would not hurt you to be generous where there is a need. You see, when you are kind and generous to the poor, you are lending unto God. So when everyone else turns their back on those who may have needs that you can meet, always be generous and kind. 24 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #6 CREATE LONGEVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY ...all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12b


f you are going to have a lasting impact on the world around you, there are some things that you are going to want to be mindful of concerning your longevity. In the Bible there are numerous instances that we know of where men lived to be 900 plus years old. Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. Jared lived to be 962 years old. Noah lived to be 950 years old. Adam lived to be 930 years old. Seth lived to be 912 years old. Kenan lived to be 910 years old. Enoch 905 lived to be years old. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 25

Now this is all well and good that men lived this long, but one would beg to ask the question, how long did their wives live? Well in the Bible we don’t have many recorded instances where women are noted for their age. But it stands to reason that if these men were living to be that old, they must have had some awesome wives who were just as old, if not older themselves. Sara, the wife of Abraham, after being barren most of her life, was 90 years old when she had her first baby. Ironically it is Sara who is the oldest listed women in the Bible at death. She died at the ripe old age of 127 years old. Now we know that since those days, the life span of humans has been significantly reduced for a number of reasons, of which we will not go in to in this book. But suffice it to say that creating an atmosphere where you can live and others around you can live in a state of being sustained in their longevity is a good thing. In recent years the word prosperity has gotten a bad rap, especially by wrong thinking people. But the truth of the matter is that prosperity is the key to longevity. In 3 John 1:2 it says “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” When you are prosperous, you are in a state of good health and good wealth. You could have all the money in the world, but if you didn’t have the health to enjoy it, you would be the poorest person in the world. A woman of virtue understands that she must be mindful of the things that she and her family eat as well as what they don’t eat. Dieting is a carrot on the end of a stick that will never create the best mentality for longevity. But a proper eating lifestyle is a better way of thinking and along with physical fitness, it can be part of a long-term strategy for living life to the fullest. 26 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #7 SEEK ONLY THE BEST AND AVOID CHEAP IMITATIONS She seeks wool and flax… Proverbs 31:13a


ometimes you can make do with generic brands but every now and then you are going to have to use a product that has more quality substance. We have all heard to saying, “They don’t make’em like they used to.” This is the thing that most people say when they have had the bad experience of using a cheap imitation instead of going the extra mile and acquiring the thing that may cost more, but will last much longer. A woman of virtue is a model of how not to settle for less when more is required. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 29

In the era and region in which the virtuous woman lived, wool and flax were fabrics that spanned the economic and social spectrum. Wool was not a cheap fabric by any means, but it was more associated with those of the working class. Linen on the other hand, manufactured from flax, was a fabric more associated with those of a wealthier status. However, depending on their use, they both played a significant role in the wardrobe of someone wanting to be prudent with their choice of coverings for their family. Wool is an excellent choice for the seasons like fall and winter; while linen is a great choice during the seasons of spring and summer. Silk was also another fabric that was a part of the wardrobe of those in the upper echelon of society as well. You may be asking by now, “What does this have to do with anything?� Well, it has a lot to do with everything. When we were younger, both of our parents at times would make our clothes or refurbish slightly used clothing. My mother and father would always get rave reviews from our friends and peers as to how well we were dressed. People thought that we shopped at the high end stores and would always ask where we got our clothes from. This was very important because we did not have a large budget for clothing. But that which we did have was able to be maximized to the fullest. Putting your best foot forward does not mean that you have to out-spend everyone else in order to look your best. On the contrary, looking your best is a state of mind more than it is a fashion statement. Seeking the best begins with looking inside yourself first and then allowing the wisdom and creativity that is within you to be the guide that helps you make the very best choices with the resources you have available at any given time. Cheap imitations are for those wanting to look good, but not be good. 30 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #8 DO THE WORK THAT OTHERS AREN’T WILLING TO DO ‌and willingly works with her hands. Proverbs 31:13b


ost of the time when people are in a group setting, you can always point out the ones who are the gogetters. Typically they are always the ones who are first to act when the opportunity to serve is presented. While other people are waiting, looking around and have a passive attitude; the go-getter is the one who is willing to do everything that the other ones are not willing to do. They seem to have a knack for knowing when to step up and seize the moment and take charge. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 31

The key word in the portion of the verse from which this law is drawn is “willingly.” The meaning of this word indicates someone who does something with the right spirit, without having to be pushed or coerced into doing it. In today’s world of microwave results, finding people to do anything willingly is almost impossible. A hand-me-out mentality can quickly turn a nation of producers into a nanny state. Instead of asking the question “Can you help me out?” one must ask the question, “How can I help you?” The great American President John F. Kennedy posed a challenge in his inaugural address in January of 1961 when he stated “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” In making this statement, the words of President Kennedy would become immortalized in the history of our nation and the world. There have been many people who have taken these words and used them as a mantra for being a proactive person, as opposed to reactive. When there is a need to be met, a woman of virtue can sense it like a mother can sense her baby needing sustenance. The individual who always has to be told what to do or asked to help out while others are working, will inevitably be the one who fades when the going gets tough. They don’t have enough skin in the game, so-to-speak. When you lack the investment of your time, energy, attitude and money in the serving of someone else’s vision, you deny yourself the return on investment that others reap. They reap the harvest because they have sown into the lives of others. Therefore when their season comes, they rest in the blessings that come with doing the work that others weren’t willing to do. 32 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #9 GO WHERE NO ONE HAS DARED TO GO BEFORE She is like the merchant ships… Proverbs 31:14a


o is a command word that requires action. But in order for action to be taken, the one responding to the command must have a clear directive as to how they are going to get wherever they are going and then what they are going to do when they get there. The scripture that is used for Law #9 says, “She is like the merchant ships…” Merchant ships are known for going to faraway places and returning with great treasures and riches. A woman of virtue is not unafraid to go where others aren’t willing to go. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 33

On the contrary, pirates are also willing to go where no one has dared to go before. They too sail the seas of fortune seeking to profit from the goods and treasures that have been gained from abroad. However they are not the ones who have gone through the struggle and challenges of acquiring the resources, travelling to lands unknown, developing a sense for what other people may want or need and then making the voyage back to their homeland to use what they have honestly acquired to create an even greater gain. In short the pirate is a crook. Nonetheless, the merchant knows that the pirate is out there and is yet willing to go when the opportunity presents itself. Christopher Columbus, one of the world’s most famous voyagers, spent most of his early life as a merchant marine for Portugal. He would later make his mark in history for crossing the Atlantic and landing in the Americas in 1492. He was granted permission by the Spanish crown and had a specific goal in mind for the journey. This is a precise example of how a woman of virtue is in her dealings with those in here spheres of influence. Like Columbus, she is well versed in her field of expertise. Like Columbus she is willing to go when she has clear directives for the mission. And like Columbus, she has a covering that has approved of the mission and is in total support of her efforts. With her experience and backing, she can now go where it was formerly deemed impossible for her to go. In today’s world, women have gone beyond the barriers that were formerly blocking them from attaining many levels of corporate leadership positions, political standings, military ranks and even roles in the religious realm. Women are experiencing success at an all-time high, in terms of their ability to go where they have not been able to before. A woman of virtue is able to seize this opportunity and win! 34 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #10 NO SPAN IS TOO FAR TO REACH FOR WHAT YOU NEED ‌ She brings her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14b


ime, space and distance are all relative to the conditions of the universe we live in. But there is a realm that you have access to that transcends the limitations of your abilities to be in a particular place at any given time. Distance causes us to a have limitations as well. But the fastest mode of travel known to mankind, that even supersedes any physical limit, is the power of thought. Just close your eyes and think of the place where you would like to go. Now relax, take a deep breath and you are there. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 35

And not only are you there, but you have tapped into your ability to go anywhere, do anything and be anyone you want. It’s called imagination. You see when you have the ability to imagine; there is no limit to what you can see, where you can go and what you can do. But the problem with most people is that they have lost their ability to imagine. My father, the late great rev. A.C. Lee, Sr. used to have a saying, “You have to see it before you see it or you will never see it.” So many times he would push us to think beyond the box of our neighborhood, city, surroundings, our religious experience and even our own culture in order to put ourselves in a position to access resources we may need in our lives that might be the very thing that we needed to fulfill our destiny. But if we could never imagine life beyond where we were, we may have never been able to achieve our goals and aspirations in life. Too many people limit themselves by turning off the power of their imagination. They may be fearful of launching out beyond the boundaries they have created in their lives. And these boundaries they have built are many times, things that feel comfortable. They don’t appear to be all that bad. But under closer scrutiny, the walls of our education, career, geographic location and even our religious institutions began to become a prison as opposed to a castle. In order to position yourself to get what you want out of life, you may have to relocate to a new city. You may have to change careers in your mid-life. You might need to change churches, change banks, change schools, change your attire or even change the way you think. But no matter what you do, you must have the attitude that no span is too far for you to reach for what you need in order to fulfill your purpose and destiny in this life. It is the road least travelled, but a woman of virtue is equipped for the journey. 36 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #11 LEARN TO LOVE BEING A MORNING PERSON She also rises while it is yet night‌ Proverbs 31:15a


idnight is the moment when technically, the old day transitions into the new day. It is yet dark outside and the moon still hangs in the sky for several more hours. The crickets are chirping and the rustle of the trees in the night wind can be heard through the open window by the side of your bed as you await the dawn of a new day. But it is in this moment that many are never able to experience the beauty of this moment of serenity. It is a symphony of silence that resounds with the harmony of life. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 37

It is a silence that in its muteness rings loud with the awakening in the mind of the early riser. The early riser is asleep, well sort of. They are a lite sleeper which makes them ready to awaken at a moment’s notice. To the early riser, morning is the best part of the day. You have heard the saying over and over again “The early bird gets the worm.” I have no idea who came up with that proverb but it is as true as any I have ever heard in my life. It is a fact that those who get the most out of life are more times than not, morning people. In an article for Modern Mom Magazine, Erica Diamond, entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker, radio correspondent, and spokesperson, quoted Laura Vanderkam who says “Mornings are a great time to get things done… And studies show, morning people are more successful people.” For the record, Laura Vanderkam is also a nationally recognized writer, journalist and author. In Live Science Magazine, staff writer Jennifer Welsh wrote an article entitled: Morning People Are Actually Happier Than Night Owls. It was based on a study done by researcher Renee Biss, a graduate student at the University of Toronto. Additionally in the study, Biss went on to say that “Morning-type people also tended to say they felt healthier than did night owls.” Now granted, there are a number of people who work varying shifts throughout the day, especially in the era we live in today. But for the most part, a woman of virtue is an early riser. She embraces the energy of the first dawn as it adds strength to her inner soul. There is deep spiritual nourishment in the morning and to know it is to love it. The morning is a perfect time to begin the new day with moments of prayer, meditation, reading, exercise and other activities that bring health and wellness to the soul. 38 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #12 BE DEPENDABLE FOR THOSE WHO COUNT ON YOU …and provides food for her household. Proverbs 31:15b


here is never a time when a woman of virtue is ever unavailable for those who need and depend on her. She is like the Energizer Bunny that we see in the television commercials. This is an elementary way of stating the deep. However, always being there for others is not an easy task. For example, some industries can never shut down. Police, Fire, Military and Medical personnel are always ready to serve those to whom they have a sworn commitment. No matter what, the commitment stands and the job gets done. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 39

These are industries that don’t have the luxury of not being dependable. They have to come through for the people to whom they are called to serve. This is a critical element in the life of a woman of virtue. As a matter of fact, it is critical in the life of anyone who has the responsibility of caring for those who need and depend on them for resources they cannot acquire or produce themselves. Unless you have an extraordinary memory, more than likely you have no recollection of the times when you were a small child and someone who had the means cared for you when you did not have the ability to care for yourself. You cannot recall the times when you were crying in the night, needing a diaper changed, crawling on the floor trying to stand up or even when you were hungry and you needed sustenance to keep you from starving. These were the times in your life when you were most vulnerable. You did not have the means or the where-with-all to do for yourself what could only be done by someone with more resources than yourself. You were helpless, weak, feeble and in need. And even if you were a cast away, given up for adoption, or maybe even a survivor of a botched aborted, somehow you were given a gift of hope from someone who saw value in taking you in and caring for you. That gift of hope is the care and compassion of someone who was there for you when you needed it the most. You were blessed with someone who helped mold you, discipline you, challenge you and build you up. They invested in your future and taught you the ways of virtue so that you will prosper all the days of your life. The roles will one day be reversed and you find yourself in the place of being the one in whom someone else can depend; the one in whom they can put their trust. And they will be able to count on you, because your virtue causes you to be dependable and trustworthy. 40 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #13 CREDIT THOSE WHO WORK BEHIND THE SCENES …and a portion for her handmaids. Proverbs 31:15c


orking behind the scenes can be tuff enough. But when you give your all and never get an attaboy a high five or maybe just a simple thank you every now and then, it becomes increasingly difficult for even the most dedicated of individuals to stay motivated to continue working in a productive manner. Giving honor to the ones who do all of the heavy lifting and the dirty work behind the scenes is very important to a woman of virtue. She realizes that without them, there would be no her. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 43

This is a quality that many people in places of authority totally miss. They have been used to getting all of the praise for so long, they have forgotten what is was like when they were just a nobody. They forgot that they once were behind the scenes and not always in front of the curtains. You see it’s easy to enjoy the accolades of the people when you are the main attraction. It’s easy to take all the credit, all the applause and all the glory for the work that other people do. But a woman of virtue understands that the secret to her sustaining the level of production that makes her look good, is to regularly recognize and celebrate all of the people who work so tirelessly to make her look good. In Proverbs 31:15 we see how a woman of virtue not only provides for her household, but she also reserves a portion to make sure that her maidens are taken care of as well. The principle in this is that she does not forget to show the same grace as she does for her own family, to those who are in essence, just the help. The help works behind the scenes. In those days they were mostly indentured servants or sometimes even slaves. They had no right to be recognized for anything. But look what she does by making sure that they are cared for as well. She develops in them the desire to want to serve. She shows them that it is not all about her. And she creates the atmosphere in her home, business, family, etc. that people are attracted to and are drawn to. I don’t want to get too far ahead of the story, but there is a reason why in Proverbs 31:23 it says that “Her husband is known in the gates...” The reason is because he is celebrated, not just tolerated. When you choose to celebrate people and give credit and honor where credit and honor is due, it will come back to you in ways that baffle those who are selfish and self-centered. They will wonder why you are so blessed and highly favored, but you will always know the secret. 44 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #14 BE SAVVY WHEN NEGOTIATING TERMS OF THE DEAL She considers a field‌ Proverbs 31:16a


any an innocent woman has been taken advantage of by men who prey on the fact they perceive themselves as having the advantage. Men have perceived this because traditionally, women have not been in positions of ownership, authority or power as much as men have, in most cultures of the world. But a woman of virtue is a savvy negotiator when it comes to doing battle in the professional arena and the world of business. She is as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove, all at the same time. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 45

Negotiating can be a brutal process for anybody, let alone a woman. Usually the one who can withstand the onslaught of selling strategies, mind games, upselling tactics and the other rules of engagement for negotiating the deal, will eventually win. However, a woman of virtue has a hidden weapon when negotiating terms of the deal that helps her create a win-win scenario for everyone involved. What is that hidden weapon? It is very simple, it’s called integrity. For the most part when a man see’s a woman coming through the doors of his business, in many instances, he sees dollar signs floating above her head, so-to-speak. This happens for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is because typically, women are impulse shoppers. Yes, now tell the truth and shame the devil, you know it’s true. Just think of the last time you went for a simple oil change, but ended up getting sold on a transmission flush, replacing all the spark plugs, getting the brakes replaced, and so on. The whole time the guy who’s doing the so-called ‘professional analysis’ is laughing all the way to the bank. But remember what the verse says about a woman of virtue. Proverbs 31:16a says “She considers a field…” Did you catch that? In case you missed it the key word here is ‘considers.’ The Merriam-Webster definition of consider: to think about (something or someone) carefully especially in order to make a choice or decision. So the next time you are in a situation where you have to make a purchase, think about it. Ask for a second opinion by another professional. Ask your spouse. Do whatever you have to do to create space between you, the deal and the person who’s trying to sell you. Use your hidden weapon and ask for some time and don’t get pressured into doing something that you will regret. Remember as a woman of virtue, you always reserve the right to say these five, powerful words “No, I think I’ll wait.” 46 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #15 ONLY PULL THE TRIGGER WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT …and buys it; Proverbs 31:16b


ust as much as you must possess the characteristics of a savvy negotiator, you also must have a keen sense of timing. There’s an old country song by Kenney Rogers that says, “You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.” What is he really saying? In a few short words, he’s really saying timing is everything. He goes on to say “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealing’s done.” The 48 Laws of Virtue | 47

This law goes hand in hand with the previous law where we discussed the importance of being a savvy negotiator. It is closely related to the art of saying “No, I think I’ll wait.” But there comes a time when you have to seize the moment and take advantage of the opportunity that may be the blessing you have been expecting and praying for. Timing is everything and if you miss the moment because of fear of pulling the trigger on the deal… the marriage… the business, etc., then you will be frozen in a realm of indecision that will allow everyone else around you to have what should have been yours. You have to position yourself, negotiate the terms, leverage your favor, lean on the virtue in you and then just say “Yes!” Many people are fearful of saying yes because they have been hurt before. They have been taken advantage of and thus they lack the fortitude to keep moving forward with a winning mentality. On the other hand, being a woman of virtue that you are, you have learned how to overcome great obstacles and be ready when the time comes to step up and make the deal happen. When you have finally decided to make a purchase, you are engaging in a transaction that not only should be a blessing to you, but also to the one with whom you are doing business with. To many times, deals are one sided and only benefit on and not the other. The best deal however, always is a win-win situation and will bring a sense of equity and security for all parties involved. Even the people who were not directly involved in the deal, but will benefit from it, will also be blessed as well. A woman of virtue brings value to any business and/or personal relationship that she is involved in. She brings an enormous amount of character, integrity and class to the people in her life and is a valued partner in any venture. 48 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #16 GROW YOUR ASSETS BY MAKING WISE INVESTMENTS …from her profits she plants a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16c


very person who has ever made and investment, whether large or small, is someone who understands the principle of sowing. And whether you have made that investment by your own choosing or through the choices of others, you have had to part ways with something of value that belonged to you and put into some else’s hands to manage on your behalf. However, you did not put your resources into someone else’s hands with no expectation, but rather you expect to receive a return on your investment. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 49

The first two letters of the word invest is the root word ‘in.’ It denotes a positioning or a place that someone or something is in. The second part of the word invest is the word ‘vest.’ This word denotes someone or something that has the legal right or the power to own and/or acquire land or property. (See Merriam-Webster Dictionary) So if you put these two words together and you now have the word invest, you have a word that really speaks to one being in the right position with the power to engage in transactions that bring wealth to the one making the transaction. In the verse that we pull this principle from, a woman of virtue plants a vineyard from her profits. Now she would never have been in a position to buy the field unless she was looking for the right opportunity. And she would have never been able to buy it if she would have lost money on the deal. On the contrary, she was able to position herself, consider the field, but it and now plant a vineyard. So now she has two streams of income with one transaction. She now owns land that she can always sell and make a profit. And she is planting a vineyard, which can be used to sell to the winemakers as she grows and nurtures her vineyard. Not this is what you call a good investment. When you are seeking to make investments in today’s world, you must seek good wisdom from those who are good investors themselves. Never take investment advice from someone who has a vested interest in making a profit from your decision or the transaction you are about to make. Always seek an independent opinion from someone who is reputable in the arena of where you are seeking to make an investment and always make sure that you have a clause in the contract that will allow you to change your mind if you feel that you need to back out for any reason. 50 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #17 SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO ENRICH YOU She girds her loins with strength... Proverbs 31:17a


agative people are like cancer. If you allow them to hang around long enough and go unchecked, they will grow and multiply until they have taken over your entire life. On the other hand, positive people are a like a breath of fresh air that fills your life with all of the right mental, emotional and spiritual support you need in order to live a happy, healthy life. And being the encouraging woman that she is, a woman of virtue wisely seeks the camaraderie of positive, uplifting people to surround herself with. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 51

Who you surround yourself with is just as critical as who you covenant with, for they will act as a hedge of protection against the naysayers, pessimists and cynics in your life. You will need this type of protection along the journey you are called to travel, because there are many who will attempt to derail you from your purpose and destiny. How you protect the dreams and visions that have been imparted into your spirit will have everything to do with who you surround yourself with. From a literal perspective, you must protect your loins; in other words your core. The word loins speak to the part of the body that is your lower abdomen, your hips and your lower back area. In one on their online publications, Harvard Medical School states “Properly building up your core cranks up the power. A strong core also enhances balance and stability. In fact, a strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do.” A strong core in the natural sense is very much akin to a strong core in the spiritual sense. Your spiritual core is the balance point from which all of your extended actions and movements spring from. It is the part of your make up that creates the equilibrium you need in order to move and flow in the rhythm of life. Therefore it is extremely important for a woman of virtue to ‘gird’ or encircle her core with strength. Her father, mother, husband, children, friends and family surround her with wisdom, honor and respect. She demands a certain level of dignity from those with whom she allows into her circle as they will serve as support system. The days of allowing people into your life who pull on you and bring you down are over. As a woman of virtue, surround yourself with those who value you for the virtuous, priceless and precious vessel that you are. 52 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #18 BE PHYSICALLY, MENTLALLY AND SPRITUALLY FIT …and strengthens her arm. Proverbs 31:17b


he saying goes like this, “You can’t get something out if you didn’t put anything in.” This is an axiom that can be applied to many situations in life, but particularly in the case of Law #18. In order to be physically, mentally and spiritually fit, there must be a high standard you set for what goes into you in order to have the right things come out of you. A woman of virtue cares for her body by eating healthy and working out. She fills her mind with good thoughts and promotes activities that only uplift her spirit. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 53

In human anatomy, the arm is classified as part of our upper extremities; as opposed to our legs which are a part of our lower extremities. The arm is so important that without it, one would be left without the ability to reach, grab, hold and take something that requires a hand. You see the hand is part of the arm and when we talk about the arm, we are also referring to the hand. All throughout the Bible, there is reference made to “The Hand of God” or the “Arm of the Lord.” This is a specific reference to the strength or power of God. In some medieval kingdoms, in the absence of the king, a person of great trustworthiness called “The Hand of the King” would many times be appointed by the king. This person would have many, if not all of the same powers that the king had to exert rule and order in his kingdom. However, in order for you to be able to handle the weight of the load of responsibility that comes with this position, you must be fit in your mind, body and spirit. A woman of virtue strengthens her ‘arm’ by reading stimulating books that challenge and expand her world view. She keeps her body in shape by exercising and stays physically fit for her mission in life. She maintains a regime that regularly includes reflection, meditation and prayer, and understands that these are the basics that must be kept in order to be ready whenever her gifts are called into action. In order for you to be able to be used on the level of your gifting, you have to be ready in an instant and be able to handle the pressure of leadership. Leaders are not the ones who have to go and get ready when they are called. But rather, leaders have been preparing all their lives for the moment when their number is called and they are thrust into a life situation that requires them to be strong, ready and able to function on a high level at a moment’s notice. 54 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #19 KNOW THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE She perceives that her merchandise is good… Proverbs 31:18a


f you don’t know how much you’re worth, what makes you think that anyone else is going to know or even care? A woman of virtue has an accurate sense of what her worth and value is. Therefore, when she is in a situation that calls for other people to have a clear understanding of what she brings to the table, she has no problem helping them recognize who she is and how they can best be served by her involvement with them. This is a paramount principle and it requires having a right understanding of your own value. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 57

This particular law also goes hand in hand with Law #2 “Always Maintain the Highest Level of Self-Worth.” But you will never be able to know your value if you are constantly being evaluated by people who don’t understand the source of your real value. You see, having someone evaluate you who has no understanding of your value, is like asking someone to give you their opinion of a Picasso, but they have no appreciation for fine art. So in order for other people to have a clear and proper understanding of what you bring to the table, it is you who must first know this precious truth. Your value is the sum total of the worth of depths of your mind, the wealth of the richness of your soul, the price of the power of your spirit, multiplied by the strength of God’s view of you through the prism of His infinite wisdom. Now you can attempt to put a price tag on that if you like, but you will fail, because it is a value that transcends any manner of comparative analytics that exists in this world. In other words woman of virtue, you are priceless. Not only are you priceless, but nothing compares to you. You are the embodiment of virtue, the endowment of beauty and the epitome of grace, class and style. There are many who will attempt to make you believe otherwise, but you must hold firm to the revelation of who you are. Some may say that this is an arrogant point of view, but in reality, to not view oneself as God does is the height of conceit. How can someone who does not even espouse to the measuring system of your value, intimidate you into thinking you are not the vessel of value that you are? For a woman of virtue it is simple. She knows she was created in the image of God. And she knows she is the apple of His eye!

58 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #20 SLEEP WITH ONE EYE CLOSED AND ONE EYE OPEN …and her lamp does not go out by night. Proverbs 31:18b


s much as being a lover of the morning is essential to the lifestyle of a woman of virtue, she also is a woman who understands the importance of being a light sleeper. She has the uncanny ability to rest, while at the same time being prepared for war. She has the ability to watch as well as pray. And she has the ability to allow her dreams to work for her while her vision guides her in the journey of life. In order to “Sleep with one eye open and one eye closed” one must be at peace with their inner being. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 59

So what is your inner being? Well, it is the apart of you which is most like God. You can say that it is your spirit and you would be right. For it is your spirit which brings life to your body. A spiritless body is a dead body. In order for life to exist in a human body, there must a living spirit. In the book of Genesis we have a picture of how this happened in the beginning of man’s creation. In the second chapter and the seventh verse of Genesis it reads “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” It is important to note that the writer of this text helps us understand that it was only when God breathed his spirit (or life) into man that he became a ‘living’ soul. The soul, which is the mind, will and emotions of man were in a state of suspended animation until the life of God was breathed, or infused into his body. When this happened, the body which houses the soul, came alive. And so the spirit, which is the inner being of the body, acts as an energizing component of the body, thus giving us life. In other words, we are most alive when our spirit, body and soul are all functioning in unity and with synchronicity. A woman of virtue understands the mystery of this trilogy of life and is able to use it to her advantage. While others may struggle with this concept and are constantly engaged in fruitless activities aimed at bringing happiness or peace to their lives, a woman of virtue has a peace borne of a deep understanding of who she is, and how she functions from the inside out. Like a dolphin which sleeps with one eye closed and one eye open, she too is able to sense an adversary and out think them. She is able to perceive danger, but be still and know that she is protected by God. This is because her spirit is at peace with her soul and her body cosigns in agreement. 60 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #21 BE PROFICIENT IN THE SCIENCE OF HOME ECONOMICS She stretches out her hands to the distaff‌ Proverbs 31:19a


ome Economics used to be a class which was part of the normal schedule of courses in most schools, back in the day. But for some reason it has become a thing of the past, for the most part. Girls used to learn many of the things their mothers would teach them at home, such as: sewing, cooking, cleaning, finances, etc. The educational system of old promoted the idea of a woman being a master of the art of home economics, and possessing skillsets that would help make her a great wife, mother and entrepreneur. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 61

Unfortunately in the contemporary society we live in today, home economics is all but a thing of the past. In many cases, women are led to believe there is little if any value in being one who espouses to the values of being a stay-at-home mom, or a women who chooses to not work in the hustle and grind of a corporate setting. There is also a growing mindset in contemporary thinking which says women are equal to men and should be able to do everything a man can do. This is a touchy topic and one that requires much more time than this book has to offer. However, it should be noted that as a woman, you are uniquely incomparable to any other created being. So the questions should be asked, why would you want to be equal to anything else when you are in a class all by yourself? And why would you want to be equal to something that you are greater than? For now, I will leave you to ponder the depths of these questions. As for the notion that women who choose to stay home just cook, clean, do laundry, knit, sew, have babies and walk around barefoot and homely all day, this is not the case at all. Some of the greatest thinkers of modern history have been women who mastered the art of home economics. Some of the greatest business women in the world are those who have pioneered businesses based on products and services rooted in home life. Madame C.J. Walker became the first female self-made millionaire in America by developing a line of beauty and hair products. Martha Stewart has made a fortune in branding and merchandising products for the home. Rachel Ray is a celebrity chef who has made a fortune bringing her savvy skills in the kitchen to the publishing world and television. And these are just a few of the countless other women who became proficient in the science of home economics. 62 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #22 BE AMBIDEXTROUS …and her hand holds the spindle. Proverbs 31:19b


ost people are born being either left-handed or right-handed, with the vast majority of them being the latter. Studies have shown there are certain inherent attributes of those who are either left or right-handed as well. However, there is another type of person who is ambidextrous. This type of person is able to do most, if not all activities with either hand equally. This requires a level of mental and physical balance that one is not born with, but yet it can be learned. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 63

Being ambidextrous could have a lot of meanings, but in the life of a woman of virtue, it has a literal meaning which evolves into so many parallels that have a much deeper spiritual significance. It is a part of who she is and it happens almost instinctively when needed. Scientists have studied “handedness” since the 1960’s, but yet have been able to find the exactness of when or how someone becomes ambidextrous. Truth be told, it is more of a learned behavior than a born attribute. I know this from personal experience. One day when as a child, I was standing at the sink washing dishes when an older woman who was staying with us walked into the kitchen. She said “Are you left handed?” I said “No ma’am.” She said “Well you’re washing dishes like someone who is left handed.” I said “Really…?” She went on to explain to me how left handed people wash dishes holding the dish with their right hand, and the dish rag in their left hand as they are washing. And vice versa for right handed people. This was an amazing discovery for me. From that point on I began to practice eating, writing, brushing my teeth, throwing a ball, shooting a basketball, among many other tasks as I grew older. Eventually I become ambidextrous and this helped me in so many ways in life. I would have never known this, unless someone who was able to open my eyes to a quality in me that eventually led to me exploring greater possibilities in life. Ironically, it was a woman of virtue who was responsible for opening my eyes. Her name is Mrs. Lena Mea Wiley and she was able to see something in me that others had not. I share this story to say that being ambidextrous is not just about being even handed, but it is also about seeing the other side of a perceived limitation and having the natural instincts to help someone discover a world beyond limits. 64 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #23 NEVER BE AFRAID TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY She extends her hand to the poor… Proverbs 31:20a


he fear of getting dirty is not something that most children have. You never hear a child saying to another child, “I don’t wanna go outside and play, because we might get dirty…” But isn’t it funny that as we grow older, we develop a different mentality about getting our hands and knees dirty or breaking a nail? A woman of virtue does not have this fear. As a matter of fact, when it comes to getting her hands dirty, she knows how to toil in the right soil. But the soil I’m referring to is not the dirt you see The 48 Laws of Virtue | 65

in the ground. But rather the soil that she toils in, are the lives of those who have been left out, kicked out and pushed out of opportunities in life, which would have otherwise helped them avoid being in the condition that they are in. This is the soil of the soul of mankind. It is a place where the poor, needy, sick, widowed, homeless, disabled, special needs, etc. are left with no other options but to extend their hand for someone with a heart big enough to come along and help them. These are not people who in most cases, asked to be where they are, but somewhere along their journey, life threw them a curve ball and they ended up in a place that is beneath their rightful position in life. Jesus once told a parable of the Good Samaritan. In the parable He states that a traveler (more than likely a Jew) is robbed, beaten and left for dead along the Jericho road. In this day and age, the Jericho road came to be known as the “Bloody Pass” because of winding and meandering path, which made it a perfect setting for robbers and thieves to ambush unwitting travelers. As the man laid there begging for help, a priest came by, but kept on walking. Next a Levite came by, but kept on walking. Finally, a Samaritan comes and offers to help the man. First of all, in that era, Jews did not even like Samaritans. Actually they despised them. And secondly, the Samaritan could have easily kept on walking as well. But isn’t it ironic that the one who would have easily had reason to keep walking, ended up being the one who offered to help the man get back on his feet and to a safe place. Unlike the priest and Levite *who were also Jews) the Good Samaritan wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. And just like the Good Samaritan, a woman of virtue is not afraid to put her hands into the soil of the lives of those who are in need the most. To her it is the rule, not the exception. 66 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #24 ALWAYS APPEAL TO THE STRENGTH IN OTHERS …Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20b


n 1968 Jerry Butler released a song on The Ice Man Cometh album entitled: “Only the Strong Survive.” Later in the 70’s, the Rev. Charles H. Nicks, Jr. used that song as the title of his sermon and stated, “In every age of human history, whether it be recorded or unrecorded, the survival of the fittest is an undeniable truth…only the strong survive.” A woman of virtue knows this universal truth all too well. She is not only strong, but she is a survivor. And she appeals to the same strength in others. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 67

One of the greatest gifts that the women of virtue has is the ability to make those who are needy feel needed, and those who are in need, feel necessary. This is not an easy task because when you are dealing with needy people, it can be a challenging proposition, to say the least. Needy people are the kind that no matter what they have or how much they have, they will always need more in order for them to feel a sense of worth. For this type of person, the key to helping them is to not give them more of what they perceive they need, but rather it is in helping them understand that what they may think they need, is never an equator to who they really truly are. A needy person must always feel needed and a woman of virtue is gifted in making other people feel needed and wanted. On the other hand, the vast majority of people who are in need, many times are not needy. The fact that they may not have all of the essentials of life at their disposal does not negate that fact that they are very proud; and in many cases, they hate to ask for help. Mother Teresa, the beloved and sainted Roman Catholic sister and missionary, was a modernday embodiment of a woman of virtue. Although she was the recipient of numerous awards and honors, as well as being almost deified by millions of people, she never lost the ability to touch the lives of those who were in need. But the beautiful this about Mother Teresa is that you never heard her or saw her belittle anyone she ever served. Her charity worked was based on the notion that people matter to God, therefore they should matter to us, regardless of their condition. She appealed to the greatness in others and never looked down on them. She helped people to see their own lives in a greater light. She never had a need to stand on someone else’s misfortune in order to elevate herself. She exemplified a woman of extraordinary virtue in real life. 68 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #25 PREPARE IN ADVANCE FOR THE NEW SEASONS OF LIFE She is not afraid of snow for her household‌ Proverbs 31:21a


inter is a time of year when regions of the world experience climate changes that are different than those of spring, summer or fall. And just like winter, when seasons change in our lives, if we have not prepared in advance, we will inevitably face the prospect of only reacting to the change, as opposed to leveraging our preparation to take advantage of the change. A woman of virtue has the prudence to prepare in advance for the seasons in life and is equipped with the gift of having foresight. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 71

One of the leading experts in the field of organizing and time management is Julie Morgenstern, author of “SHED Your Stuff: Change Your Life.” In her book she identifies four key steps in the “SHEDing” process. The four key steps are: 1) Separate the treasures, 2) Heave the rest, 3) Embrace your identity from within and 4) Drive yourself forward. Interestingly enough, according to Julie these steps are not so much for the purpose of getting organized as much as they are for you making room for change. You see a woman of virtue is in a constant cycle of preparing for the next season, and particularly the season in which things die the most – winter. During winter the leaves have fallen from the trees, the grass has turned brown, the flowers have long since faded and lost their summer beauty and the snow comes and blankets the earth like the lid on a coffin of a dead corpse waiting to be buried at a graveyard. But it is precisely this season that a woman of virtue has prepared for. She is not alarmed or panicked by the fact that there has been a fundamental shift in the climate, nor is she unprepared for it. Day-by-day during the spring, summer, and fall she has been sowing and saving. She has not eaten all of her seed, so-to-speak, but rather she understands that seeds are meant for sowing and sowing creates a harvest that must be reaped. And when you reap if you do not save, you will have nothing to sow when the season changes and the climate allows for the sowing process to begin all over again. A woman of virtue never eats all of her seed. She knows its value too much to treat is as a mere consumable commodity. But rather she always saves some to be able to sow again someday. This cycle of re-investment allows her to be prepared for the winters of life. She knows this is crucial to the long-term stability of her faith, family, finances and future survival. Selah. 72 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #26 MAKE SURE THOSE IN YOUR CARE ARE WELL PROTECTED …for all her household is clothed with scarlet. Proverbs 31:21b


woman of virtue will always make sure that her children are well cared for. She guards them like a lioness of the jungle. And when it comes to her husband, she shields him from dangers seen and unseen. She is the rarest of women who have a queenly heir to herself, but at the same time she is not someone you want to challenge when it comes to her family. She can protect them with vehement ferocity, but she can also eloquently cut you and you won’t even realize you are bleeding until it’s too late. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 73

In June of 2005, Fox News reported: “Lions Save African Girl From Abductors” The story talked about police finding a young Ethiopian girl who was being guarded by three lions who had chased off men that were beating her and trying to abduct her to force her into marrying one of them. This is an astonishing story because usually lions are not in the business of protecting humans. But when this young girl found herself in a bad situation, these lions stepped in and protected her from the cruel men who were trying to take advantage of her. Lions have a long history of been associated with royal families. In many cases they are the animal of choice on the coat of arms or insignias used as a sign of great pride. Lions represent strength, power, authority and influence, thus they are considered by royalty as the perfect animal. The scripture for Law 26 says “…for all her household is clothed with scarlet.” In this instance, “her household” represents her family, love ones and those who has been brought into her circle of care and responsibility. The last part of the verse “clothed with scarlet” represents the regal or royal nature by which she covers her household. When it comes to her household, the means and method by which a woman of virtue “clothes” or covers them can be very much like the lions in the Fox News story. When she sees an atrocity happening or someone being abused, harmed, mistreated and/or being taken advantage of, she does not hesitate to step in and put an end to the madness. She will stand between the abused and the abuser with a sense of royal authority. The power of her words allows her to speak into the face of adversity and demand justice. A woman of virtue is not afraid to confront evil, not fearful of facing giants and will never allow her household to be treated like anything less than royalty. 74 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #27 MAKE STATEMENTS BY CREATING YOUR OWN STYLE She makes tapestry for herself… Proverbs 31:22a


ou are your own billboard and if you don’t realize it, you are going to be repeatedly defined by people who will use you, label you and benefit from the free advertising you allow them to have at your own expense. The antithesis of this is a woman of virtue who makes bold statements with her choice of attire. What you wear says a lot about the person you are, but it is not everything. Your wardrobe can get you in the door of opportunity or a ticket to the back of the line. It’s not about clothes, it’s about image. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 75

Lauren Solomon, trusted image adviser to CEO’s, corporations and individuals worldwide, as well as being an internationally renowned speaker, author, coach and media personality says “Image goes far beyond the clothes that you wear.” Lauren teaches the art of being your best self – your most confident, capable and charismatic self; and in doing this, she has to the top of her profession. She is the former Vice President of Professional Image Development at Chase Manhattan Bank; creator of the professional skills workshop, The Brand Called Me, at NYU’s Stern School of Business and Past President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She is the resident image expert for Career TV and the Lifetime TV series, Remake My Life; and the author of Image Matters and co-author of #1 Best Seller, The Law of Business Attraction and Executive Image Power. So when Lauren says that image goes far beyond just ones clothes, she is wanting to establish a mode of thinking that addresses your mindset as well as your image. Your mindset will cause you to make either good or bad choices, depending on how you view yourself. Bad mindset about yourself, bad wardrobe choices. Good mindset about yourself, good wardrobe choices. Your mindset is shaped by the information you consume and the life experiences you absorb, that cause you to develop a process of thinking about everything around you, including yourself. Your image is then defined by the way you allocate decisions, based on the perspective of what you want the world around you to see. For a woman of virtue, image plays a major role in how she is able to help others view her with the best possible value in mind. Her wardrobe speaks volumes, grace and style compliment her choices, and her image cosigns everything she wears. 76 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #28 REPRESENT YOURSELF AS THE ROYALTY YOU ARE …her clothing is fine linen and purple Proverbs 31:22b


ever forget the fact that you are royalty. Always remember that you are in a class all by yourself. At all times, carry yourself in a manner which best exemplifies the family name. Remember that you walk with favor, power and an anointed grace that speaks to the regal nature of your lineage. It is an honor for others to have access to your time and energy, so when you give them that chance, make sure you represent yourself with the highest level of honor and dignity because that is the standard of royalty. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 77

Now with this heir of royalty that you carry, the greater burden is to walk like royalty, yet move with the grace of a servant. It was the late Princess Diana who said “Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part of my life - a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are.” At first read you would think this sounds like something Mother Teresa would say. But a closer look at the life of the woman we have come to know as ‘Lady Di’ would reveal a woman of great humility and owe who had a heart for those who were hurting and less fortunate. On many occasions she was seen working with the poor and needy, the down and out, those with HIV and other diseases etc. And not once did you ever see or hear of her complaining that it was beneath her royal status to be near these kinds of people. On another one of her missions she was quoted as saying “HIV does not make people dangerous you know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.” You see royalty does not mean you are better than anyone else. It actually means that you have a responsibility to help carry entire nations of people who look to you for inspirational and hope. And just like Lady Di, when the people see you carrying their burdens in your heart, they wild love you and cherish the very ground you walk on because they know that you esteem them with a great deal of respect. This is how a woman of virtue serves those in her sphere of influence. Yes she is royalty, but at the same time, she is one of them. She ‘gets them’ so-to-speak and they can feel her genuineness and sincerity. Royalty brings with it a level of realness and authenticity, not just pomp and parades. But the real sign of real royalty is compassion for the people. 78 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #29 BUILD CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE FOR OTHER PEOPLE Her husband is known in the gates… Proverbs 31:23a


hat does it really cost you to celebrate someone else or give them credit? Absolutely nothing; it doesn’t cost you a thing. As a matter of fact, the more you help build circles of influence for other people, the more you will have the luxury of having access to their increased social power. On the popular social network called Facebook, one of the most powerful features is not the ‘Like’, ‘Share’ or ‘Comment’ features; but rather it is the ‘Suggest a Friend’ feature. You would never know it though.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 79

And the reason you’d never know it is because people rarely value build a circle of influence for someone else, especially when they have to recommend a friend, contact, associate, etc. from their own circle of influence. The majority of people are more included to hold their cards close to their chest, so-to-speak and rarely, if ever, allow other people the opportunity to tap into their network. But the realities of life teach us that there is a certain strength that comes from being confident and assured enough in one’s own value. Sharing your contacts to someone else who could benefit from them is a vital part of building realms of influence outside of your own domain. More times than not, you will find it prudent to strategically promote connections with people who could mutually benefit from shared expertise, talents, knowledge and synergy, The caveat however, is to make sure that you share your contacts and help to expand new realms of power, only with those who have an unquestionable level of respect and admiration for you. Sharing contacts with people who have hidden agendas or wrong motives, can prove devastating to relationships you have worked hard over the years to build. Make sure that you create alliances that cannot be broken by hearsay, innuendo, gossip or lies. In the end, a woman of virtue thrives on creating extensions of her circles of influence. She understands how to forge new friendships and relationships by viewing her contacts as investments. The more she is able to grow her investments, the more the people close to her will ultimately benefit from her savviness in the social arena. Her husband, children and friends will reap the harvest of the seeds she has sown into the lives of other people. They will be spoken of with honor and distinction. Their presence in the world will be felt and they will be celebrated all the days of their lives. 80 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #30 NEVER BE AFRAID OF THE SOCIAL POWER OF OTHERS …when he sits among the elders of the land. Proverbs 31:23b


nce you have helped someone build a circle of influence, be wise about how and when you tap into it. To fully benefit from this new realm of influence, you would do well to follow the rules of professional etiquette. And although you are the one who may have helped make introductions that led to a new power relationship, always be careful to give them space and not smother the ones you connected, so as not to give the impression that they “owe you” or that you are being nosy. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 81

There is an unspoken rule in business that many people break on a regular basis and that rule is, never card drop in front of the person who is doing you the favor of making an introduction to someone they are having a meeting with. This is one of the cardinal sins of networking. Another important rule of business networking is to never contact someone who was introduced to you, without first seeking the approval of the person who made the introduction. The reason why these rules are so important is that they can many times be the very thing that ruins what could have been a very good opportunity to create a greater sphere of synergy. If not careful, you can break a good circle of influence as fast as it was created by not knowing how to wisely go about taking advantage of new found connections. A woman of virtue is keen about this very thing. She understands how to navigate the gentle waters of power relationships and she has the depth of perception to negotiate her place at a table that gets larger by the handshake. When she makes connections she knows how to allow the new relationship to breath, then wait for the right moment to seek a way in and take advantage of opportunities that could benefit from her skillets, abilities and talents. Sometimes, it is not about what you can do on your own, but rather it is about building a team. And in building a team, you have to create arteries of opportunities that can only be developed by using your contacts to create extensions with others. In the end, not only do you benefit, but the people you connect will benefit as well. When everyone benefits from a new connection and it is a win-win scenario, the rewards are generational. A woman of virtue is more times than not, at the core of these connections and she instinctively knows how to create a winning team by creating winning connections. 82 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #31 DO EVERYTHING WITH A SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE She makes linen garments‌ Proverbs 31:24a


e live in a nation where for the most part, we don’t make things any more. We were once a country made up of people who produced, manufactured and made the things that we used and consumed. Just think for a moment and remember when you were a young child. Did your mother make any of your clothes? Did you parents grow any of the fruits or vegetables that you used to eat? Well if you are like most people, the answer is yes. But over time this has become a lost art.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 85

When I was a young child, there were many times when my siblings and I wore clothes that were not only made by our mother, but our father as well. They were equally gifted with designing and sewing. People would be in awe of their wardrobe assuming that they paid big money for their outfits. Little did they know that mom and dad had learned their craft from a sweet little Asian lady who was quit the seamstress. She started out teaching them the basics like: how to pick out the right pattern, how to choose the right fabric, how to cut, how to make a single or a double stich, how to sew a hem, etc. Then before too long, mom and dad were making their own clothes and ours as well. And they were not just sewing simple things, but rather very complicated two and three-piece outfits that you would swear had come from a high-end department store. This is just a small example of the way things used to be. An era when parents had to make ends meet by being creative and smart about how the paycheck was utilized. Families that had to depend on one income to feed, house, cloth and transport the entire family, could ill afford to spend money on buying items that could be made for less at home. The term ‘home made’ was a big part of our vocabulary growing up. It was a badge of honor for mom and dad to receive compliments from family and friends about the quality of their craftsmanship. Before long, they were getting requests to make outfits for other people and eventually, they began to get paid handsomely for their work. I share this story because it is imperative that a woman of virtue master the art of being a producer. She uses her hands to create things that have her touch. Sewing is just one example, so whether it’s cooking everyone’s favorite meal or bringing to life an old piece of furniture, a woman of virtue is always looking to create her next masterpiece. 86 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #32 PROMOTE, MARKET AND BUILD YOUR BRAND …and sells them, Proverbs 31:24b


ow do people perceive you when they meet you. Do they get the feeling that you see dollar signs floating above their heads whenever you see them? Or do you give them the feeling that you are there to bring something of value into their lives? A woman of virtue is a strong businesswoman but she also knows how to downplay that part of her life, so as to not make them feel that she always wants to sell them something. She knows that a gentle approach is required to help people buy her first.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 87

It is a fact that companies spend billions of dollars every year to advertise, market and promote their products and services. Many times the medium of delivery can be radio, television, direct mail, social media or their digital forms of messaging. But the greatest form of marketing ever known to mankind is still, the good old-fashioned method. It is called ‘word of mouth’ and everyone, at some point in their lives, has either been on the giving or receiving end of it. Word of mouth marketing happens when you experience something that you like, i.e. a movie, restaurant, product or service, and you share your experience with someone who you feel would enjoy it or benefit from it. When you do this, and you have, you have just become a brand spokesperson for free. It is simple but yet brilliant. So for the savvy businessperson, there must be a learned strategy as to how to help get the word out about what they have to offer, with have the luxury of having billions of dollars to spend of flashy ad campaigns. All too many times, the amateur will over emphasize what they have to offer, and in the process, people can become tuned out to you in that area. In a way it can be like receiving junk mail. Weather you receive it via snail mail or email, junk mail is junk mail and usually ends of in the trash. To prevent this from happening, it is best to sometimes downplay your business, and then wait for strategic moments to gently bring it into the conversation. The best scenario is when someone you have served shares what you have done for them with someone else. This gives you the advantage of ‘third party verification’ and it is one of the secrets to closing the deal. A woman of virtue helps you buy into her before you buy anything she has to offer. You trust her and see transparency in her and she never makes you feel like a dollar sign. Thus, at a very high percentage rate, she closes the deal. 88 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #33 BUILD BRIDGES THAT ALLOW YOU TO CREATE WEALTH …and supplies sashes for the merchants. Proverbs 31:24c


ne of the worse things that a person can do is burn bridges with people who they really need to be in alliance with. Unfortunately this happens all too often. Many people are living beneath the level of quality that they could be living because they have torn down and destroyed many of the divinely built bridges they need in order to fulfill their purpose and destiny. However, a woman of virtue understands that she is a conduit to helping build and create wealth in herself, as well as in in others.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 89

Building bridges is an essential part of any roadway system. In a modern world when you have supply chains and distribution outlets that require multiple modes of moving goods from one place to another, barrier free access and unencumbered transportation is essential. Of the three main avenues of travel, land, air and sea, it is only land travel which requires bridges. Airplanes do not require bridges in the sky, nor do ships require bridges on the ocean and sea. But on land, it is a totally different beast. You see on land there are vast expanses of land which are separated by nothing more than open air, which need to be connected in order to have access from one side to the other. And on land, there are vast expanses of land that are separated by great bodies of water, which also require a method of connectivity. For thousands and thousands of years, the most common method of connectivity has been the bridge. Mankind has learned the importance of bringing two sides together in order to create a way for those who desire gain access to what’s on the other side. This is why in times of war, great battles have been waged by adversaries over the ability to capture, control or destroy bridges. With that said, if you desire to be a strategic creator of wealth, building bridges is key. For a woman of virtue, it is an essential part of her mentality. She is always thinking and working in concert with being a bridge builder. She brings together people, places and things in order for wealth to have the best possible chance of being developed by those who can benefit from the free and easy access created by bridges that she builds. These bridges are the meeting place where time, chance and opportunity birth divine destiny. And when this happens, a woman of virtue is right there to seize the moment and benefit from new avenues of wealth creation. 90 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #34 STRENGTHEN RELATIONS WITH CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY Strength and honor are her clothing… Proverbs 31:25a


acqueline Bisset the British actress said “Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.” The Indian leader, Mahatma Ghandi said “The real ornament of woman is her character, her purity.” And Joyce Meyer said “Integrity means that you are the same in public as you are in private.” Needless to say, character and integrity are vital to a woman of virtue. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 91

From a cultural perspective, we have attached many things together over the years. For instance: bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, coffee and cream, rock and roll, ebony and ivory, sex, drugs and rock and roll, et cetera. But if there ever were any two things that were meant to go together, it would be character and integrity. In the world we live in, we are constantly bombarded by people, places and things that can lead us astray. There are people in your life, right now, that mean you no good whatsoever. You may think they do because they smile in your face. But if you turned your back for a second, they would pull the knife out and stab you faster than you can blink your eye. There are places in your life, and I don’t just mean physical places, but rather places can be emotional, spiritual or even mental, that if frequented, will cause you to lose your faith and leave you in a state of confusion as to who you really are. And there are things in your life that if left unchecked, will take you down a road of utter destruction and have you believing things about yourself that are as far from the truth and Venus is from Mars. So how do you stay strong minded and help others do the same in such a crazy world? Well the answer is that you must have the core part of your being anchored by character and integrity. What is that core? It is your soul. What is your soul? It is the sum total of your mind, will and emotions. Show me a person who has no character and integrity and I will show you a person who has no soul. And a person with no soul will believe, think, say and do anything because they have lost their moral compass. As a woman of virtue you must help those people and you are the right person for the job because you have character and integrity. 92 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #35 ALWAYS SMILE, EVEN WHEN IT HURTS …she shall rejoice in time to come. Proverbs 31:25b


he “game face” of a woman of virtue is not a frown, a scowl or a glare; But rather it is her eloquent, effervescent, captivating smile. She can smile in the face of adversity. She can smile when all hell is breaking loose. And she can smile at the one who has just stabbed her in the back. This is not an easy thing to do, not in the least bit. But a woman of virtue has mastered the power of her smile. She smiles not because everything is always all right, but she smiles even when things are not ideal.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 93

More than likely, you have heard the old saying “It takes way more muscles to frown than it does to smile.� Actually scientists have been debating this for years without arriving at any definitive statistic. However on average they estimate that it takes about 10 muscles to do a small smile and 6 muscles to do a small frown. On average it is suggested that a smile takes 12 muscles while a frown requires 11. At any rate the fact that this myth about frowns requiring more muscles than a smile is totally unsupported. As a matter of fact, it is the smile that requires more muscles, thus more strength. This is a very important fact to note because the face is the part of our bodies which acts as a window into what is going on in our lives. For many, when things are going bad, the expression of choice is a frown, because things have made them unhappy. For others, when things are going good, the expression of choice is still a frown, because in general, they are just not happy at all. However for a woman of virtue, it seems as though she can instinctively smile in spite of whatever the circumstances may be in her life. Her smile is not just a mask that she wears to hide the issues of her life. But rather it is a part of the gear or equipment she uses which protects her from unwanted sympathy givers who have a hidden agenda. Truth be told, some people who are the quickest to offer their sympathy to you will be the slowest to offer any help to you. So to thwart any needless acts of inauthentic kindness, she wears her smile to protect herself from the hidden agenda of kick-back philanthropy. What I mean by this is people who will help you, but want something in return. This is not really help at all, but it is a tricky web, woven by opportunity seekers who wish to profit from your potential vulnerability. But a woman of virtue can sense this tactic a mile away and defuse it with something as simple as a smile. 94 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #36 BE LIKE E.F. HUTTON She opens her mouth with wisdom… Proverbs 31:26a


o you remember back in the 70’s - 80’s there was a company called E.F. Hutton. They had a series of really interesting television commercials that would always end with the tagline, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” This is what happens when a woman of virtue opens her mouth and heart to speak. People listen not only because she is saying something, but because what she has to say will inform, empower, equip and inspire them. This is why people from far and near seek her wisdom and advice. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 95

Solomon, the author attributed to writing the book of Proverbs, was a king and also a man of immense wisdom. His wisdom was such that people would travel from great distances to see his kingdom and hear the proverbs of wisdom that flowed from his lips. One of the most notable persons who traveled to meet him was the Queen of Sheba. She came with a mission to test Solomon with questions that challenged his intellect. To her credit, she did not come empty handed, but traveled with a very large entourage of camels carrying herbs and spices, lots of gold and precious stones. It is said that there was never such a great abundance of wealth that was brought to the King. In other words, the Queen of Sheba did not come with an empty hand seeking something in return. But rather she knew the value of what she sought after and was willing to invest into the level at which she sought to be enlightened. The fact that Solomon was a king gave credence to the fact that he was not poor by any means. His kingdom flourished with wealth and riches. As a matter of fact in the book of I Kings 10:7 the Queen of Sheba is quoted as saying “I didn’t believe what was said until I arrived here and saw it with my own eyes. In fact, I had not heard the half of it! Your wisdom and prosperity are far beyond what I was told.” As a result of her desire to grow and learn and make the investment in the source from which she sought this wisdom, the Queen of Sheba left with far more than she ever came with. In the world that you live in today, it is imperative that you understand the value that you bring to the table of any personal or business relationship. As you have sought to better yourself and gain wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelation, people will seek you to gain access to that which you have learned. Thus a woman of virtue is in many ways like E.F. Hutton. When she talks, people listen. 96 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #37 GIVE COUNSEL WITH A HEART OF COMPASSION …and on her tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs 31:26b


ome women lack the sensitivity and patience to give counsel to people who may need to receive advice or encouragement. They are often short-fused and are devoid of the compassion to relate to the plight of others. On the other hand, a woman of virtue speaks with the voice of kindness. Her heart can relate to the feelings of those who have been left out, pushed out and kicked out of the cliques of life. Compassion is the key to her ability to give counsel to the hurting and the poor as well as the rich and powerful. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 99

On many occasions in the New Testament there are stories of Jesus passing though places where there were lots of people; sometimes tens, other times hundreds and even thousands at times. But never do we see Him get unnerved by the fact that all of these people were in most cases wanting something from Him. These throngs of people were many times the sick, hurt, lame, poor, afflicted, hungry, deprived, outcast, possessed and even the rich and wealthy. You would think that, with all of these people surrounding Him with all of their issues, He would have been frustrated, short-tempered or even outright rude to many of them. On the contrary, one of the most powerful things ever said about Him is that He had compassion for people. In Matthew 9:36 it says “But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.” For a woman of virtue, compassion is paramount. It is the x-factor within her personality which determines her view and perspective of other people who are in need. And I don’t just mean poor people when I say ‘in need’ but even those who may be financially independent can have some of the same issues as someone who is living in abject poverty. Just because they live in a gated community does not mean that they are not still hungry, starving, lonely, suicidal or even addicted to some mind altering agent. So never assume that just because someone has money, they don’t have problems. Their problems are just hidden behind beautiful landscapes, high fences, private gates and expensive homes, cars and cloths. However as a woman of virtue it is not your place to look down or condemn anyone. But rather with a heart of compassion you see their need, lift them up and help them through the challenges of life. And with the arms of love you embrace them right where they are. 100 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #38 HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS AT HOME She watches over the ways of her household… Proverbs 31:27a


n this day and age, a woman will not be able to keep a good man if you are not willing to do the necessary things at home to keep him happy, satisfied and pleased. For a woman of virtue, “handling your business” is not just an urban term; it is a principle she must live by in order to offset the onslaught of all the other women in the world who would love the opportunity to have a piece of the man to whom she is married. Yes, there are some women who will settle for just a piece of any man, even if he is married. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 101

Over the years you have more than likely heard the statistic “Women outnumber men 10 to 1.” But a closer look at the numbers tells us there is not that great of a disparity between women and men at all. As a matter of fact, the latest U.S. Census Bureau reports that on average, there are 97 men for every 100 women with 40 out of 50 states having more women than men. That leaves 10 states where there are more men than women. Go figure! According to the American Psychological Association, in western cultures more than 90 percent of people get married by age 50, with about 40 to 50 percent ending in divorce. The divorce rate of subsequent marriages is even higher. But in recent years the divorce rate has actually gone down. This is due to fewer people now opting to get married as opposed to just living together. So what does this have to do with handling your business? It has a lot to do with everything. You see although there is not the huge difference in the ratio of women to men, there are very large disparages with the ratio of ‘good women to good men’. Now that is a ratio which would be more like 10 to 1 with good men being in the minority. With that being stated, it is imperative that a woman of virtue let nothing that her husband could ever see in another women, not first be see in her in an even more extraordinary manner. Stay on top of your mental awareness, physical conditioning, educational growth, emotional stability, sexual attractiveness and spiritual depth. Marriages begin to breach when one party loses their desire to keep growing in one or more of these areas, eventually creating an exit strategy for them to leave. For a woman of virtue however, these are areas of strength. She is mentally sound, physically fit, smart and intelligent, emotionally stable, sexy, and spiritually secure. Why? Because she handles her business at home. 102 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #39 AVOID CONVERSATIONS WITH GOSSIPERS …and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27b


ccording to the International Social Innovation Research Conference or ISIRC, gossip accounts for about 55% of the discussions among men and 67% of those of women. Also in an article published by the New York Times on March 12, 1899 entitled: The Statistics of Gossip, it reads, “Out of seventy years you sleep more than twenty-four; but you reflect only one year five months and a half, and you gossip the same period.” As you can see, time equals life and a woman of virtue does not waste it gossiping.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 103

There are those though, who it seems as if gossiping is their profession. They are always seeking to bend the ear of someone who is willing to be a mental landfill for all of the garbage they need to verbally release. They have very little good to say about anyone or anything. They are pessimistic and never seem to have an optimistic viewpoint. These are those who will suck the life right out of you, if you let them. The key is to not let them. Also, avoiding gossip in this day and age is almost impossible because it is everywhere you turn. If you are at the grocery store and you are about to check out, the gossip columns are right there. If you are at home channel surfing and trying to find something to watch on the television, the gossip channels (aka reality shows) are right there. If you check your social media pages and look at your news feeds, gossip fills the stream. If you go to work and are trying to mind your own business, somebody from somewhere is going to stop by your cubicle and whisper something in your ear about someone else. It is literally all around you. The challenge then for most people, is to live in a era where there are clearly gossipers all around, but yet not let it affect the way you think, communicate and view the world around you. A woman of virtue has a strategy which protects her from gossipers and it is a powerful one, she simply does not have time for it. The verse for this law is so like her when it says “…and (she) does not eat the bread of idleness.” If you really want to stop a gossiper in their tracks, the next time they approach you with some garbage, just tell them you don’t have time for it, smile and go right back to what you were doing before they started. And if you want to not get sucked into the social newsfeed, stuck at the checkout aisle, or drawn into a TV gossip channel, just remember that a woman of virtue does not eat the bread of idleness. 104 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #40 BE THE EXAMPLE THAT OTHERS LOOK TO FOLLOW Her children rise up… Proverbs 31:28a


harles Barkley, the renowned Hall of Fame basketball player once stated, “I'm not a role model... Just because I dunk a basketball doesn't mean I should raise your kids.” On the contrary, Charles did not realize that he is a role model, but a bad one. The term “role model” was coined by Robert Merton, a sociologist. Most people who follow sports or music are fans of those whom they idolize, regardless. But in contrast to these idols, a woman of virtue is an example that anyone can look up to. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 105

In the State of New Jersey, Anny and Mayra Betances are two sisters who are extraordinary role models. Both Anny and Mayra are single moms who grew up in the Dominican Republic. Coming from a modest household, they have done well for themselves and family is everything to them. In a recent social media post, Mayra wrote “I wear many hats in my everyday life at any given hour of the day. Each one I carry with a divine purpose. A women, an entrepreneur, a student, a full time worker, a designer, a crafter, a seeker, a dancer by spirit, a leader, a writer, and a dreamer. But above all, at the very top is the mom hat. And as imperfect as they can be, I wear each hat with passion, intensity, love and devotion. You only have you to stand by you, so stand out!” Anny recently shared a picture post titled: A Little Boy and His Mother Were Crossing a River… Mother: “Please hold my hand.” Boy: “No Mom, you hold my hand.” Mother: “What’s the difference?” Boy: “If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure you will never let me hand go.” Now take a moment and think about this. These two sisters are sharing some timeless truths that are reflections of not only their lives, but many other women. To their children, these moms are the greatest role models in the world. The sacrifice and all the countless times they had to do without, so their children could have a chance in life, are things that will never be forgotten. Their children will have an indelible imprint in their minds of who deserves to be celebrated. They will grow up having the natural instincts to sow into others what has been sown into their life. Anny and Mayra are models of success. Their families are blessed and those who surround them are illuminated by the love within them. They are woman of virtue. They are true role models. 106 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #41 BE GRACIOUS WHEN PEOPLE SPEAK HIGHLY OF YOU ‌and call her blessed; Proverbs 31:28b


race is one of those qualities that one either has or they don’t. But the good news is, if you do not have it, it can be acquired. It will particularly come in handy when the time comes that other people will speak of you in a positive light. For a woman of virtue, it is a part of life. She is well spoken among her family, friends and peers. But the real test is how she handles receiving the accolades when they start pouring in. Unlike the arrogant and prideful, she embraces the endorsements of others with grace. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 107

In the book of Numbers chapter 12 verse 3 Moses is attributed with writing about how meek and humble he was. He even goes on to say “…above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.” Under most circumstances this would be considered a most arrogant assessment of one’s self. However a closer look at the inspiration and context of his writing will offer some nuggets as to how he could write such a thing and have the grace to pull it off. First of all, the writing was inspired by God, so in a sense God was giving Moses a huge compliment and then authorizing him to write and record it. Secondly, Moses could have easily embellished to story and wrote volumes about how awesome he was. Lastly, he didn’t. A world leader in Jewish outreach, Ohr Somayach based in Jerusalem, has a forum on their website called “Ask the Rabbi” where a question was posed about Moses’ writing of his own humility, and this was the reply: “Knowing your own greatness is no contradiction to humility. On the contrary, ultimate humility is achieved by a person who excels in good attributes but takes no credit for his greatness. He realizes that all his achievements come from God, and therefore he isn't conceited or self-congratulatory.” Taking the rabbi’s advice, it is understandable how a woman of virtue can know her own greatness and not be taken with conceit when she hears the accolades of others. The fact that she has already been showered with adoration from God, makes hearing it from others no reason to be filled with vanity. On the contrary, she looks at it as people merely cosigning what God has already said about her. This is a very powerful and important part of endearing the hearts of those who will inevitably make complimentary overtures toward you. How you receive it and make them feel will be the key to developing healthy, lasting relationships. 108 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #42 NEVER DENY SOMEONE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BLESS YOU ‌her husband also and he praises her. Proverbs 31:28c


hen you are used to doing all or most of the giving, it can be a hard thing to let others bless you. This is a common trait in people who typically have a servant’s heart. In reality however, it is imperative to master the art of allowing others to bless you. Learning how to allow other people to bless you keeps the spiritual and natural laws of reciprocity flowing. These laws of reciprocity help to make the universe as we know it exist in a state of perpetual sustainability. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 109

As a child, from the time I have my first memories, all I ever saw my mother and father do was give, give and give. It was a part of the nature of our family to be givers. Many times we had less so that some other family in need could have a little. I saw the pouring out from the hearts of two people who loved others with a love that was unselfish and impartial. Seeing my parents give was ingrained in my psyche and in my heart. As I would grow older, the same characteristics that I saw in them would be my mantra, and at first it was great. Whenever there was a need and I had the cash, my family and friends could count on me to be there for them. But eventually there were times when someone would want to do something nice for me and I would always refuse it. I would never give them the chance to do for me what I had did for them. It was definitely a one way street. One day my father pulled me to the side and said something to me that would change the way I viewed things. He said “Son, if you are always the one giving but you never allow anyone else to give, you’re holding up their blessings because you are too stubborn. Sometimes you just have to learn how to say ‘Thank You.’“ When he said this to me the lights went off and I had an epiphany. From that point forward I did my best to allow people to give to me or do something nice for me for a change. At first it was hard. Ok it’s still hard sometimes, but I have gotten much better at this and in doing so, the laws of reciprocity are working in my life. You see when we deny someone the opportunity to bless us, we literally create a damn in the heavens and handcuff God. We prevent the universal laws He created from the inception of time to work for us. A woman of virtue understands this and her ability to allow others to be a blessing is just as important to her as be a blessing. 110 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #43 YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY WOMAN OF VIRTUE Many daughters have done well… Proverbs 31:29a


t would be easy to assume that you are the only one on the planet with virtue; especially in the era we live in. Fortunately, for the rest of the world, there are others just like you. The feeling that you are “the only one” is not based out of a sense that you are better than anyone, but rather it comes from being a women who happens to fall into a very exclusive category. When you are the exception and not the rule, you will have to walk the lonely road sometimes. You will feel as though you are alone, but you are not. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 113

Dr. Myles Monroe once shared an interesting story entitled: The 7 Principles of an Eagle. In it he outlined characteristics which make an eagle much different from any other bird in the sky and why they are the envy of the air. #1 Eagles fly alone at a high altitude, #2 Eagles have strong vision, #3 Eagles do not eat dead things, #4 Eagles love storms, #5 Eagles test before they trust, #6 Eagles prepare for training and #7 Eagles remove old, weak feathers. These seven points are an excerpt of the full story, but even in these small nuggets you can feel the wisdom flowing out of Dr. Monroe’s mind. In this story, the eagle is set as an exclusive species that does not mix, mate or match with any other bird in the sky. The eagle is in a class all by itself, thus the reason why in most cases, you will never see eagles flying in a pack. On the rare occasion that you do see an eagle flying with other birds, you can best believe that those other birds are also eagles. You will never see eagles flapping their wings. You will however, see eagles gliding gracefully through the sky while catching the wind beneath their wings. They are graceful like no other bird and can soar at altitudes of up to 15,000 feet at about 65 miles per hour. They glide for hours without rest and build their nests in very high places. Why all the talk about eagles? Well, when you look at the similarities of an eagle and a woman of virtue, the parallels are strong. #1 Women of virtue stay above the fray, #2 Women of virtue are visionaries, #3 Women of virtue are full of life, #4 Women of virtue are brave in the face of the storm, #5 Women of virtue trust, when it has been earned, #6 Women of virtue practice perfection and #7 Women of virtue instinctively remove old things that hold them back. Clearly their qualities are uniquely akin, but although they are both rare, the eagle and a woman of virtue are not alone. 114 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #44 IF YOU CAN’T OUTSMART THEM, OUTCLASS THEM ‌but you excel them all. Proverbs 31:29b


ducation is an essential part of the ongoing pursuit of a woman of virtue. But, in the absence of a collegiate degree or a certificate of higher learning, there are other ways you can compete in the world. There will be times when you are not the smartest one in the room and this is not a bad thing. Never be afraid that someone might be smarter then you. Because when it comes to seizing opportunities, you will be able to excel above others by the way in which you carry yourself. In short, you have class. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 115

But how do you define class? And no I don’t mean a room full of students with a teacher up front and a chalk board in the backdrop. But rather the class that I am speaking of, is the kind that is usually reserved when you speak of people with an heir of elegance and grace. What makes one possess such a trait while others may lack thereof? How does one acquire the attribute of class? Well for starters, think of some of the classiest women in history and who comes to your mind. The list would certainly include: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Chris Everett Lloyd, Meryl Streep, Serita Jakes, Michele Obama, Cory Everson, Angela Bassett and Victoria Osteen, just for starters. If we wanted, the list could go on and on but suffice to say that these women all possess a trait that can easily be identified. They all have a ton of class. If you had the opportunity to speak one on one with any of them, you would be amazed at the stories you would hear. Many of them came from very meager beginnings and did not have the proverbial “silver spoon� stuck in their mouths from birth. Like most people who have created any degree of value in society, these women have a past that many times has been filled with dealing with struggles, overcoming pain, conquering issues and developing a great deal of strength and perseverance in the process. So when you think of class, it is not just about being dressed in fancy clothes and high heels with a nice hairdo and a manicure to boot. Any woman can have that. But class has a much deeper meaning and is never just a superficial thing. It is something that you acquired along the journey of life and in moments when others feel they have a distinct advantage over you, they will be proved wrong. While they are second guessing you, the people in positions of power all have their eye on you, because you possess the deciding factor - class. 116 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #45 USE YOUR INWARD BEAUTY TO DRAW PEOPLE IN Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain‌ Proverbs 31:30a


ny woman can put on lipstick, makeup and get a weave in an attempt to gain the attention of men. But is this really the kind of quality attention that will sustain you over time? Is this the kind attention that you are going to need when you have a deep inner soul issue? When you are at the end of your emotional rope, can you count on someone who just likes your lips, hips and finger tips, to be there when the chips are down? Or do you need someone who loves what is on the inside of you? The 48 Laws of Virtue | 117

These and many other similar questions must be answered if you are ever going to get real with yourself. And by getting real I mean telling yourself the truth about you. There will come a moment in time when you are going to have to look into the mirror and if you don’t like what you see, you are going to have to do something about it. Weaves and extensions won’t do it. Fake nails won’t do it. Fake eyelashes won’t do it. Fake boobs won’t do it. A fake behind won’t do it. And fake skin tone won’t do it. Because when you pull all of that off and get down to the real you, none of that other fake stuff if going to add one single ounce of value to your worth. Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when it is fine to accentuate ones appearance with physical enhancements. But just remember, you are enhancing you appearance, not your beauty. Your beauty comes from the well deep within your soul; the realm where your mind, will and emotions are kept. This is the place from which your beauty exudes and the space which requires authentic care and attention by not only you, but the one who you allow into this space as well. For a woman of virtue, her inner soul realm is the most attractive part about her and consequently, it is the most vulnerable as well as valuable part about her. People will be drawn to her not because of a perfect looking outer shell, but instead she will draw people in by the love, care, compassion and warm embrace they feel when in her presence. This inner beauty is a beacon to the ship that her soulmate is travelling on. She will not have to signal her presence with provocative overtures, alluring outfits or whispering passionate words in the ears of eager listeners. But she will beam with beauty without saying a word and the man of her dreams will know that he is in the company of the one whom he just might spend the rest of his life with. 118 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #46 MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE SEE THE GOD IN YOU …but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30b


hen people see you, who do they really see? When they look into your eyes, into the depths of your soul, will they see qualities that cause them to draw closer to God? Although she is full of everything that is good, pure, wholesome and virtuous, a woman of virtue is careful to always let the light of love shine in and through her. When people see her they are really seeing the love of God in its truest form. When they are touched by her, they are being touched by the Hand of God. The 48 Laws of Virtue | 119

The popular gospel duo Mary Mary recorded a song several years ago called “God in Me” featuring Kierra “Kiki” Sheard. In one part of the song Kiki sings “What is it you think you see when you see me, you see me. You don't know how much I pray, don't know how much I gave, don't know how much I changed. I'm just tryna explain. Erica and Tina Campbell, the main faces and voices behind the group, recently gave an interview with the LA Times. In the interview Tina was quoted as saying “Every time I meet a person, they treat me like I’m their cousin or their friend. I want them to see these (my own) down moments and feel encouraged for themselves.” Earlier in the interview both Erica and Tina shared how they grew up singing in the church pastored by their father. They shared some of their personal stories of how life was for them growing up in a home where their parents didn’t allow them to do some of the things other children got to do. I can personally can relate to this because, just like the Campbell sisters, I too am the child of a pastor and grew up with a very similar type of home life. But although we couldn’t do everything that all the other young people were doing, such as: hanging out late, listening to secular music, wearing revealing clothes, etc., there was something greater being infused into us that would later prove to be much more valuable than anything we thought we missed out on. What our parents were pouring into us was nothing but love; and the kind of love that comes from God. So when people see me today or they see you wherever you may be, ask yourself the question “Do people see the God in me?” For a woman of virtue the answer is yes! Not only can they see the God in her, but they can feel the love in real life. She pours her love on people and liberally embraces them where they are. And this is why people the God in her. 120 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #47 GET EVERYTHING THAT YOU DESERVE OUT OF LIFE Give her the fruit of her hands… Proverbs 31:31a


o not live you entire life serving only the dreams and visions of others, but never having lived and experienced your own. It has been said that the graveyard is the wealthiest place on earth; because of all the unfilled potential of people who did not fulfill their purpose and destiny. A woman of virtue will not be one of those people, but rather she will die on ‘E’. In other words, when she takes her last breath, she will be empty of everything God put in her to leave in this earth as a legacy.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 121

T.D. Jakes, arguably one of the most prolific orators of our generation, spoke at an event I recently attended. His message was centered on a young lady in the Bible named Hannah, who was the wife of a man named Elkanah. Hannah was one of two wives of Elkanah, as was customary in those days. The other wife Penninah had many children, while Hannah was barren. Eventually Hannah’s persistence, perseverance and prayers to the Lord would lead to her finally being blessed with a son. This son would be named Samuel and part of Hannah’s promise to God was that if He would bless her with a child, she would give the child back to God. In his typical mastery of biblical stories, making them relevant, T.D. Jakes shared some very powerful truths. He used the story of Hannah’s barren struggle as a pallet for his message entitled: “Never Give Up on Your Dreams.” The following are ten things he shared that I’ll share with you: #1 A dream is not a dream if it has not created a hater, #2 If you have a dream that is not beyond what you can do, it is not worthy of God intervening, #3 Your dream is worth the wait, #4 Time will weed out all of the imposters, #4 Sometimes there has to be a collision between what we want and what God wants, #5 You have to recognize God in the middle of disruption, #6 God will never give you the what, until you know the why, #7 You will never be a great person, until you see little things as important, #8 You cannot ask anyone to invest in a dream that you won’t feed, #9 You cannot have a baby if you are not willing to give up the milk, and #10 If you feed the dream, the dream will feed you. You see Hannah’s dream was to have a child, and she would not rest until she gave birth. And just like Hannah, you deserve to get everything out of life, and you will, if you purpose in your heart to never give up on your dreams. 122 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

LAW #48 LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK FOR ITESELF …and let her own works praise her in the gates. Proverbs 31:31b


hen it is all said and done, what will be the lasting legacy of your life? What will people remember about you? What will they say when 10, 20, 50 or even 100 years go by? A woman of virtue will have lived a life that was so full of helping others, blessings those who were less fortunate than her and meeting the needs of her family, it would take volumes of books in order to record the full impact she had on others. The mention of her name will cause people to reflect on the richness of her life.

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 123

At the beginning of this book, in the Acknowledgements. I mentioned several women who have been a beacon of faith, hope, and love in my life. Firstly my mother, whom I give credit to for being the catalyst for much of what I have written in this book. There is probably not a week that goes by when someone from somewhere doesn’t mention something they remember about my mother. She has touched so many lives during her time here on earth, and for however long God chooses to allow her to be with us, I can truly say that her life speaks for itself. Secondly I spoke of my wife, the lady who I met when she was a cute 14 year old teenager sitting on the second to the last pew on the right side of the sanctuary in Greater Holy Temple church in Flint, Michigan. I was only 16 years old myself and little did we both know that although our lives would go in opposite directions, one day we would meet back up in that same place on an Easter Sunday morning some 10 years later and it would seem as though time had stood still. We would eventually get married a short time after our reunion and since that time, she has been the anchor of stability in my life. People seem to like her way more than they like me and for good reason! I can truly say that her life speaks for itself. Thirdly, I mentioned my two sweet, darling daughters, of whom I am most proud and honored to be their father. These two young ladies, and I do mean ladies, are nothing short of amazing. In such a short time they have grown and matured in the lady-like ways. Even now, I can truly say that each of their lives speaks for itself. Lastly, to all of the other women of virtue I know and those whom I have yet to meet, thanks for being the pillars of our society. Keep shining and let your lives speak for itself. 124 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 125

128 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

128 | The 48 Laws of Virtue

The 48 Laws of Virtue | 129

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The 48 Laws of Virtue  

Revealing the Wealth and Richness in Every Woman

The 48 Laws of Virtue  

Revealing the Wealth and Richness in Every Woman