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Kitchen Garden workshops Dudhope Community Centre

(Bharatiya Ashram) 18th Febraury to 19th April

Come and join the Seed Truck and Dundee Urban Orchard for free workshops to learn gardening skills and help create a new community garden at the Dudhope Community Centre, 5 St Mary Place, Dundee. For a full programme visit: Seed Truck support:

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Dudhope Community Centre (Bharatiya Ashram)

Kitchen Garden Workshop programme February - April 2014

A programme of workshops run by the Seed Truck and Dundee Urban Orchard to help create a new garden at the Dudhope Community Centre. All workshops are free of charge and everybody is welcome!

Fruit planting Saturday 22 March 10am to 4pm Dundee Urban Orchard and Seed Truck will combine to deliver this introduction to how to plant and care for fruit trees and bushes. This will cover a range of plants including: apple trees, blackcurrant, blackberry, jostaberry, raspberry, honeyberry, and rhubarb.

Polytunnel construction (Part 2) Crop planning, sowing and propagating Tuesday 18 Febraury 2pm to 4pm This workshop will teach about how to plan your garden (what to plant and when, crop rotation etc) and a practical session on sowing seeds and propagating.

Raised bed building (Part 1) Saturday 1 March 10am to 4pm This will be a basic DIY workshop constructing raised beds for the fruit trees/ bushes, herb bed and polytunnel, using recycled materials. Refreshments provided and free seeds to take away.

Polytunnel construction (Part 1) Tuesday 18 March 10am to 4pm This is part one of a two part workshop on how to set up an unusual lean-to polytunnel. This workshop is all about laying the foundations and setting up the basic structure. This will involve: mounting brackets and wall plates, digging foundation holes, and concreting foundation poles.

Tuesday 25 March 10am to 4pm Seed Truck gardener Rob Davidson will lead a session on covering the polytunnel. Hands on DIY skills, how to stretch the plastic, door frame construction.

Raised Bed building (Part 2) Saturday 5 April 10am to 4pm More joinery and construction of raised beds of all shapes and sizes, including making benches, use of roundwood timber etc. Basic hammering and sawing skills needed. Refreshments provided.

Earth Moving Mela Saturday 19 April 10am to 4pm This will be a big day of community action, with volunteers needed from across Dundee to help fill the raised beds. We will need to shift tonnes of compost - can we do it all by afternoon tea? Lunch, refreshments, music serenading, swordfighting, dancers and free entry to a Dudhope Community Centre event all provided to those who reach the compost quota! Requirements: ability to lift a shovel and steer a wheelbarrow; enthusiasm.

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Spaces may be limited on some workshops so please check before you come by contacting:

Fife Diet / Seed Truck office:

Workshop locations:

Dudhope Community Centre

01592 871 371

5 St Mary Place, Dundee DD1 5RB (01382) 220023

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Seed Truck and Dundee Urban Orchard workshops in Dundee at the Dudhope Community Centre 18th Feb to 19th April 2014