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SOMETHING NEW • SOMETHING BEYOND PRINT EACH MONTH WE’RE LAUNCHING A SERIES OF VIDEOS TO HELP YOU SUCCEED IN YOUR WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE Before you click the video link, stay with me for a quick tour of this month’s issue of Dealer Communicator Digital Global Edition. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Digital Products Is The Topic In The GENERAL NEWS SECTION Page 9 A closer look at software driven automation for offset, binding, mailing and office machines. Finishing Is The Topic In The WIDE FORMAT SECTION Page 13 Tim Greene’s article is on dealer opportunities to new business by using Finishing to open new doors.

Want to be mentioned in an issue of Dealer Communicator? Send us your news as it relates to the channel. CLICK THE VIDEO ON THE RIGHT TO VIEW THE SECOND OF A SERIES OF LEARNING SESSIONS BY BRIAN JOHNSON OF OPTIMIZE Title: Habits 101: How to Create Habits That Can Change Your Life


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4 • August 2017 •

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Table of Contents

Click Article You Wish To Read GENERAL NEWS SECTION 3 .....Personally Speaking - by O. Mike Fichera, Publisher 8 .....Advertisers Index 9 .....Product Focus: ........ What Does Digital Mean To You? WIDE FORMAT / SIGN SUPPLY SECTION 13 ...Major Article: A Dealer Opportunity To New Business By Using ........ Finishing To Open New Doors 16 ...Dealer News 26 ...News 4 Dealers The Dealer Channel Improvement Center 39 ...Sales Corner - Customer Service With Passion and Principles ........ by John Tschohl 41 ...Can Automated Marketing Work For My Dealer? - by John Foley, Jr. 43 ...Use New Direct Mail Technology & Generate New Sales - by Bob Licari

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WHAT DOES DIGITAL MEAN TO YOU? If Your Answer is Software Driven Automation For Offset, Binding, Mailing and Office Machines You’re On the Right Track

In 1962 Marshall McLuhan predicted the world was entering the electronic age, which would be characterized by a community of people brought together by technology. He called it the “global village” and said it would be an age when everyone had access to the same information through technology. The “global village” could be understood to be the internet. But the electronic age is more than just a change in information delivery and availability. It is an age of manufacturing and product refinement, production control, sales and marketing techniques and changes in business practices. The principle of assembly lines created by Henry Ford to make labor efforts more efficient and cost effective has shifted to electronic control powered by smart software in smart computers that totally affect our personal and business lives. Sit in a Tesla automobile and in a few minutes you will realize that this vehicle, which is defining the cars of the future, is literally software driven, it resists

crashes, stops automatically when the car in front stops suddenly and, with hands off the wheel accurately parallel parks itself. Many household tasks today are computer assisted and software enhanced. Our manufacturing assembly lines are augmented with robots, with tooling that is created electronically and computer savvy technicians to complete the workforce. It is better living and manufacturing through electronic technologies. These changes are also seen in the greater printing industries – from books to advertising to merchandising to signage to packaging. The printing industry over the past decades has had to adjust as its technology changed. Up until the 1960’s letterpress printing was the dominant print method until offset printing continued to improve in quality, production simplification and reduced cost. As letterpress printing disappeared so did hot metal typesetting and engraving Continued On Next Page

Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 9

Product Focus continued

shops gave way to “cold type” methods and litho plate shops. Where typesetting and platemaking were once the domain of trade shops these new prepress technologies became an integral component of print production capabilities. Newspapers adopted editorial systems keyed by reporters that output print ready galleys and pages. And by the early 2000’s film was gone – long live digital workflows and computer to plate technologies. Today, the printing industry continues to evolve as improvements in digital printing technologies, automated press controls and computer/software enhanced finishing techniques allow printers to provide image on paper/board to be a companion and a viable competitor to electronic message delivery systems. One dealer, Oldham Graphic Supply (http://oldhamgraphics.com ) saw the industry change and grew its business by satisfying its customer’s changing needs. Established in 1951 to serve the greater Chicago market,

their initial focus was on printing supplies. As the company grew, prepress, pressroom, and bindery equipment became increasingly important aspects of the business. In recent years, industrial supplies and equipment, digital printing, wide format equipment, banner and display media along with toner and inks have been added to the mix. To keep pace with rapid changes in the printing and publishing industry, Oldham formed an electronics division in 1989 that concentrates on electronics technology, training, and service along with positioning themselves as system integrators in all prepress workflow areas from digital asset management to CtP and beyond. Likewise to meet the growing needs of the wide format market, Oldham created a wide format division in 2007 to help customers sort through the constant introduction of new equipment, media and software specifically for wide format. And they warehouse all the materials needed for the wide format banner, signage and poster markets. As a result of paying attention to the changes in the printing industry and their customer’s needs, Oldham

10 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

has continued to grow and through acquisitions expand their market place to include many other Midwest regions. Another graphic arts dealer that has found a way to meet their customer’s changing needs and survive current economic pressures is Best Graphics of Wisconsin (https:// bestgraphics.net ). Dealer Communicator (DC) first learned of BEST through a July 10, 2017 article in Printing Impressions

named “The Dealer’s Dilemma” by Don Piontek, an industry finishing expert. In this article, Piontek points out those sales of finishing equipment have long been by graphic arts dealers “but the overall shrinkage of the print market has challenged dealers like never before. A smaller potential customer base forces them to diversify their product lines further, and to try to enter new potential markets.” He pointed out that BEST has been able to Continued On Next Page


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Product Focus continued

experience continued growth with a wide range of equipment through a diverse collection of manufacturers from all over the world. They have a diversity of equipment to sell for commercial, packaging and book printers including laminating systems, pile turners and other specialty equipment. But one point that Piontek makes is that a large part of BEST’s success is due to a continued investment in technical support. He points out that “It’s how you support the customer after the sale that makes (or breaks) a reputation. BEST’s strategy is a model for many graphics dealers looking to thrive in today’s markets. Have enough diversity in your portfolio, continue to invest in postsale support, and keep an eye out for new suppliers that might do well with your customer base.” Both dealers mentioned in this article emphasize the importance of having a good support and service team. In DC’s opinion, this is a significant component in a successful graphic arts dealer organization.

Knowledge of the products and equipment you sell along with the ability to help your customers resolve any technical issues is essential for success especially as the industry moves towards digital production tools and software enhanced controls. Make sure your technicians are fully trained on the equipment and also the software that is part of the workflow. There is no question that the printing industry is in an era of change. It is a period of adjustment as we see where the effects and opportunities lie in sales of digital and related products to the graphic arts industries. To survive in the current digitally-infected printing industry market, graphic arts dealers need to adjust their business plans to survive. Part of the dealer’s plan should be learning how to do business on the internet. Your website should be informative and contain a means to order supplies or give technical support. Today’s buyers are in-tune to online ordering as a preferred way to do business. To sustain a profitable business you need to keep up with the changes in technology, customer needs and the buyer’s new habits. DC

12 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator




A Dealer Opportunity To New Business BY USING FINISHING TO OPEN NEW DOORS By Tim Greene, IDC Director of Wide Format Printing Consulting Services Finishing is a critical element of print production for both narrow format and large format printing, providing stiffness, durability, finish, and an overall more professionallooking printed product. However, IDC research indicates that print finishing is often one of the biggest bottlenecks in digital printing workflows. Part of the reason is that print finishing is often an afterthought when print service providers (PSPs) and other organizations make their equipment purchase. Users invest in printers to boost their print production capacity, but their finishing equipment can’t handle the greater workload. Even on the pricing side, lots of shops offer lamination for minimal

upcharge even though errors at the finishing stage are expensive, since documents and graphics are already printed when finishing steps are being applied. At the ISA Sign Expo show a lot of the focus was on new print and cut and cutter options for finishing. Companies like Roland introduced new and faster cutters to increase throughput in professional sign shops. At the same time, HP introduced the Latex print-and-cut solution which essentially reinforces the idea that there are a lot of establishments that need professional cutting solutions, but don’t have the square footage for a dedicated cutter. Continued On Next Page

Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 13


option for much easier film loading New Finishing Introductions For and AutoSpeed, another option that Smaller Businesses makes using the device easier, which Dealers can find new opportunities is very important because users often and open new doors using some have only one or two people that can of the new products that have use their finishing equipment. With come to market with an eye on these ease-of-use features, more particular vertical markets. One of people are able to use the equipment the companies that IDC knows has which further addresses some of the done very well in the education bottleneck issues. market with some of their new finishing products is GBC. GBC Dealers Would Be Wise To Encourage is nearly synonymous with print Printing Customers To Analyze finishing anyway, but the company Their Workflow has recently introduced the Catena IDC believes that as the printing 65 & 35, 27- and 12-inch wide market matures dealers have to laminators that can do both hot and look for every opportunity to make cold applications. These laminators a difference in their customers’ are ideal for smaller businesses getting into lamination before going businesses. Dealers should look for ways to communicate with into wide format and GBC is seeing customers, encourage them to the go into all kinds of businesses conduct a workflow and document such as car dealerships, financial institutions and “behind the counter” analysis to identify bottlenecks and value-add elements that can be at places like Office Depots and addressed with finishing solutions. Staples. GBC’s Ultima 65, another DC 27-inch wide roll laminator, is sold primarily into the school market and has a lot of new features that make lamination easier There’s A New Force In Flexible Magnetic Materials including the pivoting Printable Sheets, Rolls, and Strip NEW FORCE MAGNETICS infeed table, EZload film

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14 • • August August 2017 2017 • • Dealer Dealer Communicator Communicator 14

Print History Can Be Yours Historical Printing Zinc & Copper Line Cuts For Sale

• Dimensions of the cabinet: 24 3/4” Wide x 25” Deep x 60” High • It holds 30 drawers

• I also have a box of wood type and two very old Type Cases <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We’re asking $4,500 for all f.o.b. our offices in Margate, Florida Contact: Omike Fichera • Ph: 800-327-8999 Email: ofichera@aol.com

To connect with us click here Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 15


Congratulations To Intermarket Group

30th Anniversary

The Intermarket Group, comprised of sister companies Intermarket Corp., Print Mat Corp. and Intermarket Industrial Films, is an established leader in the graphic arts industry celebrating 30 years of presence in the Latin America and Caribbean markets. In addition to their headquarters in Miami, FL, “The Gateway to Latin America.”, their corporate footprint expands to eight countries, reinforced by a team of specialized professionals

in the areas of Sales, Technical Service, Finance, Operations and Logistics. The Intermarket Group joyfully celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida surrounded by family, friends, distributors, advisors and longstanding suppliers who have contributed throughout the years to The Intermarket Group’s milestones. The celebration included heartfelt

16 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

speeches by owners, employees, distributors and suppliers while enjoying great food and fantastic live music. The Intermarket Group’s CEO & Founder, Mr. Manuel (Manny) Alvarez, has been involved in the Graphic Arts Industry for more than 64 years. An idea conceived 30 years ago, has developed into a company that is unceasingly committed to innovation and expertise, solidifying their competitive advantage in the industries they serve. Manny credits his success to the

friendships and partnerships the company has made throughout this journey. More importantly, he believes, “none of this would have been possible without my wife, and daughter Patty. Both supported me 100% since the beginning.” Here’s to another 30 years of partnerships and mutual success!

Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 17

DEALER NEWS Continued EO Johnson – A Dealership For 60 Years Congratulated by Canon U.S.A.

to hold a series of marketspecific open house events through the year. For more info: eojohnson.com

Go The Extra Mile Melville, New York-based Canon U.S.A., the U.S. arm of Tokyobased Canon, congratulates one of its dealers, EO Johnson Business Technologies, on its 60th anniversary. Over the years the company has grown to include a variety of locations in six markets throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, and today the company employs more than 280 people. It’s a full-service printing and copier business, with wideformat imaging among its many offerings. EO Johnson has been a Canon dealer since 1979. The company says that as a sign of its continuing support for its customers, EO Johnson plans

Graphics IV wants to be the Dealer-of-Choice by giving to their customers what they need. They have on their web site, in PDF downloadable format, the MSDS information of every product they sell and of every manufacturer they represent. All products, from A.B. Dick line to Xante supplies. The MSDS information on manufacturer products is vital to the buyer of these products. All necessary information needed to make a purchase and in the use of these products are located on these PDFs. And since it is so easily available on their web site the customer doesn’t need to ask for it. It’s right there a click away.

18 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

Continued On Page 20

Model EZ Flex 100 The Crown Jewel of Coil Inserters

Binds Books, Manuals, Calendars . . . and, Provides Repeat Supply Sales for Dealers


• Inserts coils of all sizes & pitches • Switch sizes with turn of a knob • Bind Thick Books up to 2” • The EZ Flex can sit on any flat surface • Marry with Marlon 350 to bind & crimp coil • Use all sizes of SlanTis Binding Sleeves (Patent Pending)

See YouTube Video Demonstration: http://tinyurl.com/keveu72 Equipment • Coil Forming Machines • Paper Punches • Automatic Wire Machines • Coil Inserters

Supplies • Plastic Filament • Plastic Coil

• Double Loop Wire Spools and cut to length

Marlon 350 Auto Crimper

• Bind 400 Books Per Hour • Watch video demonstration on the web: www.pvcspiralsupply.com

Model 300 I Roller Inserter • Coil Forming Machines • Paper Punches • Automatic Wire Machines • Coil Inserters “PVC is one of my finest suppliers. Lonnie Bramon and Jerry Roberts are what I call stand-up-guys. They walk the walk that helps me to get new business. Foreign Made? Why, when I get quality, fast delivery and Marty Boone, President competitive pricing from an American manufacturer. PVC is simply the Boone Business Products best.”


Inventory & Distribution: Boise, ID • Tampa, FL • Chicago, IL Tel: 1-800-461-9301 • Fax: 208-377-3759 Email: sales@pvcspiralsupply.com • www.pvcspiralsupply.com

Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 19 Click here to dealer inquiry form

DEALER NEWS Continued Dealers have to go that extra mile to assist their customers to truly be their Dealer-of-Choice. For more info: graphicsiv.com

McIntire Business Products Acquires Image Communications

When Mike Lawlor, founder and owner of Image Communications located in the Boston area, chose to sell the company he turned to fellow BindRite member and New Englander Cyndi Christie, President and owner of McIntire Business Products. Christie’s company, located in Concord NH and serving markets in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, was an obvious choice to acquire Image who serves the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Northern Connecticut.

On Jun 16, 2017 McIntire Business Products acquired Image Communications and the deal was closed, creating one of the strongest and largest dealerships in North America providing Binding, Laminating and Specialty Printing Equipment and related Consumables, Paper Handling Equipment, Custom Presentation solutions and technical services throughout most of New England. Customers will continue to receive next day delivery of all products throughout New England. More info at: mbpinc.com

Leading Edge and Traditional Printing Technologies Under One Roof

Alaska Printer’s Supply is Alaska’s full service provider

20 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

DEALER NEWS of equipment and consumables to the printing and publishing industries. Located in Anchorage, Alaska since 1976, they supply both traditional and now leading edge technologies. The most recent development is the introduction of 3D Printing Equipment to their offerings. The products they offer in this realm allow the printing of CAD, GIS, Medical, Architectural,

Plastic Prototypes, and countless other 3D concepts. More info at: alaskaprinterssupply.com

Mac Papers To Distribute Transfer Papers Mac Papers, one of the largest merchant distributors in the Southeast Continued On Next Page

Click here to dealer inquiry form Dealer Communicator â&#x20AC;˘ August 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ 21

DEALER NEWS Continued U.S., has announced that it has entered into an agreement to supply dye sublimation transfer papers manufactured by industry leader Coldenhove. The agreement was facilitated by #1 Network, Inc., an organization of independent graphic arts dealers. “We are pleased to be among the few select distributors in the United States with

an opportunity to supply Coldenhove’s outstanding sublimation transfer papers for the growing dye sub market,” said Marty Davis, Director of Wide Format and Graphics for Mac Papers. “Coldenhove’s Jetcol® and Jet-X® sublimation papers are proven to provide extremely high transfer yields and are the absolute benchmark for the industry.” More info at: macpapers.com

There’s A New Force In Flexible Magnetic Materials Printable Sheets, Rolls, and Strip


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Buy Plastic Coil Double Loop Wire From One Source Tel 800-461-9301 • Fax 208-377-9301 Email ljfullmer@pvcspiralsupply.com www.pvcspiralsupply.com

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22 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

DEALER NEWS GSG Strikes Distribution Deal With Virus Inks

Des Plaines Office Equipment Survives Friday’s Storm

It is business as usual for Des Plaines Office Equipment, a 62-year old company whose headquarters in Elk Grove Village suffered extensive damage from Italy-based Virus Inks, a producer of water-based inks used an intense storm that came through the area Friday, July 21, 2017 and for screen printing, announces literally ripped the roof from the a distribution partnership with 30-year old building located at Dallas-based GSG (Graphic 1020 Bonaventure Drive. Solutions Group). Virus says it plans to distribute its products through GSG’s headquarters in Dallas as well as the company’s branches in Austin, Baton Rouge, Cincinnati, Houston, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Chip Miceli, President and coowner of Des Plaines Office Equipment, said “On Friday afternoon around 4:50 p.m. a microburst tore away the building’s roof, while several dozen of the firm’s 70 employees The distribution agreement comes were there. First and foremost, as the latest expansion for Virus we are grateful that there were no in the U.S. In early 2016, the injuries,” he said. “We can replace company announced the opening a building – and we will. Our of its U.S. branch office in Miami, first concern was making certain with an accompanying warehouse everyone was o.k.” in New York. Info: gogsg.com

Continued On Page 25

Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 23

A Trusted Logo for Floor Model Folding Machine Parts For Over 30 Years every part backed by a guarantee of satisfaction

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Would You Like To Own Your Own Email List Of Dealers & Printers In Mexico?

The database contains 7,709 printers in 14 categories and 2,100 dealers and distributors that sell graphic arts and wide format equipment and supply products. All for approximately 12 cents per contact.

My name is Gil Carrillo, Global Access Marketing 40 Years Working The Latin American Market

We know that smaller U.S. manufacturers have an interest in selling products in Mexico, but have nobody on staff to speak, and/or translate messages in Spanish. “FOR THE FIRST EMAILBLAST YOU SEND TO THE LIST YOU PURCHASE, I WILL WRITE YOUR MESSAGE IN SPANISH. And, will provide you a translation to buyer response using terms appropriate to the Mexican market.”

To Order or For More Details Contact Fichera Publications U.S. Phone: 800-327-8999 • International Tel. +954-971-4360 • email: ofichera@aol.com Click here to dealer inquiry form 24 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

DEALER NEWS Continued He added, “And, our other high priority is to make certain that our customers continue to receive the same high level of service that they have come to expect.” As repairs to the Elk Grove Village building begin, Miceli said that the company will operate from its two other locations.

“Our technicians are on the road, as always, our phones are up and running, and we are open for business,” said Miceli. Info: dpoe.com DC

There’s A New Force In Flexible Magnetic Materials Printable Sheets, Rolls, and Strip


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Guy Gecht To Receive 2017 Soderstrom Award Idealliance, the association for the Visual Communications and Media Industry, has announced that Guy Gecht, Chief Executive Officer of EFI, will be honored as the recipient of the 57th annual Walter E. Soderstrom Award. The award will be presented at the gala Soderstrom Awards Dinner at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center, Chicago, Illinois, 7 pm to 9:30 pm on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017 the evening before the opening of the PRINT 2017 show. In addition to honoring the Soderstrom Award recipient, the annual Soderstrom Awards Dinner will induct 11 industry leaders into Idealliance’s prestigious Soderstrom Society.

The Class of 2017 Soderstrom Society inductees will be named shortly. The Soderstrom Award and Society are named for Walter E. Soderstrom, a founder of Idealliance predecessor association NAPL.

Printing Industries of America Announces 2017 InterTech Technology Award Recipients And Reveals 2017 Premier Print Award Winners Fourteen technologies have been selected to receive a 2017 InterTech Technology Award. The technologies receiving the award have been judged as truly innovative and are expected to advance the performance of the graphic communications industry. A listing of all of the technologies considered for the prestigious

26 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator


Birthday Anniversary Announcements


InterTech award is available at www.printing.org/2017Intertech.

Click Here For One Minute Audio

Click On Play Button To Hear One Minute Audio


The awards will be presented to companies before an audience of industry leaders during the 2017 Printing Industries of America Premier Print Awards and InterTech Technology Awards Gala, September 10, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

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If The Books Are Take The Order And . . .

Choose TurboCOIL To Bind Them

Made In America

Made for printers that bind THICK BOOKS TurboCoil Now Available in 3 to 1 Pitch • 50 Colors Available

Contact Us: U.S. Ph: 800 461-9301 • Int’l Tele: 1+208-377-9301 • Fax: 208-377-3759 Email: sales@pvcspiralsupply.com • www.pvcspiralsupply.com

Click here to dealer inquiry form Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 27




Also, Printing Industries of America (PIA) revealed the results of the 2017 Premier Print Awards, the world’s most prominent international print competition. More than 3,000 entries were submitted for judging and 104 were awarded the coveted Best in Category honors, or as they are more affectionately known, the Bennys. To be honored with a Premier Print Award, submissions must exhibit superior print quality and exceptional craftsmanship.

Judges also awarded more than 1500 Certificates of Merit and Awards of Recognition to deserving submissions. A complete list of Benny winners can be found at www.printing.org/ ppawinners.

GPA Announces New Business Development Manager: John Olson GPA announced that John Olson has joined the team as their newest business development

There’s A New Force In Flexible Magnetic Materials Printable Sheets, Rolls, and Strip


See Our Product Ad In This Issue Pages 4 & 5


Buy Plastic Coil Double Loop Wire From One Source Tel 800-461-9301 <> Fax 208-377-9301 Email ljfullmer@pvcspiralsupply.com www.pvcspiralsupply.com

See Display Ad Page 19

28 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator



manager. In this role, Olson will focus his creativity, experience, and knowledge of the local market on helping GPA’s customers in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota achieve greater profitability. “John is a consummate professional who is very well known and respected in the Minnesota printing community,” said Jules Gonzales, GPA’s

Thought of the Month It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Central Region director of sales & strategic accounts. “His integrity, passion for the industry, and genuine care for his customers make him a perfect fit with our central sales organization.”

Dennis Cross Retires An era has ended with the retirement of Mr. Dennis Cross from the Alameda Company. We first met Dennis in 1984. Alameda was a fledgling company at the time and Dennis made a trip to southern California to view our production capabilities in an effort to ascertain our ability to supply Dixon Paper Company, based out of Denver and servicing the rocky mountain states. When Dennis retired from International Paper (formally Dixon Paper) Dennis joined us here at Alameda and he has been an integral part of Alameda for over 15 years. News4Dealers Continues Page 32

Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 29

Valuable Tips For Dealers To Grow YOUR Business At 

In September, PRINT 17 returns to Chicago to drive new business strategies to the global printing and imaging industry— 
delivering opportunities to 
dealers, distributors, and channel manufacturers.
 This Is YOUR Event Bring your best customers for demonstrations and to meet new and existing manufacturer-partners.

Explore and Learn About Emerging Market Trends Look to PRINT 17 for the future of the industry. Learn about what your customers need so that you will be prepared to encourage business growth. Discover the Latest Technologies at the Exhibition In no other place will you see so many of the latest and most advanced technologies, services and products as the PRINT 17 Exhibition. In just a few days at the show, you will be able to reach untapped audiences while impressing your manufacturer-partners by visiting them in person. Imagine how much you will be able to see and do in just a few hours while at the show! Attend OUTLOOK 17 This event is particularly important for YOU—dealers and distributors. Why? This annual program provides economic and marketing information, technical reports, and print trends and forecasts. Don’t miss it! To learn more, visit www.Print2017.com 30 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator

Dealer Communicator To connect with us click here

• August 2017 • 31



Continued Paper Technology Association through our ongoing relationship Sign Joint Agreement To with the VDMA Association. Collaborate Our respective members will

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies and the Printing and Paper Technology Association within VDMA/PrintPromotion Gmbh (PP), signed a joint agreement outlining a 2017-2018 framework for cooperation between the organizations in the areas of industry market data and international conferences. The collaborative efforts between the two organizations will produce a variety of new initiatives and events. NPES president Thayer Long stated that, “We are extremely pleased with the new initiatives that will be developed from this new agreement, which was forged

benefit tremendously from this collaboration on the new projects and programs that will serve to further drive value chain alignment and universal industry growth.”

Wrap Like A Pro Workshop Returns By Popular Demand The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), owner and producer of the 2017 SGIA Expo (New Orleans, October 10–12), is pleased to announce three single-day sessions of the Wrap Like a Pro workshop led by Rob Ivers, Rob Ivers, Inc. (Raymore, Missouri) and Shane Courtney, Core Graphics & Signs, LLC (Tallahassee, Florida). “We keep these classes small to allow ample time for hands-on

32 • August 2017 • Dealer Communicator



learning and interaction with Rob and Shane,” Marx added. “They fill up fast, so we recommend registering as soon as possible.” Wrap Like a Pro workshops will be held 9:00 am–4:00 pm on Monday, October 10, and Tuesday, October 11, and 8: 00 am–3:00 pm on Wednesday,

October 12. The $349/person fee includes lunch and transportation from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center to the workshop site. To learn more about Wrap Like a Pro workshops at the 2017 SGIA Expo, visit the Education tab at SGIAExpo.org.

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We Help Dealers Get Into 3D

Lonnie Bramon President

“Let’s Talk About How To Get Started In The Hottest Technology Of Today”

3D Filament

for people who demand quality above everything else

• 18 Colors In Inventory Ph: 800-461-9301 • Fax: 208-377-3759 • Private Label Available Email: lonnie@precision3dfilament.com • High Dealer Margins www.precision3dfilament.com Click here to dealer inquiry form Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 33




Durst Image Technology US Adds Industry Veteran Rick Scrimger In Executive Role Durst Image Technology US has added Rick Scrimger as director of business development and strategic initiatives. Rick will be heading up several business units in addition to contributing to the overall company strategy within Durst North American operations. We’re excited to welcome Rick to Durst. He and I have known each other for many years. His background at managing growth and scaling a business will serve us well as we continue to drive innovative new products and segments in North America,” said Tim Saur, managing director and CEO of Durst Image Technology US.

S2K Graphics Receives Industry Recognition For Fifth Consecutive Year

S2K Graphics, a division of The Franke Group, was nationally recognized for the fifth consecutive year as a “Top 50 P.O.P. Company” by Creative Magazine, an outlet targeted to sales and marketing executives. In order to qualify for the honor, S2K Graphics submitted its company profile, total number of employees and its 2016 P.O.P. sales volume for consideration. S2K Graphics produces a variety of P.O.P. displays for national accounts, including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and other market-leading brands.

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Massivit 3D Achieves Unprecedented Growth Within 12 Months Massivit 3D Printing Technologies announced that its business has grown by almost 350% since the launch of its Massivit 1800 3D Printer at drupa 2016. The exponential success has seen the company secure more than 30 customers from 15 countries on five continents. Since the launch of the flagship Massivit 1800, the company has also grown its worldwide distributor network, now 25-strong, to provide full customer service support and training.

As the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only 3D printer specifically engineered for large format signs and displays, the Massivit 1800 empowers companies to produce attentiongrabbing applications that surpass those created using traditional methods, while also enhancing their competitive edge.

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William B. Rudow Inc.

www.suckers.com info@rudow.com

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GAERF Supports Top Students At SkillsUSA Competition The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) recently recognized talented graphic communications contestants from across the country who participated in the SkillsUSA 53rd Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) Championships, held


June 19-23, 2017 in Louisville, Ky. The largest skills competition in the world, the annual SkillsUSA event showcases over 6,000 of the best career and technical education students in the nation, with each a first-place state medalist in their category among the 100 competition areas for career and technical students. GAERF provided a $250 scholarship to each of the 23 graphic communications contestants.


With Both Feet

Precision 3D Filament (A PVC Spiral Supply Enterprise) Offers Dealers An Opportunity To Enter The 3D Business With A Full Line Of 3D Filament Supplies. Email: lonnie@precision3Dfilament.com Telephones: U.S. 800-461-9301 ... International 1+208-377-9301 Click here to dealer inquiry form 36 â&#x20AC;˘ August 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ Dealer Communicator



DATES TO REMEMBER FOR INDUSTRY EVENTS PRINT 17 Sept. 10-14, 2017 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL Contact: 703-264-7200 Visit: www.gasc.org

SGIA EXPO 17 Oct. 10-12, 2017 Ernest Morial Center, New Orleans, LA Contact: 888-385-3588 Visit: www.sgia.org

PINE Print Management Conference Oct. 1-3, 2017 The Hotel Viking, Newport, R.I. Contact: 202-596-3450 Visit: www.pinepmc.org

Digital Packaging Summit 2017 Oct. 23-25, 2017 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Contact: 781-910-3671 Visit: www.digitalpackagingsummit.com

PSDA 2017 P2P Technology Summit Oct. 4-6, 2017 Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans, LA Contact: 800-230-0175 Visit: www.p2psummit.org

IPEX 2017 Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2017 The NEC, Birmingham, U.K Contact: +44 (0) 20 7017 6986 Visit: www.ipex.org

thINK 2017 Oct. 9-11, 2017 Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL Contact: 312-245-1061 Visit: www.thinkforum.com Dealer Communicator • August 2017 • 37

2017 Three Month EDITORIAL CALENDAR published by FICHERA PUBLICATIONS, INC. FOR 39 YEARS, OUR WORK IN SERVING MANUFACTURERS HAS BEEN To Connect Them With The Dealers Who Can Sell Their Products – DEALER COMMUNICATOR DELIVERS NEWS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION TO OVER 9,000 CONTACTS: OWNERS..MANAGERS..SALES PEOPLE..CSRs.. in these channel segments >> wide format, sign supply, offset, mailing, bindery and office machines



SEP PROOFING SYSTEMS: Analog and Digital.

RIGID SUBSTRATES. Plastic, Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Foam Board

OCT MAILING MACHINES … 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY. Scales, Roll Tape Dispensers, A New Market Opportunity for Distributors. Conveyor Stacks, Parts and Related Products.

NOV OFFICE MACHINE DEALERS … are selling binding and folding machines as well as wide format printers.

PACKAGING. What distributors need to know to get into the game.

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Dealer Channel I m p rov e m e n t Center Articles about Sales • Social Media • Marketing • Leadership

And Presentations By John Tschohl John Foley Bob Licari

NEW A Video Presentation By Brian Johnson See Page 3 Personally Speaking Column


Customer Service with Passion and Principles by John Tschohl

In 1979, I designed the world’s first customer service training program. I felt that if organizations would make their customers feel special, wanted, and appreciated, they would have loyal customers. The way to do that is giving front line employees the tools to deliver great service and to create impressions that form an organization’s reputation. I have a practical list of six customer service principles for awesome service. 1. Feel Good About Yourself. When you know you are doing your best for both customers and working associates, you will feel good. Concentrate on your strengths. Recognize the importance of your role. You can make the difference. 2. Practice Habits of Courtesy. It takes seconds for a customer to tell if you care. Everyone has the

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continued right to expect courtesy from you. On-the-job practices of courtesy are an important part of everyone’s role to signal respect. The more you give the more you care. 3. Give Positive Spoken Feedback. Communicate verbally and non-verbally with positive communications. The smile and calling a customer by their name is all part of this whether it is in person or on the telephone. People can’t read your mind; what you say is evidence that you care. 4. Perform for the Customer. Do what you said you were going to do. Customers have the right to demand performance. We need to ask ourselves “Is our performance resulting in satisfied customers?” “Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Deliver what you promise” is a good guideline. 5. Listen Carefully. Concentrate on each person. Anticipate, read between the lines, ask questions, get involved...to show you care and to know what will satisfy the customer. Even complaints are a positive resource if you listen and act.

6. Learn and Grow in Your Job. Know everything about your products and services. Every job offers an opportunity for greatness. Learn about your company, learn about your products, and learn about your customers. With learning comes self-fulfillment. “Don’t wait for someone to give it to you, go after it”. John Tschohl

John Tschohl is an international service strategist and speaker. He is founder and president of the Service Quality Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Described by Time and Entrepreneur magazines as a customer service guru, he has written 7 books on customer service. The Service Quality Institute (http: //www.customer-service.com) has developed more than 26 customer service training programs that have been distributed and presented throughout the world. John’s monthly strategic newsletter is available online at no charge. He can also be reached on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Can Automated Marketing Work For My Dealer? John Foley, Jr. (The Social Media Guru)

Many marketing departments should consider using marketing automation. While the word automated may make it sound as if you are using computers to take over the marketing department, there’s no loss of control. High powered software can help with everything from lead generation to lead qualification. Most of the programs are offered from internet-based applications, though standalone software exists. These locally installed programs will need an experienced manager to run the application smoothly. Internet based programs are designed to be run without an experienced user. Intelligence Quite a few automated programs have a tracking function. These

tracking functions are embedded into social media campaigns, web pages, and marketing emails to reveal the behavior of recipients. Automation of Marketing The heart of automated marketing is when the program helps move leads through the marketing funnel. At the top are the interested browsers. Through emails, then follow up call reminders, the software helps those browsing parties become sales leads. Workflow Management More sophisticated programs help manage the workflow in a marketing department. While the initial information must be input by hand, once entered the data can be created automatically. Sales or Spam? Marketing emails are often sent to spam folders. Potential customers can become noninterested parties very quickly if they find too many emails from Continued On Next Page

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John Foley Article Continued any business in their inbox. To avoid this, create several different types of messages. Do not allow the emails to go out more than once per week and let customers choose their email preferences. Can I Afford It? For some small businesses the price of automated marketing can be prohibitive. Certain software can run over $1,000 per month. But there are many different solutions and some may fall into your budget range. If there are enough potential leads, the cost may be worth investing in automated marketing. DC

About John Foley, Jr. John Foley, Jr. is the CEO of interlinkONE. John and his team provide an award winning distributed marketing software for dealers, ilinkONEpro. Among other things, their software solution allows for the creation and execution of personalized marketing campaigns, including direct mail, email blasts, and personalized URLs (pURLs). Learn more about John at JohnFoleyJr.com and interlinkONE at interlinkONE.com.

Business For Sale

Small chemical manufacturer available. Very profitable. Customer list of 100 dealers of which 75 have been active during the past two years. Easy transition of assets and communications. Reason for sale - Retirement. For more info contact Dealer Communicator 800-327-8999 1919 N State Road 7 - Suite 202 Margate, FL 33063 patleavitt5@aol.com

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Use New Direct Mail Technology, lift response rates and generate NEW SALES! When was the last time you really updated yourself? by Bob Licari, BrainSell Services There was a time when equipment Dealerships were fed quality leads generated by consistent Manufacturer Direct Mail campaigns. These campaigns were targeted to certain SIC coded business selections that appealed to your markets. At that time, a well-designed mail piece always produced positive results if it was sent to the right audience. Most manufacturers at the time were aware of the importance a good direct mail program was to sell their products. They took it upon themselves to provide this steady resource of new leads to their Dealers, because they knew it produced sales. Most of us flourished with steady qualified leads to turn into sales, that’s where our part kicked in! Customers were less educated back then. When your products were good and your sales techniques even better, there was a

lot of business to close and profit from. Unfortunately, nothing stays the same forever, especially after 2001 in the mailing equipment and associated industries. You may remember, first the National Enquirer photo editor opened a letter he received in the mail, dying soon after. From the first Anthrax attack at the National Enquirer to the next death of a mailroom Clerk who was exposed to anthrax in a Boca Raton mailroom my company had sold a lot of equipment to. Others around the country were also attacked, fear struck the nation. Equipment automation sales for corporate mailrooms crashed, for a while it seemed like the industry would collapse. We are a resilient people, added by possessing a very short memory, as other national disasters

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Bob Licari Article Continued and issues has taught us. The threat was terminated and sometime after that the industry sales began to pick back up, with it as well, industry marketing. Things did change in the aftermath, one of them was the responsibility of Direct Mail marketing. Manufacturers, recovering themselves never reinstated the successful mail campaigns and pushed the responsibility to the Dealerships themselves. Today’s consumer is much more educated and conditioned to receive direct mail as well as other solicitations, so to stay effective you MUST stay up on current technologies to attract these educated customers. New textured papers, Scented mail, Video-Mail, (https://www.irresistiblemail.com) Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, (http://nearfieldcommunication.o rg/) Shaped Marketing Mail and other techniques are essential to learn and understand so that your marketing is current and effective

in generating the sales leads your Dealership depends on. If your Dealership recognizes the value of quality marketing mail campaigns, but may not know how to imbed video into your marketing or use NFC to trigger a spontaneous sales action by a prospect, on their own and do not have a quality vendor to provide these specialized services, then why not reach out to the guy who wrote this column, because I do it every day and would love to help you grow your Dealership! DC

Bob provides turnkey marketing solutions and has been serving the Mailing, Fulfillment and Packaging Industries for over 35 years. He can be reached at: BobLicari@BrainSell Services.com, Ph: 754-779-4296 or visit his website at www.BrainSellServices.com.

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Trade Show • Chicago • September 10-14, 2017

Is A One Time Opportunity To Reach Over * 49,000 Buyers Benefits of Advertising With Us: • 2 ISSUES PRINTED & DIGITAL-GLOBAL EDITIONS • NEW Audio Invitation For You To Send To Your Customers and Prospects • EBLASTS To Invite Buyers To Your Booth • Company Banner On Front Cover* • Rates Start At $300

Call For Details 800-327-8999 pat@tradeshowtimes.com *Full page exhibitors

*with pass along copies

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These 2 Targeted Printing & Imaging Trade Publications offer vendors niche marketing advantages 

To Reach The Channel Of Printing Dealers, and Wide Format and Sign Supply Distributors

To reach Printers at trade shows and support your dealers

Dealer Communicator

Product Catalog

The Communications Link Between Dealers/Distributors and Their Suppliers

Dealer Communicator The Marketing Spearhead driving business up for Manufacturers for over 30 years. Readership is awesome guaranteeing a way to get product information to Owners, Managers, Sales People and CSRs who sell graphic arts-printing and wide format-sign supplies in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Advertiser Benefits • Ads are emailBLASTED to 10,000 Printers • eBLAST inquiries go straight to you • Reach people who don’t stop at your booth • Pull buyers out of the crowds • Annual Circulation at the major shows with pass-along is now over 45,000 • Exhibitors Logo Available on the front cover • Rates are extremely attractive for all size companies

Dealer Internet Marketing Campaigns start at $260 a month. Why Advertise To Dealers? • Introduce New Products • Protect your vendor-dealer position • Increase product sales • Attract key dealers for open territories





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Fichera Publications

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Int'l Phone:

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Profile for Fichera Publications

August 2017 Issue of Dealer Communicator  

Bridging Manufacturers Worldwide with Print & Office Machine Dealers, Wide Format, Sign Supply Distributors and Mailing Machine Dealers

August 2017 Issue of Dealer Communicator  

Bridging Manufacturers Worldwide with Print & Office Machine Dealers, Wide Format, Sign Supply Distributors and Mailing Machine Dealers

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