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MAY 15, 2013 volume 27 issue 8




contents on the cover Photos featuring underclassmen at various school events throughout the year show the spirit of students at FHN. (fhn media photographers)

Briefs by Brianna Morgan and Carly Vossmeyer

Winter guard places worldwide


news 1 KOE PICNIC The annual KOE

picnic is rescheduled due to inclement weather. 2 LEAVING FACULTY Twelve faculty

members prepare to say goodbye to North. 4 COMBINING CLASSES Next year,

Spanish IV and V students will learn in a combined class.

features 7 SUMMER FITNESS Get in shape to

be ready for the newest summer trends. 9 CARRIE FHN students perform

in the Broadway hit “Carrie the Musical.” 10 COLLECTOR Jake Crittenden

shows off his arrowhead collection.

SPORTS 13 ACL INJURIES Athletes remain

strong despite their knee injuries. 14 Tennis Varsity boys Tennis

goes all season with an undefeated record. 15 Track Jon Schwab breaks

the school record for the 300 meter hurdles.


MAN 3 This movie sets a new standard for every superhero movie from now on. 20 THE OFFICE As the show

comes to an end, it struggles to remain exciting. 21 BACON This highly praised

breakfast food is finding its way into some other meals.



Junior Sydney Hardin catches her rifle on April 16 at the Drumline parent preview. Winter guard took 13th at Winter Guard Internationals in Dayton, Ohio, with their show, “The Spirits Within.” “The Spirits Within” tells the story of souls trapped eternally in a set of ruins. (ashleigh jenkins)

Rescheduled Picnic


This year’s KOE picnic is rescheduled for tomorrow due to bad weather. It was originally supposed to be held May 3, but was postponed so the weather would not be an issue. The picnic will include four different types of inflatables, including two new ones never featured at the picnic before, as well as hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream for refreshments. “People will be more excited because it’ll be so close to the end of the year,” KOE president Catherine House said. “We have more time to make it perfect.”

The class of 2013 will be graduating at the Family Arena on June 1. The ceremony is expected to run from 10:30 a.m. until around 12:30 p.m. Each student is given the opportunity of accepting up to 15 tickets to disperse amongst family, friends, or any other special guests they wish to attend. Speakers at the ceremony will include Superintendent Pam Sloan, Graduation Marshall Steve Willott, and Principal Darlene Jones. “I’m so excited to see my classmates and myself graduate,” senior Jennifer Wei said. “We finally made it!”

inter guard World Championships were held in Dayton, OH on April 18 - 20 where FHN’s guard competed among the top schools in the nation. FHN’s Winter guard performed in the preliminaries, semi finals, and finals. This is the first time that any guard in their class, Scholastic Open, has made it to finals in all of Missouri. FHN’s guard placed 13 out of 64. “We worked really hard over the season and we got better and better even though we didn’t have that great of a start,” junior Sarah Shepard said. At the beginning of the season, the guard was in the Scholastic A class, a class lower than Scholastic Open, but were becoming too advanced and had to be bumped up a class. According to senior Abigail Hinman, the biggest reason they were so successful at this competition was because they put in all of their effort and practiced as if it were a real competition. “I feel so happy that we made it so far,” Hinman said. “We felt like we didn’t really have a good year this year, so overall this feels amazing.”

Class officer elections

Class elections will be held today during homeroom. Students running for office have to have been approved by their class sponsor and have gotten 50 signatures of students from their same grade level. Students will go head to head for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. As of press time, there were 14 students total running for office among the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. “The worst part is the competition, if you have any,” current junior class Vice President Morgan Tanksley said. “It’s a lot of pressure.”

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The departing teachers take a look back on their years at FHN, and contemplate what their best memories have been. “My favorite memory is always the graduations. It’s very gratifying to me to see those students start as freshmen and go across the stage as seniors. That’s the best.” -Darlene Jones, Principal “This year I had my first ever perfect ACT score. I guess my memories include the achievements of my students.” -Sharon Nordlof, Counselor “One of the things I enjoy the most is at the end of the school year when the spirit of the seniors starts to happen, and it brings you back to your own time when you were in high school.” TOP: Social Studies teacher, Francine Davis, questions a student about the information presented. BOTTOM LEFT: Assistant Principal, Tony Grippi, talks with Officer Fitzgerald while supervising lunch. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Sharon Nordlof counsels a student. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cheryl Lipinski sits at her desk supervising student enrollment. (Paige Martinez)

waving goodbye

Faculty move on to the next part of their lives, whether it’s working somewhere new or ending their career BY MEGAN GRANNEMANN | MGrannemann

As the year comes to an end, FHN says goodbye to 12 faculty members. Seven members are retiring and three will not be returning. “North has had an outstanding group of teachers and I felt privileged to work with them,” History teacher, Francine Davis said. Some staff have plans to hold a part time job after their retirement. Davis and guidance counselor Sharon Nordlof plan to come back and substitute. Principal Darlene Jones will be teaching a principal preparation class at Maryville University. She will also be working with the National Institute of School Leaders to become a trainer of principals for the state department. “I really thrive on being around students and teachers and having those relationships,”Jones said. A few of the faculty members plan to travel during their retirement, while others are simply vacationing this summer. Jones plans on going to Alaska, New York, and all the presidential libraries. Davis is spending three weeks in Canada this summer. Nordlof is going on cruises to Antarctica and South America. She 02 FHNTODAY.COM


also hopes to go to the Great Wall of China by 2015. “I wish I could have stayed a few more years but this play time is pulling me,” Nordlof said. “I’m attracted to this play time and I have had some friends who have already retired and tell me what fun they’re having.” A number of teachers are leaving North to work at another school or pursue other interests. Science teacher Karen Hill and math teacher Jennifer Pointer are leaving to work at Howell. “I have mixed feelings. I’m happy to go back to where I worked most of my career, but I have new found friends here that I’ll miss,” Pointer said. Most positions have been filled for next year. Assistant Principal Andrew Downs is taking over for Jones. Nordlof will be replaced by Jennifer Schwartz, a guidance counselor currently working for McCluer High School. Jones and Nordlof hope for a smooth transition for their replacements into the school. “I think this is a very student centered high school,” Nordlof said. “I think the teachers here are the finest that I have ever worked with and I think the new technology that is being used in the classroom is exciting both for teachers and for students. It has been and will be always great to have been a knight.”

-Cheryl Lapinksi, Counselor “I’ve really enjoyed chaperoning at homecoming and prom and seeing how well-behaved our students are. It’s not about the big things when you’re teaching. It’s not like winning a big contract in business, it’s about the individual little victories, such as a student smiling at me once he’s finally understood something.” -Francine Davis, Social Studies “My chem club and I have had some fun this year fun this year. We experimented around with some things. We made baking soda and vinegar rockets.” -Karen Hill, Science

-Departing faculty membersFrancine Davis Tony Grippi Les Hager Gina Harmon Karen Hill Darlene Jones Candi Kidd Cheryl Lapinski Sharon Nordlof Miriam Paxton Jennifer Pointer Zac Smithey



Spanish IV and V will be combined for the first time next year. While some Spanish IV students are excited for the change and challenge, some Spanish V students fear it will be like retaking Spanish IV. The plan for the classes is to keep them combined but seperate by covering similar material but in different ways to teach both classes new things more efficiently. (ashleigh jenkins)

Howell of Fame Adds twelve More

FHSD takes time to recognize those going above and beyond to help shape the Francis Howell School District in a positive way BY CYNTHIA CAHALL

Spanish teacher Brian Santos accepts his award for being the FHN teacher of the year at the Howell of Fame induction ceremony. (ashleigh jenkins)



The Francis Howell School District held its 26th annual Howell of Fame induction ceremony at FHC on May 6 at 6:45 p.m. in the cafeteria. This year, Judge Ted House, a volunteer from North, along with 11 other nominees, was chosen to receive the Howell of Fame award. Awards were given for District Teacher of the Year, individual schools’ Teacher of the Year, retirees, and Howell of Fame. “It’s fun to see all the different recipients and the area they came from,” administrative assistant and past Howell of Fame inductee Arlene Kearns said. The process of choosing the award winners starts with recommendations sent in by anyone who would like to nominate a person to receive the award. Letters sent in are put together in notebooks for each committee member to take home and rank. “I remembered why I was inducted and what people said about me,” Howell of Fame Committee member and science teacher Steve Kelly said, “You look for the people going beyond.”

Committee members, people who have received the award in the past two years, and volunteer voters pick up a notebook containing all the letters submitted. Voters can pick up a notebook anytime between Friday and Tuesday to read before turning them in on Tuesday night. At the meeting members decide how many people to induct. After the voting process is complete, winners are sent a rose, balloon, and an invitation to the ceremony. “The most amazing part was seeing all the extraordinary things people are doing beyond their jobs,” Kelly said. Every year, recipients of the current year are asked to be a part of the Howell of Fame committee for the next two years. Recipients of the Howell of Fame award can include teachers, parents, nurses, janitors, volunteers, and many other staff members. Once recipients become part of the committee, they get to vote for the next nominees and help set up the ceremony and banquet for the next two years. “It’s nice that we recognize people in our district that go above and beyond, whatever they are involved in,” Past Howell of Fame winner and Administrative Assistant Joan Baur said. PAGE BY MEGAN GRANNEMANN & CYNTHIA CAHALL



Next year, Spanish IV and Spanish V classes will be taught as one. BY CARLY VOSSMEYER

Spanish IV, a pre-AP course, and Spanish V, an AP course, will be combined for the 2013-14 school year. There were not enough Spanish V students to have a class by themselves, so the Central Office decided to make this change after having only 48 students sign up for Spanish IV and 10 students sign up for Spanish V. Although 2013 is the first year this adjustment will be implemented, it is expected to only be a temporary change for Spanish students. The classes will be “combined but separate” according to Spanish teacher Ryan Johnson, who will be teaching the course. Two periods of a school day will be dedicated to the Spanish IV and Spanish V class. Having the classes “combined but integrated” means that each course will have similar content and material, but will work with it in different ways; Spanish V will be doing more in-depth, complex work than Spanish IV. “I feel like it’s going to push me because I’m going to be with a bunch of people who are better than me [at Spanish],” sophomore Sydney Datillo said.

According to Johnson, combining the two classes will not have any affect on each courses’ curriculum or on the Spanish students next year. Even though the classes will be taught in the same room, each course will have their own, separate curriculum and syllabus. This will mean that he will have to take twice as much time to plan out what each class will being doing, so that even though they are working on the same subject matter, Spanish IV will be having a totally different assignment than Spanish V. “I’m sure that the stories we read and projects we do won’t be the exact same, but I am concerned the grammar will be just a repeat of what I already know,” junior Matt Schneider said. As a result of combining the two courses, Spanish V students will be taking on a “tutoring role” to Spanish IV students. They will be using their prior knowledge of Spanish IV to help out the newcomers, if need be. “Students will benefit from the diversity and working with more advanced students,” Johnson said. “They are positives going in both directions.” Some Spanish V students are concerned that combining the two courses will result in them retaking Spanish IV for a second year. “I’m worried that I won’t learn that much or that it won’t move at a fast enough pace, but I’m confident that Señor Johnson will do a good job,” Schneider said. What may seem like a negative outcome to some, Johnson hopes will turn into a brand new and effective opportunity for students to learn the Spanish language. “Hopefully, it will be a positive experience for both classes,” Johnson said.

Turf Field update BY BRIANNA MORGAN | @BriMarie1006

The turf field’s total cost is $48,000. $10,000 of it comes from the district and the rest comes from the building funds. Every five yards the turf will change from light to dark green. The black lines on the edges will frame the soccer field. (file photo)


Beginning May 20, the football stadium will be closed to start the construction on the new turf field. The field will be closed in order to ensure student safety since potentially dangerous equipment will be used to complete the field. Along with the stadium being closed, a portion of the parking lot by the island will be closed to allow construction vehicles in and out of the parking lot easily. According to Activities Director Mike Janes, the school wanted to make sure that the construction would not interfere with students coming to and from school, so construction hours will take place between 6:30 and 2:00. “With the track being closed down it makes me rather sad because I don’t know where I am going to go to train for cross country, track and half marathons,” junior Clayton Kohler said. Construction work is hoped to be finished by Aug. 1 as long as the weather is cooperative. The work being done on the field is not expected to have any affect on sports for next year because the first event involving the field will be August 24 for Black and Gold Day. “[The construction] won’t affect us because this summer we will still have our practice fields, and we can get in to the weight room,” football coach Brandon Gregory said.

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In 1 month ill be a junior and high school will be halfway over.. But i feel like freshmen transition day was yesterday #wherehasthetimegone Jessica Allison


I feel like school has stolen the passion for the things I’m actually interested in & I hate it. Victoria Scott


Let’s have kids take EOCs,finals, & AP tests all while trying to sign up for summer/ senior things & figure out their lives yep good idea

Addison Eaker


Sitting here thinking I only have 13 days left in high school is one of the greatest / scariest things ever #bittersweet Justin Arle


Learning about common core today discovering how world language teachers can support learners in so many exciting ways. Anne McPartland

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ABOVE: As junior Ali Farhadi was announced as Mr. FHN 2013, he slid across the stage on his knees to the edge of the stage. Farhadi impressed the judges enough to beat out the competition in the categories of casual wear, formal wear, Q&A, and talent. Dr. Jones was named the first ever Mrs. FHN, as Jones will be retiring after this school year. (matt krieg) RIGHT: John Hallemeier, as his talent, adds ketchup to his salamipizza sandwich. Then, Hallemeier added yellow mustard to his creation. In the end, he eventually ate the sandwich. (matt krieg) BELOW: Senior Tyler Stevenson checks himself out as he shows off his casual wear to the judges in act one of three for the night. Stenevson was known as “Mr. Heart Throb”. As Stevenson’s talent, he dressed as Justin Bieber and sang “As Long as You Love Me” with juniors Kelsey McIlroy and Joe Henke. (matt krieg)


FHN Stuco held annual Mr. FHN contest in the auditorium on May 3. Funds from the event went to the American Cancer Society. Mr. FHN Contestants Mr. Andy Downs

Ali Farhadi

Mr. Principal Mr. Steal Yo Girl

John Hallemeier

Mr. Drama

Zack Ksiazek


Alex Ponche

Mr. Ponche

Nick Ponche

Mr. Ponche

Braxton Perry Tyler Stevenson

Mr. Football Mr. Heart Throb

Drew Landherr

Mr. Baseball

Austin Wiedner Davron Hassanov

Mr. StuCo Mr. Lady’s Man

Michael Beaver

BOTTOM: Tyler Stevenson flings himself into the air over the other Mr. FHN competitors, during a group dance routine that involved all of the contestants to start the show. Stevenson later dressed as Justin Bieber as his talent to impress judges. (matt krieg)



ABOVE: Michael Beaver plays air guitar as he shows off his casualwear. The casual-wear competition was the first of three parts of the show in which the judges tallied the contestants. Money raised for charity also contributed to their overall score. (murphy riley) PAGE BY MATTHEW KRIEG

Mr. Music


Fit Into Fashion

Use these workout routines to target specific areas of your body in order to fit into the hottest clothes that are in style this summer Photos by cameron mccarty Getting motivated to workout is sometimes hard. Rather than trying to get all of your exercise in at one time, try spacing your workout for short times throughout the week. Try setting aside 30 minutes to workout each day in order to live a healthier life. Here is a workout that takes a small amount of time, but works out every part of your body. (workout plan from:


45 jumping jacks 15 squats 5 jump squats 50 Russian twists

30 second plank 10 standing calf raises 5 pushups 30 second ‘superman’ 10 lunges (each leg) 40 crunches


100 jumping jacks 25 vertical leg crunches 30 crunches 20 squats 20 wall push ups 50 Russian twists 15 second side plank (each side) 20 lunge split jumps 5 jump squats 40 high knees



100 jumping jacks 50 crunches 20 tricep dips 15 squats 20 lunges (each leg) 70 Russian Twists 20 standing calf raises

80 50 20 15 20 10 15

5 push ups

50 bicycles


30 second plank 10 lunge split jumps

15 wall pushups 40 Russian twists

90 20 10 30 30 30 15 40 10 20




60 jumping jacks 40 crunches 10 sit ups 10 tricep dips 20 side lunges (each side) 15 pushups 10 oblique crunches each side 30 butt kickers 5 jump squats 15 jack knife sit-ups

jumping jacks vertical leg crunches sit ups tricep dips squats side lunges (each leg) leg lifts (each leg)

50 jumping jacks 20 squats 100 Russian twists 5 pushups 1 minute downward dog 15 jack knife sit-ups 10 lunges (each leg) 10 side lunges (each leg) 20 bird dogs 20 inner thigh lifts (each leg)

jumping jacks tricep dips sit ups bird-dogs second plank squats push ups crunches oblique crunches (each side) standing calf raises

Try these exercises weekly in order to get your summer body. Each exercise focuses on a different part of your body. For example, planks work on the abs while lunges work on the leg muscles. (workout plan from:

50 bicycles: Works the abs and waist. Try

30 second plank: Works out the abs and

5 push ups: Works out the chest, arms,

to reach as close to your chest as you can. Don’t forget to alternate sides.

back. Make sure to keep your back flat for the exercise to be effective.

back, abs and legs. It is important to keep your body straight the entire time.

Warm Up TIPS

Cool Down TIPS

• • •

• • •

Take a light jog or start with sport-specific exercises. Eat 60 to 90 minutes before working out (avoid proteins). The ideal pre-workout meal contains about 300-500 calories, and is composed primarily of healthy carbohydrates. Make sure to supply your body with plenty of nutrients if you work out for longer than 60 minutes.




Move around slowly for five to 10 minutes after your workout. Eat 20-60 minutes after your workout (fill up on fluids as well). The ideal post-workout meal is comprised of a blend of carbohydrates and protein. Eat properly in order for your body to recover, repair tissues, get stronger and be ready for the next challenge.


A Day Around Town Dark, black sunglasses

Neutral colored T-shirt

Boys Nike Sandals

Khaki shorts

Light blue floral earrings

Cute and stylish headband

Sequin Shirt

Boys: Plain T-shirts and cargo shorts are popular this year. Most guys go for darker sunglasses with polarized lenses. Girls: Shirts with bright colors and designs are popular Light blue dress this summer, and Blue Satchel many girls enjoy patterned dresses as well. Accessorize with cute sandals and tote bags. Cute sandals that wrap around ankle

Find your style

A Trip To The Beach Blue tank that ties at the bottom

White sunglasses Bright, yellow sunglasses

Stylish tank-top with pocket Striped swim trunks

Plaid swim trunks

White sandals

Boys: Look at getting patterned swim trunks this year. Add some color to your look by wearing fun sunglasses in bright shades. Girls: Try wearing a cute tank top or tie shirt over your brightly pattered swimsuit. Flip-flops are also a necessity at the beach. Get some fun colors that stand out.

Bright, colorful bikini

Beach themed tank

on pinterest

Scan here to access a Pin Board on Pinterest that includes different styles to wear this summer and workout tips to get into shape before swimsuit season.

scan here OR go to:

Bright, orange flip-flops

Plain, brown flip-flops

A weekend CAMPING Dark running shorts

Black, round sunglasses

“Don’t Be Trashy” T-Shirt


Boys: Regular Tshirts and comfortable clothing are important to bring camping. Pack tennis shoes or hiking boots for walking.


Dark brown and green tank

Girls: Casual clothing is necessary for camping. Longer pants will keep bugs away from your legs. Popular trends are boots for hiking and tank tops for cooling off

Combat boots Dark jeans

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Yo My GooDNess A senior uses her job as shift leader to gain leadership experience BY ALEXIS TAINTER | @lexis_taint

When senior Sammi Ritter heard the popular frozen yogurt restaurant Yo My Goodness was hiring back in August, she applied and received the job. “I always liked going to Yo My Goodness and I thought it’d be a fun place to work,” Ritter said. She now works as a shift leader, which means she is in charge of making sure the employees stay on task and get everything done. She also has to refill the six yogurt machines, restock the toppings bar and clean the store. “Sammi knows how to do her job well and get the job done,” coworker Alex Forquer said. “She’s very hardworking and focused while on the job.” Ritter enjoys her job at Yo My Goodness because of the friendly customers, including friends that come in as she’s working. While frozen treats aren’t the plan for her future, she still feels the job is beneficial. “Frozen yogurt isn’t really going to help me in the future,” Ritter said. “But it gets me work experience and shows that I have responsibility.”

SCAN HERE To watch a video of Ritter while she’s working OR use:



Brothers Brock and Stone Birkner, among other FHN students, such as sophomores Logan Coombs and Lauren Tenenbaum, are getting a taste of the theatre outside of school. These students are in “Carrie, The Musical” which opened on the night of May 2. The cast of “Carrie, The Musical” has been rehearsing for opening night for a few months. (photo submitted)

Students “carried” away A highly anticipated musical adapted from an infamous novel brings valuable experience to FHN theater students

BY JESSICA OLSEN | @Jessicuhhh9

The Birkner brothers are no strangers to the world of theater. The same goes for sophomores Logan Coombs and Lauren Tenenbaum, who have had their fair share of time on the FHN stage. All four students have had twists thrown their way in their acting career, but now they’re facing an experience on an all new level: being the youngest cast members in a community musical, where everyone else is 20 or older. The students were cast in the production of “Carrie, the Musical” which was adapted from the famous novel by Stephen King. “Carrie” is the story of a teenage girl, who is the social reject of her high school. However, she possess a special talent, telekinesis: the ability to transport things with the mind. “It’s very relevant to issues going on today,” director Greg Matzker said. “It really is about a girl who becomes an outcast. If you look beyond the horror, you’ll see how it relates to how these issues are handled today.” The anticipation for “Carrie”, which was performed May 2-6, had been building since their very first rehearsal in late March. “I just like doing the show because I’m such a huge Stephen King Fan,” Brock, the elder of the Birkner brothers said. “Carrie was one of my favorite books. It’s really cool to get to portray that

on stage.” For Matzker, it has made a dream come true, though in a different way than he anticipated. “I’ve wanted to do this show for 20 years,” Matzker said. “I begged to do this show for 20 years. But, you have to separate yourself as a fan of the show to a director of the show. You have to put aside your dreams to make the changes.” Not only was there anticipation from the production crew, but from the theatre community of St. Louis, and with good reason. “Carrie” was first released on Broadway 25 years ago. Since then, its been completely restructured, and now comes with strict rights and royalties when it comes to putting on the particular show. Marble Stage Theater, the company the Birkner brothers, Coombs and Tenenbaum are a part of, was the first acting company chosen out of all theaters across the country to receive the rights to put on the musical. “We had people coming in and out at our rehearsals,” Coombs said. “They weren’t promoters, but they’re people that were donating money.” All four of the theater students can agree on one thing; they’ve gotten something special out of the experience of “Carrie”. “It was really nice to get together with the adults and meet them,” Stone said. “We’ve created such a good relationship with each other. It’s been really cool seeing the North kids goofing off with the adults. It’s been fun.” PAGE BY ASHLEY EUBANKS


indian artifacts

Pat Riley stands with a pack of greyhounds at last year’s Irish Festival. The dogs are brought to the festival every year from the Irish Wolfhound Rescue. They have a long history with the Irish. The greyhounds would fight beside the Irish Celts protecting them in battles. People are prohibited from bringing personal pets to the event. (photo submitted)

Fáilte romhat: Welcome

Festival on Main Street and Frontier Park brings a tiny piece of Ireland to St. Charles for the ninth consecutive year BY ASHLEY EUBANKS | @AMEhigher95

Milling around on Main Street and Frontier Park are thousands of people. The vendors are haggling about prices, little kids are running around, and music is blasting. This is the Irish Festival, which will be held May 25 and 26 this year. The festival has become a tradition for many families, such as senior Murphy Riley’s and junior Michelle Mottin’s. “We go because of the Irish music and Irish culture that is shown at the festival,” Pat Riley, Murphy’s dad, said. The festival was initiated because St. Charles and Carndonagh, Ireland, our twin city, made an agreement to promote Irish culture in America. To truly celebrate Irish culture, the festival brings in authentic Irish groups to entertain visitors. The Elders, a Kansas City based music group, and the Clarkson School of Irish Dance perform at the festival. “It’s cool to hear authentic Irish music and see authentic Irish food because usually everything is Americanized,” Michelle said. The food vendors are said, by Michelle, to be spectacular and since they make authentic Irish cuisine eating at the festival is highly recommended. “When you go, eat,” Pat said. “The food is very, very good and gives you experience with eating like the Irish do.” According to Michelle, the craft tents are the best PAGE BY ALEXIS TAINTER

vendors to visit while at the festival because they have resources for looking up last name history for different families. Last name history leads families back to where they originated and what the family crest looks like. For example, Mottin comes from Mott, a town in Cotes du Nord, Normandy and the crest is a red knight with a sun and a crescent moon. “I didn’t really have any prior knowledge of my surname so I was interested by my family crest,” Michelle said. “It was really fun to look up.” Besides bringing home crafts and keychains, festival attendees can leave with a new family member. The Couch Potato Greyhounds and the Irish Wolfhound Rescue bring greyhounds up for adoption to the festival. “The Irish Wolfhound Rescue is my favorite part of the festival because I grew up with greyhounds, and they’re just really sweet dogs,” Murphy said. ”It’s fun to see them in the big pack and just hanging out.” Promoting the festival experience and helping people discover their Irish heritage is very important to the workers. The volunteers and workers try to greet each and every attendee, and make sure they have a memorable experience. “It’s a nice atmosphere, a lot of people walking around with kilts and wearing green, but for the most part it’s just something my friends enjoy checking out together, you get to see a lot of people,” Michelle said.

Crittenden bonds with his dad through a unique collection BY ABIGAIL GRIFFIN | @GriffGirl18

Freshman Jake Crittenden was in a bike race accident that gave him a concussion, left him unable to eat solid food, and caused him to have to lay around the house while he recovered. Looking for a way to continue spending quality time with his son, his dad, Tom, decided to take him down to Dardenne Creek to collect Indian artifacts. “I was really active,” Jake said, “and then I couldn’t do anything, so we went on walks by the creek. We decided to go down there, and we had a lot of fun, so we kept doing it.” Jake and his dad began collecting when Jake was only 4 or 5 years old; his dad had given Jake a few items previously. The collection includes approximately 20 pieces ranging from ancient beads, to arrowheads, to a large spearheadmost of which were found on the creek bed. “I used to like that when I was a kid, and I thought he would like it too,” Tom said. “We really enjoyed it and getting to spend time together. It brings us closer together.”

SCAN HERE To watch a video of Jake and his collection. OR use:






Fit for social time with friends and traveling around the country

Junior Emily Klein attends yoga at Bluebird Yoga weekly. Yoga makes her feel better and heathier. Bluebird Yoga offers classes for beginners and people that are experts in yoga. (maddie hiatt)


It’s big, black, and burnished. It is equipped with satellite radio, two TVs, GPS, rear view camera, and leather seats with adjustable heat settings. The 2011 Cadillac Escalade is probably not what comes to mind when it comes to a teen’s car, but that’s what junior Patrick O’Loughlin drives. “ [My friends] think it’s funny that I drive it around,” Patrick said. “You usually wouldn’t see one in the student parking lot.” Technically, the Escalade belongs to his mother, Christin. According to her, she and her son use it the same amount but Patrick takes better care of it. The inside and outside need are kept in pristine condition. Patrick polishes the chrome and washes the car every week and prefers his passengers to be tidy. “He’s excellent at it, better than I am,” Christin said. “He’s really careful.” Patrick enjoys going and hanging out with his friends in the Escalade. As many as 10 people have once ridden in the seven-seater. As a family, the O’Loughlins love taking it on road trips throughout the U.S. “I think that it’s a good car,” Madeline O’Loughlin, Patrick’s sister, said. “There’s something that everyone will find that they like about the car.” 11 FHNTODAY.COM


bending into shape A yoga studio on Main Street promotes health and wellness through the benefits of a consistent practice

style and a big part of my life.” After teaching in St. Louis for three years, Sarah and Ellen decided to bring another yoga studio to Warm sunshine pools on the hardwood floor St. Charles. Because of the variety of bird yoga and bounces around the brightly colored walls of poses, and symbolic meaning of the bluebird, they Bluebird Yoga studio. As yogis shift into their first decided to name the studio Bluebird. The studio downward dog of class, the soft crackle and pop of opened in February of 2011 when the location next tight joints blends into the united breath of the class, to Riverside Sweets became available. After some filling the studio with calm happiness. TLC, the studio was ready to open. Co-owners Sarah Edwards and Ellen “When we found a spot, we were FHNTODAY.COM Niedringhaus use this energy to inspire excited,”Ellen said. “The place their students through yoga. was great, but it needed love.” “Yoga inspired me to eat healthier Bluebird offers a variety of and work out more,” junior Emily classes, each with different levels To see a video of junior Emily Klein said. “I feel healthier overall.” of difficulty. The Yoga Basics class Klein talking After her first class Sarah knew that focuses on alignment of the body about the yoga studio. she wanted yoga to be a part of her life and introducing the fundamentals OR use this link: forever. Ellen had been working as a of yoga. Yogi’s Unite, is “beginner paralegal, while consistently practicfriendly, but more challenging.” ing yoga. She knew that if there was a “We wanted accessible names, way to make teaching yoga her career, she would. but also playful,” Sarah said. To make the dream of teaching a reality, they saved According to Ellen and Sarah, yoga has benefits their money for teacher training. Sarah trained in that extend past relaxation. Yoga teaches breath Los Angeles and Ellen in Honolulu. They each control, promotes a wider range of joint movement, taught their first classes days after certification. and decreases the risk of injury. “I was calm and peaceful and could feel my whole “Our mission is to enrich, energize, and inspire,” body at the same time,” Sarah said. “I wanted to Ellen said. “We’re accomplishing that mission daishare that gift with others. I wanted it to be a life- ly, class by class. That’s why we teach.”

BY LAUREN PIKE| @pike_n_ike






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With 2,036 views combined, the Studline and Knightline videos take the top spot. These include the Studline GoPro video, the Studline performance and the Guy-Girl dance.

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staying strong Despite major injury athletes try to move past and return to their sports BY TAYLOR SHELTON



arly in September 2011, the Knights Varsity Soccer team was facing Duchesne. The game was nearing its end and the stars were practically outshone by the lights of the stadium. The Knights were in the lead. Allie McDonell, a junior at the time, had the ball. Driving down the soccer field, only the goalie opposed her chances of scoring. “I need to score,” McDonell thought. Stride after stride, kick after kick, Allie was getting closer and closer to her target at the end of the soccer field. Then the goalie dove for the ball. Allie tried to jump out of the way, but the goalie grabbed her feet and took her down with her. Thud. Not much pain was felt, only a numbness in her leg. She didn’t know that her ACL had just torn. She only knew that her knee had turned in a weird way and that it was loose, really loose. Can somebody really tear their knee? Yes, and nothing would ever be quite the same. One of the four main ligaments in the knee, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is crucial for stability and movement in the joint. FHN has had around 20 such injuries over the past 10 years, most hailing from sports that have rapid changes of motion, sharp twists of the knee, and hyper extension. Soccer, basketball, volleyball and tennis players beware. Females are also more susceptible to tear their ACL because their muscles are smaller and aren’t as utilized during sharp changes in direction. Unlike Allie’s case, 80 percent of tears are “non-contact” injuries, such as pivoting or landing from a jump. This is exactly what happened to sophomore Cherese Melvin when she was trying out for the freshman volleyball team last year. After jumping to spike the ball, she noticed that the way she had landed from the jump caused her knee to react in an abrupt way. “My leg kind of gave out and collapsed from under me, “ Cherese said. “I didn’t feel any pain. I was more upset that I had fallen in front of everybody.” Like Allie, many people don’t recognize the signs of a tear right away. Allie noticed swelling in her knee the morning she woke up after her game. Cherese witnessed the common sensation of instability, a sensation of buckling or giving way in her knee. A loud noise can sometimes be heard at the moment an ACL tears. Senior Hali Long heard a loud pop when an opponent cut the soccer ball around her. Severe pain when bending the knee can also be felt. “I was in intense pain and [I felt] a lot of burning,” Hali said. “[My knee] felt like it was empty, like it was missing something.”




Left: Senior Allie McDonell kicks a soccer ball on Thursday May 2 despite her past injury. The Varsity soccer player tore her ACL and was forced to get surgery so she would be able to play again. (sammie savala) Right: Senior Hali Long plays on Thursday April 11 when the Francis Howell North Knights hosted Fort Zumwalt East for a Varsity soccer game. Although both teams played well, the Francis Howell North Knights came away with a 1-0 win after scoring the only goal in the game a few minute before half time. (paige martinez)

Once an ACL is torn, it is useless. Frequent episodes of instability might follow if it is not reconstructed. Because Allie, Cherese, and Hali sought to continue their athletic career, they underwent ACL reconstruction surgery. This process removes the torn ligament, pulls either the patellar or hamstring tendon through a hole drilled into the shin and thigh bone and attaches the new ligament with screws or another fixation device. “If you want to play sports again, you should probably get surgery so you can return to [nearly] full strength,” Allie said. It will take around seven to eight months for an athlete to return to their fully active lifestyle, however, the new ACL will not be as strong as the old one. The first couple of weeks of recovery is focused on managing pain and swelling while regaining movement. This will mean being on crutches for about six weeks. At first, Hali had no range of motion in her leg and found it hard “not being able to be independent”. Her mother helped her get out of bed, use the restroom, and the “littlest things” Hali couldn’t do or needed help with. Leg lifts, squats, lunges, and stairs are in store for weeks three through six. During this time, the shin bone and the reconstructed ACL finally attach. Cherese did therapy two to three times per week, concentrating on strengthening her knee. Patients work their way up in exercise difficulty, balancing, and range of motion. “The hardest thing did was actually doing my therapy exercising outside of therapy,” Cherese said. Training intensifies during weeks seven through 12, where athletes can begin increasing the intensity of their workouts. They can start jogging, outdoor bicycling, pool workouts and other moderately intense agility drills. Ali found it hard sitting on the sidelines and watching her team play. Only when the doctor feels comfortable with the progress of the patient, will they deem the athlete capable of doing side-to-side pivoting sports such as basketball or soccer.


There is no sure-fire way to prevent an ACL tear. However, after noticing numerous knee injuries, St. Louis Scott Gallagher (SLSG) soccer club, started a special training regimen to decrease the probability of it occurring. Every Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, the club strengthens their knees by doing weighted squats and lunges, jump rope, and most importantly: the athletic stance. This position, with legs spread shoulder length apart and the knees slightly bent, not only stabilizes the knee but allows athletes to quickly and efficiently change direction. Ever since SLSG started the tear prevention, the team hasn’t had any such injuries. “I have no knee problems at all,” Maddy said. “My knees are stronger and I don’t think I’ll tear my ACL because of this [training].” For athletes, the effects of an injury such as this can severely affect one’s life. From time to time, Cherese feels as if her knee can give out. Hali used to slide tackle, but now she is less aggressive and more hesitant to do risky moves. Both Cherese and Hali feel a small pain in their knees when the weather is colder. Allie stretches and does other warm-ups to protect her knee before athletic activities. However, she feels that she was better before she tore her ACL. “I still feel like my leg can give out from time to time,” Cherese said. “I can’t do as much as I could do.” This is Cherese’s first season coming back from another knee injury that she had last year. She plans to set a new personal record for herself in track and field. In their first FHN soccer season since ACL surgery, Hali and Allie aim to win the districts tournament and also play soccer in college. Although these athletes are forever changed by their injuries, their ambitions haven’t been stunted and they will keep on striding toward their goals. “Stay strong, stay fit,” Allie says.

The Breakdown of the

ACL Posterior Curicate Ligament


Anterior Curicate Ligament

When the ACL is torn, since it is the primary stablizer in the knee, an athlete can be out from anywhere from six months to a year.

The Statistics Annually, there are between 250,000 to 300,000 ACL injuries. Girls are more prone to them boys. ACL INJURY


Girls are more prone because of their wider pelvis. They also use their ligaments more than their muscles in sports, which causes the injury to occur. Info from


05.15.13 FHNTODAY.COM 14



a Finish

To the

Sophomore Matt Dunn returns the ball to his opponent’s half of the court during a match against Pattonville on April 30. The Knights won against Pattonville 9-0. (paige martinez)

controlling the courts


The Varsity boys Tennis team has been dominant the whole year, winning all 14 matches as of press time. “I think everyone is doing very well and has improved a lot over the course of the season,” senior Tyler Brown said. At GAC’s the team took first place getting 64 points to the second place team Francis Howell getting 22 points. There were 13 events that took place at GAC’s and the team got a medal in all 13 Season Record:14-0 of them. The team took home nine gold, three silver, (as of press time) and one bronze. “It was really awesome to win GAC’s knowing that all our hard work has paid off,” junior Chris Cattron said. After winning GAC’s, the team expected to do well in Districts on May 11. With dedicated practice, the team has high expectations to wrap up the season. “I expect us to make it to state and I never expect us to go anywhere less,” Head Coach Kate Kleiber said.

Spring sports teams work on finishing strong as their seasons begin to come to an end




Senior Jon Scwab participates in the 4x100 meter relay during GACs on May 7 at Troy. The FHN team added two trophies to their collection, and a variety of medals. (megan tanksley)

Varsity golfer Cody Pingleton hits his ball in a golf match against Fort Zumwalt West at St. Peters golf course on Wedensday, April 17. The varsity team lost 191 to 173. (cameron mccarty)

HURDLING PAST THE RECORD ONLY ONE MAN LEFT STANDING At the Fred Lyons invitational, senior Jon Schwab broke the 300m hurdle record and ran a 39.15s. Although he hasn’t broken it again since (as of press time) Schwab plans on running a 38s, qualifying for State and eventually running Division 1. GAC Tournament: “It felt pretty good [to break the record],” 10 medals won Schwab said. Coach Gregory Hennenfent hopes on qualifying as many people as he can for the State meet on May 24. His goal is to qualify the 4x800 relay team as well as some individual runners. “I think that we can do it,” junior Alexis Happe said.

spring Stats

Jessica Moceri Wins: 6 Loses: 1 Minutes: 560


Varsity Golf Sectionals took place May 6 at the Missouri Bluffs Golf Course. Only one FHN golfer, Cody Pingleton, qualified to participate. I felt some pressure but not really that much,” Pingleton said. “I don’t get under pressure that much.” Tournament: 11th out of At the competition, Pingleton shot an 84, narrowly 20 teams missing the cutoff of an 80 to make it to State. “Both of us were hoping he would move on; however, things happen. Some days you have it and some days you don’t. He did a lot of things for this team and just looking at this one result would be a disservice to his success throughout the year.”

Ryan Clifton Average: 250 OB%- 333 SLG: 250


cOLIN toedtmanN BOYS VOLLEYBALL Game Points: 38 Serves: 111 Aces: 5

as of 5/9/13






Senior Matt Matyi battles a Spartan for the puck. The Knights defeated the Spartans 8-3. North scored most of their goals during the later periods. (ashleigh jenkins)

Sophomore Steven Deckard receives a throw from the outfield to tag the runner out during a game against CBC on April 12, in which the Knights lost. (matt krieg)

We are the Champions Working to Improve

A rocky start to the season ended up being the inspiration the team needed to work harder. As the season progressed, the team got better. Near the end of the season, Coach Erick Cantrell said they were playing the best they had all year Season Record: State and hoped they would conChampion tinue playing at the level they were for State. On May 3, the team managed to play at the level that Cartell had been hoping for and beat Oakville 4-3 in the State Championship game. “It’s a great feeling to be able to know that you worked hard the entire season, and then have all your hard work show by winning State,” junior Brycon Johnson said.


For the first time, FHN’s Varsity Baseball team has a losing record. The team will try to make a comeback, but their record is damaged. “We need to come out and play harder,” said third Season Record: 3-14-0 baseman and sophomore Steven Deckard. “We need to stop (as of press time) going through the motions and work.” Junior Patrick Cornin thinks the season isn’t going as well as expected and that having rescheduled games back to back hasn’t helped. “We’re trying to change up our pregame routines and we’re being kind of superstitious about things,” Cronin said. “We’re working hard in practice even though we haven’t had it for awhile because of rainouts.”


Junior Caleb Martin jumps during FHN’s track meet at Clayton High School on April 25. Many schools from around the area competed at the meet. (ashleigh jenkins)

Varsity players Lewis Stein and Adam Rogan set up for a spike against Pattonville on May 7. The Knights lost with a score of 2-0. Districts were Saturday May 11. (paige martinez)

pushing Toward state TAKING ON A CHALLENGE This year, pole-vaulters Michaela Randolph and Morgan May took first and second at GAC’s. The team was seeded high enough in the conference that they would either place first or second, if they cleared their personal reGAC Tournament cords. According to boys 3 medals won and girls pole-vault coach Dawn Hahn, the team as a whole has improved greatly throughout this season because they were able to improve technical things needed to succeed in vaulting. “We’ve really improved,” Hahn said.



Matches Played: 14


Last Saturday, Varsity boys Volleyball competed at the District tournament at Lafayette. As of press time the results of the tournament were unknown, but many players expected the team to do well at their competition as long as they pulled together and stayed foSeason Record : 14-11 (as of press time) cused. The team prepared for the game by mixing up plays, moving their hitters around, and working on passes. “We have a very good group of players,” junior and Volleyball manager Kaitlin Eifert said. “They all play very well together.”


800 meters: 2 minutes 2 seconds 400 meters: 52 seconds



To find out all of the other personal statistics for players.


forcase victory The soccer team comes back with hopes to keep their District title


The Varsity girls Soccer team has been training for Districts which will take place at FHHS tonight at 7 p.m. The girls will be playing against FHC during the first round. Varsity girls and JV boys Soccer coach Mark Olwig said that if the girls put in all their effort and play all the way through, they can defeat the Central Spartans. “We haven’t played against Francis Howell Central in the last few years, but when we did, we had a one-nothing victory,” said Olwig. Depending on the outcome of that match, they will play Zumwalt North or Zumwalt South. Varsity player Kaitlin Isbell hopes that her team will place first in Districts this season. “Our team goal each and every season is to win a District title to enter the State playoffs,” Olwig said. “I enjoy the competition, that soccer offers,” Olwig said. This year, there are 21 girls on the Varsity girls soccer team. “We have some ups and downs but overall I think we’re doing pretty good,” Isbell said. Meanwhile, as of press time, the JV team has only lost one game so far this season.

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St. Charles Parks and Recreation

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Our Doors Make The OutDoors “A-Door-Able” GARAGE DOORS & OPENERS




Covenan Garage Door Company LLC WWW.COVGARAGE.COM

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All ages Location: St. Charles 18 Cine Date: 6/24-6/28

City Musuem • • •



All ages Location: 701 N 15th St St Louis, MO 63103 Date: 7/1-7/5

Aquaport Aquatic Center • • •

All ages Location: 2344 McKelvey Rd Maryland Heights, MO Date: 7/15-7/19

Raging Rivers Water Park • • •

All ages Location: 100 Palisades Pkwy Grafton, IL 62037 Date: 7/22-7/26

Summer Day Fun Camp • • • •

Ages 6-14 yrs old Location: Blanchette and Wapelhorst Park Time: 9am-3pm Fee: $90 per week- city resident, $100 per week- non-resident

Stevie Snee SCC student Francis Howell North alum

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your omg moment The filming of Iron Man 3 was delayed on Aug. 15 due to Robert Downy Jr. ankle injury from a stunt.

behind the iron


The most recent movie of the Iron Man trilogy focuses more on the man behind the iron suit


Iron Man 3 was an action-packed thriller that had me on the edge of my seat and had a must see finale. Iron Man 3 is about the always cocky and humorous Tony Stark facing a strange and unusual villain, the Mandarin, while trying to get rid of his demons and keep his sanity. This movie was truly the best movie of the Iron Man trilogy. The movie had an amazing storyline especially if you have seen the other two Iron Man movies and the Avengers. If you hadn’t seen all of them, the storyline made you feel as if you had seen the other movies by briefly referring to events that happened in the other movies. Also, the storyline wasn’t just all action; it had a good balance of action and the storyline which made the movie great. When the action came I instantly knew, at one point I felt like I wanted to jump out of my seat because it was that exciting. Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., set a new standard for every superhero movie that will come out from now until the end of time. I say this because not only did he just portray the arrogant Tony Stark who lives this extravagant playboy lifestyle, but showed the humorous and exciting side of him which made me appreciate the character of not only Iron Man but of the man behind the suit. When I watched the movie, I felt like a little kid thinking it was real even though it wasn’t. It felt like Tony Stark was a real person who lived in California and was Iron Man. I applaud Robert Downey Jr. because he set the bar really high, because he played his character so well that I almost forgot that the movie was fiction. The movie is the best superhero movie I will ever see in my lifetime because it had me interested all the way through. Words cannot describe how good the movie was because it was that brilliant. Everyone who participated in this movie should get an award because they truly made the best movie of all time.


App review By Rodney Malone and Daniel Bodden



shazam Free Not sure what that song playing on the radio is? Whip out this handy dandy app and be in the know in seconds.

music monsters


Slide your monster across the screen to catch the falling lyrics to the song. What more could you want?


Free Create playlists and listen to your favorite music that not only fits your mood, but fits the time, place and even taste.



The final episode of “The Office” will air tomorrow, ending its nine season run. Although I’m excited to see where these characters end up, it’s been tough to make it through this season. Honestly, it’s been tough to make it through almost every episode since Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left in season seven. This show used to be creative, hilarious, and appealing, but this season feels drawn out, and not funny. Storylines like a paper airplane contest or Andy pursuing fame left me wanting to change the channel out of boredom. The show got by last season with others

scrambling to fill the hole left by Michael, but they really seem to have run out of ideas. The way the writers have tried to keep viewers entertained has been by relying on nostalgia and bringing up old storylines again to tug on viewers’ emotions. This has caused some great moments, but they are few and far between. Messing with relationships and rekindling old ones hasn’t been exciting either since viewers can be fairly certain that the characters will end up happy and with the ‘right’ person in the end. Tune in to NBC tomorrow at 9/8c if you want to get some closure, but be glad this show won’t drag on for another season.

new realistic novel This Isn’t a DREAM


BY NICK WYER| @LittleMsBritt | @copperwyer

Author Meg Wolitzer produced an up-and-coming classic with her latest book, “The Interestings”. The book starts as six teens meet at summer camp and follows their friendship as they face obstacles such as cancer, death, jealousy, and love. My favorite aspect of the novel was the realism of the characters; I either wanted to jump through the pages and hug or knock some sense into them. As I was reading, I even found myself growing up alongside the characters. I sped through the book occasionally wiping a tear from my eye or laughing. I predict that this novel will soon be a popular classic due to the fact that it covered realist situations with relatable characters.

tap tap revenge

Free This app gives a whole new meaning to the saying “tap to the beat.” Your fingers will get a workout trying to keep up.




Make radio stations based on your favorite songs and artists, and find new music that you’ll be interested in.

Fitz and the Tantrums, an easily accessible, semipop band, tried to break the mold they set for themselves as a “retro band.” They break this mold with their second album, “More Than Just a Dream.” The album has this fun, lightheartedness about it, which makes me think that the band just wanted to have fun recording it. Combining sounds from different decades such as the 60s, 80s, and the 2000s and mash it into one song surprisingly works well. I had a one problem with this album; the synths just overpower everything else. I feel like the band is alienating their old sound too much. Despite this, the album really shows how the band can branch out their style.

twitter #music

Free Take the guess work out and let this app find music you’ll like based on your Twitter tweets and followers.

clothes FOR

K-9s Dressing up dogs is a trend that has become wildly popular BY MADDIE HIATT | @maddiehiatt

Now I know what you’re thinking. Dressing up a dog is not OK, but it is. That feeling that comes when one puts on their favorite dress or new Nikes is what my dogs feel when I dress them. Putting pet clothes on a dog makes the dogs cuter and it makes the owner feel proud of their pup. Dressing up a dog can be practical. Since we live in Missouri, the weather can be extreme and changes quickly. Because I care about the safety and well being of my dogs, I dress them appropriately for the weather. Some naysayers think that by putting a dress on my dog that I’m restraining them with tight clothes. To prevent this, just buy the right size. Others think it’s a waste of money. Let’s get one thing clear, there is a large difference in the cost of clothes for people and dogs. From my own experience the average dog dress is around $10. Ultimately, every pet owner wants to make their dog happy. Dressing my dogs makes us all happy.

sound cloud Free SoundCloud lets you upload your music and share it with other people. You can also join groups to share music with.



(photo illustration by cameron mccarty)


Up The

WORLD Bacon is starting to spread into everything we buy and it needs to stop BY NICK WYER | @copperwyer

Sitting at Denny’s a few weeks ago, I happened to glance at their “Baconalia” menu, and I was completely disgusted by the excessive amount of bacon. Bacon milkshakes, bacon sundaes, bacon after bacon, after bacon. A meat like bacon needs to be kept by itself, not crossed between other products. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Americans consume more than 18 pounds of bacon yearly. Consuming 18 pounds of bacon a year, especially with all the health risk it presents, is entirely too much in my opinion. Sure, bacon may be delicious, but eating a “bacon maple sundae” and consuming all these other bacon monstrosities is definitely taking it overboard. There are so many useless bacon products, including, but not limited to: bacon chapstick, bacon soda, bacon toilet paper, etc. Bacon is supposed to be a smoky, savory breakfast meat, not chopped up and put in a milkshake or put into a liquid form. Yes, bacon is a crispy, delicious breakfast food, but as with anything, it needs to be taken in moderation. Too many people build up bacon for more than it’s worth. I believe that people need to learn how to practice self control when it comes to bacon. Not everything that has bacon in or on it needs to be consumed.



Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 should be a no-brainer BY RODNEY MALONE

Same sex marriage has been a hot topic in the United States recently. For a long time, same sex marriage has been a topic that causes a lot of controversy and opposition. In the U.S, Delaware recently became the 11th state to legalize gay marriage when Governor Jack Markell signed the bill on May 7. This is happening as the Supreme Court debates over the legality of Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Gay marriage is not only a popular topic in the U.S., but also across the globe. The French Parliament passed a “marriage for all” law on April 23 that resulted in violent riots. I commend the French Parliament for passing the law because the country has given gay people equal marriage rights. I also think the law will not only have a positive impact on France, but for countries across the world. The main reason I think people are against the idea of same sex marriages is because of religion. I think religion shouldn’t play a role in lawmaking because marriage is a civil right and should be available to

everyone. I also believe legalizing laws like Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage, is morally wrong and an injustice to the gay community. Any two people who love each other and want to get married deserve a chance to be wed no matter what the circumstances are. In my opinion, gay people have been wronged by society by being discriminated against on a large scale. For example, gay people are protected by some work laws, but not all of them. I think same sex marriage not being legalized is just another form of discrimination against the gay community. Gay people not being able to get married is not only wrong, but also form of prejudice. With the large groups of support from people who support gay marriages, I think same sex marriage will be legalized this year in the U.S. The Supreme Court has a lot to think about when they make these groundbreaking decisions, but I believe there is more positive than negative things to consider. If the laws don’t change this year, it just shows the lack of acceptance in and the level of prejudice of the U.S.—the so called “land of the free.”

Say No to Heroines BY BRITTANY STECK | @LittleMsBritt

(photo illustration by matt krieg)

Instead of judging a book on its cover, I tend to judge books on the gender of their lead character. In many popular and traditional novels, such as “Harry Potter” and “1984”, the male protagonist tends to stand stronger than the females in other novels. A main factor that contributes to this is how the lead interacts with the supporting characters. Many times I feel like the heroine’s actions and words aren’t there to enhance the novel’s message but rather are fluff added for readers to fangirl over the hottest “fictional character romances”. Authors need to write meaningful novels that their readers can gain something from, rather than wasting everyone’s time keeping up with fictional love triangles. Another factor that draws me away from books with female characters is their inability to stand on their own two feet and carry the story. Nothing makes me cringe more than spending seven and a half chapters waiting for the pathetic girl to do something about the evil forces that surround her. Even authors, such as Suzanne Collins, failed when she tried to break feminine stereotypes and add masculinity to her females. If young adult authors want their novels to affect their audience, they need to create characters with substance instead of characters that rely on others for support and guidance.



North star

staff Editor-in-Chief: Nick Bussell

north star take: There’s still hope for humanity (editorial cartoon by emily hampson)

Don’t give up on the human race because of recent tragedies ON BEHALF OF THE EDITORIAL STAFF | @fhntoday

It’s been a rough school year for America. From the tragedy at Sandy Hook to a mass stabbing in Texas to the Boston Marathon bombings, it seems like the world is going to hell, and people are just speeding up the process. But don’t let these tragedies affect the way you see America as a whole. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, violent crime rates are at historic lows and have decreased every year from 2006 to 2011 (rates are not yet available for 2012). What sticks out in the past year are the tragedies and injustices. That’s what flies across news screens. That’s what sticks in people’s minds. But if all the stories of kindness were shared, there wouldn’t be enough time in the day to hear them all. There are millions of moments that show the natural goodness of humans. When the first explosion happened at the Boston Marathon, bystanders rushed in to help without thinking about their own safety. When victims needed blood in Boston’s Mass General Hospital, some marathoners kept running all the way there to give their own blood. Thousands of police officers

who put their lives at risk during the manhunt. But the heroism wasn’t just in Boston. When the gunman came in to Sandy Hook, teachers put themselves between him and their students, four losing their own lives in the process. And when the knifeman at Lone Star College in Texas stabbed 14 people, three students risked their lives to subdue him. This isn’t to say that those tragedies should be ignored or overlooked. But they shouldn’t shatter the faith you have in humanity. In moments like these, it has been shown over and over that the American people won’t stand for injustice. They will fight back and stand up for those who can’t. Ask almost anyone and they’ll say things like mass shootings and terrorism are wrong. It’s the very few who will commit these crimes that people are allowing to shape their views of all of humanity. It’s like judging an entire book by the first word or giving up on a puzzle because one piece isn’t fitting. So don’t let the perpetrators determine the condition of humanity--let the millions of people who fight back. But don’t stop at watching others; step in and be part of the difference. Shine light into these situations and illuminate the good in people. Show people it’s not crazy to believe that the ‘good guys’ will still come through. Show these criminals that they may win for a few moments of evil, but they will lose every moment after because humanity still cares, will still help, and will still stand up for what’s right.


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JUNIORS! CLASS OF 2014 Photos will be taken in June for FREE at FHN

During a homeroom on April 26, all juniors were taken to the Auditorium for an informational meeting regarding their Senior Portrait for the yearbook. They were also given a flyer from Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits. The following items were discussed: 1. Students must have their picture taken by Lifetouch/Prestige in order to be included in the yearbook and the senior composite that hangs in the hallway. We cannot take pictures from 3rd party vendors for inclusion into the yearbook or Senior Composite. 2. Lifetouch/Prestige will be at FHN taking pictures in the Choir Room (room 58) for the week of June 18th through 21st. You will receive an appointment card in the mail. If for some reason you are unable to make the appointment, please call the phone number on the card. 3. There is no charge to have your pictures taken. Several poses will be taken, includ-




ing a cap and gown portrait. Boys should wear a button down shirt and tie, girls should wear a nice blouse or sweater (no low cut tops, spaghetti straps, etc). No T-shirts please. Please follow the school dress code. FHN reserves the right to exclude any photo that violates the school dress code. Students should arrive to their sitting already dressed for their senior picture. A portrait preview sheet with on-line viewing information will be mailed home approximately 2 weeks after your photo session. Students must go on-line and choose the photo they want in the yearbook. If you do not choose your yearbook photo, Lifetouch/Prestige will choose one for you. You will also have the option of purchasing photos on-line. Students who have their picture taken in June will also have their student ID made from this picture. This eliminates the need to have an ID picture taken at schedule

7. 8.


pick-up! Having only your ID picture taken is not a Senior Yearbook picture. You must attend a Senior Yearbook picture session! Students who do not have their photo taken during the assigned week in June will be able to have their picture taken on a make-up day. Make up days will be scheduled during the fall on days where there is no school in session. August 30 will be our first make-up day (no school for students due to staff Professional Development day). The final make-up days will occur during fall break in October. If students do not attend our picture dates at school they will also have the option of going to the Lifetouch/Prestige studio on Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St Peters where a sitting fee will be charged. This option is available through October 1st.

If you have any questions please contact Prestige Portraits at 314-963-1414.

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