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Year hits final note May16, 2012 | volume 026 | issue 8



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contents on the cover The best photo of the year

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news 1 Capital projects FHSD plans

how to fund all 12 of the District projects. 3 GRADUATION With graduation

fast-approaching, planning kicks into high gear. 3 FHNFACULTYANDSTAFFFHN

will be saying goodbye to 10 faculty and staff members.

features 6 TRE hALL Takes on a fun past-

time of owling to entertain himself and others. 8 JenniferWei Has a hobby of

creating unique jewelry for herself, friends and family.

Top: About 30 minutes before the picnic was supposed to start, thunder and lightning struck, causing KOE members to cancel the picnic. Left: The students in KOE walk inside because of the hazardous weather. Center: Senior Carson Echelmeyer screams while jumping on the velcro wall. Right: Junior Ashley Flerlage struggles to get through an obstacle course. (murphy riley)

9 pinterest How to use the

new social media site that has people buzzing.

koe picnic cancellation


Learn why the celebration was called off and what was happening when Dr. Jones made the announcement

32 Martial artist Raymond

Che teaches wing chun, taekwondo do and jiu-jitsu. 14 Lacrosse FHN Senior Bran-


don Barlow plays Lacrosse outside of the District. | @tannyrnicole

15 Varsityfootball Gets a

new coach for the Fall 2012 season.

OPINIONS 19 This new social

media site does not live up to its potential. 20 GAS PRICES There’s nothing

we can do to lower them. 21 OBESITY Based on new

research, obesity could be linked to autism in future generations.

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The KOE Picnic that was set for May 4 ended up being cancelled due to stormy weather. KOE members went out early to set up the already paid for inflatables and to grill the hot dogs and hamburgers. After spending time outside in the gloomy weather to get the picnic picture perfect, KOE made their way back inside when it was announced that the picnic would no longer take place. “We were super bummed,” KOE sponsor Lindsey Scheller said. “We tried to think of any way around it but at the end of the day we just couldn’t have it out there with lightning.” The weather wasn’t the only thing that didn’t cooperate. Problems with inflatables and missing helium tanks set back preparations. KOE was under a tighter time constraint than previous years due to a track meet forcing the picnic to take place

during 4th and 5th hours rather than the usual end of the day. Students were disappointed about missing out on having some fun. “I think a lot of the students were pretty upset because they were looking forward to getting out of class and spending time with their friends,” KOE president Barbi Bateman said. Because the picnic was cancelled, KOE lost $5,000 that they used for the inflatables and food. “The kids were disappointed, and the club lost a lot of money,” Scheller said. Though handing out the ice cream originally purchased for the picnic was KOE’s way of trying to make it up to students, most feel that it doesn’t suffice. “I was grateful they tried to make it up for us, but there could have been a better plan,” senior Catashia Davis said.


news mEETING


FHSD sets plans on how to fund the future capital projects with the bond money they have left BY AMANDA STALLINGS | @AStall13

FHSD has $11,100,000 in bond money to complete 12 capital projects. The first three projects on the District’s list are the Fairmount elementary HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) renovations, Barnwell Middle HVAC renovations and the FHHS athletic complex. The three projects are set to start during the summer of 2012. Kevin Supple, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of FHSD’s Finance and Operation is in charge of planning, funding and putting all capital projects into effect. Supple believes the HVAC systems are becoming less useful and need to be replaced. “The HVAC renovations are necessary to ensure a comfortable learning environment for students and staff,” Supple said. “The activity fields at FHHS will provide them a home field for baseball and softball, as well as practice areas for a variety of activities.” Board of Education director, Mike Hoehn believes the projects should get completed to benefit the students. “We have a lot of demands for the limit of funds that we have available, but that’s the amount of money we’re going to have to deal with,” Hoehn said. There will be a better idea of what funds will be available for the remaining capital projects once the construction projects at FHHS, Castlio Elementary School, and the first three capital projects are complete, “They won’t be able to do everything at once, but eventually it’ll all get taken care of,” Board Secretary, Patty Knight said.

the briefs 02 FHNTODAY.COM


tie-dying shirts - 4.30 “The best part about tie-dying shirts was getting creative with colors.” Sarah Rutherford, 9

On March 24, candidate nominees met to answer questions from people in the district. Board nominees Eric Seider and Marty Hodits discuss how to allocate the Francis Howell School District’s bond money for 12 different capital budgets, including upgraded turf fields. (photo by luke elison)

Mentor Training -5.5 “It will give me a better idea about how to make the freshman’s experience better.” Abbie Webb, 10

Jungle book - 5.7 “My favorite part was watching the variety of characters in the cast come to life.” Jessica Olsen, 10

pig disection-5.11 “Once you have the pig open you get to see all the parts we’ve studied all year.” Dawn Hahn, Anatomy teacher


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Hitting the final note Knightsound wraps up their successful season with contemporary spring concert BY NICK BUSSELL | @nbussell

With over half of the original Knightsound team gone due to seniors graduating after the 2010-11 school year, the members of the group had to step it up this year. “We lost a lot of good people from last year, especially guys, so I was nervous,” choir director and advisor for Knightsound Lorraine Smith said. “Everyone stepped up this year, they’re a family, they take care of each other. That’s as helpful to their singing as anything I teach them musically.” Smith believes that it’s the connection between everyone in the group that leads them to work together successfully. With a difference of age and experience, they all come together. Their main focus for the last month was on the the Spring Concert which was held on May 9 in the FHN auditorium. They had a short time to learn their songs, but the overall consensus of the group is that they pulled it off without a hitch. Some of the songs that they performed at the concert included “She goes shopping for Gucci” by Larry Nick, “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, and “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. “I felt like it went very well,” Knightsound performer, Sam Renda said. “It was great for our last concert.” Knightsound’s last competition was State Choir at Holt High School on April 6. On a scale of one to five, the team received the highest possible score of one, and a Superior Award for their performance. “I felt overjoyed, and so grateful that we were able to receive such a great rating,” Renda said. The last time Knightsound will perform this year will be at graduation. They’ve been working considerably hard on the song that will tie the senior class together . “The choir is going to sing Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield,” Smith said. “ We were just looking around for something fun and contemporary and someone suggested it, so we listened to it and found a cool choir arrangement.”



Award winning choir Knightsound hosted a concert on May 9 in the auditorium. This was Knightsound’s final concert of the year, performing along with all choirs from all hours of the day. The team’s set included songs by Jason Mraz, Larry Nick and Bon Jovi. (areli lara)


ns TOP TWEETS @WatkinzzMarissa The graduating class of 2011 throws their hats in the air at last year’s graduation. This year the ceremony will be held at the St. Charles Family Arena, and will take place on June 2. The ceremony will included a live performance by Knightsound and a speech from Sarah Teson. (file photo)

preparing for the final goodbye With graduation coming up, there is still much to do before the ceremony is ready BY BRIANNA MORGAN

With the year coming to an end, senior class sponsor Lorainne Smith and graduation supervisor Principal Nancy Wade are working to tie up loose ends for this year’s graduation ceremony. “We still have to have graduation practice and there’s a lot that goes into actually setting up the stage and getting things ready for that day,” Wade said. Things about this year’s ceremony are under wraps such as who the graduation marshall will be. In previous years the graduation mar-

shall was Dale Talbot who retired from his position, leaving it to the senior class to elect a new one. Guest speaker judge Theresa Maher hopes this year’s graduation speech will inspire the graduating seniors. “We were looking for a speech that connected to the entire class and not just a small group, as well as something that was inspirational and reflective on the last four years,” Maher said. Senior class president Sarah Teson will be giving the speech. “I definitely think my speech will connect to the whole class,” Teson said. “I hope it portrays how

tHE oNES to say goodbye to teacher

1. Joe De Ciechi 2. Sam Kohler 3. Katie Vargas 4. Joe Ridelberger 5. Whitney Harper 6. Stacey Berberich 7. Diana Harrison 8. Brooke Roe 9. Kelly Hewitt 10. Megan Mosher 11. Patti Balch 12. Yvette Pilkington 13. Michelle Stuerman


time at fhn 16 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 26 years 3 years 7 years 4 years 4 years 4 years 3 1/2 years 5 years

we’ve all grown together through the years.” FHN will hold the graduation ceremony at the St. Charles Family Arena on June 2 at 7 p.m. Every year the three high schools alternate between morning, afternoon and evening ceremonies so families can conveniently attend the other schools ceremonies if needed. Smith and Wade hope to give the graduating class an unforgettable night and reward them their years of hard work. “It’s a monumental event in someone’s life, it’s a way to give them and their families an event they won’t forget,” Smith said.

teachers moving on BY EAN THIELBAR | @AwesomeEman

As the 2011-2012 school year comes to a close, teachers prepare to leave FHN to pursue other opportunities. “I feel like this has been a year that I have been able to work with a lot of different types of students, so it’s been a great experience,” English teacher Whitney Harper said. Some of the teachers and staff members leaving this year will transfer to other schools in the District. Math teacher Kelly Hewitt is leaving North to write curriculums for Software Technologies Inc. “I’m very excited about it,” Hewitt said. “I’m sad I’m leaving North and the classroom, but essentially I’ll be working in a ton of classrooms, so I’ll be in a classroom one way or another.” Principal Dr. Darlene Jones feels North will lose a great group of teachers. “It’s because of what the teachers do every day that our kids do as well as they do, win awards and get recognition,” Dr. Jones said.

All I wanna do is pass my finals, get good grades, and have a blast over the summer #mygoal Marissa Watkins

@Rebecca_Harms Cubs fans they exsist? #WhatAJoke

Rebecca Harms


There’s always next year. #bleedblue

Stonyrae Harris

@Ryankrakosky What I’m not doing is homework #senioritis

Ryan Krakosky


When you get a pack of gummy bears and there are no green ones. #thingsthatdissappointme

Amber Oder


EOC’s are being done on the computers this year, is there any way you can opt out & do it on paper? #ComputerScreen = headaches Mellisa Lukes


Who knew visiting a college would be so scary!!!!

Ryan Sebacher

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DINING For you and your K-9

People are barking about R.T. Weilers, the dog-themed restaurant on Main Street BY LUCY COVINGTON | @LucyCovington

Walking into this mahogany-sided restaurant, people are greeted by smiling waitresses, then seated to a booth with multiple rows of frames that contain pictures of all different types of dogs. While looking over the menu someone might even see a dog or two out on the patio. The restaurant allows dogs in the outside seating area which is one of the many special features the restaurant holds. The owner of R.T. Wielers, Mark Rousseau’s idea for the dog themed restaurant sparked from his love of Rottweilers. “Dogs are so much more sociable than cats are, so that’s why I chose dogs instead of cats,” Rousseau said. “I mean who doesn’t want a sociable restaurant?” People don’t just come for the scenery of this uniquely themed restaurant. It has notably fair prices of italian food, and after ordering their thin crust pizza they may still have some change in their pocket. “I usually always have enough money to still shop,” freshman Kylee Moore said.



On April 25, freshman Tré Hall owls on top of the concrete stairs that lead up to the north parking lot. At the end of the school day, Tré came up to perch in public, just before the buses started to take off. Students stared at their fellow classmate, interested to see what he was up to. (Hellen Yi)

OWLSPOTTED AT FHN Freshman Tré Hall has a unique appreciation for the art of owling, a new spin on planking BY MATT HILLIS

Freshman Tré Hall doesn’t plank. No, he owls. Owling is when someone perches in the form of an owl on a random object. Like many other positions, owling is one of the many originating from planking. “Planking was so last week,” Tré said. “It’s all about owling now.” Most people go in groups and take pictures, but Tré partakes in this activity for the pure enjoyment of the reaction people give him. “Reactions are the best part,” Tré said. “When you plank you can’t really see the people around you but when you owl you can see the people giving the stink eye.” Some of the places Tré gets the stink eye are Wal-Mart and Incredible Pizza. “Incredible Pizza is the best. I like to get up by the front door and just watch people come and give me a weird look,” Tré said. “It’s priceless.” Tré also owls during school to lighten the

mood or bring enjoyment to himself and other classmates. “I saw him squatted down in this goofy position on the bench and asked him what he was doing and he said ‘I’m owling bro,’” sophomore Austin Schaeg said. Tré discovered owling by stumbling across some photos on Facebook. “I saw some pictures and one day in WalMart, I don’t know why, but I felt like doing it somewhere and it just kinda stuck,” Tré said. According to sophomore and fellow owler, Mac Sievert, Tré is one of the most outgoing energetic kids at North. “When I first met him I thought he was crazy but he turned out to be one of the funniest kids I know,” Sievert said. Tré owls as much as possible and plans to continue his owling career unless another position catches his eye. “I’ll probably always owl because it gets a few laughs, especially if you get the right spot, but I’m sure there will be another clever position that will come out,” Tré said. “There always is.”





With the grand opening of their new location in Cottleville, Old Town Donuts still has their loyal customers and their wide variety of items such as bagels, donuts, and other delicious pastries sold at this dessert hot spot. (kendrick gaussoin)

a new old town

Old Town Donuts now appeals to customers on both sides of the river with a new location in Cottleville BY NICK PONCHE | @ngponche

A crowd of people stand in line outside a small store in Cottleville, filled with anticipation. Inside, donuts of every kind are being sold by the dozen. A frantic call is placed to Florissant to send a baker, send a salesman for the counter, send somebody. The presence of the crowd, days after the grand opening on April 9, marks the beginning of a new store and a new era for Old Town Donuts. “I think it’s very exciting,” manager Tom Friedhoff said. “It’s something we’ve been looking forward to for over half a decade.” Open since 1968, the original location in Florissant has over the years drawn in people near and far. Their attraction to customers in both St. Louis and St. Charles was a reason for choosing Cottleville as their new location. “We knew we wanted to expand in that direction, and customer demand is what made us settle on that location,” Friedhoff said. Customers and employees alike have remained faithful to Old Town Donuts over the years because of the quality of the food and atmosphere. Their menu features 48 different items, ranging from jelly-glazed donuts to or-


ange blossom muffins. “[Their food] is very satisfying,” junior Trevor Atnip said. “The long john was like chocolate awesomeness. It was very good.” In 2009, Old Town Donuts was voted the No. 1 donut shop in St. Louis. Many feel that the shop’s closeness with the community and welcoming environment has also helped the store’s reputation. “In Florissant it’s like one big family,” employee Robyn Mahoney said. “Everyone is very close, probably because it’s a family run business and not a franchise.” While the Florissant location has traditionally gone for the older feel, the new one is striving for more of a “21st Century” mood and audience. Features unique to the Cottleville store include more open space, Wi-Fi capacity, and a larger variety of coffee. Friedhoff hopes that the new face of Old Town Donuts can make a name for itself while embracing the traditions of where it came. “Donuts are simple, they’re something that anyone could do, but in our opinion we have some of the best donuts,” Friedhoff said. “Hopefully with time we can continue to flourish and expand, and become a part of the community here like we did in Florissant.”

An obsession with classic novelties strengthens a grandmother and granddaughter’s bond BY BRITTANY STECK | @littleMsBritt

Ever since she was little, sophomore Emma Fountain has been captivated by the charisma and attitude of cartoon character Betty Boop. Emma’s fascination has lead to a collection of over 150 Betty Boop merchandise. “Whenever I was little, she was someone I looked up to,” Emma said. “I loved her style and her confidence.” Emma’s collection grew with the help of her grandmother, Barb Fountain, who also collects memorabilia for other vintage-style idols, such as Popeye and Elvis. When she visits Barb in Iowa, Emma spends plenty of early-morning hours with her grandma searching for more tokens to add to their collections. Another way the pair finds items is by broadcasting their contact information via the radio. “I think collecting anything in the past is neat,” Barb said. “I hope to someday give her my stuff, too.” From clothing to stuffed animals, Emma has quite a collection. “If I could have a house dedicated to Betty Boop stuff I would,” Fountain said. “But if I couldn’t, I would just have a room dedicated to Betty Boop stuff.”





Irish pub

Kayla Sanders works at her family-owned restaurant, Timothy’s BY ELAINA PETERS | @BeLikeElaina

Back in the kitchen at Timothy’s Irish Pub, sophomore Kayla Sanders prepares a scrumptious plate of Irish cuisine. Timothy’s has been passed down throughout Sander’s family for generations, beginning with her stepfather’s parents. Sanders spends her time in the kitchen cutting veggies, restocking food and cleaning up the work area. “Sometimes, when other waiters are busy, I get a break out of the kitchen to deliver the food to tables myself.” Sanders said. Considering Timothy’s is Irish, Sanders’ favorite night to work is on St. Patrick’s Day. Timothy’s has people returning every year on March 17 for this huge party. “It’s always the most exciting night at the pub; hundreds of people from all over show up to celebrate,” Sanders said. Even though Timothy’s has lots of fun events going on year round, customers love coming here with their families to eat lunch prepared by Sanders, while watching their favorite sports on large TVs.



Junior Jennifer Wei shows off some of her jewelry and the tools she uses to bring her ideas to life. Wei enjoys creating jewelry for her friends. Her family members, especially her mom, are her inspiration for this interesting hobby. (luke ellison)

CRAFTY CReATIONS Junior Jennifer Wei puts a new spin on shopping by creating her own jewelry and proudly showing it off

BY MADDIE HIATT | @maddiehiatt

It’s a chilly day in early February as junior big supporter of her jewelry making. “I’m glad she has found something she Jennifer Wei walks through the mall looking for some jewelry. Nothing seems to catch her likes to do, and it’s something that she is good eye. Then, it hits her. She should create her at,” Harfman said. “It’s a little expensive, but it’s the first real hobby she’s had.” own jewelry. Currently, Wei is putting together some of “I got myself started into making jewelry because I was sick of the days when I her jewelry for a fund-raiser for her aunt’s dad who is battling cancer. dressed up but I didn’t have any “He is going through chejewelry to wear with it,” Wei FHNTODAY.COM motherapy, and he’s still worksaid. “I started out making a few ing even though it’s painful,” necklaces, but it turned into a lot Wei said. “So we decided to do more.” Scan this QR code to be taken a fund-raiser for him, and I am Wei’s friends began to ask to an instructional video to make going to make a jewelry basket her about the accessories. Wei your own jewerly like Jennifer. and raffle it off and hopefully now brings some jewelry for her raise enough money to help friends to buy, or when they have OR use this link: him with some of his bills.” something special in mind she’ll Wei enjoys her time making jewelry, bring it to life. “I think it’s cool that she makes her own and she has many supporters. However she stuff,” Wei’s friend, senior Kim Warden said. doesn’t think she has enough talent to make ”It’s not like everybody and their brother has this her career but she likes doing it as a hobby. the same stuff as her.” “This is something that I want to be able to Wei couldn’t have begun her new hobby without the help of her mom, Jodi Harfman. do for a while,” Wei said. “ I want to branch Harfman helps Wei out with expenses and is a off into other techniques of jewelry making.”




INTEREST IN Pinterest let’s people show the world the things that they like. The catorgories range from clothing to food to cars. People can create there own “pin boards” to organize everything you like.



“I love the bling on the bow.” -Madison Gillam 10 “This looks so good! I want to make it.” -Missy Cloward10



“I like trying the nail design I find on Pinterest.” -Macy Friedman 9

“One of the coolest cars I’ve ever seen.” -Brandon Clouse 10

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Summer home in Florida

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“I would like to go there. It looks really cool.”-Dominique Jones 10


“I like the color blue, The dark and light go well together.” -Brandon Clouse 10

“I like the bow on the back of the dress.” -Brittany Hawkens 10


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Use this button to like the picture and it will show up on Facebook “I wish that was my bedroom” -Danielle Firle 10




“Going to the beach is my favorite vacation,” -Kaylee McNeven 9


“I really like the different bracelets, it adds texture to the outfit.” -Kelly Smith 10

“I love looking at cool hair styles and trying them.” -Risa Takenaka 9


“This dog is so cute!” -Nicole Robinson 11




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Senior Brandon Barlow tells why he made the switch from soccer to the intense game of lacrosse BY ABBY WEST | @abby_west19

When it comes to sports, usually the game of lacrosse doesn’t come to mind, but for senior Brandon Barlow that’s one thing he always thinks about. After playing soccer up to his 8th grade year, he decided to switch to the physical, fast-paced, aggressive game of lacrosse. “I switched because I just loved the game of lacrosse more than soccer, and I really wanted to excel at the game so I chose to focus on lacrosse,” Barlow said. Lacrosse can help build endurance and stamina, and is considered a highly competitive sport. Players must have size, strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. Players are almost constantly moving as they attempt to maneuver the ball into the goal. “A good player, like any other sport, needs to have good communication,” teammate Nathaniel Thomason said. “The skilled player might be one that can keep the ball in his stick, but a good player can keep track of the ball while watching the rest of the field.” Barlow plays for the Hazelwood Hawks, while attending FHN. His junior year, his Hazelwood team took State for Missouri Division II lacrosse. When Barlow moved here he was very surprised that FHN didn’t have a team. “I was disappointed, but excited at the same time because that meant that I could still stay with my Hazelwood bros,” Barlow said. The Howell district currently does not have a lacrosse team, but starting next year there will be an interest survey for students, so their opinion can make a difference. “It’s not a school sanctioned sport by MSSHA, and also the student interest would have to be there,” activities director Mike Janes said.

Stats AS OF 05/10/12





800 M: 2 minutes, 16 seconds 1600 M: 5 minutes, 17 seconds 3200 M: 11 minutes, 31 seconds

After moving to FHN from the Hazelwood School District and discovering they did not have a lacrosse team, senior Brandon Barlow (left) continues to play on Hazelwood’s Varsity lacrosse team. Barlow’s longtime friend, sophomore Nathaniel Thomason (right), joined the JV team at the beginning of this season. (kristin thomason)

Nick Cole


3rd place in GAC tournament Undefeated in singles games



Shot Put: 30 feet Discus: 90 feet


Junior Jeremy Warden takes a swing and makes contact with the pitch. Warden has been playing baseball all three years of high school. The Knights lost the game to Howell, on April 24th. (matt krieg)

Varsity takes a swing at districts This year, North’s Varsity baseball team goes to Districts prepared BY NICK WYER | @copperwyer

After a 6-1 win over Oakville, FHN’s Varsity baseball team feels ready for Districts. Varsity will be playing in the same district as Pattonville, CBC, DeSmet and Parkway. “I feel great going to districts this year,” senior Varsity pitcher D.J. Bills said. “This year the team

is defensively more sound and not every player cares about his stats.” On May 9, Varsity played Parkway West and won 14-1. They have confidence that they’ll make it far in Districts. “I’m confident we’ll get far,” senior Varsity player Bryan Ryberg said. “We have a good lineup, and good baseball IQ.” The team also played five teams in the state top 10, as well

as placing in the third schedule. However, there are a few things they believe they need to work on before Districts. One of those things happens to be team chemistry. “We gotta bond,” Ryberg said. “We gotta throw out all the negative vibes.” As of press time, the team’s record is 17-10. “We’re confident,” Ryberg said. “We know how to win.”

new head football coach announced Brandon Gregory introduced to public on May 7 in the FHN commons BY DELORES LAMPKIN

After five months of anticipation, Brandon Gregory was announced as FHN’s new head football coach. He was introduced to the FHN community on May 7 in a meeting with all the football players and their parents. He was approved by the Board of Education on May 2. “We chose him because of his success in his previous head coaching experience,” activities director, Mike Janes said. Gregory is moving to FHN Adam Rogan


Ace: 2 Serves: 60 Points: 33


and practice schedule for the from Maplewood Richmond students to start right away. Heights High School, where he Janes hopes Gregory brings a led a 14-1 record season with positive attitude to the football team their football team. Now that and sets high expectations for the he’s met some of the Knights, season. Gregory will be he’s putting together a working with a entirely new game plan. new group of high schools “I see us heading players and he knows that in the right direction,” it will be a transition that Gregory said. “I’m very everyone will have to get happy to be a part of it.” used to. The first game of “I expect the new the season is set to coach to motivate us into be sometime in early Gregory becoming a better team,” August, so Gregory is JV football player David Purely Jr working quickly with the other said. coaches to figure out a workout calen laughlin BASEBALL Batting Average: 409 Runs: 17 R.B.I’s: 10


SCAN HERE For FHN sports stats.


elevate your game

With expectations high, teams should use hype throughout their season BY AURORA BLANCHARD

There are always teams that get attention because they’re loaded with standout players and talent. They are expected to perform well with all the hype that precedes their season. Some rise to the challenge. Others don’t. Just as the Philadelphia Eagles fell off the public’s radar, and into a forgotten pile of could-have-been-great sports teams, I thought the Miami Heat would too. There was a lot to prove, and major players like Dwayne Wade were out with injuries. The first game they played against the New York Knicks ended in a blowout. Miami-100. New York-67. Dwayne Wade was back in the game. They won enough games to advance to the next round of playoffs. They came back and delivered what everyone expected them to deliver despite setbacks they had before the playoffs. If any team receives hype, they should use the public’s excpectations to drive them forward. 05.16.12 FHNTODAY.COM 15


MARTIAL artist

Che shows his dedication to his sport, through hard work, practice, competition and teaching BY AUSTIN SEAY | @seaystheday

Since age four sophomore Raymond Che has practiced several martial arts including tae kwon do, jiu jitsu and wing chun. He practices, competes and teaches at St. Louis Martial Arts Center. Inspired by old martial arts movies and FHNTODAY.COM his 90 year-old grandfather’s study of tai chi, Che asked to take classes at a young age. He continued to study for many years and was For a video of finally offered a position to teach at his stuwhat Raymond dio. has learned over a course of ten “Raymond was always wanting to help years so the instructor picked him,” his mother OR use this link: Jing Wu said. Although he’s involved with other sports, including FHN’s own tennis team, Che continues to help and teach between seasons, showing his students the work and drive needed to excel in the sport. “It’s not just beating someone up,” Che said. “It’s about working to achieve your goal.” Although Che is still learning, friends and family claim that he has been impacted by his studies and has learned the discipline and drive that martial arts is built on. Sophomore Raymond Che readies himself for tae kwon do. Che worked towards a black belt in martial arts “He’s more determined as a person after doing tae because he says “I wanted to do something that would push me to be a better person.” (matt krieg) kwon do,” sophomore Mike Ebert said.


the briefs 16 FHNTODAY.COM


Golf “We’ve done pretty well. Coach Beville seemed to do a pretty good job.” Kyle Melchior, 9

Tennis “We had a lot of new players on the team this year, but we all worked well together.” Robbie Nicolli, 11

Track “We’re going to do phenomenal (at GACs). There are a lot of great underclassmen.” Sydney Dufrenne, 12

Soccer “Districts are coming up, so we are getting our heads in the game, so we can bring home a win.” Jordan Stobart, 11


On April 2, the Junior Varsity Knights took on the St. Dominic Crusaders. Although the team lost 1-11, the Knight’s only loss at this point in their season. The season so far consists of 12 wins and 4 losses. (matt kreig) RIGHT: Sophomore Jessie Moceri drives the ball down field at a Junior Varsiy Soccer game. The game took place on April 5 at home. The Knights won their game 7-0. (zack eaton)

BELOW: Junior Tyler Stevenson pitches at the Varsity Baseball game on April 24. The Knights played former state champions Howell High School. (kendrick gaussoin)

The Lady Knights Varsity soccer team huddles up before their game against St. Dominic on April 24. The game was a shoot-out but the Knights fell behind with a score of 1-3. (cameron mccarty)


MIDDLE: The Varsity boys Volleyball team huddles before their game on April 3. The huddle is a tradition held by the team and done before every game. (kendrick gaussoin) LEFT: Freshman Matt Dunn on the Varsity Tennis team played Fort Zuwalt East on April 21. Dunn ranked second on the team his first year of playing for North. (cameron mccarty)

On April 18, the Freshman boys Volleyball team took on the Fort Zuwalt West Jaguars. The Knights lost their game, the third loss at that point in their season. (toni wellman)

05.16.12 FHNTODAY.COM 17


Get your fix, Scan here Scan the QR code to check out “The Avengers” movie trailer OR use this link:

the avengers


Counterproductive characters and typical plot take down this highly anticipated thriller BY LAUREN PIKE | @pike_n_ike

Marvel’s “The Avengers” turns a highly anticipated action thriller into a disjointed group of superheroes fighting a typical villain-taking-overthe-world scenario. Overall, this accumulated into a forgettable plot with too many characters and confusing backstories. In this movie, Thor’s sadistic brother, Loki, plans to take Earth under his dictatorial rule. In order to protect everyone, S.H.I.E.L.D director, Nick Fury, recruits a team consisting of heroesThor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow- to stop Loki. The plot of “The Avengers” sounds incredible; however it only met my basic expectations of being just another summer action flick. For those people who are not exactly comic book and superhero enthusiasts, the character backstories were unclear and forced the audience to infer what they had been doing before the international crisis. The heroes’ personalities were very conflicting and they never seemed fully connected. Most of the movie involved the heroes either fighting each other or some kind of internal conflict. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), however, provided a breath of fresh air and helped to break a bit of the tension between the heroes with his dry, witty humor. He was the most memorable character in this forgettable movie. The action scenes and special effects were also very well done and helped to make the setting and plot much more believable. This movie could be enjoyable for superhero fans. But anyone else looking for an action movie with a set of characters who work well together, “The Avengers” isn’t for you.


entertainment apps Ranked by Jake Chiarelli





Where's My water?

This classic but relatively new adventure has you slicing your way through hundreds of addicting levels.

The Birds are belligerent about this one. Enjoy the scores of different levels. You’ll be squawking for more.

Avoid radioactive sludge that can infect Swampy’s water source, and you will be begging for every last drop.


around the world in 80 plates Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking shows. However, Bravo’s new show, Around the World in 80 Plates, is definitely one I wouldn’t waste my time watching again. The show is basically The Amazing Race meets Top Chef. Around the World in 80 Plates starts with 12 chefs in London. Every week they travel to a new city to compete in cooking challenges using the local cuisine. One chef is eliminated each week.

It sounds interesting, but it’s highly deceitful. This show seems more like an eating challenge. If I wanted to watch people shove gross food down their throats, I would watch Man vs. Food. The chefs rarely have to use their cooking skills. They may occasionally identify an ingredient or cut some vegetables, but even I could do that. So by labeling this as a cooking show, the producers were terribly wrong. My opinion, everyone should just stick to watching Top Chef, a quality cooking show.

story worthy of legend

b.o.b's Strange clouds



BY ABBY WEST | @abby_west19 | @CopperWyer | @ngponche

If you’re hungry for a story like “The Hunger Games”, “Legend” by Marie Lu may calm your appetite. Set in a futuristic, war-torn North America, it tells the tale of an outlaw, teenage boy and the girl sent by the government to find him. Their meeting changes not only how they see each other but also the future of their entire world. The book lives up to its name with only a few exceptions. The story is engaging and full of suspense, but at times can be a bit slow and even predictable. Despite the drawbacks, this book is still well-worth reading.

B.o.B’s new album “Strange Clouds” is somewhat of a let down. As B.o.B grows in popularity, he experiments with different styles of music. He’s been known to play the guitar or have a pop sound, but on “Strange Clouds” he is all over the place. One track, he tries to be a hard rapper, then the next he sounds like a pop star. An example of this is the song “Both of Us.” It’s a collab with Taylor Swift and it sounds like a poppy, experimental track that shouldn’t have been released on this album. This album is decent at best and would appeal to people who enjoy hip-hop and pop music.

reddit is psycho

This website struggles with personality disorder and alternate egos BY JAKE CHIARELLI | @ChiarelliJake could be the best social media site due to its user-based design, news element and social content. But, because of its jumbled categories and undecided nature, it isn’t as great as it could be. The website appears to be borderline schizophrenic and makes users unsure of what the site actually is. Posts range from memes and funny pictures to major stories from CNN. There is a huge range and amount of content on Reddit, which makes it a destination for all kinds of users. Reddit’s home screen may seem messy or confusing to its visitors, but they may be able to find what they’re looking for by using the tabs at the top of the screen. Overall, Reddit has potential to be a great destination for news and entertainment if it got itself together and updated more frequently.


the lorax

deer hunters

cannon cat

This PC-based game is good for anyone wanting to build a monument, fight zombies or carve out a mountain.

A simple physics game where you get marshmallows for a furry, little guy.

This hunting exhibition is packed full of nature’s finest big game and challenges to test your skill.

Launch a cat through cannons in the sky, ultimately trying to guide the cat to the teleporter.


05.16.12 FHNTODAY.COM 19


in a fuel


It’s almost summer vacation; oil prices are increasing and we’re still looking for solutions BY ELAINA PETERS | @BeLikeElaina

The summer season is quickly sneaking up on us. It’s about that time to put away our sweaters, scarves, space heaters- and our mom’s gas guzzling mini van. Gas prices are flying high right now and are predicted to reach nearly $5.00 this summer by the Energy Information Administration. Those huge, exciting road trips the majority of us have planned may not be as enjoyable as we intended them to be; instead of being able to relax on our vacation, we’ll spend time worrying about our budgets. There are several factors why gas prices are increasing, other than the fact that demand for oil naturally increases during the summer vacation season. This spring’s main contributing factor is the potential military action against Iran, disrupting the U.S. and Iran’s nuclear program. According to the EIA, several reports have been made about a few U.S. oil refineries closing due to plunging refining capacity, which is also not helping the decline of gas prices this spring. There’s not really a way we, as individuals, can fix this international problem, and there probably won’t be for a while. Gas prices are still going to be high no matter how many gas boycotts are organized. So this summer, we all need to take advantage of our bicycles, our alternative fuel vehicles and our own feet if we want to make even a slight change. Instead of spending your next six paychecks on filling your tank just a few times this summer, let’s all spend them on buying new bikes. Problem Solved.

(cameron mccarty)

Your take Knights voice their opinions on events happening around the school, country and world.






on THE CARDinalS

“I hate it. I think if you’re old enough to walk around the mall by yourself, you’re old enough to stay.”

“I think it’s stupid because if you’re young, you’ve got a whole life ahead of you. You’ve got time for all that stuff.”

“I’d say right now we can do just fine this year. We’re doing fine without Albert.”




(zack eaton)


With the obesity rate in America growing, our future is looking heavy BY SOPHIE GORDON

According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, about 17 percent of adolescents ranging between the ages of two and 19 are obese. These numbers are growing. Some may be unaware of the lasting effects of obesity. Issues from being overweight include high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory problems. Also, research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a link between children with autism and overweight mothers. Though this is only a link, it is an example of how obesity can

have detrimental effects on others. Although some obesity can be attributed to genetics, other causes are a lack of healthy eating habits and exercise. I don’t call myself an extremely healthy person, but I do limit my sugar and caffeine intake. It’s important to be an example for others if you want to make an impact. To stop this growing problem in order to save future generations, we must work together to educate others about the effects of obesity. It’s not enough to tell someone to eat healthier. Be an example. Work out, eat right, help keep the future of our country at a healthy weight. Without change, our future as a fat nation is imminent.

mid rivers mall policy BY AMANDA STALLINGS | @AStall13

It shocks me Mid Rivers still hasn’t changed their outrageous curfew rule. Starting at 6 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by someone 21 years or older. The policy was enacted due to “inappropriate behavior.” After receiving a paycheck for a long Friday workday, I looked forward to blowing my money. I went to the mall and got to a few stores when I was haulted by a mall cop. He asked for my ID. Once he saw I was underage, he reminded me of the curfew and pointed me towards the nearest exit. I felt embarrassed. I wasn’t being disruptive, I was there to shop. The curfew might rule out the disruptive teens, but it affects the ones who have paychecks in-hand. I debate if the mall cares that they’re losing business by kicking potential buyers out. It seems hard enough for teens to get their parents to take them to a friend’s, let alone follow them around while they shop.

(photo illustration by alyssia luque)





On miami heat HYPE

“It bummed me out, I was looking forward to it. I wanted to get out of class and hang out with my friends.”

“Kevin Weggenmann likes to do all of those things in class. Planking is funny in the right context.”

“It seems like another sport that would be interesting. It wouldn’t be too popular, most schools like it.”

“I think they’re going to go far, but not the whole thing. I think Lebron is going to choke.”

ON the koe picnic





cardinals SEASON

The Red Birds still have a chance for success depsite a few changes BY JORDAN BRYSON | @jordan_bryson

Amongst the many changes the Cardinals face this season, the largest is Tony LaRussa’s retirement and Mike Matheny managing. I believe Matheny is the best person to fill LaRussa’s shoes. During his four years as a Bird, he proved himself not only as a player but as a manager, though it wasn’t his spot at the time. He is an incredible teacher who devotes so much time and energy into his team. Pitching coach Dave Duncan out all season with a leaveof-absence will affect our team greatly because Duncan has been nothing short of amazing during his 15 years with us. His temporary replacement Derek Lilliquist will just be sufficient. Now, Albert Pujols. As much as swallowing my pride hurts, Pujols did more for the Cards than anyone could have asked from him. That being said, I’m glad he’s gone. He’s a businessman who broke his commitment to his city and his team. While the Cards are faced with these factors, they can adapt and still have the potential for a 2012 World Series win.

05.16.12 FHNTODAY.COM 21

north star take: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE


North star

staff Editor-in-Chief: Kelsey Bell

Managing Editor: Emily Forst

Editors: News Editor: Jordan Bryson Sports Editor: Nick Bussell Opinions Editor: Aurora Blanchard Copy Editor: Paige Yungermann General Staff: Taylor Bartram Lauren Pike Jake Chiarelli Elaina Peters Amanda Cornett Nick Ponche Lucy Covington Lisa Saville Katie Dozier Austin Seay Sophie Gordon Tannyr Seddon Maddie Hiatt Kaylyn Shinault Matt Hillis Sidney Shelton Emily Katsianis Brittany Steck Delores Lampkin Amanda Stallings Isabella Lanzara Ean Thielbar Brianna Morgan Abby West Nick Wyer

The YOLO sickness has taken over America and tainted the minds of high school students ON BEHALF OF THE EDITORIAL STAFF | @fhntoday

Young adults across the nation are saying “YOLO,” tweeting “#YOLO” and breathing “YOLO.” The phrase covers the Internet and their school notebooks. But it’s not enough. YOLO’s motivation to live life to its fullest seems to be limited to just a small part of high-school-aged people in America. They do a sufficient job with promotion of this latest fad, yet it has somehow failed to catch on with the remainder of high schoolers or older generations. One way to spread awareness and reach those who have yet to know YOLO’s influence is by frequently updating Facebook statuses and letting Twitter followers know whenever you live your life according to YOLO standards. Teens have already broadened the spectrum of YOLO activities by enlightening friends of ground-breaking activities such as “Watching an R-rated movie #YOLO” or “Going to Denny’s with 22 FHNTODAY.COM


no makeup on. YOLO.” This generation has also shed light on the fact that to follow YOLO, one doesn’t have to limit it to serious things like volunteering in third-world countries or working to achieve life goals as previously thought. Activities like underage drinking, doing drugs or partying too hard and breaking Grandma’s vase are included in YOLO standards of today. One could even participate in more audacious activities like Parkour. In order to fully convert your life into one all about YOLO though, partaking in daring things is just not enough. You definitely shouldn’t bother with your perfect attendance record or your GPA at school. It’s not that important to educate yourself to take on the future. Colleges won’t mind. They surely understand YOLO. So, keep this lifestyle alive and thriving. Go ahead and test how long it’ll take to get from your roof to your trampoline when you’re bored this weekend. We’ll be smashing mailboxes. #YOLO

Director of Photography: Jessica Streiler Photography Editor: Murphy Riley Online Photography Editor: Kendrick Gaussoin

Photographers: Erin D’Amico Areli Lara Iesha Boll Cameron McCarty Ashley Brophy Brandon Neer Alexis Christo Julie Schwartz Zach Eaton Michelle Spencer Luke Ellison Sarah Teson Ashley Haywood Helen Yi Alyssia Luque Toni Wellman

FHNTODAY STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Kaitlyn Williams Editor-in-Chief of Content: Kevin Beerman

Editors: Online Editor: Nicole Piatchek Director of Video: Jaxon Nagel Podcast Editor: Christina DeSalvo Live Video Editor: Jon Doty Web Staff: Cole Kinnard Kyle Schikore Chandler Pentecost Dan Wolters Video Staff: Patrick Fountain Dan Stewart Advisers: Aaron Manfull Beth Phillips


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