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february 23, 2011 volume 25 issue 7


2549 Hackmann Road St. Charles, MO. 63303 Distributed for free to FHN by the North Star staff. “Providing an open forum for Francis Howell North since 1986.”


03 NEWS With a large number of new members, Jazz band gets ready for their first competition of the year which will be held at Mizzou on March 12.


13 FEATURES Mike Geil and Kristen Boiles experience Sky Zone- an indoor trampoline park that provides fun for the whole family.



Sophomores Jake Tecklenburg and Eric Craven play racketball, learning more about the sport and each other in the process.


41 OPINIONS For the first time in four years, Diddy has released an album, collaborating with Dirty Money for it. See what Kevin Beerman thinks of the new record.



The North Star investigates the confusion that has errupted around the recent report that the 3000-year old zodiac system has changed, and the introduction of a 13th sign.



Senior Lauren Neilson poses as her zodiac sign, Virgo. In Greek mythology Virgo was based off of Astrea, the virgin-goddess of justice. (photo illustration by lydia ness & kelsey bell).

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Below are 5 clubs randomly chosen and a brief update and description on what they are and what they are involved with.

Pledge Day

sam dulaney

Juniors Devin Mundy, Dan Rosas, and other FCA members play a game during their FCA meeting. FCA plays games like this and other sports games and then they meet and talk about God. (sam hurrell)

1 Upcoming Competition amanda cornett

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (F.C.A.) is currently preparing for their conference that is coming up in April. The conference will be held in Branson, Missouri, and F.C.A.’s from all over the state will be there to worship God. “My favorite part of F.C.A. is how we all get together to share our belief in God through sports and each other,” junior Taylor Douglas said. Even though F.C.A. is busy planning for the conference they still continue to meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Taking a new approach to encouraging smart decisions, Teens Advocating Smart Choices (TASC) will be promoting Pledge Day March 11 in all lunches. They will hang a banner for students to sign with their personal self improvement pledges and hand out bracelets that read ‘I pledge’ to all those who participate. “We wanted to take a more positive stance rather than ‘drinking and driving is bad,’ ‘texting and driving is bad,’” TASC president Cara Custer said.

Charles Russel performs during Frau Fest on Feb. 11 with his band, Eyeballs and Pyramids. This was their first performance as a band. (sam hurrell)


Frau Fest

kelsey bell

Frau Fest was hosted on Feb. 11 by Foreign Language club. According to club member Jennifer Meyers, the event was successful because the performances showcased a variety of different talents and genres of music. “I think Frau Fest went very well,” Meyers said. “It was the best one we’ve had so far, at least that’s what every ones telling me.” The club has now shifted focus to begin planning a party for their next big occasion - Mardi Gras. “We usually host a party in the commons,” Meyers said. “It’s a big event because it gets the whole club together and it also advertises for our club.”


When Special Services Department Chair Linda Hollenberg was called out of a meeting on Jan 25, she thought nothing of it; but that all changed once she got back to her office. “I went into the room and saw Dr. Jones holding a bouqet,” Hollenberg said. “I was stunned.” Hollenberg had just found out that she had been named North’s Teacher of the Year for the 2010-11 school year. A teacher here for 19 years, Hollenberg had known she was on the ballot, but had no idea if she had won. “I’ve never won an award for anything before,” Hollenberg said. “Not only was it a huge shock. It was a huge honor.”

Leslie Gaines and other sign language club members, enjoy a game of bingo during a meeting in the 09-10 school year. (file photo)


Club Teaches Communication

jordan byson

Sign Language Club (SLC) started the year by learning the alphabet. They’re now learning how to sign various words. SLC doesn’t participate in events or competitions, because they mainly focus on teaching the members how to communicate effectively through signing. “It’s a good opportunity to learn another language and meet other people,” co-sponsor and interpreter Dan B. Smith said, “And to be able to communicate with deaf peers.” There is never a cut off to join and students from all grades are welcome. Meeting times and places for SLC aren’t set in stone and are usually said over announcements.



1/2 Day

Blood Drive


Teacher of the Year

logan ponche

Special Services Department Chair Linda Hollenberg was awarded Teacher of the Year on Jan 25 for the 2010-11 school year. (erin d’amico)

Below are the following upcoming events that will be taking place in the upcoming weeks. To see more information on these dates, go to the school calendar.

14-20 March

23 March


Spring Break

STUCO Meeting

NHS Induction

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Seniors Seve Manzoor and Jacob Robinson play a duet written by Manzoor and Robinson at the Coffee House last year and will also be perorming this year in the Coffee House. They have their own band called Fringe Element and the music can be purchased either on iTunes or a CD from one of the band members. (file photo)

Coffee House offers place to showcase student talent that first Coffee House, which consisted of 26 acts, the majority of which were music and poetry. “Everybody loved it from the get go,” Gunnell said. “Kids ome of the best talent at North was on display at this year’s always talk about how much they love it. The English teachers, North Street Coffee House, and according to library media all the teachers love it, but the English teachers talk about it the specialist Angie Gunnell, this year’s group of performers most.” continued to excel with some of A few years after the first Cofthe best performances in Coffee fee House it was decided that one House history. This talent was Take an inside look at how the North Street Coffee House func- day was not enough time to showon display on Feb. 17 and 18 in tions from beginning to end. case all the talent at North. Two the library. 22 acts showed off days were dedicated to the North 1. Librarians Angie Gunnell and Michelle Stuerman decide some of the best talent at FHN when audition day is. Street Coffee House and it bethrough a variety of music, po2. Auditions are held. came what it is today. But despite 3. Acts are picked. “We try to choose a good variety,” etry and art. Stuerman said,” “We don’t want all guitar or singing.”. these changes over the years, the “My favorite part is the tal4. When decided, a list of those who made it is posted Coffee House has always been a outside of the library. ent,” Gunnell said. “It gets bet5. Feb. 17 and 18 Coffee House is held all day. great way for students to show off ter and better every year.” 6. A breakfast is held for participants a week later. their skills. Coffee House has been a big “I like the fact that I can expart of showcasing the talent at Scan Here Scan the barcode on the left to see the video of the press myself in front of a group North for the past eight years. annual North Street Coffee House. of people,” third year performer Gunnell got the idea from exAlyssa Miller said. librarian Sherri Pogue, who Due to the increasing talent brought the idea to her after gothat finds its way to the Coffee ing to a librarian conference. House each year, it is now one of the most anticipated events of “She told me about it, and both of us really wanted to bring it the year. to North,” Gunnell said. “My favorite part is the music,” first year performer Darryene The first Coffee House was held in 2004. Two acts performed Small said. “It shows that we have a lot of talent here at Francis at the same time in different parts of the library. North embraced Howell North.” sidney shelton



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PHOTO POLL QUESTION: How does the band as a whole work together?

Sarah Luebbert, 11 “It goes pretty well if a section has any problems we break into sections and the section leaders lead us in what needs to happen.”

Seniors Tommy Roam and Aaron Johnson practice playing their instruments during class. On Feb. 16th the Jazz Band traveled to Fort Zumwalt North for a festival, “The Jazz Band Clinic,” a noncompetitive show featuring other Jazz Bands from around the area. They will be competing in the first competition of the year, which will be held at Mizzou, on March 12. (lydia ness)

New beginnings bring high hope Band preps for their first competition year with new members taylor bartram

Aaron Johnson, 12 “By doing sections separately, by saxophone, trumpet and trombone, we’ve really come together.”

“ I like it because it is not a brass instrument and I love how it sounds.” -Stephanie Blanchard, 12



Jazz Instruments

In jazz band students play a variety of instruments. Below are four instruments used by jazz band members and their reason for why they enjoy to play them.

“[I like it because] you get all of the lead parts.”

- Ben House, 11

“ I like the trombone because it is fun to play and I have cool parts.” -Sam Dalton, 12


“We listen to each others opinions, and we practice and help solve problems together.”


Tommy Roam, 12

Placing is not Jazz Band’s main goal for their first competition of the year. At the March 12 competition, they will be more focused on their performance. They just hope to prove they are a good band and should be watched all year. The competition will be held at Mizzou, where North will be competing in playing, three pieces and sight reading contests. “I’m just looking forward to performing and seeing how well we can do,” senior Aaron Johnson said. Before their competition there are still a few obstacles they are facing. With the bad weather and snow days they have not been able to practice as a whole, which is usually when they can work on issues. Most members would agree the bands biggest weakness seems to be the accuracy with both notes and styles.

“I need to work on memorizing my solo, and we need our trumpets to have a better sound,” senior Jacob Schwarz said. However, some band members feel more confident about this year’s competitions. They have came together as a whole and have been doing easier songs to meet their playing skills. “We are better balanced,” junior Megan Weber said, “And any people that stood out a lot and who played better left last year, and we have a more even playing field, and it makes us sound better.” No matter the turn out, Band members are just excited for their first real bonding experience of the year and playing with their friends. They just want to perform and see how well they can do as a whole for the first time this year. “It’s [competitions] a lot of fun and always the highlight of my week,” Weber said.

“I enjoy playing the piano because it relieves stress.” -Maggie Willson, 10

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WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A KNIGHT Teachers share some reasons why they picked the next Knights of the Round Table. To find out who the teacher picked visit FHNtoday on March 1.


Jani Wilkens-“Her desire to improve her writing and her bravery in contributing personal stories to our class discussions. ”


Valerie VanDerBeck“He’s an awesome person and he works so hard and I wanted to make sure he was recognized for the type of person that he is.”

3 4 5 04

Senior Andrew Richart receives the Knights of Round Table medal from teacher Donna Malkmus during last years ceremony. Students can be nominated for being good students, most improvement, or other things that the teacher feels that the student excelled in. (file photo)

Ann Travis“They are funny, smart, and fun to be around.”

FHN students prepare to be Knighted chelsey damalas

The Knights of the Round Table ceremony is being held on Feb. 28 in the gym. Students get nominated for this honor for a variety of reasons, including work ethic, personality and behavior in and out of the classroom. Every year each teacher and staff member is encouraged by the Knights of Excellence (K.O.E.), who

sponsor this program, to pick one student that stands out to them to nominate for Knights of the Round Table. “I would love if we could actually get 100 percent participation from every staff member,” K.O.E. sponsor Lindsey Scheller said. “But this program is great, because one group of kids isn’t always nominated, it’s a mix.”

2011 INDUCTEES Donna Malkmus“They were an extremely excellent students that I had last year in my advanced placement class. Just an extremely good student, a rarity.”

Laura Montgomery“He is always willing to help set up labs for me, clean, and just always willing to help.”

NEWS page by sidney shelton

Christian Aberastury Olivia Asaro Ben Barteau Andrew Bartell Kevin Beerman Taylor Bell Brittany Belt Donovan Bender Danielle Benton Dan Boschen Emily Brady Devyn Brown Brittany Burke Catherine Burke Kayla Busby Kyle Buxton Charles Cantrell Robert Castellitto Alysse Chowning Elisabeth Condon Christina Conley Nicole Cuneo Karissa Curtis Cara Custer

Allen Davis Dan DeFine Elizabeth Diggs Megan Doerhoff Adreona Eilers Andrea Eilers Kali Farrell Zach Femmer Cody Ferdinando Tory Ferdinando Evan Fitzwalter Bonnie France Cody Frazier Megan Frkovic Alex Funkhouser Ryan Gannon Jeremie Garner Carly Getzlow Graham Gilbert Terron Givans Coleen Grone Josh Gutermuth Jordan Haedike

Krista Hammock Danielle Hanners Rebecca Harms Brittany Harry Summer Hayes Caylee Hecht Madison Heidenreich Ashley Hendren Maddie Hiatt Beth Hillis Jacob Hurrell Ryan Jeppesen Samuel Kelly Ben Langness Kayla Lewis Cristian Lopez Maria Lopez Makenzie Luecker Sam Luong Victoria McBain Madeline McMillen Drew Moersch Joyce Moon

Becky Nabzdyk Chelsea Norman Heather O’Donnell Amber Pearson Chandler Pentecost Briona Perry Cat Pherigo Kelley Philabaun Junius Pinkney Katie Portilla Lisa Queensen Jessica Reed Juan Remolina Murphy Riley Niki Saale Michelle Sappington Alex Savala Zach Schaffrin Samantha Schambach Jonathan Schwab Tiffany Seabaugh Austin Seay Taylor Shelton

Kelsey Short Karanbir Singh Brandon Smith Dan Spak Nita Stein Britni Strong Ean Thielbar Kyle Thompson Jared Tompkin Stephanie Turner Hanna Valvero Rachael Van Booven Sara Watson Erin Weaver Alexis Wiedner David Williams Mike Wilson Zach Wood Nick Woods Nicole Yeude Dan Zatorski Chris Zerr Jessica Zichler

Seniors and teachers gather for the secret scholar luncheon. This is where the teachers find out who their secret scholar is. (file photo)


SCHOLAR Students and teachers get to know each other through gift exchange program.

olivia ong

Students and teachers from the Secret Scholar program celebrated Valentines Day by exchanging gifts and letters to one another. This was yet another opportunity for both Secret Scholar students and teachers to get to know one another. Throughout the year, Secret Scholar participants have been exchanging presentsthe only catch is neither knows who is giving the gifts. “I never even would have known [my scholar] worked here if it weren’t for Secret Scholar,” senior Taylor Crittenden said. “It’s exciting to get gifts for holidays that you normally don’t get gifts for.” Spanish teacher Brian Santos has been involved in Secret Scholar for four years and expressed appreciation for the program, which is organized by the National Honor Society. “It’s always fun to interact with the students and try to get to know them,” teacher Brian Santos said. “I’m always excited for the end year, because it’s always a surprise to find out who your Secret Scholar is.”

The University of Missouri-Columbia Office of Admissions will present a College Planning Workshop to any student planning on attending any university or college. They will cover topics such as: Determining Your Goals, Preparing Yourself for College, Comparing Colleges, and much more. Various representatives from a variety of colleges and universities will be there to conduct a college fair in the gym lobby. (file photo)

Collegiate answers provided for juniors GPA and ACT scores are crucial to getting into college. The college representatives will also discuss the requirements to get into their college During Junior and senior year, collegiate mail and what the students should be doing now and and emails start flooding the in-boxes of possible in the coming months to be accepted. future students, bringing with them many ques“Reps from different colleges will be there tions about college admission requirements. To to give students first hand info and answer queshelp students sort through the many questions tions with a Q and A,” of a higher education, Daughtry said. College Night will be Scan Here Scan the barcode on the left to visit’s This question and on March 1 at 7 p.m. in new College Guide for perspective students. answer session is dethe auditorium. Get the free mobile app for your phone. No smart phone? Here’s the URL. signed to be beneficial to “[College Night] is students; they will get up really designed to profront information in person rather than searchvide frames so students know what they have to ing for guidelines of entry on multiple univerdo to get into college,” guidance counselor Tom sity websites. Daughtry said. “I definitely have started doing college reWhile making sure to complete all of the search,” junior Dianna Doerr said. “It’s not the credits required by different colleges is imporsimplest thing in the world to know every single tant, the real challenge comes with the GPA and thing that helps you qualify for admission, so the ACT score. At College Night, representatives any extra help is great.” from various colleges will give an insight on how

nicole renner

**Costs do not include personal transportation & other expenses

Total Enrollment: 23,092 Books & Supplies: $900 Room & Board:$6,274 Tuition & Fees: $6,276 Annual Undergrad Total: $13,450

Total Enrollment: 21,075 Books & Supplies: $800 Room & Board: $9,290 Tuition & Fees: $21,688 Annual Undergrad Total: $31,778


Missouri has over 200 college and university campuses. Below is a list of the top four MO schools and the estimated cost to go there. All costs are based on those for Missouri Residents.


Total Enrollment: 32,415 Books & Supplies: $1,070 Room & Board: $8,600 Tuition & Fees: $8,501 Annual Undergrad Total: $18,171




Total Enrollment: 16,458 Books & Supplies: $900 Room & Board: $8,164 Tuition & Fees: $7,368 Annual Undergrad Total: $16,432

sources: - - -

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Intense training for an intense job SWAT team training takes on realistic practice elizabeth diggs




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TRAIN TO BE ON SWAT - Climbing over fences and through windows - Running a 50yd dash - 20 monkey bar rings - Climbing over a 7ft wall - Picking up 165lb dummy and running 15yds with it, then setting it down gently - Climbing over a 6ft wall and a 10ft chain linked fence - Run a quarter mile All of this must be completed twice in under 7 minutes.

page by nick bussell


Bolls create home from all over the world savannah sadler


he house is peaceful as Linda and Dennis Boll enjoy their dinner. While they are eating, the phone rings, and Linda gets up to answer it. It is the case worker of Linda and Dennis’ soon to be daughter, Iesha. Linda and Dennis were being informed that Iesha was ready to be adopted, and the Bolls were thrilled. They told their son Vasko one week before Iesha moved in about his new sibling. Asked about having a sister, he excitedly agreed. Iesha and her brother Vasko are both adopted. They’re the only two children of Linda and Dennis. Unlike some couples, Linda and Dennis did not chose to adopt very young children. Iesha and Vasko were both in elementary school during the adoption process. They remember it all, including the transition of becoming part of a new family- a transition both accepted very well. “They knew [they were being adopted],” Dennis said. “We told them we wanted to adopt them, and we asked for their approval. They appeared to like [being adopted] and were willing to call us Mom and Dad after a short period of time.” The adoption process is long, and it was different for each child. Iesha, who is currently a freshman at FHN, was adopted locally, from Kentucky. Her adoption process started when Dennis and Linda got a call from Iesha’s case worker, saying that Iesha would be up for adoption. From there, Linda and Dennis adopted Iesha through the Missouri Division of Family Services. Before Iesha’s adoption was finalized, she stayed with her new family for six months and once a week, a social worker would come to make sure the family was happy. “I think the best thing about being adopted is how you know you have a loving family that can take care of you,” Iesha said. Vasko, who is 24, was adopted outside of the United States. He came from Bulgaria and became Dennis and Linda’s first child when he was 11. Dennis and Linda were first told about Vasko by their good friends, who described Vasko as a young boy from Bulgaria who needed to be adopted. That’s when Linda and Dennis decided they wanted to adopt Vasko through a private service. Since Vasko was 11 when he was adopted, there wasn’t much Dennis and Linda needed to explain to him about what was going on. “I knew,” Vasko said. “I was old enough to know what was going on.” Even though adoption is a very long process, and it can be stressful, there are many ups to it,


page by aurora blanchard

Junior Iesha Boll holds up a photo of her and her brother, Vasko Boll, both were adopted in elementary school. (lydia ness)

The Bolls create a house with their hands, signifying their combined home. (lydia 90)

Boll stands with her parents Linda and Dennis outside of their home. Boll has lived in this home with her adoptive parents for 6 years. (lydia ness)

according to the Bolls. Dennis thinks one positive aspect of adoption is adopting older children. When you adopt an older child, they can decide for themselves if they want to be adopted. Linda, however, likes other aspects of adoption. “You get all the love without the pain of child birth,” Linda said. Vasko and Iesha both agree that having a caring family is the absolute best part of adoption. But of course, not everything about adoption can be great. There’s the six month waiting period, negative opinions on adoption from others and the

children not being with their actual birth mother. “The worst thing about being adopted is, well, I don’t think there is one,” Iesha said. “Maybe that you aren’t with the woman who gave birth to you, but I have a very good family now.” With all the ups and downs, the Bolls view adoption as well worth it. It helps a lot of kids in need of a family and, according to the Bolls, it’s a great thing to do. “We would recommend adoption,” Dennis said. “There’s a lot of people in great need, especially the older kids.”

A New Beginning Shaw’s life changes when her mother passes away isabella lanzara


he began a new life at 16, not by choice but by destiny when her mother passed away due to ovarian cancer. Complaining about pain, Marita Shaw’s mother, Danita Shaw, decided to go to the hospital. Marita, who was a freshman, went with her and was right there next to her when the doctor diagnosed her: stage four ovarian cancer. Marita is now a senior at FHN; to most people she might seem like an ordinary teenager ready to finish high school, but they don’t know that her life is everything but ordinary. Forced to grow up at a young age and start making adult decisions, Marita now feels alone. “[I have to] take care of myself,” Marita said. “I have to teach myself, learn from my own mistakes. Three’s no one to tell me what’s right or wrong.” Her mother’s death didn’t just leave her without someone to call mom; it left her without a family. Due to divorce and economic problems, the family faced tough decisions after Danita died. They were forced to split apart and start living different lives. Marita’s dad lives in Fulton, MO with her older brother Ryan, her oldest brother Kyle is living with their grandma in Hazelwood, MO and her little sister Rily got adopted by a family in Chicago. Marita is currently living with her friend Krista Schwent’s family. “It’s hard being with another family,” Marita said. “I feel like I’ve lost more than just my mom.” Their mother’s death didn’t just have a big impact on Marita’s life- it affected her siblings as well, leaving holes that can never be filled. “At first I didn’t believe it,” Kyle says. “I didn’t cry until [the night after her death], when I went to sleep and realized my mom had passed away forever.” For three years, Marita and her siblings have hurt every day to know that someone who was there from the start is now gone. The worst partthere’s no bright side in this story; no way to re-

verse what happened. Her mother’s death changed Marita forever. “[I miss the] good times with my mom,” Marita says. “I was carefree and didn’t have to care about things. My childhood was gone in a matter of years. I miss it.” She went from being out with her friends all the time, to having to care for herself; this caused Marita to put herself down and be closed up to the world. But as time went by, Marita realized that life had to go on, so she started up fresh. She learned to walk on her own two feet. “Now she thinks things through more,” friend Shelbie Noel said. “She’s more mature and more independent.” Marita became a strong young woman who takes the bad things in her life and turns them around in order to learn from them and make a better future for herself. Even though she’s sad to be growing up without her mom by her side and scared to know that her mom won’t be there to watch her walk down the aisle or see her grandchildren grow up, she knows she can always count on her memories to keep her mom alive inside her heart. “[I will always remember] rocking out in the car with my mom, goofing off,” Marita said. “My mom was my best friend.” Aside from her memories, Marita and her siblings still have one other link to their mother- sign language. Danita taught her children how to sign when they were young. It’s that one thing they can always do to remember her in their everyday lives. But most importantly, it’s the one thing that keeps Marita and her brothers connected and helps them get through the hard times, even if apart. “There’s nothing easy about losing your mom,” Marita confesses. “You learn to deal with it, you never get over it.”

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Sky Zone’s free jump area allows both kids and adults to jump and do tricks. (sarah teson)

Kristen Boiles plays 3-D Dodgeball at Sky Zone’s Chesterfield Location. (sarah teson)

A staff member tightens a girl’s harness, so she can use Sky Zone’s bungee trampoline. (sarah teson)

Scan Here

Scan the barcode on the left to see a video on Sky Zone’s 3D Dodgeball games. Get the free mobile app for your phone. No smart phone? Here’s the URL.



, eil



eniors Kristen Boiles and Mike Geil climb in Mike’s Jeep and set off for a place where they can literally bounce off the wallsSky Zone. It takes roughly 30 minutes to get there, but when mike pulls into the parking lot they can see the large red letters: Sky Zone. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park with a variety of trampoline areas, including a 3-D dodgeball court, a bungee trampoline and a trampoline volleyball court. Different time periods on weekends are specifically for different age groups. Today is Sunday, and as Mike and Kristen arrive at the Chesterfield, Mo. location, they notice the weekend-rush line. Mike and Kristen walk in the front doors, and a line has already formed at the check-in desk. “I’m so excited! I’ve waited all week for this,” Mike smiles with anticipation as they joined the line. “Next please,” a worker yells as the crowd shuffles forward. At the front of the desk, $13 and safety waivers are being exchanged for tags listing the timeslot when they can jump. As Kristen and Mike continue to wait, little kids scramble around the line. “I wish I could run around like that all the time, but society looks down on that,” Kristen sighs jokingly. The family in front finally gets their stickers and moves out of the way, putting Mike and Kristen at the start of the line. At that moment that the worker delivers the news: “This jump session is full. The next time slot will be at 3.” “No biggy, we can wait,” Mike said. “I can still take your waivers. You’ll just have to wait to jump.” Kristen and Mike hand over their waivers and get their orange sticker tags reading “3 to 4”and stick the tags to their shirts. 3 p.m. “It’s 3 o’clock! Those of you whose jump time is up, please leave the court,” a worker announces over the intercom. Kristen and Mike put on their Sky Zone shoes and head to the first available free bounce court. As they stepped on the trampoline, they quickly forgot about their wait. They are in the midst of a series of trampolines attached in a grid shape, even on the walls. “This is so much fun,” Kristen laughs after do-

Bo ile s

2 p.m.

ing a front flip. In the free jump trampoline court, they are able to do a variety of flips and tricks. “Watch this,” Mike shouts to Kristen, as he runs and bounces off of the trampoline-wall. “Man, this is fun. I haven’t been here in years.” 3:26 p.m. Leaving the free bounce court, they followed the Sky Zone “foot prints” leading to the dodge ball arena. Everyone divides into two teams and lines up along the back wall of the Sky Zone arena. “It’s dodge ball,” the employee shouts, starting the game. Both teams rushed to the center to grabbed the multi-colored balls. Smack. One of the dodge balls hits the tramp. Whoosh. One hits Kristen in the side. “I’m out,” she groans, walking to the side of the court. One by one, each person gets eliminated, finally leaving only Mike as the last standing member of his team. Mike bounces off the side to catch a ball but drops it instead. Game over. “Good game. We’re going to get them next time,” Mike said. The next game starts. Kristen quickly grabs a ball and throws it at a boy. Hit. Kristen jumps and points at the other team. “I got you, kid. You’re out.” she grins. Eventually their team wins the game. Kristen and Mike leave the Dodge Ball Court. “What a work out,” Mike says as they go to get something to drink. 3:50 p.m. They return to the free jump court, where they continue to bounce until 4 p.m. When their time slot is over, they return their shoes to the counter. “I’m coming back next weekend,” Kristen says as the leave. “This was so much fun.”

ist en

christy maupin


Bounce off

Sky Zone gives people a chance to defy gravity at its indoor trampoline parks.

page by christy maupin



FIGHT with the right gear Check out some of the clothes that two FHN athletes use during their season

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Katy Friedlein, 11 Soccer

Team Sweatshirt

Ethan Bohnart, 12 Volleyball

Athletic Shorts “[Athletic clothes] are so comfy and can be cute at the same time.”

“When I’m getting ready for practice I usually just put on whatever is clean and go.”

Short Sleeve T-shirt

Backpack “I usually put my phone, keys, water bottle, tape, bobby pins, wallet, and shoes in my bag.”

“I like to wear short sleeves and athletic shorts because it’s really comfortable and easy to move around in.”

page by taylor berra




in a new direction One of the first things thought about when waking up in the morning is the hairstyle of the day. Here is how some students from North decided to wash, cut and style in the mornings.

the bob Murphy Riley, Sophomore Reason: “I was tired of dealing with it being so long and I like the way it looks.” Time with style: Six months Products used: Aussie Surfer Hair

the afro

Otis Groves, Freshmen Reason: “I was too lazy to cut my hair.” Time with style: Four years Products used: Aussie Shampoo

the spike the curls

Brittany Everitt, Junior Reason: “It’s natural and easy.” Time with style: Three years Products used: Pantene shampoo & Herbal Essence conditioner

the buzz Cale Laughlin, Junior Reason: “I look goofy when it gets long.” Time with style: 17 years Products used: Wild Country shampoo

Chris Volpo, Senior Reason: “I just liked it.” Time with style: Five months Products used: Axe Gel

the mohawk the length

Hali Long, Sophomore Reason: “If I could be thankful for one thing, it would be my hair. I love it long.” Time with style: 12 years Products used: Chi Iron Gaurd

16 FEATURES page by abbey grone

Josh Wielms, Senior Reason: “It was different.” Time with style: One year Products used: Ice Gel

the braid

Megan Frkovic, Junior Reason: “Once I grew my hair out, it started hitting my face in soccer and my braid stopped that.” Time with style: Five years Products used: Herbal Essence shampoo

s y a R n u S

s ’ k r Gu


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Memories at Mary Ryder

Family bonds made at senior living home Terri’s seen it all. People forgetting where they are, a reenactment of the Holocaust, a delusional resident tearing down the Mary Ryder Home’s window aurora blanchard blinds. Episodes like these are difficult to hree women sit, waiting. The fourth, Mary Dandridge, stands up predict and can happen on any given to bowl. Strike. She struts back to day at any given time. “I never know what my day’s going her seat confidently. Next to Dandridge sits Mary Sherkins. Sherkins lifts the Wii to be like day-to-day,” Terri said. Some days are more regular than remote and releases B. Her roll has less power than Dandridge’s but still enough others though. Typically, some residents are awake as early as four in the mornpower to get a strike. Everyone around, including Terri ing. Some prepare for appointments, Jones-Signaigo, Anna Palmer and Ray take medicine or work in sheltered workshops. Breakfast is served at 8 a.m. Jean Mitchell, erupt. “Oh no you did not!” exclaims Dan- in the dining area. There is almost aldridge wildly, almost jumping out of her ways some type of activity going on. There’s usually always a TV on, and chair. according to nurse practitioner supervi“Show off,” Terri teases Sherkins. The atmosphere’s alive with cries sor Yvette Scott, nobody misses “The Young and the Restof triumph when someone less.” And although bowls a strike or spare and “I had 67 residents now enjoy “Oooohs,” when triumph is different activities only a pin away from being grandmothersthan they did years achieved. all different ago, Terri still remem“You know if you stick bers spending time out your foot, you’ll have colors and with the people at the a better chance of getting a religions,” Home when she was spare,” says Terri. - terri jones-signaigo growing up. Ray Jean’s ball veers away “I had 67 grandfrom the remaining pins. “See, you should’ve stuck out your mothers- all different colors and religions,” Terri said. “It was a very unique foot.” This is what some afternoons are like upbringing.” The Mary Ryder Home has always in the Mary Ryder Home, a residential care facility. The residents, volunteers, been a home-like place to Terri because employees and heart and soul of the of the unconditional love she received place, Terri Jones-Signaigo, all make up as a child, when Terri’s mother worked at the home. Now as an adult, Terri has the Mary Ryder Home. Taking care of the community’s most been able to give residents that same vulnerable seniors is Terri’s job. It’s in unconditional love. One such resident, who requested her blood. Her great-grandmother, Mary Ryder, founded the place in 1930 in re- to remain anonymous, is no stranger sponse to the Great Depression. Looking to abuse. Coming from a life most subafter ladies over the age of 50 who have urban middle-class people could never lost their income, home or ability to live imagine, she has been accepted in the Mary Ryder Home with open arms. She independently is what Terri does. “We take in the people that nobody has slowly but surely begun to make else wants,” Terri said. “We’re in the friends. She’s finally in an environment business of losing money. We take in the where people genuinely care about her. hard cases of abuse and dysfunctional She’s home. Terri’s passion has kept this place families.”



page by emily forst

Resident Betty Jackson realizes that she did well while playing Wii Bowling. Sounds of laughter could be heard through-out the entire game. (sam hurrell)

Ray Jean Mitchell concentrates while trying to beat the high score on the Wii Fit, as Terri Jones-Signaigo encourages her. (sam hurrell)

alive and helped people like the women mentioned above have a life again. She plays an enormous role in people’s lives, according to Tim. “[Terri’s] a constant,” executive director Tim said. “She’s been there for 6,000 years. She’s passionate and extremely devoted to the Mary Ryder Home. It’s in her DNA and not just because of her family lineage.” People like Terri give hope to those who would’ve otherwise had none. “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean your life is over,” Terri said. “Sometimes you’re just doing it in a different way.”



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Senior Benn Hess holds the scales that symbolize his Zodiac sign, Libra. In the world of Astrology, Libra is considered to be a masculine, positive and extroverted sign. The scales are said to be sacred to the sun god of Truth and Justice, Shamash.

Senior Jason Cothern acts as his Zodiac sign, Capricorn. The constellation of Capricorn is normally shown DVDJRDWZLWKWKHWDLORIDĂ&#x20AC;VKDQGLVVDLGWREHEDVHG off of the goat god, Pan.

Junior Amanda Pirrone dressed as her sign, Aquarius: the Water Bearer. People of this sign are said to be honest and loyal. Aquarius is one of the oldest constellations of the Zodiac.Âş Junior Jaxon Nagel doubles up to act as his sign, Gemini. Gemini, the sign of twins, are known to be lively and happy. It is said to be a double bodied sign due to the fact that it occurs between two seasons. It represents the two bodies of both spring, and summer.

Senior Dan McGraw holds the symbol of his Zodiac sign, Scorpio. Scorpio, based off of the Scorpius constellation, is a water sign. Scorpio’s are said to be most compatible with other water signs.

Senior Alex Little, dressed as her Zodiac sign, Aries. The symbol for Aries is the ram, and they are known to be enthusiastic DQGFRQÀGHQW.

Bow in hand, Logan Ponche represents The Archer, otherwise known as the Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius is often represented as a Centaur meaning he is half man, half horse.


THE ZODIAC The zodiac system is one of the oldest astrological tools in history. For centuries it’s been used by citizens, astrologers and astronomers alike. But there are questions rising about the certainty of the system. Everyone is now asking, “What’s my sign?” The North Star takes a look at the zodiac system and the confusion surrounding it. Photo Illustrations by Lydia Ness, Sam Hurrell, Kelsey Bell, & Emily Forst





THE CHANGE HEARD AROUND THE WORLD The addition of a new zodiac sign means that all the dates for the others shift, and many people arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t happy about the change. [H`SVYILYYH

For thousands of years people have used their zodiac signs and their horoscopes to get an idea of what the future had in store for them. And, for thousands of years, the signs- which are based on an ancient system of star alignment, location, date, and time of birth- have remained virtually unchanged. But in the recent weeks, word has spread around that this centuries old system has undergone a change. Weeks ago, Parke Kunkle reported that there should be the addition of a 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus. The rumors have been that the earth has shifted causing a new alignment of the sun and the stars, causing people to no longer have the same signs. If this was true, the change would only affect one of the two commonly used Zodiac systems. One, the sidereal zodiac is based on where the constellations of the stars are physically located when viewed from the earth. The other system, the tropical zodiac, is based on the different months and the constellations and the positions of where the stars used to be. Kunkle recently wrote an article about how the signs are changing in the sidereal zodiac due to the change in the Earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s position over the past 3000 years. The ensuing outrage about a change in a sign which some have gone as far to tattoo on their body, is in fact a misinterpretation and distortion of the facts. According to Mary Stevenson, Vedic Zodiac astrologist- or astrologists who study Ă&#x20AC;[HG]RGLDFVDQGWKRVHZKRPRUHH[FOXVLYHO\ZRUNZLWKWKH6LGHUHDOV\VWHPQRWKing has changed, and never will. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Forget about [the change],â&#x20AC;? Stevenson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is just a big newspaper stunt to get people talking about astrology. Astrology is a 5,000 year old system; it wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t change.â&#x20AC;? Around the world people have come to believe in and trust what their horoscopes tell them about their lives. One person, FHN senior Maddy Millikan, found out about WKHFKDQJHWKURXJK)DFHERRNDQGZDVUDWKHUXSVHWDWĂ&#x20AC;UVWDVPRVWSHRSOHZHUH ´,ZDVNLQGRIXSVHWDWĂ&#x20AC;UVWÂľ0LOOLNDQVDLG´$IWHUWKH\FKDQJHGLW,ZDVD/LEUD and I originally was a Scorpio and I liked being able to say,â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Oh, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m the tough person,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; so I was kind of stubborn really. Once I found out that it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t apply to me I was relieved.â&#x20AC;? Not only did Kunkle bring up ancient history but he caused quite a havoc throughout the world today. Most astrologists disagree with Kunkle and say that he is just stirring up trouble, and citing a change in a zodiac which most western astrologists donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use. Some say that within a few months everyone will forget about this. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to worry about it,â&#x20AC;? Stevenson said. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not going to change, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ancient history. Why do you want to mess with that?â&#x20AC;?

Senior Andrew Richert poses as Ophiuchus, which is said to be the new zodiac sign. The name comes from a Greek word meaning â&#x20AC;&#x153;Serpant Bearer.â&#x20AC;? It is also sometimes known as Serpentarius. WHNLI`RLSZL`ILSS LTPS`MVYZ[


Junior Sara Jewson poses as Leo the Lion, her Zodiac sign. Along with Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio, Leo is a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Fixed Sign.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Fixed signs are said to repreVHQWJUHDWVWDELOLW\VWUHQJWKDQGSHUVLVWHQFH7KHVHĂ&#x20AC;[HGVLJQVZLOODOZD\VĂ&#x20AC;JKWIRUWKHLUEHOLHIVDQGWKH\DUHH[WUHPHO\ZLOOIXOLQHYHU\WKLQJWKH\GR

A SHOT IN THE DARK? Horoscopes have not been proven to work, but some still use religiously


Zodiacs have been used to navigate the future for thouVDQGV RI  \HDUV ,Q DQFLHQW 0HVRSRWDPLD DVWURORJHUV Ă&#x20AC;UVW began noticing connections between the celestial bodies and the path of humanity. Today, zodiacs are still used to preGLFW WKH FRXUVH RI KXPDQ OLIH %XW LQ DQ DJH RI H[DFW VFLence, some have their doubts in the truth and accuracy behind horoscopes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This system has stood the test of time,â&#x20AC;? astrologer Mary Stevenson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It works, but I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel the need to prove anything to anybody. If someone really wants to hear answers, I can tell them why.â&#x20AC;? However, as faithful as some astrologists are in the accuracy of the system, others, including students at North, have doubts in the ability of the Zodiac system to accurately and reliably predict the future. ´<RX GHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\ FDQ¡W UHO\ RQ WKHPÂľ MXQLRU (OLHVVD 3ROhamus said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sometimes they are kind of fun to read, but horoscopes are so general that they could apply to anybodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life.â&#x20AC;? Aside from the generality, others have found numerous fallacies regarding horoscopes. According to science teacher Megan Mosher, horoscopes, despite being based off zodiacs, have very little to do with real astronomy. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is some similarities in the sense that the positions of the planets and the stars are related to both astrology and astronomy,â&#x20AC;? Mosher said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But [astrology] is not based on VWXGLHGVFLHQWLĂ&#x20AC;FUHDVRQLQJDQGPHWKRGRORJ\Âľ


Psychology teacher Sean Fowler would have to agree. He teaches his classes that zodiacs and horoscopes are a form of pseudoscience- science that has no substantial proof. ´,WKLQNWKH\DUHJUHDWIRUIXQEXWWKH\DUHQRWVFLHQWLĂ&#x20AC;FÂľ Fowler said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dangerous to take them too seriously.â&#x20AC;? However, some students at North disagree. Junior Zach Craig reads his horoscope daily on an iPhone app, using those predictions to get an idea of what his day has in store for him. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think a majority of the time theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re right,â&#x20AC;? Craig said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I look at mine everyday, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s usually true. Usually, if I was to look at my horoscope and it says Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to have a good day, I have a good day.â&#x20AC;? But Fowler cites some of the successes of horoscopes WR D ´FRQĂ&#x20AC;UPDWLRQ ELDVÂľ RU D WHQGHQF\ WR SD\ DWWHQWLRQ WR only the parts that come true, which puts their credibility into question. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You look in it to see what you want to hear,â&#x20AC;? Fowler said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You accept those parts that you do agree with and not those that you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t agree with, and suddenly, you think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s real.â&#x20AC;? Stevenson has also found that astrology is accurate. By H[DPLQLQJWKHSRVLWLRQRIWKHSODQHWVDWWKHWLPHDQGSODFHRI oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birth, Stevenson is able to formulate a prediction of the future for that person. In other words, while it seems random and chaotic, there is a method to the madness. ´,Ă&#x20AC;QGLWYHU\DFFXUDWHÂľ6WHYHQVRQVDLG´7KHUHZRXOGQ¡W be people coming back and paying money unless they felt the value of it.â&#x20AC;?

Senior Isiah Glenn shows off the horns of his astological sign, Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign that is said to be most compatible with other earth signs such as Virgo and Capricorn.

Junior Leilani Ballesteros as her Zodiac Sign, Cancer. It is a water sign that originates from the constellation of Cancer. It is derived from the Latin word meaning “Crab.”

Junior Brooke Sommer as her Zodiac sign; Pisces. Pisces is the 12th astrological sign in the zodiac, and is UHSUHVHQWHGE\WKHÀVK



WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S YOUR SIGN? People with different Zodiac signs are said to have different Personality traits based on each sign.

Aries the ram March 21 -April 19 New Date - April 18 - May 12 Positive Qualities- Independent, Generous, Optimistic, and Courageous. Negative Qualities6HOĂ&#x20AC;VK,PSXOVLYH Impatient, Daredevil

Taurusthe bull

Librathe scales 

September 23 -October 22 New Date - October 30 - November 23 Positive Qualities-Diplomatic, Graceful, Peaceful, Idealistic, and Hospitable Negative Qualities- Indecisive, Gullible, Self-indulgent


April 20 -May 20

the Scorpion October 23 -November 21

New Date - May 13 - June 20 Positive Qualities- Dependable, Persistent, /R\DO3DWLHQWDQG*HQHURXV Negative Qualities- Jealous, Possessive Resentful, and Greedy

New Date - November 24 - November 29 Positive Qualities/R\DO3DVVLRQDWH5Hsourceful, Observant, and Dynamic Negative Qualities-Jealous, Resentful Compulsive, Obsessive, and Secretive

Geminithe twins 

May 21 -June 20 New Date - June 21 - July 19 Positive Qualities- - Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, and Adaptable Negative Qualities- Nervous, Tense 6XSHUĂ&#x20AC;FLDO,QFRQVLVWHQWDQG&XQQLQJ

Cancerthe crab 

June 21 -July 22 New Date - July 20 - August 10 Positive Qualities/R\DOW\ Dependable, Caring, and Responsive Negative Qualities- Changeable, Moody, Clinging, and Unable to let go

Leothe lion 

July 23 -August 22 New Date - August 11 - September 15 Positive Qualities&RQĂ&#x20AC;GHQW$PELWLRXV *HQHURXV/R\DODQG(QFRXUDJLQJ Negative Qualities-Pompous, Patronizing Bossy, Interfering, and Intolerant

Virgothe virgin 

August 23 -September 22 New Date - September 16 - October 29 Positive Qualities- Analytical, Observant, Helpful, Reliable, and Precise Negative Qualities-Fussy, Overcritical Harsh, Perfectionist.

Sagittariusthe archer 

November 22 -December 21 New Date - December 17 - January 20 Positive Qualities- Independent, Optimistic, Honest, and Intellectual Negative Qualities- Careless ,UUHVSRQVLEOH6XSHUĂ&#x20AC;FLDODQG5HVWOHVV

Capricornthe goat 

December 22 -January 19 New Date - January 21 - February 16 Positive Qualities- Responsible, Patient, $PELWLRXV5HVRXUFHIXODQG/R\DO Negative Qualities-Pessimistic, Fatalistic and Grudging

Aquariusthe water bearer 

January 20 -February 18 New Date - February 17 - March 11 Positive Qualities- Witty, Clever, Humanitarian, Inventive, and Original Negative Qualities- Contrary, Perverse, Unpredictable and detached


thefish January 20 -February 18 New Date - March 12 - April 17 Positive Qualities- Compassionate, Accepting, Devoted and Imaginative Negative Qualities- Idealistic, Secretive, Vague, and Weak-willed

Ophiuchus, the new sign, would apply to those born between Nov. 30 and Dec. 17


Harvest Plaza Animal Hospital

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Cosmic Bowling Laser Tag Large Game Room Great Food 100% Smoke Free

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Junior Lindsay Berra sits with her dog as she prepares him for the next competiton on Feb 5. Her dog’s name is Jasper, and he is an Astrlian Shepard. (kelsey habighorst)

Berra brushes her dog Jasper to make him poofy for his competitons. The judges grade him on how he looks along with how well he listens to his trainer. They do that by trotting around the ring and making sure their dogs don’t have any flattened spots in their fur. (kelsey habighorst)

Goin’ to the dogs

Berra stands Jasper to show him during the winner’s circle. The winner’s circle is held for the trainers who placed first in all of their competitions. Jasper, also known as Cedarwoods Rare Blue Jasper in dog shows, is four months old and only competes in conformation competitions during the show. (kelsey habighorst)

Junior Lindsay Berra competes in dog shows around the area and plans to compete nationally as her dog Jasper gets older and more experienced. Berra waits for the judges decision at the WestInn Kennels in Wentzville. Once her dog gains more experience from participating more shows, she will start competing at Purina farms. (kelsey habighorst) Berra and Jasper recieve their first place ribbon from the judge. This was Berra’s second first place ribbon of the weekend, she now has four first place and one second place ribbons. (kelsey habighorst)

Lindsay Berra and her aunt Laurie Schmitt pose with their dogs before Berra’s next competition. Berra has been helping train her aunts dogs for 3 years and has started training her own dog at the bigining of 2011 (kelsey habighorst)

Berra guides her dog back to the judge to see how she did in the competiton. “I train my dog everyday for about an hour or two maybe three hours depending on what I have to work on.“ Berra says. This is Berra’s second dog show that was held at WestInn Kennels (kelsey habighorst)




Prom is just around the corner. With 60 days until that night, right now is the time to start getting into your best shape to make sure you look awesome for prom photos. Follow these quick tips to start getting healthier and looking better.

24-Hour Fitness

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Raise right knee, then left 20 times to warm up. Next, raise right knee to hip height as you extend arms overhead, palms facing each other.

Get in bentknee pushup position, hands under shoulders, tops of feet on floor, so torso forms a straight line from head to knees.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand at sides, palms facing body, and lunge forward with right leg, lowering left knee to the ground. Lean forward from the hips.

page by elizabeth diggs & sam dulaney

For a really intense workout, it’s best to hit up a local gym and use their equipment you couldn’t use at home. Here are a couple around here. Which one is best for you?


5200 Mexico Road * Mon - Thur: 5:30 a.m. - 11 p.m. * Fri: 5:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. * Sat: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. * Sun: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m $26/month

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Whether it’s fitting into your prom clothes, or just feeling comfortable on the dance floor, there are a few easy exercises to help you trim down in time for prom. Start doing these at home now to look and feel your best by time prom rolls around. information from:,, &

Lower right foot and lunge left leg back, leaning forward and reaching hands to the floor. Step left foot up and return to starting position to complete 1 rep.

Hold for 30 seconds per rep, then relax to the floor. Increase the time you hold the plank as it you continue to work out.

Flex abs and, keeping elbows close to torso, bend arms to lower chest toward floor.

Straighten arms as you press up to starting position, then sit back on your heels and extend arms in front of you. Shift forward to return to starting position.

Straighten right leg and rise up as you raise left leg behind you, foot flexed.

Lunge forward with your left leg on the next rep. Continue alternating sides with each rep, and do 20 reps before you’re done.




information from:


You don’t always have to work out to burn calories. Everyday activies burn calories too. See what calories you burn by doing the things you already do.

Five daily servings of colorful vegetables red/ orange/yellow vegetables and fruits, purple foods, green foods, and ‘seed’ foods such as peas.

information from:

All calculations are based on a 130 pound woman. * Brushing Teeth (2 minutes) – 4 calories * Sleeping (7 hours) – 382 calories * Writing (20 minutes) – 10 calories * Standing (10 minutes) – 11 calories * Walking up stairs (3 minutes) – 15 calories * Reading (20 minutes) – 20 calories * Studying (30 minutes) – 54 calories * Sitting/resting (30 minutes) – 31 calories * Washing dishes (15 minutes) – 33 calories * Blowdrying hair (15 minutes) – 39 calories * Stretching (10 minutes) – 39 calories * Driving (30 minutes) – 62 calories * Showering (15 minutes) – 62 calories * Packing a suitcase (30 minutes) – 62 calories * Mopping (20 minutes) – 66 calories * Playing a board game (60 minutes) – 93 calories * Cooking (45 minutes) – 117 calories * Walk/run playing with kids (30 minutes) – 117 calories * Housework (30 minutes) – 140 calories

Scan Here

With pictures for prom coming up, one of the most noticeable aspects of them is clear skin. Get your skin clearer by following these tips.



Don’t add sugar to drinks and cereals, and avoid sugary foods such as soda, chocolate, jams, many cereals, cakes and desserts. You don’t need to cut it out altogether, just cut down.

Your skin just doesn’t look as healthy as when your body has plenty of water to replenish itself. Healthy skin and an overall healthy body needs at least six glasses of water a day.

HOME-MADE FACE REMEDIES You don’t have always have to work out to burn calories. Everyday activies burn calories too. See what calories you burn by doing the things you already do.

Apply honey to the affected area for half an hour before going to bed each night.

cum r cu o an o o at pt tom or u ripe acne f y l p Ap ulp on p ber r. u o h

Apply toothpaste to the affected area before going to bed. Be sure it is the paste and not the gel.

Create a paste out of ground up orange peels and water and apply to afected area nightly. Mix two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of brown sugar and a little water and apply to affected area.

Scan the barcode on the left to see twenty activities you can do to burn calories throughout the day. Get the free mobile app for your phone. No smart phone? Here’s the URL.

page by sam dulaney & elizabeth diggs


Jake Tecklenburg hits the racquetball during his game against Eric Craven on Feb 4. His best shot was “When I had an epic kill shot off the bottom of the front wall and Eric had no chance of returning it in a million years.” (kelsey habighorst)

Eric Craven prepares to hit the racquetball against the front wall in an attempt to score. Craven defeated his opponent 21 to 18. Craven’s best shot was when, “When I hit it off the back wall to the front wall.” (kelsey habighorst)

Eric Craven serves the ball while Jake Tecklenburg prepares to receive the ball. The two just started playing last year with their dads and now play with each other in their spare time. They prefer to play against each other because their skill level is closely matched. (kelsey habighorst)

Sophomores workout, play, carry out a tradition

Craven and Tecklenburg take on the unconventional sport of raquetball nick ponche


ophomore Eric Craven loses his footing on the wooden floor and feels the blue blur as it rushes over his head. The rubber ball rebounds off of the wall behind him, leaving a faded mark among the hundreds like it. Jake Tecklenburg retrieves the ball and prepares to serve again. He is winning, 3-0. Other than the balcony behind them, they are completely boxed in. The sport they are playing is almost unique. This is racquetball. Racquetball is a sport that differs greatly from others. Held indoors and outdoors on specialized courts, it is easy to play but difficult to master. “You can hit the ball off of any of five surfaces which makes it really hard to judge where the ball is going next,” Jake said. In a match, both players face the wall that is opposite the one with the door and take turns hitting the ball to it. As long as the ball hits the far wall, players can hit the ball off of any surface, including the ceiling. The rally ends when one player fails to return the ball before it hits the floor twice in a row. Players can only score if they are the server. The server is determined by the winner of the previous rally. Rallies of-

34 SPORTS page by nick ponche

ten start and end quickly due to the tremendous speed of the ball. “[The hardest part] is the amount of coordination it requires,” Eric said. “It’s a very good workout, and it’s very intense.” The ball makes loud “POW”s and “POP”s as it strikes against the walls and racquet’s; the sound is amplified by the small room. Eric is ahead, 9-7. He serves and the rally begins. They move back and forth across the court, adjusting their positions to the wild movements of the ball. Jake jumps to return a high bounce and swings too far to the right. He repeats the motion, correcting himself this time to improve his form. Both Eric and Jake learned to play from their dads at West James Courts in St. Charles, which is where they continue to play today. They both remember losing to their dads whenever they played because of the difference in skill levels. Although they have been friends most of their lives, Jake and Eric didn’t know until this year that they shared this similar passion. They began playing the sport together soon afterwards. “I think it’s good,” Eric’s father Pat Craven said. “Whenever you get out and exercise that’s always a good thing.” The game has hardly broken open. Eric leads by two with a score of 19-17. Jake serves the

ball low and in the corner, which Eric does not reach in time. Jake repeats the serve and gets the same result. After a long rally, Jake scores his final point of the game by hitting the ball softly to the front. Eric claims the rest of the points, ending with a return that arcs high and grazes the back wall. Cries of “NO” and “YES” echo simultaneously as the ball hits the ground a final time. Final score: Eric wins, 21-18. They take a break to get a drink of water then return to the court for round two. The sport that they both play for fun has strengthened their skills and expanded their friendship. Eric and Jake play other sports, and they feel that playing racquetball has been useful in getting better prepared for them. “It’s a really good cardio workout,” Eric said. “After about twenty minutes you’ll be sweating like nothing else. For the pair, the exercise is part of the fun and part of why they will continue to play. Playing racquetball together has brought them a greater interest in the sport that they hope will carry on beyond their time at North. “It’s easier to play with someone who has about the same experience as you,” Jake said. “It keeps the game more interesting,” Eric said.


One of Knightline’s dancers discusses the many aspects of being a captain.

Jake Hurrell, Katie Stepanek, Scott Raver, Cat Pherigo, Ryan Jeppesen and Amanda Pirrone dance during the Knightline and Studline performance at the winter pep assembly. The assembly was held on Feb. 11 in the gymnasium. JV Knightline, JV cheer and Varsity cheer were also performances at the assembly. (tori hanke)

Knightline dances towards the State title elizabeth diggs

State competition approaches for Knightline as they continue to practice their Kick Dance repeatedly until it is mastered. Knightline will be attending the State competition at Francis Howell Central this weekend, Feb. 25. “I am looking forward to seeing how well our team performs this dance, and seeing all the other schools,” junior Amanda Pirrone said, “I’m excited to see how well our team does. It’s like a little bonding experience for us.” In preparation of this competition, each dancer on the Varsity Knightline team had to perform the dance in front of the captains as a test and pass. The captains this year are Katie Stepanek, Nita Stein, and Cat Pherigo. This year’s State dance was choreographed by junior Amanda Pirrone. “It’s a big honor that the team chose me to make up the dance,” Pirrone, dancer of 12 years, said, “It’s because I have done a kick dance before and I am an upperclassman.” So far this year, Knightline has been pretty successful in their competitions. At the Lindbergh competition, Knightline received certificates of excellence. In Chicago, they got first place in the hip hop dance, and second in pom. “[Getting first in Chicago] was awesome, and it made me feel cool,” senior and dancer of seven years Beth Hillis said, “It was exciting, and we all got a medal to wear.” The Knightline dancers have set many goals, and have some high expectations for this year’s competition. Coach Kelly Hewitt is looking forward to ending the Knightline year on a high note. “It’s gone pretty well so far this year,” said coach Hewitt, “I’m looking forward to competing to see ho we’re going to do. It’s our final performance as a team.”

KNIGHTLINE OUTFITS Pepto Top and Jazz Pants

Game Day Outfit

Cat Pherigo, 12 Years dancing: 14 years 1. Why did you want to be a captain? “I’ve been on the team for a while so I wanted to step up and take a leadership role.” 2. How many girls competed with you for captain position? “Two.” 3. What did you have to do to become a captain? “Submit an application and then the team voted.” 4. At practice, what do you do different as a captain than a general dancer? “Lead warm-up, technique and help run through and clean up the dancers.” 5. Where could you improve as a captain? “As Captain, I can improve by trying to work with the girls more individually if they need it, and by planning more team bonding nights to bring the team closer.”

Below, senior Beth Hillis models some of the Knightline uniforms worn in their games and competitions. Sling Top and Skirt

Hip-Hop Outfit

page by andrew curran

Gold Dress


Sophomore Tyler Smith fights to hold down another wrestler from Hazelwood East on Jan. 27 at North. After an intense match, Smith won the fight by a landslide. Smith has become a regular varsity wrestler because of his aggressiveness and determination. (erin d’amico)

Small voice backed up with power, accomplishments, skill chelsey damalas

He puts himself deeper into the zone, swaying back and forth, jumping slightly up and down. He is all alone, no emotions, blocking out all the commotion around him. He stands near the wrestling coaches, anticipating his name being called. Mat one, Tyler Smith. The weekend of Feb.11-13, wrestling had their annual districts competition, and sophomore Smith qualified to compete at State, which is being held at Mizzou. During Smith’s freshman year, he also was able to make it all the way to State. Achieving such an huge accomplishment has put him where he is today. Even making it so far early on hasn’t stopped Smith from achieving that goal again this season. “This year I’m going to be more confident at State since I now know what to expect,” Smith said. “I feel really good because making it to State was my goal all season.” Smith is in the 119 pound weight group and has a record of 2913. He feels pretty confident in the way he has been performing. Since the previous season, Smith has done a lot better overall and has been using better techniques during his matches. “Tyler has improved since last season by just fixing a lot of

the small things and working hard during practice,” senior Harold Ritchie said. “He is definitely the strongest in his weight class so that makes him stand out from the rest.” Though he has proven to be a rising star on the team, there are still ways that Smith can improve. Even though he comes out hard when he’s on the mat, behind the scenes he is someone that stays to himself. Most of the team has high respect for Smith and can also agree that he is a man of few words, but don’t be fooled by that when he arrives at a meet. “Even though Tyler has done good this season, I feel like he needs to learn to open up with the people around him and show his personality through talking then just his wrestling” wrestling manager Kenzie Luecker said. According to Ritchie, Smith has been looking tough by beating some really good kids, and with that he sets the tone for the team. This season the team has been working hard but with these last few weeks, they will have to step it up and work even harder. “Tyler has definitely improved in his defense and he has a lot more confidence in himself,” Varsity coach Chris Brown said. “He just has a very good work ethic, is coach-able and he is one of the strongest in his weight class. With those skills I think he will succeed.”


Wrestlers attending state this year share their statistics of this year and previous years.



Brendan Hatchell, 9


First time qualifying


Tyler Smith, 10




Sam Stewart, 12


First time qualifying


Jason Shell, 12








Harold Ritchie, 12

36 SPORTS page by abby west


Francis Howell ad 5x10_Layout 1 11/19/10 5:43 PM Page 1


What makes UMSL so special?

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Junior Camisha Oliver dribbles the ball toward the hoop. This is her first year on the varsity team (kelsey habighorst)

HOCKEY sam dulaney

With an early exit in the first round of playoffs, the 2011 hockey season has come to a close. In a best of three series against MICDS, the Knights lost their first game 2-1 on Feb. 4 and tied their second game 2-2 on Feb. 7. Up until the playoffs, the Knights had a record of 15-3-3. “We shouldn’t have lost to them at all,” junior David Hitchcock. “In both games we were up, and as soon as we were up we stopped trying because we thought we had the game won.”

GIRLS BASKETBALL kyle schikore

Junior and forward David Hitchcock, carries the puck into the opposing team’s defensive zone. The game resulted in a 2-2 tie. (brandon neer)

BOWLING elizabeth diggs

Junior Alexis Christo swims the breaststroke in a 200 IM relay at the GACs on Feb 10. Christo swam in 2 individual races in the GACs and placed fourth in the 200 IM and fifth in the 100 backstroke. (lydia ness)

GIRLS SWIM andrew curran

GAC swim finals took place Feb. 8-10 at the St. Peters Rec Plex. Swimmers began working more on sprints, short distances and turns to prepare for the meet. On Feb. 8, Sophomore Alexis Christo, freshman Megan Hampson and junior Kayln Jones advanced to finals on Feb. 10. Christo placed 5th in the 100 yd. backstroke and 4th in the 200 yd. individual medley. Hampson placed 2nd in the 200 yard freestyle. The three girls along with junior Amanda Iborg placed 4th in the 400 yard freestyle relay. “I think we did really well for the young potential that we have,” head coach William Crow said. BOYS BASKETBALL

The bowling team is currently preparing for the state competition, in April. Currently, North’s team is ranked third in the St. Charles area. While they would enjoy doing well at state, they are also happy working together and cheering on the victors, according to senior Darin Voyles. “I enjoy [being on the bowling team], because I am doing really well this season,” senior Zack Schaffrin said. “I enjoy doing it because it’s fun.”

lydia ness

The biggest game for the boy’s Basketball season was the rival game against Francis Howell on Feb. 4. The score was close throughout the game, but the Knights stayed in the lead allowing them to win with a score of 45-41, improving their record to 8-10. “[We won] by stopping one of their main offensive players,” senior Dan McGraw said. “We stopped their whole main offense because of it.” This is first time in four years that the Knights have beat the Vikings. Since that game, they are 10-13 as of press time.

UPCOMING EVENTS Boys Volleyball - Meet in the gym.

Track & Field - Meet at the track.

38 SPORTS page by kyle schikore

The Varsity girls Basketball team has been preparing rigorously for the fast-approaching District tournament that starts Feb. 21 at Fort Zumwalt East. The 7-12 team has had a tough season, but senior Kelsey Fouch is leading the team with 7.8 points per game and her 4.16 steals per game lead the entire GAC South. “She’s having a tremendous season,” Head coach Matthew Watson said. “She’s a great player, she definitely sets the tone for the team.” Overall, the team hopes to improve their post-season play from last year, when they lost in the first game of Districts to Parkway North 34-40. “We are going to play better defense and have more desire to win,” junior Emma Nicolli said. CHEERLEADING logan ponche

After a year’s worth of untimely injuries, large numbers and competitions, the whirlwind of a season has come to a close for the cheer squad. Tryouts for next season- which are expected to take place at the end of March, although no date is currently set- are the last thing the squad has to do before summer. Next year there will be only four seniors on the team- a drop from this year’s 10- which will cause the girls to have a smaller squad. “It’s not as good if they want to to go to State, but it is good because smaller squads tend to get along better,” senior Katie Zettwoch said.



l lex



The winter sports season is coming to an end, and the spring sports season is beginning within the next few weeks. All spring sports tryouts will be on Feb. 28 at 2:30 p.m.

Girls Soccer - Meet at the practice soccer fields

Boys Tennis - Meet on the tennis courts

Baseball - Meet at the baseball fields

Boys Golf - Meet at Cave Springs Driving Range at 3 p.m.


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Ne only tions

Spirit meters, dances, and competition. On Feb. 11, North’s gym was transformed into the site for all things

Knightsound sings the National Anthem before the pep assembly on Feb. 11. The pep assembly was held to wrap up spirit week and get students pumped for the winter dance which was held on the 12. (kaitlyn williams)


Junior Bryan Ryberg break dances during the Studline performance at the pep assembly, Studline also preformed at the last home basketball game on Feb 18. This was Ryberg’s first time participating in Studline. Ryberg performed at Frau Fest that night, he also plays football for FHN. (lydia ness)

Logan Ponche waves the flag he and Brett Sloan made for the Senior class. The flag was originally made for the powderpuff football game but is used during the spirit meters at the pep assembly. This is the second pep assembly held this year, and there is another one planned for the spring sports season. (kaitlyn williams)

During the spirit meter, Melissa Shannon calls for the sophomores before the cheerleaders perform. (Zach Eaton) Freshman Anthony Moore cheers on Tyler Chinn during the Just Dance competition. Chinn danced to Who Let the Dogs out, which was one of three songs danced to during the assembly. (Zach Eaton)

Senior Laurel Reese dances to Wanna Be during the Just Dance competition. Seniors Josh Blankey, Brandon Goggin and sophomore Alex Ponche were the winners. (lydia ness)

Cori Bradley, Bailey O’Neal, and Jessica Streiler begin their routine with the opening sequence. The cheerleaders got new competition mats a month ago to help them prepare for competitions. (lydia ness)

ENTERTAINMENT “Just go with it” chelsey damalas

Sean Combs, better known as Diddy, hasn’t made an album in four years, but has been making music for more than 20 years. He currently owns a record label, Bad Boy Records, and has preformed in film and on television. (photo courtesy of Moxie)


Diddy strikes out with new album, “Last Train to Paris” the different sounds they can make. The only glimmer of tolerable sound this alIt’s been four years since Diddy has released bum has is in its finale song, “I’m Coming Home an album himself. With the release of his new (feat. Skylar Grey).” For some reason, they dealbum, Last Train to Paris, it would have been cided to mix this with a conventional sound. nice This album, which he collaborated with It’s nice to see an attempt to introduce new Dirty Money on, is full of attempts to change the sound into the music industry, an industry which sound of hip-hop. But that’s has become plagued with Scan Here all they are- attempts. The Scan the barcode on the left to see Diddy’s new music monotony, but this isn’t video for “Coming Home”. sound is unconventional and the different that the muGet the free mobile app for your phone. not in the way that makes an sic bizz needs. It still has No smart phone? Here’s the URL. impact. It simply makes the a hint of traditional hiplistener dismiss the work as pure noise. The tracks hop, just poorly constructed, which is why it’s sound like they were made by someone who is in still better to listen to Puff Daddy in the 90s than a studio for the first time, too excited to mess with Diddy now.

kevin beerman

TELEVISION Fringe successfully combines science with mystery abby west

This winter, I was looking for a new show to watch, and I stumbled across this showFringe. And just watching it for 5 minutes, I became addicted. This show is truly innovative and groundbreaking. Which certainly makes Fringe the best running TV show on Fox. This show combines science and conspiracy, all in one episode. Fringe uses amazing

special effects to keep you entranced with what is happening on the screen, unlike any other show on TV. It has such an intense, suspenseful storyline, it will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Each episode is better than the next, and will always leave you wanting more because each episode features such a different storyline. One week it will be about solving a murder case and the next about unraveling the many questions sur-

rounding a disappearance. However, Fringe is not just a show you can start watching. You have to watch at least a couple episodes to understand the storyline. So I recommend watching the first season before beginning the second. With a variety of different characters there are many things to like about this show. So next time you have some time, I highly recommend watching an episode of Fringe. You won’t regret it.


“Just Go For It” really brings out the best of leading man, Adam Sandler. Granted he has had some huge hits, but during this film Sandler played the role of a ladies man that realed women in by pretending to be a married man. Once he actually found someone interesting enough, there was no turning back; he had to keep the marriage lie going. Jennifer Aniston plays a supporting role alongside newcomer, Brooklyn Decker. The three play in a little love triangle that reveals towards the end of the movie. If you’re up for a comedy combined with a love story, then this movie will be perfect for you. You will leave the theater with a smile on your face and in your heart.

“Sanctum” aurora blanchard


After seeing the trailer of “Sanctum”, I was convinced I could predict the entire plot. Much to my surprise, I was hugging my knees to my chest for most of the movie. There was one suspenseful moment after another. The 3-D effects and captivating suspense made me feel as if I were on the same journey as the cave divers. When Josh ran out of air underwater, I felt myself holding my breath. When Judes was fighting Frank for the air mask, I felt myself suffocating. What makes Sanctum a good movie isn’t its acting, plot, or effects. It is the movie’s compelling nature which makes the audience feel the same dangers, loss, and triumph felt by the characters.

page by chelsey damalas






(cartoon by RJ Howes)

A few years ago, the District noticed that responsible money management was a key skill to be mastered by students so that they could responsibly and competitively function in our complicated global economy. Now, thanks to Personal Finance, every student who graduates from North has the skills they need to properly manage their finances after high school. Since then, there has been a development in communication, interaction, business, and newsthe evolution of social media. In our society, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms play a crucial role. In just five years, these programs and websites have literally changed the way that industries- which haven’t changed much in decades- do business. So, in this day where more than 90 percent of millennials have a Facebook page, and 1 in 8 couples meet online, why isn’t the District doing more to prepare us for a world

where these programs play such an active role? Well, it turns out, they are. Right now, plans are in the works to start integrating pilot programs, which will expose students into the middle schools of our District. The programs will be in controlled settings and work with the common social media programs which are so prevalent today. Just as the District began integrating PowerPoint and Word into classrooms more than a decade ago, they will be working social media platforms into curriculum. The hope is that these skills carry over into high school, where they are needed, as highlighted by the various events of the past year. From the comment thread on the District’s Facebook page to the evolution of cyber-bullying in the area, there’s a need for effective education about how to responsibly use Facebook and Twitter. It’s good to see that the District is beginning to recognize the power of social media. A few years

ago, as these programs began to gain fame among the student population, the school made an effort to block these from the school, trying to force students to not use them. As seen across the country, not addressing the appropriate use of these programs had lead to bullying and other problems. So why stop with the middle schools? Get a class in the high schools. It doesn’t need to be a mandatory course, but an elective program can allow students to not only learn responsible use, but also how to apply them as tools that they can use in their jobs. Graduates from North would benefit by having specified education in the application of these programs to the workforce, in turn making them more competitive. It’s time to stop fighting the growth of Facebook and Twitter, and embrace them and prepare students for a world in which these sites play a large and active role in society.

On behalf of the editorial staff

The obsession with COD: Black Ops abby west

While it is one of the best reviewed games of the year, the obssesive playing of Call of Duty: Black Ops has caused some to feel like second place to a game. (lydia ness)


page by kevin beerman

Ever known some one who gets sucked into the mindless world of a video game? They sit down to play a game and they look up at the clock and see that they’ve been sitting in the same spot for a couple hours. The newest installment of the Call of Duty craze, Black Ops has taken this problem and increased it by a factor of 10. Black Ops was released in late 2010, and it has already caused quite a stir throughout the whole gaming community. It made $650 million within its first five days on sale worldwide, with two million copies of the game sold in five days in stores and online. It is no surprise that the game has become so popular, but with a new game also comes the risk of obsession. The whole idea of video games is to give people something to do in their spare time, not to

spend all the time playing it. Video games are fun to play, but spending a whole day playing online with friends using various weapons to kill virtual people? Definitely not the way I want to spend my day. I don’t understand how you can stare at a TV screen for so long. I would much rather be outside or spending time with my friends. And think about what is learned from these video games, which is to say, not really much of anything. So, don’t let a video game become a priority in life. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to trash the game because I’ve played it myself, and it is a fun game. And this is not meant to single out the guys because I am sure there are girls who are also obsessed with the game. But if a video game becomes such a big part of someone’s life that it begins to take away from family, friends and school work, it’s been taken it way too far. After all, there is more to life than Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Living by your zodiac, such a foolish endeavor nicole renner

The average Joe (or Jane) wakes up in the morning, has breakfast, a cup of coffee, gets dressed, and begins their day. Seems like a solid regiment right? Well to the gospel zodiac follower the day cannot and even will not start without reading their horoscope. Questions such as ‘How high will my production level be?’ ‘When will I reach my creative peak?’ oh and let’s not forget the dire question of ‘What does my love life look like?’ Don’t fret, all of those answers and more can be found in your newspaper or hand held. Well, isn’t that something, all of those answers right at the very tips of your fingers. So what, the world keeps spinning and people stay in the know because the cosmos decides to drop hints as to what will happen in our daily lives? I think not. In fact I think following your zodiac sign is about as ridiculous as ordering Chinese food, reading your fortune cookie, and basing every decision you make that week on the tiny script inside the cheap sugary desert. Now please don’t

The zodiac sign system has been around for thousands of years, and is determined by alignment and figuration of stars. The different zodiac signs are based on the month you were born in, also used to determine personal characteristics about a person. (sam hurrell)

get me wrong, knowing your zodiac sign and reading your horoscope once in a while can be a fun way to pass the time or even compare jokingly with friends. But when I see people making daily decisions based on what a small section of text says, it makes me wonder how on earth people get by. Example time. I have a friend. She reads her horoscope

religiously. Well things were looking up for her since her sign was said to have great scholastic luck. The night before what was promised to be a challenging midterm, said friend shared with me how both her monthly and daily horoscope put her on the path of mental achievement, she saw it fit not to study for the test. The next day the stars aligned just enough to get her a

failing grade. When living your life, I strongly dis-advise people to let their days fall in the balance of what the universe is supposedly telling you. The sign you’re born under cannot possibly predict the success, achievements, or love you will receive in life.

Classical rather than hip-hop, studying to a new tune

Sam Dulaney expresses her preference of listening to classical music during crunch time to keep her focused

sam dulaney

Before a big game, athletes get into the zone by listening to music with positive or emotion-evoking lyrics to get their blood pumping. However, to get into my homework zone, nothing gets me going better than to crank that Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. If you ask random students what they think about Classical music, I’m sure the majority of them are holding back a gag reflex. What irritates me most is that people never even give Classical a try. If it’s not mainstream, or hardcore or something popular, it’s the kiss of death because younger people assume that it’s uncool. When I’m busting out those late nights working on research papers, I tap my toes to the crescendo of the piano and violins. It keeps me alert without distracting me with lyrics. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I hear a good Ke$ha song, I must sing along. No, I’m definitely not an infant listening to classical, trying to up my IQ, but I feel more sophisticated and intelligent than your

average high school student by choosing to listen to classical music rather than Dub-step. It helps me do better on my homework because I’m focused and I’m all about doing work. When I was pulling my late night Lit session trying to finish the last couple of pages of a huge assignment, I needed something upbeat and mentally stimulating. I turned to Canon by Johann Pachelbel. The moving string sound put me into better mood and made the whole process go a whole lot faster. I barely noticed as the hours ticking away. Trust me when I say I still noticed, but the calm and relaxing nature of classical took the edge of the glare of all those bright white pages. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some hip-hop, some country, some techno. But those are best for getting pumped for a performance or for dancing around my room all alone. Classical is my go-to for concentration and getting the creative juices flowing. Any huge assignment’s accomplishment is due to a beautiful symphonic movement playing in the background in my room. page by shannon ward


WASH abby west

With the dry winter weather wreaking havoc on my skin, I was ecstatic to find St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub. The scrub renewed my skin the minute after I washed it off my face. Not only does this scrub exfoliate to soften skin, it has Salicylic acid in it to help treat acne, which means it’s a great addition to any acne care regimen. I haven’t had any breakouts and my face looks great even without make-up. St. Ives also makes their Apricot Scrub for sensitive and aging skin, so anybody with any type of skin can try this fantastic product. There are also plenty of other products by St. Ives that I’m excited to try out, like the Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser, which seem just as promising as the Apricot scrub.

Opinion writer Chelsey Damalas points her finger at pertend cat Lauren Smith. “I just think it’s really funny to say meow ,” said Smith. (jessica streiler)

Right meow brings out the worst in Damalas

APPLY emily forst

I was walking down an aisle in Wal-Mart looking for chapstick when I came across a new addition to the Carmex line- Carmex Moisture Plus. I like this chap stick because my lips always become quite dry in the winter, and with this chap stick my lips are soft for the whole day, without having to apply over and over again. It also goes on very smooth and stays on your lips, even while you’re eating. It also doesn’t have the gross taste of regular Carmex; it has a wonderful vanilla taste and scent. I highly recommend this chap stick to anyone who is sick of having chapped lips or having to constantly re-apply their regular chap stick. It works wonders on dry lips.


page by nicole renner

chelsey damalas

Lately, every time that I log onto Facebook, people’s status’ are constantly popping up with the word meow. Definition of meow: the cry of a cat. What I don’t understand is where this little phase came from. Using the word meow in the human vocabulary to me is just weird. I get that in certain situations the word may be appropriate, but saying “right meow” instead of “right now” is not. Whoever started this trend needs to stop it because the next time that I hear this word I swear I will vomit. Honestly, whenever this word comes out of someone’s mouth, it makes them look uneducated, strange and just down right silly. I mean, it was kind of funny the first 20 times that I heard it, but come on now people, let’s give it a rest.

For example, if you have seen the movie Mean Girls, and how Gretchen constantly tries to make the word “Fetch” become popular until she finally gets told it will never happen. That should be a little eye opener to people who constantly use the word meow. Stop trying to make it happen. What makes this even worse is that fact that some people go way beyond just saying the phrase. They try to act it out. Buying accessories doesn’t help the cause, it makes you look even more like a fool. Just the idea that people are actually going around speaking, looking and acting like cats is beyond me. So I say let’s put an end to this weird and annoying behavior, and actually start to speak the way that we were taught. So the next time that I get onto my Facebook, I’m praying that I will not see one single person using the term “meow.”


Right Meow isn’t the only irritating phrase, so the NS asked a few students what words drive them up the wall.

Aaron Alello, 9 “‘Shut-Up’. A lot of people say it and I just don’t like the word.”

Kelly Gannon, 10 “‘Boil’. It’s just gross. Like a boil on your face.”

Josh Gutermuth, 12 “‘Fetus’. It just sounds wrong. It’s a baby, not fetus.”

Brenna Hocking, 9 “‘Chill-Out’. Because the person who says it feels like they’re in control.”

Courtney Staley, 11 “‘Pit’. Like your arm pit. The word just grosses me out, I can’t even say it out loud.”

Seve Manzor, 12 “‘Ridonculous’. It’s just a dumb word.”



Head -to- Head

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Is Albert Pujols worth it?

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kyle shikore

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The start of Spring Training is looming and the St. Louis Cardinals have a serious task set on their plate: signing Albert Pujols. It is believed by MLB experts that the Cardinals will have to offer Pujols $30 million per year in order to keep him around. Although this is a large sum of money to pay, the Cardinal front office needs to do whatever it takes to keep Pujols here. He’s hands-down the greatest player in the game today. He’s committed to being the best of the best. He’s the first player in MLB history to hit 30 or more home runs and have 100 or more RBIs in each of his first 10 major league seasons. He’s a three-time National League MVP, and a nine-time member of the All-Star team. The numbers are extraordinary, and without his bat in the lineup producing those numbers, the team could start a downward spiral. Think of the impact that not signing Pujols would have on the city of St. Louis. The fans in St. Louis love him. He draws in a huge portion of the ticketbuying crowd who just want to see the game’s best player in action. The crowds have to eat at the restaurants, stay at the hotels, and do something after the game, so Pujols helps to bring business to these places. With impacts like these, the real question is: how can you afford not to sign him?

Albert Pujols is one of the best players on the Cardinals. But he is just that- a player. His power hitting and fielding ability are not the only elements that allow the team to win. St. Louis has a pitching rotation led by two of the league’s best pitchers and has plenty of good batters (recent additions Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman to name a few). The Cardinals have proven themselves a good team even in Albert’s absence. If Pujols were to leave the Cardinals at the end of 2011 and become a Free Agent, then the Cardinals would find another first baseman and move on. While most of us would be sad to see him go, the team could survive without him. One of the reasons Pujols would be so greatly missed is because of his personality. He is modest about his playing ability and is helpful to the community. If he were to be paid $30 million by the Cardinals or any other team, it would prove him to be just the opposite of what we see him as today. The Cardinals have a team salary of $93 million; Albert Pujols is asking for a third of that. Instead of the great hometown hero, he would be just another star trying to cash in for all he’s worth. I would hate as much as anyone else to see an Albert Pujols decision show like the one for LeBron James.



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