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april 6, 2011 volume 25 issue 8


2549 Hackmann Road St. Charles, MO. 63303 Distributed for free to FHN by the North Star staff. “Providing an open forum for Francis Howell North since 1986.”


04 NEWS Due to District funds being depleted, the Board of Education and Administration have certified over $7 million in cuts to next year’s budget.


08 FEATURES Senior Wyatt Brinovec dresses as Waldo from the Where’s Waldo?, making high school memories from Waldo’s perspective.


35 SPORTS Boys Volleyball team members, including senior Brian Rogan, are stepping up to leadership rolls on the Varsity team.


41 OPINIONS After releasing his debut album and performing on the hit show “Hannah Montana”, Taylor Berra reviews Mitchel Musso’s new album, released in late 2010.


20 IN-DEPTH The North Star gets an in-depth look at the partying lifestyle. By investigating the effects partying can have on the mind, body and soul, we’re showing what goes on underneath the skin.


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Below are five brief descriptions of events involving North and FHN students. Many of these events are taking place in the upcoming weeks.


olivia ong

After a successful showing at the State competition on March 14-16, DECA is preparing for the final step in this year’s competitive season. On April 29, a school record 14 State qualifiers will travel to Orlando, FL for the National Competition.The team will prepare by doing more role plays, taking more tests and receiving more critiques from business teachers. “Everyone did awesome in State,” Britni Strong said. “Even though I wasn’t able to qualify for Nationals, I don’t think I could have asked for a better outcome.”

Eleni Nessler and Brooke Sommer play on one of the many inflatables at last year’s KOE Picnic. This inflatable involved a race between opponents to get the ball in the basket first while being tugged. (file photo)


KOE picnic

taylor berra

KOE has begun to work out details for the KOE Picnic, which will be held on May 6. In order to attend the Picnic, students must have earned one of the following: Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, 4.0 GPA, Student of the Week, Knights of the Round Table or be a Mentor. KOE sponsor Diane Holmes is already excited for this year’s event. “[Students like it] because they get out of class, enjoy beautiful weather and eat fabulous food while jumping on inflatables,” Holmes said.

The Knight Reader’s book discussion on April 1 featured a video meet-andgreet with Brian Katcher, author of Gateway nominated book “Playing With Matches.” The book is about a boy who learns the consequences one can

face after playing games with someone else’s heart. (kevin beerman)


Knight Reader’s Book Discussion

kelsey bell

Last Friday, FHN students had the opportunity to meet Brian Katcher, a Gateway nominated author for his book “Playing With Matches”, during the Knight Reader’s book discussion in the Library. Although students could see, hear and even question Katcher, he wasn’t actually in the building. He was traveling through cyber-space via Skype, interacting with FHN students through an online video conference. This is the first time the Library has held a video meet-and-greet like this. “One way that it benefits students is that gives them the opportunity to meet a real, live author,” librarian Michelle Stuerman said. “It’s amazing that we can incorporate technology into this. Skype makes this possible.”


Michael McGreal, Kayleen Lindstrom and Kristina Freund discuss the Mu Alpha Theta March Madness tournament and the upcoming induction ceremony. (lydia ness)


Mu Alpha Theta Inductions

jordan byson

The Mu Alpha Theta induction ceremony will be in the FHN auditorium at 7 p.m. on April 13. Inducted students will walk across the stage and accept certificates from club sponsor Val VanDerBeck. Parents, MAT officers, Principal Darlene Jones, FHN math teachers and VanDerBeck attend inductions. Officers will read passages with information about MAT, Jones will talk about the honor of being in MAT and VanDerBeck will present certificates. “It’s an honor for kids and families to have the heads of the school and club there to represent,” VanDerBeck said. Students became eligible to be inducted by referring themselves to VanDerBeck. They had to be at least in their second semester of Algebra II and have a 3.0 GPA in math.



College 101 at SCC



Physics to Six Flags


Senior Tommy Roam plays his snare drum during a hack session after a long practice. Roam has been a member of the high school drumline for four years and plans to join an independent drum line after he graduates. (brandon neer)

With its final competition in Dayton, OH from April 13-15, the Drumline season is coming to a close. The performers are striving to do well in their last event, perfecting their show four to five times a week during practices. Another way the Drumline has been able to prepare for their upcoming competition is by participating in other events. On Macrh 26, they participated in the MCCGA Championships, where the team placed seventh. “One of the judges we had for our last competition will be our judge for our next competition,” Blake Hamor said. “We can change the show and better it to his liking.”

Below are the following events that will be taking place in the upcoming weeks. To see more information on these dates, go to the school calendar.




nick ponche




AP Calculus Exam

page by olivia ong


Cinco de Mayo Party



Sophomore Jamie Ferkel makes some last minute adjustments to her pitcher plant on the turn in date in late January. The Botanical Garden’s Power of Plants is sponsored by local business such as Monsanto and a few local universities. Ferkel won’t know the out come of the competition until mid-April, at which point she could be awarded a $200 scholarship and a trip to an honoree banquet (photo submitted).

Pitcher plant “power” to be tested in coming weeks taylor bartram


ophomore Jamie Ferkel and Science teacher Megan Mosher enrolled in the Power of Plants contest sponsered by Monsanto and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Participants had to create a visual with facts and benefits of the plant they chose. Mosher found out about the contest in a newsletter from the Botanical Gardens. “The newsletter peaked my interest, and I knew immediately who would be perfect,” Mosher said. “I chose Jamie because she is known for going above and beyond.” Ferkel created a three-dimensional pitcher plant out of paper mache and chicken wire. She glued facts about the plant to the model. Her finished model exceeded the size that was stated in the rules - it could barely fit through a door. “I wanted to do something exotic, big and bold,” Ferkel said. The projects are being judged within the next few weeks by professors from Washington University, Mizzou, Monsanto and the Botanical Gardens; however, the results will not be announced until mid April. After the judging is over, Ferkel and Mosher will receive an invitation stating if the plant placed. If the plant places, Jamie will receive $200 and FHN will receive $500. Ferkel and Mosher will also be invited to a banquet where winners will be honored. “Jamie superseded everyone else in creativity and workmanship,” Mosher said. After seeing Ferkel’s submission to the contest, art teachers Zac Smithey and Mike Leistner agreed to put her design on display in


NEWS page by paige yungermann


Ferkel studied the fanged pitcher plant. Below are some of the facts she incorporated into her model of the plant. 1. The pitcher plant is a cousin of the venus fly trap. 2. They can grow to be 10 inches tall and 6.4 inches wide. 3. It is in great danger from habitat destruction. 4. The pitcher plant has large pitcher shaped leaves that trap and digest small organisms. 5. This plant is found on the island of Borneo, on the continent of Asia. 6. The plant grows in swamps and sandy forests.

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the art hallway after the results are announced. “We wanted to place the plant in the display case because it’s super awesome,” Smithey said. Whether the plant places in the competition or not, Mosher believes that Ferkel will be able to pull a lot from the experience. “I think it is a valuable experience,” Mosher said, “It showed her how you have to work on an attentive timeline, how you have to present yourself, the publicity and with experience comes comfort and confidence, and you have to be open.”

PHOTO POLL Question: What makes this play special?

Sam Scopel, 10: John the Baptist & Judas “The fact that the entire cast gets together, and we come together as a group when rehearsing.” Sophomore Tori Hanke and senior Jeremy Hyatt practice “Day By Day” at rehearsal on March 7 for the upcoming musical “Godspell.” The play includes parables from the Bible but set in more modern times. While the play does focus on the teachings of Jesus, it is meant to teach lessons about kindness, not provide religious instruction. (erin d’amico)

Jesus sings, dances for “Godspell” sidney shelton

Christina Womack, 12: Joanne “What makes this play special is all the fun and talented people that are in it and how we are trying to make it an awesome production.”

Jeremy Hyatt, 12: Jesus “It’s a musical; that’s pretty cool, and we get to sing and act.”

Fifty-three people stand in a circle hand in hand. They can hear the audience file into the auditorium one-by-one. But for the cast and crew of the spring musical “Godspell” only one thing matters: making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for one of the most important nights for a theater production. This is the first night that the cast and crew will see the 13 weeks of building, rehearsing and advertising come together. This is opening night. This will be the scene outside of room 57 tomorrow night as the drama club prepares for opening night of the spring musical “Godspell.” The play tells the story and teachings of Jesus through 15 songs and focuses on the formation of a community that follows Jesus throughout his life. Drama teacher Jeffrey Tandler feels that even though religion is used as a plot in the play, it is not the main idea and that they are using it to show how to be a good person. “‘Day By Day’ is the most well known song,” Tandler said. “There are still a lot of references to

it in modern day cinema.” The 13 week preparation for four performances (April 7-9 at 7 pm and a matinee performance on April 9 at 2 pm) of “Godspell” did not come without it’s struggles. Choreography and the intricate set became a few of the things that proved a challenge. “The steps to the set were difficult because each step is an individual cut,” Tandler said. “The set is elevated, and they have to be able to hold up to 600 pounds. The choreography was also hard because we haven’t done a musical in a while, so a lot of the people in it have never done it or haven’t done it in a while.” Despite the difficulties that the 18 cast members and the 37 crew members faced, one of the stage managers, Samantha Scott, feels the musical is something worth going to see. “I think it will turn out well,” Scott said. “I hope everything goes smoothly and everyone enjoys the show because there was a lot of hard work put into the play, and there are a lot of seniors graduating, and I think they deserve a good show.”

Masked faces only one change at prom emily forst

The St. Charles Convention Center will be packed on April 23 with North students dressed in their best attire. The student body voted on the theme MidKnight Masquerade earlier this year. Now the Junior Delegates are working to bring together the most anticipated dance of the year. “Every year prom gets better, and everyone had good ideas, so I think this prom will be good,” Junior Delegates sponsor Louri Lutz said.

At last year’s prom, junior Heather Deckard and senior Stevie Raines dance together during a slow song. Last year’s theme, Frozen in Time, was well received and incorporated a blue and white theme throughout the convention center. This year, prom is on April 23 and has been themed Midknight Masquerade. (file photo)

Students who attended last year will notice some differences in this year’s prom, such as the absence of a hardwood dance floor. Instead, there will be a place sectioned off for people to dance, which will hopefully allow for more space to dance. As dancing is generally a focal point of the event, this improvement, along with a new DJ, should impress those in attendance. “I’m just excited to see all our hard work come together,” Junior Delegates Vice President Maggie Curran said. page by nick ponche





Students share their thoughts on teachers being cut from FHN in the 2011-2012 school year.


Fiscal crisis leaves FHSD short

Katie Bauer, 10- “That shouldn’t be the first thing they cut because it’s not fair to the teachers.”

Nathan Rhomberg, 10- “They could have cut other things besides teachers first, instead of just cutting jobs.”

FHSD Budget Components: 2010-2011 The North Star takes a closer look at Other what is being cut from the District in $20 million 2011-2012. The total budget from this year was $226,538,953. The total number of teachers this year is 1,351. Transportation 9% Next year, the proposed budget re$14 million 6% duction is $7,289,377 and 95 positions are being cut across the District. Below are the percentages of the total 20% 65% amount to be cut from each area. $45 million $146 million Where the Staff Cuts Are Coming From


Building administrators 2% District alternative education


Cara Kyonka, 11-“I think it’s kind of ridiculous because it can lower the value of education by having larger classes. I think they can move money around from more things that are less important.”

1% District Academic

Where the Budget Reductions Are Coming From Others



High School


Support Staff 6%



Middle School

Brandon Burich, 11- “I think realistically, due to the economy, we have to do what is necessary in order to survive, but cutting back education cuts innovation.”

NEWS page by sidney shelton

63% Teaching Staff


T 04

General Budget

As revenue starts to dry up, kevin beerman

Alex Hamrick, 11“They shouldn’t happen because our school already needs all the teachers they have, and our classes would be so big, and they would be hectic. It would also hinder the learning of students.”


he Francis Howell School District is now facing one of the most daunting budget shortfalls that it has dealt with in almost 10 years. The lack of revenue has cut deep into almost all areas of District budget and expenditure, forcing $7.3 million in total cuts, eliminating 95 staff positions, and causing $3 million in deficit spending. And that’s just for the 2011-2012 school year. The root of the problem is actually quite simple. How the District makes its money (in fact 53.7 percent of its funding) is determined by the value of property- both residential and commercial- in the

area. In 2009, the District’s assessed valuation decreased for the first time in seven years. Tax law states that when there is a decline in valuation, as the District is now, the District is allowed to raise the rate of collection, but can only collect as much money as they did the year prior. Simply put, the District has less revenue flowing in, and more expenditures going out. “We’re starting to see the gap between revenue and expenditures grow further and further apart,” Supple said. “That’s what is causing our deficit.” In December the deliberation of the cuts started. When the Board of Education instructed the Administration to find areas where money could be

saved to avoid a deficit greater than $3 million. What they determined was a cut of 95 positions across the District, seven of which will come from North. Many of the positions being eliminated are in areas outside of the core classroom teachers. “We know that the single most important factor in the quality of education is the quality of the classroom teacher, “ Supple said. “We wanted to not impact class size in a dramatic way.” In order to maintain what the District deemed essential staff, cuts in other areas were discussed. The two funds which the District has the most ability to manipulate- the General Fund and the Salary And Benefit Fund- were the ones which were focused on for cuts. In order to cut the least amount from Salaries and Benefits, building administrations were asked to decrease their General Funds by 10 percent (or $1.5 million across the District) for the next year. At North, the budget is overseen by Associate Principal Jack Ameis. “You look at it and you determine, ‘What do you have to have?” Ameis said. “In a lot of cases, we’ve been fortunate. You just have to start cutting back on things that you don’t have to have.” The department which is expecting to see the most cuts is the Science department, due to the fact that the department spends above average money on the in-class labs that they use to supplement their lessons. Their budget for next year is around $12,300, nearly $1700 less than this years. There are also going to be 10 percent cuts in athletics and other Districtfunded extracurriculars. “I don’t go to the department heads and say, ‘This is what you’re going to get next year,” Ameis said. “That’s not how we do things. I ask them what they need to have a good program.” Cuts like these are expected not only across the North community, but across the District. More than six administrative positions, over 65 teaching positions and 22 support staff positions will be cut. The root of the problem can be traced as far back as the Housing Market crash of 2008. The reason it’s just now affecting the District is due to the fact that their revenue comes from property tax. Property tax, unlike sales tax, remains pretty steady and is not as rapidly influenced by economic factors. This has allowed the District to maintain a relatively steady growth through the first year of the recession. However, the economic downturn has started affecting property value in the area, causing problems for the District. With the 2011 valuation looking like more declines, and the 2013 valuation not looking much better, Supple has predicted that the District could be in the negatives until 2015. “With the changes in federal programs, it’s going to be harder for people to get into the market,” Supple said. “I don’t see our property tax revenue recovering in that time-span.”


These are the candidates for the three open seats in the 2011 school Board election. The vote was taken on April 5, and results are available on Below, the candidates answer, Why are you running for the Board of Education?

Scan Here

Scan here to see the video from Meet the Candidates Night that hosted on March 10. Get the free mobile app for your phone. No smart phone? Here’s the URL.

Gary Miller “I look forward to working with the Board and Administration in order to make sure the students have a voice and to make sure the education of the students and the test scores continue to climb and the drop-out rate declines.” Ronnie Johnson “Serving and giving back to students is a passion in my life. I hope to impart my values to the students and the Francis Howell School Board.”

Mike Hoehn (Current Treasurer) Incumbent “I want to remain on the Board to continue the progress we have made over the last three years with academic achievement and see the construction project completed on time and in budget.” Eric Seider “I’m a passionate supporter of public education in our society. I believe that public education is the civil and human rights issue of the 21st century.”

Mike Sommer (Current President of Board) Incumbent “I want to be on the Board because this is an exciting and challenging time for our school district. I am excited to continue our academic success.”

Burt Bierman “I have a deep desire to help the community. These times are challenging. I am trying to come up with solutions.”

Mark Lafata Incumbent “I am running so that I can talk about some of the decisions being made on the Board that I don’t think are good.”

Eric Ewalt “I’m interested in the curriculum, making it more ecological. Maybe five years from now we could do the curriculum in a paperless format.”

page by sidney shelton






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Where’s Wyatt?

08 FEATURES page by emily forst

Brinovec experiences high school through Waldo’s eyes tickets, he still wore his costume, for once blending in as Waldo instead of standing out. While Wyatt may not often encounter other Waldos, he has worn the costume before in other environments where dressing as a cartoon character is not unusual. Wyatt goes to anime conventions dressed as Waldo. He also dresses as Waldo on Halloween, and he has even more plans for his Waldo costume as his time to wear the costume in high school comes to an end. “I thought about walking up to the grocery store like that,” Wyatt said. “I’ll probably do that eventually. I did [dress as Waldo] for Halloween at work, St. Charles 18 Cinema.” Another opportunity for Wyatt to dress as Waldo at the movie theater is in 2013, when a Where’s Waldo? movie is set to be released. “I think it’s bad that the industry’s resorting to that,” Wyatt said. “It’s like pay $15, ‘Hey, I found Waldo. Is the movie over yet?’ But I think it’s a good idea. Most kids don’t know who Waldo is.” Aside from this prospective movie, the character of Waldo has also been portrayed in a short lived T.V. show, comic strip, several video games, a Where’s Waldo? magazine and, of course, the original Where’s Waldo? books series. “I could never find [the books as a kid],” Wyatt said. “I remember reading some of them.” Even though Wyatt was not an avid Waldo fan growing up, he has certainly managed to find Waldo as a teenager. Nowadays, to many FHN students, Wyatt is Waldo. “People say I look a lot like him when I put on the costume,” Wyatt said. “People can’t find me half the time when I’m not dressed up like him, but they always find me when I’m dressed up like Waldo.”

paige yungermann


n a crowd of people, it can be a challenge most days to find senior Wyatt Brinovec. But some days, Wyatt stands out from a crowd in a red and gray striped shirt, white and red hat and thick black glasses. Some days, Wyatt chooses to take on a new persona. Some days, Wyatt becomes Waldo. Wyatt started dressing up as Waldo, from the Where’s Waldo? books, during his junior year. He was originally inspired by a picture of Waldo he saw in his German class. Since that first fateful day in his Waldo costume, Wyatt has continued to dress as Waldo for hat days and multiple spirit weeks. “I think it’s a good idea,” friend Ashleigh Ellis said. “It brings people’s spirits up during spirit week.” In addition to raising other’s spirits, Wyatt’s Waldo persona has made his life more interesting. When he dresses as Waldo, students often come up to him and comment on how they found Waldo. Dressing as Waldo has made Wyatt’s high school experience more memorable. “Everyone has a high school moment,” Wyatt said. “This kind of felt like mine.” One reason Wyatt considers Waldo to be one of his best high school memories is because of the many experiences he has had in the costume. “The principal tried to get him in trouble for wearing his hat,” friend Aimee Gardner said. “Then the principal was like, ‘Wait, you’re Waldo, never mind.’” Of course, Waldo has not only improved Wyatt’s time in high school- he has also inspired the students of North and started a Waldo trend here. This became evident when Stuco held a “Where’s Waldo?” day as a part of the 2010 homecoming spirit week. “I did like the idea, but I kind of wished they had asked me to be a part of it,” Wyatt said. “I came up with the idea first; they kind of got the idea from me.” Even though Wyatt was not asked to be the “real” Waldo on this day and hand out raffle

WHO ELSE CAN YOU FIND? • • • • • •

Dr. Jones Mrs. Malkmus Mike “The Situation” Snooki Someone on crutches Mr. Manfull

• • • • •

Harry Potter Tom Hanks & Wilson A School Janitor Mrs. Hanke Someone who’s about to be eaten by a shark page by emily forst


TREEmendous is a year long exhibit that has a variety of events which display vital information about trees. (michelle spencer)

MoBot will have extreme tree houses located around their garden from April 30 to Aug. 21. (michelle spencer)

TREEmendous celebration

The Missouri Botanical Garden hosts an exhibit that celebrates the importance of trees. christy maupin


TREEmendous Great St. Louis Tree Hunt: April 1- Sept. 30 Download the clue map and photo journal, then search through the metro area for 15 of 30 trees. If completed an award is given.

Arbor Day TreeGiveaway: April 1 MoBot is giving away various kinds of tree saplings to the first 600 people from 9a.m.-5p.m.

TREEmendous Forest Festival: April 30 and May 1 Celebrate trees through demonstrations and work-shops on how to use and enjoy trees.


page by christy maupin


ormally when someone thinks about the Missouri Botanical Garden (MoBot), they picture thousands of colorful flowers and tropical plants. This year, the Garden will be highlighting trees during their TREEmendous exhibition. This show is the Garden’s way of honoring the United Nations’ “International Year of Forests.” “It was a combination effort of all our staff to make something fun for our guests to celebrate,” Karen Hill, Public Information Officer for MoBot, said. Some of the major activities and events that MoBot will have to celebrate are The Extreme Tree House Exhibit , The Great St. Louis Tree Hunt, The TREEmendous Interactive Discovery Center, The Arbor Day Tree Giveaway, and The Forest Festival. The Extreme Tree House Exhibit consists of ground-level structures located around the Garden that experiment with a variety of non-traditional designs. All of the selected designs on display were pre-screened to ensure they are different and unique. “I think people will be excited to see the Tree House Exhibit because it’s unconventional, and they all have such interesting structures,” Hill said. “It’s not something that someone would usually picture.” The Great St. Louis Tree Hunt is a scavenger-type hunt throughout the St. Louis Metro area. Participants are able to download a guidebook and a map identifying the locations of TREEmendous trees. There is even a reward for finding and recording 15 of the 30 special trees. “This sounds like fun and hopefully people will learn more about how important trees are,” Ecology Club President Chelsea Norman said. The TREEmendous Interactive Discovery Center is a handson activity center where participants learn and interact with trees. Activities range from tree-related artwork to tree story-telling to educational exhibits. “People need to learn how important plants and trees are to our society,” Norman said. The ultimate purpose of TREEmendous is to support the Missouri Botanical Garden’s mission to discover and share knowledge about plants and their relationship to the environment. “I think it’ll get people to appreciate trees more and see that they’re there for beauty and for use while keeping in mind the importance they have for our planet,” Hill said.


Laura Montgomery, Biology “Trees that are native to Missouri provide food and shelter, for other native organisms. They also help hold the soil in place, detoxify substances in the soil, and provide us with shade, oxygen, and aesthetic enjoyment.”

Matt Miller, 10 “They provide oxygen, shelter to animals, shade, and they are pretty.”

Hannah Mason, 10 “They change carbon dioxide into oxygen, so we can breathe and help prevent erosion.”

Gonna Wiles, nick named Spunky Beans, happily ties a blue and pink flower to a young girls wrist. She visits Culver’s every Wednesday and Sunday nights, where she makes various types and shapes of balloon objects for the kids. (erin d’amico)

Mission: get twistin’ Spunky Beans turns a hobby into a career amanda cornett


onna Wiles walks through the two sets of glass doors armed and ready to conquer the world. She wears a sequin vest with a name tag pinned to it that reads “Spunky Beans” and a hat made out of colorful balloons. She goes to the single booth, just as she does every Sunday and Wednesday night, and prepares to take Culver’s by storm. She scans the room looking for the first child to thrill. She picks her target; off she goes. A smile spreads across the girl’s face as Gonna approaches. She tells the little girl all of the crazy concoctions she could make for her. Right away Gonna put her 21 years of experience to work, twisting and tying the balloons together. As she hands the little girl the mermaid she chose the girl’s face lights up with excitement. “[The best thing] is their reactions,” Gonna says. “Just the smiles on their faces. It’s just like Christmas to them.” As the restaurant begins to fill with people, Gonna keeps on twisting and satisfying each customer she encounters. She even has time to give a few adults and employees a special balloon trinket of their choice. “By having her here, she

brings a lot of business,” Culver’s manager, Kelly Glueck says, “lightens the atmosphere and makes everyone happy,” Gonna didn’t always know that balloon twisting was her passion. She became involved after a hearing-impaired friend of hers invited her to a balloon twisting class. When she left the classes, she had what was then a hobby, but something that has become a career. “It is just a fun job,” Gonna says. “There is no other job like it, we need more smiles in the world.” It hasn’t always been so easy for Gonna. It continues to be an internal search for perfection. At first, it was a struggle to get her foot in the door. The beginning of her career was a blur of volunteer jobs for her friends and neighbors. She felt as though she needed to go above and beyond all the time. “It was hard to think that I wasn’t good enough,” Gonna says. “Looking back it feels good to know that I am doing good now and I always try to do something unexpected.” Now that she is more popular, she faces dayto-day struggles such as keeping up with demand. She continuously looks for new ideas and even attends twisting conventions where she shares ideas with fellow balloon twisters. As the night comes to a close, Gonna finishes up with her last few families. She takes off her balloon hat and grabs some tea before she goes. It’s another mission accomplished but there’s always next week for Gonna to continue her dream job.

Gonna Wiles, creates a balloon animal for customers at Culver’s. Wiles dresses not only for holidays, but in bright fun outfits for every visit. (erin d’amico)

A little boy holds a balloon shaker that Gonna Wiles, made him. Wiles has a list of over 20 types of balloons figures she can make depending on what the customer wants. (erin d’amico)

Scan Here

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page by amanda cornett


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STEP ONE Look around the paper for tags like the one our friend the hedgehog is looking at. You will find these in a few different spots throughout the paper. They are QR Codes. In essence, they are barcodes that can be read by your smartphone. STEP TWO Download the free application to your mobile device found at http:// Once the application has downloaded to your phone, open it. STEP THREE With the application open, use your smartphone’s camera and position the crosshairs over the barcode. It should automatically open your web browser and direct you to the page we are sending you to. Sometimes that page will

What’s the difference? ICE CREAM



416 South Main Street

2621 Muegge Rd. Yo My Goodness is a small franchise desert shop that opened in the middle of December. Their specialty is soft-serve frozen yogurt. There is a plethora of flavors for customers to choose from, including strawberry, espresso, cotton candy, red velvet cake, and more. The Yellow Cake Batter has proven to be the most popular flavor among customers. While most shops let people order what they want at the counter, Yo My Goodness allows the customer to construct their ideal treat. They choose what they want, how much they want and the add whatever toppings they want. The customer only has to pay 40 cents per ounce. And since frozen yogurt has no fat and it’s only 100 calories per half cup, Yo My Goodness regulars don’t feel guilty loading up a cup. “I like that it’s much healthier, and it has proScan Here Scan here to see Kaitlyn Williams’ video on the new biotic features; all of our frosen yogurt shop Yo My Goodnes. yogurts are fat free,” Yo Get the free mobile app for your phone. My Goodness employee No smart phone? Here’s the URL. Jessica Hutson said.

Riverside Sweets is a ice cream parlor on Main Street. It has been open for 12 years. While people can get candy, yogurt, and gifts there, Riverside Sweets is most famous for their ice cream because it’s their main dessert. The public can even watch it be made. Their most popular flavor is chocolate rain forest. People can also watch the workers make the ice cream in the back. Employee Suzy at Riverside Sweets likes that ice cream is a lot richer, and that she can taste the flavor more than she would with frozen yogurt and custard. “[Frozen yogurt and custard] are much softer, ice cream is a lot richer, you can taste the flavor more,” employee Suzy Borth said.

506 Jungermann Rd. Fritz’s is a frozen custard shop off Jungermann Road that has been open since 1987. It’s an outdoor ice cream shop where people walk up to the window and order. Fritz’s most popular treat is the “Famous Turtle.” Their other popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate and chocolate malt. Their most expensive dessert would be any of their feature sundaes which vary between $4 to $8. They also do a treat of the month; March’s was Irish Chocolate Mint. Fritz’s is one of the few ice cream shops in the area to offer “lite” or 95 percent fat free Custard. The Lite custard is known for its smoothness and that’s what separates it from ice cream. “[I like] the silky smoothness. I feel like custards just creamier,” employee Rachel Geringer at Fritz’s said.


Frozen Custard

Ice Cream

“I don’t feel bad for eating it because it’s kind of healthy.”

“It’s more creamy and it’s rich.”

“I’m not all about being healthy; the more fat the better.”

Brooke McGlasson, 10

Catherine Burke, 11

Alyssa Bocci, 12

page by nick bussell




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14 FEATURES page by taylor berra

Alyssa Bocci, 12 Kristina Freund, 12 Designer: Mori Lee Flirt Store purchased: Lauree’s Price: $360 What is do you like the most about your dress?: “The cut of the dress because it fits my body well,” Bocci said.

Sonia Patel, 12 Designer: Jovani Store purchased: Distinction’s Price: $460 What do you like the most about your dress?: “I like how playful it is and how I can do anything with it,” Patel said.

Lauren Kopf, 11

Designer: Venus Store purchased: Bella Bride Price: $180 What do you like the most about your dress?: “I like that it is different than all of the others,” Kopf said.

Alyssa Jensen, 12 Designer: B. Darlin Store purchased: Dillards Price: $100 What do you like the most about your dress?: “I like that it’s a really bright blue color,” Jensen said.

page by taylor berra



Freshman Jacob Lazinski helps direct a schools color guard team into the small gym which was used for practice. North held the annual drumline competition on sat. March 11 throughout the entire day. Setting up was the first thing the team began doing in preparation before all of the schools arrived. Many color guard teams came from all around the state to perform. North’s color guard team did not perform until six that night. (sam hurrell)

Band drums to Art In Motion Senior Kate Jehle claps for a performance from another school during the competition. FHN’s winterguard came in first place during this competition and again on Sat. March 26. (sam hurrell)

Sophomore Nathan Compton and eighth grader Aarisa Ball sells tickets to the drumline competition. Two drumlines were international, but only one could make it, Gateway Indoor drumline. They travel all over the world performing in different countries. (sam hurrell)

North’s drumline began performing at 3:18 in the afternoon. They did their best and came in fourth place with a score of 75 out of 100. The performance lasted for five minutes. (kaitlyn williams)

Junior Erin Long plays the marimba during the performance at North. The music that North’s drumline performed was composed specifically for the band. The performance consisted of three songs which together made Metro transit. (kaitlyn williams)

Juniors Nick Reuther and Jordan Schuup carry out the tarp into the small gym. The tarp they performed on was painted to look like a map from a subway station to go with the theme of the performance. (kaitlyn williams)

page by sam hurrell & kaitlyn williams



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The ULTIMATE game: During their first season in existence, North’s Ultimate Frisbee team is doing something entirely unexpected of new teams: winning. With a perfect 3-0 record, the motley crew of 12 players that compose the ‘Knights’ are not only winning games, but they are embracing a new sport, and perhaps more importantly, having fun while doing it. logan ponche

Senior Maddy Millikan knew what she wanted to do. After a conversation with her boyfriend Scott Hodges- a freshman at SCC and former player on Central’s Ultimate team for four years- about why North didn’t have an Ultimate Frisbee team, she knew that she wanted to start a Ultimate team at North, which had never previously fielded one.

32 SPORTS page by abbey grone

“When she asked me if I would coach a team at North, I told her, ‘If you get enough players, then I’ll do it,” Hodges said. Millikan talked up the idea in her classes, with her friends and anyone who would listen. “I was going around to people and asking them ‘Hey have you played Ultimate Frisbee before?,” Millikan said. “Then I told them we were starting a team and would [they] like to join.” The members of North’s inaugural Frisbee team, the Knights, have essentially two things in common: they were recruited by Millikan, and they want to play Frisbee. They all have different interests, but playing Frisbee unites them in a way nobody saw coming. There are choir members, football players and drama kids. There are track runners, team managers and DECA people. There are seemingly representatives from every corner of the school. But

once on the field, they are only representatives of the Ultimate team. * * *

Senior Conner LaLonde wasn’t expecting to end up on a Frisbee team of all things when he started his senior year. If he was going to expect anything, it would be for him to finish his last year of track before graduating, then move on to the University of Central Missouri. That, however, all changed after LaLonde found himself sitting in a Ultimate Frisbee meeting with a few friends in late February. “Tyler Johnson came up to us one day after school,” LaLonde said. “We were trying to figure out what to do, and he said ‘Well I’m going to the Ultimate Frisbee meeting.’ So, since we had nothing better to do, that’s where we went.” Less than one month later, LaLonde found himself driving his 2000 silver Mercury Sable

Players embrace new sport at North down Muegge Road after school towards Waplehorst Park to meet up with five or six other seniors for a workout. Those seniors, along with LaLonde, had all signed up to be members of the team and wanted to get some work in spite of having a team practice the day before. “We just wanted to hang out and practice our throws,” LaLonde said. “Throwing a Frisbee is a muscle memory thing, so it just takes practice, practice, practice.” These types of get-togethers have been common for members of the newly formed Knights. Within a week of the first practice, players were staying after the coaches left to get some extra throws in. Extra practices outside of the team practices were being scheduled, and LaLonde himself went from playing Ultimate Frisbee only four times ever to playing six times a week. There was a buzz in the air amongst this team, one that had both players and coaches excited for what was to come.

“We have a good group of kids,” Hodges said. “They’re probably one of the best starter teams I’ve seen in a long time. It’s awesome to see them going out there and loving the sport.” What was to come was a 3-0 record. The Knights, who consist of 9 seniors and 3 sophomores, have wins over Metro, Francis Howell Central JV, and Lafayette. Currently, they are halfway through their season in SLUJ (Saint Louis Ultimate Juniors) High School league, which consists of 21 teams from various public and private high schools around the Saint Louis area. With only three games to go before their State competition in May, the Knights are focusing on the making the best of the little time they have left. “I’m upset that we didn’t get this going sooner,” senior Conner Lalonde said. “I’m a senior, and I’m going to be missing out on this the next few years.”

Senior Jake Simms throws the Frisbee to senior Brian Hagee during the game on March 27 against Lafayette. The Knights defeated the Lancers with a 15-1 score, which made their record 3-0. This year is the first year North has had an Ultimate Frisbee team. (kelsey habighorst)



Ultimate Frisbee is a seven-on-seven sport played with a Frisbee. Players can only advance by passing to other teammates; no running with the Frisbee is allowed. A point is scored when one team passes the frisbee in the endzone. The first team to score 15 points and be up by two wins. There’s no time limit for an Ultimate game, so some matches can take upwards of two hours if the score is close. A unique aspect is the lack of referees; the sport relies completely on player officiating in what many call “Spirit of the Game.” “[Spirit of the Game] is the mantra of the whole sport,” Hodges said. You do not disrespect another player or team. Sportsmanship is key. Don’t disrespect them at all.”

page by abbey grone


Junior Danielle Meyer prepares to vault over the pole during a practice. Their first meet was held on March 24 at North. Meyer has been pole vaulting for three years and won GACs last year as a sophomore. (sam hurrell)

Meyer pushes herself to go the extra foot, break FHN record abbey grone

Current school record: 10 feet. Current personal record: nine feet. Distance from victory: one and a half feet. This pole-vault season, junior Danielle Meyer has set the goal to break the school pole-vault record, create a new personal record for herself and make it to State. “I’ve been at the same height for the past year,” Meyer said. “As long as I do extra stuff on the side of practice I should be there by the end of the season. I’m going to have to work really hard and put in a lot of extra hours though.” This season started a month ago for the whole team, but started long ago for Meyer. She has been working with last year’s coach, former olympian Jeff Hartwig, and has been participating in other track meets since the season ended last year. Offseason workouts and collaboration with Hartwick’s pole-vault club has helped her grow in a few different areas.

“My form is better and I can run a lot faster now,” Meyer said. “I’m also not doing distance running anymore so I can focus on polevault a lot more.” Working to make it to State along with Meyer is sophomore Morgan May. “I like Danielle but there’s competition, but it’s good competition,” May said. “We push each other. When she does good, it pushes me to do good, too.” The current school record holder and boys pole-vault State champion, 2010 graduate Kyle Morse, has helped coach these girls to make it as far as they both have and still plans on supporting them. “I talk to Danielle all the time and plan on making it to as many meets as I can depending on my schedule,” Morse said. “I’m always a phone call away if they need anything or have any questions.” Along with hopefully going to State, Meyer enjoys knowing she can say she’s a pole-vaulter. “[Pole-vault] existed in ancient times,” Meyer said. “I was excited they still had it around and now I can say I’ve done it.”


Take Off The pole should make contact with the bottom of the box.

Flight Phase Vaulter should lead with chest and keep left leg back to fly forward.

34 SPORTS page by elizabeth diggs & sam dulaney

Here are a few of the steps and positions of the pole-vault process.

Hang and Push Press Pushing pole vertically, vaulter should maintain speed.

Turn and Clearance To achieve maximum height, vaulter should delay the 90 degree turn.

Barber #9 Charlestowne P12 St. Charles, MO 63303 636.447.3077 Hwy 94






l Rd. Caulks Hil

Westport Dr.

Senior Brian Rogan blocks the ball during the third home game of the season against Ritenour. The game took place on March 23, and the Knights defeated the Huskies 2-0. FHN plays FZE for their next game on April 8. This is Rogan’s first year playing outside hitter. (michelle spencer)

Change in line-up doesn’t trip up Rogan

Chervil Dr.

Sizes 14 and up New and Resale!

shannon ward

This Volleyball season, coach Ryan Vonfeldt is changing things up a bit. Senior Brian Rogan is going to be the outside hitting starter for the first time ever. He has always been a setter but is stepping up this year for the team to fill the position. “I’m expecting him to step up and lead the team this year and hopefully guide the team to State,” Vonfeldt said. “Brian is a great setter but he also is one of our best hitters as well.” With this change in the line-up, Rogan is feeling the pressure of the season more than ever. He wants to lead his team to state but now he also must focus on playing this new position to the best of his potential which is crucial for the team’s success. “I love hitting,” Rogan said. “I don’t get to do it that often, so this is a great opportunity. But it is also nerve-wracking to start this new rotation so close to the beginning of the season.” This change in the line-up did not only effect Rogan, but the whole team as well. Everyone had to work hard to make the change a success. Junior Alex Bolte had to step up and set the whole time during the team’s first match against Howell, which was a totally new thing for him. “It was very new for me,” Bolte said. “The hardest part was setting in the front row and having to block.” Rogan hit outside against Howell and won in three games. The line-up was the one they have been practicing only for a couple of weeks, yet Rogan lead the team with 14 kills for the match. “It was a tough game and it felt weird that I didn’t set the whole time,” Rogan said. “We pulled it off and I’m very proud that we can change up the line-up so soon to a game and for it to still work out.” Another change for Rogan in his life will be continuing his volleyball career at one of the many colleges that are offering scholarships. These colleges include Lindenwood, Quincy, Mobap, Emerson, MO Valley, and Ohio State. “I’m not quite sure where I’m going to go for college but I do know I will still be playing volleyball and hopefully I will be able to take it farther than just college ball,” Rogan said. Although he doesn’t know where or who he will be playing for next year, he does know he wants his last high school season to be one he will never forget. “I’m really excited to see how this season will play out and if there are any more major changes we need to make as a team,” Rogan said.

6754 Mexico Rd. St. Peters, MO 63376

Call 636-278-DIVA

1881 Sherman Drive Saint Charles, MO 63303 (636) 946-0266

page by aurora blanchard



At the game against Fort Zumwalt South, Senior Brett Sloan pitches the ball. Sloan is the lead pitcher this year for the Knights. (file photo)

State approaches for bowling nicole renner

The Bowling team traveled to Cape Girardeau on April 1-3 to compete in the State tournament. They arrived on Friday, a day earlier than the actual tournament, to get a feel for the lanes. This is the first year the team placed in a higher bracket, which is based on average and handicap. “We always end up bowling, focusing, and, overall, performing better at tournaments,” senior Darin Voyles said. “So I’m pretty optimistic at our overall outcomes.”

New district for baseball abby west Senior Carl Schaffrin bowls at Cave Springs on Feb. 13. Schaffrin has bowled all four years on the FHN team. (sarah teson)

This year FHN baseball players will be competing in a new district, putting them in competition with the likes of CBC, DeSmet, Parkway North, and Pattonville. These four teams are ranked within the State Top 15. According to Coach Robert Dunahue, this new competition will mean players must work even harder to achieve their goal of competing for the GAC crown and to win Districts. “I want to make it to GAC’s it because we ‘d have a higher seed going into Districts which would begin our journey to State,” senior Chris Volpo said. Last spring Varsity Baseball achieved a record of 17-11. Even though they had a winning season, the coaches and team members strive to do better this season by keeping up the tradition and winning more games. Tennis switches format

Captain Kelsey Fouch shoots the ball standing just outside the 6 yard box after receiving a pass from sophomore Allison McDonell during the game against Duchesne on March 29. The Knights scored two goals in the second half defeating the Pioneers 2-0. Fouch has been playing on North’s team all four years of high school and will be going to Missouri State University on a soccer scholarship in the fall. (kelsey habighorst)

New coaches for girls soccer taylor bartram

This year the Varsity girls Soccer players are experiencing a new change from last year. They now have new coaches due to the retirement of former coaches Vince Nowak and Dan Hogan. With the current head coach Mark Olwig and assistant coach Larry Scheller the Varsity girls have a record of 1-2 as of press time. “I like [the coaches] a lot this year,” senior Sarah Peth said. “They actually direct us to get better and tell us what we need to improve on.” Teeing off with boys golf kyle schikore

The boys golf team began their 2011 season with the Bogey Hills tournament throughout the day on March 28. According to coach Les Hager, the goal for the team this year is to reach State. To do this they have certain aspects of their game that they need to concentrate on. “Number one is good practice habits and hard work,” Hager said. “That’s what we’re trying to develop.” Senior Clint Toedtmann, who went to State last year, is the leader of the team. He hopes to lead by example, improve on the team’s match play record from last year, and help other team members to reach State this year. “As a team, I think we could have more than one guy qualify for State,” Toedtmann said. “We’ve got four solid guys, and we all have an equal chance to get to State.”


adam rapert

A format change went into effect for the boys Varsity Tennis team this year. Instead of having ten players on Varsity, the team has six players. These six players are called Varsity Gold. When Varsity Gold plays teams that are not in their conference they switch to the format used last year. This will add four more players to the roster, these four players make up Varsity Silver in the new format. “The new format has its ups and downs,” senior Dan Brodnik said. “You get more playing time, but that means you will be more tired for your second match. We are doing a lot of running to build our endurance up to play that extra game.”



s, 1


With the spring season in full swing be sure to come out and support your FHN Varsity teams at these events. All spring sports schedules can be found outside the Activities Office.

Boys Volleyball

Track & Field

Girls Soccer

Boys Tennis


Boys Golf

4/07- DeSmet- Home at 5:00

4/09- Timerland Invitational- Away

4/14- FZW- Away at 5:30

4/07- FZS- Home at 3:30

4/11- Parkway West- Away at 4:15

4/07- Troy- Home at 3:30

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The father of Ansh Patel , a cousin of senior Sonia Patel, shaves the head of the son at the ceremony on March 20. This ceremony is for the first born male of the family and it can even continue to every male in the family for their first hair cut. It’s a celebration for even the extended family, some even flew in from India.

A Family Tradition

The Patel family practices an old tradition in which the first born son of the family has his head cut and shaved for the first time in his life. This tradition has been around for hundreds of years that was brought over from India. (photos by lydia ness)

The family videotapes and takes pictures of the shaving since it is a big ceremony to the whole family. The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and then there was the dancing and eating. The ceremony was held at the house of Ansh’s parents and the head shaving was in the dining room.

The women of the family draw a symbol on Ansh’s head with kanku which is a red ink that is for blessings and good luck that means good luck for him. The Indian symbol was integrated into their culture from Germany but they added four dots to it to make if more of their own culture and the symbol and kanku is used for most ceremonies such as weddings.

Ami Patel dances after the head shaving as entertainment for the rest of the family. Many times a year the family gets together at family centers and has dances where the men and women dress up in traditional Indian clothing and have many dances and lots of food.

The mother of Ansh Patel, Asha Patel partakes in a celebration called Holi. It’s a celebration in which the family takes different colors of kanku ink and rub it all over each other faces and in India even their bodies. Most of time it’s a very colorful celebration and even can be compared to Saint Patrick’s Day.

The family videotapes Ansh and his sister Khushi Patel dancing after the head shaving and the other dancing. The brother and sister are twins and the only children of Asha Patel.


PG-13 aurora blanchard

Mitchel Musso is beginning to break away from his typical Disney acting career to show his talents elsewhere. His second album, “Brainstorm,” shows off his musical and vocial talents. (photo courtesy of Moxie)

MUSIC Musso breaks away from Disney with new music career taylor berra

Mitchel Musso, most commonly known for his role as Oliver Oken on “Hannah Montana,” is making a splash in the music industry. His selftitled debut album which was released in 2009, featured single “Hey,” The song was number eight on the iTunes Pop chart and over 225,000 digital singles have been downloaded. I believe this shows that Musso can add his thriving music career to his list after his already successful acting career. Musso’s recent album “Brainstorm” was released in 2010. It features a catchy new hit, “Just Go.” After listening to this song about three times, I already knew all of the lyrics. I could easily see

myself turning this song up in my car after a hard break-up or a heated argument with someone. I can just scream out all of the words and it makes me feel a little bit better. Musso is definitely beginning to grow away from his Oliver Oken days and is now starting to make his own name for himself. I feel as though as soon as Mitchel Musso completely breaks away form his Disney days he will possibly be the next teenage heart-throb in our generation. He is good looking, a decent actor, and has all of the musical talent needed to become a star. For all of you young teenage girls who love a good, catchy and emotional song to sing along with, Mitchel Musso is a good way to start.

TELEVISION The ridiculous ‘Situation’ surrounding the Jersey Shore jordan bryson

A national takeover is upon us. “Jersey Shore” is corrupting the minds of millions. Children, teens and even adults are effected by the stupidity of eight party-loving, badmouthing, immature housemates. A couple months ago, I decided I would give “Jersey Shore” a chance. I instantly felt annoyed from seeing even the beginning of the episode. The whole

show is nothing but whining, crying and arguing. For those who say they only watch the show because it’s funny, I don’t understand your reasoning. I literally cannot see what is even close to being considered as funny on “Jersey Shore”. The cast’s lives consist of going to the gym, getting tan, attending parties and having unnecessary drama with anyone they come in contact with. Although I don’t personally find “Jersey Shore” insulting, it is to many others. It further proves

the belief that some people in their early 20s have no responsibility and do whatever they want. It is very insulting to the whole Italian ethinicity. The housemates make it seem like all Italians cannot behave like civil human beings. Also, I have never been to or met anyone from New Jersey, but I doubt their state is filled with uncontrollable people like you find on this show. I’m not telling you to not watch “Jersey Shore”, but if you value your time and brain cells, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Surprisingly, “Sucker Punch” has more depth than the previews give it credit for. This movie starts out fast and accelerates as the main character, Babydoll, played by Emily Browning, delves deeper into the layers of her dreams that help her cope with reality. Checked into an illegitimate psych ward by her abusive stepfather, she seems doomed to a life of suffering. The plot suggests that the male orderlies abuse their all-female patients, including Babydoll. She escapes into her dreams to find the strength that assists her in the struggle of good vs. evil. Some parts of this movie are unrealistic, so my suggestion is: don’t take the middle portion of the movie too seriously. About a fourth of the movie is like something a teenage video gamer would dream up. Half of the movie is something realistic an adult would dream of and another fourth shows what happened to the girl when she was not dreaming. What is interesting is that this movie’s scenes do not follow a logical order. It is shown as if the audience is in the dream with Babydoll. There are blocks of events that occur in different places, but none of these events appear to be linked together until the very end of the movie. The movie kept me guessing the entire time, as I was trying to depict reality from fantasy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action, fantasy, realism, surrealism, pondering the meaning of movies, or all of the above. There is definitely more to this movie than a few heavilyarmed girls trying to bust a cap and save the day. Thought was put into the making of the movie, and my mind was boggled after leaving the theater.

page by nicole renner


(cartoon by RJ Howes)



ith the end of the school year drawing nearer and nearer each day, the urge to celebrate grows stronger. And we should be celebrating the closing of this chapter in our lives. We are growing up, making bigger decisions and moving on with our lives. But there are different kinds of partying and celebrating. There is the clean, legal fun of getting together to watch a movie or play Twister. Then there is the red cup, strobe light, substance abusing ‘fun.’ And that kind of fun is a lot less glamorous than it seems on TV. Music videos and TV shows glorify the partying lifestyle, often suggesting the use of substances that inhibit the ability to control one’s own body. What the shows generally fail to portray is how it affects kids’ lives. Drugs and alcohol alter a person’s state of mind. People who are under


the influence believe they are making logical decisions when, in reality, the properties of the substance they are using disables the rational part of the brain which could endanger their well being. Illegal substances also alter moods which could ultimately endanger relationships. Ruining a good friendship while someone is intoxicated and not in their right state of mind can cause irreparable damage. And more often than not, it is too late that people realize those consequences and they have to live with them. Abusing illegal substances in the name of fun can land someone in jail for years which stays with that person forever. Not only do people have to live with the choices they make and those consequences that come with it, but their friends, families and peers do too. For every action there is a consequence, and it would be selfish to impose the consequences of

one person’s decisions on other people. It would be naive to expect people to forgo partying. What we can do, though, is emphasize the importance of doing it responsibly. Stay away from people who encourage others to make dangerous decisions. Partying is not necessarily a dangerous situation as long as people are smart about the choices they make. Replace alcohol with sodas. Get active at parties by playing pool or playing Just Dance rather than the reckless alternatives. Party in a public place like a coffee house or a fun restaurant. Just because other people choose to make decisions to hurt themselves and others, doesn’t mean it is the most fun or the right thing to do. Make good memories that you can actually remember- and that you want to remember. A bad decision with an even worse consequence should not be a wake up call. Party responsibly.

On behalf of the editorial staff

When hallway PDA becomes TMI amanda cornett

PDA has become more of a problem at FHN. Small things like holding hands aren’t the problem, but students who make out in the hallways take it too far. (illustration by brandon neer)


page by kyle schikore

So the other day, as I was walking down the hallway, minding my own business, I glanced to the side and saw something I did not really appreciate. I saw a couple look like they were eating each other’s faces off. That’s just gross. I just had lunch and I wanted to keep it down. Now I understand, you love the girl. Holding hands and giving a quick goodbye kiss is okay, but when the goodbye kiss lasts the entire passing period, it’s a little excessive. You will see them again, they are not leaving the country. Please, let’s be courteous of others and their stomachs, don’t do that in the middle of the hallway where everyone and their neighbor can see. People really do feel discomfort when they see people making out in the hallway. Not only is PDA gross, but it also gets in the

way. When I walk up to my locker I don’t want to feel like I am interrupting something just because I am getting a book. Your love lives should not be getting in the way of other people. You could at least make out in front of your own locker. Another thing people do that gets in the way is when they walk down the hallway, stop right in the middle, look at each other and then take their sweet time to say goodbye. That is rude and quite annoying. If I were in a relationship with someone that went to this school, I would want to see them between classes. Sure, I would want to hold their hand. No, I would not want people passing by watching us while we kiss. That is a personal moment that is meant to be shared between two people, not the entire world. I don’t understand how people can stand to share their personal lives with the universe.

Unrest overseas causes discomfort back home nick ponche

In North Africa and the Middle East, rapid change is under way. Dictatorships are being challenged by the people they control and oppress. While this wave of revolution has the potential to bring about reform and improve the lives of millions, the prospect of things going wrong is just making me nervous. It is changing the face of the region, and the outcomes could be dangerous. This has been shown multiple times already in areas like Syria where violent protests have resulted in civilian deaths, and in Libya, where international intervention has been needed to prevent the government from slaughtering its own citizens. If the violence factor of these protests spread to areas like Yemen, Jordan, and Bahrain, then their countries would lose what little stability they still have and be faced with potential civil war. The thought of an entire section of the world turning against itself is less than comforting. If the protests become rebellions and succeed in overthrowing national dictators, then that would leave the door open for

Muslim Extremists to take control. If the rebellions fail, then the dictators would resume control and take extreme measures to prevent rebellion from breaking out again. The area would suffer from either outcome. There is another possibility to be considered, which to me seems the lesser of the evils. There is still the possibility that peaceful protesting will cause political reform to take place without bloodshed. This has so

far been demonstrated in Egypt and Tunisia, where non-violent protesting has brought about reform and new, democratic governments. While this alternative to fighting and death seems much more appealing, it still has potential consequences. For example, how would these young democracies fare in the modern world? Would they be spiteful of the United States, which has in the past propped up a number of dictators in the

Middle East? Or, would they not even be able to sustain themselves as a democracy and simply collapse back into a dictatorship? With so many nations precariously balanced between achieving reform and plunging into national chaos, there is no telling what is next. The tensions are high in each nation, and the risk of things turning out badly just seems too high for the desired reward.

Stewart, Shattenkirk make strong switch to St. Louis Curran tells how the Blues blockbuster deal with the Colorado Avalanche will help down the line

kirk has a goal and six assists. They continue to prove their domination for more than a few games at a time. With numbers like these, The St. Louis Blues made one of the biggest trades of the season these players will be significant for the Blues in the coming years. On the other hand, Johnson had a mere five goals and 14 assists on Feb. 19. The Blues sent defenseman Erik Johnson and forward Jay McClement to the Colorado Avalanche for winger Chris Stew- before being dealt. In the 14 games with the Avalanche since the art and rookie defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. This was a reason- trade, Johnson has a mere three goals and four assists. Also included in the trade, McClement is a veteran on able trade for both teams, but the Blues got Scan Here the young Avalanche team, being 27-yearsthe better half of the deal; in future seasons, Scan here to see an article explaining the trade for the old. He brings experience to the forward pothese players will prove instrumental to the St Louis Blues. Get the free mobile app for your phone. sition where he had six goals and ten assists Blues success. No smart phone? Here’s the URL. before being dealt. Since the trade, he has no Shattenkirk was invited to participate in goals or assists. Already, it can be seen that the skills competition on All-Star Weekend, in spite of the fact that he is only a 22-year-old rookie. He was the Blues are getting more bang for their buck. Since Stewart is only in his third season and Shattenkirk in his second in the League among rookie defensemen with 26 points (seven goals, 19 assists) before the trade. Stewart, only 23, led the rookie season, the Blues have young talent they need for the future. Avalanche last season with 28 goals and 64 points. And this is why The Blues are too far out to get back in the playoff hunt this season, the Avalanche are losing more than they’re getting. In the first 17 but in the next few years, with the help of these new young key games with the Blues, Stewart already has nine goals and Shatten- players, they will be in a good position. andrew curran

page by andrew curran


APPLY abbey grone

Ninety-five percent organic. 100 percent natural. Five different flavors. Evolution of smooth is just the beginning. The EOS lip balm goes on smooth, stays smooth and feels smooth longer than any other lip balm I’ve ever used. It’s full of Vitamin-E, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil that keeps your lips feeling smooth. The five flavors of EOS include Honeysuckle Honeydew, Medicated Tangerine, Lemon Drop (with an SPF 15), Summer Fruit, and my personal favorite, Sweet Mint. These many flavors can all be purchased for a mere $3.49 at any Walgreens. Thanks to this new brand Burts Bees, is going to need to step up their game. Kyle Schikore poses as someone who is overwhelmed with the technology. Schikore feels that people are relying too much on technological advances and it’s making people impersonable with each other, face to face talking is diminishing. (michelle spencer)


Technology takes over teens’ time

paige yungermann

kyle schikore

Clothes can be for more than just covering up and staying fashionable. Threads for Thought (T4T) brand apparel meets these criteria and makes our world a better place. This brand features clothing made from organic cotton and recycled water bottles. The clothing is soft, simple and stylish. Aside from quality clothing, T4T also donates a portion of the profits to the International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resources Defense Council. However, T4T apparel is challenging to find. I recommend ordering off the T4T website. Also, T4T is more pricey than other clothing. But I don’t mind spending extra money for clothing that does so much good. In a time of oil spills and global warming, it is important to choose brands, such a T4T, that are sustainable and good for the earth and the people on it.

When a typical teenager wakes up, what is the first thing they pick up and want to look at? Most would probably say their phone. What’s next after a phone? Maybe an iPod, iPad or laptop perhaps? This constant checking will continue throughout the day, and high schoolers constantly look at their phone for the latest text messages, Facebook posts, status updates, and other emails. I know that these technological advances aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but how much of a good thing makes a bad thing? When is it just time to take a step back and say enough? These objects, these impersonal “things,” like smartphones, iPods and laptops seem to have taken over modern life as we know it. One example is Facebook, which was started to link some college students and now spread worldwide, was recently valued at over $50 billion. It’s turned into a $50 billion time pit for teenagers who should be doing their homework. Kids seem to log on to a computer, look up something for their homework, and then find themselves on Facebook talking about their day and checking out what people have to say, playing games like Farmville, or chatting with their friends. Where is the line finally drawn? When not plugged into the computer itself,


page by shannon ward

cell phones become the portable plug that people rely on. Any time that someone wants to talk or text, people are always reachable. Thus, it seems like everyone spends most of their time plugged into their phone since no one goes anywhere without their cell phone. I admit that texting is a nice and quick way of communicating, but it seems as though it has replaced face-to-face communication. People still need to learn how to communicate by speaking because that is what we will have to do when we start our careers. We will have to speak and work with other people, not rely on texting through a cell phone. Another problem that has happened to us all is that when we are plugged in and in “texting mode”, it is easy to misunderstand or be misunderstood because the words can be taken out of context. Without context, or facial expression no one knows if the person on the other end is serious or just kidding. These misunderstandings can be avoided by having a face-to-face conversation with someone. With the weather changing and the days getting longer, I urge people to unplug and get more fresh air or at least have a face-to-face conversation with a friend. By unplugging ourselves, even for a little bit, we offer our bodies and minds a relief from the stresses of being plugged in. We become more relaxed, and we are more enjoyable to be around.




Editor-in-Chief: Sam Dulaney

Secrets: helpful or hurtful?

Managing Editors: Kelsey Bell Logan Ponche

elizabeth diggs

sam dulaney

Secrets hurt people. They spread to others, whether it’s supposed to be shared or not, and push friends apart. Imagine sitting at a table of people, everyone talking about some event. They whisper to each other, swear not to say anything to anyone, while you’re sitting there in the dark. Flaunting secrets around in front of people who are apparently not supposed to know is just rude. It’s called a secret for a reason; you don’t tell anyone. Especially not in front of others. Lots of students get into many stupid arguments over secrets. “Why would she tell her this, but not me?” “Why am I never included?” In my opinion, secrets are the main causes of drama among high school students. It is all ridiculous. Keep things to yourself, or be up front with everyone. Being honest isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion, if you have something to say, it should be said. Keeping things inside is not good for your emotional well-being, or your stress level. I agree that there are certain things that should remain untold, but flaunting those things around in front of others is uncalled for. Inside jokes between friends are cute and everything, but they are meant for the people who created them, and they end up pushing friends apart. They are not meant to be discussed in front of people who are not involved. It could ruin someone’s day, so just don’t do it.

Everyone has their secrets. You, the person sitting next to you, your mother, my mother, me. Everyone is entitled to keep their secret completely to themselves, or any other person they deem worthy. Let’s face it- some people cannot keep a secret. I’ve been burned before by telling someone some of my secrets. Word got around. Trust was lost. Friendships were scarred. From then on, I learned my lesson. Keep things between you and your tried and true friends. Even if the only friend you have that can keep a secret is your diary. Secrets could also bring people together. Which is exactly why I usually let all my friends know the odd things about me. I trust them enough to keep my secrets, and we’re better friends for it. If you want to know who your true friends are, let them in on little secrets. This really is a test of true friendship. Not everyone can pass this test, but those who do are worth sharing with and those who don’t really aren’t worth my time. Bottom line, if you have a secret, or are privvy to someone’s secret, keep it to yourself. There is no need to rub it in that you know something others don’t know. Secrets can be a double edged sword. It strengthens friendships, but used incorrectly can burn friendships beyond repair.



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page by jordan bryson




You organize the fun and we’ll bring the food... right to your door!



PARTY $ OFF e W 5 TRAYS r ! e Deliv Valid at St. Peters location only. Limit 10 per customer. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7-31-11

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