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September-October 2013

Vol. XVII No. 4


Sampaloc, Manila

FEU to lose university status?

New policies on grant and retention of university status set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) post certain requirements that Far Eastern University (FEU) is still struggling to comply with. CHEd issued the CHEd Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 46, series of 2012, titled “Policystandard to Enhance Quality Assurance (QA) in Philippine Higher Education through Outcomes-based and Typology-based QA.” Under the order, a tertiary school will already be classified whether it would be an institution, a college or a university depending on its mission and vision as well as on its outcomes and certain typologies set by the commission, former CHEd Office of Programs and Standards Director Sinforoso Birung told the FEU Advocate in an interview last July, a month before his retirement in August. The CMO is a “departure” from the thinking that being a university is the “peak of development” of any tertiary school, according to him. “Now, the thinking or the paradigm is shifted from one, where you can be the best institution; two, and be the best college; and three, you can be the best university without your being quality of being best is dependent

Green-and-gold paradigm. Adhering to the newly set policies on grant and retention of institutional status, FEU is still coping to retain its university status. (Photo by Marione Paul G. Infantado)

on whether you are an institution, college or university,” Birung said. T h e C M O i s expected to implement its new guidelines and policies on the grant and retention of university status among higher education institutions (HEIs) next school year. Horizontal, vertical typologies When the CMO is already in effect, HEIs will already be classified according to horizontal and vertical typologies; the former is based on tertiary schools’ “functional differentiations” while the latter is based within each horizontal typology. Horizontal typologies

include “professional institution,” “college” and “university.” Professional institutions must be developing technical knowledge and skills at the graduate and

undergraduate levels which lead to professional practice. Colleges must be providing educational experiences to develop adults who have thinking, problem-

solving, decision-making, communications, technical and social skills to participate in various types of employment. Universities must be providing highly specialized

Last campaign? SAMASA is banned from running the 2014 student elections. (Photo by Marione Paul G. Infantado)

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U-Belt among ‘crime hotbeds’

SAMASA suspended in 2014 polls

Through an en banc resolution issued by Commission on Election (COMELEC), no candidate will be allowed to run under Samahan ng Mag-aaral para sa Sambayanan (SAMASA) in the 2014 elections. SAMASA member (SAMASA) have to choose and Far Eastern University another party based on what Central Student Organization they (COMELEC) have decided. (FEUCSO) President Andrea It is okay if we choose to run Sarile confirmed the issue. independently or to create “Yes, it is true that another party,” Sarile stated. SAMASA is not allowed to run In a d d i ti o n, she under the banner of SAMASA stressed that the suspension anymore. So they cannot use does not affect the positions any sign, any color, any sub- they currently hold because party associated with SAMASA,” COMELEC imposed the Sarile said. suspension after the election. However, she According to a copy clarified that the suspension of the resolution sent to FEU imposed by COMELEC is Advocate, among SAMASA’s just a sanction and does not violations include their “campaign prohibit any SAMASA member sortie” at the FEU Grandstand from running this election. and open grounds where all “Everyone is allowed to run. It is just that we Continue to page 13...

educational experiences to train experts in various technical and disciplinal areas. They must also be emphasizing the development of new knowledge and skills through research. “An institution may not go to, may not be required to, do strong research but instead focus on teaching or instruction; while a university, because of its typology, will have to be very strong on research,” Birung said. Meanwhile, vertical typologies include autonomous, deregulated and regulated statuses. Autonomous HEIs must display “outstanding performance” in research and publications for universities, creative work and relevant extension programs for colleges, and employability and linkages for professional institutions. Deregulated HEIs

Caught in act. Security guards catches a snatcher who steal a cellphone from a student after a short chase in Nicanor Reyes Sr, St. last August 1. (Photo by Marione Paul G. Inantado)

Tamaraws’ home is in a ‘danger zone.’ University Belt (U-Belt) is third among the top five crimeprone places in Metro Manila in the first and second quarters of the year, according to National Capital Region Police Office.

U-Belt Area Police Community Precinct Officer Arthur Cantor told the FEU Advocate that theft is the most common crime that happens to students. “’Yung pinakamadalas na krimen lalo na sa mga

estudyante ay theft at robbery tulad nung mga nalalaslasan [ng bag], ninanakawan ng hindi alam (The most common crimes that people, especially students, encounter are theft and robbery like those whose bags are slashed and were being robbed),” Cantor revealed.

FEUFA: ‘Cadetship’ may be violating CHEd manual The faculty union has raised concerns about the administration’s move of “absorbing” honor graduates to teach in the University, saying it may be violating some provisions of a Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) manual. Far Eastern University (FEU) has begun practicing the cadetship program under which fresh graduates of FEU with “excellent academic performance” are invited to teach in the University. The program started this school year and is already being practiced at Department of English Language and Department of Literature and Humanities, both are under Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS). “In the cadetship program, [the administration is] going to hire fresh graduates of FEU; those who are really good or those who

graduated with honors,” FEU Faculty Association President Roberto Remotin, Jr. explained. However, he said that the program may be violating some provisions of CHEd‘s Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education. The manual states that a lecturer can teach in the undergraduate level if he is a holder of a postgraduate degree. In cases when there are no postgraduate degree-holders in specific fields, it is only then when faculty members who hold professional licenses that require at least an undergraduate degree may be qualified to teach.

H o w e v e r, d a t a sent by University Research Center (URC) Associate Director Ricardo Villas Jr. to FEU Advocate last July showed that IAS alone had 320 part-time and fulltime lecturers with master ’s degrees last school year. “The manual of private schools and the memorandum from CHEd states that the minimum requirement for teaching in tertiary level is a Master of Arts (MA) degree. Because of the cadetship program, FEU is hiring graduates with Continue to page 13...

He furthered that criminals often frequent in busy areas such as U-Belt. “[Ang pinakamadalas pangyarihan ng krimen ay] ‘yung mga mataong lugar tsaka ‘yung maraming sasakyan (The usual places where crimes happen are those crowded with people and vehicles),” Cantor pointed out. He identified España Boulevard and Claro M. Recto Avenue as the most crime-prone places in U-Belt. “Lahat naman ng streets, lalo na sa paligid ng mga universities, ay crime-prone [pero] pinaka-crime-prone pa rin ‘yung España at Recto (All streets, especially those near universities, are crime-prone but España and Recto are the most prone to crimes),” he added. An ABS-CBN News Channel report aired last August 2 revealed that along with U-Belt in the list of top crime-prone areas are Baclaran-Parañaque-Pasay, CubaoAurora-E. Rodriguez in Quezon City, Monumento in Caloocan and Kalentong in Mandaluyong. The report also revealed that on the first quarter of 2013, 117 cases of theft were recorded in the five areas alone. The number climbed to 125 on the second quarter. In action Despite U-Belt’s being a crime-hotspot, Cantor remarked that their community precinct is implementing security measures for everyone’s safety. “Kung mapapansin mo, marami nang tent ng pulis ang nakatayo sa mga lugar sa paligid ng U-Belt. Mayroon din tayong mga foot patrol at mobile patrol; kasama ‘yun sa police visibility (If you can notice, we have placed police posts around U-Belt. We also have foot patrol and mobile patrol; those are included in police visibility),” Cantor explained. At least two police officers are assigned to roam around U-Belt on foot (foot patrol), as two others are assigned to roam around using

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2 September-October 2013 B E AT S

FEU yields 2 of top 10 PHL studes Michael Miatari and John Michael Lava, fresh graduates of Far Eastern University), were hailed as national awardees in the 2013 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) at the Heroes Hall of Malacañan Palace last August 29. Among 30 regional finalists from different colleges and universities, Miatari, BS Psychology graduate and former vice p r e s i d e n t o f Ta m a r a w Volunteers and Lava, BS Accountancy graduate and former president of N ati o nal F eder at io n o f Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants-NCR were chosen to be among the 10 national awardees. TOSP honors the country’s most notable students not only for their academic excellence but also for their dedication to lead and serve and to make a difference in their respective circles. It seeks to establish role models for the youth to actively participate in nation-building to promote common good as well as to develop and share talents, skills and values as main avenues for learning a n d serving the community into progress.


News Editor

FEU establishes new eng’g, IT school

17-story building rises behind FEU Gym

By Justin Royce Z. Baluyot

Far Eastern University (FEU) has established FEU Institute of Technology (FIT), the fourth school established by FEU in the last four years. The expansion seeks to complement FIT’s program offerings with the courses that are already being offered at FEU East Asia College (FEU-EAC), the first technology school in the FEU System. “[FIT] will offer engineering and IT (information technology) programs that will complement those already offered by FEU-EAC,” Chief Finance Officer Juan Miguel Montinola said in a letter to FEU Advocate. Classes are projected to begin next school year. Program offerings will include Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and

Highest edifice. FEU builds its tallest structure which will house more classrooms and facilities to the students of the newly-established FEU Institute of Technology. (Photo by Marione Paul G.Infantado)

Mechanical Engineering. Programs in IT will also be offered at a later date. Both FEU-EAC and FIT are affiliate schools

of FEU-Manila that are under East Asia Computer Center, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of FEU, Inc. Both will be headed by Executive

SDev: Org apparels must comply with ‘FEU branding’

Director Benson Tan. FEU-Makati and Far Eastern College-Silang were opened in 2010. FEU-Alabang’s establishment, meanwhile, was also announced last year. ‘Ultra-modern building’ The construction of the 17-story New Technology

Profs’ performance evaluation goes online By Janice C. Rodriguez

Tamaraw brand. Students shop for FEU apparels that successfully complied with the University’s branding. (Photo by Darlene S. Padilla)

Merchandises such as shirts, jackets and lanyards associated with student groups should already undergo a screening process to comply with the University’s “branding.” Student councils’ or MCO. Thus, certain elements According to Student Development (SDev) Director organizations’ shirt designs or symbols must already be Joeven Castro, branding is already have to undergo preserved in merchandises. important in establishing Far a screening process which Admissions and Eastern University’s (FEU) involves review and approval Financial Assistance Director identity because a “well-thought- before any of the student groups Albert Cabasada III said that of branding” will show the public can sell them. aside from “FEU branding,” S t u d e n t g r o u p s ’ students’ and alumni’s that the University has a stable merchandises require three performance can also affect the marketing system. “Through FEU branding, we bidders for reproduction. The brand name of the University. will have quality-control and help net income is reported and is “The logos and fonts bear popularize symbols and icons that planned for student groups’ the name of FEU. If the students are unique to us. The Tamaraw projects, according to Castro. and the alumni perform well, “Unauthorized selling of then the branding positively head, for example, is immediately associated with FEU,” Castro said. any merchandise, even if the changes,” he said. M a r k e t i n g a n d purchase is on a voluntary basis, Cabasada also stated Communications Office (MCO) is not allowed,” he stressed. that FEU plans to change the He also said that FEU is branding of all its campuses into is in charge of approving all student groups’ merchandises forming a team which will finalize a single brand in the future. including shirts, jackets and the implementing guidelines set by SDev in coordination with specialized uniforms. -Jastine Joshua G. Reyes

EduTech Director John Harold Culala said that the TPE is now made easier for the students as it is now linked in the Students’ Portal which can be accessed in the University’s official website ( ph). Therefore, students no longer have to go to the University’s computer laboratories unlike in the previous years. Other changes were also made such as the addition of about 20 items in the evaluating instrument which is subdivided into three divisions: course, teacher and students. Five qualitative questions were also added. Furthermore, the total percentage of students’ evaluation on their professors now has a smaller bearing on the final grade of the teachers. Before, 60 percent of the professors’ total grade would come from students’ evaluation while the other

40-percent would come from institute deans and department heads. In the new TPE, only 15 percent of the teachers’ total grade is taken from the students while the other 85 percent is derived from evaluation of institute deans, department heads and the University’s administration. “Personally, there are things that students cannot see in the evaluation. For example, knowledge of the subject matter. How can you really see entirely if the teacher is really knowledgeable about the subject matter? The only ones who can see that are the dean, the cluster head,” he explained. Culala also clarified that students’ information do not appear in the results of the TPE. “Students will not Continue to page 13...

Reporters warned on PDAF scam coverage By Ma. Karlota S. Jamoralin

Press freedom has exposed the involvement of lawmakers in the 10-billionpeso pork barrel scam, but abuse of this freedommay backfire to its practitioners. Obstruction of justice may be filed against reporters who continue to link senators initially not included in the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) probe to the alleged misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), also known as lawmakers’ pork barrel. “Etong ginagawa na parang deliberate na nagpapangalan ng [senators] na wala naman sa dokumento (Deliberately involving senators not included in the documents), I think is a form of obstruction of justice since you are trying to muddle in the ongoing investigation,” Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said in a Manila Bulletin article last August 2. Among those implicated in the issue are senators Loren Legarda, Antonio Trillanes and Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III. Institute of Law Associate Dean Viviana Paguirigan a f f i r m e d t h a t D e L i m a ’ s warning was not

Building, locat ed acr oss Pr of essional Regulat ion Commission and behind FEU Gymnasium, is expected to be finished in May 2014. The new building, which is going to be the tallest academic building in the University Belt, will feature facilities of an “ultramodern institute of higher education,” according to a statement of the FEU-EAC administration. Am ong t hose ar e scenic elevators, e-library, green building technology, e-building high-technology s e c u r i t y, s t a n d b y p o w e r supply and generators, energy-efficient airconditioning, secured garage parking and building-wide wireless fidelity connection. It will also have a covered gymnasium, basketball court and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. An observation deck with a view of the entire city will also be one of the building’s features.

Office of Education Technology (EduTech) has implemented changes in the Teachers’ Performance Evaluation (TPE) which have already taken effect at the end of the first semester.

MedTech seniors rule nat’l quiz bee Four senior BS Medical Technology (MedTech) students won first place i n t h e 3 2 nd P h i l i p p i n e Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET)Association of Schools of Medical Technology and Public Health (PASMETH) annual quiz show. The team is composed of Dioma Paul Puyat, Judette Luna, Jeremiah Lim and Bunny Dwan Lagman with their coaches from MedTech Department, namely, Rene Jesus, Alfredo Dinglasan, Giovanni Milanez and Aaron Jan Palamares. PAMET-PASMET annual quiz show was held in the Cuneta Astrodome last September 20. Moreover, 39 schools participated in the said event including Centro Escolar University-Manila, Trinity University of Asia and University of Santo Tomas which placed second, third and fourth, respectively.

Justin Royce Z. Baluyot

unfounded as Presidential Decree No. 1829 penalizes obstruction of justice. The said presidential decree, also known as the Philippines’ anti-obstruction of justice law, includes the punishment of using false records or fabricated information affecting the outcome of an investigation. She said in an e-mail to FEU Advocate that if a member of the media deliberately uses false information with the intent of misleading or preventing law enforcement, the act is punishable by law. “However, since the act has to be coupled with intent, and intent is something intangible, it has to be established with clear and convincing evidence before actual charges of obstruction may be filed,” Paguirigan clarified. Names of the senators implicated in the scam were allegedly leaked by NBI. But former NBI Director Nonnatus Caesar Rojas, who resigned last September 2 amid probe on the scam and who was in charge of the investigation at the time, cleared that the bureau

Photo by Kevin Victor J. Torres

did not authorize any statement that would implicate the three legislators. “We would just like to make it of record na as far as the NBI is concerned, wala [kaming] mga nilalabas na pangalan (we are not releasing names),” Rojas said in the same article. However, Department of Communication Head Cherish Aileen Brillon expressed the possibility that the media has an anonymous source and it

is their responsibility to protect them unless they jeopardize national issues and security. “I just hope that if they [reporters] have enough evidence that these three [senators] are included and not just hearsay, then I doubt na magiging obstruction of justice siya kasi kailangan nang imbestigahan ngayon ‘yung tatlo [I doubt that it will become obstruction of justice because the three senators

would now have to be investigated],” Brillon said. Initially, only five senators were reportedly involved in the scam: Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Gregorio Honasan, Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. and Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. ‘Responsible journalism’ Paguirigan advised that the media must be careful with these news coverages,

particularly those about national issues. “It is my recommendation that the media stay objective and impartial in delivering the news and information to the public. They should refrain from sensationalizing facts or figures and should exercise great caution in implicating persons or personalities in the absence of tangible proof,” she said. Brillon pointed out that release of information must especially be monitored because it may damage the reputation of an individual. “Kasi sa Pilipino, ‘p a g n a d u n g i s a n a n g pagkatao, hindi mo na iyon maibabalik. Kaya kung ang media ay hindi responsable at para lamang sa kagustuhan na maka-headline tapos hindi inaral… Sinira mo ang pagkatao ng isang tao (To Filipinos, when reputation is destroyed, it can never be recovered. So if the media is not responsible and only does this for the sake of having a headline without studying it… You ruin the reputation of a person),” Brillon said.

‘Makibaka, ‘wag magbaboy’


September-October 2013


Filipinos call for abolition of pork

Refusing to forget anomalies on the pork barrel, hundreds of thousands of protesters continue to shout calls for reform against the abuse of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). In the event “Million People March” at Luneta Park last August 26, reports claimed that an estimate of 400,000 people from various sectors attended to show support for the abolition of PDAF. “I think this is not just about Napoles. I think this is about corruption in general and I think it is time; it is time for people in government, for our leaders, even in the private sector not just to hear the people here. It is time for them to listen to the people here this morning,” GMA Channel 7 broadcast journalist Mike Enriquez told the FEU Advocate.

By Ma. Karlota S. Jamoralin, Norelyn M. Villaruel and Jesserene D. Miranda

Nation’s appeal. Filipinos demand the government to abolish the abused pork barrel. (Photo by Marione Paul G. Infantado)

The event still pushed through despite the August 23 live broadcast of President Benigno Aquino III calling for the abolition of PDAF. It was

purportedly held to control the increasing tension on the issue and to stop the Luneta protest. “We as citizens should be more vigilant, should be

Despite higher passing mark

FEU no longer ‘topperforming’ MedTech school By Janice C. Rodriguez

Far Eastern University (FEU) posted a slightly higher passing rate in the August 2013 Medical Technology (MedTech) Licensure Examination. However, it did not figure to the list of top-performing schools. FEU has garnered though it was not able to be a department is “intensifying” 91.67-percent passing rate top-performing school. its integrated process of within 88 out of 96 takes the “ Number one, we learning and providing passing exam. are higher than the national “more quality education” by The score is relatively passing rate and we are able focusing on research for higher than that of the March to produce topnotch students them to produce more board 2013 MedTech boards which in two board exams (August exam passers. was 91.30 percent; 63 out of 2012 and March 2013 tests) in FEU alumnus Ariel 69 exam takers aced the test. a row. These only prove that Aaron Icabales led t h e FEU was also the lone top- we are doing something right newly registered medical performing school then. in the department and we are technologists, ranking seventh In August 2012 boards, consistent,” Mamaat explained. in the list of topnotchers with FEU posted a 100-percent Ma ma a t n oted the his 89.80-percent score. passing mark and made it to list department’s admission and P r o f e s s i o n a l of top-performing schools. retention policies, facilities, R e g u l a t i o n C o m m i s s i o n A c c o r d i n g t o professors and in-house review data showed that 2,276 MedTech Department Clinical for their students and alumni as out of 2,716 takers passed Coordinator John Edwardo major factors that helped them the recent MedTech boards, Mamaat, FEU’s performance to post a higher score. equivalent to 83.80-percent is still “commendable” even He also said that the passing rate.

more responsible in making sure that the government is in the know for the actions that they intervene. I think what is more important is more on the transformation after this activity,” De La Salle University Chancellor and President Ricky Laguda also told the publication. Religious groups also showed support for the abolition of pork barrel. “This event is a wakeup call to politicians… We constantly pray for the country and the youth. We pray that they become aware of what is happening around them and that they continue showing vigilant support for events like this,” Sister Grace Gregorio of Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph said. The alliance Youth Act Now, meanwhile, marched to Malacañang Palace in Mendiola for the abolition of President’s

Social Fund (PSF) amounting up to 133 billion pesos. “Once they (PDAF and PSF) are abolished, the funds can be channeled to social services including education and health services,” Youth Act Now National Coordinator Geusefinno Perucho said. Some protesters wore Guy Fawkes masks commonly used by “hacktivist group” Anonymous. Others wore statement shirts and dressed up as pigs to depict how the fund is exploited by the government. There were also headdresses and effigies satirizing Aquino. Banners showed statements against PDAF and the involved government officials including five senators, 23 congressmen as well as Janet Lim-Napoles, the businesswoman accused of using bogus nongovernment organizations to embezzle funds. Far Eastern University Central Student Organization President Andrea Sarile said that the public’s efforts against the issue should not stop after the protest. “I think the best thing we can do is continue this action from today. It is easy to go to a march at the height of emotion but the real action is afterwards. Part of it is being responsible,” she said. “Of course everyone can express their opinions but it is not about bashing people as in the case of Napoles. It is not about jumping on the bandwagon and everyone is pointing at her…Yes, put the

blame on those responsible, but look behind it and why it happened,” Sarile added. The event was followed with Million People March 2, organized by the same organizers, in Ayala Avenue last October 4 also to call for the abolition of pork barrel.

‘EDSA Tayo’ “We know that the problem of pork barrel is so huge that we cannot approach it with human power. We need divine help,” EDSA Tayo organizer Junep Ocampo told the FEU Advocate during the prayer rally against PDAF held in Ortigas, Pasig, along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) last September 11. He also added that EDSA symbolizes one thing: the Filipinos coming together as one. “In EDSA, we have proven that we can come together, pray to God, ask God’s help and be united asking for one thing.” A mass led by EDSA Shrine Rector Fr. Nilo Mangusad took place where he discussed about vigilance and regarded it as being “proactive” and not “active.” Meanwhile, ABS-CBN Channel 2 broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez told the FEU Advocate, “The EDSA Tayo movement is a resolve that something should happen against the pork barrel. I think the people just want to make sure the government does Continue to page 12...

Deans eye more graduate programs at FEU-Manila, Makati By Janice C. Rodriguez and Danielle Mae J. Lao

Lisa Macuja stages one of last shows on campus

Far Eastern University (FEU) Auditorium housed one of the last performances of prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, who is bound to retire at the end of the year. President’s Committee on Culture (PCC) presented Ballet Manila’s production Carmen last September 25 which featured the first Filipino

prima ballerina who played the titular role. Taken from Prosperet Mérimée’s classic novella about an ambitious and manipulative

Exquisite act. Prima ballerina Lisa Macuja performs Carmen, one of her farewell acts held at FEU. (Photo by Angelica C. Fernandez)

woman whose desperate pursuit for love, life and luxury end in bitter misfortune, Carmen featured music by Georges Bizet and choreography by Eric Cruz. After the performance, Macuja answered some questions from the audience and shared some facts about classical ballet. She also expressed her passion for the said art, saying, “My love for dancing was what kept me going on for years.” Asked about the future of the Philippine ballet industry after her retirement, Macuja stressed the potential of the next generation of ballet dancers. “I think that definitely we have a bright future for classical ballet here in the Philippines,” she said. Macuja plans to retire because of health concerns. Among her last full-length performances is Carmen which is part of the Swan Song Series. “We at FEU are deeply honored to host Ballet Manila and Ms. Lisa MacujaElizalde in one of her farewell performnances,” said Martin Lopez, director of PCC. “Indeed, this production of ‘Carmen’ featuring Ms. Macuja-Elizalde is one of the reasons FEU’s cultural season is entitled ‘Debuts and Farewells’,” he explained. -Danielle Mae J. Lao

Vast outlook. FEU-Makati Associate Dean Armand Laguimun ponders more graduate programs for a higher order of learning at FEU. (Photo by Marione Paul G. Infantado)

Some institutes at Far Eastern University (FEU) intend to offer more graduate degree programs to strengthen the University’s reputation in providing quality education. Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS) Dean Myrna Quinto revealed that the institute is eyeing at offering Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Master of Science in Biology. Quinto said that they are designing the aforementioned graduate programs’ curricula by assuring that they would complement the needs of the academe and of the industries of psychology and biology. The curricula will also be “unique” among other universities’ respective graduate programs in the said fields as the institute has innovative instructions, tools and facil ities that would help in producing skilled graduate students. “K ung t it ignan naman natin ang fakulti, kami ay kumuha ng mga kwalipayd na propesor na dalubhasa at paham sa

kanilang larangan (If we will look into the depth of faculty, we are getting qualified professors who are experts in their fields),” Quinto added in a letter to FEU Advocate. In an earlier interview with Quinto, she said that Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology and BS in Psychology, both enjoy Level III accreditation from Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation, but they cannot apply for Center of Excellence or Center of Development because the Department of Biology does not offer postgraduate programs while Department of Psychology does not offer a doctoral program. Postgraduate programs are required by Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) for some courses to qualify for the mentioned citations. Institute of Education (IE), meanwhile, plans to offer Master of Arts (MA) in

Guidance and Counselling and MA in Teaching English as Second Language. IE Dean Elsa Gerardo said that her institute is continuously looking for ways to offer graduate programs that are more dynamic and are better attuned to the current trends in education. According to her, faculty members are also encouraged to produce scholarly researches and present them in local and international conferences. “Faculty members teaching graduate programs are doctorate-degree holders or master’s-degree holders in the appropriate areas of specialization. Likewise, their teaching assignments are always in line with their areas of specialization,” Gerardo explained. Not for now FEU-Makati, which offers the postgraduate Continue to page 13...

4 September-October 2013 FILIPINO

Andrezell U. Lee

Patnugot ng Filipino

Nina Carlo P. Gulapa, Daniel V. Miaga at Jonnamel V. Sta. Barbara

Talino ang isang bagay na hinding-hindi maaagaw ng sinuman at maaari ng dalhin hanggang sa takip-silim ng buhay. Ngunit kung ang mismong tadhana ang tila umagaw nito sa iyo, makukuha mo pa bang harapin ang hamon ng kapalaran?

Iba-iba ang persepsyon natin sa tuwing makakikita tayo ng mga taong nangangalakal at namamalimos sa daan; mayroong nahahabag at mayroon din namang naiinis. Pero anong magiging reaksyon ng karamihan kung may makikilalang taong salat sa yaman ngunit nabiyayaan naman ng hindi pangkaraniwang kaalaman? Pag-alala sa nakalipas Hindi hadlang ang estado sa buhay ng isang tao upang makamtam ang ninanais nito. Kung gugustuhin, kahit sino ay may kakayahang maging sinumang kanyang naisin o anumang posisyon ang gusto niyang abutin gaano man siya kalaki o kaliit sa mata ng iba. “Teacher scavenger, bookworm, model employee, licensed teacher, walking dictionary,” ilan sa mga katawagan kung saan nakilala siya. Ang henyo sa likod ng mga bansag na ito ay si Mang Alfredo Manuel, 60-taong gulang. Nag-umpisa siya bilang isang janitor sa isang eskwelahan sa Malate, Maynila; nagsumikap at nakamit ang diploma sa kursong Bachelor of Science in Education sa University of the East. Taong 1986 nang makapasa siya sa licensure exam para sa mga guro. Subalit hindi siya pinalad na makahanap ng trabaho dahil sa bintang na pagnanakaw sa dating pinagtrabahuhan noong siya’y nag-aaral. Ang dagok na ito ang siyang naging mitsa ng kanyang pagkakalugmok at pagkawala ng determinasyon sa sarili. “Tinapos ko ang board, Board of Teacher…at saka kumuha pa ako ng Civil Service Professional, pinasa pa rin. Eh ‘di sige, ngayon nag-apply ako sa Division of City Schools. Ngayon ang sinabi d’un, no hiring, break at no vacancy for five years ‘yun ang ginawa sa akin,” hinaing ng matanda. Ginawang dahilan ang nasabing ‘walang bakanteng pwesto’ sa kanyang pag-a-apply sa iba’t ibang trabaho. Ito ay isa sa kanyang itinuturing na hindi patas na karanasan. Matapos ang matagal at mahabang pakikipagsapalaran, nauwi sa pagtitinda ng basura ang trabaho ng matanda. Sa kabutihang palad, mayroon siyang tinutuluyang bahay. At kahit na wala siyang sariling pamilya at mag-isa na lamang, may mga tao namang taos-puso at walang sawang tumutulong at nagmamalasakit sa kanya. “…Pero nae-enjoy ko rin kasi nabibili ko ‘yung gusto ko, kasi ‘yung ibang mga tao may generosity, may ano, may compassionate naman sa nakikita at nakatutuwa naman. May mga passersby, may mga bystanders, may mga estudyante ng La Salle at St. Paul. Nakikita naman nila, inaabutan ako ng pera, ng pagkain, nakatutuwa,” paliwanag niya. Hamon ng kapalaran Maraming bagay pa ang kanyang isinalaysay sa kanyang buhay na nagbigaydaan upang siya’y maging matatag sa kabila ng mapanuring mata ng mga tao. Ayon sa kanya, mahalaga ang bawat araw na lumilipas dahil maraming bagay ang dapat gawin at pagsumikapan upang mabuhay kahit na mapanganib para sa kanyang kalagayang pisikal. Pangangalakal ang kasalukuyang nagtatawid sa araw-araw ni Mang Alfredo. Malimit niyang tangan ang isang malaking plastic bag na naglalaman ng mga bote at dyaryo na kanya namang ibinebenta sa kanyang suking junkshop pagdating ng hapon. “Eto, namumulot ng basura tapos [ang] ginagawa ko, ‘yung pinagbilhan ng basura, ginagawa kong capital, Kuha ni Carlo P. Gulapa Latag ni Alexis James L. Tud

every MWF [Monday, Wednesday, Friday] lang naman, napakasarap naman, nag-e-enjoy although deep inside, I am broken-hearted dahil sa pangyayari pero nae-enjoy ko rin kasi nabibili ko yung gusto ko…,” dagdag pa niya. Ayon sa kanya, kahit na mahirap ang kanyang sitwasyon sa buhay, nagagawa pa rin nitong ngumiti, magpangiti at magpasalamat sa mga taong nakapapansin at nahahabag sa kanyang katayuan sa buhay. Samantala, isa pa sa kanyang kinahihiligan na gawin ay ang pagpapanatili at pagbabahagi ng kanyang kaalaman na nagbigay daan upang makilala siya at maibalita sa napakaraming tao. Dahil sa kanyang angking talino, naging katangi-tangi sa kanya ang pagkakaroon ng matalas na memorya. Masasabing sa edad ni Mang Alfredo ay aasahang mapurol na ang kanyang memorya, pero sinong mag-aakala na saulo pa ni manong ang iba’t ibang scientific name ng mga prutas, gulay at bulaklak; dagdag pa ang mga napakalalim na mga salitang maaaring hindi pa naririnig ng marami sa atin. Para sa kanya, ang tunay na kaligayahan at tagumpay sa buhay ay ang makapagbahagi ng mga kaalaman, makapagbasa, at makapagsaliksik pa ng maraming bagay na makatutulong upang mapaunlad pa ang kanyang isipan.

makahawak ng yeso at makapagsulat sa pisara upang kanyang maibahagi sa mga kabataang Pilipino ang talinong maaari nilang magamit upang maging matagumpay sa buhay. “More learning for there lies success or éclat in the different fields of specialization,” paliwanag niya. Salamin sa lipunan Para naman sa mga taong nakasasalamuha ng matanda sa araw-araw na paggasgas ng kanyang mga tsinelas sa kahabaan ng Taft Avenue at Pedro Gil, iba’t ibang reaksyon ng pagkamangha at awa ang napupukaw niya. “Na-amazed kasi hindi siya pangkaraniwan eh ... Kasi, maaari siyang maging source ng mga p’wede pang maging katulad niya…sayang,” pagkadismaya ng isang seafarer na si Arvin Orpilla, 21 taong gulang. Paglalarawan naman ni Billy na isang pedicab driver na matagal nang kakilala si Mang Alfredo, “Magaling, mabait at marunong makisama sa mga katulad namin. Marami na rin akong natutunan sa kanya.” Sa buhay ngayon ni Mang Alfredo ay napatunayan niya ang kanyang nasambit na mga katagang, “little things mean a lot.” Aniya, tulad siya ng isang basurang madalas hindi napapansin ng mga tao, inaakalang walang silbi, pero sa likod nito ang realidad ng sikmurang napupunan galing dito, tulad ng talino na kanyang naihahandog sa iba’t ibang uri ng taong kanyang nakasasalamuha. Siya ay isang buhay na patunay na hindi mo kailangang maging mayaman para makaimpluwensiya ng tao o maging politiko para maturuan ang ilan sa iyong mga kababayan, hindi mo kailangang magpapansin sa iba, ipinakita niya na determinasyon, debosyon at pusong busilak ang kailangan upang maisakatuparan ang mga ito. Ipinakita rin niya na kahit ano pa ang iyong pagdaanan, sukuan ka man ng buong mundo, hangga’t humihinga ka pa at nakatapak pa rin ang dalawang paa sa lupa, may dahilan ka pa rin para lumaban at ituloy ang pagtahak sa pangarap na nais maabot gaano man ito kahirap at kahit ano pa ang pumigil.

“Little things mean a lot.” -Mang Alfredo

Isang pangarap Sa kabila ng tinatamasang salat na pamumuhay ngayon ni Manuel ay malinaw pa rin sa kanya ang isang natatanging pangarap na nais niyang makamtan. Nang matanong kung ano ito ay dali-daling sinulat ng manong ang isang pangungusap sa wikang Espanyol: “Quiero viajar alrededor del mundo” na nangangahulugang “gusto kong libutin ang mundo”. Aniya, nais niyang mapuntahan at maging bahagi ng mapaghimalang St. Januarius Day sa Naples, Italy na nagaganap tuwing Setyembre 19 taun-taon. Gusto umano niyang masaksihan ang himala ng pagbabago ng kulay ng anumang itim na dugo na ilalagay sa ulo ng nasabing santo. Matapos ang mga dagok at sakit na naramdaman ni Manuel sa mahigit 60 taon niyang pamumuhay ay hindi pa rin maikubli ng matanda ang poot na kanyang pinagdaraanan. “In a democratic government, let justice be handed down to the oppressed, persecuted and let all the people live in equality. Should there be part isocracy in it,” sambit niya. Sa kabilang banda, hanggang sa mga oras na ito ay dala pa rin ni Mang Alfredo ang pagnanasa nitong makapagturo sa isang paaralan,


September-October 2013


Hindi lahat ng ninanais natin ay naibibigay sa atin. Sa ilang mga pagkakataon, ang mga dumarating na biyaya ang siya nating pinahahalagahan. Ngunit lahat ay dumarating sa puntong kailangan nating itaya ito sa mapaglarong tadhana.

Isa sa mga nakikipagsapalaran sa bwenas ay si Jerry Salas, 46 taong gulang at isang side car driver. Ayon sa kanya, hindi naman talaga niya itinuturing ang sarili bilang isang sugarol ngunit bahagi na rin daw ito ng kanyang pampalipas oras. Bukod sa pagsisikap ni Salas sa kanyang napiling kabuhayan ay ibinahagi rin niya ang pananalig niya sa bwenas na dala ng kanyang pagtaya sa lotto. “Sa isang araw tumataya ako mga nasa 50 pesos pero ang Laro ayon sa kasaysayan madalas kong tinataya ay nasa bente o trenta o higit pa,” pagsasaad ni Iba’t ibang hamon ang dumarating sa ating buhay upang Salas. tayo’y mapatibay at matuto mula sa mga karanasang nagdulot ng “Bukal sa puso ko ‘yung tumaya [ sa lotto] dahil naghahangad matinding pinsala sa ating pagkatao. Kalakip nito, mayroon tayong din ako ng konting ginhawa sa paniniwala ko na meron talagang swerte kakaibang istilo ng pamumuhay upang matugunan ang ating pang- sa tao na darating sa panahon at pagkakataon pero hindi masasabi araw-araw na pangangailangan. Ito ang maaaring nag-udyok sa ilan na [kung] kailan.” subukin ang swerte sa mga pagsusugal. Ngunit sa kabila ng kanyang pananalig sa swerte ay sadyang Panahon pa lamang ng Kastila ay nagsimula na ang sugal mapagbiro ang tadhana at hindi maiiwasan ang pagkalasap ng pagkatalo tulad ng cockfighting at lottery na ginawang legal upang madagdagan ang sa kabila ng pagpusta. nakokolektang buwis ng gobyerno. Ito ang siyang maaring dahilan sa Ang pakikipagsapalaran ni Salas sa swerte ay hindi tiyak pagkakadala ng sugal maging sa panahon ngayon. ngunit may pag-aasam na makabawi sa Ayon sa Mental Health Foundation susunod na pagtaya. ng United Kingdom, nagsusugal ang mga tao “Nanghihinayang din ako dahil sa maraming bagay. Ilan na sa mga ito “Naniniwala ako sa determinism. lalo na’t ‘yung karamihan doon ay ang dalang kakaibang thrill at ang kagustuhang ko sa pagsa-side car. Pero Everything happens for a reason. Hindi ako pinaghirapan manalo. Isa rin daw itong paraan upang okay na lang din kasi wala na eh; andun matakasan ang problema at i-asa sa gulong ng naniniwala na random lang nangyayari na, hindi mo naman na mababawi pa swerte ang kapalaran. ang mga bagay. Eh, ang swerte kasi ay ulit ‘yun,” dagdag pa niya. Saad naman ni Luzviminda Abelardo, Sa kabila ng sinapit ni Nancy propesor ng Filipino ng Far Eastern University, resulta ng randomness,” at Jerry sa pagkatalo ng kanilang taya ito ay isang paraan ng mga Pilipino upang ay tila swerte naman ang natamo ni -Christopher Valentin Boy Fernandez na tumatangkilik sa maiangat ang estado ng kanilang buhay. “Naniniwala silang [na uunlad ang Keno, isang uri ng loterya kung saan ay buhay nila] ..wala silang inaasahan sa buhay kundi kailangang pumili ng sampung numero ang sugal...‘Yung mga taong walang nakikitang magandang hinaharap...” bilang taya at kung kabilang ito sa dalawampung numerong ilalabas bilang panalo ay makukuha ang jackpot na isang milyong piso. Barya’t papel Ayon kay Fernandez, may lima o anim na beses na siyang Hindi biro ang kumayod para sa ikabubuhay lalo na kung nanalo ng limang libong piso ngunit dala na rin ng pagtangkilik sa pagtaya hindi sapat ang kita sa maghapon para sa gastusin ng pamilya. Sa kabila nagmimistulang pambawi na lamang ito sa kanyang mga tayang natalo. ng pagpupursigi ay ang pagbabakasakali na minsa’y makasungkit ng “Naliligayahan kami kapag tumama kami. Pero kung ito-total inaasam na swerte. mo, halos wala ka ring panalo sa ganyan,” pagpapaliwanag ni Fernandez. Dalawang bagay lang daw ang maaaring maidulot ng isang kaganapan – bwenas o malas. Ngunit handa ka bang makipagsapalaran sa mundo ng swerte na walang kasiguruhan ang kalalabasan?

Gulong ng tadhana Ang buhay ay sadyang mapaglaro. Minsan ika’y nasa taas at minsa’y nasa baba gaya na lamang ng natatamasang pagkapanalo at pagkatalo. Sa kabila ng natamong karanasan ay naging iba’t iba na rin ang ating pananaw sa pakikipagsapalaran sa mundo ng swerte. Isa sa mga nagpahayag ng kanyang saloobin ay si Christopher Valentin, na siyang nahilig maglaro ng mga baraha ngunit sa paraan ng pagtatanghal sa harap ng maraming tao para sa aliw na dala nito. Ayon sa kanya, hindi siya pabor sa pagsusugal dahil ito raw ay paglulustay lamang ng pera at nagtuturo lamang sa atin na umasa sa hatid ng swerte. “Naniniwala ako sa determinism. Everything happens for a reason. Hindi ako naniniwala na random lang nangyayari ang mga bagay. Eh, ang swerte kasi ay resulta ng randomness,” ani Valentin Maituturing mang isang malaking biyaya ang dulot ng bawat swerteng dumarating sa ating buhay ay hindi ito nagbibigay ng kasiguraduhan kung patuloy nitong maitatawid ang hamon ng bawat bukas. “Hindi na maiiwasan kasi lahat tayo naghahangad ng maginhawang buhay, gan’un. Kaya minsan umaasa tayo sa ganitong uri ng sugal pero dapat ‘wag natin idepende ‘yung sarili natin sa mga ganito. Matuto sana tayong tumayo sa ating mga paa para sa bandang huli wala tayong pagsisihan; manalo man o matalo sa larong pinili nating subukan,” wika ni Salas Isang pakikipagsapalaran ding maituturing ang buhay natin. Gaya ng bawat laro, ang ating mga pagkabigo ang siyang humihikayat sa atin upang manalig sa pag-asang hatid ng panibagong araw at ang bawat panalo naman ang siyang nagsisilbing lakas upang tayo ay mas lalo pang magsumikap. -Frances Marie Tenerife at Joy Q. Batang

Nina Charisse L. Vitto at Emric Salven B. Rejano

Gaano ba kahirap ang mapalayo sa isang minamahal? Kasing-sakit ba ito ng pagkabigo sa buhay o ‘di kaya’y katumbas ng pighati ng pagkawala ng kapamilya? Sabi nga nila, ang tunay na pagmamahalan ay hindi nasusukat sa distansya kundi sa pagtitiwala. Ngunit, paano nga ba maipadarama ang pag-ibig kung ang layo sa minamahal ay hindi na natatanaw?

May mga dinatnan ng swerte na ang minamahal ay abot-kamay lamang, ngunit sa iba’y tila talagang ipinagkakait ito. Paano nga ba pinaglalapit ng dalawang nagmamahalang puso ang dalawang magkalayong mundo? Friendster to lovers Kasabay ng pag-unlad ng makabagong teknolohiya ay ang paglobo rin ng pagkakaroon ng iba’t ibang internet sites. Gaya na lamang ng mga social networking sites na Facebook, Twitter at ng mga makabagong chat applications na Line, Viber at WeChat na kung saan ay maaaring magkaroon ng komunikasyon ang mga taong hindi personal na magkakakilala. Kabilang sa mga ito ay sina Mariel Sison at Arvin Fabico na nagkakilala sa pamamagitan ng Friendster. Si Mariel ay 18 taong gulang lamang noon at si Arvin naman ay 34 taong gulang. Hindi sila magkakakilala sa tunay na buhay ngunit naging daan ang social media upang sila ay makapag-usap ng madalas kahit na sila ay nasa magkaibang bansa. Matapos ang tatlong buwan ay hindi na nila naiwasang mahulog ang kanilang damdamin sa isa’t isa. Dumating ang panahon na sila ay naging magsing-irog sa kabila ng hindi pa pagkikita ng personal. “Na-in-love ako sa boses n’ya n’ung kinantahan niya ako na kasama pa ang gitara. Music lover kasi ako and I play guitar too. Kaya ‘yun! Plus pareho pa kaming choir member, so, dagdag points talaga ‘yun!” pahayag ni Mariel. Nagpatuloy ang kanilang relasyon hanggang sila ay nagkaroon ng pagkakataong makita at makilala ang isa’t isa ng personal na di kalauna’y nauwi sa kanilang pagsusumpaan sa harap ng altar. Sa kasalukuyan ay muli silang magkawalay nang dahil sa pangangailangan bilang mag-asawa. Naghahanapbuhay si Arvin sa Japan at muli namang nag-aaral si Mariel dito sa Pilipinas.

“Kahit papaano nawawala ‘yung lungkot sa’min. We always communicate. Hindi p’wedeng lumipas ang araw na hindi kami nagkakausap, kahit nasa school ako or nasa work s’ya. Ito ‘yung ingredient sa LDR [Long Distance Relationship]—na ‘wag na ‘wag mawawala,” ani Mariel. Aminado ang mag-asawa na walang perpektong relasyon. Nariyan ang panghihina ng loob, pagkawala ng gana bunsod ng hindi pagkikita o maaaring pagkatukso sa iba. Ngunit ayon sa kanila, hangga’t may takot sila sa Diyos ay nagkakaroon din sila ng takot na gumawa ng mga bagay na ikasisira ng kanilang relasyon.

“Number one is regular communication... I make sure I call him during special occasions and let him feel that I am always there for him though we are apart,” saad nito. Darating man o hindi ang oras na sila’y permanenteng magkakapiling ay binitawan ng ginang ang katagang “The right time will come in God’s plan.”

Pintig ng puso Maraming pagsubok ang nakalaan sa paglayo ng isang mahal sa buhay, lalo na kung matagal mo siyang hindi nakikita. Ayon kay Dr. Sheila Marie Hocson, tagapangasiwa ng Nang dahil sa pagsisikap University Counselling and Career Office (UCCO) Wala nang mas bibigat pa sa pagkawalay sa ng FEU, “Being away from your family or love one iyong kapamilya. Halimbawa is a very interesting na lamang nito’y si Maricel and unfor get t able Hofilena, isang Overseas exper ience.” Filipino Worker (OFW) sa New Pinaliwanag niya Jersey, USA. rin na mas masakit ito Si Ginang Maricel sa taong umaalis. Ito ay mayroong isang anak na ay dahil mas marami naninirahan dito sa Pilipinas. siyang kailangang Ayon sa kanya, isang taon pa sanayin sa kanyang -Dr. Shiela Marie Hocson, sarili pagdating niya sa lamang ang anak na si Allen ay kinailangan niyang lumisan tagapangasiwa ng UCCO lugar na pupuntahan. upang magtrabaho sa abroad. Kadalasang Kahit mahirap para nangyayari sa sa kanya ang pagsubok na mapalayo sa kanyang sitwasyon na ito [pagkakaroon ng long distance nag-iisang anak, ito’y kanyang nilalampasan araw- relasyon] ay ang pagkakaroon ng pagkabawas araw sa pamamagitan ng pagdarasal. sa nararamdaman ng isa’t isa. Ayon sa kanya, “Nagdarasal lang ako lagi na sana’y patnubayan “…dapat you really have to satisfy ‘yung siya ng Diyos habang ako’y wala sa piling niya,” personal interaction. Kahit na meron tayong Dagdag niya pa rito na isa sa mga bagay na social networking, kailangan mayroon tayong tumutulong sa kanya upang kayanin ang pag-alala physical interaction.” sa kanyang anak ay ang pananalig na nasa mabuti Payo ni Dr. Hocson, “Avoid temptation, siyang mga kamay. know the value of commitment, know the value of Mahirap para sa isang single parent ang true love kahit sa mabibigat na pinagdaraanan.” pagsubok ng pangingibang bansa. Sa mahigit Mapalayo man sa minamahal ang isa sa sampung taon ng kanyang pamamalagi sa New Jersey taong kanyang sinasandalan sa mga malalamig na ay bumibisita lamang siya ng isang beses isang taon oras na binibigay ng buhay, may liwanag pa rin na sa Pilipinas. Ngunit ayon sa ginang, mababawasan naghihintay sa pagmamahal at pag-asa sa tuwing ang pagkakawalay sa piling ng minamahal sa pinahahalagahan ang bawat ngiti, tuwa, lungkot at pamamagitan ng pagpapanatili ng komunikasyon. luha ng bawat isa sa muling pagkikita.

“Being away from your family or love one is a very interesting and unforgettable experience.”

Dibuho ni Gwendell G. Aranda; Kuha ni Darlene S. Padilla Latag ni Alexis James L. Tud

6 September-October 2013 OPINION EDITO RI A L Absurd

We wonder. What has gotten into the minds of Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada and Vice Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso this time? “We will make Manila, the first Wi-Fi city of the country,” proclaimed Domagoso in his Facebook fan page last October 6. Subsequently, street lamps along España Boulevard brandished tarpaulins about this rather— pardon the word—ambitious project. The announcement, of course, wouldn’t be complete without the traditional brand mark of the two important faces every Manileño is quite used to seeing everywhere. Tagged as “Linking Enterprise and People (LEAP) 2025”, the project is said to “make government services available electronically to all citizen at anytime, anywhere...” Domagoso also said that he recognizes the “importance of internet in today’s world” and how it is “no longer a luxury but a necessity,” thus the significance of providing one. Also, recently, we heard that the two officials led the inauguration of the first of the 12 Wi-Fi ready waiting sheds in one of España’s footbridges, adjacent to the University of Santo Tomas. The idea is to entice commuters to wait at proper bus stops by giving them full internet access and bright, colorful lights on their background. This, however, was not the first among Estrada’s administrations questionable moves. On a slightly unrelated note, Estrada, during the first months of his term, told the press about his distaste on the lampposts along the stretch of Roxas Boulevard. He called them “ugly” and that they give a “carnival” atmosphere to such a historic place. He then said that he will replace those with lampposts of tasteful standard designs and imbued with a sense of history, according to a Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) article. Lastly, the former president said that he is also eyeing the redevelopment of Binondo to give it an “authentic Chinese motif”. There are also proposals in his office concerning the modernization of Manila Zoo and the construction of three public markets, as enumerated in the same PDI article. Now, we question the priority given to these projects. It seems that the Manila government is setting its focus too far-fetch, that it gives less importance to the more pressing issues right under its nose. Why would any Manileño choose connecting to the waiting shed’s Wi-Fi when the street where it is located is infamous for having the most terrible floods? Also, CCTv cameras won’t suffice for the threat of snatchers and thieves in the said area. This technology cannot rewind or playback the life of the victim, once it is taken. Importantly, how can enabling an internet system in the whole city be more important than caring for the homeless people along its avenues? There are hundreds of beggars who don’t know how to use a computer and we will give them Wi-Fi. We can’t connect, dear Mayor. We also understand that it is one of the goals of the Estrada administration to restore Manila to the picturesque beauty it was once known for. But the giddy delights of changing lamppost and reconstructing an old community zoo cannot be more important than the issues concerning the environment and people’s welfare. Instead of the face-lifting of Roxas Boulevard, why can’t we just focus on reviving the natural wonders of Manila Bay? It is also the time that we give more significance to projects that concerns the relocation of people who live in esteros and the banks of Ilog Pasig, even if it means losing some of the votes politicians can earn from them. We know that Mayor Estrada has these kinds of project; what we ask, however, is that they be given eminent importance. More than the “necessity” of connecting to the internet, there are basic essentials (like food and shelter) that must be addressed immediately. For afterall, why does the administration has to brag about being the first Wi-Fi city in 2025 when their term is to lapse in 2016? Again, we wonder.

Down to its last dying minutes, the crucial game of FEU against DLSU was nothing but heartbreak for most of the Tamaraws. Ironically though, it meant something else for me. I swear; it was when I was proudest of the green-andgold team. Yep, I beamed with honor that day so that when the rest of the crowd bowed down in disappointment, I raised my head in pride. And no, this is not sarcasm (as what most of you would probably think it is). Even I was surprised of the sudden outburst of emotions I felt after that wrenching lost. After all, who wouldn’t be struck with frustration when the winningest team in the first round fell unbelievably short during the semifinals? It sucks, right? Not for me, however. The reason is just that I realized some things I would probably have not given a thought about had FEU won that game. Assuredly, the epiphany that dawned on me is worth more than the bragging rights I’ll ever get from posting ‘congratulationsmy-team-won-today-please-diein-envy’ tweets. Let me lay it down in clear details. When the crowd of green and gold was silenced by the drowning yells of the green Today, there are 206 Filipino families mourning the loss of their loved ones due to the bloodshed of the now over Zamboanga crisis, as reported on As of September 12, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated a total of 107,382 casualties; 40,000 of whom are civilians in the still on-going Syrian war. I don’t know if our overly impractical, denial-driven optimistic alter-egos tend to “forget” these recent events and focus on Megan Young’s being hailed as Miss World 2013; or if our apathetic, selfish, in-survival mode-selves have truly grasped the gravity of these situations that happened and are still happening both inside and out of State. Well, in case you’re one of the uncomprehending, let me spell it out for you. Innocent people – children, mothers, sickly – have been and are being killed. They’re caught in the crossfire between those overtaken by greed, power, and false idealisms. Even worse is, for some countries, such are the characteristics of what they call “government.” The irony is, political scientists like Locke and Rosseau would argue that a government exists in order to ensure peace, justice, and security, especially of the minority. After World War II, the United Nations was formed to prevent the recurrence of the

Three seconds

and white, I already predicted the inevitable ending we will face moments after. Soon, bits of evidence became more apparent. Last five seconds. Two-point lead. Two free throws for DLSU. Time-out for Tamaraws. What could have been any worse? I’ll bet a huge fortune to say that some people from our side would want to sneak out of the venue and look for a nicer place to spend the rest of the day in. Honestly, I myself was drifting into a horrific trance until a fateful intercession woke me up. “Kaya pa ‘yan! Kahit nga three seconds kaya ‘yan eh!” That was my overly optimistic friend exclaiming. Utterly surprised of her reaction, my other friend and I shot her an ‘oh-shut-up-what-are-yousaying’ look and calmed her down. Unluckily, she didn’t. Instead, in

her defense, she talked about an NBA game and other stuff I didn’t quite understand anymore. I got her point when I started looking around the Arena. And just like that, my friend’s words hit me in the right places. How foolish that I was exceedingly consumed by the thoughts of us losing another crucial game that I turned a blind eye to those that are most essential. Most dishearteningly, it took me long to notice that in spite of the fleeting time left in the clock, the team was still ‘in the game’, exerting all efforts, to change the impending bad fate. Simply put, they were still trying to win when most of us in the bleachers have already resigned our hopes. That’s what made me enormously proud of them and somehow shameful of myself. And although they weren’t able to turn things around

World War III

desolation brought about by the two warring superpowers. And ever since the Geneva Convention had been signed, the notion was formed that there is now civility in and a more humane form of war. But, who are we kidding? War is war. Death is death. Damages are irreparable and recovery is long-term. I used to think that being a third-world country exempts us from all the mess and horrors superpowers like the United States and Russia have been accustomed to. I’m talking about the unnecessary and shameful carnage that result from terrorism and civil wars where brothers of the same nation kill each other and families bomb other families’ sanctuary. Upon hearing the news of about 200 hostages being held captive by the Moro National Liberation Front and the consecutive headlines of the stand-off between the Military and rebels which

ensued killings, trauma, and post-traumatic-stress disorders not only of the involved but also of the innocent made me realize how wrong and stupid that notion was. There is no greater crime than wasting a life, except maybe taking one; and the only thing worse than the evil of murder is indifference. When all these were happening, where were you? What were you doing? Did you even bother to know about these or were you too busy taking your selfies, or couldn’t be disturbed because final exams were coming and you still need to memorize countless formulas and periodic table elements? When your professor shifts from discussing the lesson to voicing out his opinion about these occurrences, did you listen? Or did you secretly put on your earphones and drowned out what he was saying with the lyrics of Katy Perry’s Roar? Or maybe, you

in the tourney, they surely turned great things on how I understand the importance of failing and trying. My task now is to pass that message to you. Relating this to our personal and academic lives, I believe most of us have experienced our own versions of failure. Some might be even driven by the fear of them. Either way, what matters is that we never lose the guts to try even when we are at the brink of a soul-crashing fiasco. The odds may be slim; yes. There is huge possibility that we’ll just end up as great disappointments; absolutely. The fall can hurt a lot; for sure. All these things can haunt us like hell. However, these won’t strip us the chance to try. And as long as we realize that, failure can never harm us that much. Remember that the greatest failure happens to those who willingly succumb to giving up. Try not to be the cowardly person who quits, but the insanely optimistic person who believes. For who knows when a three-second, life-changing moment can surprise those who choose to hold on. Here’s to those who have never won but have always tried. Let’s talk about our epic failures at jeromes. just switched to daydreaming mode and visualized Miley swinging on a wrecking ball? I believe that indifference can be equated to negligence. I consider the persons who answer “yes” to my questions as negligent beings. Legally speaking, a person charged with negligence is perceived as equally responsible as the person who actually committed the crime. Ethically, negligence is the most immoral choice and carries the most weight in terms of imputability. So, I hope that before joining rallies for academic incentives, we first become aware of what it is fighting against and what the organization that organized it stands for. In other words, an all out war must be launched against apathy and the only one who can begin and end such is the person you capture in your selfie. And when we, especially those with the means to deploy troops or have armies and fleets at their disposals, are overpowered by grief and hate, I wish we’d remember a universal and sacred truth: We are humans - capable of compassion, empathy, and love. It wouldn’t hurt to display this humanity once in awhile. Redeem yourselves and be socially aware at cue_kcfc@

OPINION My ideal FEU is my dream school. I want an FEU that has a huge campus where students can ride bikes in or jog at every morning, or an FEU where collegians can bring their cars in and have joyrides every night. I want an FEU that has commercial food chains, coffee shops and pizza hubs within the campus, or an FEU that has its own mall where students can relax from stress whenever they wish to. I want an FEU where students can sleep at Freedom Park, or an FEU that has its own open field where students can play Frisbee, have picnics, play football or gaze at the stars. I want an FEU where students and not just the athletes can also play at the central gymnasium. I want an FEU where students can also call themselves athletes when they step in the hardwood at least for some hours. I want an FEU that has dormitories within the campus so students no longer have to brave crime-prone streets when they go home every night. I want an FEU that is safe from evil-minded individuals who can stab and shoot people in a matter of seconds. I want an FEU where students are not required to wear school uniform as long as they dress up decently, or an FEU where If granted the odds of reciting a prayer for gazillion times, it will contain the words “Lord, pa-extend naman po nitong 24 hours per day into 30 hours,” while kneeling in front of St. Jude’s image. Dubbed as “The Final Hell Week,” the most feared phenomenon of the semester has embarked in the calendar of school activities. Enclosed in this last seven bitter-sweet days is each students’ final execution of their self-named “studiousness.” After which comes the verdict of the professors when encoding comes. Bearing this in mind, it sure counts zero mistake to be extra busy with the things you should focus on but sometimes, you should pause, take a good look at, and assess your life. Have you been lining up the valuable matters in the priority lane? Have you seen how your father has been fed-up the moment he arrived in your home? Did you even care to give his back a massage even for a short while? I bet you are too occupied thinking of a marvelous title for your thesis. Have you checked those 10 missed calls? Your sister “The Filipinos are worth dying for.” – Sen. Benigno Aquino, Jr. Controversies surrounding the Philippine government have been borne witness with its people. Widespread through the media is the corruption and deceit of high-ranking government officials that we trusted and have voted for. Filipinos are distraught with these illegal actions. As of now, the nation, including international communities have been observing the proceedings on the pork barrel scandal. Who would not know about Janet Napoles’ captivity as per both perpetrator and victim in the controversies behind the closet skeletons of corrupt officials and politicians? What is sardonic is the fact that most Filipinos laugh it off, maybe as a mass defense mechanism, forgetting the intake of the severity of the situation. The individuals involved in the scandal are representatives of the State. It is their shame, as well as ours. Foreign states will scrutinize not just the Philippines but also every Filipino. The government is definitely trying but it needs to try harder to redeem the

My ideal FEU

students can freely bring their gadgets in without having to secure gate passes anymore. I want an FEU that trusts its students. I want an FEU where all students are proud of being Tamaraws, or an FEU that is free from students who wear lanyards that bear names of other schools. I want an FEU that is grounded in school pride. I want an FEU where professors also fall in line when they wish to ride the elevators, or an FEU where students and professors have equal rights. Both students and professors have the same number of hours and seconds per day so why prioritize professors when students fall in line first? I want an FEU where student leaders do not act as though they are celebrities on or off campus. I want an

FEU where genuine student leadership is exercised. I want an FEU where the FEU Advocate’s readers are not close-minded who get mad at the publication for reporting and commenting on issues which do not seem to put them in a good light. I want an FEU where students, administrators and faculty members alike are matured enough to accept both praises and criticisms from the reportage and commentary the FEU Advocate does. I want an FEU where students involve themselves in rational discourses about campus and social issues; or an FEU that is truly a ground for students who are doers and not just thinkers. I want an FEU where students are leaders and not just followers of what the administration says. I want an FEU where

Priority lane

is reminding you that tonight’s dinner is a family reunion. It appears that you didn’t have the time to charge your phone when the battery was drained caused by the phone calls you made to settle some matters in your school organization. Have you visited your calendar where your grandmother’s birth date is encircled in red ink? You weren’t able to resist the seduction of your bed’s lullaby because you’ve stayed up all night at your group mate’s place to cram for your collaborative project. Yesterday was a Sunday. Did you sing praise and give thanks to Him? I suppose you thought it was an ordinary free day since you are losing track of your time so you just downloaded and watched the season premiere of

How I Met Your Mother. Apparently, busybees have to face their bathroom mirrors before washing their face early in the daybreak and ask themselves: “What can I start doing today to make my life happier and more fulfilling?”. Today, my utterance in this column slapped me in my face, so hard it almost swelled. One morning just this week, I woke up from a beep of a text message containing a sad news. “Your lolo just passed away this morning.” The pencil in my hand while doing my architectural plates was literally dragged down by gravity. I heard my heart being crushed like the sound of a dried leaf stepped on. He is no ordinary grandfather. He stood as my mentor, friend, and father; yet

Internal battles

Filipino pride despite further arising problems. That’s not our only problem. The country already has its plate full of internal or national issues. For years, the territorial disputes at Bajo de Masinloc or Scarborough Shoal between several Asian countries, especially with the People’s Republic of China, continues to escalate. The nation’s naval troops just lay at the border shores while China has already began building structures in the said shoal or territory. Also recently, President Aquino was supposed to attend the 10th China ASEAN Expo, but the Chinese government issued a statement that he should come ‘at a more conducive time’ leaving some opinions that the

president was being given a notion of non-invitation. All the other ASEAN countries’ leaders were present and invited to deliver their speeches. Ironically, this year the Philippines is the expo’s ‘country of honor.’ Social and political scientists opine that this snobbish action is part of China’s ploy as a result of the disputes. That just shows a partiality of the state’s problematic plate. Recently, we faced the crisis involving the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mindanao. Many speculated and claimed that the Zambaonga crisis is a frame-up to distract the larger picture initiated by corrupt and powerful politicians.

September-October 2013

intellectual minds, not shallow brains, are behind all students’ beautiful faces. Hindi p’wedeng puro gwapo at ganda lang. I want an FEU that is truly a home of future world-class leaders and ladies-of-beauty-and-brains Ms. Universe bets (I am serious about this, believe it or not). I want an FEU where the level of skills and knowledge students obtained from lectures and exercises is higher than the cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees. I want an FEU that is more known because of its high quality education and not just because of its excellent sports program and well-manicured lawns. This is my dream school. I dream of these because, apparently, the FEU where I am in right now is the exact opposite of my ideal school. And what is my biggest dream for FEU? I want an FEU where students, administrators and faculty members alike can work all together to come up with an “ideal FEU.” Because from where I stand now, I see that we still have a long way to go. I want an FEU where students share their own versions of their ideal FEU at jujubaluyot@ I wasn’t able to attend to him during his last days here with us. He requested for a CD compilation of his favorite songs and it is taking me a lifetime to accomplish it due to academic tasks and press work, thinking I would be able to do it then hand it to him during sembreak. What I failed to notice is that his pleading was already an omen. I constantly thought that we must live one moment at a time, and concentrate on one thing before another. But somehow, God and family members are the ultimate exemption. They ought to be at the top of your priority list. Take things in stride. Make time for those who matter. May this be a warning to each and every one. Call your mother from overseas the moment you get home today and ask her if she already had her dinner. You don’t know how small acts could be a big deal to them. Check your planner, you might want to cancel a plan for tomorrow to spend time with your loved ones just for a moment. Before a text message of some bad news pops in your phone. What’s inside the cart? You are queuing in the priority lane. Carry the valuables and toss your afterthoughts at Even Sen. Mirriam Defensor-Santiago had accused her co-senator, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile Sr., of being the mastermind behind the Zambaonga attacks. Because of those assumptions, many Filipinos are using their trust in the Philippine Governement and its system. Nevertheless, t h e Filipinos will always be worth fighting, even dying for. There would also be officials and brave personas that will protect what is rightfully ours. Take for example Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his measures like posing as a taxi driver to bust criminals at night. Efforts like these are what the nation needs. Let us not be skeptical about the outcome. Sometimes the internal battle starts within the individuals. We, Filipinos, should believe this country will be better. Let us not be pessimists nor ignorants of the situational platform of our current issues. We should not wait until the challenges lay unfinished or unresolved. Our eyes are neither blind nor our hands cut off, so what are we waiting for? Don’t be the last one to act. Prove your worth at maryhicellerenacido1314@


Bawal Tumawid, Nakamamatay

“Ma’am, hindi po puwedeng magsaksak ng laptop…” Ito ang paulit-ulit na sinabi sa amin ng guard sa library habang gumagawa kami ng thesis. Ilang ulit kaming sinita ng guwardiya na tila gusto na kaming hatakin palabas ng aklatan. Bago pa man ang renobasyon ay naisagawa na ang patakarang ito. Nakapagtataka lang na nang inayos ang pasilidad ay ipinanatili nila ang mga saksakang bawal naman pa lang galawin. Medyo ironic lang na hindi puwedeng gamitin ang mga saksakang ito ngunit ang mismong establisyimyento ay ginawa para sa mga estudyante. Isang tanong ang mabilis na sumagi sa aking isipan. Ang edukasyon bang ating binabayaran kasabay ng patuloy na pagtaas ng tuition fees ay maituturing bang naghahatid ng kaalamang katumbas ng ipinambayad sa matrikula? Sa nakaraang buwan ay naging usap-usapan din ang nangyaring paint ban sa loob ng paaralan. Isa ito sa mga naging matunog na pangyayari na pinag-dedebatehan ng kapwa mga estudyante at mga propesor sa Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts (IARFA). Ano pa ba ang silbi ng naturang mga kurso sa IARFA kung ipinagbabawal ang pintura? Nasabi pa man ding Painting major, ngunit hindi makapagpinta? Na sa bandang huli ay isa lamang maling pagkakaintindi sa utos ng admininstrasyon. Ang mataas na miscellaneous fees bang tumutugon sa serbisyo ng mga empleyado ay maituturing bang kasing lebel ng iginagastos para rito? Inilunsad din ang “No ID, No Entry” kamakailan sa semestreng ito. Hindi na maaaring pumasok sa loob ng unibersidad nang walang dalang I.D. taliwas sa nakagawiang pag-type ng student number at dagdag sa oras ng community service na ngayo’y suspensyon na. Isa sa mga itinuturing na hassle ng karamihan na tila nakasanayan na ang “pagkalimot” sa kanilang I.D. Ngunit gusto kong malaman kung bakit may kakilala akong nakalabas-masok na walang I.D. na isa pa ngang outsider? Ano nga ba ang siyang pinag-iingat ng patakarang ito? Hindi sa nais ko lamang ikwestyon ang pamamalakad ng administrasyon sa mga pasilidad. Ngunit sapat na ba ang ginagawa at ipinatutupad ng bawat paaralan upang maturing na kalidad ang edukasyon ng isang unibersidad upang pumantay sa pagtaas ng matrikula? Mahirap magpatakbo ng isang unibersidad. Hindi rin mabilis ang pag-asikaso sa maraming mga bagay na kaugnay nito. Hindi madaling gampanan at balansehin ang lahat ng nanaisin kasabay ang malaking populasyon. Ngunit dapat pa bang hintayin ang problema bago gawan ng mas masusing solusyon? Ano nga ba ang sukatan ng isang kalidad na edukasyon? Pagusapan natin sa

Metaphorical alarm clock

We all go to college with one goal in mind: TO GRADUATE. Impossibility loses its existence to those who are in their graduating year. They are like metaphorical alarm clocks set to ring any moment soon. Amidst the natural tendency of being occasionally complacent, and despite the inevitable limitation of knowledge and creativity, everyone still sweats it all out just to accomplish everything tasked to them: Thesis proposals, defense, problem sets, experiments, plates, film, and all other tedious works. Those who hate Math come to love numbers by force. Those who do not know how to properly conduct an experiment or mix the perfect colors for a plate eventually learn how to do them as expected, if not excellently. All of a sudden, their grades start to matter unlike before. There isn’t any room left for selective attention and filtering. Grasping all that is there is the trend for everyone aims to earn a degree, if not graduate, with soaring and striking colors. As a graduating student, I share the same amount of physical, mental, and emotional distress. Sleeping becomes a luxury, and not a necessity. However, there isn’t anything happier than seeing the image of myself wearing my graduation costume, if I may call it so, and march on the carpeted floor with all the others whose metaphorical alarm clocks reached the time set. This happiest thought for a graduating student, however, becomes a nightmare when you ask yourself: “What’s next after graduation? Will I get employed?” I remember my dad once told me, “Kaya lang naman pinilit kong gumraduate, para sa diploma. Diploma lang, may trabaho na.” After receiving his real diploma, and not the props used in their graduation ceremony, he landed a job a month after. I never stopped looking up to him, and carried the same mindset as I grew up. But in the long run, the mindset doesn’t apply to the circumstances anymore. That’s when anxiety came in. The fear of not getting employed haunts me even on those luxurious moments when I have a few hours to sleep. Even with a degree, the idea of not being capable and fit still scares me. Having four years of training in school, occasional exposure on the field of media, and all other learning experiences essential for my future, I still bear no confidence at all. Was it because I slept more than I studied? Or maybe because I talked more instead of listening? Or my credentials are not good enough? Or the training I’ve had is not a good foundation for me to have an edge over the thousands or millions of those who also are aspiring to work in my chosen field? Whatever kind of answer anyone has, it won’t be able to ease the anxiety of being unemployed after reaping the results of a four-year hard work. Reaching this stage, I still look up to my father, but my mindset has moulded itself into a different shape. It dawned on me that having a real diploma doesn’t guarantee a good job or even mere employment itself. It’s not the piece of paper that matters highly, but the skills and knowledge you possess which can outwit those who also have a diploma Continue to page 12...



September-October 2013

By Christelle Ann S. Jimenez

The moment Alice slipped into the rabbit hole, she was instantly entranced towards semi-madness, grabbing pinches of fantasy into her own reality. She was addicted—addicted in her newly found wonderland.

And in Far Eastern University, some Tamaraws have found their own rabbit holes to slip their mind and bodies into. Mad as hatter Just like how Mad Hatter is addicted to tea and hosts a mad tea party for eternity, there are those addicted to Hello Kitty. “Halos lahat ng allowance ko dito nauubos para lang makabili ng iba’t ibang gamit na Hello Kitty (Almost all my allowance is spent, just for me to buy different variety of Hello Kitty merchandise),” shared Cam Peñaflor, 3 rd year Mass Communication student who has approximately a hundred more Hello Kitty collectibles. Peñaflor admitted that Hello Kitty greatly affects her life in terms of happiness and fulfilment, using it as her own stress reliever. She also admits that there are those who support her ‘vice’ but there are those who find it unusual and weird. Another mind and soul who found her own wonderland is 3 rd year Psychology student Ruthe Mañosca. She found it in another area of responsibility, “ Three years ago kase, 2009, may project kasi kami sa PE, kakanta kami ng K-pop tapos ‘yun nagustuhan ko na (we had a project for PE, we are to sing a K-pop song, that’s where it started).” K-pop, short term for Korean Pop music, took the country by storm in 2008, making Korean music and fashion a trend for some Filipinos. But some of these fans have turned into super fans like Mañosca, investing bunch of wealth on Korean merchandise. “ Lahat ng albums binibili ko; lahat ng variety show pinapanood ko. Talagang nag-iipon ako para makabili ng mga merchandise. Mga 15k na ‘yung nabibili ko lahat, mga albums, posters and notebooks (I buy all of the albums, watch all variety shows, and I really save money just to buy (Korean) merchandise. I’ve spent almost 15k for their album, posters and notebooks),” Mañosca narrated. “ ’Pag ‘di dumating ang K-pop (If ever K-pop didn’t arrive) , my world would be boring,” was Mañosca’s definition of her world without her love. “ Inspirasyon siya sa’kin like, dati hindi naman ako gan’to, Dati mahiyain talaga ako, hindi ako ‘yung maingay (It’s an inspiration for me, I was not usually like this. I was shy; I was not the noisy type).” Boring, might be the same definition of Keene Ventura, a 2 nd year Internal Auditing student, also known as “Dumbo,” of a world without volleyball. Playing for more or less three hours every day; he is a certified volleyball addict, who arrived at their usual volleyball area from the University clinic after he has accidentally hit a friend with a ball while playing which led to nose bleeding. “Playing volleyball every hour gives me the feelings of freedom; freedom from my anger, wherein I can do things I want to do with the ball. I will hit it, flip it and throw it as hard as I can so that I will contribute a little help on me to lessen the bad feelings or vibes. All I wanna say is every time I play volleyball, the happiest chubby Dumbo still exists,” says Dumbo. Addicted the three are, but there are those who peek at their wonderlands and say what they have to say on whatever struggles they’ve been going through just to keep staying on the holes they’ve slid into. Off with the head For some people, happiness is found in a nutshell. It may be the simplest thing and the most nonsensical matter, but there are those who judge and see their interest or so-called addiction in a whole different light. Just like the Red Queen, who shouts and commands the famous line-killer “Off with the head!” whenever she sees or hears what displeases her. And in Peñaflor, Mañosca and Dumbo’s wonderland, there are those who wants to scream “Off with the head” on their faces for they themselves struggle with the consequences of their constant lurking in their addiction paradise. Dumbo admits, “Kasi ngayon scholar po ako pero ‘yung grades ko sobrang baba. ‘Yung tipong mababa for a model (student). Kasi hindi na ‘ko nag-aaral dahil sa volleyball (I am currently a scholar but my grades are so low, low for a model student, because I do not study anymore because of

volleyball).” No one, but Dumbo himself recognizes the fights of his battle. “ Minsan ‘yung sarili ko pinipigilan ko na maglaro kasi naiisip ko, paano ‘pag na-injure ako? Huwag sobra kasi baka ma-injure ako at hindi na ’ko makalaro. Takot ako sa injuries (Sometimes I restrain myself from playing for what if I get injured? Not too much for I might get injured and not play anymore. I am afraid of injuries).” For Dumbo, it may be himself that kindles the consequences, but for Mañosca, it’s someone else. When asked how her parents react on her interest, she said, “Minsan okay lang sa kanila, minsan hindi kasi ‘pag nanonood ako ng TV parati nilang sinasabi ‘Puro ‘yan pinapanood mo’. Tapos ‘pag nakikita nila ‘yung mga gamit ko, sasabihin nila, ‘‘Yan nanaman binili mo.’ Masakit din sa ‘kin kasi parang ‘di nila fully accepted na gan’un, Kpop, dun ako masaya (Sometimes, it’s okay with them, sometimes not because when I watch TV, they’d always say ‘You always watch that.’ Then when they see my things, they’d say ‘You bought those again.’ It’s painful for me for it’s as if they do not fully accept that K-pop is my happiness).” Different ups and downs, left and right turns but at the end of the day, it will be their decision, whether they accept the idea of being beheaded of their favorite predilection or fight for their rightful necks on the deck. Advice from the Caterpillars Despite the bashes, crashes and the rapid upturn of addictive events, there are those who justifies and clarifies what it’s like to be an addict; there are those that despite them being residence of the Normal Village, understands the uncontrollable ticks. “Everybody has an addiction. And that is something that we need to respect or to appreciate. They are entitled to like whatever suits their taste, like toys, Kpop, etc! Maybe they saw something unique that suits them best with that specific kind of genre that they don’t see in the mainstream choices,” justifies Kim Torres, 3 rd year International Studies student. For throughout millennia, the word addiction itself has gained negative connotation, immediately associating the word with drug addicts. “Drug addicts are different,;drugs are not beneficial to the person’s health, psychologically, nasisira ang behavior nila. ‘Pag object addiction, tulad ng mga napapanuod sa mga TV show, gamit ng artista or cellphone (Behavior of drug addicts become disorganized. Object addiction like actor’s merchandise or cellphone), that’s superficial. Hindi apektado ang katawan n’on (The body’s not affected),” explains Psychology professor Rey Concepcion. Object addiction has different side effects as well, despite the gush of fulfilment; its customers tend to experience excessive money-loss effect, notime-management- syndrome and the all-jumpy-anddreamy-effect. But despite the self-concept, Concepcion adds that loop holes could still be found even with object addiction, “Maybe they lack guidance that it is better to take everything moderately. Though we do not know what they are trying to prove, if they would only know how to prioritize more important things. Baka magulat nalang sila in the future, financially, marami silang nakaligtaang mga bagay (They might get shocked in the future, that they’ve forgotten loads of financial priorities).” Out of boredom, Alice wondered off alone to entertain herself. Without her parents knowing, she followed the clothed rabbit with a pocket watch, and slipped down the hole. Guidance might be the root, even of object addiction, as Concepcion says, that they might’ve lacked the emphasis on taking things reasonably. But if their reason is to find happiness and existence, is it reasonable enough to continue their constant visit on their own tangible wonderlands?

~ Oktoberfest started on October 17, 1810 at the wedding day of King Ludwig I. He is the first king to celebrate Oktoberfest. It still retains

Researched and Compiled by Katrina Surla

~ September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day

the name, even though the festivities may start in September, with October having only a partial share of the time schedule.

Halloween is also called “All Hallow’s Eve” or “Beggars’ Night”.

October is also ‘National Book Month’

Winnie the Pooh, a fictional bear cartoon, was first published on October 14, 1926. Sources: Reader’s Digest Almanac Ripley’s Believe it or Not Wikipedia


Shereen Nicole B. Rivera Features Editor


By John Ismael Medina

If a man is put in disgrace, the one who causes it is on greater shame. For the past few decades, bullying has been a mainstream issue in the community, social networking sites and even academic institutions. Far Eastern University, given its cultural diversity, is not an exemption to this. Many bullying phenomena have occurred and scarred the memories of its students.

for money, fooling, and hitting him because he is gay and has a bad attitude),”shared Padua In another scenario, bullying makes the offender look greater than the other. If it is effective, it boosts their confidence and feeds their morale. Kyrie, not his real name, bullies for no reason. He narrates, “Pinagtitripan ko sila, pinipitik, tinatago ‘yung gamit nila tapos sinusuntok ng walang dahilan. (I play tricks on them; I flick them, hide their stuff or hit them without any reason).” Kyrie does not see this as a hindrance to making friends as those who he bullies still choose to be his buddies. Which makes his armor shine above the rest. “Hindi nagagalit ‘yung mga pinagti-tripan ko; sumasama pa rin sila sa’kin. (They don’t get angry at me. They still choose my company).” As for Padua, he revealed that he bullies in order to protect himself from other bullies. “Isa na ‘yun [bullying as a form of protection] ‘Tsaka para hindi ka ma-bully ng mga kapwa mo bully. And para mapahiya ‘yung taong kinadudustahan mo. (That’s one; and, this will keep other bullies from bullying you. And for the person you hate to be shamed).” A man steps on others for many reasons - some for greatness, some for pleasure. Yet, it’s important to remember that what makes a man, man, is his respect for his fellow. The offenders have spoken as well as the victims, it all boils down then to the law written and approved by the Republic.

Episode One: The Victims Bullying comes in all forms, whether by words, actions, physical or virtual. It occurs in every place; it happens to everyone. Bullying can be either mild or extreme but then, bullying is bullying. Once it happens, man’s morale is clearly stepped on and he is no longer the same person as he was before. To be put to shame or laughed upon for the sake of others’ pleasure deteriorates one’s self-esteem; it may cause a good feeling for the offender but it creates a great damage to the victim. “I was bullied. They hid my things, they made fun of me when I am in front of the class for a reporting and they called me names,” shared Allison Aviado, a 2nd year Literature student, who experienced bullying in her high school years. Sometimes, jokes become offensive when thrown to a person with the wrong approach. Whether it is meant to hurt someone or just for fun, one should take responsibility in doing such . Although the acts he received were less offensive to be deemed as bullying, Angelo Arbit, 3rd year Medical Technology student, admitted that he was still offended. “Kasi, kamukha ko raw ‘yung isa sa mga classmates nila, sabi n’ung ibang nasa block na ‘yun. ‘Pag nakasasalubong ko sila, may kinakantiyaw silang pangalan, ‘yung pangalan nung mayor nila na kamukha ko raw. Hindi sila nakatingin sa’kin pero alam ko naman. Kapag nakasasalubong ko sila, malakas talaga sila kumakantiyaw. Siyempre, naiilang ako. (They said that I looked like one of their classmates. Every time I encounter them, they would shout their classmate’s name towards my direction. It made me feel uncomfortable).” To be thrown things as a form of bullying is better than to be bitten emotionally. Though these acts can be considered minor in contrast to those that happened to other people, further exposure to bullying can cause a greater damage to the person’s ego.

Episode Three: The Deal The Anti-Bullying Act of 2012, signed last year, was given to the Department of Education (DepEd) with due respect to the continuous occurrence of student bullying in academic institutions. Enclosed in the Act are the condition in which an act can be considered as bullying and the necessary actions that can and should be taken down by the school for its students. However, the law is only applicable to elementary and high school students. Dr. Sheila Marie Hocson, FEU University Counseling and Career Office (UCCO) Director explaining why the law is not applicable to college students said, “This is because we expect college students to be more mature.” Consultant and former Dean of the Discipline Office, Adelaida Fronda, recognize that bullying still exists in the University. Though there are no preventive actions against bullying, it is tackled in the student handbook and is dealt with by DO and UCCO. “So far, we have not yet done any concrete preventive plans but we had always wanted them [students] to understand that there are policies to promote respect for other people because if you respect one another, you will not bully other people. But, there is more to that. There are underlying forces why these happen and we would like to understand them. We hope to come up with programs,” Fronda said. The Republic of the Philippines conspires to what the artisans choose to happen to him. Respect is already settled but sometimes, people neglect to consider it. “When people are bullied, they are bullied because they allow themselves to be. If you have a good amount of respect for yourself, your dignity and rights, I don’t think you would allow other people to trample your dignity, self-respect and rights. In the Office of Student Development, we are promoting equality regardless of who you are. We maintain that respect for other people is very important. These must be respected because these are the basic necessities of harmonious surroundings,” Fronda expressed. Bullying makes a difference to one’s life; whether physical or emotional, mild or hardcore, it should not be done to anyone with all due respect. Likewise, to let one’s self be bullied is like letting others step on one’s ego. Man holds and decides for his own life; experience molds man. Even if the law demands people to be morally upright and just, it still depends on the person to which path he will go. The case is still unclosed until man finds his way out of his selfcentered thinking.

Episode Two: The Offenders What causes a man to bully? More often, students tend to portray a strong disguise in order to prevent being bullied by other students. When this happens, the one with the best suit prevails while the weaklings bow. John Justin Padua, 2nd year Mass Communication student, acknowledged that he had been a bully. His tactics include offensive words and bruising actions among other things. “Kinukutusan, pinapahiya sa harap ng madaming tao, pineperahan, inuuto, sinasaktan ko siya kasi bakla siya tsaka ang pangit ng ugali niya. (Poking, shaming him in front of many people, threatening him

Stepping outside one’s comfort region may be thrilling yet dangerous, for outside a sanctuary is a chamber filled of contests – competitions that filter then declares the wisest warrior on the land. Aiming for recognition and acceptance, gladiators from different sides of the globe gather along the streets of Morayta. Facing native warriors from the pearl of the orient, can these foreign Tamaraws survive the struggles of blending in? Leaving the safe zone Set of islands sitting in South East Asia welcomes its guests from neighboring nations. Besides the chaos and issues rising in the politics in the archipelago, these international visitors still saw something in the Philippines worthy of their stay. A mixture of Filipino and Angolan blood, Arlene Paringit, a 2nd year Business Management student, moved here in the country at the age of 13. She was influenced when her father told her that, “Philippines is a good country to study.” Saying “yes” to her father’s wish of leaving Angola, Paringit formulated a difference between her homeland and the archipelago saying, “Here, you learn English faster because everyone speaks [English]. There [In Angola], it is really hard. They make you study like a robot.” The country also offers a lot of prestigious universities for the natives from the other sides of the world. But to Peter Ndupuechi, a citizen of Nigeria, Far Eastern University (FEU) stands out. Like Paringit, FEU came to his knowledge through a relative. Over his three-year stay in the University, this 4th year Marketing Management student has developed his loyalty and fondness of the Green and Gold. “Unlike other schools, they [people from other universities] don’t socialize. Most of them [foreigners] transfer because the environment is not as friendly as FEU,” Ndupuechi shared. Jumping over the fences of their homeland to the islands of the Philippines, these foreign Tamaraws seek not just knowledge but a taste of what the other side of the world can offer them. Going Local Together with these foreign Tamaraws’ choices of living in a new land, is having a ticket for another battle they have to face – the challenge of living like a local. Staying in the country for four years now, Paringit shared that getting used to the environment was really hard. Several opinions and boos from the audience welcomed her as she entered the FEU Arena for her first battle. “I love the Philippines [and it’s] natural beauty. My problem sometimes is the people. I’m not saying all, but most of them… Sometimes they call me black even though I’m not that dark. They call me curly hair or spaghetti,” Paringit narrated. Meanwhile, unlike Paringit’s insight, Kim Soo Jin, 4th year English Education student who carries the flag of South Korea, have something else to say. “There is no bullying [here]. They [Filipino students] are very kind to me and they are very helpful… They teach me how to study English,” he recounted. Taking the risk of living in a new environment caters both sweet and bitter memories. And while a gladiator travels around the Arena, he carries with him a satchel full of various moments from different battles he has been to. “I’ve experienced good side and bad side. The bad side is the snatchers. They stole my phone… But the good side is that the people here are friendly. They are hospitable. It’s a matter of how you approach them. At the first time, I don’t have any idea, but now I think I’m getting used to it,” Ndupuechi said. As these foreign Tamaraw fighters take each of their step through the hallways and paths of FEU, they face constant battles - testing their ability to win and challenging their desire for belongingness.

Winning strategies In a place packed of skillful knights who are trained to slay with their swords and to resist with their shields, one has to be more than just a fighter to reign as the strongest warrior of all. “It’s not easy [living in a foreign land]. Different culture - everything’s different. As a black man, some people will look at you as a different person. But it’s just a matter of understanding, and after everything, I think I learned to cope up with the environment,” Ndupuechi explained. Like Ndupuechi, Paringit also managed to win her battles for she never fails to be brave and to let her strong-willed heart radiate inside the battle grounds. In spite of the constant remarks on her sun-kissed skin, she shrugs her shoulder and say, “I’m black and I’m proud.” While these foreign-blooded Tamaraws learn how to open up to the society they are in, native gladiators from the Tamaraw’s lair are also ready to accept and welcome them with their swords on the ground and arms wide open. “Katulad lang din naman natin sila. Estudyante rin na gustong mag-aral dito [FEU]. Minsan medyo nakaaawa kasi wala dito ‘yung mga kamag-anak nila. Tapos iba pa sa kanila ‘yung environment. So sa part nila mas malaki ‘yung kailangan nilang i-adjust (We are all the same. They are also students who want to study in FEU. Sometimes I feel sorry for them because their relatives live far from them not to mention they are living in a different environment. So they really need to adjust more than we do). The least we can do for them is to be nice,” Janine Joyce Garcia, a 3rd year Mass Communication student and a proud resident of the Orient, related. These Tamaraw fighters travelled thousands of miles overseas with the hope of acquiring education. Not knowing that the FEU Arena is not just capable of teaching them how to solve for the value of x or how to balance equations, rather, it also led them to their most important realizations. In order to keep standing on the FEU grounds, Ndupuechi reveals his secret weapon. A weapon even with an unsharpened blade has the ability to cut deep into a heart’s true intentions. “You have to be open. You need to let people know that you’re not that strict, or smile to people, and then make friends… I think that’s the most important thing. If you want to get rid of being homesick, accept other people so that they will accept you also,” Ndupuechi revealed. Through the years of witnessing progress and failures of FEU, Gloria Mendoza, a professor from the Communication department, sees foreign and native hands intertwined. “I don’t see them separated from one another… Filipino students accommodate them [foreign students] well and give them special treatment. They know how to consider them as guests of our nation and guests of our school,” Mendoza shared. A Tamaraw who takes the crown of the strongest fighter in the Arena isn’t identified by the number of punches he can throw, but, a true gladiator is characterized by an understanding heart and openness to reach out to the other strong knights. Gladiators representing different flags from the map found out that it is essential to unite to stay alive. And as each fighter faces his battle every day, a new home awaits and welcomes him in one of the thousands islands of the Philippines - the cradle of noble warriors. -

- Lensey N. Etcubañas

Illustrations by Ralph Michael R. Nochete and Robert M. Faustino; Photo by Kevin Victor J. Torres and Ronalyn B. Pordan Layout by Johanna Alexandra Marie G. De Jesus, Aicel Marie V. De Guzman and Julie Anne S. Diaz

10 September-October 2013 LITERARY

Mary Hicelle B. Renacido Literary Editor

By Mary Hicelle B. Renacido

One of those fateful days, I took a menacing look around the filthy sham. The pattering of little steps echoed my sensitive vibrating eardrums. Probably a rat. Or a cockroach. Some creature of darkness, some dirty little bugger. Well, we weren’t too dissimilar anyways, me and the mini hindrances- the pests of society. Vividly, the memory lane composes of the same images, the indifferent sounds, the mimicked scenes that seem to play over and over. Hope was crushed when young minds are exposed to the ugly seedlings of the sickly society. That was probably what occurred in my youth. Funny. I don’t remember any of those ‘hope’ business that was brought by religion, cheery welfare individuals, or any foundation with a soul. Was I always this pessimistic? Time to put this conditioned body to motion. It’s presumably noon. Not that I’m sure, I just based it on the positioning of the extra scorching sun, like I always do. Clocks are not a necessity, especially with the people like me. “Boyet! Are you still there?” Ah. Here comes Carding, one of my few camaraderie-slash-meal tickets. Scratching each other’s back is the only source of livelihood in this forsaken setting; it’s not even worthy of being called a slum. Slums are more fortunate than us- the lowest of the low. “I’m here. You got work for us?” Surprising, we do work. Although, definitely not in office buildings and skyscrapers. Definitely not. More than often, the jobs are either dirty or dishonest. It is not something to be ashamed of yet also nothing to be proud of. What can you expect of a pest? How else can we survive in this civilized jungle? I never even stood foot inside a classroom but likewise, I still wonder about the operation of learning. But, my genetically-linked parents liked to instill in my mind before that education is a long and unaffordable expense. “What is it this time, Carding?” “Drugs. Cocaine to be exact. The clients ask us to deliver it to a couple targets. Good pay. Boyet, this job’s wage can fill our empty stomachs for a month.” “Not bad. Of course we’re not allowed to get caught, right?” Carding and I was to proceed to the ‘job’ that night. Rummaging in a box which is supposed to be my closet, I picked up a plain shirt and a pair of shorts with no holes, not much dirt, though still a little pudgy – an idea of my most respectable clothes. Heading for the door, I did not bother closing it. There were no valuable objects there, just trash. Carding was also ready even with the sad attempt to tame his greasy, curly hair. He already had the ‘package’ with him and we were off to the targets. It wasn’t much. This job was not exactly as dangerous as the other work lines, but nonetheless, when entangled with the law, you could get behind bars ‘big-time’. As a bonus, the task was swift, too. We finished before the darkest hour. Noticeably, there was cocaine left-over from the bag. Carding was all up for trying it. He seemed like this isn’t the first time he held a stick like that, the anticipation on his face evident. “Don’t be a coward. Try it once, Boyet.” “Fine. Just once, just this once.” Just once was what I said. With the hand intertwined with the pathetic excuse of a stick, my mouth engulfed the taste and smell of the cocaine. It felt good, I felt good. More and more I inhaled, my heartbeat palpitated faster and all those possible senses tingling with some unknown excitement. With the gone-too-soon effect, the stick laid now as ashes blown by the gentle wind. The gratified feeling was replaced with sudden depression; even worse than I realizing the woes of such an unfortunate life, even worse than being a self-acknowledging societal garbage. I needed more, the ecstasy of remembering such emotion that provided a pinch of happiness. After a few moments’ whim, I held another home-made stick then another and a few more. That instant, I should have stopped but couldn’t. Or maybe I chose not to. “Boyet, maybe you had too much crack.” The look on Carding’s face was concerned but the knowing, ominous look in his eyes was in focal view. He seemed more than comprehensive of the situation that one puff of smoke had corrupted me. Ignoring his commentary, I stared at the view of night sky; beautiful, breathtaking, and timeless. How could I have not seen it before? It seems like it was the cocaine working, it made me open my eyes. Pondering on my new established insights, Carding placed a shivering hand on my shoulder, reluctantly nodding at my unpronounced words. “Carding, I need more. Get me more of the package. I will do anything, just provide me cocaine.” I was better at my worst. The smile on my face reeked of addiction as my eyes showed no light despite

my enlightenment. My appearance went from beggar-like to one of those mindless individuals roaming without directions on the streets at night. Nevertheless, I still had my sham which I didn’t find as useless as before. Carding still gives my weekly ratio, the drugs serving as all possible necessities. Food was not an option anymore, it was a hassle. Living at a minimal and working like a man with a bundle of children, any opportunity I could get, I would take without doubt. After some weeks later, I had reared into desperation. My bodily bone structure was visible even underneath clothes but I needed my daily surge of warm fuzzies more. That evening, my hands beseem an action that never quite crossed my train of thought as a mere pest. Intentionally, I lurked into the shadows awaiting a probable victim. She was short with plumped cheeks indicating her needs were provided more than enough. With my adrenaline power, I grab her arms and drag her to a concrete wall nearby. Placing the broken shard of glass along her neck, which was twice as large as mine was, I hissed threats though her ear. “Give me your money. If you do not cooperate, I will get it; over your dead body.” Trembling and twitching, the woman handed her bag. My hands snappily grab the bag, and ran. I didn’t stop until my hands felt the cardboard walls of my abode. The treading of my feet was as loud as each raspy breath. “Boyet?” The nightlight assisted my eyes to the figure in front of me. “What did you do? Where did you get that bag? Did you snatch it!?” “This is none of your business, Carding. All that matters is I hand you money and get my grub.” “No! Return this immediately to the poor lady.” Carding was taking the bag with his puny hands. My eyes almost blackedout, I was enraged. This person, supposedly my only living associate is blocking my path. Control was not in any reason, my hands began to shake. Hot red liquid had spilled from one of my clenched fists. It helped me remember the glass shard on my hand. Lifting it, Carding’s facial features drew of fear and panic. “Please, Boyet. No…” His plead stimulated me for ungraspable reason as I plunge the offending weapon to his exposed neck. Drowning with his stifles and cries, Carding’s torso was covered with his own blood. I staggered to a corner with the shocking weight of my actions in sudden remorse. Within seconds, I was dived into a diapason of emotions and initially broke into sobs. The moonlit stage displayed of a man sobbing relentlessly. An earpiercing silence covered the setting. The man wipes his tears and gave a small smile before hysterically laughing. The dead body in front of him vanished. The pest of society had become a monster.

Ragnarok Eclipse

Lost Souls Damned

Thee fell victim, casualty of acts A mere child fallen, left like a shack

Skinny Unlove

Awful is thy breath, that which was life Now a bewitched soul, sullen by strife

I tripped I stripped My clothes pile up My face smeared with make up

Drudgery of renaissance, come forth Rise and throw oblivion, contort

- Patrick Hakeem A. Rones

Breathe, inhale, exhale; deep breaths Long drags on rolled sticks of these

By Marra Yoshabel B. Mien

Petulant pestilence, endless scorn Eternal contagion, wayworn Fullsome of morrows beset by wars Deeds were naught, but inscriptions of scars

At the twilight of stars, sneer and snarl For thy life is a new, white as flour

Pushed me to the edge, reality and fantasy did My thirst for this height of euphoria tickled my fancy

A normal sized girl is what they see An obese freak in the m irror – That’s me

Six Feet Under Millions of stars glimmer in the dark Happily beaming to envious heart

On bent knees, I am still Force myself to purge, I will

What wasn’t there I now see and hear Is it real, My Dear?—Exhale, inhale, puffI hear God say something monosyllabic Die! - He says, or is this just Morgan Freeman on repeat? My Dear! You’re here! – Little spiders crawled on my skin Inhale, exhale, quick breaths; puff, huff, puff Sweetie, listen. I ha-! What’s that on your face! Bang! Bang! That should do it! Is my son crying? Red crayon colors the side of your face, By golly, Honey! You look wonderfully red! I touched your skin-

Prisoner of a self-centered desire Bear a monster which is very dire

You’re head tilts. You must be really tired! - You shrunk before my eyes You look so much like our son, My Dear!

Blinded by the alluring spotlight Cruelly, draws out others with might

Inhale, exhale, huff, puff, huff; inhaleIt smells like iron in here, do you smell it, My Dear?

Pressure the ego to aim higher Slowly, it drags me six feet under


- Sarah Christine H. Barbado

Illustrations by Aaron Cedrick S. Manaloto, Ralph Michael R. Nochete, Erika Nicole S. Bernardino, Mhar Melvin I. Choi and Gwendell G. Aranda Layout by Christine Joy V. Lopez

- Riza Camille F. Talan

John Armen T. Bonggao Chief Photographer

THROUGH THE LENS September-October 2013 11

Photos by John Armen T. Bongao, Marione Paul G. Infantado, Kevin Victor J. Torres, Darlene S. Padilla and Angelica C. Fernandez Layout by Marione Paul G. Infantado

12 September-October 2013 TAMARTS Aaron Cedrick S. Manaloto

Aaron Cedrick S. Manaloto Art Director


Johnry Heinz C. Laban

Robert M. Faustino

Mhar Melvin I. Mhar Melvin I. Choi

FEU to lose... from page 1

must demonstrate “very good” program outcomes through an enough proportion of accredited programs, Center of Excellence and/or Center of Development citations, and/or international certification. Regulated HEIs are institutions which still need to demonstrate good institutional quality and program outcomes. “ Yo u c a n b e t h e best of whatever you [are]: institute, college or university, but no longer will you aim for the best by being a university,” Birung said. FEU is currently an autonomous university until May 2014. However, FEU’s autonomy is still defined by CMO No. 44, series of 2008 which is a rather older version of the subject CMO. Far Eastern College? Birung declined to comment when asked if there is a possibility that FEU can be classified as a “college” or “professional institution” as an effect of the CMO, saying that CHEd can only know it in the future. H o w e v e r, F E U President Michael Alba told the FEU Advocate that if a “university” is already in an HEI’s name then CHEd cannot strike it out. As stated in the order ’s Section 31 in Article VII, titled Transitory Provisions, “HEIs recognized as universities before the establishment of CHEd or granted such status by the Commission will retain this status unless they choose to be classified differently along the horizontal typology.” FEU obtained its university status in 1934, one of the earliest colleges to do so. CHEd, meanwhile, was created in 1994. Alba said that FEU is already complying with the

CMO’s implementing rules and regulations to be able to retain its university status. “First, we define the roadmap for the University’s development. But now that was done and has been approved by our Board of Trustees so the next step will be on [implementation]. We will be calling the deans together to explain that there is this roadmap and then to push them [to comply],” he laid out. To intensify research, faculty Alba clarified that the CMO does not force schools to comply as it is “voluntary.” “But of course, nakakahiya naman na tayo ay (it is shameful that we are) ‘Far Eastern University’ and we cannot be classified as a university. So our goal is to be an autonomous university [in compliance with the new CMO] as soon as possible,” Alba said. He admitted that FEU still needs to intensify its research efforts and outputs as those are major factors in the classification of a university. “I think where we need to move is really in terms of research so we need to show more; not just any kind of research but academic research,” he stressed. The order states that all graduate programs and at least 50 percent of undergraduate programs are already required to submit thesis, project or research papers to CHEd, as being a university also means being strong in research. At least 30 full-time faculty members must also be active in research. Links with other local and foreign research institutions as well as outreach activities are also required for a university. Meanwhile, facultyretooling is also among the FEU administration’s agenda.

“CHEd wants that faculty [members] are really experts in their fields. So kung biologist ka, biologist ka talaga at hindi ka teacher in biology. Kung math ka, sa math ka talaga at hindi ka math teaching (If you are a biologist, you must really be a biologist and not a biology teacher. If you are in the field of math, you must really be in that field and not in math teaching). Ang problema sa (The problem in) math teaching, you know how to teach math but you might not know the content of math,” Alba said. “We are pushing the faculty to get more appropriate academic credentials,” he added, referring to postgraduate degrees. The CMO mandates universities to have “a core of permanent faculty members.” Therefore, full-time permanent faculty members and researchers must already have the relevant degrees, professional licenses or relevant experience in courses that they handle in 2014. The order also specified that a university should have at least 20 degree programs and that there should have at least one doctoral program in three different fields of study. FEU’s linkages with other tertiary schools through student-exchange and research-collaboration programs is also a priority. Alba admitted that the standards CHEd has adopted for each institution are higher than the previous standards. “I think this is a very good thing because it will move us up; it will get us noticed… that we are a quality institution,” Alba said. -Jesserene D. Miranda



U-Belt among... from page 1

police vehicles (mobile patrol), he said. On the other hand, Safety and Security Office (SSO) Chief Security Officer Verlando Miguel assured that FEU is still safe for students. FEU requested for consistent police visibility around the campus. According to Miguel, there are four police officers assigned outside Gate Four, located in Nicanor Reyes Sr. street, in shifting hours. “Tayo mismo ang lumalapit sa kanila [Manila Police District (MPD)] para maramdaman ng bawat estudyante na safe sila. At hindi lang ‘yun: makikita ninyo naman na mayroon tayong mga [assigned]na pulis dyan, request ng University ‘yan (We requested police visibility for students to feel Filipinos call for... from page 3

not forget that they have to abolish it (pork barrel).” TV Network Channel 5 reporter Jove Francisco also shared, “Ang mga ganitong pagkakataon na nagsasalita ang bayan o nagsasabi ng kanilang sentimyento, kailangang ico-cover talaga namin para malaman din ng mas mataas sa ating lahat kung ano ‘yung nais ng mga mamamayang kinasasakupan nila (These are the times that the people are showing their sentiments, so we really need to have them in our coverage. The Metaphorical.. from page 7

as real as yours. The confidence of having the appropriate training, carrying a strong foundation, and possessing creativity and intellect that can be at par with the demands of the field is what guarantees a pay cheque every 15th and 30th of all the months after graduation.

Robert M. Faustino

safe. The University for that,” Miguel explained. ‘Strengthen public awareness’ M P D P o l i c e Superintendent Niño David Rabuya has laid out the three aspects of a crime: opportunity, motives and instruments. “Opportunity is the chance of a suspect to commit a crime. For example, careless victim na nagdi-display ng gadgets kaya nanakawan (who displays his gadgets so he gets robbed). Next is the motive of the suspect and third, instrument used such as knife, gun or anything na pwede gamitin (that can be used) to accomplish a crime,” Rabuya said during the Crime Prevention Awareness Seminar: Youth Sector held at the University Conference Center last August 7. Because of the mentioned criminals’ opportunity, motives and instruments, Rabuya then explained the roles

of the police, the public and the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team in preventing crimes. “The police’s role is to prevent the opportunity of crime… by doing patrol operations, emergency services, order maintenance, information gathering at iba pa (among others),” Rabuya elaborated. He furthered that it is the public’s role to be alert especially in crime-prone areas. It is also the public’s concern to inform the police or barangay authorities when they witness a crime. “Ina-assure ko sa inyo na marami pa ring pulis na ginagawa ang responsibilidad nila upang alagaan ang inyong seguridad (I assure you that there are still a lot of police officers who do their responsibilities to protect your security),” he said. -Norelyn M. Villaruel and Janice C. Rodriguez

officers should know what their people want).” Lectures on pork barrel by economist Winnie Monsod and former national treasurer Leonor Briones at the EDSA Shrine were supposed to take place. H o w e v e r, M a n i l a Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle restricted discussions on political issues inside the shrine. Thus, Monsod’s talk was cancelled. Briones’s talk, meanwhile, continued but was held outside the shrine. Million People March 1 and 2 were spearheaded by Peachy Rallonza-Bretaña, Zena

Bernardo and Arnold Pedrigal who created a Facebook event page to urge citizens to take part in the event. Meanwhile, Ocampo, Noel Wahe, Daniel Pedarse, Tomas Leonor, Ruben and Rodel Bañares also created a Facebook event page that called for the public to participate in EDSA Tayo. However, the event, being a prayer vigil, restricted the use of banners, placard, effigies and bullhorns, among others.

The diploma, rolled or framed comes in essential, but knowledge and confidence are the significant figures in landing a job. There still is another semester left for me, and a couple of year or months for the others. Let’s all look up to our fathers, as we simultaneously do well in our academe.

Nina Isabel D. Completo is a 20-year-old AB Mass Communication senior. She is also the president of IAS Sessionistas. She dreams to be a professional figure ice s k a t e r s o m e d a y. I f t h i n g s d o n o t g o h e r w a y, s h e will be a ballerina.

With reports from Danielle Mae J. Lao and Jastine Joshua G. Reyes

TAMARTS Gwendell G.

Mimi & Mimi & Momo

September-October 2013 13

Erika Nicole L.

Gwendell G. Aranda

Department of love... mula sa pahina 5

Erika Nicole L. Bernardino

Pangongopya... mula sa pahina 1

Department of love... mula sa pahina 5

Pangongopya... mula sa

Ralph Michael R. Nochete F A R E A S T E R N S I D E

Teachers’ performance... from page 2

be named... information about the students will not be given to the professors, even the section of the class. Before kasi may section eh (Because before, professors could see the sections). Only the students’ course title or code will be there [in the new TPE] but not the class section,” he furthered. SAMASA, suspended... from page 1

candidates under the red party held a flash mob while wearing their party apparels such as jackets and IDs. No permits were issued by COMELEC and the now-defunct Office of Student Affairs (OSA) that allowed the party to hold the event and to use certain facilities and venues. It was also stated in the resolution that the size of SAMASA candidates’ IDs was bigger than the required size. Moreover, FEUCSO 2012-2013 President Jayvee Badile and SAMASA Secretary-General Reimond Pangan also admitted the online selling of SAMASA t-shirts, which neither OSA nor COMELEC had approved. The resolution also specified Badile’s active participation in the room-to-room campaigns of SAMASA and using of his “influence” to promote the party despite his being the president of FEUCSO then. ‘Not clear yet’ COMELEC Vice Chair Jun Villegas cleared that SAMASA had already been warned about a heavier penalty when they were notified about their IDs’ size. “SAMASA was

On the other hand, students have different opinions on the matter. “I liked the previous evaluation test better. The test now is too long and timeconsuming but it is still good overall,” BS Internal Auditing junior Ayana Jane Bacuño said. “About sa bagong teachers’ evaluation, gusto ko ‘yung sistema ngayon kasi accessible

ng mag-evaluate kahit sa FEU website lang. Hindi na need ‘yung pupunta kami ng Nursing Building (NB) para lang magevaluate. Ang ayaw ko lang sa bagong teachers’ evaluation, masyadong maraming tanong. Parang ‘yung iba du’n na k a k a t a m a d s a g u t a n (About the new teachers’ evaluation, I like the new system because it is more

accessible even if you are only using the FEU website. You do not have to go to NB just to evaluate. But one thing that I do not like about it is that there are so many questions that you have to answer),” AB Political Science senior Jolina Roxas said.

reprimanded but with the caution that in case of another violation, there will be a severe penalty. A day after the decision was rendered, again, SAMASA committed a violation (campaign sortie) based on the new election code,” he explained. “It is very simple. You have to comply with the rules issued both by OSA and COMELEC. SAMASA violated this by staging a program which was not approved by OSA and COMELEC,” he added. SAMASA had already passed an appeal to revoke COMELEC’s decision. Despite the appeal, SAMASA doubts that the case will be resolved in time because of the reformation of OSA to Student Development (SDev) and because there has been no written resolution on how to settle the case yet. “Iba na ang leadership, iba na ang rules, iba ang system. Though sabihin na natin, in layman’s terms, pareho lang ‘yan, OSA din ‘yan (The leadership, rules and system have changed. Though we can say that it is just the same, it is still OSA that makes the decision). But still we have to put it on legal basis,” SAMASA political strategy head and Institute of Arts and Sciences Student Council FEUCSO Representative Jonas Pampilon pointed out.

Sandigan’s appeal Meanwhile, Sandigan Party Alliance, the rival political party of SAMASA, still does not understand why the suspension was made effective just after the election. Sandigan alumnus and FEUCSO 2011-2012 President Aeron Christian Morado pressed that the suspension is still favorable to SAMASA. “ H i n d i n a g a l a w ‘yung seats nila ngayon. Nung nakaraang election pa dapat ginawa ‘yang verdict ng suspension, na dapat baliktad ang nangyari (Their seats were not affected. It should have beendone before; it should have been the other way round),” Morado remarked. Villegas explained that the decision to suspend the party as a whole was based on the new election rules. Moreover, he clarified that the annual accreditation for both political parties is a “privilege,” not a “right.” “It does not necessarily follow that every year both Sandigan and SAMASA will be renewed. Accreditation is not a right; it is a privilege,” he said.

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-Ma. Karlota S. Jamoralin and Norelyn M. Villaruel With reports from Danielle Mae J. Lao

With reports from Jastine Joshua G. Reyes

a bachelor’s degree [only],” Remotin stressed. Another concern of FEUFA is the possible negative feedback outside FEU since the University is hiring teachers who do not meet the requirements as stated in the manual. However, this is not the first time that professors with no master’s degrees are accepted to teach at FEU. The same URC data revealed that there were eight regular full-time professors, 46 full-time lecturers and 107 parttime lecturers who were not postgraduate-degree holders last school year, comprising 17.18 percent; the entire faculty body of FEU then. Deans eye more... from page 3

programs of the University on business and accountancy however, does not see the need to add another graduate program at this time. “We are not planning and we do not intend to offer yet a new graduate course [because] if you are talking about new courses in the graduate program, I believe we will not need one anymore... There are no other master’s programs in business [education] except MBA (Masters in Business

Mhar Melvin I. Choi

‘MA not an enough basis’ D e p a r t m e n t o f Literature and Humanities Professor Joshua Tayco, one of the professors under the cadetship program, said that “an MA cannot really justify how well you can teach.” With regards to their teaching capabilities, Tayco, who just graduated in the University last March with a degree in AB Literature, said that there has been a thorough preparation before they began teaching. “We were informed beforehand and we prepared for this. Not to boost our own chairs but I think we are capable of teaching even without an MA,” he added. Department of English Language Professor Joey Santos, meanwhile, said that he understands FEUFA’s concerns as teaching in the tertiary level must take some “consideration,” but also said that there are some instances when such is not followed, citing the case of a University of the Philippines (UP)-Diliman summa cum laude graduate who was immediately absorbed by UP even though he was just a fresh graduate then. Santos, an AB English Language Batch 2013 cum laude graduate, said that the

administration just intends to maximize the skills of honor graduates, thus immediately absorbing fresh graduates to teach in the University. “This is not solely anchored on my own principles being an FEU graduate but this is just a take-off point to really have some Tamaraw blood and heart in the University,” he said. “By having them, we can somehow say that they can contribute in uplifting underrated souls of the Tamaraws and teach with compassion being in their own home,” Santos added. He also clarified that FEU professors with no master’s degrees are accepted to teach in the University provided that they had the intention of pursuing one while they are teaching to comply with the CHEd memorandum. Despite the union’s claim, Remotin still emphasized the potential of the program. “ M a y b e t h e administration can do something like decrease the number of units these teachers are allowed to have so that they can enroll in graduate courses. Then after a few years they can become fullfledged MA degree holders,” he suggested.

Administration),” FEU-Makati Associate Dean Armand Laguimun said. On the other hand, FEUMakati plans to offer postgraduate programs including Doctorate in Business Management (DBM) and Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in the near future. Laguimun said they cannot add more programs yet because FEU-Makati began operating last June 2010 only. CHEd requirements state that a newly established institute can only offer new programs after its

first three batches of graduates. “Soon, we will go up the ladder and we will definitely offer these programs but not as early as now, because we need three batches of graduates before we can offer new programs higher than MBA like DBA and DBM. ‘Yun ‘yung (Those are the) courses that we are planning to offer in the near future,” Laguimun added. FEU Advocate also requested for interviews with the deans of other institutes but there has been no response yet as of press time.

-Danielle Mae J. Lao

10 14 September-October 2013


End of a decade of supremacy

FEUCS slips off the podium After 10 straight years at the podium, Far Eastern University Cheering Squad (FEUCS) ended their dominating streak, settling the fourth spot of the 2013 Samsung University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Cheerdance Competition at the Mall of Asia Arena last September 15. Equipped with their out-of-league tosses and aerial stunts, the FEUCS still didn’t fail to wow the crowd of 20,830 with their Troninspired, futuristic routine. The Morayta-based squad also executed pyramids which literally came straight from their aerial stunts. The problem, however, is that the two-time champions failed to own the dance floor as they placed seventh in the dance category. Their routine garnered a total score of 589.5 points, seven points away from the third placer, handing them their first non-podium appearance since 2002.

“ S i y e m p re medyo nasaktan kami kasi nawala kami sa top three, but alam naman namin sa sarili namin na binigay ng FEU Cheering Squad ‘yung best nila (Of course, we were upset that we did not make it to the top three, but we know that FEU Cheering Squad gave their best),” said Team Captain Annie Perez. National University (NU) Pep Squad made their dream a reality by capturing their first-ever CDC title behind their Arabian-based routine as male members of the Pep Squad went bald to the point of shinny-heads. NU’s routine totaled 696.5 points and was good enough to dethrone the University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad. On the other hand, UP Pep Squad’s three-year reign was stripped off this season as they came with their traditional to modern party routine. The Diliman-based crew danced on the floor to greatness but as spectators saw them commit multiple

By Robert Jon L. Garcia

Crowd-catching stunt. After a decade of podium finish, FEUCS falls to the fourth place last UAAP Cheerdance competition. (Photo by John Armen T. Bongao)

errors in their Pyramid, they stood at second place with the score of 620.5. D e L a S a l l e University (DLSU) Animo Squad returned to the podium for the third time since 1998 as their clean military-themed routine earned them a score of

596.5 points making them the third best. NU received Php 340,000.00 in cash while UP and DLSU brought home Php 200,000.00 and Php 140,000.00, respectively. Adamson University Pep Squad came out strong enough for a fifth place

Salute to the unsung hero

FEU captain bids adieu By Eryl Justine L. Bacnis

finals of Philippine Collegiate Champions League in Cagayan de Oro City. Before transferring to FEU, he was thinking about his studies and his chances to play basketball in a bigger league until his former coach advised him, “Kung gusto mong magbasketball, pumunta ka dun [FEU], para ma-expose ka sa higher level of competition (My coach told me that if I really wanted to play basketball, then I should go, to expose myself in a higher level of competition.” After a year of residency, his dream of playing in a bigger league did happened when he joined FEU Team A in 2010 who paraded rookies like him led by Terrence Romeo.

Hard court leader. Team captain Gryann Mendoza exits the team with full pride. (Photo by John Armen T. Bongao)

Behind every successful team is a captain whose task is to direct all his strengths for its betterment. And though unnoticed by many, this man deserves all the admirations for steering the squad to greener pastures. Gryann Mendoza, the multi-colored ball back the veteran leader of the Far in his hometown in Davao Eastern University (FEU) City. He started as a spiker in Tamaraws, would say that Andres Bonifacio Elementary during his final year, there School during his fifth grade. However, his cousins’ is something classic worth love for leather ball drew him writing in the books. At the verge to play the sport he’s playing of snatching a three- until now. “Puro kasi lalaki game losing skid since sa angkan namin, kaya ayun the start of the second mahilig sila sa basketball, round, the Tamaraws saw naimpluwensyahan nila akong themselves down by five maglaro (Most of us are boys points during the overtime in our clan and they were period against University into basketball, that’s why they of the East (UE) Warriors. influenced me to play the game).” He just took basketball With UE’s Adrian Santos in charge of the seriously when he entered in-bound play and 17.3 Agro College in his senior year seconds left in the clock, in high school. Before that, M e n d o z a i m m e d i a t e l y he would just join barangay snatched and hoisted the ball leagues and spend his vacant that would meant pushing time on the court. In 2008, during his the game and winning it all sophomore year in college on double overtime. at University of Mindanao, then-Head Coach Glenn Humble beginnings The 23 year-old Capacio spotted the young Mendoza originally played Mendoza during the regional

Leader instincts This BS Financial Management senior never imagined that his name will be called out of nowhere, just to be pointed out as the new team captain for University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 76. “Hindi ko in-expect. Akala ko joke (I did not expected it. I thought it was just a joke),” he abruptly said. But moments after it was cleared that he will be leading his teammates for the season, he realized, “Isang malaking “hoy” sa isip ko ‘yun (It was a big wake-up call for me).” Though quite unready for big responsibilities handed to him, he seeks help from Head Coach Nash Racela who taught him how to be a real leader. And until that game against UE when his leadership was put to test, he didn’t have think twice to take that crucial triple he ever made in his collegiate career. That ground-breaking triple was not just the only one he took for the season as he was also in the top two for threepoint field goal percentage at 39.1 percent. ‘No pressure’ Before playing his final year for the Tamaraws, most people questioned his team’s capability of returning to the Final Four and even predicted

them at the bottom of the standings. Instead of bringing their morale down, it actually served as a motivation for them to rise from where people were expecting them to see. He shared “’Yung mga veterans, gust o tal agang bumawi ( The veterans really wanted to bounce back).” A fter the f ir st round of elimination, the team went flawless with 7-0 before it had a roller-coaster second round to finish at 10-4, tying with National University and De La Salle University (DLSU) at the top spot. Yet, DLSU continued to deny FEU with sweet victory to leave the green and gold squad at third. T h o u g h a supposed-to-be Finals appearance was just two w i ns aw ay, Mendoza defended, “Naglaro kami ngayong season ng walang pressure (We played this season with no pressure).” More to learn Now that he is just counting the days he will spend with his team, he shared one of the observations he had during his playing days. “Based sa observation ko sa team kaya ‘di kami nag-eexcel pagdating ng playoffs or finals, parang sarili lang namin ‘yung pumipigil sa pagkuha ng goal namin (Based on my observation, the reason why we are not excelling during playoffs or finals, is that our egos get on the way).” And then he quickly added, “If you want to go all the way, do it all the way.” Asked about his future plans, the 6’1 guardforward shared that he will still play for Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Developmental League, continue his studies, and graduate before trying his luck for the pros. Yet in the end, if he is to summarize his basketball career in two words, he admitted “Kulang pa (It’s not enough).

finish with a burlesqueinspired performance as female members of their squad went shor t - hair ed brunette. The University of the East Pep Squad stood at sixth place after delivering a fire-based routine. Meanwhile, the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe is now out of the podium for the fourth time in five years when they placed seventh after delivering an Egyptianthemed performance. The Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion FEU Jins... from page 16

fighting spirit. Kulang ‘yung nabibigay na fighting spirit sa bawat isa kaya ‘yung game parang biglang bumabagsak (Next year, we’ll focus on developing our stamina, and also everyone’s fighting spirit. The fighting that we give each other is insufficient causing the game to drop),” he furthered.        The team finished behind De La Salle University (6-0), UST (5-1), and University of the Philippines (4-2). Ateneo de Manila University, University of the East (both 2-4) and National University (0-6) rounded up the cellar.         The FEU Poomsae Team also lost ground in the official maiden edition of the UAAP Poomsae Tournament.  After their 1-1-2 gold-silver-bronze haul last year, the green-and-gold squad was only good for a 0-1-2 finish.         After dominating the elimination round, the trio of Winlou Geandela Cerna, Leanarda Nicole Landrito and Ann Margareth Diaz lost the Team Female crown they held in the last two years to UST after scoring 8.19, compared to the latter’s 8.24.         Juvenile Faye Crisostomo settled for the bronze medal in the Individual Female category with a score of 8.05, after Ateneo’s Pauline Alarilla escaped with the silver, 8.07.         The España-based squad, led by World Poomsae medallists ShaneenSia and Marvin Gabriel who both dominated the individual men’s and women’s with scores of 8.35 and 8.52, respectively, swept the Poomsae event, getting five out of five gold medals at stake.         Though happy with the entire experience, FEU Poomsae Head Coach Bea Ventura shared, “Friendly game naman siya, ‘di tulad nung sa Cagebelles drop... from page 15

claimed the fourth spot ending Lady Tam’s championship bid. After not making it to the Final Four, Albano admitted,“Malungkot and disappointed, three peat sana and matagal naming winork-out na mag-champion since last year (I felt sad and [I am] disappointed; it was supposed to be a three peat which we worked hard for since last year). But even after the Tamaraws missed a trip to final four, Camille Sambile was still named UAAP Season

performed a routine they were used to winning at but failed to win it all in CDC as they performed a basketballbased routine. In the group stunts category, FEU and UST made up for their downfall as they placed second and third, respectively. NU also won the group stunts c a t e g o r y. Meanwhile, D L S U ’ s Anna De Leon was named Samsung Stunner awardee. Despite their emotional lost, Team Captain Perez strongly said “Siguro talagang ganun, hindi namin time ngayon pero I know na next year babawi kami (Maybe that is just the way it is, it’s not our time right now but I know that next year we will bounce back).” Last year the team burst into tears of joy. But this year, they shed tears for a different emotion, an emotion that members had longforgotten what it feels like after a decade of dominance. This year, the sun may have already set for FEUCS. But one thing remains for sure, they will just gather strength through this cold night but will avenge back as soon as the dawn breaks anew. sparing. Excited kaming lahat para dito pero ganun talaga, ‘di maiiwasan na masaktan. Lalo na ‘yung Women’s kasi sobrang pinaghandaan talaga nila (Compared to the sparing, [Poomase] is really a friendly game. We were all excited for this but you really cannot avoid the setbacks, especially the women’s [Team Female] because they really prepared for it).” On the distaff side, the FEU Lady Jins couldn’t contain their streaking UST counterpart as their last opponent in the tournament. UST’s Korina Paladin made everything look easy after toying Season 72 Rookie of the Year Winlove dela Cerna (pinweight), 6-1. Monica Reyeg also proved herself to be too much to handle for FEU’s Ronnielette Balancio (flyweight), 14-9. Geena Mae Gadit (bantamweight) had a lowscoring affair but still lost to Most Valuable Player Nicole Abigail Cham, 4-1. Gadit and Cham also had another match in the individual medal tally, with the UST Jin getting the gold, and Gadit settling for silver. However, Cecilia Viray (featherweight) refused to throw the towel early and secured FEU’s only win, 14-9, against Bianca Co. But the eventual champions did not look back as Kristelle Kate Salmon disposed Fila Saberon (lightweight), 1712; Joylou Meguillo rip Sarah Gill (welterweight), 17-12; while Jane Rafaelle Narra kept FEU Team Captain Virhanna Laica Glindo (middle-heavyweight) scoreless, 6-0. The UP Lady Maroons snatched the silver and relegated last year’s champion DLSU to bronze. Ateneo, NU and UE occupy the 5th, 6th and 7th spot, accordingly. -Rogie R. Sabado 76 Women’s Basketball Most Valuable Player because of her dominant statistical points of 81.36, averaging 19.7 points, 11.9 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 3.9 steals and 1.6 blocks. One thing has been proven this year: setbacks will not stop the Lady Tamaraws from becoming champions that they are known for. And with the goal to finish the business they have left this season, they are more than ready for the next basketball action next UAAP slugfest. -Stephanie Ruth D. Navarro


September-October 2013 15

Paddlers seize silver crown By Rogie R. Sabado and Robert Jon L. Garcia

Pouring a competitor’s heart out while playing is vital in order to win a crown; but in a sport where you and your opponent are the only people involved in the match, skills play a huge factor. This is how the series went as Far Eastern University (FEU) Men’s Table Tennis Team yield to the De La Salle University (DLSU) Green Paddlers in the finals of the recently concluded University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 76 Table Tennis Tournament at the Blue Eagle Gym, Quezon City. Hard-fought second place Last season, DLSU failed to secure a thrice-to-beat advantage after an FEU upset in the second round of the double-round robin elimination. The aftermath was a bitter loss of the Green Paddlers in the hands of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Finals. This season, however, revenge is sweet for the Taftbased Paddlers as they crush the Morayta-based squad in just two outings, both in a 3-1 score last October 4. In Game 2 of the Finals, DLSU was the team that started strong. Most Valuable Player Walden Ledesma gets the game going after drubbing FEU’s Ronald Donaire in singles 1, 3-2. It was then followed by another FEU loss in Singles 2 as Francis Igno bowed down to Jet Yatco of DLSU, 3-2. With FEU down 0-2, the green-and-gold squad needs to win every match to keep their hopes alive. Opportunely, FEU found a spark as the tandem of Mk Doneal Yap and Remy Dacut Jr. trounce La Salle’s duo of De Pedro-Garganian in doubles, 3-2. The match started with DLSU winning the first two sets. In the third set, Sands spikers... from page 16

they should accept what happened. “ S ’ y e m p r e nalulungkot ako kasi last year ko na… pero ganun talaga e, ‘pag naglalaro ka hindi naman ‘yung dalawang team mananalo, may nananalo at natatalo kaya i-accept natin (Of course, I feel sad because it’s my last year… but in sports, two opposing teams cannot win at the same time so we have to accept it).” Still at 7th Meanwhile, the FEU Women’s Beach Volleyball Tams clinch... from page 16

Jeron Teng poured in a free throw and a bank shot, but his showoff did not last long as he was fouled by Mike Tolomia just as when the game already reached the last two minutes. The foul did not favor FEU as Teng split his charities that stretched DLSU’s lead to three, 66-69. Garcia, who was already playing his last game for the green-and-gold squad, missed a three-point shot attempt with 13.1 seconds remaining, forcing the Tamaraws to foul LA Revilla who eventually scored one of two freebies, giving the Archers a fourpoint advantage. Season Most Valuable Player Terrence Romeo marked his sole points in the canto which was also the last basket of FEU, 6870. Jason Perkins split free throws after being fouled, sealing the deal at 68-71.

the Taft-based squad is at match point, 8-10. But hearts prevailed for Yap and Dacut as they were able to win the last three sets, 14-12, 11-7 and 11-7. In singles 3, FEU’s Abner Osorno fell to the veteran Jerald Cristobal of the Green Paddlers, 14-12, 11-8, 8-11, 1012, 11-13. For Osorno, the loss is extra-emotional because after he won the first two sets, he found himself dropping the last three sets as DLSU grabbed the crown with that win. The ‘defense thinking’ of the FEU squad seals the deal for DLSU. After their semifinal encounter against resilient University of the East wherein they won, 3-2, but needed 13 sets in the last three matches to secure it, Head Coach Noel Gonzales voiced out the disadvantage of team going against La Salle in the finals. “ Mi n s a n parang n a g re -re l y s a d efense, kailangan ng more offense, attack sa Table Tennis. Sabi nga, (Sometimes, they are just relying on their defense. In Table Tennis, we need more offense and attack As they say) ‘the best defense is offense and offense.’”

Fueled drive. FEU paddlers’ lethal spins were not enough as they placed second best this season. (Photo by Monica Gail Gallardo)

“[It’s] anybody’s game,” was how Gonzales describe the yet-another FEUUST knock-out match in the semifinals of the Women’s Table Tennis Tournament last October 2 at the same venue. After another seasonsweep by the DLSU Lady P a d d l e rs , F E U a n d U S T meet again for a test on who will advance to face secondseeded University of the Philippines Lady Maroons. FEU sang victorious last year, but favor sided UST this time around. “Actually, satisfied naman ako sa performance ng

babae. Kahit naging 4th place sila; nakita mo naman na lumaban sila sa UST, 3-2, which is talagang dikit lang. Ika nga, “anybody’s game,” considering na ‘yung mga players ko mga bago (I’m satisfied with the performance of the women’s [team]. Albeit only placing fourth, they really fought hard against UST, 3-2, which is really a close one. It’s “anybody’s game,” considering that my players are new,” said Gonzales. UST’s Girly Apas drew first blood after blanking FEU Team Captain Fatima Grace Soya in Singles 1, 11-8, 11-7, 11-7. But experience was not a problem for FEU’s rookie Shamiela Pineda after securing the equalizer in Singles in, 1-1, trashing Rizza Mae Darlucio, 12-10, 11-3, 11-7. The pair of Coleen Ma. Jandra and Coleen Sacay together with Stephanie Eloise Petilla gave the boost and favor in FEU’s side with the help of a back-to-back backhand return

Team went home with another seventh place finish. Lady Sand Spikers Bernadeth Pons and alternate Kyla Atienza ended their campaign bowing down to National University’s Carmina Aganon and alternate Aleona Santiago, 15-21, 19-21, last September 14. The Beach Volleybelles finished the season with 1-6 win-loss slate, beating only in their game against the University of the Philippines Lady Maroons. The rookie-laden team seemed to have lost maturity and experience as veteran Samantha Dawson was substituted by Rookie of

the Year and alternate Atienza in their third game due to injury. “Nagpalit ako ng player kasi nakita ko si Dawson kasi medyo hindi na n’ya mailakad ‘yung paa n’ya so ayoko naman siguro na isugal na rin ‘yun (I opted to change players because I already noticed Dawson was already limping and I don’t want to risk her health for this),” Head Coach Joseph Santos shared. Hopes of digging the gold may have died in flames this season, but it won’t be long until another one sparks again. This time, a fiercer and goaloriented Tamaraws can be expected to wield their every strength to keep it burning.

Despite losing in the semifinals, the Tamaraws still claimed that they are happier with their performance in their last game in the season. “Maybe there were a number of lapses but all in all, we were happy with how they performed today,” Racela said. Garcia echoed Racela, saying, “Basta binigay namin ‘yung best namin, maganda ‘yung pinakita namin, lumaban kami. ‘Yun ang importante. Siguro next season, nand’yan pa rin ang FEU.” Carl Cruz led the FEU parade with 16 markers. Romeo and Garcia, meanwhile, poured in 14 and 10 points, respectively. On the other h a n d , To rre s , Te ng and Revilla all contributed 15 markers apiece to the TaftBased squad which then punched its championship ticket to face the rejuvenated University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers in a best-ofthree Finals series.

T a m a r a w s capped off the first round of the eliminations atop the standings with an unblemished 7-0 win-loss card. However, the streak already ended just as when second round began after falling off the hands of the red-hot National University Bulldogs, 58-59. FEU ended the eliminations with a 10-4 standing and had to face DLSU for playoffs for the second spot. The Gryann Mendoza-led squad succumbed to La Salle then, 69-74. The squad again lost to the same hands of the Archers during the semifinals, 68-71, marking FEU’s third consecutive loss to DLSU. “This is basketball; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But I think the more important thing sa amin (for us) is, I think, this year, we represented the school better – at least compared to the previous years,” Racela said.

Déjà vu

errors from UST’s Princess Jean San Agustin, together with her partner Juvylyn Robles, 119, 6-11, 11-3, 11-7. Needing only another to win to advance in the step-

ladder semi-finals, Jasmine Jaro was not able to contain her nerves as UST’s Celinber Montes made it all even again, 2-2, with a 12-10, 9-11, 11-7, 11-7 win in Singles 3.

“Kasi kapag napepressure sila, lalo silang kinakabahan, hindi nakakapalo ng maayos, nangyayari din minsan ‘yan (If they feel the pr essur e, t hey get m or e nervous so their attacks are not in order. That really happens),” explained Gonzales. Down 0-2 at the start of Singles 4, FEU’s Gretel Mae Gonzales punched her way in to win set 3, 13-11. But UST’s V Lupeba regain composure in the 4th set and prove her worth to secure at least a bronze medal for the Españabased paddlers, 11-5, 11-9, 11-13, 11-8. “Ginawa naman po namin ‘yung best, pero hindi talaga [kinaya]. May mga time po talaga na hindi para sa amin, baka sa next, baka makaya na namin (We did our best, but it’s not really for us. There will really be a time that it will not be for us, probably in the next [season], we can have a place again,” expressed Soya. With reports from Stephanie Ruth D. Navarro

Plagued by a controversial violation

Cagebelles drop to 5th Not everything can go as planned—this statement holds true for the Far Eastern University (FEU) Lady Tamaraws as they were stricken by a grave penalty that hampered their three-peat campaign. Matching their male counterparts for a first round sweep and with a recordsetting 25 wins starting in their 2011 championship, everyone is already eyeing for another championship for the Tamaraws. The UAAP board has not yet confirmed the reports until they met in September 9. It was later on confirmed by Anton Montinola, FEU’s representative to the UAAP board that it was Vangie Soriano who played for a commercial league during the season. Because of the violation, the team suffered the forfeiture of their five games which led them to fall from the first spot

with a 12-2 win-loss slate to fifth spot with an even 7-7 record. However, eight wins are needed to enter the Final Four. UAAP Board has also decided to ban Soriano from playing the rest of the season. Hold-up According to FEU Head Coach Allan Albano, “’Yung sa rule na binasa ko, ang sabi is hindi ka pwedeng maglaro ng any tournament during your season (The rule that I read states that you cannot play in any tournament during your season).” Soriano, however, was not aware of that UAAP rule and still part of Albano’s rotation even after the “larong labas” incident, according to Albano. Lady Tamaraws Team Captain Soriano had played for another five games until the team was informed about the issue the night before their game against University of the

Fallen queens. Lady Tamarraws prevail in the hard court but failed to enter the Final four after the UAAP board slap a five game forfeiture. (Photo by Marrione Paul G. Infantado)

Philippines (UP). According to Albano, the team members wer e gr eat ly aff ect ed emotionally. “Dahil s’ya ‘yung captain ball namin, tapos second top scorer and part siya ng rotation ko, siya ‘yung may training kaya nung nawala s’ya, sino ipapalit ko ‘di ba? (She is the captain ball, the second top scorer and also part of the rotation. She is the most trained, so that when she was banned, I find it hard to replace her). During the meeting, Soriano admitted her fault but said that she did not mean any harm to the team. Pulling the team t o g e t h e r, A l b a n o s a i d , “ Ta w a g n a n a m i n d i t o f a m i l y. T i g n a n mo k a k a - champion pa lang ng DLSU, may training na agad kami, kasi gusto nila bumalik sa championship next season (We already call this a family. We started our training already because they want to be the champions next year).”

Silver lining A m i d t h e controversy, the team was still able to deliver a 5448 victory over the Lady Maroons last August 28. “’Yung character ng team nandun. I told them na hawak pa rin namin ‘yung destiny namin; may four games pa na dapat ipanalo para sa eight wins ng Final Four (The character of the team was there; I told them that the team still has their destiny in their hands with four games left to win to qualify for the final four).” After a first round sweep and a shaky second round robin, the Lady Tams fought to their last ounce of strength and faced the Lady Bulldogs last September 11 at the Mall of Asia Arena. National University (NU) reigned over the defending champion, FEU, with a score 66-63.On the same day, AdU won against DLSU and Continue to page 14...

Tams clinch season’s bronze FEU hands Finals ticket to La Salle By Justin Royce Z. Baluyot

Final layup. Despite being the pre-season underdogs, FEU Tamaraws snatched the bronze medal after yielding to La Salle Green Archers. (Photo by Jocas D. Lozada)

Though not among the preseason favorites to bag the elusive crown, Far Eastern University (FEU) Tamaraws were still able to crash into the winning column 10 times during the eliminations – enough to secure them a Final Four berth.

But reaching the semifinals was already the best the Tamaraws were able to notch as they were denied a ticket to the championship after fumbling versus the streaking De La Salle University (DLSU) Green Archers, 6871, during the University

Athletic Association of the Philippines Men’s Basketball Tournament’s semifinals at the Mall of Asia Arena last September 25, ending their hopes of capturing their 20th basketball crown this season. The Morayta-based squad, however, still claimed that not being able to score a ticket to the championship was not enough to dampen their spirit, considering that the team remains to be the squad with the most number of basketball trophies in the tournament: 19. “At the start of the season, nobody talked about us… Sabi ninyo pa nga na number six lang ang FEU (Reporters even claimed prior to the season that we might just end up at sixth seed)… We took it as a challenge and I think kung hindi ka considered sa (if a team is not considered in the) Final Four [in preseason forecasts] and you still made it to the Final Four then that is already an achievement,” Head Coach Nash Racela said during the post-game press conference. “We did not get the outcome that we wanted but still masaya kami (we are happy),” he added. T a m a r a w s ’ performance in the semifinals can be compared to their entire run in the season: started so mighty but ended in an unexpectedly unfashionable manner.

FEU Jins out of medal group Far Eastern University (FEU) Men’s and Women’s Taekwondo Teams were a notch behind taking home a medal in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines Taekwondo Championship which concluded last September 25 at FilOil-Flying V Arena, San Juan City.        The teams meet halfway at fourth with the Jins improving their standing from last season’s fifth place and the Lady Jins falling to an unwanted territory after their Bronze-medal finish last year. Both teams finished with a 2-4 win-loss slate.         “For this season, everyone prepared everything. Nagkaroon lang ng konting (There were just a few) error regarding the game, and then, especially in the referee. Some other game, parang hindi maganda ‘yung officiating for us, para sa (the officiating is not good for us, for) FEU,” said FEU Taekwondo Head Coach Ian Hernandez after the team received a 5-2 and 6-1 beating in the Men’s and Women’s division, respectively, from the hands of the University of Santo Tomas (UST).         Raphael Martinez (pinweight) and Jason Samson (bantamweight) delivered the goods for the Morayta-based squad after a masterful trashing of UST’s Jro Santos and Manuel Popong with scores of 13-5 and 14-5, accordingly.         Nimrod Blas (flyweight) almost send the match in a winner-take-all over time after an axe hit in the eightsecond mark of the second round, 9-9, but UST Golden Jin Rhayzor Catris immediately

On position. FEU’s Elijah Marcelino seeks for an opportunity to counter an attack from his opponent. (Photo by Kevin Victor J. Torres)

countered with his own, 12-9, just before the time expired.        After UST contested a head-kick of FEU’s Marcelino Elijah (featherweight) to Joaquin Mendoza in the last four second of the game and consequently put the score from 8-8 to 8-5, Elijah immediately zoomed in for the attack, but a last second opportunity on tying the game was ruled out by the referees to be not counted.         According to Hernandez, “Maraming issues, especially sa referees. ‘Yung mga undecided decisions and then ‘yung mga video replay. (We had many issues, especially with the referees. There were undecided decisions and then the [uncertainties] of video replays.”         Team Captain and lone Tamaraw individual bronze medallist Raymar Bartolome (lightweight) surrendered to Juan Miguel Ramos, 4-1; while

Jude Solis (welterweight) and Jerome Rangas (middleheavyweight) were helpless against last year’s Most Valuable Player Al Christian Dela Cruz and Jacod Lozano, 16-7 and 10-1.        “’Yung pinakabest, tsaka worst narin: ‘yung konting-konti na lang, matatalo na namin ‘yung ibang university. Pero andun talaga eh, bumibigay kami sa bandang huli. ‘Yun ‘yung kulang namin. (The best and also the worst thing that happened is the idea that we are just inches away from beating them. But that really happens; we yielded in the last part. That’s what we lack,” explained Bartolome.         “Kaya next year, pagtutuunan namin ng pansin ‘yung stamina t’saka ‘yung Continue to page 14...

FEU kept its poise in the first three quarters and even enjoyed a four-point lead coming into the payoff period, 56-52. The lead was even stretched to seven upon reaching the 8:12 mark after a layup and a freebie by RR Garcia. The Archers, which were on an eight-game winning streak prior to the

game, did not like being in the passenger’s seat, thus being on the offensive groove and surging with a 7-0 run capped with a hook shot by Arnold Van Opstal with 6:37 left, sending the game to a 59-all deadlock. The arena witnessed a seesaw battle between the teams as the Tamaraws and Archers traded baskets, eventually tying the game at

63 after a Norbert Torres layup with 4:49 remaining. A runner by Torres shifted the lead to DLSU for the first time in the match, 63-65, but La Salle’s momentum was halted as Roger Pogoy responded with a clutch triple to give the lead back to FEU, 66-65 with 3:52 left in the final canto. Continue to page 15...

Sand Spikers slide to 5th; Beach Volleybelles still at 7th By Leonard I. Agustin

Emphatic block. Karl Ian Dela Calzada tries to stop the spike of a Soaring Falcon but fell short to enter the Final Four this season. (Photo by Darlene S. Padilla)

Promises of avenging their defeat last season were buried in the sand as Far Eastern University (FEU) Men’s Beach Volleyball Team finished at fifth place while their female counterpart remained at the seventh spot of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 76 Beach Volleyball Tournament. The duo of Karl Ian 14-9 lead, in the middle of They could have Dela Calzada and alternate the second set. They also kept up with their opponents Gregorio Dolor failed to bag minimized their errors that but the Falcons registered the remaining Final Four slot led them to win the set at a comfortable lead upon after falling prey to Adamson 21-17, finished by a drop by reaching match point, University’s Michael Sudaria Dela Calzada. 7-14, ending the game in and Rence Melgar in a After tying the game Adamson’s favor, 10-15. playoff game, 15-21, 21-17, at one set apiece, the Sand Though they 10-15, last September 15 Spikers had a slow start in were not able to enter at the University of the East the third set as they gave the tournament’s Final Caloocan Sand Courts. the Soaring Falcons easy Four, graduating player The Morayta-based points through errors, 0-5. Dela Calzada remained squad banked on their drop But the Tamaraws bounced positive and said that shots as Dolor directed the back when Dolor sent the Continue to page 15... ball to an open spot for a ball to the line, 6-8.

Season of setbacks for Shuttlers Far Eastern University (FEU) Men’s and Women’s Badminton Team will have to push harder next year as their standings respective campaigns in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) S eason 76 Badmi nt on Championships held at the Jump Smash Badminton Courts in Quezon City. Settling for fourth FEU Lady Shuttlers had the chance to grab a twice-tobeat advantage for the semifinals, but their hopes of getting such was smothered by a resurgent De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Archers, 3-1, thus seeing themselves settling for bronze. But the consolation of the third spot, yet again, went astray, as they dropped their knockout game against University of the Philippines (UP) Lady Maroons, 3-1, finally yielding for the fourth place. At the start of the tourney, the Women’s Team had a promising season as they ended the elimination rounds

with a 5-2 win-loss record, only losing to the Lady Maroons and Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) Lady Eagles. Their fourth-place finish this year was a total far cry from their second-place finish last season.

From fifth to sixth The Men’s Team, on the other hand, had a season full of surprises and disappointments. After winning their first assignment against the Adamson University (AdU) Soaring Falcons, they dropped their second game versus the National University (NU) Bulldogs but managed to bounce back against the University of the East (UE) Red Warriors on their third game. Their win against UE proved to be their last taste of victory as they succumbed to a four-game losing skid against University of Santo Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers, DLSU Green Archers, ADMU Blue Eagles, and to UP Fighting Maroons. “Alam naman namin na kaya namin ‘yung mga

kalaban, pero sadyang kinulang lang talaga kami [sa effort] (We know we can play better than our opponents, but it’s just that our effort wasn’t enough),” said rookie Josh Maquelabit, referring to the Male Shuttlers’ campaign in this year’s slugfest. Maquelabit, alongside fellow rookie Rafael Dionisio, were the only rookies activated in the lineup for this season. With their 2-5 win-loss slate, the Male Shuttlers failed to book themselves a ticket to the semis. The Men’s Team ended their campaign at sixth place after settling for fifth last season. Despite the Male and Lady Shuttlers falling short of their desired goals, they still remain upbeat about how they fared with other schools this year. These setbacks will only make them strive harder to construct their way to the golden hardware, and possibly, bring it to the gates of Morayta again. -Eryl Justine L. Bacnis

September-October 2013  
September-October 2013