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Over a decade of fest

Launched 11 years ago with the goal of bringing a fresh editorial voice to the crowded Festival market, fest has grown steadily to become the definitive free guide to the Edinburgh Festival.

„„ Fest is the biggest magazine covering the Edinburgh Festivals „„ We print 125,000 copies with an estimated 500,000 readers „„ All issues are free „„ „„ „„ „„ „„

Reviews of over 600 Festival shows Comprehensive A4 perfect-bound Festival Preview Guide Five A5 glossy Festival issues, published every Tuesday and Friday Distributed from 150 stands across the Festival city A twelve-strong street team distributing copies in key locations

„„ Partnerships with Amnesty International and The Princes Trust „„ All content available on, including searchable Festival listings

A brief history of fest Fest was launched in 2002 with the aim of providing a free and independent Festival review guide. As well as successful partnerships with the BBC, Time Out, Big Issue and now Amnesty International, fest has also established a formidable journalistic pedigree. Beating off competition from The Guardian, The Scotsman and The List, fest has won the prestigious Allen Wright Award for Fringe Journalism in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2012. Every year 1.5 million visitors spend ÂŁ200 million at the Edinburgh Festival. As the youngest, biggest and most exciting publication, fest offers unique access to the affluent, 18-35 culture consumers that dominate this market.

Online at Our comprehensive online guide is among the most popular Festival websites. 2012 saw over 500,000 hits from Festival-goers throughout August. This year we will be enhancing our online presence to provide even more useful information to on-the-go visitors, and offering real-time show information to smartphone users. Contact us for more sponsorship options.

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Key VenUes


There are over 500 venues across Edinburgh which run festival events. Below are the ones you absolutely need to know about Underbelly

56 Cowgate, 08445 458 252

Based in the cavernous former vaults of the edinburgh Central Library, Underbelly is the youngest of the socalled big four venues. Recognised as the most self-consciously hip major venue, Underbelly is home to two bars and the late-night comedy showcase, Spank.

2 15


BRisto sqUaRe, 08445 458 252

easily the most physically distinctive venue in edinburgh, Udderbelly is literally a giant, upside-down, purple cow. with a capacity of 400, Udderbelly is the also the Underbelly family's largest performance space and regularly plays host to the biggest names in comedy. Pleasance coUrtyard





6 28

60 PLeasanCe, 0131 556 6550





9 23


Pleasance dome



21 13

3 19 22

11 Udderbelly's Pasture Bristo Square, 08445 458 252

21 sweet grassmarket 61 Grassmarket, 0870 241 0136

12 Underbelly 56 Cowgate, 08445 458 252

22 sweet teviot Place Teviot Place, 0870 241 0136

3 bedlam theatre 11b Bristo Place, 0131 225 9893

13 festival theatre Nicolson Street, 0131 529 6000

23 the grV 37 Guthrie Street, 0131 220 2987

4 the bongo club 37 Holyrood Road, 0131 557 2827

14 Fringe Box Office 180 High Street, 0131 226 0026

24 the hub Castlehill, Royal Mile, 0131 473 2000

5 c Venues Chambers Street, 0845 260 1234

15 fringe e-ticket tent Princes Mall, 0131 226 0000

25 the stand comedy club 5 York Place, 0131 558 7272

6 c too Johnston Terrace, 0845 260 1234

16 gilded balloon teviot 13 Bristo Square, 0131 622 6552

26 the Zoo 140 The Pleasance, 0131 662 6892

17 musical theatre @ george sq George Square, 0131 651 1292

27 Zoo southside 117 Nicolson Street, 0131 662 6892

18 Pleasance courtyard 60 Pleasance, 0131 556 6550

28 traverse theatre Lothian Road, 0131 228 1404

9 cabaret Voltaire 36 Blair Street, 0131 225 9744

19 Pleasance dome Bristo Square, 0131 556 6550

29 edinburgh Playhouse Greenside Place, 0131 473 2000

10 dance base 14-16 Grassmarket, 0131 225 5525

20 Underbelly's hullabaloo George Square, 08445 458 252

30 Underbelly’s baby belly Niddry St South, 0844 545 8252

7 c central North Bridge, 0845 260 1234 8 c cubed Royal Mile, 0845 260 1234

140 tHe PLeasanCe & 117 niCoLson stReet 0131 662 6892

11 33

1 assembly - assembly hall Mound Place, 0131 623 3030

1 BRisto sqUaRe, 0131 556 6550

situated on Bristo square, the Pleasance Dome spends much of the year masquerading as edinburgh University's student union. However, during august it plays host to the Pleasance's more avant garde theatre offerings. Moreover, it houses edinburgh's famous Mosque Kitchen, the place to go for curry at all hours. Zoo VenUes


Key VenUes 2 assembly - george street 54 George Street, 0131 623 3030

as the largest single site in edinburgh for stand-up comedy, the Pleasance Courtyard is something of a hub for comedy enthusiasts. it's the place to discover the next big thing, to see the biggest names and to enjoy an afternoon's celebspotting in the sunshine.



Zoo’s two venues—housing five separate performance spaces—are particularly famed for their hosting of new writing. Modern dance and cabaret are also big here. medina & negociants

45-47 LotHian stReet, 0131 225 6313


Home to if.comedy newcomer nominee Mike wozniak’s debut in 2008, Medina & negociants are this year attempting to emulate their prior success in the newcomer market by playing host to time out’s Rising star, geroge Ryegold amongst others.


sweet VenUes

61 gRassMaRKet & teviot PLaCe 0870 241 0136

Cutting back in 2009 to 75 select shows, sweet return to the Fringe in their grassmarket and edinburgh College of art locations. Home to much small theatre and newcomer comedy, sweet shows can be variable but some pleasant surprises are always found lurking in the programme. the stand comedy clUb

5 YoRK PLaCe, 0131 558 7272

edinburgh’s only year-round independent comedy club, the stand has become the venue of choice for a group of high profile comedy renegades, such as stewart Lee and Daniel Kitson, who have shunned the glitzy commercialism of the big four’s Comedy Festival in favour of the stand’s more intimate and authentic charm.


Wrap-around cover £10,000 per issue

Make the most of fest’s visibility by getting your own four-page wrap around cover distributed to over 100 key Festival venues. Contact us for more information on availability

greyfriars KirK

86 CanDLeMaKeR Row, 08452 26 27 21

while hosting an active Presbyterian community, the idyllic greyfriars Kirk has a less-than-secret dual role throughout the year as one of edinburgh’s regular classical music venues. august continues in this vein with an extensive eiF programme. the QUeen’s hall

85-89 CLeRK stReet, 0131 668 3456

the year-round home of the scottish Chamber orchestra, this full-size concert hall holds host to an eclectic mix of events for the edinburgh international Festival, Fringe and the edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival throughout august. Usher hall

LotHian RoaD, 0131 228 1155

one of Britain’s leading concert venues, the Usher Hall’s spectacular acoustics, its size and it’s world-famous organ made it a sorely-missed absentee from last year’s programme. But while the £25 million refurbishment won’t be fully complete, the doors will be thrown open in august for the likes of sir willard white and esa-Pekka salonen. assembly @ george street

54 geoRge stReet, 0131 623 3030

the former hub of the Fringe before its shift to Bristo square, george street is the assembly rooms’ flagship venue. in addition to two bars, the stylish georgian complex continues to attract a mix of big names and hot newcomers – though which of these categories John smeaton fits into is anyone’s guess. c VenUes

C @ CHaMBeRs stReet / C too @ JoHnston teRRaCe / C s0C0 @ CHaMBeRs stReet/ C CUBeD @ LawnMaRKet / C CentRaL @ noRtH BRiDge, 0845 260 1234

it’s probably fair to say that C venues live up to their marketing buzz words, “vibrant, vivacious, variety.” with five locations in the centre of the city, there’s a wealth of spaces to fit a huge variety of new work, from the award-worthy to the mediocre. traVerse theatre

CaMBRiDge stReet, 0131 228 1404

the traverse is the spiritual home of Fringe theatre. opened in 1963 on the premises of a former brothel, the venue has long cultivated a reputation as scotland's premier new writing theatre and represents one of the only 'safe bets' for audiences looking for quality at the Fringe. bedlam theatre

11B BRisto PLaCe, 0131 225 9893

Housed in an impressive neo-gothic church, Bedlam is the oldest student-run theatre in the country. although its Fringe programme largely consists of student productions—which can vary wildly in quality—you're likely at least to stumble across a few unpolished gems. gilded balloon

13 BRisto sqUaRe, 0131 622 6552

Home of Late 'n' Live—the original and most raucous late-night comedy showcase—the gilded Balloon, though perhaps the most diminutive of the big-four venues, still offers a staggering 70 shows a day in eight performance spaces.

Aug 25 - 30 edinburgh festival guide 2009 fest 51

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