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Pardo News 14 | 8 | 2010

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Vogliono il programma completo. Tom: documentari, Roger: film d’azione, Anna: film d’amore

Il nostro impegno a favore del cinema: per i clienti più esigenti del mondo.

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14 | 8 | 2010


Editoriale | Day eleven


Image(s) of cinema How would a festival be without movies and film makers? Nothing. This is why we wanted to tell the history of the Festival del film Locarno in a few minutes, choosing some distinctive movies excerpts with the signature of their authors. In 2005, when I was directing the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes, I had commanded (following the same principle) a little introductive movie to the film maker Olivier Jahan who encountered increasing success with the passing of years. Coming to Locarno, I wanted to pay homage to the cinematic richness of a manifestation which has been parading some of the greatest names of cinema since its creation, 63 years ago. The difficult mission to put up about fifty frames was entrusted to Patricia Boillat and Elena Gugliuzza, responsibles of the department Image and Sound of the Festival, which

La copertina

Il Locarnus Pardus guarantees the outstanding quality of the projections in the Piazza Grande and in the movie theatres. But they are artists, too. They have realized wonderful editing, screened before all the shows, which is already part of the memories preserved by the assiduous or occasional visitors of the Festival. On the captivating piece of music composed by Giovanni Venosta, Silvio Soldini’s usual composer, the film shows the visages of Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Vincent Gallo, Lou Castel, Brad Pitt, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, the images of Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thieves), Andrei Roublev, No Quarto da Vanda (In Vanda’s Room), Gerry, Il grido (The Cry), Planet Terror, the names of Stanley Kubrick, Béla Tarr, Abbas Kiarostami, Roberto Rossellini, Glauber Rocha, Edward Yang, Alain Tanner… History of cinema continues. There is nothing anymore to add to Locarno but every year some names of film makers who are worthy to appear next to these masters. See you next summer.

In natura, il leopardo (Panthera pardus) pesa dagli 80 ai 100 chili ed è lungo 130-190 centimetri ma sul Lago Maggiore il Pardo d’oro (Locarnus Pardus?) arriva a pesare solo 1451 grammi per una lunghezza di 47 centimetri dalla punta della coda alla punta del muso. Ecco in sintesi l’ambito trofeo presentatoci da Riccarda Stevan, responsabile dell’amministrazione e delle risorse umane. “Di solito mi chiamano la guardiana dei Pardi” ci dice con sguardo sicuro, per poi raccontarci come riesce a scovare i felinidi. Il periodo migliore è in primavera, tra aprile e maggio, quando si organizza la battuta di caccia che porta nelle reti almeno 17 Pardi grandi d’oro o d’argento e otto Pardini. Dopodiché vengono conservati al sicuro all'interno di un ufficio, in attesa di essere affidati ai meritori proprietari. “Lavoro qui da 16 anni – ci dice con un velo di tristezza – ma non siamo ancora riusciti a farli accoppiare tra loro”. La prossima primavera, la caccia ricomincia. (Mattia Bertoldi)

(Olivier Père)

Photo of the day

Locarno, Woody e Léa… Léa Seydoux sa prendere i passaggi giusti. Dopo la copertina del Pardo News sulla moto Guzzi del talentuoso regista Albert Serra, lo scoop locarnese è che è saltata in sella anche sulla nuova fuoriserie di Woody Allen, che per farle posto nel suo set parigino ha creato un personaggio nuovo, fuori sceneggiatura, nella sua nuova commedia romantica Midnight in Paris. Dopo aver cavalcato al fianco di Robin Hood, aver provato i cavalli della moto del giovane cineasta di Girona, prima di arrivare a Locarno si è fatta dirigere da un purosangue. (Boris Sollazzo)

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176 Mr. Pardo d'oro al PardoNews


Hours until we next see you on the Piazza Grande for the 64° Festival del film Locarno

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Grosses Kino in Locarno. Für Sie von uns. Die magische Atmosphäre in Locarno lockt Abend für Abend rund 8000 Filmbegeisterte an – uns eingeschlossen! Swisscom unterstützt das Festival del film Locarno seit 1998 als Hauptsponsor und verleiht seit 2009 den Pardo d’onore, den Ehrenleoparden des Festivals. Dieses Jahr werden die zwei Regisseure Jia Zhang-ke und Alain Tanner ausgezeichnet.

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14 | 8 | 2010

Short flashback: in 2005 you arrived in Locarno with So Much Rice and you won the NETPAC prize. In 2009, at Open Doors, you presented the project, which will become one year later Han jia (Winter Vacation), today awarded with a Pardo d’oro. LI Hongqi, Locarno is in your destiny… For me, this Festival is a source of continual surprises. I cannot be not in love with it that’s why I lived here for some

Sono convinto che l’umorismo sia la strada migliore per lasciare un segno nelle emozioni dello spettatore

Can we say that we have discovered a sort of Chinese Aki Kaurismäki? When I arrived in Locarno in 2005, two critics had immediately compared myself to Aki, but I did not even know who he was. When I went back to China, I obtained some DVDs and finally I watched his works. I can say that I really appreciate him, but I do not feel any direct influences. If I had to choose two authors of reference, I would say: Takeshi Kitano and Jim Jarmusch. Han jia, anyway, is a sort of generation portrait of a blocked adolescence, lost in the emptiness of a holiday from the existence... I wanted to keep the desert space, which hosts the story and the waiting of these

LI Hongqi 5 questions to Humour makes its mark. Chinese director wins Pardo d’oro for Han jia (Winter Vacation)

fundamental stages of my cinematic path. When I arrived here for the first time I was alone, I did not speak a word of English, but I found a familiar atmosphere, also because I immediately met my future producer, Alex Chung. I must be honest, Chinese people always try to hold back feelings, but when I was told that I won the Pardo d’oro I could not restrain my emotion. Chinese movies have always had a great influence on our Festival. However, your movie is surprising because it is a “lunar” comedy, made of silences and humour… I have always been convinced that humour is the best way to leave a mark on the audience’s feelings. It is anything but calming: it can often impress onto the visual story a style which is more salacious and sharper than the representation of any sadness.

Puro, semplice ed essenziale: vorrei mantenere lo stesso sguardo artistico di chi guarda le cose per la prima volta

© Xavier Lambours

adolescents anonymous because they could live in China or in some other place in the world. Consequently, there wasn’t any realistic purpose but the desire to impress onto the framings an atmosphere that can always be unknown to the eyes of the audience. After all, I am very interested in the existential excavation of human beings who manage the most terrible thing that could ever happen: the loss of whatever sensitivity they have toward the surrounding world. There is a brilliant cue in your movie. It is pronounced by a child who says that, when he grows up, he would like “to be orphan”. What about you, after this Pardo: how do you see your future? I do not think that this prize will change my way to approach the movies. Fixed framings and silences can emit much more tension than a moving picture. After all, I’d also want to be orphan from an artistic point of view, that means maintaining my way to do cinema without being obliged to imitate some masters. As if I were born the very first day, without excesses of influence. Pure, simple and essential. (Lorenzo Buccella)


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14 | 8 | 2010

Palmarès | Concorso internazionale The official jury of the 63° Festival del film Locarno President: Eric Khoo (Singapore), Golshifteh Farahani (Iran), Melvil Poupaud (France), Lionel Baier (Switzerland), Joshua Safdie (USA)

Pardo d'oro 2010

Han jia (Winter Vacation), by LI Hongqi (China)

Special Jury Prize

Best Director

Morgen, by Marian Crisan (France/Romania/Hungary)

Denis Côté, for Curling (Canada)

Pardo for Best Actress

Pardo for Best Actor

Jasna Đuričić in Beli beli svet (Serbia/Germany/Sweden)

Emmanuel Bilodeau in Curling (Canada)

Sponsored by Manor

Siamo orgogliosi di sostenere il Festival del Film Locarno.

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14 | 8 | 2010

Palmarès | Concorso Cineasti del presente Jury President: Eduardo «Quintin» Antin (Argentina) Anita Caprioli (Italy), Maren Ade (Germany), Thom Andersen (USA), Joachim Lafosse (Belgium) Pardo d'oro – George Foundation Prize

Paraboles (Mafrouza 5) by Emmannuelle Demoris (France)

Special CINÉ CINÉMA Jury Prize

Foreign Parts by Verena Paravel and JP Sniadecki (USA/France)

Special Mention Ivory Tower by Adam Traynor (Canada / France)

Palmarès | Opera prima Jury Tony Rayns (United Kingdom), Francisco Ferreira (Portugal), Christian Jungen (Switzerland) Pardo for the Best First Feature

Foreign Parts by Verena Paravel and JP Sniadecki (USA/France)

Special mention

Aardvark by Kitao Sakurai (USA/Argentina)



9|8 Valeria Golino



Olivier Père

Quentin Dupieux

11 | 8 Nina Meurisse

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14 | 8 | 2010

7|8 John C. Reilly

10 | 8 Alain Tanner

6|8 Chiara Mastroianni

12 | 8 Ana Ularu

5|8 JIA Zhang-ke

13 | 8 Francesco Rosi


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Non è imbarazzo è condizione favorevole

Non è imbarazzo è condizione favorevole Non e un’esigenza ma una convenienza Non è necessità ma un opportunità Non e obbligo ma cultura



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14 | 8 | 2010

Palmarès | Pardi di domani Pardino d'oro | International

Pardino d'argento | International

Jury President: Lisandro Alonso (Argentina) Sylvie Pialat (France), Nina Meurisse (France), Miguel Gomes (Portugal), Corneliu Porumboiu (Romania) Locarno short film nominee for the European Film Awards Diarchia (Diarchy) by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino (Italy)

A History of Mutual Respect by G. Abrantes and D. Schmidt (Portugal)

Pour toi je ferai bataille by Rachel Lang (Belgium)

Pardino d'oro | Switzerland

Pardino d'argento | Switzerland

Kwa heri Mandima (Good Bye Mandima) by Robert-Jan Lacombe

Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46 by A. Vouardoux (CH/Germany)

Film und Video Untertitelung Prize Höstmannen (Autumn Man) by Jonas Selberg Augustsén (Sweden) Action Light Prize for Best Swiss Newcomer Angela by David Maye (Switzerland)

Palmarès | Other Prizes Prix du public UBS

Variety Piazza Grande Award Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale by Jalmari Helander (Finland/Norway/France/Sweden) FIPRESCI Prize Han jia (Winter Vacation) by LI Hongqi (China) Ecumenical Prize Morgen by Marian Crisan (France/Romania/Hungary) FICC/IFFS Prize Morgen by Marian Crisan (France/Romania/Hungary) CICAE Prix Art & Essai Beli beli svet by Oleg Novkovic (Serbia/Germany/Sweden)

The Human Resources Manager by Eran Riklis

SSG SSR idée suisse / Settimana della critica 2010 Prize Reindeer Spotting – Escape from Santaland by Joonas Neuvonen (Finland)


Pardo News


14 | 8 | 2010

Extra screening on sunday What a treat. Tomorrow Festival del film Locarno will be holding a special day of screenings for this year’s award winning films at La Sala and L’altra Sala.

La Sala

L'altra Sala

9 :00 | Pardi di domani Diarchia, 20’; Yuri Lennon’s Landing on Alpha 46, 15’; Pour toi je ferai bataille, 20’; Kwa heri Mandima, 10’; A History of Mutual Respect, 23’.

9 :00 | Premio speciale della giuria Morgen, 100’. 11 :00 | Pardo d’oro Concorso Cineasti del presente Paraboles, 155’. 15 :00 | Miglior attrice Beli beli svet, 121’.

11 :00 | Miglior Opera prima e premio Ciné Cinéma Cineasti del Presente Foreign Parts, 82’.

18 :00 | Miglior regia e miglior attore Curling, 92’.

13 :00 | Pardo d’oro Han jia (Winter Vacation), 91’. 15 :00 | Menzione speciale Concorso Cineasti del presente Ivory Tower, 75’. 18 :30 | Menzione speciale Opera prima Aardvark, 80’.


Questionnaire for the Festival Today the winner is: Marian Bader

Pick up your price at the UBS branch, Largo Zorzi, Locarno.



In the last few days a quick questionnaire has been distributed amongst festival goers. Its aim is to help the Festival del film Locarno to improve its organization and the services it offers. The form is available at (go to homepage, and click on “Audience survey” in the lower left hand corner (on the Italian version “Questionario al pubblico”). The organization thanks you for your collaboration.

Votate per il vostro film preferito. Il film vincitore riceverĂ il ÂŤPrix du Public UBSÂť alla premiazione del 14 agosto 2010 in Piazza Grande. Fate la vostra scelta e potrete vincere anche voi!

11 Pardo News 14 | 8 | 2010  
11 Pardo News 14 | 8 | 2010  

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