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Recreation Leadership NEWSLETTER What Is Recreation Leadership? Contributor: Jasmine Goodnow, PhD, Assistant Professor of Recreation Leadership

A New Semester Brings New Beginnings I hope you enjoy the first of many Recreation Leadership Newsletters. I started this project to fulfill a practicum credit under Dan Caston and Jasmine Goodnow. I thought that this would be very helpful in keeping alumni up to date on what is taking place in the recreation major, minors, and clubs at Ferrum. Thank you to everyone that helped me to complete this issue! If you are interested in helping or have ideas for the next issue please e-mail be at Cheers!

Save the Date! Folk Life Festival:

NRPA Conference nd

October 22 Come and take in the history of Franklin County.


November 1 -3rd For information see the bottom of page 3.

Disc Golf Thursdays 4-5 pm Meet at the practice tee to play a round of disc golf EVERY Thursday.

The Recreation Leadership major prepares Ferrum College students for a variety of recreation settings including local, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, recreation services, natural and historic interpretation agencies, as well as commercial enterprises. The major is also offered as a minor for current students who have already declared another major(s). If you would like more information about the Recreation Leadership major, 2012 Alaska E-Term, and Eco-Tourism minor please contact: Jasmine Goodnow, PhD at

FALL 2011


Meet Our Newest Additions The Recreation Leadership Major is continuing to grow every semester. The Fall 2012 semester brought in some new recreation majors! Check them out!

Nick Quinn Where are you from?

Newport News, VA

Why did you choose the Recreation Leadership major? Nick started Boys Scouts when he was 5 years old and he knew that if he kept with his passion then work would never feel like work. What was the most exciting trip you have even taken? White Water Rafting the Galley River

Renae Worley Where are you from?

Appomattox, VA

What is your favorite part about Ferrum College? Renae loves everything especially the scenery

Shane Blanchard Where are you from? Bealton, VA

What is your favorite quote? “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

How did you find yourself at Ferrum College? Football recruiting What is your favorite season of the year? Shane enjoys Fall because it’s football season, the month of his birthday and the leaves change color.

Jordan Goad

Where are you from? Meadows of Dan, VA What are your plans after graduation? Jordan would like to move out West and work on a ranch. What is one thing people don’t know about you? She is very outgoing although she comes off a little shy. 2


FALL 2011

2012 E-Term Planned for Alaska Contributor: Ryan Throckmartin The upcoming Spring semester at Ferrum will be bringing about an amazing ETerm to Alaska. The course will consist of a 2week ecotourism trip to Alaska where students will experience the depth and complexity of different cultural aspects of the area. Students will learn about the culture and gain an appreciation for what is considered the last true wilderness of America. The adventure will start in the little town of Haines, which is close to Glacier Bay National Park. This park is known for being home to the world’s largest non-polar ice caps, Wilderness Rivers and it has extremely jagged and glaciated mountain landscapes reaching up to 20,000 ft. Students will also visit small gold rush towns, go to Native American cultural centers, white-water raft in British Columbia,

and sea kayak, camp, and explore Glacier Bay. This course will showcase many different types of wildlife such as: large populations of bald eagles, humpback whales, moose, etc. Overall this E-Term will be a new and exciting experience for those who want to learn more about eco-tourism practices within the United States. This is a three-credit course and it does require a Passport (the course will go into Canada). The course fee is $3,500 and includes all food, transportation, equipment, gear, lodging, and activities. Students sign up for this course during spring registration beginning November 7, 2011. Scholarships applications are due November 10, 2011. For more information contact

National Recreation and Park Association Conference NRPA Congress 2011: Active Minds, Healthy Nation. Active minds create perfect opportunities for a healthy nation of Americans. At the 2011 Congress and Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia, participants will exercise their minds with park and recreation professionals and citizens from across the country. Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk will be the keynote speaker. Assistant Professor of Recreation Leadership, Jasmine Goodnow will be attending along with about a dozen Ferrum College students. If you are interested in attending please contact for more information. 3


FALL 2011

What Our Graduates Are Doing Now: Isaac Slone After graduating Isaac spend three and a half months in Baltimore, MD as an Administration Intern with the Outward Bound Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Center. He was able to design and facilitate the Outward Bound’s staff rock climbing professional development training. After Isaac completed his internship he came back to Roanoke where he now is the Mentor Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Roanoke Valley. Isaac is getting back into the climbing circuit and is hoping to be sponsored by the end of this year!

Jonathan Irvine Jonathan just got back from an amazing ten-week world adventure. His trip started off in Thailand where he volunteered for two weeks at the Elephant & Wildlife Rescue Center. Then Jonathan ventured to Israel where he also volunteered at a Nature Reserve in the desert for a total of four weeks. The last stops of Jonathan’s trip were Greece and Italy. In Athens, Greece Jonathan met up with friend, Minor Terry, and together they visited the Parthenon, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Vatican City. Currently Jonathan is searching for a job. His ultimate goal is to be a federal employee specifically with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.



FALL 2011

Pura Vida: An Overview of REC 372 Costa Rican Eco-Adventure Contributor: Jasmine Goodnow, PhD Assistant Professor of Recreation Leadership

Every year the Recreation Leadership major offers at least one study-away ETerm. One of the most popular courses is REC 372 Costa Rican Eco-Adventure, a hands-on ecotourism experience in Costa Rica. This course provides a powerful case study of how ecotourism can be used as a tool for local economic development and cultural empowerment. Students interact with and learn from local Costa Ricans.

All lodging and accommodations follow strict sustainability guidelines. In addition all guides and tour services are owned and run by local Costa Ricans who contribute to the over well being of their communities. Rec 372 Costa Rican Eco-Adventure is offered every other year usually during odd years. E-Terms sign-ups occur during spring registration (usually second week in November). Student scholarships and financial aid is available. For more information, please contact Dr. Jasmine Goodnow Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Recreation Leadership. Jasmine’s office is located in the Library room 306 or email

Our first stop is high in the mountains of Talamanca and begins with a canoe trip up the river to a Robinson Caruso-like lodge made entirely from logs washed away by floods. There we learn how to make organic chocolate, play soccer (get schooled by the kids), learn how to build thatched roofs, and hear the stories of indigenous people who continue to live their traditional ways. Then we head down to the Caribbean coast where we learn about the Afro-Caribbean culture. Students soak up the culture by engaging in many activities including surfing, jungle hiking, wildlife (monkeys, sloths, frogs, and lizards) viewing, snorkeling, Caribbean cooking, bike riding, kayaking, and reggae dancing. After leaving the Caribbean coast we go whitewater rafting through the steep waterfall-filled canyons on our way to the magnificent Arenal Volcano. Students hike to the bottom of the lava flows and visit local caves. 5


Donate Now! The Recreation Club is asking for any donations possible to help fund group activities and trips for the years to come. Setting up a donation fund will allow the club to continue to grow and prosper while still being able to take some amazing trips. With your donation students will be able Donations can be made to be a part of trips to the payable to: Everglades, Gauley and many Recreation Leadership Club more. Thank you! 445 Ferrum Mountain Rd.

P.O. Box 1000 Ferrum, VA 24088

The Recreation Leadership Newsletter 445 Ferrum Mountain Rd P.O. Box 1000 Ferrum, VA 24088

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FALL 2011

Recreation Leadership Newsletter  

The Recreation Leadership major prepares Ferrum College students for a variety of recreation settings including local, state and federal age...

Recreation Leadership Newsletter  

The Recreation Leadership major prepares Ferrum College students for a variety of recreation settings including local, state and federal age...