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— Fernie — WEDDING GUIDE 2023
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— Introduction —

Getting Married in

Fernie, BC

Mountain weddings have always been popular, but the intrigue in these types of settings continues to grow. Fernie is increasingly popular as a destination wedding, and it’s not exclusive to the summer months. Each season has attractive qualities to offer a newly engaged couple and the guests they intend to host. Whether you are looking for the promise and greenery of spring, the lush and hot days of summer, the mosaic of colours in fall, or the classic white appeal of a winter wonderland, it is all available right here, in this picturesque little mountain town.

While the outdoor settings here never cease to disappoint, Fernie is also home to various options for hosting inside. With each year, more is on offer when it comes to hosting weddings of all sizes and styles. The growing number of people choosing the southeast corner of British Columbia has meant businesses have grown, evolved or been created to meet this demand and provide tailored experiences and opportunities for couples planning their weddings.

From the unique detail you can only find from a local artisan, to the notable experience of


dancing to one of Canada’s favourite bands. From an intimate setting under the stars, to a grander event in a hotel by the river. To the easy going feel of a cocktail-style evening, to the more formal seated affair. It is all at your fingertips in Fernie, and this extends to all elements of your wedding.

This guide will help you to navigate the intricate details of planning a wedding, from budget to timeline to tips and trends. But it will also give you a feel for the Fernie –specific products and services available that can really help you to make your day special.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! If you’ve chosen Fernie, welcome! We hope you find this guide useful and that it helps you to enjoy the planning and implementation process of getting married. If you are still deciding on location, we apologize… as it will now be quite difficult to say ‘no’ to Fernie.


Kayla and Kristy love everything and anything to do with nature and adventure.

Being from Moose Jaw, the couple don’t have the opportunity of being surrounded by the beauty of the mountains daily, so they have always and continue to make it a priority to get to the mountains a few times throughout the year to share their love of hiking, skiing and mountain adventures.

They have been fortunate to have spent quite a bit of time in Fernie, a place they were drawn to originally because of Kristy having family here. It was on one of these trips that Kristy and Kayla got engaged. It was a hiking trip in summer, and after a beautiful walk up to Fairy Creek Falls, Kristy proposed. On that same trip, they also spent time at Island Lake Lodge

hiking and were immediately blown away.

“After our hike, a lovely worker took us for a tour. We had a cold cider on the deck of the Bear Lodge and discussed getting married

there. It was the most perfect place for us and all that we wanted when we thought of our special day,” says Kayla.

The couple agrees that the staff at Island Lake Lodge and other local individuals involved in their day went above and beyond for them.

“They treated us like family, and everyone raved about the hospitality. The food will forever be a highlight. It was amazing. The chef and his staff were incredible, and it is still talked about to this day. And we must thank Lynn Rogers, who married us. Her words were beautiful, and she captured our love perfectly. One absolute highlight was McKenzie Jesperson. We wanted all the beautiful pictures and she did just that and more. Beyond that, spending that day with

— Wedding
Kayla and Kristy

the sweetest soul made everything feel so easy and natural. McKenzie puts her heart and soul into her work and captures the true beauty of the couple, along with Fernie’s incredible landscape. We couldn’t adore her more.”

Kayla and Kristy were keen on a simple yet classy theme that encouraged connection.

“We had 27 people at our wedding, so we wanted it to be classy and intimate with white linens, eucalyptus and candles. We had our dinner outside and with the mountain backdrop at Island Lake, you can never go wrong.”


What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

Honestly, all of it. How much time Kayla and I got to spend together at the Lodge, how intimate it was with our small group, how much fun we had and the amazing food. The staff at the Lodge and all of our loved ones made it a day we won’t ever forget.

What advice would you give other couples planning their own wedding?

Make your decisions on what is important to YOU. It is your day. It goes by so fast, so you want to make sure the whole day is enjoyable and exactly what you wanted.

How did you make your day unique or personal to you?

I think just being in the mountains, a place where we find so much peace and joy made it unique to us. Add in all our favourite people, and it was perfection.


Lisa and Sean met a few years ago online and fell in love over adventures to secluded alpine lakes and cups of tea in the afternoon after a good ski. Lisa grew up here in Fernie and has enjoyed being in the mountains her whole life. Sean is a transplant from Ontario and while he does miss the lakes and waterways of that part of our country he has fallen in love with this small town in the mountains and the people and friends who live here.

The couple wanted to have their wedding in Fernie since it is where they call home and thought the Ontario family would really enjoy it. They decided to have the ceremony up on the ski hill because it is such a beautiful setting and wanted guests from Ontario to get up on the Lizard Range where both Lisa and Sean spend so much of their time in Fernie.

For the reception, they were grateful to have Lisa’s family host the reception in their beautiful yard in town.

“They were incredibly helpful in getting everything ready in the yard and were so welcoming to all the guests from near and far,” Sean says.

“Ang with Silver Lining Events was also indispensable in preparing for our big day, helping us with supplies and arrangements as

— Wedding Story —
Lisa and Sean
• Ice Cream Wedding Cakes • Dessert options and pastries • Ice Cream Bar “Ice cream at my wedding? happycowicecream.ca HappyCowFernie Yes please!” fernieroastingcompany@gmail.com 250.278.0737 Custom Wedding Favours . Custom Thank You Cards Wedding Reception Coffee

well as catering a perfect backyard BBQ style dinner for all our friends and family.”

Their wedding photos were done by David and Katie Photography. “Katie and Dave did an amazing job but were also just lovely people to have included in our wedding day,” Sean adds.

Additionally, they had wild flower bouquets created by Stemhouse Floral Studio, and rings by Marni Bree Jewellery and Emilian Jewellery. Lisa and her maid of honour’s hair were done by Blue Lime Hair Co., and Zack and Dan provided music for the evening.


What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

My favourite part of my wedding day was walking into the reception, all of our friends and family were there, they were all witness to our beautiful wedding and now we get to celebrate. Seeing all those people we love walking around the yard having a good time was really quite something.

What advice would you give other couples planning their own wedding?

Our advice for couples preparing for their own wedding is not to sweat the small stuff. And a wedding planner can really take the stress off for the day of organization, say if your wife is 30 minutes late to the altar, the wedding planner will change the dinner time to accommodate.

How did you make your day unique or personal to you?

We had a special day that was personal to both of our families and our friends by centering the evening around the idea of a backyard barbecue which is one of our favourite ways to spend a long summer evening. We also had Lisa’s uncle make us a Kransekake, a Norwegian wedding cake in honour of the Vinge family’s heritage, that allegedly foretells how many children the married couple will have as they break and serve the cake. We had a special moment of pause for those we lost in the last few years, it was special for us to have time to think of them. We also had our dog Luka join in on the ceremony, so our whole family would be complete.


Sam and Ada met in high school in 2008 and were good friends. 10 years later, Sam sent Ada a DM asking if she was free to go skiing the following day.

“I thanked my lucky stars I actually had that morning off, and after a few breathless face lift hikes, frozen snot rockets and chairlift flirts we knew there was a connection. A few years later Sam proposed on a beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The rest is history,” Ada shares.

Fernie is near and dear to their hearts for many reasons. It’s where their relationship blossomed, they have a strong group of close friends here, and they love to adventure here.

“It is a part of us,” they say.

Ada and Sam were married in the fall of 2022 in Fernie. They chose Ada’s Dad’s backyard on the ski hill for the occasion as, “It’s a place where I’d always dreamed of getting married,” says Ada. “Everyone told us we were crazy (we are a little) for choosing an October wedding date. But we were bound and determined since it’s such a beautiful time of the year and we loved the idea of bringing everyone together on Thanksgiving weekend.”

The day began at 7am, when Ada’s bridal party, her mom, and a few other close friends attended a spin class to start the day. The ceremony was set to begin at 2pm, and guests were welcomed at 1:30pm to play

yard games and socialize until it began. After the ceremony they had photos taken by Tara Hill in the backyard and surrounding area, as well as in town. The reception kicked off at roughly 5:30pm to the tune of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and the happy couple grooving into the Rusty Edge.

“We enjoyed the comedic stylings of our MC Brad (my sister’s husband) as he brought the noise all night. The meals were incredible, and the speeches had the entire house going through an emotional roller coaster,” adds Ada.

“After that the dancefloor opened and the party raged on... at one point we attempted an infamous sparkle photo, which turned out great (besides burning my hair a smidge). In summary, the best day of our lives.”

— Wedding Story —

The couple worked with purely local vendors and services, “and they all exceeded our expectations!” Vendors included Matt Martin with Element Jewelry, Fay with Lush Kootenay, Zoe with No.3 Hair and Makeup,

Katlyn and Kealy with Stemhouse, Mark Hatch with Tunnel49, Jess and Margo with Mountain Air Events, The Rusty Edge, DJ Jim Paul, Patti’s Party Rentals, Wild Wolves Design, Dexdog Media, and Tara Hill Studios.


What was the favourite part of your wedding day?

Ada: listening to Sam recite his vows and my sister’s maid of honour speech.

Sam: My first look at Ada walking down the aisle and celebrating with all our friends and family.

What advice would you give other couples planning their own wedding?

Don’t worry about what is out of your control. Focus on what is important to you and your partner and give that your full attention. There are so many decisions and emotions leading up to the big moment but once the day comes, all that matters is being together with your spouse, family, and friends. Take all the help you can get, have fun, and enjoy the day. There is nothing else like it.

How did you make your day unique / personal to you?

We had both of our grandmas fill the role of flower girls, our dog River walked down the aisle with my brother and sat in the front row, we had a wheelbarrow full of FBC beer at the ceremony, we turned Sam’s mom’s old cross country ski into a shot ski and christened it with Hungarian Pear liqueur from my Oma, and capped the day off with a jam session on the back deck of my grandpa’s house.


How and What to Ask for

Gone are the days of opening a wedding registry at a department store for all your guests to shop from. Many couples today have already established their homes together before their wedding day, making the need to register for cutlery and place settings obsolete. It is important to remember that your guests will bring gifts, so how do you make sure that you get what you want rather than 10 toasters?

Options are limitless on what to do for a gift registry these days, and it is one of the funnest parts of wedding planning. You and your partner get to explore unique ideas and find what fits for you. The question is how to execute it when you decide exactly what you want to do.

Let’s start with a twist on the classic wedding registry.

From the comfort of your living room the two of you can peruse all your favourite shops from around the world and add the things that you would love to have on your virtual registry. Companies such as myregistry.com allow you to add anything from any store that ships to Canada to your registry. There are so many independent locally owned stores that your guests may have no idea you love and even if they do, do they know what you love? Have a favourite potter that you would love to have some pieces from? Add them on. Dreaming of an original work of art? Add it

with the option of guests contributing so the greater pool gets you something you will look at every day. When creating the registry think about who your guests are and therefore what kind of budget to keep in mind. Add items that are under $50, under $100, under $150, and $150+.

Are you both book lovers? Ask your guests to bring a copy of their must-read book.

Want the dream honeymoon or saving for something big? Don’t be afraid to ask for cash. You can set up a cute, locked box at the reception, create a honeymoon fund registry online, even add your wishes to your wedding website. Weave in your personal story of why you are asking for cash such as: we are checking one of our big bucket list items off for our honeymoon by going to ______. Your presence for our big day is the

— Wedding Tips —

greatest gift and if you’d like to give a gift too, please consider a contribution to help make our trip even more memorable. Keep a small registry too, so your guests have options.

Really don’t want anything on your wedding day? Register with a charity or non-profit close to your heart which your guests can donate to.

Keep in mind that this is your day and the two of you get to decide what celebrates you as a couple in all aspects, from asking for the perfect gifts to ditching the flower girl in favour of beverage distribution up the aisle. Have

fun, be you, it is, after all, the very reason you are getting married, isn’t it? Because you wouldn’t want to change even the things that drive you crazy about the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Tara Higgins is the owner and curator of H Squared Gallery, downtown Fernie, as well as wearing the hats of an artist and interior designer. A lover of the mountains and the outdoors she believes that anything can be achieved, one small step at a time. (Although she does ‘sprint’ quite a lot!)

filmspid weddgphotography

focused on capturing life’s greatest stories for you to relive forever K AYLEY D P H O T O G RAPHY

Seven Things to Consider When Choosing Flowers

You’ve chosen your date, your theme and now you’re ready to book your wedding flowers. Where do you start? Here are seven things to consider when choosing flowers for your wedding.

1. Your wedding colours and style

In some ways, flowers are one of the largest representations of your colour scheme. They add a touch of your personality to your images and bring a cohesive element of design to the look of your day. You can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary venue with the right flowers.

2. Your flower budget

A general rule is about 10-15% of your overall wedding budget. Although, it is very much

dependant on how big of a role you want flowers to play in your wedding. How much impact do you want flowers to create?

3. Your florist

When choosing your florist, think of the look you want and find someone whose work reflects that. Your florist will help guide you with any decisions you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or use images to communicate your vision.

4. Your venue

Your venue for both your ceremony and reception will determine what type of arrangements will suit your wedding best. Will it be outdoors? Will you have one long table or 12 round tables? Knowing this will

— Wedding Tips —

help you communicate with your florist and let them give you your best options. They may even come up with a few things you hadn’t thought of!

5. Your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets

Don’t get too caught up on using specific varieties of flowers in your bouquet. Instead focus on the colours and over all style. The shape, size and colours of your bouquets is what will stand out and show in photos. Find a few images online that you love but remember, you want your bouquet to be unique and represent you.

6. Your aisle and ceremony

This will be where you get married and it is really up to you how much or how little you want to do. Focusing on one or two big pieces will create more of an impact than many small details, so keep that in mind. Large floral arches create a big wow factor. Ground style or floating arches are a newer more modern way to do arches and are a lot easier to repurpose for the reception.

7. Centrepieces

Although centrepieces aren’t the main highlight of your flowers, they can easily take up a large portion of your allotted budget due to the quantity needed. This is where knowing your style and venue come in. You will also

want to know how your head table will be set up. Your head table is a good opportunity to reuse elements from your ceremony. Aisle or ground arrangements can be used in front of the head table and your arch can be used behind, framing the bride and groom. The biggest thing to remember is to relax and enjoy the process!

Desiree Markewich is the owner/manager of Moonlight Flowers, a boutique wedding florist located in the heart of the Elk Valley in Sparwood, BC.


— Wedding Tips

The Gift of a Fernie Experience

You’ve chosen Fernie to say, “I Do” and invited those closest to you to celebrate with you. Likely, your guests will spend some time in the Elk Valley prior to and / or after your wedding. For many, it may be their first time in this region or in our little mountain town. What opportunities are there for them to explore during their stay?

Get Lost in the Mountains Spring through fall, Fernie is known for its epic trail network. Whether in hiking boots, trail runners, or on a mountain bike, you could spend countless hours exploring the mountains that surround town.

For the hiker, head to Island Lake nestled within the Lizard Range and surrounded by Old Growth Forest. A fantastic ‘green’ option is the Fir Trail around the Lake. For a ‘blue’ route, get some elevation by hiking up Spineback. And for those looking for something a bit more challenging and longerthe Goldilocks Trail will not disappoint.

For the biker, Mount Fernie Provincial Park is absolutely stunning, with a beautiful canopy of trees including Old Growth. Trails range from green to black, with lots of options to do a few loops! You can even ride to Fernie Alpine Resort and get a pass to downhill for the day in July and August.

Here during winter? Don’t miss a Nordic Ski at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre. The conditions

are exceptional for both classic and skate skiing. Keen to try Fat Biking? Rentals are available in town, and it’s a quick spin to Ridgemont or Montane where the trails are groomed regularly.

Take a Class

There are many options when it comes to taking a class or organizing a private session for guests. Mantra Spirit Studio offers private group classes for yoga, relaxation with

crystal bowls and even just a stretch class. Interested in something a bit more upbeat? Get in touch with Soar Studios and book a private spin class, dance fit or barre class. For those interested in strength training, Fernie Mountain Fitness, Evolution Fernie, Body Garage Fitness and Fernie Strength Collective are all great options.

Hit the Water

It’s hard to miss the Elk River when in the Valley, it literally runs through these towns and draws fly fishing enthusiasts from around the world. Booking a cast and float for guests would be a great way to take in an iconic Fernie pastime. Another option is rafting. Fernie is home to two fantastic rafting companies, Canyon Raft and Tunnel49, both known for their epic and memorable rafting experiences on the Elk and Bull Rivers. Lastly, there is the very popular and relaxing option


of floating or stand up paddle boarding from bridge to bridge, taking in the views along the way.

Pamper Yourself

Of course, we all need to take some time to unwind after spending time in the mountains. Fortunately, there are a variety of opportunities for you and your guests. Three Sisters Day Spa is located in the heart of downtown, and provides a variety of services including pedicures, manicures, massage and waxing. Just down 2nd Avenue from them you will find Spa 901, which also provides these services. Additionally, they have a large outdoor hot tub for guests’ use as well as a private room to wait between treatments.

Taste of Fernie

Lastly, after all of that activity and relaxation, you likely need to reenergize! If it’s early

in the day, a strong cup of coffee is a good choice. Did you know, there are three roasting companies in town? Rooftop Coffee Roasters have a location on 2nd Ave, where they serve snacks and their in-house coffee. Down the street, Beanpod Chocolate also roasts their own coffee, and the bonus is they make chocolate, so you’ll definitely want a mocha. Lastly, Fernie Roasting Company does small batch roasting, and you can find their beans at Mugshots.

Mid-day, it might be time for a pint of beer. Fernie Brewing Co has a large tasting room at its location on Highway 3 and offers pints as well as flights. Looking for non-alcoholic?

Fernie Alpine Springs brews high quality kombucha and offers tastings at their location on 10th Ave.

In the evening, it might be time for something a little stronger. Fernie Distillers has a beautiful

space on 1st Ave., where you will find their small batch craft vodka, gin and seasonal spirits alongside an impressive cocktail menu to choose from.

Have some fun with it and create a little brochure in print or digital for guests that includes various options and suggestions. Another idea is to send links to the current Fernie Fix Summer or Winter guide, which regularly include these types of recommendations. Above all else, play safe and enjoy your time in Fernie.

Krista Turcasso is an editor, and when she is not working on the Fernie Fix magazine or guides, she can be found exploring the mountains on her bike or her Nordic or downhill skis with her friends and family.

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For things to do while in Fernie visit these websites: ferniefix.com or tourismfernie.com

Lake Lodge 1-888-422-8754 / 250-423-3700
Many of Fernie’s properties are booked through reservation agencies where you receive excellent choices, rates and qualified agents to help find the best package for your group. Fernie Central Reservations ferniecentralreservations.com Fernie Lodging Company fernielodgingco.com Fernie Getaways ferniegetaways.com Renting in Fernie rentinginfernie.com

Indoor Venue

Alpine Lodge

Located at Fernie Alpine Resort, Alpine Lodge

offers unique smaller receptions with an emphasis on service and includes eight en suite rooms, a beautiful dining area with 35ft vaulted ceilings, and an outdoor hot tub. alpinelodgefernie.com | 250-423-4237

Best Western

Full service hotel offering a banquet room and catering services for up to 180 guests. bestwesternfernie.com | 250-423-5500

Cast Iron


Offers spectacular views at the Fernie Golf Club both indoors and out for up to 100 for a seated event. 250-423-4115

Cirque Restaurant

A stunning, modern-mountain space in the Lizard Creek Lodge with a fireplace, patio and mountain views, up to 150 guests at Fernie Alpine Resort. lizardcreek.com | 250-423-2056

Elkford Community Conference Centre

A beautifully built centre showcasing innovative wood within its structure, the centre hosts up to 430 guests and is a great option for larger events in the Elk Valley. elkford.ca | 250-865-4010

Elk View Lodge

Open plan dining and living room area can seat up to 100 using round tables. For smaller groups, they use rectangular tables to seat up to 50. elkviewlodge.com | 250-423-1580

Fernie Community Centre

With seating up to 350 this is the only indoor option for large weddings in Fernie. fernie.ca | 250-423-4466

Fernie Family Centre

A comfortable and central location suitable for 150-200 guests. holyfamilyfernie.ca | 250-423-6127

Fernie Golf Club

An open space with a large patio offering majestic, 360° views of Fernie’s mountains. golffernie.com | 250-423-7773

Fernie Seniors Centre

Seating for up to 100 guests for a smaller, intimate wedding. 250-423-4466

Fernie Stanford Resort

On the edge of town alongside the Elk River, with a seating capacity up to 150 people. ferniestanfordresort.com | 250-423-5000

The Griz Lodge

A spacious floor plan, rustic atmosphere and full service kitchen at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort for up to 200 guests. skifernie.com | 250-423-4655


Lake Lodge

At the base of the Lizard Range with a capacity of up to 100 guests. Specializing in boutique

mountain weddings, book far in advance. islandlakelodge.com | 250-423-3700

Park Place Lodge

Centrally located with a fireplace, great for up to 150 guests. parkplacelodge.com | 250-423-6871

Red Tree Lodge

Flexible, comfortable mountain setting with seating for 130 people, full kitchen and bar on site. redtreelodge.com | 250-423-4622

The Rusty Edge at the Griz Inn

Located at Fernie Alpine Resort, a beautiful indoor setting with a large patio for up to 200 guests. rustyedge.net | 778-519-5206 or 250-423-9221

Snow Creek Lodge

This lodge on the hill has a mountain feel and can accommodate up to 80 people. fernielodgingco.com | 250-423-6878

For smaller sized wedding or those looking for something more casual or unique, consider one of the following options:

— Directory —

Casual yet cool:

Griz Bar at Fernie Alpine Resort hosts up to 150 guests (250-423-4655) or The Bridge Bistro (250-423-7367) by the Elk River has a large patio and beautiful setting in town.

Elegant and chic:

The Arts Station/Blue Toque (250-423-4842) located in downtown Fernie in the historic train station, and just down the street Fernie Distillers has a cool and unique option for a small group (250-278-0365). New to town is Bramasole Restaurant and Wine Bar, a perfect setting for a smaller group and includes a back patio (250-430-0526).

For a more traditional affair, consider one of the beautiful churches that mark many a scenic shot in town. From the iconic Catholic Church just off the historic downtown Fernie, to the more modern Mountain Side Community Church in the Annex subdivision, there is truly a space for everyone.

• Anglican Church of Canada Christ Church 541 4th Ave | 250-423-6517

• Holy Family Church 521 4th Ave | 250-423-6127

• Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 421 9th Ave | 250-423-6887

• Mountainside Community Church 1622 10th Ave | 250-423-4112

• Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle 1362 8th Ave | 250-423-4114

Outdoor Venues

Annex Park

Provides a large open area with a duck pond and views. fernie.ca | 250-423-4466

Birch Meadows

Rich green colours of the mountainside offer a private, secluded setting outside of town. birchmeadowslodge.com | 250-423-4236

Elk Top – Fernie Alpine Resort

Stunning view from a deck that looks like it is suspended in mid-air, overlooking the Elk Valley. Skifernie.com / 250-423-4655

Elk View Lodge

A beautiful lodge just outside of Fernie with a large deck and views of the Lizard Range. elkviewlodge.com | 250-423-1580

Fernie Golf Club

Open setting with majestic, 360° views of Fernie’s mountains. golffernie.com | 250-423-7773

Fernie Court House

A unique, historical setting in the centre of downtown Fernie still offering views of Fernie’s distinct mountains. fernie.ca | 250-423-4466


Alpine Resort Village Plaza

Enclosed in the foothills of the Lizard Mountain Rage, located conveniently at the base of the resort, and available in the spring and fall. skifernie.com | 250-423-4655

Fernie Alpine Resort Tamarack Lawn

A tranquil and natural setting, located at the base of the resort with views of the Lizard headwall, available in the spring and fall. skifernie.com | 250-423-4655

I “Dew” Point at Island Lake Grassy meadow on the lake with views of the Lizard Range. islandlakelodge.com | 250-423-3700

Lizard Creek Lodge

Offers a manicured wedding lawn, providing chairs for guests, draped table for signing the register, potted flowering plants and a wedding arch when requested. lizardcreek.com 250-423-2057

Lost Boys Café

Amazing views of the Valley from Timber Bowl at Fernie Alpine resort with a large patio. skifernie.com | 250-423-4655

Mount Fernie Provincial Park

A classic mountain setting with a bridge over a beautiful creek surrounded by thick forest. env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/mt_ fernie/ | 1-250-422-3003


SERVING THE ELK VALLEY FOR ALL YOUR CATERING NEEDS! 250-430-7789 cookscateringsp@gmail.com Cooks Catering S & P
meal was amazing, and I received 100% positive feedback from my guests! This was the perfect way to end our event, and I can not thank S&P enough for the hard work and amazing meal they put together for us. 5 Stars, 10/10!”

The Rusty Edge at the Griz Inn

Located at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort, offering a large open deck that can accommodate a large number of seated or standing guests.

rustyedge.net | 778-519-5206 or 250-423-9221

Spruce Spring Stream Farm Boasting perennial floral gardens and landscaped green space surrounded by running water, excellent views and stunning forest scenes. A private and tranquil setting perfect to celebrate with friends and family. sprucespringstreamfarms.ca | 250-423-7776


While celebrating your special day, you want your guests enjoy themselves and be safe. Providing local transportation can give you peace of mind, knowing your guests are getting home safely.

A Touch of Class Limousines | 250-919-9455

Kootenay Taxi | 250-423-4408

Tunnel49 | 250-423-5008

Resort Tours | 800-361-3602


Kettle Black Bartending kettleblackbartending.com | 250-919-8052


Many of the restaurants and hotels cater their own venues. If you have a venue that does not offer catering, there are private function caterers to choose from.

Big Bang Bagels

From breakfast items to the midnight snack, Big Bang is ready to be a part of your wedding celebration. bigbangbagels.com | 250-423-7778

Cooks Catering S & P

Catering small to large events up to 300 people, and also running Cast Iron Grill at Fernie Golf Course. Customized menus and quality service. 250-430-7789 cookscateringsp@gmail.com

The Chopstick Truck

A popular food truck in Fernie offering delicious Vietnamese food, and available for private function catering. thechopsticktruck.com

CP Catering

CP Catering also run The Bridge Bistro, are known for their ability to beautifully cater weddings of all sizes. enjoyfernie.com/cp-catering | 250-423-7367

Fernie Catering Co.

Barrie Elliott, a Red Seal chef known for inspiring and tasty creations for all styles and sizes of events. ferniecateringco.com | 250-531-0905

Lizard Creek Lodge

Offers tasteful catering to smaller events outside of their establishment (cocktail evening, dress rehearsal or intimate reception). lizardcreek.com | 250-423-2057


There are many artistic and high-quality bakers in this community, specializing in unique cakes and cupcakes to accompany your special day.

Crumbs Cakery

Located in Sparwood, owner Amy Cardozo has a talent for specialty cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. crumbscakery.ca | 778-518-5007

Happy Cow

Specializing in ice cream cakes and desserts for all occasions. | 250-423-8381

House of GATO

Custom cakes, baked goods and pastries. @housegato | housegatofernie@gmail.com

Le Bon Pain

Custom cakes, treats, croissants and more. lebonpainbakery.ca 250-278-0109

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Offering premium chocolate and other confections, cocoa, gift baskets and more. 250-423-2680

Sweet Cakes

Organic and beautifully designed cupcakes with unique flavours and all-natural ingredients. 250-423-4355


Bootleg Spirits

Local hand-crafted spirits with tailor-made custom labels. Invitations, bachelor/ette parties, wedding favours, table service and more. bootlegspirits.ca | 250-430-1901

Fernie Alpine Springs

A Canadian craft brewery for non-alcoholic beverages. Specializing in quality kombucha. ferniealpinesprings.com | 450-771-8658

Fernie Brewing Co.

Visit their tasting room to sample up to eight brews and discuss the products with staff. Best to call in advance. ferniebrewing.com | 250-423-7797

Fernie Distillery

Book a tasting with their educated staff to provide your guests with hand-crafted, local spirits. ferniedistillers.com | 250-278-0365


Bridal Stores

Once Upon a Bride

lethbridgebride.com | 403-328-3399

Rococo Brides ~ rococobrides.com 403-200-6999 | Calgary

Silver Blush Weddings


Hair Salons

Hair salons, spas and makeup artists have a busy summer season with the influx of brides and wedding parties. Book in advance to ensure you get that special service on your special day, and enjoy your pampering sessions!

ET Hair Studio

Located in downtown Fernie, this salon offers a full range of professional services and is great for large groups. | 250-423-4813

Lysh Hair Salon

Fernie’s newest salon, offering everything from cuts and colours to special occasion updos. 250-423-5001

Mirror Images Hair Studio

A full-service hair salon with a large product selection. | 250-423-7615

New Roots Hair Co.

A cozy and personal salon with years of experience, and a passion for colouring, cutting and styling. | 250-423-1084



Located in downtown Fernie, in the know of current trends and styles. Also offers makeup. 250-423-2181

Society Jane

Providing customized and luxurious experiences, leaving you relaxed and inspired for your big day. | 250-423-5965

Sparrow Hair

A trendy and unique hair salon, specializing in cuts, colours, perms, styles and wedding updos. 250-423-7175


Fernie’s Lash Studio

Offers professional eyelash extensions, classic and volume provided. Facebook.com/ FernieLashStudio | 250-423-0831


Specializing in high quality wedding day makeup, bridal party makeup lessons, and high quality skin care products. no3fernie.com | 250-423-2181

Spa 901

Offering professional makeup application for weddings with on-site services available. spa901.ca | 250-423-7722

Three Sisters Day Spa

Offering professional makeup services for special occasions including wedding day. threesistersdayspa.com | 250-423-6395

Spa Services

Enchanted Esthetics

CIABC Certified Esthetician services using Eminence handmade organic skin care out of Hungry. enchantedestheticsfernie.com | 250430-1289

Island Lake Spa

Located at the base of the Lizard Range, this spa includes a full range of services alongside a solarium and outdoor room with hot tub, spring shower and amazing views. islandlakecatskiing.com/summer/activities/ spa | 250-423-3700

Névé Spa at Lizard Creek Lodge

Located at Fernie Alpine Resort, this spa uses organic products by Eminence Organic, and LVX luxe nail system. lizardcreek.com/spa | 250-423-2057 ext. 1014

Spa 901

A beautiful and spacious renovated historical building with full spa amenities, including a sauna, lounges and outdoor pool. spa901.ca | 250-423-7722

Three Sisters Day Spa

With a full range of esthetic, spa and massage treatments utilizing Aveda products. threesistersdayspa.com | 250-423-6395

• Invitations • Bridesmaids, Groomsmen • Wedding Favours • Coffee Bar • Table Service • Banquets • Bachelor/ette parties • Thank You Gifts bootlegspirits.ca info@bootlegspirits.ca 250-430-1901 Custom Labels for Your Wedding
MAGLIOCCO Ang@northernbarandstage.com 250-430-7818 “Hiring Ang for Day of Coordination of our wedding was one of the best planning decisions that we made!”
or Small,
Sophisticated or Simple. Exceptional Events. Everytime.

While planning your wedding in Fernie, why not utilize some of the unique services available here? The first impression you give your guests is through your invitation, and these businesses can help you in creating a distinctive product that expresses your personalities and provides them with a feel for what the event will be like.

Home Hardware

Rent out linens and a host of other items and materials 250-423-4496

Patti’s Party Tent Rental

Offers napkins, linens, decorations, light posts and more. Rental includes delivery, tear down and removal of items. | 250-423-7057 or 250-423-1455


Fernie is home to talented florists whom will help brighten your day.

Moonlight Flowers and Boutique

Boutique wedding florist creating one of a kind designs that show the couples’ personality and love. moonlightflowers.ca | 250-425-0032

The Romantiks

A floral design company in Cranbrook specializing in lush, botanical floras for weddings and vents. theromantiks.com | 250-426-8659

Stemhouse Floral Studio

Owners Kealy and Katlyn use nature and their surroundings, ever changing design trends, and a never-ending love for flowers as their inspiration. stemhousefloralstudio.com | 778-519-7704


No good party is complete without music! After you’ve said, “I Do” it’s time to let loose and celebrate and music is “instrumental.” Fernie is host to an array of options, including bands, DJs and classical ensembles. The following are available for booking, or if you’re looking for something a little different try contacting one of the local bars that book bands and acts regularly as they may have the contact or recommendation you are looking for.

Aries Entertainment DJ Service

Spreading beautiful vibes through the music he spins. | 250-423-6858

DJ Cellie

A talented disc jockey providing professional and reliable entertainment services in diverse music genres. djcelliekwright@gmail.com 403-966-2221

DJ McRae

Playing all of your favourites, sure to have your guests on the dance floor. | 250-423-8658

The Hip Flexers

A five-piece wedding/function band including a horn section playing many things from 70’s to current pop, funk, RnB. | 250-946-7114

Jim Paul DJ Services

Known for playing the best in music now and then, catered to your party’s tastes. 250-430-2490

Ray’s Music

Live sound and DJ Services, Ray is a professional mobile disc jockey. | 250-427-7000

Tofino Wedding DJs

Professional DJ services and sound equipment rentals. | 250-571-4954

Supplies and Rentals

Whether you’re organizing an outdoor or indoor wedding, many locations will need additional rental equipment, supplies, decorations and potentially transportation.

Home Hardware

Rent out tables, chairs, linens and a host of other items and materials – ask for Heather Ingram when calling. | 250-423-4496

Patti’s Party Tent Rental

Offers tables, chairs, tents, napkins, linens, dishes/cutlery, decorations, patio heaters, light posts, generators, dance floor and more, rental includes delivery, tear down and removal of items.

pattispartytentrental.com | 250-423-7057 or 250-423-1455

Summit Lift Company Tent Rentals

Provide large white tent rental for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, includes setup and take down. summitliftco.net| 250-423-1255

Gifts and Registry

Drift and Sonder

A home, lifestyle and refillery shop in downtown Fernie based online and in the mountains. driftandsonder.com | 250-423-1132


We’ve Got You Covered!

Urban Settler

A one-of-a-kind lifestyle, design and decor company, with a collection of wares displayed in store to ignite daydreams of decorating. urbansettler.com | 250-423-0820


Element Jewelry

Hand crafted and designed with a pursuit for originality and a passion for goldsmithing, drawing inspiration from mountain life. elementjewelryco.ca | 250-430-0700

Marriage Commissioners

Photography and Video

Before the wedding, want to give him something that will leave him speechless? Book your lingerie photo session and give a gift neither of you will forget.

Decoro Portrait Photography decoroportaits.com | 250-423-3023

There are so many talented photographers in Fernie, each with his or her own artistic flare. Here is a list of photographers that are known for wedding services, visit their sites to get a feel for their style.

Various Sizes of Party Tents

If you’re not getting married in a church you’ll most likely need to book a marriage commissioner. The following are available in the Fernie region.

6:8 Photography 68photography.com

Courtney Jess Photography courtneyjessphotography.com



Showroom located at 7188 Lynch Road, Hosmer, BC

Fernie Hearth & Home

Carrying the best in home appliances, cookware, dishes, and more. ferniehearthandhome.com | 250-423-4216

The Green Petal

Jewellery, dishware, linens, furniture, accent pieces and so much more. thegreenpetal.ca | 250-423-4486

H Squared Gallery

Home to the works of Canadian painters, potters and jewelers curated by Tara Higgins. hsquaredgallery.com 778-519-5100

Interior Envy

Unique and tasteful products to spruce up your living space, kitchen or bathroom. interiorenvy.ca | 250-423-9735


Carrying an array of home and kitchen items, perfect for that thoughtful gift or to create some ambiance. no3fernie.com | 250-423-2181

Donna Maria Burak idoinfernie@shaw.ca | 250-430-1110

Muriel Macleod murimac50@gmail.com | 250-423-1590

Kell McNair kmcnair7492@gmail.com | 250-423-5162

Lynn Rogers lynnrogers@shaw.ca | 403-875-9829

Wedding Planners

Looking for a little extra help before, during or after your wedding? Here are a couple of options with services ranging from lending a hand to organizing and implementing the entire plan.

Lush Kootenay Weddings and Events ~ From full planning, month/day coordination, custom wedding packages and events. lushkootenay.com | 250-423-9477

Mountain Air Events ~ Planning and executing all types of events in the Fernie area, including weddings and bachelore/ette parties. maefernie@gmail.com @MountainAirEvents

Silver Lining Events ~ An experienced and passionate wedding coordinator and decorator for the Elk Valley, who has executed mountain weddings in all seasons for over three years. amimags@shaw.ca | 250-430-7818

Danyal Taylor Film & Photography danyaltaylor.ca

David + Katie Photography davidandkatiephoto.com

Jamie Hide Photography jamiehide.com

Jamie Inman Photography jamieinmanphoto.com | 250-777-2107

Kayley D Photography kayleydphotography.com

Krevan Wedding Portraits krevanphotography.ca

Kyle Hamilton Photography kylehamiltonphotography.com | 250-423-0904

Matt Kuhn Photography mkuhnphoto.com | 250-423-1700

McKenzie Jespersen Photography mckenziejespersen.com | 250-531-0064

Nick Nault Photography and Video nicknaultphotography.ca

Red Flannel Photography redflannelphotography.com

Tara Hill Studios tarahillstudios.com | 250-490-7325

27 We deliver, set-up, take down & remove
• Generators
• Barricade Fencing • Table, Chairs & Linens,
• Bouncy Castles &
Wedding Folder Announce
Set the Date Set a Budget Choose
Site Meet with
Guest List Reserve Reception Site Shop for
Gown 6-9 Months TARGET DATE 3
Book Entertainment Mail “Save the Dates” Reserve Hotel Rooms for Out of Town Guests Launch Wedding Website Send “Save the Date” Cards 4-5 Months TARGET DATE 3 Select and Order the Cake Decide on Wedding Day Transportation Finalize Guest List Arrange Rehearsal Dinner Select and Purchase Wedding Invitations
Planning Honeymoon
a “Day Of” Timeline
Hair and Makeup Choose Music
Officiant Begin
Choose Wedding Party Register Purchase Wedding Dress Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses Select a Caterer Hire a Photographer/Videographer Hire a Florist
Book Room for Wedding Night Discuss Menu and Service with Caterer Choose and Order Tuxes for Groomsmen/Groom Choose Ceremony Music Shop for Wedding Rings Finalize Order of Ceremony and Reception Print Menu Cards/Program Send Event Schedule to Vendors 2 Months TARGET DATE
Mail Invitations
Touch Base with Vendors Meet with Photographer Review Playlist with Band/DJ Submit Wedding Announcement Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties 1 Month TARGET DATE 3 Enter RSVP’s to Database Get Marriage License Mail Rehearsal Dinner Invites Last Dress Fitting Stock the Bar Send out Final Payments Confirm Hair and Makeup Provide Directions for Transportation Assign Seating Purchase Attendants Gifts Write Vows Hair Cut/Colour (if desired) 1 Week TARGET DATE
3 Months TARGET DATE 3
Menu and Flowers Choose Party Favours continued on next column
Reconfirm Times with Vendors Delegate Wedding-day Tasks Send Timeline to Bridal Party Pick up Dress Set Aside Cheques for Vendors Book Spa Treatment Send Final Guest List to Venues/Caterer Break in Shoes Pack for Honeymoon


Reception - 50%



Food/Service Bar Cake Misc.

Attire - 10%

Wedding Dress Accessories

Hair and Makeup Groom’s Tux/Suit Misc.

Flowers & Decorations - 10%

Floral ArrangementsCeremony Bouquets Boutonniers Corsages

Reception Decorations

Lighting Misc.

Music - 10%

Ceremony Musicians

Cocktail-hour Musicians

Reception Band/DJ Sound-system Misc.





Photography/ Videography - 10% Photography

Videography Prints/Albums Misc.

Favours/Gifts - 3%

Bridal Party

Favours Misc. Ceremony - 2%

Location Booking Officiant Boutonniers Misc. Stationery - 2% Save the Dates

Invitations/RSVPs Seating Map/Place Cards Menus Thank-You’s Postage Misc.

Wedding Rings - 2%

Bride’s Ring Groom’s Ring

Transportation - 1% Car Rental for Bride and Groom

Car Rental for Bridal Party Transportation for Out of Town Guests

Parking Fees Misc.

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Book an unforgettable Rocky Mountain Destination Wedding with Bull River Guest Ranch Nestled in the British Columbia Rockies, Bull River Guest Ranch has a setting of supreme natural beauty and views. Your event is sure to be spectacular. 250-429-3760 | info@bullriverguestranch.com | bullriverguestranch.com Combining experience & creativity to bring our couples one of a kind designs inspired by a love for nature 250-425-0032 MOONLIGHTFLOWERS.CA DESIREE@MOONLIGHTFLOWERS.CA MOONLIGHT FLOWERS & BOUTIQUE WEDDING FLORAL DESIGN RENTALS & INSTALLATION Photos: Black + White Photography