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– space to feel c o m fo r t a b l y you

Autumn / Wi n ter 2 0 1 9

THE HOME As we navigate expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort, we long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy. With a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you.

SUPPLIER STORIES From our base in Copenhagen, we work with artisans around the world, fusing our Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. As we find it important to feature the skilled and dedicated craftsmen behind our products, we take you behind the scenes of our ceramics and glass production to show you in detail how our products are made.

HOME STORIES All homes have a story to tell. So, we have asked people who inspire us, how they have found the right balance in their homes. We have visited DJ & yoga instructor Maria Barfod for a talk about living for the contrasts in life, and cookbook author Luise Vindahl for a chat about vegetarianism and how to juggle modern self-employment with three kids.



The kids’ room is a playground for imagination, creativity and curiosity. So, let your child saddle up and go for an adventurous horse ride, eat breakfast with fluffy friends on the savannah - only creativity sets the boundaries.

The wintry weather comes with magical blankets of snow, crispy ice crystals, and frosty twilight. Explore our Christmas Collection 2019 that brings solace in the shape of twinkling treats, ornaments, and candles that shine a light through the dark season.

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”We create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you”

THANK YOU Maria, Luise, Julia and Katie for opening your homes and inviting us inside


PHOTOS Heidi Lerkenfeldt, Martin Neve

Coming home. We all know that feeling. But what makes a home? It seems like a simple question to answer, yet we still find it difficult to capture our thoughts in only one sentence. In many ways, a home embodies how we live our day-to-day life and see ourselves in this modern world. It is a genuine reflection of ourselves, and the home constantly evolve to meet our needs. Stepping through the front door, home is more than just the bricks and mortar of a house or apartment. Rather, it is a place that is intimately tied to our emotions, values and our way of thinking. In this ever-changing world, there is more to think about than ever before. Caught in limbo, trying to navigate through worrying events and climate change can make us long for a balanced everyday life with room for contemplation, ease and calm, yet still with spontaneity and room for creativity. This is why we at ferm LIVING care about how a good home both looks and feels. With this in mind, we have taken a slightly different approach to present you with this season’s collection, by only focusing on new products in this NEWSpaper.

HEAD OFFICE ferm LIVING ApS Laplandsgade 11 2300 Copenhagen S Denmark T: +45 7022 7523 info@fermliving.com

In our Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection, we have captured the fluid and irregular shapes of nature, tactile experiences and our love of handicrafts, recycled materials and colours that range from ebony to ivory. Instead of only showing you our take on an ideal home, we also take you behind the scenes of our production, as we believe it is important to share how our products are made. We are very proud and humbled to be able to work closely with so many skilled craftsmen around the world with an in-depth knowledge of their specific craft.

The Home Amagertorv 1.2 1160 Copenhagen K

Flipping through the pages of this NEWSpaper, you will also find small features on significant products from this season, and we peek into the homes of women with interesting stories. Like Maria Barfod, who lives and breathes for the contrasts in life. Or Luise Vindahl, who enriches her life in several ways with different variations on the colour green.

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With a desire to add value to your home and enrich your life, we hope this season’s collection inspires you to create a space to feel comfortably you with all the chaos and calm going on in everyday life. After all, a home is much more than just beautiful things – it can be whatever and wherever you want it to be.

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Welcome home. © All rights reserved ferm LIVING ApS August 2019. With reservations for printing mistakes, colour differences and changes in product range.







Maria, Luise, Julia and Katie for opening your homes and inviting us inside



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60 Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection


Turn Daybed - Tiger Mountain · Place Side Table



Hallway First impressions are the most lasting. The minute your front door opens, a new memory begins to evolve, grow and turn into a story you may cherish forever. The hallway is more than a passage to the home; greet yourself and your guests with a welcoming, warm atmosphere and an instinctive feeling of coming home.

Weekend Bag - Striped

Pond Mirror - Small

POND MIRROR Featuring two individual mirrors, the Pond series explores organic shapes for a classic mirror with a thin and elegant brass frame. Inspired by free-flowing movements of water, the mirror invites open and fluid forms into your home, turning the functional mirror into a decorative wall piece. The mirror can be hung more ways so that you can find the perfect fit for the room and your needs.

Kelim Mat - Merge



Pond Mirror - Large · Rico Ottoman · Hebe Lamp



Living Room The lovely high-quality sofa and perfect pillows are not what makes a home. You, your family, guests, your history, experiences, and feelings do. With room for parties and contemplation, for your closest family or everyone you know, the living room sets the scene for all the best stories.

Distinct Side Table Tuck Vase Balance Candleholder Forest Tray

Braided Belly, Braided Bottle and Braided Lampshade




Rico Divan Rico Ottoman Herman Stool Distinct Coffee Table Hebe Lamp

Hebe Lamp Base Large Hebe Lamp Shade Long Oblique Stool Rico Sofa Sekki Scented Candle



HEBE LAMP SERIES The Hebe Lamp Series updates the classic lamp with bold shapes and an artistic touch. Initially sculpted by hand, the fluid silhouette of the base is inspired by nature and has a feminine note. The ceramic base is available in three different sizes and expressive looks; a matte and corse finish in either off-white or black, offering any room a rough, yet calm look or a high-gloss glazing in a deep blue nuance, giving the lamp a fantastic way of reflecting light on its curves. Combine it with one of the matching textile lampshades of the series, available in a natural off-white or bolder curry. The classically styled shade adds an elegant feel to the modern base, and together, the two certainly make a grand statement. Comes in three sizes and two colours – Natural and Curry.

Hebe Lampshade - Small Hebe Lamp Base - Small

Hebe Lampshade - Medium Hebe Lamp Base - Medium


Hebe Lampshade - Long Hebe Lamp Base - Large


VISTA BLANKETS Vista Cushion Rico Lounge Chair Place Side Table Hebe Lamp Orb Watering Can

Vista Blanket - Off-White

Vista Blanket - Dark Blue

With an abstract view of our planet from above, this line of soft cotton blankets features an artful pattern made with the tapestry weaving technique. With this technique, you get a beautiful front held in a contemporary combination of subtle colours and a backside with a melange weave of all the colours of the front. Loose fringes round off the design along all four sides. The series includes matching embroidered cushions.


Vista Cushion - Off-White

Vista Cushion - Beige

Vista Cushion - Dark Blue

NEXUS POSTERS The, New York/Hong Kong based, conceptual photography duo Jiaxi & Zhe explores a practice of shapes, colour blocking, and dynamic light. The award-winning pair has created a series of modern still-lives for us, exploring the intersection of material, colour, and organic forms. The poster series is printed in an 50 x 70 cm format on good-quality, environmentally friendly, uncoated paper. Each poster is sold individually and unframed.



Ceramic Platter Pond Mirror Nexus Poster Hebe Lamp Place Pedestal Vista Blanket Tala Ceramic Platter

Aya Ceramic Platter

Dayo Ceramic Platter

Hessa Ceramic Platter

Mira Ceramic Platter

CERAMIC PLATTERS Revisiting the tradition of hanging platters on the wall or placing them on a table as an artful centrepiece, we have created a series of large plates in tribute to womanhood. With a simple silhouette of a woman, the series celebrates feminity in all its different shapes and colours. Painted by hand with casual strokes, each piece has a unique expression. All platters come with a wall mounting solution, so they both can be hung and placed on a table. The platters are made with a special, rustic clay with a glazing in bright colours. Small variations will occur as each plate is painted by hand and signed by the painter.



PORT FIREPLACE TOOLS Inspired by jewellery, this set of tools brings out the best of your fireplace. With elegant yet organic shapes and delicate lines, the ensemble helps you tend to the fire in style. Merging functionality and aesthetics the set lightens up the area around your hearth or fireplace. The set includes a stoker, spade, a broom, and the stand. Available in black powder coated metal and brass.

Tealight - Brass

Tealight Dark Aubergine

Candleholder - Brass

Candleholder Dark Aubergine

Tealight Black Brass

Tealight - Deep Blue

Candleholder Black Brass

Candleholder - Deep Blue

Tealight Chrome

Tealight Macaroon

Candleholder Chrome

Candleholder Macaroon




Introducing three new high-gloss colours this Autumn the Balance family is now extended with a Dark Aubergine, Deep Blue and Macaroon.

With this brass cover, the matchbox can become part of your coffee table styling and with the solid brass stone on top add a touch of nature to your home.

Scents drive memories and emotions, and they can be essential in setting the mood. To help you balance an atmosphere or creating a space of tranquillity in your everyday life, we have designed a simple incense burner. Made from natural brass, the holder of every incense stick is a cast stone, and the tray make sure to pick up the ashes from the incense sticks.

These candleholders display an exercise in mastering the art of balance with each part counterweighing the other to reach a moment of tranquil stillness. The geometrical shapes are both sculptural and functional elements, as the arch may be used as a handle to carry these candle holders.



Port Fireplace Tools



REST LAMP Introducing two new marble colours this season; White and Agate Red. Resting on a ring of natural, solid marble, the matte opal glass sphere makes a focal point in a room while brightening the space with its soft light. Comes with a dimmer.


Rest Lamp White Marble

Rest Lamp Agate Red

With a fluctuating expression, dependent on your perspective, the Place pedestal presents a simple outline based on pure geometrical components. With its deliberately unbalanced composition, the stand is a sculptural piece, forming an audacious basis for a flower pot, lamp, or a few personal decorations.

Rest Lamp Black Marble




Rico Lounge Chair - Swivel Base · Place Side Table · Rest Lamp


COLLECT A LIGHT – COLLECT AN ATMOSPHERE For this collection we have added a nice and soft cashmere colour to our popular Collect Lighting Series. Set the right mood in your home by creating the perfect lamp with a series that offer endless combinations; from the small bedside light to a large lamp above the dinner table. Our lighting concept is suitable for all moods, looks, and room sizes. From the large Dome Shade to the Socket Pendant used on its own with a beautiful lightbulb. With seemingly endless combinations, our Collect Lighting Series lets you be the designer of your new lamp. The light creates the atmosphere – you create the light! Simply choose your favourite lampshade, colour, and socket pendant.

Socket - Low Cashmere

Socket - High Cashmere

Dome Shade Cashmere


Cone Shade Cashmere

Angle Shade Cashmere

Hoop Shade Cashmere

Disc Shade Cashmere

Record Shade Cashmere


Rico Lounge Chair Plant Box - Round



Herringbone Lambswool Blankets

Place Side Table

OBLIQUE STOOL Exploring our fascination for Japanese craftsmanship, this stool or small stand consists of few and simple elements that, when combined, form a sculptural piece. Intended as a magazine stand, side table or a stool for the little ones. The stool introduces a sense of levels to any room and can be used everywhere you like. It is available in classic natural oak and black-stained ash, as well as the more daring yellow-stained ash.



HAZE VITRINE - CASHMERE Opposites attract on this freestanding cabinet, crafted from sleek powder coated metal in a soft, creamy colour and corrugated glass. The glass doors close elegantly and quietly thanks to magnets, and open to reveal two powder coated metal shelves. Use in the office or bathroom to stylishly store your essentials or as a modern focal point in your kitchen or dining room to store dinnerware and more.

EARTH PLACE MAT Asymmetric fringes and an abstract view of our planet from above form a delicate and subtle placemat made by upcycling used plastic bottles. Made using the weaving technique of kelims, the placemats are double sided and offers a contemporary and raw style for your dinners with their earthy and pastel colours.






Made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly raw paper pulp, this lidded box gives you a handy, lightweight, and stackable storage solution. The durable boxes are useful in every room and help you sort out your closet, store your shoes, papers or keep toys in the kids’ room tidy. Comes in a set of two.

Turning to the old handicraft of carving candles, we have embraced these three varieties of the local tradition as our own. Carefully dipped in many layers of coloured wax, cut and shaped by hand, the delicate expression finds its opposite in the bright colours and distinctive character. Place them on the table to make an impression.

For this season we are introducing the Herman Stool with chrome-plated legs. This extends the Herman family of stackable stools, designed by Herman Studio.



HERMAN CHAIR & STOOL For this season we are introducing the possiblility to get the Herman Herman Chairs and Stools in both black powder coated metal and chrome-plated legs. A dark stained oak veneer is added to the collection. The Herman Series is as a part of ferm LIVING’s customization concept which offers a large variety of fabrics and leathers. We have selected among leading European textile and leather suppliers to offer you possibilities to tailor your own specific product. You will find an extensive fabric and leather program that gives you many options for customization and all textiles and leathers are available in a variety of colours. Herman chair is elegant, well designed and comfortable enough to hold you for hours and hours. The lightweight design and the welcoming look make it suitable for both dining room tables at home and large conference facilities. The seat has an oval shape that rises a little on the edges; the arms on the backrest provide good support and the frame holding the backrest allows you to comfortably rock a little back and forth. The chairs are easily stacked, and as a nice added detail the angles of the wooden backrests are designed so the chairs can be hung on the table – making room to dust and clean the floors underneath.



Ceramic tools

Racks of ceramics waiting to go in the kiln

Rows of plater moulds



The first handmade prototype of the Tuck Vase in the making

Behind the

Ceramics Production As we work with artisans around the world, we believe it is very important to clarify and illustrate how our ceramics are made. With in-depth knowledge and skill, every single ceramic product is made by the dedicated craftsmen with whom we work closely.

Surrounded by three mountains, the factory is located in Cháozhou, a charming city situated in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, which also considers itself to be the “Ceramic Capital of China”. The ceramics factory manufactures different items from hardened clay: anything from tableware and mugs to sculptural vases and lamp bases. Despite the fast-changing world, the 60 employees at the factory remain loyal to the true spirit of craftsmanship at every stage of production. THE MATERIALS The raw materials used for ferm LIVINGs ceramics are all carefully sourced and quality checked to ensure that every ferm LIVING product is of the utmost quality. The clay used has been vacuumed and de-aired to suck out any air pockets introduced by the clay-making process. Built to last a lifetime, the materials used are extremely durable. THE PROCESS The ceramic-making process is slow and complex and is handled by several different people, each an expert in their profession. Pottery with delicate or detailed silhouettes often requires a combination of traditional and modern tools and production techniques such as slip casting, hand painting, sponging, trimming, dipping and glazing.


The ceramic object is often formed by slip casting, where perfectly mixed clay is poured into a parted mould to harden and dry. The plaster mould expedites the drying process, as it soaks up some of the excess water from the clay. It is a skill in itself to separate the parts of the plaster mould at the perfect time. The clay must be almost completely hardened, yet also still a bit moist for the potter to trim the item. From this point, a potter begins trimming by hand using a hand-thrown pottery wheel, a damp sponge to clean the object continuously and special metal tools with angled blades and wire loops to smooth the roughness and rims. It takes a lot of practice to recognise the perfect consistency for trimming pottery, and how much to take off without damaging the surface. Before being passed to a colleague, the item is examined for its evenness and aesthetic beauty. The item is now ready for its first firing in a special kiln running at a very high temperature for up to 7-8 hours. If glazing is required, this is often done by hand by a colleague with special technical glazing skills to ensure a complete coating. After glazing, the item needs a second firing for up to 12 hours to ensure the ceramic has the right shape and longevity. Finally, every single product is carefully inspected.


Green Space Everything starts with a seed, and a few things are as fulfilling as watching something grow. Surrounding yourself with greenery – outside as well as inside – brings joy in all the shapes, colours, and textures of nature and adds a refreshing dynamic.

Tuck Pot - Red Brown

Tuck Vase - Red Brown

Tuck Pot - Blue

Tuck Vase - Blue

TUCK POT & VASE To achieve the perfect balance between a fluid and a powerful expression, our designers sculpted the first Tuck samples by hand, thus creating a Pot and Vase marked by our creative instincts. Combining its vibrant forms with a high-gloss glaze, these designs will answer any prayer for a remarkable piece, created in the nexus of art and handicraft. Use them with a large plant or flowers, or by its own as a sculpture.


SPECKLE POT Made with a distinct sort of stoneware with a grainy, raw texture, the Speckle line presents an organic, handmade look and feel. With its fluid silhouette, the pot with two handles mirrors nature’s irregularities, though with the elegant addition of the high-gloss finish. The Speckle Pot forms a sweet home for small plants, but you may also want to use it for storage of smaller items on a shelf or as a decorative piece on your dining table.



Speckle Wall Pocket Orb Watering Can




Wall Box - Square

Wall Box - Rectangle


Plant Box - Small

Plant Box - Round

Plant Box


Plant Box - Pot

Plant Box - Container

Plant Box - Divider

You do not need a garden or a large home to make room for a green oasis. Apart from our popular standing rectangular and round Plant Boxes, we have also crafted smaller versions meant for modest spaces, windowsills, or anywhere you need a small storage unit. The choice is yours; we call them plant boxes, but anything goes. Use them as a place for your mittens in the hallway, a bedside table, or as a way to keep order in your favourite fragrances in the bathroom.



LUISE’S GREEN JUICE Makes 1 carafe 1 cucumber 1 small bunch celery 1 small bunch dinosaur kale or Tuscan kale 2 apples, cored 2 inches / 5 cm fresh ginger 1 lemon, peeled Prep all ingredients by rinsing them thoroughly and cut into smaller pieces, whatever size that fits your juicer. Juice them all, one by one, and stir through the finished juice with a spoon. Pour into a serving carafe and enjoy with ice.



The home of

Luise Vindahl With her creative ideas, interest in vegetarianism and in-depth knowledge of health and superfoods, Luise Vindahl began shaping the Green Kitchen Stories blog back in 2009. What started out as just wanting to create a visually appealing recipe collection for herself and family suddenly turned into a big business for Luise and her husband, as people around the world began falling in love with their day-to-day personal stories and colourful, unpretentious cooking. Now she has a blog, five cookbooks, an app, a range of social media channels and three lovely kids to care for, but she is still on the same mission as when she started out back then: to show the world just how simple yet tasty vegetarian food can be.

HOW TO BALANCE LIFE AND WORK Leaving behind the comfort and familiarity of a regular job and a reliable paycheck, Luise has, over the last few years, dedicated herself and all of her time to Green Kitchen Stories, nourishing it with love and care. Luise laughs as she refers to Green Kitchen Stories as a child who requires just as much time, love and care as their three other kids: “Green Kitchen Stories is like a fourth child – or, maybe we should actually say our first? Whether we gather around our dining table at home or are out travelling and trying new dishes, Green Kitchen Stories is always with us. It is a part of our family.” Self-employment comes with both benefits and responsibility, though. One of the most significant advantages of being self-employed is having the freedom to make your own choices and set your own working hours. With these options in everyday life, we asked Luise what her perfect day would look like if she could spend the entire day doing nothing but her most uplifting activities: “I wake up after a perfect sleep and take my time in the kitchen enjoying a leisurely breakfast with David and the kids before treating myself with a workout followed by a massage. Then I decide to spend a few hours in the afternoon developing recipes before taking the evening off and preparing an awesome vegetarian meal for my best friends and family. We laugh until our bellies are sore.” Luise Vindahl, 34 years, grew up in Denmark and now lives in Stockholm with her partner David Frenkiel. Together they have the food blog and cookbook series Green Kitchen Stories. Luise has just published her new book; Little Green Kitchen with simple vegetarian recipes. Follow her at: greenkitchenstories.com @gkstories

This scenario is definitely possible for Luise, as she is her own boss. That said, being self-employed is not always easy. Creating a healthy work-life balance is sometimes a challenge for Luise. But instead of dedicating so much of her energy to trying to separate her work from her private life, Luise embraces the fact that Green Kitchen Stories is part of her everyday life, to a greater or lesser extent depending on how well the creativity flows.

about one thing: having a balanced and healthy relationship with food. So she would never follow a strict diet with rules or restrictions. Instead, she inspires people to live as naturally as possible, nourishing their bodies with greens, healthy fats, nuts, legumes, eggs and fruit, and to a certain extent avoiding processed food, refined sugar, gluten and meat. “I want to create a positive impact on the lives of those who read our content. You are not a bad person if you do not eat like we do. So, I am very aware of being nuanced in the way I communicate and talk about health and food. And that is why I think we are still interesting to people. We are not just a flash in the pan.” HOME IS WHERE THE COLOURS ARE From vibrant vegetarian food to a mint-coloured kitchen, living colourfully in every aspect of her life is essential to Luise: “I am not afraid of colours at all, and I love how they bring personality to a room.” When looking around Luise’s home, you find a lovely and casual mix of design, utensils, art and books that all ooze creativity, cosiness and intimacy. As Luise does all her work from home, the surroundings are thoughtfully designed and decorated to meet her needs. Although design, expression and natural materials do mean a lot to Luise, she states that everything must have a function in one way or another. “As a sensitive and creative soul, I feel most calm when there are no superfluous things in my home. I would rather have fewer things to which I have a stronger connection – whether it is vintage or Scandinavian design – than a lot of things that do not move me in one way or another.”

REFLECTIONS OF OUR LIVES Reaching a lot of people also means having a lot of responsibility.

In particular the kitchen, which doubles as a workspace, is very dear to Luise, as she spends almost half her day among fresh vegetables, beautiful ceramics and dirty dishes, developing tasty, vibrant and healthy recipes for Green Kitchen Stories. When looking at the colourful kitchen, it exudes cosiness, personality and great stories. Every single detail has been carefully conceived when designing the heart of her home; from the firewood stack under the kitchen table to the placement of their workstation. Even the camera angles have been given thoughtful attention.

“It is funny how the blog and books have turned into small windows that show our life and experiences, how we have grown and changed over the last few years. It is like the readers are on this journey with us” Luise explains. Even though she prioritises a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing preachy about her food. Her diet philosophy is all

“The kitchen may be the place where I cook and prepare meals, but it is just as much a place where I gather with friends and loved ones, an entertainment centre and an art-and-crafts station for me, David and our children. It is the memories we create in our kitchen that make this room so special to me.”



Kitchen A natural playground and an essential gathering point to the family, the kitchen lets you experience new things or wallow in nostalgia. Let your taste buds be your guide, and do not play by the rules. Squeeze, whip, chop away, and embark on a journey through the flavours of the world.

Aya Ceramic Platter

Sekki Series ¡ Tala Ceramic Platter

Earth Place Mat



Avant Candelabra Uno Candle Sekki Series Sekki Salt Jar

Sekki Bowls

Sekki Plate - Small

Sekki Plate - Large

Sekki Cup - Small

Sekki Cup - Large

Sekki Mug

Sekki Milk Jar

Sekki Coffee Dripper

Sekki Coffee Pot

SEKKI COLLECTION Our Sekki Series has grown. New this season is the addition of plates in two sizes, a mug with handle, a coffee pot and matching drainer and a milk jar. All in a cream-coloured glaze with tiny grey speckles and a glorious surface. Rediscovering the magic of traditional manufacturing, the Sekki Series, draw a straight line to the rich Japanese ceramic heritage. The simple shape of this wide collection lets the material with a remarkable feel make up the contemporary expression, while the elegant foot elevates the design, adding a floating expression to each item.





Enjoy a quiet moment with this new mug made of mouth-blown glass, forming a lovely match to our Still Teapot. The large graphic and rounded handle is made of solid glass too, but in a contrasting colour to the rest of the mug. They come as a set of two in the same colourway and are, of course, dishwasher-safe.

Recreate the full pour-over coffee experience of your favourite coffee shop at home. The Sekki Series rediscovers the magic of traditional manufacturing through its cream-coloured glazed clay with tiny grey speckles, a glorious surface and remarkable feel. Allow yourself a slow moment to enjoy the brewing process and a clean, tasty cup of coffee.





The combination of marble and brass is a classic throughout our collections, and with this paper towel holder, you get an elegant piece for your kitchen or dining table. The slim stem is made of blackened brass and mounted on a base of solid black marble.

With a fine rib knit of organic cotton yarn, these dishcloths give you a sustainable alternative to conventional textiles and lend your kitchen a stylish touch. Each cloth is made with two colours of yarn, creating a double-sided piece of textile with a side in each colour. Set of two.

Turn everyday life into a party with a pvd-coated brass cake server, adding elegance to all the cakes and treats that come your way. Made as one piece, this Fein cake server presents an elegant outline and simple shape that form a natural fit for the modern coffee table.

Moulded into flowing, organic shapes, these napkin rings help you set your table with the beautiful lines found in nature. Each set features four individually shaped rings of solid brass and presents a napkin casually, yet gracefully. Set of four.


Ripple Glass Series - Smoked Glass



Ripple Small Glass

Ripple Wine Glass

Ripple Champagne Saucer

Ripple Glass

Ripple Long Drink Glasses

Ripple Carafe

Ripple Champagne Saucers ready for packing

Ripple Carafe Set

RIPPLE GLASS SERIES For this Autumn Collection we expand the Ripple Series with wine glasses and small glasses for port wine, shots or traditional Danish schnapps. All in both smoked and clear glass.

Oven approx. 1400°C

Melted glass ready for mouth blowing

After moulding the glass


Our Ripple Glass series expresses the dynamic and poetic feel of the season in rippled surfaces of the delicate mouth-blown glass reflecting the wind’s rippling movements in the water. Individually shaped geometric forms reinterpret the seasonal movements in the landscape.


Mouth blowing into the mould

Liquid glass in the mould

Behind the

Ripple Glass Production Situated to the northeast of Beijing, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape and built alongside pear plantations, Shanxi Province is the home of our glass casting factory. Built on family values and known for its exquisite techniques, this Chinese factory was the first of its kind to create handmade, highquality glassware, and has almost 40 years of experience in the field.

THE PROCESS Crafting beautiful glass and stemware is as much an art as it is a science. We believe serious craftsmanship is needed at every step of the process when making the Ripple Series. A process with several different working procedures, which can take up to 24 hours depending on the complexity of the glass. With the aid of a blowpipe, every single glass is mouth-blown into a mould, while the blower puffs air through a long thin pipe to expand the glass into the desired size and shape. From this point, the glasses undergo a process to ensure they retain the envisioned shape. Finished pieces are placed to cool down at a safe temperature. Glass that is not properly cooled can be dangerous as it may shatter due to thermal stress. After this, a laser cuts the rim, and a wet coarse-grit grinding disc grinds down the sharp edges. Every ripple is carefully cleaned three times before the final quality check. As every single Ripple glass is mouth-blown, each piece is unique and none are 100% identical, as the glassblower influences the final result through the amount of glass and air pressure he or she uses during the blowing.


THE MATERIALS Using quality materials for glass casting is very important. As the mould is the foundation of the shape of the glass, it is important to carefully clean it to remove any dust or scrub. The raw glass composition consists of carefully selected materials, each of which helps to ensure a final result with high purity and minimal flaws. THE RIPPLE COLLECTION With a sharp rippled surface, geometric design and refined style, the Ripple Series fluctuates between form and function. The collection contains seven different types of glasses, each with its own unique shape and identity, but together they form a family. The entire collection includes a set of four stackable water glasses, a set of four long drink glasses, a set of two champagne saucers, a set of four small stackable glasses, a set of two wine glasses, a carafe and a small carafe set with accompanying glasses. Enough to complete a stylish and decadent table setting for any occasion. Visit fermliving.com to see a behind-the-production-video.


Bathroom Connect with your senses and create a sanctuary from the daily rush. Feel the soft textiles on your skin, evoke old memories with perfume your mother used to wear, or treat yourself to a long bath.

HORSE EMBROIDERED BAGS With its gorgeous horse embroidery and golden brass zippers, these earth coloured organic cotton bags are convenient in more ways than one. Fitting in your purse or on your shelf, they will keep your important things, everyday essentials, bits and bobs all safe and protected.



PILE BATHROOM MAT Organic Bath Towels Pile Bathroom Mat

Woven from a rich mix of cotton yarns and recycled polyester, this series of mats presents tufted loops, forming an irresistible texture and an oasis for your feet on cold bathroom floors. With contemporary colour blocking in more colourways, the mat has a classic and straightforward expression. Made out of waste plastic bottles, you get a bathroom mat produced with consideration to our planet and a very durable textile, which will last a long time.

TOWEL HANGER - CHROME With the new chrome and ash wood look this holder for towels lends your bathroom a simple and classic style. With its combination of a sleek metal ring, hung on its wooden hook, which doubles as the wall mounting. It creates an effortless style in any bathroom with a towel casually hanging on the metal ring.

TOILET PAPER HOLDER - CHROME This new chrome and ash wood variant holder for toilet paper rolls lends your bathroom a simple and classic style with its combination of a sleek metal triangle mounted on the wall with a wooden hook. The triangle is open on one side, enabling easy changing of the rolls.



The home of

Maria Barfod Music and fashion have a dear and intimate connection that goes a long way back in cultural history. The Danish DJ Maria Barfod is the living incarnation of this connection, having spent the past 20 years in this nexus. When she is not exchanging her lovely apartment in central Copenhagen to follow her husband, the musician Tomas Barfod, on tour, she curates sets for fashion shows and DJs at high-end events. And this despite the fact that she has spent the past previous years learning to say no. We met Maria on a quiet morning in her home for a talk about finding the right balance and being forced to change your career path when you want to the least. Maria Barfod photographed in her Copenhagen apartment in May 2019

A DANCER STUCK IN SPREADSHEETS Maria knew what she wanted to do with her life from early on. At six, she decided she wanted to live from her dance, and at 14, she got her first paid gig. And from there, she shuttled between school, the dancing studio, touring with musicians and dancing in their videos. Shortly after having just gotten her dream role, a dancer in The Nutcracker, her career came to an abrupt halt: Chronic tenosynovitis in both legs forced her to stop. As it usually is, when one door closes, another unexpectedly opens. And soon after the dance found its end, Maria was in charge of making the fashion Acne Jeans breakthrough in Denmark. But as she, four years later, looked out over the 60 people she had under her, Maria realised that the emails and spreadsheets were not what she was meant to be handling for the rest of her life. So, she decided to give her job up, follow her heart, and pursue a career in music. JAZZ MORNINGS AND TECHNO NIGHTS And so, she did. Having had a side hustle DJing for a few years while building up an extensive network in the fashion industry, she combined her love of music and clothing in a dual track career: DJ and stylist. Soon after that, both careers were running smoothly, the couple had relocated to LA, and she had more than plenty of customers, both as a fashion stylist and as a DJ — way too many. ”I had worked myself to the bone and ended up with depression,” she tells and looks back: ”At that time, I would have done anything to avoid that state. But thinking back today, I appreciate the experience because it forced me to reflect on my life and what I wanted to do with it. Essentially, I had to choose between fashion and music, but I just couldn’t leave the music.” So today, as we enter her apartment, clearly characterised by her great, eccentric, and daring sense of style, what catches the eye is a large, professional DJ controller in the window sill. In the home of Maria Barfod and her family, music plays a large part in their life. Between the two musicians and two children, music is there from early morning until late evening: ”I sometimes wish I could be

able to separate life from work, but it will never happen. Tomas and I talk about our work from we wake up in the morning until we close our eyes at night, but we have also both made a living from our hobbies. We use each other in our work and help each other out a lot.” A LIFE FULL OF CONTRASTS Maria is learning to say no and listen to her inner voice, telling her to only choose what is truly important to her. The rest she lets go. Still, her plate does not look remotely empty, and even if she decided to stick with music, and music only, fashion is still there. ”Maybe I consist of contrasts – I need both worlds: the quiet days in my home office as well as the nights in clubs or playing at parties. I’m not an in-between kind of person; I live for the extremities,” Maria states. ”I’m learning to find the balance, and I wouldn’t be able to go out at night if I didn’t have the silence during the day.” HOME-BOUND Following Maria on Instagram or listening to her talk about her life and work, you soon get the expression that the Barfod family spends most of their life away from home; be that in clubs, at parties, or travelling. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye. ”We are home a lot. Of course, we have periods of travelling, or my husband goes on tour, but in-between, I would say we’re more home than out. For me to be around people at night, I need time alone. I moved my office back home, and I appreciate those days where I don’t talk to anyone after bringing the kids to school,” she tells and goes on: ”Being a child of divorce, having a steady base is important to me. It is not important to me if that base is in Copenhagen or even Denmark, but I could never live out of a suitcase.” Maria laughs as she refers to herself as being a bit of a ”loner” but taking time to herself comes from a constant need for quiet: ”I have so much going on in my head all the time, so if


I had to deal with that while having a lot of people around me, it would be too much. I used to believe I didn’t like other people, but with time I’ve realised that I just need the quiet.” Her home is a lovely and casual mix of decorations, art, and furniture that all ooze of the couple’s creativity. And even when everything looks so well-thought through, everything is there by chance: Most is either gifts or things found used by chance. Maria treasures her home, but to her, keeping up appearance with trends and it-pieces in her home was never the dream: ”Things need to serve a higher purpose, and on the rare occasion that we go out and buy something new, we put a lot of thought and consideration into it. Also, we have a rule that if one thing comes in, another has to go. So, there’s a constant flow in our things – the same goes for clothes.” Getting to know herself better every day and finding just the right balance, Maria doesn’t look for happiness in things, and when asked about her dreams for the future, they are based on feelings and ideals. ”I never dreamt of the big house or finding my bliss in something materialistic. But I always dreamt of having a family and being a good person. If I have that, I have all I need.”

Maria Barfod, 39 years, DJ, stylist and yoga instructor. Lives on Vesterbro in Copenhagen with her husbond Thomas and their two kids. Follow her on instagram @fedty


Five Facts about Maria

Favourite artist Monica Kim Garza. She gets me every time. The way she sees and captures women in her art is amazing. I feel like it’s me in her works, and I think a lot of people feel the same way. Favourite cultural activity? I couldn’t name just one; I live and breathe for art and culture. I spend as much time in art shows and gallery openings as I can. I have a lot of friends that write, but I wish I had time to read more. But I’m really good when it comes to audio books. Going out or inviting friends over for dinner? We always go out. I wouldn’t want things tangled up and having a fun night with friends is so much easier when you don’t have to be careful not to wake up sleeping children Favourite music? Jazz at home, techno in the clubs. You know, techno deserves the good speakers. Favourite colour? I could never decide on just one, because it depends on the setting, mood, or context. But I will say this much: I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing navy blue.



Bedroom Whether you are into mindfulness or pillow-fights, long mornings or an early start, the bedroom cuddles you with the familiar scent of your own pillow and the comfort of a heavy blankets. Recharged, the bedroom sends you out into the world with fresh energy.

HERRINGBONE LAMBSWOOL BLANKETS These large blankets keeps you warm on chilly nights or mornings where you want to sleep in. Woven in a rich blend of cotton and lambswool, the blankets present an updated classic with the traditional herringbone pattern contrasted by a bright slub yarn along the long edges and fringes on both ends.

Katie Scott Wallpaper - Trees Oblique Stool



The EASE – Whether you are into mindfulness or pillow-fights, long mornings or an early start, the bedroom cuddles you with the familiar scent of your own pillow and the comfort of a heavy blankets. Recharged, the bedroom sends you out into the world with fresh energy. ORGANIC DOT EMBROIDERY BEDDING With subtle embroidered dots on one side, this bedding set is made of gently produced organic and GOTS certified cotton. You can choose between three understated, yet contemporary colourways of the bedding set, featuring a fold-over closure of the pillow cover and a zipper in the duvet.



Office Create the right surroundings for letting a new concept grow into a stroke of genius. Sort out your thoughts and ideas and turn your office into an inspirational space. Smart storage and beautiful details turn your office around from being a space you long to leave to a room, in which you long to be.

Letter Tray

Paper Organiser Speckled Wall Pocket

Lines Wallpaper Hebe Lamp Paper Pulp Box

Herman Chair Angle Shade Mingle Table



Plant Box with Accessories Paper Pulp Box



Kids Room The kids’ room is a playground for imagination, creativity and curiosity. For that reason, we want to cherish the teddies, the forts built out of blankets and pillows and the fanciful recipes invented in the small-chef kitchen because we believe that no electronic screen can ever replace the relationships built over toys or with friends. So, let your child saddle up and go for an adventurous horse ride, eat breakfast with fluffy friends on the savannah, splash in puddles and making forts and shelters in the house. Let kids be kids and open the door to new, unexplored places within their own room - only creativity can set the boundaries.

HORSES CUSHION Saddle up and turn the kids’ room into a ranch and let this friendly horse move in. With loose fringes as the horse’s mane, and available in two colours, the cushion is a lovely comfort at bedtime and a great friend when you go explore new imaginary worlds.


Braided Belly Lampshade Horse Bedding Herringbone Lampswool Blanket Lion Music Mobile



Horse Wallpaper Braided Bottle Lampshade Little Architect Desk & Chair Paper Pulp Storage Weekend Bag - Striped



Little Architect Pockets

Little Architect Stool Cashmere

Little Architect Bench Cashmere

Little Architect Chair Cashmere

Little Architect Desk Cashmere

Horse Bedding


Little Architect Table Cashmere

LION MUSIC MOBILE While the sun sets on the Savannah, you can let the cute lion lull your baby to sleep, playing the classic Brahms’ lullaby. It is made of natural and raw linen with woolen fringes and filling made by recycled polyester.

In a family with small kids, one can never have too many cloth diapers for nursing, as a bib or to cover for the sun in the pram. The Muslin Squares present you with a fresh version. With one printed and two solid colours, this set of three muslin cloth made of 100% organic GOTS cotton is the perfect way to colour up your everyday life with a baby.

LITTLE ARCHITECT SERIES Inspired by highlights of modern furniture design, ferm LIVING has embarked on a journey with Little Architect – a series of children’s furniture created in a subtle colour spectrum that ignites the marvellous imagination of children while blending in with a contemporary interior. Made of wood and with simple contours, Little Architect draws a clear line to the traditions of Scandinavian mid-century furniture design. The light expression allows you to explore different combinations of the matching colours, mixing and matching the furniture so that the set will be just right. The Little Architect series is a perfect base for the little geniuses to shape and form ideas, throw small dinner parties, or colour for hours.

PEAR BEAN BAG In the shape of a sweet, little pear, this bean bag makes fruits part of the fun in the kids’ room. With a case of organic cotton and filled with styrofoam, the bean bag forms a comfortable seat for reading or maybe it can be a new fun playmate? The bean bag is available in two colours, both of which featuring a cute fabric stalk.


WEEKEND BAG - HORSE Ready to hold all your essentials, regardless whether you are off for a day on the beach or a weekend in the cabin, this durable, yet casual organic cotton canvas bag with striped webbing handles carries the load. It has press studs in the sides to adjust the size, and the small inner pocket keeps your wallet, keys, and phone safe. The series is available in more earthy and burnt hues for a modern style.


Katie Scott Wallpaper - Animals Kids Tent Safari Rug Pear Bean Bag

KIDS TENT Create a hideaway for your little ones this decorative play tent in dark green with an embroidered beetle on the side. Cotton suspended from a wooden frame creates a sheltered spot for children to play, read, and relax – and windows feature roll-down blinds for extra privacy. The handy foldaway design can be transported and stored with ease.

Balancing the contrasts of childhood, we help you make room for children to feel at ease, at home, and free to grow up to be just who he or she dreams to become.


KATIE SCOTT The London-based illustrator Katie Scott works from her small studio designing wallpaper, posters and book covers. The botanical art of nature inspires her, and for the wallpaper, she illustrated for us she chose shells, trees and animals representing both the animal and botanical kingdom. With her usual richness in detail, her designs will create a breathtaking look in any room of your home.


Paper Pulp Storage Dot Embroidery Bedding

Muslin Squares - Moon

ORGANIC PRODUCTION Have you ever heard of the GOTS certification? The little green logo with a white shirt is a little adornment quite a few of our textiles carries, and it’s a special one to us. We aim for the best; for the sake of the planet, ourselves, and our families. We strive for a gentle and considerate production of our high-quality products, and the GOTS certification is your proof of that. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an internationally recognised stamp of ecology and social responsibility. You need to live up to quite a few criteria to earn the certification, and they are divided into categories for fibre standards, ecological, social, and technical, and human toxicity criteria. In short, the GOTS certification is your guarantee of production of at least 95 % organic fibres, and socially responsible manufacturing, which takes care of the planet we share. For the technical details, you can visit GOTS own website on global-standard.org

HOUSE WALL STORAGE Keep clutter at bay with this handy and decorative wall tidy. Crafted from durable cotton canvas, this house-shaped design features nine pockets, perfect for storing smaller items. The practical eyelet ensures easy hanging, wherever you decide to use it.



Safari Dinner Set - Giraffe

Safari Dinner Set - Zebra

Safari Dinner Set - Tiger

Safari Dinner Mat - Giraffe

Safari Dinner Mat - Zebra

Safari Dinner Mat - Tiger

Safari Bamboo Spoons

SAFARI DINNER SET, DINNER MATS & SPOONS We all know that we eat with our eyes first. So why not serve the meal on tableware with wild animal prints? The Safari patterns channel the feeling of the Savannah where the tigers, giraffes, and zebras live. The Dinner Set and Spoons are made of bamboo fibres – a sustainable material free from BPA, PCP, and phthalates. Serve it on the Dinner Mat made with a laminated front, and a practical cork backside ensures that the mat stays in place without scratching the table.



OBLIQUE STOOL When your growing child needs an extra step, it is good to be able to give them a leg up. Exploring our fascination for Japanese craftsmanship, this multifunctional stool or small stand consists of few and simple elements that, when combined, form a sculptural piece. A perfect little stool that helps your child reach things, without asking for help and make them feel like they are part of the action like an adult.



Comfortably, Copenhagen Copenhagen is part of what shaped us: The atmosphere, the flourishing design scene, and the fantastic culture and history of the city. So, now we’re paying tribute to our hometown – embracing the grey weather and its little gems. With the years, as we have moved up and out into the world, we have allowed an international perspective to influence the way we see and experience Scandinavian design. We continue to work with artisans around the globe, but we do this while holding on to who we are and what made us so.

COPENHAGEN ORNAMENTS Having served as the most beautiful scene for us to evolve and explore since the very beginning, we are paying tribute to our hometown, Copenhagen. With a series of Copenhagen classics, this line of ornaments features embroidered illustrations of sights and icons of our favourite city: From The Little Mermaid to the Christiania Bike. Use them as decorations on the Christmas tree or around the house as a little homage to Copenhagen. Each ornament comes in a small gift box with a watercolour illustration and a short introduction to the sight.



OUR OPENHAGEN GUIDE We have collected some of our personal Copenhagen classics in a Copenhagen Guide: The things we like to do ourselves, that to us make the city unique and a place for us to feel comfortable in what and who we are. Get the full guide with purchase of the Copenhagen Cushion or Totebag, or on fermliving.com

COPENHAGEN CUSHION & TOTEBAG This cotton canvas cushion features embroidered illustrations of the city’s neighbourhoods, boroughs, and sights that forever will have a special place in our hearts. Unique details, made by hand with a special knotted embroidery technique, give the cushion its lovely texture. The cushion has an off-white canvas base on the front, contrasted by a warm cinnamon backside. The totebag has two durable handles and two straps, enabling different ways of carrying.

Eat a classic ’hindbærsnitte’ Don’t be fooled by the looks: It may look like a pop tart, but the raspberry slice, commonly known as ”hindbærsnitte”, is one of our top-favourites when it comes to sweet treats. In recent years, with the boom of fancy bakeries, the varieties of this classic are endless, but the traditional with white glazing and colourful sprinkle will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Take a dip in the harbour With water everywhere in the city, taking a dip in the harbour is a regular summer activity to many Copenhageners – on the weekends, during holidays, and on their way to and from work. Although, we also have an ocean and a lovely beach, jumping off the bike and directly into the harbour is a favourite of ours.

Cross Knippelsbro by bike with the wind in your face The raw Copenhagen feeling is not always pleasant. But few things feel more Copenhagen-like than cycling over one of the old bridges in a headwind. Taking your bike, in spite of the cruelty of wind and weather, is characteristic of the rebellious nature of Copenhagen bikers, and afterwards, you deserve a cosy time on the sofa or your favourite café even more!

Get a view from above Nikolaj Kunsthal is a visit worth on your way through the streets of Copenhagen. And if you go on Saturdays or Sunday, you can even get to go to the former church tower and get a view of the city from above. The church dates back to the 13th century, though the tower itself wasn’t added before a few 300 years later. Today, the tower is the third highest in Copenhagen.




Marbeling artist

Julia Genet

Working from her studio in Paris, the artist Julia Genet of Tomàs Avinent Atelier keeps the tradition of paper marbling alive. Created as a tribute to her Spanish grandfather, a typographer in the 1930’s Barcelona, the atelier specialises in the Japanese art form of injecting natural pigments onto a surface of still water.

HOW DID YOU GET INTERESTED IN MARBLING AND HOW DID YOU LEARN IT? ”Marbling is a painting technique traditionally used in bookbinding. I studied cinematographyand knew nothing about crafts or the world of books. I discovered this painting technique thanks to a video in the middle of hours lost on the internet. This know-how fascinated me, the dance of colours on the bath, the movements of the motifs... it captivated me and seemed so easy to reproduce. I then tried to make the colours float too and I quickly realized that the seemingly easy nature of this technique was misleading! Then began a long journey of self-taught learning to master this craft. I gathered information from all over the internet, experimented with different types of paints, asked for advice in fine art stores and finally managed to get the results I was hoping for. This period was a long time of searching filled with frustration and determination. I didn’t think I could be that persistent. I then perfected my technique of the Ebru one of the marbling techniques that comes from Turkey.”

THE ART OF MARBLING Above you see some pictures of the marbling process. Natural colours are injected onto a surface of still water. Julia then composes her motifs with pens and brushes before transferring them onto paper by placing a sheet directly on the water. That way, she can create the natural and organic expression which we fell in love with and turned into a series of marbling artworks.

WHAT ARE YOUR SOURCES OF INSPIRATION AND HOW DO YOU GET NEW IDEAS? ”I don’t quite know where my inspiration comes from. Abstract drawing and contemporary photography, which I also practice, must certainly influence me. I am continually learning and experimenting around this savoir-faire. It’s a bit like I never leave the research and development phase. I try to mix this technique with collage, gilding, and trying new patterns and colour combinations. There is never a shortage of new ideas.” HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD YOUR OWN STUDIO? ”I have had my own studio since spring 2017.

I still clearly remember the joy I felt in this space. It is very difficult to find a workshop in Paris. Having my own creative space, what a joy!” CAN YOU TELL US A BIT MORE ABOUT YOUR GRANDFATHER? ”Tomàs Avinent was my great-grandfather. I didn’t know him, but my grandmother always portrayed him as a gentle and cultured man who was the only one in the family who could read and write perfectly. He was a typographer in a press newspaper in Barcelona. His job has always been a source of pride for my grandmother. I have chosen to call my studio “Tomàs Avinent” as a tribute to this man I would have liked to know, to craftsmanship and typography which are two passions, and to highlight my Spanish origins.” HOW DO YOU WORK WITH COLOUR COMBINATION AND FINDING JUST THE RIGHT NUANCE? ”It’s quite intuitive. There are associations that enchant me right away, others that “sound” wrong. I started doing David Hornung’s exercises, presented in his book ”Colour” on the theory of colours last year, and since then my perception of hues, saturation and brightness has been more accurate. The combinations I prefer have a narrow range of values, to use David Hornung’s vocabulary. In the context of an assignment, I generally receive colour references and I create shades from my primary pigments to get as close as possible to the reference. This step can take a long time! ” ARE YOU EASILY INFLUENCED BY TRENDS? ”I have the impression that I am not. But I’m like many people, so full of images that I find it hard to think that it doesn’t have any influ-


ence on my work. Anyway, it’s not an intention, following trends to satisfy tastes is not part of my approach.” MANY ARTISTS THESE DAYS HAVE TURNED TO DIGITAL WAYS OF CREATION,BUT YOU STILL INSIST ON MAKING EVERYTHING BY HAND. WHY IS THIS A SPECIAL WAY OF MAKING YOUR ART? ”It was specifically the marbling technique, its process and results that I liked so the question did not arise for me. Digital patterns can be created that imitate the spirit of marbling movements, but the volutes and arabesques obtained thanks to the fluidity of the bath are very difficult to reproduce virtually. Regarding the question of digital versus handmade, these are different tools, but I am not opposed to them, the approaches can be the same. That being said, it is clear for me that it is a pleasure to work with matter, to produce with my hands, it helps me to anchor myself in the moment.” WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME? ”I feel most at home when I have settled my daily life into a kind of melody, a habit, that makes my environment familiar and loved. This familiarity makes me feel secure and allows me the freedom to experience all kinds of things in the world.”

Julia Genet, was born in 1986. She lives in central Paris and works from her studio in the Montreuil. Follow her at: tomasavinent.fr @tomasavinent @julia.genet


Christmas Collection The scents of lit candles, cinnamon, and fresh pine needles brought home from the forest are essential in our Christmas traditions. To us, Christmas is not a season nor a show; it’s a feeling, a mood, a state of togetherness. And our home is the setting for that magical time of year. Dressed to the occasion, home is where we gather our family and friends to celebrate the festive season. Small pieces of magic, candles, decorations, and that familiar scent of Christmas placed around the home evoke sweet memories of snowfall, children ice-skating, and good times spent with the people we love most.







In Denmark, we like to decorate our Christmas trees with paper cones filled with candy or other treats. This tradition dates back to the 1800s. We keep this old tradition alive with these paper cones, made for you to cut them out and fold them yourself. There are three cones on one sheet.

Wake up to a little treat each day of December until Christmas eve with our paper advent calendar. The calendar has 24 windows, and behind each, you will find a quality gift tag from the paper marbling series.

Give each present an artful touch with the unique gift tags featuring artworks by the French artist Julia Genet. AvaIlable in six different artworks and colours, each set includes six cards in high-quality cardboard with golden string.

Set a beautiful table with napkins made with the unique artworks by paper marbling artist Julia Genet. They are available in two colour ways, the one shown above and a blue version. There are 20 napkins in each set.


MARBLING GIFT WRAP Wrap gifts in style with beautifully crafted wrapping paper. Packaged as a book comprising sheets of double-sided paper with marbling artwork, this set wraps every gift in on-trend designs.




Painted by hand, this set of four glass balls lets you decorate your Christmas branches in a unique, yet casual style. With an off-white base, each set features four different artworks: Half-moons, small strokes, lines, and broader strokes. Combine the three available colours or go for a simple look with ornaments of the same colour. As every piece is painted by hand, every ball will have a unique expression.

A few things let you find your holiday spirit as quickly as the characteristic scents of Christmas. And they don’t all need to come from actual Christmas trees and baked goods, so we present a lovely cinnamon-scented soy wax candle. In Denmark, a cherished tradition is the kalenderlys, or Christmas Calendar Candle. The idea is to burn it each day, counting down the days to Christmas. We’ve taken a modern approach to this ritual, and this candle has a chart on the front of the glass container, where you can cross off each day until Christmas Eve.



Rediscovering the magic of traditional manufacturing, the Sekki Soy Candle comes in a vessel of solid-coloured clay with a coarse texture. The use of clay draws a straight line to the rich Japanese clay heritage, and this large soy candle with a subtle fig scent adds that touch of history to a contemporary setting. Sekki Soy Candle is available in two colours.

With a handle in the shape of a large walnut, this piece lets functionality be a part of your Christmas decorations. Placed in a large bowl of your favourite nuts, the nutcracker is disguised as a simple ornament. The nutcracker is cast in solid brass and also available in a black-polished version.



Made from pure palm wax, the Uno Candles have a unique texture that makes the look of the monochrome candles stand out. Palm wax provides better indoor air quality when the candle is lit. The candles come in a round box with 16 pieces, all made from RSPO certified palm wax – your guarantee for wax which comes from sustainable forestry with protection of the wildlife.

Keep the Christmas present safe and stylish until the big night in this bucket bag made from high-quality chambray woven cotton. Black printed stars adorn the bag, which is closed with a drawstring. It has a small strap so you can hang it on a hook or knob.



Make a statement with these candles, featuring a solid colour that merges with the white for a dynamic and bold look. They are made of pure palm wax – a cleaner alternative for better indoor air quality. The palm wax is RSPO certified, which means that it comes from sustainable forestry with the protection of wildlife. Green is the new colour addition for this season.

The ways of getting in the spirit in the days up until Christmas are many. A tradition we treasure is the advent calendar with a small gift on all the four Sundays of Advent. This canvas house has golden embroideries and four pockets for the treats. The calendar is available in off-white and dark green.

STAR CHRISTMAS TREE BLANKET This Christmas Tree Blanket creates a cosy holiday style. It is made of 100% cotton and adorned with stars in different shapes and sizes. Use it as a Christmas tree skirt to make your tree look neat and presentable, or as a captivating element in your seasonal home styling.




Include your kitchen space in the Christmas festivities and dress it up with seasonal colours and Christmas trees. The jacquard-woven tea towels are made of 100 % organic and GOTS certified cotton and come in three different colour variations.

As a narrow version of our classic, this houseshaped calendar has small pockets for treats and gifts – one for each day of December until Christmas Eve. Its narrow shape makes it a great fit for small kids’ rooms, between two doors, or in modest spaces. The calendar is made of quality cotton canvas with printed stars and comes in two colours.

Making the most of the resources at hand, this set of Christmas fabric cones are made from small pieces of left-over textiles from our Shay cushions and quilts. Use the fabric cones filled with treats as decorations on your Christmas tree, door knobs or whereever you please during the season. Each set includes different cones all made of left-over, organic cotton with an inner lining.





Tala Ceramic Platter

Aya Ceramic Platter

Dayo Ceramic Platter

Hessa Ceramic Platter

Mira Ceramic Platter

Forest Tray Large

Forest Tray Small

Nexus Poster

Uno Candles Set of 16

Stone Incense Burner

Hand Carved Candles

Stone Matchbox Cover

Duo Candles - Olive Green Set of 2

Balance Tealight Holder

Balance Candleholder

Avant Candelabra

Port Fireplace Tools

Green Space

Speckle Pot

Orb Watering Can Cashmere

Speckle Wall Pocket

Speckle Wall Vase

Plant Box Small - Cashmere

Tuck Pot

Wall Box - Square Cashmere

Tuck Vase

Wall Box - Rectangle Cashmere

Plant Box - Cashmere

Plant Box - Pot Cashmere

Plant Box - Divider Cashmere

Plant Box Round - Cashmere

Plant Box - Container Cashmere


Pond Mirror Small

Pond Mirror Large

Pile Bathroom Mat

Towel Hanger Chrome



Toilet Paper Holder Chrome

Organic Hand Towel

Organic Bath Towel



Ripple Wine Glasses - Set of 2

Sekki Bowl - Large

Ripple Small Glasses - Set of 4

Sekki Bowl - Medium

Fein Cake Server

Sekki Bowl - Small

Flow Napkin Rings Set of 4

Still Mugs - Set of 2

Sekki Salt Jar

Linen Napkins Set of 2

Sekki Cup Small

Sekki Plate Small

Sekki Cup Large

Earth Place Mat

Sekki Mug

Sekki Plate Large

Sekki Milk Jar

Twofold Organic Dish Cloth Set of 2

Sekki Coffee Pot

Marbling Paper Napkins

Sekki Coffee Dripper

Paper Towel Holder


Vista Cushion

Striped Weekend Bag

Vista Blanket

Copenhagen Cushion

Herringbone Blanket

Copenhagen Totebag

Corduroy Cushion

Copenhagen Ornaments


Letter Tray

Paper Organiser

Paper Pulp Box - Set of 2

Marbling Gift Wrap - 12 sheets

Marbling Gift Tags - Set of 6


Kelim Runner 70 x 180 cm

Kelim Rug Small - Earth 80 x 140 cm

Kelim Mat 70 x 50 cm

Kelim Rug Medium - Earth 140 x 200 cm

Kelim Rug Large - Earth 160 x 250 cm





Lines Wallpaper

Katie Scott Wallpaper - Shells

Katie Scott Wallpaper - Trees

Katie Scott Wallpaper - Animals

Kids Room

Lion Music Mobile

Safari Bamboo Dinner Mat

Little Architect Chair Cashmere

Little Architect Stool Cashmere

Pear Bean Bag

Horse Cushion

Safari Bamboo Dinner Set

Little Architect Table Cashmere

Little Architect Desk Cashmere

House Wall Storage

Safari Bamboo - Spoons Set of 3

Little Architect Bench Cashmere

Horse Embroidery Weekend Bag

Muslin Squares Set of 3

Horse Embroidery Bag - Large

Dot Embroidery Bedding Baby / Junior / Adult

Tent with Beetle Embroidery

Braided Bottle Lamp Shade

Braided Belly Lamp Shade

Horse Embroidery Bag - Small

Horse Bedding Baby / Junior / Adult


Forest Nut Cracker

Sekki Scented Candle

Christmas Tea Towel

Scented Candle Calendar

Christmas Glass Ornaments

Star Christmas Tree Blanket

Shay Christmas Cones Set of 3

Star Advent Calendar



Star Christmas Calendar

Marbling Paper Cones

Star Christmas Bag

Marbling Advent Calendar

Star Christmas Calendar - Narrow



Socket - Low Cashmere

Collect Ring

Hebe Lamp Base Small

Socket - High Cashmere

Dome Shade Cashmere

Hebe Lamp Base Medium

Disc Shade Cashmere

Hebe Lamp Base Large

Hoop Shade Cashmere

Angle Shade Cashmere

Hebe Lamp Shade Short

Hebe Lamp Shade Medium

Cone Shade Cashmere

Hebe Lamp Shade Long

Record Shade Cashmere

Rest Lamp


Place Side Table

Place Pedestal

Haze Vitrine - Cashmere

Oblique Stool

Distinct Coffee Table - Travertine

Distinct Side Table - Travertine

INTRODUCING CUSTOMIZATION CONCEPT Introducing ferm LIVING customization concept with a wide variety of fabrics and leathers. We have selected among leading European textile and leather suppliers to offer you possibilities to tailor your own specific product. You will find an extensive fabric and leather program that gives you many options for customization and all textiles and leathers are available in a variety of colours. Please look in our Product Overview for further information.

Turn Daybed w. Harness Leather Straps


Rico Divan

Rico Sofa - 4-seater

Rico Sofa - 3-seater


Turn Daybed w. Black Harness Leather Straps RICO SERIES NEW

The Rico series can be upholstered in all colours in the following

Rico Lounge Chair Swivel Foot

Rico Lounge Chair

Rico Ottoman

textile series: Brushed, Bouclé, Faded Velvet, Gaja C2C, Tiger Mountain, Tonus 4, Hallingdal 65 and Vidar 3.

Turn Daybed METAL LEGS OPTIONS TURN DAYBED SERIES The Turn series can be upholstered in all colours in the following textile series: Faded Velvet, Cotton Linen, Wool, Hot Madison, Bouclé, Brushed, Crisp, Tiger


Herman Bar Chair - High & Low

Herman Chair

Herman Lounge Chair



Herman Stool

Mountain, Gaja C2C, Tonus 4, Hallingdal 65, Remix 2, Steelcut 2, Steelcut Trio 3, Vidar 3, Fiord.

LEATHER STRAP OPTIONS The daybed can be customized with either black


leather straps or harness leather straps with brass press buttons.

The Herman series can be upholstered in all colours in the following textile series: Faded Velvet, Cotton Linen, Wool, Hot


Madison, Bouclé, Brushed, Crisp, Tiger Mountain, Gaja C2C, Tonus 4, Hallingdal 65, Remix 2, Steelcut 2, Steelcut Trio 3,


Vidar 3, Fiord, Aniline Leather, Buffalo Leather, Nubuck Leather.




Life is full of contrast. As we navigate expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort, we long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy. A place where we can be ourselves, realise the true value of things, and feel at home. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we challenge ourselves to shape the future and take pride in creating products that help you balance the contrasts of life. Our soft forms, rich textures and deep colours allow you to create an authentic and composed atmosphere, while avant-garde shapes, striking patterns and curious details add a touch of the unexpected. From our base in Copenhagen, we work with artisans around the world, fusing our Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. We take our responsibility to people and the planet seriously, and expect the same of our partners. We create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you. WELCOME HOME

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ferm LIVING Autumn Winter 2019 Collection  

ferm LIVING Autumn Winter 2019 Collection