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Title: I need to Lose Weight? Here’s How You Actually Do it!


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How to Proceed with Your Diet, Exercise 6 and Supplements Plan for Weight Loss?


Major Habits that Can Lead You to Successful Weight Loss



A Number of Different Weight Trainings for the Right Kind of Weight Loss



Sleep and Weight Loss



5 Instant Tips for Weight Loss



Weight Loss by Reducing your Carbohydrate Intake



Weight Loss Hoodia: The Functioning and its Effects



Tips to Lose Weight with Herbs and Flowers



Weight Loss Vitamins: Are They For Real?



Lack of Money, Time and Energy Are No Excuses To Being Out of Shape – Get Started Today!




Changing Lives with Healthy diets



Need to Sweat Longer than Earlier thought to Improve Heart Health



Reasons Why You Should Start Running Daily



21 Day Fix Portion Control Containers and Meal Prepping



Follow this 30 Day Meal Plan to Stay Fit and Healthy


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Summary You must be looking for some advice that is based on reality. The individuals who endure because of overweight are edgy to shed pounds. This eBook narrates diverse methods of weight loss diet along with a full-fledged weight loss plan. Here I will inform you how you will be carrying out your plans for diet, supplements and exercises for weight loss in your exercise challenge.

Introduction and Overview Are you feeling sick of routine diet habits? Are you looking to get some down-to earth advice for your weight problem? Obesity is not only a problem that cause disturbance in your day routine, but it is also an embarrassing problem. You must be looking for some advice that is based on reality. So it’s time to hop off from the bandwagon. The individuals who endure because of overweight are edgy to shed pounds. They need to adopt a technique that empowers them to diminish their body mass in the fastest way. The most importantly thing one needs to execute with a specific end goal to accomplish weight loss and make the body slim is adjusting the diet. Disregarding doing exercises for a considerable length of time one can't be effective in reducing weight unless and until he or she lessens the calorie in-take, entirely dodge garbage sustenance and pop and include vegetables, products of the soil meats in the diet. In any case, for burning


the abundance fat exercises are entirely vital. This eBook will narrate diverse methods of weight loss diet along with a full-fledged weight loss plan.

Chapter 1: How to Proceed with Your Diet, Exercise and Supplements Plan for Weight Loss? If you are not a wild risk taker or prefer to take calculated risks only, there is at least one calculated risk for such people in one season. Calculated risk here simply means to avail a winwin situation for you. Here is one challenge for you with 100% win-win ratio.

Do’s and Don’ts of Your Diet Plan 

Eat your meal at the right time. More use of fruit, vegetables, low fat scones and yogurt, sandwiches and toast are recommended.

A walk can make a great difference for your weight loss here especially at lunchtime and after dinner.

Don’t go for shopping when you’re hungry as it will make you crave for food items that are high in fats. Always make a list of food shopping before going to the super market.


Don’t get flattered by marketing gimmicks. For instance, if a product does not have fats in it, it is quite possible that the company has actually added the sugar proportion to create a balance.

Do set realistic goals for weight loss. Don’t hope for miracles.

Take extra care with your food portion size. Only an appropriate amount is recommended for dairy products, proteins and sugar products.

Don’t every miss your breakfast

Don’t change your food items abruptly during your diet plan

Best Weight Loss Supplement Recommendations 

Hydroxycitric Acid/HCA: It is quite famous for the reduction of fats, achieving increased

fat metabolism rates, reducing appetite and decreasing your cholesterol rate, and often named as Bio-Max 3000, Citrin and Garcinia Trim-Pulse. 

Beta Glucan: Its soluble fiber helps to stabilize your cholesterol level. It is especially

recommendable to diabetic people. 

Whey Protein: It is often used as a weight loss strategy that helps you to build your

muscles and inhibit your appetite

Best Exercises to Pursue for Weight Loss Challenge 

Jogging: It is a traditional yet the most effective exercise to lose weight as it assists you to

increase your metabolism rate and reducing your body fat. People often try to improve their jogging distance measuring it through time.

7 

Weight Lifting: It is especially recommendable for women who are very conscious about their bulky body appearance. After a weight lifting period, it would continue to burn your body fats for more 48 hours.


Swimming: It would definitely help you to burn your calories without any damage risks

you could endure in weight lifting process. You need to take at least a few laps of swimming before you could note an improvement in your fitness level. Do convince at least one person of your family to take on this exercise challenge. This person will act as a supporting partner for you in this challenge.

Chapter 2: Major Habits that Can Lead You to Successful Weight Loss With the workout's majority routines, work out schedules and diet supplements out there, finding the best approaches to burn fat and change your body shape and picture is a standout amongst the most troublesome things to do. Here I attempt to make it less providing so as to demand for you some extremely compelling tips for weight loss that you can without much of a stretch actualize from today. Incorporating these weight loss tips into your life will allow you to now just get a level stomach and pleasant figure, however will likewise assist you with leading a more beneficial life while making you feel better.


Drink Plenty of Water Drinking more water is a standout amongst the most surely understood and best weight loss tips. Wellness and wellbeing specialists urge individuals to drink roughly eight glasses of water a day as it will assist you with staying hydrated and empowered for the duration of the day. Moreover, grabbing a refreshing glass of water will likewise flush toxins out of your framework, boost your digestion system and urge you to manufacture muscle.

Eat Small Meals More Often Another diet tip that we are entirely acquainted with is eating small meals for the duration of the day. Instead of the conventional three-meals-a-day arrangement, you ought to eat six small meals a day. The key her is ensuring that you not just decrease your sustenance utilization at every supper while increasing the quantity of meals yet to additionally verify that these meals are high in protein, moderate measure of carbs and low in fat. On the off chance that you don't verify this it will bring about you increase fat stockpiling all through your body rather than reducing it!


Pick a Light Weights, High Reps Work Out Adding a weight loss program to your workout routine is one incredible approach to expand the measure of fat you burn. Lifting weights won't just tone your body additionally fortify the muscles in key territories of your body, above all your center. Weight training will likewise burn calories and fat all the more rapidly as it gives an additional boost to your digestion system alongside your consistent cardio exercise. The key here however is not to assemble muscle but rather to tone muscle and support fat burn. Therefore you ought to perform numerous sets (4 to 6 sets) of light to direct weight (50 to 60% of your maximum) for a high number of redundancies (12 to 16 reps), instead of lifting substantial weights for a couple of reps to disappointment like a bodybuilder!


Chapter 3: A Number of Different Weight Trainings for the Right Kind of Weight Loss Cardio, High-Intensity Interval Training and weight training for weight loss are the three unique sorts of exercises that individuals hone with the end goal of burning more number of calories.

Cardio Exercises At the point when a man has the capacity burn more number of calories than he devours day by day, he is in the right track to shed pounds. Cardio is not an extremely compelling type of exercise and it can't bring the body to the ideal shape. In addition cardio is not compelling in preparing the mind to tackle the snippets of anxiety. Cardio burns calories just during the exercise and not a short time later. Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption is less for the situation of cardio. Thus the effect of cardio is low. The individuals who follow High Intensity Interval Training to decrease fat have the capacity to burn more calories for a long time even after the workout. High Intensity Interval Training empowers the heart to alter according o the changing conditions like sprints, jogging, uphill, downhill, and so on. HIIT guarantees enhanced digestion system notwithstanding for quite a long time in the wake of finishing the exercise. In any case, the individuals who perform High Intensity Interval Training take more opportunity to recuperate. One can't do this exercise for over 30 minutes. Since the individual gets excessively depleted he finds it repetitive, making it impossible to continue.

Weight training For the individuals who need to burn more fat and lessen the body mass weight training for weight loss is recognized as the best system and this technique has a great deal of favorable


circumstances. Weight training is combined with vigorous and a balanced diet framework. It is the best technique for weight loss. One needs to perform the exercises that involve the most extreme number of muscles like squats, burpees, thrusts and pot chime swings. By method for performing these exercises with rep in the extent 8 - 12, the body will have brilliant workout that can burn calories and assemble muscles. The individuals who need to develop muscle while burning calories can pick the exercises under weight training for weight loss. The individuals who adopt this kind of exercises can burn more calories while relaxing moreover. The individuals who need to accomplish weight loss through this system must be prepared for weight lifting. There are numerous individuals who follow a combination of every one of the three routines for weight loss. The individuals who find weight lifting excessively dull can lessen the quantity of workouts for a week. In addition to a balanced and nutritious diet which is all the more critical, one can include the fundamental cardio exercises likewise in the weight lifting program to burn couple of more calories.


Chapter 4: Sleep and Weight Loss Human beings spend a major portion of their lives sleeping. Sleep is a time requiring activity performed by us on a daily basis that is highly required by the body. Sleeping is essential for recharging and rejuvenating the body to perform the daily chores. What is important to know is that sleep plays a major role in the maintenance of health and the metabolic activity of the body. Sleeping is also required to maintain optimum body weight.

How sleep affects the hormonal balance? Sleeping is associated with the circadian rhythm of the body as it is affected by the melatonin hormone. The sleep wake cycle should not be changed very rapidly and a routine should be followed if one wants to remain healthy and alert throughout the day. Sleeping is also related with the lowering of the stress hormone cortisol. The lowering of cortisol enables people to relax and feel free of the anxiety they face throughout the day. This lowering of stress and anxiety is very important in the process of weight loss and aggravates the process of weight loss.

How sleep aids in weight loss? Sleep plays a major role in weight loss. Sleeping causes the body to get rid of the lactic acid that gets deposited in the body muscles. This accumulation is very common in people who work out in the gym. The body requires time to get rid of this reserve and sleeping is the best way to do so. Sleeping also relaxes the mind and body and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night will help you a lot in achieving optimum health. Sleeping for a full night enables your body to compensate for the tiring activities performed during the day and prepare it for the activities of the next day. Sleeping causes the basal metabolic rate of your body to be stabilized and enables your brain to process the thoughts. The


Delta waves that are generated when you are in deep sleep help a lot in producing a sensation of relaxation thus aiding in weight loss. We have a range of products called Be-Asleep that help you in getting sound sleep easily. These include bath salt, soy candle for aromatherapy, sleep oil, sleep balm, and sleep mist etc. All these contain natural ingredients that help in inducing natural sleep in you. You wake up fully charged and totally fresh after using our sleep remedies.


Chapter 5: 5 Instant Tips for Weight Loss Here are some instant tips on weight loss that can cause wonder and can make your challenge of weight loss a reality. These tricks are not easy to stand with; anyhow with dedication you can achieve your goal easily.

1. Avoid Long Sittings You might be busy in your studies or sitting at offices for long hours. This is the major cause of weight gain. Too much sitting can cause weight gain. Long sittings are also associated with stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Make sure to keep walking even if you have to take few minutes break from your work.


2. Balance Exercise For every person, a small amount of exercise is good to do. One research has revealed that regular exercise can protect one from the effects of long sitting. You can take up some cardio exercises like running. But don’t run all the time.

3. Stay Hydrated Take some water before a meal. This will keep hydrations level good and you won’t feel famished and you are less likely to eat lot. Water can be your meal eye watcher and prevent you from eating much.

4. Eat Breakfast For instant weight loss, you can skip breakfast if you want to. But if you want to eat breakfast you should eat the right portion. Take salads, juices and fruits as it can help you in losing your weight.

5. Do walking If you are not the exercise person and don’t want to do any workout you can go for a walking. Even if it’s for few minutes, you can go out even, because only 5 minutes walk can help you.

No doubt there are many researches going around about weight loss and people gets confused. But these are some general tips that have worked for many. Going to the dietician, taking medication, relying on portions is not for everyone, and everyone don’t have time for it. But obesity is still there that can’t be compromised. Start practicing the above-mentioned tips now and get amazed by the results!


Chapter 6: Weight Loss by Reducing your Carbohydrate Intake More and more people around the country are today trying to lose weight. This is because they have become health conscious and also because they want to look slim and attractive. Losing weight has become very common with most of the obese men and women trying various methods to lose their4 excess body weight. Losing weight is no miracle as it is a scientific fact that one starts to gain weight when he spends lesser number of calories per day than he consumes though dietary intake. Thus to lose weight, the best way is to somehow spend more calories than you consume every day for a considerable period of time. However, fasting or counting your calorific intake on a daily basis is not an easy task for most people. This is why another way of losing weight has become very popular these days. This method involves cutting down on your carbs to shed body fat.

Lowering intake of calories does not always lead to weight loss There is no scientific evidence to prove that excess bodyweight is a result of eating too much and exercising too little. If calorific intake and expenditure was the only reason of obesity, it would have become too easy for fat people to lose weight. All they would have to do is to eat less and spend more calories through exercise to achieve a slim and trim body. But we know that losing weight is not as simple as that. Doctors and scientists are veering round to the view that obesity results from very fast growth of fat cells. And why and what triggers this sudden increase in growth of fat cells? It is because of production of high levels of insulin because of intake of high amount of carbohydrates.


High intake of carbohydrates is the culprit This theory of obesity a result of excessive intake of carbohydrates does not discount or refute the role of calories in deciding the weight of an individual. But the point that proponents of this theory want to make is that the primary reason why obese people are so is not because they consume more calories than they spend on a daily basis. It is not that these people choose to eat more calories despite knowing that this would make them overweight. This happens because their brains start to demand more food from them. There are many foods (read carbohydrates) that have a kind of toxic effect on the mind. These carbohydrates make people feel very hungry and they eat more than they should.

More insulin means higher growth of fat cells It has been found that many obese people remain fat despite following the calories in, calories out theory. Thus they do not become thin even when their calorific intake is controlled and they are also made to spend higher number of calories every day. Scientists now agree that it is the triggering of excessive fat cells growth because of high insulin levels after consuming carbohydrates that is responsible for obesity.

Let us see how an individual starts to gain fat. As you eat carbohydrates, they start to produce insulin. This insulin causes brain to stimulate production of an enzyme that is called LPL. It is this enzyme that is responsible for deposition of fat over your fat cells. LPL increases storage of energy on fat cells thus making them grow in size. As your fat cells become larger, you put on weight and start to look obese.


This is not all as insulin produced because of intake of carbohydrates also prevents use of energy stored in fat cells. So energy deposition rate increases while consumption of this energy does not take place. With energy not escaping and more and more energy getting trapped inside fat cells, you are bound to become larger than you are. Your fat cells become bigger and bigger.

Reduce intake of carbohydrates to become healthy and slim Now that you know the secret behind your obesity, you can reduce your carbohydrate consumption to cause shrinkage in the size of your fat cells. It becomes easy with the help of a wonderful kitchen appliance from Cooking Savior. This Spiral Slicer with Ceramic Peeler allows you to peel and slice vegetables in no time at all. It also allows you to make low carbohydrate pasta at home. You can also make spaghetti or other types of noodles easily by making use of this kitchen aide to have delicious snacks that also contain very little amount of carbohydrates.

No need to cut vegetables to become tired. Use this spiral slicer to make slices of your favorite vegetables in a jiffy. Keeping control over your carbohydrate intake is now child’s play as you can make slices of vegetables within seconds to prepare low carbohydrate recipes in your kitchen.


Chapter 7: Weight Loss Hoodia: The Functioning and its Effects Obesity has become one of the most widespread problems in the world. People have been putting in their body more than what they can digest and use for the purpose of gaining energy. This in the long run led to the pharmaceutical companies exploiting everything under the sun to sell to the people whatever they can perceive as anything that will help in weight loss. Hoodia is one such contender which has gained popularity in the recent times. People often relate weight loss with vigorous exercise and starving themselves to death but Hoodia has come to change the perception of weight loss. Hoodia is a succulent plant that people visualise as a cactus. The ingredients of the plant include a particular chemical that directs the satiety centre of the brain into tricking it that the person is full and has already eaten beyond his capacity, this leads the person into leaving his food thus preventing over eating or rather leaving his plate before he was full and still feeling satiated.

The Physiological Changes to Burn Fat Hoodia works as a perfect appetite suppressant and also enhances the endurance and strength of the person thus helping in overall weight loss. Hoodia helps the body by acting in a natural way. In a normal person under ordinary circumstances the body utilises the glucose that is stored as glycogen in the liver when the person is not ingesting any food. This process lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. After the glycogen reserve of the body is depleted, the body turns to the carbohydrate reservoir. The food stored in the form of carbohydrates takes about 12 hours to be depleted. Then the body turns to the part you hate the most, you guessed it right, fats. It is a matter of fact that even though we hate the word fat but the truth is that without fats we wouldn’t be able to function. Fats provide a sort of insulation to the body as well as the neuron fibres in the nervous system. After depleting the carbohydrate reservoir, the body turns to fatty tissues and starts


burning them but fats last for a large amount of time and the body starts breaking down the proteins after the fats in order to synthesise glucose and thus obtain the energy for the daily life activities. But the processes in which the fats and the proteins are broken down to obtain energy are not very healthy for the body. This is because the breakdown of fats and proteins for the production of glucose causes the production of ketone bodies which are harmful to the body.

Hoodia is Natural Hoodia is a medicinal plant available in a lot of varieties but the commercially sold hoodia is obtained from the plant Hoodia gordonii. Thus we see that hoodia is very natural, though the pharmaceutical companies are trying their best to synthesise the artificial analogue due to the large maturity period of the plant (approximately 5 years). Thus hoodia being natural has the least possible side effects and the negligible side effects it has are significantly lower than any other artificial appetite suppressant. Hoodia being a plant by origin can be used by vegetarian people also. Hoodia thus has a high number of benefits and a very negligible number of downsides. Hoodia has been used by the Bushmen of the African deserts for a long time thus also they have a history of suppression of appetite. This plant extract can have an effect which may last for 24 hours thus earning it the name of weight loss hoodia. Hoodia has been studied by the pharmaceutical giants and are being used extensively for the loss of weight in a controlled and effective way. These days Hoodia is also being used in a large number of weight loss pills. There have been reports that the hoodia being sold in the markets is counterfeit so you have to extra careful while buying the hoodia from the store or even online. Another thing to be taken into account is that you should not take hoodia on your own. It should


always be taken after consulting a doctor or any other healthcare professional. Hoodia has become a house hold name because of the actors and celebrities who have been promoting hoodia. Also the commercial advertisement and the popular appeal that it has gained on the social media has been a major factor to contribute to its popularity. Thus we see how hoodia has become so popular and is being used as a diet and weight loss pill by a large number of people. But it must be kept in mind that it is a supplement and no supplement can work wonders if it is not accompanied by proper medical care and exercise. So you must make sure that you follow a healthy diet and work out properly to see hoodia give you the maximum benefit that it can offer.


Chapter 8: Tips to Lose Weight with Herbs and Flowers Flowers are natural assets of human life that is gifted by nature in its purest form. They not only give our eyes a beautiful sight to visit but also provide us opportunities to take full advantages from them which God has hide in them. You will never believe after reading this information that a tiny flower has that much hidden good for you. A flower oil or essence can do a lot for your health and body that cannot be made by any medicine so easily.

How it work? These oils can help you losing weight in such a natural way and moderate speed with no harm that sounds totally magical. Weight loss is all about the calories that you take in a day and it can be managed easily by using some of the following things into your daily diet.

Coconut Oil Coconut oil is the world’s best oil that is said to be friendly for weight loss. Its combination of fatty acids but a very powerful metabolism makes it unique in its own way. Its very property of thermodynamic makes it work to burn fats and increases the release of energy. But you need to be careful about using it. It does not mean that you put coconut oil on the top of every food but it is more like to alter few of your fat intakes with it.

Cinnamon Cinnamon can be used in form of tea to kick away your weight easily. As it controls blood sugar level in body that causes weight gain but when you start intake of cinnamon it helps your body to burn your energy instead of storing it.

Rose Petal Rose petals when turned into rose petal water lose your weight in such a scientific way. What it exactly does is it drops down the water level from your body and you feel thirst, and in a reaction


you start drinking more water than average. This plain fresh water not only keeps you hydrated but also takes part in weight reduction activity.

Ginger A very commonly known and readily available herb has some magical effects for your weight. It makes its part so silently by just paying its body cleansing role. This role prevents the extra storage of food in body and hence in this way it controls weight and also improves efficiency of digestive system.


Chapter 9: Weight Loss Vitamins: Are They For Real? Vitamins are the small essential parts found in your diet that the body may or may not synthesize on its own. Vitamin is short for Vital Amine as the vitamins were originally considered to be amines but further studies showed that they may or may not be amine in structure. Vitamins may seem as if they are not important given the fact that they are required only in minute quantities but the fact is that they are as essential as any of the food object you intake. In fact the vitamins may be more important. Vitamins are required by the body to carry out various bodily activities and metabolic reactions in an efficient way. Vitamins are not only required for bodily functions but also play an essential role in the synthesis of certain blood cells particularly the red blood cells or erythrocytes. Excessive weight gain or obesity has been on the rise in the recent times. People are gaining weight and ingesting more than what they can utilise. This is followed by the use of methods to lose the excessive fat gained. One of the methods that have emerged to lose weight is the use of vitamins. The fact that vitamins can be used for weight loss comes as a surprise to many and many people think that how can such tiny elements that are themselves a part of our diet be used as a tool for weight loss. But the truth is that these tiny elements are the one that help to break the notion that the only way to lose fat is to starve oneself to death and give up on eating everything that you like. Recent researches have shown that vitamins can be used for the loss of weight if used in a particular dosage at the fixed intervals of time. Here is a list of ways in which the vitamins can be used for weight loss:


Control of weight using vitamin B12 The vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin as it is referred as in the general medical prescriptions can be used as a source of weight control. B12 is a water soluble vitamin and plays pivotal roles in the body, including that fact that the vitamin is very essential for the creation and the maturation of red blood cells. One of the weight loss vitamins, vitamin B12, is also required for the regulation of calorie intake by the body. Found abundantly in several kinds of food like meat, butter, chicken, eggs and fish, vitamin B12 is very essential to the body. Deficiency of B12 leads to diseases like pernicious anaemia in which the red blood cell production is suppressed to a great extent. Some studies show how the application of Vitamin B12 shots can lead to a reduction in the weight of the patient but this is not entirely scientific and has no concrete proof. But the fact that Vitamin B12 does play an important role in the regulation of the calorie intake by the body cannot be denied. There has been evidence to show that B12 or weight loss vitamins helps convert food into energy. The energy produced will be removed through exercise and thus help in weight loss. But being a water soluble vitamin, taking B12 in large quantities is not exactly helpful as the ingested vitamin will be simply excreted away by the body.

Fiber for Weight Control Although fiber is not a vitamin but when taken with a diet rich in vitamins it can work wonders for the body. Fibers are a type of carbohydrate that are complex in structure and cannot be broken down and digested by the body so they are excreted by the body. Although fibers are themselves not digested in the body, they certainly help in the digestion process of other substances. Fibers can be used to control the appetite and thus can help you in preventing the extra food you eat for the sake of filling your stomach. Fibers have this capacity of absorbing water and becoming a little swollen, this causes the food you eat along with the swollen fiber to completely fill your stomach thus giving you a feeling of fullness. Not only this, but the fiber


intake also helps the fauna in you intestine to flourish. The fibers eaten help the healthy bacteria in your stomach to grow. In a leading research it was concluded that people who took a low calorie diet along with fibers ended up losing three times as much weight as people who were only following a low fat diet. If the fiber intake is taken along with the regulated dosage of essential vitamins, it can work wonders for your body and help reduce the weight in a shorter time span. Thus we see how the intake of vitamins is extremely essential to maintain a good health and lose weight in the most effective and harmless way.


Chapter 10: Lack of Money, Time and Energy Are No Excuses To Being Out of Shape – Get Started Today! So how many times have you really hit the gym to stay healthy but you only lost your momentum and eventually ended up gaining excess weight? How many times have you come up with excuses for not properly following through your fitness program? Your usual excuses perhaps include having been too occupied with your office, or you have a swollen wrist, or maybe you have been on a long vacation where you had no access to a fitness center, or whatever excuses you can think of to justify why your lazy bum has not been hitting the gym lately.

Do Not Postpone Procrastination is likely one of the reasons why people are unable to accomplish their fitness or weight loss objectives. If you inquire an obese person if they would like shedding off some extra pound, their answer would be a big and loud ‘Yes’. Onwards if you ask them if they have joined any fitness program or they intend to do any workout that could help them lose weight, you would likely be hearing a lot of lame excuses of how they have not been able to do it to date. Procrastination is basically having no sense of urgency. If you seriously intend to be physically fit and healthy, then you certainly are going to make efforts to focus on your ‘ideal body’ objective no matter what the time and circumstances are. Do it right away, not later, not tomorrow.

Time to Set Your Priorities It is quite usual for mothers to find an excuse for not being fit and healthy as they are just too occupied with their kids, or merely too busy balancing their motherhood and work altogether. But it is imperative for you to know that being fit and healthy should be your prime priority if


you really want to be able to cope up with your daily life’s stress and enjoy it more along your loved ones. You do not really have to hit the gym to stay healthy. Try to have a balanced routine and add some exercises that you can do whenever you want. There is no requirement to work out for long hours to maintain a shape. A 15 minutes workout daily can certainly help you achieve amazing results in a short span. Having balanced diet is also crucial. There is simply no justification for not being fit and healthy.

A Healthy Mind Can Do Wonders! It all comes down to having a healthy and positive mindset when you are considering changing your lifestyle for better. Do not ever think that someone who is physically fit does not have a busy schedule or they are free to work out the entire day, but it is just that they have chosen health and fitness as their top priorities. There is merely no plea for you not to do the same with your health and lifestyle. Challenge yourself and get started right away! It is time when you should stop postponing, set your top priorities and make real efforts to have a positive and healthy mindset.


Chapter 11: Changing Lives with Healthy diets It is never past the point where it is possible to begin a life in light of a healthy diet, to change your bad habits and enhance your quality of life. A recipe for a healthy life ought to include a diet taking into account fruits, grains, vegetables and protein, ideally of vegetable starting point. A straightforward diet is not enough. It ought to be finished with 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day and no less than two liters of liquid. Likewise family bolster, companions and understanding of what makes us wiped out and what not are vital.

Advantages Transient advantages of a healthy diet are to build vitality, scholarly limit and trust in yourself. In the long haul it reduces the danger of genuine diseases, wellbeing and quality of life enhance, and even development of natural exhibitions and you will have the capacity to spend less on food. A healthy diet infers a change of lifestyle too. Leave those extend periods of time before the TV eating chips behind, disregard fast-food goodies, leave aside those brownies and spotlight on more natural foods. A healthy diet contains starches and calories, contingent upon age, sexual orientation and force of day by day exercises, and an extensive amount of vegetables and fruits.

Diets for Your Body: Which are Proper and which are not: 

A few diets are not intended to deny the body of starches, while others totally kill this class. Salt is a fixing that builds the danger of coronary illness and is helpful for wellbeing? Liquor builds breast cancer danger, however rather a glass of wine a day can do ponders for your arteries and heart?



Inconsistencies between nutritionists’ guidance and the most recent stylish diets are various enough that they no more know what to accept.


The truth is, notwithstanding, that the aftereffects of studies on nourishment, diet or weight loss, sometimes affirms what researchers definitely know, sometimes astonishing turn old wholesome habits.

Not to surrender midway, it is ideal not to take after an extremely strict regime which could prompt muscle loss and lack of hydration. Plans are wanted to moderate and consistent weight loss. } consider the way that uncommon changes are hard to endure than the minor. Rather than totally changing your diet, attempt at first just to decrease segment size and not to include juice in your diet (one week), diminish the dishes of a dinner (for instance, give the starters) or serves up just once in the set. In the event that you figure out how to keep it for a couple of weeks, it's anything but difficult to change to a more advantageous lifestyle.


Chapter 12: Need to Sweat Longer than Earlier thought to Improve Heart Health Half an hour cardiovascular workout at a gym that you have been doing till now may not be enough to keep your heart in optimal health. A new research has found that 30 minutes a day regime is not sufficient for your heart’s health. This study that involved observation of 460 women and 350 men for a long period of 15 years concluded that most of these individuals who did 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises every day could not prevent heart failure.

Risk of heart failure reduces with longer workouts The research also found that among these people, participants who did exercises for 60-120 minutes a day were able to reduce the risk of heart failure by 20% if they were women and by 35% if they were men. This research has started a debate among health conscious people as they are now doubtful about the efficacy of their workout regime to keep their hearts healthy. There are also fitness experts who recommend longer fitness regimes to keep your heart healthy. However, opinion is still divided whether this is actually true and applicable upon all types of workouts to improve the health of your heart.

Do not ignore strength training with your cardio It all depends upon your present fitness level and the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. This also means that what is beneficial for you might not be food for the health of someone else. There are experts who say that if you do not ignore strength training, a regime of 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular workout might still be great for the health of your heart. It has been found that workouts that are short but more intense are great for the health of your heart. These workouts


are hard and suit many people who love to hit the gym, do these 20-30 minute intense workouts and come out.

It does not matter whether you do cardio workouts for 30 minutes or more than an hour every day. What is important is to combine your cardio workout with some sort of strength training. Lifting weights or any other kind of strength training builds muscles, burns calories, and also revs up your metabolism. Many people lose track of strength training in their zeal to do more of cardio. But strength training is not only great for weight loss goals but also to lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Chapter 13: Reasons Why You Should Start Running Daily No matter how much weight loss plans and programs you’re following, no plan can replace the effectiveness of running on daily basis for weight loss. All of us know about running and its health benefits. Despite knowing that it is the easiest and cheapest type of exercise, not many people take up running on a daily basis. You do not require any expensive gear and clothes to start running. One can run anywhere, anytime. It is a natural physical activity like walking. Thousands of years ago, most men and women ran a lot as they lived the lives of hunter gatherers. However, modern lifestyle is such that people do not even take pains to walk a little bit, leave alone running. Running is today not a necessity and it has to be taken up as a hobby to keep healthy and fit. There can be dozens of compelling reasons to take to running. This article takes a look at 8 of these reasons.

Running makes your bones stronger Arthritis is a debilitating health condition characterized by joint pain. More and more people are getting afflicted with arthritis in their old age. If you do not want to suffer from this condition, you must take up running at a young age. Running is a very good type of physical exercise that strengthens all your bones and makes them stronger. Scientists say that there is no better physical activity than running to make your bones strong. In fact, in a study conducted by researchers at University of Missouri, it was found that nearly 60% of cyclists have low bone density at hips and spine but there is no such problem with runners.

Running increases your lifespan Who doesn’t want to live a few extra years? Scientists have found that runners live longer than people who do not take up this physical activity. It has been proved beyond doubt by researchers that men and women who run regularly develop fewer disabilities and ailments than those who


do not run at all. This is not all as runners also outlive non runners. Of course one cannot run fast and long in old age but the benefits of running in young age continue in old age. In fact, even moderate running in old age is sufficient to give you all the health benefits. There is no other physical activity that can match running in its ability to make you live longer.

You will never suffer from arthritis Arthritis is a big problem afflicting a majority of the people past the age of 60. It can not only cause a great deal of pain in the joints but also restrict your mobility by a great deal. One of the best ways to keep this debilitating health condition at bay is to take up running as a form of physical exercise. If you keep running till your old age, your knees will remain in a good health and you will not suffer from joint pain. Contrary to a misconception that running may be dangerous to the health of joints, it helps in strengthening bones and muscles to keep arthritis at bay.

Running is great for maintaining optimal bodyweight and Weight Loss Running for a few minutes on a daily basis has been proved by experts as the best exercise to lose lots of calories. One can lose the required number of calories by running for a few minutes to get rid of excess body fat and later to maintain this low body weight. Running is a natural physical activity that has no side effects. This means that you can take up running as a weight loss endeavor anytime you so desire. Running is a lot easier than doing intense workouts in a gym to burn calories. Just wear your running shoes and start to run whether there is a track outside your home or not. If you are health conscious and desire to keep control over your weight, regular running can be the best way to maintain an optimal bodyweight.


Running gives you a strong immune system Men and women who run regularly do not fall prey to ailments like common cold, fever, and influenza. This is because running boosts the immunity levels of their bodies and they can resist attacks of many different types of ailments. You develop great tolerance to bacteria and germs and thus do not catch common diseases that afflict people who do not run. Running gives your body immunity from inside to fight germs and bacteria. This is the reason why runners and athletes do not fall sick easily. It is like taking antibiotics to make your body stronger from inside. High immunity levels mean you pay much less visits to doctors and hospitals. This translates into monetary savings as you are not required to buy and consume medications prescribed by doctors.

Running gives strong lungs and normal blood pressure Running is a physical activity that helps in making your lungs strong. Strong lungs mean you are able to resist respiratory problems and other ailments involving lungs. You also find that you are never uncomfortable when climbing a slope in a hilly terrain. You do not feel exhausted when cycling or swimming as you develop strong lungs. Another very important benefit of running lies in its ability to control your blood pressure. Running is an activity that keeps your arteries soft and fit. This is what keeps your blood pressure within the normal range. Normal blood pressure is a great health benefit as more and more men and women are today becoming afflicted with high or low blood pressure.

Running keeps you happy Running is a physical exercise that makes you not only sweat a lot but also makes your body secrete several hormones. It has been found that runners are in general happy individuals as running helps in destroying high stress levels. Build up of stress can lead to not only mental problems but also many physical ailments. Running also helps in getting rid of symptoms of


headache. When you are free from stress, you tend to sleep in a very sound manner. A good quality sleep helps in improving your overall health. Running is the best way to overcome depression. You start to feel more positive and confident after running for some time. Running also boosts your confidence and gives you a feeling of empowerment.

Running improves your mental health Running is an activity that has been proved to improve one’s mental health. Runners have improved cognitive abilities and they can think fast without making mistakes. Daily running also helps in maintaining high state of mental alertness. Runners are able to stay sharp and maintain their focus for a longer time than people who do not run. Running helps in boosting the memory of people and it also helps in reducing dementia symptoms. Patients of Alzheimer’s disease have benefitted through running as running slows down the rate of degeneration of cells inside the brain. These are only a few of the important health benefits of running. There are many more benefits of running and those who run daily have their own stories to tell how much they have benefitted from this physical activity.


Chapter 14: 21 Day Fix Portion Control Containers and Meal Prepping Weight loss has always been a sensitive issue with millions of obese men and women trying hard to win the battle of the bulge. Despite weight loss being scientific in nature, losing weight and keeping it off proves to be a very difficult task. One program that has been creating waves these days is 21 Day Fix. It is a weight loss program that promises quick and easy weight loss without placing too many dietary restrictions and without asking the user to undergo strenuous workouts in the gym.

No more calorie counting 21 Day Fix is a weight loss program designed by Autumn Calabrese, a mom with small kids and a lady who takes part in bikini competitions. She has kept the program simple and effective so that users are able to lose weight quickly without having to work hard. She realizes how difficult it is for obese people to keep counting their calorific intake on a daily basis. In fact, it is the inability to keep track of one’s calorific intake that is the biggest reason behind failure of weight loss endeavors of obese men and women. This problem has been taken care of in 21 Day Fix with the help of beautiful set of containers that are different in capacities and have different colors also. 21 Day Fix is incredibly simple and fast and it brings visible results in just 21 days. It does not come with complicated meal plans and it does not place any restrictions on users. In fact, the only restriction this weight loss program places on the users is portion control that is exercised through these containers that play a crucial part in weight loss endeavor.


The concept behind differently colored containers There are 7 containers in all. You can fill up all 7 containers with food items when consuming a meal. This means you are not made to starve in this revolutionary weight loss program that utilizes these containers for portion control. 

Green container is meant for veggies

Purple container is to keep fruits

Red container is for proteins

Yellow container is for carbohydrates

Blue container is meant for healthy fats

Orange containers (two) are for seeds and dressings

This weight loss program is simple to follow and you reach your weight loss goals in a step by step manner with each passing day. Unlike other programs, portion control has been made so easy with the use of these containers that are color coded that you never even think of your calorific intake. Just enjoy delicious foods without counting how many calories you are consuming with each and every meal. Lose pounds and reach your goal without doing any rigorous workouts in the gym. It is not that there are no workouts in 21 Day Fix. You need to do a simple workout once a day for the first 15 days and then once in the morning and once in the evening for the last 7 days of the program. These workouts are referred to as total body fix, upper fix, lower fix, pilates fix, cardio fix, and yoga fix. The reason why 21 Day Fix has become so popular among men and women desirous of shedding their excess body fat is because it is not a dieting program. It is not restrictive in nature and designed in such a way so as to let you choose how much of food from a particular food group should you eat on a daily basis. There is no way you can make a mistake while counting calories


as you can eat a particular type of food if it fits in the container. You can determine the number of containers of each color you need to consume for the next 21 days depending upon your target calories.

Your current weight in pounds X 11 =

your baseline

Your baseline + 400 = your calorie need Your caloric need – 750 = your target calories

Number of containers of food you need to eat increases as your target calories increases. For example, you need to eat 3 green containers, 2 purple containers, 4 red containers, 2 yellow containers, 1 blue container, and one orange container if your target calories are 1200-1499 calories. You can calculate your target calories and know the number of each container that you can consume on a daily basis for the next 21 days. If you are allowed 4 red containers in a day, you are at a liberty to fill foods of different varieties belonging to proteins as red color signifies proteins. Similarly, 3 green containers in a day means a chance to eat 3 different types of green vegetables. Knowing the number of each container in a day, it becomes easy to prepare your recipes for the coming week in 21 Day Fix.


Chapter 15: Follow this 30 Day Meal Plan to Stay Fit and Healthy Before talking about this 30 day meal plan that promises great health and fitness, it is necessary to know why we need to follow a meal plan. Not knowing what to eat and what to avoid in your diet is like not having a timetable when going to school. You remain confused which books to carry to your classes without time table whereas you feel confident with a timetable as you know what subjects will be taught on a particular day. Similarly, when you start to follow a meal plan that is designed to take care of your overall health and fitness, you know which food items to avoid on particular days of the month. Slowly, you become habitual and automatically start to consume only those food items that are good for your health.

Salient features of this revolutionary 30 day meal plan Planning is the key to success in all endeavors in life. This is true for your weight loss endeavors as well as your health and fitness goals. The composition of your diet is crucial for attaining these goals. It is only a healthy and balanced diet that can lead to better health and fitness. 

This 30 day meal plan has been designed to include a wide variety of food items in your diet.

It is not restrictive in nature so it is easy to follow and continue with.

There are many options available to an individual if he or she does not like a particular food item.

So you can easily choose foods that you are comfortable with.

What is great about this meal plan is that it can be customized according to the health and fitness foals of the individual as well as his present health condition.

All you have to do to start with this 30 day meal plan for a better health is to buy the food items chosen from the chart from a grocery store in advance.



This enables you to prepare the meal on a particular day of the week without worrying about rushing to the grocery store.

If you take a closer look at the food items contained in various categories, you find that there is a lot to choose from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and oils. For the non vegetarians, there is chicken, tuna fish, and steak to have some variety in meals. This healthy meal plan is low on dairy products and allows only organic eggs to be added to the diet. In addition to the regular 30 day meal plan, there is also a 21 day meal plan for those who are desirous of faster results. Both plans provide all necessary micronutrients to the body

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