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Tailor-made miniature cables

The Quality Connection

Miniature cables for extreme requirements LEONI develops and produces highly flexible miniature cables for technically advanced applications requiring extreme miniaturization and a high degree of durability. LEONI miniature cables are designed and made specifically for your application using innovative production techniques, specialized insulation and jacketing materials along with optimized shielding technologies. The focus is set on maximum flexibility and the most efficient use of space while achieving the optimum in electrical properties. The dielectric materials for coaxial and data cables are typically extruded fluoropolymer resins such as FEP and ETFE or tape wrapped PTFE and ePTFE. The advantage of tape wrapped insulations of ePTFE, with a dielectric constant as low as 1.3, provides excellent electrical properties while maintaining extremely small diameters. Optimized shielding effectiveness is achieved by using specially developed shielding technologies and materials. The EMC can be further refined by simulating the customerspecific frequency range.

Typical areas of application measurement and control include tiny micro-systems equipment medical equipment that perform mechanical, automation equipment electrical, optical or even industrial engineering chemical tasks. aerospace industry defence technology

Intelligent cable solutions

These cables can be jacketed with a variety of compounds depending on the application and the environmental conditions. Specifically formulated compounds of PUR, TPE, PVC, silicone, and fluropolymer resins such as FEP, PFA, PTFE and ETFE are employed to provide the following benefits: resistant to oils and chemicals resistant to high temperatures flame retardant abrasion and mechanical stress resistance autoclavable resistant to the process of hydrolysis UV and ozone resistant silicone free low temperature flexibility low noise suitable for clean-room applications LEONI miniature cables are designed to your requirements and can also be supplied in terminated form as a ready-to-plug-in solution.

Product range

Production technologies

Single coaxial cables in dimensions from 18 AWG stranded through 50 AWG solid Multi coaxial cables with up to 256 single coax cables Low noise coaxial cables noise level <1 mV Miniature round cable reduced diameter, high density construction, low weight together with optimum electrical properties Hybrid round cables integrated power, control and fiber optic cables High flex ribbon cables application-specific design with extremely long flex life Data and bus cables highest Flex-Life USB and Fire Wire bus cables for cable chain applications Cable system solutions assembly of miniature cables â&#x20AC;&#x201C; reduced process costs with simple, safe and rapid fitting Tailor-made special solutions starting from lengths of 100 m Flexible production processes provide short delivery lead times Dedicated logistic solutions Kanban systems and international on-site service Approvals UL-Style CSA-Style Medical grade materials ISO 10993 biocompatibility RoHS-compliant

The complex production of miniature cables is located in LEONIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 100,000-class clean room area, thereby meeting the highest demand for product safety and quality. The manufacture of microscopically small cables and conductors, requires a particularly high degree of thoroughness and an especially clean environment. Even the smallest contaminant on the conductor or insulation can have an extremely negative effect on the electrical and mechanical properties. The air conditioning system controls and regulates the temperature and humidity in the production area.

Highly flexible use is made of innovative production technology including extrusion, taping equipment specifically designed for PTFE and ePTFE tapes and miniature shielding machines.

Customized miniature cables are available in small minimum quantities from 100 m with delivery lead times starting at 6 weeks.

packaged within the smallest diameter.

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