Felix Doolittle Spring Holidays 2023

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Our collection of spring holiday cards celebrate love, hope, and rebirth. What wonderful concepts to start the year!

Thinking about flowers? Take a stroll through our Flower Garden online for the perfect blooms for all the spring holidays.


4.25 x 5.5 inches folded card with matching envelope

Premium lightly textured, acid-free paper Crystal clear sleeve (available sleeve-less upon request)

Single (OFS) - Pack 6

Boxed (OFM) - Set of 8, Pack 4 as noted

Good Fortune OFS92060 / OFM92060 ne W Year in Bloom OFS91680 / OFM91680 In SI de: wishing you a colorful year ahead! n e W Be G innin G s OFS92000 / OFM92000 In SI de: may it be filled with adventure! ne W Coral Quin C e OFS92030 / OFM92030 In SI de: wishing you and yours a fortunate year ahead ne W n ew Year's & l unar n ew Year
W er Garden:
C k W ise) Clematis Vine, Gathered Pansies, s unnies F dmarketplace.com 1
r ed Bou Q uet OFS33850 / OFM33850 h a PP iness is Pink OFS30760 / OFM 30760 Blush Bou Q uet OFS33840 Valentine r oses OFS34430 l u C k Y in l o V e OFS34420 l u C kiest l o V e B u G OFS43590 a ll mY l o V e OFS44521 Blue B ird o F h a PP iness OFS92110 ne W Pink r oses OFS33841 l o V e B irds OFS72561 d ear Valentine OFS73990 Corsa G e OFS35063 Valentine's da Y Felix Doolittle2
l et's n e C k OFS73242 t he t hirst is r eal OFS72840 t ea W ith Flo W ers OFS35371 / OFM35371 Cotta G e r ose OFS35140 / OFM35140 l o V e Pe C k OFS73700 Bananas F or You OFS74730 o tter Friends OFS81630 Gnome BY the t ree OFS50220 tW o h alV es OF S 31580 Watermelon s li C e OFS60550 a ll aF lutter OFS92090 Fr O nt: You make my heart flutter ne W VerY d ear OFS70640 V alentine ' s d a Y F dmarketplace.com 3
Glorious Pines OFS32540 o tter h al F OFS73630 t he o ne F or m e OFS10951 In SI de: but you're the only one for me (illustration of pink fish) Whale r ider OFS10581 h o PPY OFS70911 h oot d o You l o V e? OFS70771 When tYP e Was m anual OFS41800 e le C tri C Blue OFS40770 When Wind Was s im P le OFS41750 s 'more l o V e OFS62310 ne W s lo W Pour OFS60930 Ba C on OFS62280 Valentine's da Y Felix Doolittle4
easter sP rin G Break OFS35480 / OFM35480 l aV ender Blue OFS34030 / OFM34030 l ilY o F the Valle Y OFS33790 / OFM33790 hY dran G ea Blue OFS30810 / OFM30810 Painted eGG OFS43920 / OFM43920 sP rin G Calla l ilies OFS35610 / OFM35610 ne W l ilium OFS30890 / OFM30890 r aY s oF l i G ht OFS34770 / OFM34770 Plaid e aster eGG OFS43880 / OFM43880 mY e aster Bunn Y OFS72710 / OFM72710 Cho C olate r a BB it OFS60420 / OFM60420 Bunn Y Fa B er G é OFS92100 / OFM92100 In SI de: happy easter ne W F dmarketplace.com 5
t ea r oom OFS35370 d ut C h a rran G ement OFS34450 Prett Y Peonies OFS31091 a Good m ix OFS31961 l ila C s undaY OFS34503 sW in G in G Ben C h 2 OFS42052 Break Fast l o V e OFS62140 Flo W ers in m easurin G Cu P OFS31771 Buzz Y Bee OFS31203 Plent Y o F Po PP ies OFS31164 m aY Flo W ers OFS35650 ne W sP rin G t uli P s OFS35560 ne W m other's da Y Felix Doolittle6
t he Best m om OFS00550 Bou Q uet Garni OFS31890 / OFM31890 hY dran G ea Blue OFS30810 / OFM30810 Gathered Pansies OFS34091 / OFM34091 h oot d o You l o V e? OFS70771 m a G i C al m om OFS72120 k oala m ama OFS75030 ne W Yello W Ca P OFS32450 d u C k d u C k Fro G OFS75040 ne W t i G er m ama OFS74680 VerY d ear OFS70640 d u C klin G s OFS70710 Back: (illustration continues) m other's da Y F dmarketplace.com 7
Woodlands OFS33302 Yello W Ca P OFS32450 Bou Q uet Garni OFS31890 / OFM31890 o tter Friends OFS81630 BerrY Good Vie W OFS35640 In SI de: you're the berry best dad ne W r eadin G Chair OFS41690 Clu B Ba G OFS40530 Canoe d aY OFS35390 s mooth s ailin G OFS10722 CrY stal l ake OFS35630 ne W m ountain s tream OFS35620 ne W Gone Fishin G OFS34481 Father's da Y Felix Doolittle8
Father's da Y Co WB oY h ats OFS44320 / OFM44320 Bear OFS72820 / OFM72820 s ta G OFS74420 / OFM74420 o -Fish- a l OFS75060 Fr O nt: dad, you are o-fish-ally awesome ne W r ed W oods OFS33060 / OFM33060 s ti C k OFS72781 / OFM72781 When Wind Was s im P le OFS41750 m onke Y Business OFS72650 / OFM72650 Piano Bear OFS73460 / OFM73460 m easure o F a m an OFS43401 r olls m odel OFS45391 h oot d o You l o V e? OFS70771 F dmarketplace.com 9
Blue l o B ster OFS11081 Back: (illustration continues with text about why blue lobsters are lucky) sW eet Carrots OFS31480 Bi G d ill OFS60910 h i V e Fi V e OFS71060 In SI de: You're all the buzz! BirthdaY Bre W s OFS61080 oV en Fresh OFS62200 t oast OFS60720 r i G ht Path OFS33810 a d V enture aWaits OFS44360 h a PPY d aY OFS45440 takin G oFF OFS44050 Con G raduations OFS45430 Graduation Felix Doolittle10
Graduation o ut o F the Woods OFS35430 / OFM35430 s tardust OFS73800 h ooraY OFS70461 Phoenix r isin G OFS45402 / OFM45402 t oad to t hat OFS74432 Pro F essor Bad G er OFS73380 Pi G Pals OFS73690 l u C k Y h orseshoe OFS20670 o tter Friends OFS81630 Panda Pal OFS74790 Bull OFS74760 BraV o OFS73670 F dmarketplace.com 11
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