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What it is

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Muybridge’s Revenge optical toys are cardboard models that are folded and assembled, and include a player and a set of static and visual images that can then be viewed.

The Muybridge’s Revenge assembly kits can be made and packaged in various ways, according to the complexity of the model and the budget available.

The assembly kit comes protected in a flat and manageable case, the weight and format of which simplify sending and keep postage costs down.

They are scalable: from small digital print editions to large run offset printing; from simple piece to be cut out with scissors to complex paper craft processes.

The customer doesn’t need any particular skills or manual ability: they can just follow the intuitive instructions step by step, and the model is put together in no time.

They can be differentiated: from simple, responsible four colour prints on recycled or eco-friendly card to more exclusive and refined graphic finishing processes.

For kids, Muybridge’s Revenge invents and designs all kinds of paper toys (robots, sand and air toys, kirigami, pop-up cards and books etc.) and reissues personalised versions of some of the weirdest European and American paper toys from the 19th and 20th centuries.

They are customisable: from the graphic design of the viewer to the images to be viewed; from the primary to the secondary packaging.





The pre-assembled models are suitable for shop windows and displays if made in a large format.


6. PLAY!

«It’s modern in form, but vintage in substance»

«It amazes those who see it and amuses those who try it»

Cinématographe Jouet Mono Viewer for animated scenes assembled on a continuous paper ribbon

CineSkob Episcopic projector for animated scenes assembled on a paper roll

Praxinoscope Toupie Fantoches Reflecting device for animations assembled on a paper disk

Anamorphic viewer Player for conical anamorphic pictures assembled on a paper disk

Who it’s for Muybridge’s Revenge is creative project aimed at companies that produce and distribute corporate gadgets and gifts, art, promo-marketing items, illustrated and educational books, toys and models.

Why A Muybridge’s Revenge object encourages customer loyalty because it draws positive attention and interest to the product and the company promoting it. When assembling it you can enjoy a pure moment of distraction. When finishing it, you can take pride in your own dexterity. When showing it to friends and colleagues, you can experience the pleasure of discovery.

It creates and designs a wide range of paper craft items intended for corporate and museum merchandising that are available for sale through retail or online. Its target is private and public companies that want to offer their clients a new and original product that is totally scalable and customisable, and is characterised by high intellectual content and low production costs.

The paper comes to life! Anamorphic Dodecahedron Optical illusion perceptible on a paper ornament

info: +39 06 92938222 +39 348 603 8621 e-mail: federicoperricone@gma

Muybridge's Revenge Project  

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