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Catherine Neville, seen here making crunchy tilapia tacos, will host Go Fish on Fri., Oct. 21 in St. Louis. Inspired by the Local Fish episode of Feast TV, the event is the last in this year’s Taste & See series.

publisher’s letter


hen I was in high school, my best friend, Heather, and I would tent camp for two weeks each summer down by the Jacks Fork River near Eminence, Missouri. We spent days in the sun, floating the clear, cold, spring-fed river; jumping off the bluff at our campground; watching fish and catching tadpoles; and cooking with her parents over a campfire every night. In fact, some of my most vivid memories of my teen years were made during those camping trips, particularly Heather’s mom’s cooking. She would bake divine bread and pineapple upside down cakes in her heavy black Dutch oven. Every camper knows that food always tastes best when you’re eating in front of the fire, and it was magical to see her pull golden brown loaves of bread and flip glistening cakes out of that cast-iron pot. It was during those long summer days and crisp Ozark nights that I fell in love with the beauty of rural Missouri. Inspired by that love of nature, this issue of Feast is dedicated to the joys of fall in the Midwest. Hunting and fishing are a big part of our local culture. St. Louis chef John Perkins grew up fishing in southern Missouri, and although he rarely enjoys the sport today, that experience never left him. Turn to p. 80 for a short essay reflecting John’s fishing memories along with a handful of excellent campfire recipes that I can’t wait to try myself, particularly the biscuits with milk gravy, a perfect way to start a day in the outdoors. Someone who didn’t grow up spending time outdoors and has come to the experience later in life is Steve Holmes, a member of Wingshoot Farms, a duck club in St. Charles County. He picked up a rifle for the first time in his 30s and

hasn’t put it down since. Until I talked with him to develop Straight Shooter, I didn’t realize that the Mississippi River constitutes a bird flyway, making our region one of the best in the country for duck hunting. “My favorite part of duck hunting,” Steve says, “is the camaraderie. It’s about spending time with your children or the people you’re hunting with. It’s absolutely a social activity. And it turns out, the people whom I enjoy most seem to enjoy duck hunting the most.” Turn to p. 88 to meet Steve and see gorgeous photos of Wingshoot Farms by photographer Judd Demaline. Every nature lover needs a good knife and good beer, so we round out our tribute to the great outdoors with features on both. In Sedalia, Missouri, Joseph Schrum is making hand-forged knives out of high-carbon steel in a workshop behind his house. Barely a year after launching Halcyon Forge, Schrum is shipping custom knives all over the globe. I had the pleasure of meeting him during a Feast TV shoot earlier this year and watching him work – heating and hammering and shaping the blades for hours. Turn to p. 75 to meet this dedicated artisan. And turn to p. 64 for our The Year in Beer roundup, covering what’s new and notable in the regional craft beer scene. Crack open a cold one, find a place to relax and enjoy the October issue of Feast. Until next time,

Catherine Neville

October 2016 Feast Magazine  

Inspired by our love of nature, this issue of Feast is dedicated to the joys of fall in the Midwest. Crack open a cold one, find a place to...