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nathaniel reid bakery Story and photoGraphy by Mabel SUen

KIRKWOOD, MO. nathaniel reid’s amber tart is a sight to behold. the

glistening caramel-glazed and gold leaf-topped domes sit proudly atop buttery foundations of sablé Breton. Filled with luscious caramel mousse and garnished with caramelized pecans, the regal dessert is one of many eye-catching pastries guests will find at Nathaniel Reid Bakery. the award-winning, internationally recognized pastry chef developed a full menu of both sweet and savory offerings for his first-ever bakeshop that opened in august in Kirkwood, Missouri, which he co-owns with his wife and fellow pastry chef, lee lee. the quick-service counter offers pastries, cookies, elegant special-occasion cakes, coffee, quiche and lunchtime salads. the menu reflects reid’s extensive travels, and all are prepared with the utmost care, expertise and attention to the finer details. patrons will find almond-chocolate croissants alongside regular selections such as colorful macarons, housemade chocolate bars and fruit-filled danishes. additional grab-and-go items include pound cakes, fruit jams and crispy chocolate pearls. plenty of savory options abound, as well, including cheesy croissants and even sandwiches served on bread made in house. nathaniel’s take on a popular parisian snack, for instance, features prosciutto, Gruyère and cornichons on a buttered baguette made with prefermented starter for a more flavorful bread. “we want to share our experience and the artistry of what we do,” reid says. “it’s the personalization. i’m so passionate about making this a neighborhood bakery and focusing on freshness and quality – i can only guarantee that by making everything in house. i want to do it the right way, without shortcuts.” 314.858.1019,

artisan products born with seoul korean gochujang written by Sarah Kloepple


husband-and-wife team angela hong and nick Crofoot couldn’t find gochujang anywhere in the Kansas City area, they decided to do something about it. they started to make and bottle their own, launching Born With Seoul last summer. Gochujang is a thick paste made from red peppers and fermented soybeans and is often used as a sauce or marinade in Korean cuisine. born with Seoul’s two flavors are original Sesame, made with garlic, miso and sesame oil, and the milder Sweet & tangy. Use the former to make a brine for smoked salmon, or mix the latter with rice vinegar and red pepper flakes for a vinaigrette salad dressing. you can even add it to your bloody Mary for a funky kick. purchase online or in retail stores across the Kansas City area. 816.674.3207, photoGraphy CoUrteSy born with SeoUl


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made fare co. granola crackle written by bethany ChriSto

ST. LOUIS. owner Kylie roth’s small-batch artisan granola

“crackle” is a middle ground between the oat-nut clusters and on-the-go bars. Founded in May 2016, Made Fare Co. uses heirloom grain and is available in six flavors: lemon-blueberry, black pepper-fig, orange-cocoa nib, gingersnap, rosemary and its newest, cherry-pomegranate. “we like to say it’s ‘granola for grown-ups,’” roth says. She recommends the company’s black pepper-fig granola over a goat cheese-kale salad with balsamic dressing. Made Fare granola is currently sold online and in the St. louis area at the tower Grove Farmers’ Market (every other week), local harvest Grocery and Union Studio. photoGraphy by JaSon Koebel

October 2016 Feast Magazine  

Inspired by our love of nature, this issue of Feast is dedicated to the joys of fall in the Midwest. Crack open a cold one, find a place to...

October 2016 Feast Magazine  

Inspired by our love of nature, this issue of Feast is dedicated to the joys of fall in the Midwest. Crack open a cold one, find a place to...