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ABOUT US FEAST broadens the conversation about food in the St. Louis region. You name it, if it has to do with food, FEAST has it covered. The print magazine is the backbone of the FEAST brand




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and its 70,000 copies enjoy a 99.5% pickup rate at over 550 strategically chosen distribution points. Online, offers users daily updates covering a wide range of delicious content from food-and-wine pairings to can’t-miss local shops. There’s also a rich video library full of cooking demos and behind-the-scenes interviews as well as a recipe database overflowing with creative ideas.

Savvy marketing is critical to success and an advertising partnership with FEAST effectively delivers your message to a broad, interested audience.

FEAST Magazine has a

99.5% pickup rate

You need to keep your business top of mind with your current client base and you also need to reach out to new customers. We know that marketing dollars must be spent wisely. By positioning your business with FEAST, you ensure that your message will hit a consumer that is actively seeking what FEAST offers: great content on anything and everything culinary in St. Louis.

Media’s strength is measured by its voice and FEAST is constantly expanding its own reach through cooking classes, wine

tastings, cross promotions, appearances on radio and television and event sponsorships. When you invest your marketing dollars with FEAST, you are aligning your business with a brand that is an active part of the St. Louis community, one that positively promotes the local food scene and encourages the growth of the industry. You’re also positioning your message where it will be seen by the type of consumer you want and

need to target: a St. Louisan hungry to learn more about food culture in our region.

The FEAST brand reaches consumers through print,

web, radio and TV

Food | Drink | People | Lifestyle

FEAST publishes four special issues per year: January – Tastemakers May – Missouri Wine August – FEAST 50 November – Thanksgiving


FEAST Magazine is designed to do what print does best: offer flip-able, browse-able content that readers linger over throughout the month. Its large-format, glossy cover ensures that FEAST catches the eye, but it’s the magazine’s

engaging, well-written and approachable content that our readers crave each month.

FEAST is a true niche publication in that it is entirely focused on the culinary world, but our approach to content development and design makes the magazine appeal to a wide range of consumers. Well-fed foodies as well as kitchen novices turn to our pages for inspired ideas and insightful local coverage. Readers pick up FEAST for restaurant

recommendations, libation suggestions, great recipes and in-depth profiles, as well as info on gadgets and appliances, kitchen design, dining furniture, specialty items and the shops that carry it all.

FEAST delivers national culinary-magazine style content on a local

level. All aspects of the brand – print and digital – are developed with the highest production standards. Using the best food writers and photographers in the business, FEAST is focused on delivering

fresh content to a diverse demographic.

FEAST received a James Beard nomination, Ranly awards for Best Cover and Best Design and an EPPY award for Best Food Website

Food | Drink | People | Lifestyle

DIGITAL WEBSITE: FEAST’s website offers more than simply a reproduction of what is published in the print magazine. features continuously-updated culinary reporting through a number of web-only columns that cover restaurants, design trends and shops. We are constantly seeking stories, places and people that will entertain our readers. The FEAST website also offers expanded articles, including a rich video library and

interactive photo slideshows as well as a fully-searchable database of recipes. A digital archive of every issue is available online, so users can

flip through each issue of FEAST page by page and see it as it appeared in print, including all of the ads.

Over 1 million St. Louis adults dine at a sit-down

eNEWSLETTER: Each week, over

restaurant more than 4 times a month

17,000 subscribers receive updates from FEAST. With original recipes and direct links to new and exclusive content, the weekly email keeps our readership engaged with the magazine. More than simply a promotional tool, the FEAST enewsletter, along with strategic use of

Facebook and Twitter, maintains the conversation that’s launched when each new issue hits the streets. With a clean design and bright photos, the enewsletter effectively and succinctly delivers relevant

content to thousands of in-boxes.

VIDEO OPPORTUNITIES: FEAST produces videos in conjunction with each monthly issue. QR codes are embedded into the print magazine so readers can scan them with their smart phones and

instantly watch cooking demos, interviews and behind-the-scenes tours. The videos are also available at, where they are viewed over and over by our hungry readers.

Advertising in FEAST delivers your message to

our targeted audience

Source: 2009 Claritas Consumer Expenditures - St. Louis CBSA.

Food | Drink | People | Lifestyle


AD SIZES (Build To)

1 to 4

1/4 v 1/2 v


2 col. (4.675 in) x 12.6 in

1/2 v

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5 to 8

9 to 12

1/4 h Banner 1/2 h


Live area = 9.475” x 12.6” Trim size = 10.875” x 14” w/ .25 “ bleed = 11.375” x14.5” Outside back Inside front/back

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1/16 v 1/8 v

$7,800 $3,985

$6,900 $3,493

$6,000 $3,000

1/8 h

PREMIUM ADS Pg 3 - Full page w/bleed

same as cover sizes




2/5 v pg - TOC bookends

3.975” x 12.6”




RHR next to Tech School/On The Shelf

6.025” x 12.6”




Mini Double

20.35” x 3.12”




same as cover sizes 9.475” x 9.4188” 4.675” x 12.6” 9.475” x 6.2375” 4.675” x 6.2375” 9.475” x 3.0563” 2.275” x 6.2375” 4.675” x 3.0563” 2.275” x 3.0563”

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CLASSIFIEDS Contact Andrea Jones at 314.269.8810 or INSERTS $45 per thousand (CPM)

Center Spread Mini Double

PRINT & DELIVER $54 per thousand (CPM) - 8.5 x 11 in - 70 lb. gloss - 4/4 - no bleed - full distribution only CIRCULATION

Feast Edition

Space Deadline 5pm

Camera Ready Due 5pm

Feast Edition

Space Deadline 5pm

Camera Ready Due 5pm

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If interested in video pre-roll please contact your media specialist.

For more information please call your media specialist or Kelly Klein at 314.340.8562.

2012 FEAST Media Kit  

Savvy marketing is critical to success and an advertising partnership with FEAST effectively delivers your message to a broad, interested au...

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