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Inspired Food Culture | Saint Louis | AUGUST 2011 | FREE

Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves







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Inspired Food Culture




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The 2nd Annual LouFest offers up a little sumthin’ for even the most discriminating of musical tastes.

†”µ Ž²±• e´3‘=• W“•² U±Ž ±• ”“ ´f¶´’Ž±“”*

We’ve partnered with FEAST to serve up some of the finest local fare around, at even finer prices. So, even the pickiest of palates are sure to be pleased.

†‹³‹•Ž &¨ g &¦


|~P 6V:T Py7 †P


' /" 4. %+ %& 47 %)



For a complete list of this year’s restaurants and food trucks, visit today.

P{~ TVVPR . P9 VW P{~ T†€yV

‚†P UV8~T . €~~T{:WP~T . ooo

P{~ {VY€ RP~†€6 . R:T}~T „YVV€ €VX . €†R T†‚yRP . P{~ YV8 †WP{~X . ZyW|R |V }VTP{

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Missouri's #1 EXCLUSIVE * Audi Retailer 2009 & 2010 Award Winner


Missouri's #1 Automotive Group - There Can Only Be One #1 Source, bureau of Missouri Automotive registration.


MANCHESTER ROAD 0 EAST OF CLARKSON 0 636.391.7228 0 1-800.367.2289 *Based on 2010 Summary AOA.



The Farmer-Owned Supermarket specializing in local foods and wines for the St. Louis consumer. Local produce is pouring In!

Check our Website ad and Facebook page for more information.

Now servicing wholesale accounts.

Call Tim at 314.435.9194 for more information.

Stop in anytime and

Sign up for your Sappington Rewards! 8400 Watson Road | St. Louis, MO 63119 | 314.843.7848 | Store Hours: Mon.– Sat. 7 am – 9 pm | Sun. 7 am – 8 pm

9TK1)TI- %jl/Rd3J11J1M "lIP zPT0/l+0/5 0/5 Z0RJ j01 +KP \1+P/1l+J01lH zlJ/idzPHJd$lIP/i %--0TJl+J01F-ˆ GB+K %11)lH "lIP zPT0/l+J1M "KlHHP1MP

•z ^]_0.€*W1[ 20.] *Y€1 Jk _€S], ^(.W1[ *Y.]] ^€z, 0\ _02/]*W*W01m d0^Wr € *YW.^p[]1].€*W01 •€S].r Y€, 20.] *Y€1 Jk z]€., ]|/].W]1_]m 9Y] _.]^W*, Y]. 202 \0. *]€_YW1[ Y]. ]&].z*YW1[ ,Y] S10~, €•0(* _€S] ^]_0.€*W1[m ‹0( _€1 []* z0(. 0~1 •Q(]p.W••01 _€S] ^]_0.€*]^ •z d0^W 9_Y~]W,, o U(,* _€QQ 9_Y1(_S, Ž], ?].], #€S].z Ž]/€.*2]1* €* wJLIv EGHpJkEI5

©2011 Schnucks

Inspired Food Culture



888. 5 .RV .RVR.CTY ����.���.�����





Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves


from the staff

| 14 |

Check out this month’s online content.

| 16 |

from the PUBLISHER

Happy birthday, FEAST!


Our staff and contributors share inspired ideas for tasteful living in St. Louis.


| 34 |

my stuff

Fire up the grill with Tom Schmidt from Franco.

| 37 |

gadget a-go-go

We put five springform pans to the test.


New and notable in beer, spirits and wine.

| 40 |

mystery shopper

Buy it and try it: pattypan squash.


Try out molecular gastronomy by making your own foam at home.

| 46 | EASY EATS

Breakfast, lunch or dinner ... it’s always the right time for a Sour Cream Plum Tart.

| 90 | pull up a chair

Get Stacked & Curvy!

Inspired Food Culture





career education

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kfld õm 7¾†Ž·B ø‚¾¹ ” @R·†PI‚‚¹n $! Qhkff

All Stores Locally Owned

"Premium quality produce and speciality products from around the world and around the corner"

7 ST. LOUIS METRO AREA LOCATIONS MANCHESTER.................... Manchester Rd. E/141 across from Starbuck.........636-391-8600 SUNSET HILLS ................... Lindbergh & Watson near Home Depot ..................314-821-5066 LADUE................................ Ladue Rd. & I-170 next to Maggie Moo's...............314-726-5505 ST. PETERS ........................ 94 & Mid Rivers Mall Dr. /94 Crossing ...................636-928-9474 CHESTERFIELD VALLEY..... Chesterfield Commons Near Lowe's......................636-519-8400 FENTON.............................. Gravois bluffs/behind Walgreens ...........................636-326-9972 SWANSEA .......................... Rte. 159/1 Blk. S. of Outback Steak House ............618-235-1969

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St. Louis’ HOMETOWN Vodka

WIN $250!

Send in your original Pearl Vodka cocktail recipe to: ®



Hawaiian Sunset by Mary Fels of St. Louis, MO

1/2 cup orange juice 1 tbsp. cream of coconut 1/8 tsp. cardamom 1 shot Pearl orange vodka Splash tonic water

Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake well. Serve over ice garnish with an orange slice.

One (1) $50 winner each month will be featured in FEAST Magazine, and will be entered in a local tasting event to determine the $250 grand prize winner.


©2011 Pearl® Vodka, 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof). Flavored Vodkas 35% Alc./Vol. (70 Proof). Owned and bottled by Pearl Spirits/Luxco, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Inspired Food Culture












The Perfect Place for Music! DON’T MISS:


Chucho Valdés

Publisher and Editor Catherine Neville Managing Editor Brandi Wills

Vice President of Advertising Donna Bischoff


| Issue 8 | August 2011

Art Director Lisa Triefenbach

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet Cherish the Ladies


Volume 2

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Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis FANTASTIC FOLK


The Clayton Brothers

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Contributing Writers Erin Callier, Russ Carr, Gabrielle DeMichele, Pat Eby Chad Michael George, Jennifer Johnson, Angela Ortmann Matt Seiter, Matt Sorrell, Michael Sweeney, Cassandra Vires Contributing Photographers Jay Scott Baker, Geoff Cardin, Mark Christian, Michael Feher Gregg Goldman, Wesley Law, Tuan Lee, Laura Ann Miller Jonathan Pollack, Jennifer Silverberg, Corey Woodruff

and Future – Past, Present Beer Culture Lou: St. Louis’ Brew in the and Future – Past, Present Beer Culture Lou: St. Louis’ Brew in the



uds SensationalS

/ )*'.+ -%


!-0 &%*'!" ,#+(

n of food the intersectio For some places, fit. Brewpubs make and beer is a natural roof, meaning you’d same both under the suds to go to find fresher be hard pressed else. food anywhere with a plate of brewpubs — places More than a dozen beer and sell their own of that brew and serve a full menu food or light snacks a — operate within !#&%%" 30-minute drive 30+ $&%%&'( -%:8 of downtown St. #2)" %6'&" .("<7&2' Louis. &%'827' 2)": 2'$ )2;"<: y 892' 2' The granddadd ="/"< &2)%<7": %= of the bunch "!62)+:7," :"<17'; %< is the St. 0+#"<&"'8 (7)4 %<2';" 567&"* Louis Brewery’s a Schlafly Tap Room, since downtown fixture some of the continues to brew 1991 that continu and flavorful beers. Pale city’s most innovative Schlafly American itioned (Cask-cond city’s best match for the Ale is a perfect s.) platee of fish-n-chip bl also are available Sensational suds limits. From Ferguson beyond the city’s beer is St. Charles, craft to Kirkwood to a guide to before. Here’s flowing like never what’s out there:

3-#) &-0+)646/'2"6 5#2$6 %'%, 1-#2' *)6* ()6!+#('

Brew in the Lou: St. Louis’ PD D/3 Beer Culture 933H FPNJO3HI – Past, Present and Future

5HP2D L2 D/3 K8: '.0/D CBFDLN3HF JPHDP+3 CLQ .M $.H+?LL5! "LQ (.0/OPM5F EH3?.M0


Contact Us Feast Media, 14522 S. Outer Forty Road Town & Country, MO 63017 Fax: 314.657.3347

Benn By Evan S.





AM 4/25/11 11:41:29

Benn By Evan S.

AM 4/25/11 11:41:24

;L 73O39HPD3

D/3 4:!:::D

/ 9PHH3O L2 =7/OP'< #LB.F EH3?3H< 933H 9H3?35 7LR2LBM53H *PM .M 6::,! =DQ 9BF.M3FF JPHDM3H $LJNPM DPJF P FJ37.PO +30 ;LN =7/OP'<! ?/.O3 /.F 9PHD3M53H $3@.M H.0/D! PM5 OLM0D.N3 APF/ OLL+ LMQ =7/OP'< ;PJ >LLN

in the


Advertising Inquiries Susan Eckert, 314.340.8587

Much has changed in the 20 years since the bold step of Tom Schlafly and opening a brewery on the King of Beer’s Dan Kopman took says people told him he was out home turf. Schlafly of his mind for likened the move doing such a thing to starting a new – even he religion in Mecca. in more than a half-doze Now that his beer n states (and available is sold feat), it’s hard to at Busch Stadium question Schlafly’s – no small success. The brewery started in 1991 paved he and Kopman the way for St. Louis’ Th standard by which beer resurgence bee other craft breweries and set the here ar are measured. (Another change since flock to the Schlafly 1991: beer prices. That’s why beer drinkers in the know Tap Room on the brewery day after Christma wery throws itself s. Every a birthday ery Dec. 26, the rthday party with they were in 1991 all ll be b beer eer prices rolled back – about bout $3 a pint.) to what One thing that hasn’t changed is the misconce craft brewers are concept ption tion that Schlafly waging and other like A-B and MillerCo a David-vs.-Goliath ath battle tle against the Big ors. That story line batt Breweries takeover of A-B. e heated up again Almost overnight after InBev’s 2008 , the title of St. Louis’ largest locally owned makers off Schlafly beer had the new brewery.

=7/OP'< = 7/ /OP P'< ; ;PJ PJ J >LLN 7/.32 9H3?3H =D3J/3M = =DQ DQ #L #LB.F 3J/3M (PO3 L@3HF33 LB.F EH3 EH3?3H< 3?3H<GF 9PHH3ORP F DD/3 /3 0.M0 JHL0HPN 9 9PHH3OF PHHH3 3OF D/ L0HPNQQ (3H3! D/PD /PD JH3@.L JH3@.LBFO< /3O5 /3 FDPM5F FDPM5 5F L %.N E3PN LM )OO3 )OO35 35 ? PN ?/.F+3< 9BD ?.D/ .D/ / =7 =7/OP'< 7/OP'< >3F3H@3 ML? ?P PH3 H3 H3 &NJ3H.P BJ FB9DO3 BJ FB9 9DO3 'P@LHF 'P P@LHF L L2 9LBH9LM PM5 O =DLBD! O3DD.M0 D/3 9 933H 33 3 3H FLP+ 3H LP+Q +Q

Editorial Comments

By Evan S. Benn


L.indd 32

33 beerbookFINA

L.indd 33

Roussin ( is a mem ber America,m). Founded of the Brew ery Coll in St. like Rou the club Louis ectib has ssin’s collectionexpanded as the Beer les Club of With to inclu America Can . so de othe Collecto much many beer rs of r brew room eriana, collector in base cans produced much men s have taken ts and hou over the year Take Jed to focu ses, s, and sing their a lot of collects Conroy, hard-coreonly so an elect collection Nine, cans that rical beer can have s. 5 Star, numberscontractor Brew in “I’ve 66 and Bethalto, in hit Straight their nam aren’t that wall e, such Ill., who 8 beer now so rare as 905, s. they cost where it’s Clou His rares hard d a fortu ne,” he to find num only threet can is a said. bered know white A-1 Beer cans that n to exist . You test can from can see it at beer Phoenix, and bythenum there 18 are .

(3 '%, 1-#2' +-'%.$2'+*%&4 42+ 4-+' &-1#0/2'% 6"*/ ', (6//

*LMPO5 >LB 5.FJ OP<35 FF.M F.DF 933M PNL .M 7LOO37D. /.F "PH<OPM M0 D/3 M0 7PM 5 (3.0 NLH3 D/PM





d 18

By Evan

S. Ben n




d 19

F 2LH Others -!1: NLH3 /DF! "LQ! : 933 /LN D/PM “I’m thenow specializ 4: <3P 3Q >LB H 7PMF original.” e in num FF.M HFQ /PF ber beer Bob Cha cans, pman 11:35 but Con of St. one roy, 46, he migh night from Louis Cou says, that it t want. Whe another nty remembe collector was rs getti five seco a black n he brou ng a who ght St. five knownds to say Louis ABC over the thought he call at had a Old Eng can and n to still yes,” he can Cha reca lish The Leve exist in pma lls, this counpointing Ale can, “it n saw in Miss r Bros. retir to the try. can, onetook me Club, ouri collectiblee once had of Fish only Griesedie bach and es and cans 20,194 cans St. Jose ck Brothers Capital beer , including but now spec focused ph, Mo., part in St. Lou s. He’s part Muehlbach, ializes is and ial to ly beca on Anh items Country M.K. euser-Bu use so By Evan from Goe sch mem many peop tz Brew S S. Ben ing Co. n le in orabilia, he expl St. Louis are in ains.



The Post-Dispatch’s resident “beer guy” Evan Benn, wraps up the city’s long and storied beer history in this new book. From the beginnings of major manufacturers such as Anheuser-Busch, Falstaff and Lemp, through Prohibition and the passage of the 21 amendment, the shake-up of the InBev takeover and the current microbrewery explosion, Brew in the Lou offers a complete history along with suggestions for great meal and beer pairings. st





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Visit Two of Missouri’s Premier Wineries Just Minutes from St. Louis!

Featured on NBC’s Today Show! Wine & Beer Garden Picnic BasketsWelcome Award Winning Wines Free Live Music

“Missouri’s Most Scenic Winery” Free Live Music Sunset Dinners Award Winning Wines Gourmet Food

5601 High Street Augusta, MO 636-228-4301

201 Montelle Drive Augusta, MO 636-228-4464 Inspired Food Culture







SHOP GIRL: In a nod to St. Louis-area

culinary mainstays, columnist Heidi Dean uncovers all the mouthwatering meats and housemade treats at Edwardsville Frozen Foods that have kept the full-service butcher going strong for 64 years.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES VIDEO: We take you inside St. Louis’ gooey-butter-cake-making mecca – Park Avenue Coffee’s baking facility – to show you how the bakery/coffee shop whips up more than 70 flavors, from banana split to white chocolate raspberry.

COOKING DEMO: A must: Watching Tech

School chef Cassandra Vires’ restauranttechniques-made-easy guide to adding a light, bright pop of flavorful foam to a dish. Optional: Telling dinner guests just how simple it is.

INTERACT with FEAST Connect with us at facebook. com/feastSTL to stay on top of happenings at FEAST Central and connect with fellow foodies.

Follow us at for up-to-the-minute restaurant news, special deals, FEAST events and more.

Foodspotting SPECIAL SERIES! QUITE THE PAIR: We’re toasting to some of our readers’ FEAST 50 picks by pairing dishes at their favorite restaurants with wine and beer in this weekly online-exclusive column. Check to learn what pairs well with the Blackberry Lamb Steak at Duff’s Restaurant on Aug. 17. 14



Get ideas on where to dine out with FEAST’s monthly Foodspotting Guide to Inspired Eats at feastmagazine.

hkkh &oí•—ÕØÈ²Õ ²ýÖÕ[Ö _È% ¼²[—í+ ¸ª @bhkh bh_%@eh%@kkh hh;e] ¸oÕ'•ÖíÈÖ~ <"ýß -Öí ‚Ö~Öí+ ¸ª @bhbh bh_%b@;%>@b; Info @

Enjoy Sunday In The Park WHERE the BEST THINGS COME IN



>1[ca [+ )1uuu</a•+ ‹3)/ n)a-++3 •4 q'a4+ +][- l3V[b•~ >a•-34 2 8aOVV </a•+ ‹3) +3 • 6Qss f3-•[c n[`+ "a/+[`[c•+a{


Late Night.

Sunday try any three of our small plates for just $22. Plus wine specials on all bottles under $100.

"34+•c+ d•b[• `3/ ba+•[VNQMwNLIwKLNI 4•b[•$53-•[c/a-+•)/•4+-uc35 _'oÕ È² ý—Öú È•Ö ¸²ío—' (ýÖÕÈí ¸ÖÕ[í ²Õ À²[~ ײ(—"Ö ßÖý—'Ö ²~ ز Ȳ ²[~ úÖ(í—ÈÖ%

•••ua4Y3~53-•[cuc35 éÖÕ(²Àײío—'



1234 washington ave • 314.241.7770 •

{/a0)[/ab `33b 2 €a'a/•_a 5[4[5)5Inspired Food Culture





appy birthday to FEAST! This month marks the 1-year anniversary of the debut of FEAST Magazine and it’s been an absolute whirlwind. When I started concepting the magazine back in March of 2010, my main goal was to create a magazine that entertained readers as well as educating them and got people into the kitchen as well as out to our region’s amazing restaurants and bars. Food is something we all have in common, but it’s still a mystery to many, and FEAST was designed to open people up to new flavors and inspire them to explore the wealth of culinary experiences St. Louis has to offer … which brings me to the FEAST 50. When we sat down to brainstorm our anniversary issue, we knew that we wanted to give you a snapshot of what makes St. Louis such a great food city, but we didn’t want to do a typical readers’ poll or just pick a bunch of editors’ favorites. Food is very personal and so we reached out to you, our readers, to find out what you love about our region’s food – not necessarily what you consider the “best,” but the people, places, dishes and drinks that are meaningful to you. The FEAST 50 highlights everything from tiny farm stands in Illinois to one reader’s eye-opening experience at Harvest (p. 66), where she fell in love with food. “We became foodies that day … and it stayed with us,” writes Sarah Sontheimer. “We grew and learned and enjoyed fine dining across the region and country.” Reading Sontheimer’s story of one meal that opened her eyes to a new realm of experience reinforced why we do what we do. Great food makes life better. Until next time,


feaST eVeNTS

Boulevard Beer Dinner Thu., Aug. 4, 6pm; Atomic Cowboy $40, 314.775.0755

In honor of Craft Beer Week, join Boulevard Brewing Co. at Atomic Cowboy for a dinner that pairs Atomic’s stellar Mexican eats with Boulevard’s Pilsner, Zōn, Tank 7, 6th Glass and Dark Truth Stout.

Wine Tasting Thu., Aug. 18, 6 to 7pm; Three Monkeys Complimentary,

Join columnist Angela Ortmann for a food-andwine tasting at Three Monkeys.

L’Ecole Academy Intermediate Sushi Class Fri., Aug. 19, 6 to 10pm; L’Ecole Academy $100, or 314.587.2433

Step up your sushi game with this beyondthe basics class led by L’Ecole Academy professional culinary instructors.

Schnucks Cooks Cooking Class Wed., Aug. 24, 6pm; Schnucks Cooks Cooking School

$40, or 314.909.1704 Get hands-on at our monthly Schnucks class and make the plum tart featured on page 46.

Thirst For Life Thu., Aug. 25,

Support PAWS by enjoying a libation at any of the participating restaurants, which will donate a percentage of their beverage sales directly to the organization.

2011 LouFest Aug. 27 and 28, Central Field, Forest Park $64 for a two-day pass;

This all-ages event features 18 national and local bands on two stages, great local food at the FEAST-sponsored Nosh Pit.

Feast Book Club Meet-Up Tue., Aug. 30, 6 to 7pm; Local Harvest Café

Join us to celebrate local cuisine with free eats, drink specials and in-depth discussion of this month’s book club selection, Feeding a Yen, by Calvin Trillin. Pick up your copy at Left Bank Books or at and get 20 percent off!

Oceania Luxury Culinary Cruise May 6 to 17, 2012, from $3,799 per person;

Join publisher Catherine Neville on a 10-day luxury cruise from Istanbul to Venice with ports of call ranging from Mykonos to Dubrovnik. Receive free airfare when you book by Aug. 31, 2011.

Cat’s Picks

Catherine Neville

Tune in as FEAST publisher Catherine Neville chats with host McGraw Milhaven and gives her weekly picks for the best places to eat and drink in the St. Louis area. feedback? 16



Wednesdays, 8:35am; The BIG 550 KTRS


St. Louis Summer Kicks Into High Gear! The perfect dish on a hot, humid St. Louis summer day is any one of Kenrick’s delicious Chicken Salads 'S KENRICK

d a l a S n e k est Chic


eese eddar Ch dded Ch re h S . c 4 .5 oz.) eans (15 B i il h C s 2 can nts: ast kg) Corn Ingredieed & Diced Chicken Bre .25 oz. p 3 c. Cut oning (1 s a k e o S m o S c 5 lbs. 4 pkg. Ta nion ed Red O alt rs e 1 lg. Dic 2 Tbsp S Pepp iced Red D . d rs e Cream e r p M u 2 ow Pep 4 c. So ll e Y d e ic 2 Med. D Peppers l and mix ed Green ic D ork bow . d w e e 2M rg la to a

ts in ingredien d e p p re let them all p rick's and n Combine e K y b . rk, stop throughly all the wo o d to t n n't wa If you do you. do it for

Try it on a freshly baked croissant, your favorite sandwich bread, or serve atop a bed of your favorite greens to make a light, refreshing meal. Kenrick’s chicken salad sandwiches are great for parties, dinner or for a light lunc Get creative and make cold Chicken Salad Burritos. lunch. T They’re easy to make ahead. Either way you try it, you just know it’s gonna taste great! Surprise your family and guest. Pick up any and all varieties. • Original Chicken Salad • Walnut Grape Chicken Salad • Chicken Breast Salad • Southwest Chicken Salad 4324 Weber Rd., St. Louis, MO


Inspired Food Culture



FEAST FAVES / w here we’re dining

Sidney Street Cafe

Sidney Street Cafe is a culinary powerhouse. The restaurant exemplifies the essence of modern cooking: Take the absolute best ingredients and create inventive dishes that showcase the height of each item’s flavor, texture and aroma. Sidney Street’s food is refined yet indulgent, sophisticated yet approachable. This is a restaurant you can return to again and again. Enjoy either a long-standing favorite, like the Steak Wasabi, or turn yourself over to the chef and try dishes like caramelized scallops with charred asparagus, butter-poached radishes and baby carrots, brown-butter grits and buttermilk and bacon jam; braised-beef dumplings with a poached farm egg and truffled au jus; or salmon crudo (sashimi-grade salmon) with shaved radishes and fresh peas tossed in a green goddess dressing and garnished with salmon roe. So, as we celebrate what makes St. Louis such a great food city, we happily offer Sidney Street Cafe as one of the key players in our ever-evolving restaurant scene. 2000 Sidney St., benton Park



PHOTOGRAPHy by Jay Scott Baker

Sidney Street Cafe

314.771.5777 BENTON PARK

FEAST FAVES / s e C r e t I n g r e d I e n t FEAST FAVES | seCret IngredIent

636.530.9010 Chesterfield


Salina’s Southwestern Mexican Cantina

TorTilla CrusT

St. Louisans love pizzas with thin, crispy crusts, that’s undeniable. So, when you take that crust style and cross it with another favorite – Mexican cuisine – what happens? You get Mexican pizza. At Salina’s, which specializes in Arizona-style Southwestern eats, they start with a big, fresh flour tortilla and bake it so that it’s crispy and slightly toasty, a light and flavorful base for the toppings: melty cheese, spicy Serrano pepper sauce, tomatoes and shredded lettuce. You can also add beef, chicken or – our favorite – chorizo sausage. Salina’s deliciously melds two perennial favorites into one crowd-pleasing, crave-producing dish. – B.W. 20 Clarkson Wilson Center, Chesterfield

FEAST FAVES / s e C r e t I n g r e d I e n t FEAST FAVES | At home |1|



PiZZa CuTTErs | 1 | Room Essentials pizza cutter (2-pack) $5.99; available online only at | 2 | Joseph Joseph Scoot pizza wheel, $14.95; Sur La Table, Plaza Frontenac, Frontenac, | 3 | Bialetti pizza chopper, $12.99; available online only at Inspired Food Culture




| where we’re dining

Park avenue Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee isn’t your average coffee shop. yes, it offers an array of well-brewed coffee expertly roasted by St. Louis-based Chauvin Coffee. you can order up mochas, lattes, iced coffees or a steaming café au lait, along with smoothies or frozen, blended Frappicanos. All of the shop’s beverages are top notch. but the real draw for its Lafayette Square location and its new Downtown location is gooey butter cake. And not just the rich, super-sweet, traditional version baked by moms across our gooey-butter-cake loving city. Park Avenue Coffee offers 76 flavors (which it rotates) of its Ann & Allen baking Co. gooey butter cake, including triple chocolate, Key lime, turtle, white chocolate raspberry and red velvet. Owner Dale Schotte says the red velvet gooey butter cake “will change your life.” Realizing customers craved even more gooeyness, Park Avenue Coffee created Ann & Allen baking Co. box mixes so fans could make their own gooey butter cakes – and brownies – at home. Ann & Allen baking Co. mixes are now available at retailers throughout the St. Louis region and in 17 states and 76 different stores across the country. – C.N. 417 N. 10th St., Downtown 1919 Park Ave., Lafayette Square

BeHInD-tHe-SCeneS VIDeo!

Watch this ooey-gooey favorite being made at Park avenue’s baking facility.

Park Avenue Coffee



314.231.5282 Downtown 314.621.4020 Lafayette Square

PHOTOGRAPHy by Laura Ann Miller

Scan the Microsoft Tag from your smart phone (get the free app at, or watch the video in the Watch & Listen section at

FEAST FAVES / s e C r e t I n g r e d I e n t FEAST FAVES | FOOd stUFF

PASTA SAUCE Many of The Hill’s long-standing eateries have jarred their well-loved Italian pasta sauces, perfect for spaghetti night at home or as dipping sauce for those yummy t-ravs. – B.W.


n o s a e S 2 1 1 1 0 2 ! e l a S On


6-show packages start at just $84.00! FEAST FAVES / s e C r e t I n g r e d I e n t

Red God of Carnage The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Sunday in the Park with George Race The Comedy of Errors

Rich & Slightly Sweet

Studio Theatre Circle Mirror Tranformation A Steady Rain The Invisible Hand taSty & tomato-y

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thick & heRbaceouS

LIVE THEATRE SO CLOSE | 1 | Zia’s pasta sauce, $3.57; Shop ‘n Save, multiple locations, | 2 | Rigazzi’s pasta sauce, $3.69; Schnucks, multiple locations, | 3 | John Viviano & Songs Tomato-Basil pasta sauce, $3.69; Dierbergs, multiple locations,

PHOTOGRAPHy By Laura Ann Miller


Loretto-Hilton Center • 130 Edgar Road • Webster Groves Beehive The 60s Musical Lauren Dragon Inspired Food Culture



Simply The Best Great Steaks and Seafood

Kreis' serves the finest USDA Prime Mid Western Corn-fed Beef, aged four to six weeks in house. We offer an extensive choice of the classic Steak Cuts GREAT STEAKS and Seafood including our famous Prime Rib. Simply & SEAFOOD the best available-Top 2%. As well as Colorado Lamb Call Today To Book Your Reservation Chops, the best you can buy! Bring in this ad for a Complimentary Appetizer or 50% off a bottle of wine with the purchase 2 Entrees $20 or more. (Wine up to $60 menu price.) 1 per table, per visit. Valid until September 30, 2011

314-993-0735 www.kriesrestaruant 535 S. Lindbergh, St. Louis

(Conveniently located 1/3 mile north of Highway 40/64 between Conway and Ladue Road)

Fine Dining You deserve a little get away…

The Barrel Room Grill and Steakhouse is the latest addition to the Hidden Lake Winery experience. It is joining the picturesque Majestic Falls reception site, the elegant Champagne Hall, and the popular Silent Forest Retreat cabins. Featuring full-service fine dining, the Barrel Room adds yet another touch to the mystical atmosphere that 10580 Wellen Road draws guests to this rustic paradise. The Barrel Aviston, Il 62216 Room’s menu features a delightful array of lunch 618-228-9111 and dinner selections served with views of lovely wooded surroundings.

All You Can Eat Buffet - Over 150 Items

The Largest International Buffet & Grill in Missouri Royal Buffet offers a wide variety of authentic Asian style, and American food. You may choose from either a buffet, which consists of over 150 items or from a regular menu. We also have a habachi grill and all you can eat sushi bar. We have an extensive menu to choose from. You will not go away hungry!! We also provide catering for any occasion. Come to Royal Buffet for an excellent dining experience.

Present this ad to get 10% off buffet. Not valid for children or on a holiday. Not including drinks, one coupon per table. Not valid with other offers.




ZQTXQ ä’ýh^dñìdô Ìû’fh ÊVH +’MM·[ýh äÐ NVbZZ NVNfQXKfKEHH Ðùdý K &’¶ñ ’ ½ddR Éçýf’¶fÆ^çôñf’¶ ZZ’! f Zbù! ñô[f’¶ É É’ìçôf’¶ ZZ’! f ZbBVbù!

Ask Extra Virgin

Q: How do you make authentic pesto? A: Follow this recipe from the region in Italy where pesto originates.

Use Ligurian olive oil, Italian pine nuts and chesses, and young light green leaves of Genovese Basil. It's simple and delicious! 3 c. tightly packed basil leaves, 1 clove garlic, 2 T. Tuscan Wild Pine Nuts, lightly toasted, salt, 1/2 c. San Damiano olive oil, 2 T. grated Toscana percorino, 3 T. grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. In a food processor blend basil, garlic, pine nuts, 1/4 t. salt and 1-2 T. of the oil to a paste. Add cheeses and process until creamy. Stir in remaining oil. Toss with 1 lb. trofie pasta and serve 4 hungry people.

Visit Extra Virgin, an Olive Ovation for authentic pesto and pesto ingredients. 143 Carondelet Plaza Clayton, MO 63105 314-727-6464

“Like” us on 22


Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


| whAT we’re drInkIng

Mollifying EffEct STORy ANd ReCIPe By Matt Seiter

Summer is almost over, but the summer heat is at its peak. Step outside and you’re instantly hot, short of breath, sweaty and in need of a tasty libation to cool you down. This month’s drink is a modified version of a gin and tonic. Freshness from the garden lifts it above the classic, and the Kümmel offers a nice touch of caraway and fennel. I know what you’re thinking: What in the world is Kümmel? It’s a German liqueur flavored with caraway, cumin and fennel. By itself, it’s a bit much for the American palate. But when it’s mixed in cocktails, those spicy notes really shine through and it’s superb. In this drink’s case, the caraway helps the cilantro stand up to the cucumber and quinine. It’s subtle, but each sip offers a relaxing respite from the high heat and humidity.

Mollifying effect Serves | 1 | 2 slices 7 sprigs ½ oz ¼ oz ½ oz 2 oz 1 bottle

cucumber, cut ¼-inch thick and quartered cilantro fresh lime juice simple syrup Kümmel Hendrick’s gin Fentimans tonic (Fever-Tree is a good substitute) cucumber slices and cilantro sprigs for garnish

| Preparation | In a mixing glass, muddle cucumber, cilantro, lime juice, syrup and kümmel. Add gin and cracked ice, and stir for 30 to 40 seconds. Fine-strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice. Top with tonic and add more as the drink goes down. Garnish with cucumber slices and cilantro sprigs. Smile.

PHOTOGRAPHy By Geoff Cardin

Matt Seiter is a co-founder of the United States Bartenders’ Guild’s St. Louis chapter, a member of the National Board for the USBG’s MA program and is a continuing educator for all desiring knowledge of the craft of mixology. He is a member of Drink Lab and is the creator of the Sanctuaria Cocktail Club.





| 1 | Muddlers, $8 each; Pottery Barn, multiple locations, | 2 | Solid maple muddler, $14.95; Sur La Table, Plaza Frontenac, Frontenac, | 3 | RSVP mojito muddler, $10.95; Cornucopia, 107 North Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, – K.B.

Inspired Food Culture




Skinny CountertopS

Photo courtesy ernestomeda

The kitchen is not the place you expect to get skinny. But as countertops shrink in accordance with international kitchen design trends, it’s exactly where you need to get thin. Spotted in The Living Kitchen display at Cologne, Germany’s 2011 Internationale Möbelmesse (IMM) design show in January, thin countertops quickly made their way into U.S. showrooms and are superseding their chunky counterparts as the mark of contemporary kitchen design. Around one centimeter in thickness, skinny countertops add a sleek and sophisticated horizon line to your kitchen’s visual landscape and work with virtually any design style. From marble to stainless to wood, simply squared off or with embellished edges, it’s undeniable that thin is in. – B.W.



ÇÂ-$ÇÁ-ŸÇ¿Áœ *(Ã(+»-ŸÇ¿Áœ ¡-ŸÇ¡&-*ŸÇ¿Áœ

ÖOþƒ… ¡ƒ#þ $ùR‡| Ózþ| ¡ ÖzƒÓÐ

Saks Fifth Avenue



Tiffany & Co.

Brio Tuscan Grille Cardwell’s at the Plaza


| |

Canyon Cafe

Fleming’s Prime Steak House The Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus

(R#Mz(ƒ… Ÿùz#zRƒ žÍ Ÿ|ƒ• ÙO…… $Où~|

Coming Soon BrickTop’s Restaurant and Saint Louis Bread Co.

u(ËËÐÆÍ( z(ËÉÐͦ uÆË-ÆÔ Ç {ÐÍ-ËÉ gHÍ% ŠH(#¦ wÆÒ1* ? fÆÒ/H¦ •*HÔÎH+Ò- •ÍÆÒ1* F(©F¦ËÇÔÐ*(ËÉÐͦÄ1ÐÔ ¤§£Ç¤¢§Ç¡¤§¤

Gift cards available at our concierge and online. LINDBERGH BLVD AND CLAYTON RD ! 314. 432. 0604 ! PLAZAFRONTENAC. COM OPEN MONDAY – S AT URDAY 1 0-7PM ! SUNDAY N OON-5PM







Greek Glory

*Offers expire August 31, 2011. All advertised fares, offers and any applicable shipboard credits, upgrades or special amenities shown are per person based on double occupancy unless otherwise indicated, are subject to availability at time of booking, may not be combinable with other offers, are capacity controlled and may be withdrawn without prior notice or remain in effect after the expiration date. All fares listed are in U.S. dollars, per person, based on double occupancy and include Non-Commissionable Fares. Cruise related Government Fees and Taxes of up to $15 per guest per day are additional. For itineraries shown with multiple departures, sailing prices may vary and any “Fares From” pricing is based on Category G unless otherwise indicated. Cruise Ship Fuel Surcharge may apply and, if applicable, is additional revenue to Oceania Cruises. Full Brochure Fares may not have resulted in actual sales in all cabin categories, may not have been in effect during the last 90 days and do not include Personal Charges, Optional Facilities and Services Fees as defined in the Terms and Conditions of the Guest Ticket Contract which may be viewed at Full Brochure Fares are cruise only. Airfare does not include ground transfers and applies to economy, round-trip flights only from St. Louis. Airfare is available from all other U.S. & Canadian gateways at an additional charge. Any advertised fares Airfare airline fees, surcharges and government taxes. Some airline-imposed personal charges, including but not limited to baggage, priority boarding, and special seating, may apply. “Free 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel” offer, if applicable, does not include items other than room rate, hotel taxes, hotel porterage and hotel to ship transfers; hotel assignments are solely at the discretion of Oceania Cruises, may be changed at any time, and will be confirmed in final cruise documentation. Oceania Cruises reserves the right to correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares, fees, and surcharges at any time. Suite and Stateroom measurements are approximate, and those in the same category may vary in size. They may also have different furniture placement than as depicted in the photographs. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Complete terms and conditions may be found in the Guest Ticket Contract. Ships’ Registry: Marshall Islands. PRO27809



ISTANBUL TO VENICE MAY 6, 2012 | 10 DAY-VOYAGE onboard Riviera ��������� ������ � �������� ��������� ������ � ������� ����������� ������ � �������� ������ � ������ ���������� ������ � ��������� ������������� ������ � ������ ������ � ���������� ������� � ������ ������� � ������� ����� overnight


(314) 968-9600 OR TOLL FREE (800) 264-1116

Inspired Food Culture



FEAST FAVES / S ecreT ingredienT FEAST FAVES | THe diSH



geoff cardin


The Gyro Company 314.832.2563 Boulevard HeigHts



DÖNER KABOB The Gyro Company is one of my favorite spots to grab a good bite. Right when you walk in, you’re greeted by the mouthwatering sight and aromas of beef and chicken cooking on vertical spits. My go-to dish, the döner kabob, has fresh beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and housemade tsatsiki sauce on bosnian Lepinja bread, which I get with a little Feta on top. The bread’s light, pillowy texture and great chew make it the best for this kabob. Another reason I love coming here is to see the Imamovics, the really friendly and down-to-earth family who owns and operates The Gyro Company. 7240 Gravois Road, boulevard Heights





for 60 Months Everyone Available Qualifies




SHOP ONLINE AT: Creve Coeur, Missouri 12015 Olive Blvd.


314-567-3300 TOLL FREE 1-888-408-2470

*Sale prices include all rebates & discounts. Select in-stock vehicles only. See dealer for details. Inspired Food Culture



T½ÌÀÅ½È O-ÃÀ tʽÌÀ˜ v]O •••»Ã½ÌÀŽÈ?Ε»1ÊÎ


S)- R#À'Î@ÀrÅ'º'Ì* ]@1)'Ì-«

Sad rU`Qd `T vdSSdU Oad[ Sad ]w`[Sd[w[td `T bUdd» S)- v]O “ T-Å'-à 'à -ǽ'ÈÈ-/ •'À) ?ÊÀ) #-*-Ì/@Ř È-Å+ÊÅÎ@Ì1- @Ì/ @Ì -›1-ÈÀ'ÊÌ@# ÌÊ 1ÊÃÀ Î@'ÌÀ-Ì@Ì1- È#@Ì» O)'#- ÊÀ)-Å ?Å@Ì/à 1ÊÃÀ ½È ÀÊ À)ʽÃ@Ì/à +ÊÅ Î@'ÌÀ-Ì@Ì1-Á v]O Ê•Ì-Åà È@˜ ÌÊÀ)'Ì* +ÊÅ À)- KÅÃÀ +ʽŠ˜-@Åà ÊÅ “´Á´´´ Î'#-û VÅ-ÀÀ˜ -›)'#@Å@À'Ì*» dº-Ì ?-+ÊÅ- ˜Ê½ /Å'º- 'À»

Sad v]O “ TdU`dT» v]O R#À'Î@À- T-ź'1-« V@˜ ÌÊÀ)'Ì*» ” ˜-@Å÷“´Á´´´ Î'#-û



xÃ;%. X;0Á gÉ+(É. x.#¾Á

xÃ;%. WǾÇÃÁ Y(# v*;É+.Á

V2*.0»#.0 dÉÁÅ.2¾(ÇÉ R(Å.à x#;0. dÉÁ.þÁ

v]O d+K1'-ÌÀ r˜Ì@Î'1à _-Ãà -Î'ÃÃ'ÊÌû ]ÊÅ- /Å'º'Ì* È#-@ýÅ-»

™»Ž:Æ @ÈÅ

KÌ@Ì1'Ì* +ÊÅ ½È ÀÊ •’ ÎÊÌÀ)à •»@»1» ÊÌ Ã-#-1À ÎÊ/-#Ã


O-ÃÀ tʽÌÀ˜ v]O aÊÎ- Ê+ S)- R#À'Î@À- rÅ'º'Ì* ]@1)'Ì-»

T@À½Å/@˜ Ã-ź'1- @Ì/ È@ÅÀà /-ÈÀ» ÊÈ-Ì ‘Œ•´ @Î ÀÊ ”Œ´´ ÈÎ

˜””˜‘ `;É2*.Á¾.à W0¹¿ `;É2*.Á¾.ÿ `Y c»Á¾ ›.Á¾ Ç, ˜”˜ ’•’¼––‘¼“”“” ¾Ç## ,Ã..Ž ™¾•´´¾Ž’–¾”–””

eÇà ,»## 0.¾;(#Á ÇÉ x`R T#¾(Ë;¾. V.ø(2.© ¸(Á(¾ :Ë›»Á;¹2Ç˵»#¾(Ë;¾.Á.ø(2.¹ © –²˜˜ x`R Ç, ^Çþ* yË.Ã(2;¿ bbv¹ U*. x`R É;Ë.¿ ËÇ0.# É;Ë.Á ;É0 #Ç+Ç ;Ã. Ã.+(Á¾.Ã.0 ¾Ã;0.Ë;Ã%Á¹ ÄdÉ #(.» Ç, ÁÅ.2(;# LÉ;É2(É+ Ë»Á¾ LÉ;É2. ¾*û x`R LÉ;É2(;# Á.ø(2.Á¹ YÉ Á.#.2¾ ËÇ0.#Á¹ V.. 0.;#.à ,Çà 0.¾;(#Á¹




| shop-o-matIC

Roger’s Produce 314.962.9157 Webster Groves

RoGER’S PRodUcE As you drive by this bustling produce stand at Lockwood Avenue and Big Bend Boulevard in Webster Groves, brightly colored rows of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers beckon.

PHOTOGRAPHy By Laura Ann Miller

Roger’s Produce offers a steady stream of items year-round, with a great seasonal selection to boot. Right now, you can find homegrown tomatoes from Cape Girardeau, Mo., as well as locally sourced squash, beans and bi-color corn. And stock up on flowers, herbs and other plants – many come from Illinois. In the fall, you’ll see plentiful pumpkins. In the winter, you’ll find Christmas trees. And in February, pop in for


Valentine’s Day roses and chocolate-covered strawberries made by the owner’s family. Working from this location for 33 years, the small staff at Roger’s Produce is highly knowledgeable and can introduce you to new foods as well as how to prepare and enjoy them. They’ll even fill special requests for items not on display during your visit. Regardless of what’s on your shopping list, their overflowing bins of ripe fruit and crisp veggies will undoubtedly hold some goods you just can’t resist. – B.W. 625 E. Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves

| what we’re drInkIng


Following the same latitudinal parallels as Burgundy, Austria’s warm, dry, continental climate is just right for Grüner Veltliner, which is typically produced dry, without oak, exhibiting pronounced acidity and consistent minerality. Its telltale pepper notes are often accompanied by aromas of leafy greens, legumes and spice as well as modest citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Grüner Veltliner’s complex yet subtle flavors and high acidity make it a natural pair with food, particularly foods with understated flavor profiles of their own, like vegetable dishes.

Punkt Genau sParklinG

2009 Biohof Pratsch Grüner

Grüner Veltliner

Veltliner rotenPüllen

Weinviertel, Austria


Niederösterreich, Austria

Produced in Weinviertel – a region with specific areas allocated for sparkling wine production – this Grüner’s elegant bubbles accentuate its refreshing nature on the palate by underscoring its red-apple acidity, slight white-pepper notes and hints of perfumy pineapple. Pair with cauliflower-andCamembert risotto, buttermilk fried chicken or sea-scallop skewers with herb vinaigrette.

Aromas of flint, green pear and slight smoke present riper peach and grapefruit flavors, and a barely detectable residual sugar seems to lengthen its somewhat mineral finish. Pair with grilled pancettawrapped asparagus, crispy duck breast with pear sauce or steamed halibut with Thai curry cream.

$15.99; Ladue Market, 9155 Clayton Road, Ladue, 314.993.0184

$15.95; The Wine Bottle, 810 O’Fallon Road #60, Weldon Spring, Inspired Food Culture




| what we’re buyIng

Kegorators During prime backyard party season, there’s nothing better than an ice cold draught beer. Enter the portable kegorator. Best part: they’re pretty much a hit year-round.

– B.W.




| 1 | Krups BeerTender, $99.95; Crate & Barrel, 1 The Boulevard, Richmond Heights, crateandbarrel.



com | 2 | Vinotemp mini beer keg dispenser, $299.99; Best Buy, multiple locations,

| 3 | Nostalgia Electrics kegorator, $499; Home Depot, multiple locations, | 4 | Haier stainless steel BrewMaster kegorator, $825.71; Lowe’s, multiple locations, | 5 | Summit beer dispensers, $1,465 (tripletap) and $1,214 (single-tap); Autco, 11610 Page Service Drive, Maryland Heights,

Inspired Food Culture



Lake of th Oza e rks

4)61", '2!6+/ .120 "(&/ 4-1% 6+1 7() "60/-(1 ."2)/ 4'+7 '61 '2!$"$(/ 27, 31$*2-( 521-$(/ 47() ,6.#/ 245 Wheelhouse Court Lake Ozark, MO HH - Cherokee Road - follow signs 4 Mile Marker on the Main Channel


...and a whole lot more.

7811 Clayton Rd. • 314-726-2220

(3 Blks. East of Brentwood)

p•ª•§ Å…« ¦…wª…}¦wª ©Å•ª ©Å•ª, ª, †Å †Å«ª «ª ©©•„† •„† •¬•Å}¬§, R„„« ©¦•ª« ¦… Å •ª •ªÅ¢ Å¢ ¸¸))J ))J Õ¦¬¤ „wª…* G…¦‚zª ƒ¦QQÅ•, •Å…«R¦¬§ª•, ƒÅ•}Å Å…« R¦…¨•* •¦wª••ª •ª¢ª¬}¦„… „© ¬•Å©} ꪕ• Å…« ©¦…ª R¦…ª•* 6TwU 4QwSx“7 u 5QUx“7 ·¼¾ H„z}§ ™•Ã„• F¦}Ū ¦… }§ª IÅ•¤ Å} I¢z† —•ªª¤, r«RÅ•«•w¦¢¢ª

618-659-8561 ƒªª¢ƒ¦QQÅ*¬„†

Gift cards available 32


NOMINATED FOR THE WORLD’S BEST COCKTAIL MENU byy Tales of the Cocktail® for their Spirited Awards®




A B��emian B�str� �ith � Frenc� Qua�te� F�el


Weekend Jazz Brunch

Every Saturday and Sunday 'til 2pm Featuring Live Jazz Like us on Facebook

Visit. Taste. Enjoy.

©•‰ ••®©O

¼:;PQ7Q;SQ Ž::<5 k;R ®0Q;3 •9kSQ ¿0kNMkjMQß

3919 West Pine Boulevard • Saint Louis, Missouri 63108 • 314-531-7500 • Business Hours: Sun.-Wed. 6:30a - 11p • Thur.-Sat. 6:30a - Midnight Inspired Food Culture




Tom SchmidT

owner, FrAnco reSTAUrAnT

wRittEn by Catherine Neville

You originally wanted to open a diner? I knew I could open and operate a diner and that was something my investor/ father was pushing for also. When I found the location next to one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the country, I had a much better case as to what route to take. Part of my goal was to make this food that I love accessible and unintimidating to our guests. Where do you go when you’re off the clock? A lot of places. For food, The Good Pie or Mud House. For drink, Urban Chestnut. Favorite dish on the Franco menu? Right now it’s the pig trotters with green tomato-basil relish. If you were to open another restaurant, what would it be? Simple and pure small menu café with housemade bread and pastas, a little charcuterie, boutique wines and craft beers. Most interesting thing you ate on your recent trip to Cambodia? Fried tarantula. They tasted a little like soft shell crabs but were served with this chili, black pepper, lime sauce that was out of sight. Where else have you travelled recently? I went to Vietnam also last month and most recently to New Haven to visit Steve Crider at 2nd Shift Brewery. If you haven’t tried his stuff, you are missing out. What do you want to do “when you grow up”? My undying passion is to be the bass player in an ‘80s hair cover band. What’s in your fridge right now? Lardo from Salume Beddu, Extra Strength Dijon from Wine Merchant and bread from Red Guitar. Midnight snack? Steak ‘n Shake, my first love. Beer or wine? Such a tough call. Scotch. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? Burt Reynolds And finally … what would be your last meal? It has to be my mom’s chili. What challenges did Schmidt face when opening Franco? Visit to read more.



Franco Restaurant 1535 S. Eighth St., Soulard 314.436.2500


Franco is now 8. Not the restaurant, the little guy owner (and uncle) Tom Schmidt named his restaurant after. Franco the restaurant is 5; it’s been serving refined, yet approachable, Franco-American cuisine since 2006. So what does Franco eat when he comes to his namesake restaurant? “He and his brother Nico are both very adventurous diners,” says Schmidt. “They love the pommes frites of course (Franco got free pommes frites for life as part of the naming rights deal), but I think they are most enamored with the frog legs when they are on the menu.”

Theater the way it’s Meant to be seen... _Ï®©-y Ï~® «-~x¤-•-~( E- Ïz- -Dxz-•-¤C {¤-Ïy-® x| Ï~~|v~¯- |vz Æ$ÉÉ&Æ$ÉÆ •-B-•-y hÏ•©¤C <ª-Ïx-z ^Ï©~ =xÏ«- =-Ïy|~% <ª©y {z|•©y-y x| Î- Ï C-Ïz |¬ ¤-«-~®ÏzC xϤ-~x( Î-Ïvx©¬v¤ ®Ï~¯-( ®-Ïxª&®-¬C©~« ¬-Ïxy( Ï~® |z¯ª-yxzÏy xªÏx E©¤¤ xϦ- C|v |~ Ï ¨|vz~-C Ï~® Îz©~« C|v Îϯ¦ Ï«Ï©~% :- ¤||¦ ¬|zEÏz® x| y--©~« C|v |¬x-~ xª©y y-Ïy|~( Ï~® ¬|z •Ï~C C-Ïzy x| ¯|•-% Performance




e¤-~ ŽÏ•{Î-¤¤¶ <ª- e||®ÎC- <|vz

=-{% ·( Æ$ÉÉ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÀ%½$ A ÃÆ%½$ A ø%½$ A ÀÆ%½$

>©¯ª _©xx¤- yxÏzz©~« ©~ `©••C =x-EÏzx¶ • cv•|z|vy _||¦ Ïx c©y _©¬-

=-{% ÆÀ( Æ$ÉÉ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÆ%½$ A Ã$%½$ A û%½$ A À$%½$

Ž|•{Ï~©Ï h¤Ï•-~¯Ï `|y- ?|z¯-¤¶ eC{yC h©z-

@¯x% ¹( Æ$ÉÉ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÀ%½$ A ÃÆ%½$ A ø%½$ A ÀÆ%½$

<ª- ]Ïx©|~Ϥ •¯z|ÎÏxy |¬ xª- ?-|{¤-Ky >-{vΤ©¯ |¬ Žª©~Ï

@¯x% ɽ( Æ$ÉÉ

Æ } ¸ ?^

ÆÀ%½$ A Ƹ%½$ A ÃÆ%½$ A ø%½$

k® •y~-z yxÏzz©~« Ïy h•>

]|t% ÉÆ( Æ$ÉÉ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÀ%½$ A ÃÆ%½$ A ø%½$ A ÀÆ%½$

• Žªz©yx•Ïy ŽÏz|¤

•-¯% É&Ã( Æ$ÉÉ •-¯% Ã

¹¶Ã$ ?^ ƶ$$ ?^

É$%$$ A ÉÆ%$$ A ɽ%$$ A ɸ%$$

`vyx •~ @¤® hÏyª©|~-® Žªz©yx•Ïy yxÏzz©~« <ª- _-~~|~ =©yx-zy

•-¯% ɹ( Æ$ÉÉ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÀ%½$ A ÃÆ%½$ A ø%½$ A ÀÆ%½$

<ª- ^|y¯|E h-yx©tϤ •Ï¤¤-x {z-y-~xy Ž©~®-z-¤¤Ï

`Ï~% ƹ( Æ$ÉÆ

¸¶$$ ?^

Æ»%½$ A ø%½$ A À»%½$ A ½À%½$

<ª- e¤-~~ ^©¤¤-z @z¯ª-yxzÏ

h-Î% É$( Æ$ÉÆ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÆ%½$ A Ã$%½$ A û%½$ A À$%½$

<ª- <y¯ªÏ©¦|Ey¦C =x% ?-x-zyÎvz« =xÏx- @z¯ª-yxzÏ

h-Î% Æ·( Æ$ÉÆ

¸¶$$ ?^

Ƹ%½$ A ø%½$ A À¸%½$ A ½»%½$

^Ïz% ¸&É$( Æ$ÉÆ ^Ïz% ÉÉ( Æ$ÉÆ

¹¶Ã$ ?^ ƶ$$ ?^

É$%$$ A ÉÆ%$$ A ɽ%$$ A ɸ%$$

•{z% ¹( Æ$ÉÆ

¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÆ%½$ A Ã$%½$ A û%½$ A À$%½$


¸¶$$ ?^

ÆÀ%½$ A ÃÆ%½$ A ø%½$ A ÀÆ%½$

@~¯- ;{|~ • ^Ïxxz-yy¶ <ª- ^vy©¯Ï¤ <ª- _-xx-z•-~¶ a~ Ž|~¯-zx •-ÎΩ- >-C~|¤®y¶ •~ kt-~©~« |¬ ^vy©¯ } Ž|•-®C

=-Ïy|~ <©¯¦-xy Ïz- ÏtÏ©¤ÏΤ- ¬|z |vz ?¤Ïx©~v• Ï~® @z¯ª-yxzÏ y-Ïx©~« y-¯x©|~y% ŽÏ¤¤ ~|E ¬|z •|z- ©~¬|z•Ïx©|~‚

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WRITTEN By pat eby

|3| |5|

PhoTogRAPhy By Laura ann Miller






Kaiser La Forme Plus 7-inch Square Springform Pan

Calphalon Classic Nonstick Bakeware 9-inch Springform Pan

Nordic Ware 9-inch Leakproof Springform Pan

Wilton excelle elite heart Springform Pan (4-inch)





This pan wins hands down for its elegant design, great engineering and easy use. The clasp works so smoothly you don’t strain one bit. A tray lip on the base slips into the ring for easy assembly. A wide overflow edge catches small leaks. The ceramic, nonstick coating resists knife nicks and scratches, too.

This pan produced great results with baked tarts, frozen concoctions and savory pies. From its heavy-gauge steel construction to its easy-to-use clasp, this springform delivers good value for the money.

This affordable pan comes in several bright colors, each with a cream-color, nonstick interior. Pastry crusts baked lighter, without overbrowning. The raised-base design makes assembling the ring and base quick and sure.

Perfect for mini-tarts, single-serving ice cream cakes and layered-cheese tortes. The heart shape assembled easily, base to ring. The tension on the irregular ring shape stayed constant throughout. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, too.



Must be lined with greased extra-wide aluminum foil for squishy or slurpy baked dishes to minimize leaks. An extra hand would be helpful to guide the base into the slot at the ring, too.

The clasp is a tad light, and the action was rougher than most. The loosely rolled edges of the base caught eggs and cheese that leaked from a veggie tart. It resisted vigorous attempts with a toothbrush and skewer to dislodge the baked-on bits.


The dark color bakes a bit faster and browns the edges of the dish. But if you remember to lower the oven temperature 25ºF and note the time adjustments for baking, this pan should deliver great tarts, pies and quiches for many years. Not dishwasher safe. Pricey but good value for the money.

$19.99; Bed Bath & Beyond, multiple locations,



Soft-cheese tortes unmolded best when the pan was lined with plastic wrap, and baked tarts needed a spritz of cooking spray for a good release. $12; Sur La Table, Plaza Frontenac, Frontenac,

$9.99; Kmart, multiple locations,

This inexpensive pan worked best for ice cream cake. The 7-inch size allowed each softened ice cream layer to freeze fast. The pan’s small size allowed it to fit in the freezer with minimal displacement of foodstuffs. The cake stood tall because it packs to the top. The sides unmolded easily, without using cooking spray. CONS

To bake pie shells, cake batters and vegetable tarts, this pan needed help. To pull off a good pie crust, the bottom and sides needed buttered parchment liners. A crustless green bean tart needed a barrier of extrawide aluminum foil inside, coated with cooking spray, to keep the eggs from leaking out. The pan edges showed rust after just two uses. $7.50; Karen Ann’s Supplies, 11553 Gravois Road, Sappington,

$44; Kitchen Conservatory, 8021 Clayton Road, Clayton,


Ck pag out e

W hat to L ooK For : Clasp: Well-machined, solid clasps should glide open without shuddering and close down with an agreeable snap. Run your fingers around the edges of the clasp to check for burrs or rough spots. A strong clasp maintains the tension on the outer ring of these twopiece pans, so choose weighty over wimpy for maximum oomph.

more easily and make cleanup a snap. A caveat, however: Even recipes specifying nonstick springforms ask you to spray or grease the pan. Uncoated steel pans with waffled bases aren’t expensive, but they require extra effort, like lining the bottoms and sides with greased parchment to ensure a good release.

Materials: Look for a heavy, solid pan if you use a springform often, one that won’t warp or dent at the drop of a ring or base. An out-of-kilter pan won’t assemble easily, and a dinged pan might not seal properly.

Performance: Forget leakproof. Every pan leaked, some more than others. Stock up on extra-wide heavy-duty aluminum foil to double wrap the outside of the pan if you use a water bath. Pastry crust tarts leaked least, both the savory and the sweet. But cream tart batters oozed out. Use a rimmed cookie sheet under the pan to prevent burned-black blotches on your oven floor.

Finishes: Nonstick surfaces on springform pans release food

Fox run Kitchens 7-inch Springform Pan

Useoneofthesehandy 46! panswhenmakingthe sweetlysimpleSourCreamPlumTart inthismonth’s EasyEatscolumn. Inspired Food Culture



ON The shelf

BEER wriTTen By Michael Sweeney


The creator of and founder of St. Louis Craft Beer Week, Michael Sweeney is also the Craft Beer Manager at Lohr Distributing.

Award-winning sommelier and mixologist Chad Michael George is founder of Proof Academy, which covers everything from wine and cocktail list consulting to spirits and mixology education.

Green flash Brewing Co.’s West Coast IPA StYle: American IPA (7.3% abv) available at: Friar Tuck, multiple locations,; $9.99 (4-pack, 12-oz bottles) PairingS: Buffalo chicken wings • Stilton

what makes this a west coast iPA? The hops. hops from the Pacific northwest are usually quite floral and citrusy, and they tend to be more aggressive and pungent than european hops. green Flash has done a fantastic job showcasing these American hops in a beer i’m sure makes the whole west coast proud.

New Belgium Brewing’s somersault StYle: American Blonde Ale (5.2% abv) available at: deVine Wines & Spirits, 2961 Dougherty Ferry Road, Des Peres, 636.825.9647; $8.49 (6-pack, 12-oz bottles) PairingS: Falafel • Peppery cheese crackers

with the dreaded August heat now upon us, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and crack open a cold beer. And pale, golden beers don’t have to be boring. new Belgium Brewing’s take on the American Blonde is light and refreshing, but it has just enough of a lemony zip to keep it extremely interesting.

wriTTen By Chad Michael George

Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon Provenance: Lawrenceburg, Ky. (40.5% abv) available at: The Wine & Cheese Place, multiple locations,; $15.99

This new bourbon from the wild Turkey Distillery was developed by eddie russell – son of famed wild Turkey master Distiller Jimmy russell – who worked with his father on various blends, including russell's reserve. This blend of six-, seven- and eight-yearold bourbons is aged in Ozark mountain oak barrels with a heavy char that only wild Turkey uses. Typical notes of vanilla, oak, honey and caramel are present and hold up well in bourbon-based cocktails.

solerno Blood Orange liqueur Provenance: Italy (40% abv) available at: The Wine Merchant, 20 S. Hanley Road, Clayton,; $27.99

Only the finest blood oranges from Sicily are hand-picked for this liqueur. Three separate distillations, in small batches in a copper-pot still, take place before blending. First, the blood orange juice is distilled. Then the zest and outer skin are harvested, and, finally, Sicilian lemons are added to balance out the sweet nature of the blood orange. The high proof will lend well to mixing, so try using this as a vodka replacement in your favorite drink.

Nebraska Brewing Co.’s Infinite Wit

The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram

StYle: Witbier (4.5% abv) available at: Cicero’s, 6691 Delmar Blvd., The Loop,; $5 (16-oz draught) PairingS: Cacio e pepe • Marcoot Jersey Creamery cheese curds

Provenance: Germany (22% abv) available at: Lukas Liquor, 15921 Manchester Road, Ellisville,; $24.99

There’s something satisfying about simplicity. The act of using a gentle hand can make all the difference when using things like spices. instead of loading up its witbier with too much coriander or orange peel, nebraska Brewing co. has done a great job of giving the spices their due but letting the fantastic yeast strain do most of the heavy lifting.

Bitter Truth seems to bring us a new and interesting product every month, and that’s OK with me. The Pimento Dram is an allspice liqueur made with the finest pimento (also known as Jamaican pepper) and Jamaican rum. Allspice liqueurs usually pack quite an herbaceous punch, and this bottling is no different. Use sparingly in a cocktail to add some serious spice. This is especially useful in Tiki drinks that feature lots of booze and lots of fruit juice.


POUring wine PhOTOgrAPhy By ©iSTOcKPhOTO.cOm/LAUri PATTerSOn

WINE written by Angela Ortmann

STLwinegirl Angela Ortmann shares her passion for all things epicurean through her event and consultation business, which is dedicated to enhancing your food and wine experience.

2010 Bodegas Monteviejo Torrontés Festivo Provenance: Mendoza, Argentina available at: VOM FASS, 7314 Manchester Road, Maplewood,; $11.99 Food Pairings: Smoked seafood • Coconut curry • Greek salad

the white-grape counterpart to Malbec in Argentina, torrontés has enticing aromas of tropical fruit, ginger and white flowers. Fresh peach flavors saturate the supplebodied wine. A clean finish reminiscent of ripe grapefruit makes a juicy, mouthwatering drink.

2010 Domaine Lafond Tavel Rosé Provenance: Rhône, France available at: The Wine & Cheese Place, multiple locations,; $15.99 Food Pairings: Pork tenderloin • Salad niçoise • Salmon

there is something special about a region completely devoted to rosé. More rugged and robust than most pink wines, tavels are bone-dry with spicy berry notes. Concentrated color, intense bouquet, powerful flavors and vigorous body unite in this excitingly versatile wine.

2010 House of Independent Producers Chardonnay Provenance: Columbia Valley, Washington available at: Saint Louis Cellars, 2640 S. Big Bend Blvd., Maplewood,; $16.99 Food Pairings: Spaghetti alla carbonara • Chicken cordon bleu • Raclette

this washington version of a classic varietal is un-oaked, with the intention of emulating the Chablis style of Chardonnay. Fragrant pear and apple in the glass open up to sweet, tropical pineapple tones on the sublime yet subtle creamy palate.

Join Angela Ortmann and FEAST publisher Catherine Neville for a happy hour wine tasting on Thu.,Aug. 18, at Three Monkeys, at 6pm. RSVP to Inspired Food Culture



mystery shopper

Grandinetti’s Quick-Pickled Pattypan Squash By Timothy Grandinetti, Overlook Farm

Serves | 4 | 2 lbs 1 1 3 Tbsp 2 Tbsp 1 Tbsp 2 cups 1 cup 1 cup 1 Tbsp 1 tsp 1 tsp

yellow, green and white pattypan squash, cut in half white onion, julienned red onion, julienned dill kosher salt freshly ground black pepper rice wine vinegar maple syrup water mustard seed allspice celery seed

In a large mixing bowl, combine squash and onions. Season with dill, salt and pepper. In a sauce pan, combine rice wine vinegar, maple syrup, water and spices. Bring mixture to a boil; then reduce to a simmer. Simmer for 4 to 5 minutes. Pack squash and onions into canning jars. Fill with hot pickling liquid. Cover, process and store for a minimum of 14 days.

MEET: Pattypan Squash Pattypan squash. Aka white squash. Button squash. Granny squash. And custard squash. Why does it need so many names? Perhaps to highlight just how versatile this summer squash can be.

Stop by 40

What Is It?

Pattypan squash is another veggie that channels ‘50s-era sci-fi (remember the Sputnik-like kohlrabi?). Round, relatively flat and scalloped-edged, pattypans resemble classic B-movie flying saucers. Their green, gold or creamywhite rinds remain thin and edible. Their insides are white, with a mild, buttery flavor.

written by Russ Carr

tough portions of the rind near the stem ends. These “baby pattypans” can be steamed, sautéed and even braised.

How Do I Use It?

Larger pattypans (about 3 to 4 inches) are the perfect size and shape to be hollowed out, stuffed and baked. Thin, horizontal slices make for a pretty and unusual addition to a salad. Or they can be battered and fried. Larger pattypans also can be cut into wedges and roasted with other veggies, or skewered and grilled as kabobs.

Pattypans found at the market can range in size from about 1 to 6 inches (or more) in diameter. As the squash gets larger, its rind gets thicker, and its flesh loses more of its sweet, buttery flavor. The smallest pattypans can be cooked whole, although you might have to pare away any

Pattypans can be substituted into any recipe that calls for a different type of summer squash – even taking the place of zucchini in zucchini bread. Just remember to change the name to pattypan bread!

to pick up more delicious recipes featuring pattypan squash. Visit for information on its four locations. AUGUST 2011

PHOTOGRAPHy by Jennifer Silverberg

| Preparation | Sterilize canning jars and lids.

check it out!

Feast extra

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Although foam isn’t exactly a new concept – whipped cream and marshmallow are types of foam – the popularity of molecular gastronomy has brought this technique to fine-dining menus all over the world. At home, this gourmet technique may seem daunting at first. But simple foam made of flavored liquid and stabilized with gelatin is easy enough that you can whip it up and use it in a number of applications, such as savory dishes, pastries and cocktails.

When creating foam, there are three components to remember: flavor, texture and temperature. The flavor is likely the most important, as the purpose of foam is to add flavor without altering the dish. Foam is used in very small quantities, so be sure to extract as much flavor as possible when creating your liquid base. In this recipe, cilantro is boiled, steeped and puréed to get optimum flavor. Properly straining the liquid is vital to achieving the best texture. If any bits of food are left in the liquid they will pop the gas bubbles. Also, the mouth feel of foam is so unique it would be a shame to ruin the experience with bits of food that weren’t strained out. The temperature varies depending on the type of base and stabilizer being used. Since you’re focusing on a liquid base and a gelatin stabilizer, you boil the water used in the liquid base to extract the flavor and use cold water with the gelatin to allow it to bloom and release its stabilizing qualities. The liquid base must be warm (so reheat if needed) when the gelatin mixture is added to make sure the gelatin dissolves. The next step is to incorporate the gas. Most restaurants that serve foam make it with a siphon or whipped cream dispenser. However, an immersion blender works wonders, and most home cooks are more likely to have one of those in their kitchen. Even a wire whisk will do the trick. You’re simply forcing gas (air) into the liquid so that tiny bubbles form, leaving you with foam. The foam will rise to the top, with some liquid below. Skim the foam off, and you’re instantly achieving molecular gastronomy!

Chef Cassandra Vires received her culinary training in Houston, Texas, and has a knack for reimagining classic dishes. Her new restaurant, Home Wine Kitchen, opened recently in Maplewood.



Cilantro Foam

Tuna Tacos with Cilantro Foam

Yield | 4 cups |

Yield | 8 tacos |

1 cup ¾ cup 1 pkg 1 Tbsp

1 Tbsp 1 Tbsp 1 tsp 1 tsp

water chopped cilantro gelatin powder cold water

| Preparation | In a small sauce pan, bring water to a boil. Add cilantro, cover and remove from heat. | 1 | Let stand for 15 minutes, then purée in a blender or food processor. | 2 | Strain through a fine sieve lined with cheesecloth, and set aside. Sprinkle gelatin powder into a large bowl, and slowly pour cold water over it. Let sit for 5 minutes. Pour warm cilantro water over gelatin mixture. | 3 | Using an immersion blender or wire whisk, whip mixture until liquid has converted into foam. Refrigerate uncovered until ready to use.

1 Tbsp 2 Tbsp 4 12

| Preparation | Combine

ground coriander ground cumin chile powder freshly ground black pepper kosher salt olive oil 6-oz tuna steaks corn tortillas


fresh lime wedges diced tomato chopped lettuce diced mango diced red onion

coriander, cumin, chile powder, black pepper and salt in a small mixing bowl. Drizzle oil over tuna steaks, and rub them with the spice mixture. Grill or pan sear the tuna to desired doneness (2 minutes on each side for rare). Set aside to rest. Warm tortillas in the oven or on the grill. Thinly slice tuna and place on warmed tortillas. Top with desired garnishes and a dollop of cilantro foam, and serve.


Watch chef Cassy make foams from tea, cilantro and cinnamon in this month’s video. Scan the Microsoft Tag from your smart phone (get the free app at, or watch the video in the Watch & Listen section at

lϨªˆ« v††¬

vƒˆ‡ yÏ…L) ) Check Out Schnucks Cooks Videos For Tips & Techniques!

Our Schnucks Cooks how-to videos are full of tips and techniques from our team of culinary experts. If you want to learn more, check out our video library at You’ll also find a variety of Schnucks Cooks recipes for quick, easy and affordable meal solutions.

At our in-store Schnucks Cooks stations, our experienced Cooking Coaches will demonstrate how to cook our featured recipes and sample them for you to try! You’ll find all the ingredients and cooking equipment for each recipe next to our Schnucks Cooks station in select stores.

¥<9 9TVP;TØ R<ùÖ5< 1PUT< m=U 5P;7 <= >mOP=S ;TmVR V9P7;Ø 1P7P5 ùùùÔ7VR=3VO7V<<O7ÔV<>Q

Cobblestone Peach Crisp

A“crisp”is a dessert of fruit, topped with a crumbly sweet pastry mixture that is baked until bubbly, browned and crisp! We suggest ripe, juicy, homegrown peaches from Eckert’s Farms. Here are a few steps for a delicious peach crisp (see complete recipe online).



To make it easier to peel the skin from the peaches, first drop them in boiling water for 1 minute, then plunge them into a bowl of ice water.

Â)peaches Sprinkle the flour mixture over ¿) For the crisp topping, sprinkle flour and toss until well blended. and butter mixture over peach filling.

PHOTOGRAPHY bY Jennifer Silverberg



for Schnucks Cooks videos, recipes, locations, our monthly newsletter and more!

©2011 Schnucks

|3| Inspired Food Culture



The Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery Celebrating Our 26th Anniversary!!!


Now Proudly Serving Wine and Beer!

"Thank You" to our many Friends and Customers who come from near and far for a wonderful 26 Years!!! And our Heartfelt Thanks to our wonderful Blue Owl Staff for their Dedication, Loyality and Service!! with Love. Mary and Kim

Also Visit

Hearty Breakfast, Country Style Lunches and Fabulous Award Winning Desserts

Mary's Sweet Shoppe

118 Market in Historic Kimmswick, MO OPEN 10 am - 8 pm

Introducing the New Terrific Trio for only $12.95 Choose any 3 Items: ♥ Cup of Soup ♥ 1/2 Salad ♥ 1/2 Quiche Slice ♥ 1/2 Reuben ♥ Mini Croissant ♥ Slice of Pie

Featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel's "Pie Paradise"


The Blue Owl Sweet Shoppe 116 Main Street in Festus, MO OPEN 11 am - 9 pm Mon-Sat 1 pm - 9 pm Sunday



Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

Wine Pairing

Plumpjack Chardonnay 2009


Inviting aromas of warm apple and pear cobbler, orange blossom, cinnamon and hints on anise. On the palate, flavors of warm apple pie, pear, vanilla nad green tea give into a full and lush finish. The adicity is perfectly balanced.

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale Brewer's Notes:

Densely populated with flavor, 312's spicy aroma of Cascade hops is followed by a crisp, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body. This gives 312 a balance of flavor and refreshment that never fills you up and won't let you down.

17223 Chesterfield Airport Rd. Chesterfield Valley, MO 63005 636-519-WINE (9463)

Experience the Art of Sushi! All You Can Eat Sushi Buffet Made Fresh BUY 1 GET 1 FOR

1/2 PRICE! Does not include other offers! Thru Sept. 30, 2011

2009 Zumbehl Rd.

Bogey Hills Plaza near Dierberg's Supermarket St. Charles, MO 63303


Hours: Mon thru Thurs 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM Fri and Sat 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM Sunday 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

12644 Dorsett Rd.

2981 Highway K



Hours: Mon thru Thurs 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM Fri and Sat 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM Sunday 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Hours: Mon thru Thurs 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM Fri and Sat 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM Sunday 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Maryland Heights, MO 63043 FAX: 314-205-8837

O'Fallon, MO 63368

FAX: 636-272-8887

Celebrate National Catfish Month With Us Let's welcome new pitmaster Claire Maurice formerly of the Moonrise Hotel. A Sampling of Our Features: Fried Catfish in Crawfish Au Gratin Smoked Catfish-Orange Dill Sauce Honey Bourbon Catfish Thanks and Laissez le bon temps roulez! "Let the good times roll!" 44



34 Old Orchard South, Webster Groves, MO



This delicious plum tart has been in my family for more than 50 years. Originally known as plum Küchen, it’s a rustic composition meant to be served at any time of day. This tart makes great use of abundant seasonal plums in the markets, and it takes no time to mix up. It’ll become your family favorite in quick order.

Serves | 8 |


1 cup ½ tsp ¼ tsp ½ cup 1 cup 1 ½ cup ¼ tsp

6 2 Tbsp 1 tsp

flour, plus more for dusting baking powder salt butter, at room temperature sugar large egg sour cream vanilla butter or shortening, for greasing pan fresh plums, pitted and quartered sugar cinnamon whipped cream




| Preparation | Preheat oven to 350ºF. In a large bowl, sift flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside. | 1 | In the large bowl of a mixer, cream together butter and sugar until well combined. Add egg, and beat until fluffy. Stir in sour cream and vanilla. Fold the flour mixture into batter just until thoroughly moistened. | 2 | Spread batter in a greased and floured 9-inch cake pan or springform pan. Arrange plums on top of batter. | 3 | Combine sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over plums. bake 50 to 60 minutes. Cool slightly, and serve with whipped cream.


‘tis the season. Plums are at the peak of the season from mid-July through September. They beat blueberries in nutritional value and disease-fighting capabilities, are a great snack if you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, and are high in vitamins b and C. a good variety. The best types of plums for this tart are:


the more-acidic-flavored Czar plums; Avalon plums, which are large and juicy; and Victoria plums, which are the most commonly available variety. anatomy of a plum. Whether you’re eating or baking plums, choose fruit with smooth, blemish-free skin; a little give at the stem end; and a slightly sweet plum aroma.

PHOTOGRAPHY bY Jennifer Silverberg



JOIN US! rsvp: sChnuCKsCooKs.Com or ..

Join FEAST and the Schnucks Cooks team on Wed., Aug. 24, at 6PM to make the tasty menu shown above. Tickets are just $40 for a night of cooking, dining and wine. RSVP at


Present this ad at any Science Center ticket station for $2 off any full-price, general public admission to this exhibition. Limit 4. May not be redeemed for cash, duplicated or combined with any other discount. Tickets subject to availability. Coupon valid through September 16, 2011. Tickets may be purchased at any Science Center ticket station, Ticketmaster outlets, through or by calling 314-289-4424.

B3 Inspired Food Culture



Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves We take food personally. Good food is a fundamental part of what makes life joyful. When asked what their favorite food is, people typically cite something relatively simple: fried chicken from a tiny dive in the middle of nowhere, their mom’s gooey butter cake, tacos from Cherokee Street. When we sat down to discuss FEAST’s first anniversary issue, we knew we wanted to give our readers a snapshot of what makes St. Louis such an amazing food city. So, rather than doing a poll or a list of editors’ picks, we reached out to you, our readers, and asked what your favorite things were about the food culture in our region. It could be anything, as long as it was authentic. The FEAST 50 isn’t about the latest trends or the next big thing. It’s a cross section of stories and memories and feelings about food and drink in the city that we call home.


Niche – Mike, Ellen, Katie & Caroline Webber Who knew smoked carrots could inspire such devotion? Now we find excuses to visit St. Louis just to go eat at Niche again. Niche, 1831 Sidney St., Benton Park,


Local Booze – Catherine Neville, publisher Our cup runneth over. Here in the St. Louis region, we can boast a burgeoning craft beer scene, close proximity to a bucolic expanse of wine country and even a number of independent distilleries. Our



access to locally made – and very good – libations is practically limitless, with new players added to the mix constantly. St. Louis has always been a town that enjoyed a nip or two and these days, the dedicated locavore can proudly order inventive, high quality spirits, wine and brews made in and around River City.


B.L.A.S.T. at The Royale – Sarah Gamblin


Bill Cardwell – Jane Cannon Our favorite restaurant in St. Louis is Cardwell’s at the Plaza (with BC’s Kitchen running a close second). Anytime Bill’s seafood gumbo is on the menu at Cardwell’s, where we have lunch every Wednesday, we have a hard time resisting it.

[I miss] the B.L.A.S.T. (bacon, lettuce, avocado, sprouts and tomato), which is no longer on the menu at The Royale. I liked that this sandwich was something you could get that was a little lighter than a burger or the Dippy Melt (of which I am also a fan, so they had better not drop it from the menu or I will chain myself to the bike rack in protest). When I first met the B.L.A.S.T., the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was beginning a long-running love affair with the avocado, and the sandwich became a staple. I suppose I could make it at home, but having the sandwich in the atmosphere of The Royale made it all the more special.

Cardwell’s at the Plaza, 94 Plaza Frontenac, Frontenac, BC’s Kitchen, 11 Meadows Circle Drive, No. 400, Lake Saint Louis,

The Royale, 3132 S. Kingshighway, Tower Grove South,

The No. 14 at Mai Lee – Gerard Craft I like a lot from this place, but I almost always order No. 14. The Pho Dac Biet is rice noodles with combination beef.

ner, Bill Cardwell – Chef/Ow and BC’s Kitchen Cardwell’s At The Plaza

a has been a Cardwell’s at the Plaz ars. How do you favorite for many ye miliar to regular keep it current, yet fa rall consistency and ions, price point and familiarity of menu select urning, [as well as] our service keep guests ret cial needs, likes and knowledge of guests’ spe they love to the dislikes – from the table t are some dishes they expect. Wha

clients? I believe the ove

take off the items you can’t ever Our calamari, menu at Cardwell’s?

turkey sandwich smoked shrimp, smoked cken salad, to and Chinese barbecue chi you make on mention a few. What do at home are very a night at home? Nights cooking simple: a scarce lately, so I keep the st chicken or lamb chops. great salad, cheeses, roa

s’ tastes and How do you see diner Diners still want value interests changing? There’s a retro-withand variety at all levels. both food and beverage modern-twists trend in preparations


ng place now . What do you see as th e “next big thing” in th culinary wo e rld? I don’t kn ow

if there’s a ne “big thing.” Pe xt ople just wan t to be tr eated nicely, fed well and ha be ve a good tim e. Visit feastS TL

.com to read th e

entire intervie w.

Mai Lee, 8396 Musick Memorial Drive, Brentwood,



Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves


G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Co. – Florian Kuplent


Tower Grove Farmers’ Market – Sarah Sontheimer Growing up in a nuclear family in North County meant that the entire family ate dinner around the table at the same time every day. As a now grown and single woman, I occasionally crave the family dinner table. Lucky for me, Saturday mornings are never far away. Every Saturday at 8:30am, I arrive at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market. This market represents more than community to me; it has become a family. From the wonderful folks at Baetje Farms, who shape their creamy goat cheeses into hearts; and Ivan of Ivan’s Fig Farm, who tells you how to prepare his succulent figs when you have no idea what to do with them; to Brian at Kakao Chocolate, who remembers what you bought last week and asks what you thought of it. The list goes on, as every vendor I visit each week speaks with such love and care about their product. I see generations of families work each booth and groups of friends who are committed to real food sourced locally. These are my people. This is family. Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, Tower Grove Park,

I grew up in a small town in Bavaria with several local butchers, bakeries and breweries, so I really appreciate the variety of offerings in St. Louis. My favorite butcher is G&W. They have excellent Bavarian sausages, and the atmosphere of the place is great – they even hand out beer to customers if the wait is too long. G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Co., 4828 Parker Ave., Tower Grove South,


The Goody Train (1950s) – Rick Forrestal My favorite St. Louis food memory is when my mom would take me to my favorite restaurant, The Goody Train, for lunch. This popular, train-themed lunch spot was at 406 DeBaliviere Avenue in the DeBaliviere Strip just north of Waterman. Inside The Goody Train, you’d sit at an oval-shaped counter with a Lionel train track looping in front of you and disappearing through train tunnels into the kitchen. I remember always ordering a hamburger that would magically be delivered by an electric train, which would stop right in front of me so I could take my plate off the flatbed train car. Now, that’s personal restaurant service, delivered with a twist. 50



Family Recipe for Syrian Dishes – John Halaney My grandfather Moses Halaney passed this on to my dad. Usually this recipe uses lamb in Syria, [but] this is the American version. It is served with Syrian bread (thin bread), which can be purchased at Manzo Importing Co. on Devonshire Avenue. [We get] cumin at Soulard Spice Shop. Manzo Importing Co., 5346 Devonshire Ave., South Hampton, 314.481.5200 Soulard Spice Shop, Soulard Market Grand Hall, Soulard,

Charlie Gitto’s Downtown – Jennifer Oliver

| 10 |

A little over 10 years ago I went on my first date with my now husband. It was an allover magical day, but my favorite moment was when he took me to a favorite restaurant from his childhood. When we walked up to the door on those sparkly concrete sidewalks to Charlie Gitto’s Downtown, I should have known it was going to be a forever-special place for me. When we had our first son, we took him there to introduce him to our favorite place to eat, and now that he is 9 years old, it is his favorite too. On his ninth birthday we took him on a scavenger hunt all over the city that ended with Charlie Gitto’s. You should have seen his face when he was done reading the clue because he knew instantly where we were going! Charlie Gitto’s Downtown, 207 N. Sixth St.,

X T R Aalaney’s E T S H FEA randpa

or G f T lls! S t s a bage ro b a c Go to fe r o recipe f

Straub’s Chicken Salad – Rachelle L’Ecuyer

| 11 |

I have been a chicken salad connoisseur for years. It started with my grandmother. She and I shared a love of green olives too, and we would sit in her kitchen and put dollops of Straub’s chicken salad on top of saltine [crackers], crown them with a green olive and indulge ourselves. I lived in New York City for many years, and whenever I came back to St. Louis to visit, my father always had Straub’s chicken salad waiting for me. [It] is my favorite St. Louis comfort food, and I always feel like I’m home when I am eating it. Straub’s, multiple locations,


Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 12 |

Bissinger’s – Stephanie Re I love Bissinger’s chocolate. I love the fact that it has been a St. Louis classic for decades and that Bissinger’s never falters in maintaining and delivering wonderful chocolate treats for its customers. It is my go-to stop for a gift for anyone that is kind enough to invite me to dinner, for Christmas party gifts and for Easter bunnies for family. But most importantly, when I present the Bissinger’s boxes to my father and my father-in-law, their faces will break into their happiest smiles. (Each has a serious sweet tooth.) My father introduced me to Bissinger’s as a special treat when I was a child. I’ve passed the sentiment on to my daughter, and I hope the Bissinger’s tradition lives on for a very long time in St. Louis. Bissinger’s, multiple locations,

Dave Owens – Chief Chocolatier and Vice President of Taste, Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier

What is it about Bissinger’s chocolate that makes it so beloved? I recently had an older customer [say] that our chocolate “just tastes right,” and I think that’s the key. We source our beans from West Africa, where the beans yield a smoother flavor and a really rich, chocolate taste. There’s no bitterness with our chocolate, even with a higher cocoa content, and it’s rich and silky – just like chocolate should be. What

are some new items that you’re excited about? We just won a couple of sofi Awards for our Chocolate-Covered Wine Grapes and our Lemon Ginger Yuzu Gummy Pandas. We also have a new salt caramel: Apple Ghost Chili. It’s an apple caramel covered in milk chocolate and topped with Ghost Pepper Salt, so it’s got a good kick. People are enjoying giving that one a try. What are some unexpected – yet perfect – pairings? Turns out that pairing the Schlafly Tripel and the Kreta Olive Oil Truffle tastes like a chocolatecovered pretzel. Amazing. And, somehow, it seems that scotch and chocolate were just made for each other. Visit to read the entire interview.

| 13 |

Gulf Shores Restaurant & Grill – Kristin Brashares, online editor it to our plates, as well. And, even though we’re usually stuffed to the gills, we never pass on the ice-creamdolloped homemade peach cobbler.

My husband and I are seafood lovers, and almost every server in this Cajun/Creole establishment has waited on us at some point. We start with dinner salads just so we can savor the creamy, housemade Cajun ranch dressing, and we often split the traditional seafood boil Dump Dinner to satisfy our frequent crab-leg cravings. The kitchen’s rendition of red beans and rice and sweet corn muffins always make



At Gulf Shores, though, it’s not as much about the food for us (don’t get me wrong, we’ve never had a bad meal) as it is the good vibe. The über-friendly owner, Harry Parker, walks the rows of tables like the town mayor, dropping by each one not just to chat about how the food tastes but to have a genuine conversation. He and his staff greet you at the door with a sincere smile, and they send you out the same way.

Gulf Shores Restaurant & Grill, 12528 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur,

My First Filet Mignon at Petit Pigalle (1954) – Pat Piety

| 14 |

I tasted my first filet mignon as a junior in high school, in 1954, when my date took me to Petit Pigalle, a little French restaurant in the basement of the Windsor Hotel on Lindell Boulevard, just west of where Schnucks market is now. We were pretty poor when I was growing up, and the only steak I had ever tasted was round steak, but I fell in love with filet filet mignon immediately, and it was a symbol of elegant dining for me for years afterwards. The restaurant also served some divine pineapple fritters, fritters, which I’ve oft often en tried to duplicate but never quite got right.

¨¦ÉÉí©§ÐÉí ö§

>Š<\Y”œ7 ÇÐçÒ§¨ ™™_ ÄÇ §Òí Áö§ÐÄ ç©ö¨¨÷êíð ôííê ê©íí ©öÇçí òÒÐòÍíÇ

x ê©í¨Ò ê©ÄÉ §Òí êö©É òÄ©Ç ÄÇ §Òí òÄô ÁíöòÒí¨ø §ÄÉö§Äí¨ òÄËËö©ð ç©ííǨø ò¦Íí¨

•\‡”œ7 e‡•Š> Y’œ•cc”

í¥í©¢ ê©Ððö¢ j¦Ë¢ §Ò©Ä¦çÒ YíÁ§íÉôí© ¨Ò©ÐÉÁ ôÄÐË r Ä¢¨§í© ¨§í¤ r ‡¨Ò §öòĨ r ¨íöêÄÄð ¨öËöð ÒöÁÁ¢ ÒĦ©¨ 3ô ê©í¨Ò ¨Ò¦òÍíð Ä¢¨§í©¨ 1 ¨§íöÉíð ¨Ò©ÐÉÁ ɦ¨Ðò >Š<\Y”œ7ø •\‡”œ7ø Yœ><\”œ7ø Y<e”œ7

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ïôì ÍÐé÷ïéòò ¤¤¤ö¨¾¤Ð©í¨öòÄÉ

The Newest Winery in Augusta.

Noboleis Vineyards


100 hemsath rd. augusta mo 63332 Open daily until 5pm Music on weekends May-October 636.482.4500

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¢?=`ƒ y`ƒk†_„ƒ 4>_„?e^_ }`` e_ ^_ƒ C`†„ƒx +/'$ÿ*, +%. ")#ÿ& -)' )$/' (( 0/!'& - %e?„hƒ_@ - {†?h@ - }CC`e†_„ƒ@ - zƒ@ek_ - *_@?†``†?e^_

C,C($ Ñ›z˜‚’dc’e ³•ØÓ ²cØ Ôwb•dÓ ÑÌ *.$CC *.*Ø.&CØ&$&& ˜›•••’e›z•c‚w}fdwzؘw}

Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 15 |

The Hill The Hill and all its stories continue to be very St. Louis. From Yogi Berra to bocce ball to Rigazzi’s to toasted ravioli to fine dining; I think no place in St. Louis represents something as unique as The Hill. I have taken clients and guests there for 30-plus years, and everyone remembers it and enjoys. – Bill Sadler Rigazzi’s, 4945 Daggett Ave.,



My husband, Mike’s, aha! moment as we split dessert at Gian-Tony’s: “Now I understand why people love tiramisu.” – Ellen Webber Gian-Tony’s, 5356 Daggett Ave.,

Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 16 |

Beers at the Boathouse – Brandi Wills, managing editor I love summers in St. Louis, and not a summer has passed since I moved here when I haven’t stopped by Boathouse Forest Park to enjoy a beer on the dock. Sitting next to the water, looking out over Post-Dispatch Lake, where ducks dodge overzealous paddleboaters, and sipping ice cold beer in the hot summer sun is one of my own personal St. Louis traditions. Boathouse Forest Park, 6101 Government Drive, Forest Park,

| 17 |

Crab Rangoon From Panda – Lisa Ebert In 1984 I found my way to Ho’s Chinese food on South Broadway, and it was there that I began one of my longest love affairs: the one with crab Rangoon. Since then I’ve dallied with many restaurants’ versions of this delicacy (even making them myself in a pinch), but my recent delight came with the revelation that a serious problem had been solved: that of the troublesome sweet and sour packets. Crab Rangoon simply isn’t a snack that can be managed while driving. A few years ago, I moved to Kirkwood and discovered that Panda infuses their filling with a sweet ingredient that eliminates the need for dipping. My first love has evolved to better suit my needs! Panda, 487 S. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, 314.822.1088 56


| 18 |

More Vegetarian & Vegan Options – Clare Brady I love that food in St. Louis is becoming more diverse. As a vegetarian food blogger that has lived in St. Louis my entire life, watching these changes take place is extremely exciting. No longer do I have to lust over the vegan bakeries in New York City or the abundance of juice shops in Los Angeles. I can now name my favorite local vegetarian deli and know where to pick up a nut butter that was made in-state. It makes me proud of my hometown and gives me immense hope and anticipation for what is to come. For vegetarian meals I love OR Smoothie & Café, and for ingredients I love a little health food store called The Natural Way (pictured).

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Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 19 |

I Fratellini – Ellen Snyder It’s unlikely that many restaurants have more patrons with great stories of their meals than I Fratellini. It is that rare place that succeeds in being totally elegant and comfortably casual at the same time. Because of this delicate balance, it’s where one would want to woo a new love, rekindle an old one, celebrate an accomplishment or propose a new venture. Many regulars recognize each other week after week: They wear the contented expressions of people returning home. I Fratellini, 7624 Wydown Blvd., Clayton,

Companion’s Early Bird Outlet – Erin Husband

| 20 |

Located at their South City bake house, the Companion outlet has breads and sweets directly from the bakery at a discount. It’s the place to get the best artisanal breads at the absolute best prices. To make it simple, everything is sold by the pound. Regulars come by to load up on breads for the week, for dinner parties or for holiday feasts. And they have Goshen coffee to wash down those all-butter croissants! Companion’s Early Bird Outlet, 4555 Gustine Ave., Dutchtown,

Sasha’s On Shaw – Laura Miller At Sasha’s wine bar on Shaw, the atmosphere is nice and the manager, Tom, is a fun guy. He always remembers us and what we like to drink. So, myself – being a wine drinker – and my boyfriend – being a beer guy – can go to the same place and drink happily ever after. Sasha’s On Shaw, 4069 Shaw Blvd., Tower Grove,



| 21 |

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df‡I IHŠÁ lJnn} Iu{š¿M w—yzu˜— H—uyxš¿M {–˜—wx –{ Šu˜uxw

l–{š ux z{“–{™}

µ*§§§*lGa*ÁbˆŠ NNN)wyzuw“zš˜™)zy˜

The Lodge at Pere Marquette

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W W W. C A S T L E R O C K R E M O D E L I N G . C O M Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 22 |

Road Trip to Collinsville – Pat Eby

I love making a road trip to Collinsville, early morning, during the first weeks of July, with a big cooler and some ice. I buy two dozen ears of just-picked-that-morning corn from the Keller Farms stand. I pack the ears in the cooler and run down the road to J.R. Kelly, where I pick up a sampler pack of horseradish, cocktail sauce, horseradish sauce and horseradish mustard. Then a stop at the Fournie Farms stand for tomatoes, sweet Italian roasting peppers, zucchini, summer squash and whatever else looks good. Keller Farms, 435 S. Bluff Road, J.R. Kelly, 703 S. Bluff Road, Fournie Farms, 925 McDonough Lake Road, 618.344.8527

| 23 |

Dr. Jazz – Denise Mussman My favorite local restaurant is Dr. Jazz. This family-owned and -run restaurant is friendly and fun. The decor is cute – World’s Fair era with a real old-fashioned soda fountain. They serve the best hamburgers, and I like mine with sweet potato fries and a chocolate shake. My teenage daughter meets her friends there every Wednesday to work on math and gossip over fries. On Fridays I stop by after school with my daughters and treat myself to beignets, better than the ones at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Or I have a scoop of Coconut Joy ice cream, my favorite flavor, the first to beat chocolate. Dr. Jazz, 29 N. Gore Ave., Webster Groves, 60


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›N:N ›NKKO7 ›fMO90O7 ¬953 ° LÄ×ÑÑÑ Õ Ã|^0G F¯Á®ª¼Â ËÉ. –îççõÉ îÇ ÐΪ 2 Ð2ÄîÎÐ2çç¨ ùõÉÄî—õ÷ ÕÉÄõ—çç ¤©ÌõÉÄ dÉ2îÐõÉ. dðîÇ ùõÉÄî—ù2ÄîÎÐ 2çç뻂 ðõÉ ÄÎ ÄÉ2îÐ óõççΪ Ìð¨Çîùî2ÐÇ óÉÎÒ 2ÉÎÁÐ÷ Äðõ ùÎÁÐÄɨ îÐ Äðõ ÁÇõ Îó ÕÉÄõ—çç.

)’YY Ã( k2+ Î#fm+ È0mpc’Y ïøm4# &’#m( Ø^^W o‘¤

t,&,¦ o‘¤ v(&^•WW o‘¤

13100 Manchester Rd., Suite 250 Des Peres, MO 63131 314.543.4015 Just west of 270 on Manchester

�������� Rooted in the flavors of the season.

��� ���� ���� �� ��� �������� 9202 Clayton Road



| Inspired Food Culture




| 24 |

Duff’s – Heidi Dean

Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

My history with Duff Duff’s ’s goes back to when I was a pouty 10-year-old, newly transplanted to St. Louis and highly skeptical there could be anything good here. Duff’s Duff’s quickly became my family’s go-to specialoccasion spot, and when I was 12 or 13, I worked there as part of a benefit for my school. Students were the prep cooks, line cooks, waiters and busboys (and busgirls), and parents and friends of the school were the customers. All this because three of Karen Duffy’s kids attended the school (Crossroads College Prep, if you must know). I thought I was pretty cool, hanging out with the staff behind the scenes. I remember feeling at home in the kitchen, washing and chopping vegetables for the evening’s salads. Duff’s makes me feel that way to this day: completely and blissfully at home (but with cooler tables and chairs and much better food). Duff’s, 392 N. Euclid Ave., Central West End,


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Karen Duffy ’s Restaurant – Owner, Duff

| 25 | t

72 my firs its start? In 19 t e g ’s ff u D How did turning to the ildren were re

Monarch Restaurant and Southern Bistro – Lisa Triefenbach, art director

r two ch ve husband and ou had fallen in lo pe, where we ro Eu e. om fr s s State staurant ther ighborhood re ne nt ai e qu w e re th uis, whe with all flight to St. Lo r ou on at th an on the pl e It happened parents, a man y m t si vi to e saw were headed t End. Once w e Central Wes th t ou ab us told e restaurant . We rented th ay st to d de ci ent. What it, we de stairs apartm up e th in ed liv space and e in the ‘70s?

Being from New Orleans, I’m always on the hunt for a taste of home, and I found it at Monarch Restaurant and Southern Bistro in Maplewood. Its Southern bistro menu features mouthwatering Cajun dishes like boudin balls and crawfish bread. Not to mention the praline bacon. You just can’t get any more Southern than that! Executive Chef Josh Galliano has a more than impressive resume of fine culinary education and experience under his belt, but all I need to know is that he worked for Commander’s Palace in New Orleans and I’m in the car heading for Monarch. Bread pudding for dessert!

k hborhood li was the neig e worked on w s A e.

iendly plac d It was such a fr ould stop in an rant, people w au st re as e w th g he buildin told us doing. One man e er w e w t ef ha ed a ch !” ask us w “Oh yeah, we ne e, lik e er w e and a chef, and w rs stopped in r chef. Neighbo ou e m em ca th be of he e So and som construction, e th h it w e us v a helped aiters. How h and became w er all ft a stuck around sh rant fre u a st re e th e you kept e menu with th ? We change th rs a e al y on se as e th ck the se always bring ba e w t bu ar s, ye a on seas at. And forward to th ok lo le op Pe . g favorites ’s been hangin ndan Kirby, who ager. an m l ago I made Bre ra 15, our gene as w he e nc si on around here next generati he brings the so s 30 s hi in ss He’s r busine . My unication to ou m m co d an s of idea t develops. just watch wha partner and I . tire interview to read the en m o .c L T S Visit feast


Monarch Restaurant and Southern Bistro, 7401 Manchester Road, Maplewood,

A Plethora of Lunch Choices – Jonathan Pollack

| 26 |

Here’s what I have when I want a fantastic lunch: Chori Huevo Torta plus a side of street corn at Milagro Modern Mexican. I would eat this every single day if I could, but then I couldn’t get the ham sandwich at Onesto. Oh, I left off the meatloaf blue plate special at Farmhaus! Silly me. Milagro Modern Mexican, 20 Allen Ave., Suite 130, Webster Groves, Onesto, 5401 Finkman St., Princeton Heights, Farmhaus, 3257 Ivanhoe Ave., Lindenwood Park,

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Inspired Food Culture




| 27 |

LeGrand’s – Matt Seiter

Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

Best brats and deli sandwiches in the city. [Forget] the ballpark; go here for brats and sandwiches or any other meats. LeGrand’s, 4414 Donovan Ave., St. Louis Hills,

Ted Drewes – Ellen Webber

| 28 |

I will never forget my 3-year-old daughter’s stunned expression as the soda jerk at Ted Drewes handed her dessert to her upside-down. And her smile as she took her first spoonful. Ted Drewes, multiple locations,


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599St.Denis Florissant,MO



.d ß'é ?.%^(î E0kéþ

·Ä¾ ß.%'` ?^0h™f*b` " ÂÇÀëµµÂë¾¾¹æ â%›[^'ó ß^0kf Ç·¹Ç

ß›'é Çæë¾³Âæ " ß%0é ÇÄë¾ " <.0é ÇæëÀ ÷÷÷éd.*(`›÷(ék.3

11769 Manchester Rd • Des Peres, MO • 63131 314-966-0800 Good Life Inside and Out

In Des Peres Commons next to Ace Hardware Mon - Fri 10am-7pm • Sat 9am-5pm • Sun 10am-5pm

221 Lamp & Lantern Village • Town & Country, MO • 63017


Inside Rick's Ace Hardware Mon - Fri 7:30am-9pm • Sat 7:30am-7pm • Sun 9am-6pm Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 29 |

Beef kabobs at Café Natasha’s Kabob International

| 30 |

Rosalie’s Red Sauce – William Harpole

If Rosalie’s red sauce Italian pasta disappeared, I would be upset. She cooks the best Italian food ever. Her cookbook, Rosalie Serving Italian, shows people how to cook great food that is as good if not better than famous restaurants’.

Catherine Neville, publisher

Whenever I want to give myself over to a plate of comfort food, I head to Café Natasha’s Kabob International and order the beef kabobs, medium rare, with Feta-topped salad and raisin-lentil rice. I cut the charbroiled tomato and a pat of butter into the steaming rice and sprinkle everything with a generous dose of Burgundy-hued Sumac. Persian cuisine may seem an odd choice for comfort food, but my family lived in Ankara, Turkey, for two years during my Air-Force-brat youth. The time I spent in Turkey was central in forming my love of exploring life through great food, and, to this day, savory Middle Eastern cooking seduces me completely. I once asked owner Hamish Bahrami how she made that beef so insanely tender and flavorful, and she just smiled sweetly and told me it was a secret. No matter. I’d rather sit in the warmth of Café Natasha’s colorful dining room, visit with the Bahrami family and dig into dish after dish of good eats. Café Natasha’s Kabob International, 3200 S. Grand Blvd., South Grand,

Harvest – Sarah Sontheimer

| 31 |

I remember the day I became a “foodie.” My husband, Colin, and I had been living off of pizza delivery and macaroni and cheese. I knew there was more out there but didn’t know how to approach it. Until the day his boss, Jeff, invited us to dinner at Harvest. Just sitting there was intimidating, and we deferred all of our appetizer selections (one per person – unheard of!) to Jeff, who ordered the mussels. Colin and I looked at each other, not knowing what to do with them. We waited for Jeff to begin eating so we could mirror his actions. With hesitation we picked up our own mussel shells, and our lives changed. I remember every bite, every taste, of that dinner at Harvest. My entrée was a beautiful halibut fillet that was meaty and delicate at the same time. Dessert was the famous Harvest bread pudding. We became foodies that day … and it stayed with us. We grew and learned and enjoyed fine dining across the region and country. However, Harvest became our special-occasion restaurant. It was where we grew up, after all. Harvest, 1059 S. Big Bend Blvd., Richmond Heights, 66


Where Friends and Family Meet…

St. Charles Best Kept Secret... TUBBY'S PUB & GRUB Located inside PLAZA LANES has Steak Specials for $12.99 Tuesday - Rib Eye, Wednesday - Fillet & Thursday - Strip Lunch: Monday -Friday 11AM - 2PM Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday 4PM - 10PM


Eat In • Carry Out Banquet Facility • Catering Available

506 Droste St. Charles, MO



Family Fun, Parties and Leagues Newly Renovated Bowling Center

Experience The Allure Of Lavender Lavender High Tea Lunch this Autumn at Winding Brook Estate Lavender Farm. Visit our website for the menu, dates, details and to make a reservation (required).

Sample Saturdays August 13 & 20 Lavender Farm/Shoppe - Open Wed. thru Sun. 10 to 4

3 Winding Brook Estate Drive, Eureka, Missouri 63025


Experience the Best...

Voted Best Fried Chicken by The St. Louis Post Dispatch in 2010 114 W. Mill St., Waterloo, IL 62298 618.939.9933

The True Tea Lovers Store…

More and more tea lovers are shopping at FEZZIWIG’S in Historic Lebanon, Illinois. It’s the home of Ellen LeafMoore, St. Louis’ only Speciality Tea Institute-Certified Tea Educator Specialist. You’ll learn about the healthy attributes of loose leaf tea, enjoy it in our alfresco courtyard or in our Charles Dickens Room. Take a tea class, enjoy a personal pot of tea and save with our everyday Tea Lovers Specials.

Open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 til 5 Sunday Noon til 4; Closed Mondays

Bring in this ad by September 3, 2011 and enjoy a FREE fresh-brewed personal pot of any premium loose leaf tea with a minimum $10 purchase of FEZZIWIG’S loose leaf tea. Limit one per customer, per table.

218-222 West Saint Louis Street Historic Lebanon, IL 62254 (618) 537-8422 Inspired Food Culture





Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves




MON 9-9, TUES-THURS 9-8, FRI 9-9 SAT 9-6 SUN 12-5

1000 N. Lindbergh (at Olive)



15763 Manchester (just east of Clarkson)


13384 Manchester Rd. (Just west of 270)

ST. CHARLES SOUTH COUNTY Regency Plaza (Bogey Rd., West of 94)

636-391-8070 314-909-7474 636-940-2244

6925 S. Lindbergh (Marshall’s Plaza)


... / 9-


>1 ' ) / 5 3 & $2 -*(1 3 & 3 . .8> 0 , ( '< 22

0 ' %


d ily an m a f Enjoy s in the patio r d frien nce of ou tcher i a ambi g with a p r u n seati gria and o tapas. n g of sa waterin h t mou

ue Aven l a r t Cen 105 34 N. n, MO 63 rant) u o Clayt 09 (Resta 9 9 63. 314.8



Jason Main at The Wine Merchant – Jennifer Johnson Jason Main at The Wine Merchant has a constant, up-to-the-minute pulse on new wines available in the St. Louis marketplace. He is constantly tasting and familiarizing himself with all wine brands available here. The Wine Merchant, 20 S. Hanley Road, Clayton,

Jason Main – Certified Sommelier, The Wine Merchant Ltd.

How do you stay on top of everything that’s out there? I taste, on average, about 60 different wines each week, both at the shop and in my local study groups. I travel to classic wine regions and major cities typically every few months. I just got back from Oregon Pinot Camp, where we tasted 300 plus Oregon wines. On top of that, I read everything I can find. What do you see as the “next big thing” in wine? On the red front, I see Washington state surpassing Napa Valley both in quality and price point. For white wines, get ready for Greece to explode on the market in the next few years. And then you have Chablis, which is custom-made to withstand St. Louis summers.

How do you guide someone who is just getting into wine? Don’t be afraid to like what you like! Liking dry wine doesn’t

om c . s a aTap n o l e Barc

automatically make you sophisticated; experiment with all styles of red and white. Read [the wine textbook] Windows on the World. With European wine and food, remember ... if it grows together, it goes together. Lastly, learn to serve all wines at the correct temperatures; it’s a really, really big deal. What are your favorite bargain picks for everyday drinking? Syrah, the underdog of the noble red grapes. 2009 in the Northern Rhône valley is the greatest vintage since 1976, and the only red grape allowed there is Syrah! Freshly cracked peppercorns, bacon fat and cut lavender. Delicious! Visit to read our entire interview with Main.

| 32 |




| 33 |

|1| Serves

in eray g d Tanqu e, juice g z o n a or 1½ blood p syru ½ simple o c c ¾ oz e rnish os , f or ga h pr range o 1 splas d o blo 1 slice

The Italian 75 at Cielo – Jennifer Johnson

e. Add r with ic e k a h s ktail . Stir ill a coc le syrup p ion | F t im a s ith r a d p | Pre filled w ice an ange ju il glass r a o t k d c o o h with a oac gin, blo . Garnis rain int t o c S . c d e s le il pro until ch op with e, and t ic d e h crus lice. t., range s o d o lo N. 2nd S b is, 999 u o L . t lS /dining ns Hote /stlouis o s m a o e .c S s our son oursea Cielo, F nding, f a L ’s e Lacled

| 34 |

Chicken wings at Pi – Chad Michael George I crave Pi’s chicken wings. Most underrated in the city. Pi Pizzeria, multiple locations, Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

The stretch of Olive Boulevard between I-170 and University City is one of St. Louis’ greatest treasures, our own version of Chinatown. There are countless grocers and restaurants that line the strip, with tattoo and beauty parlors sprinkled in between. Royal Chinese Barbecue offers traditional Chinese fare set in a nice, brightly lit storefront. From the moment you walk in, with the Peking ducks dangling in the window to the kitchen, you know you are in for a treat. What sets Lu Lu Seafood apart is their dim sum, offered every Saturday and Sunday for lunch. Small carts of steamed buns, dumplings and turnovers containing everything from meats to seafood and vegetables are offered. The tea is included, and you can find something for everyone at a dim sum meal at Lu Lu; just make sure to save room for dessert. The final piece to the puzzle along Olive is the many Asian specialty shops. Everything from crab Rangoon and egg rolls to fruits and vegetables many of us have never seen before; you can find all the Asian delicacies you can imagine here. – Jamey Tochtrop Royal Chinese Barbecue, 8406 Olive Blvd., Olivette, 314.991.1888 Lu Lu Seafood, 8224 Olive Blvd., University City,

| 35 |

Olive Boulevard

I hate to give away the best-kept secret in St. Louis in fear that I may never get a seat again, but here it goes: Pho Long. Long, a smiley, inviting gentleman who often greets you at the door, serves the most amazing pho. Lately, my favorite soup is Mien Chay Pho, which is packed with tofu, veggie meats and vegetables resting in a bed of glass noodles simmering in homemade broth that is made from a 60-year-old secret family recipe passed down to Long by his mother from Ca Mau, Vietnam. The soup is served with a side of fresh herbs, bean sprouts, jalapeños and a lime for doctoring it up. Sometimes I’ll order the salt-and-pepper shrimp and toss it in my soup … purely decadent! My husband usually orders the Pho Tai Mem, thin slices of fl flank ank steak in beef broth, which he likes to sprinkle with a litt little le sriracha sauce. We spend at least a half-hour in silence, slurping our soups, occasionally making after “mmm” noises and smiling aft er the bowls are empty. As they say, you know the meal is good when the conversation stops – and it is hard to get me to stop talking. – Kristin Sharp Pho Long, 8613 Olive Blvd., Olivette, Olivette, 314.997.1218

Inspired Food Culture




| 36 |

Dew Drop Inn – Joe Middleton

Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

Lunchtime for me is usually right at noon, and my favorite Friday cod-lovin’-beerdrinkin’-good-ole-boy place is the Dew Drop Inn. I take the back roads to enjoy some cornfield atmosphere with the windows down in my F-150, reminiscing back to my teens when I spent most summers bailing hay, feeding cattle and riding tractors. At the Dew Drop, a tall oak tree will shade my truck as I’m inside eating. Cod sandwiches are the local favorite, unless you care for the walleye, which is breaded perfectly in a light dusting of cornmeal, salt and pepper. Contractors pay the bills for Dew Drop Inn, making daily stops to soak up the a/c and catch up on crops, weather and the Cardinals. Waiting for my food, I pause to say a prayer, a silent one, not just to bless the food but to thank God that towns like this still exist. Dew Drop Inn, 101 W. Main St., St. Jacob, Ill., 618.644.3399

| 37 |

Magpie’s Restaurant – Kristin Brashares, online editor This St. Charles eatery is the place you’ll find me on the first day of the year I can ditch my coat and boots and slide into a sundress and sandals. It’s also become my special-occasion lunch spot, the place I took my family to celebrate my engagement, treated my mom to a well-deserved Mother’s Day meal and rounded up the girls for an afternoon get-together. Located in the city’s historic district, Magpie’s outdoor oasis of lush greens and umbrella-topped tables always puts me in a relaxed, outof-town mindset, where I can escape the stresses of life and enjoy good company and great food. I always order a slice of the can’t-go-wrong quiche of the day and sometimes add what the menu proudly proclaims is the restaurant’s main draw: rich, creamy bakedpotato soup – every bite another thing that keeps me coming back. Magpie’s Restaurant, 903 S. Main St., St. Charles,



Eclectic American Bistro

Roxane on Meramec Offers Something for Everyone... Shared Plates, Seafood, Pasta, Burgers, and Pizza

NEW ORLEANS STYLE CRAWFISH BOIL Thursday, August 18th Make Your Reservations Now!

Visit our website for more information about Catering Services, Private Events, and our Happy Hours Specials and hours!


314-721-7700 12 North Meramec, Clayton MO

Interactive Mystery Dinner Theatre y)]0a ]0 &_]' ˜g c.) “Celebrating It's 25th Year” $ 00

This country's FIRST interactive murder mystery dinner theatre housed in St. Louis' OLDEST brick home - brings you a four-course dinner to DIE for! Celebrating it's 25th year, the Bissell Mansion started offering fine food with great entertainment way back in 1986. The same owners are still welcoming unsuspecting guests into their home every week for fabulous feasts and outrageous fun. Don't miss “Stairway to Heaven” - now playing in the historic Bissell Mansion.

“Stairway to Heaven”

Reservations are required. Call314-533-9830


.cc ,e) ,e)'.0 c.) &_e 3-'&e)- g]00e) &_e˜&)e Valid thru 9/30/11

$&GÁ J (Q&ïôZù Xü$( \$Â&ô$Â&

MMPH •WÛ2Wüü ’ü[ S ŒÍ[ ©ÙÉ(Ñ §§§[S(ÑÑ0üüÝWÛÑ(ÙÛ[4ÙÝ

Discover Your Heritage Taste and discover authentic German dishes and traditional family recipes reminiscent of "Bavaria". Celebrate your heritage, a special occasion, or just sit back and relax in a unique atmosphere. Quench your thirst with a large variety of German bier and wine, served with a hearty helping of Gemuetlichkeit- all to bring back memories of a wonderful place and time. +75" /6:7- "5"!% '.* & ,89 3086!*0% ) (087$ :"087.; ) 4!$6#: 2"1-$/"

Tues-Fri 11-2 & 5-9, Sat & Sun 5-9 &1&. -23;48"% 9<' / -6>2$:<6=+ 70 ,&)(.,,(1))1 / !$"5"!<$#*82'2$5

Ask the Bartender... 85 Lashes Rum 2011 Silver Medal Winner at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition! Matt at Sanctuaria Recommends The Man-O-War Man-O-War 1.5 oz 85 LASHES WHITE RUM .75 oz Lime Juice .5 oz Honey 1 dash St. Elizabeth's All spice Dram Procedure: Mix all in a tin, stir to dissolve honey. Add ice, shake, strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange spiral.

4198 Manchester St. Louis, MO 63110 314-535-9700

Inspired Food Culture




Our Readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 50 Food Faves

| 38 |

Entre â&#x20AC;&#x201C; James McAnally The chefs and servers for the Entre Underground dinners have revived the idea of a communal, creative experience around food. They take time to explain the decisions behind each dish, encourage a new experience and create a culture of alternative options to the everyday. Menu and location change monthly. Entre held their July dinner at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.



È-¨µœ ©¦ Ç ›¨| 39 |

The Friendly Folks at Local Kitchen Shops

– Brandi Wills, managing editor I know that all the best chefs will tell you gadgets are useless, that you can do everything you need to do in the kitchen with one knife, one pan and a single flame. But I can’t walk into a kitchen-supply store without excitedly ogling the wares. I could get lost forever in Le Creuset and rainbow-colored whisks if staff at both Kitchen Conservatory and Cornucopia didn’t guide me safely to and from the tart pan or canning set that brought me to the stores in the first place. Staff members help me find the best tool for whatever task I’m taking on and, of course, give me a heads up on new items coming in to check out on my next visit!

•6Õº¾À¾ Ò¾² Ò¶½Á Á·¿ 춰¾³¾Á²





>¾¹±®¾ Ó¾À¹º·¾´

Kitchen Conservatory, 8021 Clayton Road, Clayton, Cornucopia, 107 N. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood,

M@@ kC@


z6ÕÀ4 >º·º·¼ Ò¾²

}6Õº¾À¾ Ô±¾¾· D¾¿

Ú£“ š™–› ½™œ œ” ×– »£—œ




?c__\9<\? §µ ¢-¡¡ ¡- ¡

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ξ »Á°¾

ÐîÒAæ6;ìFÒÑîA ê;êæÓË ôæFê ÒÕFA;6Fò; Ñ;AðèæìæòË

¼’œœ– »™•œ Ú£““•œ”” ‘`ZZ ÎðË ÕFË êæÓ;I

Ä- ¬-µ Ÿ¢- µ ¡-¨-² ©¥¦ ¥¬ £Ÿµ¨© › «©¬ © -§¡ µ ®©¡²¥Ÿ¦ ¤¢©²-¡•


sKkIr GMMqAAAE ACAm ?Z32WvQQ >[p

_\\ fsKDo w„zV2 KF#v 8 `r h~9Q]y



Æ©¡© µ¦› ¥¬ ¥Ÿ¢ j ¨¥²µ ©¥¦¡ µ¦® §-¦ ©¥¦ ²¥®- æÇj ¥ ¢-²-©ž- µ ¬¢-- «©¬ 4 㥠¤Ÿ¢²ªµ¡- ¦-²-¡¡µ¢›4 =<p _\;c=

sKkIr AKMqGKmm

IEGm _v7[2[6.7Z

?7r cV9Z3X/yr 8 "X4V32y #Q0^r 9]~4 #14QV9Z279

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M@K ^U[ >U/Z32 ^vQQ !3p >~S] Do 27 aV^ @V0]43 a~QQ !4V0]B

sEKEr KMEq@mkG

i$c>:c}9 e<=p

sEkAr K@IqmAKK

%{4733 \47P l]9279 AQ~x~t 9]z2 27 j7Q^u3 jyP

Z7 3712X K |Q7{S3r _9 4VZX2 9]z2 27 #]^t

%{4733 \47P #14QV9Z279

#~2X 8 #]y79^t |]XV9^ a{!79~Q^u3r

EMG g3v/6U2 >[p

kmm "6PPZ3tZ _7p

^67 1W30 i3U kmqA O =v1 kmqE O =07 kMqE Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 41 |

Slay’s – Trudy Rahn

| 40 |

Growing up, we had season tickets to The Muny, and every Tuesday night we would go out to dinner before [the show]. My favorite place to go was Slay’s on Hampton Avenue. I would get the lahamishwee, a lamb kabob served with Lebanese unleavened bread. You took the lamb, onions, peppers and tomatoes off the skewer [and wrapped it in] the bread. Yum! I remember seeing Mayor Slay and David Slay working there when they were younger.

33 Wine Shop & Tasting Bar Jeff Stetner (pictured right) at 33 Wine Bar is always showing me new varietals, or new styles of wellknown varietals ... always trying to get me off of the Syrah kick! – Chad Michael George Andrey Ivanov (pictured below) is not only knowledgeable about wine, he’s a sommelier who truly understands and is passionate about the harmony of pairing food and wine. He’s excellent at this very difficult concept, which is really one step beyond your standard wine expertise. – Jennifer Johnson 33 Wine Shop & Tasting Bar, 1913 Park Ave., Lafayette Square,

Afternoons at Mike Duffy’s Pub & Grill – Matt Freeman I like to go to Mike Duffy’s in Richmond Heights any weekday at about 3pm. The crowd is light, except for some occasional early Cardinals fans at the bar. I tell myself I’ll be really healthy and order a grilled chicken Caesar salad and a cup of chili. Oh sure, I let them throw some cheese and onions in the mix, and I eat the chili with tortilla chips. The contrast between the cool salad leaves and the hot grilled chicken is so pleasurable, and the thick Caesar dressing makes me feel like I’m in St. Louis. Bonus tip: When you’re ordering chili and salad, you hardly have to wait for your meal. Mike Duffy’s Pub & Grill, multiple locations, 76


| 42 |

Swim in Style

THE 3RD ANNUAL CUTEST PET CONTEST Log on to, submit your photo and VOTE! THREE CATEGORIES: Dog, Cat and Other FOUR PRIZE LEVELS: - Overall Grand Prize Winner - First, Second and Third Place – all awarded in each of the three categories EACH WINNER WILL RECEIVE: - Photo in Post-Dispatch winner’s ad - St. Louis Cardinals tickets - Professional photo package from Jill Heupel Photography

Affordable Custom Pools & Remodels ~ Easy & Automated ~ Water- & Energy-efficient ~ Virtually Chlorine-free


JULY 25 - AUG. 8


AUG. 9 - AUG. 22


100% Financing oac

Beautify your pool & maximize its performance with an expert renovation or modernization! 20 10




Replace or upgrade your aging pool with new:



Photo submissions and voting are accompanied by a requested donation to Newspapers In Education (NIE), a literacy initiative of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF MISSOURI. Go to for a complete list of official contest rules.

Open Wed-Sat 4828 Parker Ave. St. Louis, MO

•&3 ¡••£ ¡••£//~¢„©z¢£ §e|œ‚¢||¢| |ze¡¡¢£ œ‚z• © €„eƒ€ ~¢£ ~¢©£b ~¢©£b//z• z•//|¢~d¢ §~•¥Ÿe~¢ §~•¥Ÿe~¢,, ‹:ŒŒm n~£¢~ b•e~| z•£©b dœ© ¢¢//ƒ©œ„’

:86ly¥œzb•¡ƒ©€„¢c••£,¥•ƒ ccc,¥œzb•¡ƒ©€„¢c••£,¥•ƒ) ¡••£œ¢

/ 0!@3<. CA&5$ ) A@:$

/ 1?A&89A@3 %&&: 3:$95$!C

/ -@CA@53A@>$ 3&:&! #?9!A' %:9CA$! ) %$66:$ 25@CB$C

/ =9:A C(CA$8C ) >@!A?9::( chlorine-free ozonators

/ *@6$!D:9CC %&&: !$%9@!C

/ =9"$A( ) 9?A&,3&>$!C

/ +5$!D(,$73@$5A. 3&:&!, changing LED lighting

/ -$3&!9A@>$ 3&53!$A$ decking

/ 49A$!, ) $5$!D(,$73@$5A %?8%C. 2:A$!C. ) B$9A$!C

/ 49A$!"9::C ) ;9A$! features

#1 - R a n k B u i l d e r i ne d P o o l 2003 — 2010 A m e r i c a ! Poo

l & Spa News


brochure, in-home estimate & custom plan


636.940.2169 1411 S. First Capitol Dr.

Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 43 |

Great Producers We truly have farmers, ranchers and artisan producers in this area that go above and beyond expectations. Eating local is no fad, and these are the people that make all of this possible. With unique produce arriving at markets year after year and the level of care taken with these products, to me this is what makes it so special. I can plan an entire menu with one pass through the Maplewood market on Wednesday, where I find find unique meats and produce that is not widely available. As a chef, this helps ease the daily menu preparations, but for the consumer, to be able to take these goods with little little manipulation and serve them to family and friends makes you look like a star. – Jamey Tochtrop Maplewood Farmers Market, Schlafly Schlafly Bottleworks, Bottleworks, 7260 Southwest Ave., Maplewood, farmers-market

I love the YellowTree Farm stand at Maplewood Farmers Market. I never know what they will have. This spring alone: redbud flowers, fresh bamboo shoots, Japanese herbs I’ve never used. I can’t wait to see what they bring the next week. – Pat Eby YellowTree Farm,

Justin Leszcz – Farmer and owner, YellowTree Farm

What made you decide to get into urban farming? The job I had before farming was selling Infiniti cars. My focus then was all about money, and I worked long hours away from Danielle. I decided I didn’t want that sort of lifestyle anymore, and that I’d rather be a farmer, and Danielle completely supported my decision. We were planning on moving to rural Missouri so that I could start a blueberry farm, but when we had difficulty selling our home here in St. Louis, we started exploring the option of staying put and farming



in an urban setting. We became really excited to see how much we could grow in such a small space.

And you began building the farm in your backyard? Our growing space is actually less than one-tenth of an acre, and that includes the yard our next-door neighbor donated to us. The only space not being used as garden beds are the paths on which we walk and the spots where our poultry roam. We grow in raised beds, and we grow vertically using trellises. Our front yard, our back yard - they’re all places where we

grow produce. We even raise bees on our roof. This year we’re leasing some land from a farmer in Fenton. We’re using the additional space to … grow other produce we just don’t have the room for at home, and also get a variety of items in the ground now to be ready for harvest in the fall. Can you give me some

fun examples of the unique stuff you grow? Cucuzza squash (huge, baseball bat-sized squash) is something every chef gets excited about once they see them. Szechuan buttons are always fun. We also grow many



RAISE A GLASS! We’re toasting to some of our readers’ FEAST 50 picks by pairing dishes from their favorite restaurants with wine and beer in our weekly online-exclusive Quite the Pair column. Check every Wednesday in August for columnist STLwinegirl Angela Ortmann’s three drink picks and tasting notes for: - Mai Lee’s Pho Dac Biet - I Fratellini’s Risotto - Duff’s Restaurant’s Blackberry Lamb Steak - Cardwell’s at the Plaza’s Seafood Gumbo - Charlie Gitto’s Downtown’s Lasagna

LOCAL FAMILY FARM 100% Grassfed / No Feedlots No Antibiotics / No Hormones Animal Welfare Approved Raised on Certified Organic Pasture Available Locally and Online


Whole Foods Market

1601 S. Brentwood Blvd. 1160Town & Country Crossing

Select Schnucks Markets

Support American Family Farms

Fair Shares - CSA

items familiar to Asian cuisine like purple shiso, shisito peppers, bok choy, tatsoi, Japanese parsley and mitsuba. Do you grow for

individual chefs or do you just plant what sounds interesting and go from there? Both, though there are

some items we’re growing this year that are specifically for chefs. We’re growing agretti for Gerard Craft, and baby carrots for Kevin Nashan. Salume Beddu selected some peppers out of an Italian seed catalog we showed them. Eric at Farmhaus actually helped us plant a bunch of leeks this season that will later be harvested exclusively for that restaurant. Hopefully he’ll help

us weed them, too. What will

I find at your Maplewood Farmers Market stand in August? Tomatoes (we’re

growing 147 different heirloom varieties), heirloom melons, three colors of cucumbers, summer squash, peppers, tomatillos, ground cherries, basil, purple basil, eggplant, radishes, green beans, and red yard long beans. What’s on the horizon? We’re planning on increasing the number of available CSA shares because our CSA this year sold out in only 24 hours. Interested folks can shoot us an e-mail with the subject “CSA 2012” and we’ll send them information on how to join.

314.966.1895 Electrical Repairs Plumbing Work Carpentry Fix Ups Painting General Maintenance Initial Home Visit $39 Includes Evaluation and 30 min. of work. All Work Guaranteed. Call Us For Anything! Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 45 |

Fritsche’s Creamery – Lisa Triefenbach, art director My kids and I stumbled upon this little gem just down the road from our house. The place is a frozen-slab-style, homemade ice cream shop called Fritsche’s (pronounced fritcheese) Creamery. If you blink, you’ll miss it, but it’s so worth turning the car around. (Look for the rainbow-colored umbrellas.)

| 44 |

Homegrown Cookbooks – Jane Cannon

Its ice cream is made fresh on-site, with no added preservatives or artificial flavors. And the mix-in choices are abundant – such as made-from-scratch cookie dough and real brownie crumbles. We’ve made eating Fritsche’s ice cream our Friday-night tradition. My favorite flavor? Black cherry with almonds. Fritsche’s Creamery, 231 Spencer Road, St. Peters,

I really love the vast array of “homegrown” cookbooks that proliferate among church groups, neighborhoods and organizations here. I think they tell an eloquent (and delicious!) story of what people in St. Louis thrive on. Editors’ note: St. Louisans produce a lot of great professionally published food books, including The Artist in the Kitchen by the Saint Louis Art Museum; Cookie Swap by Julia Usher; Herbal Cookery by The St. Louis Herb Society; Eating St. Louis by Patricia Corrigan; Will Cook for Sex by Rocky Fino; Will Cook for Sex Again, Again, and Again by Rocky Fino.

Rue Lafayette – Laura Miller Definitely Rue Lafayette’s quiche! They have a variety of quiches, and the recipe rotates daily. I’ve had quite a few, but my absolute favorite is the goat cheese and mushroom quiche. If I’m really feeling like treating myself while at Rue, I’ll also get a chocolate croissant. The chef definitely brings some classic French dishes to St. Louis. Rue Lafayette, 2026 Lafayette Ave., Lafayette Square,

| 46 |

Introducing Locker Lookz Unlock Your Creativity… Design Your Locker Now! Now at Sweet Be's in time for back-to-school

12027 Manchester Road Des Peres, MO 63131 314-835-1400

Express Yourself Now.

Experience Paris in St. Louis

Thank You St. Louis We

♥ You

Authentic French Croissants • Quiche • Sandwiches • Salads • Daily Specials Weekend Brunch • Coffee • Tea • Pastries • Wine • Beer • Music • Patio • Perfect View

2026 Lafayette Ave. (Lafayette Square) St Louis, MO 63104


In the Heart of Lafayette Square

Counter Tops Green Beyond the Surface. Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen or bath that makes a statement about your life? IceStone manufactures the world's first and only Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified high design durable surface from 100% recycled glass and concrete. OLL ¼["L"¼‰$ ,éc$îc QUOaGGUaUSQO ½½½_‰LL÷îúa‰gcec÷X^$_g"&

Our Tradition

Keller Farms is a large family-owned farming operation near Collinsville, Illinois. Located mainly in the American Bottoms of the Mississippi River Valley, the farm produces a variety of grain and specialty crops such as horseradish and sweet corn.

Stands are Open - 4 convenient locations

"Our Soil, Our Strength"

Collinsville, South on Route 157 just before you go into Caseyville on the east side of the road. This stand is open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm - 7 days a week. 70th & W Main in Belleville, in front of the Ace Hardware Store. This stand is open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm - 7 days a week. Route 50 in O'Fallon, in front of the Metro-East Christian Fellowship Church. This location is open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm - 7 days per week. Troy, on the corner of Route 40 and Troy / O'Fallon Road. This location is open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm - 7 days per week.

618-344-8623 Inspired Food Culture




| 48 |

Margaritas at BARcelona – Chad Michael George

Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

For happy hour, the margaritas at BARcelona by Ben. Only happy hour marg in this city that’s made right. BARcelona, 34 N. Central Ave., Clayton,

| 47 |

Hodak’s – Mary Schurk For me, one of the best food experiences has to be at Hodak’s. Any time of year is great, but some of my best memories are winter nights, waiting in line with a glass of Cabernet. The wait is no bother since the people watching is great, as well as enjoying the fowl décor. The melt-in-your-mouth chicken and fries are worth the wait! Hodak’s, 2100 Gravois Ave., Benton Park,



hen Strengtles Musc


Increa Bone Mses ass

Effective Laser Assisted Fat Loss • NO Exhausting Workouts • NO Risky Surgery • NO Crash Dieting • NO Pain or Downtime ✔ NO KIDDING!

I Lost 8 inches & 13 pounds in 23 days! "The program is fabulous, it's worth every penny." Angel K.

Impro Circulaves tion

#"&*9- /18)93)4 ' /.+.9= ,80)6. &! *%$$'#()& " October 13, 2011 Roundtrip Athens Interior Stateroom from Ports of Call: Piraeus (Athens), Greece; Kerkira, Corfu, Greece;

ight Lose We Min. 0 Every 1

Dubrovnik, Croatia; Split, Croatia; Venice, Italy; Ravenna (San Marino), Italy; Kotor, Montenegro; At Sea (Adriatic Sea); Iraklion (Crete), Greece;

$1,799 Venice Ravenna (San Marino) Split Dubrovnik Kotor Corfu PIRAEUS (ATHENS) Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece.


Dr. Lockhart, DC is so excited about her program, she is offering


To book your Holland America Line cruise today contact,

for those who qualify. This FREE Session is limited to the First 50 Callers, First come first serve basis.



17539 Chesterfield Airport Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005



>3% (;0)6 !#<%:72%#2$$ @ >3% ?.3.86 7!7%!25%"#$$ Prices are per person, cruise only, double occupancy for select departures. Prices are in U.S. dollars and include non-discountable amounts. Taxes are additional. Subject to availability. Certain restrictions apply and offers may be withdrawn at any time. Ships’ Registry: The Netherlands.Ships’ Registry: The Netherlands.

Chefs Who Give Back – Lisa Tyler Wes Johnson (owner of Salt, has a very sensitive side when it comes to trying to mold the future of St. Louis and our culinary scene. I have had the unique pleasure of working with Parkway School District to help them put together their “pro Start” vocational culinary program. This is a beginner program where kids start by learning how to boil water. At the end of the 16 hours, Wes had the kids in the class fl ipping eggs in a fry pan. It was great to see flipping the look on their faces when they were challenged and to see Wes get so excited about a project that he is now very passionate about. He also volunteers his time with school food service directors, coming up with ideas on serving fresh foods and how to make them much more appealing to the students.



Meet Chef Jeff Henderson

• Maine Lobsters • Jumbo Lump Crabmeat • Dry-Packed Scallops • Jumbo Shrimp • Smoked Salmon • Wide Selection of Oysters & Fish

Editor, America I AM Pass It Down Cookbook

Tom Delaney, DMD & Darren Bremer, DMD 1126 W. Pearce Blvd., Suite 110, Wentzville, MO Make your appointment today!



Now Open!

/ &'.! / $-).% / (01,*"+.+#01




Limit 2 Per Family. Regular value $99. New Patients Only. Expires 9/15/2011


August Specials Dysport $150.00 Reg. $300.00 Treatment Available August 20th Microdermabrasion Laser Skin Rejuvenation



Meet-and-greet with Chef Jeff catered by Sweetie Pie’s!


'3%04&5 ./(/21 *# 7 $6!

Reg. $195.00

$10 (2 drink tickets provided per person, then cash bar) Tickets: (314) 361-9017 or


Reg. 99.00 $

Metropolitan Cosmetic Laser Ctr. South County, 12670 Lamplighter Sq.

(314) 842-5600

Like Us On Facebook for Deals!

Admission fee required for exhibition entry.

Reception with Chef Jeff

Reg. $130.00

Lunch Time Chemical Peel

NY Times bestselling author and star of the Food Network's The Chef Jeff Project!

Expires 8/30/11


Sweetie Pie’s



An Afternoon with Chef Jeff

Cooking demonstration and lecture followed by book signing and food samples. Catered by Sweetie Pie’s.

+41/304&5 ./(/21 *" 7 '-)) Noon: Cooking Demonstration ,6!8 Lecture and Book Signing

Missouri History Museum

*84-1/ 654# 7 3+.'9 "'$2'%:: 7 !8)&1/84(084, Inspired Food Culture



| 49 |


Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 50 |

Cherokee Street I love the various options on Cherokee Street, from the tortas at La Vallesana, coffee or beer at Foam, to pretty much anything at The Mud House. Combining community with culinary options makes it all the better. – James McAnally La Vallesana, 2801 Cherokee St., 314.776.4223 Foam, 3359 S. Jefferson Ave., The Mud House, 2101 Cherokee St.,

Casey & Jeremy Miller – Owners, The Mud House

Give me a snapshot of The Mud House. [It] is a really happy place. Loud and rowdy sometimes, but there’s always a good feeling. It’s the kind of place you could come to alone and run into everybody you know. Silverware clinks on plates and the coffee grinder grinds and your barista is your buddy, not just the person making your drink. We want everybody to feel at home, like family. How does Mud House fit into the neighborhood? On one hand there’s Antique Row. Folks come from all over to shop here and we are lucky to be right in the middle of it. Shoppers stop in for a coffee and a snack to walk around with or lunch to fuel their adventure. On the other hand, there are the locals. I’d like to think they need us as much as we need them. Patty rolls up every morning and before she’s even in the front door I can have her skim latte and her muffin ready so she can get to work. How would you characterize the “scene” on Cherokee? It’s a really solid, grassroots community. Everybody looks out for each other. The street is crawling with artists, young families, musicians, hipsters. The list could go on and on. It feels like something is about to happen. How do you see the neighborhood evolving and changing? Small-time developers are doing their part. Rehabbers are scooping up property left and right and beautifying the neighborhood. Cherokee has a serious sort of draw. We (and so many others) are completely under its spell. And as it gains popularity it continues to feel safer. What do you think is

necessary to support and sustain the neighborhood’s growth? Being reliable. Being a part of a community. Talking to people. Attending meetings. Keeping this good thing going. 84


Visit to read the entire interview.

Tower Tacos is a weekly habit because they deliver Mexican food that you would have to go south of the border to match and the best margaritas in town (ask for a Frankarita!). They also offer off-menu treasures for the adventurous at heart. Frank and Flori take delivering affordable quality very seriously. Tower is off the beaten path of Cherokee but well worth the trip. – Paul Johnson Tower Tacos, 3147 Cherokee St., 314.256.1141

Inspired Food Culture




Our Readers’ 50 Food Faves

| 1 | Gregg Goldman | 3 | Gregg Goldman | 5 | Jonathan Pollack | 6 | Michael Feher | 11 | Corey Woodruff | 12 | Mark Christian | 15 | Gregg Goldman | 16 | Gregg Goldman | 18 | Jonathan Pollack | 19 | Jonathan Pollack | 21 | Michael Feher | 22 | Corey Woodruff | 24 | Mark Christian | 28 | Michael Feher | 29 | Jonathan Pollack | 32 | Michael Feher | 33 | Michael Feher | 35 | Pho Long dish by Jennifer Silverberg; All others by Mark Christian | 37 | Jennifer Silverberg | 38 | Jennifer Silverberg | 41 | Mark Christian | 43 | Jennifer Silverberg | 44 | Corey Woodruff | 45 | Jennifer Silverberg | 48 | Corey Woodruff | 50 | Jennifer Silverberg | On page 79 | Wine


Don’t miss your chance to interact directly with these professionals and mingle with your fellow food lovers.

photography by Wesley Law ISTOCK CREDITS: Avocado by LordRunar Chocolate chips at top of page by AmbientIdeas Chocolate chips at bottom of page by

YinYang Masking tape pieces by ranplett Paper clips by jondpatton Pasta by

eurobanks Photo corners by samgrandy Red pencil by PLAINVIEW Roll of tape by Knaupe Sauce spoon by sumnersgraphicsinc Scissors by rusm Shish kabobs by klikk Special recipe paper by hidesy Swizzle sticks by 001abacus Tomato by FernandoAH Train track by EasyBuy4u Wine glass ring by Akirastock

Feast Book Club Meet-Up Tue., Aug. 30, 6 to 7pm; Local Harvest Café

Join us to celebrate local cuisine with free eats, drink specials and in-depth discussion of this month’s book club selection, Feeding a Yen, by Calvin Trillin. Pick up your copy at Left Bank Books or at and get 20 percent off!

Schnucks Cooks Cooking Class Wed., Aug. 24, 6pm; Schnucks Cooks Cooking School $40, or 314.909.1704

Get hands-on at our monthly Schnucks class and make the plum tart featured on page 46.



Fine Dining & Cook Book Come see why the critics have awarded Stone Soup Cottage as... RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR WINNER 2010 b ˜Ö` ¶äÒ4Ú ³c:c®4æ> BEST NEW RESTAURANTS WINNER 2009 b ˜Ö` ¶äÒ4Ú •äÚÖb&4ÚâcÖA7 BEST NEW RESTAURANTS WINNER 2009 b ˜Ö` ¶äÒ4Ú ³c:c®4æ> Chef Tasting Dinners in Restored 1800's Farmhouse Thursday-Saturday Evenings One Seating 6:30pm - Reservations Required Limited Space Still Available for the Holidays

Stone Soup Cottage Cook Book: A Vignette of Seasonal Recipes

available for Pre-Order Available September 1. Call for details 636-244-2233 A portion of the Proceeds to Benefit the Boys and Girls Club of St. Charles

MMTM Ÿc- ˜ÖÝ>>Ö Z )äÖÖ)>Î4))>d ³Ÿ JRR]P JRJbTPPbTTRR Z ¯¯¯`ÚÖäæ>ÚäÒâAäÖÖc:>`Aäè

Weddings,PARTIES, Parties, Corporate WEDDINGS, CORPORATE

entre. EVENTS

We give taste and shape to your imagination.


The Premier Getaway Experience LANIER’S 2010

Tara Point Inn


Tara Point Cottages

AWARD WINNER FOR The Inn has “BEST SUNSET VIEW two Riverside IN ALL OF NORTH rooms plus the AMERICA” Delta Queen Suite. Suite includes Sitting Room & Whirlpool Bath.

Three Cottages have a total of eight suites, all have a den with fireplaces. Bedrooms all have king size beds & Whirlpool Baths.

Tara Point is located just 12 National Scenic Byway miles upriver from Alton, atop a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Many say it’s the most beautiful view in the Midwest. All Inn & Cottage Suites have great river Views.

Box 1 • Grafton, IL 62037 • • For Brochure or Reservations: (618) 786-3555 • Fax: (618) 786-3255

Lg+c&)/1ü) ‡\`$g x-2b Ò\/bÞ u\/b |/d Þ•)&1 Ò\&^ Ö'Ú

ÅÉÇ áî L\/+`))œ1( ã/œi Lg+c&)/1ó @è ÀÇÌÇà ÇÌÅðÃÉÌðÙH=O l/+^M`1gšœ+)(\îl/4

Ãëë áî L\/+`))œ1( ãiî Lg+c&)/1ó @è ÀÇÌÇà úÇÌÅø ÃÉÅðÇɽ½ 4œ+\gI)ðeg+c&)/1îl/4

ÉÅÉ áî L\/+`))œ1( ãiî Lg+c&)/1ó @è ÀÇÌÇà ÇÌÅðÃÉÅð½»»» $`1lg1G/)î/+c

ÅÌ» áî L\/+`))œ1( ãiî Lg+c&)/1ó @è ÀÇÌÇà ÇÌÅîÃÉÌîÉÉÉë eg+c&)/1š+gM`1cîl/4 Inspired Food Culture



ACCOUNTING/TAXES GET ORGANIZED FOR 2011 Experienced in Personal, Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping Perfect for small businesses or personal bookkeeping. Quickbooks knowledgeable. Affordable rates.

Mary Kraemer 314.801.1326 ACCOUNTS OUT OF BALANCE? QuickBooks help for small businesses. 18 years banking experience, 10 years QuickBooks experience. No job too small. Jane 314-680-2929



We Buy Used, Loose, Boxed, Tubs, Collections and Anything Lego. Call Tom 314-766-LEGO Vintage Toys Too! (5346)


BMW Specialist for Auto Body & Collision Work. Free Pickup & Delivery 314-773-6663

AUTOMOBILE & MOTORCYCLE STORAGE The Finest in Climate Controlled Storage Close to Clayton and Ladue 314-993-1330 or I BUY RUNNING USED CARS Get More Money Then A Tax Deduction Cash Paid On The Spot Call Sam 314-302-2008 WE BUY VEHICLE'S Car's, Truck's. SUV's Highlines, Domestic, Import Sell your car for cash today Call 314-960-4175 MERCEDES CL600 COUPE 1998, V12, 62K miles, Black, All Options, Excellent Condition, orig $138,500 asking $17,900 firm. 636-561-0770 88



RETIRE IN 24 MONTHS! Unique, Incredible Opportunity New Superfood Blend Go to website. Watch Videos Get on the waiting list now! Questions? 314-313-8237

PET FRANCHISE Owners of 2 Prime Kennel Franchise Territories. For Detailed Information and Locations of Businesses.

CATERERS / EVENT PLANNING PERSONAL CHEF OFFERING Catering Services for Small In Home Private Parties or Gatherings. Chef Paul Azkoul 314-607-9924 For creative menus and ideas go to:



POWER WASHING SAFELY Non Destructive to Glass & Screen Windows, Decks, Awnings, Gutters Siding and Paint. Chandeliers & Lighting Inside & Outside Drapery/Upholstery Cleaning Onsite Bright Cleaning Specialists Tom Novak, Owner 314-484-0128 ï Fully Insured ï Free Estimates

Home Helpers is your #1 source affordable, dependable care for all ages by compassionate caregivers.


Reglaze Your BathTub & Tile!

ï Back Splashes ï Sinks ï Colors Available & Free Estimates Contemporary Refinishing

Marc 314-520-0857

Affordable Cleaning for Any Budget

Housekeeping • Errands • Recuperative Care

AMAZING KITCHEN CABINET FINISHES Let us refinish your kitchen cabinet fronts with our elegant auto process Save money over replacements! 10% OFF NOW! Free estimates 636-537-1776


On Call 24/7 Insured/Bonded and Carefully Screened

314.961.1002 636.391.0000

HANDYMAN SERVICES LICENSED JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN 30 years experience. Excellent references and trustworthy. I can take care of all of your electrical needs. $40.00 per hour. 25.00 service call. Larry 314-609-1015 I live in Ladue

COLLEGE DEGREED CAREGIVERS provide care and companionship. Why accept less? A competitively priced option. Care manager/clinical staff available. AAA screened/bonded. Preferred choice since 1987. StaffLink/Gretchen 314-477-3434

ALL AROUND HOME MAINTENANCE Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Attic & Basement Cleaning, Hauling, Powerwashing, Gutter Cleaning & Repair. Insured. John 314-432-3232

VISITING ANGELS 24/7 Companion Care for Seniors. Personal Care, Meal Prep, Light Housekeeping & Peace of Mind. 314-569-9890

KEN'S HANDYMAN SERVICE Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Gutter Cleaning and Hauling. Over 25 Yrs. Exp. Ref's. Insured. Call Ken 314-567-6900 Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Insured & Bonded

RN Supervised • Bathing/Personal Care • Meal Preparation •



Outdoors Solutions

Landscape Design & Installation, Retaining Walls, Paver Patios. Drainage & Pruning

636-296-5050 Free Estimate

HOME IMPROVEMENT WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING 25-yr. Old Fully Insured Company. Sanding, Refinishing, Repairs, New Installation. Free Estimates. PROFESSIONAL FLOORS OF ST. LOUIS 314-843-4348

/(6 0224$'

/"%42) *"-)62)")72 %2)(1"6-() 2.&2%6$ !!!+2*)#".1"",")'('$0&%-/

5!3 ,,! !#,, /"%42) +22&2%$

SPRING CLEANUP 1.8$ >.72=89 - <%#@5" ,9.85?% - /2:@5" *985A@5" - /?93B@5" - ).#A@9@&8A@25 1850!38%. +.!@"5 - >.A8@5@5" 4899! - 489;! *8A@2! - +#8@58". <6!A.7! - <20('#80@5" FREE ESTIMATES

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Move In • Move Out

Mike 314-426-3838


TWO LADIES & A BUCKET Two Are Better Than One! Deep & Thorough Cleaning Service Please Contact Susie Duncan at: 314-229-1736

J. Graves Exterior Cleaning LLC Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Window Washing Fully Insured & Free Estimates Justin (314) 962-4220

Driveway, Seal Coating, Paving & Concrete Co. 636-271-0599 314-731-0805

Mike Hug - Owner

A+Rating BBB Free Estimates

PRECISION REMODELING Since 1990 - Interior & Exterior We Are Here For All Your Home Improvement Needs & Repairs. Free Estimates! Fully Insured. Call Bob (314) 799-4633 or Jim (314) 799-4630

314-255-9545 GARDEN SERVICES Design ï Install ï Maintain Years of Experience Owner and Operator Jim 314-497-2120 Specializing in Perennials & Annuals

JOHN'S SHORTCUTS Lawn Care & Grass Cutting Fertilization & Mulching Free Estimates 314-602-2757


Full Service, Insured, Affordable, and Experienced Dan 314-706-3201 PAINTER/PROFESSIONAL 26 Years of Experience. Interior/Exterior Painting. Deck, Dry Wall Repair, Wallpaper Removal. Free Estimates & Insured. 314-567-7957 or 314-629-7852 MOUNTJOY DESIGNS by Carey Johnson, Certified in Faux Finishing Techniques by Decorating Masters Institute. Call 314-966-6346 JC PAINTS Interior/Exterior Painting Reliable, Clean & Reasonable. Insured. Call John for a free estimate 314-703-2794

REAL ESTATE FOR RENT LADUE SCHOOLS Newly Remodeled, 3BR, 1BA, Private Fenced in Patio. Prof. Putting Green. Washer/Dryer. Two Car Garage. Non Smoking. Fully Furnished, complete with Cable, Internet, Phone, Linens, Cookware, Etc. $1500 Available August 1st. 314-993-5472


“Discounts Through” July 2011

Chimney Covers Brick Work Flue Relining Full Restoration Wet Wall Solutions

314.645.6496 636.391.2226

Prudential Select Prop 314-714-1100

LAKE MICHIGAN Waterfront Homes for Sale Go To or Call 616-355-6387 Andrea Crossman


ALL TYPES TUCKPOINTING Serving St. Louis for over 40 years Mortar Color Matching Brick Cleaning Bricklaying Stone Work Power Washing Caulking Waterproofing & Sealing

FAY FURNITURE 618-271-8200 AM

Written Guarantee No Job Too Small Credit Cards Accepted Insured DAN MILBOURN


BRIAN'S HAULING "U Name & We Haul It" 7 Days a Week - Same Day Appliances, Brush, Clean Outs, Demo, Basement & Garage, Etc. Brian 314-740-1659

TICKETS CARDINAL TICKETS Share Our Great Seats! Seeking partners for our 3rd base suite, Diamond Box and Infield Box seats. Call Jen at 614-218-3884


SCRUPULOUS CARE Tree & Crane Service

Stump Grinding Storm Damage

Pruning Licensed/Insured

Sam 314-330-9825

VACATION RENTALS GULF COAST HOUSE OR CONDO Carillon Beach, FL, Destin Area 3BR, 3BA, Beach House or Condo. Carillon has 3 pools, tennis courts and so much more! Avail. thru 2011. Call Dave at 314-922-8344 Great Rates. For Pictures Please Visit or /127089

$ CASH 4 OLD STUFF $ ————Light Hauling———— We Cleanup, Haul Away and/or purchase: Garage, Estate and Moving Sales! Also, Warehouse, Business & Storage Locker Leftovers!

ALLEN'S HAULING SERVICE 15, 20 and 30 Yard Trash Containers. Hauling Service. No Job Too Big Or Small. Any Type of Trash Removal. 314-621-0481 or 581-7274

4 GLAIZEVIEW ROAD Luxurious 4 bdrm/5.5 bath home on a 3.5 acre estate. JustAskBrianPasque 314-503-7510

(636) 274-1378 Insured


Call About

•Stone Retaining Walls •Stump Grinding •Bucket Truck Service

THE WELL BEHAVED PET.... For all your home training needs. New Puppy, Puppy Mill Rescue Dogs or Behavioral Problems. Call me, I can help. Laura @ 636-456-9993




GRASS ROOTS LAWNCARE Family Owned Business. Celebrating Ten Years of Exceptional Service Free Estimates 314-458-9560

MOST PERSONALIZED PET CARE SERVICE IN TOWN Dog Walking and Exercise Programs, In Home Dog Training, Housesitting, Grooming, and Pet Visits. Q Rescue Animal Training Available Q Insured, Bonded & PSI Member A limited liability company. 314-631-6738

T&J TUCKPOINTING Specialize in Chimneys All Types of Brick Work Powerwashing & Other Odd Jobs. 25 Yrs. Exp., Free Estimates, Insured Jerry 314-220-3584



Louis & John Murray, Kirkwood 314-479-4466



We Design and Install Fish Ponds, Waterfalls, Babbling Brooks and Plant Life In and Out of the Water.




RELIABLE LAWN MOWING Will Beat Your Current Lawn Service by 10% Total Lawn Treatments and Lawn Maintenance. West County. 636-530-1998 or 314-591-2787 Calls Returned Promptly SHEARN LANDSCAPING


REGENTS PARK LONDON Modern 2 Bedroom Apartment. Convenient for Museums, Shopping, Theater. Wireless Internet Access. Highly Recommended. Call 314-569-2009


314-772-0190 314-771-7622 FAX

20 Years in Business! 6 Consecutive Service Award Winner from '05-'10. Complete Tuckpointing and Spotpointing with Color Match. Chimney, Stone and Brick Repair, Waterproofing. Fully Insured. Prompt Free Estimates. A+ BBB rating. (314) 645-1387 Credit Cards Accepted

STEVE GRESS TUCKPOINTING Solids and Spot Tuckpointing with Color Match. Stone Basement Restoration..... and More. Prompt Free Estimates. Insured. 314-645-8991 or 636-947-2133 Member BBB MC/Visa Accepted



CHINESE ANTIQUES I AM BUYING IVORY - JADE - VASES AND JARS ART - HANGING SCROLLS CLOISONNE - RARE PIECES PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT LADUE LOCATION 314-503-4847 COLLECTOR WISHES TO PURCHASE Gun Collections â Old and New Antiques of Any Type Fishing Tackle Call Steve Lapin 314-571-9427 GUNS WANTED Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer Top Price Paid ï Any Condition YOU COME TO US OR WE'LL COME TO YOU 636-233-4544 Ask For MARK I BUY POSTCARDS! Stereoviews, Old Photographs, Documents, Letterheads, Movie Photos, Advertising, World's Fair, Railroad, Military, Political, Nautical & More. Mike 314-524-9400

Make a

s h spla

with a larger ad and land future customers!

Call 314/269-8810 or email

for more information Inspired Food Culture



puLL up a chair

curVY & STacKED chair WrITTen by Erin Callier

Reasonably priced and stylishly simple, the UV-protected Curvy & Stacked chair from twigs & MOSS is just like summer itself – relaxed, unfussy and beckoning you to enjoy a cool cocktail on the patio. $115 for one or $95 each with purchase of two or more; twigs & MOSS, 7715 Clayton Road, Clayton, 314.454.0447

For optimal late-summer dining, three local designers recommend outdoor tables to pair with this practical yet polished chair:

DuNe DiNiNg taBle

BamBoo Stick PeDeStal taBle

“The Dune Dining Table is a modern, mixed-material table, with a stainless-steel frame and a tempered-glass top perfect for seating up to six. Its modern lines allow it to be complemented by seating options of various shapes and materials while bringing indoor styling outdoors.”


“The textured bamboo base of this table matches the sleek design of the contemporary chair, and the glass top allows the base to be the focal point. This table complements either a contemporary or transitional design and will make your porch or patio a true extension of your living space.”

PhiliPPe Starck for DeDoN PlaY BiStro taBle

“This playful bistro table is sized for two on the terrace or four on the deck or patio. It pairs perfectly with the curvy lines of the molded chair. With a porcelain top and polypropylene base, shown in chalk and platinum, this unique and versatile table was designed by Philippe Starck.”

Frank Hasper, Crate & Barrel

Diane Fogerty, Savvy Surroundings

Dana Romeis, Fibercations

$764.15; Crate & Barrel, 1 The Boulevard, Richmond Heights,

$1,140; Savvy Surroundings, 9753 Clayton Road, Ladue,

36-inch table, $1,190; 24-inch table, $840; Fibercations, 7713 Clayton Road, Clayton, 314.721.9237


Missouri's #1 Automotive Group There Can Only Be One #1 Source, bureau of Missouri Automotive registration 2010.


G25 SEDAN, G37 SEDAN, G37 COUPE, G37 CONVERTIBLE, EX35, FX35, FX50, M37, M56, QX56





INFINITI West County


15736 Manchester at Clarkson Rd. • (636) 391-9400 • 800-367-2289 *Based On 2010 Sales Summary Infiniti Motor Division, Nissan North America

“Serisa” belted dress, $159.

Call 1-800-345-5273 to find a Dillard’s store near you.

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