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The Sunshine  Source Volume XIII Issue 1

June/July 2017

Sumer Service DCON Recap And much more!

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Governor's Mesage


Governor's Project


New District Board

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DCON Recap

12 - 15

Award Winners

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Summer Service

20 - 21

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Call to ICON


International: @KeyClubInt Florida: @FLKeyClub International: @KeyClubInt Florida: @FLKeyClub International: Key Club Int. Florida: Florida District of Key Club International

A Message From the Editor! Hello Everyone! I want to start off by introducing myself as your 2017-2018 District Editor! My name is Lamiya Kudrati and I am from Zone J Division 24B! I look forward to communicating with you all through social media posts, email updates from club editors, and of course, The Sunshine Source. I promise to use this bimonthly newsletter as a way to provide you fresh ideas in an attempt to strengthen your clubs. As we close off the school year and prepare for the next, I encourage you to send me photos and articles from your clubs' projects, especially those involving the HEALTH project! Be sure to tag us on social media posts, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, ideas, or suggestions! Yours in Service, Lamiya Kudrati 954-552-0510


Governor's Message Florida District, Greetings! I am beyond honored to be writing this message to all of you in The Sunshine Source as the new governor of our mighty, mighty district. Thank you all for making our 79th annual District Convention an unforgettable, beloved experience. I could not be more excited about this service year. One of my campaign promises was to attempt to make the district board feel more present for each and every one of our individual members. To receive updates directly from the district, text @flkc to 81010 or search for our class on the Remind app using the same code. Additionally, I recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel, FLKeyClub, as new content may be arriving soon. (Wink, wink.) I sincerely hope you will be joining us at International Convention in San Antonio, Texas if it is at all possible. You can find more information regarding this event under the "Events" tab of our website. ICON is the perfect opportunity to witness the vast scope of our wonderful organization as well as to develop even further into a passionate servant-leader. I have already glimpsed several clubs performing service projects under my Governor's Project, HEALTH.


Governor's Message Keep up the amazing work! I hope you all remain inspired despite exasperating exams, well into the summer, and throughout the rest of the year. I can not wait to accomplish amazing things with all of you this year. Feel free to contact me about anything! You are the backbone of this organization, and are bound to develop even further into a passionate servant-leader. I have already glimpsed several clubs performing service projects under my Governor's Project, HEALTH. Keep up the amazing work! I hope you all remain inspired, despite exasperating exams, well into the summer and the rest of the year. I can not wait to accomplish amazing things with all of you this year. Feel free to contact me about anything! You are all essential components to making this organiziation succeed. Yours in service, passion, and love, FelantĂŠ Charlemagne 2017-2018 District Governor Florida District of Key Club International, Inc.

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Meet Your District Executives! District Governor Felanté Charlemagne GovernorFelante@FloridaKeyClub. org 352-653-9929

District Secretary Joshua Gibson Secretary@FloridaKeyClub. org 305-733-1882

District Treasurer Angel Aguilar Treasurer@FloridaKeyClub. org 305-942-7123


Meet Your District Executives! District Editor Lamiya Kudrati 954-552-0510

District Webmaster Dominic Martinez 407-590-3423

Executive Assistant Jessica Mendoza-Velasco Executiveassistant@FloridaKey 813-326-4734


Meet Your District Executives! District Administrator Donna Parton 954-610-7172


Who's Your LTG? Ana Rios Lt. Governor 1A

Danielle Gonzalez Lt. Governor 6

Campbell Taylor Lt. Governor 1B

Sohayla Eldeeb Lt. Governor 7

Alexis Parks Lt. Governor 2A

Rowen Nardini Lt. Governor 8

Carly Hanson Lt. Governor 2B

Emily Burris Lt. Governor 9

Nicholas Ocampo Lt. Governor 3A


Robert Witten Lt. Governor 10A

Charitha Moparthy Lt. Governor 3B

David Bruno Lt. Governor 10B

Jenna Coleman Lt. Governor 4

Valeria Rios Lt. Governor 10C

Taylor Hansford Lt. Governor 5

Alexandra Stedman Lt. Governor 11


Baylie King Lt. Governor 12

Gabe Layne Lt. Governor 18

Jessica Ferrante Lt. Governor 13

Monica Ruiz Lt. Governor 19A

Vacant Lt. Governor 14A

Lisa Dong Lt. Governor 19B

Thomas Turner Lt. Governor 14B

Mohan Peddada Lt. Governor 20A

Gustavo Fernandez Lt. Governor 14C

Chantal Landron Lt. Governor 20B

Michelle Bonilla Lt. Governor 15A

Vanessa Paneque Lt. Governor 21

Noah Roth Lt. Governor 15B

Cassidy Carlson Lt. Governor 22

Vacant Lt. Governor 16

Siri Vizuete Lt. Governor 23A

Tara Garner Lt. Governor 17

Bailey Campbell Lt. Governor 23B

Robin Moscovitch Lt. Governor 24A Ahmad Hamid Lt. Governor 24B Eduardo Martinez Lt. Governor 25A Elizabeth Feldman Lt. Governor 25B Angie Pinilla Lt. Governor 25C Kyle Castellanos Lt. Governor 26A Leidy Pereira Lt. Governor 26B Jorgen Heilbron Lt. Governor 26C Greyshell Bent, Lt. Governor 26D


DCON Recap The weekend of March 30th to April 1st was one filled with excitement, enlightenment, and emotion. For the 79th year, Key Clubbers from all over Florida gathered at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort to commemorate the spirit of Key Club, while at the same time, bid farewell to the 2016-2017 Key Club year. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with various Key Families, participate in educational workshops, view the talent of their fellow peers, and most importantly, vote for the new Executive Board! While there, Key Note Speaker, Colin O'Brady, touched our hearts with his truly inspiring story, urging us all to follow our dreams and strive for our Everest. The final night of DCON was filled with emotion as we said goodbye to the 2016-2017 District Board, and welcomed our newly elected officials. DCON 2017 was an experience like no other, leaving us all refreshed and ready to tackle the new year!


DCON Recap




Awards and Contests Winners Distinguished Club Diamond Level Barbara Goleman High School

Hialeah Gardens Senior High School

Pembroke Pines Charter High

Manatee High School

North Fort Myers High School

Sunlake High School

Cape Coral High School

Mater Academy Charter

G. Harold Martin Distinguished Club President Hialeah Gardens Senior High School

Elizabeth Leon

Pembroke Pines Charter High School

Ahmad Hamid

Riverview High School South Plantation High School

Karisya Moran-Adames Daniele Tjon

Kiwanis Family Involvement Trophy 1st Place BRONZE division: North Fort Myers High School 1st Place SILVER division: Cape Coral High School 1st Place GOLD division: Keystone Heights High School 1st Place PLATINUM division: Mater Academy Charter


Awards and Contests Winners Major Emphasis Involvement First Place: Hialeah High School Second Place: Barbara Goleman Senior High School Third Place: William R. Boone High School

Oratorical Contest First Place: Landon Coles, Leon High School Second Place: Kyle Felter, Boca Raton Community High School Third Place: Kelsey Ruano, Barbara Goleman Senior High School

Malcolm K. Lewis Key Club of the Year Mater Academy Charter

Robert W. Thal Outstanding Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Key Club of Triple C High School The Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman

Key of Honor Dawn Campbell


Awards and Contests Winners Talent Contest First Place: Matt Walsh Second Place: Thomas Lightsey Third Place: Rehana and Sujena Koipillai

G. Harold Martin Fellowship Recipients Kiwanis Advisor Dr. Dick Reed Faculty Advisor and Kiwanis Club President Donald Myers Kiwanis Advisor Anne Marie Stopper

Distinguished Lieutenant Governors Division 14C, Ashley Johns Division 23A, Melissa Rowe Division 25C, Joshua Gibson Division 20, Noel Vincent Division 10B, Rabeea Rehman Division 4, Marissa Molloy Division 16, Sheana Ward Division 20B, Maria Landron


Awards and Contests Winners Outstanding Division Division 25A - Daniel Iglesias

Most Improved Division Division 26D - Jacie Mascarenhas

Congratulations to all award recipients! Your work throughout the school year was truly remarkable, and we hope your passion carries on for years to come! 19

Summer Service As the school year comes to and end and the long awaited summer vacation approaches, it's important to remember the possible service opportunities that can be completed in the summer! Here are a few ideas for service projects that can be done within your club, division, or community:

Beach Cleanups: Visiting your local beach with a group of members is the perfect way to perform service and bond at the same time! 20

School Supplies Drive: Ask students to collect on-sale supplies towards the end of the summer. Then, donate them to needy students in your school in the beginning of the school year!

T-Shirt Dog Toys: Have members bring old T-shirts to turn into dog toys and donate to your local shelter.


Soup Kitchens: Spending time cleaning or serving food at your local soup kitchen is a great way to give back

Staying Social Keeping your club up to date on social media is the best way to show off your involvement with service, while at the same time, staying connected with your members outside of school! Here are some tips to strengthen your social media game!

Have multiple outlets: People often don't have all forms of social media, so it's important to have different types of accounts (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to reach all of your members Maintain a theme: Not only will you attract more followers with a constant theme for your photos, but your account will seem more professional and established Don't be a ghost: Liking, commenting, and following back are just a few ways to make sure your audience knows you see their posts. Showing recognition will promote involvement from yourself and your fellow clubs

#KEYACCOUNTS @armwood_keyclub @manateekeyclub @ppchskeyclub @hialeahkeyclub


@hghskeyclub @wbhkeyclub @lrhs_keyclub @flkcdivision19b

@richardskeyclub @mtdorakeyclub @tpskeyclub @keyclub_wrhs

Are You Ready for ICON? What: The biggest event of the Key Club year! It's an opportunity to celebrate what Key Club does with more than 1,600 Key Clubbers from all across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Cost: Quad Registration: $865 Triple Registration: $975 Double Registration: $1,125 Single Registration: $1,600


When: July 5th - 9th Where: San Antonio, Texas Additional Information: Click the logo for detailed information regarding the trip!

Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XIII No 1, June-July 2017  
Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XIII No 1, June-July 2017