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The Sunshine Source

October/November 2016


Volume XII Issue 2


Table of Contents Topic Editor’s Message Governor’s Message Feeding Our Future Meet our Trustee Key Club Week Dues Club Spotlights UNICEF Holiday Service Membership Division Spotlight Kiwanis One Day DCON 2017 Higher Office Key Club Structure Kiwanis Family District Service Division Spotlight Social Media Contact Information

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Editor’s Message Leaders of The Florida District, I have continued to thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the events of your clubs through the update emails I receive. I hope you have all taken a look at the updated resources on Important information on Key Club Week, UNICEF, DCON, and many other areas can be found there in addition to this issue of The Sunshine Source. I am so proud of all the activities I have seen on the social media accounts of clubs from around The Florida District. Keep up the great work and remember to always #BeTheKey.

Yours in friendship and service, Jada Mohammed


Greetings Florida and Cayman Islands Key Clubbers, Happy October! Fall is my favorite season of the year because it means Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. All proceeds go toward The Eliminate Project, which eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus. I hope your school year has been off to a great start and your Key Clubs have been staying active! As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.” I encourage you to continue serving, especially through my Governor’s Project, Feeding Our Future, which strives to help the hungry and homeless. Check out the guidebook on Listed are a few of the goals The Florida District has for this year. Feel free to reach out to me through my information listed or social media (Instagram - @marthagracehagan & Twitter @h_marthagrace) with any questions or pictures. Thank you for all you do.

2016-2017 Florida District of Key Club Goals Service #FeedingOurFuture (Governor’s Project Hours): 30,000 hours Total Service Hours: every member to complete 20 hours (about 440,000 hours) ICON Attendance in San Antonio, Texas: 100 members Hold at least one service project in each division where both Kiwanis and Key Club attend

Membership Increase by 5% by the end of 2016-2017 year Charter New K-Kids and Builders Clubs Leadership Hold contested elections in every division Yours in Service Always,

Martha Grace Hagan

So many teens and children are impacted by homelessness and hunger in the Florida District. The person affected can be the person that you would least expect. That is why it is so important for our district to help wherever we can. It has been five months since we initiated Governor Martha Grace Hagan’s Project, Feeding our Future, and since then so many lives have been affected positively. Many clubs as well as divisions throughout the Florida District have participated and brought awareness to the problem at hand to their communities. Featured are a few clubs/divisions that are shining in this project.

Meet Our International Trustee Clifford Young from The New York District

Key Club International Trustees serve as liaisons between the District and International level. Clifford Young is the International Trustee for The Georgia District, The Caribbean Atlantic District, and us– The Florida District! Trustees are elected at ICON and assigned to Districts they will work with throughout the administrative Key Club year.

Clifford Young is a Senior in High School, residing in The New York District. He is serving his second term as International Trustee and has an enormous passion for service. You can meet Clifford at Florida DCON 2017 and ICON 2017.

It’s that time of year... What is Key Club Week? Key Club week is dedicated to promoting Key Club through our schools and communities. Each day of the week has its own theme that places an emphasis on service. Resources to help you use Key Club week as an essential recruitment tool can be found on The Florida Key Club Website.

Key Club Week! Icing on top of the Key Club cake.

Kiwanis Family month is the month of November! Start the month of by celebrating Key Club week with your local Kiwanians.

Getting Involved. Once you use the resources on the website to plan your projects, take a lot of pictures and post them on social media. Use the hashtags #KeyClubWeek , #BeTheKey , and #FloridaKeyClub to show off your ideas.

Dues News What are dues? 

District and International dues are $12.50 ($5.50 for District and $7.00 for International).

A Key Club must pay dues in order to be in good standing with Key Club International, be eligible for awards, attend District Conference, and more. Payment of dues to Key Club International is a requirement for a student to be considered a Key Club member.

Your club status will become suspended or inactive, requiring a reactivation fee to return to good standing, and will become ineligible for any awards, honors, or YOF or FLOF club grants if dues are not paid. Eventually the Club can actually lose its charter and have to start the long process of chartering once again. See for more information

Club Spotlight

A Successful Summer Sale On Saturday July 23rd, the Kiwanis of Greater Miami Lakes held their monthly Garage Sale. The Key Clubs of Barbara Goleman Senior High and Hialeah Gardens High helped organize and sell the merchandise as well as made PB & J sandwiches to be donated to a local church. The Garage Sale was a huge success with more than $500 and 100 sandwiches made.

Club Spotlight The Key Club of Naples High School hosted a Pi Day event at their school. This is a great idea to help your club start planning upcoming fundraisers. You can find more ideas from them on Instagram: @napleskeyclub.



Vacation, Family... Just because school is on break, doesn't mean service stops. Here are some fun and meaningful service projects to keep you busy over the upcoming breaks.

Puppy Presents. You can makes dog toys by braiding together strips cut from old t-shirts. Once you have your braid, tie a knot in the middle and on both ends. You can take these toys to dogs in shelters as a holiday surprise. If you want to step things up, you can make homemade dog treats from recipes found online. Be sure to check with the shelter first before taking anything for the dogs .

and Service! Hospital Caroling. Being confined to a hospital bed can be rough, especially during the holiday season. Ask your local hospital if you and your club can sing to the patients. Encouragement Cards. The holiday season is all about giving, especially giving meaningful gifts that make people happy. Get together with your club to decorate index cards and write compliments on them. Pass your Encouragement Cards out in a public place to spread the holiday cheer. Remember to spread the holiday cheer this season through serving your home, school, and community!


A message from the committee What is the main thing that drives a club? Its Members! Membership is the most important thing to consider when starting a club or keeping one club active. It is what builds our Key Club Family. Without members there would be no clubs, and without clubs there would no K Family! Some clubs struggle to keep members involved throughout the entire year. There are ways for clubs to keep members more involved and active. Informing your club about Key Club Week and getting them involved in the activities is a great way to bring some encouragement to your club. You can also hold a service project at each meeting to get more participation. Service projects are a great way to show members what Key Club is all about. Members are important, and active members are even more important. When holding meetings, be sure to keep your members engaged in the projects planned. When members get to plan projects, they are more likely to be active participants. Be sure to keep everyone updated on dates well in advance.

Division Spotlight Division 20B had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Project. Twenty Seven Key Clubbers made 180 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and donated them to a homeless shelter.

Starting this Kiwanis Administrative year, Kiwanis One Day will be on the fourth Saturday of October. The 2016-17 Kiwanis One Day will be on October 22nd, 2016.

"A good leader leads the from above them. A grea leads the people from wi -M. D. Arnold

e people at leader ithin them."

DCON 2017 2017’s District Conference is quickly approaching! The Florida District of Key Club International invites all of its members to join us in celebration and education at The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando from March 30th to April 2nd. At DCON 2017, clubs will have the opportunity to compete for awards, meet other Key Clubbers from the District, and receive vital training to help with the upcoming year.

Theme Reveal This year’s DCON theme will be Adventures In Service. The logo shown above features the four adventures focused on within the theme; Arctic Adventures, Tropical Adventures, Desert Adventures, and Seaside Adventures.

Be sure to start fundraising soon as the DCON date is fast approaching. Registration will close on February 22nd, 2017. Remember that fundraising now will ensure that you will have the funds needed to send your club’s members who want to go to this awesome service filled weekend with the best people, Key Clubbers. If you have any questions about DCON 2017, please contact the DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum or DCON Administrator David McCampbell. The cost of DCON is $275 for a quad room, $330 for a triple room, and $370 for a double room. For adults only, there is the option of a single room for $575. You can register on If you need help with fundraising, check out the fundraising guide on You can also contact your Lieutenant Governor or District Treasurer Alyssa Frank for assistance. This DCON is not one to be missed. Be part of the adventure of a lifetime with your attendance.

Higher Office Positions If you feel like you want to take your leadership experience to the next level, you have come to the right place. Serving on any level is so impactful, but sometimes you just can’t help but wonder what more you can be doing to further your impact on the people around you. Running for higher office can be a wonderful learning experience for you. As a Florida Key Club Board of Trustee, you would be learning so many skills to help you with your future, as well as leading others in the direction of service on a larger scale. Contact the Elections Committee, your Lieutenant Governor, or the current holder of the office of your desire for help with your decision. On the next page, you will find an overview of the different positions and when applications are due. Applications can be found on

Florida Higher Offices Elected Executive Committee Members: Elected Executives are voted for in The House of Delegates at District Convention. They campaign at Spring Zone Rallies around the District as well as at DCON prior to House of Delegates. Elected Executives include Governor, Secretary, and Treasurer. Applications are due prior to the first Spring Zone Rally.

Appointed Executive Committee Members: Appointed Executives are chosen by the Governor elected at House of Delegates. Positions include Editor, Webmaster, and Executive Assistant. Applications are due prior to DCON.

Lieutenant Governors: Lieutenant Governors are elected by their division. You may not disclose your intent to run to your division prior to election day. Applications are due prior to the candidate’s respective Spring Zone Rally.

Key Club Structure

Kiwanis Family K-Kids– Elementary Students. Easy projects to do with them would be: building a community garden, food drives, or UNICEF fundraising through Trick-Or-Treat boxes.

Builders Club- Middle School Students. Projects to do with them would be: PB&J-athons, making dog toys, or holding an Eliminate fundraiser together! Encourage your Builders Club to go to DCON. CKI– College Students. Great joint projects would be: KCKC, SZR, or a large scale project. Key Club- That’s us! Kiwanis– Adult Volunteers. Kiwanians are the parents of all the Kiwanis branches and love to be invited to club service projects. Aktion Club– Disabled Adult Volunteers. Projects to do would be: tending a community garden, holding a joint social event, or just going to their meetings and interacting with them. They love meeting Key Clubbers and seeing all the work we do.

District-Wide Service A message from the Committee

The District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP) Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating large, multi-divisional service opportunities that support “Feeding Our Future.� To make the impact that we are striving for, our committee has planned several food packing projects that will take place across the state of Florida.

The first event will be on Saturday, November 5th at the Feeding Northeast Florida facility. Key Clubbers will be involved with organizing and packing foods that will be distributed to the less fortunate in each community. For easy sign up, scan the QR code to access the page.

Division Spotlight On September 20th, Division 20A Key Clubbers joined forces with the Kiwanis Clubs of Palm Beach County to serve the disadvantaged at St. George’s Soup Kitchen. They unpacked boxes, arranged tables, and carried meals out of the kitchen. Division 20A Lieutenant Governor: “It was great to see so many Key Clubbers come out and help us even though it was right after school.”

By keeping up with Florida Key Club on social media, you can have exclusive access to pictures from events, announcements, and so much more. If you want to receive information on all things FLKC fast and firsthand, be sure to became part of our growing social media family.

Instagram: @flkeyclub

Twitter: @flkeyclub Facebook: Florida District of Key Club International

Executive Committee District Governor Martha Grace Hagan Boca Raton High school

District Secretary Sabrina Flores Somerset Academy Chapel Trail

District Treasurer Alyssa Frank Wellington Community High school

e Contact Information District Editor Jada Mohammed Barbara Goleman Senior High

District Webmaster Yuria Utsumi Boca Raton High school

Executive Assistant Gabriela Charlot Somerset Academy Pembroke Pines

Contact Information DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum Sebring High School

District Administrator Mrs. Donna Parton

Assistant District Administrator Mr. David McCampbell

Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XII No 3 October-November 2016  
Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XII No 3 October-November 2016