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Volume XII Issue 2


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The Florida District of Key Club International


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Message from the Editor Greetings, Florida District! It has been a pleasure serving as your District Editor these past few months. I particularly enjoy all the emails I get from Club Editors showing off the wonderful things their clubs have been working on. As you read through this issue of The Sunshine Source, please take note of the important information you will need to help get your Key Club off to a smooth start this school year. You will find information on Pride Reports, KCKC, DCON 2017, dues, and ideas for your clubs. Make sure your club takes plenty of pictures at service projects and socials. Follow the Florida District social media accounts and tag us when you post! I look forward to hearing more great news about your clubs. Yours in Service, Jada Mohammed District Editor editor@floridakeyclub.org 305-588-7421

Governor’s Message Florida Key Club Leaders, I can’t believe summer is already coming to an end! I hope you have all enjoyed it and used the extra time to volunteer and give back to your homes, schools, and communities. Since the last edition of The Sunshine Source, I’ve been very busy serving our District from attending ICON, June Board Meeting, and a Leadership Conference. International Convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia and 69 of Florida’s Key Clubbers attended. Our very own Drew Valenti was elected as an International Trustee and Florida was one of the strongest districts as we won many awards! We hope you all can join us next year in San Antonio, Texas for the 2017 Convention. It’s amazing to meet so many Key Clubbers from around the world who are making such a large difference in our world. The excitement for my Governor’s Project, Feeding Our Future, is incredible and I thank each of you so much for contributing to that. I know that together, we will make a difference in Florida and help so many people through simply putting a meal on their plate. Overall, I am so proud of all the hard work you do volunteering from my project, to continuing Key Goes Green, even to fundraising for so many

great causes. It is your actions that prove our generation will change the world. As school begins, I hope this excitement continues as we reach out to potential members. Remember how important it is to attend your zone’s KCKC to gain the tools necessary to continue to serve and lead. The Key Club experience is one consisting of “The courage to engage, the call to lead, and the heart to serve.” I encourage you all to spread this message I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or pictures you have. I truly cannot wait to see everything we accomplish this year. Yours in Service Always, Martha Grace Hagan Governor governormartha@floridakeyclub.org 561-451-6149

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.� - John Maxwell

International Convention Co-Written by: Jennifer Lin Each morning, Key Clubbers attend a General Session that features a Keynote Speaker who delivered a message based on the theme of the Day. The speakers shared their personal stories that reflected on the meaning of the Key Club Experience. The themes of the day included Courage to Engage with, Call to Lead, and Heart to Serve. Mr. Ben, Dr. Linda Hart, and Ms. Ann used their experience helping other to teach Key Clubbers around the globe about the importance of giving back and caring for others. The first day of workshops featured officer training for District executives, and project ideas from some of Key Club’s partners like Rustic Pathways and UNICEF. Members also had the opportunity to learn about other branches of the K-Family such as Circle K and Builders Club. The second and third days of workshops featured the topics of the day. Districts were grouped together to further explore the ideas our speakers told us about. The meaning of the motto “Caring, our way of life” was discussed through enriching conversations. The Florida tour to ICON included a visit to the Atlanta Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo, World of Coke, CNN studios, and the White Water Rafting Camp Grounds where Florida Key Club members were able to bond and create new friendships.

International Leaders President Deven Sun (New Jersey District) Vice President Mary Grace Lewis (CNH District)

International Trustees: Jeongseok (Daniel) Suh (New York District) Drew Valenti (Florida District) Shinbee Park (Capital District) Clifford Young (New York District) Audrey Dilgarde (Rocky Mountain District) JoJo Suanders (Pacific Northwest District) Tiffany Hang (Texas-Oklahoma District) Nicole Montana (New England and Bermuda District) Kino-Paul Hurylington (Jamaica District) Jessica Bae (Pacific Northwest District) William Zhang (Eastern Canada District)

Thank You From Florida District Tour Attendees

A special “Thank You” to Donna Parton, Bev Baird, Kerri Gordon, Jim Powell, Jack Gander, Liz Kominar, Sam Kearce, David McCampbell, and Kiwanian Rose Kiffin for all they did during this year’s ICON tour. And of course, Bob Parton for the months he spent planning the tour.

DCON 2017 You’re Invited! What? The Florida District of Key Club’s District Conference When? March 30th to April 2, 2017 Where? The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, Florida Why? Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of your Florida Key Club Family, learning valuable information at workshops, making new friends, and so much more. Cost? The cost of DCON will be announced in October. Be sure your club is participating in fundraisers to help pay for convention.

Greetings Florida District, One of the most pivotal experiences as a Key Club member is attending District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON). This is where the seeds for both a passion for service and better understanding for Key Club are made. These roots will flourish due to attending one of the best weekends in your life and to grow as a leader through numerous workshops and better understand the mighty, mighty Florida District. This year’s conference will be held in Orlando March 30 – April 2, 2017. One way to ensure you will not miss out on the best Key Club event of the year is to start planning for DCON fundraising now. One of the best ways to fundraise is to reach out to your local Kiwanis club and ask for assistance towards the funding of DCON. Do this no later than August 30th because most Kiwanis clubs decide on their budgets in September, or even earlier. In addition, raise your own funds through such projects as bake sales, car washes, video-game-a-thons, having Spirit Night's where 10-15% proceeds go towards your club, pajama day, and even auctions. The choice is yours. Remember that you are never too early to start fundraising! See you at DCON 2017!

Yours in service and in friendship, Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair dconchair@floridakeyclub.org

Feeding Our Future A Message From The Committee Governor Martha Grace has created “Feeding Our Future” as her Governor’s Project. The key elements of Feeding Our Future is helping the homeless and providing nourishment to kids and teenagers in the Florida District. This is such an important project because those who we feed are the future leaders of the world. The Florida District of Key Club International is uniting together to decrease this growing problem of unavailable resources to those in need. How will you get involved? There are many ways your club can get involved in Feeding our Future. You can plan food drives, work at soup kitchens, and even tutor kids who struggle in school. This project also includes feeding the minds of children through knowledge and literacy. Your club can host a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) event, where experienced members educate kids on the wonders of these subjects. This year the Florida District of Key Club International, Circle K, and Kiwanis, all have a common goal. Each Governor of the K-Family, has created a Governor’s Project that will help to enrich the lives of children through giving. This year, get involved with your Kiwanis Club or a Circle K near you! Together we can Feed our Future!

Key Club Structure Club: President, Vice President, Secretary, Editor, Webmaster, Class Directors Division: Lieutenant Governor

Florida District: District Governor, District Secretary, District Treasurer, District Editor, District Webmaster, Executive Assistant International: International President, International Vice President, International Trustees



Do you ever get an overwhelming sense of passion for service while eating pizza? If you do, you might just be obsessed with Key Club.


If you find yourself constantly using “I cant. I have Key Club� as a response to almost every invitation to hang out with your friends, you might just be a super enthusiastic member of Key Club International.

Does your newsfeed consist of countless service project photos of Key Clubs in other schools? This is a for sure sign that your passion for service runs deep.


A HARDCORE KEY CLUBBER You are a super member if every inch of your jacket lapels are decked out in your Key Club pins and your dresser drawers are filled to the brim with Key Club t-shirts.

If you can relate to any of these examples you are, without a doubt, a hardcore Key Clubber.



Key Club is definitely your happy place if you think about service projects, conventions, and workshops in reference to some of your favorite memories.

Membership Development A Message From The Committee The main thing keeping a club together is it’s membership. A great way to increase membership in your club is with posters and flyers around your school. Asking your principal or your teachers if you can set up posters in the hallways and classrooms will help raise awareness around your school. Your posters should be attractive and legible with your club information on it. Another great way to increase membership is by holding a service project during your first meeting. A service project will show visitors exactly what Key Club is all about and encourage them to join in on the fun. Service projects to make your meetings fun are dog toy making, writing letters to soldiers, making friendship bracelets for hospitalized children, and much more found on the Florida Key Club website. Key Club week is a great way to increase and keep awareness in your school. Planning ahead with your club to have an amazing Key Club Week is key to a successful one. Participating as a club is a sure way to build relationships within your club and also get the word of Key Club out to your school. Here are some little tips and tricks to help recruit: Recruit members throughout the year. Spread the word about all the fun you have at service projects and events. Post pictures on social media that show off the great work Key Club does.

Scholarships A Message From The Committee It’s time to get excited for the Key Club Scholarships this year! We would like to help you get started on earning your college funds. It is vital that you begin researching the scholarships early in order to know what you need to do this year to insure your success. To locate the scholarships offered, the qualifications needed, and the applications please visit our online page at this link: http:// floridakeyclub.org/scholarships/ . Here you will find a description of each scholarship, application, and amount awarded. Due dates and applications may alter slightly, but descriptions and qualifications will remain the same. Scholarships are awarded at our Florida District Conference from March 30 to April 2, 2017. Application deadlines will be updated on the webpage as soon as possible but you can stay proactive and join the Scholarships Committee Remind 101 to stay updated, this is highly recommended. Text the number 81010 @flscholar to join!

Look out for more information on Key Club Week in the next issue of The Sunshine Source on October 1, 2016.

Welcome Back

The first day back to school can be nerve wrecking. The weeks leading up the big day are usually spent getting your school supplies together, wondering who your classmates will be, and hoping for teachers you are able to connect with easily. With all the stress you will be under, you can rest easy knowing that Key Club does not need to be something you stress over this fall. Located on floridakeyclub.org are tons of resources to get your club off to a great start this school year. You can find materials to help with recruiting, fundraising, service project ideas, convention information, and so much more. On the next page, you will find a guide to paying dues. Remember that it is important to update your rosters as dues start to come in. The Florida District of Key Club International wishes you good luck on your journey through the school year. Happy Learning!

A Breakdown of Paying Dues By Treasurer Alyssa Frank

Eastside High School The Key Club of Eastside High has spent their summer cooking meals for the homeless, spending time doing arts and crafts with children, and organizing a talent show for their school.

Keystone Heights High School The Key Club of Keystone Heights has spent their summer serving at local food pantries, cleaning up their school, and gardening at parks in their area.

Hialeah High School The Key Club of Hialeah High has spent their summer assisting their school’s staff set up for the upcoming year, assisted in park tournaments, and had board retreats to plan their year.

Braden River High School The Key Club of Braden River High School has spent their summer cleaning beaches, participating in walks, participating in a food drive, and getting ready for their first meeting of the school year.

Photos from Division 26D’s Installation Banquet

Installation of New Officers Jacie Mascarenhas, Division 26D Lieutentant Governor This Year, Division 26D held an Installation Banquet and Divisional Council Meeting to pin all of the division’s new club officers. They received a certificate as well as their officer pins. At our banquet we not only invited all the Key Clubs on the Island, but we also invited our Sponsoring Kiwanis Club, Builders Club and Circle K! It was amazing to have our Builders Club, future Key Clubbers, attend and see what a Divisional Council Meeting is. At our Meeting we discussed the future goals of our division and the duties of the officers for the month. For an icebreaker, I decided to do a Key Club Trivia Quiz, and for every correct answer they got a Kiwanis Key Chain. We did our best to make the experience exciting and eventful by adding extra treats for our guests. We gave out small gift boxes with candy as they entered the hall. We also included pop rocks and a program on their table. It really made them feel appreciated. What’s a Banquet without food? We offered barbeque chicken, Mahi Mahi, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, Caesar salad, and a lot more! Now this may seem to be really expensive but it really isn’t. We asked everybody to bring $5 at the entrance, which helped to pay off everything. We also delegated certain responsibilities to different clubs such as the job of bringing certain food options and decorating the venue. My favorite part of the night was to see all the Key Club members and officers cheering for their home club officer who was getting installed. It made them feel loved and happy to be a part of Key Club. I invited our past Lieutenant Governor, Beatriz Bueno Dorea, to help install the new officers, making it an even more meaningful night. We had over 80 people in attendance! I highly encourage divisions to do this with their clubs because it shows them why Key Club is the best student organization in the world!

Do you want your club to be featured in The Sunshine Source? Club Editors should include pictures and descriptions of projects you participated in as part of their monthly editor’s email for a chance to be featured.

The International Trustee assigned to The Florida District is‌ Clifford Young! He is from The New York District and is presiding over The Caribbean Atlantic and The Georgia District, as well as us.

#BeTheKey A Message From The Marketing Committee On June 29, a group of Key Clubbers traveled to Cusco, Peru to volunteer at a shelter called Kusi Wasi: Hogar de las Estrellas. The house is home to 22 special needs kids whose conditions range from schizophrenia to mild autism. The kids at Kusi Wasi are kind hearted and radiate so much positive energy, despite their personal situations, which frequently involve a past of abandonment and abuse, and have left many without a legal guardian or caretaker besides the workers at Kusi Wasi. Also, because of the conditions in which they have found themselves there, they do not technically "exist", meaning they do not have proper identification, such as a birth certificate, therefore, according to the government and many other charities, they are ineligible for humanitarian aid. The Key Clubbers mainly focused on bettering the condition of the children in the house by playing soccer, doing arts and crafts, and dancing with them. The group was also able to fundraise just over $4,000 for the house to buy the children a much needed stove, DVD player, and new school shoes. Overall, this group of Key Clubbers made a difference in the lives of these children, and, although there is much work left to do in the world, this group represents what it means to "Be the Key".

Major Emphasis A Message From The Committee Key Club typically includes the three following organizations: March of Dimes, UNICEF, and the Children’s Miracle Network when referring to Major Emphasis organizations. March of Dimes promotes a healthy life for premature babies with events typically taking place in the spring. UNICEF is commonly known in Key Club because of The Eliminate Project, which raises money for vaccinations against Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus, but this isn’t everything that this organization stands for. UNICEF raises funds for some of the world’s most vulnerable children, helping to provide them with the nutrition, water, and medical supplies that they so desperately need, because all children deserve to live happy and healthy lives. The Children’s Miracle Network sponsors 170 member hospitals, and raises money, popularly through Dance Marathons, to support children while undergoing various types of medical treatment. This organization purchases everything from medical equipment to entertainment for these children to sleeper couches for the families of children who will be staying in the hospital for extended periods of time. Among the Major Emphasis sponsors, there is a running theme. Helping children. This is what we are here for, and this is the purpose and obligation we feel as Key Club members: to serve and to make a difference.

Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF A Message From The Committee “Trick-or-Treat!” is a phrase we constantly hear, that is embedded into our minds and usually has a positive connotation associated with candy, scares, and endless fun. What if we could add something extra that doesn’t leave us with regret after going overboard with sweets? Well, UNICEF knows how to turn Halloween into more than just a day for kids to overindulge on candy. Since 1950 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has empowered schools, church groups, and other civic organizations to make lasting changes in their community by collecting donations on Halloween to help save and protect children. The Eliminate Project’s main focus since 2010 has been to put an end to Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT). MNT kills one baby every eleven minutes. It only costs $1.80 to provide a vaccine that can prevent this. Key Club has pledged to raise $250,000 and by working together we can reach and surpass this goal. The simplest way to start helping is by ordering TOT Collection Boxes and handing them out to Key Clubbers to collect money around school. (http://sites.kiwanis.org/Kiwanis/en/ theELIMINATEproject/SLP/TrickortreatforUNICEF.aspx) If we work together we can help eliminate this easily preventable disease. For only $1.80 a mother won’t have to worry if their child will reach a week old after birth and a child gets a chance at life. This Halloween, before going on the hunt for candy, remember in the time it takes for you to get some sweets, you can also save a live by saying “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!”

Christopher Ruiz, President– Jose Marti Mast

Kiwanis Family Picnic

On June 24th, the Key Club of Barbara Goleman Senior High and the Kiwanis Club of Greater Miami Lakes hosted a K-Family Potluck Picnic at a popular Miami Lakes park. Key Clubs from American Senior High, Hialeah Gardens High, and Jose Marti Mast attended the picnic and donated items for the event’s service project. Service doesn't stop just because it’s summer, so Key Club members spent part of the evening making Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for the homeless. An assembly line of caring, inclusive members of Division 25A made sandwiches while spending quality time with each other. Our Kiwanis Advisor Thomas Freiwald, Kiwanis of Greater Miami Lakes President Allen Albrecht, and Kiwanis of Greater Miami Lakes Vice President Diana Fernandez were some of the Kiwanians there to support their Key Clubs. The rest of the picnic was spent playing kickball, volleyball, and board games. District Editor Jada Mohammed captured all of the day’s fun with countless photos and shared them with the other attendees so that we can all look back and reflect on how much fun it was to bond with our K family.

KCKC S Zone A Divisions: 1, 2B

September 18,2016 / 1:30pm / Niceville High Zone A Divisions: 2A October 15,2016 / 9:00am / Bozeman High Zone B Divisions: 3A, 3B October 8, 2016 / 9:00am / Lincoln High Zone C Divisions: 4, 5, 6 September 24, 2016/ 9:00am/ Gainesville High School

Schedules Zone D and L Divisions: 10A, 10B, 10C, 11

October 15th, 2016 / 10:00am / Stetson University Zone E and M Divisions: 13, 14A, 14B, 14C, 8, 12 September 24,2016 / 9:30am / Keiser University Zone F Divisions: 15A, 15B September 17,2016 / 10:00am / Sebring High School Zone G Divisions: 16, 20A, 20B, 21 October 8, 2016/ 10:00am / Palm Beach State College

KCKC S Zone H Divisions: 17, 18

September 24,2016/ 8:30am/ Sarasota High School Zone I Divisions: 19A, 19B, 22 September 24, 2016 / 8:30am / Lehigh High School Zone J Divisions: 23A, 23B, 24A, 24B September 17, 2016/ 10:00am/ Broward College Zone K Divisions: 25A, 25B, 25C, 26A, 26B, 26C, 26C September 17, 2016/ 8:00am/ Miami Lakes Education Center

Schedules Zone K Divisions: 26D

September 10th, 2016/ 8:30am/ Triple C High School Zone L and D Divisions: 7, 9 October 15th, 2016 / 10:00am / Stetson University Zone M and E Divisions: 13, 14A, 14B, 14C, 8, 12 September 24,2016 / 9:30am / Keiser University What to expect at KCKC: 

DCON theme announcement

Workshops to help make your club stronger

Important news and announcements

Check your division’s newsletter for more information.

Executive Co District Governor Martha Grace Hagan Boca Raton High school governormartha@floridakeyclub.org

District Secretary Sabrina Flores Somerset Academy Chapel Trail secretary@floridakeyclub.org

District Treasurer Alyssa Frank Wellington Community High school


ontact Information... District Editor Jada Mohammed Barbara Goleman Senior High editor@floridakeyclub.org

District Webmaster Yuria Utsumi Boca Raton High school webmaster@floridakeyclub.org

Executive Assistant Gabriela Charlot Somerset Academy Pembroke Pines


Exec. Contact Information... DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum Sebring High School dconchair@floridakeyclub.org

District Administrator Mrs. Donna Parton admindonna@floridakeyclub.org

Assistant District Administrator Mr. David McCampbell


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Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XII No 2 August-September 2016  

Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XII No 2 August-September 2016  

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