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Cat Cafes Grow in Popularity in Northern Virginia BY KYLEE TOLAND


Let’s face it: nowadays, if a business features some sort of furry-faced, wide-eyed critter as part of its brand, heads will most likely turn and money will most likely be spent. A prime example of this is the current popularity of cat cafes. According to meowaround.

com, there are currently 141 cat cafes in the United States, with the first American cafe opening in 2014. Most of these cafes offer a similar goal: visit a peaceful environment to enjoy a meal or drink while playing with adoptable felines. If a person becomes attached to one of the cats, they can adopt it, thus a happy ending for everyone involved.

MANY OF THE CATS at Patriot Pawsabilities are rescued from kill shelters and brought in by store owner Monique Ryan. (P�����: K���� T�����)

Northern Virginia is no stranger to cat cafes, as there are 3 currently-open cafes that are all about 30 minutes away from interested Falls Church locals. Patriot Pawsabilities, Mount Purrnon Cat Cafe and Wine Bar and Meows Corner Cat Cafe and Lounge offer feline enthusiasts and/or the average animal lover a cuddly experience. Monique “Mo” Ryan is the owner of Patriot Pawsabilities, a cat lounge located on the backside of University Mall in Fairfax. Describing herself as an “animal lover,” Ryan said she was inspired to open her own “cat cafe” after retiring from the Army and visiting a cat cafe in Korea. “Once I thought of [opening a cat cafe],” Ryan said, “I was like ‘This is something I could do.’” When first walking into Patriot Pawsabilities, people are instantly greeted with the sound of small meows and the flash of a small kitten coming toward them to receive a pet or two. Described as a “bright and colorful space” on their website, Pawsabilities allows people to come and play with

PATRIOT PAWSABILITIES offers visitors a chance to cuddle up with cats such as this one while working or hanging out with friends. (P�����: K���� T�����) over 50 cats while studying or just hanging out, as well as offering them a chance to adopt a furry friend. Although not technically a “cafe” as it does not serve food or drinks, customers are allowed to bring their own food and drinks while only paying $15 an hour (student and military discounts are offered) for a memorable visit. Most of the cats at Pawsabilities are from kill shelters, with Ryan describing herself as a “road guard”

for the cats, as she “makes sure that cats that need a home go from [Patriot Pawsabilities] to their forever home.” Since its opening in 2019, 513 cats have been adopted, with Ryan saying customers will initially come in “not looking” to adopt, but later on ask “what is the adoption process? To learn more about Patriot Pawsabilities, visit patriotpawsabilities.com.

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Services: • Routine Health Care • Minor Surgery • Dental Cleanings • Acupuncture • Laser Therapy • Home Euthanasia

703-9-Cat-Cat www.Kingstownecatclinic.com Open Monday - Friday 8am-6pm

Located in the Kingstowne Shopping Center Alexandria VA


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Paws for a Purpose: Animals Helping Humans



It’s safe to say that humans have done a lot to make sure their furry friends get the care they need. Whether it’s making sure they are in a healthy home or taking a trip to the vet, owners are almost always willing to put their pets’ needs in front of their own. However, this role can be taken on by the animals themselves when it comes to making sure their human is receiving care as well. In recent years, the rise of service dogs and emotional support animals (ESA’s) has become more popular as they seem to have a beneficial effect on people as a whole. Whether it be one dog assisting its health-impared owner, or a group of animals visiting an assisted living facility, the need for “animal” therapy is the new normal. Although similar in some aspects, service dogs and ESA’s have vast differences. According to an article by the National Service Animal Registry (NSAR), service dogs are “specifically trained to perform a function or job for an owner that has a physical, intellectual or emotional disability,” whereas an ESA “serves as more of a companion for the owner.” To be legally considered an emotional sup-

port animal, a licensed mental health professional must prescribe ESA’s under law. According to an article by the American Kennel Club (AKC), “a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist must determine that the presence of the animal is needed for the mental health of the patient.” In Virginia, there are a notable number of organizations that provide ESA’s for people in need. Fairfax Pets on Wheels, Inc. (FPOW) is an allvolunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that “connects with people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Fairfax County.” Wendy Mayer is the director of communications as well as a volunteer for FPOW. Mayer stated that the mission of the organization is to “bring companionship and improve quality of life to residents of participating nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult day health care centers in Fairfax County.” Mayer said it’s also important to note that FPOW will “only visit those nursing homes and facilities with whom we have an agreement,” and stated that both the people and pets involved in the organization “have to adhere to in order to be approved for the program.” Having started back in 1987 and

coming up on its 35th anniversary, Mayer said FPOW started with a “relatively small group of volunteers’’ and “has grown since then.” The program is open for dogs, cats and bunnies to join, but Mayer said at the moment there are only dogs signed up to visit. These animals are owned by volunteers of the program, and must go through an “evaluation” on their obedience and behavior before being able to visit the facilities. FPOW is also approved by the American Kennel Club as an “AKC-recognized therapy dog group.” As for what the animals bring to the nursing homes and other locations they visit, Mayer said that it’s “scientifically proven that touching animals and just visiting animals can have a calming effect on people,” which include “reducing anxiety, depression, lowering blood pressure, encouraging communication and socialization that they may not otherwise do.” To learn more about FPOW, visit fpow.org. These animals don’t only serve people who are in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, but also service members and veterans. Paws for Purple Hearts is a nonprofit organization that is “the first organization of its kind to offer Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy.” According to its website,


THERAPY DOGS from Paws for Purple Hearts vary in size and breed. (C������� �����.) it is “the world’s only service dog organization for wounded Service Members and Veterans that partners with Bergin College of Canine Studies.” Bergin College, located in Penngrove, California, is currently the first and only in the world that focuses on training and learning about dogs. Danielle Stockbridge is the Virginia site manager for Paws for Purple Hearts, and said the idea to start the program came from a student at Bergin who came up with a “canine intervention therapy pilot program.” Starting in 2011, the organization’s mission is to “assist veterans and active duty service members with mobility challenges and trauma-related conditions.” Stockbridge also said the program “tries to educate the pub-

lic about the role that dogs can play in helping warriors in the recovery process.” Stockbridge said Paws for Purple Hearts is “closely partnered” with the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, where the organization does “social therapy” and “hands-on therapy programs.” The dogs are trained to “mitigate the symptoms of trauma-like conditions,” with Stockbridge saying that “it’s really incredible to watch it happen” when one of their dogs knows what to do when someone in the program is showing signs of anxiety and trauma. To learn more about Paws for Purple Hearts, visit pawsforpurplehearts.org

Primary Services: Dog Walking (no pack walks)

Pet Sitting (including overnight stays)

Concierge Services Such as Pet Taxi Posh Pets is a full service, upscale pet-care company. Our animal-loving team promises to create a strong relationship with your pets, while providing 5-Star service to our clients. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and each of our professionals have been through complete background checks and training before handling your four legged family members. We'd love to welcome you to the Posh Pets Family!

S C H E D U L E A C O M P L I M E NTA R Y M E ET & G R E ET Servicing Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria and Annandale. T. 703.310.9180 info@poshpetality.com www.poshpetality.com Named one of Washingtonian Magazine's Best Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in 2022 Issue Recipient of Neighborhood Favorite Award on Nextdoor


Julie@BrightEyesPhotosDC.com • 703-527-3650 Create memories: Book a professional photo session with your Best Furry Friend! 10% Discount until August 31, 2022, if You Mention This Ad!



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reimagine possible.

DISCOVER LUXURY OF A DIFFERENT KIND Introducing The Mather in Tysons, Virginia— a forward-thinking destination for those 62 and better. Forget what you thought you knew about senior living. Inquire today. (703) 348.8522 | themathertysons.com FITNESS CENTER 0622KC FC




D e l i g ht • R e ve l • A spi re








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Dog Licenses Help City Maintain Safe, Productive Environment BY ALEX RUSSELL


The City of Falls Church, like many surrounding localities, currently employs a dog licensing system that needs to be renewed every three years, the sale of which is contingent upon the “presentation of a certificate showing the dog to be currently vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian,” as according to Falls Church City code. Jody Acosta, Falls Church City Treasurer, detailed further that the price per dog license depends on whether the dog has been “fixed,” i.e., “spayed or neutered.” “It’s $5 if the dog has been fixed [and] $10 if not.” As a function of the City’s workings, Acosta said dog licenses are “not a big revenue generator” as one “can’t really ensure compliance.” However, the City does what it can. The Treasurer’s office receives a list “of everyone who got a rabies vaccine” for their dog within the locality, which the office then matches up “against the licenses list.” Afterward, the City sends out a notice to those who have yet to register their dog. “I feel like most people will respond… some don’t.” Acosta explained that “we keep trying to get new ways

for people to comply” with the dog licensing requests. Regarding existing licenses, Acosta says “most people are good about getting renewals,” the ones who are “already registered [and] compliant.” When asked what the main deterrent might be for those residents who fail to get a license, Acosta explained it’s most likely not the fee itself. “I feel like the fee’s pretty minor…most people can afford the five dollars.” “People forget [about] it for a while, or they move in and they just never know” about the dog license requirement. The practice itself helps to keep dog owners responsible for their pets. As stated on the City’s website, “Falls Church does not currently have areas designated where dogs can run freely,” thus it’s important for owners to be more aware of their dog and its impact on the community. “It is…against the law to allow your dog to run loose on city school grounds, city parks and privately owned areas such as cemeteries… It is against the law for any owner, keeper, or walker of a dog to allow a dog to leave excrement on property other than his own.” The dog licensing stipulation helps minimize the presence of dog excrement as well

as of barking or other sounds that may pose a public nuisance to others. “All dogs must have their city dog license securely attached to a collar. It must be worn at all times when the animal is off the owner’s property.” Joseph Sautner, the Animal Control Officer for the City, stated that part of the benefit of having dog licenses is helping to locate a pet if “the dog were to get lost and picked up by an officer.” It is a way to help streamline the process of finding and properly relocating a lost dog. Acosta touched upon the “lifetime license,” used in some localities, which costs $50 and does not need to be renewed, like the currentlyused license in the City. However, both types require the dog owner to keep his or her pet up-to-date with the required rabies shots. “People are really lobbying for that,” says Acosta. She also stated that the City has been “thinking about introducing” the lifetime license “sometime next year,” but there’s no definite information on that yet. If put into effect, the lifetime license would “replace the 3-year license.” Even though the compliance rate for dog licenses isn’t as high as would be preferred,

NEIGHBORS GATHER every morning to walk their pooches together. (P����: S�� J������.)

it is a safety measure that appears to be more crucial now, as dog license applications “went through the roof” at one point, following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Acosta attributes this to the change in social norms and how “everybody was working in their yard and getting a dog,” especially during the height of lockdown in 2020. When asked about cats and whether there’s a requirement for owners to procure a license for their feline friend, Acosta said “they’re allowed,” according to City code,

“but there’s no ordinance” for it. However it must be noted that rabies shots are a state requirement for both dogs and cats. For those owners who have yet to apply for a dog license, Acosta shared that “we always keep dog biscuits on hand at the Treasurer’s office.” A dog license can be paid for and obtained in person at the Treasurer’s office during regular business hours, Monday — Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. — 5 p.m. For more information, visit fallschurchva.gov. Bakery/Boutique for dogs. All Natural Organic Dog Treats, Empanadas. Birthday Cakes, and Pup Cupcakes.

We specialize in All Natural Organic Treats for Dogs

www.barbiesdoggiebakery.com 1073 West Broad St, Unit 203, Falls Church, Va. 22046


Storefront Hours

Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri (5pm-7pm) Sat (2pm-7pm) Sun, Wed (Closed)

Instagram & Facebook barbiesdoggiebakery

We ship (Treats Only) within the USA We also sell Doggie Apparel, Toys, Grooming Supplies.

** Photo Booth Wall so you can take pictures of your Fur Baby.

A Better Breed of Pet Care

Valet Groomers

Curbside Service



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2022 Falls Church Pet Palooza


Baxter Mini Bernedoodle

Bunny Blue Tick Hound Mix


Bichon Poodle

Cosette Toy Poodle Puppy

Daisy & Jorge

Wallace Lab_Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Genji and Hanzo, both Shiba Inu

Goldie Toy Poodle. Rayne


Miko Basenji

Homer The Dog

Karma, Cane Corso

Katie, Schipperke





Scout Lab



JULY 14 - 20, 2022 | PAGE 17

Ziggy Boston Terrier

Pluto, Bichon

Dottie, Cavachon

Teddy Goldendoodle and Leamra Cat

Sadie, Lab Mix


Scout, Schipperke


Eros, Bearded Dragon






Stratton, Wheaten Tori, Brindle


Luke, Tabby Cat


Brother Kitten






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Bold and Bright Koi Pond Comes to Life by Nick Gatz

Falls Church News-Press

My backyard oasis escape is a place of life, nature, joy and happiness. To truly grasp how this beautiful, peaceful Koi Pond came to be, I must tell a story. This is one that involves creative freedom, selfreflection, failure and in the end a sense of love, accomplishment and overall joy. As we all know life was dramatically altered during the previous 2+ years due to a worldwide pandemic. With that came many changes in how we all spend our time. During 2020 Americans spent nearly 10 waking hours a day at home, compared to less than eight hours a day in 2019 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With increased free time came new challenges, and for this creative, sports-loving artist it meant trying to find something to fill that massive hole in my life. With no sports, no art shows, no festivals and or fairs I was simply going stir crazy. I was working from home; I was tired of the same old reruns on TV. Tiger King got old quickly. I was completely at a loss; I had spent basically my whole entire adult life going into an office five days a week. I needed an escape.

With my fiancé Ellie on Zoom calls and my then 8-year-old stepdaughter in virtual school I found myself spending almost every waking minute outside. With this time, as I stared off into nature. I kept asking myself for more, more and more. That’s what we do as humans, or maybe that’s just me? My first thought was to call Barb Cram. As many of you know Barb, now deceased, was a Falls Church resident who had become sick before dying. Fewer and fewer phone calls between us were exchanged, and emails basically came to a halt. With her passing in 2020 it left a massive hole in my life. I had lost a great mentor. I simply had no creative outlets. It was work, sleep, depression, anger and then more depressing news after news. One day as I was sitting on my deck, daydreaming, aka pouting, it finally hit me as I was reminiscing on happier and better times. It was in those moments I spent creating art that had brought me the most joy. It had all finally come together; Barb was always talking about her garden as we worked on art shows. I wasn’t the stereotypical landscaper or animal lover. I played sports, I made art, I was a frat boy

who spent his 20s partying. How would someone like me get into building a pond and watching nature grow? I didn’t know the first thing about plants, animals or how to create an ecosystem. But off I went headfirst into the deep end. I joined Facebook groups, I YouTubed hours of videos. I called local aquatic stores. As my sketches progressed, they all centered around one theme: the all-mighty waterfall. The waterfall is used to circulate water that helps filter out debris and turn the Nitrites into Nitrates. I was able to source local rocks, I found water plants on ebay, I ordered a liner, pump, waterfall box and skimmer at halfoffponds.com. I was able to build an entire pond for around $2,000. (The average cost according to fixr.com is $5,000 $20,000 and as high as $70,000 with full landscaping and concrete pours). With the pond build finished it was time to find our new animals. Believe it or not Ebay is a popular destination for Koi Fish. Sites such as nextdaykoi.com offer overnight shipping. However, this was not an avenue we wanted to venture down. With the help of my fiance Ellie and my stepdaughter we found a great local store that had a surplus


Koi Pond on display throughout the year. (Photo: News-Press) of amazing Koi fish. We masked up and ventured out to pick out the new members of our family. Koi Fish can range from $5 to well over $10,000 depending on the type, colors and patterns. This is where the fun begins, as Koi grow, they start to really show off their colors and patterns. Koi can live as long as 30 years. We have one Showa which can be a very expensive fish. They have white that begins at the nose, they will also contain patches of a reddish orange color and include

black markings. There are many types of Koi, including American or Japanese bred. It has been 2+ years years since we built the pond. The fish have more than doubled in size and are nearly 2.5 feet long. We have 3 beautiful healthy koi that I feed daily, once in the morning and once at night. The calming sounds of the water, watching them swim and grow is a daily reminder that nature and its animals can be a beautiful peaceful place.



Pool & underwater treadmills for fun, safe exercise on hot muggy days. Great for all dogs 5 mths and older. Encourages pups to feel comfortable in and around water. Helps senior dogs increase their quality of life. Promotes healing post TPLO, back, CCL surgery. Great for weight loss and conditioning. FUN!!!! We also offer K9 Kravings dog food and treats, CBD oil for pets, Ultra Oil for dogs & cats, Help Em Up harnesses.

Aquatic Paws

2830 B Fallfax Drive, Falls Church, VA

571-620-2782 www.aquaticpaws.com

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram



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The Cat’s Meow: Local Cat Cafes Provide Purrfect Experiences

CATS OF DIFFERENT SIZES AND BREEDS call Patriot Pawsabilities their home, but most are available for adoption to a loving owner. (P�����: K���� T�����)

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Fairfax Pets On Wheels, Inc. www.fopw.org

In Alexandria, Mount Purrnon Cat Cafe and Wine Bar offers “a space where you can make yourself comfortable and have fun, while helping adoptable rescue cats.” Customers can enjoy meals such as sandwiches, salads and cookies or a drink such as wine, beer and tea while cuddling with cats. Adam Patterson, the co-owner of Mount Purrnon, said he and fellow co-owner Kristin Cowan were inspired to open the business after visiting a cat cafe in Charleston, South Carolina. Patterson said Cowan wanted to “combine” her love of “cats, wine and history.” Opening in August of 2020 during the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic, Patterson said the first six months after the opening were “brutal,” but the business “took off” after February of 2021. Since August 1st of 2020, Mount Purrnon has seen 403 adoptions and an expectation to hit 500 “by December.” Similar to Patriot Pawsabilities, the cats at Mount Purrnon are originally from kill shelters, with Patterson saying the company adopts the cats out of those shelters ``as quick as they can” with their goal being to “adopt out as many cats as we can” to interested customers. Patterson said customers vary depending on the season, as he described that in the early parts of the year they see “over 100 customers” on a Saturday but “very few” customers “on the weekdays.” Summer brings the opposite, with

Patterson saying that “Saturday’s actually [have] gone down but the weekdays have gone way up.” As for the cats who inhabit the cafe, Patterson said the median time for adoption is 19 days since they first got to Mount Purrnon, with the return rate of a cat after adoption only being “about 4 percent.” “From what I understand, that’s pretty good,” Patterson said. “96 out of 100 times, people are happy.” To learn more about Mount Purrnon Cat Cafe and Wine Bar, visit mtpurrnoncatcafe.com. Meows Corner, a cat lounge in Sterling, gives customers “the chance to play, relax, and interact with adoptable cats.” Partnering with 4PawsRescue, the lounge has seen 240 cats adopted since its opening in July of 2019. Sharon Lawrie, the 4Paws coordinator for Meows Corner, said founder Dina AbdelHamid created Meows Corner after seeing a cat cafe in North Carolina and was “intrigued” to try it out herself. Interested customers can “sit, relax and have a drink” while playing with the kittens, or watch other patrons play with the cats as well. As for the mission of Meows Corner, Lawrie said Abdel-Hamid “wanted somewhere for people that for whatever reason couldn’t have a cat in their home,” such as for health reasons, as well as “getting cats exposed to potential adopters.” To learn more about Meows Corner, visit meowscorner.com.



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Local Pet Shops Have Lots to Offer to Bird Owners and Their Feathery Friends



While birds are not as popular or prevalent among pet owners in the state of Virginia as cats or dogs, there are still many shops that specifically cater to bird owners and the needs of their pets. One place, right in Falls Church, is the American Bird Company. Located along Lee Highway at 7219 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, the locally-owned pet store has been serving the Washington, DC area for over 20 years. Carrie, one of the caretakers, spoke to me about what it is like to own and care for a caged bird like a parakeet, macaw or cockatoo (birds that fill the inside of the store, front to back, in a variety of colors and sizes). The primary thing is making sure that the bird gets “fresh water, fresh food” on a daily basis. Talking about her own routine both with the birds at American Bird Company and her own pets, Carrie stated that the cages must be cleaned “everyday.” While cleaning out bird droppings, she explained that it is important for an owner to “monitor the poop, making sure that [the bird] is eating enough.” For larger birds, like Parrots, “fresh veggies are really good.” Papaya is also a good option for bird food, as it is “good for their gut.” When it comes to baby birds, Carrie says that “we feed them a lot of formula. After

[the] formula, we use pellets.” She mentioned that ZuPreem is their go-to brand at the store. Many of the birds in the shop can be seen hanging off of or chewing on various toys inside their cages. Carrie explained that toys — ones made out of “balsa wood, pine or dragon wood,” which birds like to “chew on and destroy” or cholla cactus, abundant in “nooks and crannies” — are a key part of a bird’s daily life. Toys are “great for their beaks and their brains,” says Carrie. She added that “a lot of birds like things that make noise,” like bells. There is also a kind of concrete perch which can be placed in a cage and on which birds can “file their nails.” It helps to have a number of toys and to “alternate [them] so that [the birds] don’t get bored.” In addition to the kinds of toys already mentioned, Carrie remarked that “kids’ foam, shredded paper [and] dried corn husks” are also good items for a bird to play with. Besides all the colorful birds — which fill the shop with their cacophonous, yet bubbly, “bird talk” — another obvious characteristic of American Bird Company is the humidity. According to the Best Friends Resource Center, a national animal welfare organization, it is “important to purchase a humidifier for every room in which” a bird will be kept. It is crucial to have a humidifier with a built-in hygrometer, making sure to not exceed 60 percent humidity —

as that is typically when mold begins to grow. Setting the humidifier “at 55 percent humidity will ensure” that the bird “lives in as humid an environment as possible without mold growing.” Humidity is a pet care requirement for every kind of parrot, which helps keep their skin and feathers healthy. American Bird Company, in addition to selling birds and bird supplies, also provides grooming and boarding services with professional care that includes clipping their wings and trimming their nails. Another store in the area, a bit further out, is Wild Birds Unlimited, located at 2437 N Harrison St, Arlington. Michael Zuiker has owned and operated this franchise store since 1991. Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in the sale of bird food, feeders, bird baths and houses and a variety of poles and baffles — which act as blockers that help prevent squirrels from jumping onto the bird feeder; they also help keep the bird seed in one place. For those looking to expand their parameters and engage with other bird owners and birders, there is a state-wide group called the Pet Bird Association of Virginia, based out of 5652 Haden Road, Virginia Beach. The PBAV — which originated as a club in 1982 — helps to promote education, research, conservation and responsible breeding practices in regards to exotic birds such as finches, canaries, budgies and parrots.

THIS LARGE MACAW is one of the many birds found at American Bird Company. (P����: A��� R������.) The organization is made up of pet bird owners and veterinarians, pet store owners, rehabilitators, shelter owners and breeders, working to support further bird education and conservation. According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, it is important, “before bringing a wild or exotic bird into Virginia,” to “check with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources to ensure that possession of the bird is not prohibited or restricted. If you are a resident of Virginia or are moving to Virginia, there are no entry requirements for you to bring in

your personal pet birds.” “If the bird is intended to be used for any purpose other than being a personal pet (such as offering it for sale or adoption, breeding it, or using it for promotional purposes) the bird will need to be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued within 10 days prior to entry into Virginia.” To learn more about American Bird Company, visit americanbirdcompany.com; to learn more about Wild Birds Unlimited — Arlington, visit arlingtonva.wbu.com. To find out more about the Pet Bird Association of Virginia, visit pbav.org.

THE VIBRANT HARLEQUIN MACAW is much larger than the cockatoo and is also very vocal. This one enjoyed picking at his soft wood toys. American Bird Company features many different kinds of bird toys and perches, as well as several roomfulls of birds — many of them making loud calls back and forth to each other. (P�����: A��� R������.)


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Falls Church Area Animal Services and Pet Store Directory Veterinarians Falls Church Animal Hospital 1249 W Broad Street, Falls Church (703) 532-6121 Value Vet 1053 W Broad St, Falls Church (703) 982-7400 Suburban Animal Hospital 6879 Lee Hwy, Arlington (703) 532-4043 Feline Veterinary Clinic 7189 Lee Hwy, Falls Church (703) 241-8480 Caring Hands Animal Hospital 8100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church (703) 942-8800 Fairfax Animal Hospital 5818 Seminary Rd D, Falls Church (703) 820-2557 Banfield Pet Hospital 6100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church (703) 237-5610 Home Veterinary Care of Northern Virginia (703) 451-9504 Michele Kelly, D.V.M 1249 W Broad St, Falls Church (703) 532-6121 Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center 4205 Evergreen Ln, Annandale (703) 256-8414 Petco Vaccination Clinic 7395 Lee Hwy Suite E, Falls Church (703) 641-4893 Kingstowne Cat Clinic 5830 Kingstowne Center #120, Alexandria (703) 922-8228

Pet Stores PetSmart 6100 Arlington Blvd A, Falls Church (703) 536-2708 American Bird Company/Parrots, Parrots, Parrots 7219 Lee Hwy, Falls Church (703) 536-2473 Chico’s Natural Pet Market 6349 A Columbia Pike, Falls Church (703) 750-6675

Loyal Companion 7505 Leesburg Pike Suite 120A, Pimmit (703) 748-0022 Aquatic Paws 2830 B Fallfax Dr, Falls Church (571) 620-2782 Unleashed 5400 Lee Hwy A, Arlington (703) 237-2055

Animal Boarding Dude’s Dog House & Spa 7257 Lee Hwy, Falls Church (703) 857-1400 Waggy Walky’s 712 W Broad St # 4, Falls Church (703) 957-0044 Bark + Boarding 5818 Seminary Rd C, Bailey’s Crossroads, (703) 931-5057 A Dog’s Day Out 2800-A, Gallows Rd, Vienna (703) 698-3647 Seneca Hill Animal Hospital Resort and Spa 11415 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls (703) 420-7083 KSR Pet Care (703) 945-5045 Dogtopia of Falls Church 108 W Jefferson St, Falls Church (571) 356-9223

6504 Williamsburg Blvd, Arlington (703) 300-9738

Falls Church (703) 442-0403

Gigi’s Pet Salon 6029 Wilson Blvd, Arlington (703) 532-7888

Sitting With A Friend LLC 3430 Slade Run Dr, Falls Church (703) 939-7027

Ms. Barkley’s Organic Pet Grooming (571) 305-5000

PBJ Pet Care Service (703) 323-3972

Vienna Pet Spaw 101 Church St NW # A, Vienna (703) 319-7729

Delilah’s Den Pet Services, LLC James St, Falls Church (202) 255-2649

Alexander & Yonis Mobile Pet Salon LLC (703) 585-0570

Dog Walkers Apex Pet Partners (703) 532-2096 Untangled Leashes (571) 268-1835 TailsnTreatsPetCare (703) 665-8619 Posh Pets (703) 310-9180 Healthy and Happy Dog Walking 7616 Virginia Ln, Falls Church (703) 200-8570 Critter Crew Care (202) 409-2759 Tail Wagging Dog Services (484) 400-4567

Pet Grooming

Paw Prints Pet Services 2908 Westcott St, Falls Church (703) 244-7390

Barkley Square 105 N Virginia Ave #101, Falls Church (703) 237-3650

Pet Sitting 4 Comfort (PS4C) 736 S Carlin Springs Rd, Arlington (571) 839-0088

The Purrfect Grrooming Company 7183 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22046 (703) 237-0595

Arlington Dog Walkers (703) 442-0403

Happy Tails 7646 Lee Hwy, Falls Church (703) 462-9941 Gentle Touch Dog Grooming, LLC 3147 Ravenwood Dr #1828, Falls Church (703) 539-2456 Sparkles’ Groomcraft & Wizardry (571) 377-8727 InStyle Pet Grooming

Animal Rescues Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation 6801 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church (703) 295-3647 Wolf Trap Animal Rescue (703) 638-2531 Lucky Dog Animal Rescue 5159 Langston Blvd., Arlington (703) 237-5327 The Little Black Dog Rescue Shop (252) 367-8857 To the Rescue, Inc (571) 206-8704 Homeless Animals Rescue Team (703) 691-4278 Animal Welfare League of Arlington 2650 S Arlington Mill Dr, Arlington (703) 931-9241 Humane Society of Fairfax County 4057 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax (703) 385-7387 Pets Bring Joy PetSmart East, 9528 Main St, Fairfax (703) 323-3972


Fetch! Pet Care (703) 584-4919

Barbie’s Doggie Bakery LLC 1073 W Broad St Unit 203, Falls Church (301) 485-9337

DogOn Fitness 2503-D N Harrison St Suite #1020, Arlington (703) 828-7381

Fairfax Pets on Wheels 12011 Government Center Pkwy #708, Fairfax (703) 324-5424

Pet Sitters Cat Sitting by Susan LLC 117 Rowell Ct, Falls Church (703) 867-7140 Capital Petsitters 201 Park Washington Ct,

Angela Jayne Photography 13604 Langtree Ln, Woodbridge (571) 279-2874

Bright Eyes Photos by Julie Gould 6842 Woodland Dr, Falls Church (703) 624-2846