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At a time when shelters in Virginia and across the country are facing a capacity crisis, they turn to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation as their beacon of light in a storm with no end in sight. We open our doors to our partners to rescue thousands of homeless pets every year. The urgency and volume of requests are increasing—and because of your support—we are here to say yes.


Every day the dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens we save bloom into their own, through the love and care from our team of volunteers. We provide clean beds, medical care, enriching play, fresh water, and nutritious food to warm their bellies on their path to their forever homes. To offer this light, we rely on our community of volunteers, generous supporters, and fellow life-savers to help us answer the call.


45,000 lives saved since 2001! With the support of our life-saving community, LDCRF helps homeless dogs and cats find loving homes through rescue and adoption. Together, we can give more homeless pets a chance to live in good health and find love in their forever homes.





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A Home for the Holidays: The Dos & Don’ts of Pet Adoption During the Season

by Kylee Toland

Falls Church News-Press

As the holiday season approaches, one popular gift someone can give to themselves or others is a furry friend. However, the adoption of a pet during the holidays comes with responsibilities and circumstances that may differ from the adoption process any other season. Adoption agencies and shelters are gearing up for the likely increase in animal adoptions in the next few weeks due to the holidays. The Humane Society of Fairfax County, Wolftrap Animal Rescue and The Little Black Dog Rescue are just some of many local shelters, rescues and organizations preparing their furry inhabitants for finding their forever home during the holidays. With this possible increase in adoptions, local animal rescues have advice for those considering welcoming a pet into their life this season. Chelsea Jones is the senior Communications Specialist at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which sees an increase in adoptions around the holidays due to people having time off of work and having more time to spend with a new pet. Jones said though the animal shelter

encourages people to adopt an animal during the holidays, there are “huge differences” between adopting a pet during this season compared to adopting one any other season. “One of the biggest things you have to consider is what your schedule is going to look like over the holidays,” Jones said. “Some people are traveling, some people are having lots of family over and those things can be really stressful for a new pet in the home.” If one decides to travel during the holiday season, Jones stated possible future pet owners should figure out if they have enough time for a pet to become comfortable with their new surroundings before setting them up with a pet sitter or taking them along on their holiday trip. For those who have family coming into town for the holidays, Jones recommends that new pets, such as cats, should be kept in one room of the house during a family visit to limit the potential stress on the new animal. New pet owners should also remind visitors what the rules may be about one’s pet; whether a visitor should approach the animal or not. One holiday idea local adoption agencies and animal shelters provide for is putting together or wrapping an “adoption kit.” Filling a box with

toys, a bed, leash and more can make it easier for one to decide whether they want to gift themselves or others with a furry friend during the holiday season. If a person is sure of adopting a pet for themselves or someone else, they make an event of visiting a shelter and gifting their new pet with the adoption kit. Michelle Whitaker, the dog program manager at the Falls Churchbased organization Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, said people who may be planning on adopting a pet during the holiday season should make sure the animal is “compatible” with their lifestyle instead of getting a furry friend for the “cuteness factor.” For those who want a “calm” home during the holidays, Whitaker recommended adopting an older dog or cat instead of a puppy or kitten. Although Whitaker stated Lost Dog & Cat Rescue encourages people to adopt, she said future pet owners should “do their homework” and visit local shelters or adoption events to interact with a potential furry friend. Most importantly, Whitaker stated one shouldn’t wait until Christmas Eve to decide whether or not to adopt, but rather take some time deciding whether adopting a pet during the holidays is the right choice for them.

ADOPTING A PET during the holiday season has its own set of circumstances for possible adoptees. (Photo: Michelle Whitaker)

Where to Adopt Pets: Falls Church Area Adoption Locations Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation: lostdogrescue.org Lucky Dog Rescue: luckydoganimalrescue.org/home The Humane Society of Fairfax: hsfc.org Animal Welfare League of Arlington: awla.org Wolf Trap Animal Rescue: wtarescue.com The Little Black Dog Rescue Group: thelittleblackdog.org Friends of Homeless Animals: foha.org To the Rescue, Inc.: totherescueinc.org

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‘Purr’-fect and Pet-Friendly Presents to Gift a Furry Friend

by Kylee Toland

Falls Church News-Press

When it comes to the holidays, most people may be worrying about what to get their family, friends or significant others as a gift. In certain cases, people may be scrambling to make sure their beloved pet can partake in the season with a present or treat. Whether it be chewing toys, a scratching post or a tasty bone/ treat, pets can join in on the holiday spirit by receiving gifts from their owners. Although the classic frisbee or fake mouse filled with catnip will be enjoyed by a pet, new products and toys have grown popular among animals and their owners, due to their entertainment and petfriendliness aspect. A creative gift for dogs, cats and other pets is putting together a holiday “goody box.” A pet owner can put their animal’s favorite toys, treats and other items in a box or basket, as well as holiday-themed activities or traditions one can start with their pet. When the goody box is

put all together, a pet owner can give it to their animal, ensuring a sweet surprise for their furry friend. Brad Kriser is the chief education officer at Loyal Companion, a Fairfax-based pet store that provides both pet food and pet supplies. During the holiday season, Kriser said Christmas and holiday-related themed items are the most popular products bought by customers to give to their pets. Treats and “chews” — an object that makes it safe for an animal to bite on — are also sold at a higher volume during this time, according to Kriser. For those who may be on a holiday budget, Kriser recommended a silicone baking treat mold, which allows pet owners to freeze or bake treats for their animals in the shapes of Christmas trees, candy canes and other holiday-themed objects. As for what types of gifts can keep a beloved furry friend safe during the holidays, Kriser said having the “proper safety gear” for an animal during the win-

ter months is “really important.” These can include safety lights and collars, winter apparel to keep one’s pets warm during the winter months and more. One product sold by Loyal Companion called “Musher’s Secret” is a balm-like substance one can put on the bottom of their pet’s pads to help protect them from becoming cold or from the ice melting salt that is common during the winter months. Although not thought to be a “gift” for pets, gift cards can be given to your furry friend as a pet-friendly present. Falls Church-based animal boarding center Dude’s Dog House and Spa offers gift cards for the services they offer, such as daycare, boarding and grooming. Giving a pet a gift card to a local pet store can also be a great way to take one’s animal to “pick out” an item of their choice. To those worried about the possibility of losing their pet, an electronic tracker to place on an animal’s collar is a good holiday gift to ensure a pet’s wellbeing. Most

PETS CAN GET into the holiday spirit with their owners by being gifted various items, such as treats, holiday-themed toys, giftcards and warm apparel. (Photo: Brad Kriser) trackers, such as the Whistle GO & GO Explore, use real time location tracking so one can always pinpoint where their furry friend may be. The Whistle GO & GO also can

be used as a health tracker, as it monitors behaviors such as licking, scratching, and sleeping, which then can be emailed to a veterinarian every 30 days.

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Holiday Hazards for Pets: How to Keep Your Animal Safe During The Season

PET OWNERS should be aware of holiday hazards their pet may unfortunately get into. (Photo: Laura Fink) by Kylee Toland

Falls Church News-Press

Although the holidays are meant to be enjoyed by people and even their furry friends, there may be underlying dangers that could put a beloved pet at risk. Decorations, costumes and even the classic Christmas tree can be a hazard for an animal. Pet owners can avoid any potential injury to their pet by acknowledging and preparing their home so that they and their four-legged friend can enjoy a safe holiday.

Dr. Laura Fink is an associate and intern/ extern director at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center in Annandale, a family-owned practice. Fink said the most common injury she and her practice see during the holiday season is bite wounds from dog fights. She said this is due to people hosting large gatherings with “lots of people and noisy, excited kids” while also bringing their dogs over. “Even the most well-behaved dog may be stressed by that environment and snap at another dog they don’t know well who gets too close,” Fink said. Fink also said Columbia Pike Animal Hospital sees small dogs and cats receiving injuries from being stepped on in tight quarters, and she advises pet owners to leave their animal in the safety of their home to avoid a large gathering at another place. Gastrointestinal upsets are also common during this season, with Fink stating that pets are fed extra treats, “rich table scraps” and visitors feeding the family pets. Along with new foods, the “excitement of it all can cause stress-related diarrhea.” Fink advised limiting the pet’s treats to a couple of items “they have done well with in the past” and giving them a place to “remove themselves from the celebration” can help. One common, unfortunate occurrence Fink stated she has seen is that pets with chronic illnesses “seem to decline at the worst possible times,” which can include the celebration of an

upcoming holiday. Many veterinary clinics are open with limited hours or less staff so they can celebrate with their families as well. Fink said making sure the pet’s regime is not skipped or altered and being proactive about having mild symptoms checked out before the “holiday hit” is a good idea. Hayley Chaudry is the Chief Operations Officer for Value Vet, a Falls Church-based veterinary clinic. From what Chaudry and the Value Vet staff have seen in past year, the biggest risk to pets during the holidays “typically involves the ingestion of hazardous items.” Certain plants, such as poinsettias — which

are poisonous to pets — and “high-fat holiday foods” that owners aren’t aware of can “wreak havoc” on the gastrointestinal tract. Another unfortunate risk during the holiday season Chaudry mentioned is that “more pets are misplaced during the holidays than any time of the year.” To keep their furry friends safe during the season, Chaudry stated pet owners can research pet safety information prior to putting up decorations or plants, avoid feeding their animals “those delicious holiday table scraps” and ensure their pets have a registered microchip with up-to-date contact information.

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Falls Church’s Perfect Holiday Companions (Awww!)


Asher and Tod are both rescues now living their best spoiled lives at Christmastime.ortreating for Halloween on Monday night.

Poppy is an adorable 9lb Havanese. We adopted her in June and she loves walking in the neighborhood.

This is “Mazey” adopted in 2020 from the Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) shelter. She lives with the Rambo family in Falls Church City.

Finn & Huck Suever. Huck is on left and Finn is on the right.

Molly’s been a good girl all year and is hoping Santa takes note when he comes to visit.

Tazzy’s decked out for the holidays.

Falls Church News-Press Pets

Chili a Rescue Cat

Rugby the English Shepherd

Poppy is an adorable 9lb Havanese. We adopted her in June and she loves walking in the neighborhood. Archie is a 9-month-old mini Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier, mini poodle). He is our first family dog. We never thought we’d be able to have a dog because of allergies in the family. We feel so blessed and happy to have met a friend’s Whoodle and to discover that this breed of dog did not make Tiago (aka Dad) react! This is Archie’s 1st Christmas and our family’s 1st Christmas in the City of Falls Church.

Eros the Bearded Dragon

Meowy Christmas! From Cheeto