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Unlimited Possibilities with 21st Century Skills FCCLA explores career opportunities made available through Family and Consumer Sciences education!

FCCLA PSA Contest www.teenlane.org

This July, FCCLA launched the second ever Safe Rides — Save Lives PSA contest. Empowered by FACTS and sponsored by The National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF), the 2016-2017 Safe Rides — Save Lives PSA contest is an opportunity for FCCLA members to engage in creating teen-friendly safety messaging through a video Public Service Announcement (PSA) that focuses on the association of risk factors and the number of passengers in a car.

Your Mission: Your Audience: Your Topic:

Create a video PSA that is exactly 25 OR 55 seconds Teen drivers and passengers The PSA should raise awareness of teen driver risk in relation to the number of passengers in a vehicle. We encourage you to be inventive and create a message that will stand out, be remembered, and make a positive difference!


A number of studies have shown that passengers substantially increase the risk of crashes for young, novice drivers. Teenage drivers are two-and-a-half times more likely to engage in one or more potentially risky behavior when driving with just one teenage peer.1 The PSA goal is to develop and send teen-friendly messages to prevent traffic crashes and save lives.


You have creative license. Just be sure it’s in good taste and that you DON’T film yourself or anyone else while driving or in unsafe conditions.

When: Awards:

Video submissions are due on or before Tuesday, December 6, 2016, at 11:59 pm ET. Cash prizes will be awarded directly to the individual or group: • 1st Place: $3,500 • 2nd Place: $1,000 • 3rd Place: $500

FCCLA will submit the winning PSA to the National Association of Broadcasters for use in national PSA outreach opportunities. Visit http://fcclainc.org/programs/saferides-savelives for more information and to apply! Goodwin, A.H., Foss, R. D., & Natalie P. O’Brien, N. P. (2012, April). The Effect of Passengers on Teen Driver Behavior. (Report No. DOT HS 811 540). Washington, DC: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.





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Teen Times is the national magazine of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, a career and technical student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education, or as determined by the state department of education. Josh Bowar, Editorial Consultant Jim Myers, Layout/Design

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FCCLA Mission

To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

NATIONAL STAFF Sandy Spavone, Executive Director Leah Buller, Director of Membership Marla Burk, CMP, Director of Conferences Beth Carpenter, Director of Programs Mark Hornby, CPA, Director of Finance Karen Patti, Director of Communications Charles Carson, Mailroom Manager Kelley Conners, Meetings Manager Heather Davis, Partnership Manager Christine Hollingsworth, Competitive Events Manager Ashley Pournaras, Senior Communications Manager Ana Torres, Staff Accountant Alyssa Altice, Membership and Finance Assistant Rachael Long, Communications and Programs Assistant Caitlin Osbourne, Affiliation & Registration Coordinator Kim South, Executive Assistant Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a private, nonprofit national organization of more than 160,000 members incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia. It functions through public and private secondary school systems in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands as an integral part of the Family and Consumer Sciences education program, providing opportunities for enriched learning. Editor’s Note: Please credit Teen Times for information you reprint, excerpt, or photocopy. Use the following statement to credit materials you use from this issue: Reprinted with permission from Teen Times, the national magazine of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Vol. 71, No. 1. Teen Times (ISSN 0735-6986) is published four times per year in September, November, January, and March by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc., 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1584, (703) 476-4900. A portion ($4.00) of national dues pays for a one-year subscription to Teen Times. Inclusion of an advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of the advertiser’s claims, products, and services. Periodicals postage paid at Reston, VA, and additional mailing offices. Additional annual subscriptions for non-members: $8.00. POSTMASTERS: SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO: Teen Times, 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1584.

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 1

Executive Director’s Note Welcome to the year of Unlimited Possibilities for FCCLA! As we work together this year to focus on growing FCCLA membership, recruiting our members to become future Family and Consumer Sciences educators, becoming financially fit, and working to make our roads safer in our communities, we are excited by the opportunities to move our great organization upward to even greater success. I am so excited that you have chosen to get involved and be a leader with FCCLA. As you explore the career opportunities available in the fields of Family and Consumer Sciences, I hope that you find the resources offered to you as a member of FCCLA helpful. Thomas Edison once said, “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.” This year will hold Unlimited Possibilities for you to serve, to lead, to impact others, and to explore career options. Life and experiences may hold some unexpected obstacles for you as you journey through growth opportunities, but it is with the foundation of FCCLA that you find the strength, wisdom, and knowledge needed to explore Unlimited Possibilities for you, for your chapter, and for your community.

enjoy the Unlimited Possibilities that lie ahead of whatever challenges life may bring. Here’s the quote: “Get UP, Dress UP, and Show UP.” Keep these words in mind as you work through Unlimited Possibilities this year, both as an FCCLA member and as an important member of your community. So, as we start this new year together, we are so glad to have you as part of the FCCLA family. We look forward to the great work we will accomplish together. I encourage you to take a moment to write this down on something you will see often: “My life is full of Unlimited Possibilities.” Then share with us the amazing accomplishments you conquer this year! You are the foundation of FCCLA, and your Unlimited Possibilities are what will move our organization, your communities, our families, and our great nation forward.

I have a personal quote that I use when life presents difficult times. This quote reminds me to just keep working through those challenges so that I can

From the National President Hello, FCCLA! I am honored to serve as your 2016-2017 National President and look forward to the year ahead. There are so many opportunities right around the corner between Capitol Leadership in D.C. and National Cluster Meetings in Denver and Orlando. On top of a year full of “Unlimited Possibilities”, it is sure to be an amazing time for this organization. As we embark upon another school year, there will undoubtedly be some highs and some lows. I encourage you to focus on reaching higher than you thought possible. Always remember that your lows do not define the potential you have. Each of you has an opportunity to make a difference. My hope is that throughout the year you not only take advantage of 2 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

the many opportunities presented, but also that you help others realize they too have the power to make a difference in their schools and communities. The power to make an impact! The National Executive Council is excited to watch you grow this year as we all take advantage of the “Unlimited Possibilities” that are before us. Wishing you all the best this year in your FCCLA endeavors!

2016 National Leadership Conference


More than 8,500 student leaders, members, advisers,

alumni, and guests used their “mepower” to Empower others at the 71st annual National Leadership Conference, held from July 3-6, in sunny San Diego, California. This year’s conference challenged members to be empowered through the newly-revised national programs, Financial Fitness and Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS). Several partners joined in empowering members by offering training, workshops, and resources. Ford Driving Skills for Life provided teen drivers a hands-on advanced drivers training course where they learned safe driving skills in a controlled environment with professional instructors. VISA Practical Money Skills hosted a Financial Football workshop with NFL legend and TV football analyst John Lynch. This year’s NLC had the largest attendance ever, and members participated in STAR Events, Leadership Academy, the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl, youth workshops, and career explorations. On July 4, participants gathered at the famous San Diego Convention Center for the Opening General Session where keynote speaker Josh Shipp challenged everyone in the room to go out and become not just better, but awesome! After the session, members had the opportunity to network with each other until the firework show. The closing ceremony included the installation of the new National Executive Council followed by a fun night dancing at the “California Cruising” gala. Start making plans to join us at next year’s National Leadership Conference, to be held in Nashville, Tennessee! 2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 3

Meet the New National Executive Council Rylie Seaver National President Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: East Central High School State: IN Adviser: Brenda Osman Random Fact: I love mugs, tumblers, any cup really, and I buy one on almost every trip I go on.

Why did you join FCCLA? “I joined FCCLA because I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference and help people. Since then, not only have I been able to do that, but I have grown as a person. FCCLA has taught me to be a leader, to be independent, and to believe in myself. It has helped me exceed my expectations for myself. That is something that I will always be grateful for.”

Victoria Connor National First Vice-President Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: Cherry Creek High School State: CO Adviser: Sasha Hartsuiker Random Fact: I make great chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Kayla Gullickson National Vice-President of Community Service Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: Brookings High School State: SD Adviser: Joline Dunbar Random Fact: I’ve broken my left arm twice.

Why did you join FCCLA?

Why did you join FCCLA?

“I joined FCCLA to become involved in an organization at my school. I was a shy freshman entering the biggest high school in Colorado, and I didn’t know what groups to join. FCCLA was introduced to me as a an organization where members and the community came first, and I saw it as a way for me to come out of my shell, make new friends, and give back to the community. FCCLA has helped me develop as a leader by helping me become comfortable with public speaking and teaching others. I have also developed great professionalism that proved to adults and teachers that all students need to become successful is guidance and support.”

“When I was in middle school, I had a group of students from the Brookings High School FCCLA senior chapter come and speak to my class. They spoke about all of the different leadership and travel opportunities and how members were able to meet people from all across the US. They made me excited about FCCLA and the variety of things you could choose to be involved in. Since joining FCCLA, I have grown out of my shell and have made so many friends from all over the country. FCCLA has helped me overcome my stage fright and made it so I love public speaking and talking on stage about topics that I’m passionate about.”

4 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

Shyamala Subramanian

Carter Bracht

National Vice-President of Competitive Events

National Vice-President of Finance

Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: John P. Stevens High School State: NJ Adviser: Patricia DiGioia-Laird Random Fact: I can play the ukulele.

Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools State: NE Adviser: Marla Prusa Random Fact: I am a total tech geek.

Why did you join FCCLA?

Why did you join FCCLA?

“Prior to my freshman year in high school, the New Jersey FCCLA State President at the time encouraged me to join FCCLA. FCCLA has empowered me to venture out of my comfort zone and develop my own leadership skills. By serving as a chapter and state officer and a member of the Competitive Events Advisory Team, I have learned the importance of cooperating with others and working well in teams in order to accomplish goals. By participating in STAR Events and presenting workshops at National Cluster Meetings, I have developed my confidence and public speaking skills. By taking Family and Consumer Sciences classes, I have learned the importance of time management and problem solving.”

“I joined FCCLA my freshman year because our chapter’s recruitment night is a spaghetti supper, so I had to get some free spaghetti. While the spaghetti may have been a great part of that night, joining FCCLA was the biggest part of that night and one of the best choices of my life. FCCLA provided me with personal leadership growth that I would have not been able to achieve without joining. FCCLA has done so much for me, especially by providing the skills of leadership, confidence, open mindedness, determination, empowerment, passion, career readiness, and family bonding. FCCLA has truly been The Ultimate Leadership Experience, and I am grateful to be a part of this amazing organization!”

Shelby Lake

Uriel Martinez National Vice-President of Development

National Vice-President of Membership

Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: East Central High School State: IN Adviser: Brenda Osman Random Fact: I love weddings!

Age: 16 Grade: 11 School: Perry Career Academy State: GA Adviser: April Moore Random Fact: I am obsessed with sweet tea.

Why did you join FCCLA? “I joined FCCLA for the amazing people. Without the members or the advisers, I would never have joined. But I stayed for the wonderful opportunities it can give members. FCCLA has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and be myself. It gives me the opportunity to lead and empower others with confidence and guidance.”

Why did you join FCCLA? “I joined FCCLA when I was in the 6th grade. When I started FCCLA, I was a shy and scared young boy. I was always getting bullied and made fun of by my peers. I joined FCCLA because I wanted to be part of something greater. FCCLA has provided me with the skills needed to succeed in life and helped me to grow from being shy and timid to the confident leader I am today. I have met people from all over the US through all of the networking this organization has provided. I have created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. “ 2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 5

Brittany Hastings

Lauren Cole

National Vice-President of Parliamentary Law

National Vice-President of Public Relations

Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: Canadian High School State: TX Adviser: Paige Culwell Random Fact: I am obsessed with blankets.

Age: 18 Grade: 12 School: Tulsa Technology Center State: OK Adviser: Karin Davis Random Fact: I once broke my kneecap at a band contest.

Why did you join FCCLA?

Why did you join FCCLA?

“I joined FCCLA because my adviser began teaching us the basics of the organization in class. Immediately, I was interested in what it was and how I could participate. FCCLA has helped me develop leadership skills I did not know I had. It has given me endless opportunities to learn about new cultures and experiences available outside of my hometown. FCCLA has given me confidence in myself. It has also given me lifelong friendships and personal qualities that will be useful in the future.”

“I joined FCCLA because I grew up around the organization. My aunt was a FACS teacher for 15 years, and thankfully she took me to many conferences when I was growing up. My love for the organization grew, and I joined my freshman year. Since joining FCCLA, my leadership and speaking skills as well as my selfconfidence have improved tremendously. FCCLA has also given me some of the best friends I could imagine, and it has truly made me the person I am today.”

Dedan McFadden National Vice-President of Programs Age: 16 Grade: 11 School: Houston County High School State: GA Adviser: Shonda McFadden Random Fact: I am a night owl.

Why did you join FCCLA? “I joined FCCLA in the sixth grade because I knew that a CTSO was my first new opportunity to broaden my horizons, teach me new skills that I would use throughout my life, and take me on adventures that I could only dream of going on. FCCLA has given me the confidence to speak out to my peers and adults around me. FCCLA has taken me on many journeys where I have advocated to the masses and learned valuable lessons along the way, all the way from my state capital of Atlanta to our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. Finally, FCCLA has given me a family. I have formed tight bonds through FCCLA with my chapter members, officer teams, and my advisers. I can proudly say that my school’s FACS classrooms are truly a home away from home.”

Virtual Business Challenge The FCCLA Virtual Business Challenge contest encourages FCCLA members to test their skills in personal finance. This competition is a free, web-based event for affiliated FCCLA members. Participating members utilize a competition version of the Virtual Business – Personal Finance simulation application. Participants will manage the financial wealth of a simulated character while opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, monitoring credit scores, paying bills, choosing a career, shopping for goods, filing taxes, and more.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: • New way to qualify for the NLC • Registration begins October 11, 2016 • Prize money for the top three NLC winners ($1,000, $500 & $250) TO COMPETE VISIT: vbc.knowledgematters.com/fcc/index QUESTIONS: Please email vbccentral@knowledgematters.com

Virtual Experience Learning

HIGH SCHOOL powered by

MORE INFORMATION AT: www.knowledgematters.com | 1-877-96-LEARN

6 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

2016 Financial Report

y & Consumer Sciences Division en Times 16


Tate and Tryon performed an audit over the financial statement of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), which is comprised of the balance sheet as of August 31, 2015, the related statement of activities and cash flows for the year then ended, and the related notes to the financial statement. This audit was performed in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP). FCCLA received an unmodified opinion, which is the desired opinion, meaning that the financial statements are fairly presented and free of material misstatements. For the year ended August 31, 2015, FCCLA recorded a net surplus of $675,140, comprised of revenue and expenses of $4,444,759 and $3,769,619, respectively. Total assets increased by $7,584 to $2,989,579, led by an approximate $105,000 increase in accounts receivable and offset by an approximate $91,000 decrease in cash and cash equivalents as compared to August 31, 2014. Liabilities decreased by $667,556 to $540,986, led by an approximate $376,000 decreased in notes payable and $354,000 decrease in accounts payable.

FCCLA recorded a net surplus of $675,140...

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 7

21st Century and Employability


Got Skills? Image by Freepik

Everyone knows that to be successful in life – in your family, future career, and community – you’ve got to have skills. But what skills do you need? And how do you strengthen and develop them? You’ve probably heard about something called 21st century skills. These are the skills, knowledge, and expertise that you need to master in order to be successful in today’s world. By being an active member of FCCLA, you’re already working on strengthening and developing these skills! Check out the areas known as 21st century skills. What are your strengths? Where could you grow? By each 21st century skill, rate yourself from 1 to 5 (1 means that you need to work on that area, and 5 means that you’re already a pro at that area).


Skill Global Awareness: Learn from and work with individuals who represent diverse cultures, religions, and lifestyles Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy: Know how to make good economic choices Civic Literacy: Participate in civic life to stay informed and exercise your rights Health Literacy: Understand health information and services to enhance your life and make good choices Environmental Literacy: Care for the environment and make accurate conclusions about solutions to environmental concerns Creativity and Innovation: Think creatively, work creatively with others, and implement innovations Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Reason effectively, think about systems, make judgments and decisions, and solve problems Communication and Collaboration: Communicate clearly and collaborate with others Information Literacy: Access, evaluate, use, and manage information Media Literacy: Analyze media and create media products Information, Communications, and Technology Literacy: Apply technology effectively Flexibility and Adaptability: Adapt to change and be flexible Initiative and Self-Direction: Manage goals and time, work independently, and be a self-directed learner Social and Cross-Cultural Skills: Interact effectively with others and work effectively in diverse teams Productivity and Accountability: Manage projects and produce results Leadership and Responsibility: Guide and lead others and be responsible to others

8 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

Now pick 2 areas that you rated yourself pretty high (at least a 4). Why are these areas strengths? How can you continue to keep these areas strengths? What part(s) of FCCLA will help you with each area?

Now pick 2 areas that you rated yourself low (lower than a 3). Why are these areas ones in which you can grow? What can you do to grow in these areas? What part(s) of FCCLA will help you grow in each area?

Now it’s time to put your FCCLA skills to work! Next to each 21st century skill, write one FCCLA area, program, event, etc. that you think focuses on that specific 21st century skill. How can FCCLA help you to prepare for your future family, career, and community? Work with a partner or by yourself.

21st Century Skill

FCCLA Area, Program, Event, Etc.

Global Awareness Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy Civic Literacy Health Literacy Environmental Literacy Creativity and Innovation Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Communication and Collaboration Information Literacy Media Literacy Information, Communications, and Technology Literacy Flexibility and Adaptability Initiative and Self-Direction Social and Cross-Cultural Skills Productivity and Accountability Leadership and Responsibility

Now pick one of the FCCLA areas, programs, events, etc. that you paired with a 21st century skill. Your challenge is to participate in this FCCLA area, program, event, etc. so you can continue on the path of 21st century skill success! Source: www.p21.org

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 9

The Ultimate Leadership Experience for the 21st Century Workforce Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) has more than 160,000 youth enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences courses providing employability skills and rich experiences that are critical for success. As the only Career and Technical Student Organization with careers that support families as its central focus, FCCLA develops skills that last a lifetime, from creative and critical thinking to practical knowledge and career preparation.

Diversity White 53

FCCLA Reach and Demographics 2015-2016 Total Membership 161,017


African American 22%


Hispanic 18%

80% Female 20% Male

American Indian 9% Asian 3











Middle Eastern 1% Other 4%


Ethnicity Unknown 8%

Grade Point Average

Academic Achievement of FCCLA Members

The DNA of FCCLA 1. Employability Skills 3. Career Preparation 5. Competitive Events 7. Advocacy 10 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017 Source: My College OptionsÂŽ/FCCLA research study (2016)

2. Leadership Training 4. Conferences and Special Training 6. Lifeskills 8. Scholarship and Recognition

FCCLA Prepares Students for College and Career Through: Teaching 21st Century Employability Skills The top 6 employability skills FCCLA members gain in FACS classes are:

64 63% 60% 58% 53% 50% %

Working with others successfully Communicating well with others Feeling I can be successful Being a team player Building strong relationships with peers Making wise career decisions

Fostering Interest in FACS Major and Career Options Many FCCLA members are interested in FACS majors and careers.

32% 24% 23% 21% 20% 17% 17%

Encouraging Post-Secondary Education FCCLA members are planning to pursue postsecondary educations.

85% State College/ University

21% Community College

28% Private College/ University

7% Vocational/ Technical School

High Interest Areas of FCCLA Members FCCLA members’ interests in the following college majors and careers exceed the national average by more than 40%:

Chef/Baking Specialist

Chef/Baking Specialist

Nursing/Health Care

Preschool Teacher

Christian Services/ Missionary


Early Childhood Center Director

Dental Health

Fashion Designer Social Worker

Physical Therapy

Law/Legal Services

Social Work/ Human Services

Medical Science


Medical Technology

Family/Marriage Counselor Interior Designer 2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 11

Source: My College OptionsÂŽ/FCCLA Annual Research Study (2016)

Image by Freepik

FCCLA PSA: Help us Speak Up! It’s time to speak up for FCCLA and for career pathways! FCCLA is speaking up for career pathways and the Unlimited Possibilities our organization offers to develop 21st century skills. We know that our organization does a great job of preparing today’s teens for tomorrow’s workforce, and we want others to know about it, too. FCCLA filmed a PSA in order to show the benefits of career and technical student organizations and how they provide personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) education. The PSA features individuals who have gained skills from FCCLA and shows how they are currently using those skills in their day-to-day lives. You may even recognize some people featured! When we work together, we can really speak up for Family and Consumer Sciences! 12 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

VIEW THE PSA HERE: youtu.be/36cfSbQSFJw

Now we need your help! Please promote the FCCLA PSA on chapter websites, promotional materials, and social media.

A’s L . C re C o t ! d F pp r app s a lo ile A you n w ob 65’ in o D M LA 3 ch





Facebook Minnesota FCCLA: How many pins have you collected? #2016NLC


Twitter @FCCLAParliLaw: The funny thing about FCCLA is when you join, they don’t tell you about the new 156,000 family members you gain! #FCCLAFamily @PracticalMoney: #NFL legend John Lynch coached Financial Football with @Visa and @NationalFCCLA.


@itsnotcarolyn: “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” So proud to be a part of this monumental organization! #2016NLC


@AdCapYOUth: Excited to partner w/@NationalFCCLA to #empoweryouthnow, impact school health/wellness & student #entrepreneurship!


@RashSharon: Oh yes, we did this! 5K run/walk on the bay in San Diego. Run4Red #2016NLC!


Instagram @alyssa.lapham: Rocking the red blazer while representing Oklahoma #FCCLA in California. It can’t get much better than this! #2016nlc @virginiafccla: #VAFCCLA would like to thank all the #FCCLA parents and guardians who chaperoned chapter members at #2016NLC in San Diego, CA!

National FCCLA

FCCLA 365 App

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 13

2016-17 FCCLA Communications Plan Image by Freepik

August & September: Show others the unlimited possibilities of FCCLA through membership recruitment and promoting the FCCLA PSA. #FCCLAshowsUP October: During October, Speak UP for youth issues, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Career and Technical Education! #FCCLAspeaksUP November: UP-lift others by giving back to your community, focusing on others, and sharing what you are thankful for! #FCCLAuplifts December: Make December all about family and the holidays by promoting FCCLA@theTable! #FCCLAatTheTable

Check out the ways that you can encourage others to discover their Unlimited Possibilities. April: Be financially fit and practice ways to save your money! #FCCLAsavesUP May: Get the FACTS to practice safe driving! #FCCLABucklesUP June: June is the start of summer and the perfect time to exercise, eat healthy, and enjoy the great outdoors. #FCCLAgearsUP July: July is the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN. Make plans to join us! #2017NLC

January: Join the movement and recruit new members to FCCLA! #FCCLAjoinUP February: Throughout February, promote FCCLA Week and Career and Technical Education Month. #FCCLAWeek March: It’s time for March madness membership recruitment! #MembershipMadness

14 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

The FCCLA theme for the 2016-2017 school year is “Unlimited Possibilities”. This theme encourages you to discover the possibilities within your reach as you explore career opportunities, develop leadership skills, and grow personally while making a difference in your family and community. With FCCLA, there are unlimited possibilities!


February 12-18, 2017 e by

g Ima










p Free



Monday, February 13:

Tuesday, February 14:

Wednesday, February 15:

Thursday, February 16:

Friday, February 17:

Pull UP a chair and kick off FCCLA Week with an FCCLA@theTable event! Plan, prepare, and share a meal and then tag #FCCLAatTheTable!

Show the Unlimited Possibilities of Family and Consumer Sciences careers by hosting a career fair at your school. Post photos of your chapter’s fair and tag them #FCCLAcareers.

We serve and lead in red! Take your Lead2Feed project to new possibilities by creating community care kits. Tag #FCCLAUPlifts.

“Tag” a leader on social media and challenge them to pass along the tag #FCCLAURUP to other great leaders.

Visit your government leaders and reinforce the message of the nationwide #FCCLAWeek thunderclap, happening at 4:30 PM ET.

WHAT CAN YOU AND YOUR CHAPTER DO TO CELEBRATE FCCLA WEEK? Do some brainstorming and then put your plans into action! 2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 15



FCCLA So what will FCCLA look like in 2018? The FCCLA Vision 2018 strategic plan helps us see into the future two years from now. Check out the three goals that the board of directors has set for our fantastic organization!

1. Promote FCCLA as the premier youth leadership organization.

2. Refine and strengthen services and resources for stakeholders.

Highlights include:

Highlights include:

• Engage leadership experts to build new programs • Focus on employability skills, family living skills, and community leadership • Seek corporate internship and shadow days • Research how to provide new career internship opportunities for Competitive Events participants

• Develop resources specific to the needs of middle level members • Provide recruitment resources highlighting benefits of membership • Develop a chapter fundraising resource • Expand recognition of member accomplishments • Provide unique connections for members to explore career options

3. Expand and invest in internal and external relations. Highlights include: • Provide connections between external partners and chapters • Develop partnership resources for chapters • Identify partners and experts for every Competitive Event

So what goal do you have for yourself as an FCCLA member? What goal can you reach by 2018?

To learn more about FCCLA Vision 2018, head to http://fcclainc.org/about-us/StrategicPlan.pdf.

16 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

There are Unlimited Possibilities in FCCLA!

With a membership increase in the 2015-2016 school year, now is the time to recruit more students to Go For the Red. Don’t forget to use the posters and Membership Handbook available to chapters to recruit, retain, and recognize members.

Unite in Red! The excitement is building until all youth leaders at the 2018 National Leadership Conference unite in red and wear official dress for all sessions. Atlanta is ready, and so are we! In order to help our members Unite in Red, FCCLA created the Unite in Red Fund and the Unite in Red Fund — Red Jacket Awards. All of the donations received for the Unite in Red Fund will go towards building an inventory of red blazers to provide to members through an application process. FCCLA members can apply for a jacket or an adviser can nominate an outstanding member. FCCLA red jackets will be awarded each month starting in September, and, in addition to the monthly awards, various FCCLA members will be awarded a red jacket on stage at the 2017 National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN!

So join the movement, and together we can bring the Ultimate Leadership Experience to new students and chapters, giving even more youth leaders the opportunity to Go For the Red! Let’s reach for those Unlimited Possibilities and keep our membership numbers going up!

For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/2aMXnit

For more information on the FCCLA membership campaign, visit fcclainc.org.

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 17


Unlimited Possibilities Each year, thousands of FCCLA projects are created and implemented through Competitive Events. In 2015-2016, these projects reached over 13 million people! These projects improve local schools, community organizations, and FCCLA members themselves. Members report that the top skills learned in Competitive Events include creativity, leadership, public speaking, responsibility, time management, and self-confidence. What skills will you develop through Competitive Events?

The following national events are offered during the 2016-2017 school year:

FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl – a three-level, team competition that challenges students’ knowledge of all aspects of Family and Consumer Sciences, FCCLA, and consumer education. Competition begins online at www.lifesmarts.org, proceeds to the National Cluster Meetings, and ends with the National Championships at the 2017 National Leadership Conference.

18 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

with Competitive Events! FCCLA/Knowledge Matters Virtual Business Challenge – Personal Finance – a free, web-based event for affiliated FCCLA members. Participants will manage the financial wealth of a simulated character while opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, monitoring credit scores, paying bills, choosing a career, shopping for goods, filing taxes, and more. Visit the Competitive Events page at www.fcclainc.org to see the Round One and Round Two registration and competition dates. Top teams from each round advance to the 2017 National Leadership Conference competition!

Skill Demonstration Events – provide opportunities for members to demonstrate college- and career-ready skills in Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations. Competitions take place at National Cluster Meetings. • Culinary Knife Skills • Culinary Food Art • Impromptu Speaking • Interior Design Sketch

• Interviewing Skills • Toys that Teach • Speak Out for FCCLA

Challenge Testing (Culinary Math, Consumer Math, Science in FACS, Early Childhood, Hospitality & Tourism, Nutrition, and FCCLA Knowledge)

STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events – recognize members for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. STAR Events offer individual skill development and application of learning through cooperative, individualized, and competitive activities. Events begin at the local/district/regional levels and proceed through state competitions and to national competition at the 2017 National Leadership Conference. • Advocacy • Applied Math for Culinary Management • Career Investigation • Chapter In Review Display and Portfolio • Chapter Service Project Display and Portfolio • Culinary Arts • Digital Stories for Change • Early Childhood Education • Entrepreneurship

• Environmental Ambassador • FCCLA Chapter Website • Fashion Construction • Fashion Design • Focus on Children • Food Innovations • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation • Illustrated Talk • Interior Design • Interpersonal Communications

• Job Interview • Leadership • Life Event Planning • National Programs in Action • Nutrition and Wellness • Parliamentary Procedure • Promote and Publicize FCCLA! • Recycle and Redesign • Sports Nutrition • Teach and Train

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 19

Red Jacket

Red Hot Future

Victoria Connor, National First Vice-President

What does being an FCCLA member mean to you? Being an FCCLA member means that you have a second family. You connect with people from your school, state, and country to create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. FCCLA members discover their leadership potential and flourish in their communities. It is the reason I am who I am today.

What essential life skills have you gained from your experience with FCCLA? Through FCCLA, I have learned to speak up. When I was a freshman, I wouldn’t talk very much, and I was scared that people didn’t care about what I had to say. After becoming more involved in FCCLA, I learned that my voice is significant, and I began to talk about what I thought was important. Now, I am able to speak in front of thousands of people about the importance of Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA. As a result of my public speaking development, I am now more confident in everything I do. From walking down the street to talking to professionals, I am acknowledged and viewed as important. I have also learned to balance my responsibilities. With all of my schoolwork, clubs, athletics, job, and FCCLA, I have learned how to manage my time and prioritize. FCCLA helped me become organized and form a schedule so that I can stay involved in all of my favorite activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

20 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

What advice would you give a new FCCLA member to ensure that they get the most out of their FCCLA journey? FCCLA gives you countless opportunities to strengthen your family, prepare for your career, and give back to your community. Take every opportunity that you are exposed to so you can gain as much experience as possible in a professional setting. There may be things that push you far outside your comfort zone, but just take them step by step and try your best! Whether it be competing in a STAR Event or running for a leadership position, the experience that you have will prepare you for any future endeavor. Be confident, be yourself, and be positive.

What are the Unlimited Possibilities that you see in your future? After I graduate high school, I plan to study Family and Consumer Sciences and management and join the United States Coast Guard! FCCLA will always be a part of my life, even after college, and I look forward to combining all of my passions into a career.

[FCCLA] is the reason I am who I am today.

FCCLA Faces As an FCCLA state officer, I have obtained the skill of adaptability through traveling to new cities and meeting and learning the characteristics possessed by members from across the country. FCCLA has also provided me with enhanced flexibility; now I find it much simpler to work with others and their differing ideas and opinions. These skills will last a lifetime and are sure to take me toward new horizons! — Marah Mullins — Gate City High School FCCLA, VA FCCLA has helped me in multiple ways to develop 21st century skills needed for everyday life, such as computer and technology skills. I didn’t even have an email address before FCCLA. I’ve learned how to use a variety of computer programs for the advancement of a specific task and to advocate for FCCLA on social media. — Jessi O’Neill — Missouri FCCLA Vice-President of STAR Events Being an Iowa FCCLA state officer has given me skills to communicate and adapt to help our team make decisions in a more efficient manner. I have also been able to learn how to set goals. I learned that it is more effective to set a specific goal rather than a vague goal because being able to track progress will help with accountability. — Carly Rahn — Clarinda High School FCCLA, Iowa Out of all the skills we need to make it in the 21st century, I strongly feel that FCCLA has helped me in flexibility and adaptability along with communication. I attended the 2016 NLC in San Diego as a STAR Event participant. Sadly, while I was at NLC, my STAR Event did not arrive on time due to a train derailment. Thanks to my chaperone/aunt, we worked together to recreate my presentation, allowing me to present it on time. Thank you, FCCLA, for helping me with my 21st century skills! — Haley Snider — Albia High School FCCLA, Iowa

What 21st century skills have you gained through FCCLA? FCCLA has helped me to develop my 21st century skills through workshops, conferences, and competitions. When I first began in the organization, I was a shy freshman in high school who didn’t know yet where she fit in. Through FCCLA, I have been able to come out of my shell, share my thoughts and feelings with others, and speak in front of people confidently. Without FCCLA, I wouldn’t be who I am today. — Lauren Conklin — Ohio FCCLA State Secretary FCCLA has helped me develop people skills and public speaking skills, and it has given me the knowledge I need to be successful within my FCS classes. Before I joined FCCLA, I had no idea what a bright future I could have and the friends I would gain. — Anne Gebicke — California FCCLA State — Vice-President/Historian Working at National FCCLA has helped me become flexible and adaptable. I try to plan out my days and workload, but you never know what can come up! I’ve learned to manage my time while accomplishing tasks and am able to quickly adjust my focus to various things that come up throughout the day/week. Working with a team that is flexible and supportive helps me adapt and take on challenges. — Heather Davis — Partnership Manager, National FCCLA FCCLA taught me how to speak in front of an audience, about teamwork and how to develop my leadership. In my participation in different levels of FCCLA, I have developed 21st century skills by practicing communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Thanks to this organization, I am a leader, entrepreneur, and believer. FCCLA educates its members to aim higher, to be helpful, and to see their potential as an entity of change in the world. — Héctor L. Ramos Morales — Puerto Rico FCCLA State President

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 21

Spotlight on FACTS and Financial Fitness FCCLA has updated two new programs for 2016! This year, we’re unveiling our updates to the Financial Fitness and Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) programs. Image by Freepik

We used industry experts, students, and advisers to help guide these newly-updated programs, and we’re so excited for you to use them in your chapter! In both programs, you will find: • Outlines you can use to plan chapter activities or events • Website links to outside organizations that focus on each specific topic • Career pathway ideas/options relating to that topic • Classroom activities • Lesson plans for each unit • Relevant topics

Distraction (phones,

New FACTS Units

r activities)

passengers, food, othe

to work to home busy world. From school We live in an incredibly ilities, and d with activities, responsib to play, teens are bombarde ever, and they’re also busier now more than expectations. They’re balance the added it means to grow up and trying to balance what pressures of life.



with distractions into life behind the wheel, This busyness extends other activities. passengers, food, and their full being caused by phones, d the importance of keeping Help your students understan s and others safe. so they can keep themselve attention on the road students gain an help included below, Through the FACTS activities that they can then of distracted driving so awareness of the dangers for driver safety. take action and advocate

Awareness: Overload! Overload!


how it affects of what distraction is and Teens need to be aware a glimpse of what time. Help students get their judgment and reflex guiding them behind the wheel through it means to be distracted activity. through the Overload! student. handout to each Provide a copy of the Overload!

facts program guIde


Image: nIghtwolfdezInes/

© 2016 FCCLA


• Key FACTS for Your Safety – understand and promote your role as a driver or passenger and keep yourself and others safe • Key FACTS for Vehicle Safety – understand vehicle safety and the role it plays in safety for you and others • Key FACTS for Road Safety – understand and promote your role on the road as well as the safety hazards you may encounter and how to avoid or react to them

New Financial Fitness Units • Earning – sharpen on-the-job financial fitness • Spending – track and plan personal spending • Saving – conquer bank accounts, financial goals, and investments • Protecting – keep financial and personal interests safe

To purchase a guide, head to the FCCLA Store.

22 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

Lenora Reid

Dee Kirby

Pleasant Grove Junior High, Utah

South Shelby High School, Missouri

What Family and Consumer Sciences classes do you teach? I teach College & Career Awareness, FACS Exploration, Teen Living, Apparel Design & Production I, and Sports & Outdoor Product Design I. As a Family and Consumer Sciences instructor, what do you do to promote and further the profession? To promote the profession, I make sure I am encouraging students to explore careers and pathways in which they are interested. I also include FCCLA in classroom activities and assignments. I use FCCLA’s Power of One program to help students create goals to help them improve their career readiness, and also understand how to participate in activities that will develop great resumes and prepare for college applications and scholarships. Also, encouraging students to participate in STAR Events helps them to realize and practice important career and leadership skills. What professional development or resources do you use to stay current in the subject matter that you teach? I participate in several professional organizations, attend professional conferences at least twice a year, read the professional magazines put out by the organizations I am a member of, and volunteer whenever I can for school and community events to develop a good rapport with my students and their families. I also try to stay on top of new technology and applications I can implement into my classroom to help my students see the relevance of the content and the importance of it in their lives at this time and for the future. How do you incorporate or integrate FCCLA in your Family and Consumer Sciences classroom? In all of my classes, I introduce FCCLA with STEP 1 activities. I try to do different activities for my different classes I teach so that they get something different each time they take my class. It is never the exact same thing, so they don’t get bored. I use the Power of One program to help students set goals and require at least one as an assignment in each of my classes. I also have a STAR Event as a major project in all of my classes. This allows my students to see the importance of presentation skills, professional portfolio development, and how to solve a real-life problem that they are interested in. FCCLA teaches so many essential leadership and career skills, problem solving skills, and how much influence and power one person can have for good in their community.

What Family and Consumer Sciences classes do you teach? I currently teach FACS 1, a yearlong introductory course, Foods and Nutrition, Advanced Foods and Nutrition, Family Living, Health (a Missouri graduation requirement), Personal Finance (also a Missouri graduation requirement), and FCCLA Leadership. As a Family and Consumer Sciences instructor, what do you do to promote and further the profession? I have served as a mentor for the Missouri DESE to help new teachers as they enter into the FACS classroom. I am involved with ACTE, Missouri ACTE, and Missouri Educators of FACS, where I serve on the board. In my mind, one of the things that is important for me is to make my course work relevant but also include rigor, particularly the courses that are requirements for a high school diploma in the state of Missouri. What professional development or resources do you use to stay current in the subject matter that you teach? I really like the resources available through Take Charge Today from the University of Arizona. It has great resources for personal finance. I also use Kahn Academy as a resource for health. In Missouri, we have a summer MoACTE conference that is great to attend as a way of getting revitalized to prepare for the upcoming school year. Each division has its own separate speakers and workshops, so it is geared to my curriculum. How do you incorporate or integrate FCCLA in your Family and Consumer Sciences classroom? I am a veteran teacher, and through the years I have done a variety of things to incorporate FCCLA into my classes to motivate students and to help manage my time. One thing I do is try to incorporate as many STAR Events into the classes as I can, so if students want, they can use that for their STAR Event with a minimal amount of time spent outside school. I also try to do the same thing with national programs. If I can incorporate part of the work into the curriculum, that helps tremendously, plus there are some great resources out there to use in the classroom through the national programs.

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 23

FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl



In the SPOTLIGHT now: One of FCCLA’s most supportive fashion industry partners: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)! Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) is a WASC- and NASAD-accredited, specialized, private college offering associate and bachelor degrees. FIDM is a four-year college with four campuses in California, educating its students for careers in fashion, entertainment, business, interior design, and visual and digital arts. FIDM provides a full one-year scholarship to the following National FCCLA STAR Events winners: • Top Occupational Competitor— Fashion Design • Top Senior Competitor—Fashion Design • Top Occupational Competitor— Fashion Construction • Top Senior Competitor—Fashion Construction FIDM’s Community & Educational Affairs Department offers access to a series of in-classroom guest speaker presentations, written to support FACS curriculum. The well-researched topics capitalize on the areas of FIDM’s expertise.

24 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

Interactive and relevant, these presentations use a variety of teaching tools, including multimedia and hands-on exercises. As FCCLA members and advisers, you may be most interested in: Behind the Design: Careers in the Apparel Industry; Costume & the Character; Design Inspiration: Where Designers “Shop” for Ideas; Learning the Art of Trendspotting; Applied Arts: Exercises in Design (Textiles, Product Development, Fashion Design, Jewelry, etc.). This past year at NLC, FIDM offered workshops on pattern making, fashion sketch, and interior design for advisers and members to participate in at their San Diego campus. The workshops were facilitated by FIDM instructors and were a huge success. FCCLA advisers and members had a great time participating. FCCLA is grateful to have FIDM as a long-time partner, exhibitor, and mentor! Learn More: www.fidm.edu @FIDM

Compete in the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl this Fall Reserve your chapter’s spot in Nashville next summer by competing in the Knowledge Bowl this fall! It’s easy to get started: 1. Register online at www.LifeSmarts.org, and register to attend a Cluster Meeting.

2. Five-member teams test their consumer knowledge online in categories including personal finance; food science; technology; family, career, and community studies; and more.

3. Top-scoring chapters compete at Cluster Meetings and at NLC. To learn more, visit http://fcclainc.org/programs/ fccla-lifeSmarts-knowledge-bowl.php. Congratulations to the Selah High School FCCLA Chapter, Selah, Washington, for winning the 2016 FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl at NLC in San Diego last July! The teams from John P. Stevens (New Jersey) and Brookings Senior (South Dakota) earned 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 25

Answer Key (from left to right): #1. Removed Art Institutes logo from screen. #2. Changed “We <3 Missouri” sign to “Me <3”. #3. Made “MO” maroon on second sign. #4. Removed ring from hand of middle girl. #5. Added Exit Sign to air vent by door. #6. Added additional sign on right.

Photo by Carissa Gooch, 2016 NLC Media Team

Can you find the six differences between the two images below?

Spot the Changes

FCCLA...In Action Check out the FCCLA action happening all across the nation!

Meadville FCCLA Members of Meadville FCCLA, Missouri, wanted to do more than just recognize their local heroes on Veteran’s Day. Their chapter hosted a luncheon and program to honor each individual veteran and active duty military in their community. Over 85 military members and their spouses attend the luncheon. In addition, Meadville FCCLA sponsored an elementary essay contest about the students’ military heroes. Three winners were chosen and received a framed copy of the essay and a photo of the student and military member.

Houston County High FCCLA Houston County High FCCLA, Georgia, joined with Houston County Board of Education and Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) to sponsor an adult computer night. The popular annual event gives FCCLA members the opportunity to become acquainted with adults in their community while assisting them in learning basic computer skills. CTSO advisors teach the computer classes and provide refreshments for each session.

Hargrave FCCLA Members from Hargrave FCCLA, Texas, participated in the non-profit organization Project Linus. Project Linus is dedicated to providing security through blankets for ill or traumatized children and teens. Nationally, the organization has donated more than 5 million handmade blankets to help comfort children in need in hospitals, shelters, and hospices.

East Central FCCLA Members of East Central FCCLA, Indiana, hosted their 3rd annual “Girls’ Night” event for 6th and 7th grade girls from Sunman Dearborn Middle School. The goal of the event was to teach young females how to be powerful and fearless, while educating them about the obstacles they may face during their teen and high school years. In addition, each girl brought a canned food item to donate to charity and made crafts to donate to the children at Safe Passage, a local domestic violence shelter.

South Shelby FCCLA South Shelby FCCLA, Missouri, worked with community groups to fundraise for “Miracles for Margie”. Margie is a former school secretary who has suffered from complications of brain tumors. To raise money for Margie’s medical bills, South Shelby hosted an old fashioned ice cream social, had a live auction, sold t-shirts and cappuccinos, and held a duck toss event during basketball season. At the end of the fundraiser, South Shelby FCCLA and their local community raised an impressive $25,000 for Margie!

26 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

Want to be featured in FCCLA In Action? Email your story to communications@fcclainc.org for consideration, and include photos of your event. Montgomery County R-II FCCLA Montgomery County R-II FCCLA, Missouri, noticed that students often are not very kind to one another. They began to form a plan in which they could spread and promote positivity to each individual in their school. FCCLA members decided to create personalized, handwritten notes that would be taped inside of student’s lockers. After the notes were written, they gained assistance from Darla, their school custodian, as she unlocked each individual locker so that the notes could be taped inside anonymously. As the project progressed, it became clear that the positivity in the school was growing as the notes brought a brightness to many people’s days.

Keytesville Jr. and Sr. High FCCLA Chapters Keytesville Jr. and Sr. High FCCLA Chapters, Missouri, formed KMAD (Kids Making a Difference) to help make a positive difference in their community. This year, they chose to focus on raising money to help those in their school district who are fighting cancer. Throughout the school year, they prepared and sold lunches, had a bake sale, held a pie-in-the-face contest, had basketball shoots with a “glow” ceremony, held a “sink cancer” event, sold t-shirts, and had a silent auction. Approximately $1,400 was raised through the fundraisers.

Scott County Central FCCLA Members of Scott County Central FCCLA, Missouri, participated in a program called Never Too Young from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This program is designed to help teach elementary students about earning, spending, and saving money. FCCLA members worked with third grade students by going to their classrooms and teaching them ways they could earn money, giving them items to spend their money on, and providing reasons to save. At the end of the program, students could turn their “money” in for real cash. The students loved being able to make something they could sell and earn money.

Spalding and Griffin High School FCCLA students from Spalding and Griffin High School, Georgia, participated in Region 4’s FCCLA Day at the Capitol in Atlanta, GA. For many of the students, it was their first visit to the capitol. They had the opportunity to visit both the House and Senate chambers and observed amendments to proposed legislation that were debated on the Senate floor. Students met with House of Representatives members John Yates and David Knight.

Westside HS FCCLA For the second year in a row, Westside HS FCCLA, Georgia, and their adviser Sheila Mackey organized a gift-giving opportunity for all the Westside CTSO organizations. This year, FCCLA, TSA, DECA, FBLA, Weaver Middle School, and Beta Clubs all gave money to purchase 720 coloring books and crayons for every child in the Middle GA Head Start programs. 2016-2017 www.fcclainc.org Teen Times 27

The IMPACT Fund Rohit Iyer, 2015-2016 Vice-President of Finance Carter Bracht, 2016-2017 Vice-President of Finance

Since 1945, FCCLA has provided youth with unlimited ways to make an impact in their homes, schools, and communities. The IMPACT (Investments in Members and Partnerships and Assistance for Chapters and Teachers) Fund provides grants to chapters and members who have the drive to further FCCLA’s mission and purposes, so if this description fits you, it’s time to apply! The 2016-17 NEC is excited to fully roll out the IMPACT fund this year after the great work from previous councils to get it started. We will be working on promoting the fund with challenges and other initiatives and researching the Unlimited Possibilities there are to grow the fund. We look forward to reviewing your applications, awarding grants, and then hearing back from you as to how your chapter was impacted.

Do you have a great idea for an FCCLA project or event that just doesn’t have funding? Never fear, the IMPACT Fund is here! To apply for funding, visit the FCCLA website and click on Grants and Funding.

Good luck!

jwu.edu/NSO 28 Teen Times www.fcclainc.org 2016-2017

Explore the Unlimited Possibilities of FCCLA by attending one or more of the fall 2016 national meetings! Washington, D.C. | Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, 2016 Washington DC Capitol photo by Nicolas Raymond.

Denver, CO | Nov. 4 - 6, 2016

Orlando, FL | Nov. 18 - 20, 2016


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