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A Ì{ew Lea,se on Life Those well-atuned taxi drivers who nod excitedly to the command "FCC" will not have to pencil in a sad addendum to their street maps for at least another five years. The Ice House Street Chateau that has been home to hopeful hacks and PR moguls since 1982 remains ours thanks to the negotiating acumen of Club President Jim Biddulph.

Jim parried the attacks of the FCC's secure the

from this

April I until April l,1992.





Former local foolbull slar Walter Gerard explaining the inseparable connection between love and whisky

For those who don't know, the FCC shares the rare distinction with that other popular roost,the Wan Chai Post Ofhce,of being a listed antiquity. As a result, all matters concerning rental or building additions are channelled through those gnomes


territorial officialdom responsible' for

preserving the sacred heritage of our fair city.

sponsored by Hiram Walker.

Former Rangers' (Hong Kong's, not

Cupididty Tom Lloyd and his Jazz friends crooned away February's mushiest evening at the club's "Valentine's with Ballantine's" fete,

glasgow's or Queen's Park's) great Walter

Gerard organised the event on Sehalf of Hiram Walker. The Merry Scotsman, once known by his Cantonese fans as "The Big Watersuffalo" was on hand at the FCC offering his views on football, love, and whisky.

Tfrc tenestrøtion




Jim's next appointed task þelore



eventlul reign squeaks to a halt, will be to convince the same batch of gndmes to the Wyndham function room.

The FCC Board recgntly approved the project, which consists of glassing in the entire lower verandah.

The glassing-in project is designed to extend the Wyndham room's capacity from its present 25 diners to a proposed 50.

Back From thc Grave We know it's been a while folks, but, like Mark Twain, the rumours of our interment were greatly exaggerated. We're back, and its your darkest secrets we're after, John Lenaghan, John's dad, and David Gilhooley at the Valentine's gala

Whm in the course ojf...

Fore The FCC's annual Richard

Concerning the controversial "false news" bill, nor a word of which we would dare to misrepresent in these hallowed


Memorial Golf Tournament takes place this ye¿r on March 20 at the Intramuros Golf Club in Manila.

columns, Hong Kong's journalistic community has raised its collective voice.

John Iænaghan took top honours at last year's competition held in Shenzhen.

The Board of Governors resolved on March 5, that the following be sent to Mr. Michael Thomas, the Attorney General: The Board ofthe Foreign Correspondents'

Club asks you to delay the Public Order

Er, mnke mine. a Dict Coke

(Ammendment) Bill for further considera-

tion with the media


both domestic and

foreign, which publish or print Koing





well as with the legal profession.

The Board urges that the government should further amend the bill to remove the burden of proof of malice from the accused and eliminate ambiguities concerning the publication of "false news".

As drafted, the law could be used to limit very seriously the traditional freedoms of any organ either published or printed in Hong Kong, at a time when strengthening these freedoms should be a prime considelation.

Excercise physiologist Mysie Lee is on call now to the FCC (from her usual roost at

the Hong Kong Country Club) to design personal fitness programmes for members.

For a small fee, Mysie administers a battery of tests, feeds the results into her computer, and presents her subjects with a comprehensive printed fitness evaluation. She then prescribes a tailor-made fitness routine designed to suit each subject's particular needs.


Contact Housekeeper

Wendy Wong for further detatils.

Mad Max Roger Boschman, who is Hong Kong correspondent for the American motoring

publication Car and Driver, has recently been appointed Far East correspondent for

Motor Cyclist



magazine. I

Roger beckons all internal cumbustion fans to contact him at 3-2817457 if they are interested in submissions (written or photographed) for sale to either publication.

Triple Crown "for



His trophies are by now gangrenous, but sometime in the pleistocene era, just after the last issue of the Correspondent came out, Paul Baran added the FCC l4-l championship to his club billiard and snooker crowns.

In the October hnal, Paul


runner-up Andreas Panayi. Rumour has it that Paul has been employing dubious tactics on the local circuit, including practicing beforehand and abstaining from beer during

important matches,

\ in Legco today

Heiress to the Throne? While club president Jim Biddulph was busy sweating out the club's future against

faceless bureaucracy,

the lovely Mrs

Biddulph, renowned Carrianologist Rita Gomez, was busy accompanying their daughter, Ann Biddulph, into the world.

Ann became the third member of the Biddulph-Asia syndicate on March 6, weighing in at 7 lbs, 8 ounces. Mother, father, daughter, and George Tan are all doing fine.

Cíno Amore

time at the FCC are enough, and so he'll be switching to half-time starting

An FCC fixture, Pool Bar Bartender Chao Chin Chen, has decided that 38 years full-

April l.

Chao, now 76, began at the FCC in 1949,

moving through the ranks to become head waiter, and fÏnally opting for a more sedentary existence behind the pool bar. Always ready with a smile and story, the

Hubei province native says he wouldn't dream of ever retiring completely. "I couldn't stay at home all the time, the television is too noisy. I would die."



To celebrate the FCC's fifth anniversary on Ice House St., and is new lease agreement, a club-wide gala is scheduled for April


Tentatively titled "Press ReJease" (ugh), the fete will include an array of cuisines from around the globe, two bands, and a geyser of

flowing spirits, all for one yet to be named price. Look for details.

Ako Coming up... Friday March 20 is the date for a club dinner themed "A Rhine River Cruise". In addition to entertainment by the Melody Quartet (four string players from the HK Bartender Chao Chin Chen pours one

for the road

Philharmonic), Heinz Grabner's kitchen staff plans to serve up a feast of authentic German delights.

The Fjorm

danceable jazz wafted its way back

Kjonespondents' Clab

den's Sveriges Jazz Band appeared in the main bar.

For those who just couldn't get enough,

into the FCC on Tuesday February 17, when Swe-

The popular Swedish band took time off in the middle of its run at ttre Shangri-lah to meet its S,4S-sponsored FCC date.

Billy Bishop Goes to War, the two man musical review that was called by more than one local critic "the highlight of the '87

Fringe Festival", comes

to the FCC


Thursday March 26. The $140 tag includes a full four-course meal along with the show.

And mark down April 19 (from


2:00) for the FCC's annual Eæter Sunday Buffet, replete of course with baskets of coloured eggs and chocolate bunnies for the kids. And remember, regular Sundaybrunch will not be served in the main bar on Easter Sunday.

Also, Monthly Jazz Night gets going on the second Tuesday of every month, starting

April 14, in the Main Bar.

Required attendance for all potential jammers (bring your own horns and bongos) and jazz enthusiasts.

finally. . . Wednesday's and Friday's are fondue nights at the FCC. Hearty swiss cheese fondues laced with kirsch as well as Boeuf Bourguignonne available on the verandah.

...and, to make amends for the Treaty of Blow that horn, Bjorn

Sevres, the Friday lunch Roast Wagon has been replaced, you should have noticed, with doner kebabs in the main bar.

Ì{ew Mentbers We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the following legions who have joined our ranks since last issue:


Bonníe E. Engel. off Duty Mary Lee, Far Easlern Economic Review Joel McCormick, China Trade Channels LtdTimothy J. Donoghue, New Zealand Press Association

Cheryl Kremkow,

Jewellery News Asia

Peter C. Charlesworth, Contact Press Images Minna Daum, BBC News Clara Bingham, Asian Adttertising & Matketing

Brue Fienberg, U.P.l Maria Shao, Business Week Fergus O'Rorke, Tines WU

William R.B. Maclean,

Computer Pub


Bjorn Veseth, Noruegian News ÀgencY Li Ruo He, Xinhua News Agency Jacqueline E. Higgins, Exerpto Medica Asio

Iain T MacDonald, McDonnell Douglas China Eric M. Stephanus, China lloildwide Insurance Michael Broadbent, HK & Shanghai Bank Cotp'



Claudia A. Rosett, The Asian llall


Kevin G. Chinnery, Lloyds of Londan



Edward Nachtrieb, Rerters Deirdre Chetham, Radio Netherlands Int'l Jeremy Thompson, Independent Television News

David Brauchi, Reuteß Ellen Salem, Far Eostem

Abi Sekimitsu,

Economic Review

Trade Media

Michael Newlands, Asiavox Ltd. John Berthelsen, The Asian Wall Street Journal

Larry Laq NBC News Paul Marriage, Intercsia Publications


James E.C. Collíns, The Citv Polvtechnic of HK James Watlington, The Bank of Bu¡teÚield

Peter J. Goudie, Inco Australasia Ltd. Henry To Koon Man, Ptice Waterhouse


Philip J. Ashby, IAP Marine Semices Ltd. Neil Montefiorc, Coble & Wireless plc David I. Wickham, Cable & Wireless plc James G. IJ:td, Hong Kong Gowrnment Anthony N. Williams, Coward Chance Jenifer Evans




Co rp


rate M e d i a

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Int'l Ltd.

húting ít together

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Bessie Lee Pui-ling, Medicql News Tribune Ltd.

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Frederick Frank


Printer: Ad-Asia,



Commercial Building 34 Wyndham St.



Murad Chawkt,




Lisa K.Y Cheung, Money Tours Philippe Rene-Bazin, Banque Francaise du Comme rce

Mark H. Kendell, Manorial Enterprises Llcl Stuart M. Atkinson, Manorial Enterptises Lld. Annie C. Hafije, Data Generul Asia Mahesh Sachdev, Commission for India

Contributions welcomed! Plpqse deposit articles, bits of damaging Sossip, suggestions etc in The Corr€spondent pigeon-hole nea¡ the entraricç to thç main ba¡.

The Correspondent, March - April 1987