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Mazatlán Cruise Industry Lands on

“We look forward to welcoming and seeing all the cruise line executives…”

—Estrella Palacios Domínguez, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa

“…we had to show our commitment that we are in the business of cruise tourism…”

—Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism & Ports, the Cayman Islands

Marie McKenzie tells all, from her Caribbean national heritage helping “bridge gaps” to “the value of working together,” deployed capacity share, showcasing destinations, reducing our carbon footprint and much more

“…legacy that was created with the principle of paving inroads…”

—Frank Del Rio Jr., President, Oceania Cruises

“…likely it’s going to be our best year ever…”

—Vance Lewis, CEO, Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park (British Virgin Islands)

“…continue building and growing the industry within St. Maarten…”

—Lela Simmonds, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Port St. Maarten Group of Companies

FCCA & CLIA Events Embark on Mutual Success

Cruise Lines’ Newbuilds & Environmental Progress

Transforming Waste Management

Destinations’ Tourism Developments & Goals

Aquila’s Strategies for Raising the Levels of Excellence

“…cruise tourism has been the backbone of our tourism product for decades.”

—U.S. Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism Joseph Boschulte


Boricua [boh-ree-kwah] is more than a word to identify a person from Puerto Rico. It’s a way of life that finds joy and beauty in the unexpected. So let yourself wander our Island and discover amazing places around every corner. Book your trip today.








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10 Spotlight on Marie McKenzie McKenzie—Senior Vice President, Government & Destination Affairs, Carnival Corporation & plc—tells all, from her Caribbean national heritage that helps “bridge gaps” to “the value of working together,” deployed capacity share, showcasing destinations, reducing our carbon footprint and much more

Meeting and Events

14 Cruise Executives and Destination Stakeholders Chart Mutual Success at the FCCA PAMAC Summit Hosted by the Cayman Islands More than 25 high-level cruise executives joined key destination stakeholders for business and meeting sessions in the Cayman Islands, including more than 220 one-on-one meetings, along with opportunities for the host destination to engage the audience and move toward its goal of facilitating sustainable growth

18 Mazatlán and the State of Sinaloa Ready to Welcome the Cruise Industry at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show Estrella Palacios Domínguez, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, shared the reason for excitement in welcoming the prestigious audience for FCCA’s keynote event, while sharing some things to see and do

23 CLIA Cruise Forward Summit Coming Soon to Miami

23 San Juan Hosts the Society of American Travel Writers’ Annual Convention

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10 Second Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 3


Stop at any of our ports for unique culture, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and picturesque towns with shopping and attractions that offer all the Caribbean experiences you’re could ever ask for.


On Board

24 CLIA’s New Passenger Reports Show Growth Trends, Source Market & Destination Data Projections continue to show that this year will surpass pre-pandemic levels— with a forecast of 31.5 million oceangoing cruise passengers—and further growth is on the horizon

26 Norwegian Viva Goes Live

26 Seabourn Pursuit on the Trail

27 Silver Nova Shines

27 No Delusions of Seven Seas Grandeur

27 Carnival Jubilee Getting Ready for the Party

28 Celebrity Ascent on the Rise

28 Cunard Marks 183rd Birthday with Queen Anne Cutaway

28 MSC Cruises’ 2022 Sustainability Report Highlights

29 Royal Caribbean Group Transforms Waste Management

30 New Partnership to Tackle Waste

31 Nine Cruise Ships Honored for Rescues at Sea

On Land

34 Local Stakeholders Key to Driving Cayman Islands’ LongTerm Cruise Tourism Vision Cayman Islands Minister of Tourism and Ports Kenneth Bryan to activate and empower locals to work directly with cruise lines, and a couple locals sat down with Travel & Cruise to share their stories

35 British Virgin Islands Sailing to a Brighter Horizon Vance Lewis, CEO of the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park in the British Virgin Islands, explains the “excellent” relationship he values with cruise lines, executives and stakeholders – and how those partnerships could lead to a record year for 2023-2024

36 St. Maarten Committed to Continue Building Its Cruise Industry Lela Simmonds, Business Development and Marketing Manager of the Port St. Maarten Group of Companies, discussed efforts to continue building and growing the industry within St. Maarten, including the unveiling of some big news

37 U.S. Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism Focuses on the Importance of Cruise Tourism Boschulte tells how “cruise tourism has been the backbone of our tourism product” and why maintaining constant dialogue is essential, in addition to cruise industry’s rise in occupancy exceeding expectations

38 Jamaica Looks to Boost Latin American Arrivals

39 Dominican Republic Continues Record Pace

39 Puerto Rico Flying High

39 Antigua and Barbuda Sizzled This Summer

40 Port of Los Angeles Breaks Ground on LA Waterfront Promenade

40 Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve Recognized for Conservation Efforts

41 Royal Caribbean Sails into Junkanoo Season

41 Carnival Cruise Line Hosts Grand Bahama Celebration for the 50th Independence of the Bahamas

42 Removal of Covid-19 Measures in Australia Confirmed

Members & Travel Agents

44 Strategies for Success in Raising the Level of Excellence in Your Destination Beth Kelly Hatt, President of Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence, shares long-term training strategies with destinations to support their goals

48 FCCA Platinum Member Highlights

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Micky Arison

FCCA Chairman

Chairman Carnival Corporation

Michael Bayley President & CEO

Royal Caribbean International

Thomas Mazloum


Disney Signature Experiences

Richard E. Sasso


MSC Cruises (USA) Inc.

Harry J. Sommer

President & CEO Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings


Michele M. Paige

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Ceserano President

Terri Cannici

Vice President, Operations

Omari Breakenridge

Director, Digital Strategy & Creative Services

Mario Aguirre

Director, Membership Events & Programs

Justin Paige

Director, Communications

Bruna Milazzotto

Manager, Research & Data

Jessica Lalama

Executive Assistant

Vanessa Gutierrez

Membership Administrator

Welcome to this issue of Travel & Cruise, and for many of you reading this in amazing Mazatlán, Mexico, welcome to the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show!

All readers are likely aware that cruising is already exceeding pre-pandemic levels and an even brighter future is on the horizon – and that this was only possible through the constant communication and collaboration between destination stakeholders and cruise lines.

As many of you are seeing in person, this synergy only seems to be increasing, so I am confident the growth has only just begun. Of course, through all the meetings, networking and more in Mazatlán—and the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show’s proven track record of sparking everything from increased calls to entire destination developments—it seems like a safe bet that mutual benefits will continue.

This issue will show plenty other support, including coverage of the FCCA PAMAC Summit, where more than 25 cruise executives—such as Frank Del Rio Jr., President, Oceania Cruises—joined FCCA Platinum Members in the Cayman Islands for business and meeting sessions, featuring more than 220 one-on-one meetings, along with opportunities for the Cayman Islands to “show our commitment that we are in the business of cruise tourism,” according to Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism & Ports.

Marie McKenzie—Senior Vice President, Government & Destination Affairs, Carnival Corporation & plc—takes the spotlight to discuss everything from her Caribbean national heritage that helps “bridge gaps” to “the value of working together,” deployed capacity share, showcasing destinations, reducing our carbon footprint and much more.

The following pages also include interviews with representatives from our FCCA Presidential Partners: The British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, St. Maarten, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Vance Lewis, CEO of the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park in the British Virgin Islands, explains the “excellent” relationship he values with cruise lines, executives and stakeholders – and how those partnerships could lead to a record year for 2023-2024. Local Caymanian business owners discuss their operations and the initiatives in the Cayman Islands and by Hon. Bryan to activate and empower locals to work directly with cruise lines.

Lela Simmonds, Business Development and Marketing Manager of the Port St. Maarten Group of Companies, shares efforts to continue building and growing the industry within St. Maarten, including the unveiling of some big news.

Joseph Boschulte, U.S. Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism, tells how “cruise tourism has been the backbone of our tourism product” and why maintaining constant dialogue is essential, in addition to cruise industry’s rise in occupancy exceeding expectations. Thanks again to all of you who have been vital for cruising’s comeback. I am confident we will continue to work together to route the itinerary for a better future.

Respectfully yours,

Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 7
Collaborative moments at the FCCA PAMAC conference in the Cayman Islands: Michele with the Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism & Ports.


Pierfrancesco Vago

CLIA Global Chairman Executive Chairman MSC Cruises

Micky Arison Chairman

Carnival Corporation & plc

Richard D. Fain Chairman

Royal Caribbean Group

Jason Liberty President & CEO

Royal Caribbean Group

Thomas Mazloum President

Disney Signature Experiences

Charles B. Robertson President & CEO American Cruise Lines

Harry J. Sommer

President & CEO

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Josh Weinstein President & CEO

Carnival Corporation & plc


Kelly Craighead President & CEO

Caroline Johnson

Senior Vice President,  Membership Operations

Brian Salerno

Senior Vice President, Maritime Policy

Joshua S. Good

Senior Vice President, Global Finance and Operations

Anne Madison

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Communications

Jason Park

Managing Director, North America & Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs

Fall is in the air, and for many cruisers it’s time to head to the sunny Caribbean. This season, the region will welcome several exciting new ships, ranging from the 100-passenger Emerald Sakara, for which I will have the honor of serving as godmother, to the record-breaking, 7,600-passenger Icon of the Seas from Royal Caribbean. The wide range of new ships and their diverse onboard features are proof that the industry is on a strong trajectory, attracting more bookings from Gen X and Millennial travelers and enjoying record levels of consumer intent to cruise.

We continue to advance our environmental and sustainability agenda. CLIA recently issued its annual Environmental Technologies and Practices Report which confirms a step change in the industry’s uptake of new environmental technologies. Of the 44 ships on order, 25 will be LNG-powered and seven with engines ready for methanol. These investments will accelerate a transition to low and zero carbon fuels, which is critical for cruise lines to meet their ambitious climate goals.

CLIA continues to build awareness of the industry’s efforts with governments around the world and is working to secure the regulatory and legislative conditions needed to continue to grow responsibly. Earlier this year we produced an online toolkit to equip stakeholders with important information relevant to their local audiences. Now available in six languages, and regularly updated, you can find the toolkit at

In addition, we are working with port regions and non-governmental organizations to advance sustainable practices on land. Following our successful efforts in Greece and Croatia, CLIA is again partnering with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), along with the municipality and the port of Kotor, Montenegro, to conduct a tourism assessment. This is the first step in creating a sustainability action plan for the historic city. It is also a reflection of the industry’s dedication to protecting the world’s cultural, historical, and natural treasures.

Finally, CLIA is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jason Park to the new role of Managing Director for North America. Similar to CLIA’s structure in other regions, Jason will drive a holistic approach to our work in the U.S. and Canada across government relations, public affairs, policy development, membership and the travel trade community, which has grown to record levels this year. Jason will also serve as SVP for Global Government Affairs and has a profound understanding of the regulatory landscape critical to our efforts. He will be based in Washington, DC and previously served as Head of Federal Government Affairs, Americas, at Expedia Group, Inc.

I look forward to introducing you to Jason at CLIA’s upcoming Cruise Forward Summit, November 29-December 1.

Together in cruise,

Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 9

Spotlight on Marie McKenzie

Thank you for this opportunity to speak from my mind and heart.

I am from Jamaica, and I am a proud Caribbean national. I tell everybody I believe I’m in the perfect job. I actually think I’m purposed to do this. I love the company that I work for, I think we bring great value to the region, and I love our destination partners.

I think I’m uniquely positioned to bridge gaps and allow our destinations to understand us better as a company, and also to allow my colleagues to understand the interests and opportunities in the destinations.

The FCCA has a similar role. I think while we like to refer to ourselves as friendly competitors, we also recognize the value of working together – and the FCCA provides a platform for us to do that in many ways, whether it’s opportunities to work together with our destination partners, or policies and regulations that are coming out of destinations that we may need clarity on.

Instead of us going as individual lines to the destinations, I think coming together under FCCA proves valuable in matters that impact us collectively as an industry. I think destinations should also see it

as such because this reliable and robust forum the FCCA has created allows them to come to one spot to present their opportunities or challenges and get feedback from the industry as a whole, even in the event of personnel and focal point changes within the cruise lines.

Also, while there is undoubtedly a large business aspect to the cruise lines, we also celebrate life. We talk about providing great experiences for our guests, and I think the FCCA knows how to pull destination partners and the lines together to really appreciate our products. Its annual cruises featuring different ships, along with destination-based events allow us, through the FCCA, as one body, to experience our destination partners.

That being said, there are many opportunities for our destination partners. One is the employment of Caribbean nationals. While there is an economic impact dimension to this, nationals from the region on our ships underscore to our guests and the destinations the importance of the partnership. As team members, they also help us tell the stories of their homelands and bring value to the onboard experience with their unique perspectives.

Frankly, yes, our ships go to over 800 ports globally, so I don’t want to make it seem like the Caribbean is the only region we’d hire from, but definitely knowing that it’s a significant region for not just the industry, but for Carnival, where we have our capacity cruising, I think it’s really important that the demographic for employment on our ships is representative of the region as well.

Many of our brands have been working on initiatives to hire more in the Caribbean. They have had agencies that they have worked with to make sure that the candidates are qualified and that they complete the necessary testing and preparations to become a full hire.

For destinations, identifying the local agency is the first step. The agents play a

Spotlight 10 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise

role for us in terms of screening and making sure that local candidates understand the requirements to come onboard, the vacancies we have and what we are looking for in terms of local talent.

The FCCA is also always there to address any questions. So, if you’re unsure which local agent to contact, you can reach out to the FCCA – it’s just a phone call away. They are pretty resourceful and will reach out to each of the lines to seek clarity.

There are also opportunities for destinations to benefit from the constantly increasing capacity, as well as our investment pipeline and portfolio of ports.

It’s no secret that deployed capacity share in the Caribbean has grown exponentially since the pandemic. While I can’t predict the future, I will say that the Caribbean will always continue to be a major market – not just for the industry, but definitely for the Carnival Corporation group of brands.

I think coming out of the pandemic, the Caribbean (thanks to our great destination partners) allowed us to restart cruising very quickly within the region and get us back up and running.

Of course, our ships are movable assets, and there are times that we may be looking at new markets and need to pivot, but I can confidently say that the Caribbean will continue to be a significant market for our capacity –especially considering that cruises are becoming an even better value-for-money means of travel, with the increasing cost of air travel. To support this, many of our ships are positioned throughout U.S. ports where people can just drive, park and get on a ship.

To me, the numbers seem generally sustainable, but could vary (e.g., from 35-45% of capacity) based on how we follow demand of our guests and availability of berths globally.

Most readers also probably know that we have two big active projects in The Bahamas today, including building a port in Grand Bahama, and adding a pier and new experiences to Half Moon Cay, and, consequently, we are heavily focused there.

and Half Moon Cay in The Bahamas, and Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic).

We are proud of our portfolio of ports because many of these ports actually create a complete itinerary, and that level of investment is significant for us and delivers great economic activity to communities in those destinations. We intend to use those to further enhance the experiences in those ports.

We have had models where we assisted financially local operators in terms of building products for us. So, for those interested, it needs to be a unique product, something that we’ve never offered before, or is very limited in capacity, where we actually need a lot more.

It’s important that potential shore excursion partners think of things differently, and not try to do the same tour that you see we already have many other operators doing. First, consider something unique in terms of what you may have to offer that you really believe would be a strong seller and may serve our market or our guests, and then reach out to the brands.

We are always looking for new products because we have such a high repeat number of guests that if we don’t try to change it up a bit and allow them to have new experiences when they return, it’s much harder to sell the same thing over and over again.

It’s also important to consider that every guest is different. For example, guests from AIDA are into ecotourism. They love hiking, they love to be engaged with nature – so somewhere like Dominica, they just love.

Coming out of COVID, we’ve tightened our belts, and our investments are focused on what’s already in the pipeline – but we’re definitely looking at our portfolio of ports (Mahogany Bay in Honduras, Puerta Maya in Cozumel, Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Princess Cays

Then most of the Carnival guests, they enjoy a great beach, but also adventure experiences. So, they like to get on a dune buggy, ride through the mud and then go hang out and lay out at a beach.

I encourage our destination partners to meet with the individual brands to understand the differences in the

Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 11
…deployed capacity share in the Caribbean has grown exponentially since the pandemic.

psychographics of their guests and what they’re looking for, because it’s not one-size-fitsall across the industry.

You can also see this in the ships and their experiences. It’s no longer just about the food or midnight buffet, it’s much bigger than that. We’ve now gone to everything from unique restaurants to rollercoasters – there’s so much you can do on the ship to have a great experience.

Destinations should be thinking the same because even though we do all these great things with our ships, most of our guests cruise in order to experience the destinations. So, it’s important to consider how you showcase your destination in a manner that makes it memorable, fun, and something they would want to return to experience again.

I’m also proud that our company has a focus on the environment and general sustainability. Our sustainability report recently came out, and I encourage everyone to take a look at

Josh Weinstein, Carnival Corporation’s President & CEO and Chief Climate Officer, is definitely focused on that and recognizes the importance of that area. He’s leading the entire corporation in a manner that allows us to continue to focus on this area. I’m proud that he has the Chief Climate Officer responsibility, that he’s owning, living and breathing it, and that he’s requiring the entire company to be on that journey with him.

For destinations and stakeholders looking to join us on this journey, truth be told, it’s not just helping us – I really caution people thinking that they’re just helping us. Environmental and Sustainability responsibility is bigger than Carnival Corporation. It’s bigger than the destination. The importance of reducing our carbon footprint is a joint responsibility. It’s an area the entire world should be focused on.

When we talk about partnering with destinations on these opportunities, it’s really just understanding the initiatives they have in the destination – whether it’s ways to manage waste or energy oppor-

tunities, shore power (and I say that cautiously because I recognize the challenges in the region to provide shore power) or LNG bunkering.

We have ongoing initiatives with various destinations where we’re partnering with them not just to do things that serve our ship operations, but actually are beneficial for the destination.

I’ll close by sharing my favorite ship and destination and a few personal facts.

Every ship provides a memorable and unique experience. That is the beauty of our collection of brands. There is a brand for everyone! For me, the one I would probably cruise on nonstop is Arvia – if you’ve never cruised P&O Cruises consider experiencing that brand.

For my favorite destination, I am Jamaican, and it is my home and will always be. However, I have grown to become what I consider a “Citizen of the Caribbean” as this role has allowed me to truly experience the uniqueness of each destination in the region and the authentic experiences they have to offer. An experience in Dominica is likely not replicated in The Bahamas. They both offer very different and memorable experiences.

On a personal note, as I travel the region, I am actually a foodie and truly enjoy our cuisine in the Caribbean and also enjoy cooking and baking. I make a mean rum cake!

Spotlight 12 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise
The importance of reducing our carbon footprint is a joint responsibility.

Cruise Executives and Destination Stakeholders Chart Mutual Success at the FCCA PAMAC Summit Hosted by the Cayman Islands

More than 25 high-level cruise executives joined key destination stakeholders for business and meeting sessions in the Cayman Islands, including more than 220 one-on-one meetings, along with opportunities for the host destination to engage the audience and move toward its goal of facilitating sustainable growth.

For the first time ever, the cruise industry was anchored in the Cayman Islands for FloridaCaribbean Cruise Association’s (FCCA) PAMAC Summit, which joined 80 FCCA Platinum Members and more than 25 high-level cruise executives. Taking place from June 20-23, the event offered invaluable opportunities for the group to engage in meetings and networking sessions, while also showcasing the Cayman Islands and their commitment of working with the cruise industry.

“We are honored that the Cayman Islands hosted this crucial event for our partners throughout the cruise industry and destinations,” said Michele Paige, CEO, FCCA. “This again proved the value of meeting in person to move forward together, while also being a testament to the Cayman Islands’ dedication to the industry, remarkable ability to host an event of this magnitude, and impressive initiatives underway.”

“Passenger needs and expectations are constantly changing, so it is important from a destination perspective for all players in our cruise sector to meet on a regular basis to review our product offerings and explore options for adding new tours and attractions, particularly for repeat guests,” said Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism & Ports.

“It was a pleasure to have hosted the FCCA executive team, its Platinum Members and senior executives from major cruise lines to have these types of discus-

sions. Our conversations with cruise line executives and business owners during the Summit have confirmed the desire for change in the traditional cruise business model. We encourage exploration and consideration of various models that cater to different offerings within each sub-sector,” he continued.

million passengers aboard FCCA Member Line vessels are projected to visit this year.

“We are here to work with you and your fellow destinations on creating economic opportunity for the communities that we visit,” he continued. “In fact, this is so important to us that strengthening our communities, including our local communities as well as those of the 700 destinations we visit worldwide, is one of the five pillars of our global sustainability program, Sail & Sustain.”

“Whether it’s by sourcing local

“…we had to show our commitment that we are in the business of cruise tourism…”
Meeting and Events 14 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise
—Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism & Ports, the Cayman Islands

businesses…there are so many ways that we can work together to not only provide incredible vacation experiences for our guests, but also maximize the social, economic and environmental benefits we can bring to the region.”

After mentioning that Cayman Islands received $224.54 million in total cruise tourism expenditures in addition to 4,622 jobs paying $92.24 million in wages generated by the industry during the 2017/2018 cruise year, he assured, “We can and will do more.”

He also thanked all the Platinum Members for being part of a “legacy that was created with the principle of paving inroads with destinations and providing a constant line of communication,” which he noted proved its essentialness in navigating the turbulent waters of COVID and “continues today as we look to capitalize on the growth ahead.”

Speaking to that growth, he mentioned that Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings will welcome three ships this year, one for each brand: Norwegian Viva , Oceania Vista , and Regent Grandeur. That will contribute to the total 20 percent capacity growth compared to 2019 – and further displays the “belief not just in our business, but in the broader cruise ecosystem…we will continue to build something that brings people together, it’s what our business is all about”

than 220 one-on-one meetings with cruise executives during the event, something praised by Wendy McDonald, Regional Vice President, Government Relations, Caribbean, Royal Caribbean Group.

“Attending the FCCA PAMAC Summit in the beautiful Cayman Islands was an incredible experience. The Summit offered a platform for meaningful discussions, and the one-on-one sessions provided invaluable insights and opportunities for collaboration within the tourism industry,” she said.

“I would like to extend a special thank you to the Minister of Tourism, Honourable Kenneth Bryan, and his team for hosting such a prestigious and unforgettable event that brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of Caribbean tourism. The Summit has undoubtedly strengthened our commitment to enhancing the visitor experience and driving sustainable growth across the region.”

The discussion and foundation for sustainable growth were driven through a two-part main session – one focused on shore excursions and one focused on operations, itineraries and retail – with panelists that delivered remarks and presentations while fielding questions from the participants and everything open for conversation. Panelists included Frank Del Rio Jr.; Richard Sasso, Chairman, MSC Cruises USA; and Minister Bryan.

Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 15

only helped to grow closer and help close deals, but also showcased some of what to see, do, and taste in Cayman Islands, as well as the destination’s full commitment to cruise tourism.

Minister Bryan emphasized this before the event even officially started: “We’re a smaller island, we know, in comparison to a lot of Caribbean islands…so we had to show our commitment that we are in the business of cruise tourism, and we love cruises,” he told.

“A lot of our tourism product has been built on cruise, so that means our relationship together and how we find that balance is important, and today’s conference will allow us do that through one-on-one meetings and discussions not only with governments to cruise lines, but also our stakeholders locally.”

He continued that the aim is to encourage an authentic approach and hopefully have cruise lines buy more local products, as well as create further connections between the local stakeholders and community with cruise lines and FCCA.

The Cayman Islands did just that by holding candid conversations with industry partners focused on product development and diversification, itinerary development, infrastructure management, and ultimately enhancing level of customer satisfaction.

The cruise executive agenda featured a working lunch with Minister Bryan and the Cayman Islands Government, where Minister Bryan shared the Cayman Islands’ forecast and initiatives while receiving overwhelming support from

FCCA and Member Lines to continue working together; individual breakout sessions in which the team met with a representative from each FCCA Member Line to address items of interest; site inspections of new and planned destination

products and experiences; and specialized meetings coordinated by the Ministry and Department of Tourism between cruise executives, major attractions, suppliers, retailers, and tour operators.

Throughout the entire event, the Cayman Islands clearly displayed its commitment of working closely with the industry and keeping lines of communication open – and communicated its ultimate goal to facilitate sustainable growth and development of the cruise tourism sector, with a focus on quality over quantity.

“Our goal is to create a long-term product that you can invest in…you want to know that it’s going to last not only for your time, but for your great grandchildren…Cayman is in it for the long haul,” said Minister Bryan.

“Our model has always been quality over quantity, and we’re going to double down on that more now than ever before because that’s what our customers are telling us. Our customers want us to be sustainable, more authentic and less commercialized.”

This goal surely scored a few points with the cruise executives in attendance. “The 2023 PAMAC Summit in Grand Cayman has been a great experience and a tremendous success,” said Ugo Savino, Director, Deployment and Itinerary Planning, Carnival Cruise Line.

“The dedication of Minister Bryan and his team, and the warm hospitality of the people in Grand Cayman have been the foundation of a great conference that offered numerous insights and interesting conversations about the future of our industry.”

“The Summit offered a platform for meaningful discussions, and the one-on-one sessions provided invaluable insights…”
Meeting and Events 16 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise
—Wendy McDonald, Regional Vice President, Government Relations, Caribbean, Royal Caribbean Group

and the State of Sinaloa Ready to Welcome the Cruise Industry at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show

Nearly 1,000 people representing all facets of the cruise industry, including almost 100 cruise executives, will soon land in Mazatlán, Mexico for the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show, “the only event in the region that puts any attendee in direct contact with cruise executives that can drive business,” according to Micky Arison, Chairman, Carnival Corporation and FCCA, and perhaps where you’re reading this now.

“We are proud of this event’s continued success for attendees and so many throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico,” said Michele

Paige, CEO, FCCA. “The FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show has been the birthplace of everything from new tours to entire destination developments, so we are excited about what this year can bring for our destination partners, along with what developments it can bring for Mazatlán by showcasing some of its stunning sights, sounds, and food.”

That will be done through the new format focused on one-on-one meetings and workshops that launched last year and featured a record number of oneon-one meetings – with 652 held at the event: 600 between delegates and cruise executives and 52 between cruise com-

pany presidents/CEOs and government leaders. Any preregistered delegate can schedule a series of 15-minute meetings with participating executives to pitch their product and receive individualized input, with the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show being the only event in the region offering this direct contact with cruise executives, and FCCA also coordinates private meetings for its destination partners.

The agenda also includes other meetings, such as the Heads of Government Meeting, where Ministers of Tourism will join presidents and above from FCCA Member Lines to discuss issues regarding the region, with it open to any suggested topics. Currently on the table are an increase in summer traffic and passenger/ crew spending, better experiences, investment opportunities and development of new ports.

A series of workshops led by cruise executives and experts also headline the event and give attendees the knowledge needed to develop mutual understanding. Additionally, relationships will be fostered with a robust plan of networking events that will bring the group closer to close deals, while also giving a sampling of Mazatlán and the State of Sinaloa.

Meeting and Events 18 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise

“We are very pleased that the FCCA Conference is coming to Mexico to see all the beautiful things we have to offer: our gastronomy, our culture, and our traditions. We have the largest aquarium in Latin America, which is about to open,” stated Estrella Palacios Domínguez, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa.

Located along the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlán is a colonial city as well as a beach resort tourist town. Known for its near-perfect, yearround weather and vibrant culture, it is home to one of the world’s largest carnival celebrations, with more than one million people heading to the city for the festivities each year.

Travelers and adventurers have been visiting Mazatlán by sea since pre-Columbian times. Its large cruise ship port welcomes numerous cruise lines each year and from its modern cruise terminal, passengers can easily walk to the “Old Town” which is also known as “Old Mazatlán”.

Beaches, history, culture, restaurants, architecture, nature, entertainment, and adventure are just a few of the reasons that travelers from around the world long to visit this unique destination. Popular highlights include: Malecon, the scenic oceanfront beach promenade that offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean; Cero de la Neveria, for enjoying spectacular views of the city; Las Gaviotas, Playa Camaron, Playa Olas Altas, beaches in different parts of the city; Teatro Angela Peralta; Mercado Central, central market in “Old Town”; the Cathedral, featuring a neo-Gothic exterior and Baroque interior; churches; and offshore islands.

“We look forward to welcoming and seeing all the cruise line executives in November to visit Mazatlán, and hope they enjoy it very much,” said Palacios Domínguez.

You can also get to know the areas, culture and more through some of the highlights below.

Savoring Sinaloa

Sinaloan gastronomy is one of the greatest jewels of Mexico. Behind the mixture of flavors, there are centuries of tradition waiting to be discovered through the palate of each visitor. Let yourself be enveloped by the best gastronomic experience of

your life, from the freshest seafood to the highest quality meat.

The restaurants in the region offer dishes of enormous diversity, and Sinaloan locals take pride in their cuisine and appreciate the recognition they receive for their dishes. This is an essential part of tourism in the region, with the gastronomy recommended by culinary experts – classifying it as gourmet – and recognized by international chefs for flavors that satisfy any appetite.

The Ángela Peralta Theater, a Symbol of Sinaloa’s Culture & History

Located in the heart of the historic center and built in the Porfirian era in the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, it is one of the most beautiful and authentic of its kind in the country. Declared a National Historical Heritage in 1990, the theater continues to function as the house of culture. Home of distinguished staging, symphony concerts, musicals and plays, its incomparable beauty exalts the greatness of the state and is a must stop for all visitors to the city. Do not miss the opportunity to fall in love with its authentic architecture and history.

A Place that Preserves History in Mazatlán

Settled on the top of Cerro del Vigía and 75 meters above sea level, the building known as “the Observatory” was initially built by the inhabitants of Mazatlán as a military observation post. Due to its strategic location and complete command of the landscape, it served the city to protect it from

“… the only event in the region that puts any attendee in direct contact with cruise executives that can drive business.”
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—Micky Arison, Chairman, Carnival Corporation & FCCA

the constant incursions of enemy ships and piracy. Today, the Observatory is the perfect place for all people to enjoy a good time, admiring the endemic birds and animals of the region in its own aviary, learning all about Mazatlán’s history and nature in the anthropology and history museum, or tasting a delicious local craft beer and enjoying the renowned food and cocktails in town. Do not miss the opportunity to see the best view and sunset in Sinaloa firsthand.

The Pearl of the Pacific, a True Cradle of Biodiversity

Deep sea fishing in the port of Mazatlán has become one of the most extraordinary experiences in the country, since on its waters reside seven of the nine species reserved for this sporting activity throughout the whole year. The destination is considered the best place on the planet to

carry out this activity all year round. The world-class bass fishing takes place in El Salto, which is in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, where you can enjoy the catch and release of the biggest bass on earth. It is a privilege to visit this place and its stunning views that will take anyone’s breath away.

Perfect Swells All Year Round!

Mazatlán holds the torch for Sinaloa when it comes to waves. The town is fantastically spread across a strangely shaped bubble in the Mexican Pacific coast, meaning there are beaches facing in three directions –south, west, and north – and swells of all compass orientations work their way in neatly to the sands virtually all year round, though the big Southern Hemisphere pulses of June to August are by far the best. If this isn’t amazing enough, the beaches of Elota, located just 50 minutes away from Mazatlán, are known for having the perfect conditions for world-class kite surfing.

Mazatlan’s Maximum Celebration

The 125th edition of the Mazatlán carnival, in Sinaloa, was another stunning success, with more than 500,000 visitors and artists. For five days, the port dresses up, decorates its picturesque streets and breathes to the rhythm of music and joy. During this very special annual celebration, the port opens its doors to thousands of tourists who can enjoy this beautiful tradition that distinguishes Mazatlán. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the impressive parade and all the cultural presentations that are held during these days of festivity for next year’s edition.

“We look forward to welcoming and seeing all the cruise line executives…”
Meeting and Events 20 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise
—Estrella Palacios Domínguez, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa.

A new partner on board brings more choices on shore.

Two paths coming together with a steady goal can broaden horizons for all. Through a shared vision and passion for the cruise industr y, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) and have joined paths.

As the new administrator of the FCCA Global Tour Operator Insurance Program, provides tour operators with the coverage they need to grow their business—and enhance the destination experience.

To lear n more about how this partnership can benefit you, contact our experts today.

Ken Furlow Global Development Officer

M: 786.351.3408

Cruise Forward Summit Coming Soon to Miami

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) looks forward to welcoming member cruise lines, executive partners, and special guests to the Cruise Forward Summit in beautiful Miami, Florida.

The Summit will be held at the brandnew Loews Coral Gables Hotel. The hotel is centrally located, within walking distance to some of the area’s best shops and restaurants, and less than 5 miles from MIA international airport.

This annual event is a great opportunity to hear from, and engage with, industry leaders on a variety of compelling maritime, tourism & travel and supply chain topics and to explore issues affecting the entire cruise community. We look forward to working together on critical industry solutions.

Taking place this November 29 –December 1, the preliminary schedule of events includes community roundtables, receptions, multiple interactive workshops and sessions, and much more.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact

San Juan Hosts the Society of American Travel Writers’ Annual Convention

The Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) held its annual convention this year in San Juan. More than 240 journalists, photographers, editors, public relations specialists, producers and bloggers attended the event.

Meeting at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino, September 7-11, the travel-focused communicators had access to

professional development programming and destination experts from around the world. Destination Puerto Rico showcased cultural, gastronomic, special interest, sightseeing and other experiences, with the writers encouraged to do in-person tours to research future stories.

Cruise Lines International Association was a lead convention sponsor.

Meeting and Events
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CLIA’s New Passenger Reports Show Growth Trends, Source Market & Destination Data

CLIA recently released their 2022 Global and Regional “One Resource Passenger Reports,” based on the 2022 calendar year. The reports reflect trends in passenger source market and destination data, along with information on average age and cruise length. The data is based on passenger statistics provided by CLIA’s ocean-going cruise line members, who represent nearly 95% of global cruise industry capacity, plus additional data collected by Tourism Economics and CHART Management Consultants from non-CLIA cruise lines.

By the end of 2022, 100% of CLIA cruise line members’ ocean-going vessels were back in the water, and more

than 20 million passengers enjoyed a cruise holiday with family and friends. Throughout the year, consumer intent to cruise continued to rise – surpassing

In the first quarter of 2023, data continued to trend toward growth for the industry, with a slight increase in passengers compared to the first quarter of 2019. Age group distribution in 2023 appears similar to 2019, and overall cruise duration has returned to slightly above seven days.

This data largely shows that the industry has returned to a new normal in most places and is poised for growth towards a full-year 2023 forecast of 31.5 million ocean-going cruise passengers.

2019 levels – and cruise ships were once again bringing full ships to ports around the world and positively contributing to their local economies.

The Global Report, along with Regional Reports for North America, South America, Europe and Asia, can be found in the Resources section on

On Board 24 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise
A full-year 2023 forecast of 31.5 million ocean-going cruise passengers.

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Norwegian Viva Goes Live

Norwegian Cruise Line welcomed the very first guests to sail aboard the all-new Norwegian Viva, the Company’s highly anticipated new ship and second of the Prima Class, as it embarked on its maiden voyage from Venice (Trieste), Italy on August 9.

Mirroring the design of the award-winning sister ship Norwegian Prima, Norwegian Viva is the second of six ships in the Prima Class set to debut through 2028. The ship’s tagline “Live it Up” embodies the enhanced guest experience and on-board characteristic of this pioneering class, including elevated offerings, more spacious designs, thrilling onboard activities such as the three-story Viva Speedway, and new dining concepts, most notably Indulge Food Hall – an open-air food market featuring 11 unique eateries.

Norwegian Viva’s upscale and spacious design is elevated by an expansive array of artwork across the ship, including The Concourse, a multi-million-dollar outdoor sculpture garden, and a dynamic, interactive 52-foot-wide art piece by contemporary British digital artist Dominic Harris. Exclusively created for Norwegian Viva, Harris’ “Every Wing Has a Silver Lining” digital art piece is on display at Metropolitan Bar and dynamically responds throughout the day to passing movement, creating engagement with the viewer. Norwegian Viva also features a world-class entertainment lineup, headlined by the side-splitting Tony Award®nominated comedy “Beetlejuice The Musical” and the iconic game show “Press Your Luck LIVE,” an immersive experience where the audience participates to win incredible grand prizes.

Norwegian Viva is sailing a selection of bucket-list worthy Greek Isles and Mediterranean voyages through November, before before its official Christening ceremony in Miami

on November 28. Luis Fonsi, Latin GRAMMY® award-winning artist and godfather to Norwegian Viva , will attend the celebration to officially name the ship and will be joined by The Queen of Latin Pop, Paulina Rubio; “Saturday Night Live” cast member and Miami-native Marcello Hernandez; and singer Pedro Capó.

The ship will then homeport in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a season of Caribbean voyages from December 2023 through March 2024 with calls to Tortola, British Virgin Islands; St. John’s, Antigua; Bridgetown, Barbados; Castries, St. Lucia; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Seabourn Pursuit on the Trail

Seabourn Pursuit, the second ultra-luxury expedition ship for Seabourn, embarked on its first voyage and welcomed its first guests on board on August 12. The ship kicked off its maiden year with an eight-day voyage from Valletta, Malta, to Rome.

Seabourn Pursuit is the second of two new expedition vessels from Seabourn launched in the past two years. The ship is purpose-built and designed to provide guests who are looking for out of the ordinary experiences combined with life-expanding moments in exquisite, ultra-luxury comfort. The ship also offers the many Seabourn amenities and services guests know and cherish, such as the line’s renown fine dining options, entertainment, luxurious suites, and personalized, intuitive service by the onboard team.

“For 10 years, we have offered immersive, ultra-luxury expedition experiences with our team of experts, and now we have two purpose-built,

ultra-luxury, state-of-the-art expedition ships: Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit. They take expedition experiences to the next level and deliver truly out of the ordinary experiences to our extraordinary guests,” said Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn. “Our guests will discover natural wonders and amazing wildlife above and below the sea in the most remote destinations, guided by our expert expedition team, while enjoying our signature ultra-luxury style when they sail on our beautiful new ship.”

Between August and October, Seabourn Pursuit will sail five voyages in the Mediterranean and on two voyages across the Atlantic and through the Caribbean. On October 10, the ship will arrive in Barbados to begin its expedition journeys, taking guests to remote corners of the globe. Seabourn Pursuit will head south for expeditions exploring coastal South America, the Amazon, and Antarctica into late March 2024.

On Board 26 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise

Silver Nova Shines

Silver Nova embarked on her maiden voyage on August 14, departing Venice, Italy. One of the most environmentally conscious ultra-luxury cruise ships ever built, Silver Nova is Silversea’s 12th ship and the first to launch this year for Royal Caribbean Group, becoming the 64th ship in its global fleet.

“Silver Nova revolutionizes ultra-luxury cruising and sets the new category standard,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group. “From her innovative horizontal design to her emphasis on sustainable operations, Silver Nova speaks to Royal Caribbean Group’s commitment to deliver the world’s best vacations, responsibly.”

“It was incredibly emotional to welcome guests aboard Silver Nova ahead of her maiden voyage,” said Barbara Muckermann, president, Silversea Cruises. “Benefiting from an innovative asymmetrical design, she immerses guests into the destination at every turn – a strong expression of our brand mission. As one of the most spacious ships at sea, and with the broadest array of bars, lounges, and restaurants in ultra-luxury cruise travel, Silver Nova elevates the experience for our guests like never before.”

Following her maiden voyage, Silver Nova is spending the summer in the Mediterranean before heading to the Caribbean and South America in November. On January 4, 2024, she will embark on the 71-day Grand Voyage South America, visiting 38 destinations in 18 countries.

Silver Nova’s sister ship, Silver Ray, is scheduled to launch in summer 2024.

No Delusions of Seven Seas Grandeur

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is making the final preparations for Seven Seas Grandeur, setting sail in November, including naming the Godmother and unveiling new and exclusive spa treatments.

Sarah Fabergé, Founding Member of The Fabergé Heritage Council and great-granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé, will serve as Godmother, christening the ship at an elegant and exclusive gala event in Miami on December 10, which will also feature incredible entertainment from Kristin Chenoweth.

“As a founding member of the Fabergé Heritage Council, Sarah symbolizes the shared ethos and distinctive qualities that define our two eminent luxury brands and is therefore the ideal Godmother of our newest ship, Seven Seas Grandeur,” said Andrea DeMarco, President of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “We are deeply honored to name Sarah Fabergé as Godmother, and I am delighted to welcome her to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises family.”

Following the ceremony, Seven Seas Grandeur will embark on a 3-night Caribbean christening cruise before returning to Miami for its maiden Caribbean season.

When debuting, Seven Seas Grandeur will launch an indulgent treatment menu integrates best-in-class techniques and luxury ingredients from around the world, including new treatments utilizing the restorative power of an amber and quartz crystal bed –and Zero Gravity Wellness Massage.

In addition, a new treatment – the Tahitian Hydration Ritual – has been created exclusively for those staying in the palatial, 4,443 square foot Regent Suite, which can be enjoyed in the suite’s very own private spa. Regent also revealed new details about the ship’s Serene Spa & Wellness features and design, including a new relaxation room.

Carnival Jubilee Getting Ready for the Party

With her arrival just months away, Carnival Cruise Line is making sure Carnival Jubilee is ready to be the belle of the ball when sailing from Galveston in December. Recent preparations and celebrations include naming of the senior officers and welcoming the next roller coaster at sea.

Carnival has appointed Captain Andrea Catalani, Chief Engineer Vittorino Perasole and Hotel Director Pierre Camilleri as the ship’s senior officers.

“These accomplished senior officers have combined nearly 70 years of experience and will serve as knowledgeable and inspirational leaders to our more than 1,700 team members on Carnival Jubilee,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “They will also ensure that our guests are very well taken care of.”

Carnival Cruise Line also celebrated National Roller Coaster Day by preparing to welcome its third BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster as it takes shape atop Carnival Jubilee – with construction to the roller coaster’s 800-foot track on Deck 19 beginning that week. Test runs are scheduled for October, and once complete, the track will carry two all-electric, two-person cars. The riders control the speed of the car, up to 40 miles per hour, through drops, twists and turns 187 feet above the water line.

Carnival Jubilee will join her sisters, Carnival Celebration and Mardi Gras, as the third ship in the fleet powered by a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion system. Carnival Jubilee will debut unique and immersive ocean-themed experiences in two new zones, Currents and The Shores. The ship will be home to other features already popular on board her sister ships, like BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster and a transformational three-deck atrium that offers expansive views during the day and doubles as an enter-

Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 27

tainment venue at night with movable LED screens and theatrical lighting.

Beginning December 23, Carnival Jubilee will operate year-round from Galveston, Texas, sailing week-long Western Caribbean voyages and visiting popular destinations such as Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, as well as Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico.

sister Michelle is a tireless advocate for children with autism and shows us what is possible when you follow your vision for a better world. Both women live by Celebrity’s values, and we have no doubt they are the perfect choices for Ascent.”

During Ascent’s official naming ceremony on December 1, both sisters will bless and christen the ship, bringing good luck and protection for the crew and all passengers onboard.

The fourth vessel in the line’s revolutionary Edge Series, Ascent will also delight travelers with redesigned restaurants, a new immersive dinner experience, expanded food and cocktail menus, a new whiskey tasting experience, and a plantbased multi-course dinner.

Celebrity Ascent on the Rise

Celebrity Cruises has unveiled new details for Celebrity Ascent, launching this November, including the Godmothers and new culinary experiences.

Captain Sandy Yawn, best known for her appearance on Bravo TV’s hit series, Below Deck, alongside her sister Michelle Dunham, founder of the Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA), have been selected as co-Godmothers of the upcoming ship. The sisters will now join the industry’s first brother Captains, Dimitrios and Tasos Kafetzis, who were announced earlier this year as the chosen duo to jointly take helm of the new vessel.

“We are honored to have Captain Sandy and her sister Michelle join the legacy of Celebrity’s Godmothers, as they are both inspirational women who have dedicated their lives to making a positive impact in the world,” said Laura Hodges Bethge, president, Celebrity Cruises. “Captain Sandy’s life story is one of resilience, leadership and strength, as a pioneer in the maritime industry and as an inspirational role model for young women. Her

“The memories we make with family and friends while sharing food and drink has long-been one of the most memorable parts of travel, and with Celebrity Ascent we sought every opportunity to make these experiences richer and even more exciting for our guests,” said Laura Hodges Bethge. “Onboard Ascent there is something to delight every guest, whether it is the fine dining connoisseur with a palate for the world’s best wines, the couple looking for an intimate and romantic night out, the family that desires to bond with their kids over a fun and high-energy experience, or the wellness-minded traveler desiring more plant-based, healthy options.”

Celebrity Ascent will make its grand debut this November, as it sets sail from Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades for its inaugural Caribbean season.

Cunard Marks 183rd Birthday with Queen Anne Cutaway

Cunard unveiled a remarkable new cutaway image of its newest ship, Queen Anne, which paid homage to the luxury cruise line’s uniquely rich heritage. Released to celebrate its 183rd birthday, the intricate animation was designed in the style of Cunard’s iconic advertising posters from the 1920s, offering a playful glimpse inside the ship’s interiors. It illustrates many of Cunard’s signature venues and public spaces, including the iconic Grand Lobby and Golden Lion pub, as well as brand new concepts for Queen Anne, such as the exhilarating new show bar inspired by historic, bold electric light installations –Bright Lights Society.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of Queen Anne, and this magnificent cutaway image brilliantly encapsulates the essence of playful luxury that guests will experience onboard our newest ship,” said Matt Gleaves, VP, Commercial, Cunard North America. “Cunard guests receive an exclusive experience sailing aboard our fantastic fleet of Queens, and we are always keen to showcase the unique touches that make our voyages one-of-akind. Whether it be posting your mail in the middle of the Atlantic or marveling at art etched by royalty, you are sure to create unforgettable moments with Cunard.”

MSC Cruises’ 2022 Sustainability Report Highlights

MSC Cruises has published its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting its progress in its sustainability practices over the year.

The sustainability strategy is informed by the materiality assessment carried out in 2019 and revisited in 2021. This process has ensured that MSC Cruises’ attention

On Board 28 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise

is focused on issues of the most significant importance to MSC Cruises’ external and internal stakeholders and where its impact on the world means the company has a responsibility to act.

The Sustainability Action Plan is focused on six priority workstreams with progress on specific actions included in its Sustainability Report to ensure that the company is accountable for delivering

them. The six areas of the Sustainability Action Plan align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aims – a shared vision for the role that individuals, businesses and governments must play in transitioning to a sustainable world.

In 2022, progress was achieved in all six key workstreams of MSC Cruises’ Sustainability Action Plan, including targeting net zero operations by 2050, looking

after its people, supporting sustainable tourism, and developing its sustainable procurement policy.

Other noteworthy developments include that carbon intensity of the fleet is down 33.5% since 2008; the launch of MSC World Europa , the world’s largest LNGpowered cruise ship; and the first solid oxide fuel cell technology system onboard a large cruise vessel.

Royal Caribbean Group Transforms Waste Management

Seabourn Pursuit, the second ultra-luxury expedition ship for Seabourn, embarked on its first voyage and welcomed its first guests on board on August 12. The ship kicked off its maiden year with an eight-day voyage from Valletta, Malta, to Rome.

Seabourn Pursuit is the second of two new expedition vessels from Seabourn launched in the past two years. The ship is purpose-built and designed to provide guests who are looking for out of the ordinary experiences combined with life-expanding moments in exquisite, ultra-luxury comfort. The ship also offers the many Seabourn amenities and services guests know and cherish, such as the line’s renown fine dining options, entertainment, luxurious suites, and personalized, intuitive service by the onboard team.

“For 10 years, we have offered immersive, ultra-luxury expedition experiences with our team of experts, and now we have two purpose-built, ultra-luxury, state-of-the-art expedition ships: Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit. They take expedition experiences to the next level and deliver truly out of the ordinary experiences to our extraordinary guests,” said Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn. “Our guests will discover natural wonders and amazing wildlife above and below the sea in the most remote destinations, guided by our expert expedition team, while enjoying our signature ultra-luxury style when they sail on our beautiful new ship.”

Between August and October, Seabourn Pursuit will sail five voy-

ages in the Mediterranean and on two voyages across the Atlantic and through the Caribbean. On October 10, the ship will arrive in Barbados to begin its expedition journeys, taking


LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS (LNG) is the cleanest-burning marine fuel

guests to remote corners of the globe. Seabourn Pursuit will head south for expeditions exploring coastal South America, the Amazon, and Antarctica into late March 2024.



6 LNG-powered engines that provide 67,500 KW of energy to run the ship BALLAST WATER TREATMENT

THE WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM treats every drop of water above regulatory standards*



Green Hub partners in destinations the ship visits help ensure the waste is recycled, repurposed or sent to a waste-to-energy facility

*where Green Hub ports allow

More than 93% of fresh water is produced on board via a reverse osmosis/ desalination plant


a state-of-the-art waste management room that follows a single-stream process, where all recyclables are sorted by hand on board. The room features bailers, shredders and compactors, as well as crushers for glass, lightbulbs and aluminum, and an incinerator.

HEAT CAPTURE harnesses and repurposes excess engine heat
to maximum efficiency
*In many cases twice as stringent as local municipalities AIR LUBRICATION SYSTEMS create microscopic bubbles that coat the hull to reduce friction as the ship sails
Machine-learning technologies optimize
ship’s routes
The ship’s Environmental Officer tests the water on board daily and oversees all initiatives and training
prevents non-native species from being transferred port to port
Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 29
Every kilowatt the ship consumes is scrutinized to improve on energy efficiency and reduce

New Partnership to Tackle Waste

In a groundbreaking move to tackle environmental challenges due to waste produced by tourism, Maritime Procurement Services (MPS) and #tide® have joined forces to create Tide Ocean (MPS) LLC. This new partnership leverages the unique strengths of both organizations to address two urgent issues of our time: ocean-bound plastic pollution and the responsible management of operational plastic waste generated by cruise ships.

MPS is a reputable waste management service and the exclusive sustainability partner for the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), specializing in ship-generated waste across 13 ports in Mexico, adhering to the international MARPOL regulations.

“We are witnessing a crucial turning point in how we perceive and manage waste in the cruise industry,” said Alejandro Trillo, CEO, MPS. “This partnership

demonstrates that businesses can be both profitable and make a significant contribution towards preserving our environment.”

Thomas Schori, CEO and Founder of #tide®, added: “We are giving new life to waste, creating a positive ripple effect that goes beyond reducing plastic waste, contributing to local economies, and helping to restore the health of our marine ecosystems. We have already established our solution in Asia, thanks to MPS we are now able to bring it to the American continent.”

This process not only keeps plastic waste out of our oceans but also promotes a new circular economy, reducing our dependence on the production of new plastic.

The partnership immediately kicked off operations in Ensenada, followed by the commencement of operations in Puerto Vallarta in October 2023 and in Progreso and Cozumel in the second quarter of 2024.

As well as extending their reach to major cruise ports and coastal cities in Mexico, Tide Ocean (MPS) LLC aims to extend its impact to the wider Caribbean region.

“Our innovative model ensures traceability from source to product, providing cruise industry partners and their customers with the confidence that their waste is managed responsibly,” added Trillo. “By participating in this initiative, cruise lines can significantly advance their efforts to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050.”

By providing robust solutions for both marine and operational plastics, Tide Ocean (MPS) LLC is an example of the innovative action needed to protect our oceans. All stakeholders in the cruise industry are invited to join in this critically important mission.

“…businesses can be both profitable and…preserv[e] our environment.”
On Board 30 Third quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise
—Alejandro Trillo, CEO, Maritime Procurement Services (MPS)

Nine Cruise Ships Honored for Rescues at Sea

Each year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recognizes individuals, crews and vessels for their role in performing rescues at sea. This year, the IMO’s Panel of Judges determined that nine cruise ships nominated by Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) should be recognized for their efforts in rescuing migrants at sea. The nine cruise ships are among 15 vessels that will be recognized overall.

Up until this year, only member states’ national governments could make nominations for this recognition. However, this year the panel of judges agreed that the procedures should be revised to allow for

the submission of nominations by intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and NGOs, including CLIA.

Although it is a duty of ships to assist those in distress or in danger of being lost at sea, the IMO recognizes the perils associated with any rescue, in particular those involving multiple survivors, and that these frequently entail danger not only to those being rescued but to the rescuers themselves.

In recognition of their professionalism in upholding the highest traditions of the sea, the IMO Secretary General, Ki Tak Lim, will be forwarding certificates to:

• Captain Loannis Kasimatis and the crew of the M/S Celebrity Infinity;

• Captain Andrea Catalani and the crew of the M/S Carnival Celebration;

• Captain Panagiotis Panagopoulos and the crew of M/S Mariner of the Seas;

• Captain Massimiliano Roja and the crew of the M/S Carnival Paradise (for two separate rescues);

• Captain Sindre Borsheim and the crew of the M/S Odyssey of the Seas;

• Captain Niccolo’ De Ranieri and the crew of the M/S Carnival Mardi Gras;

• Captain Gianmario Sanguineti and the crew of the M/S Azamara Journey; and

• Captain Kate McCue and the crew of the M/S Celebrity Beyond.

Third Quarter 2023 | Travel & Cruise 31

Local Stakeholders Key to Driving Cayman Islands’ Long-Term Cruise Tourism Vision

Cayman Islands Minister of Tourism and Ports Kenneth Bryan made it clear that the destination is committed to cruise tourism, with tourism products that are “built on cruise,” at the FCCA PAMAC Summit.

He added the destination is also dedicated to a sustainable and authentic approach, while looking for ways to activate and empower locals to work directly with cruise lines.

Of course, that was part of the reason for hosting the event, as Cayman Islands scheduled private meetings and site visits for some of the local stakeholders to meet with cruise executives.

As Hon. Bryan told, it gave “our local stakeholders an opportunity to meet cruise line executives and gain a deeper understanding of where they are coming from and what customers want in a cruise experience, especially post-pandemic where travelers are in search of more authentic products and experiences.”

Travel & Cruise also had the opportunity to meet with a couple of those Caymanians helping cruise tourism sail to an even brighter horizon.

According to Walker Romanica, co-founder of Cayman Spirits Company, they have already partnered with “almost all of the cruise lines” and they are doing their part in supporting the territory’s dynamic tourism sector.

That is fitting because rum has always been a part of the fabric of Caribbean culture, and Seven Fathoms Rum – the unique hand-crafted, award-winning spirit that is aged on the ocean floor – has become synonymous with the Cayman Islands.

“I think rum is a huge part of the appeal of what the Caribbean is,” said Romanica, noting its influences on Pirates Week and Carnival, and Cayman Spirits gives guests a taste of the “unique flavors of Cayman” – from various rums to vodkas, gins and seasonal products like mango brandy from local mangoes.

This connection to Cayman culture is one of the most important things for guests, as Romanica tells it “leads to people really understanding what Cayman is about.”

CJ Moore, Managing Director of MooreMarine Group in the Cayman Islands, emphasized the importance of the cruise tourism sector to businesses that cater primarily to guests who arrive by cruise ship – and the need to get more involved in the sector to secure longterm sustainability.

Their popular excursions options include an eco-mangrove-starfish tour and the highly rated Oculus glass bottom experience, which includes visits to two shipwrecks – and they also feature specialized tours that cater to VIPs, an

important market with the popularity of luxury cruises.

Additionally, they provide something else that connects and resonates with guests: history. As Moore noted, shipwrecks are “synonymous with the Cayman Islands” so in giving guests all the history behind the spectacle the guests are seeing leaves a lasting impression.

Moore wants to look far beyond that impression, though, as he believes it pivotal to educate the next generations about the sustainability and future of tourism in the Cayman Islands.

“Many people come to the Cayman Islands to snorkel a reef or to see our underwater sea life, and it is important that we… do what we can do to sustain this industry,” he said and pointed out examples of their efforts to participate in underwater and island-wide cleanups, education initiatives, and ensuring that no plastic goes overboard.

He also thinks it crucial to educate and engage other Caymanians so they become a part of the sector, as “the more this becomes my lifestyle, the more I’m going to protect it.”

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British Virgin Islands Sailing to a Brighter Horizon

Vance Lewis, CEO of the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park in the British Virgin Islands, sat down with Travel & Cruise at the FCCA PAMAC Summit to explain the “excellent” relationship he values with cruise lines, executives and stakeholders — facilitated by FloridaCaribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) — and noted how important the event has been to building those partnerships, including leading to a possible record year for 2023-2024.

“We in the Caribbean – where know we have the largest sector of the cruise market in the world – find relationship building so important,” said Lewis.

“The BVI, we also have found relationships, friendships and partnerships to be exciting, so we’ve partnered with FCCA as a Presidential Partner, which has born us fruit in the past – and we seek to bear fruits again.”

Lewis alluded to the destination previously partnering with FCCA following the historic Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which included a spotlight in the Gold SABRE Award-winning “Caribbean Is Open” multi-faceted campaign that targeted both travel consumers and stakeholders, as well as the media, and showed a measurable improvement in terms of those who would not delay booking/taking a Caribbean cruise vacation.

“In the past, after the hurricanes of 2017, FCCA helped us get the cruise ships back quickly, and the cruise lines and

“Following COVID, we’ve done this again.”

Through the new agreement, FCCA will not only guide the British Virgin Islands government on enhancing their product and increasing cruise calls, but also will facilitate new experiences to offer cruise companies and collaborate with the local private sector to maximize any opportunities.

Additionally, the agreement will utilize FCCA’s cruise executive committees, including sub-committees focused on employment and purchasing, for a series of meetings and site visits focused on the British Virgin Islands’ objectives.

The British Virgin Islands will also have open access to the FCCA Executive Committee, comprised of presidents and above of FCCA Member Lines, along with their efforts to effectuate the agreement’s objectives and the destination’s goals.

“Now we’re seeing the focus for the cruise industry for 2023-2024 exceeding

2022-2023, and likely it’s going to be our best year ever,” said Lewis.

According to Lewis, the FCCA PAMAC Summit in the Cayman Islands helped firm up those record books: “PAMAC helps us cement those relationships [and] calls and continue to grow our industry.”

The importance of that cannot be stressed because of the lives and livelihoods it represents. “Tourism is the largest job producer [and] touches a wide sector of our community,” said Lewis.

In fact, cruise tourism generated $12.63 million in total cruise tourism expenditures, in addition to $4.33 million in total employee wage income, during the 2017/2018 cruise year (which was impacted by the historic hurricane season), according to the Business Research & Economic Advisors report Economic Contribution of Cruise Tourism to the Destination Economies

Work is also being done to give those jobs a raise. Lewis pointed to a recent job fair that was held to support jobs in the cruise tourism industry that was “very well received” – “and we believe we can do more, and we want to do more.”

Crucial to this goal, he told, will be continuing that work with FCCA, along with getting another cruise executive com-

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Vance Lewis, CEO, Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park

St. Maarten Committed to Continue Building Its Cruise Industry

St. Maarten has been a hub of cruise activity, including recently securing home porting business from multiple cruise lines. Part of this is through its proactive partnership with the cruise industry, through the best and worst of times, such as hosting cruise ships when the industry ceased activity due to COVID-19.

positive high season as we go into the latter part of 2023 and into 2024.”

tourism and help the destination fulfill targeted objectives.


of the Port St. Maarten Group of Companies, was part of a St. Maarten delegation on hand at the FCCA PAMAC Summit to continue this partnership and plan for the future. She sat down with Travel & Cruise to discuss the team’s experience – and unveil some big news.

“It’s been a wonderful time meeting with all the destination stakeholders of Cayman, meeting with the fellow members of FCCA,” she said.

“Cayman has provided a wonderful experience so far, and we’re looking forward to continuing the meetings later on today and to exploring Cayman a bit later on this afternoon.”

Regarding the meetings, she told they have been “quite positive” despite dealing with the low and retiring of cruise ships leading to a “variance” compared to previous years – “but we are looking at a very

Simmonds seems optimistic about the future and St. Maarten’s Commitment to “continue building and growing the industry within St. Maarten,” especially considering her announcement that St. Maarten will host the 2024 FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show.

That will mean about 100 high-level executives and up to 1,000 attendees representing all facets of cruise and travel anchored in St. Maarten, which of course will have the opportunity to showcase its potential for increased benefits from cruise

“We’re already engaged with the FCCA team as well as the destination partners to ensure that the FCCA members are going to have a wonderful experience when they come back to St. Maarten,” said Simmonds. More details about the event will be announced in the coming months. In addition to experiencing St. Maarten, attendees will have access to workshops led by cruise executives and successful stakeholders –and participants’ needs will take center stage, with most workshops encouraging audience input.

Conference delegates can also interact with the cruise executives during a series of meetings – including a schedule of 15-minute one-on-one meetings where pre-registered delegates can select executives that can help launch business, as well as a Heads of Government Forum that will join Ministers of Tourism throughout the regions with Presidents and above from FCCA Member Lines.

Additionally, the agenda will be packed with networking functions throughout the event that will serve up business and relationship building while displaying some of the best to see, hear, and taste in ‘The Friendly Island.’

“…continue building and growing the industry within St. Maarten…”
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Lela Simmonds, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Port St. Maarten Group of Companies

U.S. Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism Focuses on the Importance of Cruise Tourism

U.S. Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism Joseph Boschulte took time out of his busy schedule at the FCCA PAMAC Summit in the Cayman Islands to speak with Travel & Cruise and share his thoughts on the importance of cruise tourism.

“For us in the U.S. Virgin Islands, cruise tourism has been the backbone of our tourism product for decades,” he told and continued about the significance of being at the event and why that schedule was so packed.

“Any time we have an opportunity to meet with the cruise executives, meet with Michele Paige and Adam at FCCA, it’s always a well spent investment in our future products because we have an opportunity to listen to what the lines prefer and what the trends are.

“Secondly, we have the opportunity to understand what the overall industry is moving towards. Lastly, and most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to continue to build our relationships within the industry.”

Things in the cruise industry are certainly moving full steam ahead, even ahead of projections, according to Commissioner Boschulte.

“We’re ecstatic with how fast the occupancy and ships have come back. In our planning sessions at both the port authority and WICO, which manages all the cruise ship business in the territory in St. Thomas and St. Croix, we didn’t think that we’d be at this point until later this year.”

Nearly a year ahead of schedule, would be nice for a mortgage payment – so what has added fuel to the fire, or coal for the steam?

“It came back sooner, of course with the restrictions being dropped by CDC

allowed within the U.S. for cruise ships to get back to occupancy faster, which of course leads to better things for us because the majority of our ships come out of South Florida, and sailings began to come back more robust.”

What do predictions now call for considering these new numbers?

“We predict by the end of 2023-2024 we’ll be ahead of where we were in 2019, which still is the benchmark for many of us in the business as to where the norm was,” said Commissioner Boschulte.

“Of course, right now we’re still trying to gauge what the new norm is as we’re in the post-pandemic phase,” he continued and alluded to a cruise executive at the event speaking to their ships sailing at up to 110% capacity.

“I can definitely attest to that – in the USVI, our capacity of ships across the board is over 93%, so very strong.”

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“…cruise tourism has been the backbone of our tourism product for decades.”

Jamaica Looks to Boost Latin American Arrivals

Jamaica has its sights fixed on the lucrative South American travel market. Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, departed on a trip to three Latin American countries from July 28 – August 4 to engage critical tourism stakeholders.

“South America’s economic recovery to pre-pandemic levels has been quite impressive, and we’re confident that this is a good time to pursue opportunities for collaboration between Jamaica and tourism players in that region,” assured Minister Bartlett.

“Prior to COVID-19, we would have observed significant interest coming from the Latin American market and post-pan-

demic, the demand has increased. Given this trajectory, we are excited about the future and developing our market share in this side of the world, as we seek to foster the continued growth of our tourism sector,” Minister Bartlett continued.

Over the course of eight days, Minister Bartlett and other tourism officials visited Buenos Aires in Argentina, Santiago in Chile and Lima, Peru. The scheduled engagements involved a series of meetings with representatives of various local authorities, ministries of tourism and Copa Airlines, one of the major carriers in the region.

Before COVID-19, there were some 11 weekly flights between Panama and

Jamaica via Copa Airlines and new services by LATAM Airlines with some three flights per week between Lima, Peru and Montego Bay.

“Our mission is to enrich the relationship with Latin America and bolster visitor arrivals coming from the south as we strive to meet our target of 5 million annual visitors by 2025,” said Minister Bartlett.

“I was recently in Ecuador for the UNWTO Regional Commission for the Americas Meeting and the feedback coming from our partners there was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, so we must strike while the iron is hot.”

Minister Bartlett also met with representatives from local universities to discuss expanding the Jamaica-based Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre’s (GTRCMC) presence in South America.

“…we must strike while the iron is hot.”
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—Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism

Dominican Republic Continues Record Pace

The Dominican Republic is more popular than ever, and the numbers show it. After back-to-back growth during recent years, July set yet another record: a whooping 792,000 international tourists set foot in the sun-drenched country in July alone. That was only the third month in the country’s history with over 700,000 travelers, and it painted a bullish picture for the future months, which are expected to be just as busy.

In relative terms, it represented a 34 percent increase compared to 2019, which was already a record-breaking year. It also added to the 6.2 million tourists that visited the Dominican Republic in the first seven months of the year, another new record.

While air travel has grown steadily, cruise ship popularity has exploded, recording multiple-digit growth for several months, with destinations like Puerto Plata recording massive increases after adding Taino Bay.

The Dominican Republic is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the Caribbean for good reason, including excellent tourism police–the Politur – to protect and assist millions of travelers.

Home to a handful of famous resort destinations – such as Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and Samaná – the Dominican Republic is just a short flight away for millions of Americans. And soaring demand means travelers can fly to the Dominican Republic from more destinations than ever. Delta, American Airlines, and Sunwing Airlines are just some of the airlines that have announced new flights this winter.

The country is also home to numerous stunning destinations waiting to be discovered. Some, like Miches, are already adding new resorts, while others, like Pedernales, are seeing a construction boom.

Of course, the culture also beckons to be experienced, and the Dominican Republic is embracing bachata and its global appeal through a new initiative to promote it internationally. Bachata’s success has been achieved because of the joint efforts in the SantiagoPuerto Plata strategy “Two Cities, one Destination,” where bachata plays a crucial role in promoting the northern zone. The goal is to position the region as the world epicenter of bachata.

For more about the destination, visit

ments, including the Puerto Rico Ports Authority recently completion of the Pier 3 structural improvements. The $8.1 million project entailed repairs to mooring dolphins and their supporting columns, as well as new bollards and catwalks in the southern end of the pier. These structures had been damaged by a collision in 2019. The completion of this project will again enable two large ships to berth simultaneously in the pier, allowing the port to recover transit capacity towards the peak winter season.

Puerto Rico Flying High

Puerto Rico shows no sign of slowing after consecutive years of growth. In fact, its passenger traffic in July increased 26.7 percent year-on-year, according to ASUR, a leading international airport group that operates Luis Muñoz Marín International

Airport in San Juan. July totals for this year were 1,275,216 – adding to the tally for year-to-date numbers of 7,381,113 passengers in San Juan, 19.4 percent more than 2022.

Despite the impressive increases, the country continues to focus on improve-

Representatives from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and a delegation of 12 people representing six tour operators from Puerto Rico also joined Aquila’s Living Lab in Saint John from August 15-17 to experience it and learn its best practice. This was the first time that a cruise destination brought a delegation to Aquila’s Living Lab, and for the last 10 years, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company has been working with Aquila on a strategy that includes ongoing training for their frontlines, tour guides, tour operators and service providers.

Antigua and Barbuda Sizzled This Summer

Two cruise ships – Disney Fantasy and Norwegian Sky – docked at Antigua Cruise Port on Wednesday, July 19, a rare occurrence for the summer, bringing about 5,800 guests into Heritage Quay.

While the guests enjoyed the steel pan orchestra, festive Carnival atmosphere and cultural greeters, the destination celebrated a pickup during the summer months,

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which are generally less active in the Eastern Caribbean.

However, this marked the second time two vessels simultaneously docked in Antigua this summer. In fact, there were over 19 calls booked for this period, more than doubling last year’s figures and surpassing 2019’s 16 calls.

Minister of Tourism Charles Fernandez visited the port to commem-

orate the event, and he said that the summer cruise tourism performance is because of the partnership between the Antiguan government and Antigua Cruise Port. He was also impressed that 24 calls are already booked for summer 2024.

The winter cruise season is also expected to be busy with inaugural visits and homeporting.

Port of Los Angeles Breaks Ground on LA Waterfront Promenade

The Port of Los Angeles broke ground on the start of the second and final phase of the San Pedro Promenade along the Main Channel portion of the future West Harbor commercial development on the LA Waterfront on July 18. Groundbreaking for the $31.4 million Phase II project follows the completion of the Promenade’s $53.7 million Phase I in October 2021, for a combined Port investment of more than $85 million.

“Throughout the Harbor Area, there are incredible projects happening in the Port of LA to make the Wilmington Waterfront and San Pedro Promenade more inclusive and inviting spaces for everyone,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember Tim McOsker. “The second phase of the Promenade is crucial to connecting the West Harbor development, but more importantly, it will create public access and vitality to our beautiful waterfront for a space that residents throughout the One-Five and all of LA can enjoy.”

“When this promenade is completed in the spring of 2025, it will be possible to walk from one end of the new West Harbor development to the other,” said Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner Diane Middleton. “The Port of LA will

have spent over $85 million to deliver on our commitment to provide public access along our waterfront. This walkway will make the West Harbor project one of the most unique commercial developments in Southern California with outstanding up-close views of the nation’s busiest port.”

“Providing projects like this promenade to our community is a direct result of the Port’s Public Access Investment Plan, which ties a percentage of operating income annually to community investments,” said Port Executive Director Gene Seroka. “A strong port helps the community and a strong community is vital to our workforce and waterfront.”

Phase II of Promenade construction will add to the initial portion of the 30-foot wide promenade completed in 2021, and connect it to the southerly end of the new West Harbor development, which is currently under construction. Running parallel to the Port’s main channel from Berths 74-83, the two-phase construction project when completed in spring of 2025 will result in nearly one mile of waterfront open space and LA Waterfront access.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve Recognized for Conservation Efforts

The Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in the Bahamas has been formally designated a ‘Hope Spot’ and Pierfrancesco Vago –Executive Chairman of the Cruise Division of MSC Group – as the Hope Spot Champion by Mission Blue.

With this prestigious recognition, Ocean Cay joins Mission Blue’s global network of 154 Hope Spots: places recognized as critical to ocean health with the ultimate goal of achieving the status of Marine Protected Areas. Nominations are carefully evaluated by the Hope Spot Council, composed of marine scientists and policy experts, ensuring that the final selection is both rigorous and reflective of global marine conservation needs.

When MSC Cruises took responsibility for Ocean Cay in 2015, the island had suffered from decades of industrial activities, including aragonite sand mining. The company embarked on an ambitious restoration initiative, collaborating with the Government of The Bahamas, leading universities, marine scientists and conservationists to restore the island’s ecosystems. Through substantial investment, the restoration project has already achieved significant progress. Nearly 5,000 trees and 75,000 indigenous plants, flowers and shrubs have been planted on the island, revitalizing the terrestrial environment. Meanwhile the health of the surrounding waters is demonstrated by the now flourishing marine life, which includes the presence of loggerhead sea turtles.

This large-scale restoration and public information effort underlines the MSC Foundation’s commitment to restoring ocean health, enriching biodiversity and fostering a sustainable future for our Blue Planet.

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Royal Caribbean Sails into Junkanoo Season

Royal Caribbean International renewed its support of the Royal Caribbean Music Makers Junkanoo group for a second year with $100,000 in funding. Reaffirming its commitment to The Bahamas, the cruise line’s sponsorship of the group – which renamed itself Royal Caribbean Music Makers in 2022 – will continue successfully bolstering their year-round community presence to achieve the mission to sustain and infuse Bahamian culture for generations to come.

“Royal Caribbean International has been a partner of The Bahamas for more than 50 years, celebrating the unique culture of our country, the hospitality of our people and the importance of the arts in more ways than one. Since its first year, this sponsorship has and will continue to boost both the spirit and competition of Junkanoo and create

opportunities for greater exposure to a quintessential Bahamian experience,” said Philip Simon, president of Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island and general manager of Royal Caribbean International Bahamas. “I hope one day every guest who visits The Bahamas will get a taste of Junkanoo and its incredibly vibrant energy.”

In addition to financial support, Royal Caribbean recently hosted the group at its Entertainment Studios in Miami to spend time with the cruise line’s entertainment team of professional producers, directors, choreographers, wardrobe makers and more. This followed a visit by Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley and Royal Caribbean executives to the Music Makers’ shacks on Fowler Street in the heart of Bain Town this past October.

Carnival Cruise Line Hosts Grand Bahama Celebration for the 50th Independence of the Bahamas

Carnival Cruise Line, in collaboration with the Ministry of Grand Bahama, celebrated the 50th Independence of The Bahamas with a Golden Jubilee Breakfast aboard the Carnival Legend in Freeport. This significant event was attended by about 100 community members and paid tribute to current and former Grand Bahama parliamentarians.

Christine Duffy, the president of Carnival Cruise Line, remarked, “Carnival extends its warm congratulations to The Bahamas on this landmark anniversary. We've been honored to operate here for over 50 years.” She emphasized the synergy between Carnival and the Ministry of Grand Bahama, particularly highlighting the forthcoming cruise port designed to introduce millions to the island's rich culture and beauty.

Distinguished attendees included the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Hon. Philip Davis, and the Minister for Grand Bahama, Hon. Ginger Moxey. In recognition of their contributions, thirty-five Grand Bahama parliamentarians were awarded. Minister Moxey expressed her optimism for Grand Bahama’s future, crediting partnerships like that with Carnival for revitalizing the economy.

The Golden Jubilee Breakfast set the stage as advancements continue on the Carnival Grand Bahama cruise port. Representing a $200 million investment, this port promises visitors an authentic Bahamian experience, from a pristine white-sand beach and nature reserve to Bahamian-run retail and culinary delights.

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Removal of Covid-19 Measures in Australia Confirmed

Australia’s last remaining Covid-19 measures for cruise passengers have been removed, bringing the country into line with other jurisdictions internationally. The end of cruise-specific requirements was confirmed in late August by Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, following a decision by the Australian Health

Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). This followed a concerted engagement with health officials nationally by CLIA and cruise lines who had been advocating for a consistent approach for cruise, in line with other countries and other forms of travel. As the last major cruise destination in the world to maintain cruise-specific

measures, Australia’s ongoing testing and vaccination requirements had been causing confusion among travelers, particularly as measures on land and at airports had been removed. The timing for this announcement is good, giving clarity to cruise guests ahead of the coming southern summer season.

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Discover Bimini, where you’ll be greeted by panoramic views of pristine white sandy beaches, the lively Bimini Beach day club with live DJs and lagoon pools, as well as an array of authentic shopping experiences. Dive into the allure that captivated Ernest Hemingway, savor local conch delicacies, and explore legendary tales, such as the Fountain of Youth, that add a touch of magic to this island paradise.


Strategies for Success in Raising the Level of Excellence in Your Destination

Developing strategic plans to reach goals is a common practice of successful destinations and businesses. Whether you are looking to increase overall visitation, number of cruise calls, or guest satisfaction ratings, strategic plans serve as a roadmap to those goals. In recent years, Aquila has been working with cruise destinations to implement long-term training strategies to support those goals. Here, we’ll share three long-term training strategies we have developed with destinations to help support their goals, with great results.

Strategic Focus: Port Analysis & Strategic Growth

Several destinations have multiple cruise ports at different stages of cruise readiness and experience delivery, and these destinations need strategies to support each cruise port in their growth and success. The

Puerto Rico Tourism Company is one such destination, and they have been working with Aquila for several years, determining the needs of each port of call and responding to those needs with a relevant and prioritized long-term training strategy. For example, in the popular port of San Juan, training has been focused on improving the experience for their guests and their cruise line clients, with a particular focus on service. They have implemented a strategy that includes training for their Frontlines, Tour Guides, Tour Operators and Service Providers, in a way that consistently builds on previous training and responds to the needs in the destination. Additionally, in the developing ports of Ponce, Boquerón, Vieques and Culebra, strategies have been developed for each port of call, including training around cruise readiness, product development, and more.

This approach has proven very successful for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, as Crystal Bell, Air and Cruise Access Director, recently explained: “For almost a decade, our fruitful partnership with Aquila has been a cornerstone to ensure service excellence in Puerto Rico’s cruise industry. The trainings offered by Beth and her amazing team have made a measurable difference: improving our port ratings and bolstering desirability of our destination in the context of the Caribbean, the industry’s most competitive area. We are eager to continue this partnership for years to come.”

Strategic Focus: Guest Experience & Service

The guest experience and the level of service provided to cruise lines and their guests are critical factors for a cruise

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destination to be successful. Cayman Islands Department of Tourism recognized this and worked with Aquila to develop a long-term training strategy to raise their level of excellence in service and satisfaction levels. This strategy has included extensive service excellence training for their Frontlines, Tour Guides, Tour Operators and Service Providers. They have also included additional training for their Tour Operators and Service Providers to encourage and support successful operations and product development opportunities, and their Tour Guides were offered training in Storytelling to help them bring their history and culture to life for their guests.

“The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has been collaborating with the Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence for the past few years to upskill our cruise tourism stakeholders with concurrent knowledge of customer service excellence, tour operations, tour guiding, storytelling, and other key elements of providing unforgettable wow experiences.” -Gail

Strategic Focus: Product Analysis & Improvement

The tours and experiences provided to cruise guests in a destination have a significant impact on guest satisfaction ratings, and it is important to ensure the tourism product is meeting or exceeding the expectations of the cruise lines and their guests. Looking to better understand the opportunities and potentially improve their tourism product, Tourism Trinidad Limited worked with Aquila to conduct a cruise product analysis, including identifying opportunities and making recommendations for product improvements and innovations. The process included research, surveys, interviews, and a site visit by the Aquila team, and resulted in a thorough report with recommended action plans and priorities which will inform the next phases of the strategy.

“On behalf of the team here in Trinidad I must thank you for such a comprehensive review of our cruise tourism product. The report is very insightful and it gives me a great deal of excitement at the opportunities identified to enhance our

product offering… I truly look forward to the next phase of this project!” -Carla

Beth Kelly Hatt is the President of Aquila’s Center for

Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Trinidad

At Aquila, we are thrilled to be working with such forward-thinking destinations who are developing long-term training strategies to support their goals and their success. If you would like to explore a training strategy customized for your destination, please reach out – we’re ready to work with you to raise the level of success in your destination!

approach to training is one of assessing the needs of a destination or operator and developing a strategic training plan that helps raise the level of excellence throughout the destination. Contact Beth for more information at


Aquila celebrated 40 Years in 2022 as a tour operator in Port Saint John, Canada and over 15 years as a trainer and coach for the cruise industry.

Cruise Excellence, FCCA’s official training Aquila’s
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Revolutionizing Waste Management in Ports: Innovative Circular Solutions to Combat Climate Change and Marine Pollution.

PS Maritime Sustainability Solutions is committed to making a significant impact on the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the area of climate action. Our innovative circular economy solutions for waste management, combined with our waste carbon impact traceability model, enable us to track the carbon impact of each waste stream's management, promoting responsible consumption and production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste disposal.

Our approach to ship generated waste management not only helps prevent marine pollution but also supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping to combat climate change. By promoting the circular economy, we aim to reduce waste generation, increase recycling rates, and prevent marine pollution, supporting the United Nations' Life Below Water goal.

At the same time, our approach also supports the Decent Work and Economic Growth goal by creating new jobs and supporting economic growth, while also contributing to the Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure goal by promoting innovative waste management practices and developing sustainable infrastructure for managing waste.

Join MPS Maritime Sustainability Solutions in the fight against climate change and marine pollution by partnering with us today. Together, we can create a more sustainable and resilient waste management system that supports economic growth while reducing environmental impacts.

Contact +52 55-8897-6969



the port of Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. Immerse in authentic Dominican life on this see, taste, and feel tour. Visit a rural home in the countryside to learn about the nation’s revered coffee culture and create a traditional ‘Mofongo’ dish. Then, find tranquility at Chukka’s private Coconut Cove, soaking up serene ocean vibes.

Enlightening Young People about Career Opportunities in the National Maritime Industry

The Port St. Maarten Group of Companies (PSG) considers the involvement of the nation’s youth in the development of the national maritime industry as a cornerstone of long-term sustainability and developing the next generation of maritime workers. PSG for the calendar year thus far has organized over 20+ tours where students were oriented via tours and presentations with different departments so they could get a better understanding about the roles of each division at Port St. Maarten.

Introducing DO Travel Rewards: Dominican Republic’s Cutting-Edge Global Loyalty Program for Travel Agents

Dominican Republic proudly unveils an innovative global loyalty program designed exclusively for travel agents. This unparalleled initiative aims to empower agents with a plethora of benefits, including lucrative incentives, enticing rewards, raffles, insightful webinars, and enriching educational programs. By fostering a thriving community, DO Travel Rewards seamlessly connects sellers with local suppliers, facilitating an exceptional travel experience for all. Embrace the future of travel with DO Travel Rewards today!

Aruba’s Cruise Tourism Resurgence

Aruba Ports Authority N.V. is pleased to see a remarkable resurgence in cruise tourism during the first six months of 2023. Projections indicate a potential 95-100% rebound by year-end compared to 2019, and the outlook for 2024 is projected to be stronger as the port gears up to make important investments to further enhance the cruise passenger experience.

The Bahamas Celebrates Its Independence

On Monday, 10 July, The Bahamas marked its 50th Anniversary of Independence. Clifford Park, where it all began 50 years ago, was the site for thousands to be a part of the Ecumenical Service, Military Tattoo and Cultural Show. The Bahamas’ tourism economy has experienced a transformative year leading up to its golden anniversary, having welcomed more than 5 million for the first half of the year – 3.9 million cruise visitors. Grand independence celebrations will continue throughout 2023.

A New Way to Experience Dominican Culture

The “Dominican Culture – Cooking, Coffee & Casa Typica Tour” is now available for Carnival Cruise Line guests from

New AED Stations Enhance Safety at BVI Port

The staff at Cyril B. Ro mney Tortola Pier Park and BVI Ports are pleased to announce new life-saving equipment to ensure the safety of all guests and visitors. The port recently empowered its team members by providing training in life-saving skills. Additionally, the port installed two new automated external defibrillator (AED) stations at the cruise pier. These measures reflect the port’s commitment to equipping its staff with the tools and knowledge necessary to respond quickly and effectively in medical emergencies.

Elnet Maritime Opens New Office at Nassau Cruise Port

Elnet Maritime is excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last 15 years, we are expanding by opening a new office at the Nassau Cruise Port. The expansion enables our team to provide the best possible service available to cruise ships, superyachts and other types of vessels visiting the capital of The Bahamas. Elnet Maritime is committed to setting the standard for ship agency services in The Bahamas, delivering unparalleled excellence in every aspect of our operations.

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Set Sail for Unforgettable Adventures in Bimini Bahamas

Resorts World Bimini, situated in the Bahamas, serves as both the owner and operator of the cruise port in Bimini. This cruise port is capable of accommodating cruise ships of all sizes and is conveniently located within the expansive Resorts World Bimini complex, which features a luxurious Hilton Hotel with 305 rooms, a vibrant casino, marina, various dining outlets, retail shopping, and pristine beaches and pools. Visit for more information.

Destination Dominica Accolades

Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Picks 2023, Forbes Top 5 Destinations 2023, featured on CBS 60 minutes, featured in TIME’s Annual List of the World’s Greatest Places 2023, listed as one of CNN’s World’s Beautiful Places. 25 of the World’s most beautiful places on CNN, listed Number 2 in Florida Top Rankings for 2023’s Best Family- Friendly Spring Break Destination among others. These are among tributes paid to Destination Dominica in 2023. Come and experience why first-hand!

voyage. Experience the warmth of our people and the thrill of adventure on your next cruise – ‘Always in Season’!

Bonaire, the World’s First Blue Destination

Bonaire, the world’s first Blue Destination, offers unrivaled scuba diving and yearround sunshine. This Dutch Caribbean island is bursting with colorful architecture, history, and culture. A diver’s paradise turned into an upscale, cultural, and adventurous destination with a growing culinary scene and elevated accommodations. Nature lovers will enjoy animal sanctuaries, National Parks, and diverse landscapes. Outdoor activities like kayaking, caving, and kite surfing attract adventure seekers. Bonaire’s sweeping conservation efforts extend to sustainable ocean resource use, conscientious development, making it one of the Caribbean’s most eco-friendly islands.

H.H.V Whitchurch & Co. Ltd. –Dominica’s Cruise Port Agents! Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Dominica is a cruise favorite! Catering to the needs of renowned cruise lines which visit this island gem, is H.H.V Whitchurch & Co. Ltd. - Dominica’s leading Cruise Port Agent! With over 110 years of experience in the Shipping Industry, Whitchurch is committed to facilitate all requirements and requests that a cruise line may have while in port.

Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience from the Port of Montego Bay

Enjoy the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience from the port of Montego Bay! Embark on a delightful journey to the renowned Appleton Estate, where the world’s finest rums are crafted. Explore the Estate’s rich history, its unique rum production process and savor the authentic flavors of the Appleton Estate rum range during a memorable interactive rum tasting experience. Cheers to the ultimate rum adventure!

Discover the Enchanting Rhythms of Trinidad

Dive into the vibrant culture and natural wonders. Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of Calypso and indulge in mouthwatering culinary delights. With warm, welcoming people and a myriad of enchanting experiences and festivals, this Caribbean gem offers an unforgettable

Yaaman Adventure Park

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush at Yaaman Adventure Park! Step into a tropical paradise and journey back to the 18th century as you explore historic estates. Get your heart racing on an Eco-Thrill adventure - zipline through lush treetops, suspension and swing bridges, and take an exhilarating splash in Jamaica’s only water landing line. Discover the hidden gem, the Secret Blue Hole, with crystal-clear waters and limestone formations; Live the experience of a lifetime!

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Adventure Awaits at Dunn’s River Falls & Park, Jamaica

Live Some Life at the Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction: The World Famous Dunn’s River Falls & Park, Jamaica. Experience the exhilaration of climbing the refreshing waterfall as you navigate through crystal-clear pools. Embark on a hike to uncover hidden ruins and natural gems, adding a hint of mystery to your adventure. Zipline through the lush forest canopy, before unwinding on the scenic beachfront. With its unique blend of thrilling adventure and natural serenity, Dunn’s River Falls & Park is a must-visit destination for all nature enthusiasts.

architecture and the rich culture of the destination were our inspiration for the new expansion. It will feature a beach-inspired pool area, Caribbean restaurants and fun experiences in an immersive tropical setting. We will be waiting for you! See you soon!

Ensenada Experiencing Remarkable Growth

Costa Rica Reports a Successful 2022-2023 Cruise Season

Costa Rica shows a clear recovery on the cruise ship operation after the pandemic, with an important increase in arrivals in the 2022/2023 season. Costa Rica received over 407 cruise calls and welcomed 352,093 passengers who enjoyed the destination´s cruise offering. Costa Rica´s participation at Seatrade Cruise Global and Seatrade Europe 2023 was the perfect occasion to heighten the destination´s visibility to increased cruise calls for the next seasons, especially as improvements to the destination tourism product for visitors’ satisfaction are being pursued.

El Salvador Launches the Ferry Project “Bicentennial Route”

The Government of El Salvador announces the beginning of the Ferry Project “Bicentennial Route”, which consists of a short-distance maritime transportation service connecting the Port of La Unión in El Salvador with Port Caldera in Costa Rica. The new maritime route is a solution to improve the conditions for the export sector in the supply and commercial interchange in the region; it also supports land transportation, avoiding road saturation and reducing deadlines to cross borders.

Hutchison Ports ECV, the cruise ship terminal at Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, has experienced a remarkable 81% increase of passengers arriving at the terminal during the first semester of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. From 282,135 passengers in 2022, we have received an impressive figure of 524,219 passengers in 2023. Additionally, regarding calls, Hutchison Ports ECV welcomed 167 cruises in 2022; while in the first semester of 2023, we received 169 cruises.

Port Roatan Is Ready for You

Spring 2024 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to showcase the beauty of Port Roatan’s second phase. The local

Mazatlán Ready to Host FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show

Mazatlán is ready to host one of the most important events of the year. The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s Cruise Conference & Trade Show, which promises to be one of the most relevant events for the cruise industry in this 2023 edition. This year, the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ becomes the ideal setting with the second longest boardwalk in the world, the highest natural lighthouse in America, and one of the most stunning sunsets in the world. Do not miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, come along and enjoy the charms of this immense door to the Pacific Ocean.

Acapulco’s Successful 20222023 Cruise Season

ASIPONA Acapulco, as a Platinum Member of FCCA, is pleased to announce that last season (2022-2023), we received more than 70,000 cruise passengers. Highlighting more than 10 years without incidents, thanks to the coordinated work between Federal, State and Municipal Authorities, we have consolidated ourselves as a destination oriented towards the cruise segment, focused on ensuring that our visitors live the most incredible experiences on each arrival in this beautiful bay.

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Yucatan and the World’s Largest Pier

Port of Progreso: Home to the World’s Largest Jetty-Pier, certified by Guinness World Records. Spanning 8,018.98 mts (26,308.72 ft), the port has welcomed cruise tourists since 1998. Thanks to the unwavering support of Progreso City Hall and Yucatan Tourism Board, this prestigious recognition was presented in a formal ceremony last July 1st, as part of the celebrations for the 152nd anniversary of the city of Progreso.

al views as you glide through charming streets and iconic landmarks. Unveil hidden gems, savor local flavors, and embrace the beauty of this Caribbean paradise from the comfort of a trolley ride like no other.

Trolley Treasures: Discovering Cozumel’s Charms

Explore the vibrant heart of Cozumel, Mexico, on a captivating city tour by trolley. Immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture, history, and stunning coast-

Amerimed Hospitals Adds Hyperbaric Chamber

Amerimed Hospitals is proud to announce the addition of a hyperbaric chamber to the services offered by our flagship hospital in Cancun. The new chamber can be used to treat decompression illness in SCUBA divers as well as a wide range of medical conditions. Amerimed is committed to the continued expansion of healthcare services in each of our locations and other Amerimed hospitals will offer hyperbaric chamber services in the coming years. Please visit

Global Cruises LLC Shortlisted for Best Escorted & Specialist Tour Operator

Global Cruises LLC is thrilled to be shortlisted for Best Escorted & Specialist Tour Operator at the Wave Awards. This award showcases our team’s dedication to exceptional travel experiences in 100+ ports that go beyond the ordinary. We thank our partners, cruise lines, and all industry members for this stellar recognition.

Costamed Medical Group: Your Safety, Our Commitment

Navigating the globe has never been this secure! At Costamed Medical Group, we stand as your faithful companion, offering top-tier emergency medical care to international explorers. With extensive collaboration with leading insurance giants globally, including major USA primary insurances and cruise line coverage via Carefree Assistance Live Travel, your health is safeguarded at every turn. Count on our skilled team for effective repatriation services, ensuring worry-free travels for adventurous cruise enthusiasts.

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Shaping the Future: Crown of Light’s New Diamond Designs

The Crown of Light revolutionized the diamond market in 2007, swiftly becoming the best-selling branded diamond. Now, Diamonds International is taking it

The Art of Sparkle™
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a step further, introducing new diamond shapes and experimenting with dazzling designs at their cutting-edge headquarters in Namibia. After years of development, they are proud to unveil five new patented Crown of Light shapes: Oval, Marquise, Cushion, Pear, and Octagon. These innovative shapes have been certified by the De Beers Lab Institute, pushing the boundaries of the traditional diamond industry and setting a new standard.

Port of New Orleans Sets Passenger Record

JAXPORT Offers Seamless Cruise Experience

CDEI Ready for Your Booth Company Building Concept

Design Events International

(CDEI) is a booth company builder based in Saint Martin. We are here to listen and help you to carry out your project. Wherever in the USA or all around the world, CDEI accompanies you with a turnkey offer, design, assembly, dismantling, storage, catering, and on-site assistance For more information:

Port of New Orleans recently set a passenger record, topping pre-pandemic levels as cruise lines continue their commitments. Carnival Cruise Line recently agreed to five more years with two year-round vessels. Norwegian Cruise Line also signed a five-year deal and returns with Port NOLA’s largest homeported vessel, Norwegian Breakaway. Disney Cruise Line returns in February 2024. Royal Caribbean International will be returning to Port NOLA with Brilliance of the Seas in November 2024.

Jacksonville, Florida offers an efficient port for travelers looking to get away to the Caribbean. With more than 98 million consumers living within a day’s drive of Jacksonville, JAXPORT is a growing drive-to cruise destination. In addition to regular cruise service provided by Carnival Cruise Line, JAXPORT also hosts port-of-call visits from additional cruise ships for tourism opportunities in Northeast Florida.

Port of Galveston Celebrates Milestones

It’s a big year of milestones for the Port of Galveston. Galveston and Carnival Cruise Line are celebrating 23 years of cruising fun in September. Also, this fall, the Texas home port is forecast to break previous annual cruise passenger records. Galveston, the only Texas cruise port, also is on track to set a new record this year with more than 350 cruise sailings with Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean cruise lines.

Port Everglades Found Excellent for Ease of Sailing

Port Everglades recently completed a new cruise passenger survey and learned that 94% of the 7,000 people surveyed listed “Ease of Sailing” from the South Florida port as Excellent or Good. The majority (53%) of domestic cruise guests reside in the U.S. Southeast, which is 15% higher than in the original 2015 study and accounts for a higher drive market. In fact, 26% guests drove their own vehicles compared to 18% in 2015.

Cruising from Port Tampa Bay

Cruising from Port Tampa Bay has never been better! Steps from our cruise terminals are attractions like the Florida Aquarium, Sparkman Wharf, new hotels, shops and restaurants on Water Street, the unique Ybor City (Tampa’s Latin Quarter) and Downtown Tampa’s Riverwalk. Port Tampa Bay is home to major cruise brands including Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises. From Port Tampa Bay, travelers can visit a variety of eastern and western Caribbean destinations.

Cruising with the Port of Land & See

The Port of San Diego is your Port of Land & See, a premier port of call with convenient access to bayfront hotels and the airport, memorable attractions, shore power, and a gateway to incredible destinations. Whether you are looking to offer guests a rich cultural experience, a relaxing trip to paradise, or a thrilling adventure – the opportunities are endless with San Diego’s Port of Land & See.

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White sands that lead into warm azure waves. A city deeply embedded in Colombia's history. A charming culture and delectable gastronomy. Lush greenery inhabited by colorful species and ancient knowledge. All of it backdropped by a snow-capped mountain.

There are many theories as to what earned Colombia's oldest city the lovely nickname of "the Pearl of the Americas", and although a quick visit might not suf ce to unravel all its secrets, it certainly does to make you fall in love with it.

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