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Arnold Donald, Tom McAlpin & Frank Del Rio Headline FCCA Webinars Forging a Path Forward Cruise Industry Reaffirms Commitment to Environmental Protection Practices Destinations Restarting Cruise Operations Aquila Shares How to Prepare Communities to Welcome Cruise

a vibe like no other The U.S. Virgin Islands is open and ready for your crew and passengers with several ports and berths across the Territory. Throughout today’s pandemic, we have been working tirelessly to COVID-proof our destination and ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to our shores. Across our islands, ships can find some of the Caribbean’s best port infrastructures while visitors immerse themselves in our culture, history, shopping options and delectable cuisine; stroll along our award-winning beaches; or enjoy exciting water sports activities. For more information visit: • • ©2020 U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

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CLIA shares how the cruise industry is planning for a gradual and highly controlled return of cruise operations in the U.S. 14 Cruise Industry Reaffirms Commitment to Environmental Protection Practices

$23.5 billion of investments are moving cruise lines full steam ahead to achieve lower emissions, greater efficiencies, and a cleaner environment onboard, at sea and in port.

28 Cruise Restart in Greece: A Collaborative Effort Among Industry, Government, Ports, Destinations and Health Experts 30 Dominican Republic Is Open and Ready for You

MEMBERS & TRAVEL AGENTS 32 Cruise Line Brass Ring in to FCCA Webinars

ON LAND 16 Cruise Industry Contribution to U.S. Economy Grew to $55.5 Billion in 2019 18 Restart of Cruising in Singapore

Alcázar de Colón, Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

24 Small Ship Operations Resumed in Australia 26 Video Campaign Highlights Shutdown Impact on Australasian Businesses

Arnold Donald, Tom McAlpin & Frank Del Rio took the spotlight in FCCA webinars to help Platinum Members prepare for cruise’s return. 34 Preparing Your Community to Welcome Cruise

Beth Kelly Hatt, President, Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence, shares top tips for cruise communities. 36 FCCA Platinum Member Highlights


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The new year probably could not come any sooner for most of us, and while many may want to focus on the shortterm and quick turnaround, now is more important than ever to remain focused on a long-term plan. Given, for the first time in what seems like forever, the immediate future looks relatively bright, with the industry restarting operations around the world and planning a gradual, phased-in return to the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico because of the work between cruise lines and destinations. Much of what that means is obvious for so many benefitting from the industry and its $3.4 billion in direct expenditures and $903 million in wage income to FCCA partner destinations in the 2017-2018 cruise year, but some of the specific meaning and impact for – and input from – stakeholders was done directly through the FCCA’s continuing work to align destinations and Lunch meeting on Nov. 3 with Michele and Hon. cruise lines. This includes the America’s Ludmila De Weever, St. Maarten’s Minister of Cruise Tourism Task Force, which has Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication, to discuss the industry’s restart. developed guidelines through constant coordination between cruise line and destination representatives, and regular FCCA Zoom meetings for FCCA Platinum Members featuring guest speakers including Arnold Donald, President & CEO, Carnival Corporation & plc; Tom McAlpin, President & CEO, Virgin Voyages; and Frank Del Rio, President & CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Some of these developments in and involvement from the cruise community at large follow in this issue, and while we all will likely celebrate the gradual return of cruise around the globe, especially those poised to benefit after a long hiatus, this still might not signal the wave of economic contribution for all because of the limited capacities, itineraries and operations in a ‘bubble.’ That is why we must all remember that normality will return eventually, and in the meantime remain fixed on the long game, preventing any overreactions – and this is perhaps also why our retooled FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show takes on increased significance. Live in San Juan, Puerto Rico from January 18-21, 2021 with a new, streamlined schedule adaptable for any developments with COVID-19, it will still cook up the regular recipe of meetings, workshops and networking opportunities with high-level executives from FCCA Member Lines for any interested attendee – and we hope to see you there! Respectfully yours,

Michele M. Paige President FCCA FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 7




Welcome to this issue of the Travel and Cruise Magazine. The cruise community continues to pursue and execute responsible resumption efforts around the world. In this issue, we share with you the steps CLIA and our oceangoing members have taken to validate the industry’s commitment to making health, safety, and the well-being of passengers, the crew and the communities we visit our top priority. With the industry as a whole working closely with authorities at all levels worldwide to address their unique concerns, our COVID-19 health and safety protocols, that have been informed by experts in medicine and science, offer a uniformed approach that nations may utilize as they continue to develop their respective pathways to allow for resumption of cruising. Collaboration between destinations and the cruise community is the key to successfully resuming operations in a responsible manner that keeps the health of passengers, crew and the communities that we visit at the forefront. The initial sailings of CLIA cruise line members in Europe, and other parts of the world, have been successful and serve as an important learning experience. We know resumption requires deep cooperation with authorities at all levels. We also know it requires a multi-layered approach to health and safety, including rigorous testing, mask wearing and social distancing—which are all aspects of the core elements that the industry has agreed to adopt across our global fleet. In North America, we continue to work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to align the industry’s extensive preparation of health protocols with the implementation requirements under the CDC’s Framework for Conditional Sailing and Initial Phase COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Protection of Crew. While the industry has used the pause in operations to address public health protocols, we have also used this time to go even further in our efforts to propel responsible tourism initiatives forward. We have continued to work with city authorities, ports, and other organizations, to preserve the integrity, cultural heritage, and beauty of the world’s most treasured destinations. In this issue, you can also read about our ongoing commitment to identifying and developing the necessary technologies that will allow us to achieve IMO’s ultimate goal of zero-carbon emissions across the maritime fleet. As we chart a path forward, we know that the challenges before us have never been greater, and the stakes have never been higher. We also know that no challenge is insurmountable for this community—and that we can conquer anything when we confront it together. On behalf of everyone at CLIA, we thank you for your continued support. Together in cruise,

Kelly Craighead President and CEO FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 9

The Baths, Virgin Gorda.

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On Board

Forging a Path Forward


s the cruise industry continues to plan for a gradual and highly controlled return of cruise operations in the U.S., members of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) are committed to implementing stringent measures to address COVID-19 safety. This includes 100% testing of passengers and crew, expanded onboard medical capabilities, and trial sailings, among many other measures. The cruise industry shares a common goal with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is to protect public health. This has been affirmed and reaffirmed consistently throughout the industry’s response to the global pandemic. As they work to operationalize a path forward, oceangoing cruise lines have agreed to extend our existing suspension of U.S. operations through December 31. This action will provide additional time to align the industry’s extensive preparation of health protocols with the implementation requirements under the CDC’s Framework for Conditional Sailing and Initial Phase COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Protection of Crew. It is devastating the impact that the pandemic continues to have on the 421,000 Americans whose livelihoods are


connected directly to cruise operations. This is why the industry remains committed to work with urgency to advance a responsible return to cruising while maintaining a focus on effective, science-based measures to protect public health. The cruise industry is a vital economic artery in the United States, generating over $53 billion in annual economic activity and supporting 421,000 American jobs spanning almost every sector. Each day without cruise operations in the U.S. results in nearly 1,000 American jobs lost. In fact, from mid-March through today, it is estimated that the suspension of cruise


operations has resulted in a loss of more than $25 billion in economic activity and over 164,000 American jobs. The industry’s path to support the resumption of cruise includes protocols that lead the way. This is why in the nearly eight months that cruise operations in the U.S. have been suspended, CLIA members have been diligent in the planning and development of rigorous protocols in the interest of the health and safety of passengers, crew and the communities cruise lines serve. The public health protocols that CLIA members have agreed to adopt have been informed by the recommendations of world-class experts in public health and science, as well as the experiences of CLIA member lines who have resumed sailing in Europe and other parts of the world with approval from local and regional governments. The industry will continue to evolve their approach as circumstances evolve while maintaining a focus on effective, science-based measures to protect public health. When cruising resumes in earnest, it will once again be a mainstream vacation choice from luxury to contemporary and everything in between, with a world of options, unrivaled value and loyal cruisers ready to sail.

On Board

Cruise Industry Reaffirms Commitment to Environmental Protection Practices


he 2020 Global Cruise Industry Environmental Technologies and Practices Report, released by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), highlights the progress that CLIA oceangoing cruise line members continue to make towards the development and implementation of advanced technologies and practices to achieve lower emissions, greater efficiencies, and a cleaner environment onboard, at sea and in port. While cruise ships comprise far less than 1 percent of the global maritime community, the latest report substantiates how cruise lines have taken a leadership role in the adoption of maritime technologies that benefit the entire shipping industry. To date, the cruise industry has invested over $23.5 billion in ships with new technologies and cleaner fuels to reduce air emissions and achieve greater efficiency. This is a $1.5 billion increase over the 2019 report findings. Even as the industry has worked to address and overcome the impacts of COVID-19, the sector remains committed to a cleaner, more sustainable future. With over $23 billion invested in ships with new technologies and cleaner fuels, such as exhaust gas cleaning systems and liquified natural gas (LNG), one can only imagine what they will accomplish in the next 10 years and beyond. In fact, CLIA cruise lines were the first to publicly commit as a maritime sector, to reduce the rate of carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030 compared to 2008. As noted in the report, CLIA oceangoing cruise line members continue to work diligently to achieve ambitious goals like this and meet rising expectations. Substantial progress has been achieved in the following areas: • LNG Fuel* – The 2020 report found

49% of new build capacity will rely on LNG fuel for primary propulsion, a 51% increase in overall capacity compared to 2018.

• Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

(EGCS)* - More than 69% of global capacity utilizes EGCS to meet or exceed air emissions requirements,


tions with ports and governments to increase the availability.

“EVEN AS THE INDUSTRY HAS WORKED TO ADDRESS AND OVERCOME THE IMPACTS OF COVID-19, THE SECTOR REMAINS COMMITTED TO A CLEANER, MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.” representing an increase in capacity of 25% compared to 2018. Additionally, 96% of non-LNG new builds will have EGCS installed, an increase in capacity of 21% compared to 2019. • Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Systems - 99% of new ships on order are specified to have advanced wastewater treatment systems (bringing global capacity to 78.5%), and currently 70% of the CLIA oceangoing cruise line fleet capacity is served by advanced wastewater treatment systems (an increase of 5% over 2019).

• Shore-side Power Capability - In

port, cruise ships are increasingly equipped with the technology to allow delivery of shoreside electricity, thus allowing engines to be switched off, and there are many collabora-

75% of the new build capacity is either committed to be fitted with shore-side electricity systems or will be configured to add shore-side power in the future.

32% of global capacity (up 13% since 2019) are fitted to operate on shore-side electricity in the 14 ports worldwide where that capability is provided in at least one berth in the port.

The progress across these multiple areas demonstrate CLIA’s view that it is integral, urgent, and feasible to balance fostering growth with policy and technology changes that help preserve the air and oceans in which the industry operates. The cruise industry works every day to advance its responsible tourism efforts and recognizes that continued and greater investment in research is critical to identifying and producing new fuels and propulsion systems. This is why CLIA along with other maritime sector partners have proposed to establish and fund a $5 billion Research and Development Board dedicated to working collaboratively across the sector to identify the technologies and energy sources that will provide additional opportunities to lessen our carbon footprint. The proposal was recently discussed in detail at the IMO during the 75th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC). IMO Member States expressed divergent views on the IMRB proposal; however, more than 30 Member States supported further discussion and development. The Committee invited additional comments and concrete proposals for a more detailed discussion during the 76th session of the MEPC, which is slated to take place in June 2021. While this is just a small step, CLIA looks forward to continued work with our industry co-sponsors and IMO Member States to further the proposal in order to achieve the ambitious IMO GHG reduction targets.

On Land

Cruise Industry Contribution to U.S. Economy Grew to $55.5 Billion in 2019


ruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has announced new economic impact data from its annual report on the contributions of the cruise industry to the U.S. economy. The newly released 2019 U.S. Economic Impact Analysis underscores the tremendous growth of the cruise industry and the corresponding growth of the industry’s contributions to the U.S. economy prior to the global health emergency. It also highlights the cruise industry’s economic contributions across multiple sectors, from transportation and aviation, to food and beverage, lodging, manufacturing, agriculture, travel agencies and a robust supply chain that stretches across the United States. In 2019, the cruise industry generated a total of $55.5 billion in economic activity in the United States, a 5.3% increase from 2018. Moreover, growth in economic activity was accompanied by an increase in industry-supported jobs. According to the report, the cruise industry supported 436,600 American jobs paying $24.4 bil16 FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

…THE SUSPENSION OF CRUISING IN THE U.S. ALONE WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF MORE THAN $32 BILLION IN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY AND MORE THAN 254,000 AMERICAN JOBS. lion in wages in 2019 – a 3.5% and 5.4% increase from 2018, respectively. The latest figures follow nearly 10 years of continued growth in the cruise industry, fueled by the rising popularity of cruise vacations. Over 13.7 million passengers embarked on cruise ships from U.S. ports in 2019, up nearly 8% from 2018 and 26% from just five years ago. The pre-pandemic data clearly demonstrates that cruising has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors of travel and tourism and underscores the

urgency of the work CLIA and its member lines are doing to advance resumption in 2021. While the cruise industry is proud to play an important role in the creation of jobs and economic opportunity for nearly half a million Americans throughout the country, we recognize the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had on our community. Not captured in these numbers are the latest estimates on the economic impact of COVID-19 on the cruise community. From mid-March through the end of this year, it is estimated that the suspension of cruising in the U.S. alone will result in a loss of more than $32 billion in economic activity and more than 254,000 American jobs. All of this serves as a reminder of how many people rely on this industry and make up our wider community, and a resumption of cruising in the United States in 2021 – with stringent measures in place and with the support of health authorities – will be critical to putting people back to work and fueling the greater economic recovery from the pandemic.

On Land

Restart of Cruising in Singapore


ingapore resumed cruising in November 2020 with enhanced safety protocols for two cruise lines that are homeported there. CLIA President and CEO Kelly Craighead shared CLIA’s support on the measured and carefully managed resumption of local cruise itineraries that work within international border restrictions, like those announced in Singapore. To provide assurance for safe cruising, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has developed a mandatory CruiseSafe certification program, which sets out stringent hygiene and safety measures throughout the passenger journey – from prior to boarding, to after disembarkation. STB’s CruiseSafe was created in consultation with the industry and is benchmarked against global health and safety standards. Singapore is one of the first countries in the world to develop and implement a 18 FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Cruise webinar organized by STB in partnership with CLIA and Travel Weekly Asia

mandatory audit and certification program for cruise lines before they can commence sailings. As the lead coordinator for cruise in ASEAN, Singapore aims to set a benchmark for the future of cruising in the region with the development of CruiseSafe standards.

To prepare for the eventual recovery of the cruise industry, STB had also partnered with CLIA and Travel Weekly Asia to hold a series of training webinars for regional travel agents. The webinars, which had speakers from Costa Cruises, Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean International, including Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises, were designed to boost the confidence of the travel agents in Asia in the selling of cruises. At the end of the sessions, 70% of the travel agents were very to extremely confident in selling cruises. Based on the limited restart of cruises in Asia, demand for cruise remains strong as cruise lines received overwhelming interest from consumers. Customer satisfaction from Dream Cruises’ Taiwan sailings has also been extremely positive.

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La Antigua

Lake Atitlรกn

On Land

Small Ship Operations Resumed in Australia


ustralia small ship line Coral Expeditions has recommenced operations with a series of seven-night sailings onboard Coral Discoverer. Operating out of the north Queensland port of Cairns, the ship will operate a series of nine departures through to mid-December, taking small groups of under 70 guests to explore the pristine outer reefs and lesser-known islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Coral Expeditions is the first line to resume sailings in Australia and has implemented its SailSAFE plan developed by medical specialists. The SailSAFE plan has been approved by all Australian State and Territory governments and is based on rigorous safety principles which effectively create a “safe travel bubble” for guests and crew through pre-screening steps, onboard mitigation process and authorized response control. Joel Katz, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Managing Director Australasia, said Coral Expeditions’ return to service was a welcome milestone for Australian tourism. “Coral Expeditions has worked hard to lay a new foundation for its operations, drawing on expert medical insight to create new health and safety measures in response to Covid-19,” Mr. Katz said. “Coral Discoverer’s first departure shows


how a carefully controlled operation with strict health protocols in place can help revive tourism in Queensland, while at the same time keeping a focus on safety as the highest priority. This is an important step forward for Australian tourism and will help bring confidence as we work towards recovery.” Jeff Gillies, Commercial Director at Coral Expeditions, commented, “We are pleased with the strong guest response we have received over the past weeks following the release of our new sailings. At this time of global health challenges and uncertainties, there is no better sanctuary than our own Great Barrier Reef. We have led expeditions on the Reef for 35, years and this extraordinary place remains at the heart of our DNA. We are confident

and resolute in our commitment to restart after the challenges of the last six months and encourage those Australians who are able to explore their home shores to join us on board”. Coral Expeditions is welcoming all guests who are able to cross domestic borders and have been encouraging bookings with Queenslanders initially. They look forward to welcoming all guests able to travel into Cairns in the months ahead. 24 FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

A new partner on board brings more choices on shore. Two paths coming together with a steady goal can broaden horizons for all. Through a shared vision and passion for the cruise industry, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) and have joined paths. As the new administrator of the FCCA Global Tour Operator Insurance Program, provides tour operators with the coverage they need to grow their business—and enhance the destination experience.

To learn more about how this partnership can benefit you, contact our experts today. Ken Furlow Global Development Officer M: 786.351.3408

On Land

Video Campaign Highlights Shutdown Impact on Australasian Businesses


ustralian and New Zealand businesses devastated by the suspension of cruise operations are voicing their support for a carefully planned revival in a new video series launched recently by CLIA Australasia. Under CLIA’s #WeAreCruise banner, the videos highlight the economic impact suffered by local businesses and the 25,000 jobs that are at risk across Australasia while the cruise industry remains at anchor. An initial four videos will be released on social media as part of a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the wider impact on the region’s $5 billion-a-year cruise industry and tell the personal stories of people within the Australasian cruise community. CLIA Australasia Managing Director Joel Katz said cruise lines had committed to extensive new health measures to support future operations, and that it was vital to plan for a phased and carefully controlled resumption of local cruising. “Thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand have been devasted by the suspension of cruise operations and tens of thousands of jobs are at risk,” Mr. Katz said. “While the suspension has been the right response to COVID-19, it’s absolutely vital that we open a pathway towards resumption with extensive health measures in place, so we can bring an economic revival to communities around our region.” The #WeAreCruise video series will tell the stories of an initial four businesses: • Clean Cruising – a family-owned travel

agency in Brisbane, Queensland, that specializes in cruising and has lost most of its income, despite a heavy workload processing refunds and making alternative arrangements for customers.

• Wijingarra Tours – an Indigenous tour

company catering to cruise visitors in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, which has been forced to cancel this year’s tour season.


• Hasslefree Tours – a tour company

saler and third-generation family business in the Illawarra region south of Sydney, whose major clients include the cruise lines that source their wines and beers locally.

As well as highlighting the plight of tourism businesses and cruise suppliers, one of the videos also demonstrates the impact of the cruise shutdown on some of Australia’s remote Indigenous communities. Wijingarra Tours is one of several Indigenous tourism businesses which have supported the thriving expedition cruise sector over recent years, sharing aspects of their culture and history with international visitors while at the same time creating income for communities in remote locations.

“These are just some of the tens of thousands of personal stories behind the current cruise suspension,” Mr. Katz said. “Cruise lines spend hundreds of millions of dollars in Australasia and create an economic impact worth more than A$5 billion a year to our region.” “Given our region’s success in stemming the transmission of COVID-19, we see an opportunity for a controlled reintroduction of domestic cruises - restricted to local residents and with extensive testing and screening measures in place,” Mr. Katz continued. “This will involve protective protocols against outside infection while borders are closed, and will create opportunities for economic revival for local businesses around Australia and New Zealand.”

Based in the Kimberley regional hub of Broome in the north of Western Australia, Wijingarra Tours has been cut off from international visitation as a result of the cruise suspension and other travel restrictions. In the #WeAreCruise videos, Wijingarra guide Naomi explains her company’s role in welcoming visitors to her country and the impact the cruise suspension has had on her operations. “We didn’t have any work this year, so we lost everything – all our tours and half a million dollars in revenue,” she says in the video. The videos appear on CLIA Australasia’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

based in Christchurch, New Zealand, that offers an extensive range of shore excursions for cruise visitors, and whose operations have been suspended under current travel restrictions.

• Kollaras & Co – a beverage whole-

On Land

Cruise Restart in Greece: A Collaborative Effort Among Industry, Government, Ports, Destinations and Health Experts By Maria Deligianni, National Director, Eastern Mediterranean, CLIA


ruise operations in Greece officially opened on August 1, making Greece one of the few countries in Europe – together with Germany and Italy – that saw cruise activity the last quarter of 2020. In total, five cruise lines members of CLIA navigated in Greek waters: Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises, Mystic Cruises, Ponant and TUI Cruises, visiting several Greek destinations, including some of the country’s biggest ports: Piraeus, Corfu, Katakolo and Heraklion. The restart in Greece has been a testament to a successful cooperation among the industry, the government, the ports and destinations, under the guidance of the health experts. While COVID-19 remains the unknown X factor in the resumption equation, all parties worked jointly for a common goal: a safe restart. The cruise industry adjusted to the new reality by developing new health protocols and contingency plans examining every possible scenario. It has been the first sector within the tourism industry that agreed on a global requirement about 100% testing of passengers and crew in ships of more than 250 people, including a 7-day quarantine for all crew members. The Greek authorities of tourism, maritime affairs, health and civil protection


developed a national protocol in line with the guidance of the EU Healthy Gateways and EMSA. The Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis recognized publicly that “cruise business is a very important sector of the country’s tourism activity.” Ports swiftly implemented the national measures and got prepared adequately to welcome cruise ships again, while the destinations embraced the restart after five months’ pause of operations. The health experts at European, national and local level have been advising all parties adequately.


Because this is a pandemic, we navigate in unchartered waters, and the future is unpredictable. The cruise restart will remain an ongoing and hard joint effort. While still in crisis, destination sustainability remains of the utmost importance in CLIA’s agenda. Following the successful, CLIA-funded cooperation between CLIA, the city of Dubrovnik and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for the conduction of a “destination assessment,” CLIA is now examining a similar project in Greece. Greece is a highly touristic country with 33 million visitors recorded in 2019. Although we account around 15 percent of it, we want to be a big part of the solution, and therefore, contributing to an assessment that will help build a better future for our destinations is critical for us. Greece is the third-largest cruise destination market in Europe after Italy and Spain, with more than 5.5 million cruise passengers and close to 4,000 cruise ship calls per year. The cruise industry generates close to €1 billion annually, with more than 11,000 jobs created. The country already has 40 cruise destinations and a great potential due to its long coastline and the numerous islands. The privatization of several Greek ports, which is ongoing, is also expected to boost investments, port infrastructure and, hence, cruise activities.


5 Million Annual Visitors, 7 s ’ o d n a l Or Port Canaveral is the Closest Port to Growth. U.S. for Job e h t n i City and the Number One

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On Land

Dominican Republic Is Open and Ready for You


mmersive. Indulgent. And now worry-free, thanks to our free health coverage plan – Dominican Republic is open, well prepared and ready to welcome you for some much-needed rest and relaxation. From our free health coverage plan, to new safety measures at all of our resort properties, cruise operators, restaurants and tour excursions, Dominican Republic is the premier destination for all travelers alike. Follow along for six of the top reasons to begin planning your trip to Dominican Republic. RECHARGE AND RESET Name a better way to recharge than unplugging and relaxing along Dominican Republic’s 1,000-mile sandy coastline. Over 200 beaches – many of which remain uncrowded and undeveloped – line the Caribbean and the Atlantic coastlines, ranging from a brilliant white to a handful of black sand stretching southwest. Visit Punta Cana’s world-renowned 48-kilometer (30-mile) stretch, but also consider Samaná’s world-ranked beaches such as Playa Rincón. On the north coast, you’ll be spoiled for choice, from Playa Cabarete to Playa Dorada, or Playa Punta Rucia. Go off-the-beaten track to Playa El


Valle, or Playa Frontón – reached by boat – sure to leave you speechless. Whether you choose to travel with a loved one, your family or solo, there’s no better way to set the tone for the new year than kicking back along our world-class beaches. TRAVEL WITH PEACE OF MIND All international tourists arriving exclusively on commercial flights and visiting a hotel will be granted during the check-in process a temporary, free health coverage plan that provides coverage for emergencies in the event of an infection or exposure to COVID19 while in-country. The coverage includes medical attention by specialists, medical transfers, transfer of a relative, penalty for airfare changes, lodging for prolonged stays and more. This offering, which is available at all medical centers around the tourist region, is provided at no cost to visitors arriving on or before December 31, 2020. RECONNECT WITH NATURE Before the hustle and bustle of 2021 sets in, take a moment to soak up the beauty Dominican Republic has to offer. With 25 percent of the land consisting of protected areas, most of which are easily accessed, there are a myriad of reasons to venture off the beach.

In the northeast region of Samaná, Los Haitises National Park is home to hilly vistas and high rock formations jutting out of the waves. Venture into the park by boat to explore a series of caves throughout the mangroves. The caves are home to an impressive collection of petroglyphs and pictographs created centuries ago by the indigenous Taino Indians. The park is also popular among birdwatchers, and if the rainforest looks familiar, that may be because it was featured in the film “Jurassic Park.” Back on land, Dominican Republic is famous for having the most diverse topography for a single nation in the Caribbean. That diversity is personified by two extremes: the Caribbean’s highest peak, Pico Duarte, sitting at 10,164 feet above sea level; and the region’s lowest point, Lago. Enriquillo, a saltwater lake that sits 131 feet below sea level, is accessed by a grueling hike up to Pico Duarte rewarded by stunning views at the top of the mountain – and below sea level, Lago Enriquillo is a must-visit for animal lovers, where visitors can spot alligators, flamingos and a wide array of bird species. The most adventurous can explore the country by air and take in the sites from above. In Puerto Plata, climb aboard The Teleférico, the Caribbean’s only cable car which offers an iconic view of Puerto Plata and beyond. In Bávaro, Dominican Balloons will have you soaring above Punta Cana in a hot-air balloon – the only place it is offered in the entire Caribbean. EASE OF ENTRY As of September 15, all international travelers no longer need to provide a negative PCR or COVID-19 test upon arrival. Instead, airports and other ports of entry will administer a quick, aleatory breath test to between 3 and 10 percent of passengers, and all those who present symptoms.

TREAT YOUR TASTE BUDS Foodies will be delighted with Dominican Republic’s dining scene, which offers the best of both worlds, including traditional Dominican fare as well as globally inspired cuisine. Throughout the country, you can savor local flavors like fried tostones and mofongo (mashed plantains with garlic, deep-fried pork or shrimp). Seafood is, of course, a big part of this Caribbean country’s diet. You’ll find the freshest fish from sea to table, particularly red snapper, in coastal fishing villages and towns such as Bayahibe, Sánchez, Sabana de la Mar, Samaná, Puerto Plata, and other seaside areas. For the ultimate Dominican experience head to the beach and ordering a pescado frito or whole fried fish with tostones and avocado. We are sure that wherever you go in Dominican Republic, its wide gastronomy selections will satisfy your taste buds! SAFETY UPON ARRIVAL Following arrival at all eight international airports, and other ports throughout the country, guests will be subject to mandatory temperature checks, social distancing and mask ordinances in and around airports, hotels and public spaces. Likewise, within the customs process, travelers will be required to submit a mandatory Traveler’s Health Affidavit. Through this form, passengers declare they have not felt any COVID19 related symptoms in the last 72 hours and will be required to provide contact information details for the next 30 days. With eight international airports and the highest number of cruise destinations in the Caribbean, it has never been more accessible or appealing to explore Dominican Republic. Are you ready to give into the pull of Dominican Republic? FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 31

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Cruise Line Brass Ring in to FCCA Webinars


he regular scheduled programming of FCCA Platinum Member webinars, which gather FCCA Platinum Members to educate on new developments and allow for the discussion of pertinent issues, continued throughout the quarter with some notable star power. In addition to presentations featuring new techs and trends, cruise line brass took the helm for the FCCA Zoom meetings, with guest speakers including Arnold Donald, President and CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc; Tom McAlpin, President and CEO of Virgin Voyages; and Frank Del Rio, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Donald joined esteemed host, FCCA Senior Vice President Adam Ceserano, on November 4 to discuss the brands under Carnival Corporation & plc and how they are preparing for the resumption of cruising, as well as the importance of continuing to work closely with all stakeholders in the Caribbean.


On October 15, Del Rio spoke with Ceserano about the brands under Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. and the differences each one brings in relation to overall shipboard experience and itineraries – along with what the future holds and how they are preparing for the resumption of cruising. McAlpin introduced to the group to Virgin Voyages on October 1, sharing what it means to sail the Virgin Way – from the Virgin Voyages ethos of creating an Epic Sea Change and understanding their Sailor profile, to new itineraries and the overall shipboard experience ushering in a new era of cruise travel. Of course, McAlpin also covered Virgin’s vision

for the resumption of cruising, including the robust Voyage Well plans, and what the future holds. FCCA’s Zoom gatherings for Platinum Members continue to take place biweekly, with occasional special features, to keep the group prepared to move full steam ahead for the resumption of cruise tourism throughout the FCCA’s partner destinations in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico.

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Preparing Your Community to Welcome Cruise By Beth Kelly Hatt, President, Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence


uilding a good customer experience does not happen by accident, and we all need to work at preparing our communities to welcome cruise as we start getting ready to resume operations. During this time, there is work to be done to build confidence and trust in cruise in our destinations, and with the right plans, this can be done. In our recent workshops about “How to Prepare Your Community to Welcome Cruise,” we have worked with destinations to understand the importance of the community in the successful resumption of cruise, including the involvement of all its stakeholders, from local citizens to community leaders. We need everyone involved, and we need a plan to communicate with them. How do we develop a community communication plan with the right messages sent at the right time? This plan may prove integral to the successful resumption of cruise in our destinations, as welcoming communities are the foundation of excellent guest experiences in a destination. Some of our top tips for preparing our communities to welcome cruise are:

Some need reassurances that cruise will return with the economic impact so many rely on. They may need to hear what the cruise industry is doing and what protocols are being followed onboard. 5. TIMING IS IMPORTANT. For the key messages to be well received, they need to be delivered in the right tone and at the right time. A communication plan can ensure all are on message, with tools that will educate and engage the community with the right messages at the right time.

1. EDUCATE YOURSELF. What is happening in the industry? What are cruise lines doing for the health and safety of their guests and your destination? We need to make sure as destinations and ports that we are staying current on the industry and what steps are being taken. 2. EDUCATE YOUR COMMUNITY. Knowledge is power, and educating your community is key to preparing them to welcome cruise. Is your community aware of your operational plans and procedures? Do they know the health and safety measures you have taken? Do they know what the industry is doing to achieve the same? 3. INVOLVE THE KEY CRUISE STAKEHOLDERS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Ensure you all are sharing the same key messages and involve your key stake34 FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

holders in your planning. Ensure they understand the benefits and importance of having a community that is prepared to welcome cruise. Educate them so they can help spread the key messages. 4. GIVE YOUR COMMUNITY THE KEY MESSAGES THEY NEED TO HEAR. Every community is different. Some need reassurances that protocols are in place for the health and safety of the community.

Support from the community is key to ensuring successful experiences for cruise lines and their guests, enabling everyone to work together more efficiently and for the common goal of successful cruise visits. As the key stakeholders in our destinations, we need to support our communities and prepare them to welcome cruise again. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Beth Kelly Hatt is the President of Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence, the FCCA’s official training partner. Contact Beth for more information at

ONE ISLAND, ENDLESS REASONS TO STAY Maybe you’re an adventurer — someone who lives for the thrill of a rigorous hike. Maybe you’re a history buff — an enthusiast who loves investigating the holdovers of bygone eras. Maybe you’re a beachgoer, a marine explorer, a souvenir shopper, or an inquisitive traveler. Whatever you are, St. Kitts welcomes you. And we’ll show you the time of your life.

Visit to learn more

Members & Travel Agents BLUE PETER CHARTERS & BOBBY’S MARINA READY TO WELCOME GUESTS BACK Although we are currently taking a short break due to Covid-19. Blue Peter Charters & Bobby’s Marina is ready to welcome our guests back as soon as possible! Our Airport Adventure tour & St. Barth tour are ready to go with new health and safety guidelines, keeping the health of our guest and crew our top priority.

ST. MAARTEN PREPARES FOR THE TOURISM HIGH SEASON St. Maarten is preparing for the safe resumption of cruise tourism under very strict protocols related to public health and safety. Persons arriving at the airport must have proof of the RT-PCR SARS coronavirus SARSCoV test. The test must be done five days prior to departure. The test results would have to be uploaded to The marine sector is also preparing for the Mega Yacht high season. One of the requirements is a set of COVID-19 protocols tailored-made for arriving yachts. The halt in visitors to St. Maarten due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has given the opportunity to enhance product safety trainings in ensuring that St. Maarten opens in a safe manner. St. Maarten Tourism Bureau organized a certified customer service and COVID-19 awareness training designed specifically for taxi drivers,


tour operators and central public services and immigration officers. The aim of these trainings is to equip our ‘Ambassadors’ with the tools to continue serving our diverse clientele as we re-open St. Maarten. The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association, Medwork also launched their newest collaboration, “SAFESEAL – Clean Standard Seal Certification Program.”

ST. MAARTEN: A SAFE HAVEN As the global pandemic continues to affect the cruise industry, the waters of St. Maarten have become a haven for cruise ships and their crews in a time of need. Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten B.V. has built a reputation as a leading Port Agent on island, and has continued to responsibly execute port services for safe-harbored vessels. In addition to its Port Agency, Delisle Walwyn also offers exciting and immersive tours on the twin-nation paradise.

For detailed information, please visit the below links: PressReleases/Pages/Tourism-Stakeholdersto-Receive-Certified-Customer-ServiceTraining.aspx PressReleases/Pages/SAFESEAL%E2%80%93-Clean-Standard-SealCertification-Program-Launched.aspx For more information about the destination, visit, www. or www.

BARBADOS AWARDED ‘DESTINATION OF THE YEAR’ Barbados, known as the gem of the Caribbean Sea, outshined the competition after claiming ‘Destination of the

Year’ during this year’s 14th annual Seatrade Cruise Awards, the cruise industry’s most distinguished award program. The island was recognized for the diverse experiences it offers from morning until night, along with the inimitable hospitality shown to the cruise industry following the outbreak of COVID-19. The award was presented during this year’s first-ever virtual conference, which featured industry leaders.

CHUKKA EXPANDS TO BARBADOS CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures has expanded throughout the Caribbean to include Barbados. Chukka was chosen to manage the day-to-day operations of Harrison’s Cave by the Caves of Barbados Ltd. “Harrison’s Cave is truly a Jewel of the Caribbean, and we’re honored to have been chosen as the development partner for this marquee nature adventure attraction,” said CEO Marc Melville. The company now operates in Jamaica, Belize, Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

CAYMAN ISLANDS TARGETS REMOTE WORKERS The Cayman Islands launched the Global Citizen Concierge Program on Oct. 21 to attract persons who have the flexibility to work remotely now seeking a ‘home office in paradise’. Across the globe, many employers have adopted flexible work policies, allowing employees to work wherever they can be productive. With world-class infrastructure and first-rate amenities, the

Cayman Islands is the ideal destination for digital nomads. Visit the Global Citizen Concierge Program page to learn more.

RECONNECT WITH PARADISE IN THE U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS The U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island) is open and welcoming travelers to reconnect with its history, culture and craftsmanship. With strict health and safety protocols in place, visitors are invited to explore its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, storied past and beautiful people. Travelers can start their experience at

RESPONSIBLE RECOVERY OF TOURISM IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC The Minister of Tourism David Collado has supervised the application of safety and health measures as part of the Tourism Recovery Plan in the different destinations of the country, fully trusting in the recovery of the sector in the remainder of the year as a result of the increase in reservations in hotels and flights starting in October, through the different airport terminals in the country.

ARUBA HEALTH & HAPPINESS CODE As people try to find balance in the “new normal,” one thing is certain: everyone deserves some happiness. The One Happy Island of Aruba has been safely welcoming visitors for months, in part due to the ‘Aruba Health & Happiness Code,’ a stringent cleaning and hygiene certification program that ensures the highest safety standards and procedures across the island. BAHAMAS READY TO WELCOME BACK VISITORS Last year, The Bahamas saw a record-breaking year for visitor arrivals, which included 5.4 million visitors arriving by cruise. Our new testing protocols will allow visitors to enjoy our beautiful islands without needing to quarantine – which is specifically important for those visiting via cruise ships. Our focus for moving forward is to protect the health and safety of all residents and visitors in The Bahamas, whether they arrive by air or by sea.

THE WAIT IS OVER, BELIZE IS OPEN! Belize reopened for international leisure travel on Oct. 1. All visitors are required to have a negative COVID-19 test to enter the country. Restrictions have been lifted and visitors can explore freely, but must stay at Gold Standard Certified hotels; usage of Gold Standard tour operators, tourism sites, restaurants, gift shops, certified transport is highly recommended. Wearing of face masks and social distancing is required while in public. FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 37

Members & Travel Agents eco-friendly timber boardwalk that connects the new pier to the exiting Heritage Quay Pier and the downtown St. John’s area.

DOMINICA SAFEGUARDING YOUR RETURN These are trying times, but we are confident in our ability to bounce back through collaboration. We have taken actions to safeguard Dominica for your return. We have trained and certified local stakeholders to deliver a safe, enjoyable managed experience; promote the observance of health and safety protocols at our unique sites and attractions. Dominica is never crowded, perfect for social distancing, out-of-the-ordinary Caribbean island, hiking paradise, whale watching capital of the Caribbean, world-renowned diving, last remaining indigenous Caribbean Kalinago population, natural sulphur spas, tasty healthy cuisine, volcanic beaches, and wellness abound. We guarantee that you will be SAFE IN NATURE!

JAMAICA - WAITING FOR YOU Jamaica is recovering stronger through deepened tourism linkages, robust health and security protocols, an upskilled workforce and strategic partnerships across the tourism and cruise sectors. Several Jamaican attractions have turned a time of crisis into an opportunity and added exciting new features and offerings for visitors. Jamaica is safely open for business and pleasure and continues to communicate key updates to local and international markets. Do go read the latest issue of Jamaica Cruising to find out more. 38 FOURTH QUARTER 2020 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

EL SALVADOR RECEIVES WTTC GLOBAL SAFETY STAMP El Salvador received the Global Safety Stamp from the WTTC, recognizing the exceptional handling of the pandemic and the implementation of Safe Travel Protocols for the tourism industry. El Salvador is adapting to the international health standards and demands, allowing tourists to feel safe while visiting our country.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA LOOKS FORWARD TO WELCOMING CRUISE GUESTS BACK The Government of Antigua and Barbuda and the management of Antigua Cruise Ports look forward to welcoming cruise guests back to Antigua and Barbuda. Draft Health Protocols are currently being reviewed by the local Health Authorities, and plans are afoot to engage in staff and stakeholder training on both new health protocols and guest services. We are also in close dialogue with our cruise line partners to ensure that we are ready to safely receive passengers once the industry reopens. Global Port Holding PLC has successfully reached substantial completion of the transformational 5th berth project at the Antigua Cruise Port. This has happened is in less than a year since commencing operations in Antigua and despite of setbacks posed the COVID19 pandemic. The project is expected to transform the cruise sector in Antigua with its capability to accommodate the Oasis-class vessel. Additionally, it features an 18-foot wide, 600-foot long

EXPERIENCE ROATAN This little paradise, along with Guanaja and Utila, located in the Honduran Caribbean is known as the “Bay Islands;” and is the perfect place for you to have the time of your life! Dive in Utila, one of the best diving spots or just relax on the white sandy beaches of Roatan, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the second largest coral barrier reef on the planet.

TWO PROGRESO BEACHES NAMED BLUE FLAG SITES As a result of the work carried out by the Progreso’s City Council over a period of several months, on June 10, two of the beaches at the port of Progreso were recognized as part of the International Network of Blue Flag sites; these beaches are located along the Traditional Boardwalk (Malecón Tradicional) and the International Boardwalk (Malecon Internacional). Last Sept. 25, the Blue Flag was raised in an official ceremony attended by local and state government authorities.

AMERIMED HOSPITALS NOW OFFER SARS COV2 PCR TESTING As set forth in the recommendations by the Healthy Sail Panel, aggressive testing is paramount in ensuring a safe return to sailing. Amerimed Hospitals now offer SARS CoV2 PCR testing with same-day results in our three locations: Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Cancun. This service is available by appointment, 7 days a week. Please visit www. for more information.

COSTAMED MEDICAL GROUP READY TO HELP Each month of this year has brought us several challenges, but here we are, standing and waiting to see you sailing again in our Caribbean Sea just as before. Costamed Medical Group is ready to help for any medical emergency, ensuring a safety return for your crew members and passengers with a fully equipped biomolecular laboratory and dedicated areas for respiratory illnesses. #Costamed #WewWillBeBack # HappyHolidays

SEATRADE CRUISE TALKS Hear from Cruise thought leaders within diverse sectors, geographies, and perspectives share actionable insights and up-todate news on how the industry’s different facets adapt to shared challenges in this

new and uncharted global climate in the digital series, Seatrade Cruise Talks! For the full schedule of upcoming sessions and archived talks, visit ment of the surrounding environment, while facilitating business activities in world commerce and travel. Video: watch?v=iJhb1Es64H4

PORT EVERGLADES RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS NATIONAL AWARDS Port Everglades won three prestigious, national 2020 awards in port sustainability practices: • National Association of Environmental

PORT SAINT JOHN WELCOMES CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR Port Saint John (Canada) is pleased to welcome Becky Knox as their Customer Experience Coordinator, focused on developing an overall passenger welcome & satisfaction strategy for the Port and surrounding community. Delivering a WOW experience to cruise guests in the future is a key priority. Becky will work alongside Natalie Allaby, Cruise Development Manager, in the Port’s Business Development Department.

Professionals – National Environmental Excellence • North American Marine Environment Protection Association – Marine Environment Protection • American Association of Port Authorities – Excellence for Comprehensive Environmental Management Program For decades, Port Everglades has proactively invested millions of dollars in building and maintaining its infrastructure to ensure protection and improve-

AQUILA DEVELOPING NEW TRAINING Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence continues to develop training to support destinations, with new virtual programs such as “Service Excellence: COVID Edition” for frontlines and workshops to prepare for cruise resumption for stakeholders. The online Tour Guide Excellence International Certification has also been updated. We’d love to hear from you at



The French Caribbean Port of Call

Balata gardens, Schœlcher

This Caribbean island boasts modern cruise terminals only a stone’s throw from safe and vibrant urban centers, local gourmet cuisine, unspoiled nature, and exciting excursions for everyone. A warm Creole welcome awaits you in Martinique!

Habitation Clément, Le François

A colorful parade during Carnival

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Pointe Simon Terminal, Fort-de-France

Survival Beach

PARADISE AWAITS. ALL IN GOOD TIME. Soon enough you’ll feel the embrace of our sun on your face, our historic cobblestone streets under your feet, and our endless white sand between your toes. All in good time. Find out more at