Travel & Cruise 2nd Quarter 2022

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Welcome to the Shores of Sweet Sweet Trinidad Sweet Sweet Trinidad” welcomes you to our shores. Experience the natural beauty, pulsating excitement and adventure that is Trinidad. Discover the vibrantly colorful festivals of Trinidad, be wowed by the sweet melodious sounds of the steelpan, satisfy your taste buds with tantalizing culinary delights, and embrace the joie de vivre of our people. Located at the southernmost end of the Caribbean archipelago, there is always something exciting to do in Trinidad…365 days of the year.

BVI Love There’s something special in each step taken on our pristine beaches and each mile sailed in crystal-clear seas. It’s something we call BVI Love – an easygoing way of life that exists in everything and everyone on these islands. Come feel the love and discover the perfect place to turn down the noise – and turn up what really matters.

Aviomar Opens New Location Since the restart of the Industry, the biggest challenge has been to re interpret the consumer’s preferences and understand their behavior, in order to design new products that will meet cruise guests expectations. In this spirit Aviomar has invested in a new location where all immersive experiences will take place, all Mexican crafts, experiences, spirits and flavors now have a home in Cozumel, we are proud to present Barriecito!

Costamed Can Support Crew Testing

The Gateway to the Mediterranean Cruise Market - Seatrade Cruise Med The premier B2B cruise event for the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas returns this September for the first time in four years! Meet with 3,000+ attendees from 70+ countries representing top European cruise lines like Costa, TUI, Viking, MSC, and more. With 80% of attendees involved in purchasing and 42% director-level or higher, it’s not one to be missed!

More than just a requirement, PreEmployment Medical Examination (PEME) and Re-Employment Medical Examination (REME) prevent eventual threats to the life of crew members and the safety of everyone on board. The importance of these tests relies on the proper medical evaluation of health status for issuing a Fit for Duty Certificate. At Costamed Medical Group in Cozumel, you can trust our medical equipment, and physicians to carry out these essential requirements. Contact us at

Rodman Think Branding! Reaches a Milestone Colombia’s Commitment to Sustainability Colombia has unparalleled biodiversity and a strong commitment to sustainability that can be experienced in any of its Six Charming Regions. The country celebrates being the #1 nation with the largest number of bird species after winning the Global Big Day in May and for the fifth time in the past years. Tourists look for meaningful experiences, and Colombia, the Most Welcoming Place on Earth, gives them a true connection with nature and warm people.

Bacardi Ready to Partner with Cruise Lines Bacardi is excited to partner with cruise lines to welcome guests back! With new experiences coming soon and a pipeline of brand innovation, we’re ready to serve up exceptional drinking experiences. Our latest launch is Grey Goose Essences, a range of summer fruit and botanical infused vodkas perfect for deckside cocktails.

Rodman Think Branding! has reach a milestone, by being an FCCA Platinum Member, he has now collaborated with the marketing and branding projects for the trade shows and conferences for: Aruba Tourist Authority, Aruba Port Authority, Amber Cove, Great Stirrup Cay, Harvest Caye, Dominican Republic Tourism Authority, Dominican Port Authority, Seatrade Cruise Global, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Mayan Princess, Touquoise Bay, and many more! Most Recently, for Seatrade Global, the company produced 6,500 tote bags for Sponsor Saudi Arabia. S econ d Q ua r ter 202 2 | Travel & Cr uise 43