Travel & Cruise 2nd Quarter 2022

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A commitment by CLIA ocean-going cruise lines to pursue net-zero carbon cruising globally by 2050. “This is an evolution of our previous commitment which has been to pursue carbon neutral cruising. It aligns our industry further with the global objectives of the Paris agreement – and our joint commitment to protect our planet,” said Craighead. All CLIA member ships will be equipped to connect to shoreside electricity facilities wherever available at ports - as soon as possible, and no later than 2035 – or will be able to use alternative low-carbon technologies, as available, to reduce emissions when in port. CLIA on behalf of member cruise lines will join the Global Maritime Forum Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization as a supporting organization. Launched prior to the 26th UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow last year, this call to action recognizes the role the maritime sector has in meeting global emission targets. It has been developed by the “Getting to Zero” coalition led by the Global Maritime Forum, and it is a call to action for governments to work with the industry in building the right framework and incentives to meet the objective of net zero emissions in the maritime sector.

“Applaud yourselves for saving the cruise industry and providing for a very prosperous future.” Arnold Donald President & CEO, Carnival Corporation Notable Key note Quotes Included: “The fact that we were initially seen as the beginning of the problem of the pandemic, and we actually proved to everybody that we in fact were the solution to the pandemic, that to me was the most important step, when the ships sailed again in Genoa in July 2020, that was a very important moment.” -Pierfrancesco Vago “Throughout (the pandemic) CLIA has served as a facilitator and a convener, and supported essential platforms for communication, coordination, and advocacy between and amongst stakeholders. Whether you were a small or large operator, a port or a destination, a supplier, or a travel advisor, CLIA provided access to timely and relevant information, and leveraged the voices of our broad community with governments to promote the industry’s license to operate, making the case that the industry isn’t about a

few cruise lines, it’s about people that are dependent on this ecosystem for jobs and economies are that are dependent on a thriving industry.” -Kelly Craighead “You should applaud yourselves because you brought the community together because, like Kelly said, without the strong advocacy of everybody – the travel agents, the ports, the thousands of uber and taxi drivers – … without those voices, we would not have been able to weather this storm. Applaud yourselves for saving the cruise industry and providing for a very prosperous future.” -Arnold Donald “We’ve learned a lot about the different capabilities of our organizations, especially around safety and health protocols and so forth, but really showing the overall resiliency of all of our different organizations. And we will, through CLIA and FCCA and others, continue to work together to make sure that the platform for cruise and travel to be successful will continue on. And then we’ll battle it out commercially each and every day. I believe that 2023 will look and behave as it did pre-COVID.” -Jason Liberty The panel went on to discuss critical issues, like swaying public opinion, inflation, and the cost of fuel, but ended on a positive note about the industry’s resiliency and an outlook for a very bright cruise future.

State of the Global Cruise Industry CEO Panel The State of the Global Cruise Industry panel, moderated by BBC World News Presenter Lucy Hockings, was the most well-attended and highly anticipated session at Seatrade 2022. This year’s panel included: Kelly Craighead; Arnold Donald, President and CEO, Carnival Corporation; Jason Liberty, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group; and Pierfrancesco Vago. Hockings dove right in discussing additional breaking news, announcing Josh Weinstein as the new CEO and Arnold Donald becoming vice chair, of Carnival Corporation, effective August 1. Secon d Q ua r ter 202 2 | Travel & Cr uise 13