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April 2013

Gloria Koster, Design Manager Education Ministry Assistant / x288 Steve Sumerel, Supervising Editor Associate Pastor - Adult Learning / x233 Teresa Allen, Media Library Director / x229 Ginny Carpenter, Weekday School Director / x240 Steve Cothran, Associate Pastor - Youth/Families / x235 Dolores Donahue, Administrative Assistant - Finance / x226 Jane Anne Hayber, Music/Worship Assistant / x239 Monica Hix, Pastoral Assistant / x231 Marty Kellam, Food Services Director / x245 Rosemary Kellam, Operations Director / x225 Kate Kitchen, Homebound Ministry Director / 202-5757 Scott North, Business Administrator / x222 Steve Pressley, Associate Pastor / x231 Mike Queen, Interim Pastor / x231 Virginia Reynolds, Assistant Pastor - Preschool/Children / x241 Marion Smith, Facilities Supervisor, x243 Doug Vancil, Associate Pastor - Music/Worship / x237 Terri Vancil, Assistant Pastor - Music/Worship / x238 Shelly Worsley, Childcare Director / x293 2 Connections / April 2013

3 Insight

by Mike Queen

3 What Does It Mean to be a Deacon? by Laura Lomax 4 Happy are the Pure in Heart Cover Story by Steve Sumerel

5 Connect with Worship The Sundays of Easter Worship by Doug Vancil Pastor Search Committee Update by Rebecca Starnes

6 CBF General Assembly is Coming to Greensboro by Terri Vancil 7 Connect through Service Food Ministry by Robert Angell Children’s Ministry Team by Cathy Wells Construction Ministry by Fred Binder

8 Connect with Adults LD means “Let’s Do” it! by Virginia Reynolds March Church Conference Update February Financial Update New Bible Study: A Gathering Community

9 Youth News

by Steve Cothran

10 Connect with One Another 11 April Calendar 12 50-Year Member Luncheon by Kate Kitchen and Steve Pressley April 8 PrimeTime New FBC Library Book



he mothers of three good friends died this week. I am sad for each of my friends even though they each knew that death was imminent. It is simply sad to say “good-bye” to someone who has been there for you every day of your life. That sadness manifests itself in grief, and grief is real. But one lesson I have learned is that people grieve differently. Just look at the parents of the Newtown shootings. Some went public while their emotions were still raw. Others withdrew into solitude. No two people do it the same. At the CBFNC meeting in Lumberton last month, Dr. Mac Wallace, a pastoral counselor and professor at Campbell Divinity School, led one of the best workshops I have ever attended. He reminded us that a lot of people have trouble expressing exactly what it is they feel. He explained how the brain adjusts to finally get us to a place where we put words to our feelings, but that it is different for each person. Then he gave a warning. Our desire is usually to help folk in grief or crisis, and we want to do it quickly. Mac said, “We need to simply be with people in their crucifixion without prematurely pointing to their resurrection.”

He then cautioned about things we ought not to say to our friends who are in grief. Don’t tell them you know exactly how they feel. You don’t, even if you had a similar experience. You only know how you felt. Don’t tell them they ought not be feeling the way they feel. Their feelings are their feelings. Don’t tell them your problems (past or present). Just listen to what they have to say. Don’t think you have to come up with just the right words or that you have to be profound. People seldom recall what you said, but they never forget that you were with them in their time of need. Don’t tell them that they have grieved long enough or that it is time they snapped out of it. These are all good reminders to curb our well-intentioned care for family and friends. In all three cases of my friends’ parent’s death I mentioned something about my mother’s death just a few months ago. The implication is that somehow I know what they are feeling. I don’t. Dr. Wallace is right. We simply need to be present and listen to our friends “talk out” their grief. It is part of the process. We need to let it happen. I’m going to try to do that better from now on.

What Does It Mean to be a Deacon? BY LAURA LOMAX


hat does it mean to be a deacon? Our church defines the deacons and the pastor as the spiritual committee of the church. Deacons are charged with being mature, discerning, prayerful representatives of the wider congregation. We work with church staff and other committees and teams of the church to make decisions about the ways we worship God and further His kingdom purposes. This year the deacons have been focused on four important areas: 1. How our church communicates. 2. Which missions we should pursue, and how can we give more support to those in which we are now involved? 3. How we can be more prayerful and spiritually discerning in our decision making processes? 4. How can we re-engage members who no longer take part in our life together? We have met together in groups to discuss these matters, have begun the process of developing action plans about them, and will use the remainder of our church year to implement those plans. Our meetings this year have been full of brainstorming, new ideas, and good energy.

In addition to those exciting areas of focus, we also plan to review the work of the By-laws Revision Committee, to determine if there are areas of the by-laws that might be streamlined in order to provide for a more flexible and creative means of operating for our church, while still honoring a need for orderliness and traditions born of experience and wisdom. Is God calling you to be a deacon? One day the Committee on Committees may call YOU to consider that question - - pray about it. FBC needs people to serve as deacons who are energetic, dedicated, and eager to see where God is taking FBC next!

We who are strong in the faith ought to help the weak to carry their burdens. We should not please ourselves. Instead, we should all please our brothers and sisters for their own good, in order to build them up in the faith. Romans 15.1-2 April 2013 / Connections 3

Cover Story

Happy are the Pure in Heart BY STEVE SUMEREL


t is easy to get the wrong impression of the deep meaning behind the name of the class, Happy Hearts. You get an appreciation of this when you hear the concerns expressed in their prayer time. This is a class that knows more than their fair share of people who are sick and dying, many traverse a landscape of uncertain housing and living conditions, many know the sting of poverty, and are often battered by stressful family dynamics. Their happiness is not born of blissful unawareness; far from it. In Greek it is called, “makarios.” It is the word translated “happy,” or “blessed” in the Beatitudes. “Happy are the pure of heart;” there lies the foundation from which their name is derived, and from there, also, springs the joy one feels upon entering their fellowship. When you sit in the Happy Hearts class, even a casual observer comes away with certain impressions. Perhaps the most clearly identifiable characteristic of the class is its unencumbered faithfulness. Clearly felt, honestly communicated, and unfiltered soul originated words and actions set the tone for the class. One cannot come away from such a fellowship and think about purity of heart the same way again. Likewise, you encounter authentic meekness, mercy, and a hunger for the presence of God that is absolutely contagious. In short, as you immerse yourself into the Happy Heart ethos, hugging and high fiving your way into the bonds of their fellowship, you come to experience in a most personal way, a view of the Kingdom of God that Christ was painting through the wisdom of the beatitudes. Born over 50 years ago, the Happy Hearts class has not strayed from it first and primary call to open God’s word to adults with special needs. The completion of this mission does not fit into a weekly forty-five minute format. The word of God must live and breathe; it must have hands and hearts. Happy Hearts leaders know that they must translate the love spoken of in

the Bible into a touch and a voice in response to a real need in real time. Thus, the dedicated saints who minister to the Happy Hearts are far more than a dedicated group of Sunday School

“One cannot come away from such a fellowship and think about purity of heart the same way again.”

4 Connections / April 2013

teachers. Operating more like a ministry team, they provide pastoral care, prayer, and much logistical support throughout the week. Throughout its history, the Happy Hearts class has seen the numbers on their membership rolls ebb and flow like the tides. If your only view of our Happy Hearts ministry is of the faithful few who sit on the first couple of rows at our weekly worship service, you may not be aware that the class is currently experiencing what might be an all-time high-tide. Recently several new group homes have started to attend the class. Visitors to the class feel the warmth and compassion of the ministry team and want to share it with it their friends; thus new group homes are attending regularly. When all of the group homes attend on the same Sunday, which is often the case, the largest classroom available is barely able to accommodate everyone. It is truly inspirational to listen to members of the Happy Hearts ministry team. You can hear the love in their voices as

they recall years of sharing tears of joy and sorrow with the class. You can see the pride of a parent when one of their Happy Hearts surmounts a problem. And undeniably now, you can detect a little weariness in their eyes and demeanor. They will tell you that it is time for a younger generation to come alongside them; partly to help them shoulder the burden, but mostly so that they may share their fellowship with these blessed hearts, and through this, their unique and unblemished view of the Kingdom of God.

Connect with Worship

Easter Worship The Sundays of


Each Sunday during the month of April we will have a special worship focus. We celebrate the Baptism of our newest brothers and sisters in Christ, the Happy Hearts among us who bring us joy with their smiles, the children who are being loved and cared for at the Baptist Children’s Homes, and the youth who are graduating from High School and creating a path for their future. Join us as we worship together.

April 7

The Lord’s Supper, Baptism, and Covenanting Sanctuary Choir and Youth Handbells Thomas Smith, trumpet Dr. Steve Pressley preaching

April 14

Happy Hearts Sunday Special Easter Celebration by the children and Tweens In Leadership Team (T.I.L.T) Music leadership by Young Musicians, Children’s Handbells, and Adult Handbells II Dr. Mike Queen preaching

April 21

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina Sunday Over 100 guests from the Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) will join President Michael Blackwell in leading our service Music leadership by Sanctuary Choir and BCH

April 28

Youth Sunday Seniors Courtney Key, Autumn Rainey, Nicole Shumaker, Bo Starnes, and Kevin Tutterow preaching Music leadership by the FBC orchestra and Adult Handbells I

Pastor Search Committee Update



he Pastor Search Committee continues to do our work faithfully and humbly. We feel the support of our church and are thankful. We have begun preliminary conversations with potential candidates using our church profile and pastor profile as a guide. We have been able to use technology in new ways, meaning this search is different than previous searches. While the process is time-consuming and one we take very seriously, we do not yet grow weary. In fact, these first conversations have increased our optimism and excitement for the future of First Baptist Church Greensboro. Please keep praying for our church to be ready when the time comes, for whomever God is preparing, and for God’s leadership in our process. April 2013 / Connections 5

Greensboro June 26-28 Koury Convention Center Register online now –

BY TERRI VANCIL This summer Greensboro will host the annual gathering of the national Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The 2013 General Assembly sessions will take place at the Koury Convention Center on High Point Road. It will be quite the gathering as 2000-2500 Fellowship Baptists are expected from the U.S. and around the world! As an active CBF church, First Baptist Greensboro will be able to fully participate in the meetings and to offer much needed hospitality to our Baptist friends. Below is information on how FBC members can volunteer during the Assembly. • • • •

Register to attend General Assembly - Interesting workshops, Informative Business Sessions, and Inspiring Worship ( ) Volunteer to work at Assembly Registration at the Convention Center. Chris Canipe and Francis Upchurch are the Registration Sub-Committee Chairs. Volunteer as a Guide at the Convention Center. Volunteer to serve communion on Friday evening.

To volunteer, contact: • Terri Vancil - / 274-3286, x238 • Chris Canipe - • Frances Upchurch -

Worship at General Assembly Doug and I are the Worship Committee Chairpersons for General Assembly. We are planning and coordinating the Thursday and Friday evening worship services and the pre-session music before Business Sessions. FBC’s Youth Choir will be singing in the Thursday evening service as we commission and bless new CBF missionaries to serve around the world. Joining the choir in music leadership will be singer/songwriter Kyle Matthews. Guest proclaimer will be Wendell Griffen, former Arkansas judge and present pastor of the New Millennium Church in Little Rock. Friday evening’s service will focus on communion and the beginning of ministry with Suzii Paynter, new CBF Executive Coordinator. Suzii will deliver the evening communion meditation. Suzii comes to CBF after serving as the director of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and director of the Advocacy Care Center of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). Suzii’s husband, Roger, is the pastor of FBC in Austin, Texas.

Baptist Women in Ministry Baptist Women in Ministry will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a service and reception at our church on Wednesday evening, June 25 at 7 pm.

Assembly Theme: With Great Boldness Have you lost courage in matters of faith – not the courage to believe, but the courage to speak about Christ’s presence in your life? Do you embrace God’s nudge to new ministries that are out of your comfort zone? Certainly, staying in the background is the easier and safer choice. If we don’t talk about our faith, we are sure not to offend. But is that what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus? Fellowship Baptists will need courage, individually and corporately, as we embark this year in new organizational structures for mission and ministry led by a new Executive Coordinator. We hope you will be a part of General Assembly as we focus on the source of our hope and strive to be a bold presence for Christ in our churches and communities!

Since then we have such a hope, we act with great boldness. 6 Connections / April 2013

2 Corinthians 3:12

Connect through Service

Canned Foods– Serving in Children’s Helping Those in Need Ministry A few cans each time you come to FBC will fill the food bins BY ROBERT ANGELL


n January 12, 2009, we began our ongoing food ministry by delivering to Urban Ministries 275 pounds of food donated by FBC members. Since that date we have contributed a total of 12,504 pounds of food. Thanks to all who have participated in this ministry. In 2013, we have made only one trip so far, delivering 284 pounds of food. Another trip will be undertaken soon to transfer the food from the bins in the Atrium and the Children’s Wing to Urban Ministries. The efforts that we are making have not gone unappreciated by those at Urban Ministries. We constantly receive letters of appreciation that include the following statement, “We cannot express how much First Baptist Church means to this Agency.” If you haven’t yet participated in this ministry, I urge you to join in. All it takes is to remember to bring a few cans of food when you come to FBC and place them in the bins located in the Atrium or in the Children’s Wing. You will be ministering to those in need and your actions will be for the Lord. “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat’ …“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25.34-40)



he Children’s Team purpose is to provide leadership with our Children’s Minister for our Children’s Ministry. We do this in many ways – we help with teacher support and recruitment, missions, curriculum, family support and outreach, and special events. We are thankful for the people who participate in the nurturing of one of our church’s most valued resources - our children. We welcome your help as a prayer partner, a teacher, a helper—but most of all as a friend and example. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the Children’s Wing? Or wanted to help, but maybe you aren’t able to make a long term commitment to teaching on Sunday or Wednesday nights? We are always looking for people to help with some of our special events. These events are an important part of the ministry here at First Baptist Church. But they can’t happen without adults who are willing to give of their time to help make it happen. In the next few months, we have some great opportunities for you! Hurdle Celebration Team: On June 1 we will celebrate the accomplishments of our Sunday School children. Each month children have the opportunity to pass a hurdle – from memorizing a Bible verse or passage to learning about faithful followers of Christ. Each child who completes at least five hurdles gets to attend the Hurdle Celebration. 5th /6th Grade Fun-In Team: June 7 will be an evening of fellowship and games for our 5th graders who have completed elementary school and are in transition between departments. The 6th graders host the event as they have successfully transitioned, and have some important perspectives. BIBLE Camp Team: June 17 – 21, we definitely need volunteers who can help out all week. There are also opportunities for those who have less time such as helping plan the end of the week dinner. Children’s Worship Team: Each quarter we plan for a special time during the church service when our children (1st – 5th grade) go to the Chapel for a service planned just for them. If one of these opportunities sounds like something you could help with, there are sign-up sheets located in the hallway in the Children’s Wing or you can contact Virginia Reynolds –

If You Build It, They Will Come FBC members are invited to be part of these construction projects BY FRED BINDER


irst Baptist is cooperating with several other groups to build a Habitat House in 2013. Our job will be to put up the vinyl on the outside of the house. We will need 12 people each of the two days that we will work: Wednesday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 10. Sometime in late May/early June, we plan to go to Charleston, SC to work with Metanoia and Bill Stanfield to install trim in a building they are renovating. Be in prayer for these two projects. If you can help with either of them, call or email Jim Clontz ( 288.3216 / ) or Fred Binder ( 288.3857 / ). April 2013 / Connections 7

Connect with Adults


LD means “Let’s Do” it!


hey may be unconsciously unnoticed by us – or maybe we notice that they are different. Their eyes and ears work appropriately, and their physical abilities are right on target or even above average. But on closer inspection, their social skills may be a little different; they may be brilliant in discussions, but have difficulty putting their ideas on paper. Although they are physically and emotionally able to do anything you ask, they may have a hard time concentrating or completing tasks. As children, these highly intelligent individuals are broadly labeled as “LD” or “Learning Disabled” in order to receive appropriate support at school, yet that support does not always go beyond the school walls. LD children include those diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Anxiety and many others. Their disabilities are not as obvious as a physical disability, but are as frustrating to manage and as life impacting as other disabilities. For an LD child, a regular workload at school and home may be so overwhelming that self- esteem plummets, and these disabilities impact every member of the household. Structured routines, specific diets and medication - few strategies for coping with these disabilities - may be disruptive to “normal” family and social routines. So why does this matter to us? At FBC alone, there are approximately 30 families whose lives are impacted by multihour homework sessions, physical or emotional outbursts due to frustrations that cannot be resolved, and financial resources

that are stretched due to medical and school expenses. Maybe you’ve seen a child during an outburst or anxiety attack. Sometimes these behaviors result in unfair social evaluations by others who believe these behaviors could be corrected by “more effective” parenting. In a world that pushes children further and faster - a world that is often a tough place for children who are “different” - studies show that faith communities are becoming the last “safe-place” for families needing support and respite from the stresses of these situations. It is an amazing blessing to be part of a Christian faith family - a family who walks beside us when we celebrate new arrivals, prays with us when we are sick or distressed; a family who stands beside us in our darkest days. How do we at FBC become the safe place for families? Make an intentional effort to speak to all our children, helping them to make eye contact and supporting their practice of appropriate social skills. Encourage parents through words, cards, and friendly smiles. Most importantly, pray for all of our families, but especially for those with LD children. Want to learn more? Check out “There’s Something about the Mind,” an Access series on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm (108) which looks specifically at the medical, neurological, and spiritual well-being of us all. Part of the emphasis is learning what these medical terms mean and how we can best minister to the needs of children and their families. Let’s Do It! – use open hearts to learn more, use loving hearts to accept and help, and use prayerful spirits to support our children and their families – all of them!

March Church Conference Update

New Bible Study: A Gathering Community

The March Church Conference was held on March 10 following worship. One motion was approved by the membership. The motion was presented to the Deacons by the Building and Grounds Committee, with the approval of the Finance Committee. The motion recommends an expenditure not to exceed $9,114 from the Major Maintenance account for the replacement of the doors and the installation of a security system for the Mendenhall Street entrance to the church. The April Church Conference and Luncheon will be held in the Fellowship Hall on April 14 following worship. No reservations are required for the luncheon - cost is $6/person and $20 maximum/family. Please mark your calendars to attend.

“Start Becoming A Good Samaritan” is a 12-week study presented by John Ortburg that will lead us to mission and ministry as the hands and feet of Jesus. Each week will feature a video presentation and discussion. Participants will receive a free participant’s guide for personal study and growth. For a preview of this study . The first session will be April 14 in room 112. We will gather at 9 am with the video starting at 9:15 am. Contact Joe Garcia (854-1662 / ) to register no later than April 8. Coffee is available in the room each week before we begin our study.

February Financial Update

February 2013 Receipts & Distributions Actual Budget Last Year

The financial results for the first two months of the year show that although receipts are nearly 6% below expectations (budget), the bottom line is positive and slightly ahead of budget. The Finance Committee appreciates your continued faithful giving and prayer support of the ministry at FBC Greensboro. 8 Connections / April 2013

February Budget Receipts YTD Budget Receipts YTD Budget Disbursements YTD Differential

$106,464 $306,141 $277,004 $29,137

$141,091 $325,066 $300,092 $24,974

$136,539 $321,216 $255,310 $65,907

Youth Connections

CBL Ministry: 40 Years & Counting BY STEVE COTHRAN From out in the hallway Cothran pulls up and drains a 3-pointer! And the crowd goes wild!!!


ine. Maybe there was no crowd going wild—unless you count Dr. Pressley finding this month’s copy of Biblical Archaeology Today on his desk—but the paper towel shot from the hallway swishing into my trash can is true. It will probably show up on SportsCenter’s Play-of-the-Day… right next to the story on flying pigs. Some of us on the 3rd Floor at FBC only dream of playing hoops, others actually do it. I am not talking about our Upward Ministry that brought 700 people into the FBC gym on Saturday mornings. I am talking about CBL—the Church Basketball League ministry of FBC that has been around for over 40 years. Teams from churches, from Young Life, and even synagogues and their fans, friends, and families—500 per week—have also filled the gym on Thursday and Friday nights for games that are fun and challenging. Think about it. That’s over 1200 people per week during basketball season who come through the doors of First Baptist. That’s like Easter Sunday every week during basketball season. Yes, they are the doors to the gym, the people are in shorts and sweat pants, and sometimes they don’t exactly say “Hallelujah” when they disagree with the referees. But our gym was built 50 years ago to reach out to people just like that! God’s children who otherwise might never step foot onto this property. But they came. And they played. And they prayed. God only knows what seeds may have been planted and are growing even now. Idealistic? Maybe. But ask CBL and Upward Director Tommy Starnes why he feels called to that ministry, and he will tell you about playing basketball as a kid at Providence Baptist Church in Charlotte. Many thanks to Tommy Starnes and his crew for countless hours of administrating this league and making sure everything ran smoothly on a weekly basis. Thanks also to coaches Jim Frost, Jim Plyler, and John Markham (Middle School boys), and Jake Leonard and Ed Green (High School boys) for their time, effort, and energy in working with these young men this year. The kids were making buckets, but these coaches were making a difference in their lives!

Team photos: 6th grade boys (top), 7th/8th grade boys (middle), and High School boys (bottom).

Youth Summer Missions June 24-28 Are we going far away? Nope. But we ARE going on MISSION this summer! Our Youth Choir will not only sing at the National CBF General Assembly in Greensboro, but FBC Youth will also be spending the week together Monday-Friday, leading a Vacation Bible School for the children at Rosewood each morning, serving the homeless, catching a Hoppers’ game, welcoming guests at the Convention Center, and serving right in our own backyard! And some cool surprises too! Cost of this week-long mission experience is $75/person. Sign up to serve:

Unidiversity 2013 July 22-27, University of Tennessee Cost is $300 for an incredible week of fun and learning about God with friends from churches all over the southeast. Ask anyone who’s been! Unidiversity is an unforgettable experience that will grow your faith! A $75 deposit reserves your spot and you may sign up online: April 2013 / Connections 9

Connect with One Another If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. (1st Corinthians 12:26)

Responding to the Invitation on March 3

Responding to the Invitation on March 17

The Hauselman Family

Chris and Autumn Culbreth

Chris (by Baptism), Teena (by Baptism),

Chris (by Profession of Faith and Baptism), Autumn (by Letter), and Emerson

Alex (by Profession of Faith and Baptism), and Luke

FBC April Birthdays APRIL 1: Jane Adair, David Carter, Marsha Thompson, Betty Troxler, Emiley Turner APRIL 2: John Bennett, Tom Cornett, Max Garner, Bill Tutterow APRIL 3: Eleanor Gibson, Jennifer Hall APRIL 4: William Dendy APRIL 5: Jeanne Blakely, John Fogleman, Betty Hipp, Kathy McDaniel, Sue Miller, Gary Rives, Elibety Sinzoyibacira APRIL 6: Millicent Childs, Stuart Philpott, Reid Smith APRIL 7: Randy Lewis, Ken Ripley, Jean Taylor, Anne Wilson APRIL 8: Melissa Milligan, Norma Moore, Jeff Moseley APRIL 9: William Bolton, Frances Fickling, Lucille Fitzner, Doris Simpson, Sarah Frances Young APRIL 10: Jennifer Morrow APRIL 11: Hilda Hester APRIL 12: Mildred Griffin, Wink Kirkman, Carla Porter APRIL 13: Louise Deshaies, John Gee, Jennifer Hill, Christopher Johnson, Dan Linney, Tiffany Myrick APRIL 14: Carol Ann Darnell, Judy Hester, Jonathan Kalish, Jill Pegram, Lisa Riddleberger, Charlie Ripley APRIL 15: Raymond Bryant, Mary Carter, Willard Dean, Marjie Ray APRIL 16: Jack Headspeth, Mona O’Bryant APRIL 17: David Collins, Lois Edinger, Vic Holshouser APRIL 18: Beth Hardy APRIL 19: Kevin Cole, Ralph Tate 10 Connections / April 2013

APRIL 20: Frank Atwater, Jean Ayers, Inez Harrington, Sara Sears APRIL 21: Ronny Blakely, Mary Markham, Paul Stewart, Jr. APRIL 22: Alice Culclasure APRIL 23: Wanda Barnett, Gladstone Harrell, Lou Harned APRIL 24: Morgan Alexander, Colleen Hardy, Catherine Little, Doris Melson, Matt Messick APRIL 25: No FBC Birthdays APRIL 26: Stephanie Cole, Lawrence Mann, Mark Pegram, Joel Reynolds APRIL 27: Betty Echerd, Julie King, Ellen Morrow, Fred Williams APRIL 28: Howard Counts, Rosemary Kellam, Larry Putnam APRIL 29: Harvey Hart, Ken Melton, Martha Sills APRIL 30: Bob Baggett, Dale Meadows

College Birthdays: Stuart Philpott Birthday: April 6 Sullivan Hall, NCSU, 2921 Thurman Drive Campus Box 16199, Raleigh, NC 27607 336.255.6747 /

Sarah Frances Young Birthday: April 9 500 Alexander Road, Apt. 833 West Columbia, SC 29169

Jennifer Hill Birthday: April 13 1206 Alderman Drive Greensboro, NC 27408 336.299.4610

Bereaved: • Neal Persinger in the loss of her mother, Laura Phillips, on February 25 • Dr. Ginny Carpenter in the loss of her mother, Mim Deese, on February 27 • Tony Rider in the loss of his mother, May Rider, on March 2 • Connie Carter in the loss of her father, Earl Raynor, on March 3 • Kristie Ellis in the loss of her grandmother, Rachel Vernon Bame, on March 8 • Sally Skidmore in the loss of her sister, Joe Ann Crews, on March 12 •Dr. John Matthews in the loss of his father, Jack Matthews, on March 13 •Betty Echerd in the loss of her sister, Bessie Austin, on March 14 • Dr. Ken Massey in the loss of his father, Charles Massey, on March 14 • Dr. Scott Culclasure in the loss of his mother, Florence Llewellyn, on March 15 •Brenda Porterfield in the loss of her mother, Margaret Shelton, on March 17 • Rick Schneider in the loss of his aunt, Karleene Little, on March 18 •Susan Steelman in the loss of her uncle, Teddy P. Zuber, on March 18 •Lynda Grace Moore in the loss of her grandmother, Lena May Klein Boone, on March 20 •Rick Riddleberger in the loss of his father, Bill Riddleberger, on March 21




April 3, 10 (Wednesdays) •Habitat House

Sunday, April 21 •Pastor’s Gathering. 9:15 am, 209.

Construction Project. Put up vinyl siding on a local Habitat house. See page 7 for information.

Our interim pastor, Mike Queen, holds a monthly “Pastor’s Gathering” for persons interested in FBC whether visiting for the first time or a longtime participant. These gatherings are a time for fellowship, questions, conversation and the sharing of information about FBC. If you are interested in one of these informal sessions with Mike, please contact Monica Hix ( 274-3286, x231 / )

Monday, April 8 •PrimeTime. 9 am - Noon activities. 9 am - Ceramics, Gym 9:30 am - Prayer Shawl Knitting, 108-A 11 am - Bible Study, 218 12 noon - Lunch, 108. Program features Rachelle Denny with music and song as we “Remember.” Deadline for reservation: April 4

Saturday, April 13 •State Bible Drill. Yates Baptist Church, 2819 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, 9 am.

Sunday, April 14 •Happy Hearts Sunday. 10:30 am Worship, Sanctuary. We honor our Happy Hearts Sunday School class as they assist in Worship. See the “Happy Hearts” article on page 4.

Sunday, April 14 •Church Conference and Cuisine. 12 noon, 108. No reservations are necessary. $6/person - $20/family max.

Sunday, April 21 •Worship with Baptist Children’s Home. 10:30 am, FBC. Baptist Children’s Home Luncheon. 12 noon, Fellowship Hall.

Saturday, April 27 •Senior Lock-In. 8 pm, Gym/Café. Sunday, April 28 •Youth Sunday – Senior-Led Worship Service. 10:30 am, Sanctuary. The service will feature Seniors Courtney Key, Autumn Rainey, Nicole Shumaker, Bo Starnes, and Kevin Tutterow preaching.

Key: •Adults •All Ages •Children •Seniors •Weekday School •Worship •Youth

Sundays@FBC Bible Study: 9:15 am Worship: 10:30 am Guest Reception: 11:45 am (209)

•YOUTH Bells, 4 pm; Choir, 5 pm; Discipleship, 6:15 pm •CHILDREN Bells (4th/5th), 5 pm; Bible Drill, 6 pm •ADULTS Bells I, 6 pm; Sanctuary Choir, 7 pm

WednesdayNights@FBC •Fellowship Meal– 5 pm •Kids’ Access– 6 pm •Youth Forum– 6:15 pm •Adult Access Classes– 6:15 pm •Adult Bells II– 6:15 pm •Sanctuary Choir– 7:15 pm April Fellowship Meal Menus– April 3: No dinner due to Spring Break April 10: Pork Loin, Limas with Corn Succotash, and Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce April 17: Chicken Marsala, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and Boiled New Potatoes April 24: Pecan Encrusted Tilapia, Side Salad, and Baked Potato

Day Trip Is Scheduled... Everyone Is Invited to Go! Old Salem with Tom and Sara Sears on Thursday, May 23 $24/person. Lunch at Salem Tavern. Leave FBC 9 am/Return 5 pm. To sign up, contact Dolly Chesson, / 545.7712 or Monica Vaughan, / 323.0335. Sign-up online - “Events” link on FBC website: April 2013 / Connections 11

First Bapt ist Church Greensboro


1000 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27401

NO. 179

We Are Celebrating Our 50-Year Members 50-Year Luncheon Is Sunday, May 5




n a day when long-term commitments appear to be on the decline, churches can appreciate the importance of members who “came and stayed.” It is one thing to value the helpful contributions of long-time members, but yet another to recognize veteran participants in a regular and formal way. At First Baptist Church we do offer such recognition, and we have for many years! Poet Robert Browning wrote, “Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.” In the spirit of making “the last” also “the best,” we honor our half-century members at our annual 50-Year Member Luncheon. The 2013 edition of the luncheon will be Sunday, May 5. Participants will gather first in the Sanctuary for worship with the full church. Then our very special 50-year group will adjourn to the Fellowship Hall for their complimentary noontime meal and program. Entertainment this year will be provided by a barbershop quartet. Plus, each “50-Year Member” in attendance will receive a free gift. (This elite group consists of those persons whose FBC affiliation totals fifty years or more. The years need not be consecutive.) Invitations to the May 5 event have been mailed out with a request to RSVP to Kate Kitchen (202-5757) by May 1. For those who request it, transportation can also be provided.

April 8 PrimeTime: Rachelle Denny with music and song as we “Remember” PrimeTime schedule includes– 9 am: Ceramics in Gym; 9:30 am: Prayer Shawl Knitting in 108-A; 11 am: Bible study with Dr. Pressley in 218; 12 noon: Lunch in 108. RSVP by April 4. Sign up online: or contact Rosemary Kellam 274.3286, x225/

NEW FBC LIBRARY BOOK Living in God’s Love: The New York Crusade by Billy Graham Billy Graham’s now legendary first NYC crusade in 1957 was a touchstone that affected an entire generation. Nearly 50 years later, Billy Graham returned to New York in June 2005 for what was likely his final crusade. Contains all three sermons from this event.

Connections - April 2013 newsletter  

Connections is a monthly newsletter of First Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC. This is the April 2013 issue.

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