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Annette Guenther, Comptroller

Troy Sikes, Associate Pastor

Donella Peevler, Church Receptionist

Charles Covin, Music Minister

Jodi Beckendorf, Graphic Designer

Chad Marrs, Minister to Students

Stephanie Sheffield, Custodian Manager

Alex Morrison, Minister to Children

Nancy Jahns, School Administrator

Stacey Strickland, Preschool Ministry

Kristie Mendoza, Mother’s Day Out Dir.

Teresa McGlasson, Office Manager

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Thurs: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Fri: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. Brenham’s First Baptist Church Contact Info: Ph: (979) 836-2807 Fax: (979) 830-0122 Mailing address: PO Box 600, Brenham, TX 77834



Special Church-wide Calendar From Pastor Ross Music Ministry Adult Ministries Bible Studies & More Encore Ministry A Letter from Reba . Student Ministry Children’s Ministry Preschool Ministry FBC School & EEC From Troy’s Heart

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Ladies Bible Study Fellowship 9:30am Sycamore House Sweet Hour of Prayer 10:00am Sycamore House Lord’s Supper - Both Services Piece Makers 9:00am Std Ctr Precept Bible Study 9:00am Pahl House Ladies Bible Study Fellowship 9:30am Sycamore House Sweet Hour of Prayer 10:00am Sycamore House Brenham Children’s Chorus Concert 7:00pm Sanctuary Brenham Children’s Chorus Concert 2:00pm Sanctuary Handbells play at 8:30 Service An Evening of Worship & Prayer 4:00pm Sanctuary Young Married SS Class Party 5:30pm Sycamore House Precept Bible Study 9:00am Pahl House Preschool Tea Party 10:00am Pahl House Church Office Closed- COOP Ministry Conference Ladies Bible Study Fellowship 9:30am Sycamore House Sweet Hour of Prayer 10:00am Sycamore House Encore Luncheon 11:00am Pahl House Presidents Day - FBCS Holiday - EEC Open - Church Office Open Precept Bible Study 9:00am Pahl House FBCS Athletic Recognition 2:00pm Gym Ladies Bible Study Fellowship 9:30am Sycamore House Sweet Hour of Prayer 10:00am Sycamore House Texas Celebration 5:00pm Precept Bible Study 9:00am Pahl House For more information on any of the above events please visit the church website:


FROM PASTOR ROSS Every person needs to have healthy relational boundaries in their life. Healthy relational boundaries include physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries and are important in every relationship we have. As a pastor, I have thought through how important it is for me to have healthy relational boundaries, not only for myself but also for the church. Here are some boundaries I have: -Because I’m not a licensed professional counselor, I’m not involved in long-term counseling relationships. Of course, I seek to give biblical counsel and teaching, but if the counseling needed is long term, I refer them to a Christian, licensed professional counselor. Also, depending on the circumstances, there are times when my wife, Lauren, helps me with the counseling if it involves a woman. -Nothing in my life is off-limits to my wife, Lauren and vice-versa for me in her life. For example, she can access any of my emails, social media accounts, cell phone, texts, etc. This being said, if you share with me something in confidence, I maintain that confidence and do not share it with Lauren. She knows and understands this. We both seek to be careful with information that is shared with us. -If a conversation, meeting, or need for counseling arises with a woman, I meet with her during office hours and in a room with a window. Also, if a conversation, meeting, or need for counseling involves a child, a parent/guardian or parents/guardians will be included in the time. -When I preach or teach, I want people to open God’s Word to read, study, and examine for themselves. I do not want people to take my word for it; I want them to examine the Word to see if it’s true (Acts 17:10-12). -I welcome opportunities for questions and clarifications. -I limit the amount of time or energy I give and allow in my life for harsh, highly critical comments or people. I cannot change people from being like this, but I can limit my exposure to such comments and people in my life. -I want the words that I speak and lead with to be words that glorify God and build people up. There is so much negativity and cruelty in the world today. I want to be an alternative voice. This does not mean there are not times for challenging, uncomfortable words, but my hope is to be a positive voice in peoples’ lives concerning what God can do. -If I receive any report of abuse, especially with children, I will immediately contact the authorities. -I seek to maintain appropriate physical boundaries with everyone I interact with on a daily basis. This is not an exhaustive list, but I hope it is helpful to know some of my boundaries as a pastor. I also expect similar boundaries with our other pastors. My prayer for us is that our relationships will be defined by healthy relational boundaries. Thank you for the opportunity to be your pastor.



Well 2018 has certainly already had its share of surprises and has felt a little weird in many ways! Between the school holiday schedule being extended a little further into January this year, the “ice-pocolypse”, and flu outbreak (just to name a few factors), it feels like we’ve gotten off to a bit of a rolling start! All this to say, I’m excited about finally getting in a groove beginning in February, and we need YOU to join us! Opportunities ABOUND in numerous areas that will both, be a blessing to you, as well as serve the needs of our church. EASTER CHOIR: We are beginning preparations to share some POWERFUL songs for our Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday worship services and WE WANT YOU to come sing with us! Even if you’re unable to commit to Worship Choir year-round, we’d be delighted to have you during the Easter season. PRAISE CHOIR & BAND: As ALWAYS, we’re looking for more worshipers to help lead out on Sunday mornings! If you enjoy singing, or are proficient at a modern worship instrument and are interested in being a part of our team here at BFBC, I’d love to chat with you. Blessings, Charles

Paul and Vicki Cardarella Patrick and Charlotte Mulligan Zach Nanney Mary Helen Charette Scott and Linda Schumacher 6

ADULT MINISTRIES PIECE MAKERS Showing finished quilts and other sewing projects during the Sew and Show portion of Piece Makers meetings is a fun time enjoyed by all. We like to see quilts our friends have made from interesting fabrics and patterns using a variety of techniques. We are always inspired and sometimes decide to gather fabrics and make kits for all to try. The picture below is a new and fun quilt pattern that was introduced one month and brought back as a finished quilt to the next meeting. What a nice variety! These quilts were donated to New Beginnings Life Ministry in December. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 9 am to 2 pm in the Student Center building. You are welcome to come and see what fun we have stitching something for someone to love. No previous sewing skills needed. Five brand new sewing machines are available to use.

First Impressions Parking Lot Greeting Team. Each Sunday, We have greeters in the parking lots guiding people to a worship service or Sunday Bible Study. With bright yellow vests and friendly smiles, they will also be there to give you a helping hand with anything you need. Presently we need more people on the Parking Lot Greeting Team and our Welcome Guest Greeter Team, if you would like to help us make a lasting impression by serving on our First Impressions Team. Contact Troy at: or call the church office at 979-836-2807 if you are willing to serve as an Usher, Welcome Center Greeter or Parking Lot Greeter. 7


Precept Bible Study New Teacher: Kim Lytle Studying the book of “Galatians”. Meets on Tuesdays 9:00am in the Pahl House; Men’s Prayer Breakfast Studying “The 10 Commandments” Wednesdays, 6:00am Sycamore House Pastor’s Bible Study “Pastor’s Bible Study & Prayer Time” Wednesdays, 6:30pm - Room 112 Ephesians: Faithful Followers at Full-Tilt! Wednesdays, 6:30pm - Room 111

Ladies Bible Studies “Unshakeable: Thriving No Matter What Hits You” Meets on Wednesdays, 6:30pm, Downstairs in the Sycamore House Ladies Bible Study Fellowship Class Studying the book of “Romans” Meets on Thursdays, 9:30- 11:30am, in the Sycamore House Sweet Hour of Prayer Thursdays, 10:00am Sycamore House Garage

NEW!!! Mom’s Bible Study “Mom Set Free” Wednesdays, 6:30pm Upstairs in the Sycamore House

HOME TEAM GROUPS UPDATES! Widows & Single Ladies – Various Topics. Pahl House 1st & 3rd Monday 6:00pm. Schroeder – 620 Country Place W. Dr. Meet on the 1st & 3rd Sunday at 5:00pm Atkins – Prayer and fellowship 9250 Lake Dr. Various times and subjects Houston/Antolin -”Romans” 808 Spinn St. 1st & 3rd Sunday at 5:30pm.



CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHDAYS! Joe Hnatek Nelda Van Dyke Nancy Humphrey Mary Billington Louis Ware Dayle Presswood David Karisch Jerry Culver, Sr Jim White Ernie Lewis Betty Bradley Sandra Eargle Judy Malone Lynne Stoltenberg Karen Bell

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THANK YOUS To the Ladies of the Wednesday Night Precept Class, I want to thank you ladies for your faithfulness to our class for these 20 years. I will miss our class as we studied God’s word upon precept (you probably won’t miss the homework) but at this time in my life I feel it necessary to give up the class. I love all of you and may God’s blessing be with you. Genera Walker Dear BFB Church, Thank you so much for all the many ways you honored Dad when he left to go be with Jesus. Thank you for visits, calls, texts, prayers, hugs, accommodating the service around your cantata, for the food, and for the beautiful plant. We all felt cared for and appreciate it so much. Sincerely, Peggy Bulfkin Gerst and Lee Bufkin Dear Church Family, Once again you have blessed our hearts by your love, support, encouragement, and prayers for our family in the loss of Bracy Bledsoe. On November 5 you showered your love on our sweet father, grandfather, and great-grandfather by attending his 100th birthday celebration. Now you have blessed our hearts again in his going home to his Heavenly Father. THANK YOU for the many texts, emails, calls, visits, cards, and hugs of sympathy and comfort. THANK YOU for coming to the visitation and the service. THANK YOU for the beautiful green plant that you sent. THANK YOU for the delicious lunch that was provided for our family before traveling to the cemetery in north Austin. A special THANK YOU to Pastor Ross, Troy, and Charles and Bonnie for all they did to provide a celebration service for him. We love and appreciate the sweet, giving spirit of each one of you. May the Lord bless you in this new year. In His love, Martha and Robert Haydon, Tim Bledsoe, Vance/Kerri Hamilton family, Chad/Laura Haydon family 9

A LETTER FROM REBA Dear Friends, Here we are in February already this year. We have a very important occasion coming up in our family this month. On February 17th Doc and I SCRIPTURE OF will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. THE MONTH: It does not seem like it has been that long to us. We met at church in Austin while he was 1 CORINTHIANS 13 attending the University of Texas. When we met I was 15 years old. He laughs and tells people he had to wait for me to grow up before we could date, and I did. Five years later our paths crossed once again, and we dated for a couple of months then he popped the big question. We married three days after he completed his military career at Fort Hood, Texas. The day after we met when I was 15, I told my friend I had met my future husband the day before. God has always been a part of our story. I have left many details out, but things would have never happened if God was not in the plan. He has guided us through several moves, and several churches in the last fifty years. He has blessed us richly with three children, and six grandchildren. We had been married two years when Doc was ordained as a deacon in our church in Louisiana. I hope I am not boring you with our story, but my main goal is for anyone reading this is to see that depending on God’s love and guidance is a very good thing. I am not saying everything is always easy, because that is not it at all. I am saying with God’s help we can get through everything. My prayer for you this February, that we call the month of love, is that you will depend on Gods love daily. Blessings, Reba

Thought of the Month: The Fruit of the Spirit-Love JOY is love exulting PEACE is love in repose. LONGSUFFERING is love on trial. GENTLENESS is love in society. GOODNESS is love in action. FAITH is love in action. MEEKNESS is love at school. TEMPERANCE is love in discipline. 10

STUDENT MINISTRY Gracias! Merci beaucoup! ευχαριστώ πολύ! !Grazie! Danke schoen! There are so many ways to thank you, but I could never say it enough! Church family, I am so grateful for all your support of the student ministry especially during our 2 big events, Disciple Now and the Men’s Cake Bake. This year’s Disciple Now reached over 150 students, leaders, host homes, and adults. We had a great time of worship and Bible Study. Thank you for your graciousness as we hosted the event for both our church and Champion Fellowship. What a blessing it is to combine our resources and provide a wonderful event for the community. Disciple Now would never be possible without the generosity and hospitality of our host homes. This year’s hosts were absolutely fabulous and they blessed our students so much. Thank you so very much to Dave & Kacy Kuespert, Ronnie & Teresa Peddy, Ron & Heather Kirby, Tup & Susie Chovanec, Sean & Mindy Holster, and Scott & Tricia Schroeder. As many of you know, our guest speaker, Ty Haguewood was one of my former students and it blesses me so much to see him fulfilling his call. I was equally blessed to have some former FBC students return to be group leaders including Todd Jahns, Bradon Baird, Cassie Musser, and Hannah Edmunds Paul. Thank you so much to the church staff and office support team. Special thanks to Teresa and Jody for coming in after a 5 day weekend (thanks to the holiday & arctic blast) to finish up 5 days of work in several hours. I couldn’t have done it without you. And thank you to Nancy Jahns for your flexibility in sharing your space during the week while we prepped for Disciple Now and for lending a helping hand during Disciple Now. Of course, the best part of any Baptist shindig is the food. Thank you so much to Ronnie & Debbie Fathauer for organizing our Saturday meal and getting a hard-working group of servant-hearted, hospitality-gifted people to help out including James & Nancy Fritz, Carl & Kim Bread, and Mark & Debbie Patranella. Thank you so much to everyone who brought a dessert and to the Family Life Class for truly blessing us. And the biggest thank you goes to my wife, Bobbye, who never flinches in the face of student ministry. Besides putting up with my frantic preparations, Bobbye helped write our Disciple Now curriculum, designed our light show, cooked chicken spaghetti for 150 people and managed to bring 7 teenagers to Disciple Now. In case you can’t tell church family, I appreciate you so much! In Him, Chad


CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Emmanuel - God is here, now, with us. Good Morning, “God is here, now, with us.” Have you ever just stopped in the middle of your day to think about this truth? If you truncate the idea it becomes one of the names of Jesus, God with us – Emmanuel. When I hear, “God with us,” my mind automatically reclassifies the three words from a statement into a proper name - the name of God’s Son. I think more about the person and Deity of Jesus, and not what the statement proclaims. Recently, though, I heard Dr. Reg Grant perform a dramatization of Joseph the husband of Mary at a Dallas Theological Seminary chapel. In his portrayal, he says, “God is here…” He then pauses dramatically, and my heart is saying, “amen.” He continues, “… now…,” and my mouth echoes my heart’s thought, “amen.” He finishes with, “… with us.” My mind stalls, and my spirit says, “Wow!” However, it’s not the type of “wow” like when you see a spectacular firework show or hear great news. This “wow” was the breathtaking, pause in time, standing in awe, in the absence of air and sound type of “wow” like when you are introduced to something that leaves you speechless because there are no real words in existence with which to accurately describe it. “God is here,…now,…with us.” What a rapturing idea.

If you are a Christian, you know this is a truth that is as true now as it was when Jesus was held in Joseph’s arms. You know that after Jesus died, resurrected and returned to Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit as a gift to dwell within the hearts of every believer. For the first Christ disciples, God was physically with them. Some literally followed Him. However, if they were in Galilee, and He was in Jerusalem, He was no longer “with” them. Jesus WANTED: explained to the disciples that it would be I am looking for a room for a better that He leave because He would send summer intern from out of the Comforter, Who would dwell within them, town. If you have space and and never leave them (John 14 & 16). He would welcome a college-aged would never leave them. He will never leave lady into your home from us. mid-May to mid-August, please contact Alex. “God is here,…now,…with us.” He isn’t just here to hear the complaints of our day. He is here to live with us. He is here to strengthen us. He is here to lead us. He is here to discipline us. He is here to carry us. He is here to hold us. He is here to love us. He is here to love YOU. Go ahead. Say it. “God is here…now…with ME.” When the shivers have ended, and the air returns to the room, spend some time talking with the One who will “…be with you forever” (John 14:16c). His Servant & Yours, Bro. Alex “ I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever;” John 14:16


PRESCHOOL MINISTRIES Sunday Mornings in February Basic Truth: Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Key Question: Who does Jesus love? Bottom Line: Jesus loves everyone. Memory Verse: “Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

I have to tell you, we have so much fun here in preschool. Not only do we get to talk about Jesus and all the amazing stories in the Bible, we get to have fun doing it. Last month we got to have fun doing different experiments with the kids. We got to make elephant paste, and see the reaction between baking soda and vinegar (with a secret surprise underneath). We even got to walk on eggs. WHOA! Now we know Jesus walking on water is way cooler, but it was so much fun! And, to see the kids get so excited, that was the best part. Even I attempted the walking on eggs, poor eggs did not fare as well. Oops! HAHAHA! Now, I cannot wait to see what happens at the Sweet Shop this month. Make sure you check out the church Facebook page. I love to post things that are going on in the world of preschool. You don’t want to miss seeing these cuties learning about God.


Blessings, Stacey







We had a great time celebrating our 40th anniversary last month! Thank you for continuing to love and support this ministry. He has blessed us, and the church, so much because of our faithfulness. I continue to seek His will for the school as we plan for the years ahead. Please join me in prayer for this.

We are currently re-enrolling current student for the 2018-2019 school year. Enrollment for church members begins on February 12, and enrollment to the public beings on February 13. If you know of someone interested in the school, please send them our way. We would love to give them a tour!

Thank you for committing to pray for the school families during the month of February. This is the most powerful thing we can do. It has eternal value! As you pray for our families, please know that we are praying for you!

We invite you to come to Texas Celebration on February 23 at the Washington County Fairgrounds Event Center. We will have good food, good company, and many neat things to bid on! Contact a student or the school office for tickets. The kids are selling tickets until February 16; the school office will have them available until February 22. Serving Him, Nancy Jahns


Texas Celebration is on February 23rd. Please continue to be in prayer for the event. We would love for you to be a part of this event by attending and showing God’s love to the families we serve. We are collecting live and silent auction items as well as monetary donations. Please contact Judy Hyman at 836-6411 with questions, to make a donation, or to volunteer. You may also reach her through email at .

UPCOMING EVENTS 2 Re-enrollment for current students begins 6th grade to Austin 5 100th Day of School 6 Ms. LouLou @ chapel for preschool 7 Ms. LouLou @ chapel for elementary 12 Enrollment to church opens 13 Enrollment to public opens 16 End of 4th term 19 President’s Day – school closed; EEC open Staff Development 23 TEXAS CELEBRATION! Ya’ll come!



February, the month of love, romance, roses and chocolates! Oops, I almost forgot, the month that greeting card companies cash in.

In honor of this being February, I wanted to give you a list of some things I have learned about love and marriage: -Our love isn’t enough, Jesus’ love is. -It ain’t about me. It is always about Him and her. -If it IS about me. I am in trouble. -Marriage isn’t 50/50. Sometimes it is 100/0…and if you are keeping score, you will be miserable. - You will drive each other crazy if you focus on annoying habits. We all got’em! Laugh at them. -Playing the “silent game” if you are mad doesn’t work! Just be honest when we ask, “What is wrong?” -We all change over the course of “till death do us part.” BUT, love isn’t a feeling that changes, it is an act of the will. Jesus defined love for us by choosing the hard way. Press on through the hard stuff. -Don’t stop enjoying the little things. Make time for each other. Don’t let kids, calendars or jobs get in your way of dating your soul mate. -The 3 most important words are NOT, “I love you”, they are “I am sorry.” -Take care of your physical life. Eat well, exercise and sleep. Tired people have tired marriages. -Learn your partner’s definition of money. Happiness? Control? Power? Safety? -It is ok to enjoy one another in silence as long as you haven’t forgot the art of conversation. Pretty good list? What would you add? Let me know at I love you, Troy

SYMPATHIES: -Jason Connaroe and family in the loss of his grandmother. -The Bell family in the loss of Sherald Belll’s mother, Mattie Bell. -The Bledsoe, Haydon & Hamilton families in the loss of Bracy Bledsoe. -Truett O’Brien and family in the loss of Will O’Brien. 15

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