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Biography of George Babu A young man from Guntur, India called by God to proclaim God’s Word to the nations is doing just that by teaching and preaching in services, conferences, and on the television in different countries. George Babu, although an engineer by profession, lost both of his parents during his under study at one of India’s most prestigious universities, which left him suffering many difficulties in his life. Not only did he experience being without work, but he was left feeling cheated, abandoned, and lonely from the loss of his parents. Introduced to a wonderful Indian man of God in India, Dr. D.G.S. Dinakharan and Brother Yesanna who made a great impact on George to know God more and to have closer walk with Word and God. But it was during a New Year’s service that God spoke to George to give his life to full time ministry. Thinking that he still needed to work full time, he took another job, and on the very first day realized he must obey God, so

he resigned his job and has since served in full time ministry. During his full time ministry work, George has ministered in the nations of India, Singapore, and Malaysia. He has established an Olive School in India, which is to train up children from a very young age and teach them to love and

Evangelist George George BabuBabu reverence God, show them how to walk with God, and set an example to the future generations to come.


George has established Light of the World Ministries, which is an organization dedicated to see souls saved and to bring God’s favor and His blessings upon His people. George has also recently adopted a home for the elderly so they have the necessary food they need. During George’s ministry, there have been many signs and wonders along with miracles and healings that has taken place by the Power of God and many people have been filled with the Holy Spirit.

desire to see all nations won for Jesus Christ and he believes working together with other ministers will cause this to happen for the good of the Gospel. As a part of this plan, George has teamed up with ministers in the USA to create this magazine for all nations to enjoy and contribute to the magazine for the glory of God. George believes, “when the vision and voice of God takes over one’s life, the divine purpose of God will be manifested for His glory in and through your life.”

George’s heart desire is not only to see India won for Jesus, but has a

Evangelist George Babu -3-

Newly Released Video Brother George recently released his first video. The song in the Telugu language is about the anointing of God. The video has English captions. You will enjoy listening to this song he has written given by the Holy Spirit. Published on February 18, 2014 Telugu Christian Song VidudalayesuNamamlo by Evangelist George Babu Lyrics/tune / sung by: Evangelist George Babu Website:


As Brother George and I combine together our work for God and for you, we pray that God will use this magazine to help unite all countries as brothers and sisters in Christ. May we all work together for the Glory of God and to unite to see souls saved for the Kingdom of God. May the Christian Nation all over the world not look at each other as different races, but as one race‌The Christian Race!!!

Faye Hanshew


Fullness of God inUs Evangelist George Babu -

My Dear, Precious readers of The Shepherd’s Voice Magazine, Blessings and Greetings to you and your families in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank God for this provision to reach your Homes and your lives with the message from God through this magazine. Grace and Peace be unto you. In this edition, I would like to discuss few basic elements of a Christian Life that which God has set us apart. We will also emphasize on the Promises of God and Draw your attention more towards the scriptures that which always works and produces the fruit in every believer .

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body (Colossians 2:9-NLT).

Bro. George Babu

This scripture is a magnificent truth and everlasting promise given by God to every believer who has their faith in the fully redeemed act of God Jesus Christ.


In today’s Christianity, we see people who are not spending time in knowing God in person through prayer and the scriptures. Due to this lacking presence of God and the Word of God in Believer's Life they are unable to understand what is going on with them in their personal life and their family life. Many Christian friends & families are still suffering from sicknesses, diseases, peacelessness, loneliness, etc., etc. which is not at all Gods will for them. Today I pray that as you read this, you will understand who you are, why God has called you, and where God will place you. Cheer up and tune up your mind now and pay attention to understand every scripture we are going to ponder now. When we do this, you will see the Word becoming alive in your Life. When a True Believer believes upon the truths in the Word of God; every promise of God will be transformed into the power of God in your life. Then, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). a

Colossians 2:9 tells us that we are alive in Christ and above all, God the Father is in Christ. It clearly means that God –The Almighty fullness is in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ fullness is in the humanity of believers. What a word it is to understand which has more meaning to our lives as a believer in Jesus Christ, which tells us that we are complete in Him (Jesus Christ) Col 2:10. This scripture also implies that we are not partially saved, partially healed, partially redeemed, etc. but it says we are totally complete in Him and there is no defect in us. We are just as Christ is and we are complete as Christ is. So now let this truth be rooted in the fact that you are complete in Him and you are just like Jesus Christ living upon this earth. How is this fullness of God attained in us?

This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). Here, Apostle Paul clearly writes about how the fullness of God is attained in a Believer. Scriptures tell us that a believer needs unity in two areas that play a vital role in one’s life 4

(1) Faith in God, and (2) Complete knowledge about Son of God. In this Edition, we will ponder upon having complete faith in God that brings fullness to our Lives. 1.Faith in God Definition of Faith: (Hebrews 11:1) - Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. 1 Corinthians 13:13 - Faith is one of the most important characters of a believer. Romans 10:17 - Without Faith it is impossible to please God. In all the above scriptures, we see that God is known in a believer's life only through Faith in Him, which should be the very act of a believer, which pleases God all the time. In the body of Christ , Faith is measured by deeds and by using the authoritative power given to him(believer) graciously. For such a faith to be fruitful, the body needs a proper knowledge and complete Faith in the Word of God. According to Romans 12:4-5 and I Corinthians 12:12-27: The explanation of the Body of Christ is comprised of the church of believers. The scripture talks clearly to us that we are the members of the body of Christ that reflects the meaning that Christ is already in our body and soul so we are partakers in His body and soul. You are His exact representation of God's Work for His Kingdom and He carries out His work through you through His spirit in you. 5

So your Faith must be completed by being centered with the redeemed acts and facts of Jesus Christ for you. Now, you understand that you are a member of His body who is a partaker in His work. When we read John 3:16, it talks about God's unconditional love for humanity. He saved us from sins by shedding His blood for us and by us believing and confessing that we are saved from sin and danger of death; which has no more power and dominion over you. When we read Isaiah 53:5 and Matthew 18:24, your every transgression, your every trial, your chastisement, your sicknesses, your diseases, your pains, your sorrows, etc. which the devil has kept in your life was taken up by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ paid the price in full for you to be redeemed completely from the hands of the devil that causes you to become sick, diseased, and full of pain. Everything was bore upon the cross by Jesus Christ; which means that those who believe upon Him are saved both from sin and sickness and by His stripes you are healed. You are personally involved in His redeeming act for you to restore and make you a victor, as Him. He conquered the grave and made death has no power over Believers. The Moment you say your sins are forgiven and that you are saved, it also means your sickness and pains are paid off. You are now completely healed and restored back to enjoy good health, blessings, and the divine life that God has graciously given you. The perfect faith that every believer needs to know, and this truth will bring major results in your personal life.

Once when I was invited to speak in a village, during the middle of the sermon there suddenly came up a woman walking to Dias who was unable to walk for the past 6 years. She testified that as she heard the message of faith and perfect act of redemption, the price paid by Christ for her empowered the faith in her, and made her raise up from this problem and finally she came walking up without the support of anyone. 6

Such miracles will happen even through you and your ministry, my friend, when this gospel that saves and heals is spoken. The Word will come into action and people will receive the divine touch of healing, joy, and victory in Jesus Name! Now let this truth be rooted in your soul that you are restored completely both from sin and sickness and that you no longer have to carry that hurt in your body. Now you are His and He is yours. As you believe that your sins are forgiven and at the same time that you have been completely healed in Jesus Christ, such faith will bring fullness in a believer’s life, which will produces enormous results. Remember, you are restored completely, rescued completely, paid completely, healed completely, provided completely and above all, you are now the triumphant and a victor in Jesus Christ. Let your faith be more focused on God’s word and this Faith transforms the very word of God into the Works by God. I will explain in detail about second topic in the next issue. God Bless You!!!



USA Dr. Bill Hanshew

Dr. Bill Hanshew

I Believe I am Healed! – Dr. Bill Hanshew 1 Peter 2:24 says, “who Himself {Jesus} bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.” There are believers who do not believe that God still heals today. Others believe that God only heals if you are deserving enough. And still others believe that God heals occasionally, and maybe you will be one of the “lucky-ones”. What is so difficult about believing what the Bible says? 1 Peter 2:24 says that Jesus Himself, “bore our sins in His own body on the tree…” Because Jesus did that, we are viewed by God as “having died to sins” so that we might “live for righteousness”, or in other words, live righteously. The climax of this single verse says, “by whose stripes you were healed.” This is a past tense phrase stating that we “were healed”. It was the previous act of the sufferings of Christ Jesus that paid for our healing. In the Greek text of this verse it says, “by whose (black eye) or blow mark, we may-be-beinghealed.” What the writer is saying is that healing was released at the cross, through the “blow mark” or stripes placed on the back and or body of Jesus. And through that very act, we are-being-healed, or in other words, the flow of healing is continuously released from the cross. People must decide to believe that healing belongs to them, based on the Biblical fact that Jesus paid for your right to be-being-healed. However, many have had real life experiences where doubt, unbelief or even fear has held up their healing, and they have decided that healing doesn’t work. No matter what you are experiencing or have experienced, what do you believe? Do you believe that Jesus paid for your right to be healed? If so, then why do you let go of what belongs to you every time the enemy comes at you with lies that say, ‘God will not heal you, because you have been too bad.’ You may say, ‘I’m just looking at the facts.’ The things you see with your eyes, hear with your ears or even feel with your hands are natural facts, and natural facts do change. But supernatural facts never change, which those are written in God’s Word. In Mark 11:24 Jesus said, “whatsoever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” The KJV says, “What things soever ye desire…” Do you have desires? Many Christian’s desire and are hopeful to see everything written in God’s Word come to pass in their lives. Believers want to see God supply all of their needs as stated in scriptures. They want to see the bodies of their children healed and their own healing manifest. 9

But, notice what Jesus said; “whatever things you ask when you pray, believe.” Are you willing to believe what Jesus said? order believe“believe what Jesus said, you must also believe what Jesus did. And Jesus not only finished}, you Inare leftto with that bore your sins in His own body on the cross, so that you could live righteously; but He also took your sickness you receive, and you will have.” and disease so that by His “(black eye) or blow mark, we may-be-being-healed.” Or, “by whose stripes you were {past tense} healed.”

When I am battling any symptoms in my

You may say, ‘I want to believe.’ Well, ask yourself this question: ‘Do I really believe that Jesus suffered and body, I acknowledge what’s wrong. If it is died for me…’ If your answer is “Yes”, then are you willing to believe God to do, exactly what His Word says some offorpain willhow say,long “My that He type will do you?I And are head you willing to believe it? It took God at least 5,000 years plus {from Jesus}, to His onlyby begotten hurts, Adam but Ito believe I send am healed the Son, to die for all mankind (John 3:16). And in His sufferings, your healing was also paid for in full, so that “whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that stripes of Jesus”. I receive my healing the you receive them, and you will have them.” When you remove the italics {which may have been added after the moment Iwas pray and Iyou immediately believe that you receive, and you will have.” translation finished}, are left with “believe

that I am healed by the stripes of Jesus.

When I am battling any symptoms in my body, I acknowledge what’s wrong. If it is some type of pain I will say, “My head hurts, but I believe I am healed by the stripes of Jesus”. I receive my healing the moment I pray and I immediately believe that I am healed by the stripes of Jesus. You see, some folks think that we “faith-people” deny the fact that symptoms exist. I am not calling things that are as though they are not. Denial is not faith. I simply call things that do not yet exist, as though they already exist (Romans 4:17). Therefore, I believe that I Am Healed by “(black eye) or blow mark” that Jesus took for me. I believe I am {past tense} healed”, therefore, I receive the promise of healing, by faith. …Think about it! Until next time, “Let Jesus be the Lord over everything in your life today and Stay Connected to Him!” … Declaring your Breakthrough! Dr. Bill Hanshew

Dr. Bill Hanshew

What a wonderful time in Branson at the 2014 International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM)! The speakers were wonderful, meeting new friends was great, and the fellowship was out of this world! We had supper together at Shogun’s and then went and saw the play, “Jonah!”

Dr. Billie Brim and Faye Hanshew

Susan Wingate and Faye Hanshew1

Dr Bill Hanshew Deb Smith and Faye Hanshew 2

Pastors Jimmy and Melissa Patillo Frankfort, Kentucky

Watch for Pastor Jimmy’s testimony in our next issue!


True Worship – Genice Fulton But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. (John 4:23) There was a time when I first started church that during worship service I could not enter in. I was so broken and hurt, every time I tried, my heart was pierced with His love and I knew if I continued worshipping Him the ushers would have to scrape me off the floor. If you are in a worship service and you see someone looking around instead of singing and “entering in”, pray for that person. Understand it may not necessarily mean that individual is refusing to participate or viewing worship service as a spectator sport. It may just be that person is being healed right where they stand even if their outer appearance doesn’t reflect it. If you are one who cannot yet fully participate in worship as your hear desires, that’s ok. God meets us where we’re at. Just know, He loves us too much to leave us there. Refuse to grow weary and give up, and you will reap. (Galatians 6:9) During those early days, I prayed for freedom to worship Him. He has answered those prayers and now I freely worship Him and chains 666 continue to be broken and I continue to be set free. And so can you. (Matthew 7:7)

Several weeks ago I was in a worship service and the worship team was amazing. Every instrument was being played with excellence. Every voice was singing in perfect harmony. Every sound was phenomenal. As odd as this may sound, it was a little distracting. I had to fight against the distraction. Everything was so beautiful I just wanted to stare at the musicians playing their instruments. I wanted to take it all in and be blessed by it. I fought against the distraction and pressed in to Genice Fulton worship Him. I was there to worship Him, not to be entertained. God spoke to my heart, “Every part of every worship service is critical. Worship service is worship, not entertainment. Enter further in. Minister to Me. You are not in worship service in order for the worship team to minister to you.” I pressed into worship 4

further and He said, “Every word is critical. Every note is critical. Listen to every note. Be carried on each note.” I listened intently to every note I could distinguish. I don’t mean every chord as I couldn’t tell you a c from a d sharp (if a d sharp even exists). I’m talking about every sound bringing me to a place of Heaven on earth and changing my life! I didn’t want to leave that place, but God said, “Open your eyes.” I opened my eyes and looked at the keyboard player’s fingers. I meditated on, “Every note is critical.” God showed me if the keyboard player had missing fingers he wouldn’t be able to play every note. Missing fingers would result in missing notes. Missing notes would result in missing ministry. Missing ministry would result in missing healings, revelation and people being set free. About two weeks later, I was in a healing service. People were being healed where they stood while worshipping God. Not one person was being prayed for and over 100 people left that service healed. Growths dissolved. People were able to physically do what they weren’t able to do when they arrived. One woman even removed her oxygen and testified she was healed! This made me further understand how every word and every note is critical. As these people entered in and were carried upward to a place of Heaven on earth, their physical bodies were being healed! Every note and every word was obviously playing a critical part in each person’s life and the experience was life changing! A quick search of the effects of music on the brain will result in findings so enormous one cannot read it all. It is obvious now and has been Mike and Genice Fulton for centuries that music profoundly affects people emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’ve observed my children and the effects of music on them since they were small infants. Children move to the flow of the music. Music moves people, no pun intended. Numerous articles of research I found during this study suggested, “Music is the pathway to the soul.” Wow, it behooves us to be watchful of what we listen to. God knew exactly what He was doing when He created music. He created the Hebrew Aleph Bet and attached over 70 layers to each letter. One of those layers is a musical note attached to each letter. The Word of God can literally be played on a musical instrument. This is why David could play his harp for King Saul and the evil spirit that was tormenting him would flee. More teachings on the Hebrew language can be found at I’ve learned every minute I spend researching the Hebrew language is valuable time spent.


Over the past several weeks I’ve thought about sentences and how taking one word out changes the whole message. For example, the sentence, “I love you.” Remove “you” and we are left with, “I love.” I love what? Pizza?Mycar?My dog? One word missing out of thatsentence makes the sentence incomplete. Every word is critical. Every word we speak, meditate on or sing is critical. We carry the power of life and death in our mouth. One of my pastors, Dr. Larry Ollison, says it like this, “Your life and your death are in the power of your tongue.” Since every word is critical, I believe we are to make every word count towards life, healing and wholeness for ourselves and everyone who comes into contact with us. Blessings and curses are set before us, we must choose life! On another note, (grin) clapping for the worship team during worship service after every song may be a nice gesture toward the worship team; however, worship service is not a show. Worship is worship. If you are on a worship team, please consider this. Leading worship takes practice and preparation not only experience and/or education. Since every note and every word is critical, is it critical for you to fully practice and prepare yourself to bring forth everything God has called you to bring forth in every worship service. Not one note is insignificant. Every note you play and every word you say in each and every service has the ability to set people free and change lives forever, through Christ Jesus! Worship is a powerful tool! Live a life of worship in everything you think, say and do! Always have His praise on your lips! “Worship the LORD your God, and His blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span. (Exodus 23:25) This is a powerful promise! Believe it and walk in it! Be a true worshiper worshiping Him in spirit and in truth! He is seeking you!

From Hawaii 6

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Moving Forward – FahmidaYaqoot Life is about growing and moving forward. Are we moving forward? If so, then where we are going? What is our speed and with whom we are going? Or are we going alone? I believe if we ask ourselves these questions then we can value the importance of timing and we are able to accomplish the purpose for which we were created.

Life is a gift from our God and we were designed to mature and grow every day. We evaluate natural growth and development in children by a set of standards we call average, below average, and above average.

When we are excelling in certain areas of our lives, it brings great pleasure to our hearts and a good report to our love ones. Sometimes times we receive favor and rewards for our efforts. Many times we are functioning below the measuring line; if so, then what are we doing? Are we ignoring it? Or are we disturbed to the point that we have to do something about it?

We have a choice to make a difference in this situation. If we acknowledge our shortcomings and cry out for help, then we can see His supernatural interventions in our lives. Our God is so gracious! He comes and lifts us up with his Loving-Kindness’ and tender mercies. He takes away our self-condemnation, guilt, pain and shame.

He forgives us and cancels every wrong doing from our past. He reminds us of the work of the cross, that Jesus has fully paid the penalty which we deserved with His precious blood once and forever.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. ( 2 Cor 5:17) In Him, we are absolutely victorious! Hallelujah!!! The enemy is under our feet.

As a born again Christian we begin a brand new journey by believing and walking in our spiritual inheritance by faith. With the help of The Holy Spirit we renew our mind daily with the Word of God.

"For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two- edged sword,


piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."( Heb 4:12 )

The Word of God is a road map for us. With the help and direction of The Holy Spirit we are moving forward on this journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. In this journey, He is holding our hand in His hand. He is causing us to walk in the light of His countenance. Yes, indeed, He is with us!! Are we walking with Him wholeheartedly? In Him, our progress is sure. When we are rooted and grounded in The Word of God, then we are growing healthy and stronger and overcoming the challenges of our lives daily.

We are justified in Christ, and sin no longer has power over us. Glory to God! We are empowered by The Holy Spirit, and His grace is sufficient to make us perfect in our weakness.

The Word of God in Galatians 2:20 teaches us that: (Insert your name here to personalize it) “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself up for me.�

Our lives are in Christ, we are living by faith and energized with the His strength, standing tall with the confidence He gives, The one who has begun this good work in us is faithful to complete it.

I am rejoicing in my Lord knowing that I will keep on moving forward by trusting Him. The One who is in me, He is with me and He is for me. He is taking me forward as I trust Him daily in my life. What a wonderful God we serve who is Worthy to be praised. Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!


A Burden for the Broken by: Sarah Yaqoot When God gives you a vision, he places a burden on your heart for something someone. It’s an aching in your heart, almost as if God allows you to feel his heartbeat, see through his eyes, listen to the cries he hears, and hurt for the brokenhearted.

Sarah Yaqoot

No matter what you do, or how much you may try to ignore people or circumstances, God won't allow you to rest. Nothing else satisfies you expect for when you know you are functioning in what he has created and purposed you to do.When you tune into His Spirit, you see past a smile, into the broken pieces of a shattered soul. You step back and look at people walking around aimlessly, with no direction. You encounter girl after girl, boy after boy, who try so hard to search for love and acceptance. Many try so hard to fit in that they make themselves stand out to catch attention, screaming inside for the world to notice and “accept them for who they are." When God gives you a burden, you weep for the hurting. You pray for the ones who have never been able to experience a relationship with Christ. You find ways to lead people to True Love. You take time to inconvenience yourself only to be there for someone in need. You give even when you don’t have, expecting nothing in return. You love unconditionally, despite how people treat you. And when tiredness comes, you stay awake to hear. You put yourself in another person’s shoes. You realize that God loves you just as much as He loves the outcasts, the rejected…You know, the ones that us “Holy” people spend so much time judging on outward appearance rather than searching the heart as Christ does. When you have a burden for the broken, you feed the starving, you clothe the naked, and you bring joy and encouragement to hopeless people or situations. You comfort the mourning. You stand in warfare and let the Spirit pray through you. You have purpose and a passionate vision for the people you have never thought of, and you groan and cry.


When you have a burden for the broken, you don’t sit back and stay silent. You do something. You go after people with boldness, knowing that Christ’s power rests in you and you can do all things through Him who gives you the strength to do it. You don’t second guess yourself because the moment you do, you start to rely on your own ability rather than the Holy Spirit empowering you to do far more than what you could have ever thought. You take action and do something effective. You produce fruit. The anointing empowers you to do what you’ve been called to do. When you have a burden for the broken, excuses disgust you. You get frustrated with people just living with potential, just sitting on the sidelines, but never doing anything about it. You live in reverent fear and awe of God, knowing that the only reason for your existence is so that your life can bring honor to Him. Then one day you will stand before the father and be accountable to answer to these questions, “What did you do with all that I gifted you to do,” “how did you tell people about my Son,” “what did you do to entertain my angels,” “how did you bring healing to the broken hearted,” and, “why did you keep our relationship hidden.” When you have a burden for the broken, you know that the only effectiveness you carry is the Word of God living and breathing inside you. And your constant pursuit to fall in love with Jesus never stops. Because the more you fall in love with God, the more you love the broken the way Christ does. The more you seek his face and wrap yourself in his arms, the more you transform into His likeness, and become a living witness for others to see & be impacted by what God has done in and through your life.

Sarah Yaqoot


Report from Northern Ireland Kenneth and Dorothy Wilson Reaching and Teaching Ministries takes the Word of God to many remote villages in the Philippians, India, and anywhere else God sends us. Several of the places we go are remote places where only rice is served for meals, where sleeping may be shared with rats, or where we may meet for a service on a basketball court. The few times we have been to the United States, it has been very exciting visits. However, this year was the first time we had speaking engagements and a 1000 mile one way visit! We started out in Branson at the International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM). During the convention we met several new friends for which one was a pastor in which I booked my last Sunday before our return travels to Northern Ireland. After the convention, we started out for Colorado to visit my aunt that I have not seen for over 30 years. Three of my cousins were also there, so it was a very fulfilling visit. After the visit with my aunt, we started our preaching engagements. Our first service was at Living Word Church in Excelsior Springs, MO with Pastors Mike and Kathy Mings. We had a wonderful weekend with them. We had two wonderful services there. A big thanks for great hospitality and friendship. For our next service, we traveled to Rolla, MO for a Dorothy and Kenneth Wilson and local ICFM meeting on a Monday. I shared about our Bill and Faye Hanshew travels to the Philippians and India and shared the Word. It was a wonderful service, in which one person ask for prayer and received her healing. On the following Wednesday, we spoke in Rolla, MO at Worship and Word Fellowship for Pastors Bill and Faye Hanshew. I shared about our missionary work, and Dorothy shared the Word. She spoke about the Needlework, and how our garment needs to be full of gold, or the glory of God. We need virtue, temperance, patience, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness and Charity, or Love, and the only place where these things will be added to our garment is in the secret place alone with Almighty God. We stayed with Dr. Bill and Faye Hanshew until Thursday morning. The friendship, love and hospitality with the Hanshews was out of this world, and we will need to diet when we get home! After breakfast, we traveled back to Branson and met up with our Norway friends. Then, on Sunday we will speak for Pastors Terry and Vicky Kleier in Springfield, MO and then on Monday, we will begin our travels back to Ireland.


Our missionary work began in 1996 in which we traveled to Uganda and the Philippians. In 1997, we traveled to India and since that time, our missionary work has not stopped. In India, there was a lady bent over and could not straighten up. After prayer, she was the same. She went home, and came back the next week totally straight. She said every day, she got a little bit better and now she is totally healed! Praise God! One service we held in Mumbai, India was three days long. We held four sessions each day. We also sponsor feeding programs. Within two weeks, we feed 1250 people. Some were in churches, some on the streets, and some just sitting under trees. During this time, 700 gave their hearts to Jesus Christ!We saw a lady healed of Hepatitis, and man who had not

Kenneth and Dorothy Wilson and Vicky and Terry Kleier

spoken in nine months completely healed, and his mother who had been a Mormon for years, gave her heart to Jesus Christ because she witnessed her son’s healing. Our next project is to building a teaching center. So far, during our travels, we have seen over 5,000 give their hearts to Jesus Christ, and xbelieve for many, many more! God Bless You!

Kenneth Wilson


May is the month for Mother’s Day. It began with a lady by the name of Anna Javis who on May 10, 1908 gave a carnation to everyone who attended a memorial service for her mother. On May 9, 1914, by an act of Congress, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the 2nd Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. He established it as a time for “public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.” This month, we honor all around the world.




Happy Mother’s Day To: Barbara Hanshew, Mother of Dr. Bill Hanshew.

Happy Mother’s Day To: IngerHaugland


Happy Mother’s Day To: Dorothy Wilson



Happy Mother’s Day!


Whatever Happened to Happily Everafter? By: Faye Hanshew What did you say?” asked the wife when the husband told her he wanted a divorce. After 30 years and 7 kids, the husband said he didn’t love her anymore. This woman had poured her life into staying home and running the household, taking the children to school, doing the laundry, taking the kids to ball games, and more and more and more...but now, it had all come to a sudden halt. What would she do, the children, aging from 6 to 19 and she had never worked outside the home a day in her life. This story and so many more, I have heard in my profession as a child support worker and as a pastor. The love that brought the two of them together was no longer evident in their lives. What had happened? Was it true love in the beginning? What ever happened to “Happily Everafter?” My husband and I celebrated our 41st anniversary this past January and have both lived for God our entire marriage. Now I know to some this may mean nothing, but keep reading, I have a point to the story. When God puts two people together, He means for it to be for life...until death do you part. He didn’t say get married for 5 or 30 years, then find a new partner. But there is a secret to this kind of life. When a child is young, I mean the age to start thinking about boys and girls, parents should teach their children to start praying for the exact life partner. And parents, you should be praying from the day your child is born. Don’t wait until he or she is ready to marry to ask God to send the right one for them. If you teach them what “kind” of person to pray for according to the Word of God, then God will send exactly that kind of person. Let me give you an example. When I prayed for a husband, I prayed very specific. I ask God for someone who could preach, sing, play the guitar, and was good-looking! I got exactly what I asked for and more! More you ask? He also loves me with all his heart and he is my very best friend. He is patient when I am too busy to do the extra little things for him, he helps me with household chores when I have so much school work that I can’t get them all done (by the time this first article is run, I will have completed my Master’s Degree in Management!), and he is always paying extra attention making me laugh at some silly dog-talking video or something that just adds the spice to our marriage. So parents, you want to be good parents to your children? Teach them about God, raise your children according to the Word of God, and please do not forget to talk to them while they are young about the kind of person God wants them to have for a life-partner. This could be the most valuable information you give your children! Just a thought!

Faye Hanshew



The Program that reaches out to the needy to help and uplift them with LOVE and bring HOPE to their lives and to sow the seed of faith! This program originated as a memory to the loss of Brother George’s Mother. Now, on the 21st of every month, Brother George, his sisters, and several helpers take food to the needy. Several young people help prepare and serve the food. What a wonderful blessing!




Every day is a chance to change your life‌. May the Lord Bless you & keep you Safe.. 21



If you have a prayer request you would like us to help you pray about, please send your requests to us at: or 24

Wok N Roll Restaurant 1359 Bagnall Dam Blvd Lake Ozark, MO 65049 (573) 365-2090 Nok Knernschield, The Queen of Wok and Roll, comes from a long line of Thai chefs. Her talent, combined with her experience and expertise makes her restaurant a wonderful place for all age to break for a great plate of food! Wok and Roll is more than a restaurant, it is a place where friends come and meet while enjoying their favorite Thai food with Nok and Dennis. If you travels takes you to Lake Ozark, you will be missing out on a great opportunity if you do not stop at WOK AND ROLL RESTAURANT!

Photography by Roma 573-855-0634



Good News to all localities of Gunter, India! Now you can watch our television program everyday @ 11 am and 10 pm on SUVAARTHA TV CHANNEL! God Bless You !!


Light of the World Ministries The Shepherd’s Voice For prayers and counseling contact:

USA: Pastors Bill and Faye Hanshew PO Box 397 Rolla, MO 65402 (573) 426-4852

INDIA: Evangelists George Babu D.NO: 8-19/1-240 AMBEDK NAGAR 3RD LANE GUNTUR – 522001


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