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“To inspire and to be inspired”

In the April issue, we got the chance to chit chat with 2 Amazing women designers, Natalie Alexander (Palma Australia) and Sandra Assiego (Vintage Century). In this issue there’s something for everyone. Firstly, it’s hard to ignore the collections that have been seeping into some stores as Vintage Palma Asutrali, Vintage Century and Priyo Oktaviano. So for the fashion forward amongst you, Fauve has highlighted some of the trends to watch out for. We have also three exciting looks put together for the glamorous woman. And if you thought you knew your shoes, think again! Our article “footwear trends” should give you a better idea of the must-haves and how to wear them best.

FAUVE ADVICE: All Fashion Editorial images, created by an array of photographers and creative teams, printed within Fauve Magazine can also be viewed in their HIGHEST QUALITY online at Visit our website to see past and present shoots. Copyright © 2014 all right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, without written permission from FAUVE, opinions expressed in “FAUVE” are the writer’s and not necessarily endorsed by FAUVE. FAUVE is not responsible or liable in any way for the contents (advertising included) – 9 –

We then focus on the interview with a great photographer. And we’ve got Diego Verges for 2H+ Studio (Jakarta). He speaks about is experiment across the photography’s kingdom for a better understanding of his imagery. Our tips features will have you being beautiful and fit! In Beauty, we deal with Yeanne (Make-Up 101) for dealing with your eyebrows and with Melanie (Motion Fitness) to be fit and with Veronica (to take care of) to combat your intestinal fragility. Happy reading! Xxx Fauve


VINTAGE CENTURY by Sandra Assiego

Talk me through your latest collection? the latest collection is for limited edition the concept store which will open soon in canggu. I wanted to design special unique and unisex pieces, less casual than what i’m designing for my shop and the collection for magali pascal. What do you think it is about leather that makes it so sexy?

Founded in (2006) by Sandra Assiego, VINTAGE CENTURY has since become synonymous with luxury, modern sophistication and seduction. Known for its innovative use of leathers, the fashion brand knows the importance of moving with the times in a highly competitive industry. We catch up with Sandra to find out why the new store Limited Edition (Canggu Pantai Brawa) signals a new era for the brand, and why the future’s looking bright.

It is something about the feeling of the leather itself and how it transcends into the way that you feel when you are wearing it. Can you imagine your life without leather? No. Can you envision yourself moving into clothing design, or perhaps other accessories?

– 10 –

no i won’t move to clothing except maybe few pieces for limited edition… as for me accessories are completing a simple outfit and giving it the final touch. i feel good in a t-shirt, a jean but with unique shoes, bag or leather jacket… for limited edition i’m designing a travelling accessories collection. Yeah! We heard about the new great shop limited edition that will open soon in canggu, tell us about it. Over the years i have come across many impressive designers and i thought it was a shame that they didn’t have their collections available in bali. This was an exciting opportunity to collaborate with them and to create a high fashion concept store. What’s your design philosophy? whatever i feel like wearing in the moment.

How have the collections evolved since that first one? they evolved following my own evolution as a woman. Try to be honest; when you meet somebody for the first time, where does your eye go (fashionably speaking)? Shoes! Is there anybody that you’re dying to dress? LOL i’m not redying to dress anybody… but if i have to answer this question i could have liked dressing marianne faithfull & debbie harry in the 70’s and 80’s.

Trends come and go – what’s in season one year is out of season the next BUT style lives forever. (Chanel “la mode se demode le style jamais”) Ever since i was a teenager i always liked to play a bit of a chameleon – one day i am feeling to dress retro the next day rock and some days i just mix pieces... it’s like a game which follows my moods. the point is that i embraced the eternal style of the era not just the current fad of the season. the 21st century is the century you can play with so many different styles! Vintage century is a brand that is timeless.

What does the name vintage century mean – what inspired this name? I always thought that fashion is a forever lasting representation of self expression.

– 11 –

LEATHER KILLER Photography: DIEGO VERGES Model: JULIA K. for FAUVE Agency hair & makeup: YEANNE STYLING: JULHENRY FOR vintage century


When rain jacket meets fashion singing in the rain

the way people see about the rain jackets. It’s more than just a protection, but also become a fashion statement.

BY RAI Rainy season is done. Leave your ugly poncho or traditional gray rubber coats. It is time to have rain jackets not only because of protection but also as a fashion statement. It’s been a while that when the rain jackets were basic and the choices were limited. But now, no longer. There are many selections of fashionable rain jackets or raincoats, where function meets style. What you have to do is just open your eyes and let see some of these cool rain jackets out there. These days, fashion stores are making a point to create stylish rain jackets that are functional and trendy; light weight, waterproof material and with selection of bright colors. One of the famous brand of rain jackets, for instance is K-way. Since 2009, the fashion brand from Canada had released their collection full of heavy coats and jackets. At first they changed

That’s why then, it has some great details on the jacket. Such as, zips hidden under the flaps, kangaroo pouch pocket at the front, the fix hood comes with anti-binding, seasonal styles and cutting-edge fabrics. The interesting thing happened when the brand also invited some designers to make a collaboration for their special collections. Among them are Marc Jacobs, A.P.C, 55DSL, DC Shoes, LimoLand, colette, and New Balance. The collaboration then made rain jacket get more and more attention. There are three signatures of the brand that iconic about these rain jackets among others. First, they have full zip or half-zip with bright color. If you pay attention to it, you will easily know. Then about the hood and waist draw-listing, that make it more fashionable. And at last, they have the selections of bright colors. Not to mention, by now, there are also rain jacket with print, such as camouflage, future or animal print. What else you need to make you look good under the rain! 

– 22 –

Another brand of rain jackets that also bring the fashionable collection is North Face. Backpacker magazine ever awarded their rain jacket recognition for its ecoconscious construction.It is not just about the environmentally friendly membran, waterproof and breathable, the jackets also give some good in design with zipped underarm vents to maximize air flow, adjustable hood with drawcord for additional protection. Another their great rain jacket is the 3-in-1 style jacket. Yes, its really fully-featured, three in one jacket must will keep you warm on the mountain or hard rain. May wear it together, or as separates, as weather permits. Two color exsterior shell and solid interior jaket. One of other innovative rain jacket is North Face Alpine Project Jacket. This is one of my favorite as well, with features not just waterproof and breathable but also, fully adjustable with hidden cord locks and laminated hood brim. They have brush chin guard line in for comfort and two center front zip, with hidden hem cinch-cord at center front zip. Another fashionable rain jackets might be Marmot. I might say that this band as the industry leader

in technical shells, and offers an advanced of water resistant and water proof technologies. For instance with their innovative technology nanopro or durable waterproof fabrics. Besides, for sure they bring some good in design as well. Let us see on of their collection such as Nonawick or Essence jackets. With zip around the chest, it also has its own pocket, with some option to strip and stow. All in all, I might suggest you before choosing the right one, to do some selection. For example knowing about the types of rain jacket. Typical rain shells or minimalist one. Typical one are usually more affordable, have a plenty pockets pit zips and comfort feature such as micro-fleece around the collar. While minimalist rain jacket usually use as few as zippers as possible, but luxurious feature. Best rain jacket is, protect and make you comfortable from the wet and rain. Thus, they should be made of water resistant materials and fabric. Today, most of these jackets have undergone several change or texture and materials and that makes them more adaptable. So, what is the best rain jacket? Function or fashion? Why not we

can get both if its possible. Be ready for the next rainy season! fashionable rain jackets Among the brands that provide fashionable rain jackets nowadays, these are some of them that might be providing chic-jacket and raincoat. And yes, it’s just not functional to protect you from water but also make you look good and confident to walk out on the street. Marc Jacobs special “Claude” K-way Jacket Once, K-Way and US designer Marc Jacobs have collaborated and designed a special version of the classic rain jacket of 1965. The result is the coated jacket which is made out of a cotton jersey mix, waterproof and claimed breathable. It looks simple but give you good impression under the rain, and keep you dry.    Lily Leopard Peluche K-Way Jacket Imagine that you wear a motive print of rain jacket someday? K-way also release some of rain jacket with print. One of them, like this leopard motive print, while they still keep the signature color of the zipper. Some of people say this is a warm and fashionable rain jacket. Alpine Project North Face Jacket This rain jacket suited for swift,

– 23 –

technical ascents where weight is critical. Its lightweight hard shell and with gore-tex membrane, provides extreme breathability with waterproof, windproof protection. Pay into detail of the design as well. You might not miss the color of the zipper, right? Marmot Nanowick Jacket Besides waterproof, this kind of rain jackets is lightweight, and highly moisture-wicking wind jacket. Marmot claimed that the Nanowick features the innovative lining technology, that rpvide the user with maximum moisture control and breathability. That is why then the jacket is cool and dry. With those kind o feature, the jacket become favorite outdoor outfit that welcome unstable weather.*



digestion essential for your health, it helps the digestion process and the absorption of nutrients. It increases resistance to infections and prevents the growth of bacteria responsible for the disorders of transit.

by VERONICA Often we hear the sentence ‘you are what you eat’, no doubt that there is great truth in this sentence. This time, we will pay attention to an area of the human machine that plays the most important role on everything we eat, the digestive system. Its correct functioning is vital to correctly assimilate nutrients and benefits from food, helping the rest of the machinery to operate correctly. In addition, many diseases have their origin in a poorly performing of the digestive system. Anyone at any age can present problems such as constipation, gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis, among others. A bad digestion is something that most of us have suffered at some point, and if you are traveler, I am sure you have suffered something worse than a bad digestion more than once.... The intestinal flora One of the main pillars of a good digestive health is the intestinal flora. This colony of living bacteria that colonizes the digestive system is

When this flora is altered, gas and flatulence can appear, bloating and constipation. You can also weaken your immune system. So maintaining in good condition your intestinal flora is, therefore, an important step to help you stay healthy and prevent disease. PROBIOTICS: Are products rich in living bacteria and lactic acid, which in addition to being beneficial to the flora, are also useful to strengthen your immune system. PREBIOTICS: Unlike the previous ones, their main function is the stimulation of growth of bacterias found in the colon stimulating its activity. Through a single dose, you can incorporate billions of bacteria to your digestive system, which fight harmful microorganisms and help overcome diseases. There are different strains of Prebiotics that produce different effects in the body. It is best to buy supplements that contain the largest number of varieties of bacteria. They are recommended after any treatment involving antibiotics, since they destroy the intestinal flora. Also, they are an important alternative to regenerate the intestinal flora after a detox treatment, such as colon therapy, after a surgical operation, or after a period of fasting.

– 24 –

The best way to take care of the intestinal flora is, without doubt, through diet, but the right supplement can give quick results to deal with specific problems. Foods that improve digestion Yogurt. It is the best ally of the digestive tract because it protects against the natural acidity of the stomach and prevents and controls infections, diarrhea, constipation and colitis. The Bacteria containing help to replenish intestinal flora. Make sure to read the label that the bacteria come from live and active cultures. Cabbages. Fiber containing these foods greatly promotes digestion. They also fight harmful bacteria in the stomach. On the other hand, they counteract intestinal constipation and diarrhoea disorders. Rice. It is a good source of fiber, especially brown one. Its large amount of fiber also helps to reduce cholesterol. Bananas. It is one of the most digestible fruit. Its soft and smooth texture, along with its high cellulose content, improve digestion. In addition, they also contain fiber, relieving constipation. Ginger. It has clear benefits in the digestive process because it stimulates the pancreas, increasing the production of enzymes that promote digestion. Its antibacterial power reduces stomach problems caused by alterations of the intestinal flora.

Fiber. It helps to eat fresh fruits with skin, cereals as well as vegetables. Fiber helps to regulate intestinal transit, but if you eat it in large quantities and are not used to doing it, can cause flatulence in excess or even diarrhea. For this reason, include fiber in your diet gradually. Water. Drink enough water daily, infusions and mild soups. Drinking Chamomile tea is very good also to avoid inflammation, so it is recommended to take any time of the day. Strawberries. Evidence shows that regular consumption of strawberries helps protecting the stomach. NO GOOD FOR DIGESTION Fats. The most harmful foods for digestion are all those rich in fats because they enhance acidity, so their consumption should be moderate. Hot peppers. Spicy food, tabasco, chili peppers, irritate the esophagus, causing heartburn and stomach pain if consumed in excess. They irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive system. Dairy. Specially for lactose intolerant people - it is estimated that up to a third of the population may be, although a high percentage of those affected are unaware of it - the consumption of milk or derivatives may cause diarrhea, gas and bloating. Alcohol. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in excess causes heartburn

and can inflame the lining of the stomach, thus avoiding the proper absorption of certain enzymes and nutrients. Chocolate. People with constipation or bowel irritation should avoid the consumption of chocolate. It is not recommended for intolerable lactose people, since most sweet cocoa contain milk. Coffee, tea and drinks with carbohydrates. Caffeinated drinks, caffeine and carbohydrate irritate the esophagus increasing levels of acid in the stomach. They can also cause diarrhea or stomach pain. For people with heartburn it is extremely necessary to avoid Mint infusions. Drugs. Avoid taking medications without control, specially antibiotics. Processed foods. Try to avoid them, since they provoke a slower digestion. SIMPLE GOOD HABITS • Something as simple as washing your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom, can avoid big infections. • Chew food well, take your time. The moment of eating should be taken as a moment of relax and not in a hurry. Sit for a while and enjoy the moment without stress. And better eat at regular times. • Do exercise. Physical activity helps the intestinal transit, improves the digestion and relieve the stress that also often causes digestive discomfort. • Prevents air from entering eating with your mouth shut. To prevent flatulence

– 25 –

also is important to not eat too much gum or beverages with gas. • Reducing emotional problems is a way to prevent many stomach problems, it is a very sensitive organ to personal issues. • Avoid ‘snack’ between meals to let rest the stomach properly. How to keep a healthy colon The colon is the final portion of your digestive tract and its function is extracting water and salts from solid wastes before it is removed from the body. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember that in addition to healthy, fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables have a high content of vitamin A, which helps to maintain the quality of the intestinal flora. Vegetables naturally also tend to have enzymes that help digestion of other foods. If you notice any continuous swelling or pain, visit immediately a doctor. Ongoing digestive problems can be the symptom of a more serious and complicated disease. Holidays are a great time to get rid of stress and enjoy a slow and peaceful moment with every meal. Best moment to improve your digestion!

– interview / designer –


When did you start to do fashion design? Well I started originally in accessories and I did very well from this as it was all the rage was belts, bags and shoes, 3 years later I started to play around with clothing and that is where it has taken me today!

BY FAUVE Ever since she started her business 12 years ago, business has been growing steadily for Natalie Alexander. She’s been busy developing her own signature mix of architectural shapes with distinctive prints on luxurious fabrics to make clothes that are elegant and practical. The fun , Australian designer talked to us about her last collection, her favorite name in fashion and where she sees herself in 5 years. 

How did your fashion adventure begin? It all just kinda came together, I spent many years in Bali when I was young so learnt the language when I was 15 years old, later in life I studied fashion and couture design but actually ended up working for a snowboarding label sessions, it was then years later I found myself back in Bali and all just seem to come i to place as all the history had come together to support the business that I have today, language,design and hard working ethics. How did you manage to launch your own fashion line? Honestly it was not a conscious launch I developed ranges and sold to the Australian market and Palma has grown to be the label it is today. 

– 26 –

Where did the name “Palma” come from? Well my little boy (now big boy) is called Palmer and when I started the business he was only 6 months old so I realized I had to balance both this baby boy and a new business together hence Palma label (this was the feminine side of my balance, kind of a ying and yang so to say) What is it like being in the industry? Sometimes hell! ha ha ha It’s a challenge most of the time I tell you, fashion is hard and running production is something not everyone can do! I would say the reward at the end is after a range and you shoot it you get to appreciate the work as seeing a beautiful girl wearing your designs and it all comes together for release would be my favorite part.  How do you produce and distribute your designs? I along with my TEAM we produce all samples in house than after range it is sent on to Australia, Japan and Europe to distributors for selling, then back to produce most of the orders are made here in Indonesia.

What makes your collection stand out from the crowd? Palma is pretty classic and for your everyday girl so I would say it’s a “standout” it speaks for itself. What is your favorite piece from your collections? Oh that’s a trick question as there is always a favorite each range so you can’t ask me to choose one, not possible but I can say our biggest selling piece is the Lilly top its a winner anyone and everyone can wear this top and we have been producing for the past 4 years, a timeless piece.  How would you describe the “Palma” woman? Feminine, fun, sexy, everyday girl. 

Tell us a bit about your colour scheme?  I had fun on this range as it was 70’s inspired and of course I grew up in the 70’s so had some fun with it, colours bright florals, sexy cream knits, yolk yellows, cobalt blues, gold’s,creams and paradise pink, sounds like a candy shop huh? What is the staple piece that all women should have in their wardrobe? A beautiful shirt or a Lilly top ha ha  If you could dress any celebrity who would it be? Asher Keddie from offspring, everything she wears of mine is a sell out. 

– 27 –

Who is your favorite inspired designer? Oh so many but classics Paul and Joe, Mathew Williamson, Gucci, they all have great things about them.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Hopefully retired, ha ha and enjoying the fruits of my hard work.  Thank you Natalie for your simplicity! Keep making good creations -designs for us. ;)

DUPLICATED DUPLICATED DUPLICATED Photography: ANDREAS PERMADI illustration: moodscape model: GINA & KRIS for FAUVE AGENCY make up & Hair: yeanne & TEAM all garments: PALMA AUSTRALIA

– Spotlight –


gluten-free gastronomy, astrology, shamanism and, of course, music. For at least 5 days a measured life of Ubud, Bali’s spiritual capital city, goes into energy exaltation – the same which creates Kevin James, Australia based talented musician connecting Indian Matras with his own Heart Songs.

By IRINA “And now please make a sip of coconut water, if you can reach it!» - Tara Judelle entertains her disciples, showing example in Koundinyasana 2. Quite sweaty public sighs with respect, trying to find some balance in the handstand. Nicolas Jaar as soundtack for the class and Tara’s sparkling sense of humor are perfect match – there’s no free centimeter on the Main Stage left. She knows exactly how to bring total yoga satisfaction with no excessive metaphysics. Actually, this is what Bali Spirit Festival is all about – a perfect union of gurus, followers, skeptics, veterans and newcomers of the New Age culture, which is massively becoming mainstream movement. This year, for the seventh time, BSF brought together under its colorful tents a multinational crowd of thousands of adherents and wannabies of yoga, breathing practices, meditation, alternative medicine, detox and nutrition,

Generally, the word orgy, in its most innocent sense, is best suited to describe everything that happens at the festival, starting from gastronomy, breathing sessions and lectures on Reiki, and finishing with all possible yoga classes, Indian aerobics, sound healing and eco-friendly shopping. Even those the most skeptical for spiritual practices guests will not be able to resist the juicy organic salads of Alchemy Bali or raw ice cream with tasty natural toppings from Sacred Scoops. During the festival one can try all of the most delicious organic, vegetarian and raw cuisine of Ubud. And if does not stay enlightened, then at least fed and healthy. Daily schedule of the BSF is so dense and interesting, that sometimes you have to constantly move between at least two classes or workshops to miss nothing. Many guests were seen taking ballet yoga with graceful Michiko Minegishii and Masala Bhangra class with charismatic Sarina Jain at the same time – for some of them one get used to so much during the fest,

– 38 –

that it’s easy to meet the intention to hug them every time they appear. However, pretty no one here can refuse the pleasure to exchange the heart chakra energy – they hug long, gently and selflessly. Naive enthusiasm of newcomers in combination with healthy ironic attitude toward spiritual practices of experienced New Agers create the unique energy pattern, in which everyone can find a cozy place . The energy and saturation of the evening program can be compaired with one of the European mainstream festival and even overcome it regarding the groove. There’s already enough of shamanic old BSF’s favorites from Australia – OKA or Xavier Rudd, who can shake wildly any audience. Only one disappointment: the concert is always ends inevitably just when it would be desirable to have at least two hours as musical orgy continued. Bali Spirit Festival may cause mixed feelings among people who consider New Age culture kinda strange, ridiculous or pretentious. But the feeling of “what am I doing here?” passes very quickly when you see the sincere smiles and happy faces of healthy, active and positive people. It is a real pleasure to hug and sing some mantras with them, even if you do not understand a word – positive energy needs no translation. Shall we hug?

– 39 –


1. The points, where your brow starts and ends,should be on the same level,as if you are looking at a straight line. You can check the points with the help of an eyebrow brush.

2. The start of your brow should always be aligned in a straight line to the aide of the nose.

3. The brow arc should start at about 2/3 of your entire brow length. This is the highest point of the brow and has a lifting and framing effect on your eye.

4. Imagine a line running from the side of the nostril towards the other corner of the eye. The point above where the line touches the other tip of your eye is where the brow should end

5. Once you know your basic brow shape you can start trimming with a tweezer, pluck out any hair that is outside the shape drawn

6. Always define brows from the centre or nearer to the end where the hair is more scattered. Use Tri Brow from Make Up Store for a natural daytime result and Eyebrow Pencil in the night time. Apply Brow Set Fix, clear or tinted, to firm your brows.

All make up products are sponsored by Make Up Store, available at Yeanne. Yeanne and Team / facebook @ yeanne make up art

w w w. r ac h e l m a n t i r i . c o m PHOTOGRAPHY / ILLUSTRATION / DESIGN


karma KONVERSATIONS Heart that!

by SWATHIMAA Rambling down the batik-lined jalans of our quaint little island, making your way, as I often do, along Bali’s ill-conceived and errantly pocked village thoroughfares in search of a better cup of coffee, these days, you might notice ardent gaggles of local, wildly creative artisans-in-residence busily constructing grotesque and strangely erotic, larger-than-life, papier-mâché statuary. These other-worldly, garishly-painted, and scantily clad works-in-progress, when complete, will be hoisted upon dozens of muscle-bound shoulders and paraded through the streets as a loud and raucous Halloween-ish-esque preamble to Bali’s most-honored holiday, Nyepi. Be forewarned…these babies aren’t your run-of-the-mill Casper the ghost, friendly or otherwise. They’re the ‘rakshasas’ of Hindu legend, the riotous demons of the Ramayana, sent by their demon-king, Ravana,

to thwart the dhoti-clad, divine Prince Rama, his swarthy, little, bow-and-arrow carrying brother, and their equally divine sidekick, Hanuman, the monkey-god. They lose in the end, of course…the demons do, not our divine boys… but they have a hell-of-a-time doing it. Afterwards, from dawn to dusk on Nyepi, the rest of us get to lock ourselves indoors for the day. And, since it all harkens back to ancient bygone days, we get to do our harkening in silence, no electric appliances allowed to buzz or flicker until the day is done. Having taken note of this, it might be worth a mocha-latté refill and a scone for us to take a bit of our spring-inspired time and chat about such quizzical things as the value we less-than-godly creatures place on holidays and holy days and the rituals they sire, divinely-inspired or otherwise. I’ll go first. Everything and everyone, for that matter, has his own story. Although not all of them are legends, the ones worth telling do have a sort

– 46 –

of joie de vivre about them. Of course, no story worth its salt would pass muster, if there wasn’t also a slathering of muck and mire—or blood and guts, as the case may be. The apparent premise might be as mundane as toast, but the exquisite bluster, the marvel, the agony, and the ecstasy are all there in the details. Yet, the characters, which inspire holidays and holy days are a special breed. They are the archetypes of us, both the good and the bad. They live, not only in story, but behind our eyes, too. They’re the heart of us, as a people. They bless us and we revel in them in return. Mythologist Joseph Campbell said they are symbols of our truer selves. But, aren’t we all symbols? Symbolism is key to almost everything we say and do and, probably, every one of our thoughts, too. Life is filled with symbols—symbols of love, peace, sex, happiness, wealth, wisdom, courage, evil, fear. You name it, we’ve got symbols for it. It’s how we communicate, how we relate to each other. And, when we press ourselves to think of something or

someone greater than us, something or someone we might consider divine, the pure epitome of us, we top off our appreciation with a ritual or two or three, for good measure. The power of symbols is transcendence. The secret to what makes them so marvelous is all about the heart. They move us, inspire us, even test us. And, sometimes, they completely confound us. Other times, they’re like a sweet treat. People intellectualize too much. There’s way too much blah blah blah about the right and wrong of every little thing, who gets to decide, and who gets to judge. I’m blonde but I’m certainly not dumb. I’m perfectly capable of making a lifetime of decisions without being told what, when, and how to do whatever it is low people in high places deem worth doing. For better or worse, life is pretty much a fantastic, wonderful muddle already, without people mucking it up. If you’re going to have a monkey mind—jumping around all the time, telling others what to do—you better be a monkey-god, not just think you’re one.

Now, there’s a symbol for you! Hanuman! He had such a brilliant mind, so quick-of-thought, that no teacher could quench his thirst for knowledge. So, the other gods got together and placed him in the hands of the always moving Lightof-Life, Surya, the Sun. He was so open-heartedly devoted to Rama, so strong and brave, that, when the prince’s troops were falling on the battlefield, Hanuman took flight, found a distant mountain covered with medicinal herbs and, so as not to lose any time scavenging around, he scooped up the whole mountain and brought it back with him. And, his commitment to those he loved was everlasting. Almost a millennium after Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman parted ways, a couple of travelers found the wizened, grey-haired monkeygod walking alone in the forest and they asked him if he missed his famous royal friends. Lord Hanuman smiled, opened his chest, and revealed his beating heart. There, the travelers could see a clear vision of Rama, his wife, and his brother. And, the Lord of the Monkeys replied, “No. They’re always with me.” This is why, every now and

– 47 –

then, people place flowers at the feet of his statues, sprinkle a little water, wave a candle, waft a stick or two of incense, bow down in gratitude, and pray a bit. It doesn’t matter if we think these are symbolic gestures or not. It’s what they symbolize that counts. Help always, dear one, and hurt never. If you want a symbol, this one is as good as any and better than most, if you ask me.


Just How Influential are Trends? Here we analyze the hottest current trends: 1. Fringing

BY Angelina Blogs, street style, emerging art movements and rapidly changing music genres: with the myriad of real-time references influencing fashion today, do mainstream trends really still exist? Or is each brand/ retailer able to identify and cater for the demands of their own unique customer base? We looked at data on last month’s ‘Top Movers’ (as defined by quick sell-through, no discounting and subsequent restocks) from 11 global online retailers across a diverse spread of price points. They were: Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Net-a-Porter, Bloomingdales, Forever21, Neiman Marcus, Zara, Shopbop, ASOS and Anthropologie. Selecting the 10 quickest selling garments across all clothing categories gives a compelling insight into which trends each retailer has invested in and how their customer is responding. Comparing top 10 garments across the different retailers then gives a fascinating picture of what is going on in the industry. And what you can very quickly see from the data is that trends are not just alive, they’re seemingly immortal.

In May, fringing featured on sellout garments at Neiman Marcus and H&M. At Zara, two of the month’s ten Top Movers were fringed. Fringing saw a staggering 27,703 online mentions in the month of May - a figure which has remained pretty steady for the past twelve months, peaking around fashion weeks. The top selling garment styles were black dresses with fringing (22.99 at Zara and 19.99 at H&M), whilst the highest priced sell out was the $695 Haute Hippie flapper dress at Neiman Marcus. The trend doesn’t look set to calm anytime soon - 361 new fringed products have arrived online in the last 14 days. 2. Dipped hems Dipped hems may be a difficult trend to pull off, but that hasn’t stopped retailers backing them, nor consumers lapping them up. They featured in the Top Movers at Urban Outfitters, H&M and in two styles at Forever21. For Urban Outfitters this was the $168 dollar Betsey Johnson dress, whilst at H&M the hem shape featured on a £14.99 dip-dye top, with dramatic longline back. Forever21’s two fast-moving versions of the hemline both featured on dresses, one cap sleeved and another strapless - both £14.75. 446 new dipped hem (or ‘high low hem’ in the US) products arrived online in the 14 days. Astonishingly the online chatter about dipped hems in May has increased by 582% from when the trend was first named back in August last year!

– 48 –

3. Tribal/Aztec prints Aztec prints are a huge hit online, with sentiment towards the trend shooting up at the end of May. Celebrities like Rihanna and Jessie J are instrumental in helping this trend shift! Aztec or tribal print garments featured in May’s Top Movers at H&M, Urban Outfitters and Forever21. Topshop meanwhile had three items from the trend in the monthly Top Movers: two of which were body con dresses and one maxi dress. The successful garments spread in price from £7.75 (Forever21) to £42 (Urban Outfitters). 4. Tie/dip dye For a clothing trend that was sparked by a hair-colouring trend, this style has sold incredibly well. The volume of online chatter surrounding the trend in the month of May has grown by 287% from the same time period six months ago. At both H&M and Bloomingdales, this translated into two of ten of the retailers’ fastest selling garments in May and one for ASOS. For H&M this was a basic flared jersey dress at 7.49 and the aforementioned dip hem top. ASOS found success in their 20 tie-dye leggings, whilst Bloomingdales sold swiftly on two different styles of tie-dye open shouldered top, one by Debbie Katz ($99) and another by Bailey 44 ($150). 5. Maxi dress Maxi dresses have been big business for a couple of years now and are becoming less dependent on the summer season for their

success too. This was one of the most successful trends we saw across the 11 retailers, featuring in the Top Movers of Topshop, H&M (in 3 garments), Forever21 (in 3 garments), Anthropologie, Shopbop, Net-a-Porter and Bloomingdales (in 2 garments). Shopbop and Net-aPorter’s sell outs both included the M Missoni knit maxi (508 at Shopbop and 475 at Net-a-Porter). That offered an impressive price spread ranging from 12.50 (Forever21) to Shopbop’s 508. Maxi dresses saw 26,018 online mentions in the month of May, which tally well with the sell out successes - consumers really do talk about what they buy! 6. Cardigans Trans-seasonal dressing is certainly something the UK market benefits from, but so too for the US market. Consumer sentiment and volume of online chatter about cardigans has remained level across the last 8 months despite that period covering a dramatic change in seasons. 1,002 new cardigan products arrived online in last 14 days. Cardigan shapes featured in the Top Movers at Urban Outfitters, Topshop, H&M, Forever21, Anthropologie (in 3 of the 10 garments), ASOS (in 3 of 10) and Bloomingdales (3 of 10). The overwhelming majority of these cardigans were hip length, free of fastenings and in boxy or kimono shapes. Prices ranged from $218 at Bloomingdales to 10.50 at Forever21.

7. Body Con dresses Body con styles saw 2573 online mentions in the month of May and within the last 14 days a total of 290 new products have arrived online. Body con dresses sold speedily for Topshop, H&M, Zara, ASOS (in 2 of 10 garments), Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus. The assortment included printed (Topshop, Net-a-Porter and Zara), bandage (Urban Outfitters and Neiman Marcus), knitted (H&M) and LBD (ASOS and Topshop). Prices ranged from Herve Leger’s $1780 bandage dress at Neiman Marcus (which arguably could be called the original) to Topshop’s 22 basic high neck vest body con dress. A product truly selling at every price point! 8. Peplums This is one of the biggest and most resilient trends we’ve seen over the past year and still selling like hot cakes. Anthropologie, Shopbop and ASOS all had garments within their Top Movers. At Anthropologie and Shopbop the detail featured on shell tops, in white. For ASOS, their two peplum Top Movers featured on fitted dresses. The trend will continue, as the 297 new products which dropped in the past 14 days suggest. But a more convincing measure of the trend’s certainty is the consumer chatter over the past year. Whilst sentiment has remained consistently positive over the last 12

– 49 –

months, volume of discussion has seen a staggering 2333% increase. That big an increase in people discussing a trend with no dip in sentiment? Get on board. Interestingly, we found that garments which cross referenced trends, combining more than one trend in a garment, were the most successful. Rather than overwhelm consumers, these ‘brave’ garments appeared to stand out in a retailer’s assortment. ASOS and Topshop are both good at this: their body con dresses paid homage to the peplum and Aztec trends respectively. There you have the 8 hottest trends in the world right now, and some pretty convincing evidence that trends are still huge business. They are well worth not only being aware of, but staying one step ahead of by using data to secure commercial success.

– interview / photographer –

DIEGO VERGES spanish corazon

BY JUL We are delighted to feature an interview with the very talented photographer who captures such amazing imagery. His name is Diego Verges and he takes the best of them, fuses’em with amazing lightings; and believe me when I say his work will make you get addicted to photography. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us, and we don’t think we have ever seen a photographer this passionate about his craft... Tell us a bit about yourself? I am a traveller … or a photographer, both go together and I can’t do any if they do not go together. Travelling teach me and photography opens the doors I have knocked. I am very passionate about photography, I have been since 2008 full time doing photos, from travel photography, to

photojournalism, to fashion ending in commercial photography, where I am now, as associated photographer in a really nice and professional studio in Jakarta called 2H+.

photography since 2008, when I quit my job and I started to travel doing personal projects, since that year all my incomings come from photography.

Where is home? My home used to be Madrid, but now I do not need to have a “home” feeling. Friends are now what make me feel confortable wherever I am.

How would you describe your style? I am a lighting lover, all my photos go around the light and the subjects I am shooting. I love to analyze the light where ever I am and I always like to explore new lighting treatments to find the moody photos I like. One of my characteristics is trying to show, in the photos I take, the source of the light, trying to make the viewer confortable reading the photo.

Did you go to school to study photography? I have studied TV, Audio and photography in college, for two years; and after that I got my bachelor degree in Audiovisual Communications in Madrid. But I felt that I was starting to learn when I started to travel and take photos. How long have you been a photographer? It took me many years to call myself a “photographer”, I have respected that word many years. It is even hard to introduce myself as a “photographer”, as I still admire many real photographers that have really made a difference in photography and that have inspire works. I have made a living through

– 50 –

What type of camera do you shoot with? I am more interested in the lenses, than in the cameras. The market offers us really cheap and quality cameras that are over the capabilities of the photographers. Even though, now days, depends on the shooting and the style I am going to do I use Hasselblad or Canon.

What is your favorite photography accessory other than your camera? I love what ever help me to modify the light: reflectors of any kind and light sources. How important is Photoshop in your final images? When I am doing photojournalism, portrait or travel photography photoshop it is just about contrast and toning. If I am shooting fashion I have to add liquefy (even I do not fancy it too much) and cleaning skin. If I am shooting commercial photoshop becomes 40% of the photo. Are you MAC or PC lover? I can only use MAC now, with PC I get lost. But I would change to PC if I find something better …. As I changed from Iphone to Samsung. What gives you ideas and inspired you to create such great imagery? Internet, when I am checking other photographers or behind the scenes, and films. I love cinema.

How do you educate yourself to take better photos? With try and fail. I have been always learning trying new things, failing until I get the correct way to do that technique. I am always thirsty to learn so everyday I enjoy at least one hour checking photos. What is your favorite recent image you have shot recently? Julia’s photos of the rooftop I really like them, but usually, my latest work it is my favourite, as I always improve in any way. During this month I have shot a very challenging campaign for BNI in the ocean that I really liked, and also my latest commercial for Bango, in a studio set. A website or a blog that you visit often? The first photographer that comes to your mind and why? Sebastiao Salgado, Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry … they were my first references and I still enjoy their photos.

– 51 –

If not photographer, what would you have been? I can only do photography, so … I believe I would be nothing good. Is there anybody or anything you would love to photography? I really have to go back to Wamena, in the highland of Irian Jaya and do portraits again there. I will do it soon. What would you like to be doing in 5 years? I will be doing international campaigns :)

SHADES OF COUTURE Photography: D iego V erges Model: Helene for Fauve Agency A rt D irection & Styling : Julhenry M ake- U p & Hair : Yeanne Couture Creations: Priyo O ktaviano R etouch: R achel M antiri


FASHIONISTA’S WORST EXPERIENCE What is Fashion Trend? Trend is the lead in which something new evolving, mostly leaning, penchant and line of growth. Hence, fashion trend is the latest evolvement of the fashion industry. What is Fashion Trend Really About?

BY KATYA It’s a fashionista’s worst experience, even worse than looking oversize buddy, more degrading than wearing the same dress in another party -- it’s the fear of symbolizing looking yesteryear fashion trend model. Sometimes, fashion trends are considered as fads, are disreputably erratic. The fashion industry players are always on the quest to bring up something “NEW” & “HOT”.

Your closet can give the answer. If you don’t want to look at it, well. well. this resembles that you are matching your steps with the latest fashion trends. What it’s relation to fashion? People stick rigidly to the rules - okay, maybe not ‘YOU’. You may be one of those who walk their own way and dress as they like. When it comes to the fashion industry, it’s a continuously changing world. Even though some trends are considered as ludicrous and outdated, many other comebacks with innovative ideas. Pace and Re-emergence of Latest Fashion Trends Now its new millennium, but most of fashion things like the pegged pant legs, jelly bracelets, and finally the denim jeans, seem to be returning

– 60 –

in trends again. It comes out that the latest fashion trends are simply have nothing new at all. Almost everything re-emerged in fashion trend. You can virtually find torn jeans in every clothing retail store. Who decides What’s ‘Hot’ and ‘Not’ in Fashion Trends There is no existence of specific group who declares what is hot fashion trend or not. In fact, the fashion designers and consumers who buys-out the fashion merchandise make their judgment and throw several opinions out there and observe what is grabbed. Basically, ‘WE’, the consumer decide which merchandise is hot by making our minds what to purchase and wear. The Fashion Trend Cycle First part of the cycle, where the trend is highly hunted immediately after seeing that great fashionable hat, dress or shoe on the runway, red carpet or music video. Next, comes the emulation phase, where everyone wants a piece of the trend. Only big shots, celebrities and fashion industry players have

approach to latest fashion right off the runway, which yet not showed up in retail stores. During second phase, this newbie will appear in news papers, fashion magazines, TV and internet. At last, the trend will be soaked in the market, commonly at bit lower cost. In the second phase new merchandise is available in bit expensive designer collections. It is only the third phase, where the merchandise is available to the mass market at affordable cost for most buyers. The major part of over all mass will purchase it somewhere between second and third phase. Before two or three decades it might have taken a some rears to make it from runway to mass market, however, nowadays producers have put the fashion cycle into rapid speed. Now, a hot trend often makes it appearance in low cost or discount retail store in as little as a few days or months.

In & Out of Fashion Trend Reasonably priced fashionable clothing is a double-edged sword that make possible to buy fashionable looks at real-life budgets, at the same time leads to abolish the trend rapidly. However, when the market is completely saturated with a same monotonous trend it loses its appeal. So how we can assume that how long a fashion trend will last? Let us find out: Generally, most fashion trends last nearly one year, but some trends, usually the acceptable, last much longer. It is considered that normally fashion trends re-emerge nearly every twenty years. Hence, the minis skirts of the 80s are back in trends again. The key to assume that how long a trend will last depends on from when you bought the collection. If you bought when the knock-off or discounts are going at retail store, then the count for the trend last not more one or two seasons. Fashion industry normally dumps together two seasons together, Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter, which

– 61 –

provides you about six months to wear before it seems looks outdated. In fact it is not specified that how long a fashion trend will last, you can put money on the just fads such as jeans, Uggs, hats etc... It doesn’t signify that you might not get fun in purchasing them. They are the evergreen items you would like to purchase any time. Purchasing power can keep a trend on oxygen. In some cases people love particular trends so much they wouldn’t let it die. The safeguard against rapidly changing fashion trends is to have a clothing line stocked with more traditional looks: T-shirts, jeans, and black dresses.

– shopping –


Kody & Ko, Mao Sta tue

- ody.ko.7

Shivaloka, 108 Ear rings & Ring - www. omshivalok

Vintage Century, Mil a Boots ntagecenturyleath er

Skull, Acrylic on Ca nvas - /skull


Bamboo Blonde, Bea ded

69 Slam, Girl Boxer

– 62 –

Clutch - www.bamb oo

Utopia - www.69sla

– 63 –


Footwear trends Now & on the horizon evidence of an invigoration in the market comes from Jimmy Choos announced revamp of their global stores, following their internal staff reshuffle and unveiling of Nicole Kidman as face of the brand. And in an article we published last week, data revealed 8.7% of fast selling products in the 1st March-1st May period were footwear the fourth largest category. In this post, well explore the current hottest trends in footwear, where high street retailers should head next and whats in the long view for the market. BY Victoria The footwear industry has shifted. For so long, it was a two horse race between mass and designer markets, with little in between. However, in the last couple of years, a middle market has successfully broken into consumer awareness and in doing so has shaken up the entire market. Recent news from the footwear market includes Kurt Geigers first quarter double digit e-commerce growth. Their model of premiumpriced, design-led product has rocketed in the UK and their US expansion has been a great success so much so that owners, Jones Group, are adding their other brands to Kurt Geiger stores in order to raise their profiles. Further

Working now The it-bag is no longer the only accessory gaining cult status; for the last two years, some notable footwear styles have joined the seasonal lexicon. Weve had the opinion-polarising flatform, the wedge-heeled wonders of the Isabel Marant sneaker and the widely adopted Chelsea boot. What are this seasons main contenders? 1. Slippers & loafers Influenced by Louboutin’s studded velvet slippers for men in 2009, which were a hit with bloggers internationally, this trend has trickled down from luxury and now mass market are cashing in. New Looks 12.99 Jagger slippers sold out on all sizes within a month of their late April arrival at ASOS.

– 64 –

Loafers have also proved popular and, when heeled, can boost their high street price point beyond that of the slipper. Topshop’s 65 Jansky mid-heeled loafer is stand out in metallic silver and sold out within 10 days of its 14 March arrival in store. Topshop restocked in May, showing their continued support for the trend. At a premium price point, Tod’s 275 bi-coloured loafers have sold out and, some sizes even restocked since April. This trend is certainly seeing some success and there is still room for loafers to flourish across price ranges. 2. Dramatic wedge heels Towering wedges of architectural proportions are big news on the high street right now. Topshop have succeeded with two styles; their Wendy Mega Espadrille at 60, restocked after the initial delivery sold out in two weeks of their 21st March arrival (and despite the catastrophic start to UK summer) and their 60 Western Multi Buckle Wedges, which, despite their peep toe, sold out of the majority of sizes within two months of their January arrival. A subsequent mid-March restock has sold out of four of seven sizes already. River Island is on their second stock of their 50 white platform wedges, having sold out of the first delivery within three weeks of their March arrival.

3. Platform pumps Platformed pumps are selling well across designer and high street price points. Yves Saint Laurents $1,450 Tribute snakeskin pumps at Saks Fifth Avenue have been repeatedly restocked since their initial introduction on the 12th March and although stock levels for this price point of shoe will be low, for some sizes, theyve been restocked as many as six times! Dorothy Perkins acted swiftly to get a platformed pump of their own to market: their 65 nude peep toe pump arrived in store on the 13th April and was restocked mid-May. 4. Pointed courts Pointed court shoes are selling well at mass market level. Topshop, Forever 21, River Island and New Look have all seen their versions, priced 14.90 58, restocked at least once. Forever 21′s cone heeled version arrived in store as recently as the 10th May and is already in their second restock. Sling backs and velvet fabrications are good directions to take this trend. Using our commercial database, we were able to track these trends and see which retailers were adopting them in the online market. Zalando shows to be largest shoe stockist, with Tory Burch as the most-stocked label, followed by Pretty Ballerina and Burberry. Drilling into the product stats of footwear currently

on the market, we can quickly see that the average price is 119, with the bulk of products sitting between 35 to 130. It takes on average 84 days for footwear to sell out and thereafter, 13% styles are restocked. Retailers may want to compare this to their own offering! Next up Based on the data collected, weve rounded up the safe bets for retailers next season. Looking to the new products arriving in store in May and priced over $500 (therefore identifying themselves as new designer arrivals) is a good way of preempting what will have filtered down to high street tastes in the coming months. On this basis, slippers and loafers look to be here to stay. Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Guiseppe Zanotti are all extending their designer seal of approval with their May arrivals. Leopard print and sequin embellishments update the style for the next season. Combining the current wedge and pointed court shoe trends, is the pointed-toe wedge, as shown by Burberry Prorsum’s 550 navy style in store at Selfridges. Pushing even further into Autumn/Winter are pointed-toe, wedge-heeled ankle boots, again from Burberry, and Tabitha Simmons. Though already commercial, these products are all in the early stages of their trend

– 65 –

lifespan and so provide plenty of time for retailers to analyse their success. Future realms And what of the future footwear stars, those not yet even available commercially? When analysed across the breadth of events, and with an impartial stance, runway coverage throws up the undercurrents of trends that designers have latched on to. Cutting the noise from biased print media, we instead focus on the raw evidence. Coming through from luxury for AW 13/14 are twisted shapes, curving around the foot or ankle. Asymmetric cuts and straps were shown by Alexander Wang and Christian Dior. Knee high, lace-up boots will also push through for AW 14/15, keep eyes on the styles from Vivienne Westwood and Elie Saab.

– style –


1a. A picture, especially a painting, done in different shades of a single color. 1b. The art or technique of executing such a picture. 2. The state of being in a single color. 3. A black-and-white image, as in photography or on television.

and yang is the white side with the black dot on it. The relationship between yin and yang is often described in terms of good and bad. Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime. Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and aggressive; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

In color-wise, we’re talking about black and white. Taoist philosophy explicitly denies that either is good or evil. Yin Yang, Yin is the black side with the white dot on it,

So, that’s the philosophy behind Monochrome, which has been affecting the fashion world. Forget prints! No color? No problem!


Judging by the runways, the monochrome trend is here to stay. The black-and-white look has been popping up in several collections during many Fashion Weeks, adding sleek sophistication to the catwalk without fail. Black and white prove to be the most popular hues to wear this season, color is acceptable, but only if it’s tone on tone. There’s a reason it has such staying power: The monochrome look is easy to pull off, universally flattering and pairing pieces is a no-brainer. Plus, it makes you look instantly polished and pulled-together - perfect for those days when you need a quick confidence boost.  One of the best things about the monochrome trend is its versatility. Stripes, gingham, spots or block color, there’s a myriad of ways to wear it!

– 66 –

Here are some ideas on how to pull off that monochrome magic! Add a little bit of vibrant color of accessories to your look, electric blue nail polish and bright orange lipstick. You can keep the monochrome look casual. Get your basics out! I bet there are none of you that don’t have a black or white tee or shirt in your wardrobe! I’d probably put my Nike sneaks on. Sneakers are hot. They’re now the key item to add.

Definitely don’t mind a black and white printed bottom/ top, do you?

So there you go! Black and white is never boring. They’re best friends. Inseparable. Love, Astrid.

– 67 –


SALTY SEAGULL Something fishy in Petitenget

BY KATIE TRUMAN From the same owner and team from Mexican hotspot and Tequila sunset joint, Motel Mexicola, and just a quick drive down the road in Petitenget, comes another quirky offering – Salty Seagull. This,the second of their “wow factor” restaurant-bars, making you incredulous again not just with the décor and concept, but that you can still manage to fit a sprawling establishment into rapidly built-up Petitenget. A completely separate entity from Motel Mexicola, the original idea came from Australian Adrian, desperately seeking a good old fashioned fish and chip shop – or “fish and chipper” as the Aussies say – on Bali. After noticing a glaring gap in the fish and chip market here, Salty Seagull was conceived and recently launched, with the premises as we speak still organically growing in both size and concept. As you enter the shanty, shack-like

establishment, with open-sided walls and corrugated iron roofs, there’s definitely a seaside vibe, salty seagull theme going down, with fishy, oceanic and seagull motifs on the walls and the vibe, a cross between a retro Australian seaside fish n’ chipper and a rustic Mexican eatery on a remote beach. There’s also a sort of Sponge Bob Square Pants, “Sandy Bottom,” jaunty charm about the place. And appropriate as a fish n’ chipper, Salty Seagull is suitably laid-back and mega informal with stark floors, simple bench-style tables and expansive beer garden out back – there’s even a ping-pong table. The menu suitably pays homage to those old-fashioned fish and chip joints with fresh fish delivered, so fresh, they’re still wriggling their tails and the fish menu dependant on what the local fishermen (“From the Fisho”) have reeled in within the last few hours.

– 68 –

See the Specials Board for today’s locally caught “swimmers,” which may include sole, tuna or emporia and end up grilled, fried or crumbed: the kitchen is mighty proud of their fish batter and triple cooked, hand-cut chips (or “fries” for the uneducated). This should keep Aussies happy, but especially us Brits, always nostalgic about fish and chips and our national dish (well, before Chicken Tikka Marsala took over the number #1 spot). Something so simple but so sought after. You might also want to try the Bucket of Fresh Prawns with generous squeezes of lemon; however, this being Petitenget, expect some hip offerings on the menu, including Tiki-Tuna Tataki, with sashimi tuna, pineapple, lime and chili and Dr. Cranky Soft Shell Crab Slider, with sour kimchi. Similar to Motel Mexicola, Salty Seagull emits a hot-potch of styles and décor. There’s an American diner-themed bar and right in the

midst of the canteen-style dining area, surrounded by concrete pillars of fabulous hand-painted portraits framed with sea shells, comes a Latino-inspired Rum Bar (aka Hula Windy’s Weekender and Rum Shack). Unique to the island, this squareshaped open bar specializes in rum-based cocktails, covering around 11 or so varieties crafted from quality rums from around the world; these include “Salted Caramel Rum” (with fresh banana and passion fruit) and Carribean-inspired “Hurricane” – and note, under the Desserts menu, “ Booze Sundae,” with vanilla icecream, mandarin and rum, with marmalade suzette sauce. The Salty Seagull crew have since added a fun, messy eating element and another signature, “bib rib and crab shack,” focusing on mighty popular, delicious fresh ribs (half and full-rack) and crabs (chili, pepper, half and whole) – but here, remarkably

affordable. Again, inspired by a glaring gap on the island for this culinary niche market and Sri Lanka’s famed “Ministry of Crab” establishment. Handed bibs and buckets, ice-cold beers and amongst a group of pals dining no-frills, here no one is going to tick you off for being too messy or loud. To complete the retro feel, resident DJs play rockabilly sounds seven nights a week and look out for the oldschool Aussie ice-cream parlour out front serving quality gelato servings. There’s also Salty Seagull’s very own Drive-In Cinema, right alongside, with a big screen linked to individual car audio systems screening classics (“Jaws,” “Piranha 3D,” “Perfect Storm,” perhaps?) and some old surfie dude movies; entrance free to the first eight or so automobiles that drive in and park!

– 69 –

Daily 11am to 2am Salty Seagull, #999 Jalan Petitenget (next to Living Room) Petitenget, Bali (0361) 8499588

– horoscope –


Few days after your birthday month it is far too early to put in firm lines in the sand or even to speculate what you’re going to ultimately commit to. This is a huge year for you and with so much possible you can’t afford to go into this with your mind already made up. You’re on a voyage of discovery and spending time considering all your options is the only way to go. What you do need to be is excited about what lies ahead.


The gods have put even more focus onto your work situation and matters over the last few days, but in a way that also puts even more focus onto the past. As Ceres spends her first full day back in your work sector after retrograding back in yesterday, you have hindsight to draw on when it comes to the search for job satisfaction. What is different this time around is that you have the means to change the things you previously had to put up with.


At the same time that you’ve woken up to a renewed determination to follow your heart, an alignment between Mercury and Neptune in your career sector brings you closer to not only understanding your professional dreams but how to walk the talk. As Mercury’s intellectual savvy fuses with Neptune’s dreams and fantasies, things that didn’t quite come together in the past start to make sense. Personally and professionally, following your heart and your dreams is the only way to go.


As the Moon wraps up his monthly visit to your work sector, one that has given the Sun’s early days in your career sector something to work with, hold onto the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses gained over the last few days. With a New Moon in your career sector in 7 days time, but developments continuing over the next 2 months, this is still the very early days of a push to get your new professional year up to speed.


As Ceres spends her first full day back in your communication sector something new but familiar is back in play, one that has you needing far more from all your communications. In retrograde motion and with Mars already in retrograde motion here, this puts even more weight on a need to give the past and unsaid words a voice. Across all aspects of your life communication has become a lot more important, but also a lot more meaningful.


With the Sun in his early days in your romantic and creative sector and Ceres spending her first full day back in a social and serendipitous part of your chart, both your social life and matters of the heart are becoming a lot more important. As it won’t be until next month that new doors open on the work front and life becomes a lot busier, with this is a chance to make up for lost time, giving your personal life some much needed support.



As Ceres spends her first full day back in your career sector there is both a new and an old dynamic back in play. Ceres has already spent several months here, giving you a deeper appreciation of what you’re fighting for and a need for something deeper and more meaningful when it comes to professional satisfaction. With both Ceres and Mars in retrograde motion here, this comes while the door is not only open to second chances, but when you have the power to turn things around.


At a time when life is becoming a lot more diverse there is a sense of adventure in play today that reminds you that it’s all about the journey. With Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos already evoking a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences and opening the door to second chances, this takes on a deeper and more philosophical bent from today, one where you’re able to appreciate that it’s all about the experience.

Just as Mercury and Neptune align in your relationship sector, bringing together Mercury’s articulation and Neptune’s dreams and fantasies, the Moon makes a timely return to your romantic sector. A day that is not only all about getting your head around your relationship expectations but giving this a voice, is also going to see your heart gain an intuitive voice. Both within your relationships with matters of the heart, communication is essential today. Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system’s return to your sign yesterday has had a subtle but significant impact already, waking you up to your own needs and also to what is and isn’t important. In retrograde motion it’s through hindsight that you’re able to distinguish between what you really need and what you think you do or should need. This is something real and authentic to what you’re feeling today.


Having the Moon move through your income sector in the Sun’s early days in your work sector has been a real advantage, making it important to hold onto the nose for money gained over the last few days as it moves on today. This is still the very early days of an extremely busy and important few months on the work front, but knowing where the money is will make it a lot easier to work smarter.

–– 70 70 ––



Just as the Sun is settling into his early days in your income sector and as income matters have become a lot more important, two other factors in play are going to ensure that you’re on your toes from the get go. With the Moon wrapping up its monthly visit to your career sector you’re able to begin the most lucrative months of the year with your professional instincts sharp, but with Ceres back in your financial sector also with a deeper appreciation for your real financial priorities.

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Workout with dumbbells 3 easy moves

Why Dumbbells? Dumbbells are suited to arm training. They are all you need to build Iron Arms. With dumbbells, a shift in arm position can help you to the perfect groove. The best things about dumbbells are their affordability and how portable they are. Dumbbells are suited to arm training. They are all you need to build Iron Arms. Once more, if you get dependent on a certain arm machine and it breaks, you are screwed. But a dumbbell is pretty much a dumbbell. Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises The main benefit to using dumbbell exercises in your workout routines is that on top of exercising the main muscles,

dumbbell exercises will also require the input from various stabilizing muscles as well. This is in contrast to exercising on gymtype machines where main targeted muscles are isolated and are the only ones being utilised. Dumbbell exercises allow complicit muscles to grow in strength together and prevent muscle groups from developing independently and out of sync. “The variety and number of different exercises one can do using only a pair of dumbbells is phenomenal.” Trainer: Beto Saboya

Two-Arms Triceps Extension • Stand up and hold one dumbbell with both hands behind your head, upper arms pointing straight up. • Raise the dumbbell up by curling your elbows and slowly lower it back after a short pause. • Your upper arms should remain still throughout.

Start with knees slightly banded with the dumbbells at shoulder level. You want your elbows to flare out away from the head at the start of each rep and move in toward the head as you press upward and squeeze your triceps as you push them up. Use a spotter, if the weight you can handle is fairly heavy. 4 x 10 reps

Biceps Curl • Stand up and hold one dumbbell with each hand down the side of your body, palms facing forward.

Your arms work together. If one side is weaker, your stronger side can’t compensate masking the disparity.

• Raise both dumbbells until they reach your shoulders’ height and slowly lower them back down after a short pause.

Don’t throw the weight up by heaving it with your spinal erectors. Finally, don’t let your elbows ride forward as you curl.

• Try not to jerk your upper body in an effort to help you lift the weights.

4 x 10 reps

Upright Row • Stand up and hold one dumbbell in each hand in front of your thighs. • Raise both dumbbells until your arms are parallel to the ground and lower them back down slowly after a short pause.

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• Be careful NOT to jerk your back in an effort to help you raise the dumbbells. 4 x 10 reps

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