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Petition of Grievance to House of Representatives Patterns of Racial Discrimination Emails, Videos, Documents of Public Officials, Employees Carrying out Acts of Discrimination, Courts Dismissing Just Cases Preventing Justice Telethia Barrett


May 3, 2014 Petition of Grievance Telethia Denise Barrett United States Citizen Dear Congress Member of the United States of America, I am writing you practicing my right to petition for help to bring about justice for actions of Racial Discrimination committed by public officials. I am writing you because I believe my issues are nationwide and in need of a real story with hard evidence, proof of acts of racial discrimination. The acts committed against my children and I by public officials and employees show practices that are repeated nationwide. I have proof and can show the steps taken to discriminate against African Americans seeking justice against white offenders. I have not been able to get justice locally or statewide in courts or through complaints. So I hope by telling you my story you can help put together the puzzle nationwide of these well documented practices and naming the practice what it is, Racial Discrimination and taking lawful actions against all that are found to have a history of patterns of discrimination against mostly African Americans. Here are some common practices that happen to me and others I have tried to help. This I know will help you put a finger on the issue, as I am a real person going through many of these issues right now. Things we can prove with documentation; Emails, videos, pictures, letters, OCR Findings: 

Proof of Child being Physically Assaulted by white teacher but denied proper investigations having hospital records of my 9 Year old African American female, “A” student. My child was struck in the NECK, BACK and Shoulder area by a white teacher while at school. The hospital records shows a Back Contusion, Neck Contusion, and Back Strain that my child suffered at the hands of her white teacher, the police closed the case the Det. says it never happened and told me he can prove it never happened. Proof of Police Calls for Help about a white teacher physically harming and physically threatened my 9 year old child. Police denied us the ability to make police reports about actions of a white teacher that resulted in my child in the ER several times. Forcing her to perform physical acts that caused her pain and difficulty to breathe with Doctors and Specialist letter(s) notifying school officials of her Health Concerns and Limitations. They refused to stop. Proof of Sheriff Department denying proper investigation denying witnesses testimony, and refusing to speak to other witnesses named when my child was

struck. Only speaking to teachers. Sheriff not allowing a new investigation or investigator by ignoring my letters to him and petitioning him for a meeting to talk with him Proof of Judges overseeing and Dismissing my Cases unjustly judges with a historically documented past of working to uphold Segregation in North Carolina denied us the ability to present evidence in court of racial discrimination and physical abuse and neglect. Proof of OCR Letter of Finding of Racial Discrimination, The Office of Civil Rights did an investigation and found that I had been discriminated against, however due to lack of Enforcement of the Laws we continue to suffer at the hand of public officials with harassment and no one to officially hold them accountable to this day. Proof of Actions and Processes to Deny entry to African American Academically Gifted Children to Federal Funded Advanced Learning Facilities and Classes. This is what started my issues. I was trying to get my child into the Gifted classes that she was being denied. Proof of Actions and Processes to Deny African American students and their parents the ability to apply for Federal Funds that pays for Academically Gifted Classes by not giving paperwork needed to the parents to get started with tests, that can track applicants, test scores and who was excepted. They don’t give you the proper paper application, which allows them to deny your child proper services, allowing them to give your child sub-standard services. Without giving proper numbers of African American Applicants vs. Enrollees. Proof of Long History Low Enrollment of African American Students in to the Academically Gifted Program, through their records and research by local colleges the Close The Gap programs was started, it shows African American being kept at 8% state wide with 15% population statewide, and for Johnston County, NC, kept at 5-6% over 10 years with a 15% African American population. This is in their own online records of the AIG Programs or Gifted Program. Proof of Public Officials Deterring Appealing Parent to physically petition on behalf of students being denied entry into Gifted Programs. By banning me from County Wide School Grounds that includes School Board Grounds, I was unable to physically appeal and speak at meetings. All my emails and phone calls where ignored for 3 months with no help for 11 months. Since I could not go to the School Board Building, I could not get anyone to help me. I had to home school my kids. Proof of Officials Obstructing Justice Working together to Deny Parents the Right to Properly Appeal and be giving a Proper Hearing of Appeal by agreeing to not respond to my pleas for help by phone and email. My Lawyer was able to get emails that show, them knowing I was appealing but agreeing not to help me for 11 months.

 

Proof of School Board not taking Actions to stop or Deter wrongful actions emails communications show denial of help by never respond to my appeals. Proof of local News Stations refusing to investigate or Cover our Story as a public notice for safety, no TV News coverage went out detailing our story with two OCR investigations and lawsuit filed alleging a white teacher assaulting a black child, but plenty of coverage of white students assaulted by public officials or black on white crimes or black on black crimes. The lack of TV News Coverage of Hate Crimes committed by whites on Blacks allows for it to continue and not allow people to know that their children can be in danger because of teachers allowed to work even with these types of allegations being investigated.

Other Issues I worked to help others with 

 

Minority Children Assaulted and Harassed by White Teachers being choked with feet dangling off the ground, burned, allowed to chock on food, pinched, allowed to be bullied by adults and children, called Nigger, nothing done, causing children to take test after giving them do exhausting tasks, which results in failed tests. Judges Dismissing Cases denying witnesses to testify or evidence to be entered Proof of CPS taking African American Children and not returning them to petitioning family members at alarming High Rates, weakening children confidence making it easy for them to fall prey to predators, families broken, similar to slavery times, denying parents assistance but giving funds to foster families, compared to the accumulation of prisoners, more kids equals more money Mothers with children in state care living in High Unemployment Counties being jailed for back child support filed by DSS, counties with high unemployment and lack of job opportunities are jailing parents of children that they removed from the parents custody and fault poor parents, depressed, lacking gas or transportations to attend meetings that do not produce jobs because there is no jobs to get Denying a Whole Race or Family members the ability to get and raise their own children, sighting bad neighborhoods, poor living, stating families lack the ability to raise their own family members. That is discrimination against an entire culture. Issue they sight are clear issues of the residue of Slavery, Jim Crow, and the times when approval for Welfare Assistance meant Fathers could not live with families, thus breaking family up setting up patterns that exist today. With finding entire families unable to care for children they take custody of, sends the message Blacks are unable to raise their own kids. Mostly because of Poor living conditions. This need to be address not by breaking up families causing more generational issues, but by allotting funds to mothers instead of foster care families. They only pay mothers $300 for all her children, where a foster parent can get $600-$1000 a month for EACH of her children, plus benefits of meds and counseling. If they gave

this to the broken families the culture will get better. Instead they break up, break down families and break mothers in the process. It is known women can become broken at the loss of her children. They try to take civil rights activist children or start investigations that have no legs, harassing those who stand up for civil rights

Through my experience I have come to see clearly how justice is denied concerning Racial Discrimination and Hate Crimes here in Johnston County, North Carolina.      

     

 

Refuse the right to make a Police Reports, makes it as if it never happened Refuse you a Proper Investigation that will lead to arrests by denying evidence to be filed Refuse to allow Witnesses to admit testimonies via Police Reports, Investigations or Courts Refuse to Speak with Witnesses Refuse Trails and Court Hearing to present Proof of Hate Crimes NC FBI stating they are too busy to investigate Hate Crimes, all Headed by local White personnel Department Heads who have the sole power to make the calls to investigate or not No Racial Discrimination office to go to about public officials discrimination other than housing discrimination Refuse To admit any Wrong doing At School or By Teachers making as if it never accord or possibly accord, Refusals to allow Teachers to be investigated stating they are immune to even physical attacks Refuse to Cover in the TV News of White on Black Crimes concerning teachers assaulting Black students Allowing Judges and Public Officials with History Standing for Segregation to oversee issues of Discrimination just to Dismiss Just Cases Refuse to allow you to make application or give you the paper work for Gifted Programs, this helps to distort numbers of how many African Americans applied, qualified and entered Refuse to Educate You on the Process to enter the Gifted Program denying communication concerning parents questions All Head of Departments in NC with the power to investigate always finds no wrong doing or little to no wrong doing, they don’t interpreted the law they way you do, or they don’t see it your way, they see no wrong being done or they state you are lying crazy, angry, to discredit the victim or don’t have time to investigate, all decision final decision makers have been white.

At the end of the day their goal is not to collect real evidence, take testimony to do a proper investigation making sure that there will never be a court hearing to give justice. The question is why not take all the information, why not allow evidence and witnesses? Why stop it with just what they think is this or that, instead of allowing in proof. This is their biggest hold, they don’t agree with you; therefore it’s over case closed. Then deny you another person of any other culture or race, in most cases to assist you that may have another outlook because of sensitivity to the issue.

Through these actions White Hate Crimes against Black students or just Black people in North Carolina and other states are allowed to go unchecked, changed and victory or justice denied that could have allowed changes to policies and change of those in power. I know that if you look into the Historically High volume of Racial Discrimination Reports, you will find a trail of commonalities with named Public Officials and Named Agencies or Departments that are denying justice to African Americans across America. Through these reports and findings you will be able to show proof of History and patterns of Racial Discrimination. The law states that if there are patterns due to laws or common practices that show discrimination, or one race great harmed, actions can be taken to seek justice. These findings through thorough research can ultimately allow a strategic plan of action that can be the biggest achievement in Justice for Civil Rights in our Generation. Many of the Judges have history in working For Segregation or votes For Segragation or court decisions that will show harsh punishments for African Americans, High Case Dismissal for Black Petitioner against Whites in cases of Racial Discrimination or Crimes. You will find higher Cases of Findings for Whites against Blacks. You will also see a high number of Cases dismissed alleging discrimination against public officials. There will be a clear record of what public official history and actions show unfair outcomes to one race over the other weather proven intentional or not. It will show a mind frame and their belief. I am asking that you please review my case, all these things have happened to me and others that I have tried to help. It is a pattern that has to be brought to light if we are going to get justice in Court concerning Civil Right Issues. Any miscarriage of Justice anywhere to Civil Rights is a miscarriage of Justice everywhere and in the future for our children. Please Help Me Give a Voice to What Happen to My Family, thus bringing light to a much broader issue of Racial Discrimination, those committing it, how they commit it and showing the process of removing them because of their history of acts that causes harm to

the African American Population first because these facts stand out the most, and how this is a trend that can affect not just African American, but other minorities and poor Whites. I can forward all my information to you by request. Here is information about me so you will know who you will choose to help. About Me 

                 

I am an African American woman that has faced many typical issues of urban America of the 80-90s I am a 36 year old stay at home mother of three children 6, 10 and now 12 year old I was married for 15 years to the father my children I am a Licensed Minister of Christ I have Developed and Manufacture a Natural Detox Drink and other natural products I am a Civil Rights Advocate after my experiences my eyes were open to the need I started a Group Moms For Change in 2007-08 as a volunteer for President Obama I am from Gary, IN I was chosen to travel to DC for High School Children interested in Social Justice I am the child of Crack Addict Parents I am a survivor of an attempted murder attack, I was 9 years old and I was dead for 7 minutes and was in a coma for two weeks I was a Foster Child without Issues I was dropped from Foster Care at 18 and became homeless with no family members able to take me in, I slept in homeless shelter I worked 3 jobs at 18 years old at minimum wage of $4.25 but lacked needed hours and the income to pay my bills got evicted, became homeless I slept in my car I was still 18 and was taken in by a much older person who pushed me into exotic dancing in order to pay bills I worked to save money to buy myself a house and started a billiard business to get out of the life at 18 I became a real estate investor to get out of exotic dancing I got married at 21, I’ve been a stay at home mom on and off for 15 years. My marriage had problems and my marriage was broken but the issue with the schools shattered it cause of the constant issues and frustration. I’ve been divorced for a year now

 

I don’t have any convictions that I know of and I have had my background checked for jobs. I home school my kids now and do all that I can to protect my family and seek justice for my family and others like myself.

I have said all of this to show you I am a survivor; I have been through a lot. I have learned a lot, I am able to understand the needs of many people in need of help; I minister to those who want a better life. I live with Hope of Justice, “all things work together for our Good”. I hope that what I have gone through with this Racial Discrimination is for a higher purpose, to help bring light to this dark hidden racist agenda to deny rights, delay, obstruct justice, and allow wrong doing to go unchecked or changed, causing harm to an entire race. I hope you are able to pull records of statistics, voting records, policies, customary practices showing patterns of discrimination, decisions that show patterns of lack of action, delayed actions; harsh punishments for blacks, and complaints and grievances filed giving names and actions or lack thereof showing patterns of discrimination. The law does not allow immunity from Racial Discriminating for any public office or public official elected or appointed. The proof can bring just calls for resignations and impeachments across this nation. If this is an agreed on plan of action for justice, and if our US Constitution is still alive, justice of 5% is better than none, and it will be able to set a model for justice in the future. Let their votes, actions, decision, orders, patterns or lack of actions, delay in actions, even dismissed cases show Racial Discrimination; these are all proven actions of Racial Discrimination. They hope we don’t put the history of it together, when we do, we can get rid of a lot of laws and those who make them.

I hope you see the need to help me tell my story, and helping others tell theirs of public official acts of Discrimination and then take our combined stories and go to court and petition for their resignation or impeachment. I hope that by brining my story to the light, we can show the public how our courts handle cases like mine today. I have other real idea that together we can put into play to bring about real change.

I hope to hear from you and work with you to bring about change, Telethia Barrett Concerned Mother and Citizen Johnston County, North Carolina 919-285-9654

Please contact me if you are interested to investigate my issues and receive my documentation and lawyer contact information. Yes Ive contacted all civil rights organizations about my issue, I have yet to receive any help. My issue seems to be to touchy, but I believe these ugly stories being told is the only real way to see change. Here is links to videos, Press Released Court Filings Petition to Pres. Obama Black Boy Called Nigger and threatened with Jail for standing up My 9 year old after going being hit Press Releases NAACP

My case that was wrongfully Dismissed typical actions to stop justice

Petition of grievance to house of representatives  

Emails, Videos, Documents of Public Officials, Employees Carrying out Acts of Discrimination, Courts Dismissing Just Cases Preventing Justic...