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ADONAI BEVERAGES Sales Agent Hand Book


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About Us


About Owner


Our Goals


Our Market


Marketing Plan


2011 Tour


The Opportunity


Pay Structure


Management Plan


Sellers Information


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Buy Now Pay Latter


NC Regional Map


CDC Obesity Report



Executive Summary Adonai Beverages is a start-up beverage wholesaler that has develop a natural drink line. The mission of Adonai Beverages is to bring a weight loss and detox drink to the masses. Adonai Beverages, based in Raleigh/Durham, NC, believes that health and wellness should be affordable and attainable for everyone. In a real world study among individuals who were between 3040 years old, of those who returned data, they have lost 5-20 pounds in a span of 30 days, without any change to their diets or physical activities. The products can be formulated for children as young as 6 and made stronger for adults. The products can also be formulated for everyday use or a 30 day weight loss plan with many different flavors and smoothie variations. The drink line will have a merchant or e-commerce website, and will also be marketed within various online networks. There will be staff to take orders by phone and work in the warehouse. There will be agents that will penetrate local markets.


Most good weight loss and detox products are very expensive and out of reach for those who really need help with obesity. Adonai Beverages will provide the customer a national brand at a price that beats the competition and generates higher profits for businesses and savings for the consumers. Obesity rates in the United States are among the highest in the world with 64% of adults being overweight or obese, and 26% are obese. Estimates of the number of obese American adults have been rising steadily, from 19.4% in 1997, 24.5% in 2004 to 26.6% in 2007. Should current trends continue, 75% of adults in the US are projected to be overweight and 41% obese by 2015. The U.S. Surgeon General report declared that obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year. These overwhelming research statistics reveal an alarming obesity trend, and a call to action. The most widely disseminated CDC research statistics on American obesity tell us that 63% of adult Americans have a Body Mass Index (BMI) in excess of 25.0 and are therefore overweight; more than a quarter surpass 30.0, having been declared obese, and perhaps the most riveting statistics concern obesity in kids: research shows that childhood obesity has more than tripled over the past two decades. There are 307,784,458 people in the US as of today. 75% of our population is 18 years old and older as of 2007 leaving 25% between the ages of 5-17.




A study looking at obesity and poverty trends between 1971 and 2004 showed that among adolescents 15 to 17, those most likely to be overweight lived below the poverty line. From 1999 to 2004, a poor adolescent was 50 percent more likely to be overweight than one who was not poor. The NAS formula shows the poverty rate to be at 15.8 percent, or nearly 1 in 6 Americans, according to calculations released this week by the Associated Press, Oct 20, 2009. The level of poverty in America is even worse than first believed. Poverty rates were higher for non-Hispanic whites (11 percent), Asians (17 percent) and Hispanics (29 percent) when compared to the traditional measure. For blacks, poverty remained flat at (24.7 percent), due to the cushioning effect of non-cash aid. There is a need for a real product that can produce real results at a real price for everyone. The company provides a wide range of all natural weight loss/detox drinks and smoothies. Products will be distributed through small businesses, medium business, local and national chains as well as nationwide sales agents or Area Distributors. The company plans to increase the number of stores and sales agents in the next years, we currently have 14. The expected growth rates of the business show a positive dynamic growth of at least 100% to 250% but as high as 500% for the first few years. The customers are private customers, businesses and corporations. The expected revenue is between at least $500,000 and $1,500,000 in the first year. All depending on number of sales agents brought on with the company.



The goal is the operation of a detox and weight loss drink line manufacturing wholesale company. The company has a website for online orders, area distributors for product saturation locally and nationwide. We will contract out co/packers and distributors our methods of large long distance deliveries for the first couple of years. Each Area Distributor will be equipped with mobile merchant services to make onsite sales and be hold a merchant consignment agreement to supply product at the point of sale. We plan to have major distribution centers spread out across the states in metropolitan areas. We will analyze all data in our second and fourth year of operations to open and operate our own manufacturing facility and delivery methods to optimize profits. The drink line has a website, and will also be marketed within various online social networks. We will use its creator as a spokesperson and wholesales agents to speak at or hold conferences/seminars events nationwide as well as in infomercials. We will also use the testimonials of others. All marketing will underscore the health risk of being overweight, healthy living, the need for a product that works and is affordable.


Telethia Denise Barrett born Telethia Denise Jones was born in Gary, IN to Sheila Ann Calmese and Darryl Glenn Jones. She is a 33 year old African American women, Christian and a mother of 3 children. She is the founder of JC Innovation, with Adonai Beverages as a subsidiary. She also serves as overseer of Adonai Health and Wellness Ministries.

Her passion for others has always been at the core of her business adventures. She started her first business at 18 as a real estate investor and landlord. She then started a construction referral company, and later a billiard room. While in school for Aesthetics she took an interest in natural products and began to study plant life. She made many product for her family which eventually grow into a line of personal care products. Years later she struggled with her weight after giving birth to her third child. Through prayer and fasting she received a natural weight loss and detox drink Fat Zappn Zinger and this was the birth of Adonai Beverages. Adonai is a Hebrew word that means “The Lord” Telethia Denise Barrett heard the call of God on her life as a child, but accepted her call to ministry at the age of 28 as a armor barer and intercessor. She is now called to minister through health and wellness. She has dedicated her life to serve others through both business and ministry as she feel both are connected and intertwined as her God given assignment. Her leadership and management style is biblically based and biblically driven. She believe we all deserve a chance to make a living and to live a healthy life.

Health and wellness should be affordable and attainable for everyone. “Telethia D. Barrett”


 

The goal is the operation of a natural weight loss and detox drink line, manufacturing and wholesale company. We will contract out to co/packers and distributors our methods of large long distance deliveries for the first couple of years. We seek to bring on 15,000 Distributors nation-wide who will be equipped with mobile merchant services to make onsite sales and hold a merchant consignment agreement to supply product at the point of sale. We plan to have major distribution centers spread out across the states in metropolitan areas. We will analyze all data in our second and fourth year of operations to open and operate our own manufacturing facility and delivery methods to optimize profits. We seek to be the number 1 natural weight loss and detox dink line world-wide.

OUR MARKET           

 

Residential Sales Business Sales Vending Companies Fitness Centers Grocery Stores Drug stores Convenience stores Gas Stations Weight loss Centers Restaurants Hair Solons/Spas Beauty Supply Stores Hotels

          

 

Business Offices Governmental Agencies Libraries Retailers Non-Retailers Call Centers Churches Non-profit organizations Apartment Complexes Bus stops and Bus Stations Travel Locations Nation-Wide World-Wide

MARKETING PLAN To place literature stands in identified locations  Market to family and friends  Social Media Marketing  Cold-Call businesses  Cold-Call residence  Press releases  Press release events  Multiple websites  Magazine and newspaper advertisement  Radio, TV, advertisement 

2011 TOUR 

Adonai Health and Wellness Ministry Tour  

To have Level 1 and Level 2 agents speak at different conferences on Healthy living Hosting Health and Wellness conferences and meetings

Adonai Product Demonstration Tour To have Level 1 and Level 2 agents speak with business and faith based leaders about being a major distributor of the products  Speak with business and faith based leaders about providing health and wellness product, services or ministries 


This is a founding level opportunity, with extreme growth potential, there will not only be great room to grow financially there will be career growth opportunities as well.

The company will have positions to fill such as.      

Levels 1, 2 and 3 Distributors City management State regional management State management National Regional management National management

We will look to promote from within the company. A college degree will not always be required, good old fashion hard work and proven skills will be all that you need to succeed with our company. Once we open a manufacturing warehouse facility there will be other opportunities. Here are just a few.     

Customer Service Managers Fork lift Drivers Local/State Delivery Drivers Warehouse Managers Manufacturing Operations Director

PAY STRUCTURE Level 1 Wholesaler

Level 2 Distributor

Level 3 Distributor

Purchase Price •$15 per unit Commercial Sales •$17-$20 Residential Sales •$25-$30

Purchase Price •$20 per unit Commercial Sales •$25 Residential Sales •$30-$35

Purchase Price •$25 per unit Residential Sales •$30-$35

•Ordering in high quantities •Trainer •Team of 20-150 •Conference/Seminar State to State Travel

•Trainer •Team of 0-20 •Conference/Seminar City to City Travel

City Based Sales Residential Door to Door Sales Friend and Family Sales

Available Promotion

Available Promotion

Available Promotion

National Regional Management

Level 1 Wholesaler

Level 2 Distributor

Team members must sale 330 UPM for 6 consecutive months

Must sales 30 UPM for 6 consecutive months

PAY STRUCTURE Level 1 Wholesaler

Level 2 Distributor

Level 3 Distributor

Purchase Price $15 per unit

Purchase Price $20 per unit

Self Commercial Sales $17x30=$2x30=$60 $20x30=$5x30=$150 Self Residential Sales $25x30=$10x30=$300 $30x30=$15x30=$450

Self Commercial Sales $25x30=$5x30=$150 Self Residential Sales $30x30=$10x30=$300 $35x30=$15x30=$450

Purchase Price$25 per unit Residential Sales $30-$35 Self Residential Sales $30x30=$10x30=$300 $35x30=$15x30=$450

Sales Team 30 UPM each 20 v/s 150 Reps

Sales Team 30 UPM each 20 Reps

20x30=600 UPM $5x600=$3000 $3,000 per team of 20 150x30=4500 UPM $5x4500=$22,500 $22,500x12=$270,000

20x30=600 UPM $5x600=$3000

The goal is 500 UPM each

The goal is 500 UPM each

500x151=75500 unites per month

500x21=10500 unites per month

151people 75500 unites sold $5x75500=$377,500 $377,500x12=$4,530,000

21people 10500 unites sold $5x10500=$52,500 $52,500x12=$630,000

The goal is 400 UPM each 20 units per day UPD Unites Per Month $5x200=$1000 $10x200=$2000 $5x300=1500 $10x300=$3000 $5x400=$2000 $10x400=$4000


State Director  Develops new state area markets  Manages entire state  Manages up to 20 State Regional Directors (Level 2 Distributor)  

Semi Manage Level 3 Distributors with monthly teleconference meetings 20 Level 2 will each manage teams of 20-150 level 3 Distributors

Take orders all order over 200 State Regional Director (Level 2 Distributor)  Manages a state area  Trains and manages up to 150 distributors  Takes all orders over 25 units from one customer  Delegates management duties to Top 20 level 3 Distributors  Monitors area growth by zip codes.  Research Area of interest  Designs and executes market penetration methods 

To be promoted to the next level you must have 20, level 3 distributors selling 30 units per month for 6 month consecutively. Those 20 or more team members within that 6 month period of time will then be promoted to level 1, and will be assigned an area within the South East region. We will start with South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. They will be given a choice of which area they will be willing to travel to grow. Most interaction will be via internet and teleconferences. If they don’t want to travel they will qualify for lower purchase prices. They can also suggest a state of their interest.

MANAGEMENT PLAN The Southern United States region comprises Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. •All order from level 3 will be sent to level 2 •All level 2 orders will be sent to State Director •All State Director order will be sent directly to major distribution warehouse


South East Regional Manger South West Regional Manager

National Directors

Share Holder

Advisory Board


Mid West Regional Manager

Natioanl Marketing Director

North East Regional Manger

National Quality Services Director

West Regional Manager

Level 2

Level 3



Level 2

Level 3



Level 2

Level 3



Level 2

Level 3



Level 2

Level 3



oThere will be many 5 National Regional Managers oUp to 50 State Directors Level 1 oUp to 20 State Regional Managers per state Level 2 oUp to 3000 Level 3 Distributors per state for the entire state

MANAGEMENT PLAN National Regional Director

Level 1 Distributors

Level 2 Distributors (20-150)

Level 3 Distributors (20)

Residentual Customers

Commercial Clients

National Chain Store Cleints

Residentual Clients






Needs a internet ready mobile device to take credit card payments Will have a deposit only bank card for cash purchases Will be able to accept checks with check verify only Will have their own business website and be able to maintain it as well. Will be able to take online orders Will soon be able to take EBT food stamp purchases Will soon be able to take no logo Benefits Debit Card purchases (SSI card holders) We be able to enroll clients into our new Buy Now Pay Later Plan

   

Find out how much is it to get a Solicitation license from your city or county office. Find out if you need a license from you city or county to operate a home base business that will have no incoming traffic. Find out when local meetings are being held ask if you can set up a vendors table. City meeting, church meetings, community meetings, school meetings, business meetings. Find out about local and state-wide conferences. Social Media Marketing get a FaceBook or Twitter page and market yourself there. Find out if you can join a Farmers Market Find a flee market to set up a vendor table

Set up local meetings with church and business leaders for product demonstrations.  Set up seminars in local libraries and other nonprofit facilities.  Become the go to person on healthy living  Start a garden with the city or non-profit organization  Start a training program for healthy living for families  Start a work out club 


Consignment Sales Agreement

Name of Manufacturer or Owner of Goods __Adonai Beverages__________________ Name of Selling Entity (Seller, or Consignment Merchant) _________________________________ Description of Goods to be sold on Consignment A)_Fat Zappn Zinger Natural Weight Loss Detox Drink Minimum sales price ______________________ B) _______________________________________ Minimum sales price _____________________ (list each item and min. price) Seller agrees to make best effort to maintain goods in good condition and to market goods so as to enable sale in reasonable amount of time. Insurance Maintained/Replacement fees paid by: Consignment Merchant/ Level

2 / 3


If seller (consignment merchant) maintains insurance, it is agreed that Manufacturer will be listed as "Loss Payee" on insurance. Flat rate: ___________ Accounting days: Every __30_____ days, Seller will provide a complete accounting, with full payment for sales made, less commission. Interest of __10____% per month (as allowed by law) will apply for amounts not paid when due. Return date: Unsold Goods will be returned to Manufacturer after 30 Days.

_____________________________ / _________________ Signature & Title - Manufacturer / Date _____________________________ / _________________ Signature & Title - Consignment Merchant / Date


Cell Phone number____________________________


Internet Ready Phone Y / N

Full Name____________________________________

Business Name_______________________________


DATE ________________________________ Name __________________________________________________________________________





Present address__________________________________________________________________ Number



How long ____________________

Telephone ( ) If under 18, please list age _____________________ Position applied for (1) ________________________



APPLICATION Days/hours available to work No Pref _______ Thur ________ Mon __________ Fri __________ Tue __________ Sat _________ Wed _________ Sun ________ How many hours can you work weekly? _________________________ Can you work nights? Type desired __ FULL-TIME ONLY __ PART-TIME ONLY __ FULL- OR PART-TIME When available for work?___________________________________________________________ TYPE OF SCHOOL NAME OF SCHOOL LOCATION (Complete mailing address) _______________________________________________________________________________________ NUMBER OF YEARS COMPLETED ____________________________________________________ MAJOR & DEGREE High School___________________________________________________________________________ College_______________________________________________________________________________ Bus. or Trade School___________________________________________________________________ Professional School____________________________________________________________________

APPLICATION HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME? __ No __ Yes If yes, explain number of conviction(s), nature of offense(s) leading to conviction(s), how recently such offense(s) was/were committed, sentence(s) imposed, and type(s) of rehabilitation. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

DO YOU HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE? __ Yes __ No What is your means of transportation to work? ________________________________ Driver’s license number ____________________________ State of issue _______ __ Operator __ Commercial (CDL) __ Chauffeur Expiration date ______________________ Have you had any accidents during the past three years? How many? ___________________ Have you had any moving violations during the past three years? How Many? ___________________

BUY NOW PAY LATTER AGREEMENT $________________________ _________________________ (Date of Making) _________________________ (Place of Making) For product received I,___________________________________________________________(name), of ___________________________________________ (address), ___________________________ (city), ______________________ (county), _____________________ (state), ________________Zip Code promise to pay (or promise to pay to the order of) Adonai Beverages at _ 9 Yale Court__________ (address), _Clayton___ (city), __Johnston____ county), __North Carolina____ (state), 27520 Zip Code, ___30 days__ after date of purchase without grace or on date, or if payable on demand, on demand) the sum of __________________________________________ ($______________), by automatic bank card deduction monthly, in the monthly amount of _____________ until completely paid in full.

__________________________ (Signature)

BUY NOW PAY LATER AGREEMENT BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION Name of Bank_______________________________ Bank Phone Number_______________________ __________________________________ ___________________________________ Checking Account Routing Number Checking Account Number Check Card Number___________________________Name on Check Card______________________ _____________ _________________________________ Card Type Check Card Security Code on Back

___________________________________ Expiration Date

How long have you had this bank account_____________________________________ Please attach a voided check for Checking Account debits

Signature_______________________________Date ________________ Print Name_____________________________Date_________________ Security Code Word __________________________________________________________________


STATE WITH HIGHEST OBESITY RATES Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults; BRFSS, 2009 (*BMI greater than or equal to 30, or about 30 lbs overweight for 5’4" person) No Data 20%-24% 25%-29% Greater than or equal to 30% Colorado




Washington D.C.






















New Jersey


West Virginia

New York




Rhode Island


Utah Nevada Vermont

New Hampshire


New Mexico


North Carolina

North Dakota Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Texas Washington Wisconsin

Less than 10%



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Adonai Beverages Agent Handbook

Online Agent Handbook  

Adonai Beverages Agent Handbook