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June 2011 Vol. 2 Issue 6

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‘PST29’ Owned by Neal Riddle BABE OF THE MONTH - Carlie


A Day at the Drags!


Editor’s Lane... July 8th thru 10th is First State Nationals at Dover Downs. This is a familyfriendly car and bike event that you don’t want to miss. You’ll find a special kids’ section, women’s’ retreat, go-cart racing, car and bike auction, flea market, cruise nights throughout the weekend and much more. Visit for more information. September 15th thru 18th we will be back in Ocean City, MD for Bike Week. This year there will be two concurrent bike week celebrations. O.C. Bikefest is being held at the Inlet in Ocean City, MD ( and Delmarva Bike Week, which is the traditional bike week celebration, will occupy multiple venues just outside of Ocean City (www. We’ll be at both events so stop and say hello! Once again, our home base will be Dead Freddies On The Bay, 64th & Coastal Hwy. So plan to join us for our 3rd Annual Biker Bash weekend with vendors, live entertainment, BON Meet & Greet, Custom Bike Builders and other celebrities of the motorcycle community, adult-themed games, Hot Cougar Contest and Bikini Contest. Dead Freddies holds 800 people but fills up fast so come early and often! You’ll love the great stage, lighting and acoustics and the fabulous deck overlooking the bay. The food and drinks are awesome and reasonably priced. This is the third year Caroline and I will be there so please come out and join us. We will dispense more information as it becomes available on our website at www. Don’t forget our various bike nights in the Delmarva area. Check the magazine both in print and online for more info. Finally, we are actively seeking vendors and bike builders for our events. Contact walt@flbdelmarva for more information.


rowing up in Philly and being a “motor head” (I got my first job as a painter’s helper at Fox Chase Auto Body in NE Philly at the age of 14), going to Decauter Road and Front Street for the “drag races” was a way of life. Then there was the “big show” at Atco, Englishtown and Cecil County. I still remember AM Radio ads like it was yesterday: “Sunday, Sunday, Super Amphetamine drag way.” “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, Jim “The Snake” Purdone, and who could forget “Cha Cha” Muldowny who I had the biggest crush on as a teenage boy. I remember putting a new rear into Joe Dixon’s 1969 Mustang almost every week until we finally installed a 4.11 rear from a Ford pick up. It worked and he stopped blowing rears. Joe ran street prepared at Atco almost weekly (I wonder where Joe is today?). Then I noticed motorcycles which were pretty much a novelty back in the 70s. Most of the “drag bikes” were stripped down Harley Sportsters and Triumph Bonnevilles were revered as absolutely awesome. Throw in a BSA for good measure. Hondas were not considered “real bikes” and their idea of racing, just as Kawasaki and Suzuki, was off road for the most part. If you wanted to see real motorcycle drags you went to Oley, PA and the Reading Motorcycle Club’s Motorcycle Drag Strip to see “real men race real bikes.” By the way, drag racing is not limited to men anymore. Women do it too. So after a 20 year hiatus from going to a motorcycle drag race, Jason Miller of Maryland International Raceway invited us to come down to Budds Creek and hang out for the day. All I have to say is WOW - what a place! You can read Caroline’s article in this month’s issue. This venue is incredible. Everything is modernized and family-friendly. Even Until next month, keep the shiny side up and the rubber on the concession food is good (kudos on their BBQ pork chop the road. sandwich!). The rest rooms are spotless with attendants on board (like a swanky restaurant!). MIR is a first-class establishment. But what will hit many of you in the face is that most of the bikes racing are sports bikes or “crotch rockets.” Yeah, you die-hard Harley folks call them “rice burners.” Well if burning rice can get you down a quarter mile drag strip at 200 mph, I say “Where can I buy a bag of that rice?” But seriously, I don’t care what you ride. If you are into bikes you have got to see these things run. It will blow you away. So grab the gang and jump on your scoot and go check out the motorcycle drag races at MIR – make it a group ride! For more information visit While I have your attention, I also want to invite you all to come out to our events this season. On June 26th we will be at Club Risqué in NE Philly for our 2nd Annual Bikes and Babes Fest. This is a really great event and it starts at noon on a Sunday so you can come on over after church, enjoy the beer garden and get your picture taken with your favorite Risqué entertainer on your bike. There will be vendors and lots of adult entertainment. For more information, visit www.

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SENIOR MOMENT Name: Thomas ‘Tom’ Summar Age: 65 Location: Roanoke, VA

Tom Summar was born on August 4, 1944 in Decatur, Illinois. At age 13, a law was passed that would allow a fourteen year old to ride a motorized bike as long as it was under 5 horsepower. That’s where Tom’s interest in cycling began. Once Tom graduated high school, he spent the next eight years in the Army Reserves. After six months of active duty, he went to work for the Wabash Railroad where he remained employed for 37 years. But through all those years he never lost his interest in motorcycling and went from a 5 horsepower Cushman can-type motor scooter to a Honda 90 and up to a Kawasaki 750. Tom stopped riding in the late 1980s when he moved with his job. Then in 2008, he purchased a Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Electra Glide. One of Tom’s favorite ride stories is his involvement with a local Roanoke mall playing the part of Santa Claus. One year, Tom was the opening Santa and rode his Electra Glide all around the mall’s perimeter. He was escorted by the local motorcycle police and followed by one hundred motorcyclists. “I don’t think I will ever lose my interest in cycling,” said Tom, “or the wind blowing through my hair and the feeling of freedom it gives me.”



ASK THE ATTORNEY By: Lee D. Gaber, Esquire

1-888-CYCLE-LAW . BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING Not long ago, I received a video-tape showing a client’s accident as it took place. The video came from a bank surveillance camera and was obtained by the police who investigated the accident. The video wasn’t much help because it was shot from to far away to show who was at fault, but it proved what I have suspected for many years, that many of our actions are being recorded by security cameras without our knowledge or consent. While hoping not to sound too paranoid, I actually assume that when I am in a commercial area, I am being recorded. Although I don’t change my behavior, this “invasion of privacy” has become a reality. Making matters worse, rarely does a day goes by that we don’t read about some company tracking our movements through our computers, GPS systems or cell phones, intentionally or not. Add to the list, the hackers who steal information, and the personal information that many of us intentionally put on the internet through networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and you can begin to understand that our private lives are becoming more public every day! Those who read my columns know that I advocate curtailing any discussions about an accident, or any private matter, on the internet or through e-mail. As proof that I am not being overly cautious, some defense attorney’s are now requesting Facebook passwords in order to obtain information about accident victims. Whether the Courts will allow this invasion of privacy, remains to be seen. Additionally, employers and college admission boards are searching networking sites to learn more about potential candidates. Further, I recently read about attorneys who are googling or Facebooking potential jurors right from the court room to learn more about them. No longer is justice blind, it’s now powered by Google! The bottom line is, we have all become accustomed to putting personal information on the internet and in texts, e-mails, etc. – without thinking about the potential consequences. Therefore, my advice is simply - DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN WRITING – BE IT IN A TEXT, E-MAIL or ON THE INTERNET, that you want kept private, because inevitably if some one looks hard enough – they may find these communications. If you want to discuss something sensitive ….. use the phone! On another note, the PA Supreme Court recently decided in the case of AYERS v. GEICO that even if you insure your automobiles and motorcycles with the same insurance company and select the “stacking” option, if the insurer issues separate policies for each and the auto policy contains a “household vehicle exclusion”, you will not be able to stack your uninsured or underinsured coverages from your cycle policy onto your auto policy. I was cautiously optimistic that the Court would allow the “stacking” of these coverages because both of the vehicles were insured with the same company, thereby denying the auto insurer’s ability to argue that they didn’t know about the cycle. A similar case was decided about a year ago, wherein the Court held that if the cycle and the auto were insured with separate companies, they would not be allowed to stack coverages, reasoning that the auto insurer did not know that their customer also owned a motorcycle and therefore was unable to take into account the risk of a motorcycle accident. However, in Ayers, it was the same company and that argument certainly would not apply. However, the Supreme Court in a 4 to 3 decision, held against the motorcyclist and in favor of the insurance company. (anyone surprised by this result…) Currently, the only company that I know of that allows the stacking of both motorcycle and automobile policies in PA is State Farm. This stacking option does not apply in either New Jersey or Delaware as neither state allows for the “stacking” of benefits. I hope you find this information informative and if you would like additional information on this topic, or any other, I can always be reached at or 1-888-CYCLE-LAW (1-888-292-5352).

Sincerely, LEE D. GABER, Esquire The one and only “Cycle Attorney” 5

Jason Miller

Maryland International Raceway (MiR) Jason Miller is the face of Maryland International Raceway (MIR) in Budds Creek, MD. At age 36, Jason oversees the promotion, advertising and marketing of the drag racing events. He does whatever it takes to make MIR the world-class drag strip that it is. Fast Lane Biker Magazine Delmarva caught up with Jason and got him to slow down long enough to answer 13 questions.

Angela. She says I’m married to the Track. 10. Do you have children? Angela has a 9-year-old daughter, Cortni who is very much like a daughter to me. Cortni and Angela are the two women in my life - other than my mother that is. All three of them keep me on an even keel. 11. How about pets? Oh yes! I have two boxers. Ali is a 9-yearold male and totally crazy. He rides motorcycles and jet skis with me. Banshee is a 6-month-old female boxer. She’s in training right now – learning how to ride bikes and jet skis! 12. Tell us about the charity work you do? Our family believes in giving back to the community so we contribute tickets for charity fundraisers and we do a March of Dimes fundraiser at the track every year. 13. Can you tell us about your expansion plans? Yes. We are looking to expand our Super Bike Series. Currently we are running it at MIR and at Rockingham and looking to add a third venue to the series.

1. How long have you been into drag racing? Since I was 18 years old. Before that I was into motocross which I started when I was 7. 2. Do you yourself drag race? I haven’t raced consistently since about 2006 because of my obligations at MIR. I do get to race from time-to-time and I teach Street Bike Seminars at the track. So I get my occasional fix. I have a bike that I’ve almost finished putting together for next season. 3. How did you become involved with drag racing? It was a natural progression. My dad, Royce, was a drag racer back in the day and my mom, Linda, always supported him and then me when I started racing. I guess you could say we’re a racing family! 4. So drag racing is in your blood? Yes, I guess you can say that. Motorcycles are my big thing. But I like anything that goes fast – cars, boats and especially jet skis which are like motorcycles on water. 5. Is MIR a family operation? Yes. My family originally leased MIR in 1989. Then, in 1999, the opportunity to buy MIR came about and we did. Almost immediately we began to upgrade the facility to what you see today. Both my mom and dad are very active with the track. It really is a family thing and we try to make the track a place where families feel welcome and they can participate and enjoy drag racing as a family sport. 6. I understand your big thing is the Super Bike Series? Definitely. These bikes are incredible and so are the folks that run them. This is grass roots racing. These bikes are basically street legal bikes being run on the track. Of course they have had a lot of things done to them. But essentially, you can ride a bike like this to the track, race it and then ride it home. Now that’s pretty cool! 7. I heard you have done something incredible yourself on a bike like this – something about a world record? Yes. In 2005, I set a world record on a 60” WB Super Bike. My time was 7.69 at a top speed of about 192 MPH. 8. Does that record still stand? Yes. But I hope to break my own record someday soon. 9. How about the personal side of Jason Miller? Are you married? No. Not married. But I do have a great girlfriend,


The FLBD crew had a great time at MIR. Caroline especially enjoyed taking photos from the starting line during the races and we all wish to thank Jason and the rest of the folks at MIR for their hospitality. The Miller family works very hard to open their doors to everyone wishing to enjoy and compete or observe the races. They welcome everyone to bring the family and check them out. For more information, visit www. For information concerning Street Bike Seminars, visit




JUNE 4TH-6TH . DICK GELFMAN’S RIDE ACROSS MARYLAND - Ocean City, MD. Ride starts at the Mall in Columbia at 9 am. Coffee, bagels and items donated by sponsors available to early riders. Police-escorted ride across the Bay Bridge where you then choose a route to Ocean City. Main event thru the weekend at the Francis Scott Key Resort. Vendors, music, mini golf, indoor/outdoor pool and more. For more information, visit or email

JUNE 3RD-5TH . 2ND ANNUAL BON PARTY USA – Byker Bizzare, Woodside Plaza, Walnut Shade Rd. & Rte. 13. Friday night meet and greet with music and refreshments. Saturday activities begin at 10 a.m. – bike wash, swap meet, vendors, refreshments. Sunday, 10 a.m. – swap meet and blessing of the bikes (noon). For more information call (302) 632-4807. JUNE 4TH . 2ND ANNUAL RIDE TO REMEMBER – St. Peter School, 515 Harmony St., New Castle, DE 19720. Registration begins at 10:15 am thru 10:45 am. Kickstands up at 11 am. One hour ride to St. Anthony’s Club, New Castle, DE. $15 per bike. Proceeds benefit Elizabeth Loncki scholarship fund. For more information, email or call Tina at (302) 981-9085.

JUNE 5TH . 6TH ANNUAL MASON-DIXON RUN - 7511 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD. The Pete’s Baltimore RAT Pack and Pete’s Cycle Co. of Baltimore invite ALL motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy a day of riding through scenic MD and southern PA. The ride benefits Camp Sunrise, a summer camp for kids with cancer. Registration begins at 8 am; ride begins at 9 am. Cost is $10.00 per bike. 50/50 raffle before ride. For more information, call Graham Gold (410) 663-8556 or email

JUNE 18TH . FIRST ANNUAL POKER RUN – CC TwentyTwo, 606 Bridgeville Hwy., Seaford, DE. Starts 9 am thru 10:45 am. Ride to 5 stops and then to R&R Bar & Grill. $15/bike and rider, $5/passenger. Benefits Judy & Grizzly, cancer patient. For more information, please call (302) 6294677.

JUNE 5TH . SINGERLY VFD 4TH ANNUAL RIDE IN SHOW - 300 Elkton Newark Rd., Elkton, MD. Vendors, Godspeed Extreme Motorcycle Stunt Team, beef and beer, plus other food on site. $3 general admission, $10 Bike show entry includes one admission, $8 used bike coral to show your bike for sale includes one admission. For more information contact Lee at (410) 398-0178 or email Vendors: 10’x12’$35 or 14’x24’-$70.

JUNE 24TH . HARLEY-DAVIDSON OF SEAFORD CRUISE IN - 22586 Sussex Hwy., Seaford, DE. Fashion show, concert and live music. Food and drinks available on site. Join the fun! For more information, visit or call (302) 629-6161.

JUNE 4TH . MOUNTAINS, MOTORCYCLES & MUSIC/ ABATE OF MARYLAND ANNUAL STATE PARTY - 11490 Moss Ave., Cumberland, MD. Come party all weekend in the ABATE Saloon with DJ JOE, live music Friday night featuring HIGHTEST, Saturday night SNAKEBITE, JEllo wrestling, thong pull, tattoo contest, wet t-shirt, wet boxer contests and motorcycle rodeo. Saturday morning escorted group ride to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. “Bottomless Mug” starts at noon Saturday! The drawing for the ABATE of Maryland Raffle Bike 2011 goes off at midnight. Limited full hook up RV site are available for $25 per night. Admission: Weekend - MRO Member $30 Non- Member $40 Friday or Saturday Day Passes- $20 and includes Bottomless Mug. For more information, call (410) 263-9185 or visit or email

JULY 8TH-10TH . FIRST STATE NATIONALS – Dover International Speedway (aka Dover Downs),131 N DuPont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901. This three-day motorcycle and custom car festival is a one-ofa-kind event that you don’t want to miss!! Come out for live entertainment, custom/classic auction all three days, evening cruises every night to local hot spots, celebrities and world famous builders will be showing off their goods, manufactures midway, swap meet, on-site camping and kart racing, giveaways, crafts, swap meet, cash prizes and trophies. Not enough? How about a shuttle to the casino all day, every day. For more information, visit or email or call Michael at (302) 465-1145. VENDORS AND MULTI-LEVEL SPONSORS WELCOME!!

JUNE 11TH-12TH . MIROCK FBG SUMMER SHOWDOWN - 27861 Budds Creek Rd., Mechanicsville, MD. An incredible racing event sure to appeal to anyone who loves a good bike race! Different classes include: Top Sportsman class, Crazy 8’s class, Wild Pro Mod class, 200mph Pro Street class, Real Street class, Pro ET class and the Street ET class. There will also be a $1,200 bikini contest. For more information, visit or call Jason Miller at (301) 884-9833.

MARYLAND EVENTS JUNE 4TH . KUNDRATIC MOTORCYCLE ROUND UP IV - Kundratic Kustom Motorcycles, 6310 Holabird Ave., Baltimore, MD - Come hang out from noon – 5 pm. Enjoy food, bands, Chinese auction benefiting the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation, and more. Join the ‘Ride-In Bike Show’ - $10 entry fee. FREE Admission for spectators, For more information, visit or email or call Chris at (410) 633-3113.

JUNE 11TH . 9TH ANNUAL FEDERALSBURG VFW POST #5246 MOTORCYCLE SHOW - 2630 Veterans Dr, Federalsburg, MD 21632. Support local veterans with disabilities. Noon – 6 pm. Food, raffle, live music all day featuring The Bone Daddys and Twenty One Horses. $5 admission/$10 bike show registration. For more information, visit or call (410) 430-4063.

JUNE 4TH . RED KNIGHTS MD 1 POKER RUN – Old Glory Harley-Davidson, 11800 Laurel Bowie Rd., Laurel, MD. Register 8 thru 9:30 am. Ride starts at 10 am. Vendors, after party, local bands, door prizes and more. $25 per rider. For more information, please visit www.redknightsmd1. com or email or call Amber at (240) 838-0977.


JUNE 18TH . JUVENILE DIABETES AWARENESS CHARITY RIDE - Patterson Senior High School, 100 Kane St., Baltimore, MD 21224. Destination: Jacobsville Elementary School, Pasadena, 8


Your�Professional�Bike�Event�Hauler A lady calls the police to report her husband is missing. The police arrive and ask for a description. She tells them he’s 6 foot 2 inches tall, blonde wavy hair and has a smile that makes everybody love him. The police then go to the next door neighbor to verify this report and the lady next door tells the police, “You can’t believe her. He’s 5 foot 4 inches tall, has no hair and he wears a perpetual frown on his face.”

Fly�Down�&�meet�your�Bike For�a�Hassle�Free�Event�Week � Fully�Equipped�NASCAR�air�ride�trailer � Professional�Driver/Owner�Operator�- You�know�who�is�hauling�your�bike. � Established�Way�Points�-�Progress�reports�emailed�to�you�so�you�know�where�you�bike�is � Early�Drop�Off�-�Centralized�pick�up�locations�gives�you�flexibility�in�your�schedule. � Early�Returns�-�Not�staying�the�week? You�can�return�your�bike�to�our�trailer�early. � Completely�insured

The neighbor then goes and asks the lady why she gave the police such a false report. She replies, “Just because I reported him missing, doesn’t mean I wanted him back!” ☼☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼

Make�your�reservations�now! CURSE

Call�Michael�at�443-995-1467�or email�

A man is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road.


A woman is driving down the same road. As they pass each other, the woman leans out of the window and yells “PIG!!!” The man immediately leans out of his window and replies, “BITCH!!!” They each continue on their way, and - as the man rounds the next corner - he crashes into a pig in the middle of the road and dies immediately. If only men would listen. ☼☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼ Two bored casino dealers are waiting at the crap table when a very attractive blonde woman arrives and bets $20,000 on a single roll of the dice. She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I’m completely nude.” With that, she stripped from the neck down, rolled the dice and yelled, “Come on, baby, Mama needs new clothes!” As the dice came to a stop she jumped up and down and squealed... “YES! YES! I WON, I WON!” She hugged each of the dealers and then picked up her winnings and her clothes and quickly departed... The dealers stared at each other dumbfounded. Finally, one of them asked, “What did she roll?” The other answered, “I don’t know - I thought you were watching.” 9

MD. Registration begins at 8 am thru 10 am. Vendors, music and more. Prices: $20 per bike. For more information, visit or email JUNE 19TH . BLUE KNIGHTS MD IX 7TH ANNUAL PURPLE HEART RIDE – Freedom Park, Raincliffe Rd., Sykesville, MD. Come out to demonstrate support for members of the Armed Forces wounded while valiantly serving our country. Police-escorted ride begins in Sykesville, MD and proceeds to Old Glory Harley Davidson in Laurel, MD for lunch, music and participation in “rider challenge” at conclusion of ride. All proceeds benefit the Armed Forces Foundation. Registration begins 9 a.m. thru 11 a.m. $25 donation per rider/$10 per passenger. You MUST register to participate in this ride. For more information, please visit or Facebook: Blue-Knights-Maryland-IX or call Steve Martin at (410) 804-5721 or via email at JUNE 25TH . SPORT BIKE DAY AT BOB’S – Bob’s BMW, 10720 Guilford Rd., Jessup, MD. The badder the better! ALL brands welcome! Onsite Dyno! For more information, visit or email or call (301) 497-8949. 6/25/2011 ABATE MID SHORE BIKE SHOW - 21651 Lowes Wharf Rd., Sherwood, MD. Join us for vendors, 50/50, custom trophies, live music, fun, and more! For more information, visit or email or call Kathy Hays at (410) 714-0831. SEPTEMBER 15TH-18TH . DELMARVA BIKE WEEK – Harley-Davidson of Seaford, 22586 Sussex Hwy., Seaford, DE. Come out for contests, raffles, rides, bike show, merchandise, concert, poker run and more. Registration is not required for this event so come out and have some fun. For more information, visit or call (302) 629-6161. VIRGINIA EVENTS JUNE 4TH . 5TH ANNUAL GUMBALL RUN - 705 Lesner Ave. Norfolk, VA. Registration: 9 thru 11 am. Admission: :$20/rider and $10/ passenger (includes lunch). Proceeds benefit ALR Legacy Fund and Fisher House. For more information, visit or call (757) 676-1440. JUNE 5TH . RICHMOND RIDE FOR KIDS – Richmond Times Dispatch, 8460 Times Dispatch Blvd., Mechanicsville, VA. Ride throughout the Virginia countryside while supporting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Minimum donation: $35. Registration begins at 8 a.m. Ride starts at 10 a.m. For more information, visit or call (800) 253-6530. JUNE 10TH-11TH . SOUTH CENTRAL BIKE FAIR - VFD Fire Training Grounds, Chase City, VA. Gates open at 2 pm on Friday. Live music, bike show, poker run, rodeo, tattoo contest, food, beverages, and more. Come out for the 2nd Annual Working Man’s Biker Build-Off which is sure to bring some unique machines! For more information, visit www.southcentralbikefair. com/id24.htm or email or call (434) 372-0092. JUNE 18TH . 3RD ANNUAL KATELYNN STINNETT MEMORIAL RIDE - 1900 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg, VA., 22401. Ride benefits child abuse awareness & prevention via Prevent Child Abuse Virginia. For more information, email wayne@katelynnstinnettmemorialridevir or call Wayne at (703) 785-1814. JUNE 23RD-25TH . VIRGINIA STATE HOG RALLY Petersburg, VA. Come experience areas of the US on your bike. Many planned activities. For more information, visit or call (757) 471-3669.




ROCK HALL SPRING BIKE FEST Story and Photos by Chip Deitrick

Once again, motorcyclists fired up their bikes and headed down to the heart of the Eastern Shore for the 2011 Rock Hall Spring Bike Fest in Rock Hall, MD. It may not have looked like it but the weather cooperated most of the day and seemed to open up when the party came to the end, like it knew we had to go home. The Harbor Shack was the place to be on Sunday with live music, great food, vendors and, of course, awesome bikes. As someone who grew up in the Rock Hall area as a kid, I can tell you it’s the perfect place to let go of the busy city life most of us are accustom to. The area is lined by pictureperfect country roads for a great ride in. Once you arrive in town you will not see any big businesses, just a lot of friendly, small shops. The town of Rock Hall itself is a fishing and boating community. It’s the type of town where you drive down the road and strangers still give you a slight wave with the hand on the wheel or a quick nod of the head to say hello. If you like beautiful scenery and awesome seafood, than you need to take a ride to Rock Hall this season. Eateries such as The Harbor Shack, Waterman’s Crab House and Ford’s Restaurant are some of the best places I have found to eat hot, fat crabs.

MOTORCYCLE ART... Showcasing motorcycle art from the many talented designers in the Delmarva motorcycle community. Page sponsored by: Art Signs

Attendance at the Bike Fest was calculated at about 1,000 motorcycles gathered in Bayside Park and surrounding locations that opened their doors to the motorcycle community. The event was founded by previous Mayor, Jay Jacobs, in the fall of 2003. The event, which is held twice each year, is brought to you by the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company and all proceeds go directly to the Fire Company. Join us for the next Fall Bike Fest on October 16th 2011. For more information, visit 11


It’s Just A Little Hole Fellas By Terri Faust

I love when summer is in full affect and I can ride without all that cumbersome leather gear. Last summer I headed out for a day-trip with a riding buddy, wearing an incredibly comfy pair of ripped jeans and a tank top. Stopping at a gas station on the eastern shore to fill up and get something to drink, I made a startling discovery. As I climbed off my bike, I felt my jeans rip and noticed that what had begun as a small split near my back pocket had grown considerably while I was riding and was now about 3 inches in length. My buddy saw me feeling the back of my jeans and asked what was wrong. I explained, and asked him if it was noticeable from behind. After studying my ass closely and laughing he said “Hey, I’ll ride BEHIND you for the rest of the day!!” We gassed up and went inside the store to get sodas. He was still teasing me as we left the store, about the “free show” everyone was going to get once we hit the road. And then, quite unexpectedly and uncharacteristically, he smacked me on my butt - not a little tap, but a smack that was so loud, the cashier looked up, and I spun around shocked. My buddy was laughing and apologizing at the same time. Apparently the “hole” had transformed him from “Mr. Manners” to “Mr. Cowboy”. We got back on the bikes and rode for an hour or two, exploring the roads around a wildlife preserve with me leading the way, of course. We stopped near the water, climbed out onto some huge rocks and sat there for awhile soaking up the sun and talking about work, family, life, etc. He kept looking at a small hole in the thigh of my jeans. It was one of those holes where the white threads are still connected from side to side but the skin shows through. He couldn’t seem to focus on anything else except that hole - the threads still holding it together were driving him to distraction. Periodically he’d reach over and put a finger through the threads to try to make the hole bigger, all the while commenting that there’s something about seeing a little bit of skin that drives a man crazy. This only further confirms my belief that it’s sexier to show just a little and leave ‘em guessing, than to leave nothing to the imagination. I thought about trashing the jeans when I got home and saw just how big the hole was but decided not to. They’ve still got a few years in them and I think they’ll resurface as soon as the weather warms up - maybe with a strategically placed patch or two!




SUSKY RIVER GRILLE . PORT DEPOSIT. MD By Jay Kuch, Mystery Food Critique

Full-blown riding season has finally arrived and all that is holding me back is the occasional rainy day or, worse, the dreaded work day. But I suppose I can deal with that. After all, I do need to put fuel in the tank, booze in my mouth and food in my gut. Well after one recent, long, work week, I decided to take a ride through some scenic back roads to the little town of Port Deposit, MD. I rode through the main street until I found what I was looking for, the Susky River Grille, a very comfy spot tucked away on the Susquehanna River. As I waited to be seated, I gave the Susky a once over and noted what appeared to be a two level deck overlooking the river. It was a beautiful, sunny day so obviously that was the place to be. I needed to work on my tan anyway (just the arms and face in true biker fashion) and enjoy a few Crown and Cokes. I settled in and immediately turned my attention to the awesome view. There were several boats (they were actually mini yachts), picturesque shore line and some very beautiful ladies who were also enjoying the deck. Despite every table being full, the staff remained friendly and professional. Kristen, my “just that day promoted” waitress, reminded me of a head cheerleader. She smiled constantly and was full of energy. She presented my table with menus and promptly served our drinks. The menu featured many of the usual favorites such as wings, burgers and grilled chicken but also offered an interesting variety of seafood dishes as well. If you follow my column at all, you won’t be surprised that the first delicacy I ordered as my appetizer was wings - but I also added steamed shrimp. By now you are wondering how I put all this food away. Fear not, I was there with five other people who helped me chow down on the appetizers. The wings were crispy and juicy with the right amount of hot sauce to make your lips smack as you devour them. They didn’t last long. Nor did the perfectly steamed shrimp coated with Old Bay. For the main course, I selected the Guinness marinated steak which arrived as ordered (medium rare), with sautéed onions, mushrooms, a baked potato and fresh broccoli. The sauce had a slight hint of Guinness, not too overpowering, adding just the right flavor to a perfectly cooked steak. I polished off my meal with the exception of the broccoli – I guess I wasn’t being a good boy by not eating all my vegetables. After a few more Crown and Cokes, some good conversation and breathtaking scenery, I sadly left my new found serenity. For the first time this year, I needed only a hoodie for the ride home and I’m hoping for many more just like it. I can definitely recommend the Susky to all of you without any warnings (unlike last month) and will definitely be heading back to sample a few more items from the menu such as Cocomo Tilapia and the Teriyaki Bourbon Marinated Salmon. As if the scenery and food aren’t enough to lure fellow bikers to the Susky, they also have a bike night each Thursday night and feature ½ price wings! I’ll be there so be sure to stop in and say hello. The Susky River Grille is located at 600 Rowland Drive, Port Deposit, MD. Until next time, remember, it’s just another day in paradise. 13


The latest event in Ocean City, MD this spring was the 1st Annual Bikes to the Beach. This event was backed by several local businesses and hosted by Hooper’s Crab House and the Oasis Bar & Grill. But to many bikers, the place to be during the event was sponsor stop Trader Lee’s on route 50 in West Ocean City. The party started jumping on Friday at Trader Lee’s with a bike contest, live music, frozen t-shirt contest sponsored by Popeye’s Cycle. Special thanks to Turner Tech, Byker Bizarre, Popeye’s Cycle, Eastside Chop Shop, Insane Leathers, Sunrise Electrical Services and all the vendors who came out to support Trader Lee’s. The Oasis Bar & Grill in Whaleyville, MD also hosted a great weekend of events that included live music, vendors and an eye pleasing bikini contest. According to vendors Roger and Lauri Hill, better known as Thumpers Leather, the weekend was a great success down at the Oasis and pictures don’t lie. I ended the weekend at Hooper’s Crab House on Sunday where I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Ballard and Angie from Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis. Hooper’s had the parking lot full of vendors ranging from the mobile dyno machine service of F.T.F Performance, leather shops, Russ Brown Biker Law and more. It’s was also great to see local businesses support the motorcycle community. If you missed this Spring bike event in Ocean City, don’t worry. You can catch the Fall event, September 15th thru 18th, just a little more than 3 months away. Be sure to check for details in upcoming issues of Fast Lane Biker Magazine Delmarva or on the web at







e i l r Ca



24 year old Carlie describes herself as a “hokie” from Roanoke, VA with a passion for fitness. Although athletically inclined for most of her young life (she played soccer all throughout middle and high school), Carlie has since changed her focus to health and fitness and earned a degree in human nutrition, foods and exercise from Virginia Tech. She has been a “gymbo” for several years now and staying fit is her passion. Carlie is currently employed as a Fitness Manager at a local health club, where she shares that passion with club members and introduces them to the benefits of leading a healthier life. In her spare time, Carlie enjoys boxing and pumping iron. Look out guys – she may just kick your butt!!




Featured Bike: 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa Owner: Neal Riddle Engine: 1300cc Motor Built to Prostreet Specifications Builder: Rodney Williford Boost Controller: NLR AMS 1000 Turbo: Velocity Racing Turbo System with a Garrett GT35-R Turbo Computer System: Apex Speed Technology Pectel SQ6 Standalone Clutch: Hays Machine Works Convertible Clutch Bodywork: Catalyst Fiberglass

Swing Arm & Offset Clamps: Machined by McIntosh Machine Subframe: D.M.E Prostreet Rotors: Braking Wave Rear Tire: Michelin Power 1 DOT Approved Wheels: Marvic Wheels with ceramic bearings Wheelbase: 68� Wheelbase measured from center axle to center axle Bike Weight: 690 lbs. with fully-suited rider Horespower: 538 HP at 30 lbs, of boost Fastest Pass: 7.69 in the X mile only utilizing 16 lbs. of boost (the bike can hold 35 lbs. of boost)

OWNER BIO: Neal Riddle is the rider of Prostreet bike number 29. At the age of 18, he is the youngest competitor in the Mirock Prostreet Series. Neal started racing on a Suzuki Hayabusa at 14 years old. He is a 2-time runner up in Quick 8 motorcycle races and 2-time winner in Quick 8 motorcycle races. His fastest passes to date are: 7.69 185mph in the X mile and 5.01145mph in the 1/8 mile.





Until recently, it was safe to say you could comfortably fill a thimble with my knowledge of motorcycle drag racing. I knew motorcycles race at these events. That was it. So you may wonder how it came to be that I was standing at the “Christmas tree” for over an hour watching bikes leap from the starting line at the Maryland International Raceway (MIR) having one of the most thrilling moments of my life. I didn’t know what to expect so I brought along just a few necessities – some magazines, my press credentials and my camera. Vendors lined the midway and trailers with portable garages lay beyond with bikes on lifts and in various stages of assemble. It wasn’t uncommon to see dragsters, sports bikes and scooters whiz by. Then there was Jason Miller with his infinite patience and a wealth of knowledge. Jason is the son of Royce and Linda Miller. Collectively, as a family, the Millers own and operate MIR. Jason provided me with the grand tour as he explained the various categories of dragsters, the difference in fuel, the speeds, how MIR’s 80’ elevation is perfect for producing record speeds, and other factors and variables of racing. He directed me to the staging area where male and female drag racers from as far away as Australia and Canada, and as close as just down the road, line up and wait for their turn to compete for placement. Then came THE moment. Jason waved me to the barriers that line the track. “Wait here,” he said, “I’ll be back to get you.” I wasn’t sure what he meant but I waited. I was mesmerized by the activity. Jason reappeared and explained that the elimination trials had concluded and now the actual races would begin. “Follow me,” he said. I climbed over the barriers and followed Jason, nervously. “Hopefully you can get some good shots from here.” I swallowed hard as I looked the Christmas tree up and down. Suddenly riders were pulling up to my left and to my right. Smoke, lots of smoke from tires. The smell of fuel made my eyes burn. Engines revved and I covered my ears for fear of premature deafness. The Christmas tree lights went off – first red, then yellow and finally green. Bikes leaped and seemed to fly down the track at speeds topping 190 mph. Dial-in boards displayed each drivers’ stats before he even started his burnout. It was over in a blink – but for only a moment. Two by two they competed. Winners were paired with winners until only two remained. The best of the best. I saw a few bikes go down but the MIR crew responded with lightning speed and there were no serious injuries. Spills on the track were promptly eliminated with the help of the J34 Jet Dryer. The control tower was vigilant and is equipped with the necessary up-to-date technology including a DTN Weather Center with real-time Doppler radar that allows MIR officials to make informative decisions in the event of approaching inclement weather. This is a first-class track, folks. MIR is located in Budds Creek, MD. There is seating to accommodate 12,500 people and plenty of parking. There are family grandstand sections, sponsored by Pepsi, where no alcohol is permitted. MIR also has a playground located behind the pit-side 1320 Cafe and out of the way of vehicle traffic. The entire playground is made of super strong plastic - so no splinters! I could never do what these folks do but it was interesting, fun and downright thrilling to watch. If you’ve never been to the motorcycle drag races, make the time. Every motorcycle enthusiast should attend at least once. For more information, visit See you there!! Thank you, Jason!!



WV RUMBLE IN THE VALLEY HELPS ‘KIDS FOR CHRISTMAS’ Bike Rally in Martinsburg to Benefit Local Charities

By Dawn McBrearty Martinsburg, West Virginia: Martinsburg will welcome bikers from across the country this June 23 through 26, as the first annual WV Rumble in the Valley takes place. The rally will be held off Novak Drive in Martinsburg and feature live entertainment, contests, vendors, camping and more. “We wanted to create a true motorcycle rally and attract bikers from up and down the mid-Atlantic and beyond to Martinsburg,” said Mike McBrearty, one of the Rumble coordinators. “We plan on making this one of West Virginia’s best biker rallies. More importantly, we wanted to raise money for local charities, namely Kids for Christmas, which Harley Construction, Inc. has sponsored for the last 8 years which helps provide local children and their families with Christmas gifts and meals that they would not have otherwise.” WV Rumble in the Valley is an adults-only event (ages 18 and over) and will feature national recording artists Blackfoot. Other bands to include Citizens Band Radio,

the #1 Led Zepplin tribute band Kashmir, Surreal, Crossbonz, Defyance, Stoked, Calisus, and Relapse. In addition to live music, the rally will host contests, scenic rides, wrestling, a bike rodeo and much more. The rally has just recently add the “Dirty Dollz” Dance team, The Legendary Buffalo Chip Hula Girls, Big Daddy Oil Wrestling and Horns n Hunnies. For more information about the event, WV Rumble in the Valley is sponsored by Harley Construction, MasterDry, Monumental Life Insurance Co., Evel Speed, Budweiser, Around the Panhandle, Weatherholtz Bonding, State Line Exxon, Center for Orthopedic Excellence, Dirty Dawg Saloon, Rick Boswell-Century 21, J&T’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, Ours, Lawyer, Lewis & Co. PLLC, Outdoor Express RV, Legz Club, Pill & Pill, PLLC, Potomac Portables and Jefferson Rentals . Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Contact Dawn McBrearty at (304) 229-5288 or visit the website for more information.



CORE SERIES PAINT PROGRAM OFFERS INDIVIDUAL DESIGNS Specify Color, Design and Finish of a Complete Paint Set from Harley-Davidson

The new Core Series paint program from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories offers Harley owners the opportunity to create their own paint using select designs, colors, and finishes. Painted by professional artists and pinstripers to strict original-equipment standards, the Core Series offers 58 possible combinations utilizing five designs, six custom colors and the choice of gloss or denim finish. A customer begins the Core Series process by selecting one of five designs: Two-Tone, Grind, Flames, Graphics or Touring Flames. All designs start with a black base, and are detailed with Vivid Black, Shiny Side Up Silver, Real Fine Red, Push the Boundaries Pink, Agave Blue or Iconic Orange accents. Each design is available in Denim or Gloss finish. The Core Series is available as a complete set, including factory-fresh sheet metal, for many 2010 and 2011 Harley-Davidson Touring, Sportster, Dyna® and Softail® models, priced from $1,999.95 to $5,299.95. Core Series color sets are covered by a two-year factory warranty when installed within 60 days of purchase of a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Core Series designs may also be applied to the customer’s undamaged sheet metal through the Sheet Metal Exchange Program, available for many models up to 10 years old, with no additional strip or prime charges. Core Series paint is available year-round and in unlimited quantities. Standard lead time is 45 days. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for details.

BOOM!™ AUDIO FAIRING MOUNT RADIO AMP FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON® More Volume and Better Sound Quality when Teamed with Boom™ Audio Speakers The new Boom!™ Audio Amplifier Kit - Fairing Mount (P/N 76000070; $399.95) from HarleyDavidson® Genuine Motor Accessories provides more power than the Original Equipment radio alone. Its 40 watt/channel (160 watt total) output delivers increased volume, fuller sound reproduction, reduced clipping, and lower Total Harmonic Distortion. The systemmatched, high-output signal features optimized equalization for crisp, clear vocals and maximum bass response, and the strong midrange response cuts through wind and road noise. When teamed with Boom! Audio Speakers, the Boom! Amplifier provides 50 percent louder system output than other popular aftermarket systems at the same volume setting. Offered as a stand-alone amplifier for models already equipped with Boom! Audio Speakers, the Boom! Audio Amplifier Kit is also available with a matched set of Boom! Audio fairing mount speakers (P/N 76000074; $549.95). Either kit fits 2006-later Street Glide® models. May not fit with some other Boom! Audio accessories.




The new Boom!™ Audio Hidden AM/FM/WB Antenna (P/N 76000040; $49.95) from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories mounts within the fairing of 1998-later Touring and Trike models and eliminates the Original Equipment whip antenna. This amplified antenna offers comparable performance to the Boom! Audio Shorty Antenna, and eliminates the need to move the whip antenna back and forth between Tour-Pak® and fender mounting locations on bikes equipped with detachable Tour-Pak® luggage. Kit includes all required mounting hardware and wiring. Fits 1998-later Touring and Trike models equipped with AM/FM/WB radio and fairing. Note: The Hidden Antenna may result in a slight loss of AM and WB broadcast signal strength in certain urban and rural locations, when compared to an Original Equipment whip antenna.

BAT WING APE HANDLEBAR Gives Many Touring and Trike Models a Cool New Rider Stance The new Bat Wing Ape Handlebar (P/N 57474-11 Chrome, P/N 57485-11 Satin Black; $179.95) from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories are shaped to place the rider’s hands just above the top of the classic Harley® Bat Wing touring fairing. These 12-inch-high “ape hangers” feature a tall stance and minimal pullback to achieve a cool yet comfortable riding profile. Finished in brilliant chrome or satin black, these one-inch-diameter handlebars accept internal wiring for a clean look. They fit 2009-later Electra Glide®, Street Glide® and Trike models (except Electra Glide Ultra Limited and CVO™ models). All models require separate purchase of additional components for installation. Does not fit with Heated Hand Grips.



After an incredible day at Maryland State Raceway, we jumped in the FLBD truck and drove up Crain Highway, heading homeward. We noticed a gathering of bikes and, of course, being Fast Lane Biker Magazine, we knew we had to stop and see the cause of the congregation. Apehanger’s had just opened their new tiki bar on the back deck and we walked into the middle of a party. Hell yeah!! Apehanger’s is biker owned and operated and offers a variety of biker-friendly accoutrements such as bike parking only in the front lot, the aforementioned tiki bar, pool tables, burn out pits, “swimming pool,” live bands on weekends, bar dancing, ice cold beer and great food. They advertise nightly specials varying from $1.50 drafts, ladies night (ladies pay ½ price for drinks!), karaoke, bottomless drink nights, DJs and more.

Apehanger’s Bar & Grill is located at 9100 Crain Highway, in Bel Alton, MD. For more information, visit www. Maybe we’ll see you there!



WE ARE YOUR one stop shop for motorcycle rider accessories CHAPS















482 Walnut Shade Rd. Woodside, DE 19980 302-382-6801 WWW.BYKERBIZZARE.COM

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You’ve seen them at many motorcycle events and we’re happy to introduce you to them here today. It all started with a mutual love for Harleys and each other. Lauri and Roger Hill, owners of Thumper’s Leather, were married on May 13, 2006. Roger has been riding since age 5 but didn’t get his first Harley until 2008, a 2005 Fatboy. Lauri became a licensed rider in 2010 and Roger bought her a 2002 Dyna Wide Glide as an anniversary present. Lauri and Roger enjoyed riding together, attending bike shows, making new friends and showing off their customized bikes - Roger’s Fatboy with Indian motif and lots of boogey lights and Lauri’s purple Wide Glide with thumper motif and lots of bling. But bike shows can become expensive when you calculate the cost of gas and entry fees. They can also get boring particularly if the show spans several days leaving you with nothing to do except walk around the show again and again. During their travels, the couple noticed there were very few vendors selling sexy, tasteful women’s apparel and the choices for larger women were even scarcer. As a result, in March of 2011, the concept of Thumper’s Leather was born.

was a natural selection. But the couple decided early on to avoid limitations and carry a variety of biker-friendly products including Stripper Juice, a detailer/cleaner that can fit in your saddlebag; Cheeky Chaps, because chaps aren’t just leather anymore; and Katydid Apparel, a tastefully sexy women’s clothing line that includes a variety of styles and textures and lots of bling with sizes up to 3X. They also carry apparel for men and a generous selection of leather products and headwear for both men and women.

Thumper is Lauri’s favorite character, nickname and her bike is Thumper themed. So the name Thumper’s Leather Lauri, a CMA, and Roger, owner of RDH Home Improvements, LLC, both work full time but spend any available free time out in the motorcycle community meeting new people and putting quality products into the hands of bikers wherever they go. So the next time you see Thumper’s Leather at a bike event, be sure to stop in and check out their products – or just say hello. As a bonus, the first person to make a purchase from Thumper’s Leather and mention this article will receive a Fast Lane Biker Magazine Delmarva T-shirt. Just leave your information with Lauri or Roger and they’ll forward it to our office.


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Thursday - Saturday 10am-10:30pm

Thursday Night

Charlie Daniels

Sunday 10am - 2pm

Friday Night

Blackberry Smoke


Saturday Night



4 day pass - $35 (BEST VALUE)

See web site for exact times of bands

1 day pass - $15 per person SUNDAY FEE - $5.00 (Vendor Village only limited hours 10am-2pm)



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A WHILE BACK... A WHILE BACK, LOBSTER JOHN (one of our customers and yes we have goofy names for all of yous) got off his IRONHEAD and stepped up to a SHOVEL. Within days of gettin’ it home it wasn’t long before he brought it by for the once over and to start changing it around. He wanted to give it that “OLD SCHOOL CHOPPER” look without digging deep into his pockets, now this was a ‘75 FX with what appeared to be an old PAUGHCO springer - bare bones, no frills. But John can’t leave nothing alone, so he started off with a strutless fender, a set of Z bars to throw on that springer, and to top it off he wanted a foot clutch with a slap stick shifter. We may have done an article on this project previously, I can’t remember theres been so many we’ve lost track. Anyway, he’s back and he wants to mount a coffin tank to replace the old fatbobs. Easy enough, so we got started on it right away. With the stock tanks removed we started hacking up his frame, with a sawsall we removed the front and rear tank mounts - the front one took a little longer because its a big casted lug which also mounts the dash plate. Once they were off we grinded them down so they were smooth, now we can start fitting the tank and see what its gonna take to finish the job. Well the rear mount on the tank was too long to clear the frame where the two seat rails meet the backbone (it was too big and bulky anyway, so off it goes). The front one just needed to be trimmed down, it was just touching the neck. Now we can start mutilating this brand new tank. You’re probably asking yourself why I would cut up a new gas tank - am I some jerk who just likes to hack up new parts and overcharge the customer or why didn’t I just order the right tank. Well the customer bought the tank (where it came from or whats it for, I don’t know-I don’t care,I’m gonna use it)and yes I am a jerk who likes to mutilate brand new parts and as far as the overcharging goes - “I DIDN’T BUY IT, I’M NOT THE ONE ON EBAY”, you watch TV and so do we. Not all brand new parts fit,some just don’t bolt on.This is why its called CUSTOM and that costs money(don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitterI’m just trying to make a living).

set the tank back up on the frame. We can utilize the threaded hole at the front of the backbone to mount the tank, but the tank still won’t drop onto the backbone. We can see that where they welded and reinforced the top motor mount is hitting the tank. It just has to be sanded down a bit to give us the clearance we need to allow the backbone to sit in the tunnel. With all that said and done we can start buttoning this up, I set the tank back on the frame and secure it using the front mount - now that the backbone can sit in the tunnel,we make sure it runs evenly all the way down the frame and that its centered with the bike.After that we make a new rear mount which will line up to a threaded hole in the frame, the one that came on the tank bolted through the side and we would’ve had to drill a hole straight through the backbone of the frame (one less thing I have to do, but don’t tell the customer). With the tank centered and inline we tacked the new rear mount on and roll it off the table. At this point, we’re gonna check the handlebar clearance - we know we don’t have any, so we make some forkstops. We took a 5/16-18 nut and tacked onto the existing forkstops on the frontend, then screwed a buttonhead bolt with a tab of red loctite into it so it can be adjusted so you have proper clearance. Finally - we remove the fuel tank for the last time to finish welding up the rear mount, throw a petcock on it, and throw it back on the bike. Run the fuel line and we’re done - now we can fill ‘er up. The next time this tank comes off is when John paints it. Now it has the look he was looking for and he’s finally got that whole foot clutch situation down to a science. Me on the other hand, I’m usually to “DRUNK AND STUPID” to deal with that mess. I told you it was easy enough, and it really didn’t even take that long. I know some people don’t want to be bothered with it (they just want it done). I also know that some people shouldn’t even own tools - but once again it keeps me busy. If you’re not too sure of what you’re doing, take it to a professional (then give me a call and let me have his phone number). You know since this whole “BIKER TV” thing started everyone’s into the CHOPPER or OLD SCHOOL mode. Which is great for business. Who says too much TV is bad for you, keep watching - I NEED THE MONEY!!! see ya j.p. fager

Now that I’ve cleansed my soul lets get back to the matter at hand, with the front mount trimmed down and the rear one sitting on the floor we can 35

June 2011 Issue  
June 2011 Issue  

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