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Anyone can cook with Marcato atlas 150


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Recipes Home-made pasta


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An all

World leader in the production of pasta machines

Italian Tradition


Our products are entirely made in Italy in our Campodarsego (PD) factory, which was once a small workshop. From the design process to development, production and marketing, as well as raw materials and labour.


We always look for the best in terms

We believe in a healthy diet based on

of quality, functionality and aesthetic

simple, genuine foods, re-discovering

st yle, complementing it with our

the favours of Italian tradition and the

great love for tradition and an eye for

balance of the Mediterranean diet,

technological innovation.

intended not only as a food model, but as an actual lifestyle to share with the people you love. A conscious approach to eating that does not exclude the pleasure of food, yet nourishes mind and body.

Key factors


Marcato atlas 150

For lovers of Italian

Design and Style 06/07

Choosing your new pasta machine is a special moment, so we have created different finishes that suit your style.


The machine is made entirely of high

We have ch osen aluminium to

quality chrome steel, processed and

guarantee a top quality, coloured

assembled in Italy. The smallest details

product that is also safe in terms of

of each part are designed to enhance

hygiene. An important feature, which

its elegance, ensure product durability

makes Atlas 150 the only fully coloured

and facilitate cleaning and use.

machine that can be used in contact with food. The reliability of aluminium is equal to the steel finish.



Marcato atlas 150

HEALTH Atlas 150 exclusively uses rollers made of anodised aluminium alloy and the absence of metal dust particles, which are harmful to health.

Atlas 150 exclusively uses rollers made of anodised aluminium alloy and The easy-to-grip crank makes it easier to knead, and the adjustment knob with 10 clear positions ensures immediate pasta thickness selection.

STABILITY Atlas 150 is stable and sturdy thanks to its easy-to-fix clamp and rubber screwed feet, thus reducing work time and ensuring excellent results right from the start.




combs and scrapers made of polymeric resin. These materials guarantee


preparing fresh

Try out four simple steps

Home-made Pasta

for Pomodoro 10/11




Fe ed the she et of pasta through

Insert the crank into one of the holes

Bring plenty of salted water to the

Pour the pasta into the pan with the

the smooth rollers : repeat these

of cutting rollers and while you make it

boil, then add the fresh or dry pasta.

sauce and add some of the water in

operations 5-6 times until the sheet of

turn in the direction of the arrow, feed

Dry pasta needs longer cooking time,

which the pasta was boiled. Stir and

pasta has a long and regular shape.

the sheet of pasta through to achieve

depending on its thickness. Stir gently

add some granted Parmesan cheese.

the desired type of pasta.

and drain the pasta shen it is cooked.

Enjoy your meal!

For fettuccine the recommended thickness of the sheet of pasta is with the thickness-adjustment knob on no.5.

Home-made pasta


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