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|| LETTER FROM EDITOR || ummer is just around the corner, so it is time to say goodbye to indoor workouts. MOST Fitness knows that our readers are ready to get outside and stretch muscles that have been hibernating for months. With this in mind, we curated an issue full of athletes that will make visions a reality. MOST Fitness invites our readers to spring into new workouts and mantras to better your mind, body, and spirit.

Fitness tracked Ryan down to chat about his gym and his personal success as a CrossFit athlete himself, who has finished in the top five in regionals and top 20 in the world in the CrossFit Open for the past three years.

To say she’s a dancing champion is an understatement. Rachele Brooke Smith has an envious dancing resume and is a perfect fit for this month’s issue. As a world-class dancer with a remarkable background in athletics, Rachele is also a talented actress and exciting role model. Her story will not only inspire, but instill greatness into your own fitness journey.

Alex Turner is not only a fitness cover model, but an anti-bullying advocate. Alex turned his own interest in letting out aggression in the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle into a fulltime career, and you can too. Then we have IFBB Physique Pro, Duane Brickhouse, who is here to refine your body, literally. Let Duane upgrade your exercises and help you reach new heights in your daily workouts.

With her short dark, sassy hair and jazzy moves, Lindsay Roginski is the definition of a star. After seeing her first Broadway show when she was sixteen, Chicago the Musical, Lindsay knew she belonged on stage. Years of hard work and perseverance brought Lindsay and her love of dance to the new show in Las Vegas, ShowStoppers. Watch out for Tobias Young, the biggest bodybuilder on the block. Inspired by Lou Ferigno’s the Incredible Hulk, Tobias has created an impressive physique by placing extra emphasis on nutrition. As an IFBB Pro physique competitor and international fitness and cover model, he takes a hands-on approach to helping people achieve their goals. Tobias joins this issue of MOST Fitness to share his experience and help readers obtain new heights. This month we also bring you two CrossFit gurus. Former fitness model and current CrossFit competitor, Nikki Leonard sat down with MOST Fitness to reveals stories of personal growth and how the program changed her life. Find the right gym and the right coach-easier said than done right? Ryan Fischer is the coach of CrossFit Chalk-a gym like no other. MOST

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Gracing the cover this month is WWE Superstar Eva Marie and athlete and coach Jonathan Coyle. In the age of empowered women, Eva rises to the highest rank. Star of the E! reality show, Total Divas, Eva shines with her flaming red hair and total commitment to her sport and training. Accompanying her high-profile and successful career in the WWE, Eva has also juggled various appearances in television shows and starred in countless fitness magazines. Alongside Eva every step of the way is her husband, Jonathan, who brings strategic planning and his experience as a coach to both the gym and their daily life. Combine that with Eva’s success and some hot muscles to match, and you have a recipe for greatness. Watch as this couple heads towards superhero status together!



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By Darcy Tharp

You’re probably wondering what on earth that is. Rent Center Stage 2 and there’s a good chance you would see the lead, Rachele Brooke Smith doing what she told MOST Fitness is her signature dance move. As a world-class dancer with a remarkable background in both dance and athletics (jazz, hip-hop, ballet, modern, tap, break-dancing, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, and partnering), Rachele is also a talented actress and inspiring role model. She has made a name for herself in Hollywood ever since moving to L.A. on a scholarship program when she was only eighteen. Citing the moment she witnessed Amanda Schull in the original Center Stage when she was young as to where her desire to become an actress stemmed from, it is only fitting that Rachele’s breakthrough role be that very movie’s sequel! And, if you believe as Rachele does that everything that happens in the universe is a reflection of what is going on inside of us, then let her story be a testament to visualizing your dreams. If ever anyone needed to hear a

10 ||


a number of films that happen to all be set for release this coming year in 2016 including: ‘The Nice Guys’ with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe; ‘Bomb City’ which depicts one of the most notorious hate crimes in U.S. history; the independent gymnastics film ‘Chalk It Up’; and a lead role in ‘Cold Moon.’ Her past filmography includes: ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘Burlesque,’ ‘A Place InThe Heart’, ‘Help! My Gumshoe’s An Idiot!’, as well as leading roles in ‘Center Stage: Turn It Up’, ‘Bring It On: Fight to the Finish’, and ‘Pop Star’. On the small screen, Rachele recently appeared on Fox’s hit show ‘Scream Queens’ and later on this year, will be seen in Lifetime’s TV movie, ‘Center Stage: Dance Camp’. Her additional TV credits include: Fox’s ‘Glee’, FX’s ‘Anger Management’, CBS ‘How I Met Your Mother’, HBO’s ‘Entourage’, and CBS’ ‘Two and a Half Men’.

positive message or learn how to overcome obstacles in one’s life, they should contact Rachele or attend one of her workshops. Her inspirational attitude, selfless desire to spread positivity and good vibes throughout the world, and her no barred approach to life, challenges, and bettering herself every day shines through in everything she is involved in. Rachele packages it all up in her business, Unbreakable which is all about connecting with and getting stronger every day in one’s mental, physical, and emotional capacities. It is Rachele’s ultimate mission to share messages on ways to stay healthy, live happy, and to encourage others to believe in their personal power to make their dreams a reality. Holding a degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix, it is easy to fathom why Rachele seems to have an uncanny understanding of the power of mental strength. With an already substantial resume in her back pocket, Rachele has been heating things up while filming

At MOST Fitness, we believe that an active lifestyle breeds happiness, creativity, and productivity, amonsgst everything else of course, and Rachele is the essence of that belief. She can always be found dancing and moving to the beat of her own drum, unafraid of letting it all go and being free to be herself. There is a palpable energy that emanates from Rachele, perhaps owing to her radiant smile and inner strength. This sporty energy and her cute, playful, and sexy look has manifested itself into a successful career not only in TV and film, but also as the face of various marketing campaigns for huge brands such as: JC Penny’s, Asics, Under Armor, Old Navy, Carl’s Jr., Nikon, Sketchers, Myokore, Capezio Dancewear, Casall, Kotex, Nappy Tabs, Hip-Hop Gear, and Gap’s 2009 holiday campaign. These brands all found in Rachele her “action hero mentality, which goes like this: “the more you start viewing yourself and seeing the world around you as an action hero would, the sooner you will realize a dramatic and positive transformation in your life.” We interviewed Rachele to find out just exactly how she lives the “Unbreakable” lifestyle and why we should all be as well. MFM: If you had to choose just one type of dance to do the rest of your life, which would it be? RBS: I really love all types of dance, but if I had to pick one… hip hop. I just love it so much; it’s so fun, so playful, so creative, so expressive, so strong, so powerful, so fun to watch. MFM: What was your first big break when you moved out to L.A. to pursue acting? RBS: Funny story actually: right after I finished my performing arts scholarship program (and could actually www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


have an agent), I signed with a dance agency and went to the TV agent within that agency expressing how grateful I was to be with them for dance, but that I also was an actress and really wanted to put acting first. She said, “Great, show me your acting reel.” Of course I didn’t have one since I had just moved to LA a year ago at the age of 18 and spent the last year in a scholarship program where I wasn’t even allowed to work. I left super discouraged, frustrated, and honestly, really pissed off. About one week later, I saw the casting sign on the wall for the auditions for the lead girl in Center Stage 2. Let’s just say that agent was super surprised to get a call from Sony Pictures saying they wanted to book me for the lead actress in their new film just a couple weeks after she turned me away. MFM: You said you broke your hands when you were younger and lost your dream of being a gymnast- would you say that was the biggest turning point of your life so far? Have you ever had other hand problems afterwards since you do so much physical activity? RBS: Well that is the only time I have had to have metal screws put in my body and was an extremely challenging time for me. But it is definitely not the only injury or set back I have had. When you grow up an athlete and a very ambitious little girl going after very big dreams to try and impact the world in a positive way, there will always be challenges and turning points along the way. I have been through other extremely hard times: losing loved ones, not getting into my dream college, heart crushing breakups, and not getting films I thought I would get. I’ve spent a lot of days and nights with tear filled eyes, a super heavy heart, and a spinning mind. That is what unbreakable is all about, and why I am so passionate about sharing it. Unbreakable was inspired greatly from my “center stage” story and is centered around what I have learned along my journey of both going after and achieving really big dreams. The Unbreakable mindset is powered by the Unbreakable Trinity, which is to connect and get stronger every day in the three main essences that make up you. In not just one, but all three: Kardia, Soma, and Myalo (three Greek words that represent mental, physical, and spiritual/emotional strength).  It’s using the power of film and story-telling to help viewers 12 ||


I believe we all can “bend” from circumstances in our life, and we can also choose to never “break.” That is what it truly means to be unbreakable; it is knowing that no matter what happens in life, you will be stronger and better because of it. It is about believing in your ability to get back up again when you fall down. This mindset, or movement, is really powerful to me, and I want to be able to share it with everyone I can. I have a new e-book that will be coming out really soon about becoming unbreakable with everything in your life. It was created in a workbook style so people can really take the time to visualize their dreams, which is one of the first steps to making them become a reality. I encourage everyone to check it out when it gets released; I really believe it can changes the lives of others like living the unbreakable mindset has done for me. MFM: What is your advice for overcoming an injury like that-have you had any other serious ones? RBS: Yes, I have had many. I actually broke my foot last year. That ended up being about a 20 week injury (right after my break finally healed I sprained that very same ankle). As if that wasn’t hard enough, I sprained my other foot a couple of months after that. I have also had a pretty chronic stomach illness pretty much ever since I can remember, which is so not fun.

realize and shift the stories they are telling themselves into beliefs and perspectives that are empowering. It’s about believing in your ability to get back up again when you fall down and knowing that whatever happens, you have the ability and the strength, to not only figure things out, but that you will be stronger and better because of it. It’s viewing your body and your life as an amazing gift and adventure; it’s living consciously everyday knowing that the small choices you make every day, from the food you put into your body, to the way you treat random strangers, all the way to how you talk to and treat yourself matters, and it is these small little acts that are shaping your overall health, success, and happiness. Unbreakable Productions (my company) provides fun, uplifting, and inspirational content (and products coming soon) on a regular basis to help viewers discover their strength within, utilize the power of inner-inertia, and remain “unbreakable” throughout life’s challenges. 

My advice from all of these (and others) is that it sucks, and it’s hard, and to allow yourself to be sad and maybe even have a little freak out. But then as fast as you can, shift that energy to one that will actually empower you. And always, always look for and be open to the lesson that the universe is trying to teach you. I really believe that everything that happens to us is a reflection of what is going on inside of us (as hard as that is to accept sometimes). When I am really honest with myself, I have realized that all of my injuries and illnesses have come from when I am trying to push and force things to happen in my life maybe just a little too hard (who am I kidding-way too hard). Through these injuries and illnesses, I have learned and constantly reminded myself to live from a much more grounded and present state of allowing rather than trying to rush, stress, and force things to go the way I want them to. As counterintuitive as it sounds sometimes (not to mention hard to do, at least at first), when you just let go and live open to opportunities and always doing your “inner work,” that is when the real magic happens. MFM: Rachele, we actually had Amanda Schull on our cover back in December, the star of Center Stage, www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


which you said was the movie that changed your life and made you want to be an actor and dancer. Have you had the opportunity to chat with her ever and tell her? What would you say to her? RBS: Oh my gosh-that is so cool! No, I have actually never had the chance to meet or work with her yet (notice I said yet), and I have not had the chance to tell her my story. But when I finally do get the chance to, well let’s just say I will probably just geek out and run and hug her so tight. MFM: You have an amazing physique, obviously the result of so many different kinds of movement-do you believe cross training is the way to go? RBS: I think everybody’s body is different and different things work better for different people. I am a big believer that my commitment to training both my inner and outer strength every day is what makes me able to do all that I do. If I couldn’t work out and get the energy, stress relief, confidence booster, and recharging that training gives, well let’s just say I would not have the confidence or inner strength to go after such big goals. I would most likely end up in a mental hospital. I do think one of the best things I do is to always be changing it up. I make sure to always put mental and emotional strength first before any physical workout. I go back and forth between all different types of workouts, not only to keep my muscles guessing, but also to enrich my mind and my life. I make sure to always stay open to trying new and possibly unique styles of training. In fact, just last week I tried my first fitness pole dancing class, and it was amazing. Every time you try something new you will not only learn a new skill, meet new people, build new brain cells, but also keep your life fun, adventurous, and exciting.  I usually go back and forth between some form of HIIT workout one day to a hot yoga the next day and just keep going back and forth. I am also usually biking and walking around town and dancing on top of that. I have also been working daily on my fitness program, Freeyo Fitness- that is powered by the unbreakable mindset. Freeyo Fitness is the Myalo (body) portion on the unbreakable trinity. The workouts are super fun and effective, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.  MFM: What is your daily diet like? Can you give us a sample day of meals and snacks for you? RBS: It’s pretty much a ton (and I mean a ton) of steamed veggies and high quality fish, sometimes chicken.  I also eat a lot of high quality fats like MCT oils, avocados, almond butter (slightly obsessed especially with coconut 14 ||


meat strips, jicama and celery). I drink a lot of green tea with steamed coconut milk. Oh, and I am in a pretty serious relationship with Bullet Proof Coffee (it’s the only kind that doesn’t make me crash or feel sick. I stay away from all white starchy sugary foods and don’t drink my calories. So I don’t eat any breads, pastas, wraps, wheat, dairy, sodas, fruit juices, and I don’t really eat fruit either. I do drink a crazy amount of cold water, usually with lemons. I also have a sweet tooth, so I love to make healthy creations of “desserts” and “treat foods,” especially at night. Dark chocolate kale chips are one of my favorites. MFM: In what area of dance do you still hope to conquer or get even better at? RBS: I constantly strive to be a better version of myself every day. I am always focused on becoming a better artist, actor, and performer. Which interestingly enough, all falls into being a better version of me because all of those things are what makes me who I am. Being the best I can be at those skills is how I feel I can contribute most in this world to create positive change and inspire. I

want to create art through any medium I choose whether it be movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, blogs, workouts, or clothing. MFM: What is your signature move? RBS: A Hollow Back MFM: What is your favorite music to dance to when you go out for fun? RBS: Really any upbeat, fun music that makes me want to get up and dance and Faulkner. MFM: What is your style or favorite designer? RBS: Lubov Azria – BCBG. I have also always loved more of an edgy rocker style (probably the dancer in me) and Freeyo Fashion. MFM: What is one example of how your workshops changed someone’s life? RBS: One of my very favorite things in life is when I get letters and video messages from fans or those that have attended one of my workshops. I love when they say things like, “because of your workshop I finally have the confidence to go after my dream, or to love myself, or to have the strength to not listen to all the people telling me I can’t do the things that I really want to do.” One of my favorite letters was from a girl who said she used to self-harm herself and after my workshop she never did it again. She wrote me this letter a year later, and had started her own program to help others who had her same problem. MFM: You inspire so many people-who inspires you? RBS: My mom, dad, brothers, and sisters-they are all beyond amazing people who I look up to very much. Also my friends, as I am so grateful to have a circle of friends who uplift and inspire me. I am very particular about who I allow in my close circle, because you really do become the people you surround yourself with. I am also inspired by my team, and my mentors and life coaches, Jeff Hoffman, Brendon Burchard, and Eva Clay. Actresses and entrepreneurs inspire me such as: Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Maria Forlio, Jennifer Gardner, and just so many! MFM: What do you do when you feel unmotivated or down? RBS: I write down and allow myself to experience all that I am grateful for. I turn on my inspirational playlist on Spotify and dance like crazy. I watch, listen, or talk



to anyone from my list above of people who inspire me. I meditate, visualize, and remind myself that I live in a “return to sender universe,” (whatever energy I am putting out, I am getting right back). I go to the movie theater and watch movies that inspire me. The power of storytelling is amazing, and I am slightly obsessed with movies. MFM: Outside of dance what is your most quirky hobby or passion? RBS: I’m kind of a podcast/audiobook nerd because I love to learn. MFM: What is your creative process like for coming up with new material for your blog and workshops? RBS: Every day I am always asking myself, “what can I create today that would inspire and benefit the most people?” Then I try and remain open and follow whatever promptings come. I am also always putting myself in new challenging situations so that I have new lessons learned to share with people. I never want to tell people what to do; I just want to share what has helped me.

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MFM: As an actor what is your process for preparing for each role? RBS: It is always a little different each time, but I like to read each script and character I get and say, “wow look at this life I get to celebrate!” I go to the beach or mountains to get inspired while working on scenes. I watch a lot of movies and do a ton of research. I read every scene with an incredible amount of childlike wonderment and curiosity. MFM: What is your dream role or character to portray? RBS: A bad ass girl that fights (literally and figuratively) for what she believes in and saves lives while doing it.  MFM: What has been your most challenging role or model job you have had to date? RBS: The film I just got done filming. We filmed in Puerto Rico, and it was both the most amazing and most challenging experience. It was an action film, and I had to do a lot of crazy intense stuff on this film (kind of crazy actually how much I love things that push me to my limits and make me do challenging scary things). I play the

main girl in this film, and it will be on Syfy this summer. I cannot wait for everyone to see this film; I really think it is going to blow everyone away. I swear Griff Furst and Isaiah Laborde (director and producer team on this film) are going to be the best in the industry someday very soon. I was very grateful to work with them. MFM: Most fun you have ever had on a job? RBS: Wow, that is a rough question! I honestly don’t think I could pick just one. I make it a priority to have fun on every job I work on. I have a daily mantra, “how can I bring the fun today?” The power of fun is way underrated.  MFM: What is the first thing our readers should do to start becoming an “action hero at life?” RBS: We all ask ourselves questions every day, and in fact, we are doing this all throughout the day. What holds most people back in life is that they allow victim character thoughts to be on repeat like, “Why is this happening to me? Why am I so unlucky? Why can’t I figure this out?” How different would your life be if you committed to only allowing questions that an Action Hero would think like

to be on repeat instead? “What can I do to make this situation better? How can I solve this problem? Why am I so lucky?” Your active mission is to write down three Action Hero (AHL) questions to have ready to go, which can replace any victim thoughts that may be running through your mind. Remember to choose questions that will actually empower, uplift, and allow your mind to get into a productive state of thinking, so you can be in a constant state of overcoming any challenge that may occur. Have fun with this; the more you start viewing yourself and seeing the world around you as an action hero would, the sooner you will realize a dramatic and positive transformation in your life.  MFM: What is one habit that you think most people do that they should change in order to excel more in life? RBS: To not check their email or social media first thing when they wake up and right before they go to bed. Replace this habit with meditation, visualization, writing out what they are grateful for and what they want that day to be about. I think if everyone did this we would see a dramatic positive shift in the world. 



MFM: Future projects/plans? RBS: Celebrate and be at premieres/press tours of the many films I have worked on over the past couple years (crazy how they are all coming out now) as well as the release of my two e-books, inspirational audios, and launch of FreeYo Fashion and FreeYo Fitness (all on sale on my website I also start filming a new movie in the next couple weeks that I am very excited about. I can’t say much about it right now, but stay tuned! MFM: You have quite a few movies and things coming out this year-which was your favorite and what are you most excited about? RBS: Along with the film I just got done doing that I played opposite Jeff Fahey and Bobby Campo and will be out on SYFY this summer, I am also very, very, very excited about ‘Cold Moon.’ I play a southern bell (a dream come true role) opposite Christopher Lloyd, Josh Hunter, Candy Clarck, Robbie Kay, and so many other amazing actors. It is a suspense thriller that I just

18 ||


know will be a massive hit; the excitement is so real. The hardest part about film making is waiting for projects to air. Oh and I cannot forget Center Stage 3 because of how special doing the second one was for me. It is also very interesting how reflective it was to my real life without the writer even knowing. MFM: Where can MOST Fitness readers find you on social media? Instagram - @rbrookesmith Twitter - @RacheleBSmith Website -

Y A S LINDN S K I r/Dancer e g in S / s s Actre

I G O R sayrogins ayroginski www.lind inds i .Roginsk indsay.N www.twit /L m .com o .c k tography eboo regorypho www.fac ww.paulg l Gregory

Photo: Pau

20 ||

| w



By Marrisa Poe and Michelle Prescott ith short dark sassy hair and jazzy moves, Lindsay Roginski is the definition of a star. She impresses audiences and critics alike. Ms. Roginski talked to us about her life, career and achievements thus far.

At the age that most of us are still taking naps in the afternoon, Lindsay was already in dance class. She also trained with her grandmother, a Big Band singer, who taught her how to sing and play piano at a very young age. She saw her first Broadway show at sixteen, Chicago the Musical, and knew it was her future. In preparation for her Broadway debut, Lindsay attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She moved to New York, and began working toward her goal, to star on Broadway. She took any job she could find, and landed a job selling souvenir programs for Chicago, on Broadway. With this job came the guarantee she could watch and learn the show every night, it was fate! She finally got the chance to audition and became Roxie Hart in Chicago, proving dreams do come true. Ms. Roginski shared with MOST about her passion for fitness, her habits and what new exercise she plans to add. Read on to find out what song she “knocked out of the park” and what choreographers inspire her.
 With her dream of lighting up Broadway accomplished what’s next? To Star in the new hit show in Las Vegas, Steve Wynn’s ShowStoppers, where she is no doubt leaving her mark. MFM: You have been to most of the major cities in the United States, what city was your favorite to perform in and why? LR: I would have to say it’s a tie between New York and Las Vegas. Both major entertainment capitals and I feel so blessed to perform in both places. They each have their own unique qualities, but what makes them similar is their appreciation of the arts. MFM: Normally dancers have practice for the show, but do you do any workouts outside of these practices and if so what do your prefer to do? LR: One of my favorite things to do is workout, I do

various things outside of my show routine. I am a big runner, I run anywhere from 3 to 6 miles a day. I practice yoga, Bikram mostly; it feels good not only physically but mentally. I leave centered, focused, and peaceful. In my opinion there is nothing better than hopping on my bike and going for a ride. I don’t get to do it as often as I would like. There’s something so gratifying about feeling the breeze on your face while taking in beautiful scenery. Something I haven’t done yet but have just signed up for is Silks. I’ve always been curious about and fascinated by them. I’m excited for a new challenge! MFM: Your dream of starring in Chicago came true! What’s next for you? LR: Well, I am currently a principal singer in Steve Wynn’s ShowStoppers, which is also a dream come true. We are doing the hit numbers from some of the best musicals of all time, including Chicago. I feel so lucky to be a part of this show, working with our amazing Director Phil McKinley, our Choreographer Marguerite Derricks, and our wonderful cast and crew.



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MFM: Most dancers have a pre-­meal before shows, what foods do you eat before showtime and why? LR: I have a very strict show diet. I can’t have dairy because it causes phlegm and I move around quite a bit in this show so I have to make sure I eat early enough that everything settles down. I usually have salads, fish, veggie burgers, or my go to food hummus. I put it on everything. MFM: What foods are your guilty pleasures when you aren’t performing? LR: Ha! Basically I like anything that isn’t good for you, but Oreos are definitely my favorite. MFM: Are there any choreographers you want to work with that you haven’t had the chance to? What draws you to a particular choreographer? LR: Fosse is my biggest inspiration! Sadly I will never have the chance to work with him. I have, however, worked with some of the people that carry on his legacy, the brilliant Chet Walker and Gary Chryst just to name a few. I can’t tell you how in awe I am of these men. When they enter a room you just stop and stare, they have such a presence that they command your attention. Even the way they walk is special, but to watch them dance…that’s perfection!

MFM: Do you have any other experience in dance besides cabaret, and jazz? Do you have a preference? LR: I started dancing at age 5. I fell in love with expressing myself through movement. I started with tap, jazz, and ballet, and am still taking classes to this day. My heart will always be with Fosse though. His style and his work are legendary. The first Broadway show my Mom took me to see was Chicago, I knew in that very moment this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! MFM: Since Cuba has opened up to the United States again, would you like to perform there? Why or why not? LR: It’s always exciting to perform in a new city, let alone a country that has been off limits for so long. It would be great to get a chance to perform there someday. I would love to see Havana.

When I saw the audition notice for ShowStoppers and that Marguerite Derricks was doing the choreography I literally ran to that audition. Marguerite is one of the most incredible choreographers of our time and I have always wanted to work with her. With choreographers it‘s all about the way they tell a story. In musical theater when words can no longer express how you feel, you sing, when song can no longer express how you feel, you dance...and Marguerite is a master of this. She has a way of connecting the story with the person telling it, making it personal to each performer she works with. She is extraordinary and the only word that comes to mind when I think of her is Star! MFM: Are there any fellow Broadway performers you would like the chance to perform with? LR: LIZA MINNELLI! She is my idol, inspiration and the reason I do what I do. I think I’d pass out if I ever got the opportunity to meet her, let alone work with her. MFM: Is there any super food that you use, that you can’t live without? LR: I like kale and recently learned how to make my own kale chips, which, of course, I dip in hummus. www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


24 ||


MFM: Do you incorporate yoga into your daily routine to help stretch your muscles and keep your body limber? LR: Absolutely, I have been doing yoga for 10+ years and can’t imagine my life without it. Not only is it good for your body, it is good for the soul. MFM: As a performer you have to be in heels for every show! How do you cope with the blisters, the sore feet, and the discomfort heels bring with hours of wear? LR: I am one of those strange people who lives in heels, I wear them to work, dance in them, and wear them home. Wearing heels changes the way you stand, the way you move and the way you feel. It makes me feel strong yet feminine at the same time. It elongates your lines and takes you, literally to another level.

MFM: Have you ever performed the national anthem, if so where and what was it like, if not is there any place you would like to perform it? LR: I did actually. I performed the National Anthem at Citi Field at a Mets game. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had and would LOVE the opportunity to do it again. We live in the greatest country in the world and to sing the National Anthem is something that unites us all. To stand there and watch everyone put their hand over their heart and sing in unison was so special...unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.



26 ||


IFBB Pro Physique Athlete, Fitness Model & Team Optimum Nutrition

28 ||


espite the fact that he was inspired by Lou Ferigno as The Incredible Hulk as a child, Tobias Young never wanted to be the biggest bodybuilder on the block. He has built a career on the concept of having an impressive, but attainable physique – one that anyone who works hard, stays focused and pays careful attention to nutrition can achieve. As an IFBB Pro physique competitor and international fitness and cover model, Young is an inspiration to many – and he takes a hands-on approach to helping people achieve their goals as a manager of four In Shape Gyms in the Bay Area of California, and as a personal fitness coach. At the age of twelve, fate connected Young with his lifelong passion. The son of a single mom who wanted him to have a male influence in his life, Tobias became part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. His big brother, Elliot Daum, was the first to introduce him to the gym, the weight rack and healthy competition. Tobias was encouraged by his role model to establish a healthy lifestyle, which included a regular fitness routine and a good diet. Young became a multi-sport athlete, pursuing soccer, baseball, wrestling, boxing, jiu jitsu, basketball and football. When he was injured playing football in junior college, it dashed his plans to earn a scholarship to a four-year school. But Tobias turned his attention to bodybuilding and built his career in personal training and sports club management. Twitter: @tobiasyoung Facebook: Instagram: Photo: Gabriel Guzman

In 2002, Tobias was encouraged to enter his first bodybuilding competition, and wound up placing second overall. Exhilarated by the win, Tobias, now age 40, went on to a fourteen-year career as a competitor, making the switch from bodybuilding to physique competitions by 2014. He credits his intense focus, discipline and his passion for fitness and nutrition for his longevity in the industry. Working as a manager at a gym, Tobias became well-educated about the various sports nutrition brands. Based on his research and personal experience, Optimum Nutrition emerged as a clear favorite. He was thrilled when he was offered the opportunity to become a part of Team ON, a sponsored group of athletes who work as educational advocates for the brand and its products. www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


He still uses Optimum Nutrition products as part of a protein-rich diet. In addition to whole foods full of lean protein, like chicken and salmon, Young supplements with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey and Gold Standard 100% Casein to help with muscle growth and recovery. He’ll often incorporate supplements into recipes like protein pancakes or smoothies. Tobias encourages all of his clients to work with a professional trainer, RD or physician to accurately assess how much protein is right for their body and goals, and then research products that help support those goals Having been in the fitness and physique modeling space for more than twelve years, Tobias has experienced the ups and downs of maintaining peak physical fitness. His advice for anyone pursuing fitness

30 ||


goals is to change up workouts to avoid boredom or fatigue and get results that will motivate you to keep going. And he insists that one shouldn’t keep calories too low for too long – a cheat meal once a week can actually help you achieve your goals and prevent burnout. If you encounter an injury setback, Young says, try to focus on what you’re able to do. For instance when he tore his ACL, Young saw it as an opportunity to turn his attention to building his upper body strength. Even he isn’t working or training for a show, Young always has fitness on his mind – whether it’s helping to prepare other athletes for competition, or reading to keep up with the latest in his sport. A self-proclaimed “fitness news junkie,” he’s constantly devouring magazines and other news sources to broaden his understanding of his discipline and incorporate best practices into his own routine and those he trains. When he’s really not working, he enjoys being a full-time dad to his two young daughters. As for his “extended” family via the Big Brother program; Elliott Daum has been a lifelong friend, officiated Tobias’ marriage to his wife and still marvels that the young kid he mentored can lift three times the weight he can.

32 ||


Shredz Athlete, CrossFit Competitor & Personal Trainer Photo Credit:




34 ||


By Lilly Willner

“If you are working your ass off and it shows I admire that and that motivates me,”

says Nikki Leonard, a former fitness model and current CrossFit competitor. Rather than feel threatened by the success of other women Leonard chooses to feel inspired by them. She takes that energy and focuses it into herself and her own work. Part of this work includes taking care of her body inside and out by spending two hour days at the gym and eating nutritious food. However, when it is time to compete, Leonard sees it is an empowering experience. Because, while it can expose your weaknesses, it can also expose your strengths. Leonard also suggests that anyone who wants to get involved in competitions should stop getting in their own way by making excuses why they should not try it. She advises instead newcomers to take risks and to throw themselves completely into accomplishing their fitness goals. “It is hard, but it is also very rewarding. It will be the only thing you ever have in the world when you have nothing. Stick with it.” That’s not to say that she hasn’t ever experienced moments of doubt. You may be wondering what convinced Leonard not to give up, and the answer to that question is the prioritization of her health. Rather than focusing on how fitness affects her physique (although she admits that it is a plus), Leonard chooses to focus on its other effects. “This isn’t just about fitness,” she says. “It’s about my life and my physical and mental health.” She also specifies how CrossFit, her workout of choice, provides her with a sense of community. “It becomes this encouraging, motivating, safe, and fun environment that pushes you to become the best version of yourself.” Read on to find out more about Nikki Leonard.

MFM: Can you explain to our readers what CrossFit is? Why do you love it? NL: CrossFit is most commonly explained as being “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement”. Constantly varied because the workouts are always changing so your body never gets used to the same training, which is what happens when most people hit plateaus. CrossFit uses movements we use in everyday life such as squatting, deadlifting, pulling yourself up, etc. These are movements that promote neurological and hormonal responses, leading to better health, actual strength, core stability, agility, and flexibility. CrossFit can be scaled to anyone of any age and fitness level. I love it for all of these reasons, but the biggest reason why I LOVE it is for the community of people who you workout with and get to know that eventually become your second family. It becomes this encouraging, motivating, safe and fun environment that pushes you to become the best version of yourself. What’s more motivating than a room full of people cheering you on to crush a workout because they believe you can? MFM: What is your daily workout routine? NL: My workout routine consists of Strength, Conditioning & Skill/Gymnastics work. I tend to spend about 1 ½-2 hours at the gym (CrossFit Chalk). I start by warming up, stretching and foam rolling. I then do skill work on the rings, bar or floor. I will also practice Olympic Weightlifting movements at this time. I then will take a one hour www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


CrossFit class focusing on strength and then conditioning. I workout 5-6 days a week and 2 of those days I will workout twice a day. MFM: You grew up playing soccer and lacrosse, how do those contact sports compare to fitness competitions? NL: After Soccer and Lacrosse I competed in Bikini competitions. It didn’t exactly fill the competitive void I was missing in my life. I always loved the physicality of a contact sport. I think that’s why I fell in love with CrossFit. It is challenging and every workout tests your limits physically and mentally. MFM: What is your proudest fitness accomplishment? Why is it so special for you? NL: My proudest fitness accomplishment thus far is having the ability to reach thousands of people through all social media platforms and hearing them tell me that I motivate them or I have changed their lives. It is truly amazing and positively beautiful to know that I have affected someone in a way to make them want to chase their dreams or just be healthy for their kids. It is really cool. MFM: What are some of your own personal fitness goals for the rest of 2016? NL: To become a more well-rounded athlete. I want to become stronger mentally as well as physically and I want to help people achieve their goals in the process. MFM: What music do you listen to when you work out? Any specific songs or artists that help you psych yourself up? NL: So I have a playlist on Spotify called “Chalk Sweat” and it contains a lot of faced paced EDM/crazy sick beats. I will usually flip flop between that and some rap/ hip hop station on Spotify. MFM: How has competing in fitness changed the way you see fitness and health in general? NL: Before doing Bikini competitions I really didn’t know anything about the beauty of what lifting weights could do to your body aesthetically or the health effects of certain things I ate or drank. It was a huge eye opener for me. I definitely have seen a difference with physical performance as well as aesthetic appearance now that I watch what I eat.

36 ||


MFM: Who is someone from the fitness community that you admire or look up to? Why? NL: In general, I really look up women who are Passionate about their fitness. It doesn’t have to just be CrossFit, it can be Yoga or Calisthenics or straight up Bodybuilding. I don’t care what it is, if you are working your ass off and it shows I admire that and that motivates me. A few people who have inspired me along the way: My Mom, Mia Hamm, Dominique Dawes, Nathalia Melo, Christmas Abbott, Andrea Ager, Miranda Oldroyd. MFM: Nutrition is a very important part of health. Do you have any favorite healthy meals or snacks? NL: I am obsessed with Power Crunch Protein Bars. And I love dipping apples in Almond Butter. MFM: Do you ever have any “cheat days”? If so, what do you do or eat on these days? NL: I do have Cheat Days. I usually love eating Cereal like Cap’n Crunches Crunch Berries, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms. I also love Pizza, Donuts, Italian Food and Thai Food. MFM: What advice do you have for readers who want to begin participating in fitness competitions? What is the first step? What changes can they start making to their daily lives/routines? NL: Competing can be a scary thing. It exposes your weakness and that is probably why most people chicken out. However, it also exposes strengths, which can empower you and motivate you. You have to WANT to become a better version of yourself. The first step is to Stop Making Excuses for why you CAN’T do something and Start Making Reasons for why you CAN. If you want to compete, JUST DO IT! Take risks. You will be glad you did. MFM: Has there ever been a time when you felt like you wanted to give up on your fitness goals? If so, how did you work through it? What would you tell someone else in this situation? NL: There have been plenty of times when I just wanted to quit fitness, but this isn’t just about fitness, it’s about my life and my physical and mental health. If I quit fitness I am more than likely going to quit on a lot of other things in my life. Fitness has always been there for me no matter what changes I have gone through in my life. It has made me stronger mentally and physically. It is hard, but it is also so very rewarding. It will be the only thing you ever have in the world when you have nothing. Stick with it.

MFM: Where do you see yourself in ten years? What would you like to be doing at that point? What do you hope you will already have accomplished? NL: In ten years I will be 40 and still shredded. Haha! Hopefully by this time I will have been able to help motivate millions of people around the world to become the best versions of them through fitness. I also hope to have a family so that I may be able to pass along my passion for fitness and health for generations to come. MFM: What can you tell us about Shredz Supplements? Why did you choose to work with them? What do you like about the supplements? NL: Shredz sponsored me as their first Female Athlete in 2012. I chose to work with Shredz because of the vision

Arvin Lal had to make the lives of people better through health and fitness. Shredz products take pride in having products with natural ingredients as well as being helpful with how to exercise and diet. I like that the supplements are made with top quality ingredients that never make me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. MFM: Do you have any other sponsors? If so, who are they and what do you like about their products? NL: I do not have any other sponsors yet, but I do rep brands like Fleo, Unbroken Designs, Rehband, Lululemon, Rokfit. All of these brands help to keep me comfortable, safe and fashionable while I’m sweating my ass off.



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Owner of CrossFit CHALK, Health and Fitness Consultant | gym: @crossfitchalk / #chalknation Photo Credit:

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By Darcy Tharp

Asked for his best training tip, he said that it all comes down to finding the right gym, with the right people, and the right coaches, and that he changes lives everyday in his gym. As someone whose entire life has always been about fitness, it’s only fitting that Ryan now spends all of his time immersed in training and working diligently to help others get the same benefits. His fitness journey started at the early age of twelve, when he became a world ranked BMX racer. After that, he played sports including track, lacrosse, and football in high-school, and later got into skeleton and bobsled and even qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials for both sports. Now, as a CrossFit athlete himself, Ryan has managed to finish in the top five in the CrossFit Regionals and top 20 in the world in the CrossFit Open for the past three years, and shows no signs of stopping! MFM: What is your definition of CrossFit? RF: Constantly varied movements, usually at a high intensity. Also, the will to move larger loads more efficiently, faster, and for a longer distance.  MFM: You are the owner of CrossFit CHALK, Health and Fitness Consultant Company?  What does CrossFit CHALK offer that a commercial gym doesn’t? RF: I offer programming that is more on the advanced side for the CrossFit community in the area; however, I do not close my doors to the beginner athlete. We welcome all levels of fitness, and our trainers are trained to help anyone “scale” the workout as needed. In addition to a superior method of programming that that will show results, we have also incorporated a heart rate monitor system in the gym so that the trainers can see how hard an individual is going. And in addition to that, we have another program that saves everything you have ever

done in the gym, so that you can track your progress, track others’ progress, as well as track food intake or any other variable you would ever want to monitor. There’s your basic CrossFit gym, and then there is CrossFit CHALK. Our facility, equipment, program, and trainers are all world class. Even if CrossFit is not your thing, we have another class called “sweat,” that involves everything we use in CrossFit except barbells and complex movements, making it an easy class to hop into off the street. However, don’t get too ahead of yourself, that class is still 40 minutes of heart pounding cardio! MFM: What should I expect during my first few weeks of training with CrossFit CHALK? RF: You will break mental and physical barriers you never thought you could. We will redefine your thoughts on fitness completely. All while you become part of a community and family that will make you excited for tomorrow’s workout.  MFM: Tell us about your team members? RF: Every coach we have is a world class athlete, proven



through competition. Every single coach has a four year degree as well, as opposed to your standard facility where the coaches just have some sort of weekend certification. MFM: How do you balance running a business and training? RF: It is incredibly difficult. Writing these answers took me almost three days just to get to it. Whenever I see a 20 minute window, I just start working out. I may not have time to warm up. It may not be the best workout. However, I do try and make every session something that I am going to benefit from. The one thing that I focus on that I think a lot of other athletes do not focus on, is intensity over duration or volume.  Every session I do, I try

42 ||


and put my heart and soul into it. I go as hard as I can, and I think that is really how I do so well on such a small training schedule. MFM: Describe your idea of a perfect training session? RF: The perfect day would be a max effort snatch session, followed by some heavy squatting and a long conditioning component. I love snatches, squats, and LONG workouts!

little to no supplements, and I rarely eat out, as I am too wary as to how the food is cooked. I preach nutrition daily in my gym! MFM: Why does CrossFit generate so much controversy? RF: Too many gym owners out there invest money and never spend the time to really KNOW the members. Without that interaction, you have no idea what kind of workouts they need or want so that brings up the point of injuries etc. If I don’t know my population, and I start making workouts that only 5% of the gym can, do then all of a sudden I get multiple injuries. Then that person who got injured tells someone else that they tried CF, and they got hurt. In reality, it was the owner who made the program incorrectly and maybe even the inexperienced trainers that they have working for them. I would say that 90% of the gyms out there have no idea what they are doing or have unqualified people working as coaches. Research and trials are a must for any new potential CrossFit athlete. MFM: Are there any unique challenges women face in the CrossFit community? RF: Women believe that weights make you “big.” In reality, weights make you “toned.” Food makes you big, and volume of training makes you even bigger. The girls that look like bodybuilders train so hard that the average person could never even have the time in the day, or the will to make it happen. For those women, it is their whole life, not just one hour. MFM: What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness in CrossFit? RF: Strength-squats or snatch Weakness-anything with impact because I have a bad knee, so box jumps and pistols tend to hurt a bit. Clean and Jerk is actually a weakness as well.  MFM: What is your daily nutrition like? RF: I eat meat and veggies almost every day. I am strict on myself more than people are used to seeing. I take

MFM: Any training tips you can share? RF: Once you find the right gym, with the right people inside, and the right coaches, you will never go back to a traditional gym. I change lives in this place all the time. We are the healthiest addiction out there! MFM: How Do I Sign Up? RF:



By Evani Seested & Darcy Tharp

It always helps having that positive influence early on, which was the case for Alex Michael Turner as the son of nationally ranked powerlifter, Dan Turner. His father was a huge inspiration, always

supporting him and pushing him and his siblings to be their best at all the sports they played while growing up in Boise, Idaho. This strong foundation combined with his own interest in letting out any of his aggression in the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle turned into a full time career as first a bodybuilder and then an international fashion and fitness model. Not one to follow the crowd, Alex took the fitness passion that was instilled in him from his father, but gave it a unique twist, embracing his individuality and crafting his own brand despite naysayers and having a different look. You may have seen the six foot tall striking model and his superhuman physique in national or international publications, modeling for brands such as Calvin Klein, or when he competed in the NPC and WBFF. With a multitude of tattoos sprawling across his body, at first glance one might not realize what a big heart Alex has with an attitude of gratitude, positive messages, and a humbleness that has enabled him to achieve his own success and help others at the same time. MOST Fitness chatted with Alex about his hobbies (sports not for the faint of heart), his thoughts on his own transformations, and how giving back is truly the key to happiness. MFM: How did you get started and what were your first few steps? AT: I began venturing into modeling by reaching out directly to both known photographers and magazines. I wanted to start building a portfolio and repertoire within the industry, and thought at that time these were some very logical first steps. MFM: How did you really first build your image? AT: I began building my image with higher profile fashion work, and was working campaigns for several different underwear lines, with underwear being some of the first modeling I ever did. I slowly ventured into more formal clothing, as well as the entirely opposite end of the spectrum with fitness supplements and sportswear endorsements/branding.

44 ||


Fitness Cover Model / Shredz Athlete Anti-Bullying Advocate

Alex Turner Photo Credit:




MFM: What were some challenges you faced in the beginning? How do those compare from the ones you face today? AT: I faced several factors working against my success in the beginning; many of which still to this day try to creep up on me from time to time! My tattoos were, and still can be a hard thing for some people to accept. What I have learned along this journey, is that my look works for certain demographics and specific brandings. I’m not your typical Ralph Lauren model, but I can guarantee you’d glance at some of the Calvin Klein ads I would shoot in. I like to be different, and see that carrying me further than copying others’ ever would. I appreciate those who are just themselves, and it works. In this modern day society, with social media influence, so many people try too hard to be something they aren’t, missing the value that originality holds the entire time. MFM: How do you feel you have grown as an individual throughout your transformation process? AT: I feel that I have grown immensely, mentally, and emotionally, and am continuing that growth every single day. I have learned so much about people, and I am still so intrigued to learn more as I grow myself. We live in a fascinating world, surrounded by different things, and influences. I am still learning how to walk around in this world every day, taking it all in for its beauty and for all that it has to offer. My business sense is becoming keener, and I am very blessed to be surrounded by some very intelligent and business savvy individuals. MFM: How has being the son of a power lifter impacted your fitness experience?

46 ||


AT: If anything it has motivated and pushed me! My father has always been a positive source of inspiration for me, and I am never letting him down in any way. I’m grateful to have had him my whole life there teaching me and helping me grow into the man I am today both in my personal life, and in the gym and athletics. All of my brothers and I are athletes, and I can give that credit to our father who took the time to work with us all and cared to see us outshine the other kids. We have had the best influence any kids could have, and I love my father for it.

MFM: Did anyone inspire you? Did you ever reach out to them? AT: I have had a lot of inspiration to date from different people. I have been very excited to meet some throughout the years, and have been let down by some as well to learn of how egotistical they were. If there is anything I have learned along the way, it’s that no number of followers, fame, nor accomplishments, truly make anyone above anyone else. I don’t build anyone up too much in my mind anymore. I give respect where it is due. MFM: Do you have any inspirational words to those who look up to you? Or are just starting? AT: One quote or thing I have carried with me for a while, and actually have stamped on a piece of silver is, “don’t be afraid to fail; be afraid not to try.” I love it and think about that often when undertaking something new. I’m NOT afraid to fail; I’m going to give something my all if I try. MFM: How supportive have your friends and family been? Do you feel your relationships have changed in any way? AT: My family has been absolutely amazing to me throughout this all, and continues to support me every single day! I love my siblings and come from a big family. I have five brothers and sisters; my sisters are identical triplets now in their junior year of high schoolcrazy! I was the oldest boy of two younger brothers and those three girls growing up. My friends have definitely changed though! I have a few that are still very close to me, but for the most part I am not friends with anyone from high school or my early college years. I got a lot of hate thrown at me in the beginning of this all and kept pushing through regardless. I cut a lot of negativity out of my life along the way, and can promise you it’s a key to anyone’s success. Nobody can be truly happy with

negative leeches around that only want to pipe up to bring you down. Get rid of those people and embrace the ones who want to see you succeed! MFM: What pumps you up and helps you get started with your workouts? Music? AT: I have a pre-workout nutritional drink and turn up some old school hip hop! I like to listen to some Dr. Dre, Easy­-E, Biggie, Pac-all of that gets my blood pumping and ready to kill the weights! MFM: are some of your workout and eating habits? Do you take supplements? AT: I work out religiously seven days a week and do cardio once a day if not twice. I have a home gym that makes it really easy to lift and knock out my cardio. I eat clean and use a meal prep company to keep my meals coming weekly and fresh! I highly recommend that for anyone that has a busy lifestyle and does not have a lot of time for food prep. I use Shredz supplements, and love that they are natural and healthy for my body. I train hard and rely on my nutrition for my building blocks. When it comes to my supplementation, I love the Alpha Male stack from Shredz, as its fills in the missing links and areas that I don’t get with my nutrition. MFM: What do you like to do in your downtime to relax? Hobbies? Cheat days? AT: I am a car lover and a gun lover. I own two Maserati’s and love racing them around. I have been a car person my whole life and get it from a grandfather who owned and raced hotrods and race cars. I get the gun lover side from my dad, and I own quite a few firearms and have participated in safety courses and shooting classes since I was a very young child. I hunted growing up and come from an area where guns are just a part of life. I also



having humility toward others. Arrogance is something this world has far too much of, and I have never seen so much positively generated in my own life as I have from giving back selflessly. It would change the world if everyone did it. This is why I started Lift others up - www. MFM: You’ve been on the cover of Vanity magazine, you’ve been featured in so much. How does all of this feel? Knowing you made it this far? AT: It feels very rewarding, and is a constant reminder that I can make anything happen and will continue working towards goals I set! It’s so cool being able to pick up a magazine or see yourself on a shelf in another country. I was actually traveling to England when my magazine was on shelves in the UK and was so blown away to witness it. It still makes me smile huge. I’m looking forward to seeing THIS publication come out as well ;)

snowboard and have sponsors for that as well! If I’m not driving, shooting, or working out, you can find me on the mountain in the snow! MFM: How do you motivate yourself on days when you are feeling tired or want to eat unhealthy food? AT: I EAT them! Everyone needs a cheat day now and then, and I have days where I hit walls and just need to be human too. I will go get a bunch of stuff at the store and enjoy myself for a day, knowing I’m back to the grind the next day! Everyone needs to stay sane. MFM: How do you think helping others helps yourself? What are some unexpected benefits? AT: There is so much that comes from helping others. It’s a key part to life. Essentially, the way I feel is that if you do not try to constantly give back to those around you, you are like a ticking time bomb waiting to fail. No one can be at the top or on top of success alone or without

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MFM: Tell us what your best/ favorite model shoot was to date? AT: I would say to date, my favorite shoot was between two: Portland, Oregon for a Spring Line I shot for Aesthetic Revolution, and shooting in New York City with Mike Ruiz for the Pretty Masculine Project. Both of these two shoots hold great significance to me as do all of my shoots, but these were just so awesome in their own respects and set a standard for how shoots SHOULD be run. MFM: What future plans/projects are you working on right now that you can tell us about? AT: I am working on a few spring clothing campaigns coming out this next week, and another in a month. I am very excited about them, and I am looking forward to a fall campaign contract being reviewed right now for an entire line, labeled “as modeled by Alex Michael,” which would be very exciting for me. I just want it to fit with my other obligations right now, and we are working out contract details with that.

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SPOTLIGHT ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Holly Bricken Twitter - @fitbrickhouse

Photo Credit: James Patrick

Hometown: San Diego, CA Height: 5’10” Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Occupation: VP of Business Development Fitness Credentials: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Favorite fat-burning work-out: I love HIIT cardio followed by a superset weight workout.  Easy clean eating rules: Moderation is key!  90% of my diet is filled with clean eating choice, but I do allow myself to have things that I consider “off menu” from time to time.  Skin essentials: Sunscreen - Sunscreen Sunscreen!!!  Also, I love my Clairsonic and Obagi’s NuDerm skincare line.  Biggest inspiration: Monica Brant



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Photo: Fadil Berisha

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Exclusive Interview with

WWE Superstar

Coach & Athlete

Eva Mari: IG: @NatalieEvaMarie | @Jonathan_Coyle Twitter: @NatalieEvaMarie | @Jonathan_Coyle Snap Chat: @AllRedEva | @Jonathan_Coyle
 Photo Credit: Stylist: Katie Qian | Makeup &Hair: Jose Martinez



By Darcy Tharp

Model, actress, and WWE Superstar, Natalie Eva Marie says that if a woman is striving for her own unique empowerment, then she is already a Superstar. A star of E! reality show, Total Divas, which features behind the scenes footage of select WWE Superstars and a look into their personal lives, Eva Marie as she’s known on the show, is certainly that woman. As someone who always played sports growing up in California and found herself drawn into the modeling and acting world, WWE was a logical next step, and so far Eva Marie has had a high-profile, successful career with the WWE,, quickly amassing a legion of supporting fans. With blazing red hair and a fiery personality to match, Eva Marie is not someone you could easily forget. She has made appearances in various television shows such as 12 Corazones, Entourage, CSI: New York, America’s Got Talent, and 90210. She has also been featured in numerous magazines including: Iron Man, Muscle & Fitness, Maxim, Import Tuner, GlamFit and Rukus. Natalie’s beauty and total kickass body aside though, it is her relentlessness that has really catapulted her to new heights. Alongside her husband who is not only her partner in life, but her partner and coach in the gym, she is always feeding her innate hunger for achieving that next level of success. For Natalie, that means one day becoming the biggest action hero in the world. “Her positive attitude and insane work ethic blow my mind daily.” Natalie’s husband, fitness model and competitor Jonathan Coyle who is a CrossFit pro and a Shredz athlete and advocate, says Natalie is super easy to train. He fell in love with her at first sight, and what followed was a love story that resulted in a couple so in sync with one another that they even answered some of the questions the same in their interview below with MOST Fitness Magazine! Like Natalie, Jonathan has developed his own niche in the industry, and what started out as a hobby initially has evolved into a full-time career where he is able to meld his passion for fitness with his talents for strategic-planning. Individually, they each hold their own in their respective arenas in the fitness industry, but together they are unstoppable. With business degrees coupled with an insatiable thirst for total world domination and building an international brand, Natalie and Jonathan are the 56 ||


quintessential power couple. As Jonathan reminds everyone though, a strong mind and building mental dexterity is at the core of it all. Develop that, train hard, and the rest will follow.

MFM: How did you originally first get into modeling and acting after college? NEM: After I graduated college, I moved to Los Angeles and sort of fell into modeling and acting. I liked the crowd entertainment aspect of competitive sports, so acting and entertaining was a synergistic transition to sports entertainment. MFM: You played soccer in college-did you do any other sports growing up? NEM: I also played volleyball, basketball, softball, and ran track. As you can tell, I love sports! MFM: You have appeared in a number of television shows-do you have desires to continue with acting in the future or to try to get more roles? NEM: Absolutely. My goal is to be the biggest female action star in the world. I love action movies, especially the epic superhero genre. Getting cast in a Marvel/DC Comics movie would be fantastic! I can see myself playing Poison Ivy or a Jean Grey character. MFM: What is your daily workout routine like? NEM: I blend CrossFit and traditional bodybuilding workouts into a hybrid routine. A normal training day for me starts off with a CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) followed by a meal. Then, I head to Equinox for traditional weight training. MFM: Do you follow a strict eating or nutrition schedule? Example of your typical meals in a day?  NEM: I love food, and I love to eat. I always have and always will. I don’t like using the word “strict” because there are so many negative connotations with that word. Food is great. I love food. Most people love food. I don’t believe in assigning negative words to something that is such a great part of life. However, I do monitor and regulate what I eat and how much of it I eat. I adhere to a varying macro (macronutrients) and calorie ratio.



58 ||


Essentially, I have a set number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat that I will consume in a day. If I am craving a cupcake, I will eat a cupcake, but I won’t go over my macro numbers. That cupcake might use up the vast majority of my fat grams for that day, so I will adjust and eat leaner meats, and lower fat foods for the rest of the day. It’s like balancing a check book every day, but instead of dollars your currency is grams of macro nutrients. Nutrition is an overwhelming and intimidating subject for most people, but it doesn’t have to be; once you get it down, it’s very simple. MFM: Tell MOST Fitness readers one thing nobody knows about you? NEM: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. A lot of people think of my brand as “a pretty face,” but there is a lot of strategic business planning that goes on behind the scenes. MFM: Guilty pleasure/s? NEM: Binge watching Netflix with Jonathan while eating Ben & Jerry’s. MFM: Do you have any go-to fashion designers? What do you love to wear when you are dressing up? NEM: Michael Costello is my go-to designer for dresses. He has designed everything from my wedding dress to custom gowns. If you want to feel confident and glamorous, then a Costello gown is the way to go. For my day-to-day wear, I keep it super simple-American Apparel all the way. MFM: Do you have any advice for aspiring WWE Superstars? NEM: This is the age of the empowered woman, and I am a huge proponent of this movement. A woman should be strong, independent, educated, and know that she can achieve anything she sets her heart and mind to. This is what it means to be a Superstar. So whether you are entering into the Squared Circle, College, Grad School, The Armed Forces, or Beauty School, as long as you strive for your own unique empowerment then you are already a Superstar. MFM: Had you ever had red hair in your life before this now? Now that you’re the most famous redhead, have you ever felt the pressure to portray the characteristics one generally associates with a redhead? i.e.: fiery, strong willed, fierce, standing out  NEM: I have been every color from blonde to ombre.



60 ||


However, the red hair truly embodies my personality. I am fiery, fierce, strong-willed, and I stand out. I portray all of the characteristics the color red embodies. However, it’s important for a woman to be defined by her character and not just a physical aspect of herself. I embody all of those characteristics naturally, regardless of hair color. Often, women are defined by a physical attribute when they are so much more than that. I love my red hair as a physical expression of who I am. For any women out there who feel that they embody red, I have a hair extension line with Bellami Hair called TestaRossa. MFM: Favorite hobby outside of wrestling or modeling? NEM: I enjoy dinner and a movie with my husband, and just spending time with our family. MFM: How do you and Jonathan help and motivate each other? NEM: We are training partners as well as a married couple. We both keep each other motivated and on track. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier when your partner is also onboard. We both work hard and play hard together, especially when it comes to our cheat day! MFM: Fitness is obviously a priority in both of your lives-what is something else that you both love to do together totally unrelated to wrestling or fitness? NEM: We both love food! So we truly enjoy going out to a nice dinner or going to our families’ home for a meal. Food and family are our two biggest passions in life. MFM: What long-term goals or plans do you have for your career?  NEM: As I previously mentioned, one of my many goals is to become the biggest female action star in the world. I would also like to be the biggest draw at WWE, start a non-profit organization to help people, write a book, launch a clothing line, partner with global brands, speak to young women around the world, and build one of the largest business empires/brands around.  MFM: Three words to describe yourself.  And three words to describe Jonathan. Natalie: Relentless, Determined, Hungry Jonathan: Loyal, Steadfast, Motivated  MFM: Idea of a perfect date night? NEM: Mastro’s Steakhouse on a cheat day, followed by take home desserts and a movie on the couch! IG: @NatalieEvaMarie @Jonathan_Coyle Twitter: @NatalieEvaMarie @Jonathan_Coyle Snap Chat: @AllRedEva @Jonathan_Coyle website:



MFM: You have a very diverse background-Which do you identify with the most and which defines you the most? Irish, Lebanese, American? JC: I’m proud to be an American. I’m proud of the principles this nation was founded on and what this country is capable of achieving. In this age where it’s highly fashionable to America bash, I choose to proudly declare my love for my country, the positive things it represents, and work towards improving its short comings. However, I do also love the Irish and Lebanese cultures. I was raised in Dublin, Ireland and have duel Irish and American citizenship. Irish culture is fantastic; the people are hardworking, family-loving, music-oriented, resilient people. I also love Lebanese culture, where nothing is above family, loyalty, and respect. They are overwhelmingly a hospitality and food culture; to be a guest in a Lebanese household is an experience I highly suggest for everyone. You won’t eat for a week afterwards!

have to execute their vision. We are the leaders in cuttingedge content creation, period. But apart from me “nerding out” on the business end, what makes Shredz special to me is the message we are spreading. That message is no matter who you are, where you come from, what stage in life you are at, and what your goals are, we are here to motivate you to be a better, fitter, happier person. Yes, we sell a product and yes, we have monetized social media at an unprecedented level, but we also give back at an unprecedented level. If you never spend a nickel on a Shredz product in your entire life, we still value you and want to inspire and help you better yourself the same as someone who is a diehard consumer. I love that; giving back to the people who have given you your success, the supporters, is what I am all about.

MFM: What has been the most challenging aspect of building your brand and standing out in the fitness industry where there are a lot of people trying to get noticed and represent big brands? JC: My success in the fitness world is beyond ironic. My background is highly academic and business oriented. I graduated undergrad with honors, attended (and withdrew after a year) law-school, and went on to business school and received my MBA. I went right into the business world, and that was my major focus for almost a decade. Fitness was just a hobby; I never intended on monetizing it, let alone creating a huge brand in the fitness world. I was managing a team of analysts at one of the world’s largest gaming companies when I started getting approached by various fitness magazines and brands who saw my social media pages. I shot UFC Magazine a few times, picked up a few smaller endorsements, and then shot an extremely high-budget ad campaign with for the world renowned Berube Films. It was after the Berube video that Arvin Lal reached out to me and let me know he had just opened a fledgling supplement company named Shredz and asked if I was interested in becoming one of their athletes. The rest is history.

MFM: You are a cross-fit pro-what is your favorite part of it and why? JC: The mental toughness aspect, hands down. I don’t train to look good, which sounds ludicrous coming from someone in the fitness industry I know, but it’s true. I train because it makes me a better person, and before you call BS let me explain why. There is something powerful about pushing your physical limits and overcoming. When you take on extreme workouts that are designed to tax your body, put you in a state of extreme discomfort, and trigger your mind to say “quit” and you mentally say “no” and push through, you are training your mind that you can overcome what it deems impossible. That repetition will build your mental toughness the same way you build your physical muscles. Eventually, that mental toughness will carry into every aspect of your life. Now that seemingly impossible situation at work or personal issue in your life no longer seems impossible. You are regularly starting your day working out and doing something that three weeks ago was physically impossible for you. Soon you learn that there is no “impossible,” there is only opportunity to overcome!

MFM: What was your favorite ad campaign you have ever been a part of, and why? JC: I love what Shredz is doing and what they are about. Arvin, Ankur, and the whole executive team over there all have an insanely forward thinking strategy, and I love that. Coming from a decade of implementing high-level strategic planning, I appreciate the scope and ability they

MFM: You have said it was love at first sight when you met Eva-what was your first date like? How did you get her to go out with you? JC: The first time we met I was about as smooth as Jim Carey’s “Lloyd” character from the movie Dumb and Dumber, but I rallied at the end, invited her to join me at an organic juice bar, and told her

62 ||


that if she hung out with me three more times I guaranteed she would want to be with me forever. I was in an ultra, fast-paced and hectic business career at the time, and my team and I were working INSANE overtime to help meet a deadline. So Natalie would come visit me on campus, and I would sneak away and bring her to our cafeteria for lunch. But our first true date was late night donuts at The Donuttery, a 24 hour donut spot in Huntington Beach. Our first dates were nothing romantic or expensive, but

because they were so bare bones it gave us a chance to get to know each other on a very real level. We fell in love; well technically I was already in love, so it was really all about getting her to come around. We have been together ever since. MFM: Why did you guys decide to elope, and what was the best part of that experience? JC: What can I say, we were madly in love, and if you



know, you know. We didn’t want to be boyfriend and girlfriend; we wanted to commit ourselves to one another for the rest of our lives. Often a wedding becomes about pleasing other people, when at its core it’s really about a commitment between God and two people to become one entity. We were able to have that ceremony in the most intimate way. Then later, after months of planning, we had the public ceremony and celebration with our family and friends. I love the way we did it.

with “God first” prominently displayed in her “About Me” section, regarding something she saw on the T.V. show. We die laughing over it because the dichotomy of that scenario is literally incredibly awesome on so many levels. MFM: I asked Eva the same: Three words to describe yourself.  And three words to describe Eva. Me: Loyal, Steadfast, Strategic  Her:  Kind, Charismatic, Relentless

MFM: How did reality TV impact your relationship and what was it like getting married on TV?! JC: Reality TV is my wife’s arena. I just happened to be married to a celebrity and go along for the ride because I love her. It has actually had a positive impact on our relationship. Our communication with one another is on a whole other level, and we discuss any issues we can possibly foresee arising well in advance. It has given us tough skin as well as a lot of inside jokes from some fans’ reactions on social media. We will read some Instagram comment that is so obscene it would make a Longshoreman blush, written by some mother of three

MFM: What is your idea of a perfect date night? JC: Take-home Mastro’s (bone-in Tomahawk steak, gorgonzola mac ‘n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, hot pretzel bread, and warm butter cake with extra ice cream), a great movie streaming off of Amazon, and some “marital” time! Best night ever!

64 ||


MFM: Eva said you both work hard and play hard together, especially on cheat day, what is your favorite “cheat” day that you guys have? JC: (Laughing) Our cheat days are epic. Is it a coincidence that my idea of a perfect date includes an epic

cheat meal? I think not. One time Natalie and I ate an entire Bisquick Costco-sized box of banana pancakes that I whipped up. I think we went through a block and a half of butter and half a bottle of maple syrup with them. Epic. MFM: When you work out together, who is the coach in the gym more, you or Eva? JC: I have been Natalie’s primary trainer since we started dating, so in the gym I’m the one coaching. But, she makes coaching her easy. Her positive attitude and insane work ethic blow my mind daily. She gets in there and kills her workouts consistently. MFM: What motivates you every day to keep pushing to be better,  especially in your industry when you already have what most people’s idea is of a “perfect body” and health? JC: I will let you all in on truth that once you accept, will increase your happiness exponentially: there is no such thing as a perfect body and no one on earth is fully satisfied with the way they look, and you won’t be either. Accept that, make peace with it, and see how much happier you become. If you think that your physical appearance will bring you lasting happiness, you are setting yourself up to be miserable because you will always be chasing something that seems “just out of

reach,” but in actuality doesn’t exist. I don’t have a perfect body, there is always something I want to improve on, and I will always have insecurities. And before you write this off as trite and patronizing, you should know that I used to be fat, not a little thick, literally overweight. If you showed the overweight me the current me, I would have absolutely said, “if I looked like that I would be 100% happy with how I look.” But, I’m not 100% happy with how I look; now that I have attained what I thought would make me happy, there is another body type I want to achieve. The perfect body is a fallacy that will ruin your sense of self. I’m not motivated by attaining a perfect body, but I am motivated to attain a perfect mind. Where the mind goes, the body follows. So the better my discipline and work ethic is, the better my performance is. The result of that manifests physically. The battle is for your mind. MFM: Best pump-up/work out music? JC: Anything by Killswitch Engage! Especially, “My Last Serenade”  MFM: Do you enjoy cooking? Does Eva? What is your favorite healthy dinner? JC: My mom is Lebanese, and I was raised in the kitchen. I love to cook; it’s art that you get to eat when you are done creating it. What could be better!? My wife’s talents www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


are many and extensive, however, cooking is not one of them. When it comes to cooking healthy, the grill is king. Grilled free range chicken breast kebabs with grilled asparagus washed down with pure organic coconut water is one of my all-time favorite healthy meals. MFM: Can you give MOST Fitness readers your top 5 tips for getting their summer beach bodies ready NOW? JC: I can give it to them with two. Don’t eat shit and train hard. It’s literally that simple. But to expound on those points, get on a solid nutrition plan. If you don’t know how to eat to achieve your goals, don’t be embarrassed, most people don’t. Invest in a nutritionist who will teach you how to eat in a manner that suits your goals. Don’t get hung up on the almost religious like fervor that proponents of certain ways of eating often fall into. If Paleo suits you, eat Paleo. If Zone works for you, eat Zone. If “If It Fits Your Macros” works for you, eat that way. The one I would ask you to please not do, is fully subscribe to one dietary choice so zealously that you write off any other dietary choice as inferior; it’s ignorant, so don’t do it. The

66 ||


same principle applies to working out, whether you are Cross-fitting, Bodybuilding, Cycling, or Zumba-ing, as long as you are giving 100% you have earned the right to be respected. You have my full respect. MFM: Future projects/plans that you are working on or have coming up? JC: Absolutely! Like I’ve said, I love strategic planning. The next phase in our long term plan is to really start to grow and leverage our social media presence internationally. Traditionally, international markets have been very hard to break into, requiring tremendous amounts of capital to bring a brand overseas. Social media has broken down that barrier and surprisingly not many brands have jumped on that opportunity, but we are. Stay tuned for some really cool announcements! MFM: Where can we find you on social media? Instagram: @Jonathan_Coyle Twitter: @Jonathan_Coyle SnapChat: @Jonathan_Coyle

Lotus Blossom Legging & Imagine Bra

By: Body by Brazil Photo Credit: DCProStudio
| Model: Darcy Tharp

68 ||


ramed against a backdrop of planes, sailboats, the Potomac River, and the D.C. skyline, model Darcy Tharp teamed up with DcProStudio for a shoot featuring some of Body by Brazil’s key spring items. MOST Fitness believes that movement directly correlates to happiness. It is a lifestyle and can and should be done anywhere, anytime. Donning the innovative “look at me” workout outfits, Darcy danced, stretched, and shimmied around the city while DcProStudio captured it all from behind the lens. Laser cutouts, bold prints, and unabashed color and cuteness in body hugging fabric make for the perfect silhouette against a picturesque Washington, DC. A city known for its fit population as much as politics and its above-average IQ, there is high probability on any given day that there will be fitness fanatics running, jumping, or CrossFitting, their way throughout the city. Proving there is truth to the matter that movement is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle as it obviously stimulates the brain cells. Another perception about D.C? That in terms of fashion, it is decidedly conservative. Yet, in Body by Brazil, sleek fitness wear that can easily double as fashion streetwear, all caution is thrown to the wind in favor of sexy looks that make you look as good as you feel when you are working out. Or if you’d rather just step out already in heels with a leather jacket thrown over the leggings and bra tops for style that screams confidence that works too. The Supplex material manufactured in Brazil is breathable, stretchy, and form-fitting at the same time, making it as functional as it fashionable. All those in favor of sexier fitness wear head over to



Monarch Shorts & Racy Lacy Tank

Shady Lady Legging & St. Croix Bra

70 ||




Heart Tattoo Capri & Malibu Bra 72 ||



SPOTLIGHT WBFF Pro Figure World Champion 2015, Miss Figure Universe 2011, Miss Figure New England 2010 Photo Credit: Pedro Blanco Photography

By Darcy Tharp

Hometown: Plymouth, MA Height: 5’5” Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Fitness Credentials: WBFF Pro Figure World Champion 2015, Miss Figure Universe 2011, Miss Figure New England 2010 MFM: How did you get started in the fitness field? SP: For me, my fitness journey really started after my son was born in 2004! I was mainly a cardio girl prior to that and spent most of my weekends going to clubs dancing the nights away! After I had my son, I was pretty much told that my body would never look the same. Well, that’s all I needed to hear; tell me I can’t, and I will. I decided to challenge myself to not only get fit and healthy, but to enter my first figure competition in 2009. That very decision has led me to where I am today, living my passion of health and fitness and sharing it with others so that they can do the same! MFM: What made you motivated to get into competitions? SP: Once you get pregnant and have a child your body goes through some pretty crazy and amazing changes! I am all about a challenge, so I was driven to get in the best shape of my life post baby. That was my motivation!

74 ||


MFM: What is your nutrition philosophy? SP: My philosophy has always been a healthy and balanced approach to nutrition. It is extremely important to fuel your body with healthy, clean foods! Deprivation from food groups for extended periods of time is not healthy, unless you medically need to do so. A well-balanced diet filled with healthy, clean foods will increase energy levels and improve cellular function. As an added bonus, your skin and hair will benefit too!

MFM: Describe your normal diet? SP: A normal off season diet for me includes: lean protein varieties, lean grass fed beef two times per week, veggie varieties, one small fruit serving, a lot of healthy fats (mainly oils and avocado), and minimal clean carbs. I also allow for one meal a week where I enjoy whatever I want! It’s all about finding what works for you and your body type! Not everyone is the same. I am finding out that my body feels its healthiest off season with higher fats and lower starches, which is very different for me as far as what I have done in the past. I’d like to note that it is possible for what the body requires to change - it has for me! MFM: Best suggested Glutes Workout? SP: 4 Sets of each! - GO HEAVY Squats - wide stance and deep! BB Hip Thrusts Split Squats off Bench Lateral Leg Press - super set with band walks, and go for reps! MFM: Top 5 favorite exercises and why? SP: Squats - They help you build muscle throughout your body; squatting is so intense it creates an anabolic environment, releasing hormones that promote growth in muscle tissue! Stiff Leg Deadlifts - A compound movement that will strengthen your core stability, and works many muscles simultaneously including glutes and several back muscles! Shoulder Press - Works several muscles in the upper body and improves daily functioning of the upper body muscles! Push Ups - They build strength in all upper body muscles and core! Who doesn’t love a good push up challenge! Chin Ups - Chin ups obviously work the muscles in your back, but also your biceps, posterior delts and a little chest too. They are a great addition to a full body routine!

MFM: DARING exercises? SP: I feel like this question was meant for me! I always love to find new and challenging ways to do an exercise! Some of my favorites at the moment are 28 method squats, 10x10 leg extensions with 10 seconds rest in-between sets, and 21’s style lateral raises! MFM: As a Body Ambition Coach what can people expect from the “Get Fit with Shannon” program? How can our readers get involved? SP: As a Body Ambition Coach, I pride myself on giving clients a program that is specific to their individual needs and goals. Every body type is different, and the programming each of my clients receive should reflect that. My programs are balanced with a holistic approach. I strive to keep my clients healthy while reaching their goals and educating them as to why they are doing what they are doing. That way they can apply what they have learned to their everyday lives once they move on from needing a coach. I also strive to help them feel their best on the inside first and to love themselves at every stage on their health and fitness journey! MFM: Where can we find you on social media? SP: You can find me at: Instagram: Shannon Petralito Twitter: Shan Petralito YouTube: Shannon Petralito Pinterest: Shannon Petralito Website: Facebook: www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||




ASHLEY JENELLE Facebook - IG - @ashleyj_fit Wesbite - Photo Credit: Brett Seeley |

76 ||


Best Childhood Memory: I was raised by my grandparents and there are so many incredible memories growing up but I would have to say one of the most memorable was when I shaved off my left eyebrow in second grade! Yes, that happened. I was trying to “groom” them because they were obnoxiously thick so I decided to use my grandpa’s razor. I then went to school for two weeks with a “Sharpied” left eyebrow until my brow started growing back in. My sister laughed at me so much and I received a pretty legit spanking. Nonetheless, it was hysterical. How do you manage your hair when working out? I don’t care what others may say, but I’m a huge fan of looking good when I workout, so you’ll never see me with my hair up. People assume me managing my hair is a task as I get asked about it a lot but the truth is that whether it’s twist or super long extensions from Flawless Hair, it’s actually easy because I go for styles that require very low maintenance. Also, being that I’m African American, we don’t typically wash our hair daily since our scalp needs oil so my favorite trick to use in between washes every couple weeks is dry shampoo! I’ve tried the most expensive to the cheapest and I have to say that Dove takes the cake for me. It smells good, leaves no white residue and absorbs really well. Not to mention, it’s only $5! Got to love a good bargain!

By Marrisa Poe and Michelle Prescott

Hometown: Dallas, TX - home for 30 years, currently in Denver since 2014. Occupation: National Digital Media Sales for Channel 7 ABC in Denver, Lash studio owner (Peep This! Lashes), Bikini Posing Coach (AJ Fitness) Fitness Credentials: NPC National Bikini Competitor, top 5 and top 3 in 2015 Siblings: 2 - younger brother, older sister Best Friend: Tracy Sandoval

How do you maintain your skin when dealing with all the makeup for competitions? My skin is very low maintenance just like my hair. I don’t have a crazy regimen. I simply wash and moisturize it. I think the main reason why it’s held up so well is due to the fact that I’m not an everyday makeup wearer. I used to be in my early to mid twenties but once I became comfortable in my own skin in my late 20’s, I decided to go without it and have been hooked on how my skin has managed ever since. Not to mention, it truly makes me feel even more glamorous and pampered when I get my makeup done for my competitions by Flawless Hair. What foods do you find benefit you the most when trying to beat your cravings? Water! I know it’s not food, but I’ll tell you, it has been the biggest cravings killer for me. Whenever I feel that I have a craving or I’m hungry in-between meals, I will drink 24to 32 ounces of water and feel full. The saying is true, most of the time when people think they’re hungry, they are actually thirsty! I drink at least a gallon of water everyday and I can definitely admit that it’s suppressed those crazy cravings I used to get.


77 Facebook - duane.brickhouse IG - @dbrick11 Photo Credit:

Brian Landis


IFBB Men’s Physique pro, Duane Brickhouse reveals his process and breaks down specific exercises for preparing for competitions and refining key body parts. Primarily, I prefer to work one body part a day. However, when my schedule prevents me from training as often as I would like, I have to double up. Also, as I get closer to a competition, I like to keep my heart rate up by limiting rest periods. Another focus during contest prep is to work on improving some key body parts. For me, that means adding size to my arms and increasing the detail and thickness in my back. Below you can find some typical exercises that I use to improve on my physique. For most of my workouts I tend to do four working sets, with at least one warm up set. I stick to a rep range of 8-12, occasionally going to 15-20 for my final set, especially if doing a cable movement. 78 ||


– While standing, grasp a rope attachment that is connected a to a high pulley machine. Arms should be bent so that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Using your triceps and keeping your upper arm stationary, press the weight down until your forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Hold for a count and return to the starting position. This exercise can also be done with a straight bar.

– Using a set of parallel bars (dips station), start by holding your body above the bars with your arms nearly locked out. Lower your body to form a 90 degree angle and then push yourself back up using your triceps to get back into the starting position. When you are able to easily do 10 plus reps of your bodyweight, challenge yourself by adding additional weight.

– Similar to the triceps pushdown, but done with a single handle. I like to bring it across my body to challenge my triceps from another angle.

– Attach a straight bar to a pulley set at the low position. Grasping the bar with both hands facing away from your body, curl the bar to your shoulders by bending at the elbows while they stay pinned to your sides. Your upper arm should remain stationary.



– Using a single handle (D-handle) on a low pulley machine, curl to your shoulder. Adding single arm movements will help to improve any imbalances that you have with your arms. I feel that unilateral movements are crucial in building a balanced physique.

– Similar to the cable curl, but using a rope attachment as an alternative, curl the rope by keeping your arms in a neutral position. This will put additional focus on your forearms as well as your biceps.

80 ||

– Set up by standing in the middle of a pulley machine with the handles set at the highest position. Using an underhand grip and your arms fully extended, curl your forearms towards your biceps. Hold for a count and return to the starting position. MOST FITNESS || MAY 2016

Standing with a dumbbell in each hand in the neutral position, curl the dumbbell to your shoulder while turning your palm to face your body. Hold for a count, and then return to the starting position.

– Either using a high pulley or a lat pull down, stand with hands shoulder-width apart grasping a long bar facing down. Starting with arms parallel to the floor, pull the bar towards your thighs while keeping your arms straight. Squeeze your lats when you get to your thighs, and then return to starting position.

– I tend to do several variations of rows to add detail and thickness to my back. Stand over a bar that is attached to a landmine. Bend at the waist and use a v-handle to pull the bar towards your midsection. Maintain a straight back with your chest up throughout the movement. This can also be done unilaterally by simply grasping the bar with one hand.

– This movement is primarily for rear delts, but it helps improve the overall appearance of the back. With a pulley station set at chest level, attach a rope and with an overhand grip, grasp with both hands. While maintaining a slight arch in your back, pull the rope towards your face, hold for a second and return to the starting position.

– Using a v-handle while standing in front of a low pulley, slowly pull the cable toward your midsection while keeping your chest high and back with a slight arch.

– My all-time favorite exercise! Using a pull up bar, with hands facing away from you, slowly pull your torso up until your chest touches the bar. I keep my focus on squeezing my back at the top of the movement and making sure that I go through a full range of motion. I like to work on different hand positions and incorporate chinups, which bring the biceps into play even more and rope pull-ups which bring in a totally different challenge due to having to concentrate on stabilizing your body. Website:

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Instagram: catdupuisathlete FB Page: Cat Dupuis Athlete Website: Email: Photo Credit: George Kontaxis

By Darcy Tharp Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Height: 5’7” Hair: Red Eyes: Blue/Grey Fitness Credentials: BEXc MFM: What made you first feel motivated to get into competitions? CD: That is an interesting question. Maybe for most people they compete for positive reasons; I always found myself competing in times of adversity. The first time around was in 2008 after being married for almost five years, and the marriage was on a downward slide. Not knowing at the time how to deal with it, I just trained 84 ||


more and more. I was a coach then so I was at the gym ten hours a day already, but I booked more clients into my schedule and when it was time to train myself, I just focused and gave it my all for longer periods of time. It was my way to get rid of the negativity, the anger, the frustration, etc., and it worked. A fellow coach at the gym I worked at the time suggested I tried competing. He said, “You already have the ethic, dedication, and focus, just get your diet right and get on stage!” I thought he was nuts, but then again I thought, what do I have to really lose? My life is completely out of control, but I’m good at this and love it. So I found the journey leading up to the fitness show quite therapeutic in a sense. I gave it my all and got first place at my first show. I

competed a few times after that but was not that into it as I had to deal with other priorities and then life just happened. The second time around when I decided to compete was in 2015. This was a year and a half after my boyfriend of almost six years passed away suddenly at our house. He was a retired pro-bodybuilder that had given and dedicated his life to bodybuilding. He loved it, lived it, breathed it, and dreamed it every day. He probably even at times hated it a bit! I learned from him that it is a constant effort. It’s an everyday thing; it’s not twelve weeks out of a show that it matters. It matters all of the time. He taught me to never feel comfortable with your progress, and there is always room for improvement. There will always be something to improve and to always stay passionate about what you love. You cannot give 120% if you are not passionate about what you do. After he passed away, I did not know how to handle it so I just worked like a maniac for a year straight until my mind, and therefore my body completely shut down. I was put on three types of antidepressants and worsened my situation by drinking a lot of alcohol. Not having a family as support, my friends were great and took care of me. Therapy was not an option for me, and one day I thought ok, what am I going to do with my life now? And the first thing that came to mind was, “I’ll go to the gym,” so I did. My body was all wonky and completely

out of whack; everything was hurting, but for some reason it made me feel alive again and no pain could ever be worse than the one I had gone through a year prior to that so I just pushed through. Once I was completely off the meds and eating better and quit drinking, that’s when my mind started being clearer, and I could think straight. I hired Jason Marcovici as my coach because I was on a mission to get to Nationals that same summer. In five months I competed in two regional shows, Provincials & Nationals. In one year from my first show, I qualified for the IFBB Pro Qualifier at the Arnold Amateur and was able to place in the top five; it was a great achievement then after seven years of not competing that I was able to accomplish so much in one year. I can definitely say that adversity is the one thing that keeps fueling the fire for competition. MFM: What is your training routine for competition? CD: I always played it by ear, and never have a set workout written down. My mind is on point when it comes to my workout. I guess I’ve been doing it for so many years that it is simply an automatic thing. I can change the structure of a workout in two minutes in my head. Overall, it’s a lot of free weights; I try to stay away from machines, but do some cable work. I do a lot of sets and reps. I have always loved to lift heavy, but when you do figure



and have decent genetics, it doesn’t take long to grow and maybe grow too much in certain areas. So I learned that I had to tone it down with the heavy weights, but go nuts with the sets and reps. I do about 4-5 sets and 20-30 reps per exercise and do a lot of drop sets as well. In figure competitions it’s about the quality and femininity of the muscle, not the size of it.

MFM: What is the most challenging exercise you deal with in your typical day to day routine to stay in shape? CD: I really can’t stand bicep and triceps day! They are small muscles and get pumped quite easily. I find it boring, but hey to each his own. I still do the work, but it’s just not my favorite. The challenge is pretty much to stay focused on that day!

MFM: The happiest competition moment you will cherish forever? CD: I haven’t had it yet; it will be once I get to hit the Olympia stage! Yes, I’m a dreamer, but I work hard at my dreams so it actually might happen someday. You never know!

MFM: Do you mentor and offer services for preparing athletes for pro competitions? CD: Yes I do, but not strictly for pro. I coach anyone who will give me all of their attention, focus, and 110%-anyone who will put in the work, give no complaints, respect my theories, and actually listen and apply them.

MFM: What is your secret diet to stay in shape? CD: Put the cake down, keep the red wine for the weekend, and give all your chocolates to your girlfriends. Seriously, it’s all about balance. I have three jobs so I have no choice but to be organized with my meals. I’m hungry all the time, so if I can’t eat when I’m hungry, it’s not a good situation! I’m at the office all week, so it’s easy to stay on my meal plan because there are no other distractions. I totally treat myself on the weekends and go out to eat a good meal with a dessert. You just have to control yourself; it’s all a mind game.

MFM: What brings you the greatest satisfaction? CD: Results. I have very high expectations for myself, so there is a lot of both pressure and passion. To me, it’s pedal to the metal all of the time for this sport. Every prep, I kick it up a notch. There is again, always room for improvement, so I am never really satisfied in that sense. I’m a perfectionist, and that is the only way you get better as a true athlete. You take the criticism, get back to the drawing board, and work at it.

86 ||


MFM: What does the future hold for you? CD: I have no clue. For me, it’s always one day at a time, but I know for sure it won’t be boring! :-D

Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist & Spin Instructor /Instagram@AlissaParkerIFBB, @FitStartsInTheKitchen Twitter@FitAlissa Photo Credit: George Kontaxis

88 ||


By Darcy Tharp Tuesday Twitter Fitness Tip: The best way to achieve success while dieting is to have a program that is easy to follow in the long-term. Find a way to make it a lifestyle, and set up your environment so that you don’t need to rely on willpower. Also, fit in the things you love so you don’t feel deprived. Hometown: San Diego, CA Height: 5’7” Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Fitness Credentials: Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist & Spin Instructor MFM: When did you receive your IFBB Pro card? AP: I earned my pro card by winning my class at Team Universe in 2013. MFM: Tell us about the personalized services you offer? AP: I offer online coaching for weight loss, and both off-season and competition prep. Every program is custom-designed for each individual. The best way to achieve success is to have a program that is easy to follow. I use a flexible dieting approach. This makes dieting much easier in the long-term and makes it easier to make adjustments to the plans. It teaches mindful eating habits and portion control. I also have different packages available for nutrition, training, and posing. I have been a

posing coach for many years, and have worked with a lot of people under different coaches. In addition to private, in-person/Skype and group posing sessions, I also offer posing critiques for an inexpensive review of posing. Just send in photos or videos, and I will give you tips and tricks to adjust your posing for the stage. Usually it’s something minor that ends up making all the difference. MFM: Do you study your clients’ eating habits? AP: Yes! I like to be in constant contact with my clients to know what is working for them and what is not, so that we can make the necessary changes for compliance. As a competitor myself, I know it can be tough at times. After ten years of dieting, I have found alternatives or recipes that can solve each problem. MFM: Tell us about the books you have written? AP: I currently have two posing books available on Amazon: The Art of Posing & Stage Presentation Bikini Edition and The Art of Posing: Figure Edition. They cover everything you need to know about presenting yourself on stage and looking your best. Posing is a main feature, but I also go over suit selection, hair, makeup, tanning, what to bring to the show, what to do after the show, and the common feelings we all share after a competition. It’s basically everything I tell my clients compiled in one book. My latest book coming out soon is called: Fit Starts in the



a plateau. My goal is to eat as much as possible and do as little as possible to hit my target, so that there is always room to move when things get stuck. You also can’t constantly be eating in a caloric deficit. Plan to have periods of adding calories back in slowly and start cutting back on the training to give your body a break.

Kitchen. It is a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes and a dieting guide. I teach people how to figure out how much they should eat, and cover topics like reverse dieting and even the mental struggles associated with diets. MFM: What parts of your work do you enjoy the most, and what are the greatest stresses at work? I really love the clients I work with. When they get on stage, I feel like it’s me up there. I am so proud when they achieve their goals. MFM: What is your advice for a healthy diet? AP: A healthy diet is one that you can stick to for the long term. It really is a lifestyle. Incorporating some of the things you love in your diet everyday keeps you from feeling deprived and creates a healthier relationship with food. Yo-yo dieting creates more body fat regain overall, time after time. It’s best to stay consistent with weight. When trying to lose weight, it’s best to start with small changes at first and make an adjustment when you hit

90 ||


MFM: What is your own training routine like? AP: I train each body part twice a week. One day is heavy, with around 5-8 reps for each set. The second day I train in the hypertrophy range with 10-15 reps. I start with the major lifts: squats, deadlifts, and presses, then move on to accessory work after. I even incorporate some blood flow restriction training to finish a workout once a week. I have to adjust my workouts to fit my schedule, so I will move things around, but I make sure to get everything in. Monday - Legs heavy Tuesday - Upper body heavy Wednesday - Cardio (I teach spin or HIIT) Thursday - Legs Friday - Upper body Saturday - Cardio Sunday - Rest MFM: How do our readers sign up for your program? AP: My website: has all of the program options as well as my books available for purchase.

Tuesday Twitter Fitness Tip: Develop good habits. You won’t feel motivated every day, so habit is what keeps you going. Hometown: Saginaw, MI Height: 5’2” Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Fitness Credentials: B.S. of Kinesiology concentration in Exercise Science/Business Management, IFBB Professional Athlete, 16 years experience in the fitness industry, and 13 different certifications. Photo Credit: George Kontaxis By Darcy Tharp

92 ||


Social Media Links: / Instagram: @SarahFechter Twitter : @FechterFitness SnapChat : SarahFechter

MFM: Tell us about your Fitness Boot Camp? Is there an age range to qualify? SF: The Sarah Fechter Fitness Life Upgrade Camps were established in 2005. Thousands have experienced our camps over the years. Some clients travel up to two hours to attend. We offer a variety of lifestyle camps ranging from sedentary clients, including special populations, to “Fit over 40” exercisers, and to athletes focusing on training. We have one major goal: to become a better version of ourselves.

4:00 pm: Meal prep 5:00 pm: Instructing/SFF Studio 8:00 pm: Instructing/SFF Studio 9:00 pm: Shower 9:30 pm: Dinner/TV/Book 10:30 pm: Bedtime MFM: Do you have dietary guidelines for your clients? SF: Each client is completely different with different needs and backgrounds. I review them all individually.

MFM: When did you receive your IFBB Pro card? SF: I received my IFBB Pro Card in July of 2013. MFM: What is your philosophy on Nutrition? SF: Every “body” is different. Many factors contribute to the nutrition lifestyle of an individual and directly affect one’s diet and response to the diet. Some examples are: Background-are they a former athlete or are they sedentary? Metabolic Function-what state is their metabolism in? Have they been dieting, and if so, for how long? Goals-what is it this person is trying to achieve with their diet? Health? Fat loss? MFM: How much of a nutrient is too much? SF: Proper nutrition for an individual is constantly changing due to our forever changing lifestyles and goals. Pin point exactly what you are trying to achieve and make constant adjustments by reading biofeedback. MFM: Describe your daily routine? SF: 4:30 am: Wake up and eat breakfast 5:30 am: Instruct Fitness Camps 7:00 am: Cardio 9:00 am: Eat and send client emails 10:30 am: Train/gym 12:00 pm: Office/Meetings



MFM: Can people achieve the same goals using an online program vs. in-gym sessions? Where do you see in-gym sessions being necessary? SF: It depends on the individual and their experience with training. I have successful clients in both areas. In my personal experience, the average client I find needs guidance with intensity, form, and training methods. MFM: Based on your experience in the industry, what do you think are the most respected schools/ departments/certifications in your field that really make a difference? SF: I highly respect earning a Bachelors in Kinesiology. You can build and grow off that strong foundation and earn certifications, fitness credentials, and experience over time. I strongly believe it is how you then apply this knowledge that makes the ultimate difference. 94 ||


MFM: As the media landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years, how do you network and stay in touch with your social media followers? SF: I spend much of my time on a daily basis interacting on social media. Having a connection with my followers and understanding them is the goal. So when they interact with me, I do my best to answer all that I can. The reach that social media allows us to have to be able to engage with our clients is invaluable. MFM: Where do our readers sign up for your programs? SF: View more and contact us at or on any of our social media links.

БАЛЕРИНА Model: Yana Goncharenko Designer: Sheri Autry Makeup/Hair: Rachelle Dalton Photo: DCProStudio

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Miss USA 2014



Motivational Speaker, Host, Actress, Model & Taekwondo Coach

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Social media: @realniasanchezÂ

Photo: Fadil Berisha

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