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|| LETTER FROM EDITOR || elcome to our 15th issue of MOST Fitness, which I hope you enjoy as much as we have enjoyed creating it. In each issue we are able to feature a variety of talent-names that are coming up through the fitness communities as well as the rockstars you recognize. This month is no different. Maya Nassar has not only stolen the heart of MOST, but the hearts of fans across the Middle East. A certified trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model, Maya has the credentials to advise anyone on living the fit life. MOST had to snag Maya to talk about her People’s Choice Award from the 2015 Pure Elite UK Championships. An award-winning champion, Maya shares her journey from hobbyist to innovator. Recognized by her ring name Kelly Kelly, Barbie Blank has been regularly featured on Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown! Barbie became the youngest member of the full-time roster at Smackdown at 19! She’s a star of E!’s hit reality show WAGS (wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons). It goes without saying, but Barbie is a rockstar in every sense, and we’re excited to show you why. With the Summer Olympics right around the corner, MOST continues to spotlight medal winning athletes. This issue Austin Thomson spoke to silver medalist Kim Glass. Kim won silver with the USA Women’s Indoor Volleyball team in 2008 during the Beijing Games. A killer on the court and off, Kim shares her passion for fitness after retiring from volleyball. We understand our readers are busy, and so does Taciana Davidson. Taciana created Body by Tacy with the sole purpose of helping people who don’t have enough time to lose weight and spur their metabolism. After featuring the Brazilian beauty in our December issue, we caught up with Tacy to find out how the business is going so far and to answer any questions potential clients might have. A fan of dance? For this issue we searched high and low to feature a dancer with serious talent. Guinness World Record holder and seasoned dancer, Artem Chigvintsev, sat down with MOST to discuss his current role on Dancing With the 6 ||


Stars. Did we forget to mention he won DTWS with his partner Kara Tointon! An experienced dancer, Natalie Burn wasn’t ready to settle. Darcy Tharp spoke with Natalie about following her passion to choreograph dance and work with acts like Nelly, Paula Abdul, and The Jackson Five. Her talents have not slowed, and Natalie is now dabbling in acting and producing. Breaking stereotypes and following the beat of her own drum, Joy Villa is a true triple threat. Joy’s resume has no end, so we brought her in this issue to share ten exercises designed to help you build a better bikini body. A Pilates and acupuncture expert, Sheena Jongeneel guarantees readers she wouldn’t change her profession for anything. Sheena bounced back from an early knee injury that brought her dance career to a swift end. Sheena’s determination to follow her fitness journey is the very definition of a MOST champion. Alex Carneiro is nuts; those are his words. Alex trains, coaches, and manages his nutrition with a manic passion. His results speak for themselves. The cover model, nutritionist, and celebrity coach is a guru that readers will want to pay close attention to. For all the mothers out there, I wanted to make sure you are all staying the course. There are so many changes happening to your body during pregnancy that may impact how you exercise. To make sure you maintain a regular routine throughout your pregnancy, I have ten tips to help you out. Remember, most exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy. In this issue, I’ll let you know which ones are safest and teach you how to practice moderation for the more difficult workouts. Editor-in-Chief


Cameron Habashian

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Instagram / Twitter / Facebook @TheBarbieBlank by Darcy Tharp

“I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to!”

Barbie Blank, star of E! hit reality show, WAGS (wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons), has that certain je ne sais quoi, that elusive quality that it takes to be able to accomplish anything she desires. Couple that with a toned and fit bod, long blonde hair cascading down her back, and an innate drive for success, and you have the recipe for a long and prosperous career. As a bikini model, professional wrestler, and former WWE Diva’s Champion, Barbie is no stranger to the screen. Better known by her ring name Kelly Kelly, she was regularly featured on cable television’s highest rated show, Monday Night Raw and their sister show WWE Smackdown on the SyFy Network becoming the youngest member of the full time roster at only 19 years old. Her athletic prowess and commitment to fitness started long before as both a former cheerleader and gymnast, which contributed to her skills in the ring as a wrestler and regular dancer and before that, as a bikini model for such companies as Venus Swimwear and Hawaiian Tropic. Telling MOST Fitness that she considers her time with the WWE to truly be “an honor,” Barbie will always be grateful to have that experience

8 ||


Boy Shorts : Paradise Ranch Designs

Bralette Top : Paradise Ranch Designs Boy Shorts : Paradise Ranch Designs

Photo: Instagram: @mariobarberiophotos Makeup: Rob Sargsyan Instagram: @facesbyrob   Hair: Christopher Corum Instagram: @salonchristophercorum   Wardrobe Stylist: Madison Dixon Instagram: @madisontdixon Location: Cement Studio, Los Angeles www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


Body suit : Hauty

Top : Hauty Shorts : Michael Ngo

as a foundation for the rest of her career as it spawned a host of other opportunities and kept her in the spotlight. Featured in Timbaland’s music video “Throw it on Me,” Drew Carey’s “The Price is Right,” alongside Brie and Nikki Bella, she also appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp” as a trainer and as a “Soccerette” on the British football show “Soccer AM.” Maxim put Barbie where she belonged, on its Hot 100 list and on the cover in 2011, and she has also been featured on FHM Online. However, it is Barbie’s current role, filming Season 2 of her show and being a great wife to her husband that has her undivided attention at the moment. arried to former professional ice hockey player, Sheldon Souray who most recently played for the Anaheim Ducks, Barbie showcases her personal and professional life in the new reality show, WAGS. Highlighting the ups and downs of daily life for the women whose significant other is a professional athlete, the show brings together a cast who share a special bond. And on this upcoming season, debuting on June 26th, Barbie’s worldwide fans get the much-anticipated opportunity to see the newlywed’s

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Body suit : Hauty

gorgeous wedding, as if they were really there. Sharing with MOST Fitness a look behind the scenes, Barbie is full of optimism about what this year has in store for her, and if her past is any clue, it’s bound to be something great! As she says, “The sky’s the limit!” MFM: As a former gymnast, is that your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics? Have you managed to maintain the flexibility and skills that you had before you stopped? BB: As a former gymnast that was always my favorite sport to watch every Olympics. I know how hard it is to get to that spot, and how much hard work and dedication goes into being an Olympic gymnast. I just love seeing the girls compete at the highest level and seeing all their hard work pay off!  I still am able to tumble and flip around. When I was wrestling for the WWE, I would use a lot of what I learned in gymnastics and put a lot of those moves into my repertoire. MFM: How did the opportunity to join “WAGS” happen? BB: One day my manager got an email from the show asking if I was interested in being a part of the show, and I thought the idea and the concept was great. I knew I would have a lot of fun doing it!

MFM: What should we expect in the upcoming season? Any behind the scenes story you can share? BB: Well I get married in this season!! So you will get to see everything when it comes to picking out my dress, some bridezilla moments lol, and the ups and downs of planning a wedding. Then of course you will see our gorgeous wedding and reception. I can’t wait for the fans to be able to feel like they were there! MFM: What is one funny blooper or incident that happened while filming? BB: Whenever there are drinks around something funny is always bound to happen. I’m sure I’ve fallen on camera many times and maybe let out a few burps!  MFM: Most difficult aspect of having your life on camera?  What does your husband think of it? BB: The most difficult part would have to be having the cameras around all of the time and just adjusting to that isn’t easy, but after a while you just get used to it! I mean I had my whole wedding filmed, so there were a few moments that I wish wouldn’t have been filmed, but that’s what happens when you sign up for a reality show! My husband has always been my number fan and supported my career since day one. He loves that I am able to have my own thing and that I enjoy what I am doing. MFM: Best part of being a newlywed so far?   BB: I love that I’m able to call Sheldon my husband! It’s just an amazing feeling to be able to say this is my husband! And now I get to introduce myself as Barbara Souray; it’s just so exciting!  MFM: Were you into hockey before you met your husband?  Does he teach you any skating skills? BB: I honestly didn’t know much about hockey before I started dating him. So once we started dating, I became his number one fan! I loved going to every game and cheering him on! He is a defensive which means he’s a fighter! So whenever he would be on the ice, and he would get into a fight, I would be the only wife or girlfriend standing up and cheering for him to beat the other guy’s ass!  I’ve always loved ice skating, and he’s taken me a few times and shown me some girly tricks like how to skate backwards and how to do some spins! 

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MFM: What positive lessons do you feel that people can gain from watching WAGS? BB: I feel like WAGS really shows how hard things are when you date a professional athlete, whether it comes to getting traded and having to pack up your life and move to a new city, or having them be on the road and not seeing each other for long periods of time. It is never easy! So the show definitely reveals the ups and down of that. But more than that, it shows the bonds we have with the other wives and girlfriends. At the end of the day we are a sisterhood together and no matter what, we always have each other’s backs. We are all going through the same things when it comes to being with a professional athlete. MFM: Daily workout routine? BB: I try to workout at least five times a week doing either cardio for an hour or working out with my trainer for an hour doing all sorts of different circuit training. MFM: Do you cook? How does healthy eating and meals come into play during a reality show? BB: Yes, I love to cook! It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and my husband loves when I get to cook home-cooked meals. We are both pretty heathy so I cook a lot of salads, grilled chicken, and veggies. I do also love trying to make new recipes, but I try to keep them healthy because they do say the camera adds ten pounds! So when I’m shooting for months, I try to eat as healthy as possible. Then, after shooting is over that’s when I’m more lenient with my diet.  MFM: You studied broadcast journalism-do you still have any desires to pursue reporting or being a TV anchor, even though your career took a different turn? BB: I love being in the entertainment world in general, so I feel like that would be a fun transition if I was given the opportunity! I mean I am only 29, and to be able to say I was a wrestler and now a reality show star at such a young age really makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to! So who knows, maybe in a few years I will give hosting or TV anchoring a shot!



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MFM: Who are some of your favorite Superstars you have worked with in the WWE? BB: I always loved working with Eve, Beth, Natalie, Victoria, Layla, Michelle, McCool, and Maryse. I feel like I always had my best matches with them, and they really taught me so much!! MFM: Best memory from the WWE? Are you happy you did it? BB: My best memory would have to be winning the WWE Diva’s Championship! I felt like all of my hard work over the last five years had finally paid off, and it meant that the WWE and Vince McMahon really had a lot invested in me and recognized how much my job meant to me. I would always go out and perform and give it everything I had! It was the best feeling in the world to be able to walk through the curtain and be the Diva’s Champion.

Top : Paradise Ranch Designs | Boy Shorts : Paradise Ranch Designs

I thank God every day for giving me that opportunity to work for the WWE. It was such an amazing time in my life, and I was able to travel the world doing what I loved! I was so happy and proud to be able to say I was a WWE wrestler because not too many people are able to say that! It was truly an honor. 16 ||


MFM: What is your best advice for someone wanting to become a WWE Superstar and get noticed? BB: My best advice is that you really have to put your heart and soul into the business and give it everything you have. It is not an easy sport to get into. The training and the travel are very grueling, especially if you’re not used to it. If you want to get noticed by the WWE, you have to be willing to show them that you have that “IT” factor and that wrestling fans would really be able to connect with you whether you play a good or bad guy in the ring. If you are able to get the fans to like you or to boo you, you know you have something special. MFM: Describe your personal style or your go-to designers? BB: I feel like my style depends on how I am feeling on that day. Sometimes I just want to throw on some sneakers and shorts with a tee shirt. Then some days I feel like getting dressed up! I love shopping online from stores like Revolve Clothing, Missguided, Planet Blue, and Intermix. I love so many different brands, and I just buy things that I feel look good on my body. MFM: You have known photographer Mario Barberio for some time, what aspects of his work do you admire the most? BB: Mario is one of my favorite photographers that I have ever worked with! I just feel like his vision is so amazing, and he just sees things that other photographers would never notice. He understands that every model is different, and he knows how to catch their best looks and poses. He is always helpful with letting you know what he thinks will make a perfect picture, and he nails it every time! I always know that when I shoot with him, I’m going to love every picture!

Body suit : BGXUO Jacket : Michael Ngo



Bralette Top : Paradise Ranch Designs Boy Shorts : Paradise Ranch Designs

MFM: How much time do you spend on your Instagram & Twitter? How has your fan relationship evolved over the years? BB: I try to go on Instagram and Twitter at least once a day to keep up with the fans and interact with them! I love being able to communicate to them through social media; it lets me be able to express how much they mean to me. Without my fans, I wouldn’t be here today! So their support means everything to me! I feel like over the years, my fans have always been there and supported me in the WWE and now in my new venture of being on a reality show. They have just always supported everything I’ve done, and I feel like they will be there if I decide to ever do something else. So that’s why it’s so important for me show and tell how much each and every fan means to me. 18 ||


MFM: Future plans or projects you are working on that you can tell us about? BB: Right now my main focus is being a great wife to my husband. I’m very excited for season two of WAGS to premiere on June 26th. I would love to do something in fitness whether it be endorsing fitness wear, or a fitness video, or really anything involving fitness since it is still such a huge part of my life. I also love acting, so if I had an opportunity to do more of that I would love to! I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities this year has in store for me. The sky’s the limit!




20 ||




ww.v upsin w


Vince T


By Michelle Poe and Denise Smith

is a sultry embrace that can be danced at arms-length or chest to chest. MOST Fitness gets lost in the music with current Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) professional Artem Chigvintsev, and we can assure you, we don’t intend to break hold. Artem Chigvintsev began his dancing career at a very young age in his native country, Russia. Inspired by his mother, he entered numerous dance competitions, many of which he won. This competitive nature would lead him to set out at age fifteen to pursue dance aggressively in the neighboring countries of Germany, Italy, England, and eventually the United States. This Guinness World record holder and seasoned dancer, has stared on Broadway and numerous television shows. He won Britain’s version of Dancing with the Stars, Strictly Come Dancing alongside his celebrity dance partner Kara Tointon, in addition to starring in So You Think You Can Dance on BBC One and The O.C. Most Fitness talked to the talented choreographer about his fitness routine, strict diet, and the most basic alternative to working out, outside of the gym, which quite frankly, has us questioning whether or not he needs a spotter. MFM: Being from Russia, how did specializing in Latin dancing occur? AC: When I was growing up in Russia, foreign music was forbidden. Whenever there was a chance to hear

something different, I became curious. It all began when my parents put me in dance classes. MFM: Do you have a favorite Latin dance among the different styles of social, street, and professional? AC: My two favorites would have to be the Argentinian Tango and the Pasodoble! MFM: Would you like to appear on Broadway again? If so, would it be only dancing or a mix of performance also? AC: I loved being on Broadway. It would be amazing to experience more than just dancing, but I would love to go back regardless. MFM: How does preparing for a television performance and professional ballroom differ, and how are they the same? AC: They are very different. When you compete professionally, it’s more about the technicality, and DWTS is more about the performance and the show. MFM: Do you have a preference on music to create choreography and for your performances? AC: It all depends on the partner. In general, I prefer to choreograph to more dramatic types of music, as I think it makes for a more dramatic performance. MFM: What is your nutritional requirements for performing and staying in shape? AC: No carbs and no sugar! Fruit is okay, but other than that I am really strict. If I cheat, I cheat with alcohol. MFM: What is your favorite workout for staying fit when you cannot schedule time for a full workout? AC: When I don’t have time to do a full workout, I use my own weight to work out by going back to the basics. Pushups, pull ups, squats, and sit ups are all things I can do without any equipment and are just as affective.



22 ||




MFM: Who was your inspiration for dancing and fitness? Why did they inspire you? AC: My parents always wanted an artistic child, and I was given that role by them. I seek and find inspiration time and time again from old movies and classic performers like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. I love “Singing in the Rain” and “Top Hat.” Old movies in general inspire me so much; I really love old Hollywood. MFM: Would you like to go to Russia to be a guest dancer or to perform? AC: I would love to go back to Russia to perform. My entire career has taken place in the United States and the UK; it would be great to go back to my roots. MFM: When you decide to stop dancing on television, what would you like to do? AC: I would love to continue to do something in the dance world, like direct or choreograph. I feel like it definitely helps being a dancer, to direct dancers. I’d love to tap into the healthy lifestyle world too and create a fitness program. MFM: What was the best advice you received about maintaining fitness and nutrition? AC: Treat your body well. Be good to it! MFM: Have you ever experienced Cryotherapy? How do you reduce pain and recover from dancing? AC: I’ve never used cryotherapy, but I’ve heard good things and would be open to it. For recovery, I always use the Russian bath houses. Going from the hot to cold water does the trick every time. MFM: Do you see dancing as a fitness alternative instead of going to the gym? AC: For me, I don’t see dance as a fitness alternative. I think my body has adapted to dancing because I’ve been doing it for so long. Going to the gym is also beneficial for me, but for a person who doesn’t dance professionally, dancing is definitely a great workout. MFM: Would you like to dance in Cuba? AC: I would LOVE to go to Cuba. I’ve always been mesmerized by the Cuban culture, and going to Cuba is definitely on my bucket list!

24 ||


Actress, Choreographer, Producer & Dancer Photo: Alexander

26 ||



By Darcy Tharp

Photo: ian fisher

Prima ballerina turned actor and producer, Natalie Burn explains to MOST Fitness that as her first love and first life, dance is at the core of who she is and informs everything in her life. For Natalie, that is a life full of a remarkable list of accomplishments, aided by the dedication and focus that dance instilled in her from a young age. Born in Kiev to a famous ballerina mother, Natalie took up performing and was accepted to the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, one of the top schools in the world at eleven years old, where she studied and toured as a prima ballerina for the next several years. Next stop was London where she completed her classical ballet education at The Royal Ballet School, where she also learned choreography and trained in a more contemporary style of ballet at Rambert Ballet and Contemporary Dance Company.

ot content to just be the dancer, Natalie started creating choreography in her sleep, working with acts like Nelly, Paula Abdul, Mario, The Jackson Five and Craig David. She also choreographed top fashion events for Roberto Cavalli, big music festivals all around the world, a full ballet for a special event in UNESCO, Paris, and “Stella,” which was presented in Kremlin Palace Hall in Moscow. With her eyes on becoming an actor, Natalie moved to the U.S. and was admitted into The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and later The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The Actor’s Studio in West Hollywood. It didn’t take long for the multi-talented, multi-lingual star to start amassing credits and producing her own projects through her company 7Heaven Productions. Being fully trained in kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, wire work, and knife, gun, and sword fighting never hurt either! Graceful and strong are two surefire traits to win Natalie that role as the lead dancer in a film, and MOST Fitness looks forward to watching her soar across the big screen very soon! Healthy Lifestyle Rule: My healthy lifestyle rule is to at least once a day do something that gets you out of breath, whether it’s running, jumping jacks, swimming, or dancing. MFM: As a prima ballerina, what was your daily routine like? How does ballet compare to modern dance which you also studied? Which would you choose if you had to choose one? NB: A ballerina’s routine is quite repetitive, and would be considered boring to most people.  We would start off with ballet work next to the bar, center work, practice jumps, and then point shoes.  When finished with that, we’d go into pas de deux, and after all of that we would go into rehearsing for a show.



In the Royal Ballet between rehearsing, we would do contemporary dance training. That would take up the whole day, starting at nine in the morning and finishing around nine at night, and sometimes longer if I took private training. The techniques are different with ballet and modern, and they use a lot of different muscles.  Ballet is all about being straight up, chest up, head up, jumping up, everything is focused on being tall, and the movement is elegant and focused on connecting to the audience.  Modern is more about being grounded - having bent knees (plie), more of a personal style, connecting more with what’s inside of you, and your movement is an expression of what you are feeling. Unlike ballet, where you are dancing for the audience, modern is more about dancing for yourself while an audience watches the dancer perform this personal style.  I love dancing no matter what style it is! Recently, I have been leaning more towards modern because I feel I have more room to be creative and the freedom to do different and unique movements with less restrictions. It can be constantly changed, growing, and ever evolving, whereas classical will always be classical because of its structure.      MFM: How did it feel to take after your mother and dance in world renowned ballet schools?  NB: I was lucky and privileged that my mom was a ballerina; it helped in so many ways. She was able to prepare me at home for what I would be doing. She was always pushing me more and telling me to work extra hard when I wasn’t training.  She taught me that there is no such thing as “I can’t,” and that if I put my mind to it, I can achieve anything I want. At times I felt like it was a curse because I had no rest and was always putting in work. But later on, getting into these amazing schools, I knew the main reason was because I was so well trained and prepared with the extra help from my mom, because it’s extremely competitive and only top ballerinas got into those schools.  I’m so grateful for it and learned great lessons that now help me throughout my life. My mom was always there through the achievements and failures and the times when I needed to be picked up and pushed to start over again.  MFM: As a choreographer, what is your process for creating and coming up with a vision? Do you have a signature style or move? NB: I’ve always been a very visual choreographer; I don’t like to rehearse too much. I like my imagination to come in when it’s needed.  Many times, I’ve choreographed some of my best work in my sleep! One time at the Royal Ballet School, I choreographed a big dance for a young choreographer competition for 25 people, on the music of Notre Dame de Paris. The dance was called

28 ||


the Refuges, and I came up with the full performance when I went to sleep. I put the music on and listened to it through the night, connected with it, and in the morning, I had the whole routine figured out and showed it to the dancers without ever even practicing it. We ended up winning the special prize award, “Audience’s Favourite Dance.” Now I have my own style that I have created and teach with called “Safari Dance.” It’s a mixture of ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop dance, based on people’s personal emotions, feelings, environment, and animals. I think it’s a great technique to follow for someone who doesn’t know how to dance at all, or a ballerina who wants to get looser with her upper body and learn jazz or modern. 

I dedicated to training in ballet. “Once a dancer, always a dancer.”  The concentration and determination I acquired from ballet, I took with me into acting and producing. It’s not an easy business, and it takes all you have to make a name for yourself, so I feel that I’m able to still continue trying to find success considering how difficult it is. It’s all due to the attitude I got from my first life in dance. With the physical stuff in acting, dancing has helped me to be able to perform moves with grace that others without my training can’t do. Ballet helps many athletes all over the world to get a stronger core, balance, grace, and movement that they need to take their skills to the next level.  

MFM: How does being from Kiev influence your daily lifestyle while living in the U.S. now in Los Angeles? NB: Since I was a little girl, my mom would tell me to never forget where I come from, and how I grew up.  I didn’t live in Kiev for too long, but I remember it as a time full of beautiful memories, clean streets, and friendly people in the city.  As a kid it usually seems life is simpler no matter where you are living. It’s hard to imagine what life is like in Ukraine now after all that has happened there. I’m not a very political person, and I don’t take sides, but I’m sure that Ukraine has suffered a great deal. I feel that it’s not fair to anyone to let that kind of fight destroy and harm innocent people, as they are the ones that suffer the most compared to the wealthy and powerful who are creating the conflicts over their disagreements. I learned to appreciate the life that I have today on a deeper level. I’m very lucky and honoured to be where I am, knowing I could have just as easily been one of the people that still lives there today.   MFM: In what ways do dance and ballet play a part in your everyday life, or how do the skills translate to the rest of your life? NB: Ballet is my first love and first life, which I can never forget. Dance is a huge part of my daily routine, and everything I do and how I am today is due to the hours

MFM: You are a fitness star, having trained in kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, wire work, knife, gun and sword fighting! Which of those was the hardest for you to learn, and why? NB: The hardest for me was working with objects - knives, swords, and guns. I’m used to working with my body, and I can quickly pick up any routine. Getting used to the movements with objects is entirely different! Guns are heavy, and I was not used to shooting them, and learning how to handle a knife properly is a skill in itself. After my training for “Left to Die,” it’s safe to say I’m pretty good with any weapon!  MFM: How do you manage to be graceful (as a dancer) and tough (as a fighter) at the same time? NB: Well that’s where the acting comes in. I’m not tough at all in real life; it’s all in the way you carry your character and the choices you make that turn the gracefulness into the toughness of a fighter.   MFM: You recently starred in and produced “Left to die,” what was the most fun scene you had filming? NB: My favourite two moments were: one was a fight scene in a Mexican village, with three gangsters, and the final fight scene with the second unit director and myself. I got to work very closely with my stunt coordinator and incorporate a lot of my ideas of how I wanted it to look. It brought me back to my choreography days, only instead of dance, it was fighting. It’s always fun to be able to kick a man’s butt, and not get arrested and then even end up being the hero. It is definitely worth it, and it is a lot of fun to play a tough chick. 



MFM: What was it like working with such huge names in “Expendables 3?” How did you prepare for your role? NB: I was nervous at first to meet these big names that have been around since I was a kid. Never in my life did I think I would get to meet all of them at the same time. It’s an incredible movie to be involved with, even if my scenes were cut down. It was great watching all those legends work and prepare, which helped me and gave me a lot of ideas on how I can prepare for my roles.  I was happy I could be a part of it and just experience the whole thing; I will remember it for the rest of my life.  My scenes were with Mel Gibson, and he was so nice. He did a lot of improvising with me prior to shooting so we could get a real feel for the characters and their relationship with each other.  It helped me become more comfortable while performing the scene and not to be so nervous. He is a truly amazing actor and a great inspiration to young actors.  MFM: Dream role or character you would love to portray one day? Actor or director you really want to work with on a project?  NB: My dream has always been to do a dance movie. I would love to portray a part like Natalie Portman’s in “Black Swan” or Jennifer Grey’s in “Dirty Dancing.” Since dance was such a big part of my life, I feel I have a responsibility to share it with others through a film. I would be privileged to work one day with Martin Scorsese; he is so brilliant, and I love his work.  All of his films have such driven characters that are connected, and their purpose is beyond that of what other directors have achieved. Maybe he could cast me alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his movies. That would be a dream come true! MFM: What was the most difficult part of learning acting and getting started

30 ||


in that profession, even though you already had the performance background and discipline from dance? NB: Acting is a whole different art form. With anything, you have to learn not to judge yourself and completely let go by not being in your head. Just being relaxed in front of the camera and separating yourself from the character to tell the story, so you can perform naturally and be in the moment, is the key to great acting!  MFM: What is your best advice for someone starting dance later in life?  NB: I would say to practice as much as you can, because many dancers start as early as three years old, like I did. So you should practice twice as hard, and most of all believe in yourself! That is very important. Having natural talent doesn’t make you the best; there are a lot of talented dancers out there. It’s also a lot to do with how you perform on stage. What separates you from the others, is that fire in your stomach and the passion you have for dance which makes you have that special connection with the audience. That’s the biggest part of being a great dancer and not just a talented one. 

MFM: Go-to exercise moves when you don’t have time for a full workout? NB: Floor ballet-you can do it anywhere you can find a small corner and do the same exercises you would be able to do next to the bar, but lying down. It’s the basic structure to the core of any ballet dancer. That’s where we all started, and sometimes we all need to go back to the beginning. MFM: Your favorite healthy dinner to cook at home?  NB: I’m not a big cook, as I usually don’t have time to cook. I prefer trying different restaurants, but the times I do cook, I eat a lot of vegetables, salads, and potatoes which I just steam or boil. My favorite vegetables are beets; I’ll usually add them to a salad with some chicken. It’s a great dinner option.  MFM: Quirky favorite hobbies outside of dance and acting?  NB: I collect sunglasses and strange earrings! I have over 200 hundred pairs of each. A lot of them are cheap ones you find from street vendors. I don’t know what it is, but I just have to have them! I love fashion, and I always find different things I could come up with in terms of style and designing. I usually wear one earring that makes some kind of a statement.  MFM: You have a charity for environmental awareness-how did you get interested in that topic? Tell our readers what is one thing everyone should be aware of right now in thinking about the environment?  NB: It’s an organization that I decided to create while I was putting together my ballet ‘Stella’ for the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Unesco approached me to collaborate as a choreographer and to compose music using the sounds from NASA, which they used to get in touch with life in space.  The story is about how mankind has been destroying the earth by not properly taking care of it and abusing its natural resources, until ultimately the world comes to an end because of this carelessness. I was inspired to create this story from seeing what has been happening to the earth in my lifetime. I think our biggest issue with the environment right now, is us. We all need to do our part together to make sure we take care of our home, by being aware of our waste and unnecessary use of resources. I believe hunting animals should not be allowed, especially the white Bengal and Siberian tigers and other animals that are nearly becoming extinct. Some of which unfortunately already are extinct like the Tasmanian tiger, which wasn’t really a tiger!  MFM: Future plans for your own production company? What else are you personally working on right now?  NB: Last year I did a lot of horror and action films, and this year I would like to focus more on dramas and thrillers with bigger budgets. I would like to put them into festivals rather than just make commercial films. I would really like to have a lot of heart in my next film with messages, to get people’s thoughts on it. Right now I have a project called ‘Wild Minds.’ It’s a psychological drama about a guy who is struggling with his destiny and his place in life after his parents are killed in an accident, and he is accused of causing their death.  His conviction will either take him to prison or a mental institution, and the girl he meets on his journey may be the key to helping him find his way.  I’m really looking forward to getting this project made and seeing how it could influence or help people who are having similar struggles.



Photos: Thorsten von Overgaard: Makeup: Nichole Ray Artistry:Â Hair: African Braiding by Aawa: Fitness consultant: Gaebri Anderson: Active Wear: Iron First Athletic: Bikini: 24Hours Publicity: Rick Krusky, MWPR: Website:

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by Kelly Price/Darcy Tharp

Having discovered an affinity for the stage at the young age of five, in her first theater musical, Joy has gone on to collaborate on numerous projects around the world with producers and other artists, and tours over 25 countries a year! Joy blends alternative rock, electro pop, and a dash of hip hop into finely written tunes that aim to motivate, inspire, and get the juices flowing in her fans. With an Italian father and an African American mother, Joy grew up immersed in different cultures, which shows itself through her music. As if her rock star talent isn’t enough, she also regularly wows the world with her red-carpet style, at the Grammys the past two years, and in her everyday style. As a vegan, Joy is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and showing others how to do the same with a new, soon-to-be-released e-book. And she shares a bikini-body workout that is sure to tone and refine all muscles just in time for the pool! MOST Fitness is all about trailblazing and creativity, and that’s why we are proud to feature Joy in this issue.



MFM: How or why did you take the name or persona, Princess Joy Villa? JV: I took the name and persona of “Princess” because I had this goal that I would travel the world and people would treat me like royalty. In 2012 I met my fiancé, wellknown photographer Thorsten Von Overgaard, when he booked me to model for him in NYC. He kidnapped me and began whisking me around the world with him, and I started booking concerts and making fans internationally. I began to use the name Princess on my Facebook and my social media just as a sort of fun thing to do for my fans, and they loved it! I think that it’s important for women to really embrace the royalty that’s inside of them. I have a great responsibility to act as a Princess and to be a role model of excellence and confidence in fitness, fashion, art, and music. It’s a way of life; I am Princess Joy Villa. MFM: How do you maintain being fit and living a healthy lifestyle? JV: I travel a lot, and it’s important for me to maintain my fitness level throughout the year and not just when I need to get ready for photo shoot, because there’s always a photo shoot! As soon as I land, I make sure I know where there’s a gym. Weights are super important for my workout program. I lift heavy to maintain muscle mass and grow. I drink more water than I think I need, especially after flying. I sleep 8-9 hours a night. As a vegan athlete, I make sure I’m eating every two hours, focused on whole, natural foods and plenty of greens. MFM: What kind of cardio do you like the best and why? JV: I switch up my cardio, and every day I’ll do something different. My favorite is boxing. I’ll hit a punching bag, and do some HIIT for 20 minutes, or heavy dancing for my tours. That’s the best! MFM: What type of food or supplements do you consume? JV: I focus on organic, green, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean proteins like beans, kale, and my favorite sliced protein from Tofurkey. I go out to eat a lot on my tour schedule, so I eat at places like veggie grill or Mediterranean, Indian or Mexican food. And I eat everything in moderation. If I feel like I want a vegan cookie or some vegan cheesecake, I’ll indulge. MFM: What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants? JV: Skip breadbaskets or any of the appetizers that 34 ||


involve white breads and noncomplex carbohydrates. Order a salad first to fill you up, with dressings on the side. Add avocado to your salad. Drink lots of lemon water. Replace fried foods with baked or grilled. Always order green veggies on the side and eat them all! MFM: Give us your top 5 tips for losing body fat JV: Make sure you get enough to eat. Often women will try to lose fat by starvation, but that slows down your metabolism. Focus on a complete, nutritious profile with protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates. Buy healthier versions of snack foods. You don’t want to be eating empty calories. Eat healthy fats such as avocados and nut butters. You don’t want to cut drastically or you’ll send your body into starvation mode instead of a fat burning machine. Cut down just a little bit so you’re under calorie needs but you’re taking in highnutrition value. Focus on whole foods and high intensity exercises. When you’re lifting weights, take shorter rest periods, add in some jumping jacks or some dance moves in between your sets. This workout that I put together for you burns fat; it’s a circuit that will leave you sweating. Depending on your fitness level, if you can do it five times you could end up burning over 500 calories! Stay active and eat well; be consistent. There’s no shortcut! MFM: Your bio says you lived in Seattle; did Seattle have any long-term impact on your life style? JV: I love Seattle. It’s one of those places that really feeds me spiritually and artistically. I worked at a jazz club called LUCID, and I was around great music everyday. It molded me, playing shows with African and Haitian artists. I learned a lot about beats and rhythms.

MFM: Tell us about your relationship with photography? How was your experience shooting for MOST Magazine? JV: I’ve been modeling since I was 15, and posing onstage in musical theater since I was five. I know how to move in front of the camera; it’s like a relaxing dance. The greatest thing is when I work with the photographer and we have a sort of silent code going on. We share energy, and it becomes a truly collaborative experience. Shooting for MOST Magazine and having my fiancé Thorsten do the photos is truly an honor. I’ve been a fan of MOST for a about a year now, and I soak up every issue. The glamour combined with strong, powerful bodies makes me feel really good. There is no magazine combining high fashion with fitness out there, and it’s needed. Fitness is the future, and MOST Magazine embodies that. MFM: Were you able to learn musically from your jazz singing great uncle? JV: I wish I could say I was, but he passed away before I could meet him. I learn watching his legacy on videos and the films he left behind. His albums and his amazing spirit all shine with his talents. I aim to make him and all of my ancestors proud both in music and on stage. In a way, I’m following in his footsteps because I’m able to travel to Paris and London, like he did, and sing. It’s an amazing feeling to carry his legacy.

MFM: Are you ever concerned that your outfits will take away from people seeing your true talents? JV: If my outfits take away from people seeing my talent, then I’m not doing a great job. My outfits are a part of my talent; as an entertainer, my job is to entertain. If my outfits make you laugh, smile, scream, or react is some certain way, then I’m doing my job. Everything I do in the forms of expressing myself contributes to being Joy Villa.

MFM: What is the hardest part for a woman in the music industry? JV: The hardest thing is being taken seriously. Sometimes people look at me and think because I’m young or because I’m pretty or because I’m a girl that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I am a very strong individual and was raised by my dad and my mom to be confident. In the music industry, it can be confusing to find your own way. I think in all art forms, women have been abused in ways that are shocking when we look back on them. Now, especially being a woman of color, I have more say and more power than ever before. People are listening to what we have to say. I owe it to the women who have stood strong before me in the face of insurmountable odds to be the best performer I can be.



MFM: The lyrics of Surrender seem very real. Can you tell us where they come from and the effect you hoped they would have? JV: Thank you for listening to my lyrics! Lyrics are something that I pay a lot of attention to. My song Surrender is about me surrendering my ego and realizing that I cannot live as a healthy individual if I am going out to party all the time. I was using partying as a means to drown my pain after my mom passed away. It pushed me over the edge to where I felt like I didn’t care anymore. It was a very unhealthy place to be. Surrender is about surrendering to win, surrendering to the fact that we are only human, and that sometimes we need to reach out to get help from people who can help us. It’s definitely touched some of my fans in ways I didn’t expect. MFM: You describe yourself as a feminist. What are the most important issues that women are voting for in the next presidential election? JV: Feminist issues always come down to women being seen and represented as equal human beings. Strong women are the future with equal pay, equal rights, and healthcare. It’s okay to be a mom and a working woman at the same time. Lawmakers need to support that. I want to hear louder female voices in everything this year, and I want whoever becomes president to support those voices 100%! MFM: Why is it important to you to be a free spirit? JV: Being a free spirit means I can be whoever I create. As a girl I’m expected to play a certain role, and I don’t want to play a certain role. I want to be Joy Villa. I want to be who I was born to be. I want to be the sexy siren or the vampy vixen and also the good girl. I am a free spirit because I’m a spiritual being, and that’s the ultimate freedom. MFM: How or why did you become a vegan? Why is it important to you? JV: I became a vegan 11 years ago, and before that I was raised vegetarian. My older brother, Ryjin, is a vegan as well. A girl in school explained to me that she

36 ||


was going vegan, and I started looking it up online and read as many books as I could get my hands on. I went vegan for all of the reasons people go vegan: to stop suffering, to stay healthy, and to be in better touch with my body. I’m writing a book on vegan fitness called The Fit and Sexy Vegan which will be an e-book available on my website and will be an easy guide to transitioning to Vegan or if you just want to try a little bit of the vegan lifestyle to

see how it fits you. I do understand that not everybody can do it all at one time. My fiancé currently went vegetarian and has been for almost a year now. I’m so proud of him! I blog about being a vegan athlete and the different vegan meals you can put together easily and inexpensively on my website at I think The Fit and Sexy Vegan will be a great addition to everyone’s health regimen. MFM: Can you give us a list of 10 Vegan tips?

1. Make sure you drink plenty of water with lemon, which will help cleanse your system along with food. Water is a vital energy source.


Opt for green, leafy vegetables – the greener the better: kale, spinach, green leafy veggies will always fuel you with proper nutrition.


Eat fruit as a snack. You could eat fruit and nut butters for a great carbohydrate loaded with protein and healthy fats. Eat unlimited amounts of fruit, green veggies, and nut butters, especially if cravings hit you as you’re going vegan.


Google restaurants in your area. Simply type in ‘vegan food near me.’ A lot of foods with Mediterranean, Thai, or Indian flavors are vegan and absolutely delicious. This is the trick I use when I travel. I always use Google to find vegan restaurants near my hotel or apartment, so that I’m already prepared before a hunger panic sets in.


Supplement your diet with green juices. Fruit and veggie juices are amazing sources of proteins, carbohydrates, iron, and nutrition. You can get a lot of minerals from your greens. Make a simple juice with apples, pineapple, spinach, lemon, and ginger to add nutrition and give you an instant boost of energy!


Whenever you see vegan bars or kale chips or treats that will last outside refrigerator, buy a lot of them. One of my favorites is a Lenny and Larry’s yummy protein cookie, which I’ll keep one or two of in my purse.


Eat the rainbow. Don’t just settle for potatoes and carrots or your usual green salad all the time. Eat a lot if you’re transitioning from heavy starches and heavy carbohydrates and meats. You need to replace those calories with energy fortifying veggies, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrate grains, such as oats and brown rice.


Be prepared for going out. Always look up the menus of any restaurants that you will meet friends at. Make sure they have vegan options for you or call ahead. Many restaurants will accommodate you if you are polite and very firm; be sure to stress that you cannot eat dairy! I usually say I’m allergic to make sure that they don’t sneak any cheese or butter into my food.


Forgive yourself if you end up cheating or falling by the wayside. Many times on our fitness journey we give all or nothing, but the important thing is that you are working on it and making progress. Also, there are all kinds of great vegan cake and cookie substitutes, so you don’t have to give up your favorite foods or sweets when you’re vegan.

10. Educate yourself. This is the most important thing I

tell all my vegan clients and friends who are wishing to go vegan. You must read up on vegan foods and nutrition. You don’t have to have a PhD in nutrition to be vegan, but knowing as much as you can about what foods will help or harm your body will definitely help. Be well prepared. I know the science behind what I need and how it helps my body. And I see the glow of my skin and the white of my teeth, so I know I’m doing the right thing. Always stay strong with your ethical values and have fun being vegan. It’s really a great lifestyle! Just be strong, be smart, and buy my upcoming e-book The Fit and Sexy Vegan.



ith a focus on shoulders, abs, and the booty, all the steps in this workout are designed to help build a better bikini body. Perform each of the moves 10 times, making sure to keep abs pulled and glutes squeezed at the top of each leg movement. For an advanced session, do this circuit 3 times through, taking a 2-minute break in between each exercise.

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MWPR Inc • Enter tainment + Lifestyle Public Relations •

Kinesiologist, INT. Fitness Cover Model, Nutritionist, Celebrity Coach & Team Optimum Nutrition Photo: Gabriel

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Guzman |


By Kelly Price y his own admission, Alex Carneiro is “nuts.” He trains, coaches and manages his nutrition with a manic passion. Being a successful competitor has become his life – all of his life. Born in Brasilia-Brazil, Alexandre (“Alex”) Carneiro moved to Rome, Italy, at the age of one. His father being a UN diplomat and his mother being a doctor, travel was always a big part of his life. Raised in Rome, Ecuador and Santiago de Chile, Alex was brought up with diverse cultures and many languages, which he still speaks today. At the age of 17 Alex was playing video games all the time. His older brother decided to take him out of his cyber life and introduced him to his first gym. Just one glance at that gym and Alexandre knew that he wanted to make a career of fitness. When he turned 18, he moved to Colorado to pursue his Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and nutrition. While studying at the University of Northern Colorado his passion for competitive bodybuilding began to spark. As his interest for nutrition and training grew every day, Alex knew that he wanted to be the best he could be in the industry and continued to study different areas in the fitness field. He took on coaching – guiding college football players to “everyday Joes” and beginning a career of helping others reach their goals. After graduation, Alex became the first Brazilian IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) professional in its new Men’s Physique division. He also became the first Latino sponsored athlete by the leading sports nutrition company, Optimum Nutrition. Today, Alex continues to reside in Colorado where he provides online coaching to the WWE Total Divas and other worldwide clients. Alex also travels the world educating others on the true meaning of fitness. Alex talked to MOST about what he believes are the most important components of lifting, competing and a healthy lifestyle as well as how he realizes success coaching his clients. We feel our readers will learn from Alex, who goes beyond just sharing tips and gets philosophical about fitness.



If I could go back, though, I would study nutrition and psychology. What really fascinates me is the psychological and spiritual side of fitness – figuring out what helps people to get out of their comfort zone. Motivation is a fascinating thing and happens on such an individual level. I’ve been reading a lot on psychology to understand how one can change emotional and mental status and translate that energy to a physical state. In all, I look at my degree as just a stepping stone. We all have to adapt over time – normality is mediocrity. MFM: You’ve stated that it is important to you to teach you clients. Do you find they are interested in this extra step or do they usually just want instruction? AC: It depends on the client. For instance, I’ve found when training military personnel, instruction is effective. They just want to be told what to do. But I’d say about 90% of people don’t work that way. For the majority of people, it’s about why they should make certain choices about what to eat and what exercises to do. They don’t want you to be a parent, they want you to give them a reason they should make good choices. When they realize you genuinely care, then you can give them instructions. But to get to the point, you have to really connect with them. MFM: I love that you have a degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition. How critical has your degree been in the success of your career? AC: My degree has been useful. Kinesiology gave me a fundamental understanding of the human body and physiology. But I think that the study of nutrition was much more important than kinesiology. As a kinesiologist, you’re looking to find the body’s imbalances – it’s close to being a physical therapist. I think you can make a much bigger impact on someone’s health with nutrition. 46 ||


MFM: What age would you recommend that someone could start lifting? What kind of damage can be done if someone starts lifting too early? AC: I am a big believer that young children should learn sports: it teaches them to be on a team, get exercise and be active. I personally don’t recommend lifting for people under the age of 18. Some people say it’s a threat to the growth plate – I don’t believe that, and haven’t seen any research to say it causes bone spur problems. But I do believe that it goes to psychology. Too often, young

people choose to lift for the wrong reasons. For instance, I thought it would help me appeal to girls! Lifting can also be dangerous if you do it incorrectly and the mindset at a young age just isn’t ready to focus on safety. You have to be careful what you do with your body, which is why I say until age 18, no heavy lifting. Just play sports. MFM: Since you began training, have there been big changes or mindsets in how you train? For example, things that were thought to be important then, now, with your experience and education have changed. AC: Absolutely. When I first started out, nutrition was the one thing I didn’t know about. My mindset changed eventually and I am all about the nutritional aspect of fitness.


Growing up, I lived in Santiago, Chile and had very limited resources. I didn’t have the fancy gyms, supplements or the knowledge to train properly. I was all about lifting. My mom, who is a doctor, would tell me not but I didn’t listen. And I

wasn’t smart about it – I injured myself at age 18 because I saw someone doing heavy rows and tried to imitate what I’d seen. I hurt my back and it took me out of sports. The first sports nutrition store to open in Santiago sold Optimum Nutrition products. I purchased Optimum’s Gold Standard 100% Whey™ and Creatine products, and I hid them in my closet. My mom found it – and told me it was fine! Shortly after, I came to the United States and it was truly the “land of opportunity”: great gym equipment, supplements, magazines at every corner that I could study. That’s why I pursued everything – people don’t realize how lucky we are in the United States to have these resources. MFM: Is it possible to attain a Pro body without supplements? Why or why not? AC: Whatever the designation or league, I don’t think it’s possible to maintain a pro physique without supplementation. Athletes training every day, like me, need the nutrition in order to recover. We’re pushing every day at the very highest level. We essentially never take a day off. And our body is breaking down muscle tissue. Studies show supplementation works. The supplements I use, like Gold Standard 100% Whey™, Gold Standard 100% Casein™, Platinum Hydrowhey®, and melatonin (at night) contain nutrients that would be extremely hard to get even with the best diet in the world. We require energy and recovery to do what we do. Two to three hours in the gym requires nutrients for sustenance or the body will crash. MFM: How long do you think someone can continue to have a competitive body? AC: It’s about more than the body – it’s about the mind. Once the mind gives up, everything else gives up. Generally, if your mind can do it, your body can. But the older we get, the harder it gets. No one keeps a contest body for a lifetime. First, maintaining 3-4% body fat for long periods of time can be dangerous. Second, the training is really intense. People don’t realize that in many ways, getting on that stage can be harder than training for a football career. I’m the first to say that I am not a normal person – this lifestyle is not something a normal person would do. Most pros stop competing by the time they are 35 to 40. You really won’t see one older than 40. Some people just live a healthy, active lifestyle and don’t compete.



body fat, it would be easy to detect a muscle that doesn’t look like it’s being flexed. MFM: Are legs and glutes respected in Men’s Physique Competition? AC: Unfortunately, in IFBB competition, men wear board shorts, so there is a wave of athletes who don’t train their lower bodies because they feel they can win with a well-developed upper body. What they’re doing is creating enormous muscle imbalances that can be unhealthy. I do believe that there should be a change and IFBB should judge lower bodies. In Nsire Sports League, we wear arrow shorts, which reveal threequarters of the leg, so you have to be more balanced. MFM: Why don’t you eat fruits and vegetables? AC: I DO eat fruits and vegetables. There is such a thing as being “so healthy, you’re unhealthy.”

MFM: Are there any long term affects, physiologically, from getting a lot of your nutrients from supplements vs from food? AC: Food is always the number-one resource for nutrition. Supplements should complement an already healthy lifestyle. I tell people that they should research and only use supplements that contain nourishing ingredients that fit their personal goals. In regard to the Men’s Physique Competition, are there any ways that athletes are tested for implants? No, competitors aren’t tested for implants. But in competition it would seem quite obvious. At such low

48 ||


Yes, fruits contain simple sugars and can cause a raise in insulin. But fruits also contain fiber, vitamins and minerals that are part of a healthy diet. For me, one to two servings of fruit are okay. Vegetables are very important to competitors, especially when you’re on a low-carb diet. They are a great source of fiber and a huge help to satiety. Unfortunately, there are a lot so-called coaches with no credentials or training who may be dispensing bad advice when it comes to fruit and vegetables and nutrition. MFM: Are you flexible (muscularly)? Is flexibility important to you? AC: There was a time when flexibility wasn’t

important to me. I was so focused on physical appearances and what I saw in the mirror. Then, one day, I couldn’t cross my leg to put my shoe on. My hip thrusters were so tight that I couldn’t do this basic thing. I realized that all the squats and deadlifts are useless if I can’t put a shoe on. I researched flexibility training – yoga and Pilates. While I’m not a fan of yoga, I’ve been doing Reformer Pilates for nine months. As bodybuilders we don’t think enough about flexibility and mobility. Tightness will cause muscular instability, your body will overcompensate for that and you’ll get injured. All athletes should practice flexibility and mobility to improve overall performance and fitness. There’s a problem with being a one-dimensional athlete – when it comes to fitness, it’s more than just physical. We should want take health, wellness and lifespan to the next level. MFM: For an average human being, not a super-human like yourself, are supplements important? Why or why not? AC: I do think supplements are important – especially for an average person. Often, people are not consuming enough in their regular diets to get what they need. There are two supplements I recommend for anyone – a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral and fish oil. I also often recommend a protein supplement, like Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey™. For women, a multi-vitamin with iron is particularly important. If someone lives in a cold climate, a Vitamin D supplement could also be useful. MFM: Can you train to be or compete as an IFBB Pro without the financial backing of a sponsor? AC: You can. But it’s much harder. Competing is extremely expensive. There are the travel costs like airfare and hotel and registration fees (which can be up to $500). Then there are the costs of tanning, bikinis for the women (which can be $300$700), makeup and hair. And finally, the nutritional expenses. You don’t want to compromise and use low-quality supplements. And most people don’t realize that we can spend up to an additional $400 or $500 a month on food. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some very sad cases of people taking out second mortgages or selling their stuff to fund competing. MFM: Are there many IFBB Pros that have jobs outside of a gym, i.e. where fitness is not their career? AC: I would say about 70% of the people I meet have jobs in the fitness field. MFM: What percent of your life do you have to commit to this kind of career? AC: 100%. It’s how you live your life. When you’re eating, you’re thinking, “What is this doing to my body?” When you’re lifting or doing cardio, you’re thinking, “What will this do to my body?” It’s taken me ten years to try to have a balanced lifestyle. I’ve gone through divorce and eating disorders. I’ve done high intensity cardio with asthma. I’ve lifted with a raging fever. People tell me “you’re nuts.” I don’t disagree.



Olympic Silver Medalist, Equinox Personal Trainer, NASM Certified, Model, Actor, Coach & Motivational Speaker Photo: James

50 ||



by Austin Thomson

Read on to see what she wants in her future. Kim will accept a challenge and turn it in to headlines tomorrow. MFM: Did you grow up in a competitive environment? KG: My competitive nature is inherent. I grew up with my older sister in the same house hold and we weren’t competitive towards one another. My mother and father are both competitive, so I think I inherited it from them. Raised in Lancaster PA, she became a Buckskin volleyball player at Conestoga Valley High School and racked up the awards. Her skills got her on to the U.S. Women’s Junior National team in 2001 and then competed at the Women’s Junior World Championship. She then went on to impress at the University of Arizona. At Arizona she was the master of kills. A point-scoring play, a kill is so named as the best kills are powerful slams of the ball that the opponent is stunned by. She finished her college career with 2151 kills, more than anyone in Arizona’s history. This earned her a position in the school’s Hall of Fame and the retirement of her jersey. In 2007 she joined an elite team, the USA Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team. At the Bird Nest in Beijing China the following year, she became a member of an even more elite group when she became an Olympic medal winner. She and her team won the silver medal. Ms. Glass went on to play volleyball in Puerto Rico, Turkey, Russia, Czechoslovakia, and Azerbaijani. A killer on the court and a killer body off the court. Even though she is retired from volleyball, her fit body is still in professional shape. And that shape has paid off. She is one of three athletes in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2011. The shoot for the Swimsuit Issue tested Kim’s brawn. They shot in Banff Canada and she obviously was not heavily clothed. But has a professional she powered through and remained focused on her incredible experience. After the S.I. shoot, she was then selected for the ESPN Body Magazine. Check out her picture from the ESPN shoot to see a perfect volleyball bump stance.

MFM: What was the initial spark that made you interested in playing volleyball? When did you realize that volleyball was something that you wanted to pursue professionally? KG: The initial spark that made me want to play volleyball, was how terrible I was during the tryout. It was a new challenge to me. I knew that volleyball was something I wanted to pursue professionally, my senior year of college. MFM: You tried out for America’s Next Top Model five times, is modeling something you are still interested in pursuing? KG: Modeling is definitely something I’m still interested in pursuing. Unfortunately, I never got to do what I wanted to do, and I’ve missed the window for highfashion, but I feel and look better than I ever have. So, I still do some fitness modeling.  MFM: Can you describe the process that you went through to get on the National Team? KG: It’s a rollercoaster. We were in an environment where only the strong survived. Double days, and we practiced 5-7 hours a day in high altitude. If that doesn’t prove dedication, and build character…nothing will. You start out training trying to get better every day absorbing as much information from your coach and your teammates, preparing yourself for your chance. You finally get your chance, and you begin to play more, with heightened pressure. It’s a mental game, because you have the talent, but can you sustain your mental strength through the ebbs and flows. We traveled to month long tournaments together. Trying to figure out how to compete against one another, for a spot, and at the same time compete together for the team. There are ups and downs, and let’s face it, it’s not easy being with a group of girls, whose menstrual cycles all sync lol We don’t know who www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


makes the squad until a couple of weeks before the Olympics, so everyone is on edge. There are so many beautiful moments, where you’re crying, laughing, and exhausted together. Moments that make it all worth it. You realize that every single moment, was supposed to happen to build you and character, and your strength, to mold you into the player that you’ll be for the team, the player you’ll be for your country. It’s bigger than you. MFM: Your college statistics are quite impressive; can you describe what your college experience was like? Did volleyball consume all of your time? KG: Thanks. College was the biggest growing experience of my life... until now, in my transition. I had an outstanding freshman year, then went through the sophomore slump. I learned quickly what that was. I had to grow up quickly in college. It’s fun, but it’s also a business. Volleyball & school, consumed the majority of my time. But I had a great time also creating tons of awesome memories, which I’ll always cherish.  MFM: What was running through your mind during the 2008 Olympic Games when your team brought home the silver medal? KG: It was surreal. I was proud of how we fought together to get to the gold medal match, especially since we were a team that no one expected to medal. But, it was bittersweet. No one ever wants to be 2nd place. I went back and forth between trying to enjoy it, and seeing every error that I made during the match flashing across the screen of my mind. Wishing you could play again. Overall, looking back I’m proud of everything we overcame individually and as a team. Our coach, Jenny Lang Ping, prepared everyone for their chance to play, that was an integral part of our success. I have so much respect for the girls on our team, we needed every person on that team to step up, and we all did. Our veterans were great leaders, I wouldn’t have been who I was for that team, without their guidance.  52 ||


MFM: What would you consider your proudest moment in volleyball? KG: My proudest moment while playing volleyball was definitely earning my silver medal in Beijing. But, I’m also really proud of how I rehabbed and fought to get back into shape after having a herniated disc. I had a tough mental and physical journey with my injury, and knowing I wasn’t going to hit my goal of making it to the London Olympics. I got stronger in all aspects of the word, and I went to Brazil, became one of the top players in the league, (until an ankle injury near the end of the season) & I proved to myself, despite the naysayers, that I still was a great player.  MFM: As a veteran within the National Team, where do you see yourself in five years? KG: Now that I have retired from volleyball, I see myself in 5 years with an established personal training business. I’d love to be a television personality and do T.V. hosting, continue modeling, have a book written, and get my self-esteem camp for young girls off the ground.  MFM: What does your daily diet look like? KG: My diet always consists of breakfast, I love making omelets, also making fresh juice. I developed a love for snacking on raw bell peppers, & mushrooms. Sometimes protein shakes, when I’m on the go. I make massive salads. I love sweet potatoes and most fish. I like making dinosaur kale sandwiches with chicken, hummus, onions, and bell peppers.   MFM: Fitness, as well as life in general, involves a lot of failures and successes, what is your advice for overcoming failures. KG: Always learn from your failures, and keep moving forward. You’ll always get to a wall in life, and in fitness... figure out a way to get over it, under it, through it, or around it.  MFM: What is one tip that you can give MOST Fitness readers to help them stay in shape? KG: Be Realistic with your goals: Start with finding one thing that you can commit to everyday. Then with success, gradually add in more. I see many people try to implement a system of training or dietary restrictions that aren’t necessarily for them, and are not sustainable. Be Realistic. MFM: Are you involved with any charity work? KG: I am on the board of My Friends House Inc. which is committed to ending hunger and promoting healthy living in the Los Angeles community



54 ||


Entrepreneur, Competitive Fitness Model & TV personality Snapchat: nassarmaya

By Darcy Tharp

This honest, pragmatic attitude is exactly why fitness celebrity and innovator, Maya Nassar has won the hearts of fans across not only Lebanon but the whole Middle East, establishing herself as a leader in an industry that has yet to take hold as strongly as it does in Europe and the U.S. As a certified trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model, Maya certainly has the credentials to advise anyone on living the fit life. At the 2015 Pure Elite UK Championships, she won second 56 ||


Photo Credit: Carine Badr

and third place trophies in fitness modeling and earned its most sought after prize: the People’s Choice Award. The year before, Maya took home first in the Bikini category, and in May, 2015, she was selected as a brand ambassador for the international sports retailer, Decathlon. arning the People’s Choice Award is a testament to Maya’s ability to relate to all people from different walks of life, which stems from her multi-cultural background as a Dutch-Lebanese growing up in Africa and England. As the host of MTV Get Fit in Lebanon Maya lights up television screens each week with daily fitness solutions, exercise ideas, and motivation and inspiration for women regardless of their age or skill level. She is very conscious of what resources women have to work out with and uses creativity and her own expertise to help them achieve their goals. The toned, beauty hasn’t always been this way though. It took reaching a point of major dissatisfaction at being overweight and unhealthy, in order for her to take on the challenge of living a healthy lifestyle and pursuing professional body building. Determining to make the change, no matter what it took, Maya shared her triumphs of self-transformation and her discoveries on her website, Start Living Right, which quickly amassed thousands of followers. Her admirable fitness journey and dedication to a sport that is not practiced in her country, got the attention of the media and people all over the Middle East. An endorsement from the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports, was all it took to skyrocket her momentum. What started out as just a hobby, quickly evolved into a career as an entrepreneur creating the first fitness app of its kind in Lebanon, modeled after her existing website and becoming a top ranked Apple download. Trailblazing the path for women all over Lebanon and throughout the Middle East to get fit and healthy, Maya is the personification of self-transformation. As a coach and motivational speaker, she has leveraged her story that is so akin to many others, to encourage and assist everyone in making a lifestyle change. How she does it herself? “I always try to establish an emotional connection to my goals,” she says. With her dumb bells held high, Maya gives MOST Fitness her formula for living the right way.



MFM: You are of Dutch-Lebanese descent and were born in the U.S. and went to school in London, so you have a very multi-cultural background-how does this all play a part in your daily life? MN: I would say it helps me better understand other people because I grew up in Africa, lived in England, lived in Lebanon, my mom is Dutch, and I have a U.S. passport and a Ghanaian passport from my grandmother. So I was exposed to different ways of thinking, and it made me very open minded. I can easily understand people, and I don’t easily judge. I also love to be around people who are different than myself, and that way I manage to always be learning. MFM: Is fitness very big in Lebanon? What is Lebanese women’s favorite sport or form of workout in general? MN: Fitness is becoming bigger; we don’t really have bodybuilding here. It doesn’t exist, especially for women, so if you want to do it you have to travel outside of Lebanon and outside of the Middle East. We are seeing more gyms open now though, and for most women their favorite form of exercise is cardio. Most incorrectly believe that weight lifting is going to make them masculine or bulky, or that the best way to lose fat is to go on the treadmill and not to lift weights. As a country, we are kind of catching up to the rest of the world in that regard, and so I really enjoy educating women and showing them that lifting is necessary. MFM: You are an endorsed athlete by the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Lebanese minister has endorsed your app, “Start Living Right.” How did it feel to get such high recognition in your country? MN: It felt really great because I’m the first female bodybuilder in Lebanon to be endorsed by the government and recognized in a competition outside of Lebanon. It was really amazing, and it kick started my career. It was really a matter of approaching the minister, telling him my story, and asking for his endorsement. 58 ||


Photo Credit: Titus Powell |

will be really good for you and for Lebanon. It will raise awareness that a woman can be a bodybuilder without being the typical idea of a super bulky bodybuilder. I was first endorsed as an athlete, and then later I created the first fitness application for Lebanon. The Minister gave a speech, and I had a press conference where I invited the media and the Minister and gave them a presentation of my app. MFM: What was the process like for creating your app, and how is it different and more unique than other fitness apps out there? MN: It’s a mobile version of my existing website. I used to work as a journalist, so I love to write; writing is my passion. I started the website about fitness as a hobby when I first started training. I shared my training, workout videos, diets, and what I was all doing to get in shape. People had started asking me questions, so I created a free website where I gave free support and access to free information. The website started to do really well, and was averaging 8,000 visitors per month. I thought the next best thing would be to have a mobile app, so I expanded and added animated illustrations and applications. I figured this might be something more practical because not everyone will check a website every day, but they always have a phone in their hands. Also, when I started my fitness journey, I was very confused and very overwhelmed about the abundance of information available, so I desired to give back to people that were like myself, and guide them in what to do. There are a lot of scams out there, telling you to take diet pills, or use certain machines, so my website is free of advertising and gives unbiased advice.

When I had the official letter, I got a lot of media attention and TV and newspaper interviews; it helped me share my story with other people. It definitely made me more credible, and made people trust me more. The actual idea came from my personal trainer, Bashar Diab, when I was training for my second body building competition. He told me, why don’t you go to the minister? You are a female bodybuilder, and we don’t have that in Lebanon. This is something new; ask him to endorse you, recognize your sport, and it

MFM: You are a board member of NGO Animals Lebanon and an advocate for animal rights-did you have pets growing up, and how did you become passionate about that cause? MN: I’ve always had pets my whole life. I grew up in Africa and Nigeria, and we had all kinds of pets including: dogs, cats, mini farm horses, ostriches, antelopes, and any kind of animal that you can imagine. I always really liked rescuing animals because unfortunately in Nigeria, animals are very mistreated. I love to take care of them, and rescuing them became my thing-no matter where I am or what country I am in. It is still legal to abuse animals in Lebanon, and we don’t have animal protection laws. There are a lot of animals smuggled into the country. We are the largest NGO in the Middle East and are currently working to change the law in Parliament, and make it illegal to abuse animals.



MFM: What was your motivation or turning point that made you decide to quit being overweight and remodel your body and health? MN: What happened was that I had never been a healthy person before, and I have zero background in fitness. I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle, and never exercised or went to the gym. I ate poor food, and I used to suffer from very bad asthma and had difficulty breathing if I did any exercise. Also, as I got older, I kept gaining more and more weight because as you get older, your metabolism starts to drop. My jeans didn’t even fit anymore! I realized that if I continued down this road, I knew I would be very unhappy. My wake-up call came when I realized I’m responsible for my own life; it does not have to be this way. There is something I can do to change for the better, and to become stronger, happier, and healthier. It was reaching that low point that really woke me up

Photo Credit: Carine Badr

60 ||


MFM: As the host of MTV Get Fit, twice a week, how do you prepare for each show that will be featuring you and your workout routines on camera? MN: In the beginning it was quite difficult because I wasn’t used to hosting, even though I’ve done interviews before. Plus, my show is live and not edited, so if I make any mistakes, it is broadcasted all over the Middle East and Lebanon. I practice every evening in the mirror, and speak in both Arabic and English. I’m taking lessons to improve and work on my accent because they want me to speak a lot of Arabic. As for my exercises, it’s something I enjoy doing, so if I see one in the gym, I’ll take note. I watch YouTube videos, write down ideas, talk to trainers, watch fitness shows, and anything that inspires me. I put together easy-to-do, at home workouts,

that are designed for the whole body. A lot are at home and for people who don’t have access to the gym or have minimal equipment. For example, if you don’t have dumbbells, you can use water bottles instead. So I really try to create a way for anyone to work out as gym equipment can be expensive. Also, I make my routines not too hard, and they are more beginner to intermediate. For people who are more advanced, there are options for making them harder, so they are suitable for all levels and all ages. The routines especially target women, and ones who may be elderly, or are beginners, and they are as effective and useful and easy to do using minimal equipment

MFM: You have won first place and second and third awards at the Pure Elite UK Championships and one of the best ones- “The People’s Choice Award,” what made you stand out to everyone in your opinion that resulted in your win? MN: That is a good question. I guess first of all, it is maybe the fact that I’m natural; I haven’t taken any steroids, so I have a very feminine look. I do not have a hard, lean physique, but rather I’m very curvy. The audience votes for one overall male and one overall female winner, and there were more than 300 athletes and more than 200 women. My friends all believe I won this award because I have a very feminine look, whereas www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


Photo Credit: Carine Badr |

others take steroids and can look a bit masculine. I would say that’s it, and then to smile a lot, be yourself, be confident, show off your personality, and above all else, have fun! My attitude is that I’m going to have a good time, and that it will still be a great experience no matter what happens. Many girls cry if they don’t win, and I see them coming off the stage, with tears in their eyes. That is not my attitude; it is me against myself. As long as I’m there and I participated, I’m happy. I know that I’ve done my part, and I trained as hard as I could. If the judges don’t choose me as the winner, I still know I’ve done my best. MFM: You do so many different things, do you plan to continue competing in bodybuilding and taking it to the next level? MN: I certainly do; I see it as part of my lifestyle. I might not compete as often as other people do, like people in Europe or the U.S. because they have a lot of local competitions. Traveling far takes a lot of time, so I can’t do it more than once a year. But I make fitness a part of my lifestyle and encourage everyone to do the same. 62 ||


Even when I have kids, and am in my 30s and 40s I want to be disciplined, dedicated, and surrounded with like-minded people and fitness professionals, as that is something I enjoy as a hobby. MFM: Who or what inspires you every day? MN: Tom Venuto-he wrote a book called, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. When I was trying to lose weight the very first time, I read it and found it to be the most inspiring book I’ve ever read! It taught me everything I needed to know; it focused a lot on goal-setting, motivations, and tactics to never give up. I still use everything and all of his approaches and his methods and told him that his book really helped me. He’s personally given me a lot of advice, and I advise other readers to purchase his book. It’s a great read, very informative, and give loads of advice. MFM: What do you do when you feel un-motivated to work out? MN: Well the thing is, I do what I need to do whether I feel like it or not. I always say the results are the same;

your body doesn’t care, as long as you are motivated, train hard, and follow a good diet. My first approach is that I’m going to do it no matter what. I always try to establish an emotional connection to my goals, so if I’m trying to lose weight or have a competition, I establish why it’s important to me. When I have a connection, and it matters to me and is really important, I feel much more motivated. I know in my heart and mind that it is going to be something very rewarding to me, so that makes it harder to give up. MFM: How would you describe your personal style? Favorite outfit to wear for dinner and going out? MN: I would say that I’m very simple, but I do like to dress up at night when I go out. If I have a dinner or party or event such as a wedding, I like to get glammed up, and wear an up do. But during the day, it’s very simple, and I am always in gym clothes and not really wearing any makeup. My favorite thing to wear is a nice evening dress by Hervé Léger, that is tight and form fitting. One of my best friends is a fashion designer, Bianca Karam, and I get many of my clothes from her

and from her store. She also designs dresses for me and has clothes for daytime, evening, and all occasions. MFM: What is your beauty secret? MN: I don’t really have a beauty secret to be honest. I would say that the best way to have beautiful hair, skin, and nails is to follow a good diet, exercise, and get lots of sleep. It’s not a secret, you just have to have a healthy lifestyle, and that means don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol, and do work out, eat nourishing food, and if you drink a lot of water, you will glow. I also moisturize, use good products, and use really good brands because if you use cheap makeup you can have pimples or acne and other skin problems. MFM: You talk about how weight-lifting is so important for women in addition to cardio-which are your favorite weight lifting exercises for toned arms, and which for glutes and quads? MN: Arms: I would say the basics like shoulder press, lateral raises, triceps overhead extension (that one always gets me sore), biceps curls, and barbell curls. Glutes www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


Photo Credit: Carine Badr |

and quads: Hip thrusts are very effective, and you can never go wrong with squats, deadlifts, and high step-ups. Do these above knee level to really target the glutes, while holding a dumb bell. MFM: As a certified sports nutritionist-what is your goto healthy breakfast and lunch that is also delicious? MN: My food is very simple: for breakfast I have oatmeal with skim milk in the morning, and I also have an egg white omelet. That is the same breakfast I have every morning, and sometimes I have grilled chicken in the morning for my protein. I love a good quinoa salad and an ice grilled salmon with some spices. More or less every day I have a lot of fish, grilled white fish, or grilled chicken, with a nice seasoning. I have more than 100 recipes on my website, where readers can see what I have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Sometimes I make dishes from my website if I’m lacking in inspiration. 64 ||


MFM: I love your motto: “Healthy, fit, and strong is beautiful.” What is your advice for someone’s very first step towards living a healthier, beautiful life? MN: The first step is to start with diet, because even if you do a lot of exercise, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Decide you are going to do it and follow a healthy diet. This includes eating a lot of unprocessed healthy food, restricting junk food to not more than once a week, and controlling liquid calories. This is really the first step; anyone can exercise, but what is really hard is paying attention to what you eat 24/7 and controlling portion sizes. To make the decision that no matter what happens, you are going to follow a healthy diet; body transformations are all about what you eat. They are influenced by your diet, and also diets are responsible for the way you feel. If you follow a poor diet, you are going to be tired and have a weak immune system. The minute I changed my eating habits, I rarely ever got sick



anymore. The second step is to start exercising and lifting weights and to educate yourself on the proper way to lose weight. People think they need to follow a low-calorie diet and need to starve themselves, but there really is no need to be restricting, and it needs to be sustainable in the long-term. MFM: What future plans do you have or projects are you working on? MN: I am currently working on opening my own gym where I can help people in person and have a place to receive people. I am also working more on my app, adding more features, making it more user-friendly,

Photo Credit: Carine Badr

66 ||


and creating a new version. I am always working on my TV show and finding ways to keep it interesting and creating new exercises and unique ways to really interact with my audience. I also plan to train for more competitions in the future. MFM: Where can MOST Fitness readers find you on social media?

By Darcy Tharp

Tacy has been in the fitness industry a long time as a model and former Miss USA Brazil, and as a busy mom herself, she has crafted an ingenious program designed especially for today’s busy, stressed out individuals. MOST Fitness featured her on the cover of our December issue, the very same month her business launched and interviewed her on her life and accomplishments. We caught up with Tacy again to find out how the business is going so far and to answer any questions potential clients could have. The program itself consists of three aspects: lotions and creams, supplements, and special clothing called Lipotex. They are all designed to be used together for the best results, but can be bought and used separately as well on her webpage or at select local spas and gyms. Tacy details everything below. The best thing about Tacy though is that she truly cares about doing things right and bringing to the market something that, shocker, actually works!! She personally tested out all of her products, relentlessly, until she found the best formulas, and told us, “I truly care about making the customer happy. It’s my name behind it. I’m doing something because I want people to be happy and have the real results and feel better!” In fact, every time we talk to Tacy she’s wearing one of her clothing products, which is a sure sign we should all be wearing them too if we want to achieve a gorgeous body like hers!

68 ||


Photo Credit: Simon Soong Photo Credit:



Photo Credit: Simon Soong

MFM: It’s been over three months at the time of this interview since you first launched-What has the response been like so far? TD: It’s been good, and I have been so busy. I have been filling out orders for spas and gyms. It was a little bit crazy, but good, and I can’t complain. You know, it was surprising with the event and everything, I had some clients approach me that were happy with their results and wanted to represent my line and my brand. I definitely didn’t have any problems with that, and I received a lot of responses that way as well and was very happy with the idea. So my clients became my sales representatives to spas and gyms. I’m liking it because I’m seeing the synergy there, so it increases their results, because when they sell a package, they include my product with it. So whether they are doing a

70 ||


treatment or whether they are having personal training sessions, they can have their client see the results faster, so it’s a win-win situation. MFM: How long before you start seeing results? TD: I’ve given out a lot of samples at my launch event, and there have been a lot of purchases since, and I’ve seen people making comments on the website, so through all of that I’ve had people stating that they have seen results anywhere from two weeks, three weeks, and a month. Based on the tests I’ve done in the past, and I like to be conservative, I say 30 days to be on the safe side. I, however, personally see results in about two weeks, because I don’t have a lot of fat to lose. I wear it even just one day, and I notice a difference in my body. I think it really depends on

the person and on the amount of fat you have to lose. It also depends on what you are doing in conjunction with it, but definitely in a month you see results. There is no doubt in my mind, especially if you are doing the entire program with the vitamins and creams and the clothing. MFM: What has been the best seller so far? What do you foresee as being the most popular item? TD: Most of the people that I’ve been selling to buy at least the creams and the Instaslim pants. Men are sometimes skeptical about the creams and don’t realize that they are very effective with the material. The Lipotex is very effective to wear with the cream- two times more effective actually. So I think that people don’t really realize that yet, and I have to figure out how to communicate that better. MFM: Tell me about the Lipotex clothing options-there are pants and tops for men and women. So do you work out in the clothes? Or should you just wear them throughout the day? TD: Well Lipotex is a special fabric that was created for me, and it is what makes me stand out from everyone else out there because I actually fused three fabrics (Bioceramics, Neoprene, and dry-fit Elastano) into one, creating this amazingly efficient fat burning and fashionable fabric. You can definitely work out in them. The difference is that if you do not work out, you will still see results, and your metabolism will accelerate, why? Because when your body temperature increases your body has to work over time to maintain its core temperature it’s as simple as that. And the Lipotex outfits do exactly that, add the creams and the vitamins and you double and triple the effect. Most of the people that are buying them aren’t people who are at the gym a lot. But people that are gym fanatics would also benefit, in fact they would have even better results; they are going to get very lean very fast and it will help with water weight and to accelerate their metabolism to a peak and trick their bodies not to reach a plateau. If you are working out in them, you are going to double the results. Also you can sleep in it; the one thing that is recommended of course is that you do sweat a lot, and when you take it off you realize how much you actually sweat, so you should wash it every day before you put it on again so that you don’t get skin irritation. It is also always a good idea to take a little break of at least 6-8 hours between each wear so that you create the interval effect on your body. Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Daboin



MFM: Tell us about step one-the supplements-how did you choose which were the best? Is it like taking daily vitamins? TD: A doctor that is a friend of mine, and I have been in the workout business my entire life, so I am aware of vitamins that actually work. At the same time, I’m also aware of vitamins that say they actually work but don’t. You realize that they are full of fillers. So it’s important to find vitamins that are made with the right ingredients. Especially with the appetite suppressant, I’m getting very good feedback from the Thin2000. It is always a great reward to see all your hard work pay off. MFM: How long are the lotions and creams supposed to last? TD: If you use it how you are supposed to, it’s supposed to last about 30 days. It is a 30 day regiment, and you should see results within 30 days. We also say that because even with any anti-cellulite treatment and everything like that, the best way to maintain your skin and body is to do a 90 day regiment and to continue using your lotions and creams. That’s actually the best way to do it. Your skin will get more toned and firmed the more often you use it, and you will notice a difference. A lot of people don’t wear it every single day, because they have problems with their discipline, so then we say 90 days so that people get into the habit of doing it. But no treatment is good if it is just sitting on your bathroom shelf. MFM: So a lot of people want to start businesses and have skills or knowledge but struggle with the practical aspects of it. Do you have advice or your top tip for starting your own business? TD: I think first of all, that honesty is very important. You can’t try to cheat people or to go the short route. It takes a long time. It takes dedication. It’s a learning experience; you are going to hit really tough roads. Don’t give up, keep going, and you are going to get there. If you think it’s worth it, then you’re going to find a way to make it work. Most importantly, when you truly believe in your product or idea, you will find a way to make it work; nobody said it was going to be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

72 ||


Photo Credit: Simon Soong

MFM: What is your marketing plan? Do you plan to focus on a certain area? TD: I want to start with the American market first and focus on the online sales, and the website is getting there. The sales representative aspect is something that caught me by surprise, but I liked it and have adapted it to my marketing and sales strategy. It is growing faster than I expected. I hope to reach more and more spas, gyms, salons, and any retail market that has synergy with my brand and believes in helping their customers and clients to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Eventually, I do hope to reach other countries as well. MFM: Do you recommend certain exercises to go along with using these products and all three steps? TD: Absolutely, I have a 30 day workout plan which is very quick. I list on my website a 30 day diet plan and a 30 day exercise plan, both designed for the busier person. You have to be active one way or another, but you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym. Even if you do four, ten minute



exercises a day, it makes a huge difference. The one there now is for abs and glutes specifically, and I plan to update it every now and than with short and quick interval kind of exercises that people can do anywhere. It helps for people who don’t have the time. You can download the plans from my website and print and take them with you anywhere. MFM: Anything else that you want people to be aware of about your business or products? TD: It is important for people to know that there are a lot of other materials out there, but this is not the same. It’s not just neoprene; it’s called Lipotex, and the material is a little bit different. You do sweat when you wear it, but you don’t feel that you are wet and stinky. It’s comfortable, and it’s not cheap. But it’s a high quality as it is three fabrics in one. Besides, when you are wearing it, it doesn’t look like something you would be embarrassed about like a lot of workout clothing out there. You can wear it out and look fashionable, and that makes a huge difference. Besides, it is something that I personally wear every day; it is not just a product that I’m trying to make money from. I haven’t found many products like that in the market yet. Website:

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Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Daboin

By Darcy Tharp

Co-founder of UpRise Classical Pilates and Wellness Center Photo: Marc

76 ||

Royce Photography


For Pilates and acupuncture expert and instructor, Sheena Jongeneel, the answer is a resounding yes! A dancer her whole life until she experienced a knee injury that resulted in her studying Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, Sheena found that to be the start of what would be a long and prosperous career. Holding a B.A. in dance, she decided to further her health and fitness education by moving to New York and becoming certified in the Pilates Method. It was there that she had the opportunity to study under master teacher, Romana Kryzanowska, sole heir to the Pilates Method and complete her 600 hours of apprenticeship with her as well. In addition to Pilates, Sheena became interested in acupuncture as a supplement to Pilates for curing all kinds of physical ailments and injuries, and decided to become a licensed acupuncturist. A California girl at heart, and armed with her two areas of expertise, Sheena found her true calling by opening a studio in Los Angeles where Pilates and acupuncture co-exist harmoniously, helping clients rehabilitate, rejuvenate, or just plain workout and feel better than they did before. UpRise Studio (www. adheres to Classical Pilates, and is completely unique in that it was the only studio to integrate the Tower. This contraption consists of springs, Pilates mat work, and resistance bars, and is a method that is designed to sculpt the entire body. With both Pilates and acupuncture in the same building, Sheena’s studio is a trailblazer in the world of rehabilitation and working and strengthening the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a person. Sheena believes wholeheartedly in the body mind connection, telling MOST Fitness during her interview, “The body and mind connection is exhilarating for me and calms my mind and life. It is my meditation. MFM: What kind of dance were you doing when you injured your knee? SJ: I was getting a degree in Dance at Cal State Fullerton when I injured my knee. My specialty was modern dance, although I grew up doing everything

from ballet, tap, to hip-hop; I loved performing modern dance, and choreographing modern for the creative aspect of my personality. MFM: Is dance still a big part of your life in addition to Pilates? SJ: At this point in my life, dance has become an art to be enjoyed visibly but not physically. I wish I had more time for it, but now that I have a two-year-old daughter I’m planning on enrolling her in dance and living that life again through her. MFM: Did you ever think that you would get into fitness and rehabilitation as a full time passion and career? If you weren’t doing this, what could you see yourself doing for a career? SJ: I always knew that I would be involved in health and fitness as a profession and as a passion. I started dancing when I was three years old and discovered Pilates in college. Shortly after, I began my schooling for acupuncture school, which is also a movement of energy

in the body and mind. I love all movement whether it is running, swimming, yoga etc. The body and mind connection is exhilarating for me and calms my mind and life. It is my meditation. I always ask myself, if I had all the money in the world would I still be doing what I’m doing now? The answer is always yes. MFM: What is an example of a client that overcame an injury by combining your unique program of acupuncture and Pilates? SJ: I had a client who overcame her rheumatoid arthritis through Pilates and acupuncture. The acupuncture helped take the heat, pain, and swelling out of her body, and the Pilates helped her strengthen the areas that were affected, as well as keeping the rest of her body strong to support her. MFM: What is your number one move you swear by in Pilates? SJ: The number one move I swear by in Pilates is called, “The Series of 5.” I never let anyone go home without



78 ||


doing them. Sometimes I’m known to give it twice in a reverse order to make them do it again. It’s a killer, but will give you the strongest core. It is five exercises performed in a row for your core. MFM: Do you do yoga ever? It seems that a lot of people are either yoga or Pilates. Why do you believe Pilates is the stronger, better overall workout? SJ: I do yoga once a week. I think yoga has its benefits too, if you are aware of your body placement. Yoga tends to be in big group settings so form can get lost, but if done properly it can be of great benefit to the body and mind. I feel that Pilates is a much more rigorous and cardiovascular of a workout and more challenging than any other exercise I know. It kicks your butt and changes your body very quickly, so for me, it’s my cup of tea. I like to work hard and get results fast. MFM: Does UpRise stick to classical Pilates, and what is the difference between other kinds of Pilates? SJ: UpRise does stick to Classical Pilates. I believe in the method Joseph Pilates created. I’ve seen it change hundreds of bodies. It works, so why mess with it?

Although other variations can be fun too and a nice mix, nothing works like the real deal in my opinion. MFM: For people who have never tried acupuncture before, what should they expect during the first session? And how many sessions does it take until you really notice a change or start healing? SJ: For a person to first try acupuncture, they should definitely feel a difference and feel better. After the first session, you should definitely feel a change. Acupuncture is so relaxing too and most people fall asleep during their treatment. I always say it’s like taking a vacation for an hour. You feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed afterwards too. MFM: What is the main concern most people have about doing acupuncture, and how do you address it? SJ: People mostly have a concern in acupuncture of the needles hurting. That is their biggest fear. I will show them the needles so they can see how small they are. After the first one has been inserted, they are more relaxed. Helping them breathe through it helps tremendously. Everyone comments how relaxing it is, and his or her body starts to feel calmer. www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


MFM: Tell MOST Fitness readers about the Tower. SJ: The Tower is our most popular class. It tends to be the most challenging because it’s free standing with springs so you really have to use your own body resistance to work. It really targets the glutes, arms, and abs, like nothing you have experienced before. MFM: What is your favorite healthy dinner? SJ: My favorite healthy dinner is a lot of cooked vegetables with some spice (love spicy) and fish of any kind. I’m not a big fan of simple carbs, but I love quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc.

80 ||


MFM: What is a typical day like for you at UpRise? How many classes do you teach or clients do you have? SJ: A typical day for me at UpRise consists of me being there for twelve hours. I’m overseeing the operations of the studio and marketing, as well as teaching private sessions, classes, and doing acupuncture. I’m at UpRise those full days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I spend Tuesdays and Thursdays with my twoyear-old daughter-balancing motherhood and business owner simultaneously. MFM: How do you stay inspired? SJ: I stay inspired by traveling and seeing the world. The further the better, the more vibrant the culture, food, and

ethnicity, the more fulfilled I get. Travel is so inspiring because I always come back from living an experience abroad and realizing how great my life is and excited to take on the world and keep working at what I love and my passions. Traveling gives me time to think, brainstorm, and get creative with my life. MFM: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you first started your company? SJ: The biggest challenge when I opened my very first Pilates studio (Body Fit) in Newport Beach in ’98 was that at that point in time Pilates was not very well known. The positive was that there was not much competition, but with that said, people weren’t really familiar with Pilates,

so I had to sell the beauty of it to people who looked at the machines in bewilderment. Now, the biggest obstacle is the competition. Although it is my belief that Classical Pilates is the best, there are so many other studios that don’t really practice Pilates but variations of it. MFM: Burning passion/s outside of Pilates and acupuncture? SJ: My burning passions outside of Pilates and acupuncture are my love for travel and being a mother. The gift of motherhood has been so fulfilling for me and lovely. I’m a single mom, so it is quite challenging running a business and raising a child on my own, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



MFM: What is your background? SJ: I’m a Cali girl through and through. I was born here, and even though I have lived abroad and on the East Coast, I have always returned back to California. My energy thrives here, and my creativity and inspiration blossom from here. Everyone resonates in different places of the world, but I now know I prosper in California.

to hemostasis. Pilates and acupuncture are a beautiful combination of ultimate healing of an injury.

MFM: Quirky habit? SJ: My quirky habit is that I am an avid reader and will read four books at the same time on different subjects. I’m obsessed with reading and will get my hands on anything I can, even children’s books.

MFM: Future projects/plans that you are currently working on? SJ: I just filmed a DVD/APP called Slim and Fit Pilates. I loved filming this Pilates workout. On the app you have ten options of workouts so you can download which one you want or all of them and have the flexibility of working out at home or anywhere you wish. My next project is a book I am working on about Pilates and wellness, combining my acupuncture expertise with Pilates’ workouts for health and fitness.

MFM: What is your best advice for our readers on where they should start when they have an injury or multiple injuries, and what is the fastest way to heal? SJ: When someone is starting out with exercise after an injury, I would say that Pilates is the best route to begin exercise with. Begin with caution and communicate with your instructor at all times if you have pain or discomfort. Make sure your instructor is a qualified teacher and has had proper training with 600 hours of apprenticeship. Acupuncture is also a perfect complement alongside the physical aspect of Pilates to heal. Acupuncture will heal through moving blood and energy and returning the body

MFM: Where can MOST readers find you on social media? SJ: Most readers can find me on My personal Instagram @sheenauprise Facebook- Sheena Jongeneel- UpRise Classical Pilates and Wellness, The studio’s Instagram @uprisewellness Facebook - UpRise Classical Pilates and Wellness Twitter- uprisewellness Studio: My app:

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Photo Credit: DCProStudio

by Biani Xavier



There are so many changes happening to your body during pregnancy that may impact how you can exercise and how your body moves, but maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel your best. Regular exercise during pregnancy can provide you with many great benefits, such as, improve your posture and decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue. It has been proven that physical activity may prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), relieve stress and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery.

If you were physically active before your pregnancy, you should be able to keep up with your activity but in moderation. Don't try to exercise at the same level as you did before; instead, do what's most comfortable for you now. If you have never exercised regularly before, you can safely begin an exercise program during pregnancy but make sure to first consult with your health care provider.Â

86 ||


Most exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy, as long as you exercise with caution and do not overdo it.Â

Many other activities such as jogging can be done in moderation, especially if you were doing them before your pregnancy. You may want to choose exercises or activities that do not require great balance or coordination, especially later in pregnancy.



Hydrate- The key to a healthy pregnancy is hydration. It's really that important that you get lots of fluids in your body. Make sure to hydrate all day long, especially right before, during and after your workout. 

Take a prenatal vitamin with iron and folic acid every day- Iron keeps your blood healthy. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects.

Eat well-

Choose a variety of vegetables and fruits, like carrots, cooked greens, bananas, and melon. Eat plenty of beans and whole grains. Try brown rice or oatmeal.  If you are experiencing morning sickness, start with whole wheat toast. Eat more food later in the morning and slowly get all the nutrients you need. Try healthy snacks like, low-fat or fat-free yogurt with fruit. Whole grain crackers with fat-free or low-fat cheese.

88 ||


Limit caffeine and avoid alcohol - Drink decaffeinated coffee or tea. Drink water or seltzer instead of soda.   

Exercise- The American College

of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day on most if not all days of the week, unless you have a medical or pregnancy complication.

Get adequate sleep - At least eight hours a night.

If you're suffering from sleep disturbances, try taking naps during the day.

Don't gain too much weight.- It

takes about 55,000 extra calories to make a healthy baby. That might seem like a lot, but it’s only 300 extra calories a day. Obesity might increase the risks for pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, stillbirth, very-preterm birth and cesarean delivery. Being pregnant is not an excuse to get fat and eat whatever you want and in any amount you want. Make sure that you don't overeat, especially bad foods that could only harm you and your growing baby. 



Take some time for yourself-

Read a book, meditate, go for a walk, watch a movie, sleep in, LAUGH. Pretty much anything that will clear your mind and give you some peace and joy.

Don’t compare your pregnancy to others- When it comes to prenatal journey, it’s important that you create a path that works for you. What may work for me may not work for everyone, so keep that in mind and listen to your body.

Most importantly...Enjoy it- Soon you will be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms. 

PS. always consult with your health care provider before starting any exercise routine. He or she will be able to evaluate your health and what's best for you. 

90 ||

MOST FITNESS || JUNE / JULY 2016 Photograher: Chris V. Linton | Shot on Location at: Wholistic Body-Building & Wellness (

or anyone looking to move past the traditional training methods of bodybuilding to achieve more precise muscle development, here is a workout that focuses on just that. Through manipulation of force angles and knowledge of anatomy, Evelyn Mihaly put together a play by play instructional workout for those looking to increase the strength in various muscles in the back and in the triceps. Using her knowledge of (RTS) and (MAT), Evelyn tries to promote a different outlook on muscle building than the typical “12 reps of 3 sets” approach. She believes that counting is not necessary at all, and that the weight does not matter. Instead, it is only about getting the best contraction possible in the desired area.

IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor- With the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Evelyn competes in international shows alongside elite athletes from countries around the world. Founder of Elegant Physique- Coaching and training service for those looking to perform optimally. M.A.T. Jumpstart Certified- Muscle activation techniques practitioner skills used to help athletes perform optimally by addressing located muscle weakness. Certified Personal Trainer- Evelyn implements Resistance Training Specialist Philosophies (RTS) throughout the Elegant Physique athletes’ training. Nutrition Advisor- Nutrition and habit coach for Team Elegant Physique and PrepShop meal prep service.

92 ||


After anchoring a resistance band above and slightly in front of yourself, plant feet firmly on the ground. Start the motion by hinging at the hips and pushing your glutes back while slowly allowing the resistance of the band to elevate your arms. Think about using your lats as the “brake pedal” and continuously focus on squeezing them throughout the whole exercise. Once you have reached the most lengthened position (image 3), its time to use your lats as the “gas pedal” and contract them hard as you return to the starting position (image 1). Note: The distance between your body and where the resistance band is anchored dictates how much tension the band will create. So to intensify the exercise, simply take a step backwards first. The reason you should push your hips back (image3), is because “moving your body around the weight” (which we will be doing a lot of), can manipulate the angle of the resistance band in relation to your arm. Notice that in all three images, the angle of the line of force (resistance band) and my arm is being maintained at 90 degrees while my lats are still able to lengthen and contract as I go through the motion. Being able to create constant tension in your workouts is a powerful tool that can maximize your results. Rest is for after the set is completed, not any time during the exercise.

Anchor the resistance band directly in front of you and just under hip height. The most important part is to make sure your forearm is perpendicular (90 degrees) to the resistance band at all times. This is because the band is acting as the “line of force.” This is usually the role of gravity when performing a weighted dumbbell/barbell exercise. But when you use cables, the cable is the line of force. To create the most tension with a weight, cable, or band, you must be consistently perpendicular to it with the body part you are pulling with. To adjust the difficulty of this exercise, simply take a step back to make the band tighter. You should feel that it is challenging to keep your elbows at 90 degrees (image 1). Then, as you lead with your arms slowly pushing straight down, simultaneously bring your hips back to an extended position-standing upright. It should be even more difficult to hold this position with your arms pulling straight back and purposely squeezing your triceps as seen in (image2). Then to get back to the start position, which is also image 3, you must try to maintain the tricep contraction as you hinge at the hips and push your glutes back at the same time as you bend your arms to 90 degrees. During most workouts, we traditionally pick up a weight and move it around our body so the desired muscle contracts and lengthens. However, it can be just as beneficial to move your BODY around the “weight” instead, while keeping the “weight” static (as shown above).



If you have access to monkey bars, then that’s great! If not, you can perform this exercise closer to the floor hanging off of a secured squat rack bar. With body in an almost horizontal position with feet on the floor, place arms far enough that both have room to bend to 90 degrees when chest is pulled close to the bar. Then slowly lower your body into a straight arm position and allow your scapula to protract (shoulder blades to be pulled forward slightly) as seen in (image 2.) Then on the way back up, START by pulling your shoulder blades back all the way trying to pinch them together behind you. Then start bending at the elbow to reach back to the start position. An important trick you should be doing to make this workout more effective is to continuously be putting tension on your back by mentally pulling the bar apart in separate directions (left hand pushing out left, while right hand is pushing out to your right). This focus of pulling the bar apart should be consistent and simultaneous with lowering and raising your body as shown from (image 1) to (image 3). If you choose to make this exercise more challenging, simply pull the bar apart HARDER. By pulling the bar apart, you are applying force inline with the direction of the muscle fibres. This can create A LOT of tension in the desired muscles, which will create a greater contraction without adding any extra “weight.” Heavy weight is not necessarily what causes hypertrophy (muscle growth). Heavy weight will cause tension on the muscles, but you can create just as much tension with added precision and using slightly lighter weights and focusing on the contraction. With exercises like this, you have to WANT to make it hurt. The weight won’t be doing the work for you. It is beneficial to be able to mentally induce the contraction of the muscle during the exercise. Even if the weight is light, by focusing you can still achieve a solid contraction in the desired muscle. Muscle contraction is directly correlated to your goal of hypertrophy, where the weight used is only associated with the muscle gain.

Set the machine to a light weight. Lock both arms and pull straight down while focusing on using mostly your triceps to complete this motion. Make sure once you reach the position in (image 2), that your shoulders are pinned back and down and both arms remain fully locked. Extend your upper spine (push your chest up), while squeezing your triceps as much as you can. Then once you are fatigued and feel that you 94 ||


Start this exercise like a regular cable tricep extension. Feet together and elbows bent. Take note that the angle of the cable to your forearm must be close to 90 degrees. This is important to notice because when the line of force (cable) is perpendicular (90 degrees) to your forearm, it provides the most resistance. The goal is to keep the angle consistent providing a constant tension as you execute a tricep extension motion. This is only possible by taking a step back as you straighten out your arms, shown in (image 2). Then leaning back as shown in (image 3), in conjunction with pulling the cable down as you straighten out your elbows, you are able to create the same resistance on your tricep as it lengthens and shortens. During this movement, timing is everything! It has to be one slow, smooth motion. Start leaning slightly forward so that your triceps lengthens (image 1), and then start extending your arm and focus on the triceps feeling as if it is pushing your whole body back with its resistance. Once you use your triceps to push you into (image 3), focus on straightening out your elbows, pulling your shoulders back, and contracting the triceps as hard as possible. To get back to the start, step forward, and as you start to bend your elbows, make sure you keep squeezing them all the way to (image 1). It is easiest to find the best contraction when a muscle is at its shorter point. Once you find that contraction, do everything you can to keep the feeling throughout the rest of the motion. This trick can be used with anything. IT WILL BURN!

cannot hold that position of shortening both triceps any more, do not just relax and drop the contraction! Instead, slowly lengthen your triceps by allowing your arms to move straight in front of you back to (image 1) position. Make an effort to keep as much of the tension on the triceps during this return to the original position. Even when you are in the starting position (image 1), your triceps should still be kept very tight. You should always aim to create tension on the muscle at every point of an exercise. Do not allow your arms to move so far in front of your body that the triceps are no longer under tension.

Performing this exercise very slowly will make it more effective. Its all about feeling where the most challenging path is for the desired target muscle, and then pushing your body to not veer from that path. This is more important then achieving a certain number of repetitions per exercise. The muscle doesn’t count how many times it contracts and then grows accordingly; it only knows how much overall tension it has been put under. So if you can contract harder and perform less repetitions due to fatigue of the desired muscle, then that is worth it.



The traditional lat pull down is a very common exercise used to strengthen the lats/back in general. This exercise is an advanced form of the single arm lat pulldown. The reason for the added torso rotation seen in (image 3) and the side/back bend seen in (image 4), is because the lats are not ONLY responsible for pulling your arms down from (image 1) to (image 2). To get an amazing full contraction on your lats, it is best to place them into the shortest position possible. This involves a torso rotation and a backwards/sideways crunch once you reach the end position. Your body will not want to go here especially if you have never trained this range, so make sure the weight is minimal. If the load is too heavy, you wont be able to go into the shorter range of your lat, and contracting to its full potential will be next to impossible. Throughout the duration of this movement, actively try to push the shoulder back/down and the elbow forward (shoulder external rotation). This will also help put the lat into its shortest range. Once you have found the sensation of your lat contracting from underarm to lower back, hold it in that position for a couple seconds and attempt to squeeze the lat even harder. To get back to the starting position, try to maintain as much of the tension you felt at the shortest point, all the way back as you unbend from your side bend. Then rotate your torso back to neutral and slowly allow your arm to return back to (image 1) positioning. If you perform this correctly, you should not be able to do more then 5 repetitions on each side. The goal is to create so much tension through appropriate body positioning, that the muscle is put at such a disadvantage that it fatigues very fast. The goal should not be how many reps you can do. Focusing on contracting the muscle at its shortest point, (which is also its weakest point), is a very efficient way to get stronger. You are only as strong as the weakest link.

96 ||


WBFF Pro, Sex Therapist, Psychotherapist and Radio Personality

Photo Credit: George Kontaxis | |

By Darcy Tharp Hometown and background: Cuban American born in Miami, FL and living now in Tampa, FL Height: 5'8" Hair: dark brown  Eyes: light brown Fitness, Nutrition, and Therapist Credentials: Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist. Graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. WBFF Pro and certified personal trainer. Co-owner of Powerhouse Gym Tampa.

98 ||




MFM: As Dr. Love, what is the most wacky call or question you have ever had on your radio show? Dr. GM: I definitely get a lot of "interesting" questions! The craziest question was when a caller asked me what she should do because her boyfriend comes out nude when she has her friends over and does the "helicopter." I had to look up what the "helicopter" was, and needless to say, I was speechless! 

MFM: What is the most rewarding part of being a mental health counselor and psychotherapist? Dr. GM: Hands down seeing the difference you can make in someone life! I have helped a lot of people change their mind about not living and about learning how to live and not just existing! I help them see how amazing their life really is by not using comparisons or unrealistic expectations. 

MFM: You are described as an interactive, solution focused therapist-what does that mean? How do you interact differently with your patients than other therapists do with theirs? Dr. GM: My main focus with my patients is to make them feel like there is hope. I definitely go into your past to find the underlying issues, but I help people to start living in the moment and become mindful of the choices they make in the present. I treat each case I see very differently because I don't believe in using text book solutions. People have the answers they need right in front of them, they just need my help to guide and empower them to making those decisions. 

MFM: Describe your daily routine: Dr. GM: Meal 1: egg whites and oatmeal Workout: 30 minute Cardio and then weights (I train a different muscle group everyday)  Meal 2: protein shake with some berries Meal 3: salmon, brown rice, and veggies Meal 4: some type of healthy snack- ex. apples with peanut butter or almonds Meal 5: This will vary because I enjoy eating dinner with my family. I always cook healthy at home, and some examples are: steak, chicken, or fish with rice, sweet potato, or quinoa. I always pair with some veggies.

100 ||


MFM: Tried and true move in the bedroom for surprising your significant other? Dr. GM: I always say that everyone has their "manual.” Make sure to read it and always go to that turn on move. My advice to men: call her on your way home and see if she wants you to bring home dinner and send her some sexy messages throughout the day. Women are so mental. Women also love a little aggression or take charge attitude. Think 50 shades of Grey and don't ask too many questions. Just do it! My advice to women: just flirt with him and touch him, and he will easily get turned on. Men are easier ;)    MFM: Your philosophy is that a healthy body and a healthy mind simultaneously go together leading to a complete self.  How do you maintain balance in your own life? Dr. GM: I know firsthand that when I get too busy and neglect my workouts, I feel so depressed. My mind is foggy, and I get an overall feeling of dissatisfaction. I make sure to be in tune to when I'm neglecting myself because it's easy to do. My biggest advice for this is to

put yourself in your schedule like you would a regular daily business meeting you need to attend. Having a routine is key to having a heathy mind and body balance.   MFM: You integrate relaxation and meditation into your therapy sessions.  A lot of people have trouble truly relaxing-what is your best relaxation tip for overcoming stress at home? Dr. GM: I think people have trouble relaxing because there's so much chatter in their minds from all the daily events. Our minds can only handle so much! I love the "container exercise." Throughout the day, visualize everything you do as individual tasks. When you're done with one, then imagine putting it away in a container and shutting the lid. Then move on to the next, repeating that exercise. When you come home, it's important to set up boundaries for yourself. Turn your phone and other devices off when you're watching TV, put on some soothing music, or light a scented candle. It's also very important to shut off your social media at least 30 minutes before bed.



little pieces of paper fun places and things to do. Pick one a week and do it! Being spontaneous is the key to keep things fresh and exciting! MFM: What are your top five tips for couples to reactivate those butterflies and passion in the bedroom that they had in the beginning of their relationship? Dr. GM: 1. Start dating again and re-get to know each other. People change through the years, so learning about your partner is a must. 2. Learn to be intimate! Explore each other's bodies and find out your partner’s biggest turn-ons and turn-offs. 3. Don't lose individuality. The reason you were turned on by your partner when you first met was because that person excited you. Remember what it was that attracted you to them in the first place. Was it their sense of humor, the way their friends admired them, or maybe it was their ability to make you feel secure and comforted when you needed to feel loved. 4. Bring in some fantasy! Whenever I meet someone that's having an affair, I always tell them if you spent as much time doing these secretive things with your partner, you would have a great relationship! Meet at a hotel for an afternoon fling, or send sexy text messages. The biggest phrase I hear from affairs is, "I felt alive again." Bring that feeling into your relationship. 5. Always look forward to something. Take some time in the late afternoon or before bed to bring out your laptop or a magazine and plan a vacation or some fun dates. I give my couples the fish bowl exercise. Write down on

102 ||


MFM: Based on your experience in the industry, what do you think is the most common issue people face in their quest to experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life, and how do you recommend they overcome? Dr. GM: The most common issue people face is themselves and their negative talk. We have been given so many messages throughout our lives starting from childhood. Some of those messages are good, but some are bad. We turn these messages into a negative sense of self, and it turns into our reality. The biggest mistake is always searching for your life to be meaningful. Learning to live each day with purpose and meaning will give us ultimate fulfillment!    MFM: How do you recommend couples or individuals know when therapy is needed or it is the time to seek help? Dr. GM: I think there's never a right or wrong time to seek help. Sometimes couples or individuals come in for therapy because they need a quick little refresher to make sure they are communicating right and sometimes people come in because they are facing a big issue. If you feel like your life is in a standstill and you need some answers, then that's a good sign to see professional help. Facebook: Cedrina Calder Instagram: @fitdoc83 | @fitdocnutrition Twitter: @fitdoc83 Snapchat: fitdoc83 Youtube channel: FitDoc Photo Credit: George Kontaxis

104 ||


FitDoc: A Bodybuilding Doctor and Her Secrets to Wellness

By Marrisa Poe and Michelle Prescott

Dr. Calder is now working on her own company, FitDoc Nutrition. FitDoc will focus on educating individuals on their nutrition and exercise. She strongly believes that knowledge is power, and with that, she is trying to teach people about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. More of her words to live by, “Don’t just train hard, train smart.”

ords from the FitDoc moniker of Cedrina Calder. Dr. Calder is a competitive bodybuilder, and entrepreneur. Cedrina Calder’s success with all aspects of her life seems effortless. She was introduced to bodybuilding by a friend and has been hooked since. She is an IFPA Pro and a National NPC Competitor. She shares her bodybuilding schedule and routine with MOST and the pure organization of her life has got to contribute to her success. Most people competing at the level that Cedrina is work within the fitness industry. Dr. Calder does too. But her work takes working in the “fitness industry” a major step further. Her fitness industry career required she complete medical school and she did. Each of Dr. Calder’s major ambitions, a medical doctor and competitive bodybuilder require full time attention and effort. But she pulls them both off without effort, and she does it with class. Cedrina says that bodybuilding taught her things about nutrition that medical school never could. With this new knowledge she began to recommend new things to her patients, and discover new health regiments for all shapes and sizes.

MFM: Since you are a bodybuilder are there new foods and exercises you are suggesting to your patients? CC: In terms of weight loss I suggest that an individual swaps some of the calories they are acquiring from carbs for calories from lean protein instead. The carbohydrate intake of the average person can be excessive. This can lead to unnecessary fat gain especially around the belly. As far as exercise, I do not suggest anything specific but I do emphasize the importance of weight training on maintaining muscle mass as we begin to age. The maintenance of muscle mass helps to preserve functionality in older age. This helps to prevent injury and helps with recovery and healing time. MFM: What is your normal daily routine? CC: My daily routine typically consists of weight training in the morning. After training, I return home and make sure that I have packed all the food that I will need for the work day. After my work day has ended I may do an additional workout which usually consists of cardio if I am preparing for a competition. One or two days a week I reverse my training schedule and do the cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening after work. I occasionally work on weekends as well, either on Saturday or Sunday. In addition, I train with my coach on Saturdays. Sundays I reserve for food shopping and cooking my meals for the week.



MFM: What did bodybuilding teach you that Medical School didn’t? CC: Although we did learn basic information in medical school in regard to nutrition, I developed a much better understanding of it once I started bodybuilding. Bodybuilding has taught me how to tweak my diet in order to get the desired results in terms of both my athletic performance and physique. Most people know what kind of physical results they are seeking. However, what they typically do not know is how to achieve those results and that is what bodybuilding has taught me. 106 ||


MFM: How do you plan on persuading African American women to exercise more and eat right? CC: I truly believe that knowledge is power. Part of the issue within the African-American community is that people are not well-informed. Properly educating women on nutrition and disease can provide the necessary knowledge required to help an individual modify their own harmful behaviors. As an African-American female athlete, I hope to alter the negative attitudes and beliefs about women lifting weights and encourage women to be more physically active by serving as an example to them. MFM: Does working out help you have stamina when dealing with your work schedule? If so what happens when you don’t? CC: Absolutely. Despite what some people may think physical activity actually improves your energy levels. This is one reason why I prefer to work out in the morning. When I do not work out consistently I find that my stamina decreases and I am more tired than normal throughout the day.

MFM: How many calories do you go through a day to retain your muscle mass? How do you split up your protein, and carb intake throughout the day? CC: My coach, Joe Maese of 59 Athletics puts together my meal plans but they are not calorie-based but are focused on macronutrients instead. My coach utilizes nutrient timing and carb cycling so the quantity and type of carbs I consume actually varies depending on a few factors, such as heavy versus light training days or leaning versus bulking phase. On the other hand, my protein intake is pretty consistent and does not vary much. MFM: How do you stick to your bodybuilding diet being a doctor? CC: Preparation is key. I prepare my meals ahead of time and bring my food to work. By doing this, I always have food available to me so I already know what I am going to eat during the day. This prevents me from eating out and unhealthy snacking.

MFM: Do any of your patients ever ask for workout advice from you? If so what do you recommend? Do you base your answer on the person and their health background? CC: I am asked for workout advice not only from patients but from colleagues and staff as well. I base the answer on the individual’s specific fitness goals but always emphasize the importance of a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise in addition to a proper diet. MFM: Do you believe in super foods? If so, which ones do you use the most? CC: The ones that I use the most are salmon, oatmeal, sweet potato, kale, spinach and broccoli. MFM: Where is the best place you shop for the freshest ingredients? CC: One of my favorite places to shop is Wegman’s but I also like buy fresh produce from farmers’ markets as well.

MFM: How many cities has your company FitDoc Nutrition, reached? CC: FitDoc Nutrition is a new company. I am currently working to build and develop it. My goal is to gain as much exposure as possible over the next few years. I am seeking collaborative opportunities with other healthrelated organizations to expand my reach within local and regional communities. MFM: Have you had an opportunity to work with the First Lady on nutrition? CC: No, I have not but that would be an amazing opportunity. I would love the to meet her, share my vision, and explore the idea of partnering with her on the Let’s Move campaign. MFM: Being an alumni from The George Washington University and Ross University School of Medicine, do you go there to speak about nutrition, health and fitness? CC: I have not had a chance to speak at either institution yet but a collaborative opportunity with both institutions is something that I will be seeking in the near future. MFM: Do you plan on taking your company international? If so what countries would you want to influence the most? www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


CC: Expanding the reach of my company internationally is definitely a future goal of mine. Being of Caribbean heritage, my initial focus is to network with individuals in the fitness industry within the Caribbean to explore opportunities to provide services there as well. MFM: Who was your inspiration to become a doctor? CC: I have always wanted to become a doctor from a very young age. As a child, I liked the idea of helping people to get well. That desire stuck with me throughout childhood and into adulthood. MFM: Supplements vs. Food, from a medical perspective which is more affective? CC: From a medical perspective food is definitely more affective. The consumption of whole food sources is the best method to obtain all the necessary nutrients your body requires to function normally. The purpose of supplements is exactly what the name suggests. They should be used to enhance your diet and not used as a replacement for food. Supplements provide nutrients not consumed in sufficient amounts or can help replenish key nutrients lost. MFM: Please tell us about your company FitDoc Nutrition? CC: FitDoc Nutrition, LLC is a health, nutrition, and fitness consulting company that specializes in educating individuals about the importance of proper nutrition and 108 ||


physical activity on overall health and disease prevention. FitDoc Nutrition provides individualized meal plans, health and wellness coaching, and group seminars. MFM: What makes FitDoc different from other nutrition programs? CC: FitDoc Nutrition is dedicated to education as a means to achieve improved health outcomes. The focus is not solely on providing meal plans and telling individuals what to eat. A greater focus is placed on altering the beliefs about proper diet and teaching people how to eat in order to improve health and prevent disease.



BS Exercise Science, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Bikini Fitness Competitor

IG: @fitmomshan FB: Shannon Dunlop Sperber Photo Credit: George Kontaxis

By Darcy Tharp Hometown: Chandler, AZ Height: 5’6’’ Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Fitness Credentials: BS Exercise Science, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Bikini Fitness Competitor Social Media Links: IG: @fitmomshan FB: Shannon Dunlop Sperber MFM: I credit a lot of my success to my: A) Talent B) Endurance C) Tenacity D) Others Answer: A tie between C & D. It’s a lot of hard work and determination, combined with the knowledge of others! I never stop learning! 110 ||


MFM: My secret to looking fit is: A) Eating healthy B) Going to the gym regularly C) Educating myself in healthy living D) All above and more Answer: D for sure. 80% food, 20% exercise, and a lot of education and learning. MFM: My favorite part of my body is: A) My abs. B) My legs C) My butt D) Others Answer: B. As a competitive soccer player, I’ve always had nice “soccer legs.” Now I’m working on the booty to match!

MFM: Most important Dos & Don’ts in fitness exercises: Answer: DO: Switch up your routines. The constant change and stress on your body will keep it guessing and encourage it to change! DO: Use proper form and wear a weight belt to protect your back! As a physical therapist, I am always surprised to see how many people are doing exercises wrong! Watch yourself in a mirror or ask a trainer for help. DON’T: Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! No, you are not going to get big and bulky! You will burn more calories and create more definitionjust what we want! DON’T: Don’t view your fitness goals as having an end date; make it a lifestyle change instead. Set small attainable goals that you continue to meet and reset. MFM: I feel most powerful when: Answer: I’ve had my hair and makeup done and a fresh spray tan! MFM: My shameless health tricks: Answer: 1. Keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge for a handy snack. 2. Use mashed avocado on sandwiches instead of butter or mayo. www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


3. Get up early and get your workout done before you can convince yourself otherwise! 4. Allow yourself a weekly cheat meal. 5. Lastly, be prepared! I prep all of my meals on Sunday. That way there is no excuse. It’s already there, ready for me to eat. MFM: Your 5 genius beauty tips: Answer: 1. Find a good aesthetician and get monthly facials to keep your skin fresh and glowing. 2. Exfoliate every day. 3. After a workout, wipe your face with a make-up remover wipe to prevent breakouts. 4. Aim to drink a gallon of water a day. 5. Surround yourself with people that make you laugh! It truly is the best medicine.

112 ||


MFM: If an up and coming fitness talent ask me for advice, I’d tell them: Answer: You should only compete with yourself, not others. You can’t compare your first chapter to someone’s last. As long as you focus on being better today than you were yesterday, you are heading in the right direction. However, in order to do that successfully, you must be willing to sacrifice things that others won’t. MFM: Where do you hope to go from here? Answer: I hope to continue to inspire others, especially moms, to reach their fitness goals, both big and small. I also hope to stay dedicated to my fitness goal of becoming a bikini fitness Pro within the next year.

By Darcy Tharp

Brimming with an insatiable thirst for making art and fashion, Alfredo’s belief in himself and making his visions come alive, spills over into all of his work, resulting in images that are extremely creative and experimental. Owner of “AJG Filmproductions,” he started out doing film and branched more into photography, and now works for top companies all over the world, shooting commercials and images and is paving the way for his own imaginative concepts. “The important thing for me is to let a woman experience how much passion you can feel from one camera.” With his self-proclaimed muse and motivation, top model Karolina Wozniak he travels around the world, literally living his dream. He tells MOST Fitness readers that, “It’s so important to me to show to people that if everything is wrong in your life, you can still overcome and make your desires and goals happen.” MFM: How did you first get started and what interested you in photography in the first place? AOP: This passion started when I was a very young kid. I was around models and actresses almost every day when I was at the channel television. MFM: Are you a self-taught photographer? AOP: Yes, completely. I never took any course in photography. What was your background before you entered the field? I was a bartender, and I love to entertain people. MFM: Did you start working with digital cameras? Did you have any experience with film photography? AOP: I started with film photography-35 mm. MFM: Do you prefer outdoor or studio photography? AOP: For sure-outdoor! MFM: Your images possess special lighting-do you use a natural light or do you use a special technique? AOP: I use a different technique, but most of the time I use natural light because it is so full of life.

114 ||


Internationally Published Photographer

Model: Karolina Wozniak



Model:Jessica Bechard

116 ||


Model:Sharon Pieksman



Model: Sirra Rene

MFM: You work with some of the most beautiful models around the world, what do you think are some of the qualifications of a professional model? AOP: A model must feel emotion and express her feelings. She should just make moments and forget about the camera; most of all, she should just have passion! MFM: How do you select your models? AOP: Well, most of the time I think they select me. They feel my passion and vision, and want to be a part of it. What I feel is most attractive about a model, is when I see a model with a lot of character, and that just blows my camera up!

Model: Hayley St Pierre

Model: Hayley St Pierre

MFM: Do you only work with experienced models or do you also take on beginners/ aspiring models? AOP: I think that everybody has the right to get an opportunity to express herself, but for certain kinds of photography, it is very important that you burn with feeling and passion, and have your own character and confidence. MFM: We know swimwear/glamour photography is your specialty, do you also work in different categories of photography? AOP: I do a lot of categories. For example: celebrities, luxury, and action shots such as with helicopters, speed cars, etc. MFM: How much time do you spend on retouching? AOP: It depends; I really try to make it as natural as possible, so that there is just pure beauty! MFM: What parts of your work do you enjoy the most, and what are the greatest stresses? AOP: Well when I have the same positive energy with a model bringing up all the passion and getting creative, that makes me fly! Stressful make a challenge and also a kick when I have a shoot and I get only 4 minutes has to be the perfect shot. MFM: Tell us about some of your recent projects? AOP: I am the official photographer of Van Dutch Yachts 118 ||


Model:Sharon Pieksman

Model: Hayley St Pierre

worldwide, and this is already one of my biggest experiences and challenges that I have ever had because we are talking about very high lifestyle, and the most exclusive celebrities around the world. It is a very important and busy job. I am also working with Alfa Romeo which allows me to work with one of the biggest team of moviemakers and photographers, including the top directors and producers around the world. For example, I’ve worked on the BUDDY film with producer Alezzio and one of the top film directors, Lazlo Kadar and the most talented film production team, Russian Arm. I’ve also worked with DJ and music producer and uber-talented, “Tiesto,” which was one amazing experience to shoot with him for his charisma and cool personality. Now I am busy with a new concept called “Destination Cover,” working in a team with only one big purpose: to create the best cover magazine in the most amazing and exotic places around the world, starting next month in the Maldives. We will also be doing Fiat commercials starting in

Europe in two months.

more value to your work.

MFM: What projects do you enjoy the most? AOP: I can truly say that I enjoy most of them; every project that I do with my clients and models makes me so excited.

MFM: Where do you hope to go from here? AOP: My goal is to make all of my visions come alive, because I don’t believe in dreams; I believe that when you want to make something happen, you just have to be focused on it, hold it tight, and make it come true. So I can prove to my next generation that everything is possible if you work with your heart and believe!

MFM: How much time do you spend on social media promotions? What is your favorite platform? AOP: Any time that is possible. I almost live in a plane and in airports, so I really enjoy entertaining myself. I think Instagram is my favorite because people are more focused on photography and giving

Model: Karolina Wozniak


Model: Marissa Everhart

Model: Billie Jo Powers

Model: Karolina Wozniak

120 ||


Athlete, Certified Fitness Professional & Celebrity Trainer IG: @elenaskinner FB: elenaskinnerfitness Photo by: Jonathan Gentil

MFM: My secret to looking fit is: A) Eating healthy B) Going to GYM regularly
 C) Educate myself in healthy living
 D) All above and more Answer: it is a combination: eating healthy, exercise regularly and constantly educate myself about healthy living MFM: My favorite part of my body is: A) My abs.
 B) My legs
 C) My butt
 D) Others Answer: Legs and butt. MFM: Favorite desert:
 A) Frozen yogurt
 B) Ice Cream
 C) Dark Chocolate 
D) Others Answer: Hot lava cake with vanilla ice cream. 122 ||


MFM: Best exercise to shape sexy Abs super-fast:
 A) Tummy Tuck
 B) Bent-Knee Crunch
 C) Single-Leg Lift
 D) Others Answer: I think for a good Abs you should do at least a combination of 3 exercises so I would do all of the above. MFM: How should you eat and work out to shred:
 A) Listen to your body
 B) Hit program 2 to 3 times a week along with your normal strength training 
C) Stay away from “miracle pills”
 D) All above and more Answer: Eat very clean, minimize calories intake and workout 3-4 times per week. I normally come up with customize plan for each of my clients.

MFM: The best fitness advice I ever got was: Answer: Squat! It is good not only for legs and glutes, but also straighten all your core. MFM: Your healthy cheat list: Answer: Peanut Batter, Yogurt, Fruit, Pistachios. MFM: Any upcoming videos, books, sponsorship, projects or others Answer: Yes, look for my new videos and project at:
Instagram: @elenaskinner Facebook page: elenaskinnerfitness/ Website:



Most Magazine - Fitness ISSUE NO.15  

Fitness, Celebrity & Healthy Lifestyle Magazine | June/July ISSUE with Entrepreneur, Competitive Fitness Model & TV personality Maya Nassar,...

Most Magazine - Fitness ISSUE NO.15  

Fitness, Celebrity & Healthy Lifestyle Magazine | June/July ISSUE with Entrepreneur, Competitive Fitness Model & TV personality Maya Nassar,...