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40 48 Kristine Elezaj

8 Miss USA 2014

Nia Sanchez “Beauty with a Punch.”

20 Jazmyn Simon

Currently stars as Julie Greaneon HBO’s new hit “Ballers”

32 Valery Ortiz

Talks ‘Hit The Floor’ and her passion for fitness

40 Kristine Elezaj Music Videos and Fitness Secrets

48 Body By Brazil

Revolutionizing the way the world thinks about fitness wear

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Body By Brazil


Joanna Krupa

Nia Sanchez- Miss USA 2014

58 Daz Crawford

Talented actor is playing Kebo in the popular primetime television show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.



Joanna Krupa

Actress, Internationally Published Cover Girl &
Animal Rights Activist Photos: Mario Barberio

78 ICE QUEENS Photo: DCProStudio Styling: Helene France Hair/Makeup: Rachelle Dalton Models: Eloise Lancsweert, Darcy Tharp, Yana Goncharenk




Ramona Braganza

Valery Ortiz

Noemi Olah

108 Amy Jo Palmquest

92 Ramona


Global Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer

100 Noemi Olah

4x IFBB Bikini Olympian
•3x IFBB Pro Champion •ALLMAX 
Athlete CJ Elite Suit •Team Bombshell AllthatGlittersGames •Body by Brazil

108 Amy Jo Palmquest

20 Jazmin Simon

Owner of Transformation Fitness Studio & Spokesperson for NUTRISHOPUSA Readers Spotlight

112 Grace Haecker 114 Carissa Monroe 116 DJ Jen Jones Photos: James Patrick

118 Simone Maybin

Physician, Model, IFBB FIGURE PRO NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, USAF Veteran Photos: George Kontaxis

78 ICE QUEENS, Photo: DCProStudio



|| LETTER FROM EDITOR || elcome to a new issue of MOST Fitness. Each of our issues have brought our readers interviews with stars within the fitness community that are truly out of the world. This month we have brought you celebrities that are bigger and better than ever. Just turn the cover and you will find a Miss USA, a star of HBO’s Ballers, a Real Housewife, and a star of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The interviews this issue will inspire, encourage and bring forth the strength you have within to reach your goals, whether they are small or larger than life. As always we walk this journey with you. This issue we welcome to the cover Joanna Krupa, named the “Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World”. The Polish American model, actress, and animal rights activist has graced countless magazine covers and starred on the Real Housewives of Miami. If that was not enough, Joanna judged contestants on Poland’s Next Top Model as well as participated on Dancing with the Stars as partner to champion Derek Hough. MOST is thrilled to bring such a superstar to our readers. MOST readers……. drum roll please. Inside the pages of this issue is Nia Sanchez, former Miss USA 2014 and Miss Universe first runner-up. Nia is more than a beauty, she is sweet, charming, and a black belt in Taekwondo. Nia made history as the first Miss Nevada USA to be crowned Miss USA in the pageant’s six decade history. In our exclusive interview, Nia reveals what life is like after pageantry and how she is settling into married bliss as a newlywed. Star of the new hit HBO show Ballers, Jazmyn Simon is a star on the rise. Hard at work for years, Jazmyn had her own radio show while in high school. After college she joined Second City Improv in Chicago, once home to the great Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. You can catch Jazmyn stealing the show on season two of Ballers as Dr. Julie Greane. A champion of many arenas, Ramona Braganza has mastered the fields of gymnastics, cheerleading, modeling and training. A proven champion, Ramona has worked to shape the bodies of countless celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds. MOST sat down with Ramona to talk more about her signature 3-2-1 Fitness Plan.

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Do not bother looking up strong and sexy in the dictionary, because we promise you would find Noemi Olah. The Hungarian fitness model and professional bikini competitor has committed 100% to a healthy lifestyle and the results speak for themselves. No stranger to fitness, Valery Ortiz’s dancing lead to major roles in theater productions. Born in Puerto Rico, Valery made her way to the United States and eventual roles on popular TV shows: Two and a Half Men, Cold Case, Pretty Little Liars to name a few. Named one of Maxim Espanol’s 50 Most Beautiful People, she has a series of bilingual children’s books coming out named The Hola! Hello! Series. Triple threat does not begin to cover her caliber of talent. Known as “Kebe” to her fans, American recording artist Kristine Elezaj has been compared to Britney Spears and Rihanna. With blazing hot singles out, and another on the way, Kebe is an artist to watch. Kristine took a moment from her busy schedule to tell us about her beauty and fitness secrets. Bright colors, bold cutouts and patterns, and sexiness are infused into every piece of clothing in Janine Brazil’s fitness clothing line Body by Brazil. Janine is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about fitness wear. Fans of the Marvel Universe put your hands together, we have got a surprise from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Daz Crawford! He is a force in the acting business, both in the UK and America. You will “see” him next as the character Shere Khan in Disney’s Jungle Book. We hope you enjoy this issue.



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Photo: Fadil Berisha

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Motivational Speaker, Host, Actress, Model & Taekwondo Coach Social media:Â @realniasanchez By Darcy Tharp



Photo: Bobby Quillard |

race, beauty, brains, service to others, confidence, and charisma-yes, those are characteristics that a beauty queen must possess, but what do they really mean? Look no further than Nia Sanchez, the multi-talented former Miss USA 2014 and Miss Universe 1st runner up to find the answer. The elegant, stunner is someone who truly embodies the spirit of pageants and never giving up on realizing your dreams. Making history as the first Miss Nevada USA contestant to be crowned in the pageant’s six decade history, Nia is one of those gems-a rare breed of toughness and beauty. A power combo that stems from her upbringing in Taekwondo resulting in a black belt, and her tenacity in the face of obstacles, coupled with natural beauty that radiates from within. She is sweet and charming and genuinely desires to use her unique position as a role model to extend beyond the pageant world. With a multi-cultural background and a stint living in Hong Kong, Nia has a passion for exploring the world, learning new languages, and connecting with women from all walks of life who need encouragement and inspiration. With a new company just getting started, which is devoted to teaching confidence to women, along with her best friend and business partner, Tegan Martin, Nia is living her dream of helping others realize theirs! MOST Fitness Magazine is honored to feature the beauty queen and her radiant smile in this issue. In our exclusive interview, Nia reveals what life is like after pageantry, and how she is settling into married bliss as a newlywed in L.A., after getting to marry her boyfriend of two and a half years just this past October, actor Daniel Booko. She is also chock-full of tips for self-defense and advice for how to use the power of positive thinking to turn that bad day around. Stay tuned for when Nia brings her confidence workshop to your city, so you can have the rare opportunity to hang out with a queen and learn to have poise like her! 10 ||


MFM: You were in your first beauty pageant when you were 13-How did you first get interested and decide to try it out? NS: Pageants have always been very random for me. I was raised in Taekwondo, which is very tough. But my stepmother saw a flyer for a pageant and signed me up, and I completely fell in love with it. I didn’t have money or time then though, so had to wait until I was 19. MFM: What is one background thing about pageants that people who have never done them, don’t know? NS: Oh yes, everybody definitely has their preconceived notions about pageants. I’ve heard it all- that it’s catty, demeaning to women, etc. A lot of people don’t realize the amazing friendships you can develop through pageants

and how many life skills they can teach you such as: how to speak well, interview properly, and how to carry yourself with a good presence. MFM: You have a very diverse ethnic backgroundMexican, German, European, Spanish-which do you identify with the most? NS: I think that growing up I identified the most with being American and was born and raised like a regular American girl. During my youth I was taught German and learned about my German background. I didn’t learn about my Latina heritage until middle school age when I went to reunions and saw all these relatives. I’m actually working the hardest on my Spanish skills right now because I travel a lot to those countries. I don’t get that much of an opportunity to speak German though unless I’m with my grandparents. My goal is to be able speak Spanish by the end of this year.



MFM: You briefly lived in a women’s shelter with your mother growing up, and have worked in shelters, empowering women and teaching the importance of self-defense-How did that experience shape the rest of your life? And what is the most important thing about self-defense that every woman should know? NS: I feel like it’s actually made me more aware of the strengths a woman possesses. I was able at a young age to see my mom and how she was able to leave my dad and have the strength to stand on her own two feet and support us. She had not had a job at the time for the last six years, but had to find one to support us in this new phase of life. So it was really beautiful to see firsthand the strength that is inside of all women. Self-Defense 1. Be aware 2. Be loud 3. Never give up. First of all don’t be on your phone, and always be aware if someone is following you. Be loud with your voice, as that tends to scare off predators. Ever since I’ve been teaching children in Taekwondo, I’ve always told them that I’d rather they fight for their life on the street as hard as they can, than go with someone or give up. MFM: You had an enchanting job at Disneyland Hong Kong-What was the best part and most challenging part of that experience? NS: I had a magical job, and I got to dress up and spend time with children and make their dreams come true. The hardest part though was definitely the heat in Hong Kong! People would walk up with tissues in their hand and offer them to you. You perform outside when its 98 degrees and 98 humidity! MFM: How did you become a black belt in Taekwondo? NS: I was actually a really shy kid after my parents got divorced. It made me a complete introvert, and I didn’t want to make any friends or talk to anyone. I ended up moving to a new town with my dad, and he got me started in Taekwondo which changed my life. MFM: How does being a black belt affect other areas of your life? NS: Training in it overall has taught me so many life skills. Perseverance, community, and integrity are all instilled in you from the moment you start training, and these have translated into all other areas of my life. MFM: What do you do to stay in shape/daily workout routine? NS: I still do Taekwondo, but don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. Otherwise, at least once a week or once every other week I do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio and 20 12 ||


to 25 minutes of weight training. I like to work out in the mornings as it helps with food choices. If I know I got a good workout in, I don’t want to mess up what I did by eating poorly. MFM: What is a typical day in meals like for you? NS: I used to follow a really strict plan when I was training for pageants. Now when I’m not training, I try to make overall healthy choices. I have protein and vegetables with all meals, drink lots of water, and don’t eat too much sugar, although I do love my sweets. When I was training, I was actually drinking a gallon of water a day; it was like training for a fitness competition! MFM: How would you describe your everyday style/ favorite designers? NS: My everyday style is timeless and easy. I like to try to find outfits that I will look back on in 50 years and think that I still look good. I’m definitely not one for trends. I like an easy outfit where I don’t need 15 different pieces to put on. Michael Costello is my favorite gown designer, and he did both of my dresses for the pageants. MFM: Can you give your top 5 tips for aspiring beauty queens like yourself? 1. Confidence is key-if you are very confident when you are competing in a pageant, it definitely shows. If you believe in yourself, the judges will believe in you also. 2. You have to know yourself, especially when it comes to interviews. I’ve seen some girls get stumped when they are asked about their favorite book because they’ve never even thought about it. 3. Be prepared on all subjects. 4. Never give up-it took me five years to become Miss USA. 5. Be yourself-be your true, authentic self-don’t compete with blonde hair if you are never usually blonde. They want to know about you. MFM: In the Miss USA 2014 pageant that you won, which part was your favorite out of the whole experience on the way to winning? What part did you need to work on the hardest? NS: My favorite part was learning from Shanna Moakler, the director from Miss Nevada USA. She is a former Miss USA herself, and I grew so much by working with her. The hardest part with preparing though was the fitness aspect. I’m not naturally an overweight person; I have an average body, but when it came to fitness, I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. I was eating five meals a day of lean protein and veggies and carbs. I was also working out at the gym four to five times a week and going to Taekwondo practice at least once every two weeks.

Photo: Fadil Berisha



Photo: Bobby Quillard

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Photo: Fadil Berisha

MFM: As first-runner up for Miss Universe-how was that pageant very different from all the others you have done? What is one funny/interesting story that happened? NS: It was just so different because there were girls from all over the world. Ninety nine percent were amazing women and so much fun to be with. From that pageant, we all keep in contact and have a strong friendship and bond that we formed. My business partner and best friend is Miss Australia, and whenever I travel to a new country, I meet up with one of the girls from the pageant. My husband and I even met up with Miss Costa Rica during our honeymoon. It’s amazing because in all the countries where the pageant had contestants from, there is an opportunity to go visit. Miss Indonesia, for example, is always inviting me out to Bali. And the crazy thing that nobody actually knows about that happened during the pageant is that Miss Puerto Rico passed out on stage! She completely blacked out on stage during a commercial break, so nobody knows about it. But all 89 contestants were on stage right behind me, and we all freaked!

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MFM: What was the transition like after ending your reign as Miss USA? NS: It’s the weirdest thing ever! You go from having someone create your schedule every day and email it to you at 5 pm and having a manger, lawyers, PR, and a team surrounding you all the time, to absolutely nothing! Nobody is emailing you; nobody telling you what to do or where to go. It’s both a weird and a good feeling; it was nice to take a deep breath and realize that you are no longer on everyone’s immediate radar. MFM: You have had numerous speaking engagements as a motivational speaker-What is one of the best things you talk about in your speeches? NS: Confidence-I just feel like confidence is the key to success in any aspect of your life. Be prepared for any situation you are going into. I remind girls to speak affirmations daily. Have a mantra that you stick on a mirror or dashboard in your car. It will keep you motivated. Also I talk about having mental discipline and stopping any negative thoughts, and replacing them with affirmations. Stop those thoughts, control them, and turn them around. Your life will follow your thoughts. So if you are saying

that you are having a good day, even if you aren’t, it can get better; don’t worry! My own mantra would be, “you were born for such a time as this,” Esther 4:14. Every single moment that I am in, it’s on purpose. Even if it’s a bad day, I tell myself that I’m going to learn from this. I try to always look for that purpose and believe that I was made for that moment. MFM: You are a newlywed—are you two still in wedded bliss? What has been the best thing about being married so far? NS: We absolutely are; life is just so good. The best thing for me is being together, since we didn’t live together before we got married, and I was living in New York for the last year of our relationship. I’m so thankful I get to see him all the time now. MFM: What do you and Daniel do in your downtime/to relax? NS: We get into a show on Netflix and will watch two or three in the evenings. We also get massages regularly-foot, head, and shoulder, about once or twice a month. We love reflexology! MFM: You are quite the avid traveler and have lived in many different places-What country/ city in the world would you love to live in and experience for a time with Daniel? NS: Omg this is my favorite question! I’m obsessed with travel, and I love to be immersed in other countries. I would absolutely love to experience Hong Kong with Daniel. Living there was one of those times in my life that has my favorite memories, so I can’t wait to take him there and show him around. The city is amazing, but it’s very crowded, so you have to be prepared for that. MFM: What is your beauty secret? You must have learned a lot from doing the pageants. NS: My number one beauty secret is coconut oil, which I actually learned about before pageants. I literally have it in my hair right Photo: Robert Clyde Grima



Photo: Fadil Berisha

now, and it can be used for everything! I use a coconut oil hair mask, put it in a bubble bath, as a makeup remover, as a moisturizer-I use it weekly! Especially in a bath if you just put Epsom salt with coconut oil and water, your skin will feel like silk without any lotion! MFM: You have mentioned that you plan to work more in TV and hosting now-do you have any current jobs or projects coming up? NS: I have little things going on with hosting, but what I’m really focused on is this new group I started with my best friend, former Miss Australia, Tegan Martin, called, Universal Confidence. It is a series of workshops that we are doing all over the world. We launched it in the U.S., and I also just got back from Australia working on it, so that’s my baby right now; that’s my passion. It’s all about teaching confidence to women, as young as 11, and as old as 55. We teach them confidence and life skills; the

18 ||


workshop is not pageant focused. We always tell the girls that they don’t have to be a beauty queen to have the confidence of one. Keep in mind that between the two of us we’ve had so many life experiences, that we feel that we can relate to any woman. Tegan has dealt with death in her family and struggled with body image issues. I have had relationship challenges and lived in a women’s shelter and while dealing with all of this, it took five years of work for me to win Miss USA. So we really connect with people and have so much fun. We also don’t just sit and talk at people the whole time. We like to interact and have people get up, do a runway walk, and try selfdefense moves. Social media: @realniasanchez

Currently stars as Julie Greane on HBO’s new hit “Ballers”

Jazmyn Simon Julie on @ballersHBO

20 ||




By Denise Smith

chooled, meaning educated or trained in a specified activity in a particular way. In Jazmyn Simon’s case, specified is far too small a word. Starring alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on HBO’s football dramedy Ballers, Ms. Simon is articulate, passionate and extremely versed in a host of areas. We can assure you that is no “dog whistle politics” either. MOST Fitness spoke with the up and coming talent about Pure Barre, super powers, faith and why she will never forget those or who she is. Jazmyn was raised in San Francisco by her grandmother who had eight children of her own. Her grandfather passed away from lung cancer when her aunts and uncles were young which left this strong woman wearing both hats as a single parent. By the time Jazmyn joined the family, her grandmother had already raised her kids. The actress did not have a typical childhood. She did not participate in sports or other after school activities, apart from cheerleading in high school. She spent time with her family and “By the grace of God, artistic skills were waiting for me as an adult.” As the cost of living in San Francisco steadily increased, Jazmyn’s grandmother chose to move the family to Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite the infamous Las Vegas strip, life was decidedly slower. Sin City would offer larger homes that were more affordable for the large family. While living in Nevada, Jazmyn would build lasting friendships and complete her high school and college education, respectfully. “Don’t forget who you are,” a daily mantra her Grandmother used to share with her. As a seven-year-old child, Jazmyn was not quite ready to grasp the concept or the gravity of how those few short words would guide her and the impact they would have. Now an adult, living out her 22 ||


dreams of the silver screen, it has become clear. “It’s one of the most important things she could have shared with me at a young age that stuck with me, ‘not to forget who I am.’” Often times we get on social media and it is easy to get wrapped up in who you are but this young talent simply will not forget who she is. While attending Las Vegas High School, Jazmyn took a trip to the local mall in search of a homecoming dress. While shopping she was approached by a gentleman. He said he worked for a mainstream radio station and

complimented the fresh face on her voice and unique style. Deciding that she would make a great addition to their broadcast, he suggested Jazmyn come down to the station on Monday to audition. Power 88, a premier urban radio station at the time, was looking to add a female perspective to their Saturday evening program. She ran home to ask her grandmother if she could borrow the car on Monday and luckily she said yes. First thing on Monday, Jazmyn went to the radio station and made a demo tape. A managing producer would listen to her tape



and hire her for the seven to eleven time slot on Saturday evenings alongside four other male disc jockeys. She would be the lone female on the program. Christened J Simon the Shinning Diamond, she would make herself at home on the radio. For the next few years the Shinning Diamond would riff back and forth with her coworkers on all things hip hop. The quintet would discuss what’s hot, like Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, H to the Izzo or the gone too soon, Tupac Shakur and Big Poppa himself, Biggie Smalls. By the time she was a senior in high school the show was hers. Jazmyn was able to master public speaking by attending various events on behalf of the radio station. From college tours to masters of ceremonies at a live concert for a popular rhythm and blues group, 112. “I can speak in front of an audience and have no fear or trepidation behind it since I’ve been doing it from such a young age.” Divine intervention is how she remembers this time in her young life. “God lays everything out for you.” At sixteen she had no idea what was happening and how the fabric of these very same life experiences would shape her career going forward. Looking back, she’s thoughtful, “Things like that just don’t happen, I have a lot of ‘things don’t happen in my life stories’.” It was the very best thing that could have happened to the budding sixteen-year-old. Holding down a part time job at a clothing store plus her time on the radio, Jazmyn learned at a young age the importance of hard work. For the next two to three years, the guys would eventually matriculate out and head off to college. By her senior year, the show was hers. To think it all started with a search for the perfect dress to now receiving multiple on air invitations to the prom. Kind of sounds like one of those full circle Oprah moments. Graduating from University of Nevada - Las Vegas with dual degrees in Communication and Theater, she is a huge proponent of education. “Anything worth having is worth working for, and the first steps of that is getting an education in college.” She goes on to say “There are some things that you will only learn in the work force, but you learn how to be an adult in college, in my opinion.” While in school, she was learning to do things on her own and setting herself up for successes as well as failure. There were times during the semester where she performed poorly and would question herself daily. “You can learn life lessons in college in a safe environment rather than learning it in the real world.” She can remember getting called into the Dean’s office and hearing, “If I don’t do better with my studies, I will have to go on academic probation.” If the actor haven’t lived that experience she wouldn’t have known what failure feels like or to be worried about something in an environment that is not going to be detrimental to your life. “College is that bridge between being a child and being an adult and it’s an invaluable part that children shouldn’t miss.” When you’re eighteen, most kids think they are adults, “I think maybe I might have become an adult yesterday, maybe it’s going to happen to me today, I don’t know.” There was a time not long ago when women and people of color were not afforded the opportunity to get an education and it is imperative that we do so if we are able. More than inspiring words to live by, she implores us to make those words a reality. After college, Jazmyn would make the move to Chicago, Illinois in the heart of Lincoln Park to attend the legendary Second City Training Center. Second City has been “bringing the funny” for over 50 years as a premiere improv-based sketch comedy group. Feeling right at home, “I think I was born with really good improv skills and I just needed to fine tune them.” Under the expert tutelage of Michael Gellman, she was inspired by the long list of alumni who attended Second City early on in their careers. 24 ||


Such alumni included Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both whom she looks up to, and numerous Saturday Night Live legends. “It is one thing to be a comedian and another thing to have strong improv skills and develop that into professional careers in television and film.” You feel the presence of greatness in the halls and through the pictures that adorn the walls. Mr. Gellman said, “If it happened to them, it can happen to you, you just have to want it bad enough.” A stone’s throw from Second City is the award winning Steppenwolf Theater Company where some of the greats have performed. Jazmyn sharpened her comedic skills among giants, immersing herself in her art and learning her craft in a city steeped in history seemed like a great place to start.



26 ||


In her first acting role, she was cast as a waitress on the hit show Parks and Recreation, ironically opposite Amy Poehler. She laughs and remembers her one line perfectly, “Any wine to start?” There would be no room for more as she finds herself on the receiving end of a 30 second improvised riff of comedic genius. Right in front of her very eyes “It was like a dream come true.” Although she doesn’t know Ms. Poehler and fellow comedian Tina Fey personally, she is sure that the projects they are involved in must allow them a great deal of leeway to improvise. Our talk turns to her new half-hour series on HBO, Ballers. Set in Miami the show follows Spencer Strasmore played by the charismatic Dwayne Johnson and an allstar cast as they navigate life on and off the football field. Jazmyn plays Dr. Julie Greane, supportive wife to exfootball player, Charles Greane played by Omar Miller. Feeling that we have sufficiently waited the approved amount of time before asking our number one burning question regarding her co-star.Readers, you know exactly who we are referring to. With those undeniably rugged good looks, she’s past the point of staring all day. She chuckles at our less than lady like cross between a grunt

and a moan, “At this point he’s family and that would be just plain rude.” She can recall their first table read as a cast and they sat her right across from Dwayne and was quick to discern, “That is The Rock.” To answer the question, “Yes he’s that good looking in real life,” snort we mean swoon. Yes, swooning seems more dignified. With its first season now complete, they are hard at work filming season two. The cast has quickly become family and are invested in delivering quality story telling. Fellow cast mate, Rob Corddry who plays Joe Krutel www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


on the show, “is so funny on the page and in real life, he’s one of the funniest people I know.” Utilizing stellar improvisational skills “He takes the line and honors them, then he quite literally goes off script.” So much so, the writers seem to expect it. With Dwayne setting the standard the cast simply follows. As one of the top grossing American organizations, football is a multi-million dollar machine with legions of passionate fans. The hope with this show is to change those pre-convened ideas, and there are many, about the human component behind the game. “I think our show does a good job of showing four distinct ways that football players live, on and off the field.” John David Washington, plays the always flashy, Ricky Jerret, which you come to expect from football players. There is Donovan Carter who plays the young and foolhardy player who is out of his depth when it comes to spending $12 million. Omar Miller embodies Charles Greane, who at thirty years old can no longer play. “Omar’s character is interesting because he is struggling to figure out his way in life and that is something everyone can relate to.” Expertly written in his voice, you have Dwayne’s character. “It’s good to see that these athletes can go on to have other careers.” Hopefully our show will “portray a more human side of these players because at the end of the day that’s all they are.” “For sixteen Sunday’s these players get to entertain us but for the rest of the year they are just normal people trying to figure out their way and that’s what we are trying convey with a little bit of comedy and little sexiness.” We asked the actress if she could guest star on any show what would it be and she launches Game of Thrones at us like a grenade she’s been holding for the entire interview. This is a gal versed in her GOT and you do not want to get into a word tussle on matters of the Iron Throne. As it stands she doesn’t feel like the odds are in her favor since “I don’t have a British accent and I’m black.” Her fervor for the award winning show is evident “There is not one bad actor on that show, from the little ones to the grownups, everyone is rock solid.” Okay MOST readers, you heard it here first, give our girl a story arc on Game of Thrones. So what keeps her grounded, the Lord. “I would say blessed are the meek that everyone should remain humble, know who you are and whose you are.” She continues, “For me I know that everything I am doing and am capable of doing is bigger than me.” “There is only so far I can go by myself, which is nowhere.” Although her relationship with the Lord has changed since that young

28 ||


impressionable sixteen-year-old, “His relationship with me has always been the same.” That chance encounter while shopping for a dress, “Had nothing to do with me but more to do with the path that He intended for me and I am still on that path today.” “Knowing these things keeps me grounded, to know that my steps are already laid out in front of me. I just need to ask him if I’m going in the right direction.” The actress shares a story with us about a flight she was on from Los Angeles to New York. She was reading an article and “I’m paraphrasing, but the article said, you needed to check in with God every day to make sure that you’re on the path or get directions for today, don’t assume that yesterday’s directions are applicable for today.”

She believes that anybody that is serious about anything, has to continually learn how to do what’s important to them. Between filming, the actress hones her craft by attending acting classes at Lesly Kahn & Company in Los Angles California. The good things that come out of her acting can be accredited to Lesly Kahn, “She’s a phenomenal acting teacher and her school has put my acting on another level.” This is the exact environment that Jazmyn finds inspiring. As the conversation turns to what inspires her she’s indecisive, but in the best way. Her answer, different things on different days but at the moment, “It’s whenever I watch a show or movie, I’m inspired.” Inspired to do better, to reach higher and continue to work hard. She remembers a time before being on television and getting frustrated because all she wanted to do was be on T.V. Living out her dreams she longs to be a part of programming that is powerful. The success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens inspires this determined actress to work hard. She will continue to humble herself and perfect her craft so really “the work inspires me.” This pocket rocket has a pension for Marvel comics. Her favorite Marvel comic today is Iron Man. “I love that Tony Stark is a business man who is smart, witty and has that hole in his heart.” “That is so tragic but you took that pain and turned yourself into Iron Man.” The actress also adores Ms. Marvel, she’s a feminist and a strong female character that doesn’t take any lip from guys. Ms. Marvel has super human strength and if she gets hurt she can heal herself and a bit of a flying ability. We asked Jazmyn what her super power would be and it’s evident that the actress has clearly given this a great deal of thought. “I would definitely be able to fly because who wants to sit in traffic.” She would undoubtedly have super human strength but opts out of reading minds, “No I don’t want to know what you’re thinking.” Invisibility is a possibility but the Fantastic 4 already have that



covered. Durability is a must so that “if a bad guy tried to fight me it wouldn’t hurt.” Obviously she’s wearing a lot of spandex and the body goes on for days as she’s clearly toned and fit. Speaking of being incredibly fit, Jazmyn loves to eat. “I spend all my extra money, much to my business manager’s dismay on food,” she states. A foodie at heart, “I make a really good cobbler which fitness people aren’t going to want to hear because it’s loaded with sugar and butter.” On the contrary, we love sugar and butter, preferably together. She also enjoys traveling and you guessed it, trying new foods. Naturally, this foodie has a workout routine that she can’t get enough of. “I’m obsessed with Pure Barre.” Always interested in hearing about the latest and greatest in fitness, we learned that Pure Barre is an exercise program using a ballet barre and isometric movements which are set to music. Jazmyn proclaims it’s the best thing ever, “Girls if you want your butt lifted, go to Pure Barre, the arms toned, go to Pure Barre, your thighs slimmed, go to Pure Barre. Looks like everything that

30 ||


you could possibly want can be found at Pure Barre. Remember where you heard it first. Never one to freak out about her diet, she has been blessed with a slight figure her entire life. The actress likes how exercising makes her feel, “It’s a bonus for my physical health as well as my mental health.” Exercising makes her feel good, “Life is short, they say nothing looks as good as skinny tastes… but I disagree, nothing tastes as good as French toast.” By the Grace of God, artistic skills were indeed waiting for Jazmyn. This refreshing new talent has a bright future ahead of her what with her guest spot on Game of Thrones and leading an all-star cast in the newest marvel movie to hit screens, Ms. Marvel: A Body for Days. Until then, you can catch her this summer on the second season of HBO’s newest comedy, Ballers. Even though she knows exactly where she’s going, she still plugs the address into her GPS. It’s what happens along the way that has her rapt and unwavering attention. She describes being an actor as a blessing, luckily for Jazmyn not only do we know who has the wheel but she’s in good hands.


talks ‘Hit The Floor’ and her passion for fitness. Twitter - @ValsTweet Instagram - @Valstweet Photo Credit: Carlos Velez
 | By Austin Thomson

VALERY ORTIZ IS AN ACTRESS, HOST, DANCER, SINGER, AND AUTHOR BEST KNOWN AS POPULAR CHEERLEADER MADISON DUARTE ON THE GROUNDBREAKING N NETWORK SERIES “SOUTH OF NOWHERE”. YOU MAY ALSO RECOGNIZE VALERY FROM “HIT THE FLOOR” WHICH RETURNED FOR ITS THIRD SEASON THIS PAST JANUARY OF 2016. Valery was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and grew up in Orlando, Florida. Her early love of dancing led to major roles in local theater productions. From there, her talent and passion brought her to Los Angeles where she found success hosting a local television program. Over her career, Valery has had roles on “Two and a Half Men”, “Melissa & Joey”, “Cold Case”, and “Pretty Little Liars”, just to name a few. Valery was also named one of Maxim Espanol’s 50 Most Beautiful People. Valery was kind enough to sit down with us at MOST and talk about her many passions, upcoming roles, why fitness is important to her, and how to make the most out of life.

32 ||




MFM: What was your initial spark that got you interested in acting? Was it something that occurred during your childhood or something that happened later on in life? VO: The initial “spark” was definitely during my childhood. I took multiple dance classes as a little girl. My brother Hector was the one who influenced me to do more of the acting/hosting. He played around with my parent’s video camera growing up and being it was just the two of us, I always volunteered to be in front of the camera. We had so much fun. MFM: In addition to acting, you also have an immense passion for dance, what first started this passion? VO: I’m not sure what exactly started my passion for dance, but maybe I can attribute some of that to my roots and my grandma, Mama Meche, who always said she had a love for dance too growing up.  34 ||


MFM: Being a Latina woman has clearly had an impact on your life, what part does your cultural background play in the works that you take on? VO: Being Latina only plays a role in the work I take on if it’s necessary. If the project requires it, I’m more than happy to embrace my cultural background to bring a character to life.   MFM: Dancing, modeling, and acting are just a few of the titles in your repertoire. Is there one that you lean towards the most or is there a balance between all your works? VO: I love it all. I definitely find balance and I have been so lucky to dive into several different opportunities at the same time. I spend most of my work time acting and hosting. 

MFM: Can you tell me a little bit more about your upcoming bilingual children’s books? VO: It’s called The Hola! Hello! Series and it follows our lead character, Coqui, through a few adventures as he teaches the reader words in Spanish. It was born when I was missing my family and the idea and short stories just came to me. It’s always been a dream to publish a book so I hope that’s something I can cross off my bucket list soon.   MFM: What was the process like auditioning and getting the role for “Hit The Floor”? Can you tell me a little more about the character you play? Additionally, what’s it like being on a show that is getting great reception and has been renewed for multiple seasons? VO: Auditioning for Raquel on ‘Hit the Floor’ was so much fun (and scary!). We had to prepare our scenes and a dance number. I was excited but super nervous. I was up against some women who majored in dance in college so needless to say, as I was doing my little basic stretches in the lobby and they had their legs behind their head, I didn’t think I was going to get the role!   MFM: You’ve had a lot of guest roles on a variety of series, shows, and films, was there a specific role that is most memorable/fun to take on? VO: I think I’ve had the most fun as Lupe Ramirez in Robert Townsend’s “Diary of a Single Mom”. I love Robert. I learned so much from my cast and Lupe at that point was very different from the other woman I had played. Some roles I’ve let in the past but if Robert wanted to bring ‘Diary’ back I’d be more than excited to be Lupe again!  

MFM: If you could have your “dream role” what exactly would that be? VO: Any impactful, true story. I’ve always wanted to sink my teeth into a role about someone real. I think it’d be such an amazing challenge.



36 ||


MFM: As an actress, where do you see yourself in the next five years? VO: Happy! The best thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is to stop trying to plan my life so far ahead. I have big goals and dreams but there’s no time limit on when I expect them to happen anymore. Life is so unpredictable and I’m way happier when my main goal is to remain happy. Because if I’m happy, that means I’ll be successful, healthy, and my family and friends will be the same! MFM: In your free time, what are some of your passions and hobbies? VO: I love writing, running, hiking, doing occasional arts and crafts, and anything with my family and friends.   MFM: What is it like living in the big city of Los Angeles? Do you think that you have additional pressure on yourself since you live in a hub with so much activity going on? VO: I love it here! The weather is great, the lifestyle, my friends, work, etc. Living here doesn’t really give me any additional pressure. Maybe the industry I work in can but that can happen anywhere. I’ve really come to love Southern California.    MFM: What role does fitness play in your life? VO: A huge part! It’s an everyday thing for me. It just makes me feel good. I honestly feel off if I miss a workout. It’s a way of life for me. I’ve learned so much about myself and truly how strong I really am (mentally). Now I’ve gotten into running marathons and that’s my new hobby! I love food so I’m lucky I really enjoy a good sweat session!    MFM: What is one tip that you can give MOST Fitness readers to help them stay in shape? VO: Take the stairs! I say that because I really think it’s about small DAILY goals that will help keep you on track, then weekly goals, monthly, etc. Make fitness work for you every day by making small changes like taking the stairs (Unless I have groceries, I rarely use the elevator at my complex) and then find ways to make it fun. When we actually enjoy doing something it’ll stick longer than if we don’t. Like to dance? Try Zumba or a dance class. Prefer to be outside rather than the gym? Go on a hike or sunset jog. Fitness is about life. Make it worthwhile!  

MFM: What’s your daily diet look like? VO: Well, I’m a little stricter when I’m working but everything in moderation! I don’t deny myself anything (for too long). I try and do the brown rice and quinoa if I’m going to rice/pasta. I do lean meats. And I usually just drink water. My go to ‘celebrate’ food is pizza and any dessert so I let myself have it once in a while. My weakness is carbs and sugar, so that’s about everything! Ha! Ha!   MFM: Fitness, as well as life in general, involves a lot of failures and success, what is your advice for overcoming some of these failures? VO: Failure is defined as “lack of success”. But when? In that moment, right? So that “lack of success” doesn’t mean forever. Use it. Let it ignite something in you that you’ll never be back in that moment again. Because you won’t. It’s done. It’s in the past. Try again, and again, and again until you’re happy. Until YOU make that “failure” into YOUR success. You are always in control. Take charge and succeed away!   MFM: Can you tell me a little more about some of the charities that you work with? Do you have a personal connection/reason for involvement with any of the charities you work with? VO: One of the charities I work with is called ‘Best Friends Animal Society’. The reason I got involved, because like many people out there, I too bought my puppy from a puppy mill. I was ignorant to all the things these people were doing and I searched for my dog online. I bought her off a site promising this or that from all of their different animals. I wasn’t aware what these sites were doing and how mistreated the animals are. I want to help educate people like me who didn’t know or who may think they can’t find their perfect pet at an adoption site. I love my little 9 year old Yorkie, Myli, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world but I’ll never support a puppy mill ever again. There are too many homeless pets out there and they’d give anything for a family. If you’ve been thinking about it, don’t make the same mistake I made by supporting puppy-mills and please adopt!



38 ||


Photo Credit: Sasha Samsonova
 | Hair: Jonathan Colombini | Makeup: Jose Corella | Designer/Stylist: Marina Toybina |

40 ||

MOST FITNESS || APRIL 2016 By Darcy Tharp

Known as “Kebe” to her fans, American recording artist, Kristine Elezaj, is anything but your commercially created mainstream pop singer. Though the multi-talented artist has been compared to both Britney Spears and Rihanna, she has truly discovered what it’s like to take charge of her own life and reveal her true self through her music and lyrics, resulting in a sound that is both intoxicating and genuine. Getting her start in NYC at the Sugar Bar with the help of Motown legends, Ashford and Simpson, Kristine blossomed from there later releasing her first single “Let You Know” followed by “Souvenirs.” With a number of popular songs afterwards including “Monster” and “Freakshow,” fans of Kebe are awaiting the music video for the song, “Could you Be the One,” and the release of her new single “Euphoria.” The blonde beauty is as good of a dancer as she is a singer, and is that rare breath of fresh air for someone whose interests are as varied as one could imagine. Kristine is a well-known rally car driver, with a legion of fans who have seen her race in rallies around the country, and heard her during her regular guest host spot on the Sirius Radio Maxim Channel show “RPM.” She has driven in many of the celebrity car rallies, the “Bullrun,” and has shared the road with drivers and names such as Mario Andretti, Carl Lewis, Paris Hilton, Hayden Christensen and more. From rally car racer to jewelry designer who loves to bake, Kristine is the embodiment of a well-rounded person, and there is no doubt that she will ever be lacking for depth of experiences to write and sing about. MOST Fitness managed to snag the singer and find out her process for creating her music and videos, her beauty and fitness secrets, and how she manages to always find new inspiration, about which she revealed, “If you understand there is always something to discover, you’ll always stay fresh.” And that is exactly why Kristine is on our radar as the pop singer to watch. www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


Skirt: Marina Toybina

MFM: You say on your website that there comes a time when you need to take charge of your own life and show people who you really are. Did something specific happen or was there a certain turning point when you made this decision to do this and really be yourself and not let others shape you? KE: In previous situations with people I had worked with, I definitely didn’t listen to my guy instinct and stand up for my opinions when it came to my work as much as I should have. Not that I was right all the time; but it did hurt me in the long run. I had to learn that my experiences have made me grow and become a better artist, business woman, and woman in general. I hated feeling like I was offending someone by questioning things around me, but in the end I’m the one who has to wake up in my skin everyday. If I don’t stand 100% behind my convictions, I’m the one who ultimately suffers in the end. No regrets.

42 ||


MFM: Growing up, did you always want to sing and be in music? KE: Yes, I always wanted to be in music. I started performing in my school’s drama program when I was in first grade and started taking dance class even younger; my mother enrolled me in my ballet when I was three. I’ve always been in love with the arts and felt so comfortable there performing. It really is a part of who I am. I’ve experienced and learned so much about myself, and life through art, that I couldn’t image doing anything else. MFM: How did you end up being invited by Ashford & Simpson to sing with them at Sugar Bar in NYC, which turned out to be a huge turning point for you? KE: My family has actually known Nick and Valerie for as long as I can remember. When I came to my parents and told them I wanted to pursue music as a profession,

there was no one they trusted more than them to give their honest opinion. Nick was speaking to my father and told him to bring me down to the club. I remember it was a Thursday, and they did not tell me they were going to be there, so that I wouldn’t be too nervous performing. I got up and sang Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and didn’t know they were there until they started singing backup during the first hook. It was really a special night. I was only a teenager and had these musical icons backing me up. From there, they became such mentors when it came to songwriting and the industry as a whole. I’ve never met more beautifully humble people considering all they’ve accomplished, and I miss Nick so much since his passing. MFM: You say that rally car racing is a lifelong hobby of yours. How does someone get their start in this? KE: I have a lot of men in my family. My father is the oldest of four boys, and I have two younger brothers myself.  Coming from a European family, there has always been a love for anything automotive. My father taught us all how to drive stick when we were learning. In my first car I modified pretty much everything I could, from handling to the tuning. I actually followed rallies with my brothers and reached out to one of the owners of Bullrun here in the states, so I could do it with my father. The first one we did was in 2006 from NY to LA. From there it became something that bonded us even further. We got to see the country in so many different ways and share our love for being gear heads. It is really an amazing experience, because within the rally itself we’ve gotten to race on the biggest F1 tracks and drag strips in the country.  MFM: What do you feel when you are racing? KE: I honestly feel like a big kid. But then on the flip

side, it’s taught me a lot about patience and having control of a situation under pressure. You need to have a full understanding of your mind and body when you’re handling such a powerful machine. In anything I do, there is always more motivation to it than meets the eye. MFM: How would you describe your style and favorite go-to outfit for both daily and special occasions? KE: I’m from New York so I’m inspired by a lot of things when it comes to fashion. I love it and like to experiment. There is always a sexy edge to whatever I’m wearing, but I don’t follow trends. What I wear is always based on my mood that day. An outfit for me is usually focused around a piece, whether it’s a great coat or top. And if the pieces are more muted, it’s all about the accessories for me – and of course a fabulous shoe! To me a shoe can make or break an outfit. You’ll most likely find me in a heel.  MFM: What is your beauty secret? KE: I’m obsessed with Asian skincare and staying hydrated. It’s so important as a woman to take good care of your skin, especially since I love playing with makeup. And with work there is a lot of that. The technology behind these brands is incredible, and I stand behind them. I’m a big fan of Cle De Peau and Amore Pacific. MFM: Describe your process for coming up with a song? KE: The process for me behind making music varies. Sometimes I’ll get into the studio and have a concept or a vibe of a feeling I want to explore. And other times it’s just sitting with my producer and digging through sounds and seeing what sparks inspiration. I’m always writing in general and singing melodies (and sometimes gibberish) into my voice recorder on my phone. How I’ve

Skirt: Marina Toybina www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


approached the process has changed over the years. I make music for myself first and what really speaks to my heart. I’m not scared of my voice anymore, or caring what people are going to think. As soon as I let that go – being concerned with what the industry wanted commercially – things started to shift. MFM: Where do you get your inspiration from? KE: I get inspiration from just being passionately curious. A conversation with someone can spark inspiration, and books I’ve read. Sometimes just hopping in my car and going for a ride, especially when I can’t sleep, fuels a lot of inspiration. I’ll stop in the canyon overlooking the city and just write. And of course personal situations, when I’ve processed them. MFM: Who are your heroes? KE: Honestly my parents are my heroes. I’ve been blessed to have two incredible role models who individually, with their own life experiences, have made them such strong, humble human beings. My mother’s father passed when she was eleven, and she was raised around all women. She met my father when he was fourteen after he came to this country. What my father has 44 ||


been able to build here, business wise and with the values he has, has always been fuel for me. MFM: What do you do when you have a creative block/ writer’s block? How do you stay fresh? KE: With writer’s block, I think it’s always a challenge to not be too hard on yourself and know when to take a breather. Sometimes it’s as easy as just getting something to eat and grounding yourself again, and other times it means not forcing it – putting it to rest for the moment and coming back at it with a fresh, rested mind. The important thing is to never force it. What’s meant to be will always be the end result.  If it turns out to be a bad song, which will happen, it’s okay. I think it goes back to what I said about being curious. You always have to be in the mindset of wanting to learn and experience new things.  If you understand there is always something to discover, you’ll always stay fresh. MFM: You say you are really revealing yourself in your music. Does this ever make you nervous to be so personal with the world? What is the best comment you have ever heard about your music? KE: Of course it’s unnerving when you’re being truly

revealing about your emotions. I’ve been lucky to find a group of people to work with on this last project that really made me feel safe to explore certain things in my life that I’ve never spoken about to anyone. Once that band-aide was pulled off, the process became easier and more things just started flowing from me. And then I actually healed some things within myself. In the back of my mind I would always wonder when my music was out in the world, what the reaction would be. But you never know who you are touching with your truth or how much you really have in common. The greatest reward is when I get messages about how I’m helping people through dark times. When you’re able to connect on that level and be someone that someone else looks up to, it’s such an honor. Negativity is undeniable, but the good always outweighs the bad; and that feeling is rewarding.  It makes being vulnerable even easier now in my music.  MFM: “Could You Be the One”- Is there a music video coming for this? How do you come up with concepts for your videos? KE: Yes, there will be a video!  I’m actually coming up with that concept now. And I have another single dropping soon called “Euphoria.” It’s funny, when I’m in the process of actually the writing the song, I know it feels good when I can actually see pictures in my head, while I’m still in the studio. Some of the concepts will start even as early as then, and then I’ll sit with my choreographer and stylist and just brainstorm from those initial visions.  MFM: Do you have a dance background, or where did you learn to dance so well? KE: I started with ballet at a very young age. And then depending on the production I was involved in, I was introduced to different forms of dance. Janet Jackson was a huge inspiration for me when I was young. And that took my concept of performing and music to another level. To me, it’s just another way of telling the story of the music.  MFM: I saw your “Freakshow” behind the scenes dance with Kevin Maher. What is the most challenging and the best part of working with an amazing choreographer like him? KE: I’ve known and have been working with Kevin for years now, so I’m very comfortable with him, his artistic opinion, and his approach to the creative process. In the beginning the most challenging thing was not wanting him to think that I sucked, because he had worked and danced

with artists that I looked up to [laughs]. The best part of working with him is how he challenges me. He really understands me and my personality so well that he brings out the best in me and keeps pushing me to be better. We have such a great friendship that I trust him without question. Also the work is always fun, no matter what! MFM: What is your exercise routine every day? What do you love to do besides dance? KE: I love to spin, and I have found that very low weights, or working with my own body weight and high reps of exercises, are what my body responds to best to get the results I’m looking for. It’s also the best way to always be able to work out, because you don’t need a gym and can do your exercises anywhere. So I get it in almost every day.



MFM: Favorite healthy food? Favorite cheat meal? KE: I’m obsessed with acai bowls right now! I also have a huge sweet tooth, and I love to cook and bake. So I would have to say red-velvet cake is my favorite!   MFM: I read somewhere that you were planning a jewelry and clothing line. Is that still something you want to do? KE: I will 100% still do my jewelry and clothing line. That’s something that’s always been a little passion with my mom and myself. A big portion of our jewelry has been things that we’ve designed or customized ourselves. We’ve also created for others when they’ve wanted to know where we got them. I’m not sure when it would launch at the moment, but it would be small collection to start.  MFM: What is on your bucket list? KE: I’m really spontaneous and will try anything once. I just want to travel and see as many places with the people I love. There is so much beauty to experience in the world. MFM: Dating anyone? What do you look for in a man? Ideal date? KE: I guess you’ll just have to listen to the music to know or not [laughs]! What I look for in a man is someone who can just be themselves. Someone who is as open and curious as I am so we can just have fun and learn from each other. I actually hate the idea of “dating.” I instead like collecting moments with the person I love and just being spontaneous. Oh and I hate small talk.  

46 ||


MFM: What can you reveal to MOST readers about your upcoming projects and future plans? KE: There will be a lot more content, so I have control over everything now. For sure there will be performances. My goal this year is to try to get overseas to those countries that have supported me so loyally since the beginning. I’m also working on a feature for my website where I’ll be able to connect more closely with my fans and bring them more into my world and the process behind my music. MFM: Tell fans of Kebe something about you that nobody else knows? KE: What people see in my photo shoots and videos is definitely my alter ego. I think we all have that. But the other side of me is such a homebody. I love interior design, taking care of my home, and cooking! I’ve never been the party or clubbing girl. MFM: Where can readers find you on social media? KE: On just about every social media platform. Instagram and Twitter at @KristineElezaj. I’m big into Periscope as well @KristineElezaj. And of course my website: www.!  Photos: Sasha Samsonova Publicity: Rick Krusky, MWPR


Kristine Elezaj

Brazilian Designer in Fitness, Swim & Resort Wear

48 ||




By Darcy Tharp

Janine’s company, which was started by her own need for something high quality and wearable both inside and outside of the gym, brings the latest and best from Brazil, where innovation is the word of the day, every day. Revolutionizing the way the world thinks about fitness wear, creating a delectable mix of fashion and fitness, Janine has built up a loyal customer base and secured herself at the top of the fitness industry. As a trailblazer in this whole new type of “street style,” her designs range from fitted tops, shorts, and leggings that can all walk out to the street straight from the gym with a pair of heels and a leather jacket! Body By Brazil was actually one of the very first companies to discover Supplex, the high performance fabric that now everyone demands for their fitness wear. Always a step ahead of the industry, though, their manufacturers in Brazil who are known for being the best and most forward-thinking, have continued to update and re-invent the fabrics and styles. That, paired with Janine’s commitment to her customers and dedication to high quality boutique service consistent in its excellence is why she has succeeded and will continue to do so. Janine even only wears Body by Brazil, which also features dresses, jeans, and evening wear, proving that she believes in every inch of fabric she sells. The avid designer gave MOST Fitness a behind the scenes look of her company, her clientele, and why it works so well! Mainly it’s because she created the niche of sexy, stylish, and practical all rolled into one fitted, sleek pair of leggings! Who wouldn’t want to go to the gym now?!

50 ||


MFM: So tell me what characterizes your own collection? Janine Brazil: The Body Brazil brand is my exclusive, private label brand. I also do have the luxury of having long-term relationships with most of my manufactures, so they allow me to do my own designs even under their brands. They give me a selection of fabrics that we can work with, or I provide fabric or designs I want to try. You will see that the majority of everything I carry on the website, you won’t see anywhere else. You won’t run into anyone wearing the same outfit. MFM: How did Body by Brazil first get started? JB: I started the company by accident about 14 years ago. I was very active; I used to go to the gym every day as I was a trainer and aerobics instructor, and I was looking for something very high quality and unique in the industry.

There wasn’t anything out there at that time. I started researching about fabrics and wanted to find a highperformance one, and I came across something called Supplex which nobody really knew about at the time. I learned that it was actually the highest performance fabric out there. DuPont originally manufactured it and didn’t realize how special of a fabric it was. They sold the rights to Brazil, which ended up being a really good thing to happen. The Brazilian designs and attention to detail are outstanding, and they really allow you to customize exactly what you want. They seem to have an astute ability to understand the female figure and how to enhance it. I launched my website on my own not knowing what I was doing. There was no online shopping at that time, and I launched it at the same time another fitness magazine was launching. I guess I was at the right place at the right time; there were enough people www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


out there looking for what I was looking for. I started with just a few manufacturers, and I gradually added more and more until I was able to hone it to the top manufacturers I could find. They consistently have the highest quality fabric and workmanship. When my customers buy it, they don’t just have it for a season. A lot of my clients are hard-core fitness people and are competitors or trainers and don’t mind spending extra if they know they are going to get something that is really going to perform. That’s something that has consistently been a very important aspect of what Body by Brazil is about. MFM: How do you decide which designers to feature? Do you get a lot of requests? JB: My customers tell me what they are looking for, and I listen to them and submit my requests and work with my

52 ||


design team in Brazil. They are almost always ahead of the mainstream and are very open to being more cuttingedge in design. They seem to have the ability to locate some of the best fabrics. Supplex is our core fabric, but they continue to upgrade the quality of it. They are definitely ahead of the industry in determining and driving the next look in fitness wear. Brazil is also number one in swimwear worldwide, and I also carry a swimwear line. They have some of the top clothing manufacturers as well. I happen to have Morena Rosa which is one of my couture clothing lines that I have added over the years because it is consistent with the look my customer wants. They want to look good both inside and outside of the gym and these clothes are very figure-flattering and enhancing; the quality is exceptional.

MFM: So tell me about how you first got into fashion and fitness and combining the two? JB: Well actually when I launched the company, my tagline was, “Body by Brazil-It’s a lifestyle.” For me, for example, my day was spent in the gym, and the rest of the day I was running around and seldom got home and got a chance to change. So I wanted to have something that looked great and performed well in the gym and the rest of the day that I could wear while doing my errands, traveling, etc. That’s what is really so nice about the rest of the collection is that it is a lifestyle. Clients tell us that’s what they love about the clothes; they can throw on a jacket and they are good to go the rest of the day. In fact, active wear has become the new jeans. Jeans aren’t even as popular anymore because fitness wear is so comfortable and still looks very fashionable and very polished. MFM: What is your go to look in terms of fashion and your everyday style? JB: I can tell you that during the day because I work in the warehouse and am moving around a lot, I am always in fitness wear, but it allows me some time to sneak into

the gym. But outside of the gym, I’m always wearing one of my jeans or dresses from my couture lines. It’s rare if you ever see me not wearing something that is Body by Brazil. I love it; I believe in it, and I joke that I like to test drive everything. I need to know that what I’m going to be selling to my clients is going to perform. If we ever have an issue, I’m the very first one to know about it. MFM: I see you have evening wear and skirts and tops and dresses-what are the best sellers? What do you see going for the most? JB: It’s interesting because I have a fairly extensive demographic. That’s why I do offer so many different brands. My Super Hot line is very much followed by people who are hard core competitors and fitness professionals that are very in shape. It’s a very confident line and has a lot of writing on the side that makes you feel very empowered. I also have a more mature customer base that has been with me for the whole 14 years, and they really like Bluefish; it’s more classic, more mature, and they feel more confident and comfortable in the gym wearing something like that. My Alto Fitness line is also one of my primary premier lines, and it’s really a high end,


attention to detail line full of beautiful prints. The customer that is looking for unique and high quality gravitates towards that. I also offer lines for more budget-conscious individuals so that they can get into their first few fitness outfits without spending a lot of money. That way they can test drive it to see if they like the fabric and the brand, and then they usually tend to gravitate into the other lines. They see the difference between Brazilian fitness wear and others out there. My customers are that diverse, and it’s been interesting having been with the company for 14 years, my customers have grown with me. Now I’m picking up their daughters which is kind of fun, and I have a lot of mother daughters that buy together as well. I’ve been lucky to have a very loyal customer base that has been very happy. One of the reasons my company has been able to last so long is my approach to online shopping. I love going shopping to a boutique, and when I’m there I want someone to help me get the right selection for what I’m looking for. I thought, how am I going to be able to do that online? So I really developed a support team of staff 54 ||


that helps customers; whether by email or by phone, we are there to assist them. We look very closely at every order that comes in, and we really have a profile on so many of our customers which helps make their shopping experience much better. If we see that someone is not ordering something that is not consistent, or it’s a present for someone, we are able to identify that. MFM: Where do you see Body by Brazil going? Future plans for the brand? JB: I am still planning to continue growing the company. I plan to bring on two more brands this year. I have identified them and started to establish the relationships. I see the industry growing as opposed to staying still. I plan on really being a leader in the industry, which I’ve been since the beginning, and I want to continue doing that because I’ve been able to set a tone and a direction of Brazilian fitness wear that has really made a difference. It essentially has gone from very obscure to mainstream, and I want to continue that growth of it. I realized a few years into the business that I wanted to present the outfits

in a way that the customer could really see all of the details and the different sides of each outfit, and I decided I wanted to be like the Victoria’s Secret of fitness wear. I have my own staff photographer, and I hire my own models, so we are really able to present the outfits with as much detail as possible. Customers absolutely love that, and it makes them a lot more confident and comfortable in their ordering decisions. MFM: What are your passions and interests outside of your company? JB: Well that’s obviously the biggest passion, but I live in Florida so I do have the luxury of being able to do outdoor things. I’m not a big runner, but I do enjoy going for power walks and cycling. I have also just recently adopted a new puppy; she is year now and keeps me quite active outdoors. I also really enjoy staying current with what’s going on in fashion. I’m trying to get into cooking again too, as it helps in combination with working out. I’ve definitely learned to try and find balance, and I didn’t have that



luxury when I started the business and was working 70 to 80 hours a week. Yet, I made that decision that for me to grow it I was going to make a commitment for a certain number of years. Once it got a bit more stabilized, and I got more staff, I’ve been able to sit back a little bit and breathe and enjoy the business. I joke that business is like a child-it starts out all cute and adorable, and then it gets older, a bit fussy, and then it hits the teenage years where it becomes quite difficult and you have to think about it all, and then it becomes a young adult and starts blooming on its own. I’m fortunate my company has now become an adult, and I can enjoy it in a different way. I enjoy doing a lot of advertising type activities and thinking about the big picture.

56 ||


MFM: You just shot your 2016 spring look book? JB: I’m very excited. There are going to be a lot of laser cut details that are coming out in spring 2016. You’re going to see a lot more cutouts in certain areas and a lot more layering. Prints have been popular and are continuing to become even more popular. The fabrics are getting more unique and becoming more textured. Neoprene, they call it a super fabric, is starting to become integrated with a lot of pieces. It’s really stunning and is nice and breathable with good compression. So lots of colors, prints, and cutouts are leading the way for Spring 2016.




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Body Brazil - Alto Fitness - Super Hot - Bia Brazil - BlueFish - EQ Brazil - Gloss Army Up Vibe - Planet Body/Passion - Morena Rosa - Moikana - Authenticate Brazilian Bikinis Hipkini - LinoBrasil - Candida Maria - Nina Bucci

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Exclusive Interview

Photographer: James Sicignano

58 ||


By Kelly Price

az Crawford rose to fame as Diesel, in the UK’s hit TV show Gladiators and broke into Hollywood in Blade II alongside Wesley Snipes. Many TV and film roles followed and now this talented actor is playing Kebo in the popular primetime television show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The third season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back! Popular characters, Kebo, Director Phil Coulson and Agent Daisy Johnson lead the charge as S.H.I.E.L.D. searches the world for more powered people in the aftermath of their epic battle with the dangerous Jiaying and her army of Inhumans. However, Coulson and the team soon find out that they are not the only group looking for these new Inhumans. Crawford was initially brought in by the producers for one episode to play Kebo, Grant Ward’s right hand man. One episode was not enough. The producers loved his performance so much that they wrote in the character for five more episodes. Daz’s extensive filmography includes blockbusters like James Bond The World is Not Enough, starring Pierce Brosnan, Attila The Hun with Gerard Butler, Caffeine with Katherine Heigl, and more recently Dawn Patrol, starring Scott Eastwood. His TV credits include hit shows N.C.I.S., The Unit, Covert Affairs and the UK’s Casualty. The thriller Awaken, in which this busy actor stars as Stitch alongside Vinnie Jones, has been nominated for 4 awards at the London Film Festival, which will be held in February. His latest feature, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter will be released later this year.  In the award winning video game God of War by Sony Playstation, Daz created the motion capture for the character, Kratos, he filmed the motion capture also for Shere Khan (tiger) in the up and coming Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’, directed by Jon Favreau. Watch Daz as Kebo in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD., Sundays on ABC at 9pm.



Photographer: James Sicignano

60 ||


Photographer: James Sicignano

MFM: You originally started in the UK with Gladiators then made your debut in Hollywood in Blade II. Can you tell us about the different experiences in these 2 industries? DC: Gladiators was my first break into a well-known television show. As Gladiators is shot live, it is very different to acting in movies. In the movies, scenes are repeated from different angles so as to get the best shots, whereas filming live episodes, most of the show is filmed in one take. Even though there is the start and stop element in Gladiators we didn’t go back and reshoot any games. MFM: Who are some of your biggest acting inspirations/role models? DC: Jack Nicolson and Ron Perlman. MFM: You have done countless action films/tv series. What are some of your favorite films that made you realize that’s what you wanted to work in? DC: It wasn’t actually working in the roles that I booked for TV & film that made me think about pursuing a career in acting. It was whilst I was training at drama school which made me realize it’s what I wanted to do.

MFM: Where did you learn to act? DC: I have been to various drama schools over the years since I have been acting. I started off at the Maddermarket theatre in Norwich Norfolk, UK. Then I studied at the Actors Center in London and when I came to Los Angeles I carried on training for another 4 years at the Actors Center Hollywood. MFM: Have there been any particular characters that were challenging for you to play? DC: There are a couple of roles I have really enjoyed. In the movie Caffeine I play opposite Katherine Heigl, we are on a blind date which goes horribly wrong. It was something very different for me as this was comedy whereas I am typically cast in action or thriller. It was more interesting than challenging and obviously great fun as the script is hilarious. I also played King Rameses in a documentary which I really enjoyed. This was a more challenging role for me, but it was something I liked.



MFM: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been a huge success with superhero fans around the world. Did you do anything specific to prepare before entering the Marvel universe? DC: I had already been a part of the Marvel Universe as Lighthammer in Blade II. This is a television show, a very exciting one with lots of twists and turns. I would usually watch previous episodes and watch the different characters involved to try forming some history with each. MFM: Your character Kebo was supposed to be in the series for one episode but the writers decided to write your character in for 5 more. What would you want to see for Kebo’s storyline in this upcoming season? DC: Well we can’t all get what we wish for, but I’d love for Kebo to somehow gain a superpower. MFM: If Kebo could collaborate with any Marvel superhero, who would you choose and why? DC: Mmmmmm Kebo wants to be his own Marvel superhero and if he achieved that then he would work alone.

Photographer: Dawn Appel

62 ||


MFM: Do you have any specific goals for your acting career? Are there any particular people or series you would like to work with in the future? DC: I love acting, with a passion, and I like to work as much as possible. I work on big productions but still work on independent projects. I aim high and want to carry on working in this magical profession for as long as possible. There are no specific TV shows I would like to work on, I have previously worked on NCIS, Covert affairs, and The Unit all such great shows. I could easily just say all of them, there are just too many to choose from. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a good start don’t you think? MFM: What can we see you in next? DC: There are a few projects that have just come out and some coming soon. Dawn Patrol with Scott Eastwood, it is a thriller with some great twists. Awaken with Vinnie Jones has premiered in the U.S. and has screened at the London film festival February of 2016. Awaken has been nominated for four awards. Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter is a science fiction movie that was shot on the same location as Star Wars, due out later in the year. Disneys’ premiere in April 2016. I was the motion capture actor for the Character ‘Shere Khan’ Idris Elba will be the voice.

Twitter and Instagram: @joannakrupa Facebook: joannakrupafanpage Photo Credit: MARIO BARBERIO | Hair & Makeup - Tony Yates

64 ||


By Darcy Tharp

Joanna Krupa, the Polish American model, actress, and animal rights activist divulged to MOST Magazine that she has dreamed of being in the limelight since she was very young, and we applaud her for making her dreams a reality. As one of the world’s reining sexiest, hottest women, Joanna has already had a very diverse career in the entertainment business and is on her way to adding even more to her impressive resume. The stunning blonde has graced numerous magazine covers including: Shape, GQ, MAXIM , PLAYBOY, Ocean Drive, Esquire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, FHM, InStyle. She was featured in the TV show, Superstars, and was a main character on the Real Housewives of Miami on the second and third seasons, where she even got married on the show to her husband, nightclub owner and businessman, Romain Zago. Also appearing in numerous films, Joanna made her starring role debut with the action film Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon, portraying Jane Goody and has three more films on the way this year. Taking it to the next level and showing off her competitive spirit and killer dance moves, Joanna shimmied her way to the dancefloor, winning hearts and accolades as a participant on Dancing with the Stars as Derek Hough’s partner in Season Nine. Further cementing her expertise as a model and fashionista, Joanna is also a judge on Poland’s Next Top Model, getting the chance to reconnect with her Polish roots and dish out her advice to aspiring models. But outside of entertainment, Joanna’s other burning passion is for animals and fighting for their rights and proper treatment. As the face of numerous PETA ad campaigns, posing in nude, shocking ads, she has succeeded in using her modeling talents to bring much attention to the cause and works tirelessly as an advocate for all animals. Luckily for her fans, Joanna says, “I like sharing my life-the good and the bad,” and in her interview below, gives a sneak peek of her multi-faceted career and life.



66 ||


MFM: You were born in Poland-what is something from your Polish background that is part of your daily life or lifestyle? JK: I was raised to respect others, and it’s not just a Polish thing. That is what I follow on a daily basis in my life. Polish people are very close with their families. So I would say that is something I have held on to since growing up Polish. My mom has lived with me for about 12 years, and my sister lived with me for many years, so I am very close with my family.  MFM: You truly achieved the American Dream-If you weren’t doing what you were doing now, what other career would you be interested in pursuing? JK: That’s a question that’s always been hard for me to answer as I have always dreamed of being in the entertainment business, and I don’t think I ever thought about anything else. I tried a nurse program back in high school, and I quit right away as it wasn’t for me. If I had

to envision doing something else it would probably be opening my own beauty spa. But no matter what it would have been, animals would still always be my first passion. MFM: When you first moved to L.A. from Chicago, what was the biggest adjustment? JK: Finding a place to live that I could afford, as I was super broke and had thousands in debt. Also, realizing how hard it was to get an agent because I wasn’t the typical 5’9 model type, so it was a bad wake up call for me as no one wanted to work with me.  MFM: What was your first big break? JK: I did a spec shoot with a photographer that lead to my first Maxim Holland cover. But the biggest one would be when I got the cover of an Australian magazine that named me, “the Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World.” That opened many doors in the entertainment business, and that’s when other magazines started giving me the same title.  www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


68 ||


MFM: Describe one of your favorite shoots to date? JK: It’s very hard to choose one, but I loved my second Playboy cover shoot with Rankin. That was a dream shoot to work with him. MFM: What was the most challenging part of having your life in the public spotlight on Real Housewives? JK: I have been in the business for many years and almost nothing is challenging, as I like to share my life with my fans-the good and the bad to show that nobody’s life is perfect. But my biggest challenge was having to deal with some very vicious and jealous women. I couldn’t believe how hateful some people can be just to shine for 5 minutes.  MFM: Your sister Marta is a model and was on the show with you-Did it make it a lot more fun or easier to have your sister there as well? JK: I loved having her, but she quit after being on one season because she couldn’t deal with the drama. To do that kind of show takes specific people that can deal with a lot of drama thrown at them because that’s what these women thrive on.

MFM: Best thing you two agree on? Disagree on? JK: We are very different, but one thing we truly agree on is our love for animals. My sister is part of my animal rescue When it comes to animals, we are very similar-we would both stop traffic and risk our lives to help an animal. MFM: If you had to choose your ideal on-camera rolewould you like reality TV or scripted acting more? JK: I love to do both as my career has been very diverse from modeling to acting to reality TV to TV host, and I enjoy every aspect of the entertainment business. I have dreamed of being in the limelight since I was very young so for me to be able to be part of it is a dream come true. MFM: You placed 4th in Dancing with the Stars-an amazing accomplishment!  How did you get on the show? JK: I did another show for ABC that spring called Superstars, and that following fall they asked me to join DWTS. It took me two seconds to respond with a YES, as it was my dream to be on that show since I had to cut my



ballet dream off at a very young age because my parents couldn’t afford it. So it was my way of reliving that little girl’s dream. MFM: With a ballet background what would you say was the most difficult dance?  What was the most fun and came most naturally to you?  Do you have an interest in doing more ballroom or exploring dance further after your experience? JK: Quick Step was definitely the hardest and my worst dance. That one was my least favorite. My favorite I would say was the futuristic Paso because it was so cool and totally different then what has ever been done on that show. To top it off, it was nominated for an Emmy! After DWTS, I haven’t pursued dancing because it’s hard to continue it without having a partner like Derek Hough to teach you. I loved doing the show, but to continue dancing on that level takes up your whole life as it is many hours a day of rehearsals. MFM: Dance is a great workout-but what is your daily workout regimen like? JK: I try to work out 2-5 times a week. I take classes at Equinox, mostly consisting of a total body workout from cardio to strength training to barre classes. I like to change it up so that I never get bored, and it challenges the body.  MFM: You have said that Poland’s Next Top Model is more fun than the American version-What is something you learned from doing that show? Best advice for future contestants? JK: It’s definitely shot as a better quality show than the USA version, plus our finale is live so anything can happen which makes it exciting. Also, the judges don’t choose the winner, only the viewers do, so we all find out who the winner is at the same moment and get to live in that anticipation with the contestants. I always tell the contestants and anyone else who asks me for advice about getting into the business that they need to build thick skin because it’s a cutthroat business, and there is tons of competition. And most of all they need to be professional by always being on time and respecting the client.  MFM: Who are your go-to designers? JK: I love Stella McCartney handbags because she is a huge animal lover, and her whole line is vegan and cruelty free. 

70 ||


MFM: What is your favorite look/style that you wear the most often? JK: When I’m not working and don’t need to be out and about I love to be casual with no makeup, hair pulled up in a bun, and sweat pants on. But if I want to dress up for an event or a dinner with friends, my favorite are small, super sexy dresses that show some curves and a nice pair of stilettos. MFM: What is your ideal of a perfect date night with your husband? JK: Being at home with him and the dogs and being lazy on the sofa and watching movies. Nothing beats that as it doesn’t happen very often in our household, so when we have that moment we cherish it.



72 ||




MFM: You have done quite a few PETA ad campaigns-Were you nervous about the first nude one? What is the best response you received from the ads? JK: Yes, I have done five campaigns, and the newest one is out now which is pretty shocking and totally different than any of the other ads I have done with them.  It’s always a bit nerve-wracking at first to pose nud for any type of project because you have to make sure to cover the right areas, and you want to look your best without revealing too much. The best response I have received was that all of my ads really attract attention and are super popular. The most important aspect for me is to send a shocking message so that people listen and spread the awareness. If I can change one person’s mind about animal cruelty, that’s already a big accomplishment for me. That person will then spread it to another person, and that’s how the message spreads. MFM: You have really devoted yourself to animal activismHow do you work to help in addition to working with PETA? JK: I have my own animal rescue www.angelsforanimalrescue. org where we have rescued not only dogs and cats but also snakes, pigs, and chickens. I also support The Humane Society, and on March 11th, they are honoring me and giving me an award for my work which is so humbling. I try any way I can to help animals by spreading awareness and being active because I believe in life you have to be a doer, not just a talker. We have many of those people, especially celebrities that just show up to an event, and they think that’s all it is about. It’s the hard, dirty work that counts the most that will make the change. MFM: Did you have pets growing up? JK: Yes, I always had dogs growing up, and I also had a hamster and a fish. MFM: Future projects/plans you are working on? JK: I have three movies coming out this year. One is coming out in March called “You Can’t Have It,” alongside the legendary Armand Assante and Ron Gronkowski. It’s a lead role where I play an undercover CIA agent posing as a bartender. Another one probably coming out in the summer called “Another Day in Paradise” which is still a working title. It’s a supporting role, and I play a girl next door nurse at a family water park. The third one I haven’t filmed yet which is called “A Wind of Heaven” where I play a supporting role as an animal activist against horse meat slaughter. Twitter and Instagram: @joannakrupa Facebook: Joanna Krupa

74 ||




76 ||



Helene France | Rachelle Dalton | Eloise Lancsweert, Darcy Tharp, Yana Goncharenko

William Sarr, Poolesville High School, Team: Griffins, Northwest Ice Hockey Club, Forward Ryan Hammond, Laurel High school, Team: Tricity Eagles, Gardens Ice Laurel, Forward Brendan Hankins, Reservoir High School, Team: Tricity Eagles, Gardens Ice Laurel, Defenseman Manuel Huesler, Northwest High School, Germantown, Team: Griffins, Northwest Ice Hockey Club Victoria Pilpel, Seneca Valley, Team: U19 Jr Hurricanes Girls & Griffins, Northwest Ice Hockey Club, Goaltender

Eloise- Left modelGown by CQ Promgirl Darcy- Middle- Rhinestones stud gown in nude color with gold color snake print belt by bebe collection Yana- Right - Red deep V gown by: Jovani and oversized chandelier earrings custom made



80 ||


Eloise wears two-piece floral outfit, Helene France collection



Left page: Eloise wears a Floral overlay A line skirt by bebe brand and a three quarter sleeve stretch shirt by JCrew Right page: bottom corner: Yana- Leftwears a two-piece houndstooth ensemble by Helene France collectionEloise - Rightwears a two-piece floral outfit, by Helene France collection



Yana wears a red deep V gown by: Jovani with oversized chandelier earrings custom made

84 ||




Darcy wears raspberry color linen suit with silk chiffon top by bebe brand and hinged crystal pendant earrings.

86 ||




88 ||


Darcy -Raspberry color linen suit with silk chiffon top by bebe brand, hinged crystal pendant earrings Right page: Darcy - Lilac floral print A line dress, Helene France collection



Yana wears a floral A-line dress by BCBGMaxazria, Eloise wears a scuba skirt in nude color by Kate spade and a silk chiffon cuff blouse by Rebecca Taylor

90 ||


Global Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer By Denise Smith

amona Braganza has spent most of her life navigating fitness in a myriad of forms. Excelling at every turn, she has mastered the fields of gymnastics, cheerleading, modeling, and training in addition to coaching wellness. Ramona has shaped the bodies of countless celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, as well as Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds. Expertly crafting her signature 3-2-1 Philosophy she shares her vision with clients through retreats and connecting online. MOST spoke with the global fitness expert and celebrity trainer about the thought process behind her 3-2-1 Fitness plan and creating an inspiring new initiative that empowers victims of trafficking. Ramona was born in Rehau Germany, a small town in the northeastern corner of Bavaria, near the Czech border. Originally from Mumbai, her parents were offered jobs at REHAU, a small plastics company founded in 1948. Unable to pass on the opportunity to make a new start for their growing family, a pregnant Lucy and Oscar would make the move. At the age of four, Ramona’s family relocated to Nigeria where her brother was born. After several moves, the family of four immigrated to Canada. 92 ||


Oscar was offered a job as plant manager at REHAU Plastics, in Prescott Ontario and the family settled in neighboring Brockville on the St Lawrence River. While in Canada, Ramona completed high school and prepared herself for what came next. A move to Toronto would allow the fitness expert to pursue a career in dance, acting and modeling. She would spend three years in Toronto before relocating to Los Angles. From the age of four, Ramona was often “hanging about, literally by my toes off a bar that was used to beat rugs.” Recognizing something unique in her abilities, Lucy enrolled her daughter in gymnastics. Ramona excelled at the sport, loved it, and by the time she was nine she joined a private club and began competing at the highest level. “I competed all round (all apparatus) winning many medals ribbons and trophies and continued through high school and provincial competition.” At eighteen during her last year in high school, she tore her ACL while dismounting from the high-bar. Although the injury would mark the last year of competition, a year after surgery she quickly returns to form doing back handsprings and dance auditions, a true testament to the young athlete’s resilience. MOST spoke with the fitness expert about the competitive nature of gymnastics and the effects the grueling tempo and how high stress can affect the body. “When you are in the sport that you love, and are good at it, there is no stress, but you do it because you couldn’t imagine not doing it.” She goes on to say, “It takes over your life, and you let it, the competitions are the most stressful but when you are young and have the support of family and friends you

seem to cope well with the pressure.” For Ramona, being good at gymnastics was a way to deal with some of the issues growing up in a small town as a minority. She reflects on those days.

When done correctly the moves, especially when tumbling, would make her feel, weightless, “Like you were flying.” From the sport, she developed maximum concentration and skill levels, and plenty of self-confidence. Ramona also enjoyed the dance element that accompanied this genre as a big part of her childhood included taking jazz, ballet, tap, and ballroom dance.

www.MOST || MOST FITNESS Photos courtesy of: Ramona Braganza



Photo: Hazem Helaly

The personal trainer began cheerleading in Canada for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts, before relocating to Los Angeles where she would cheer for the Raiders as a Raiderette. Having spent ten years with the organization, she would become an assistant choreographer. During the off-season, she was working in Europe as the director of the London Monarchs and the choreographer for the Scottish Claymores, both part to the European NFL. While cheering for the Raiders, Ramona was sent to represent the NFL on a promotional tour to Germany largely in part because she spoke German. Traveling with cheerleaders and football players from various teams by bus throughout Germany visiting military personnel at their bases - still open but closing down slowly. The tour ended in Berlin, “At the final military base I received a large piece of the Berlin wall signed by military personnel, a special memento I treasure to this day.” It was the year the wall had come down, “being a history buff I was very fortunate to be there at the time and enjoyed taking the tour bus through what used to be East German the country I was born in.”

94 ||


We discussed the leap from cheerleading to fitness and learned they go hand in hand. During her second year as a Raiderette, she began to gain weight. Instructed to lose the weight for the team, “I didn’t know the proper way to do it.” Trying every diet from the Beverly Hills diet to Pritikin to Vegetarian to “just not eating for three days before a game then gorging on nachos after the game.” It wasn’t until she met a trainer on one of her late night one-hour cardio sessions, who offered to start training with her. “I was introduced to the world of weight training and proper eating and found my new sport, Fitness Contests.” She entered the first ever Ms. National Fit contest which took place in Las Vegas and would include a routine, an evening gown segment where you answer a question, and a swimsuit posing segment. Out of fifty competitors, she made it to the top ten. Ramona would continue for many years after being able to combine dance and gymnastics and weight lifting which ‘fit’ the fitness expert perfectly. amona’s truest passion is helping others towards their journey to a better “mind, body and spirit.” MOST touched on her willingness to help others and the sheer selflessness that compels her to get involved. “Having been blessed with opportunities in my life, I thank God daily for these, I feel it is our duty to give back when we receive, and this giving back just continues the cycle in our lives.” She goes on to say, “As someone who has always enjoyed a level of fitness

and a deep interest in personal health, sharing knowledge with those whom I come in contact with is my duty.” Often when Ramona mentions her age, fifty-four, “I find others react in surprise, being a role model helps others to aspire to make healthier choices, not only for the body but as important for the mind and spirit.” For this global fitness expert, the three are connected and spending the time to develop your mind daily, to develop your spirituality, keeps you balanced in your pursuit of optimum health. That drive for optimum health brings us to the 3-2-1 Training Method. Initially, when Ramona began writing her first book about her training with celebrity clients, she discovered that the workout with then client Jessica Alba, had three segments of Cardio, two segments of circuits and one segment of core. This plan would become the 3-2-1 Training Method. Nutrition is also part of the equation, “I set about adding in basic rules to live by, such as making sure to eat and drink daily three meals, two snacks and a minimum of one liter of water which then became the basis for the 3-2-1 Nutrition Plan. With a new philosophy mapped out, the notion of Get Ready Mentally, Get Set Physically, Go Forward Emotionally, became true not only when on a weight loss or muscle building program but really with anything you want to accomplish in life. It takes that 3-21 get ready, get set, go planning program and attitude to succeed, and the 3-2-1 was born.



“If I wanted to lose weight, get fit, get my body back post baby, train for a competition or need to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle again, I would enroll in a retreat such as the one I offer.” Her retreats offer private time with participants, and there is nothing like having a coach to get you back on track.” Considering herself a master motivator, “I have had a lot of success at what I do.” Sharing her techniques, nutrition recommendations and the philosophy of connecting mind body and spirit with participants. You can walk away with knowledge and a plan for the future, they have participated in a program that includes yin and yang activities, and a life-changing challenge at the end, giving them renewed energy and confidence that they can and will achieve their goals.

96 ||


With so many plans available, and each one promising success, which is what most are striving for, Ramona leads us in a surprising direction. “I am old school believing in tried and true methods.”

She instructs that, “Choosing a plan has to fit into your lifestyle, you will reach success when the program accommodates you.” We must “choose a workout time that you have the most energy, choose a location to train that you can get

to without any problem, choose an exercise you like, choose friends to join in to make it more fun, choose the music you like to listen to.” Quite simply we are to “make choices that fit you.” Once our readers have set a course, the wellness coach encourages you to

We should spend the time daily, even if only 5 minutes in training our brains to focus on the goals. No readers, the goal is not locked in the refrigerator seeking a carefully thought out means of escape. “Meditation is a useful tool that can help get you and keep you motivated,” she suggests will-power as another tool that is worth developing. “Mind, body, and spirit are all connected, if all else fails then include a friend who has developed a high level of selfcontrol and let them guide you by example to doing the same.”



hile traveling in India for her book launch, Feel Fit, Look Fantastic in 3-2-1, the global fitness expert noticed a lack of female trainers. She contacted the organization, Prerana Anti-Trafficking (www. The program rescues young girls between the ages of eight and eighteen from sex trafficking. These girls have either been sold into or grew up in this environment. She decided to take action and help a small group of girls by giving them a chance at a career in an industry that is always growing. By the year 2017, fitness will be a 1.7 billion dollar industry in India and these girls can be a part of that, working and making a decent living. Helping themselves to get healthy as well as keeping others healthy. When she initially met with Prerana, she “held a workout, on the second visit I brought them shoes, and by the third visit, the idea came to me.” Currently, the girls are taking the National Association for Fitness Cerfication course, which the fitness expert had translated into Hindi. Ramona hired a great female trainer in India who goes once or twice a week to meet the girls. “My goal is to educate these women about being healthy and have the young women teach others through becoming certified instructors in groups and one-on-one training.” She would also like to see them turn small

98 ||


rooms in their homes to gyms for their personal use and space where they can enjoy exercise and ultimately they can open it up a business to other women in their neighborhood offering classes in yoga, aerobics, and strength training. We enable the young women to have an income and sense of self-worth. Also, these ladies can seek work in neighborhood gyms as well. Equipped with US course certification, “I believe these Ramona 3-2-1 trainers will have a lot of success in securing jobs.” As more women get certified and more try to get jobs, then there will be opportunities for growth. They will eventually take the test and become certified in group instruction. The hope is to train them in the 3-2-1 Training Method, and they will become officially, certified instructors so that they can find work. This inspiring, global fitness expert is on a mission we can all get behind, wellness for the mind, fitness for the body and peace for the spirit. Shaping the body begins in the brain. Therefore, wellness for the mind should be your first step to healthier new you. Making the choice to change for the better and following through with a plan and finally committing to it in a way you can manage it in your life will bring you lasting results.

4x IFBB Bikini Olympian 3x IFBB Pro Champion •ALLMAX Athlete CJ Elite Suit •Team Bombshell AllthatGlittersGames •Body by Brazil Facebook: Noemi Olah IFBB Pro

100 ||




By Darcy Tharp

With a 100% commitment to training and eating clean, Noemi’s determination to live a healthy lifestyle has resulted in an amazing career as an international fitness model, IFBB bikini pro, brand ambassador, and online fitness coach. Born in Hungary, she started her career in the fitness industry in 2005 and ended up winning the title of Miss Hungary. She later moved to the US (Florida), 102 ||


and since then has competed in many shows all around the world and even won 1st place at the Valenti Gold Cup IFBB Championship. Finally, in 2010 she won the Arnold Classic Amateur Bikini Show and received her Pro card. She then qualified for the 2013 Ms. Olympia, which was a dream come true for the hard-working beauty. In fact, Noemi is the only Hungarian born bikini model to ever appear on the Olympia stage. Telling MOST Fitness that everyone wants to be fit and sexy, but achieving that depends on how badly you want it, she is the prime example of wanting something bad enough to just do it and make it happen. She states in her bio, “I believe in myself, and I know exactly what I want.” And her fitness philosophy? Fitness is more than looking good. It’s feeling good on both the inside and outside. Don’t train for any special events-train for life. Life is your biggest challenge. Eat clean and train hard!

MFM: Was fitness a big thing/a priority in Hungary? As big as it is in the U.S.? NO: Fitness was not as big as in the US when I started as it is now, but I was always focused and trained hard. MFM: How did you first get started? Was it after being Miss Hungary? NO: I was training for a year before I won the Miss Hungary crown. That motivated and pushed me more to get the best out of myself. MFM: What is your favorite body part? NO: My legs. I think nothing is sexier than fit, muscular legs. MFM: Body By Brazil-You are the brand ambassador for them. What is your favorite piece of clothing or outfit you have worn from them? NO: It is hard for me to just pick one because all of them are so unique and of high quality. That’s what I love. I would wear them every day, anytime. MFM: How did you get connected with them? Do you get to wear their clothes for any of your photo shoots, etc? NO: I had heard about Body by Brazil before, but one day Janine the owner come to me after my pro bikini competition and offered me a photo shoot for her fitness lines. Since then we’ve continued working together, and we’ve grow our friendship too. In most of my photo shoots I wear Body by Brazil clothing. MFM: You are also an online fitness coach-what makes your training unique from other personal trainers and fitness coaches? NO: I focus on every client individually, find out their weakness, and give them more attention. I also share with them my personal experience from the professional level.



104 ||


MFM: In 2010 you won the Arnold Classic Amateur Bikini Show and received your pro card finally. What did you do to prepare for this show differently that you think helped you win? NO: I brought my best the way I always do. I train 100 percent and never give myself a break until it’s accomplished. I find something where I need to improve and focus on that. MFM: Do you get nervous each time before you go on stage? How do you deal with that? NO: I never step on stage if I feel I’m not ready for it. When the time comes, I’m ready to enjoy it and have fun. MFM: What supplements do you take and how often/when? NO: Before my morning cardio I take a teaspoon of ALLMAX glutamine. I do the same after my weight lifting session. Plus I drink an ALLMAX Iso Natural Chocolate shake. During my training I drink the ALLMAX BCAA drink which reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue during intense workouts. MFM: What other positive changes did you make in your life that you referred to, after moving to the U.S.? NO: I met my boyfriend Zoltan who keeps me going and has the same interest in training and living a healthy lifestyle. I also met a wonderful woman, Shannon Dey who is the CEO of Bombshell Fitness. With her training she showed me how I could improve and be more successful. MFM: What was the hardest food to give up or thing you loved eating when you switched to having a clean diet and eating very healthy? NO: My weakness is sweets. I hardly ever cheat because I love eating clean. MFM: What does your typical breakfast consist of? NO: 4 egg whites and 1\3 cup oatmeal is my typical breakfast; I love it. MFM: Do you have any tips for someone who wants to get started in the fitness competition world? What should they do first? NO: Everybody wants to look sexy and be fit. The question is how serious about it are they and how bad do they want it. The first step is to throw everything out of the fridge. Without a consistent clean diet you won’t see results. MFM: How does it feel to be the only Hungarian born bikini model to appear on the Olympia stage? NO: It feels amazing, and it’s been 4 times now. It reflects my hard work and how it has paid off.



MFM: If you could do any other career what would you be doing? NO: I want to teach people how to eat sweets and create clean but delicious food without cheating, and how to look classy and fit at the same time. I’m the girl who looks sexy and feminine without getting naked. MFM: Personal motto? NO: “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” MFM: What future projects/plans do you have or are working on? NO: I’m writing a healthy cook book for fitness lovers & people who want to eat healthier. MFM: How can we find you on social media? Facebook: Noemi Olah IFBB Pro Twitter: Noemiolh Instagram: noemiolah

106 ||


It's A Lifestyle!

Amy Jo Palmquest

Owner of Transformation Fitness Studio & Spokesperson for NUTRISHOPUSA @AmyJoFitness @TransformationFitnessPT @NUTRISHOPUSA Photo Credit: James Patrick |

108 ||


Hometown: Olympia, WA Height: 5’8 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel
 Fitness Credentials: -B.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition -Fitness and Nutrition Certified Specialist  -Virtual Trainer for ATHLEANXX for Women  How to beat your cravings: I love hot drinks! Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa-all made with low calorie additives!
 Stress proof your body: PRAY!  1 Peter 5:7 Spray tans, massages & workouts with girlfriends. Secret to looking fit: Lifting weights & wearing good fitting leggings! 

Your 5 Genius Beauty Tips: 1.) Spray tan until the cows come home! 2.) Drink your water  3.) Find ways to laugh every single day  4.) Make sure you have good fitting leggings & bras 5.) Find yourself a great brow waxer!



110 ||


Aubrie Buell Team Nutrishop Athlete

CREATE YOUR DREAMJOB. According to a Harris Interactive survey, 55% of working adults are in search of a new profession. So why not turn your passion for fitness and nutrition into your own business? We carry the top brands and the latest nutritional supplements with guaranteed low prices. The right concept, the right opportunity, the right time. Open a Nutrishop today! | NutrishopUSA


SPOTLIGHT Photo Credit: James Patrick |

Hometown: Hickman Nebraska Height: 5’6 Hair: brown Eyes: green Occupation: Registered Dietitian - specialty in weight management, sports nutrition, integrative nutrition 
 Favorite part of your body:  hair Favorite desert: cheesecake! Daily routine: 
- Monday: Plyometric/Quad workout  if no Plyometrics will add 20-30min cardio Tuesday:  Run 4 miles steady pace or interval training 6 sets of jog for 2 min fast sprint for 1 40-60 seconds: repeat + shoulders and triceps 20 min
- Wednesday: HIIT on the stair master + gluts and hamstrings Thursday: Spin/cycle 15-20 miles + abs 
- Friday – OFF
- Saturday:  Back and biceps + 30 minutes Elliptical Sunday:  Run the dog to the dog park 4-6 miles Disclaimer: if I have my private practice or meeting my day off may vary or may be twice a week.  I listen to my body and if too sore or tired I don’t work out. Dare to share: I love to eat!  So I focus on portion control, keeping my metabolism high through drinking 3-4L water, eating every 2-3 hours, exercise and stress management. Social Media Links:   
IG- ghealthnfit / Rarebeautygrace
FB- grace haecker
FB Fan page- Rare Beauty Grace
Website: 112 ||



SPOTLIGHT Photo Credit: James Patrick |

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO Height: 5’2” Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Occupation: Personal Trainer Fitness Credentials: CSCS  Favorite celebrities with tattoos: David Beckham, Pink, Rihanna Recommended sports drinks: Nutrition 53 Cookies and Cream Lean 1 Pro Daily Routine: 
- Monday: Push Day (shoulders, chest, triceps), Cardio
- Tuesday: Legs, Cardio Wednesday: Pull Day (back, biceps), Cardio
- Thursday: Shoulders, Cardio Friday: Light Full Body, Cardio 
- Saturday: Cardio
- Sunday: Cardio OR Rest Day as needed MOST stubborn area to burn fat: legs, butt  Social Media Links:

114 ||




Height: 5’8 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green
I am the “J” in T&J Beats. My favorite cheat meal is pizza! I made the Beatport top 100 dance chart 2013/2014.

Badass DJ, producer of badass beats and a badass songwriter!


JONES Facebook: Instagram: @djjenjones Twitter: @djjenjones SoundCloud: @djjenjones MixCloud: @djjenjones SnapChat: @djjenjones YouTube: Photo Credit: James Patrick |

116 ||


”Master Piece” written by me (DJ Jen Jones) and produced by T&J Beats (DJ Twist1 and DJ Jen Jones) is dropping on March 28, 2016, and I am so excited!  Another track called, “Campaign Plastic Cup” that I wrote and produced will drop this summer!  I also have another track produced by myself and T&J Beats called, “Gunz Blazin’” ft. Hannibal Leq; this will be a serious banger!  So three songs will be released by the summer of 2016, and I hope to have at least another three ready to go by the fall.  I make party jams and love to tell a story while I am at it.  I really paint the picture for you, and I have music videos to go along with the tracks.  In today’s social media world we are so visual and want to see everything.  Just having a picture up while a song is playing isn’t enough though; people want to see the full product and have it accessible right at their fingertips.  YouTube is the number one, goto site when someone searches for a song they want to hear, so having a video play while someone searches or comes across my music, is definitely a bonus and adding value to my music!  I think the most shocking part of my music, whether I’m playing it or producing it, is my love for hip hop!  “Gunz Blazin’” really reflects the sound of hip hop that I like.  There are no bubble gum beats or lyrics allowed on that track, so having Hannibal on it was the obvious choice! Follow my journey on social media:Facebook: www. @djjenjonesTwitter: @djjenjonesSoundCloud: @djjenjonesMixCloud: @ djjenjonesSnapChat: @djjenjonesYouTube: com/djjenjones

Physician, Model, IFBB FIGURE PRO NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, USAF Veteran (@SIMONEmaybin) Twitter (@SIMONEmaybin) | Instagram Photo Credit: George Kontaxis

118 ||


By Denise Smith

oogle Simone Maybin and we can assure you, she is so much more than a pretty face. If ever there was a truer statement, you simply cannot judge this book by its cover. Model, Certified Personal Trainer, IFBB Figure Pro … Are you impressed yet? Physician and United States Air Force Veteran, how about now? MOST spoke with this incredibly talented Renaissance woman about embracing life’s challenges and how failure will never spell the end of the line.

Simone was born in Wichita, Kansas but spent very little of her young life in the United States. Her father served honorably as Officer in the United States Air Force. The family spent many years living abroad in picturesque locales such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. A shy child with mixed ethnicity, Simone would find comfort in her athletic abilities and sports. Her young life was anything but charmed, whether she was just there for the snacks at coach-pitched softball or missing the cut for the cheerleading squad, she kept at it. Eventually excelling at cheerleading, lucky for her at a new school, basketball and track. While in grade school, Simone’s father, always encouraging her to read, brought home the autobiography, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. An inspiring story about a young man from humble beginnings who would go on to become Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Impressed by Dr. Carson’s drive and focus, she learned that, “Dr. Carson was able to turn nothing

into something and did it in a big way.” Although they did not have the same childhood, his story would show the young athlete that you can do anything if you work hard enough. If the name sounds familiar, he is in fact the same Dr. Ben Carson who is running for President of the United States. Although the road would not be easy, Simone would go on to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Colorado. After taking the SAT a total of eight times, no MOST readers, that is not a typo, eight times, she was finally admitted to the prestigious school whose mission is to educate and train young men and women to be officers. In her junior year at the Academy, Simone began to experience joint pain and swelling throughout her body which lead to a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. This chronic inflammatory disorder affecting the joints of the hands and feet would not deter a young and determined Simone. After much research she learned of a medication that would help alleviate the symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis cannot be cured but she counts herself lucky any morning she wakes up pain-free. This past summer Simone graduated with her Medical Degree and is currently a resident physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Tennessee. The fitness expert has always been interested www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


in working in an area that involved biomechanics/anatomy. She was able to match into a subspecialty, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation that meets her interest and will allow her to stay fit. As a physiatrist she will utilize her knowledge as a personal trainer and as a patient that has gone through rehabilitation herself. In the early days, the IFBB pro athlete really didn’t know what she was doing. After receiving advice from a Captain who volunteered his time at the Air Force Academy Fitness Club, she read tips online and created her own diets using a, “pathologic level of OCD” on Excel. Having done this for about 5 years, the fitness expert decided she needed help. Searching for someone smarter than herself on the subject, she found a coach and relinquished control. Progressively improving, she set her sights on becoming an IFBB pro and continued to work hard for 5 more years, strategically entering shows and taking two one-year breaks to build up weak areas where she needed it. After each break she catapulted in placings, “I made each show a personal competition with my previous best.” After fighting and working hard on nineteen shows, “The stars aligned” at the 2013 Team Universe where I was the Overall Figure Champion. “My body was at its 120 ||


best and I was in the right line up, I was so grateful to be selected and that was one of my proudest moments.” Simone subscribes to a 365-days-no-days off fit life. She believes you have to establish a healthy lifestyle over a long period of time through trial-and-error, “I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to meal prep or to live under one mile from a gym no matter what city I’m in.” Most importantly the fitness expert chose to “Make tough fitness goals that required me to learn how to manage my time and plan ahead to set myself up for success.” She has learned to try to be healthy everyday regardless of the season. Always busy, she has learned to maximize her good days where there’s more time, it balances out the days she must prioritize more important things than working out. “Yes, I believe there are many more important things!” While in medical school the fitness expert chose to stay lean year round because she knew there wouldn’t be time for super long cardio sessions. When she could not lift more than twice a week for a month she chose to eat very clean having learned, “If you want to be good at many things (which I do) you must continuously reprioritize.” She goes on to say, “Going after everything at one time, at what you think is 100%, will surely be undercutting other goals or you may not be able to maintain that energy.”

o what does a 365 day workout routine look like? We asked the fitness expert to walk us through her personal workout routine. “My philosophy is to work out every day that I can, even in-a-row because there will undoubtedly be late nights that prohibit a workout.” “I still lift like a figure competitor with one to two body parts per day.” She takes out cardio when she is short on time because lifting is “More important for my personal goals plus my weightlifting is fast, high intensity which gives me some cardio.” With an unpredictable life, this versatile athlete essentially trains today as though she may not be able to work out tomorrow. On competition day Simone always wakes up early…. 4am early. She will eat meal one and sip her allotted amount of water, graciously. Then it’s time for basic makeup and tan touch-up. “You never leave your room unkempt, you are always on parade,” which is a little something she learned in the military. While tanning, she diverts her eyes as not to overtly stare at any naked bodies. It’s a big sport but small world so you recognize faces at all the shows. After returning to her room, “Three other bronzed beauties are completing similar rituals, we talk about how much better or worse we look from the night before.” The girls talk of preferred cheat

meals, laugh, freak out, and meditate as they apply more makeup. After perfection is met, they prepare for an athlete’s meeting. They will listen to promoters take them through the schedule of events, she then goes back to her room and simply waits. Simone prefers to wait in her room rather than watch the other classes, which can be stressful before showtime. As the time for pre-judging nears, she puts on her suit and heads down to the pit with her roomies, remaneuvering tiny gem encrusted suits, gluing them in place, applying more makeup and practicing poses. Some girls pump up but Simone never does. One of the bikini competitors is desperately looking for some size 6.5” clear heels. She forgot hers. Since she is several classes ahead of Simone, she’ll go barefoot for the time-being and let her fellow competitor borrow them. “It’s friendly backstage but everyone stays with their friends or team; it reminds me of my old track meets in that sense.” Class D is finally called and it’s time to get lined up. “This is when I get nervous, I don’t talk to anyone now, I just practice my quarter turns and pose quietly, preparing for showtime.” Once on stage she finally turns it on, www.MOST || MOST FITNESS ||


our country as an officer in the Air Force.” “Many of the positions I held required long hours of hard work because there are no set hours for service members. You work until the job is done which is exactly 24/7. If you are developed in such a lifestyle you learn this work ethic is ‘normal.’” Simone believes that you always give your all to every effort and “that’s what has helped me in many situations where I didn’t get what I wanted right away.” It is this same work ethic that impresses our readers the most. “Smile, smile, and smile.” We are on our feet as MOST readers chant, work it Simone. She will leave all ten years of her training on the stage. “I wait to be called back out and nervously pray I get moved to the center, which signifies early on that you are a favorite.” Within minutes she is shuffled off stage. She will put back on her team suit and head back to her hotel room. All that is left is to wait. In the break between Pre-Judging and the night show, Simone tries to make good use of her time. Often she will reconnect with her coach or respond to emails and text. When it’s time to return for the night show, “I fix myself back up with a lot less anxiousness because there’s less unknown.” After the show and awards she will usually eat a celebratory meal with friends, sometimes right in the hotel room because she is too exhausted to dress up or go to a nice dinner. It all comes down to the show and the outcome. Having been an Officer in the United States Air Force, a Resident (Physician), an IFBB Pro Athlete, and a Personal Trainer, Simone has a very impressive resume to say the least. While reflecting on her military career she is “Very proud to have had the opportunity to serve 122 ||


Having dealt with many setbacks in her life, she has persevered with a steel set of determination. “Sometimes people have this misconception my life was perfect and everything just worked out for me but I have had so many disappointments, they make the successes much sweeter.” She goes on to say, “My failures are part of my story and progression and without them I wouldn’t appreciate as much what I’ve earned.” She can wake up some days shocked to be living her dreams and wouldn’t change the rough times for anything. Her drive comes from an internal fear that she can always do more or that she has not done enough. Speaking with clarity she say’s “I can’t explain ‘me’ any other way and I can’t imagine leaving this world without knowing I had given everything I possibly had to make the world a little better.” So what does this highly educated, physically fit athlete do with her free time after working out, competing or learning something new? “I have the cutest Miniature Pinscher. Tanner is three years old and Simone chooses to spend her free time with him. Luckily, Tanner has enough energy to keep up with his master.

Miss USA 2014



Motivational Speaker, Host, Actress, Model & Taekwondo Coach

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Social media: @realniasanchezÂ

Photo: Fadil Berisha

Most Magazine - Fitness ISSUE NO.13  

Fitness, Celebrity & Healthy Lifestyle Magazine | APRIL ISSUE with Actress, Real Housewives of Miami & Animal Rights Activist "Joanna Krupa"...

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