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TrueFreedom for all! Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Fashion Faces Media Group.


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MARCELA URIOSTE, Hair & MUA 24 / 26-34 /





MARCELA URIOSTE, Hair & MUA, PATRICIA GOMEZ-GRACIA, Designer 54-62 / 64-70 / 72-85 / 88-101 /


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Principal Partner in Design &

Fashion Editorial Photographer,

Promotions. MUA & Stylist. Lux,

Nonstop Developer of Dreams,

Arch, Interiors & Culture. Lefty.

Chaser of Celebrity Content.

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Musician, Aussie.

Proofreader, Foodie, Minimalist, Singer,

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July is here! The halfway point of the year and for us Americans, a time of celebration for our political freedom. However, world-wide, everyone wants the chance to speak their mind and make a difference in their world. As artists, our work speaks volumes. Images worth thousands of words speak the languages of every country represented in Fashion Faces. We occasionally get the chance to get behind the pictures to interview those like this month’s Brande Wilkerson, Robin Hagy and Eric Wimberly. From these moments we get to peek into the dreams that fuel your endeavors, and who it is you’re supported by to see it all come to fruition. What is YOUR message? My challenge to you is to decifer what you want the world to ‘hear’ when your images ‘speak.’ Though we certainly have language barriers and miles between us, often the colors, textures and lighting in these shoots speak what our mouths may not. Perhaps we will never meet, yet we will recognize each other in compositions, expressions and themes that typify our artistic style. Think Monet or Van Gogh. We recognize them instantly. They say you only get once chance to make a first impression. I choose to graciously observe the ever-morphing talent and identity of growing talents. Some of you are teaching me, while others I feel I am mentoring. Needless to say, this is the evolution of one’s self. To be lost and found in your work; to put a piece of yourself on display “Show & Tell-ing” this audience your vulnerability and wavering confidence. Know who you are and what YOU want to say. It IS important, valid and necessary to do what Art should - challenge you to think. Tell your stories in pictures and as Leland Thomas states, “At every crossroad, follow your Dream. It is courage to let your heart lead the way.” Thank YOU for teaching ME to take those same steps toward my dream. #finishstrong Creatively yours,


photo - dcpro studios designer - patricia gomez-gracia

Fashion Faces Editor in Chief

muah - marcela urioste | #FFJUL14



photography byAshley Luccitti


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I'm launching my very own skin care product line called FรถMโ ข soon. It's about clean, light, high quality products that I have designed to enhance the look and style of both men and women equally--truly gender neutral.


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The name FöM™ comes from a blend of the words femme and homme, and I also love the imagery of sea foam-- clean, refreshing, natural! We live in a new era. Old gender roles and rules are confining and out-of-date. I decided to design the FöM™ products as I began to see an exciting new feeling of individualism and selfexpression developing in my clients and people I meet everyday. People want to have self-determination in all aspects of their lives more than ever I believe, and that is reflected in their choice of lifestyle products too. FöM™ expresses that ideal.

FöM™ is the first lifestyle brand to embrace the self determination of the new millennium, and our Sex-Flex™ products are carefully formulated to help you achieve true self-expression, while supplying restorative, rejuvenating moisture along with natural, enhancing color. | #FFJUL14


We believe we are creating more than a product, we intend to be a lifestyle brand. We like to say "Ästhetiks are Evolving. Are You?"™ I'm excited about the evolution of FöM™! We haven't launched yet, but people who are interested can sign up to receive email updates about FöM™


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was found by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians after he had been abandoned in a parking lot. The pup was forced to endure the extreme summer heat and when he was found, he was not only suffering from heat stress but the hot pavement left him with blisters on his tiny paws. He was quickly rushed to the Arizona Humane Society and medical staff immediately began to cool him off with water and fluids. Wally has been given a second chance at life and is ready to find a new forever friend who will appreciate his adorable “Chewbacca looks” and his abundance of energy. The 5-month-old West Highland terrier mix enjoys games of fetch, vigorously shaking stuffed toys while parading around the house and will play with dogs of all sizes (even a Great Dane). Wally is available NOW at the Campus for Compassion located at 1521 West Dobbins Road in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $200 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-997-7585 and ask for animal ID number A485958 or visit



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Fashion Faces’ second year promoting the global industry of fashion and beauty! Exclusive Interviews, how to’s, what’s new in the marketplace, creative concept spreads and the inside look at celebrity life!


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creative dir/stylist/photographer - brande wilkerson mua & photography assistant - kelsey eggers headpiece/costume design victory vintage boutique & design studio model - payton carlton

SKIN CANCER - TANNING IS NOT TRENDING written by - laine dakin

In the 1920s, fashion icon and designer Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel popularized ‘the tan’ as the look for those who wanted to be stylish. Perfumer Jean Patou even produced the first tanning product promising to “put an end In any discussion on cancer, skin cancer must be a topic. In the last 30 years more people have had skin cancer than ALL other forms of cancer combined. The CDC’s latest pronouncement is that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. will have some form of skin cancer in their lifetime, therefore the obsession with tanning as a way to look more attractive, healthier, sexier and appear

to sunburn, soften and tan the skin.” Sadly it didn’t do anything for safety. With the arrival of swinging 1960s a tan told everyone you had the spare time to tan and the money to travel. It also intimated an enthusiasm for the outdoors, an active lifestyle implying more physicality and good health. Where has that led us: the Skin Cancer Foundation reports that over two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, with one person dying from melanoma every hour!

skinnier needs to be addressed.

Thankfully the appeal of the tan has begun to fade, as the public becomes

Tanned skin has never been a universally

beginning to abandon tanning to embrace sun protection and their natural

accepted trend. While Caucasian women in Europe, the U.S., Australia and Brazil craved a golden tan, women in South East Asia want to be fair skinned and Indian women and men use bleaching creams to lighten their complexion. ALL seek to boost their self-esteem, attraction

aware of the long-term risks health-conscious, style- savvy individuals are skin tones. This is vital given the knowledge that 90 percent of all skin cancers, eye damage, and immune system suppression is associated with exposure to UV radiation. Vogue’s Beauty Director Sarah Brown, commented: “A healthy glow does not mean a tan, and I think that’s what we have to clear up. A healthy glow

to the opposite sex and success in business!

is your skin tone, glowing.”

Historically, the western world viewed sunburn

So why do people keep tanning? Surely the thought of thinning skin, fine

as an indicator of class as those doing manual labor were forced to work outdoors, people with pale skin could afford to have others work outside. Of course not everyone was born ‘pale’ so even in ancient times cosmetics and toiletries were used to fake it, even then they could be expensive and even dangerous like the lead based white face (o-shiroi) of Japan, and lead face powder for the courtiers of England and Louis XV’s court. Thankfully the sensible Victorian’s preferred a more unmade face moving the standard from alabaster to natural skin tone.

lines and wrinkles, liver spots, skin rashes from the interaction between UV rays and certain medications, aggravation of autoimmune diseases, and cataracts in addition to the terrifying statistic on cancers of the eye and skin—would be a significant deterrent? Apparently tanning can be just as habit-forming as drugs and alcohol.

Scientists measured the

brain activity and blood flow of study participants subjected to ultra violet radiation in a tanning bed and discovered that the UV rays stimulate several parts of the brain involved in addiction. All things considered the definition of a healthy glow needs to revert to one where we rely on an inner glow which is neither artificially whitened nor UV-damaged as the new standard for beauty and health. Laine Dakin is a social media strategist, community manager who writes on health and fashion. | #FFJUL14


radioactive, a personal story - brande wilkerson

fter being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2014, I dove into processing my emotions towards it using fashion design & photography. It is my natural outlet and what I have done for years. I produced “The Choice” in response to my choice in responding to the initial diagnosis. Next was “SHREDDED” referring to the surgery I had immediately following the diagnosis. (Seen in Fashion Faces Magazine April 2014) I chose to be positive and see the victory through the battle from the beginning. Naturally, Shredded, was a beautiful display of the real and transparent beauty of our fragile mortality as a women facing this battle. My doctor sent me to an oncologist where my lab results determined I would not need chemo but would go straight into radiation for 6 weeks. I was relieved I would not have to endure chemo, but that did not change the extreme range of emotions and fear that go through your head concerning your future with cancer. As a good patient, I did not protest. I completely trusted my team of doctors and started my radiation promptly. I was working on a lot of personal research for my diagnosis and making a list of questions awaiting my follow up with my surgeon. During this time, I produced Radioactive. I wanted this set to show the trust, beauty, strength, and determination I carried every day to my treatment session. I was intrigued by the healing treatment of radiation, an element present in the cosmos at the beginning life of a star! In designing this concept, I wanted my everyday posture to be reflected. Each day I was positioned with one shoulder arm over the head and the laser marking strategically placed over the breast. I wanted to reflect the grids, graphs & measuring that each nurse takes time to line me up under the laser each treatment session. You will see a bit of cosmic beauty, a bold color rays in lighting and makeup that illuminates the eye or vision. My makeup artist Kelsey Eggers was able to execute such a luminous ombre effect that highlighted Payton’s beautiful features! You see the midway through my treatment that she is halted in her process.


#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14


met with my surgeon for a follow-

Reconstruction was going to be a risky

up half way through my radiation,

and possibly fallible choice if I chose

with my list of questions concerning

to do so. I was so devastated to learn

my treatment options and possible

my options were no longer available

mastectomy reconstruction. My doctor

because of the miscommunication with

was unaware that I was in radiation

my doctors. That same day after meeting

and immediately halted my treatment

with the plastic surgeon, I decided to

to have me meet with a plastic

return to complete my radiation.

surgeon. I then found out I was too far into radiation for this process to be

This hiatus is reflected in the set where

an easy one. It would require multiple

I styled the model in chains & netted

surgeries over years, since my skin

column gown to show a restricted

was permanently damaged already

dressing & posture. Payton, my model,

from the radiation.

delivered the expressions of frustration, fear and confinement felt I during these few weeks, perfectly.

personal story - brande wilkerson


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Stefani Gamboa is the host of DC Contigo TV Show; the show runs every Saturday morning at 11AM on Univision, Channel 14 in Washington, DC.

For four years with DC Contigo, Stefani has entertained her viewers by covering the latest multicultural events at various museums, festivals, and concerts in the District, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area. Stefani enjoys informing the Latino community about the diverse options they have to enjoy a fun family weekend or bringing exclusive interviews with local and international artists, actors and chefs such as Juanes, Lucero, Los Tigres del Norte, Chef Jose Andres, Diego Luna, Victor Manuel, Eddie Santiago among others.


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tv host + model - stefani gamboa of dc contigo photographer - cameron habashian fashion designer - patricia gomez-gracia muah - marcella urioste | #FFJUL14


muah - marcela urioste designer - patricia gomez-gracia

the host of DC Contigo TV Show; the show runs every Saturday morning at 11AM on Univision, Channel 14 in Washington, DC. For four years with DC Contigo, Stefani has entertained her viewers by covering the latest multicultural events at various museums, festivals, and concerts in the District, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area. Stefani enjoys informing the Latino community about the diverse options they have to enjoy a fun family weekend or bringing exclusive interviews with local and international artists, actors and chefs such as Juanes, Lucero, Diego Luna, Los Tigres del Norte, Victor Manuel, Chef Jose Andres, Eddie Santiago among others. Hosting DC Contigo, allows Stefani to learn from other cultures, give back to the community and grow professionally. In her role as the Associate Producer, Stefani produces a “Makeover� segment, designed for hard working Latino women to feel empowered and motivated to gain their confidence back, and feel empowered moving forward In their lives. As part of the show, Stefani enjoys international travel to cover events such as the folkloric Carnivals of Barranquilla, Colombia, her native land. In addition, she has produced travel segments on various Caribbean Islands. She also covered the closing ceremony for the Fondo del Milenio in San Salvador, El Salvador for Univision Washington and DC Contigo. | #FFJUL14


For the past, nine years, Stefani has been delighted living in DC. She is inspired by the city’s history, monuments and landmarks. Stefani loves to spend her free time with her family, and she is always exploring new gastronomic restaurants in the Nation’s Capital. To surprise of many, Stefani graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marymount University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and she is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration at the George Washington University in Washington, DC.


#FFJUL14 |

Tell us about your show with Univision.

DC Contigo is a show that features stories covering local entertainment and talent, traveling segments from countries such as El Salvador, Bolivia, Colombia and others, health, sports, fitness, cooking segments, beauty tips and make-overs. DC Contigo also provides viewers with the opportunity to participate in "Make a Wish" promotion in which they can participate to win different prizes.

Do you get nervous before every show?

Of course! At the beginning, I pretty much had butterflies in my stomach. Specially, when interviewing huge celebrities. I guess I could not believe I was meeting them and talking to them. Fortunately, the more you do it, the easier it gets. After four years in the show, it has become second nature to me.

How do you see yourself progress in this field?

I am a visionary. I came to the US, and I have done things I never could have done back home in Colombia where I am from. So, to me anything is possible in this country. I would love to continue working as a tv host, but my dream job have always been working in movies which are is my true passion, so working as an actress and eventually as a producer in this industry will be truly a dream come true.

Are you also a model?

I am. I have been modeling since I was 17 and I believe it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. At least for me, it has taught me a great deal about how to show yours strengths and use your assets to your benefit. Also, in my case, I have used modeling as a means to provide for support to pay for my studies. Thanks to this profession, I was able to study English and get my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

muah - marcela urioste designer - patricia gomez-gracia

muah - marcela urioste designer - patricia gomez-gracia


#FFJUL14 |

muah - marcela urioste designer - patricia gomez-gracia

Do you prefer modeling more than hosting a TV show?

Uhhm. I would say modeling has a special place in my heart, and you can always go back to it. In fact, you need to love modeling and be comfortable in front of the camera if you want to work in the television industry. However, I prefer hosting as it gives me the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life and learn so much from them. Also, I enjoy the connection I have with the viewers that approach me in public places to say hi and ask me to take a picture with their children.

What is something that you want to do that you haven’t done yet in your career?

I have done music videos and many tv spots, but I truly feel that acting is definitely something I would love to do either in tv series, theatre and movies.

With so much going on throughout your life how do you manage your time to get everything done?

Wow! Including me, I sometimes wonder how I do it. The fact is I have a very strong support from my family so I do not have to worry at home to do the laundry, mop the floors, or cook LOL. so it really helps a lot and I can use my energy to focus on work, getting my MBA degree and this tv/modeling career I love so much!

What’s you secret diet?

The secret is that there are not secrets. To be quite honest, exercise! I love jumping the cord, and yoga. It is just quite relaxing and relieves some much stress. As I once heard, you are as young as you are flexible. | #FFJUL14


You’ve been on countless magazines and TV shows. What rituals do you do to get ready for the camera?

Well when you are on tv, you definitely become more aware of what looks good and what not. So, there are three things I keep in mind. One is my signature smile. It has to be clean and as white as possible, so I use my whiten strips before every show. Also, when filming, I like to do a voice check to make sure I am not too loud! As a good Latina, you kind of need to control that excitement in your voice so it does not show too much. Third, I am more aware of HD cameras, so I have learned that there are always make up tricks I need to incorporate to get the best looks possible.


#FFJUL14 |

muah - marcela urioste designer - patricia gomez-gracia | #FFJUL14


What did you want to be when you were younger?

I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. So a business owner.

Who inspires you?

Sofia Vergara and Shakira who are also from my hometown, Barranquilla in Colombia.

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the scene?

If you enjoy the spotlight, hard work and most importantly do not pay attention about what other people think (except your loved ones), then, you are good to go!

Who’s did you expect to win the World Cup? Colombia of course!!!

muah - marcella urioste designer - patricia gomez-gracia


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Fashion Faces’ second year promoting the global industry of fashion and beauty! Exclusive Interviews, how to’s, what’s new in the marketplace, creative concept spreads and the inside look at celebrity life!


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photography - miachelle di piano assistant photographer - percolate deuce post production - michael luna creative director + hair design marcia mcgovern of glam gallery assistant hair design - brynne dubin extensions - hair diamond italia mua - barbie tonick + alex ballesteros + jai romo models - briana rambo + fae williams kayle longanecker + marie simonsen set + floral design - brian vetter wardrobe - provided by la bella bridal boutique location - baisch & skinner floral design A special thank you to Christie Cothrun of Baisch & Skinner and her creative team for allowing us to use their show room for this project!


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Bold evening dresses for sophisticated women. More at http:/ | #FFJUL14

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56 72

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Up every mornin’ just to keep a job

‘Cause it’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows

I gotta fight my way through the hustlin’ mob

No one owns a piece of my time

Sounds of the city poundin’ in my brain

And there’s a long-haired girl who waits, I know

While another day goes down the drain

To ease my troubled mind

But it’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows

In the shelter of her arms every thing’s okay

No one owns a piece of my time

She talks and the world goes slippin’ away

And there’s a five o’clock me inside my clothes

And I know the reason I can still go on

Thinkin’ that the world looks fine

When every other reason is gone

Tradin’ my time for the pay I get

In my five o’clock world, she waits for me

Livin’ on money that I ain’t made yet

Nothing else matters at all

Gotta keep goin’, gotta make my way

‘Cause every time my baby smiles at me

While I live for the end of the day

I know that it’s all worthwhile

#FFJUL14 |


aking the acquaintance of many talented photographers has been one of the many rewarding facets of my role as Editor in Chief at Fashion Faces. Whether at events, photo shoots or online, I love viewing the myriad of images captured by our photographers; many of which we have the honor of sharing with the world through the pages of the publication. Needless to say, getting to know the ‘personality behind the lens’ is a yet whole other world of wonder worth capturing! One such personality that I have the pleasure of introducing is Portlandbased photographer, illustrator and mailman, Eric Wimberly.

My fortuitous introduction to Eric was made by Denver-based photographer, Mike Larremore, who shares in making the most to build relationships in the industry. How fortunate of Fate’s hat to tip its brim, presenting me with the introspective perspective, down-toearth interests and hopeful endeavors of Eric! Our time together was one of those social picture-perfect moments, seizing the very significance of the essence of every artist beyond their craft...down to their soul. Just before his 35th birthday, I inquire of Eric to humor me with an aesthetic point of view on his passions, profession, life, liquor, and the American Dream. How patriotic. Happy birthday, buddy.

Interviewed by - ediitor in chief, jenna belt

Eric, do you have any idea where all your creative talent

comes from? You are just divine, sir.

Thanks, you make me feel like a gold mine! I have no clue.

No one in my family is artistic in any way except my

grandfather. He was a musician, and quite the character.

By far my favorite relative. I’m probably adopted.

Well I guess the gene pool was damned up til you came

along! So what approach do you take towards your


#FFJUL14 |

photography? How do you “know” when you’ve got the

“right shot?” Do you feel like there is some thing

psychological about your approach to the perfect image?

I use photoshop, but not much. Just to tweak the

Good! I believe some of the most powerful

contrast. I never get in there and change anyone’s

images some in the “motion” not in the pose!

DNA or anything. I’ve been an artist my whole life,

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you

and I originally started taking photos as references

prefer shooting in a studio to outdoor?

to draw. Eventually, I took a photo that I felt was

perfect, and I didn’t want to draw it. Which made

something click. I had this idea that if I could keep

JUST acquired a Canon 6D. the self portraits

making photos like that, I might be on to something.

were with the MkII. and it was time for some

So to this day while shooting, it clicks when I see just

new hardware. The old one broke. It’s a

the right shot. I get a feeling that says “That’s the one

software issue, I’m sure. I could probably have

right there” on my approach: I try to capture the poses

it repaired, but I felt it was time to upgrade.

between poses. I want to show natural beauty that

people possess.

I have been using a Canon 5DMkII, but I | #FFJUL14


Has taking photos caused you to gravitate towards other

creatives? Are you learning (mentored) from/by anyone?

Yay for upgrades! ..iPhone 47S anyone?!


I haven’t really gravitated toward anything new except

that Ive gone back to film recently. (not exclusively film).

I don’t have mentors, but I have several influences

that steer me in the direction for latest styles and such.

I LOVE my medium format camera. There’s something

about film that just feels organic. Even the images that

don’t turn out well are endearing. Even the “mistakes” or

“errors” with processing turn out to be beautiful.

#FFJUL14 |


#FFJUL14 |

You have a point. Great




I believe at the core of our

Also the drawing of the ant and


being we should be able to work in this

bee... the reason why I chose those as

perfection of the shot. Often times it’s

type of liberty. hHowever, society and

the subjects was because they are the

capturing the nuance of the moment

the economy are at odds with this. We

blue collar workers of the insect world.

in life’s little imperfections. So, tell

should be the keeper (BEE KEEPER,

Round and round they go.

me about this “Mistaken Identitiy” of

hello, concept!) of our own schedule.

who’s behind the image of what others

Not to justify chaos due to lack of self

see, and those imperfactions which

discipline, instead... to freely GIVE

done, don’t they. #productivity #results

are the reality of who we’ve already

what we offer to the world by our own

#moversandshakers Curious. Are you left

accepted our work and selves to be.

individuality. I always thought as a child

or right handed and which personality

I believe our art has a way of portraying

that’s what made the world go around;

type would you say you are?

it to the masses. Hello. Let’s go global.

what I could bring to it.

Ironically, they do get the most


You have no idea how perfect

that is for me. My day job is that I’m a mailman. My best friend once interviewed me to show the differences in my daily life. when I clock in, I’m no longer Eric. I am 02266278. I am expected to be in the same place at the same time every day. I wear the same uniform daily. I walk the same route daily. Its routine on top of routine. On my days off, I’m Eric. I am an artist. I’m ever expected to do the same thing twice. I have no boss, etc... I could point out the differences all day. All letters and parcels are square/cubed.. lots of 90 degree angles. Can you say “boundaries?” With photography, It feels like my work is organic and free forming. I always tell my clients that 90% of the work I do is improvised. I never know what kind of shoot I’ll be doing until the model shows up with wardrobe. Then I go through it all and determine a location, look, etc. Which is the opposite from the post office. Everything has a set destination, route, schedule. | #FFJUL14


Also I am both an inrovert and extrovert. Yep, I’m weird.

Weird is good! Ha ha, I am ambidextrious too.

I get that whole dichotomy. What are your preferred

social activities? #extrovert


I’m ambidextrous. I do weird things with my hands.

I get privacy in my apt, but I can reach out and talk

to anyone. Or I’ll just go for a walk and let fate decide

whether something crosses my path or not. I attend

random events. Even things that I normally wouldn’t be

interested in. Shows, galleries, readings... I’m often just

a silent observer. Should someone approach me,

I could talk to them all night. People tend to keep

to themselves though.

#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14


Because of your job do you find

yourself to naturally be an early riser? Hence, on your days off are you already out of bed before the sun (to be domstically productive) or do you save your social energies for at night?

I am VERY well trained to wake every

make it come to fruition! So you are indeed proactive, curious and driven!!

day at 5:30. I usually only get a handful of hours

each night. I only sleep about 5 hours or so. Often until 1 or 2am, yes.

I saw on your TW that you are a

science enthusiast. (How can you NOT be!) How does your perspective of life and mindset towards the possibilities of all you can achieve motivate you from days to years to come?

My perspective on life is that If I want

to be something, I have to work at it. It just won’t happen on its own. So I can’t relax. I feel like I constantly have to be working. Even while on vacation, I have my caerma, and am constantly looking for photos. That happens because anytime I sit still, I feel like my mind is yelling “THIS IS WHY YOU ARENT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, ERIC!”

Yes, there’s a lot to be said for

taking initiative and having the discipline to

I feel that I am, yes. You mentioned earlier.. about the

“several influences that steer me in the direction for latest styles and such.” Who are they and what are some of the most impacting lessons you’ve gleaned from knowing them?

I adore editorials. I’m constantly

sneaking peeks at catalogs (while at work) and getting a feel for what’s new. I love that store for 3 reasons. 1- their brand is gorgeous. I get to grab a catalog and browse through it. 2- The art in the displays are often stunning. Beautiful installations. 3Every piece of furniture in Anthro is for sale. Everything. The one here in Portland had a porcelain table with a hole on one side. That side was slightly lower than the other. the hole was a drain, and the table was marked as “vintage butcher table” A table that used to be covered in pig’s blood now has shirts neatly folded on it.





biggest influence. They ARE lovely. Just walking around the shops is like Disneyland for Creatives!!Lastly, where DO you want to be? How would this satiate your existence and purpose in this space and time... (Do you have plans at some point to curtail the Mailman gig?) | #FFJUL14


By chance, are you a vinyl guy?

Yes, my long-term goal with

I have a record player and my dad’s records,

photography is to not retire as a mailman.

yes. I occasionally buy one if I find a keeper. Ive always

the postal gig isn’t that bad. It pays well, its

felt that my theme song is “5 o’clock world” by the

honest labor. benefits But I didn’t grow up

Vogues. The lyrics are so relevant to who I am.

dreaming to be a mailman. So it’s only SO fulfilling. Both. My dream job would to be

Such a great song! So appropriate!! I am

something that could incorporate both my

totally picturing you walking (the mail) and skipping to

illustrations with my photography (and get

this song. LOL Oh how my mind conjures these things.

paid for it).

Thanks for your time, Eric! This has been better than Bourban... for the creative soul. Smile for the camera!

As it should. HOLLAH!! Oh, now how did you come to know Mike Larremore? He’s the one who introduced us, after all. A few years ago, he emailed me and we met over a few drinks. We have been friends ever since. He’s a funny guy. Talented.

Coolio. How cool to know you both!

Finally, what is your beverage of choice? Bourbon. I enjoy al the subtle differences in bourbon. So many things can change the outcome. I appreciate the craft of it. I have 56 bottles in my apt. I’m a collector. I actually have a pretty low tolerance. You know who to contact.

Gosh... well you won’t be running

out soon! I think you’re ready for the Alcohol Apocalypse!!! Haaa!! Well since you enjoy it more power to ya! i say bottoms up on a good intro & interview to boot, soldier! I’m that way with makeup... but who’s counting lipsticks and polish? LOL


#FFJUL14 |

In my five o’clock world, she waits for me Nothing else matters at all ‘Cause every time my baby smiles at me I know that it’s all worthwhile... | #FFJUL14



89 | #FFJUL14


photographer, robin hagy Interviewed by - destanye baldwin

When you can photograph in natural light or in a studio setting, which one do you prefer more and why?

Do I have to choose one or the other? LOL. I love the beauty of what natural light provides, especially

during that amazing golden hour when it is so buttery and soft. Just illuminates so exquisitely what ever it is

I'm photographing. I am learning so much with studio lighting, and the ability to be creative with my shoots

as far as mood and feeling. In fact I've been experimenting more with using my studio lights in natural light

settings. Something about combining these together opens up endless possibilities.

What about the Bohemian culture made you want to use this as the theme for your shoot? (I bet it was the cool clothes and all that natural light)

Yes! You hit the nail on the head! I have such a draw to the natural feel of the bohemian look. As Jenelle Gee

and I were pulling this shoot together, I was thinking, “where am I going to find wardrobe for this look?�

I began going through my closet, and there it all was! I was so surprised to realize how much I am a bohemian

woman at heart. The majority of the wardrobe for this shoot came from old clothes I have, down to the props

and jewelry. And, Jenelle has such a great look with her hair and free-spirited style, that it just came together

so naturally. When pulling our ideas together it all just fell into place.

From your website it shows many different styles of photography. Why did you want to venture into fashion photography and what do you like most about it compared to the others?

My first and foremost passion is with pets. That is where my journey began with photography. A story for

another day. LOL I have been venturing into other genres of photography. I signed up for a local meet up group

whose emphasis was fashion. I immediately fell in love! I am drawn to the artistic creativity of it. It's so fun

to collaborate and try different ideas with looks, scenery, lighting and composition. I can keep it simple with

just the beauty of my model, or go to extremes with wardrobe, makeup, hair and backdrop. In fashion, I feel

I'm allowed to be expressive and stretch the boundaries that I might not normally have with my everyday clients.

photographer - robin hagy hair - jennifer duvoe model - jennelle gee location - folsom lake, california | #FFJUL14

87 93

You do portraits of pets, and in one of the photographs from "Bohemian Princess" you had a horse in the background, what do you think animals bring/add to a photo?

I specialize in pet photography, but have fallen in love with the fashion side of imagery as well,

and constantly trying to find ways now of combining the two. In fact, it's become my obsession.

Animals bring such an unexpected quality to images. There's nothing staged generally. What you

get is authenticity when they are introduced into the story line of an image. It's the connection

between the model and the animal that brings the photograph to life. Then the viewer gets to

understand that relationship in their own way as well. I love the unexpected, and animals provide

me with an abundance of it!

You use to work in the corporate world. When was the moment you realized that photography was something worth pursing full time?

I fell into photography through wanting to capture beautiful images of my dogs, never with the

intention of it becoming a business. I was still doing my corporate day job, and I truly thought

I was going to retire in the corporate world. But then, like for many others, the economy took a turn,

and I was laid off. As tough as it was at the time, it was like a blessing in disguise. I don't know that

I would have ever had the guts to just jump, and follow my heart. It was the push I needed. I took

some time to do a mentorship, workshops and practice practice practice before I felt comfortable

with making it an official choice to do professionally. I have never looked back however. Sometimes

fate happens, and fortunately I am now living the authentic life I was meant to.

You stated in your bio that you love the arts "whether it was

hands on and making it, or just appreciating the beauty of someone else's creations." What other forms of art do you enjoy or partake in besides photography?

I have always enjoyed the arts in some form or another.

I used to sing and dance in my room to show tunes! Ok...Still do! I have expressed myself through writings such as poetry and short stories. I have been known to draw and paint a little as well. Another huge interest of mine is crafts. Yes, I'lll admit it. I am a craft geek! I love to make cards and invitations for friends. I have a closet...ok, second bedroom filled with all of my arts and crafts supplies to make cards and other crafty things like bottles with jewels, pushpin boards and now items for photo shoots. If there is something I can bling out, I will. It's an addiction. LOL | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 |

You're still new to the photography world;

what is something you want to conquer

that you find challenging now?

Since I am still new to digital imagery,

I am constantly challenging myself to

learn and grow in general. Perfecting

my ability to understand light and

composition is an ongoing process.

Also, I am still trying to grow with my

animal imagery. I am continuing

to expand my portfolio to include

equine photography as well, and

would love to build a side of my

business to include a more artistic

look utilizing painterly applications

such as Corel. Digital painting is

a whole new world, and much harder

then it looks. If I can some how bring

animals, fashion and digital painting

all together, I am excited to see what

come up with going forward. | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 |

How has living in Sacramento influenced what and the way you shoot?

The beauty is, living in Sacramento provides limitless possibilities for

photography. We have such variety with backdrops and culture, that

lends to such a vast opportunity for experimentation. Where else has

the fine mix of urban and nature that Sacramento has? It's such a

blank canvas. I love that I can be doing a bohemian shoot one day

in beautiful fields with incredible golden light, and the next day

choose to do a more urban edgy shoot with an awesome cityscape

as my backdrop all within a couple of miles of the other. Also, I feel

so lucky that Sacramento has such a wonderful community of creative

individuals that I can learn from, partner with and create beautiful

imagery with. I couldn't ask for anything more! | #FFJUL14


FOUNDER PUBLISHER David Kidd Spear-header, Entrepreneur, Visionary & Architectural Drafting Designer. Animals & Politics. @Fashion_Faces



Principal Partner in Design &

Fashion Editorial Photographer,

Promotions. MUA & Stylist. Lux,

Nonstop Developer of Dreams,

Arch, Interiors & Culture. Lefty.

Chaser of Celebrity Content.

@JennaBelt @TheMuseStrikes

STYLE GURU Chris Garland


Spirited Style Spokesman,

Top International Supermodel,

Fashion Designer,

Television Producer, Actress

Music Producer.

Award-Winning Media Host.





British, Blogger. Writer.

PHX Fashion Week Asst.

Social Media Strategist,


Model Mum @fromABroad


COPY EDITOR Lauren Potter

Photographer, Fashion Designer.

Musician, Aussie.

Proofreader, Foodie, Minimalist, Singer,

Owner of Victory Vintage Boutique @Victoryvintageb

BEAUTY IN THE DARK - pg 134 photographer - emma-jane lewis

ADVERTISING EDITOR Angel Heide Advertising Sales & Writer. Speaker, Publisher, Author

of emma-jane photography

and Serial Entrepreneur.




photo - ralf klamann designer - sabine heisig of aviatrix








SHE COMES IN COLOURS – MELISSA HOUBEN, Photography - Netherlands



BEAUTY IN THE DARK – EMMA-JANE LEWIS, Photography - United Kingdom







SABINE HEISIG of AVIATRIX, Fashion Designer - Germany 176-189

Pg 106



Pg 120

Pg 134

Pg 148

Pg 162

Pg 176

To advertise with us, contact: | #FFJUL14




style guru - chris garland


#FFJUL14 |

Small Is Beautiful! jewelry entirely subverts and transcends the whole idea of what jewelry is supposed to be: each piece is a beautiful and unique object—an original, inspired and wonderful minimalist sculpture infused with Taniguchi’s aesthetic signature. Like the Japanese religion of Shinto, which believes that everything has a unique spirit and essence, Taniguchi’s work is infused with a sense, spirit and essence that surpasses mere decoration and costume. To possess one of her distinctive pieces is in many ways a spiritually uplifting experience! Certainly, there is the sense that each of her perfectly created and highly individual designs are

Each object is entirely rare: one-of-a-kind treasures created with the very Japanese concept





perfection. There is also an extreme playfulness at work, making it irresistibly adorable and utterly addictive! In a world driven by marketing and branding and the often vulgar dictates of fashion and trends, it is quite exceptional to find someone like Taniguchi, who seems to be entirely and wonderfully untouched by any of this! She occupies her own unique space in her equally unique and creative world. The only other person I can think of who shares this rarity and originality is the wonderful London based French jewelry designer, Maud Traon!

instilled with a certain very positive karma. japanese jewelry designer - rie taniguchi, london, uk | #FFJUL14

107 103

This month I thought you might all



However as much as so many places

like a taste of a little Mediterranean

destinations to choose from, some

have their beautiful adventurous,

magic! Because summer’s here and




it’s time to get online check out

Others a disappointing overpriced


those travel sites and start thinking

dog’s breakfast of fast food packaged

example! Particularly Jamaica where

about that perfect dream vacation!

tourism, designed to simply relieve

I have some wonderful memories

And most important, what to wear

you of your hard earned money!

(many of which I could not discuss







on that special dream trip! Because


memorable The





here!) Brazil, where I lived for some

your vacation destination, where

I have been fortunate enough to

time! And the truly mind blowing

you choose to go (and indeed don’t

travel all over the world, and to live in


go!) Is as much of a fashion & style

a number of countries including the

China!). I am going to focus on two

choice as what you wear!

USA (NYC and San Francisco).

or three absolutely ‘must see and

#FFJUL14 |




‘must go to’ destinations, which are in ever sense amongst the most beautiful magical dreamlike inspiring places in the world! These are Greece & Morocco! When I say Greece however, I mean the Greek Islands! Not

The Greek Islands though are a beautiful and romantic paradise!

Athens! Athens should definitely

However having said this, there are still guidelines, for in the

be avoided, particularly in the

summer months when most people travel, you need to avoid the

summer, when it’s an absolute

main tourist beat! This can easily be done by a good look online


at ‘Trip Advisor’! | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 |

Highly recommended is a bit of ‘Island Hopping’! Excellent and extremely affordable ferry services run between all the Islands! Indeed some of the Islands are so close together that you could almost swim between them! (Well, Lord Byron did!) | #FFJUL14


Greek food is amazing, and addictively delicious! Greek food though should only be eaten in Greece, for only then do you experience the true ‘sensual magic’ of what is a terminal food orgasm! And, to wake up in the morning, then find a small café where you can breakfast on fresh Greek Yoghourt, honey and fruit, as you gaze languidly out over the most beautiful scenery and sea, you have ever seen, is food for the senses! The ‘colours’ landscape and sea in Greece are legendary, and has inspired poets and artists for centuries! From classical Greek culture, to Lord Byron’s romantic adventures, you can soak up the soft gentle soothing vibrations!


#FFJUL14 |

There are, as I have said, many islands! Santorini is beautiful,

crystal sea, found anywhere in the world! (But avoid the

and is the sight of the legendary Atlantis! To stand on the

‘British Invasion’ in July & August!) Kos is very popular with

mountain top of Santorini, in the beautiful pure white town,

naturalists and very clean, with a backdrop of beautiful sand

and look out over the beautiful mind blowing scenery, is to

dunes and mountains! So if you are looking for a perfect

loose yourself in a truly unforgettable timeless magic! If you

magical romantic holiday that you will never forget, choose

want a little more ‘fizz’ with your yoghurt, then try Mykonos,

the Greek Island! As for clothes! As you will see in the photo

this though is the destination of choice for the global gay

images! Dress down not up! Soft loose cool and stylish!

community! So although wonderfully colourful cool and

No high heels, not ever! So start checking out the shops

stylish! Not necessarily relaxing for those looking for a more

for those beautiful soft floaty summer items, and book that

chilled out environment! Crete and Rhodes, are larger islands,

ticket now! (By the way, don’t forget the sun blocker, and

and away from the main tourist drag, exceptionally beautiful!

don’t worry about the language! Everyone in Greece speaks English, and they are all exceptionally friendly and helpful!

My recommendation though, is the beautiful island of


Kos! This is a stunningly beautiful destination! Kos is a

The next tip is possibly one of the most amazingly beautiful

small island, not far from the Turkish coast, with wonderful

and romantic destinations in the world! Morocco! And

scenery beautiful flowers and greenery everywhere! Go to

particularly the truly magical cities of Marrakech and Fez!

the northern less touristy side of the island, and you will see

(And don’t worry about going to a Moslem Country! Morocco

some of the most beautiful soft white sandy beaches and

is one of the friendliest safest countries in the world!)

#FFJUL14 |

Both of these destinations will seriously blow the mind

You can disappear into the huge Medina Souk, and investigate

of anyone who is of a romantic persuasion, and both

the wonderful and enticing delights that are on sale there! Stay

are a total trip for the senses! Indeed both these cities

in a traditional Riad, cheap, and pleasurable in the extreme!

should be a must see on not only your holiday hit list,

Wander along the maze of passageways, and don’t worry! It’s

but also in your life experience!

perfectly safe! Moroccan people are very friendly, but will all try to sell you something, including ‘Kif Kif’!

Marrakech is a truly legendary city, immortalized of course in the famous song by Crosby Stills & Nash!

What to wear? What to buy? Keep it loose simple floppy and

(‘Marrakech Express’)! And everything you can ever

cool! Pure Mind/India Style/Yohji Yamamoto! Soft Indian

imagine, dream and fantasize, you will find there!

Clothing, Flat Sandals! Scarfs etc! And Morocco is paradise

Which is why it was and is a favourite destination for

for terminal shopping junkies! The jewellery is wonderful and

artists, writers, actors and the cooler rock/pop stars! In

cheap (see photo’s), also traditional clothes , scarves etc, you

the 60’s, everybody from the Rolling Stones, to William

can build the most amazingly cool and ultra boho stylish looks!,

Burroughs and Yve Saint Laurent would hang out in

that will kill them in De Moins!!!!!!! And when you buy! You must

there! And you will still see a lot of the cooler faces

haggle over the price! It’s expected, and part of the fun! So be

from the fashion/style/music/art/film world! Grooving


on the magical Marrakech vibes! And while checking out the exotic pleasures and delights of The large main square of Marrakech

‘Jemaa El

Marrakech and dressing up like a 21st century Anita Palenburg

Fna’! Is mind blowing, and wonderfully exotic! It’s

(that’s the look!!) Who was both Brian Jones & Keith Richards

surrounded by cafés and bars, and the action is at

girlfriend in the 60’s! You must (that’s MUST!) spend a couple

night! You just sit in a first floor café balcony sipping

of days chilling out and being ultra cool, in the Atlas Mountains!

mint tea, eating delicious ‘Couscous’, and watching

The Ksar Shama & Spa in Quirgane, is on of the most beautiful

the snake charmers, jugglers, Berber tattoo girls etc

and mind blowing places I have ever been in my whole life!

Time stops, in this truly wonderful Berber style hotel way up in the mountains! Chill out round the incredible pool, surrounded by the most spectacular views and scenery you have ever seen! So with a few days of this and Marrakech! Any stress tension and worries, will be completely dissolved, and you can ‘Turn On! Tune In & Drop Out, and float around being ultra cool, in the trippiest boho looks you can ever imagine! Just ‘Digging The Vibes’!!!

And after all this seriously wonderful ‘Mind Candy’! You can head off to Fez for few days magic in the old city of Fez! Always (ALWAYS) travel ‘Off Season’! (This applies everywhere!) First of all it’s far cheaper, and secondly you will not be surrounded by thousands of stressed out tourists melting in the high summer heat! Avoid at all costs June/July/August! Best times are: May/Late September/October! Why people choose to come to Europe etc., in these absurdly over priced mid summer months, swelter in the heat, and spend their time trudging around cities looking at museums etc., is beyond me! Forget this torture! Head for the Greek Islands and Morocco for the most amazing and affordable vacations you have ever had! (and the coolest looks and ultra shopping nirvana!). But be warned! You’re seriously gonna max out that excess baggage!


#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14


Bad Trips!

Must Go! Cities (off-season only)

And Seriously Uncool Destinations! Definitely NOT for the

• LONDON - In the world, still the coolest most unique

stylish! So Avoid At All Costs (whatever you have heard!)

and cosmopolitan city.

• SPAIN: COSTA DEL SOL, IBIZA, MAJORCA Nightmare of trashy resorts (and people) High Rise Blocks/Hotels spread along the sea front! And the most appalling food!) • GREECE: ATHENS - A large overcrowded claustrophobic uncomfortable city! But great food! • USA: LAS VEGAS, MIAMI - Trashy, vulgar, loud! Miles and miles of high rise blocks and neon overkill! Plus the most unbelievably absurd and badly dressed people!

• BERLIN - The second coolest city in the world right now! • KYOTO (JAPAN) - Beautiful! Amazing! • BEIJING (NEVER SHANGHAI!) -

Beijing is a great

destination! But avoid high summer at all costs! Best time is October! Hot Tips! • COMINO - A very small island just off Malta! No roads, only one hotel! It’s paradise! Comino is a nature reserve,

• THAILAND - A package holiday nightmare!

only reached via a regular boat service from Malta, which

Simply awful now, and full of the tourists from hell!

takes around half an hour! The views are spectacular!

• BALI - Same as above

Forget all those Caribbean Islands! This is an absolute

• Any major cities in Europe, the USA in high summer! • DUBAI - Miami & Las Vegas from hell! If you like the idea of holidaying in a giant shiny shopping mall,

treasure! And for all those into diving and snorkelling, it’s definitely destination Number 1! And for painters and photographers, the ultimate in creative karma and inspiration!

with appallingly tasteless architecture, this is for you! (and Rod Stewart)

• For all of you outside the USA: Forget NYC/L.A etc.!

• PARIS - Sadly a shadow of it’s former glory!

Head for the South West! Beautiful desert vistas, cactus,

Dirty, disappointing and easy to get mugged!

sun sand and endless highways! Seriously beautiful!

• RIO DE JANEIRO - A total nightmare even worse than Miami (don’t believe the hype!).

Definitely the new ‘cool school’ destination, for visitors to the US! Start at Phoenix and just head out on the highway! So start checking those online travel sites... TeleText Holidays are an excellent to what’s available! And get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

London July 2014


#FFJUL14 |

Couture Headpieces & Fashion Design photoshoot rentals available




#FFJUL14 |

112 122

#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 |


#FFJUL14 |

photographer - melissa houben muah - nanette montizaan stylist/setdesign - willemijn bos of vintagecloset model - veerle van dam of bm model management


#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 | Fashion Brand MADE IN ITALY per tutte le donne romantiche.... perchè in ogni donna e in ogni ragazza ed in ogni donna vive una principessa da trattare con cura ed amore.... Casual chic fashion brand with a romantic style but that in itself also has a message: Princess handle with care it’s dedicated to all those women who still believe in love and have the desire to be treated right by men. #PHWC


photography + art direction - emma-jane lewis lighting - alan clarke photography wardrobe - oneofone by maibritt kokholm mua - patrycja firmanty models - maz ulvants + toni harrison | #FFJUL14

135 | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14

141 | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14


126 146

#FFJUL14 #FFJUL14 | |


is a photographer specializing

Photography is Herman’s calling, and it is the thing

in Landscape, Fashion, and Portrait Photography.

which drives him insane in a positive way. He wrestles

Because of his passions in art, fashion, architecture,

with every image in his unique approach and always

design, and music, his signature style is composed

brings out unique qualities of the images in every

of energetic imagery juxtaposed with simple but

possible way. As crazy as it might sound, he loves the

powerfully emotive elements. He was born in

dramatic feel in his work.

Singapore and having lived in a cosmopolitan hotspot there for many years, coupled with his extensive








travels around Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe

assignments including Los Angeles, Amsterdam,

and the US, his photographs sometimes boast of

Singapore, London, Paris, and Madrid. His work has

multicultural motifs while pushing certain cultural and

been published in online magazines such as VOGUE.

artistic boundaries.

it, M&M Modeling Magazine LLC Chicago, Institute Magazine, Fashionablymale, Elegant Magazine, Come

Photography has been Herman’s lifelong hobby,

to Island, and Beautiful Mag. Despite some of these

but it was only in 2011 that he became serious in

accolades, Herman maintains a caring and humble

Fashion and Portrait Photography after formally

disposition, and a professionalism that makes him easy

attending workshops to learn the traits of this

to work with.

field. He supplements such training by reading


up books to improve his knowledge, and constant

Herman currently lives with his partner and their two

experimentation with models on a pro bono basis.

Scottish West Highland Terriers in The Netherlands.

#FFJUL14 |

tank top + pants - marciano pants - marciano jacket - model’s own | #FFJUL14


dress - marciano hat + shoes - photographer’s own


#FFJUL14 |


#FFJUL14 |

top - marcino skirt - marciano jacket - zara accessory - new look

dress - marciano hat - river island shoes - photographer’s own

photographer - herman chow model - bo peters of elite model mgmt muah - aashvi visagie stylist - herman chow + kaman jim of itchy edge wardrobe zara marciano new look location - almere, flevoland, the netherlands


#FFJUL14 |

top - marciano skirt - zara accessory - new look scarf - stylist’s own shoes + belt - photographer’s own | #FFJUL14


dress - marciano jacket - zara bag + necklace - new look


#FFJUL14 |

top + bottom - marciano scarf - photographer’s own


#FFJUL14 |

photographer - ralf klamann photography designer - sabine heisig of aviatrix muah - franziska reise models - elisabeth sophie opfermann + anne naber of splendide models berlin


#FFJUL14 |



#FFJUL14 |

Mein künstlerische Ader pulsierte schon lange, etzt lasse ich sie wieder richtig zum Leben erwachen. Durch meine professionelle Ausbildung zum Dipl. Make-Up Artist möchte ich die Schönheit eines jeden von uns zur Geltung bringen. Auch durch meine Ausbildung zum Hairstylisten werde ich deine ganze Erscheinung künstlerisch abrunden Lass dich von meinen ersten Bildern aus meiner Ausbildung insperieren, was ich bereits nach ein paar Wochen schon umsetzten kann und ich sage dir, dass ist erst der Anfang! | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 |


#FFJUL14 |

wurde 2004 in Villingen/Deutschland gegründet. Noch im selben Jahr wurde der Markenname und 2011 die Bildmarke (Herzdiamant), patentrechtlich geschützt. Zuvor auf die Anfertigung von Einzelstücken spezialisiert, wurde im Jahr 2010 erstmals eine kleine Prêt-à-porter Kollektion veröffentlicht. Die Musterung findet im eigenen Hause statt, produziert wird in Deutschland. Zum Einsatz kommen ausschließlich hochwertige, wertvolle Materialien wie Leder, Seide, Wolle und innovative Mischgewebe. | #FFJUL14


schneiderte aus Passion von klein auf, arbeitete anfangs in einem Maßatelier und entschloss sich dann für eine Ausbildung zur Damenschneiderin, die sie mit Erfolg abschloss und die ihr eine Auszeichnung der Stadt Freiburg wegen herausragender Leistung einbrachte. Im Anschluss arbeitete sie für verschiedene Mode-Labels und finanzierte so ihre Ausbildung zur Schneidermeisterin die sie im Jahr 2000 abschloss. Aufgrund ihrer Abschlussarbeiten im Fach Design/Modezeichnen sowie der Meistermappe wurde ihr ein Studienplatz an der Universität für Textil und Design in Reutlingen angeboten, stattdessen aber gründete sie 2004 ihr Label AVIATRIX. Ihre Inspiration bekommt sie meist aus den Stil-Epochen vergangener Zeiten, die sie dann mit modernen Elementen vereint. Ihr Faible für die Kombination scheinbar gegensätzlicher Materialien wie z.B. Leder mit zarter Seide kommt oft in ihren Entwürfen zum Tragen. Der Stil von AVIATRIX ist sehr verspielt, extravagant und detailverliebt. Es wird grossen Wert auf die Passform, die Wandlungsfähigkeit und den Komfort der einzelnen Styles gelegt. Das Ziel ist, hochwertige, individuelle Looks herzustellen, die Spaß machen, tragbar sind und sich vom “Modeketten-Mainstream” abheben. AVIATRIX veröffentlicht zur Zeit 2x jährlich (Frühling/Sommer und Herbst/Winter) Kollektionen mit aufregenden Partyoutfits und Kleidern, extravaganter Streetwear sowie dazu passende Accessoires wie Gürtel, Handtaschen und Handschuhe.


#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14





#FFJUL14 |


#FFJUL14 |

photographer - geoffrey chuah stylist - kathryn blom muah - connie g makeup model - maddy pace for chadwick models + click model mgmt ny | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 |


#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14



#FFJUL14 | | #FFJUL14




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