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Kooomo is a powerful cloud commerce platform selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for 2016, with over 16 years’ ecommerce experience and trusted by 350+


international clients.

Product Management

With no hardware, hosting or maintenance costs, Kooomo is a cost-effective SaaS platform which,

Order Management

uniquely, provides all the technology required to manage businesses of any size, ready to go and out-of-the-box. Operating on 120 markets around the world, Kooomo

Warehouse Management

is the only multichannel solution with eBay and Amazon fully inbuilt in the core features.

Customer Relationship Management

Kooomo delivers an omnichannel user experience tailored to your business, seamlessly synchronizing brick and mortar stores with the online market, in real-time.

Marketing Management

Kooomo connects you to an ecosystem of trusted partners, across all sectors of ecommerce, working


together to help grow your business, with just one click.

“In 2018, more than 50% of commerce sites will integrate technologies from more than 15 vendors to deliver a digital customer experience”

Marketplaces Content Management System

Gartner Strategic Planning Assumption

One Click Integration As well as including the core platform features, Kooomo offers one

Clients are afforded the flexibility to pick and choose the

click integrations with best-in-class plugins that cover all aspects

integrations that are most suited to the business needs, as

of ecommerce, including marketing, a/b testing, logistics and

they evolve and change.

transportation, payment gateways and service providers. Kooomo distinguishes itself from other vendors by the ease at The one click dashboard currently includes more than 180

which clients can connect to the digital commerce ecosystem.

integrations, and with a full roadmap for more in the pipeline, the

These processes, usually complex and time consuming, require no

value of the platform has the potential to grow exponentially as the

more work or effort from the client than a simple click - resulting in

applications are added.

implementation cost savings and a faster time to market.

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Kooomo is a division of Zerogrey Ltd.