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October 2018

Farmlands Fuel Newsletter

In this issue: Note from Mark McHardy Staff Profile: Nathan Winter Welcome To Max Birt Sawmills Limited Gulf Oil Successes Fuel Truck Features Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd. Driver Profile: Elle Boyd

Greetings to all and welcome to the spring edition of Re:Fuel Spring in theory rather than execution at this stage. The front that hit regions early in September delivered devastation, particularly in the eastern and central North Island, to newborn lambs with an estimated toll of about 100,000. In many areas, shelter trees and hedges have disappeared for new ventures, leaving spring-born young exposed to the elements. Farmlands Fuel continues to trade well across all of its sectors, including bulk fuel and lubricant growth. We continue to work with existing and prospective customers in identifying smarter options around supply of their fuel and lubricant requirements. Our improved logistics model is well placed to handle the increased velocity of orders that typically ramp up at this time of year. Scheduling forward deliveries to meet each customer’s requirements is the key to ensuring you have fuel when you need it. As fuel prices continue to rise, we encourage you to be vigilant in protecting your fuel supplies from thieves. As with fuel compliance and safe storage of fuel, we can assist in advising how you can mitigate the risk of theft. For all enquiries regarding fuel storage and supply, you can phone our Customer Service Centre on 0800 666 626. Our partnership with the Challenge service station network continues to reward both Challenge customers

and Farmlands shareholders. We are privileged to partner with the Challenge network and I am pleased to confirm that our fuel supply agreement with them has just been extended out unto 2025. This result reflects the strong affiliation between the two organisations. It’s clear that the future of Farmlands Fuel is bright. However, our arm of the co-operative is about more than ‘fuel’ – it is about ‘energy’. We have begun investigating what benefits we can bring to the market in terms of alternative renewable energy sources. Farming in effect is the production of energy. As a co-operative, Farmlands is well positioned to assist shareholders minimise energy inputs, which in turn will maximise their outputs and profitability. Our goal is to establish Farmlands as the leading energy provider to rural and regional New Zealand. Thank you once again for your continued support, which we very much appreciate. Kind regards,

Mark McHardy General Manager Farmlands Fuel


Nathan Winter Name: Nathan Winter What is your current role at Farmlands? Territory Manager – Fuel, Canterbury. What type of work were you doing before you started at Farmlands? Managing accounts within the grocery sector. Tell us a bit about your family. My wife Krissy, who is an Aussie and I have two children, Liam (7) and Annabelle (5) along with a Chocolate Lab, called Maple and a cat called Buster. What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time, I immerse myself in

rugby through the winter months and get wet in the summer months diving and spearfishing. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? On a yacht sailing around the world skipping from one spot to another every few weeks/months. Where is your favourite New Zealand getaway? Fiordland, Doubtful/Dusky Sounds. What is your favourite tipple? Speight’s (pride of the south) of course coming from Dunedin but I am quite partial to an Appleton’s rum also.

areholder, To become a Farmlands sh : a person/entity must either for agriculture, horticulture, hold an interest in land used g purposes; or pastoral or other animal keepin al sector; or be directly employed in the rur services to the rural sector. or s od go rm -fa on es vid pro y predominantl 0800 200 600 | www.farml

Kingspan Diesel 12V Ute Tank 200L FARMLANDS SHAREHOLDER * PRICE $1,100.00


| Re:Fuel Farmlands Fuel Newsletter

The TruckMaster 200L has been specifically designed for safe transportation of diesel fuel. The lightweight, robust, portable TruckMaster offers users the ultimate convenience by remotely refueling on-site. TruckMasters come in three different sizes: 200L, 430L and 900L.

Important design features The TruckMaster can be easily lifted with its specifically designed lifting eyes or by using a forklift. Additionally, the unique internal baffle wall minimises fuel spillage when the TruckMaster is in transit and all necessary fittings are stored neatly under the lockable lid.

Go anywhere The TruckMaster gives fuel delivery a new mobility. With the efficiency of an oil tank in miniature, it reaches places a tanker cannot go. Rough land, building sites, narrow access points and farms offer no problem to a TruckMaster.

Environmental protection The specially designed area under the lockable lid houses the TruckMaster equipment in a secure leak-proof area.







Available from Farmlands stores nationwide.

$1,325.00 212347 *Terms and Conditions apply. While stocks last. Prices valid from 1st - 31st October 2018. | 0800 666 626

Welcome To Max Birt Sawmills Limited Max Birt Sawmills Ltd (MBS) has been operating for more than 30 years and runs a significant sawmilling and timber processing business. The team at MBS consists of around 140 staff at two locations south of Auckland, at Ohinewai and Pokeno. MBS has invested heavily over recent years, including the acquisition of the Pokeno sawmill site in 2012. A heavy capex programme has been in place since purchase to upgrade existing machinery, which has seen them double production at this site. This has also enabled MBS to increase production of high grade timbers significantly and target cut specialty products up to 7.2m long. Traditionally MBS has been known for its timber fencing products – palings, rails and posts but with the capex programme implemented over the last decade the company has evolved significantly, with multiple product

lines being added over the years. MBS now produces fencing, decking, retaining, SG8 verified framing, F7 framing for export and special profiles. With more than 75 acres of timber and some 6,000 different timber products being stocked, there is every chance they can provide for all timber requirements. MBS also pride themselves on having one of the fastest dispatch and delivery services in the industry. They are well situated to deliver to Auckland – Waikato areas daily and service other areas 2-3 times per week. This has enabled them to

uniquely meet customers’ demands. This requires a large range of vehicles and the fleet now includes 28 folk lifts, eight flat decks and trailers and 24 utes and wagons. To keep these vehicles on the move, working collaboratively with MBS, Farmlands are in the process of upgrading the fuel storage facilities at both locations. The larger tanks, with fuel management systems, will both improve reliability for MBS and improve Farmlands’ delivery efficiencies, mirroring Farmlands’ values of Integrity, Influence, Forward Thinking, Unity, Trust and Courage.

Gulf Oil Successes Growth continues for Gulf Oil within the marketplace. We have secured the NZ Trucks business nationally with branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Greymouth and Christchurch. We also secured the key commercial workshop of Ross Graham Motors in New Plymouth, which services a large volume of TIL Group trucks.

The Highlanders had a solid season and we were proud to be on their left butt cheek for 2018. Gulf does not do a lot of above the line marketing, so this partnership with the Highlanders was very successful at getting the Gulf Orange Disc on mainstream TV and building brand recognition for our consumers.

The consumer business continues with pace inside Challenge, with an exclusive Gulf Model Car promotion running throughout August. There were six different models to collect when refuelling at any Challenge station around the country.

Sander Kriek, National Sales Manager





1 9 6 8 – 2 0 1 8

To talk about seeing how Gulf Oil can help your business, please contact your Territory Manager or myself at any time.

1 9 6 8 – 2 0 1 8 LEG E N DA RY





0800 666 626 |


5 0 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y O F G U L F ’ S F I R S T W I N I N L E M A N S

Farmlands Fuel Newsletter Re:Fuel

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Fuel Truck Features IN CAB DG specified cab, including toughened rear window and modified exhaust system.

IN-CAB FEATURES: • E-road GPS tracking • RT for direct communication with schedulers • Mobile phone • CB radio for truck to truck safety communication • Bush Radio for forestry communication • Touchstar for direct invoicing and customer delivery info


| Re:Fuel Farmlands Fuel Newsletter

MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS Four internal compartments on both truck and trailer holding from 3,000L – 7,000L each.

TOOLBOX Toolbox and specialised spill kit. | 0800 666 626


PUMP Transfer line between truck and trailer to enable pumping from trailer compartments.

2.4m ladder with 1.8m climbing height restriction. FLOW METERS TCS Flow Meters for both petrol and diesel with full LED screens.

THREE DELIVERY LINES PER TRUCK: • Todo for high flow – approx. 550L/min • Separate diesel and petrol guns and pumps • Gravity delivery – approx. 1,000L/min

0800 666 626 |

TYRES 11r tyres, giving greater ground clearance and traction for farm and forestry deliveries.

Farmlands Fuel Newsletter Re:Fuel

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Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd With family and pride at the helm, Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd. owners, Peter and Jennie Johnson, are the third generation to continue on the Johnson family business. The business was first started in 1919 by Peter’s grandfather Eric Johnson and was later named Eric Johnson and Sons Ltd. to include his sons Allan, Sonny and Kerry and daughter Dorothy. In the beginning, Eric built several boats and began transporting passengers

within the Sounds. He later took on the mail contract and ran the Pelorus Sounds Mail Service for 50 years. Eric’s children all joined the business in one way or another and the business grew to five boats and one barge, all providing different services in the Sounds and D’Urville Island area. In the early 1970s some of the boats were sold along with the mail contract. Other parts of the business were retained by family members, with

Allan taking over the barging side of the operation. Allan, his wife Val and son Peter then formed Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd. in the mid-1970s. Today Peter and Jennie concentrate on the business development, maintenance and compliance while Skipper/Operations Manager Adrian Weatherhead and Office Manager Kim Weatherhead look after the day to day operations of the business. Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd. operates four main vessels. These range from the 38m ‘MAHOE’ (a fulltime salmon harvest vessel) and a motorised 30m barge named ‘PUKATEA’ (used for all general freight), to the 200ton dumb barge ‘HINAU’, which is towed by tug boat ‘TAWHAI’ and the 15m ‘TITOKI’, which is used for towing and lifting work, as well as moorings. The business operates in the Pelorus and Queen Charlotte Sound, D’Urville Island, Croiselles Harbour area, as well as Nelson and Golden Bay as required. With all these vessels to keep fuelled and with a busy schedule and erratic hours, a 100 percent reliable fuel supply is paramount. Farmlands have been providing Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd. with their fuel requirements for the last 10 years and have never failed to deliver. They provide a smooth and easy ordering and delivery service from Nelson, sometimes calling at the business two or three times a week in the busy months.


| Re:Fuel Farmlands Fuel Newsletter | 0800 666 626

Keeping family traditions alive, the business still operates ‘TAWHAI’, a tow vessel which was originally designed by Eric Johnson and was built in 1966. ‘TAWHAI’ mainly tows the ‘HINAU’, loaded with logs from Pelorus Sounds forests. Agriculture played a major part in the family business in the early days and remains an important part of the business today, with the barges carting around 10,000 head of sheep per year as well as some cattle and wool. Another key area that Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd. specialises in is for The New Zealand King Salmon Company Ltd. Barges run salmon feed out to the sea cage farms at Waitata, Kopaua and Waihinau as well as carting out young salmon smolt contained in tankers during the early winter, before harvest of the adult fish begins in August or September. The harvest vessel ‘MAHOE’ is busy all year around, harvesting from sea farms in the Queen Charlotte and Tory Channel when not occupied in the Pelorus.

Barging logs is also a major part of the business. Although it can be a bit up and down at times due to the factors of export prices and demand, Johnson’s Barge Service are committed to providing forest owners with a costeffective method of getting their logs to market from their remote Sounds sites. Swing moorings have proliferated in the Sounds in the last few years

and Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd are specialists in servicing and repairing moorings, as well as constructing and installing new moorings. From rubbish and sewage removal at Sounds’ properties to deliveries of building materials, fencing gear, vehicles, bulk gravel, heavy machinery, furniture etc., the list of goods carted on the barges is extensive.


Introducing: Elle Boyd Where are you based? Nelson. Where are you from originally? Mossburn, Southland. What do you bring to the team? Early morning enthusiasm (not appreciated by all). Tell us a bit about your family. I have a blended family full of young adults, plus some extras we picked up along the way. It’s large – I love them. What do you like to do in your spare time? Get away from my family – jiu jitsu and the gym. Eating out with friends, BBQs and beaches. Getting into the national parks.

0800 666 626 |

Do you have a favourite sports team? All Blacks. If you could invite three famous people to dinner past or present, who would they be? Hunter S. Thompson, Scarlett Johansson and Albert Einstein.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Wheatgrass jelly. It’s horrible.

Where is your favourite NZ getaway? Awaroa Bay. You’re blasted into space to orbit earth for a year what book, album and TV series on DVD do you take with you? Book: Charles Bukowski’s Tales of Ordinary Madness. Album: Queens of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyse. TV series: Family Guy.

Farmlands Fuel Newsletter Re:Fuel

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It’s all in the delivery

Your Fuel and Lubricants Team NORTHERN TERRITORY MANAGERS Auckland/Northland Peter Hopman 027 558 3308 Bay of Plenty/Coromandel Nigel McFadyen 027 603 0519 South Auckland/Waikato Carey Ellison 027 530 3008 East Coast/Hawke’s Bay Grant Miller 021 246 1010 Taranaki/Wanganui Grant Stachurski 027 774 4446 Wellington/Wairarapa/Manawatu Darryl Watson 027 545 4563

Head of Sales Jon Doyle 027 405 5235 Business Development Manager Darryl Burt 027 448 3207 Gulf National Sales Manager Sander Kriek 027 705 5439 Gulf Lubricants Technical Advice DJared Tointon 027 559 4457 0800 666 626

SOUTHERN TERRITORY MANAGERS Nelson/Blenheim/West Coast Phil Gavin 027 279 4020 Canterbury Nathan Winter 027 644 4435 Emma Haselden 027 574 9671 South Canterbury/North Otago Garry Ballantyne 027 279 2008 Central Otago/Otago Matt Petre 027 479 4342 Southland TBC

Profile for Farmlands

Refuel Magazine October 2018  

Refuel Magazine October 2018  

Profile for farmlands

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