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February 2012

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LAMMA 2012 Post show round-up

British olive oil? Neil Davey of Huggit’s Farm says ‘yes’

Farm Energy Solar is viable again - for the moment but what about other opportunities?

Precision Farming Event Putting precision into practice


TRACTORS John Deere 6320 P/quad, front Linkage, 2004, 4320 hours. John Deere 6420s TLS P/quad, 2005, 3097 hours, JD loader brackets. Massey 365 2wd c/w MF loader/fork, 8 spd. 3618 hours, genuine tractor. Massey 372 4wd. 3950 hours, one owner, 12x12 Shuttle, turf tyres. Massey 50E Power Shuttle 4wd. Loader, 952 hours, ex British Gas, jaw bucket. Massey 50E Power Shuttle 4wd. Loader, 1371 hours, ex Scottish Water, bucket. Massey 7840 Dyna VT F/Linkage, 50kph. Trailer air brakes, 2007. County 764 c/w Hiab Crane, Duncan cab, 815 hours, unique. New Holland TD5050 ( 95hp ) 2009, 1134 hours, 12x12 40kph gearbox. New Holland TN75s SuperSteer, 40kph. PowerShuttle, Turf Tyres, air New Holland TL80 c/w Trima loader, 12x12 Shuttle, just 625 hours. New Holland TL80 Two Wheel Drive, 2002, 12x12 Shuttle, 5190 hours. New Holland TL90 4wd. 2003, low roof, Air, P/Shift & P/Shuttle. New Holland TD90 Chillton loader, Air, genuine 228 hours, New Holland TM175 Suspension, 2003, f/linkage + pto. 40kph + Creep. New Holland TSA115 4wd. 24x24 g/box, 2006, 3254 hours, Air Claas Ares 826 Suspension, 2006, 2347 hrs. Front Linkage/weight, 4 valves. Deutz Agrotron M620 Suspension 50kph. Trailer air brakes, 2010, 1150 hours, PowerShift + PowerShuttle. Kubota ME9000 4wd. Only 193 hours, PowerShuttle, Air, weights, One owner, Turf tyres. McCormick CX95 Chillton loader, 2006, Approx.. 3500 hours. McCormick MC100 4wd. 2001, 4345 hrs. 16x16 gearbox, air, one owner. Renault Cergos 4wd. 2002, only 2475 hrs. LH Shuttle, one owner, 97hp. Renault Ceres 436 Chillton loader, 2003, Shuttle gearbox, one owner. Renault Ceres 436 Chillton loader, 2003, Shuttle gearbox, one owner, 4668 hrs. Steyr 9094 4wd. 16x16 g/box, 16.9 x 38, 3563 hours, passenger seat. Steyr 970 Quicke loader, 2615 hours, 3rd service, 70hp. Valtra T152 Versu 50kph. Trailer air brakes, 870 hours, creep gears, 150hp. Valtra T151 Hi-Tech 50kph. Trailer air brakes, 1073 hours, creep gears, 167hp.


Valtra N121 Hi-Spec, 2009, 1621 hours, F/linkage + PTO. Air, weights, 50kph. 600/65 x 38 tyres. Same 80 Special Trima loader, 4wd 80hp. 3328 hours, 3rd service. Zetor 7211 2wd. 4150 hours, 540/1000 16.9 x 34 tyres, very clean. CaseIH 895XL Duo 4wd. Only 4856 hrs. Superb condition, one owner. CaseIH JXU 75 4wd. 1154 hrs. P/Shift + P/Shuttle, weights. CaseIH JXU 105 4wd. 3373 hrs. P/Shift + P/Shuttle, Air Cond. CaseIH Maxxum 5130 P/Shift, 7341 hours, very clean example. CaseIH CVX 1155 Suspension 50kph. 2004, 3300 hrs. weights. CaseIH CVX 150 Suspension 50kph. 2007, 3518 hrs. 460/85 x 46. Weights, 4 valves, passenger seat. CaseIH CVX 150 Suspension 50kph. 2009, 2900 hrs. 650/65 x38. Front Linkage, 4 valves. CaseIH CVX 160 Suspension 50kph. 2009, 2796 hrs. 650/65 x38. weights, 5 valves. CaseIH CVX 1170 Suspension 50kph. 2004, 6024 hrs. 650/65 x38. weights, 5 valves. CaseIH CVX 1170 Suspension 50kph. 2004, 5276 hrs. 650/65 x 42. F/linkage, 4 valves. CaseIH CVX 175 Suspension 50kph. 2009, 2578 hrs. 580/70 x 42. weights, 4 valves. CaseIH CVX 195 Suspension 50kph. 2009, 3351 hrs. 710/70 x 38. weights, 4 valves. CaseIH CS78 Quicke 640 loader, 2002, 7100 hrs. 16.9 x 34 tyres, one owner. CaseIH CS110 Special, 5467 hrs. weights, 18.4 x 38 tyres, 110hp. one owner. CaseIH MXM155 F/Linkage + PTO, 2005, 2265 hrs. 40kph. Air cond. 600 tyres. CaseIH MXM190 Suspension, 2003, 5212 hrs. 50kph. 650/65 x 42 tyres. CaseIH MXM190 Suspension, 2003, 3377 hrs. 50kph. + Creep. CaseIH Magnum 225 Suspension 50kph. 2007, 2361 hrs. weights, 710/70 x 42, Passenger seat, mudguards. CaseIH Magnum 255 Suspension, 2006, 2717 hrs. weights, 710/70 x 38, 40kph + Creep. CaseIH Magnum 280 Suspension 50kph. 2008, 609 hrs. weights, 650/85 x 38, Auto Steer ready, Trailer air brakes. CaseIH Magnum 310 Suspension 40kph.

2007, 2607 hrs. weights, 710/70 x 42, Creep gears. CaseIH Magnum 335 Suspension 50kph. 2009, only 268 hrs. weights, 800/70 x 38, Trailer air brakes, Accuguide ready. CaseIH Magnum 340 Suspension 50kph. 2011, 436 hrs. weights, 710/70 x 42, Trailer air brakes, Full Accuguide. CaseIH STX Quadtrac 480, 2006, 5000 hrs. rear linkage + pto. 30” tracks. CaseIH STX Quadtrac 500, 2005, 5300 hrs. Rear linkage + pto. DIGGERS / EXCAVATORS JCB 2cx StreetMaster 4x4, very low hrs. Front jaw bucket, piped, rear buckets, Softride, immaculate. JCB 4cx Sitemaster Turbo PowerShift, 4 in 1 bucket, tidy condition. JCB 8045 ZTS, 2007, 1590 hrs. Cab guards, Breaker pipes, back fill blade, quick hitch. Hitachi ZX Zaxis 210 LC-3, 2010, 938 hrs. Reversing camera, breaker pipes, Quick hitch. Yanmar B25v 2.8 ton, 2006, 1214 hrs. Breaker pipes, rubber tracks, back fill blade. Volvo EC140 excavator, 2003, hyd.quick hitch, Breaker pipes, cab guards, good tracks. Volvo EC15 Canopy machine, year 2000, 2817 hrs. piped, back fill blade. DUMPERS Thwaites 6 ton dumper, 1998, 3400 hrs. Thwaites 6 ton Swivel tip dumper, 1998. Benford 1.5 ton Dumper, low hours. Ausa Swivel tip 6 ton dumper, 2008, 428 hrs. Neuson Swivel tip tracked dumper, 2008, 64 hrs TELESCOPIC HANDLERS / FORKLIFTS Caterpillar Th407 PowerShift 40kph. 2010, 1488 hours, trailer hitch, pallet forks. Manitou Buggiescopic 420, 4214 hrs. JCB 520-40, 2005, 770 hours, pallet forks. JCB 520-40, 2006, 1186 hours, pallet forks. JCB 520-40, 2007, 1043 hours, pallet forks. JCB 526s SmoothRide, 2005, Air cond. JCB 528-70 Quickfit carriage, 2156 hrs. JCB 310s, 2008, 2300 hours. Merlo P25.9 pallet forks & bucket, Side shift, levelling, 9 metre reach. Manitou M26-4 masted forklift, 3022 hrs.

EQUIPMENT Simba Horsch CO6, 2003, hyd.fold. McConnel 7 leg Shakerator/Flexicoil. McConnel 7 leg Discaerator / demo. Vaderstad Carrier CR300, 2004. Simba 23c discs, hyd.front adjust. Simba 3 metre Solo, 2002. HEDGECUTTERS McConnel PA35 Switchbox, 1.2m head. McConnel PA55 Forward reach, 2009. McConnel PA6000, 1.5m head. 2001. McConnel PA55 XTC, 1.2m head. McConnel PA65T EDS, V4. 1.5m head. Hydraulic roller, Linkage mounted. McConnel PA6570T EDS, Revolution controls, V4. 1.5m head, Hyd. roller, Linkage mtd. TRAILERS AS Marston 14 ton Grain chute, hyd.door. AS Marston 14 ton Grain chute, hyd.door. Air brakes, Super singles, 2011. AS Marston 8 ton grain. AS Marston 14 ton grain / cover. Salop AP160 9 ton dropside. Weeks 3 ton dropside. Weeks Plus 40 double dropside. MF 22 double dropside. Henton 10 ton Sileage. COMBINES Axial Flow 2166, 16’ header,1796 hrs. air Axial Flow 2388, 22’ header,1395 hrs. AFS screen, yield mapping. Axial Flow 5088, 2011, 20’ Vario, Only 35 hours, Case warranty, Case finance package subject to conditions. Axial Flow 7088, 24’ Vario, 2011,Only 124 hours, Case warranty, Case finance package subject to conditions. John Deere 1177, 16’ header & trolly, Chopper, spreaders, very clean. John Deere 9780 CTS Hillmaster, 22’ header, Chopper & spreaders, 1555 hrs. New Holland CT56, 13’ header, Air cond. Self levelling, 2050 hrs.




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Sheep & Lambing Lamb welfare and survival.

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LAMMA 2012 Post reports on the big event.

Forestry Wake-up call for Surrey woodlands.

News All the latest need to know commentary.

Education What’s happening in education.

On Topic British olive oil? Surely not....

Energy FIT scheme payments hiccup and more.

ATV All the latest news in the sector.

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EU Agricultural Policy could be “obsolete overnight” say Lords Proposed reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy “show a lack of ambition” and must go further to futureproof the EU’s agricultural industry he House of Lords EU Committee have today written to the European Commission to say that there is much that could be improved upon and that they are “disappointed by the overall lack of ambition shown in the reform package” in the proposals set out for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2013, although they acknowledge that many positive changes have already been made. Lord Roper, Chair of the Lords EU Committee, also said that the Committee “strongly regret” the fact that the CAP appears to have missed the opportunity for introducing new approaches


through innovation. They stated that in the face of our current economically challenging times, greater disruption to European economies could make the CAP, and other long-standing budgetary models, “obsolete overnight”. In a wide-ranging letter to Dacian Cioloş, the EU’s Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Committee have also said that: although they are pleased that funding for investment in agricultural research should be more than doubled, they are very disappointed that no substantial reduction in the agricultural budget has been made;

a temporary risk management measure for unforeseeable and significant risks around adverse climactic events, animal or plant diseases or pest infestations must be implemented, albeit one available for a time-limited basis; and that there is a fundamental problem with the proposal that subsidies be linked to environmentally-friendly efforts made by farmers, in that its ‘one size fits all’ approach lacks flexibility; rather, such “greening measures” should be identified at a national or regional level and recognise the substantial efforts that European farmers have already made. Lord Carter of Coles, Chair of the Lords Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment EU SubCommittee, which examined the Commission’s proposals, said: “There is much to welcome in the CAP proposals, particularly the new prominence being given to knowledge-sharing between

scientists and farmers, the extension of the Farm Advisory Service beyond cross-compliance and an increase of 30% in Union financing for a variety of innovation-related measures. “However, we feel that many opportunities have been missed to make a real difference to the agricultural industry and for farmers and producers all over Europe. Our challenging and difficult economic times demand bold and ambitious plans if we are not only to guard against making the CAP redundant, but also to make the most of the opportunities we have. “In our report published in July last year, we highlighted the need for Europe to act both quickly and coherently to ensure that the EU’s agricultural industry is ready for whatever challenges may come our way. The reform of the CAP is our opportunity to ensure that all necessary changes take place and protect the agricultural industry for years to come.”

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Kirkby Tyres are ‘off the road’ in a big way! A complete wheel and tyre service from one of the largest wholesalers in Europe. irkby Tyres have been at the forefront of tyre and wheel wholesaling and distribution for over 60 years and have established themselves as one of the largest tyre and wheel ‘full line wholesalers and distributors’ in Europe. With a head office and warehouse on a six acre site next to John Lennon airport in Liverpool and offices in Scotland, Ireland and China they can supply a tyre or wheel for whatever you drive!


“Kirkby Tyres has made it easier for their customers to access ‘the best brands in the tyre industry” Kirkby Tyres carry a vast stock of all types of tyre and wheel for all markets which includes a comprehensive stockholding of ‘Off The Road’ (OTR) tyres and wheels from leading premium tyre manufacturers including Alliance, BKT and Double Coin. Kirkby Tyres are the sole UK and Ireland agents for the extensive Alliance range of agricultural, earthmover and Off The Road tyres. Their OTR range includes a new wide based radial in the 650 pattern for use on Loaders, Dozers and Graders. The 650 has been designed with a compound that has exceptional wear characteristics and an all steel casing for superior durability and puncture resistance. The new radial is available in sizes from 15.5R25 up to and including 26.5R25. A new port tyre is also now available in the 309 design and is available as E3 in sizes in 14.00 – 24.00, 16.00-25 18.00-25. Completing the new line-up of Alliance OTR tyres is the 630 High Speed Crane 16.00R25 tyre with a special rubber compound with low heat build-up and which allows multi-treading.

Kirkby Tyres are sole agents for Double Coin in the UK and Ireland. Double Coin has an extensive and well proven range of OTR tyres – some of the latest additions include 49 and 57inch radials designed to go on rigid dumpers complementing their existing REM10 (E3) 26.5 & 29.5R25 tyres for articulated dumpers and scrapers and REM2 (E3/L3) 17.5R25 through to 26.5R25 and REM18 (L5) 35/65R33 for use on Loaders, Dozers and Graders. The Double Coin range is completed with the REM8 High Speed crane tyre which continues to be a very popular tyre due to its durability and competitive pricing. Kirkby Tyres are also UK agents for BKT tyres. A large stock of BKT agricultural, forestry, construction, Industrial, ATV, lawn & garden and Off The Road tyres are always available which includes the latest ‘Earthmover’ range. The BKT Earthmover range of tyres has made its mark in this niche segment of the market with an extensive range covering the dumper, grader and quarrying markets. Some of the latest tyres to enter the market include the 12.00R24 through to 24.00R35. Another relatively new introduction is the 29.5R25 BKT SR40 E4 TL Rock Grip tyre. With an extra deep ‘non directional’ sturdy lug pattern it is ideal for mining, quarrying and rock extraction. The ‘Grader’ tyre market is amply catered for by BKT which includes the 17.5x25 GR288 Grader L2 - a wide based, self cleaning tyre with flat tread contours and a large contact area.

08 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

It has an open spaced traction pattern which gives good grip in heavy dirt and extreme mud conditions. It has a tough carcase made from a cut and chip resistant compound. Kirkby Tyres also offer a full range of wheels and wheel assemblies for any fitment in the agricultural, rowcrop, trailer, wideflotation, hi-speed/low compaction, earthmover and industrial markets. All wheels are made to OE

specification, supplied in the colour of your choice and can be manufactured in small batch runs or in high volumes to suit your requirements. GKN one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural and off highway wheels has chosen Kirkby Tyres as a partner for the O/E and replacement market in the UK and Ireland enabling them to supply a built up unit for almost every application. Kirkby Tyres has made it easier for their customers to access ‘the best brands in the tyre industry’ with the introduction of its Midas on line virtual warehouse facility offering a 24/7 access to current stock at very competitive prices. For more information or any general sales enquiries please contact the Sales Team on: 0870 242 8800

“Kirkby Tyres carry a vast stock of all types of tyre and wheel for all markets which includes a comprehensive stockholding of ‘Off The Road’ (OTR) tyres”

| Precision Farming

Putting precision into practice Find out about the latest techniques and equipment at the Precision Farming Event, 7th March, EOE Showground. he Precision Farming Event, which is being held on Wednesday 7th March at the Exec Exhibitions Centre, East of England Showground, Peterborough offers visitors the opportunity to find out about the latest techniques and compare equipment from all the main suppliers in the UK’s leading technology exhibition. Alongside the exhibition of the latest equipment and services, the comprehensive seminar programme offers valuable information on a range of topics from industry-leading experts and farmers. Planned presentations include how smart phones and ‘Apps’ can help operators, a detailed look at trials into automated nitrogen applications as well as putting agronomy into precision farming. With a focus on putting precision farming in practice leading farm managers will be explaining how they put the technology into work in their operations. These seminars provide hands-on experience of how equipment can be employed to improve accuracy, cut costs and boost margins.


All the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers attend the Precision Farming Event. This year, for the first time, they will also be holding a ‘plug fest’ - checking the compatibility among different makes of controllers. This will include ISObus compliant and standard

equipment and is likely to provide some useful information for owners and operators looking to invest in new systems. BASF - The Crop Protection Partners for the Precision Farming Event: BASF is the world's leading Chemical Company. In

collaboration with ADAS, BASF have developed a Canopy Assessment Tool (CAT) for Winter Cereals geared to improved nitrogen precision through accurate estimation of crop nitrogen, and effective lodging control by providing a quick and easy assessment of crop lodging risk.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 09

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10 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

| Precision Farming

Making enhanced efficiency accessible to all But don’t sacrifice ease of use when looking to invest in a GPS solution. Sue Davies, Commercial Director at Patchwork, assesses the latest trends in precision farming with a specific focus on GPS guidance systems. When it comes to GPS systems for agriculture, the market has evolved at a rapid pace as more and more people recognise the


benefits they can bring. Advances in technology, combined with ever more demanding customers, have dictated that manufacturers continually update the capabilities of their systems and increase the number of applications they can improve. The outcome is greater

RDS debuts the new WEIGHLOG α10 onboard weighing system See it at the Precision event. he Precision Farming Event 2012 will see RDS Technology Ltd exhibiting its extensive range of on-board weighing scales including the new WEIGHLOG α10, which has been specifically designed for agricultural loaders. Incorporating the latest colour touchscreen technology it provides a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for trailer & hopper loading, batch blending or check weighing. WEIGHLOG α10 uses a 4.3” colour, hi brightness resistive touchscreen display and additional physical keys providing a modern and ergonomic operator interface. Suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments e.g. buckets or forks, the system can be retrofitted onto compact wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, forklifts, skidsteer type loaders and tractor loaders. The system measures hydraulic pressure using up to 4 sensors at a certain position on the lifting cycle compensating for pressure changes in the system. Enhanced stores capability comprising 30 products, 30 customers and up to 5 different recipes designed around animal feed mixing, dispensing and grain handling enable accurate record keeping and traceability. The system provides communication and data storage via SD card reader and USB 2.0 host allowing quick, safe and efficient uploading and downloading of data. Also new from RDS is the Combine Moisture Meter 100. Using the same moisture sensor technology as the renowned RDS Ceres yield monitor, the Combine Moisture Meter 100 eliminates the need to


make regular stops during harvesting to test grain moisture content and helps to quickly identify if conditions are, or are becoming, unsuitable for combining. Monitoring the moisture content of the crop helps to indicate its ripeness, enabling more timely harvesting decisions to be made in the field. Knowing the grain moisture content also allows it to be stored in the optimum location according to drying or cooling requirements. The Precision Farming Event 2012 will also see RDS Technology Ltd exhibiting its wide range of monitoring and measuring instruments for farming applications including the Artemis variable rate seed drill control system, the Ceres 8000i yield monitor system for combines, and the Delta 34i and Spraymaster 200 sprayer regulation and control systems. The company’s range of monitoring, measuring and control systems for major OEM’s will also be on display. Areas of expertise include operator interfaces, CAN based systems, wiring harnesses etc for seed drills, bale wrappers and sprayers. Included here will be the Artemis Lite – a product offering variable rate control and monitoring for seed drills. For more information on how RDS can help improve your farming operations - visit stand 15, go to or call 01453 733300.

accuracy, greater functionality and the potential for greater cost savings for the user. However, in many cases this has led to increasingly complex products with some manufacturers striving for improved performance at the expense of ease-of-use. Early adopters may take these developments in their stride but for a farmer or contractor new to GPS technology, the most advanced systems can be incredibly daunting, time consuming to set up and difficult to get to grips with. The result has been that many either put off the purchase altogether or fail to make the most of the system when they do buy. This is a scenario highlighted by end users, distributors and the media alike but one that the forward-thinking manufacturers have strived to address. If precision farming is to achieve widespread acceptance and users are to maximise the potential of their land, it remains crucial that the industry continues to develop more and more sophisticated systems – delivering greater precision and outstanding benefits. However, equally important is that they these

“The outcome is greater accuracy, greater functionality and the potential for greater cost savings for the user.” benefits are accessible to all – even those who are only just beginning to accept the possibilities of technology in agriculture. With this in mind, Patchwork has recently enhanced its range to reflect the different requirements and levels of experience across its customer base. Our class-leading BlackBox Advance offers the ultimate aid to precision farming and BlackBox Evolution takes this even further with the addition of assisted steering. At the other end of the spectrum, we have also introduced BlackBox Go. Simple to install and even easier to operate, it makes accurate guidance available to all. Crucially – to protect the farmer’s investment – each of these systems can be upgraded easily and cost effectively. More and more sophisticated features can be added as the user’s requirements evolve.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 11

| News

Spring Pulses may be winner Markets remain favourable currently but it’s quality that remains key to achieve good returns. hile growers of winter beans last year saw yields and margins plummet, spring crops were far more resilient and today’s values for human consumption grade have escalated to £250/tonne in the last few weeks. Overall, bean production is down 200,000 tonnes from its peak. With plantings of winter beans for 2012 drastically reduced there is a real


opportunity for growing spring crops to meet both the UK market for feed quality and export for human consumption, contends Phillip Wynn, director of Wynn Business Partnerships. “Markets and premiums remain favourable looking ahead to 2012 harvest with base feed values for both peas and beans today at £182/t for November. Premiums for human consumption beans mainly


Yield t/ha

Margin £/ha (feed values)

Margin £/ha (with premiums)

Spring Peas




Spring Beans




Spring Oilseed Rape






For full details, phone today: W. Bateman & Co Garstang Road, Barton, Preston, Lancs Tel: (01772) 862948 Fax: (01772) 861639

12 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

destined for Egypt with an annual market of c. 300,000 tonnes are trading at £20-30/t but will be subject to supply/demand factors post-harvest.” “Pea premiums depend very much on variety but for best quality Kabuki marrowfats values will be c. £275/t. So across the board premiums for good quality pulses have moved up to a higher level,” he says. So why choose spring pulses this spring? Mr Wynn continues: “Perhaps trimming back sugar beet areas after a successful 2011 campaign or as a risk management strategy to reduce the spring cereal area. With the cost of nitrogen continuing to stay firm the 40-50 kg/ha of residual nitrogen is now worth between £30 and £37/hectare to the following wheat crop.” “Quality remains key in achieving good returns though and unless soil structure is in excellent condition don’t grow peas. Spring beans are a lower risk but you can’t have soil compaction to achieve this level of returns – so minimise cultivations and chose timing of establishment very carefully.”

“Once crops are drilled, herbicide choice becomes a critical decision. Rate flexibility and residual activity are important considerations depending on weed spectrum, growth stage, soil conditions, and moisture levels,” adds Jonathan Ball, pulse product manager for BASF. “A pre-emergence application of a product such as Nirvana that can be used across all pulses can be adjusted to suit expected weed populations, meaning that product is well targeted. For example, on combining peas and field beans, a rate of 4.5l/ha Nirvana offers a one shot solution for moderate to high weed populations controlling the germination of weeds such as black bindweed, poppy, fat hen, charlock and knotgrass.” “However, for low to moderate weed populations a lower rate of 3l/ha is sufficient. For vining peas, dose rate can be matched to soil type ranging from 2.5-3.5l/ha – although a follow up post emergence spray may be required in some situations. Nirvana can also be considered as a tank mix partner for more difficult weeds.”

| News

Poultry environmental impact study notches up another gear How the poultry sector can produce food while impacting less on the environment. he environmental impact of different broiler and egg production systems is set to come under the spotlight in a project funded by Defra LINK, Scottish Government and DARD Northern Ireland. As part of the next stage of the multi-partner project looking at how the poultry sector can produce food while impacting less on the environment, researchers will be exploring a wide range of possibilities such as a change in diet, animal husbandry and new technologies. Partners in the three-year


project are Newcastle, Cranfield and Nottingham Universities, Moy Park, O’Kane Poultry, Noble Foods, Aviagen, Harbro, DSM, Waitrose, the Soil Association and the NFU. Nigel Joice, vice-chairman of the NFU poultry board and member of the project steering group, said: “This exciting project will provide invaluable information to the industry on how it can reduce its impact on the environment, something that is of increasing importance to consumers as we strive to produce tasty, high quality affordable

protein for a growing global population. “One of the key outputs from the project will be the development of a user friendly calculation tool to allow poultry farmers to estimate their environmental impact and model how this would change with adjustments to their husbandry or system.” The project has been using computer modelling to look at the environmental impacts of the sector, from cradle to grave, known as the Lifecycle Assessment. The first stage of the project analysed both broiler meat

and egg performance across a range of production systems. The second stage is underway and is looking at possibilities for reducing the environmental impacts of production. The project investigates, for example, the effect of replacing some of the imported soya in diets with home grown protein, or by increasing energy efficiency through the use of heat exchangers or other new technologies.

Genomics launched to dairy industry at the British Cattle Breeders Conference Speed and accuracy are the main advantage. 012 is the year that genomics will be available to dairy cattle breeders in the UK, confirmed Marco Winters, DairyCo breeding+ director, at the British Cattle Breeders Conference this week. The April bull proofs will include genomic evaluations for the first time, giving a more accurate prediction of a young animal’s genetic merit than has previously been available, and potentially increasing the speed of genetic progress. “A young bull marketed as a ‘genomic young sire’ may be no


better or worse than any other bull,” said Mr Winters, “but the advantages of genomic evaluations come through their speed and accuracy. “Through collaboration with North America and Italy we’ve been able to establish reliabilities of around 65% on young bulls, which is nearly double that of a traditional young sire index, but breeders are reminded that this is still below that of most daughter proven bulls” he said. “By having a more accurate assessment of animals at a young age, breeders can use the

evaluations with more confidence. And by using the animal earlier, generation interval will be reduced. The extent of the genetic gain will depend on the uptake of genomic evaluations and which bulls farmers choose to use. Even a modest 15% improvement in PLI would mean about £20 million for the British dairy industry over 10 years.” However, Dr Mike Coffey of SAC stressed the importance of having a good basic breeding programme in place in order to benefit from the availability of dairy genomic evaluations. “The reduction in

generation interval means we’ll be moving faster genetically,” he said “so we must be sure that we’re aiming in the right direction.” Asked if there was a potential for genomic evaluations to reduce the gene pool of the UK dairy industry, Mr Winters said that genomics could mean the opposite: “Genomic testing is significantly cheaper than progeny testing which could mean that more bulls can be screened prior to use in AI. We are also constantly monitoring inbreeding levels and genomics will help us to do that better.”

LIMEX Contact our sales team:

Tel 0870 2402314 • Fax 0870 2402729


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| News

Red Mite X concentrate An effective control for Red Mite and other insect pests in poultry housing. Available in 5L and 500ml. arrier Red Mite X Concentrate is a totally different approach to the control and eradication of Red Mite in Poultry Housing, with a high dilution rate of 1:20 parts water.


Our poultry range of products also includes Red Mite Concentrate, Red Mite Powder, Scaly Leg Spray and Anti-Pecking Spray for direct application to birds and poultry. Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate gives excellent cleaning, antibacterial results in Poultry/Animal Housing and also disinfects. The unique formulation has added benefits in controlling Red Mite and other Blood sucking / Biting pests. It controls Red Mite using a physical mode of action. The formulation has a slightly sticky consistency which when applied directly to insect pests, breaks

down the wax coating causing dehydration and death. A similar reaction is caused when applying to Red Mite eggs. Red Mite blood suck from birds and if they are not controlled with a suitable insecticide, they can cause anaemia and even death in poultry. Shake container thoroughly and dilute the whole contents of the 500ml bottle into 10L of water, ensuring the mixture is stirred well. Red Mites live in the poultry housing 95 per cent of the time. After they have had their fill of blood from the birds, they travel upwards into the poultry house and live and breed in the crevices and roof structure of the hut. Where infestation exists, felt roofs should be lifted and the whole area thoroughly treated. Continue treating the rest of the hut – thoroughly wetting the entire infested/affected area. Do Not Rinse, allow the product to dry naturally. Quick Turnaround: Poultry can be returned to the treated area once dry.

14 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate is non-toxic and safe to use around feed areas, egg layers and foodstuffs. Organic Farming Systems: This product falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended) and is therefore suitable for use in organic farming systems. Our poultry range of products also includes Red Mite Concentrate, Red Mite Powder, Scaly Leg Spray and Anti-Pecking Spray for direct application to birds and poultry. Barrier V1 Concentrate Disinfectant (High Dilution 1:40 parts water). Fast turnaround where immediate access and restocking is necessary. Apply to all internal structures, walls, ceilings, floors and posts, manually through a knapsack sprayer or through a pressure washer, orchard sprayer or similar. Independently tested at 1:40 parts water against a wide range of organisms and has an effective kill rate against a wide

Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate is a totally different approach to the control and eradication of Red Mite in Poultry Housing, with a high dilution rate of 1:20 parts water. range of bacteria including all types of Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Aspergillus. Available from all Poultry Suppliers & Agricultrual Merchants.

| Education

Coleg Sir Gar students pick up IAgrE awards at LAMMA wo students from Coleg Sir Gâr’s agricultural campus at Gelli Aur Coleg have carried off IAgrE’s student and safety awards, presented at LAMMA. First introduced last year, the safety award is presented to a student whose project is aimed at improving a machine or process and has demonstrated a sound approach to health and safety. This year’s award went to Gareth Hamer for his excellent project developing a power assisted sheep turnover crate. Alan Plom a member of the judging panel commented “Gareth adopted a sound risk-assessment based approach to design. The novel element of this idea is that it is solar powered and I believe worthy of including in the Health & Safety Executive’s Gallery of Manual Handling Solutions.” Joshua Brown was awarded the IAgrE Student Project Award for his slurry pipe cleaner design. This award has been introduced to encourage and recognise innovation and originality by students of agricultural engineering and landbased technology. Projects submitted for


this award must demonstrate the benefits of practical project work undertaken as part of their courses. For a project to be a winner it must also be innovative and demonstrate commercial potential. “The increasing necessity for farmers to become more aware of their neighbours’ environmental concerns, not to mention the need to avoid cross contamination, means that agricultural machines, particularly those involved in waste disposal, need to be kept clean,” said Richard Robinson an award judge. “Joshua Brown’s project addresses this requirement and, with development, should be a very useful aid to redressing the ‘Dirty Farmer’ image, “added Richard. The Awards Panel were particularly impressed with the way in which Joshua had defined a real problem, defined a possible solution and built and tested a prototype of his design. It was recognised that this was an area that had received little attention in the past and where there was scope to make a real difference in practical operation

First Walford lambs spring into life Arrival always cause for celebration. he first of 2012’s Walford lambs born mid January offered a sure sign that spring is not far away. Peter Paul, Walford’s new shepherd, has brought forward the first round of lambing to take advantage of favourable market prices for early spring lambs. The arrival of spring lambs at Walford is always a cause for celebration and the lambs attract interest from animal care students on Campus as well as those studying agriculture in record numbers. Organising this year’s lambing in two tranches (January and March) will not only improve revenues, it will provide a longer period for students to work with the lambs – an important benefit with so many agriculture students on Campus. In addition to the 170 odd lambs due this month we are also expecting a very busy time in the dairy unit, with 43 cows due to calve. This will see milk sales from the farm steadily climb over the next few months, the cows are


really responding well to the changes Neil and Mike have implemented over the last 12 months, all our key performance indicators are on the up. Jon Parry, Director of Walford, is proud of the Walford Farm and its growing reputation. “The Farm has enjoyed a very successful year with rising milk yields and excellent prospects for this year’s lambing season. We have recruited more students than ever this year at Walford and look set to repeat this success in 2012.” Potential students visiting Walford on the next Open Day (Saturday 4 February 2012) will be able to tour the Campus including the Walford Farm and the new Caradoc Halls of Residence. Later in spring (Sunday 11 March 2012) Walford opens its doors to the wider public for the annual Spring Lambing Day. For information about these two events or about courses at Walford and North Shropshire College please visit our website at or telephone 01939 262100

Open Evening Oswestry Campus Thursday 2nd February 5.30pm - 8pm Open Day Walford Campus Saturday 4th February 10am - 2pm Open Day Shipley Campus Saturday 11th February 10am - 2pm With special guest Simon Airey

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| On Topic

On Topic A great British endeavour

Premium olive oil from Britain? Surely not.... Neil Davy’s ambition is to produce British olive oil at Huggit’s Farm, situated on the hills overlooking Romney Marsh in Kent.

s our climate warms, farmers are being challenged to diversify and trial new crops. Just last month the Government’s Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) report highlighted opportunities for crop diversification as a result of a warming climate and longer growing seasons, as well as developing the capacity to produce food sustainably to meet anticipated future demand. Olives are a prime example of the profile of Mediterranean-style crops now entering British agricultural vocabulary. The


prospect of a commercially viable, home grown British Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is attracting growing interest and attention. According to International Olive Council (IOC) forecasts, global

16 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

production of olive oil is anticipated to rise by 5% in 2012, while consumption is anticipated to increase by 8%. The UK Office of National Statistics estimated Britain consumes over 30m litres a year - all of which is imported - and we spend over £150m per year on olive oil. That spend is projected to increase. Traditional olive producers such as Italy, Greece and Spain (referred to as ‘Old World' producers) have established groves and are well placed to benefit. Arguably however, ‘New World' producers such as Australia and the US are poised to reap the rewards from the projected rise in demand. Olive growers in these countries are adopting highly intensive production schemes and producing quality oils that exceed some awarding winning products from some Old World groves. We’re also seeing the rise of a more discerning consumer that is increasingly demanding greater integrity and provenance in the products they purchase. As highlighted in Tom Mueller’s book ‘Extra Virginity’, consumers are purchasing olive oil products from our supermarket shelves which are falsely labelled as ‘Extra Virgin’. In fact, many of these products are

made from low grade oils, blended with other vegetable and nut oils and infused with artificial colours and flavourings. As consumers become savvier, olive oil producers will need to new meet quality standards. Industry leaders such as Paul Miller, President of the Australian Olive Association, are forming an alliance to pressure the International Olive Council (IOC) to raise standards. Growers who are committed to producing quality olive oils are poised to benefit most, and increasingly it’s growers from the New World that are defining those standards. A little under a year ago we

“The olive trees we’ve planted were carefully selected from a small group of cultivars thought to have the characteristics and resilience to survive in our English climate.” started trials of six olive cultivars at Huggit’s Farm. Although we are in the very early stages and have a long way to go, our ambition is to produce British extra virgin olive oil

| On Topic

On Topic A great British endeavour

that can compete on the international stage. Our site is south facing, a mix of light clay on sandstone, well drained, not particularly fertile (which olives tolerate) and in an area with some of the lowest levels of rainfall in Britain, which we hope bodes well. The olive trees we’ve planted were carefully selected from a small group of cultivars thought to have the characteristics and resilience to survive in our English climate. All the cultivars have some common traits; their tolerance of cold temperatures, naturally, but also good disease resistance, medium-to-high oil content and distinct flavours. All are typically harvested early in the growing season before they are fully ripe. This helps give them their unique flavour, but it's also important as we will need to harvest before our early winters set in. Not all the cultivars we’ve planted, which include Frantoio, Leccino, Picholine and Arbequina, are self-fertile so we're also trialling some reputedly good pollinator varieties which help increase yields. Although wanting all our trees to thrive, we’re hoping that as we conduct our trials Mother Nature delivers her worst to put the trees through their paces. In preparation for planting the remainder of the initial grove, agronomists have conducted pH and PK tests and are producing Nutritional Management Plans. Site preparations are now being finalized, which will include deep ripping and ploughing, while addressing any nutrient deficiencies. We’re also finalizing the selection of cultivars to plant and are narrowing down a number of reputable suppliers of tree stock. In the summer we’ll prepare the remainder of the site and begin planting. Assuming a 6x6m planting scheme, we estimate the initial grove will consist of some 200-300 trees. Interest and support internationally from industry leaders,

olive growers in both the New and Old World, academics and horticulturalists has been very encouraging. In the UK, support from those already trialling climate change crops, notably Mark Diacono from Otter Farm, has been greatly appreciated. There is no precedent for olive oil production in the UK, so we are openly learning as we go along. We may not succeed. However, with the inevitable warming of our countryside, and if our trees mature, we hope to be well placed to benefit from the projected rise in demand for quality olive oil, which would be grown right here in Britain. You can follow Neil Davy’s progress at Huggit’s Farm or contact him directly via: email: web: Huggits Farm on facebook twitter: @huggitsfarm

| Red Tractor

Apple juice supplier gets certified Bensons Totally Fruity commit to Red Tractor Assurance for all their apples ed Tractor, the quality assurance logo that demonstrates high standards of food safety and animal welfare, is delighted to reveal that Bensons Totally Fruity is the first apple juice supplier to become Red Tractor certified. Bensons Totally Fruity, the UK brand that produces 100% natural fruit juice, will now use the Red Tractor

logo on all Bensons Totally Fruity apple juice products, offering assurance that all the apples used in their juices are sourced from Red Tractor certified British suppliers. The Red Tractor logo is a mark of quality assurance that shows that food or drink products meet high standards of food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare. The Union Flag featured in the logo also highlights a guarantee of origin. Bensons Totally Fruity’s Director Jeremy Benson said: “We are delighted to announce the Red Tractor accreditation; this not only gives us another unique selling point but also

the opportunity to support local suppliers.” Red Tractor CEO David Clarke said: “We are delighted that Bensons Totally Fruity is getting behind Red Tractor and showing commitment to quality food and great farming by becoming Red Tractor certified for its apples. This is a new and exciting era for Red Tractor, extending the breadth of product offering to consumers in the drinks market, with the very first Red Tractor apple juice. Bensons Totally Fruity has also recently become Red Tractor certified for its apples in its Chilly Billy apple ice lolly range and will be rolling out the logo on pack in early spring .

fter weeks of searching the nation for a Sunday lunch hero, Red Tractor is pleased to announce the winner nine year-old Freya Thackray from Bradford. Red Tractor had thousands of entries to the competition which was an integral part of the ‘Sunday Lunch Heroes’ campaign, encouraging people to get together and support great quality Red Tractor food for a traditional Sunday lunch. Freya, nominated by her mum, Julie, was chosen as the winner because she supports her busy mum and dad in the kitchen and loves to cook Sunday lunch for friends and family. Freya also helps with the weekly shop by looking out for the Red Tractor logo on food and drink. The prize for Freya, Julie and family is a delicious Red Tractor Sunday lunch cooked for them in the comfort of their own home by

ITV chef, Dean Edwards. Dean first shot to fame as a finalist on Master Chef in 2006, he has starred regularly on ‘This Morning’ and is now resident chef on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’. Julie, 50, from Bradford, said: “I’m delighted to have won this competition for our daughter Freya who is a huge help in the kitchen. Freya absolutely loves Sunday lunch, and I feel she really embodies what Red Tractor were looking for in their Sunday lunch hero – an assertive little girl who really cares about where her food comes from. “Freya loves to shop for her ingredients, and always makes a point of picking products with the Red Tractor logo on it, she knows this means the food has been produced to good standards. We’re hugely excited to have Dean Edwards visit and can’t wait for our delicious Red Tractor Sunday lunch with all the trimmings!”

David Clarke, CEO of Red Tractor Assurance, said: “We wanted to revive this Great British occasion by launching the Red Tractor ‘Sunday Lunch Heroes’ campaign. We had an overwhelming response and looking through the entries it is clear that many people are committed to quality food with a guarantee of origin. And what’s more reassuring is that children as young as eight are aware of where their food comes from.” The Red Tractor logo is a mark of quality assurance that shows that food or drink products meet high standards of food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare. The Union Flag featured in the logo also highlights a guarantee of origin. For more information on the campaign, please go to



Red Tractor gets full back-ing from Bristol Rugby Club’s full-back, Jack Tovey Sponsorship with a genuine opportunity to promote something of value, welcomed. wo local Bristol farmers, John Hore and Charles Bourns have combined their two greatest passions, farming and rugby, by sponsoring up-coming rugby star, Jack Tovey. The sponsorship aims to promote great food and farming through the use of the Red Tractor logo which will now gain exposure to thousands of Bristol’s rugby fans. John, a local Red Tractor beef and sheep farmer, said: “Rugby is


a truly British sport, featuring highly skilled athletes and it has a vast number of supporters who regularly go and watch their team each week. We thought the rugby would provide a fantastic stage to highlight the important role that Red Tractor farming plays in producing quality food.” Charles Bourns runs a poultry farm in Gloucestershire, he said: “A tremendous amount of effort and integrity goes into producing

18 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

great quality chickens under the Red Tractor Scheme and it is important that we help to promote this to consumers.” Every time full back Jack scores a try, the Red Tractor name is announced and it seems to be providing an extra lift for Jack who has made 56 appearances for Bristol and scored seven tries so far this season. Jack said: “I’m delighted that John and Charles approached me about the Red

Tractor sponsors, local Jack Tovey with his Red Charles Bourns (R) and (L) e Hor n Joh ers farm d by Lister Wilder MF tractor kindly supplie

Tractor sponsorship. I jumped at the chance to help support local farmers in the Bristol community and to engage spectators in something with real value.” For further information on Red Tractor visit

| Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions for farmers and landowners Information on the wide variety of options available will be on hand at the Energy Now Expo. nergy Now Expo has proved to be an extremely popular event, highlighting the sheer amount of interest in renewable energy that farmers and landowners from all over the country have. The next event is to be held at the Malvern Showground on 15th & 16th February 2012. There will be a conference to further explore and identify the renewable energy opportunities available to farmers & landowners. As the cost of energy (both electricity and heat) and the detrimental impact of fossil fuels on the world’s climate continue to rise, adopting renewable energy alternatives will allow landowners to offset costs and reduce their carbon footprints. These benefits, plus the additional income from the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-In Tariff, and from selling excess energy back to the National Grid or supplying local households and businesses, make renewable energy a shrewd investment. Readers will be aware that electricity generation from wind, solar, hydro and biogas have been supported by Feed In Tariffs since April 2010. However, thanks to


CLA lobbying, the new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) also offers opportunities for effectively heating your properties or businesses with non-fossil fuels. Biomass boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal systems and the heat generated by biogas from anaerobic digesters (biogas) are supported under the RHI. The RHI is the first scheme of its kind in the world and provides a 20-year payment for every unit of heat generated by your renewable heating system. The first phase of the RHI is targeted at commercial, industrial and domestic community heating projects, with phase two, for domestic heating installations, expected in the second half of 2012. Agricultural and rural businesses with multipleoccupied buildings, such as let outbuildings, main farmhouse and other dwellings fall into phase one. Choosing the right renewable energy system depends on many factors, including the available resources, cost and the proposed uses for the power or heat being generated. The event has been designed specifically for the agricultural and rural communities and is being held in association with the CLA and the NFU. It is

sponsored by NatWest Bank and will include: - An exhibition; featuring more than 120 different renewable energy product and service suppliers including Fisher German, NatWest Bank, EDF Energy Renewables, Envitec Biogas, Energy Innovations and, Aeolus Power. - A two-day conference, featuring specialists discussing the latest developments affecting the sector, the technologies and their viability. The conference will be chaired by the CLA’s very own chief surveyor, Oliver Harwood, as well as the renewable energy advisor to the NFU, Dr Jonathan Scurlock. It will combine presentations with interactive panel debates on a number of different topics, including: o Financial Incentives – FITs and RHI – Sarah Wells, Countrywide Renewable Energy o Planning your project, the do’s and don’ts – John Silvester, Planning Officers Society o Setting up and maintaining a biogas plant – James Murcott, Methanogen UK Ltd o Owning your own wind turbine – Laurence Duncan, ICE Renewables

o Alternative Vehicles – Michael Hurwitz, The Office for Lowemission Vehicles o Biomass heating options – Chris Miles, Econergy o Financing renewable energy projects – Ian Burrow, NatWest Bank o The future of solar PV – Ray Noble, Solar Trade Association o Why hydropower? – David Williams, British Hydropower Association In 2012, event organisers are also introducing a workshop area for the first time. This will be used by experienced suppliers and installers to provide practical advice on the steps involved in progressing with an alternative energy solution. The opening presentation, focussing on how to select the right solution, will be delivered by Oliver Harwood. Conference tickets cost £99 per person per day, which includes lunch and access to all presentations and panel debates, as well as the exhibition. The exhibition is free to attend, providing you register beforehand. To order tickets or for more information, please visit or call 01293 854 405.

Energy Now Expo Stand 50

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| Energy

MT-FARM – Are you making full use of your farm’s potential? Smaller AD plants are profitable. lot of farms generate vast amounts of liquid manure each day. Even though the solid components of liquid manure are ideal for use as substrates in AD plants, they are currently only used on a few UK farms to produce energy. All of that changed in the UK on the 1st August 2011 when the Feed-in-Tariffs for new plants producing less or equal to 500kW were increased. To ensure that even smaller plants with outputs of less or equal to 250kW would also be profitable to operators, a new tariff group was created that specifically supports plants of that size. The increase in the base tariffs for the small scale plants by nearly 2p/kWh means that the average total achievable income increases to over 20p/kWh. This effectively compensates plant operators for the generally lower electrical efficiency of smaller combined heat and power plants (CHP). Within the biogas sector, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


also includes a tariff for the CHP waste heat. Using this residual energy of a CHP is yet another means of increasing the total efficiency of small scale AD plants. According to the Renewable Heat Incentive, biogas plants with a thermal output limited at 200 kW are eligible for 6.5p/kWh of heat. The reason behind these tariffs is to provide an incentive and ensure that sustainable energy production will continue to expand in the future. MT-Energie has developed a biogas plant for decentralised use on livestock farms that is specifically designed for using agricultural waste products. Conventional 500kW biogas plants normally consist of two stages – the digester, the secondary digester, and a residue storage tank. However, it is far more cost-effective to make less or equal to 250kW plants single stage – ie, to make do without a secondary digester – and hence save investment costs. MT-Energie has extensive

20 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

experience in the construction of biogas plants with our high level of competence demonstrated by nearly 500 completed builds of AD plants. Our experts have also developed a concept for singlestage biogas plants that guarantees high gas yields while keeping investment costs to an absolute minimum. In an ideal case in this concept, the manure is pumped directly from the stables into the digester. Depending on the other substrates that are being used, the system can then be

fitted with the appropriate feeding system. Substrate comparison The following example illustrates how a 190 kW biogas plant can be fed and shows the plant’s potential yields from selling electricity and making full use of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). We will be at the Energy Now Expo in Great Malvern on the 15 and 16 February, and look forward to discussing your requirements at stand 14.

| Energy

Record year for UK manufacturer of small wind turbines Evance Wind Turbines doubles size of UK manufacturing facility & grows workforce by 25 percent. 011 proved a record year for Evance Wind Turbines, the leading UK manufacturer of small wind turbines. The Leicestershire-based manufacturer has seen sales grow by over 200 percent over the last 12 months, and enters 2012 with a strong forward order book for the company’s innovative R9000 small wind turbine. Evance has seen a large increase in the take up of small wind across the UK. Continued strong demand has seen Evance recently expand its facility, doubling in size to increase its manufacturing capability, and its workforce has also grown by 25 percent over the last year. This growth is also supporting many UK manufacturers who make up a large part of Evance’s supply chain. Currently the Evance turbines installed can generate around 9,900MWhi of electricity annually, so saving over 4,250 tonnes of CO2 emissionsii - equivalent of taking around 1,800 cars off the roadiii. “2011 was a record year for Evance and we look forward to a strong 2012,” commented Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind


Turbines “We’ve seen strong demand for turbines and we’re keen for the Government to continue its support for this important emerging renewables sector through stable Feed-inTariffs that encourage the wider adoption of small scale wind turbines by individuals, communities and small businesses. With energy costs rising by around 20% this year and possibly more in the future years, wind energy is a great benefit.” Commenting on Evance’s growth, Nicky Morgan, Member of Parliament for Loughborough, added: “when I visited Evance’s Loughborough manufacturing facility recently I was impressed with the company’s progress, its leadership in small scale wind turbines, and its commitment to high-tech engineering here in the East Midlands. I’m delighted to see Evance announcing such impressive growth, and it’s particularly satisfying to see a local manufacturer expanding strongly, growing its workforce, and winning important export orders. I wish them every success for 2012.” “At a time when the UK small wind sector is establishing itself as an important part of the UK

renewables sector, we’re grateful for Nicky Morgan’s continued support and her help in making sure we are able to share our views on Feed-in Tariffs and planning permission with the

relevant Ministers of State. We look forward to repaying that support through continued investment and business growth,” added Kevin Parslow.

Fre Energy Seminar success elegates attending the seminar hosted by Fre Energy Ltd, at their renewable energy powered conference centre in Holt near Wrexham, had the opportunity to learn about anaerobic digestion. Leading experts explained how the AD process recycles and recovers important nutrients from organic wastes making AD a viable investment option for farmers to efficiently manage slurry, chicken litter and waste crops. Fre Energy Chairman, Richard Tomlinson, explained the key differences between the Fre Energy system and conventional anaerobic digester’s as being; 1) what settles in the bottom of the AD – silt build up over time needs to


be manually emptied, 2) overagitation in the middle - less bugs can thrive, and 3) foaming at the top - reduces biogas production. The unique auto degritting and foam alleviation system developed by Fre Energy addresses all these issues. A tour of the operational on-site anaerobic digester and manufacturing facilities, allowed delegates to witness first hand the pioneering anaerobic digester de-gritting technology developed by Fre Energy Ltd, that makes this system unique, as well as the compact generator and user friendly state-of the art control unit. For further information contact Richard Tomlinson

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| Energy

22 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

| Energy

The future of Solar Power in the UK. Definitive deadline for FIT payment cut for solar is now 3rd March - so get your plans finalised now!

fter weeks of uncertainty and a mess of legal challenges over the latest Feed in Tariff (FIT) review for solar PV, the Government has finally provided a definitive deadline of 3rd March 2012 for when the proposed cuts to the FIT for solar PV will take effect. This opens up yet another window of opportunity for home owners and businesses to get their solar PV installations completed. However, this time round the potential benefits


are massively increased due to the significant further drops in PV prices we have already observed since the previous December 12 deadline. Under the un-cut current FIT rates we are now seeing staggering Return on Investment (ROI) figures reaching the magic 20% mark. And even with the proposed FIT cuts taking effect, in the unlikely case that DECC win their legal appeal against the previous High Court ruling declaring their FIT consultation illegal, attractive ROI's of around

10% are still achievable. If you are ready to move forward now, we would argue that there has never been a better time for this! Contact us to make use of our FREE supported service which we will help you gain a good quality installer who will guarantee to get your installation up and running prior to March 3rd!!! Or call 01300 345668

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| Feature

Shooting Show 2012 Premier shooting event is not to be missed! ix Huge Gunmakers Halls: Now packed to the brim, the massive Gunmakers Halls will be hosting the most comprehensive selection yet of main UK gun distributors, manufacturers and retailers. A huge selection of well known international gun brands and models will be available to handle and evaluate. Rifle Focus for 2012 – Hunting, Stalking, Target & Tactical: Following on from the incredibly successful launch of Rifle Focus in 2011 the concept is being continued into 2012. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of rifle specialists, information and services on all types of rifle shooting from Hunting & Stalking, through to Target & Tactical. All stands relevant to Rifle Shooting will be clearly identified with the Rifle Focus logo and clearly listed in the showguide. Airgun City: An air gunners paradise with manufacturers stands, major airgun retailers, accessories and a huge 39 lane indoor shooting range for rifles & pistols. Check out all the major brands and try many of them on the manufacturers ranges. A full complement of pistols will be on display with many available to try on the special pistol ranges. IPAS will be in action again this with their fast action pistol shooting along with Bell Target and the NSRA “Olympic Experience” 10 meter match ranges. There will also be plenty to buy and many tasty “Show Only” offers from a great selection of top retailers. Eight massive indoor halls – Warm, Dry & Weatherproof! More Accessories, Themed Areas & Specialised Shooting Services than you can shake a stick at: The British Shooting Show 2012 will be the most comprehensive yet with everything to interest the shooting enthusiast, including; Gamekeeping Hall, Gundogs Hall, English Gunmaking Craftsmen, Classic & Historic Arms, Knives & Field Cutlery, Shooting Associations, Shooting Magazine Publishers, Specialised Clothing and Outdoor Wear, Innovative Accessories, a huge range of Scopes and Optics, Clay Coaching and Competitions, “Taste of Game” sampling and cooking demonstrations, and a special “Get Started in Shooting” information area in the new BASC Pavilion. English Gunmaking Heritage British craftsmen are world renowned for their exceptional


24 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

quality of work. At The British Shooting Show you can visit The English Gunmaking Heritage stand and see a number of master craftsmen actually demonstrating their skills. A great chance to watch, learn and get answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. BASC “Taste of Game” Why eat Game? It's wild, it's natural, it's healthy - but above all, it tastes great. Live cooking demonstrations & tastings throughout both show days in the BASC Pavilion... The Knife Block Fantastic displays and trade stands of practical field cutlery and collectables form the best of British and international knife makers. Clayshooting & Competitions There’s a 50 bird sporting competition with a big prize fund, pool shoot with rolling prizes, MLAGB “Have a go” stand, Browning Rabbit Mania and, new for 2012, The official re-launch of “Star Shot” from the iconic 80’s TV show. The BASC coaching line will provide an ideal introduction to shooting for youngsters and novices, whilst those with some experience can up their game with some of the best coaches in the country. Gundogs & Scurries Always a popular area of the show, The Gundog Hall will include stands offering specialist food, health supplements and advice, transit boxes and kennels, training aids and accessories and a gundog training clinic with Andy Cullen MBE of Laochin Gundogs– winner of the Keith Erlandson Memorial Trophy, Trainer of the Year 2011. Plus expert training demonstrations from Lintran. The Gundog Scurries will be run by the Scurry Bandits with Open class events and novice categories. Visiting & Tickets You can buy advanced tickets by visiting the show website or by telephoning 01472 241439. Advanced tickets will save you money, give you priority parking close to the show entrances and you will also get fast entry through the advanced ticket only entrance. You can also pay on the day. Advanced ticket prices; One day tickets; Adult - £15.50 save £2.00, 8 to 15yrs - £6.50 save £1.50, Under 8yrs - Free Admission Prices on the day; One day tickets; Adult - £17.50, 8 to 15yrs - £8.00, Under 8yrs - Free The British Shooting Show just keeps on getting bigger and better. For more information please visit the show website at

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Designing for Natural Ventilation By Tony Hutchinson, National Secretary of Rural and Industrial Design and Building Association. roviding adequate ventilation in a building for livestock is probably the single most important factor to be considered at the design stage of a new building if the stock housed in the building are to thrive and achieve their optimum performance potential. There is much historical data to assist today's building designers, however, there are many factors (often outside the designer's control) that will affect the ventilation of a building. Factors which should be considered include: • the location and local topography; • the proximity of other buildings and their relationship to the building in question; • the size and number of stock to be housed within the building at any one time; and,


• the physical dimensions of the building in question. In addition to the above, the needs of the stockman i.e. so that s/he can complete his/her task(s) in comfort and without risk to his/her health, should also be a considered, as should the potential for damage to the building structure and fabric should the internal environment prove to be undesirable. Design Principles There are two natural forces which operate to provide ventilation in buildings; these are the "wind effect" and the "stack effect". At wind speeds greater than about 1 - 2m/s, the stack effect is largely overcome and the ventilation is dominated by wind. In practice this means that buildings are ventilated by wind for most of the time. However, most

ventilation problems that do occur in naturally ventilated livestock buildings occur during calm, still conditions i.e. when there is no wind blowing. Therefore, natural ventilation system design procedures virtually ignore any wind effect and concentrate on the minimum ventilation rate that occurs under the stack effect alone. The principles governing stack effect are fairly simple, but the calculation required to apply it to livestock buildings is relatively complex. Stack effect operates on the principle of thermal buoyancy, which is the difference in weight between two columns of air caused by their difference in temperature. Therefore, in a building, warm air rises and is replaced by colder, denser air from outside. The critical factors governing ventilation due to stack

effect are the height of the air column i.e. the difference in height between inlet (normally below eaves height) and outlet (normally the ridge height), and the power to drive the system i.e. the heat generated by the stock (i.e. metabolic rate). In addition, the outside temperature and thermal conductance of the fabric of the building will also influence the overall stack effect. A detailed design method was produced by the Scottish Farm Buildings Design Unit (SFBIU), in approx 1980, It is available from the Scottish Agricultural College or by purchasing the Farm Buildings Hand Book, published by RIDBA; it can be purchased from their web site at Buildings_Handbook.htm

Agricultural Buildings Show - Tuesday 27th March 2012 I Investing in buildings will be one the most significant and long lasting decisions that a farmer will make, with the results being a vital factor in the success or otherwise

of the business for many years. The Agricultural Building Show has been set up to act as reference point covering all faces of farm buildings. Its aim is to

bring together farmers and the trade under one roof to discuss the best possible solutions for the farm business. Entry: £10 on the day or £7.50

pre registered If you are interested in exhibiting at the show call Fusion Events on 0845 4900142

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Variable ventilation side Farm buildings buying curtain and ventilation guide launched by Ridba light ridge systems A Get yours now or visit Agricultural Buildings Show.

Maximise ventilation and animal performance.

alebreaker are committed to providing first class products such as our Variable Ventilation Side Curtain and Ventilation Light Ridge systems in order to maximise building ventilation and animal performance all year round. Years of experience have enabled the company to develop a wide range of products for use within the agricultural sector and beyond. Weather protection, ventilation and optimum livestock performance have always been at the fore front of their products and research methods.


“ The products ten year guarantees reinforce the companies dedication and experience in the field of ventilation products. “ Products that go hand in hand such as the Galebreaker Ventilation Light Ridge and VVS systems are detailed below with the features and benefits of both. The variable ventilation system (VVS) is designed to allow fresh, clean air in through the sides of the building together with monitoring weather conditions both in and outside of the building. Galebreaker systems are

designed as a replacement for traditional cladding methods and will provide three times better air flow than space boarding. A single screen can operate the full length of the building and can be adjusted to provide optimum air flow. Installations can be up to 70m in length for 3m high openings or 45m long for up to 5m high openings. Galebreaker offer two choices of drive mechanisms, cable and torque tube, and all automated systems come with an added pulse pause safety device. The Galebreaker light ridge launched in March 2011 has been designed to meet the needs of farmers and associated markets that require natural ventilation and additional light from their buildings ridge/apex. Both new and existing buildings can be fitted with the ridge and the three width choices of 1, 2 and 3m offer the same ventilation but with additional light transition on the 2 and 3 metre models. When used with the VVS ventilation system Galebreaker’s light ridge provides total ventilation control for the livestock building which reduces the risk of diseases such as pneumonia, mastitis and scours. The products ten year guarantees reinforce the companies dedication and experience in the field of ventilation products.

buying guide which helps farmers ensure they get a farm building that is properly fabricated, constructed, and safe and appropriate for use, has been launched by RIDBA (the Rural and Industrial Design and Building Association) in partnership with the NFU. Free copies of the four-page A5 guide will be available at the Agricultural Buildings Show on March 27th when RIDBA experts will talk about one of the biggest issues on the farm building calendar – the compulsory introduction next year of CE Marking. It was the impending CE issue, which could impact on the price of new farm buildings, and the major collapse of several farm buildings in the heavy snowfalls of winter 2010/11, that prompted RIDBA to publish the guide with the help of the NFU. CE Marking will apply to all steel, concrete and timber frames used in the UK from July 2013 when it will become a criminal offense to supply a frame without a CE Mark. Complying with this legislation will prove costly for manufacturers and fabricators and some may choose to pass that cost onto their client – farmers. As well as CE Marking, the RIDBA guide provides information on meeting Building Regulations, British Standards and Health and Safety obligations and whether or not planning permission is required for specific farm

buildings. It also advises on design classifications and build considerations, self-builds, insurance, and loadings including renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. RIDBA secretary Tony

“It was the impending CE issue, which could impact on the price of new farm buildings, and the major collapse of several farm buildings in the heavy snowfalls of winter 2010/11, that prompted RIDBA to publish the guide with the help of the NFU.” Hutchinson said: “The guide aims to give farmers the knowledge to ask the right questions when buying a farm building so they get a building that is properly fabricated, constructed, safe and most appropriate for their intended use. “The CE Marking issue alone demonstrates how important it is for farmers to use contractors which are reputable and competent in health and safety and we can help them find one in their area.” RIDBA’s Farm Building Buying Guide is available to download at ing_guide.pdf.

Bespoke solutions from Bowie Lockwood ‘Can do’ friendly and professional advice on offer. owie Lockwood Structures Ltd has offered a bespoke solution to the building requirements of the agricultural sector since 1995. Whatever the requirements of the client, be it a basic kit frame or a ready for use grain drying facility, their experienced team is able to offer friendly and professional advice from development of the initial idea through to handing over of the completed project. Bowie Lockwood’s aim is to offer a service tailored to fit the budget of the individual. They can undertake every aspect of a project from the planning application through to


electrical installation, or any selection of these elements as the client should wish, and are always willing to work with or project manage any specialist subcontractors that may be required. Bowie Lockwood is a corporate member of RIDBA, a guarantee of their attention to design detail and health & safety management. Bowie Lockwood will again be at the Agricultural Buildings Show, Stoneleigh, on Tuesday 27 March (Stand 20) and would be pleased to discuss any aspect of your building requirements.

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New Fumigation Conference for 2012 The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) launches important new event. eing held on 27th March 2012 at BPCA’s offices in Derby, the conference aims to address the serious health risk issues of those working around grain shipments, and raise awareness of these. Aware of the pressure fumigators face from grain companies to give shipments the ‘all clear’ when dangerous levels of gas are still present, BPCA’s Fumigation & Controlled Environments Forum (FaCE)


identified the need for industry briefings to raise awareness and establish and clarify best practice. David Heaton, Chairman of FaCE comments “the Conference is designed to increase knowledge levels about the risks posed by fumigation carried out on bulk grain in ships’ holds, and also the risks associated with fumigated cargo containers. Our aim is to open lines of communication with major grain import/export/transport companies

in the UK and overseas”. As such, the conference has been planned to be of relevance to anyone who works in, or is associated with: Port Health Authority management; the grain industry; the transport & haulage industry, and of course professional fumigators. Speakers include Mike Kelly of Acheta Consulting, who lectures on BPCA’s five day fumigation course, is well known and respected throughout the

worldwide fumigation and pest control industry, with topics included of phosphine deaths on ships and explosions due to misuse of product. Other speakers and topics will be announced shortly. To book your place, see attached booking form or go the BPCA’s website, email or call 01332 294288.

New design high efficiency mobile dryers Subheader n 2012 two of Dan-Corn’s continuous flow/batch mobile dryers are to be supplied with centrifugal rather than axial flow fans which will enable them to incorporate an air recirculation/heat recovery system in continuous mode further enhancing their position as one of the simplest and most efficient mobile dryers on the market today. Whilst the smaller DC12CELP dryer will retain the single axial flow fan allowing it to be used as a batch dryer or continuous flow dryer discharging grain for cooling in the store the two larger DC163CELP and DC243CELP models will now utilise a single centrifugal fan giving the dyers two very distinct features. The first is the heat recovery facility which will allow the heat gained from the cooling section to be cycled for re-heating thereby reducing gas consumption and saving fuel the costs of which can be considerable in wet harvest conditions. The second feature is the reduced noise levels afforded


28 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

by the belt driven double inlet double width (DIDW) centrifugal fan units which will be welcomed in many locations. All the dryers meet the E.U. CE requirements, are LPG gas fired to guarantee the best possible clean burn, free from the contamination which can sometimes occur with oil fired burners and all dryers incorporate the unique “Quad Metering” discharger system plus the “QuadraTouch” touch screen control system With excellent capacities, a low and narrow profile the DC12, DC163 & DC243 provide dryers to suit most mobile users requirements.

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Grain Storage: Keeping it cool Significantly reduce problems - follow best practice. ith a great deal of attention focused on producing grain to the right specification, it is important that this effort continues during grain storage to reduce food and feed safety problems. A crucial part of post-harvest management is getting grain to the target temperature detailed within HGCA’s recently updated Grain storage guide, and keeping it there. If a storekeeper can get this right, the risks associated with insects, mites and fungi that can compromise quality and lead to loss of premiums through claims and rejections can be significantly reduced. But hitting and maintaining these targets can be a challenge, especially during mild periods of weather. Met Office data show that last December was the mildest since December 2006 and was 5 °C warmer than December 2010. This annual variability in temperatures makes hitting target temperatures at the end of each year challenging. The key is to ensure that grain stores are able to keep their cool whatever the weather. Currently, many storekeepers switch fans on overnight to pull


cooler ambient air through warmer grain. However, HGCA-funded research has shown that is better to automate this process through the use of differential thermostats. This relatively low-cost technology instructs fans to turn on only when the air outside is cooler than the air around the grain. Typically, the automated approach causes fans to turn on more frequently in shorter bursts. When trialled in arable farmer Stewart Vernon’s grain store, the technology helped to achieve cooling targets and significantly cut energy use (40% savings in electricity costs in HGCA-funded trials), due to reduced total fan running times. Despite differential thermostat technology being around for years, uptake is low. However, the need to hit cooling targets is likely to increase in the future as food safety requirements become stricter and crop protection options in grain stores become more limited. Additional pressures resulting from volatile energy prices and climatic variability means that now might be the right time to consider investing in automated cooling technologies. For more information visit

Command Pest Control The grain specialists Avoid costly rejections. he company was established in 1986 and provides a wide range of services mainly tailored to agriculture and especially those handling grain. With its nationwide grain care and fumigation services, the company is also involved in cleaning and pre harvest insect treatments. Wheat and barley are probably the most susceptible crops to infestations because post harvested insects can be found outside and inside the storage facility. When in storage bins or in a flat store grain may still be warm providing an excellent habitat for stored-grain insects. Warm areas in the heap often indicate insect or spoilage problems. Turning and ventilation may not be enough and fumigation is then sometimes the only option to avoid costly rejections. Monitoring starts post harvest with traps, visual checks and a report is filled in after every visit, recording temperature, moisture and whether insects, rodents or


birds or spoil grain is discovered. Command is able to advise the farmer when cooling is required in order to keep the grain in good condition. Rodent control may be necessary if infestation is recorded. There is no minimum charge and we provide a free survey. We can provide a rapid response and have local technicians in all areas. Treatment can be to commodities in containers, flat stores, bulk grain and silos. We also treat beans and seeds. With the help of our specialist experienced staff we can identify pest species and provide expert advice along with free surveys for all our services.

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| Sheep & Lambing

British Wool Marketing Board’s updated 2011 wool clip price predictions to be talking point at Eastern NSA Winter Fair Farmers may not always appreciate the work BWMB does throughout the supply chain. armers and visitors to this month’s Eastern Region NSA Winter Fair will have the chance to discuss the British Wool Marketing Board’s updated 2011 wool clip price predictions with BWMB staff and representatives. The BWMB stand at the new event being staged at Melton Mowbray Market, Leicestershire, will also highlight the work being done by BWMB to expand the market for British Wool, explained BWMB Producer Relations Manager Gareth Jones. But for many the talking point of the event will be the BWMB price predictions which once again paint a healthy picture of the British and global wool


market, he said. The event will have a clear farmer focus and the BWMB’s presence will be a good chance to show farmers how BWMB is marketing British Wool. “While current auction wool prices are strong, to ensure these prices are maintained in the current economic climate we need to ensure that consumers understand the many beneficial qualities of British wool,” said Mr Jones. One key element of this ongoing promotional work is BWMB’s involvement in the Campaign for Wool which will also be highlighted on the stand as part of the organisation’s promotional activities. And alongside BWMB staff the

30 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

BWMB Chairman, Northumbrian sheep farmer Malcolm Corbett, will also be at the event and will address a seminar, focussing on the value farmers gain from selling their wool through the auction system. “The BWMB plans, rosters and sets reserves for the auctions and, as a strong seller, is able to ensure the best prices are achieved. “Farmers may not always appreciate the work BWMB does throughout the supply chain, but it is the organisation’s complete chain involvement which places BWMB in a unique position to be able to help the UK sheep industry extract maximum value from its wool,” said Mr Corbett. “Wherever in the UK a sheep

farmer is they can sell their wool through the BWMB. There is no preferential treatment to larger farmers or those in more sheep dense areas, everyone is equal. “And the same is true no matter what breed of sheep farmers have. We collect, grade and market all wools, rather than cherry picking the best. This collective marketing and the competitive auction system run by BWMB from its Bradford headquarters are the drivers in ensuring all farmers receive the best possible price for their wool.” “The fact is that no one else offers the level of service or competitive edge that the BWMB does” said Mr Corbett

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Lamb welfare and survival Success of a sheep enterprise depends on it. amb welfare is a critical factor in determining the success of a sheep enterprise and most of the key decisions and actions taken by the farmer centre around lambing time itself. We detail common welfare and management practices. Lambing outdoors is normally the healthiest option as bacterial infections are of lower incidence in the open air. However, there are risks to young lambs from exposure in cold conditions, predation by foxes and mismothering generally (ewes lose track of their lambs or they are taken over by other ewes that have not yet lambed). Where these problems are expected, the farmer may choose to house the flock for lambing. If a ewe is housed it is essential that she comes to a pen that is clean and sterile as both she and the lamb will be prone to the bacterial infections that build up within housing. The simple application of a sterilising solution will be inadequate protection and pens need to be thoroughly cleaned of all bedding before sterilisation takes place. Lambs that are weak or are born in very cold conditions benefit from heat, either supplied by an infra red lamp or fan heater. Such heat can also be used to revive lambs that have suffered


from exposure following a rapid deterioration in weather conditions. During the process of lambing, the umbilical cord that attached the lamb to the placenta of the ewe will break. A small thread of this will remain on the lamb and dry up naturally in the first few days of life. Whilst this is generally safe for the lamb in outdoor conditions, the risk of bacterial infection arising indoors is high. Farmers therefore tend to treat the navel of the lamb with an iodine solution that prevents infection. Some ewes will produce more lambs that they can properly feed and help using milk substitutes will be given to lambs that are not getting sufficient milk. This substitute is an expensive but specially formulated colostrum milk powder. Colostrum is the first milk of the animal after birth and is rich in antibodies that help protect the newborn animal from disease. Natural colostrum or milk from other ewes or even cows can be used. Licking will continue for some minutes and during this time the lamb will be gaining strength and starting to think about milk! Within the first three days of the lambs life, the farmer will ring the lamb's tail. A tight rubber band is placed near the top of the tail with calipers. This

restricts and eventually stops the flow of blood to the tail which falls off after a few weeks. Although this causes the lamb some discomfort for the first 24 hours, it is an effective and safe way of removing the majority of the tail which greatly reduces the risk of fly strike - a debilitating problem that can quickly lead to death. In much the same way that the tail is "docked", so ram lambs that are not due to become breeding stock are castrated. Castration is carried out using the same rings and is always applied within the first three days of life to reduce discomfort. Castrated lambs are usually known as wether lambs they are less aggressive than rams and can be mixed with

ewes and ewe lambs. Amidst the chaos of lambing time when hundreds of ewes and lambs can all be mixed up, a ewe can easily lose track of her lamb. A prominent indentification mark on both the lamb and ewe can greatly assist the farmer in returning each to each other. Young lambs are also ear tagged with their national flock number and the individual number of the animal. Sheep do not naturally thrive indoors and so the farmer will seek to return the ewe and lamb to the fields quickly after lambing. Most lambs will need little additional care as they grow quickly on spring grass and milk from the ewe.

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Motorola Mobility and JCB Announce Limited Edition Motorola DEFY™+ - Life Proof just became Work Proof otorola Mobility today launches a limited edition Motorola DEFY™+ handset which transforms the UK’s favourite life proof handset into a ‘work proof’ model. The exclusive Motorola DEFY+ JCB Edition features exceptional work-orientated protection for anyone operating the demanding construction and engineering sectors, or who work in the rugged outdoors and in extremely demanding conditions thanks to its patented visco-elastic protective sleeve from JCB with re-entrant geometry. Taking ‘work proof’ functionality one step further, the Motorola DEFY+ JCB Edition handset also offers construction site users and outdoor enthusiasts who routinely work with core technical and measuring materials a range of


built-in options. It comes preloaded with bespoke JCB applications including: a spirit level, theodolite, decibel meter and recorder, torch, unit converter, calculator and DIY store locator. This saves the user time and effort of lugging around a boot load of individual work components, and also serves to speed up their productivity and output at the touch of a button. For those users who will also need to communicate remotely, between multiple venues, or even on-the-go with a range of associates the handset will feature Push To Talk functionality which will allow them to operate the device as a walkie-talkie (via the cellular network) with group call and messaging functionality. Victoria McManus, UK


marketing director, Motorola Mobility said: “We’re thrilled to be working with JCB on this bespoke Motorola DEFY+ device. The unique protective sleeve will pull on JCB’s years of expertise in the construction industry to help us reach a new audience who we know are in need of a life and work proof handset.” Motorola Mobility launched the standard Motorola DEFY+ handset in September 2011. The limited edition JCB version will also feature existing Motorola DEFY+ handset functionality such as a 1GHz processor that runs 25 percent faster. Users can make the Motorola DEFY+ JCB edition meet their own personal needs by organising and personalising their Application trays for easy and

quick access to their most used tools, games and content. It also features the Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) which delivers a more intuitive user interface and improvements on the features users choose most – including enhanced calendar and email features, home screen options and better battery life. Jason Kemp, Marketing Director at Data Select, said: “The Motorola DEFY+ JCB Edition is the perfect extension of an already robust handset. Smartphone use is on the rise amongst construction audiences and this handset perfectly addresses their workday needs.” The Motorola DEFY+ JCB Edition also includes a car charger with an extra long curly cable. It is available to purchase in all good UK retail stockists from RRP £259.99.


PATENTED Let us protect your crops, giving you both movement and noise if required negligible running costs



TELEPHONE: 01480 476376

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| Muck Northwest

Set to be


ith new sponsorship, more exhibitors and demonstrations and free nutrient management clinics, the newly branded Muck & Soil Northwest 2012 is set to be bigger and better than ever this year. Now in its sixth year, the event will take place at Reaseheath College, Nantwich, Cheshire on Tuesday, March 20 with live machinery demonstration, one-toone clinics, trade stands and a wealth of information on soil, nutrient and manure management. Muck & Soil Northwest - a FREE event for farmers and contractors organised by HarveyHughes Limited - also has a major new sponsor –


. and better than ever

GrowHow, the national fertiliser manufacturer based in the county. “We are delighted to welcome GrowHow on board,” said Chris Harvey of Harvey Hughes Limited. “As well as showing farmers how to make best use of their farm yard manure and slurry, this year’s event will help them make even more progress in cutting their carbon footprint by making sure they use Nitrogen fertilisers more efficiently,” he said. On arriving at Muck & Soil Northwest, visitors will be able to book a half-hour nutrient management clinic with a HarveyHughes consultant. The clinics will focus on Cross Compliance obligations and NVZ Regulations as well as more general nutrient


management issues. Farmers can bring their own NVZ records and pre booking a slot in the free confidential clinic will fast track them into the event. Also new for 2012 is the addition of soil improvement equipment with a dedicated 3.5hectare demonstration area. Further practical demonstrations will show to calibrate fertiliser spreaders for more even and accurate application of granular products. A huge range of muck and slurry handling machinery and storage facility options can be seen in action throughout the day with live commentary to help farmers and contractors select the most effective kit to suit their needs and improve their slurry and muck utilisation. Commenting on the sponsorship, Elaine Jewkes, GrowHow

grassland specialist said: “GrowHow offers a range of products and services which help to ensure that farmers can use nutrients most efficiently to produce quality forage and crops. This ranges from the straightforward approach offered in the Blueprints for Growth Grass booklet, with templates showing how to incorporate fertilisers and manures effectively, to the comprehensive nutrient management programme, EnCompass. This can really help take the strain out of nutrient management.” For more information, to exhibit at the event or to book your free slot in the nutrient management clinic, contact HarveyHughes Limited on 0161 927 7562 or email

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| Muck & Slurry

The problem: Management of cattle waste Separation is the answer to slurry storage, handling and utilisation issues on West Sussex dairy farm. eparating the constituents of slurry into liquid and solids has transformed management of cattle waste on a West Sussex dairy farm. It not only resolved a looming storage capacity issue, it has also turned a waste management headache into an easily-handled resource that will improve the land and cut fertiliser costs. “We can now utilise the nutrients and dry matter in slurry to our advantage anywhere on the farm,” says Neil Harrison. “Before


we started using a FAN screw press separator, slurry was just something that gave us a lot of problems.” The family farming partnership R Harrison & Sons operates three dairy units near Horsham with a total of 1100 mainly JerseyFriesian crosses on 2200 acres of owned and rented land. Being three to four miles apart, the dairy units are largely self-contained as far as day-to-day operations are concerned but close enough to share forage supplies and

34 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

equipment. The inspiration for a new approach to slurry management came when the farm workshop fabricated a gantry to house a separator for a neighbouring farm’s new biogas plant. “We then saw separation as a considerable step forward from the nightmare of dealing with muck,” says Neil Harrison. “We were facing a shortfall in capacity to meet Nitrate Vulnerable Zone rules and we weren’t utilising the nutrients in muck to help offset the rising cost of mineral fertilisers. It helped us reassess what we needed to do.” Proven concept The concept was proven after the installation of a PSS 3.2-780 screw press from FAN Separator, which instantly relieved the marginal capacity of an old sleeper-walled lagoon on the family’s 500-cow unit at Pallinghurst Farm. Attention then turned to the 400-cow operation at nearby Dedisham Farm, where a large area of open concrete adds to the volume of winter waste. Separator choice Having dismissed roller screen separators because of concerns over running and long term

maintenance and repair costs, the screw press was selected from the four-model 3.2 Series heavy-duty range made by FAN Separator, a business unit of the Bauer Group. It was supplied along with most other equipment by FAN dealer Negus Chase at Staplehurst, Kent, and all installation, including groundworks, was handled by the resourceful Harrison family. The FAN PSS 3.2-780 press screw separator has several patented features, including an oscillator that transmits pressure pulses into the inlet chamber to assist separation of sticky waste materials. The separator deals easily with the 20-25cu m of slurry and dirty water that enters the tank with each milking in about four hours, he reports. Running costs are calculated at £2/hr (17-18kW at 10p/unit), a figure Neil Harrison considers perfectly acceptable for the seven to eight hours a day the machine operates. Despite being offset by a regional development agency grant, the £70,000 cost of all plant, plus the supporting infrastructure, still represents a significant investment. “But the benefits we’re getting are tremendous”.

| Muck & Slurry

Save the date! Rickerby Ltd to host their Spring Show Put March 7th and 8th in your diaries and make a date with Rickerby. ext month will see Rickerby Ltd host their annual Spring Show. Now onto their 11th, the show has gone from strength to strength. With around 3500 attendees anticipated, Rickerby will have on display a vast array of machinery


and equipment from all their major manufacturers. Including these will be Abbey Machinery, Ireland's longest established manufacturer of agricultural machinery and one of the largest in Ireland today. Martyn Henderson of Rickerby

commented “This years show has an under cover area bigger than a football pitch, so no matter what the weather conditions visitors can peruse without the worry of outdoor elements”. The show takes place on March 7th and 8th, so make sure you pop

along and see the amazing display of machinery and equipment. Doors will open to all from 12 noon until 10pm at Rickerbys Carlise depot, based at Currock Road.

T-T Pumps give a boost to a local cattle market Washing down is better than ever with custom designed system. -T recently supplied a multistage booster set (Hidroboost) to a local cattle market for their wash down requirements of the market and vehicles. The Cheshire based company who specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of agricultural products and systems, supplied Chris Evans Farm Services with a dual vertical multistage stainless steel pump system, for the Barbers Cattle Market in Shropshire. The washdown set (Hidroboost) features cost effective intelligent variable speed drives


which optimise system efficiency with a duty/ assist configuration to cater for the varied demand of the market. After reviewing the original systems’ location within a 4 metre deep chamber, we designed the booster set to be surface mounted for ease of access and service/maintenance. The cattle market is very pleased with T-T’s multistage pumps and the overall T-T experience. Why not contact T-T for your agricultural pumping requirements on 01630 647200 or visit our website

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Verney Carron launches new range of country boot to the UK market Top quality footwear for your working pleasure. he Calypso Jersey, the Farmer, and the Foxboot are three new variations of a comfortable, natural rubber wellington boot offered by French company Verney Carron. Each boot boasts premium quality, hardwearing features, and surprising affordability. French based Verney Carron has been designing and manufacturing high quality shotguns for nearly two centuries, and is France’s number one manufacturer. They have recently expanded their range to offer high quality timeless clothing and footwear. All boots are handcrafted from natural rubber, combined with the forefront of boot technology using the latest soles and innovative linings in the manufacture of their products. The attention to detail and added little extras, such as the reinforced detail around the top rim of all the boots, and the timeless rich colours of the range, enable Verney Carron to confidently present three new and


multi-purpose country boots to the UK. “Their rugged durability combined with lightweight feel and comfort means that you could quite happily wear Verney Carron boots all day long” said James Garland, of Verney Carron distributor Garlands Ltd. Calypso - A very comfortable flexible boot made of natural rubber, with Instep reinforcement and Crampled walking lowered soles. The boot also has watertight gussets with the added feature of a tightening band and Jersey lining for a better thermic ventilation of the foot. Available in Green in sizes 39-47, priced at £71.45 SRP. Foxboot – The premium boot of the range, combining durability, comfort, and high-end style. These comfortable natural rubber boots offer sophisticated features such as the Jersey lining, flexible uppers, a perfect instep fitting, plus a zip fastening with full-length watertight gussets. Even with the Crampled lowered soles designed for walking the boot is not heavy or

awkward, and is available in Bronze in sizes 39-47 priced at £82.45 SRP. Farmer – A simple, refined, and extremely lightweight boot, but with the durable and rugged quality of the whole range. Additional features include Jersey lining and

What we think...

Calypso Boots Supplied at size 9 (43 continental) we found a little more room than expected, although this would be alleviated with some extra thick socks. The natural rubber construction made these boots extremely flexible – and therefore comfortable whilst performing every task. The lining offers added insulation for these frosty mornings and a welcome tightening band means that those with bigger calves (or wearing thicker trousers) will be able to loosen the tops to get a good fit. Of course, it's always nice to sport your Verney logo too... Andrew Poulton - Editor

Mistral PR sponsors World Potato Congress photo competition istral PR is encouraging budding spud snappers from the global potato industry to submit entries for the World Potato Congress photo competition. “We’re calling on photographers who know their King Edward from their Lady Balfour to find their best potato images,” says Mistral PR senior agriculture sector manager Heather Briggs. “Exploring the world of the potato should provide inspiration for eye-catching, thought-provoking (and even humorous!)


36 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

Crampled soles with non-slip notching. Available in sizes 39-47 priced at £43.60 SRP. For further information and details of your nearest stockist, contact Garlands on 01827 383300 or email or visit

reflections of life in the potato industry from around the globe. “Mistral PR supports the idea that talent deserves the opportunity to develop - and World Potato Congress is the ideal arena for budding agricultural photographers to showcase what they can do. We are expecting delegates from all areas of the supply chain in addition to scientists and researchers.” The best competition photos will be showcased on the World Potato Congress

website and at the Congress itself. The competition categories are: • Growing and On the Farm • Science, Mechanisation and Machinery • People and Potatoes • Markets and Customers • Challenges and/or Successes • The Future Entries are now being accepted and can be submitted until Monday April 30, 2012. World Potato Congress 2012, organised by Potato Council, will be based at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in the heart of the city from May 27 to 30. “WPC2012 has something for everyone and everyone will take something away to make a difference to their business,” affirms Ms Briggs. More information on how to enter at:


Challenger at LAMMA A selection of machines were displayed at the event and the opportunity was taken to introduce the VIP Program to potential customers. The LAMMA Show 2012 provided Challenger with the opportunity to launch its VIP program to UK farmers. The VIP program has been launched to help customers buy a used TerraGator. Before buying a used machine, customers need to be certain that the specific machine has


been checked and serviced and this is what the VIP service offers. Challenger will check, service then re-build the machine if necessary, giving it an extended warranty. Other machines on show at the event included the new Rogator 600 B self-propelled sprayer and the MT 765 Challenger tracked tractor.

Massey at LAMMA A chance to get ‘hands-on’ands-on with the latest machinery from MF. LAMMA 2012, held at Newark Showground on 18/19 January, provided Massey Ferguson with a fantastic platform on which to launch to UK farmers the new MF 7600 tractor range, the brand new MF 2170 XD big baler and the MF 9407 telehandler. Alongside this, there was a chance to jump on and ask about models like the MF 8670, the 6480 and the stylishly understated drop-


nosed MF 5450, fitted with brand new MF 900 loader. Ben Agar, Manager, Market Services UK and Ireland spoke about the importance of the Lamma Show and why the new models are so pertinent for UK farmers. “With over 40,000 visitors the LAMMA Show kicks off the UK show season, and is a must-attend event for farmers looking to make purchases for the coming year”.

Show is a huge success for Dale Drills Look out for them at Cereals this summer too, where a new version of the MTD will be on display. he Eco-Drill grabbed a lot of attention yet again at the LAMMA show as farmers become more concerned about rising input costs as well as the previous years dry weather. The Eco-Drill's low draught tines make it one of the easiest drills on the market to pull (minimum of 20hp/m). This results in a lower fuel usage, typically around 4 l/ac when direct drilling. With cultivation savings on top of this,


more farmers are showing an interest in the drills. A saving that some had not considered was the fact that a smaller tractor could be used to pull the drill, therefore an additional larger tractor was not required. Strip-till and deeper cultivating direct drills require a much bigger tractor to pull them costing the user more in both fuel and extra capital costs. The show was also used to

launch an Accumulator as an update on the Eco-Drill. The Accumulator is included in the tine hydraulic circuit and removes the need to continuously pump oil to the tines. This acts to further reduce the power required to operate the drill as well as helping to hi-light any leaks in the hydraulics or faulty rams as there will be a pressure loss seen on the guage in the circuit. The MTD was also on display

and has continued to recieve interest in its own right. Farmers recognized its potential as a conventional and more so as a min-till drill and many were interested in the possibility of direct drilling with the MTD where residue had been well managed. A new 6m version of the MTD with various updates will be on display at the Cereals Show this summer and is expected to start at around £25,000.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 37


Grimme launches it’s first Knight trailed sprayer hydraulic folding rota tilla with ridging body L

Latest high-capacity models on show at LAMMA.

The RT540-2 easily folds to a road legal width.

rimme UK has launched a new two piece hydraulic folding Rota Tilla with ridging body for three bed operations, which will be available in limited numbers for spring 2012 and will cost £34,850.00 on farm. The RT540-2 has a 5.4m working width but easily folds to a road legal width without the operator having to leave the tractor cab. Incorporating the ridging body in the hydraulic movement makes the Rota Tilla a one piece machine.


RT450-2 has a three speed gearbox to the rotors, which gives the flexibility to operate in almost all soil types. Being designed with gears rather than chains improves reliability and reduces wear and tear. An optional extra on the RT4502 is a heavy duty Rota that includes shear bolt protection bodies, and is designed for tilling directly into plough land. This upgrade only costs £750-£1000 which makes this system a costeffective one pass operation.

38 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

AMMA 2012 saw the first public outing for Knight Farm Machinery’s latest high-capacity trailed sprayers, which have a completely new tank design and a number of other features that improve performance, convenience and durability. Tanks on the new Trailblazer sprayers are roto-moulded polyethylene modules designed to lower the centre of gravity and also reduce axle loading without increasing the overall length of the machine. As well as improving stability, the tank design has allowed two separate wash tanks to be provided, increasing the flexibility of washing-out procedures. The induction hopper, which is located inside a locker with the

external control panels, has twin washing nozzles and convenient supports for draining chemical containers. On the opposite side of the machine, valves are protected behind a tough GRP cover. A hydraulically operated parking stand has been included instead of the usual manual mechanism. Knight Trailblazer sprayers are currently available with 3600 or 4200 litre tanks and booms up to 40 metres wide. The machines have a rigid drawbar and steering axle, a well-proven design used on the current EUA models, and a Müller GPS-ready controller is also fitted as standard. There is a wide choice of optional features, including air brakes and air suspension. NSTS EXAMINER Sales • Service • Repairs • Spares

Colin Weightman Services SPRAYER SPECIALIST

MARSTON, GRANTHAM Tel: 01400 250360(24 hours) Mobile: 07836 665557 KNIGHT FARM MACHINERY DEALER


Yara N Sensor success Teagle Titan More than 230 N Sensors out on farms this year.

very year the LAMMA event, held in January at the Newark Showground, appears to grow and attendances increase. With the history of the event based around agricultural machinery, Yara’s presence at the show has always centred on the N Sensor, a tool for real-time variable rate nitrogen applications. Every year interest in this technology


also increases, with more and more farmers aware of the benefits of precision farming and variable rate nitrogen in particular. What comes as something of a surprise to many is the minimum area of crop required to justify the costs of this technology. A trial in Oxfordshire in 2011 showed that with a yield increase of 4.7%, this was as little as 80ha of cereals and oilseeds. The main benefit of the N Sensor comes from the improvement of yield, measured at 3.5% over all 200 trials conducted comparing the N Sensor to uniform nitrogen applications. However, the additional benefits are not to be overlooked. These include reduced lodging and improved combine performance, identified by 30% of customers. 27% also identified either more efficient or reduced fertiliser use as a major benefit of using the system. With the interest shown so far this season, including at LAMMA, Yara will have more than 230 N Sensors out on farms this year, likely to cover nearly 200,000ha of cereals and oilseeds.

Rear discharge muckspreaders launched. eagle has launched two substantially upgraded rear discharge muckspreaders, the TITAN 10 and TITAN 12, both of which are manufactured at their factory in Cornwall. The models offer capacities from 8 cubic meters to 15 cubic meters and incorporate an improved bed chain drive, slurry gate and a greater flare of the body to improve load capacity without increasing loading height. The Titan range have a massive 900mm diameter rear beater system that incorporates spiral flights and double ended hardened tips to ensure a fine and wide spread pattern. Swinging arms at the base of each rotor provides good tolerance to foreign objects. The models are well proportioned for easier manoeuvring and have good ground clearance; most importantly users can be assured of a consistently high output through the heavy duty driveline. The Titan models complement smaller and larger machines with capacities from 6 to 20 cubic meters from French manufacturer


Le Boulch. Quality is inherent in the machines throughout their design and production. Seams are continuously welded or sealed to prevent corrosion and machines are shot blasted prior to painting for superior paint adhesion. On all models greasing points are accessible at ground level. The high specification of the Teagle range provides exceptional durability and ease of use which has ensured that the range has quickly gained popularity with farmers and contractors alike. The spreaders are suitable for all types of manure, sewage and compost. Prices start at around ÂŁ17,500 for a 10m3 machine with a slurry gate, 18.4 x 38 wheels, sprung drawbar and PTO with cam clutch. Optional electric control of the bedchain speed, wide angle PTO and various tyre sizes are also available. For further details, please visit, chinery or call their sales office on 01872 560592.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 39

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For further details contact your local dealer: AGRIKEL


Stubley Farm, Silver Street, Besthorpe, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2LQ Tel: 07702 051884

Unit 8 Dale Mill, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot, Lancashire BB4 9HU Tel. 01706 211399

40 | Farming Monthly | February 2012



Unit B, Sandford Ind. Park, Sandford, Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 2AN Tel. 01948 840187 Mob: 07850 744335

Springfield Farm, Siloe Road, Maulden, Bedfordshire, MK45 2AX Tel. 01525 403041

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February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 41


42 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

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Day & Coles Newton Close, Park Farm Ind. Estate, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6UW t: 01933 673900

Taylor & Braithwaite Ltd Dyke Nook, Sandford, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6NS t: 01768 341400

J. T. Friskney Ltd 17-29 West Street, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 5JE t: 01507 523233

J. T. Friskney Ltd Wyberton Fen, Boardsides, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 7NY t: 01205 361281

Rollason Engineering Hales Farm, Fosse Way,Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire CV35 9DF t: 01926 651111

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 43


New Houle slurry tankers introduced Wide selection of spreading and injecting tools are also available. EA Farm Technologies has introduced its new high capacity HOULE® slurry spreaders and injecting equipment on to the UK market. The two “Steerable Series Spreaders” in the EL44 range include the twin axle EL44-4D with a capacity of 14,350 litres or 16,150 litres, and the EL44-6D range of four tankers, with capacities from 19,750 litres to 25,100 litres. The steel of the tank is 6.35mm or 1/4 inch thick, and not 3/8 inch like many competitor tanks, says GEA. The sides of the tank are also fully welded both inside and out, meaning there are no places for the manure to lodge and attack the steel. Houle’s sales manager Anthony Andrew estimates that the build quality of the tankers should result in a life expectancy of 12 or more years for heavy contractor use and 17 or more years for a farmer. A wide selection of spreading and injecting tools are available for fitting to the machines, and the discharge pump can be ordered with ‘Hard-Ox’ steel to cope with sand laden slurries. Both tankers come with air brakes as standard, which are based on technology from the


American fire truck industry. They also come with the GEA HOULE® patented power steering and hydraulic suspension system, which ensures the tanker’s turning angle is matched with the turning angle of the tractor as well as ensuring that the weight of the tanker is evenly distributed on all wheels if one wheel goes into a

44 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

dip. Other tractors tend to distribute the weight to the tractor when this happens. It is the only steering system that is CE approved. Road safety is further improved by the fitting of baffles inside the tank to stop ‘surging’ of the slurry in the event of sudden braking. The specially chosen Galaxy 725/65 X26 tyres give a larger footprint than other tyres to reduce soil compaction and damage to vegetation, help prevent sideways slippage on sloping ground, and eliminate strain on spreader hubs, axles and the chassis. Experience in the North American market has shown that these tyres last three times longer than tyres fitted to competitor machines. Both spreaders can also be top filled in just a few minutes using the GEA HOULE® Super Pump. The Super Pump, has been designed for high speed homogenisation and transfer of heavy duty slurry containing straw, sawdust and sand bedding, from different levels in a pit or lagoon. Simply connected to a tractor or machine with a suitable HP> PTO (power take off) at 540 RPM, the Super Pump is a three point hitch design, capable of handling an impressive high performance throughput of up to 2500 gallons per minute of 19mm consistency slurry. Featuring a heavy duty, double jointed and vibration free drive

shaft for low maintenance and long lasting, problem-free operation, an extra-long life option, constructed from abrasion resistant steel, is also available. A uni-directional valve allows the pump to be easily switched, whilst still operating, from mixing the lagoon to filling a spreader or tanker. 6" (150 mm) or 8" (220 mm) loading pipes are available for maximum discharge. Both the 26" (600 mm) or 28"(711 mm) impellers models are fitted with self-cleaning shredder blades which break up any large chunks to keep the equipment and flow running smoothly “Houle slurry handling equipment is known to be the

Both tankers come with air brakes as standard. toughest, most durable on the market, and these new tankers together with the Super Pump are no exception,” says Anthony Andrew. “Large farmers and contractors will find them a real asset to their slurry spreading operations.” Watch a full demonstration on the GEA Farm Technologies YouTube channel chnologies or for more information visit

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Yeovil Branch: 01935 478877

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Robson Tractors Ltd

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Ings Lane, Carlton Husthwaite, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 2BP Tel: 01845 501602

Dorset Branch: 01305 266058 Shepton Mallet Branch: 01749 841651

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Bredy Agricentre Ltd DORSET Tel: 01305 267151

Farmstar Limited MARR, DONCASTER Tel: 01302 786786

Farmstar Limited MKT WEIGHTON, YORKS Tel: 01430 875900

Farmstar Limited BRIGG, N.YORKSHIRE Tel: 01652 654944

Farmstar Limited BALDERTON, NEWARK Tel: 01400 283818

46 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

December 2011 | Farming Monthly | 21


John Deere’s new 6R Series tractors for 2012 Nine models available for 2012. ollowing the introduction in June 2011 of the new 6R Series large frame tractors, John Deere is now unveiling the complete 6R tractor range. Nine models from 105 to 210hp (125 to 240hp with Intelligent Power Management/IPM) will be available for 2012. Featuring the new John Deere tractor family styling, all 6R models offer new levels of power, performance and operator comfort, including improved suspension and cab visibility, more powerful hydraulics and increased lift capacities. Models from the 6105R to 6130R are equipped with a Stage IIIB 4.5-litre four-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine rated from 105 to 130hp. IPM generates 20 additional hp (according to 97/68EC) for road and pto applications. The 6130R model is powered by a four-cylinder engine mounted on a six-cylinder frame. With its longer wheelbase, this tractor is designed for better performance, and features higher lift capacity, more fuel tank


capacity, improved loader performance, and higher stability and driveability during transport and in hilly conditions. The 6140R to the 6210R models are equipped with a Stage IIIB 6.8litre six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine rated from 140 to 210hp, or a maximum of 160 to 240hp with IPM (according to 97/68EC). John Deere’s fuel efficient diesel-only engine uses field proven technology to meet the latest emission standards, based on exhaust gas recirculation. Employing John Deere’s established full-frame design, these new tractors also have a longer wheelbase to provide improved stability for loader applications. In addition, a higher permissible weight and payload allow bigger and heavier implements to be carried. An integrated front hitch with a lift capacity of 4000kg and a new front pto are also available exfactory for the first time on 6R Series tractors. The front hitch is fully compatible with the new John Deere H-Series front loaders,

which have been designed to provide maximum visibility and to match the new tyre sizes and tractor chassis dimensions. With the newly designed 24speed DirectDrive transmission, John Deere has introduced a completely new technology to the agricultural machinery industry. This double clutch technology is already established in the prestige car industry, and is now available in a tractor for the first time. It combines the handling comfort of an infinitely variable shift transmission (IVT) with the power efficiency of a mechanical transmission, and has been designed to provide outstanding efficiency for ploughing and towing, pto work and road transport. Key customer benefits are enhanced power efficiency and improved fuel efficiency, resulting in savings of up to 10g/kWh compared to an IVT transmission. Additionally, just like in Formula 1 racing cars, electromagnetic actuators enable fast changes between speeds and ranges. In addition, the 40 or 50kph top speeds are achieved with significantly reduced engine rpm. The AutoPowr continuously variable transmission, as well as AutoQuad Plus and PowrQuad Plus with SoftShift for smoother gear changes under load, complete the range of transmission options.

The new 6R ComfortView cab has over 20 per cent more space and a similar increase in visibility. It offers a completely new level of operator comfort, with features such as the 7in full-colour GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display with optional touch screen and video capability, integrated climate and radio controls, Bluetooth connectivity with SIM card access and an optional panorama roof. The display is fully compatible with ISOBUS and tractor-implement automation (TIA) applications. Further options are also available. Alongside these new 6R Series tractors, John Deere will also be offering the newly designed 6210RE model. Based on the previous 7430E and 7530E Premium tractor design, the 6210RE will additionally deliver 20kW of electric power on the move, to run electrically driven motors on a range of tractor implements.

Derwent Road, Malton, North Yorks YO17 0NW Tel: 01653 695094 Fax: 01653 697979 Holme Road, Market Wighton, York YO4 3EW Tel: 01430 872421 Fax: 01430 872461

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Providence Foundry, Foxholes, Driffield E.Yorkshire YO25 3QQ Tel: 01262 470221 Oliver Landpower Limited Home Park Works, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 8LW Tel: 01923 265211

Ripon Farm Services Limited Great North Road, Darrington, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF8 3BN Tel: 01977 795241

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48 | Farming Monthly | February 2012


Spaldings announces record breaking show sales at LAMMA 2012 Company reports a positive increase in industry confidence as footfall and sales reach a record high.

paldings have announced that sales from LAMMA 2012 set a new record with £121,000 taken over the two day event. Sales had increased by 5% on the previous year to make LAMMA 2012 the most successful show in Spaldings’ history. “Industry confidence is continuing to increase amongst the agricultural industry with visitors to our stand displaying a very positive outlook” says Roger


Chase, Agricultural Sales Director for Spaldings. “This was evident as sales taken on the stand increased by more than £6,000 from the previous year, putting us in a very strong position to meet our yearly targets.” Mr Chase believes that confidence within the industry will continue to grow and that Spaldings are positive about the prospects for the rest of the year. “Spaldings are a long standing company with 55 years experience of supplying quality products direct to farm. It is our continual commitment to first class service and product innovation which has ensured our success through the recent difficult trading conditions and it is these qualities that will ensure our success during the recovery.”

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 49


UK debut for AXION 900 New Kubota finance package at LAMMA Means Turf Professionals Only 'Pay When The Grass Is Growing'

Aiming to meet customer expectations in terms of performance, reliability and running costs, but also regulatory and environmental requirements.

aking its UK debut at the LAMMA show was the new CLAAS AXION 900 range of tractors which have power outputs from 320hp up to 410hp. A total of four AXION 900 models are available, the AXION 920, 930, 940 and 950, which are the first CLAAS tractors to benefit from the recently formed CLAAS Power Systems (CPS), which brings together experts from the different divisions within CLAAS to share information and ideas in order to develop products that best meet customer expectations in terms of performance, reliability and running cost, but also regulatory and environmental requirements.


In order to meet the forthcoming Tier 4i emission regulations for engines of between 176 and 760hp, by not being committed to a specific engine manufacturer, in deciding whether to use EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) engine technology, CLAAS is free to consider which technology is best suited to current and future machines. Rather than just focussing on the engine and emissions, for all products that fall within these emission requirements CPS take into account all practical aspects of the machine, such as application, transmission, hydraulics, power transmission, etc and from there seek to achieve an optimum match between all components. Standard Specification As standard, the AXION 900 is equipped to a high specification to ensure optimum driver comfort and convenience over the long hours that a tractor of this size is likely to work. In the cab there is a wide range of connection options, including ISOBUS, to ensure that all types of terminal can be easily utilised. The cab also features full airconditioning and optional automatic climate control, plus a refrigerator box is located under the passenger seat.

50 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

urf professionals buying new mowers only need to 'pay when the grass is growing' thanks to a new finance package from Kubota Tractor and Groundcare. The company has teamed up with Société Générale Equipment Finance to provide a range of low interest finance options on its professional range of ride-on mowers. But unlike most deals, payments only need to be made during the six months of the year when the machines will actually be in use. Kubota has launched the deal on three of its most popular professional ride-on mowers, the F Series Professional Outfront Mowers, HZD326 Zero Turn Mower and G Series Professional Ride-On Mowers. All of theses mowers are powerful, economical and efficient and have been designed to offer contractors and groundcare professionals hours of comfort and an expert finish, whether they’re mowing a lawn, a paddock or a football pitch. Finance is available at zero per cent over two years or one per cent over three years. This means a customer could get the F3680 with rear discharge deck from as little as £492.68 per month but because they would only have to make these payments between April and September, they won’t pay a penny between October and March. "Our aim is to make buying a Kubota even more affordable for our customers," explained David Blackwood, Kubota Tractor and


Groundcare Sales and Marketing Manager. "On this deal, groundcare and turf professionals' payments are linked to the turf maintenance season, so they will only need to pay for their equipment when it can be out earning money. When the grass growing season ends and their mower goes away for the winter, so too do the payments." Kubota is a world leading manufacturer that has been at the forefront of innovation for commercial tractors, groundcare equipment and ride-on mowers since first entering the UK market more than 30 years ago. The company’s Tractor & Groundcare product portfolio now encompasses 24 tractor models between 12 and 130hp, 13 ride-on mower models, which cater for domestic and professional users alike and five variants of the classleading RTV900 all-terrain utility vehicle. Kubota machines have a legendary reputation for quality, performance, reliability and ease of operation. This is backed-up by a national network of specialist dealers who provide the highest standards of advice and aftersales service. For more information about the finance packages available on ZD326 Zero Turn Mower, the F Series Outfront Mowers and the G Series Ride-On Mowers or to find your nearest dealer, contact Kubota Tractor and Groundcare on + 44 (0)1844 268000, e-mail or visit

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Unique device for emptying bulk bags. Raimo have got it covered. he simplest, but not always the most practical, way of discharging material from a bulk bag is slitting the bottom of the bag. The problem is that down comes the


entire contents in an avalanche, whether you want it all or not. So what do you do when you only need a portion of its contents? Is there an easy way to discharge part of a bag? Raimo Big Bag Dispenser is a practical and unique product designed to discharge the EXACT quantities required from bulk bags and store the remainder in the bag. When a bag is empty the

dispenser is easily moved to the next bag. By allowing smaller quantities to be dispensed from bulk bags, Raimo helps to save on wastage in situations where a full bag is not needed. Not only that, the product can be used with a variety of freeflowing material. Helena Ekerot, Managing Director OBS Enviro, commented, ‘Over the years we have seen Raimo Big Bag Dispenser becoming more and more popular. It all started with fertiliser, nowadays mainly sold in big bags, followed by seed, and

then by pelleted feed, gravel and salt. We have now noticed an increased interest from fish farmers, in particular in Norway where fish feed is commonly sold in big bags.’ Farmers in the Nordic Countries have been using Raimo for several years. The product is now sold in many other countries around the world, not only in Europe but also in Australia and USA. Contact OBS Enviro to find your nearest stockist. Tel: 0845 363 1066 email or visit

Suzuki were ‘top of the quads’ at LAMMA 0% finance deal had visitors turning heads. uzuki were highlighting their new 0% finance deal for 2012 at LAMMA on the ever reliable King Quad ATV. The offer runs until the 31st of March helping farmers upgrade to this efficient ATV over the winter months. Available on the King Quad 400, 500 and 750 models - whatever your needs may be there is a Suzuki for you. During this difficult economic climate every little saving helps and Suzuki more than appreciate that fact. The manufacturer continue to be at the forefront of customer savings following a


successful ‘six months free fuel’ campaign in 2011. The King Quad series is ideal for hill side farming with its easy to use solutions and excels in everything from personal transport to towing equipment. The King Quad 500 and 750 with power steering makes life easier, leaving you with less fatigue after a hard day in the fields. Overall, the Suzuki King Quad is a good value, quality machine covering all a farmers needs. Here at Farming Monthly we can strongly recommend it.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 53


A first for New Holland and a major landmark for Townson Tractors 1500th new tractor sold sets milestone for Yorkshire-based Townson Tractors.

ew Holland has sold its first T4040 ROPS tractor. The sale is doubly significant as it’s not only a first for the company, but a major landmark for the dealership which struck the deal: this New Holland T4040 ROPS is the 1500th new tractor sold by Yorkshire-based Townson Tractors. The T4040 ROPS has already been delivered to Mark Nelson at the Bull and Cave Farm in Clapham, Lancashire and will be used for general farm duties. It


was specifically ordered without a cab and instead Mark chose a foldable ROPS (roll over protection structure) so the machine can access the farm’s low-roofed sheds and buildings. Sales Specialist Richard Mattinson at Townson Tractors made the milestone sale, and said it reflects the strong connection the dealer has with the local community. “We have been operating since 1969 and our customers recognise the quality of our service offering

54 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

and lengths we go to in order to ensure their needs are met,” he said. “I was thrilled to make the landmark sale, and it was even more memorable given that the sale was of such a landmark machine. Mark already has his T4040 ROPS working hard in the field, and I’m really pleased that he is more than happy with the results.” New Holland Product Specialist Steve Basnett says the customer was extremely satisfied with the

spec of his T4040 ROPS tractor: “The ROPS design makes working in restricted areas much easier and the clutchless power shuttle means it’s ideal for loader work. The customer was particularly impressed with the robustness of the tractor and its stronger build - compared with his previous machine. The New Holland T4040 ROPS combines strength and flexiblity and this particular spec of T4040 has been perfectly matched to the tasks it will be carrying out.”

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Fax: 01904 489061 Romsey Agricultural Machinery Limited Shorts Farm,Romsey, Hampshire SO51 6DX Tel: 01794 323159

TRP Pride Parkway, Enterprise Park, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 8GL Tel: 01529 300111 Fax: 01529 300310

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 55


Seed drill monitor provides early warning of blockage Monitoring system provides peace of mind.

20,000hp of Case IH Quadtracs pulling together for a good cause Westhall Farm, Welton Cliff, Lincolnshire the venue.

world record attempt to have ‘the most Quadtracs cultivating in one field’ is being on staged 28th July 2012 in a field in Lincolnshire. Organisers are planning to have 40 Case IH Quadtracs, representing 20,000hp, working in one field at the same time to take the record and raise money for Relay for Life, a Cancer Research UK initiative. The event is being organised by Helen Rainthorpe, who has taken over the family farm in Lincolnshire following the premature loss of her father, John Rainthorpe, in 2010. “The idea for the event came from one of the farm’s Quadtrac drivers, Neil Maddison, who thought that it would be a fitting event to hold in my father’s memory. The record attempt takes place on Saturday 28th July and it may even prove to be a welcome break from the Olympics, unless you managed to


new electronic monitoring system for detecting blockages in pneumatic drills was featured by Kuhn Farm Machinery at Lamma 2012. The KLS 128 pneumatic seed drill flow monitor, which incorporates sensors in each pipe between the distribution head and the coulters, is designed to detect and identify even partial blockages in any of the distribution pipes.


The system, which alerts the tractor driver of any blockage through a cab alarm facility, provides peace of mind and minimises any consequent cropping deficiencies. The KLS 128 can be fitted to many of Kuhn’s pneumatic seed drills, including models in the Venta, Moduliner and Speedliner ranges.

56 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

secure tickets!” said Helen, who is now the fourth generation to run the family farm. Case IH has agreed to be the main sponsors of the event. “We are delighted to help Helen with this attempt. It will be a very impressive sight and will raise money and awareness for a very worthwhile cause,” said Charles Blessley, Case IH Marketing Manager for UK and ROI. The event will take place at Westhall Farm, Welton Cliff, Lincoln, LN2 3PZ and is open to those wishing to run their own Quadtrac, come along for the day to watch or simply donate a little towards this worthy charity. More details and to secure a place can be found at and Helen and the organizing team can be contacted at

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Lely builds last Astronaut A3 Full of confidence about the Astronaut A4. hen introducing the Lely Astronaut A3 milking robot in 2005, Lely shook up the dairy industry. The design of the system ensured unrivalled reliability and efficiency while also offering substantial financial and lifestyle advantages to dairy farmers. Its successor - the Lely Astronaut A3 Next model- took things even one step further. Over the past years Lely sold A3


and A3 Next robots to more than 4,400 customers in 55 countries. This also means that the robotic milking concept was embraced in an increasing number of countries. Almost a year ago (November 2010) Lely introduced the next generation of milking robots: the Lely Astronaut A4. This model offers dairy farmers a more flexible and cost-positive way of milking. In addition, this milking robot further

improves animal wellbeing as well as acceptance of automated milking. In a nutshell: more freedom, more control and more milk! Recently, the last production slot for the Astronaut A3 milking robot was filled, which means that the Astronaut A3 production ends within a few weeks. For Lely this is a memorable moment and CEO Alexander van der Lely commented as follows: “It is a goodbye with some mixed emotions. We are very proud of the enormous success of the A3 and we are grateful to all dairy

farmers who helped us achieving this. On the other hand, we are fully confident about its successor and we go on full speed producing and installing Astronaut A4 milking robots.”

Astronaut A4 milking robot wins prestigious award in Poland he Lely Astronaut A4 milking robot has been acclaimed as ‘Agricultural machine of the year 2012’ in Poland. This prestigious award, granted by the Institute of Technology and Life Science, is the major prize awarded in Poland to leading manufacturers of equipment for the agricultural business. The jury comprised of professors and staff members of several agricultural universities, the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the government body KRUS (which is a social insurance company for the agricultural sector).


To come to their final judgement, the jury members visited, among others, various dairy farmers as well as agricultural shows. Main criteria for granting this award were: • modern as well as innovative solutions • ergonomics and safety • functionality and performance • quality as well as an aesthetic construction • overall output The award will be presented on the 16th of March during a professional show in Kielce. The newest generation of milking robots, the Lely Astronaut A4, was launched in November

2010. For dairy farmers, this robot model offers an even more flexible and economic milking solution. In addition, this milking robot has further improved animal wellbeing as well as giving a new boost to acceptance of automated milking. The most revolutionary feature of the Lely Astronaut A4's milking unit is the walk through design (I-flow concept). The cow can walk straight into and out of the box, without any obstruction whatsoever. Thus, the threshold for cows has been lowered even further and the animals can enter the milking unit at their own pace.

Contact your local dealer: MONMOUTHSHIRE Harold R Johns Ltd 01291 689278

HULL Robert D Webster Ltd 01964 670224

OXFORDSHIRE LJ + CA Cannings 01235 763103

YORK WJ Sheilds & Sons 01904 47263 07971868653

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 57

| Forestry

Wake-up call for Surrey Up to the job Woodlands 3M launch integrating headgear for demanding forestry environments

Scheme to encourage proper management gets under way. ncient forests and abandoned coppices in Surrey have a great opportunity to become productive woodland again, with the new appointment of a Surrey Hills Woodlands Advisor. Sean Harrison, former woodsman, countryside ranger and tree safety consultant, has been tasked with identifying pockets of neglected, privately owned woodland, in particular mapping areas of ancient woodland, in and around the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The aim is to encourage the farmers and landowners to bring woods back into management for timber, wood fuel, conservation and biodiversity. Sean is ready to help them to apply for the Forestry Commission’s English Woodland Grant Scheme, which funds woodland management plans, tree planting or working with existing woodland to increase biodiversity, up to 50% of the costs. “This is the first time the Surrey Hills has had someone dedicated to woodland and it’s very exciting,” said Sean, “It is great for the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I will be finding the woods that are not currently being managed, tracking down their owners and engaging with them.” Surrey is the most heavily wooded county in England, with 40% of the county, some 167,715 acres given over to trees. There is also a growing market for wood fuel, but the woods are mostly a patchwork of small scattered copses that historically have not been financially viable to manage. Over the last 60 years they have become very neglected. Managing these woods would provide a wider range of wildlife habitats and

iversified technology company 3M has launched a new multisystem protective headgear solution for demanding forestry environments. 3M Headgear G500 forestry combinations provide protection and comfort for wearers who require both hearing and face protection and have been designed to adapt to multiple accessory combinations in order to be highly versatile. The ratchet headband is adjustable with eight possible positions plus three vertical settings to achieve a perfect fit and the headgear can be used with or without protective earmuffs. Accessories include face shields, integrated safety eyewear and a PVC sweatband for added comfort and ventilation. Louisa Perry of the 3M Safety Solutions Division explained: “Workers in demanding environments in landscaping and forestry require effective protection that can adapt to harsh and potentially changing conditions.



increase biodiversity, as well as providing a harvest of timber. Sean’s role is part funded by the Forestry Commission, the Woodland Trust and the Silva Forest Foundation. “Once woodland management plans are in place I will try to ensure that responsible contractors are brought in to look after the trees,” he said. “I’m talking to local contractors, making them aware of the forest resources in their area and suggesting that by working together they would be in a better position to maximise returns. “I also want to link isolated woods by creating hedgerow corridors and planting new woods and I will be raising awareness of the market for wood fuel and getting material into the wood fuel chain.” Sean is based at the Surrey Hills AONB offices at Warren Farm Barns, Headley Lane, Mickleham, on 01372 220650 and he would be delighted to discuss the potential for woodland management with farmers, landowners and contractors.


HYBRID TREES GROWING 6 TO 8 FEET PER YEAR Hybrid Willows and Poplars bred for phenomenally rapid growth of 6 to 8 feet per year. Easy to grow and tolerant of the poorest soils and sites. They make ideal screens, hedges and wind-breaks and/or a ready log supply and goat fodder.

Willow screen 18 months after planting

All sizes available from 12 inch slips to 8 foot trees. Prices from £53 per 100+VAT For further advice, and a free information pack, Phone John and Monica Spanton on 01404 812229 or write to Bowhayes Trees, Venn Ottery, St. Mary, Devon EX11 1RY Fax No: 01404 815800. Mob No: 07720 405727

Ballerina Trees, Patio Trees, Upright Cordons, Family Trees of Cherry, Plum, Apple, Pear, Peach and So Much More!

Prices held from 2010 for the Olympic year


58 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

Headgear G500 offers impact protection with a wide field of view and high end user comfort. It is a practical and simple solution that enables the wearer to build their own system for personal hearing and face protection by making it easy to combine the headgear with additional 3M safety products such as eyewear, different face shields or hearing protection.” 3M Headgear G500 is approved to EN 1731 F for visor and EN 3523 for earmuffs. For further information on the 3M Headgear G500 and the full range of Safety Solutions available from 3M, visit the website or call 0870 60 800 60 in the UK or 1 800 320 500 (Ireland). 3M is a trademark of 3M Company.


Over 350 Apple Varieties on M26 8ft, and (many on M27 4ft)

(FM) Godshill, I.o.W, PO38 3HW (01983) 840750 (24 hrs) Tel (01983) 522243 Fax (01983) 523575


Poplar tree 18 months after planting


Please send for a descriptive list.

| Groundcare

New all-round chain saws arrive from Stihl With ‘stay sharper’ saw chain for a consistent cutting edge hat do people look for when choosing a new chain saw; a chain saw with the scope to manage anything from cutting firewood to thinning out small trees? Performance? Reliability? Ease of use? Meeting all those demands and more, two new arrivals from STIHL are truly impressive allrounders and simply a pleasure to use. What makes one of the duo a truly exciting arrival – the new MS 231 chain saw comes with an innovative STIHL saw chain with ‘stay sharper longer’ properties to give a consistently keen cutting edge. Driven by the advanced STIHL 2-MIX engine, the new STIHL MS 231 and MS 251 chain saws (from the world’s best-selling chain saw brand), meet the latest strict emission standards, cutting emissions by up to 70% and fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to a STIHL 2-stroke engine without the 2-MIX technology. That makes them not only cleaner to run, but more costefficient too. Those are not the only benefits of the STIHL 2-MIX engine. The engine delivers impressive performance: 2.0 kW power output from the MS 231’s 40.6cc, and 2.2 kW from the MS 251 (45.6cc). And that power is translated into valuable torque, so at the working end of the chain saws they drive comfortably and effortlessly through the wood. ‘Stay sharper longer’ saw chain The new MS 231 chain saw has


something very special to offer. It is fitted as standard with an ultratough ‘stay sharper’ saw chain called STIHL Picco Duro. Picco Duro’s cutters have precisionsoldered carbide tips, so it stays sharp for up to four times as long as a standard, non-carbide tipped saw chain. That not only reduces the frequency of sharpening, it makes Picco Duro a great choice for cutting ‘dirty’ wood like mudcovered fallen timber or railway sleepers for example, where a standard saw chain would swiftly get blunt. No wonder Picco Duro’s special teeth are coloured a winning and distinctive ‘gold’. Easy handling Typifying a STIHL chain saw, the new MS 231 and MS 251 models are designed for simplicity and comfort in use. That makes them safer as well as more pleasant to work with. A professional standard anti-vibration system for example, means vibrations are low and handling comfort is high. STIHL design expertise ensures the machines are compact, ergonomic and very well balanced, and all machine functions are set within thumb’s reach for easy, effortless and natural control. Special easy-to-use models Making them even easier to use, each new chain saw is also available with optional STIHL ErgoStart and Quick Chain Tensioning features. The former means the engine starts easily with a slow and gentle starter cord pull; the latter enables simple chain tensioning without the use of any

Stihl MS 231 & MS 251

tools. These special ‘comfort’ models are designated MS 231 CBE and MS 251 C-BE. Minimal maintenance Another great benefit of choosing a STIHL chain saw is the extensive network of Dealers who support its power tools. More than 500 Approved Dealers are located around the country and all are trained to service its machines as well as carrying accessories such as protective clothing, oils, lubricants, filing tools and saw chain. On an everyday basis, the new MS 231 and MS 251 chain saws are designed and built to require minimal routine maintenance. An advanced air filter system for example, ‘precleans’ the intake air

before it even enters the physical filter, thus extending the time between filter cleaning and extending air filter life. When it does need cleaning, the cartridgestyle air filter is simple to access, remove or replace – again typifying STIHL’s focus on userfriendly design. The STIHL MS 231 and MS 251 chain saws are available now from STIHL Approved Dealers nationwide. To find your local Approved Dealer and learn more about the new models visit the website : Alternatively, Freephone 0800 137574 to receive a 2012 STIHL catalogue and Dealer details by post.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 59

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60 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

| ATV Accessories

New road-legal sheep feeder from Logic Does not depend on ‘ground drive’ making it ideal. any sheep farmers have flocks which are held in different locations, often separated by stretches of road. When it comes to feeding those sheep Logic has recognised that a road legal version of their topselling sheep feeder would be a welcome introduction. The Logic machine is an ideal basis for road-legal use as it does not depend upon ground drive and is thus a very easy-towing unit. The addition of suspension to the unit, as well as road wheels and tyres, pliable plastic mudguards, a full road lighting kit and number plate holder means the Logic feeder can be used at normal towing speeds on UK roads. The electrical connection for the lights is made using a normal 7-pin trailer socket. The drawbar has a standard 50mm swivel tow hitch. A jockey wheel can also be added (extra cost) for ease of use. The in-cab control box is connected to the vehicle battery and a cable is then connected from the control box to the Multifeeder during operation.


How do I set up the Multifeeder? Before beginning, you will need to calibrate your feeder to know which setting produces the desired drop amount. This varies with feed type and is simply done by collecting and weighing the feed amount dropped at each setting on the scale. Once you have determined the setting for each type of feed you will use, you won’t have to repeat the calibration exercise unless you change your feed. The Multi-feeder will cope with all feed types – including most home mixes. Changing the drop amount between flocks (even between fields) is as easy as setting the slider control to the appropriate point. Full, simple instructions are given in the product manual. How do I use the unit? Simply fill the hopper connect up and go to your first location. You then select your drop size depending upon the feeding requirements for sheep in that particular field. Drive to good, fresh ground and switch on the

feeder to begin dispensing feed, using the remote control in the cab. The in-cab drop counter will count the drops you make. If you reach a spot in the field where the ground is unsuitable, just use the in-cab switch to stop dispensing. The display remembers your count until you’re ready to start dispensing again. Once you have completed the desired number of drops just stop dispensing and drive on to the next location. Before starting the next run, reset the counter to zero and, if necessary, alter the drop amount to suit the dietary requirements of the next group. In this way, you are able to accurately dispense the right amount of feed into each field. You should work on allowing enough drops so that about 3 sheep are feeding at each one. Use your forward speed to space the drops approximately 4 metres apart which allows the sheep to feed head to head without their back feet trampling the next pile and without bumping and boring. The sheep quickly learn the routine and the feeding process becomes much more orderly, with each ewe getting the best opportunity to get an equal share. In addition, because you control when to switch the feed on and off, the sheep cannot anticipate where you will start, so less crowding round the feeder is experienced – they know that food only comes

out when they hear the slider operating and that’s when they come to the feed! Benefits The road legal Multi-feeder gives the livestock farmer complete flexibility and accuracy of the feeding regime. Feeding at multiple locations is now achieved faster than ever before, allowing the farmer to take advantage of every opportunity to use all available land wisely. Less wasted feed due to trampling and much lower stress during the feeding process (which have always been the advantages offered by the Logic Multi-feeder) make for a better feeding experience all round. In addition, feeding is completed faster and is a oneperson operation, giving excellent benefits in the efficiency of the operation. Controlling costs is the key to profitable sheep farming.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 61

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Day & Coles Agricultural Ltd

D.H. Wadsworth & Sons

D.H. Wadsworth & Sons

Yorkshire Dales ATV

Newton Close, Park Farm, Wellingbourgh, Northants NN8 6UW

28 Derwent Road, York Road Ind Estate, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 6YB

204 Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 4AB

Unit 3, Ravenscroft Way, Barnholdswick, Lancashire BB18 6JA

Telephone: 01653 692244

Telephone: 01924 840319

Telephone: 01282 851158

Telephone: 01933 673900

62 | Farming Monthly | February 2012


Suzuki KingQuads now available with 0% finance* Never a better time to upgrade to a Suzuki. uzuki has just announced that their range of practical and efficient KingQuad ATVs are now available with 0% finance at participating dealers*. The offer couldn't have come at a better time, with cold and wet conditio-ns making parts of the farm difficult to reach with anything other than an ATV. With the lambing season fast approaching, a reliable ATV is a vital tool for farms across the UK. The Suzuki KingQuad range offers easy-to-use solutions for everything from personal transport to towing equipment and they're now easier to own with affordable finance packages. Following their popular 6 months' free fuel and ATV trade-in campaigns, which ran in 2011, Suzuki continues their aim to develop offers that meet their customers' needs. "We know that this is a particularly busy time of year for our customers and


worrying about financing their ATV purchase is the last thing they need." Commented Gareth Lumsdaine, Sales and Marketing Manager, Suzuki ATV. "That's why we've introduced the 0% finance package with participating dealers, to let customers focus on their business in this challenging season." The finance offer runs from 18th January to 31st March 2012 and is available on all Suzuki KingQuad ATV models including the KingQuad 400, which proves popular with hillfarmers thanks to its option of manual gears and selectable four wheel drive. The KingQuad 500 and 750 Power Steering models are also included and are ideal for transporting loads over demanding terrain, with the power steering significantly reducing

rider fatigue. For more information on the Suzuki ATV range and the finance offer, visit *Terms & Conditions apply.

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 63


Polaris enjoy the attentions of the crowds at this year’s LAMMA event Manufacturer proves popular and looks to capitalize on plethora of enquiries. olaris were out in force at LAMMA this year with a range of models out on display including the Ranger Diesel, Ranger EV, Sportsman and of course, the new for 2012 500 Forest. This new model features mirrors and indicators as standard, an automatic Polaris Variable Transmission gearbox with low ratio range, all wheel shaft drive and a permanent 2500lb winch. The Forest also has a rear hitch with machinery attachment point. The 498cc High Output 4-stroke engine unleashes power in abundance for towing and winching, with on demand allwheel and two-wheel drive striking a balance for all working conditions. MacPherson strut with 8.2” (20.8cm) travel combines with dual A-Arm Independent Rear Suspension travel of 9.5” (24.1cm) to give this Sportsman the stance, handling and off-road capability that takes the most challenging forest track in its stride. The ground clearance is 11.25”


(28.5cm) and a turning radius of 65” (165cm) mean there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre when the going gets rough. A big 4.25 (17L) fuel load keeps you on track for plenty of miles and if you’re greedy for load and towing there’s masses on tap, in fact as much as 1786 lbs (810kg) unbraked towing capacity. As you would expect with Polaris there’s Lock and Ride, high beam headlights to light the path at night and a range of instrumentation to keep you fully informed on speed, fuel, gear selection and more while the Sage Green colour option blends in with the trees. All models are good looking yet rugged and attracted a lot of attention from attendees. We love the Polaris range of vehicles here at Farming Monthly and look forward to further new models and refinements over the coming year.

64 | Farming Monthly | February 2012


Honda Foreman signs in All-new TRX500 strengthens Honda ATV line up

onda (UK) has further strengthened its marketleading product offering with the introduction of the fifth generation of its heavy-duty ‘Foreman’ ATV. Two new models will be added to the Foreman family - TRX500FM (manual shift) and TRX500FE (electric shift) – which have undergone a total redesign from the ground up, using an entirely different design procedure that places extensive customer feedback at the heart of the changes. Taking the durability and performance for which Honda ATVs are famed, the new Foreman models now come with a raft of significant new features designed to improve rider experience, increase usability and meet the needs of the demanding utility market sector. The new Foreman has a different look and feel, too. All new body styling gives it a more purposeful and ‘open’ appearance and redesigned front/rear mudguards offer exceptional mud and splash protection. Improved steering geometry, new seat


design, upgraded rider position and a smoother gear change all combine to offer a first-class rider experience that is considerably less fatiguing during prolonged use. Both are now available from the Honda (UK) Authorised Dealer Network and, as with all Honda ATVs, the new models come with a two-year warranty*. Phil Webb, Head of Power Equipment at Honda (UK) comments: “We didn’t want to simply add a few new bits to the old Foreman, we wanted a completely reworked machine featuring significant changes that people really wanted. So, we undertook a comprehensive survey of customers and input their feedback into the design process and this exceptional new machine is as much a testimony to them as it is to our engineers and designers’ clever design. The Foreman has definitely evolved but will continue its heritage as a class-leading, heavy-duty ATV.”

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 65


BushWear ‘rack up’ the ARCTIC CAT at LAMMA sales of ATV accessories 2012 - a great success! A range of quads to meet every farmers requirement.

Call or visit their website for the company’s latest catalogue. Handlebar Rack ushWear was from its inception a mail order and internet based company supplying stalkers the length and breadth of the country with the best equipment. BushWear currently print a 100 page catalogue crammed full of literally thousands of products for all sporting enthusiasts to enjoy. From its humble beginnings in a farm shed the company now runs from a modern 4000sq ft warehouse with two additional 2000sq ft shops now open in Stirling and Perth.


Introducing the Fin Grips Double £49.99 code 417703 and Handlebar Rack £34.99 code 417720 Multi Mount Base secures at a rotation of 15° intervals. Heavyduty design carries guns, bows, fishing poles, shovels, agricultural equipment, etc. Forks rotate to provide a custom fit for any object’s size and shape. Mounts on tubular and composite racks (single & double). For more information on BushWear products call 0845 226 0469 or visit

rctic Cat the American ATV and Snowmobile Manufacturer are this year celebrating their 50th birthday. Within the Arctic Cat ATV range is the “Jewel in the Crown” for UK farmers - the 700 cc Diesel quad. The Diesel 700 comes complete with a full road lighting kit, fully independent suspension, fully automatic gearbox, front winch and rear non homologated tow ball. It can, if needed, also carry a passenger, The range of Quads start with the 350 two wheel drive which retails at £ 3.750 plus VAT followed by the 425 and then the 425 SE model which features alloy wheels. Next comes the 550 long and short wheelbase which can be purchased with power steering. A 700 cc petrol quad is also available with power steering as an optional extra and followed by the big daddy of the range, the 1000 cc petrol with power steering, of course. However if you fancy a sports


quad, Arctic Cat have two models in their range starting with the 300 DVX which retails at £ 3.390 plus VAT and the 450 XC crossover which is the new kid on the block and can be used on or off road, benefiting from electric shift 2 or 4 wheel drive. Arctic Cat ATVs come fully road legal, have automatic C.V.T. gearbox and independent suspension front and rear and come complete with electric front winch and rear tow ball at no extra cost to the customer. Anybody interested in purchasing an Arctic Cat ATV can find their local dealer by visiting

Fin Grips Double

66 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

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AUTOLINKS Lake Road Garage, Brynmawr Gwent NP23 4AP Tel 01495 310548



Dorchester Tel 07969 047502 Email

Hospital Rd, Stratton, Bude, Cornwall EX23 9BT Tel 01288 355162



Unit 15, Yorks Farm Bus. Centre, Yorks Farm, Watling Street, Towcester, Northants, NN12 6AD Tel 01327 831584

Larkhall, Lanarkshire ML9 2EX Tel 01698 881885 Contact Ian

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 67

| Motors

Mazda set to innovate again SKYACTIV to deliver fun-to-drive environmental motoring for all. his spring the all-new Mazda CX-5 will go on sale in the UK. It is the first car to be designed, engineered and built using Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology, offering customers an enjoyable and fun driving experience as well as solid environmental credentials. The range of SKYACTIV technologies allows Mazda to build petrol and diesel cars that deliver class leading fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising performance or handling. This significantly reduces the cost of motoring for customers and responds to the environmental needs that are now a key factor in choosing a new car. It is not just the customers who will benefit from SKYACTIV technology, it has numerous benefits for dealers as Peter


Allibon, Sales Director for Mazda UK, explains. “SKYACTIV is a really exciting prospect, it allows Mazda to offer an eco solution to all customers in cars that are also fun-to-drive. By introducing SKYACTIV technology to all sixth generation Mazda vehicles, starting with CX-5, everyone can drive an environmentally friendly car, not just those who are prepared to pay the price premium charged by other brands. That is a good marketing position for our dealers. “Currently, we compete in about 60 percent of each segment we’re in – for example we have never been able to offer a diesel automatic – so we have been unable to provide a solution for certain customers’ needs. SKYACTIV technology introduces

68 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

diesel automatic to the range and along with other technical advances it will enable us to get into sub-segments of different categories and will take the Mazda brand to a different level. “SKYACTIV technology is traditional and familiar technology so dealers do not need to invest in extra technician training or expensive service tooling as they would for hybrid and electric vehicles. “Recently, a group of 16 Mazda dealers attended a series of SKYACTIV technology workshops and drove prototypes featuring SKYACTIV technology. The dealers were all very impressed and excited by the technology. Times are really tough for the industry right now, so this will be a welcome introduction; those brands seeing success right now are the ones with new product, so Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology and the all-new Mazda CX-5 will transform the brand and be phenomenal for the network. “The first question that dealers ask with new technology is what

will it cost? The all-new Mazda CX-5 will allow Mazda to compete directly with Ford Kuga and Toyota RAV4, while offering efficiencies that rival much higher priced hybrid vehicles. “BMW’s Efficient Dynamics is the closest to our SKYACTIV technology but customers pay a premium for an Efficient Dynamics derivative over the standard car. “Owing to low CO2 emissions and a competitive price position, Mazda will deliver reduced benefit in kind tax bills for company car drivers. Plus residual values are expected to be strong adding to the fleet appeal for Mazda’s sixth generation of vehicles. “Mazda is a niche brand and SKYACTIV technology fits very well with our brand proposition. We can now present a genuine alternative to buyers without the compromise of hybrid and electric vehicles,” concludes Allibon. For in-depth information the Mazda SKYACTIV technology site is available at

| Motors

February 2012 | Farming Monthly | 69

| Motors

Jeep sales soar by over 60 percent in europe in 2011 Strengthened dealer network and new models are attributed to the runaway success. ales of Jeep® brand vehicles rose 61.8 per cent in Europe (the 27 member states of the European Union, plus the four European Free Trade Association countries) in 2011 versus 2010 – compared to an industry decline of 1.4 per cent – according to numbers released by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). In 2011 in Italy, Jeep sales increased 117.6 per cent versus 2010, with registrations increasing 71.7 per cent in France, 124 per cent in Germany, 21.2 per cent in Spain and 18 per cent in UK. In December, Jeep sales rose 47.8 per cent in Europe versus December 2010, while the industry declined 5.8 per cent. “The increase in Jeep sales in Europe is evidence that Chrysler Group’s integration with the Fiat


Group is clearly working,” says Mike Manley, President and CEO, Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “Much of the Jeep brand’s success in Europe can be attributed to a strengthened dealer

70 | Farming Monthly | February 2012

network, as well as a rollout of new Jeep models for the European market – including the incorporation of Fiat’s fuel- and emissions-saving MultiJet II technology on the new 3.0-litre

CRD engine that powers the Grand Cherokee.” In addition to increases in Europe, Jeep brand sales rose 44 per cent in the US in 2011, and 41 per cent globally.

| Motors

Jeep Wrangler is 4X4 Magazine’s icon of the year Top choice for its off-road worthiness and refinement. ith its extraordinary tradition, and ability to reinvent itself again and again, the Jeep brand is internationally recognised as iconic. This is reaffirmed today in 4x4 Magazine’s 4x4 of the Year 2012 awards, where the Jeep Wrangler wins the Icon class. Now in its 22nd year, the magazine’s annual test of all the best four-wheel drive vehicles is a tough and comprehensive examination. But in the class categories the Wrangler proved top choice both for its off-road worthiness and its improvements in terms of comfort and refinement. "Why is the Wrangler our Icons winner? Because once behind the wheel in the rough stuff, the Wrangler effortlessly confirms what


makes a great off-roader,” says Nigel Fryatt, editor, 4x4 magazine. “Add that it's now civilised and comfortable to drive to the shops, and there really was no contest.” “The Jeep brand stands for freedom, adventure, authenticity, passion and uniqueness, and it always has done – that’s what makes it such an iconic badge,” says Nigel Land, brand director, Chrysler Jeep UK. “I am delighted that Wrangler has been recognised once again for its remarkable ability and longevity, especially when the award has come from a panel of off-road experts.” Built on 70 years of legendary heritage, Jeep is the authentic SUV with versatility and classleading capability for people who seek extraordinary journeys when

driving in extreme terrain as well as in the city. The Jeep brand delivers an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a full range of vehicles that continue to provide owners with a sense of security to handle any journey with confidence. 2011 was a special year for

Jeep as it marked the brand’s 70th anniversary. Starting with the refreshed Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited, 2011 was also the year of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee fitted with the all-new MultiJet II 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine, and the refreshed Jeep Compass compact SUV.

Grand Cherokee ends year with major 4x4 award Comfort, equipment, technology and wonder it’s a winner.

he award-winning Jeep Grand Cherokee is finishing the year on a high – with a top industry accolade. The new luxury offroader has just been crowned 4x4 of the Year by Total 4x4 magazine. With more than 30 international


accolades from an array of opinion-leading organisations, the latest four-wheel drive Grand Cherokee is one of the most awarded SUVs ever. And with an impressive features list and more refinement than ever before, it’s no surprise that the 2,987cc V6 turbo

diesel Grand Cherokee is top choice again. The car’s comfort, equipment and technology all come in for praise from the Total 4x4 judging panel, and a special mention is made of the car’s practicality. “It’s good value by the

standards of its competitors,” says Alan Kidd, editor, Total 4x4. “And there’s little at this price that does such a good job of combining comfort, equipment, dynamic prowess and relevant technology. “There have been four Grand Cherokees over the years and each one has improved on the last,” adds Alan Kidd. “But this time the step up has been off the scale. It’s a very worthy winner.” The Grand Cherokee also won the Awards’ Off-Roader category. “Any award recognising our products is welcome, but to get the top prize is very good news,” says Nigel Land, brand director, Jeep Chrysler UK. “We’re proud of what Grand Cherokee has achieved for Jeep this year and we look forward to more great things from the brand in 2012.” The Jeep Grand Cherokee range starts at £36,795 for the 3.0 V6 CRD Limited, rising to £43,995 for the 3.0 V6 CRD Overland.

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New Ford Ranger - tough, capable, stylish, safe and comfortable New contender for the pick-up crown seems to have it all tied up.

he all-new Ford Ranger combines the toughness and capability of a pickup truck with smart technology, outstanding safety and the highest standards of quality and comfort. The new Ranger is on sale now, priced from £15,515 (on-the-road, excluding VAT). Ranger will be offered in three cab bodystyles – Double, Super and Regular – along with an extensive list of practical features that are available across XL, XLT, Limited and Wildtrak models. The


pickup will also come in 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains. Totally new from the ground up, Ranger was designed and developed to be best-in-class or amongst the leaders in every area important to customers, especially those whose use spans both work and leisure. Ranger now delivers more payload and class-leading towing capability and, at the same time, is fitted out with innovative and comfort features that a dual user has come to expect. “The all-new Ranger is a

perfect example of how our ‘One Ford’ global strategy works,” said Ford of Europe chairman and CEO Stephen Odell. “Far from producing a vehicle that is compromised by the need to serve different market requirements, it was developed by drawing on resources, facilities and expertise from Ford locations around the world to deliver an excellent product that will satisfy customers everywhere. “The range of qualities pickup customers demand from their vehicle is far greater than the differences in conditions from country to country. The real challenge has been to build a Ranger that is tough and yet comfortable, rugged yet stylish, safe, technologically advanced and powerful, yet remaining affordable. We believe the team has succeeded in every goal. There is no compromise here”. “Our all-new engine family bears out our commitment to make Ranger the clear choice for today’s pickup customer,” said Gary Boes, vehicle line director,

Product Development, Ford Asia Pacific and Africa. “We know they want more power, more torque, and we deliver all that – as well as increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.” “The all-new Ranger is the culmination of four years of hard work by almost 500 engineers in Australia and around the Ford world,” said Boes. “The Ranger has been designed, engineered and produced to lead in its segment. It is capable, comfortable, powerful, fuelefficient, safe – and it is a pickup that anyone will be proud to own and confident to drive.”

Evans Halshaw

Driving away a new Ford Ranger is easier than you think... to k on Boo anger t R r ou oad tes R Off ve days dri w! no

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Call C all 0844 556 1065 1065 www .evansha

Official fuel c consumption onsumption fig figures gures in mpg (l/ (l/100km) 100km) ffor or the For Ford ord R Ranger: anger: urb urban an 21. 21.6-28.5 6-28.5 (13. (13.1-9.9), 1-9 9.9), e extra xtra urb urban an 30 30.7.738 .7 ((9.2-7.3), 9.2-7.3), combined combined 26 .7-34.0 (10 .6-8.3). Official CO2 CO2 emission em mission 281-219g/km. 281-219g/km. 38.7 26.7-34.0 (10.6-8.3). All information All information is c correct orrect at at time of print and is subje subject ct tto o change change without notic notice. e. Image Image for for ill illustration ustration purpo purposes ses onl only. y. Financ Finance e subje subject ct tto o status. status. S Stripestar tripe estar Limit Limited ed ar are e an independent credit credit intermediary, finance by Ford Guarantees indemnities details offer, please your nearest Evans Halshaw Ford int ermediary, financ e provided provided b y For d Credit, Creditt, AL1 2RW. 2RW. G uarantees and indemnitie s may may be required. requ uired. For full de tails on this off er, pl ease visit y our ne a est E ar vans Hal shaw For d dealership. dealership.

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SsangYong to sponsor the Caravan Club National Taking place at Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire between 1st - 6th June. he importer and distributor of SsangYong cars, SsangYong Motor UK, has announced its agreement to sponsor The National, The Caravan Club’s premier event of the year. This six day celebration of caravanning is open to all - not just Caravan Club members - and offers a range of activities for the young, old and families alike, including daytime events in the arena and live evening entertainment. Timed to coincide with celebrations for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this year’s National is being staged at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, 1-6 June. The agreement also extends to offering members the opportunity to win their own SsangYong Korando crossover as a competition prize. “This is a perfect fit for SsangYong,” said Steve Gray, marketing and communications director of SsangYong Motor UK. “All three of our cars, the new Korando crossover, Rexton 4x4 and Rodius MPV make great tow


cars, and represent a real value for money proposition for caravanners. “We are very pleased to be teaming up with The Caravan Club on what we hope will be the first of many opportunities to partner the caravan community.” Len Short, events manager from The Caravan Club says, “The SsangYong brand is well respected by caravanners, and

the new Korando is another welcome addition to its range of great tow cars. We are therefore especially pleased to have SsangYong supporting this year’s event.” Whether coming for half a day

or the full six days, visitors will find plenty of entertainment, and full details can be found at:

See us at the Welsh Farm Machinery Show

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Jaguar Land Rover Experience Day An opportunity for the media to evaluate the entire range of vehicles in one place. aydon, Warwickshire was the venue for the first of a series of ‘experience’ days specifically for members of the media. Being able to look around and evaluate the various models available from the manufacturer at a single location is a very welcome opportunity and virtually eliminates the rigour of having to arrange specific test vehicles at the various times and locations that suit both parties. That being said, the particular model that we were looking to evaluate for the first time was in short supply - not surprising due to its popularity - that being the Range Rover Evoque 2.2 Diesel Manual. A petrol version of the vehicle was in attendance, however, it was very hard to ‘get your hands on it’ due to the substantial attendance at the event. Over 70 journalists were present fro this inaugural event which meant that many vehicles were out on test drives constantly. We took the new Discovery 4 HSE out for a spin and weren’t surprised to find that it is still a benchmark in technology and luxury. Keyless ignition, 8 speed automatic transmission and various options


such as the Vision Assist Pack, Rear Axle Locking Diff, Front OnBoard TV and Park Heating with Remote Control amongst others made this cosseted ride. The model tested retails at £51,195 inc vat (but excluding options outlined). The 3-litre SDV6 turbocharged and intercooled ‘power station’ in the Discovery is a great engine, offering a refined drive but with instant power in reserve for those towing duties. Don’t let the 112mph top speed fool you into thinking that this is a lumbering beast - 0-60 in just 8.8 seconds would disagree and impressively returns 32.1mpg on the combined cycle. Still, it would be more impressive if it could sip a bit more frugally...and 230g/km emissions means no discount on the road tax.

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On that note, the Range_e concept was also available for accompanied rides and showed a possible future of near silent running and substantial mpg - in a 4x4. The LRX concept (which became the Evoque) is recalled promising this exact hybrid future although it’s still some way off it seems. Breaking up the ‘serious’ stuff, I also took the opportunity to drive the Gaydon off road rack with an instuctor. Great fun and a serious demonstration of just what the 4x4 vehicles are capable of. In addition, during times when my selected vehicle wasn’t available, I was encouraged to try models in the Jaguar line-up. My ‘weapon of choice’ was the XKR Coupe 5.0L Supercharged - and what a ride! Jaguar have come a long way and can boast excellent design and refinement amongst their latest model range. Power was instant and the scream from the exhaust was intoxicating. A true pleasure to drive and I returned the keys with a smile on my face.

So a successful day in the company of Jaguar Land Rover well organised and efficient - if only they had more Evoques! means that I’ll just have to go back again.... Andrew Poulton (Editor)

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Subaru ensures ‘everthing is taken car of’ with UK’s most comprehensive aftercare package Sit back, relax and let Subaru take away the stress of car ownership.

ubaru UK is raising customer care to a new level with the launch this month of a new three-year aftercare package called Everything Taken Care of (Subaru ETCo). Included in the price of every new Subaru, Subaru ETCo is the most comprehensive and targeted


Cross Roads Treadington, Shipston on Stour Warwickshire CV36 4NN Tel: 01608 661544

three-year aftercare package currently on offer to motorists in the UK, offering a host of potential benefits worth over £7,000. Subaru ETCo comprises 11 different elements, all designed to make running and owning a new Subaru easier and more beneficial than ever, not to mention the cost benefits with each of the services

provided free of charge. Subaru ETCo’s comprehensive package includes: • Minor dent and scratch repairs • Alloy wheel repairs • Monthly wash ‘n’ vac • Annual makeover – full valet • Lost keys replacement • Service collection and delivery • Annual wheel alignment check

Lifestyle Subaru Mount Ephraim, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8AG Tel: 01892 515666

• First MOT cover (and contribution to repairs) • Accident management service • Insurance excess cover contribution • Winter wheel and tyre storage These benefits can also be passed on to subsequent owners of the vehicle, helping to enhance the vehicle’s residual values. Subaru ETCo will be offered in addition to Subaru’s three-year (60,000-mile) manufacturer’s warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion bodyshell cover and three-year paintwork warranty, and also lasts for three years. Marketing Director of Subaru UK, Kenyon Neads, said: “Totally free with every new Subaru, this innovative – and we believe industry leading programme – is a package of services and promises, specifically designed to complement the lifestyle of the typical Subaru buyer and to enhance the car ownership experience – year after year. Subaru ETCo is available to all Subaru retail customers and we believe it has no rival in the UK as an aftercare package.”

Newcastle Subaru 53 Queen Alexandra Road West North Sheilds, Tyne & Wear NE29 9AA Tel: 0191 257 3309

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Juke Shiro: From black to white Deliveries commence March 1st. new top-of-the-range version of the Nissan Juke has arrived. And it’s white in tune with buyers’ tastes. Replacing the successful Kuro (Kuro is the Japanese word for black) limited edition, Shiro moves to the opposite side of the colour spectrum; it means white in Japanese. The Juke bearing the badge has a host of white details to mark it out from lesser models in the range. Inside there’s a selection of tasteful white detailing. The centre console, inspired by the shape of a motorcycle fuel tank, is painted white, as are the door panels and window switch surrounds. The leather wrapped steering wheel, gear gaiter and the edges of the leather seats all feature white stitching, while the seats themselves have a double layer fabric with a white background colour visible through the perforated leather facing. The interior also benefits from a leather covered centre armrest complete with white stitching, which also provides additional storage; illuminated chrome-plated sill protectors for the front doors


Bob Gerard Limited Leicestershire 01162 592224

and Juke-branded velour floor mats. Externally, Shiro can be identified by its stylish dark grey 17-inch alloy wheels, the satin silver finish to the door handles and mirror caps plus a gloss black finish to the B-pillar. Although available in any of the colours offered on Juke models, Shiro does have one additional unique hue in its palette: Nightshade, a sophisticated deep aubergine colour.

Duckworth Isuzu Lincolnshire 01673 841410

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Shiro builds on the top-of-therange Tekna grade with prices starting from £17,695. It is available with all three engine choices – a 110PS 1.5-litre dCi; 117PS normally aspirated 1.6-litre petrol; and the range-topping turbocharged direct injection petrol 1.6-litre DIG-T with 190PS. A 4x4 version and CVT automatics are also available. Deliveries are due to commence from 1 March 2012 and like all Jukes, the Shiro will be produced

Hammonds Of Halesworth Suffolk 01986 834090

at Nissan’s manufacturing plant in Sunderland. Juke has helped the Sunderland manufacturing plant reach an all-time production record during 2011 of 480,485 vehicles. Following in the hugely successful footsteps of its big crossover brother, Qashqai, Juke exceeded all expectations last year to sell nearly 22,000 units in the UK and over 132,000 units across Europe, a number that is expected to be beaten in 2012.

Lifestyle Isuzu Kent 01892 515666

Newcastle Isuzu Tyne & Wear 01912 573309

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February 2012 Farming Monthly National  

ISSN 2044-0200 Inside this month: post LAMMA Show feature, British olive oil feature, Pecision Farming event, Red Tractor focus... and much...

February 2012 Farming Monthly National  

ISSN 2044-0200 Inside this month: post LAMMA Show feature, British olive oil feature, Pecision Farming event, Red Tractor focus... and much...