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Recognised. Dual-rotor technology is the harvesting innovation New Holland pioneered in 1975 as the Twin Rotor® combine.

Dependable. Year after year New Holland expertise has fine-tuned this concept. This helps you harvest faster with less grain loss and greater savings in fuel and labour. Innovative. CR Revelation models are available with Intellisense™, the proactive user-friendly automation system that continuously monitors every 20 seconds, to ensure real-time adjustments - to ensure the best grain quality and capacity possible. Supported. Long established and specialized dealer network, backed by the New Holland Uptime guarantee. Contact your local dealer today to find out more.

Terms and conditions apply. Engine, Driveline and After Treatment Extended Warranty applicable to new units only retail sold between 6th July 2020 – 30th June 2022. Images are for illustrative purposes only.


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The reliable performer TERRADISC 4001 K „ „ „ „

Innovative TWIN ARM system for guaranteed soil penetration and consistent working depth Aggressive disc positioning for optimum mix of soil and straw with a level finish Maintenance free disc hubs fitted with 580mm diameter discs for a longer service life Hydraulic depth adjustment

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Farmers Guide Contents Out & about .........................................................................................................................4 Grain & fertiliser advice .....................................................................................................7 News in brief ........................................................................................................................8 Rural advice ...................................................................................................................... 31


Arable: Hit it early: Disease control in OSR ...................................................................................... 10 Better strategies needed to boost slug control ............................................................. 12 What lies beneath: Perspectives on the underworld ................................................... 16 How to prepare cereal crops for winter dormancy ....................................................... 18 Sixty-year-old herbicide proves increasingly important ............................................ 21 Yields impressive despite difficult harvest conditions ................................................ 24




New combine meets expectations in difficult harvest ................................................ 33 New brand and dealer impress on Cambridgeshire farm .......................................... 42 Tractor range upgrades increase appeal .......................................................................... 51 Forage and transport range extended .............................................................................. 59 Advanced technology at an affordable cost ................................................................... 62 Born to Farm event brings new products and features .............................................. 65 Year-round tractor receives significant upgrades ......................................................... 69 Suffolk collective sale remains popular in its 10th year .............................................. 70

Livestock: How to achieve effective liver fluke control .................................................................... 73 Your guide to cattle health around the transition period .......................................... 74 Spotlight on: Calf pneumonia .............................................................................................. 77 Q&A: Poultry housing .............................................................................................................. 78

Grain handling, drying & storage: Power on the land..................................................................................................................... 87


Direct drilling: Low disturbance drill allows reliable establishment ..................................................115 Strip seeding brings multiple benefits to busy family farm ....................................118

Precision farming: The real value of carbon .......................................................................................................128

Sprayers: New sprayer is long-term investment .............................................................................136


Farm safety & security: Using simple technology to save lives on-farm ...........................................................145

Diversification: Wind power: A new generation of installations...........................................................148 How will the latest taxation issues affect your business? .........................................151



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With Farmers Guide editor Rachel Hicks and the team

1 The wheat harvest might

have been slow to start, but once those combines got rolling, there was no stopping them. Picture courtesy of Rowles Farm of West Ilsley, @rowles_farm.

2 At the time of writing,

livestock editor Sarah Kidby, sales executive Dean Buckingham and sales manager Chloe Horsfield are attending UK Dairy Day – look out for a review in the November issue, plus interviews and updates on social media in the meantime.

3 Exhibiting at NORMAC,

the Ben Burgess stand was heaving as they had so much to show. Luckily they were also sited in the shade, on a very hot day in September.

4 The FG team was also out

and about at Tillage-Live; pictured are senior sales executive Jana Moyes, marketing executive Emma Johnson and publishing assistant Fiona Madder. You can view exclusive footage, interviews and lots more from all the events we visit, on our social media channels

5 We love to be tagged in

your farming photos, especially when they're as majestic as this one, by

Welcome to the October issue. What a busy month! The Farmers Guide team has been attending open days and tillage events all over the country, so we can report the latest news. But the ones who should be applauded for all their hard work are the farmers who have been combining the fields all hours, battling to complete harvest 2021. At the time of writing in mid-September, the weather has been a tad more settled. However, according to data collected by RSK ADAS Ltd and reported by AHDB on 10th September, crops have been slow to dry due to cooler conditions and morning dews, with 80–90% of the crops harvested at or just before the start of September requiring drying due to moisture levels averaging between 14–24%. Surprisingly, less grain than normal has required drying in Scotland. Winter wheat harvests are pretty much closed across the UK, sitting at just above 90% harvested, and despite the extremely slow start, it’s now just slightly ahead of the five-year average (89%) – so a big well done to all those who have worked from dawn until dusk and beyond. Spring wheat harvest has commenced, and early reports indicate that while crops are yielding well, ergot has been seen in some samples, as well as in crops where a high black-grass burden has been present. Winter barley and winter OSR are both complete and in the stores, or on a lorry if you managed to find one. AHDB reports suggest around 20% of the national winter barley crop was affected by lodging, with lodged or flat crops delaying harvesting particularly in the East and South East. Spring barley is also nearing completion nationally, although while the total area is 85% cleared (reported to be the fastest clearance rate since at least 2014), the North East is only just starting its spring barley harvest, with only around 5% cut to date. Lodging is less apparent in the spring barley, at under 15% – however, the South West is reporting lodging of up to 40%. Winter oats are complete, and spring oats are well underway. According to AHDB, wheat yields are sitting just ahead of the five-year average of 8t/ha, ranging between 8.1–8.3t/ha for 2021, with minimum and maximum yields varying dramatically

from 6–14t/ha. Second wheats have performed well, with crops (where takeall hasn’t been an issue) yielding the same as first wheats. As reported last month, specific weights are slightly lower than average, and protein content has been sacrificed for higher yields in some milling varieties. Spring barley is recording lower grain nitrogen readings compared to winter barley, and germination levels have fallen on later-harvested winter barley, at 90–92%, so those will fail malting specifications. Meanwhile, spring oats are recording higher specific weights than their spring counterparts. Oil content for winter OSR is around 44%, with some low oil contents being recorded where desiccation was early. However, overall yields are slightly better than the five-year average, ranging between 3.3–3.5t/ha. I mentioned last month that machinery editor David Williams and our marketing team attended the Tuckwells demo day, and you can now read what happened when David put the John Deere X9 1000 and 1100 models to the test on page 33. We also have some impressive videos from the day on our Facebook page. In September we attended the NORMAC cultivations event, catching up with the brands and dealers who were exhibiting. Interviews and live demos are available on our social media channels if you were unable to attend on the day. By the time this month’s magazine lands on your doormat, interviews and videos from the Tillage-Live event will also be available online, and look out for a review of UK Dairy Day in the November issue – livestock editor Sarah Kidby is there as I write. It’s great to be out and about again, meeting our readers and doing what we love. FG

And finally…. Little Johnny was taken to the local livestock market by his father. They saw a farmer checking over a dairy heifer by running his hands round the tailhead, down the rump, under the udder and squeezing the teats. “What’s that man doing, Daddy?” asked little Johnny. “He’s thinking about buying her, so he’s checking her out, son,” replied his father. Turning wide-eyed, little Johnny shouted: “Daddy, I think the postman wants to buy Mummy!” Thank you to Rupert Shinner, a livestock farmer from Devon, for this joke.

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81964 October 2021

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Trelleborg TM1000 ® ProgressiveTraction . Enrich your farming. The Trelleborg TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® is an innovative product which provides superior flotation and unbeatable traction. On the road the new range guarantees low fuel consumption and emissions, premium handling. Protect your crops, as if they were precious stones.

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Grain & Fertiliser Advice

Weather and haulage remain the causes of uncertainty, while the commercial cost of grain storage is paramount to the bottom line around 240,000 metric tonnes a week, explains why one problem in the supply line can cause so many issues. There is little slack in the system and everyone relies on ‘just-in-time deliveries’, which is fine in a country with ample supply, lorries and drivers, but the comfort blanket is lost when something goes wrong. We have been handed a very fragile infrastructure which needs some changes to become future proof, but the question is how do we overcome them and at whose cost? Referring back to price volatility and weather; maybe the signs are clearly pointing to the time for consumers to build themselves some more slack, or start to pay for the privilege of someone else doing the job for them. Some are already all over this, but I feel things are only likely to get worse and maybe, just maybe, the end retail consumer on the high street will have to pay more for food to ensure the shelves are always full. Just-intime is a luxury that we have taken for granted throughout the supply chain, but those who have kept the old drier serviceable, the grain silos working and always planned to have an issue at harvest are the ones that are currently smiling.

With demand still outstripping supply, the UK’s fragile supply infrastructure needs to be future-proofed, but at what (and who’s) cost? Plus, testing grain samples will have an important impact on next season’s success.

‘vital toolbox’, especially at rates The combines are largely washed close to or above 10% in the early down and back in the shed, but 1990s. Today, the cost of money still I am still not sure we are much wiser than before harvest matters to everyone’s bottom regarding the markets’ line, but at a base rate of 0.1% it’s the commercial cost of next move, comments grain storage that matters Openfield’s head of more, and if you can ever compliance, shipping get a return from it. and research, Cecilia This harvest’s issues Pryce (right). We have a around haulage and moisture reasonable idea of the UK levels have exposed some to crop’s quality profile and those dealing with piles of wet grain with overseas, but the actual size of the no proper storage or ability to dry it. crops and how that will/could affect In fact, investment in grain facilities marketing through the season still here in the UK and almost globally remains an enigma. The world grain has become an issue – how much markets will remain at the mercy do you invest and what guaranteed of reports and the uncertainty of return will you ever get? If you then how weather will affect crops, be couple this with changes in the that in South America and Australia, way the countryside is likely to be prior to harvest, or the planting managed and areas sown to crops, and establishment of Northern alongside more and more domestic Hemisphere crops. demand, the question is who in the In the last few years, grain supply chain should be investing markets have adapted to a stream of and in what. changing circumstances and price If you look at end-season stocks volatility has reflected this, but can of wheat held with the consumers it we ever see it changing soon? Have amounts to around 300,000 metric we seen the back of ‘predictable tonnes which, when they consume markets’ or being able to safely lock into forward prices knowing they truly reflect the cost of carrying grain forward until required? When I first started trading grain 30-odd years ago, the interest rate in the UK meant that we were all very good at calculating the ‘lost revenue’ involved in paying a farmer at harvest to then be paid by the consumer in May the following Soil Sampling 190x65px.qxp_Layout 1 19/08/2021*Prices 13:31quoted Pageare 1 from Openfield, predicted at 13th September 2021 year. It was part of the traders’

Fertiliser matters As preparations are made for next year’s cropping, carrying out an analysis of harvested grain can be a valuable tool to measure how the crop has performed over the growing season and determine if the nutritional requirements were properly addressed, says fertiliser manager Lucy Hassall (pictured left). This will assist with making accurate nutrient decisions for the new growing season by measuring offtake and identifying any deficiencies. Grain samples can be submitted at any point, although best timing is at harvest to help pinpoint a specific field or area. Routine grain analysis is now recommended in AHDB’s Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) and a broad-spectrum analysis will provide nutrient levels for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn to identify any deficiency that could affect optimum yield potential. The levels will be benchmarked against critical values and will also provide the N:S ratio which is a useful indicator for future sulphur requirements. Analysis is available for both cereals and oilseed. FG

Price indicator (Nov 2021)

£176–182/t £165–171/t £490–500/t ex £220–225/t ex

Feed wheat Feed barley Oilseed rape Beans

The Openfield Partnership: More than just grain Did you know we arrange soil sampling?

Soil Sample Kit

• Post harvest is a great time to carry out soil sampling, when fields are more accessible. • Find out how much nutrient remains so you only apply inputs where needed to reduce costs. • Why not give us a call to find out more? 6


01476 862730 October 2021

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14/09/2021 09:09

Drills Seeding sorted!

Avatar SD

Sprinter ST

Pronto DC

SPECIALISTS IN HORSCH and CLAAS have partnered at dealers across the country to provide outstanding products supported by outstanding service. HORSCH-trained product specialists help you get maximum productivity from your machine, now and throughout its working life.





Discover more at your local CLAAS dealer today.

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13/09/2021 11:18

Companies celebrate 21 years of working together Acquisition and merger announced A new Brown&Co acquisition and merger of Lincoln-based JH Walter was announced early September – scheduled to commence 1st October 2021. Brown&Co opened its Lincoln office in January 2021 and the addition of JH Walter’s Lincoln practice will bring the new combined office to 70 people. It will operate as a major regional hub within the Brown&Co partnership. The Lincoln offices will trade under the name Brown&Co JH Walter. JH Walter’s Lincoln city centre office will continue to host the residential and County Property Auction teams and the rural, commercial, planning and energy teams will integrate with Brown&Co’s existing partners and staff at the firm’s Doddington Road offices. JH Walter senior partner Ian Walter said: “[...] This represents an ideal fit for our staff and our clients to provide a long-term future and opportunity for growth for the firm, our partners and staff.” John Elliott, managing partner at JH Walter, added: “[...] We are delighted to be joining [Brown&Co] to operate and grow in a larger firm and bring our combined expertise under one business.” Brown&Co managing partner Charles Whitaker commented: “We see great synergies between the two of our practices; both sharing a heritage and legacy created in the heart of Lincolnshire and sharing core business values.”

Tractor brand approves tyre option Case IH Vestrum, Maxxum and Puma tractor series are now available with Continental TractorMaster and VF TractorMaster tyres. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership is the fourth Continental has secured since relaunching its agricultural tyre range in 2017. “It started with approvals from John Deere and Fendt, then Valtra and now Case,” says agricultural tyre specialist Richard Hutchins. The OEM approval means Continental TractorMaster tyres are indicated in the price lists enabling customers to specify Continental tyres for their Case IH tractor. “TractorMaster tyres feature unique N.flex technology and have d.fine lug design which both help to provide greater resilience in the field and improved ride comfort on the road,” Richard says. VF technology is growing in popularity because the tyre enables the vehicle to carry 40% more load than a standard tyre at the same pressure. Alternatively, in the field, the pressure of VF tyres can be lowered by 40% compared to standard tyres, even when carrying the same load.

Haith has marked 21 years of working with R S Cockerill. The anniversary coincides with the completion of £3m investment into the Yorkshire potato grower and packer’s site in Dunnington, near York. This latest project – the installation of four new grading lines – has been partfunded by an EU Productivity Grant and is the 42nd order

that R S Cockerill has awarded to Haith. Each of the new lines features a Haith rota-tip box tippler, washer and destoner, polisher and direct drive dryers. Haith also integrated Key Oculus optical sorters, Newtec 4015 weighers, GIC vertical form fill and seal packaging machines, and LAN robots at the end of the line. “Things have changed a lot in 21 years, with some amazing advances in technology, but one thing has remained the same, and that is [...] people buy from people, and we still

get along with everyone at Haith exceptionally well. They deliver what they say they will and are always open and honest,” said Rufus Pilgrim, managing director at R S Cockerill. “It is very satisfying to see that both companies have continued to grow in the years that we have worked together,” commented Haith sales director, Duane Hill. “We are very grateful to Martin Cockerill's continued loyalty to Haith, and we like to think that our machines have played a part in their continued success.”

Company opens new baler and baler wrapper finance scheme Kuhn Farm Machinery is offering a new 0% finance deal on its range of balers and baler-wrapper combinations with a scheme running from September through to the end of December 2021. The four-year 0% offer can be used against 50% of the list price of all Kuhn

variable and fixed chamber balers and baler-wrapper combinations including the FB, FBP, VB, VBP and i-BIO machines. The finance scheme can operate either as 1+4 annual payments, or on a 4+44 monthly payments basis. Kuhn Finance can also offer tailored finance plans, making

its equipment affordable for any farming cashflow, the company reckons. Kuhn Finance is a partnership between Kuhn Farm Machinery and De Lage Landen Leasing Limited. Further details are available from Kuhn dealers or on the Kuhn Finance page at

UK agricultural tractor registrations For the tenth month in a row, UK agricultural tractor registrations in August were above their level a year earlier. The monthly total of 829 machines was up by more than a quarter, compared with August 2020, and was close to the average for the time of year during 2015-19. This brings the total for the year to date to 8,693 tractors, 23% more than in the same period last year and 6% higher than

the five-year average for the opening eight months of the year. The number of machines registered over the latest 12-month period has now moved back above 12,000 for the first time since the end of 2019; in the year to August 2020, fewer than 10,000 tractors were registered. Numbers might have been even higher but for ongoing disruptions to global supply chains, linked to Covid-19, which have inevitably led to

an increase in delivery lead times for some machines. Month: 829 units +26.2% change (compared with August 2020). Year to date: 8,693 units +23.0% change (compared with January-August 2020).

In an ideal world, you’d be using a SuperMaxx ® Take a closer look at the ultimate cultural solution to: • Blackgrass chitting with volunteer cereal control • Straw spreading and incorporation • Mounted widths 3m, 5m & 6m • Trailed widths 6m, 9m, 10m, 12m • For non-inversion and plough-based systems.


To find out more call 01670 789 020 or visit 8



woxagri October 2021

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09/09/2021 16:11

News in brief New dealer appointed for premium irrigation equipment range

Reekie Ltd, supplier of agricultural, construction and groundcare machinery, is all set to rejuvenate sales, service and parts back-up as a newlyappointed official dealer for Bauer’s premium range of crop irrigation equipment. The main focus of the new partnership is on the group’s

depots at Perth and Cupar, which cover some of the largest potato and vegetable growing areas in Scotland. Sam Mercer, general manager at Cupar and Perth, said: “We have a long-standing involvement with irrigation equipment and wanted to get back to supplying new irrigators again with a premium brand that would sit well alongside our agricultural machinery franchises. In Bauer, we have that premium brand.” Rob Jackson of Bauer UK & Ireland said: “We’re delighted to have reached

this agreement with Reekie Ltd, an established and well-respected dealership [...] who know and understand irrigation equipment and the crucial part it plays in growing high-quality, high-value potato and vegetable crops. “We are already taking orders and securing build slots at the factory for irrigation reels to be delivered in time for next year’s growing season, so it’s important for growers to look ahead and plan their requirements now for next year and beyond.”

Soaring demand creates 100 new welding jobs JCB is recruiting 100 new welders for its Staffordshire factories as demand for its products continues to soar, the company announced in early September. The recruitment drive is underway for the permanent

jobs at JCB’s World Headquarters and its plants in Cheadle and Uttoxeter. In September, JCB will also welcome an additional 15 new recruits on to its fabrication and welding apprenticeship. In the past three years, almost 70 welding apprentices have passed their courses – and all gained permanent JCB jobs. JCB chief operating officer Mark Turner said: “Over the past five years, the number of welders in

the UK has shrunk, which presents businesses with a big challenge at times of high demand. JCB has been working very hard over the past few years to tackle this shortage and attract new entrants to this highly-skilled job with its apprenticeship and training programmes, which have been very successful. We are delighted to be building on that success with the creation of 100 permanent new welders’ jobs.”

Peter’s pink trailer helps raise thousands for charity The trailer was commissioned in memory of Peter Cook who passed in 2011. Peter was a much-loved member of the local farming community, and his family wanted to raise funds for Willen Hospice. The Cooks went to their local agricultural dealer Olivers, who were keen to get involved. Cook Farms Ltd,

alongside Olivers Agriculture, purchased the bright pink Richard Western trailer, which has been fittingly dubbed ‘Peter’s pink trailer’. The family set up a JustGiving page with an initial target of £2,000 – which was reached in less than a week. The trailer will also be used on the family farm.

The JustGiving page is open for any donations: www. peterspinktrailer

New Eastern England dealer appointed Merlo UK has further extended its Green Network of agricultural dealers in the East of England by appointing long-established dealer Collings Brothers of Abbotsely Ltd. Collings Brothers will be representing the full Merlo agricultural range across the counties of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. “Founded in 1930, Collings Brothers have established over many decades an envious reputation for customer service,” stated Merlo UK national sales manager Owen Buttle. “We are extremely pleased to welcome them to the nationwide network of Merlo agricultural dealers.” Operating from two very accessible locations at Abbotsley in Cambridgeshire and Brigstock in Northamptonshire, Collings Brothers depots are well-placed to support the needs of existing and potential Merlo customers. “The Collings Brothers team are excited to be working with Merlo again. Collings Brothers has a long-standing relationship with Merlo and look forward to supporting existing and new customers. [...] Our sales team look forward to offering this extensive range of handlers and to getting out into the field demonstrating,” commented Jason Weston, managing director of Collings Brothers.

Company expands organic fertiliser offering by acquiring Finnish producer Yara has announced the acquisition of Ecolan Oy, a Finnish producer of recycled fertilisers. This is Yara’s first acquisition in the organic fertiliser segment and reflects its commitment to playing a bigger role in organic farming and contributing to the circular economy. “By expanding our offerings into the growing organic farming segment in Europe, we can help improve nutrient use efficiency in this segment by capitalising on our deep crop nutrition knowledge,” said Mónica Andrés, executive vice president for Yara Europe. Ecolan utilises industrial side streams to produce highquality fertilisers for agriculture and forestry. Today, many organic waste streams are not being reused or recycled. Recovering nutrients from waste streams and bringing them back into agricultural production helps to reduce nutrient losses and contribute to a circular economy. Together, Yara and Ecolan aim to make a significant positive difference towards a greener fertiliser industry.

October 2021

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09/09/2021 16:12

Arable be prioritised when deciding order of fungicide applications, particularly if the variety is more susceptible to phoma. Clearly fungicide programmes should be influenced by varietal resistance as found in the AHDB recommended lists. The 10% threshold should be applied for the more canker-susceptible varieties such as Crome and Crocodile (4). On the other hand, more resistant varieties such as George (9) and Croozer, DK Exsteel, Dazzler, Darling, Respect, DK Expectation and DK Imprint CL (8) are less at risk and a 20% threshold should be applied, as well as being of lower priority when it comes to order of spraying.

Light leaf spot

Hit it early: Disease control in OSR Use disease risk forecasts to plan appropriate and timely spray programmes for oilseed rape crops this autumn, is the advice of Dr David Ellerton – technical director with Hutchinsons. The main autumn diseases of oilseed rape, light leaf spot and phoma stem canker, can both be devastating to oilseed rape yields if not controlled early in the season. However, the risk to crops can be very different based on a range of factors, such as weather and varietal resistance. So how can growers this season best decide when to spray for the most effective control? Hutchinsons technical director, Dr David Ellerton, gives the following advice on using risk forecasts and the right chemistry to manage particular levels of risk. Phoma is a disease that comes from the debris and stubble of the previous year’s crop – and can cause losses of up to 0.5t/ha. Phoma spores need 20 days or more rain from 1st August in order to mature on stubble. More rainfall than this then causes release of mature spores, which are then able to infect the crop – if there is a minimum of four hours of leaf wetness. From infection, it takes an accumulated mean temperature of 120-day degrees (i.e. six days at 20˚C, or 10 days at 12˚C) for a mature spore to

Key points to consider: • • • • •

Phoma risk is currently low as a consequence of dry conditions, although this could change Monitoring is essential and spray should be applied when 10–20% of plants show leaf symptoms Priority should be given to small plants of susceptible varieties Light leaf spot should be treated at first signs of the disease Routine protectant fungicide should be applied late October/early November if no spray applied earlier.

produce the characteristic leaf spot, from which the mycelium will migrate down the petiole of the leaf and into the central stem. At low temperatures, this migration may be only 1mm per day but it is essential to control the disease before it reaches the stem, as control then becomes almost impossible and stem cankers will result later in the season.

Risk forecasts To help decide fungicide timings in the autumn, phoma risk forecasts are available from AHDB, which are based on incidence of phoma canker in 2021 and temperature and rainfall from 1st July to 26th September. At the time of writing in early September, conditions have been relatively dry, so at present there is a relatively low phoma risk across the country – although future risk will depend on how much further rainfall is seen through September. Dr Ellerton advises regular monitoring of crops, particularly early sown crops, rather than relying on waiting for the forecast which is only an indication of the beginning of phoma infections and may only be available after infection has started. Fungicides should be applied once crops have reached a threshold of 10–20% of plants infected with phoma leaf spot and the risk forecast will merely indicate when this is likely to occur for your region. Another consideration is the often large difference in growth stages between crops particularly with the wide variation in drilling dates, differences in seedbed moisture and subsequent variation in emergence date. Later drilled smaller crops will be more at risk of phoma reaching the stem and so a threshold of 10% plant infection would be more appropriate rather than 20% for larger crops. They should also

Issued each autumn by the AHDB, the preliminary light leaf spot (LLS) forecast shows the proportion of the oilseed rape crop (disease resistance rating of 5) estimated to have more than 25% of plants affected by LLS in spring, for the current season, in 10 regions across the UK. The forecast uses previous season pod incidence data and deviation from the 30-year mean summer (July and August) temperature. Low temperatures increase risk. It also uses historic average winter rainfall data. In spring, the forecast is updated to reflect deviation in actual winter rainfall data from the 30-year mean. High rainfall also increases risk. It’s important to recognise that the forecasts should only be used as a guide to risk levels. As local risk varies, crops should be inspected regularly on a field-by-field basis. To provide the strongest risk assessment, plant samples should be put in polythene bags and kept at 10–15ºC for around five days to bring out symptoms. There is no threshold for LLS in the autumn, and sprays should be applied at first sign of the disease.

Taking control Recent work from AHDB has shown that programmes based on prothioconazole are very effective at controlling phoma and increasing yield, while straight tebuconazole often gives poorer control and yield response. However, previous AHDB work has indicated that products containing a combination of both prothioconazole and tebuconazole can outperform straight prothioconazole. Where more growth regulation is required, use a higher ratio of tebuconazole. The addition of bixafen will boost control of both phoma and light leaf spot. Application of tebuconazole-based products in the autumn will affect what can be used in the spring. Products containing metconazole are strong growth regulators, but are generally weaker on disease control, particularly LLS. Where disease pressure is relatively low or there is an early attack of phoma, difenoconazole may be considered, although this is weak on LLS so is more appropriate as the early spray for phoma in a planned two-spray programme. The addition of azoxystrobin to difenoconazole will improve LLS control. FG

10 October 2021

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The first breeding solution against Virus Yellows: it’s all in the seed.


Top performer in Virus Yellows trials with high yields under infection


Strong tolerance against Beet Mild Yellowing Virus (BMYV)


Visibly greener canopy Virus Yellows PROTECT

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10/09/2021 09:36 28.01.21 15:22

Better strategies needed to boost slug control A survey of UK arable growers has highlighted the need for greater accuracy when applying slug pellets, with application timing one of the biggest improvements needed to tackle a burgeoning slug population. The survey, which was carried out by Adama UK, shows that 81% of growers perceive the threat posed by slugs has either remained static (65%) or increased (16%) over the last three years. The survey also showed that only 28% of growers are using

traps to assess slug activity, with 20% potentially applying pellets ahead of the slug threshold being reached. “With our new ferric phosphate pellet, Gusto Iron, recently launched and another novel active ingredient in development, we were keen to identify

how big the threat of slug damage is in arable crops and what growers look for when choosing a molluscicide,” explains Melanie Wardle (pictured), Adama’s molluscicide and fungicide product manager. “What we learned was that growers are anticipating another year of intense slug pressure predominantly because the wet weather in the

second half of the spring coincided with the main breeding period, resulting in the potential for an increased population this autumn. The survey also highlighted that whilst the majority of growers are using pellets correctly, there’s still considerable room for improvement in terms of when and, to a certain extent how, pellets are applied.” In terms of how growers assess the


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12 October 2021

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Arable Expect slug attacks after wet weather Watch out for a resurgence of slugs in farm crops over coming weeks after recent wetter weather, says James Collingwood, commercial business manager for agronomy firm ProCam. Be aware also that successful slug control may look different if switching to alternative slug pellets, now that metaldehyde is in its phase-out period, he adds. “Slugs thrive in moist soils, and the levels of slug reproduction through summer months dictate the size of the slug population going into autumn,” Mr Collingwood explains. “Emerging juvenile slugs are the slug threat in their crops, 69% rely on visual inspections when crop walking, 28% use slug traps and 3% use slug forecasting tools. “From a best-practice perspective it is essential that pellets are only applied once threshold has been reached,” Ms Wardle continues, “so it’s encouraging that almost a third of growers are proactively using slug traps to determine when slugs are active. “In an ideal world, 100% of growers would be using traps to assess the risk – not only for the reason mentioned above, but also because trapping is more reliable than basic visual inspections which can be more hit and miss depending on when the crop is walked and during what conditions.” The survey also indicated that the most critical factors when choosing a slug pellet were palatability, active ingredient efficacy and pellet longevity in wet conditions. “Spreading accuracy, mould resistance and pellet visibility were also highlighted as being important,” Ms Wardle adds, “with growers expressing a clear preference for high quality, value-added pellets such as Gusto Iron which gives the ideal balance between palatability and longevity as well as a colour retention and mould resistance.” The survey also highlighted that 37% of growers are applying pellets to 12m, with an additional 24% spreading to 18m. A further 32% are spreading to 24m, with the remaining 7% spreading to 36m. “As expected, the majority of growers surveyed are applying slug pellets to a width of 12–18m,” Ms Wardle describes. “Even at these relatively narrow working widths it’s imperative to ensure that spreading equipment is correctly calibrated and that it is operated at an appropriate forward speed according to the prevailing climatic conditions in order to ensure spreading accuracy and optimal baiting point density.” FG

most damaging because they are such voracious feeders. “After recent rainfall, potatoes currently in the ground will be at risk of slug damage ahead of lifting, which could affect tuber marketability. But slugs also love oilseed rape, and moist soils are a big reason for growers to plant winter oilseed rape this year, because moisture helps it establish quickly against flea beetles. Similarly, autumn-planted cereals going into moist seedbeds will be at risk.” Control-wise, Mr Collingwood says cultural methods may need stepping up to reduce slug numbers

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For more information visit: Gusto® IRON is a registered trademark of the ADAMA group. Gusto® IRON contains ferric phosphate. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information, including warning phrases and symbols, refer to or call The Technical Helpline on 01635 876 622. ADAMA AMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd. Third Floor East, 1410 Arlington Business Park, Theale, Reading RG7 4SA. Telephone 01635 860 555.

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soil surface, with ferric phosphate slugs tend to die underground. Therefore, don’t look for dead slugs as a measure of control and to gauge whether a follow-up treatment is needed. Instead, monitor levels of crop damage to assess whether ferric phosphate pellets need to be reapplied. With all slug pellets, always follow label restrictions.” Other slug management methods include avoiding rotations with short intervals between brassica crops, including forage brassicas, says Mr Collingwood, because brassicas tend to encourage slug numbers.

ahead of planting combinable crops – including removing straw to minimise the trash that slugs feed on, and using cultivations to destroy slug eggs and young slugs. “Treatment-wise, many growers have relied on metaldehyde slug pellets. But metaldehyde is in its use-up period following news of its withdrawal. When switching to alternative ferric phosphate pellets, as many growers will be, be aware that ferric phosphate is an effective method of control but slugs don’t die in the same way. “Whereas with metaldehyde you could see dead slugs on the

01/06/2021 08:38

October 2021 13

10/09/2021 12:46


Metaldehyde stewardship guidelines apply this autumn With slug pellet applications imminent, the agricultural industry is being reminded that metaldehyde stewardship guidelines apply this autumn. Dr David Cameron (pictured), chairman of the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG), the industry body set up to promote responsible use of metaldehyde, explains that although no further supplies of the active are available from manufacturers, distributors can still sell stocks and use can continue until 31st March 2022. “Responsible use of pellets right up until the end of the use-up period is essential to help stop metaldehyde reaching watercourses in all areas of the UK, especially in drinking water catchments,” says Dr Cameron. He notes key stewardship steps to follow. “Firstly, with the view of helping to minimise slug infestations and reduce the need for treatment, metaldehyde slug pellets must only be used as part of a wider Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.

“Factors such as soil and stubble management, planting methods, weather, trapping and monitoring should all be considered as part of slug control programmes.” Growers should also take a field-by-field approach to assess the risk of metaldehyde reaching watercourses. “Think ‘Soil, Slope and Stream’. Your field’s soil type, topography and proximity to a water course are all key to understanding whether applications could impact drinking water quality. “If treatment is necessary, it’s imperative to refer to the full set of MSG guidelines. These state that metaldehyde-based slug pellets should not be applied if drains are flowing or heavy rain is forecast, and no pellets should

be allowed to fall within a minimum of 10 metres of any field boundary or watercourse,” Dr Cameron says. He concludes by thanking the entire industry for their support over the last decade. “Although we are now seeing the loss of metaldehyde from the market, the stewardship initiative played an enormously important role, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support of various organisations and stakeholders.” Full stewardship guidelines are available at www. msg-guidelines/ FG



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IronMax Pro, Fe-est, Ferrimax Pro, X-Ecute and Sigon contain ferric phosphate. Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.

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Experts in the science of slug control

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SPREADABLE DURABLE PALATABLE USE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE. For further information with regard to the warning phrases and symbols for this product please refer to the product label. Sluxx HP ® contains 3% ferric phosphate Sluxx HP ® is a registered trademark of W. Neudorff Gmbh KG. Marketed by Certis, Suite 5, 3 Riverside, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire, CB21 6AD. Tel: 0845 373 0305 © 2021

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08/09/2021 15:04


Regenerative agriculture What lies beneath: Perspectives on the underworld Prof. Karl Ritz (pictured), Emeritus professor of soil ecology at Nottingham University, spoke at this year’s Groundswell event, focusing on soil health – in particular soil types, structures, biota and related concepts. Rachel Hicks reports. The primary reason for Prof. Ritz’s talk was to assist in the understanding of how systems work, leading to more effective management of those systems – in particular, sustainable soil management, one of the pillars of regenerative ag. According to Prof. Ritz, soil is the foundation of all natural environments – it’s fundamental to the survival of our entire civilisation, past, present and future. This makes farmers, particularly those working within regenerative agriculture, custodians of the future. From a farmer’s perspective, soil is, above all else, a resource – Prof. Ritz reckons it’s the second most important business asset in a farming enterprise; second only to the farmer’s brain, as this is what makes the decisions on how to manage the enterprise and the soil system. From a more scientific perspective, soil is a structured, porous medium, and an adaptive, dynamic system – which can change with time. It’s also a habitat. Soil is not just one soil – it is soils, with huge variations across the UK. What’s common across all soils is they’re

made up of six constituents; minerals, organic matter, organisms, gases, water, and solutes and colloids. These are apparent in different proportions, which leads to the different soil types. Of the organisms living below ground, within a 200g handful of arable soil, Prof. Ritz says there is approximately 0.5g of living material, or fresh biomass, which is microbial so too small to see with the human eye. The amount of biomass below the ground either meets or even exceeds the amount above ground, at around 5t/ha, or even 10x that in the case of grassland, and there’s a high degree of biodiversity – bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, insects, arachnids, molluscs, worms, and mammals. Size ranges from micrometres up to centimetres (mice, moles etc) – the larger they get, the fewer there are. On top of this, you can have up to many kilometres of plant roots underground (in the case of grassland).

Biological engine Prof. Ritz describes this biota as the biological engine of the earth. But how does this biological engine

Graph 1: Respiration Rate Control

Low energy tillage

High energy tillage

80 70 Respiration rate mg CO2 m-² h-¹

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0

16-17 Arable.indd 16



3 4 5 Days after tillage





actually work? At the simplest level, solar energy arrives from the sun. Plants capture this by photosynthesis and turn it into glucose – chemical energy. These plants are now a potential food source for all other life forms on the planet. In the soil ecosystem, this plant matter becomes soil organic matter (i.e. it dies). This contains energy, which the microorganisms extract and use to reproduce. The next level in the organism pyramid eat those, and so on. As the energy moves from one level to another, it is transferred in all directions, setting up a ‘food web’ – a big, interconnected system. This is what drives the soil engine – the organic matter is the green fuel in this sustainable system. On-farm, common forms of organic matter are green manure, residues from crops, animal manures, and compost that can be imported into the system. Soil structure is fundamental to how soils function. Soil structure relates to the pore networks, through which all soil processes occur. It sets the nature of the habitat of this biota, is a rooting medium, and assists in the drainage and filtering of water. So how does the biological engine create soil structure? Prof. Ritz likens it to the average day for a child at a nursery/kindergarten, as it involves moving, painting, gluing, sewing and eating. The gluing part is that many of the organisms in soil are sticky, so glue the soil particles together. Plant roots and fungal hyphae ‘sew’ the soil together. Many organisms produce materials to coat themselves, to prevent themselves from drying out, which sloughs off and paints the soil surfaces, which stabilises them. The moving part is where the larger organisms, such as earthworms, move the soil around. Large quantities of soil pass through earthworms – they can move

up to 30x their body weight in one day. The soil that passes out of them is significantly more structured than before it went in. On average, the presence of earthworms leads to a 25% increase in crop yield. In order to reach this increase, in a 20cm3 soil sample you would need around 16 worms – this is a biological indicator of your soil health.

Retaining carbon Graph 1 shows the rate at which the soil is respiring, i.e. the rate at which CO2 is leaving the soil, as a result of different levels of tillage. There is an increase in respiration rate during high energy tillage, i.e. ploughing, which means carbon is leaving the soil in a higher and faster amount, so it is no longer available in the soil. In low energy tillage, i.e. min-till, a higher level of carbon remains in the soil. Soil disturbance has a pivotal role in reducing soil organic matter concentrations. The disturbance primes the decomposition of organic matter, burning off carbon as CO2. If you continue to move soil in this way, in the long term it will reduce the energy available in that system, especially if crop residues are being removed with straw being baled and taken away. It’s also stirring up the organism habitat – ripping the fungal hyphae apart, and destroying the vertical worm channels. The worms are less likely to have the energy to rebuild them, lacking the residues for a source of energy. This loss of organic residues therefore directly impacts on soil health. FG To view Prof. Ritz’s lecture in full, visit So how can you best manage soil biology?

• • •

Keep the habitat healthy. Avoid messing up the architecture – manage soil structure appropriately Keep feeding the system/fueling the engine – plants will mainline solar energy into the system, and residues are to remain If you take out more than you put in, it’s not sustainable. Replace what you remove, over time – whether that’s carbon, or other minerals Encourage and maintain diversity in the system. Diverse systems are inherently more resilient.

15/09/2021 09:58

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10/09/2021 12:55

Rain or shine ? The weather data that impacted your campaign : get your custom weather report.

How to prepare cereal crops for winter dormancy Having been caught out by the wet autumn of the previous year, many growers opted to drill cereal crops as early as possible in 2020 due to fears of repeat conditions of a wet autumn. Now, following a successful harvest, one crop nutrition expert believes growers will be looking to emulate this approach in autumn 2021.

How much has the weather impacted my yield?

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Chris Bond (pictured), FMC commercial technical manager for crop nutrition, reckons many growers will be looking to get crops drilled early to capitalise on warmer and drier soil conditions to ensure another good establishment. “If drilled earlier, crops will be well established ahead of dormancy, developing a much greater biomass, which will lead to a higher draw on nutrients from the soil ahead of winter,” he says. Considering this, Mr Bond advises paying attention to nutrition ahead of the colder months to make sure crops are as robust as possible going into dormancy. By doing so, he explains, crops will be better prepared to ramp up growth once the warmer spring weather comes.

Don’t overlook soil sampling Although growers will be looking to get crops into the ground as soon as possible after harvest, Mr Bond warns that soil sampling shouldn’t be overlooked. “Soil sampling should be carried out any time after harvest to help make nutritional decisions for the following crop,” he explains. “It’s really important to understand where you’re at ahead of drilling so you can make any required changes to cropping or to plan nutrient applications ahead of the crop going in the ground.” Mr Bond highlights the value of a broad-spectrum test rather than the standard P, K, Mg and pH test, saying that a broad-spectrum test gives you

44 7723 580941 18 October 2021

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10/09/2021 12:51


Magnesium helps to turn fuel into plant-available energy, stimulates the production of carbohydrates and plays a role in protein synthesis.

Soil testing and tissue testing go hand-in-hand – using them in tandem can help give a true picture of what is available in the soil and what can be accessed by the plant, according to Mr Bond. “I would encourage growers to take samples as soon as the crop is big enough, usually from the threeleaf stage onwards. For those who haven’t been able to get soil tests on certain fields, this will be invaluable. “Tissue tests can also help spot lock-up issues that could be caused by other factors, such as soil conditions, temperature, water levels and the interactions between the nutrients themselves. “To take an accurate tissue sample, make sure to choose plants at random by walking in a W shape within the field. Try to avoid any soil contamination by chopping the green leaves of the plant with scissors and placing this in your sample bag.”

Magnesium could be vital in 2021 Magnesium is traditionally applied later in the growing season, to help grain formation. However, Mr Bond explains magnesium plays a vital role as a catalyst in over 300 reactions within the plant and should be considered in the autumn. “Magnesium helps to turn fuel into plant-available energy, stimulates the production of carbohydrates and plays a role in protein synthesis.” If this autumn follows a similar pattern to those of past years, with several periods of wet weather, plants could again be hit hard as magnesium is one of the most leachable elements in crop nutrition. “For the past four years, we’ve analysed tissue samples across the country and have seen a significant upward trend in the number of crops that are deficient in magnesium. For example, in the past three years magnesium deficiency has been seen in excess of 70% of samples. This is continuing to grow.

Apply manganese Manganese is very important for photosynthesis, making it a vital

Foliar fertilisers Mr Bond explains that foliar applications of nutrients are an ideal way to maintain the correct nutritional levels and balance in-season. “If crops are found to be lacking in any vital nutrient, growers still have the chance to rectify this through foliar applied nutrition. “This can be a cost-effective, quick solution as foliar nutrients can be applied with other products, and incorporated into T timings,” he concludes. FG

Your essential crop protection products...










Visit for more information @AdamaUK_

SULTAN®, GOLTIX®, HURRICANE®, TOPIK®, ANTHEM® and SHOTPUT® are registered trademarks of the ADAMA group. SULTAN® contains 500g/l (44.3% w/w) metazachlor. GOLTIX® contains 700g/L (57.9% w/w) metamitron. HURRICANE® contains 500g/L (42% w/w) diflufenican. TOPIK® contains 240g/L (22.2% w/w) clodinafop-propargyl and 60g/L (5.6% w/w) cloquintocet-mexyl. ANTHEM® contains 400g/L (36% w/w) pendimethalin. SHOTPUT® contains 70% w/w metribuzin. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information, including warning phrases and symbols, refer to or call The Technical Helpline on 01635 876 622.

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd. Third Floor East, 1410 Arlington Business Park, Theale, Reading RG7 4SA. Telephone 01635 860 555.

0421_ADAMA_Farmers Guide_Anchor Range_Herbicide Ad_142x189.indd 1

18-21 Arable.indd 19

deficiency, so if you have any of these soil types, prioritise applications,” he adds.



Tissue test at the three-leaf stage

“Based on these results and the conditions we’ve already seen this year, magnesium levels could already be depleted in the soil,” he says. “I would recommend growers apply it as a matter of course via foliar application from GS13 onwards.”


a more accurate picture of what’s available in your soil, delving into micro nutrition and other secondary elements that are just as important for plant health and development.

element of any crop nutrition programme, explains Mr Bond. “This micronutrient is often routinely applied in the autumn but will be especially important this year if growers are pushing ahead with drilling to get crops in the ground earlier,” he says. “This extended growing season before the onset of winter dormancy will mean that crops will be putting on more biomass and subsequently will be ‘hungry’ for nutrition. As manganese is vital for photosynthesis, crops will be actively seeking it. “Light and chalky soils are particularly high risk for manganese

14/07/2021 14:44

October 2021 19

15/09/2021 10:00

l o r t n o c o t g n i p l e H s d e e w s Celebrating gras Its 61! since 19 Save Time X pass with OME e n o in s le u n gra • ApptulymAnvPaKdeSxuspension Fertilisers.

au e. • Contract Sthervroicughout: • Avarfilaoblkle, Suffolk, No edfordshire, B , e ir h s e g d Sa ri ve Caemb , EssexTi, m Hertfordshire , e ir h s m a h g Buckin  lnsinhire, and Apply Av coles Linnu e, gra hirex on rksad o Y e rs. e pass with OMEX autumn PK Suspin irise h s en sio m n a Fe h rtil g tt No

 Contract Service.  Available throughout: Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedford sing the shire ,ategies before u tr s M IP Buckinghams t ordsh anrtf rele e,vHe ire, Yorkshire, Use all hir ’ Lincolnshire,ican kng c ta ‘s e d No id tti ha rb ms e h hiroeist seed beds m

Factor x e d a v A s Key tip •

It's time for Avadex less’ in control? • GotIt’black-grass s not just‘more blacor k-grass! • Got an increasing problem with brome or rye-

 Think rye-grass and brome grass? s, not just black-grass  Think tryu and to yo haveincrease a problemthe • Want wieffectiveness th rat’s-tail fescue? of the  Think you herbicide want long-lprogramme. asting wild oat control from day 1? include Avadex in your programme! Then  Just add Avadex!


Excel 1 x e d a v A s Key tip l 15G

adex Exce s before using the Key tipresle-vaAv nt IPM strategie

• Userbaicllidevean‘stat IPM ck’ strategies before using the nue to

nti Usheeall rel  librated and co plates ca r to a lic k’ p ac p ‘st a e r cid u rbiet yo heG ctor e to check the " aedndanddeflcoenti rkrat olib nu ipew "p e ca th tor k ca c pli e ap h ur c yo . t n Ge  so a the se e th r plates regularly through h cto ugfle thdrode rlyan the ulark” re su regwo n “pipe E ll? ri d of the d . ing on the back onsolidaexteis seas ply Apon aEnwsuellrecthe to d ad lie Av p p a g r in fo ll? e is bback of the dricm drilling depth adeonx the Aving Apply  4 dated surface and maintain innsaoli ainlltaco dm a e a we c surfapa pliednto being at.pth for winter wheat. wghede terllin a 4cwmindri lls? e ro f thls? k orol Is the e bofacthe thck n o g ba in the ly p on p ing A ? ply d Ap  cekertifsuiere drilling A4?GMa r Pied eracetortif op4G thePA ect.t – Is tor orrea opera depwithnteisr cwh g for n lli ri d re m 4c su – ct e k rre Mais co depth at.

4cm for winter


Need a contractor?

well prepared a contractor? Need to ly ck’ p p A • To find a contractor in your area check the website: mergence ‘sta -e re p e th f o artex Factor as pad areaQRcheck your the in scan find a contractor or To - Av Apsply Key•tip ater volume, w t, h ig e h m o o b website: the te a code with your phone to ri d the herbicide ‘stack’ eeng spusi Approp ardore rw • fo bef d ies n teg a stra e your with code QR the scan or IPM ic t o van be taken directly to the h Use allnrele  ozzle c s bed d to directly taken be to phone see Contractor List Apply to well prepared moist  the Contractor List of the pre-emergence ‘stack’

Your Gowan contacts:

Apply as part  volume, nozzle Appropriate boom height, water  choice and forward speed


Your Gowan contacts: Dominic Lamb UK and Ireland Business Manager

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UK and Ireland Technical Manager

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Crop Protection Ltd. use. uct information before

the label and prod ts safely. Always read uc od pr n Crop Protection Ltd. on cti ote pr e by Gowa nt pla Use under licenc edprotection us rk ma Use plant products safely. de tra d ® ere ist reg a Dominic Lamb Kuldip Mudhar Barrie Hunt Avadex is Avadex contains tri-allate. Always read the label and product information UK and Ireland Business Manager 07584 052323

18-21 Arable.indd 20

UK and Ireland UK and Ireland Development Manager Technical Manager 07532 807138 07308 166356

before use. Avadex contains tri-allate. Avadex is a registered trademark used under licence by Gowan Crop Protection Ltd.

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Sixty-year-old herbicide proves increasingly important Industry interest in a 60-year-old herbicide is at an all-time high this autumn as growers and agronomists across the country deal with an upsurge in grassweed problems.



Despite the extensive pipeline of chemistry becoming available since 1961 – from fops and dims to flupyrsulfuron, pendimethalin, Atlantis and flufenacet – the multi-site strength-in-depth of Avadex (tri-allate) is becoming more essential than ever in the integrated management of bromes, ryegrass, wild oats – not to mention rat’s tail fescue – as well as black-grass. Herbicide-resistant black-grass, ryegrass and now sterile brome are clearly part of the problem, believes grassweed specialist, Barrie Hunt (right) of Avadex manufacturer, Gowan Crop Protection. But he sees this being made much worse by today’s climatic variability. “Although there are obvious concerns over reduced weed sensitivity to flufenacet, most pre-em mixtures seemed to have worked well last autumn,” he points out. “But the cold, dry spring really put the cat among the pigeons. On the one hand, it meant little active weed growth in the main spring post-em spraying window, leading to poor later winter control. And on the other, decidedly thin and uncompetitive crops – especially later-sown wheats. “As a result, any weeds surviving into the spring had a field day – as did late-germinating ones like wild oats – causing considerable consternation over the summer and substantial seed return to be dealt with this autumn.”

Sufficient control Added to the extra seed return is the fundamental problem that, while still pretty effective, the autumn pre-emergence sprays central to most

modern grassweed management programmes are simply not giving sufficient control. Recent trials, for instance, show black-grass control of 60–70% can be expected from typical flufenacet-based pre-ems. At the same time, flufenacet and pendimethalin-based stacks are giving 75–80% control of sterile brome and Italian ryegrass. When integrated with cultural controls, these provide a good start. But, as several dry springs in a row have underlined, they can be nowhere near enough to prevent weed populations growing quite alarmingly wherever conditions allow. “That’s why more and more people are turning to Avadex as a pre-em partner,” says Barrie Hunt. “It has stood the test of time, with activity against multiple enzyme systems making it harder for even the most adept herbicide-beating weeds to overcome. “Analysis of 322 data points from trials over the past six seasons show Avadex Excel 15G adding an impressive average of 17 (and up to almost 30) percentage points to blackgrass control in modern pre-em programmes – including those with the latest actives, aclonifen, and metribuzin. And we’ve seen similar improvements from using the micro-granules as a pre-em partner in dealing with both brome and ryegrass. This pushes overall control up to much more sustainable 80% and 90%+ levels.

Residual action Besides its multi-site mode of action, Mr Hunt attributes this extra value to a residuality that

allows good control of grassweeds emerging over an extended period as well as its physical chemical properties, which means it behaves differently from other cereal pre-ems. In addition to dealing very effectively with winter-germinating wild oats, either the micro-granules or the newer liquid formulation (Avadex Factor) applied as part of autumn pre-em programmes have been shown to give ‘the bonus of’ the same 98%+ total wild oat control as springapplied post-em standards; and with much less vulnerability to ‘difficult’ spring conditions too. One notable field trial showed Octoberapplied Avadex giving 90%+ control of tame oats sown fully five months later in March. “Early germinating wild oats have approximately twice the impact on winter cereals yields of later germinators,” Mr Hunt stresses. “And we know autumn application can be as effective as any early spring post-em. So, it makes perfect sense to focus wild oat control on the autumn alongside other grassweeds wherever conditions allow. “Approved for winter and spring wheat and barley plus winter rye and triticale, winter and spring linseed, Avadex Excel 15G has the greatest flexibility of use as well as concentration of tri-allate (2.25kg/ha at the recommended 15kg/ ha granule application rate),” he explains. “We are continuing to develop the versatility of the newer and less concentrated liquid, Avadex Factor (delivering 1.62kg/ha at the recommended 3.6-litre/ha rate) and hope to add more crops in the future. “Despite the extra convenience of the liquid for sprayer-based regimes, Avadex granules remain by far the most popular formulation. There are numerous contractors with applicators across the country and many growers find using them valuable in taking the pressure off workloads at one of their busiest times. Others are fitting applicators to their drills or rolls to make tri-allate the core element of their pre-em programme without the need for an extra pass.” To ensure they get the most from it, Mr Hunt provides five top tips for Avadex Excel 15G users: Achieve the most effective seedbed – consolidating loose ‘puffy’ ground before sowing and avoiding cloddiness; Drill crops at the correct depth (4cm for wheat) – avoiding applications to shallowdrillings and don’t consolidate (or roll) after drilling if seed depth will be affected; Apply within 48 hours of drilling – unless conditions are very dry (in which case wait for rain) or too windy for spraying (which will disrupt the granule spread pattern); Calibrate and check the applicator regularly – paying particular attention to the pipework and the cleanliness and angle of the deflector plates; Avoid crops to be under-sown with grass or followed by oat or grass crops within 12 months – remembering that some cover crop mixtures contain oats. He adds that Avadex granule applications following direct drilling should be quite safe given adequate slot closure and planting depth and, while soil contact is vital for activity, no problems have been reported with residue covers in the UK or in Canada where 75% coverage is common. FG October 2021 21

18-21 Arable.indd 21

10/09/2021 12:52

Farmers discover unexpected benefits of labour shortages

Meeting the demands of any operation PFC offers a wide range of quality cultivation equipment from Awemak to meet the demands of the smallest to the largest operators. The aim is to provide equipment to meet sensible budgets while maintaining high levels of strength and reliability. The company offers a full range of discs from trailed to hydraulic folding to suit tractors ranging from 120–450hp. The discs are heavy duty as standard, providing reliability and cost effectiveness. PFC is currently stocking various discs and seed bed cultivators. The Puma is specified with jackpot heavy duty vertical tines and utilises a steel ring packer at the rear to provide consistent consolidation. The Puma can be trailed or

mounted, and is easily converted between the transport options for added flexibility. The company says it has been using the Puma seedbed cultivator on its own farm on the plough-based system, but will be moving to a low disturbance 6-leg sub-soiler and then using the Puma to work the top 50mm ready for a tine drill, which PFC reckons will be a very cost-effective establishment. To see the before and after results, visit PFC’s website with a projected drilling date of 15th October on winter wheat. There is a huge choice of tillage equipment, but PFC reckons it can offer what you need at an affordable price – top quality equipment with full specification, with full post-sales support. FG

An imperfect storm of Brexit and Covid, plus a stronger pound making the EU more attractive for European seasonal labourers, saw casual labour disappear overnight. Suddenly, automation is not just a choice, but a necessity. Some farmers have discovered labour shortage isn’t a crisis – it’s actually saving them money, says Rural Asset Finance founder Matthew Smart (pictured). “A pumpkin farm we support in Norfolk annually paid over £30,000 for 80 workers to hoe crops but when those workers vanished, the farmer invested £28,000 leasing a mechanical hoe mounted on a tractor. It did the job consistently perfectly and has saved £30,000 not just this year, but going forward too. “Another client packs and wraps 500g trays of leeks and asparagus for a supermarket. One gram under, and the supermarket penalises them, but every gram over is a gratefully received giveaway.

Judging numbers of stems to make the weight was done by eye, but those human eyes have gone. The farmer leased a machine to select, pack and wrap, and found human error resulted in such a large giveaway, the machine paid for itself in one year.” It’s time to automate, Mr Smart adds. “Review your casual labour requirements, research newly available machines, crunch the numbers, price up a machine on a leasing plan and see if it’s better. The results may make you wish you’d switched years ago.” FG

22 October 2021

22-24 Arable.indd 22

13/09/2021 09:48



in Agrii’s Green Horizons Insight Report 3 which is available at

Biosolutions: Fact & fiction

Latest news from Green Horizons HQ

Answering your questions in this month’s column is Clare Bend – head of technical at Agrii. What do you mean by biosolutions? “Biosolutions are evolving technologies that may be used as well as, or instead of, conventional synthetic crop protection chemicals (CPC) to enhance crop health, plant metabolism, yield, crop protection, nutrient use efficiency or reduce the effect of stress. These can be further categorised into biostimulants, endophytes, elicitors and biopesticides.” There seem to be a lot of wild claims about these products. How is Agrii distinguishing fact from fiction? “We’re getting right back to the basic science to adopt a ‘what works’ approach with a lab-screening system, to refine priorities for field trials. At the last count, we had tested 130 different biosolutions through our field trials, and only 23% of these have shown properties we believe are useful. Our approach has always been to base our approach on science.”

Which products have shown promise over recent years? “If we look at elicitors for example, one that has shown promise over recent years is Iodus – a product from UPL recommended for controlling Septoria tritici and powdery mildew in wheat. It works by increasing cell wall lignification through protein production, preventing the movement and progress of pathogens. Results over the years have been varied, although it has been shown to perform as well as chlorothalonil (CTL) at T0. With the loss of CTL, we are continuously scanning for new products that reduce the selection pressure for resistant pathogens.” How can biosolutions play a role in a sustainable future for my farm? “CPCs are becoming more challenging to discover and to get registered, because of the high standards

• required in GB and the EU. We need to find ways of becoming less reliant on chemistry, and fill the increasing agronomic gaps that are opening up which may not be filled using cultural controls. Biosolutions aren’t a simple substitution for CPC, but help to bolster it and increase the crop’s resilience to stress. Looking forward, they may also play a role in the drive to zero residue food production.” You can read more about the role of biosolutions and how farmers are using these products in their systems

Thank you to those who applied for the inaugural Agrii Innovation Award. This year’s winner is Luke Medd from County Durham. You can read about Luke’s work in Agrii’s latest Insight Report. Agrii has now released the fourth of its five insight reports. Increasing Farm Productivity and Viability is now available from Agrii has recently partnered with Bayer on its UK carbon project, with the intention of developing a carbon marketplace for farmers across Europe.

Get in touch! Agrii plans to use this column to answer questions from readers of Farmers Guide, and also to address topics from its regular webinars. Do you have a question you would like answered? Why not ask the Agrii team in advance so that their experts can respond in next month’s advice column. The next column will run in the December issue, featuring Agrii fertiliser technical manager, Tom Land and the focus will be Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEFs). Please send any questions for Tom relating to EEFs to

Strength – Reliabilty – Quality


Disc and Tine Cultivation Equipment to suit your needs TITAN BTA • 560mm OFAS discs • XXL HD NSK sealed bearings • Steel ring packer (double roller options available) • Straw tines • Active side screens • Hydraulic depth control • Front support wheels • Air brakes

Call direct for best pricing Andrew: 07967 300 578 Office: 01805 603 363 Profitable Farming (Awemak) HP – 82271.indd 1

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13/09/2021 11:45

October 2021 23

15/09/2021 10:00

Yields impressive despite difficult harvest conditions While catchy August weather left many farmers with stop-start harvest headaches, there have been some notable performances from several new varieties being grown for the first time. These include two new winter barley varieties, that have exceeded the current AHDB winter barley yield estimates of 6.8–7.2t/ha reported to date for 2021 harvested crops. Lincolnshire grower Tim Booth (right), who farms near Swineshead, was rewarded with a yield of just over 8.6t/ha on a crop of Lightning – a new 2-row conventional winter feed barley from breeder Elsoms Seeds. “It’s our first-time growing winter barley, as historically it’s been tricky to fit into our rotation,” he explained. “However, we changed things up last autumn, drilled 17ha and were rewarded with a fantastic-looking crop that had no disease issues, albeit in a low-pressure year for this area. Beyond one or two minor lodging problems due to heavy rains, Lightning competed well – producing a lot of tillers which smothered the ground very quickly, helping to keep our black-grass at bay. It’s an early maturing type that proved excellent for an early harvest slot, as we followed it with oilseed rape drilled on 2nd August. “Although not really tested, it scores 8 for rhynchosporium and net blotch, and 7 for mildew and brown rust, so the disease package looks potentially very solid,” Mr Booth confirmed. For Grantham farmer Tony Scarborough (left), a first-time crop of winter barley Bolton harvested on 9th

August achieved almost 8t/ha – again, well above AHDB national yield estimates for this season. “We drilled on 12th October in decent weather. The variety established quickly, competing extremely well. It stood well during the spring, despite some heavy rain that temporarily yellowed the crop, and received a basic fungicide package at T1 with a more robust spray at T2 on 12th May. Bolton looks a good variety for a mixed farm, proving uncomplicated to grow and producing a significant quantity of good-quality stiff straw. We grew two winter barleys this season, including Hawking from breeder KWS which did 6.78t/ha, although both varieties were drilled at the same time and received the same inputs. “The final bushel weight of 63hL on the Bolton was slightly down on our farm average of 65hL, although that seems to be in line with AHDB reports of national averages of 60–64hL for winter barley this year,” added Mr Scarborough.

Further north Reports on Bolton have also been positive further north, where John Wilson (right), who manages Over Rankeilour Farms near Cupar in Fife, drilled 17.6ha of the crop on 15–16th September. He commented: “Weather conditions at and post drilling were excellent, and the crop was at the 4–5 tiller stage going into winter. A low-pressure disease year was further aided by a

cold snap in early spring so, despite not being fully tested, it did cope extremely well with the very heavy rain we caught in May. Harvested in early August the final yield was an impressive 10.56t/ha, ahead of our five-year farm average. Specific weight was 68hL, again better than expected and excellent for a feed barley.

Positive winter wheat reports For Thirsk farmer Tony Bell, a first-time crop of the Group 4 hard wheat Astound achieved a yield of almost 10t/ha supporting its credentials as a robust, low-stress variety. Mr Bell said: “We drilled 18ha of Astound, split across two fields, with the larger field late sown on 5th November following a ‘difficult to harvest’ crop of maize. Despite heavy rain that submerged parts of the crop, it came through and established extremely well once the land had dried, displaying excellent early vigour. “We went with Astound, based on its high untreated yield and a relatively high treated yield and to achieve nearly 10t/ha following late drilling, just a modest fungicide package and the very challenging weather conditions it endured was a very positive result overall. Grain quality was excellent, and, in better growing conditions with earlier establishment, I feel that it’s a variety capable of challenging the highest yielding winter wheats we’ve grown in recent years,” he said. Further south in Leicestershire, Rutlandbased grower George Renner achieved 9.2t/ha on a crop of Group 3 soft wheat Merit. “We eventually drilled during the fourth week of October, later than

desired due to adverse weather and, despite not being in a particularly high risk septoria area, we took no chances applying a robust fungicide strategy. The crop stood well and coped well with the weather thrown at it and, whilst I was satisfied with 9.2t/ha, the potential for a much higher yield was lost during a sixweek dry spell in late April and May which was then followed by a dull June. “It’s uncomplicated to grow, and with premiums available alongside good marketability, I would certainly recommend it,” added Mr Renner. Positive reports on Merit continued via Kit Papworth (right), who farms near North Walsham in Norfolk. “We grew 14ha of Merit as a seed crop to get a feel for it, late drilled in the second week of December following sugar beet. As with most late-drilled crops, it was slow to emerge before racing through its growth stages the following spring. Tillering nicely, the crop received a robust fungicide programme to combat significant late yellow rust and septoria outbreaks in late May and we were rewarded with a clean crop that should yield over 9t/ha. “Having budgeted the crop at 8.5t/ ha it’s a good overall result. However, looking ahead to next year, on better fields and with an earlier drilling slot, I’d hope we’d be able to easily achieve 10t/ha as a commercial crop. Merit offers growers a range of marketing options, we’re too far from a mill, so the attraction for us would be to grow for export, given our close proximity to the deep-water port of Great Yarmouth and Merit’s UKS approval for soft milling export,” concluded Mr Papworth. FG

24 October 2021

22-24 Arable.indd 24

13/09/2021 09:49


UK sugar beet growers benefit from seed treatments For the 2022 sowing, UK growers will have exclusive access to an innovative new seed treatment, proven to enhance the yield of UK sugar beet crops and ensure a rapid and uniform establishment. In independently verified trials Xbeet Enrich 200 has delivered 1.4% (more than a tonne per hectare) of additional yield when compared to its previous Xbeet Enrich 100 product and other treatments on offer. Germains’ Xbeet Enrich 200 enhancements include biostimulants (derived from natural plant extracts) to improve crop health, accelerate emergence, increase yield, and help the crop reach the critical 12-leaf stage and

mature plant resistance. With increased pressure on the performance of crops, Germains Seed Technology is keen for growers to understand the science behind its leading sugar beet seed treatments. Germains says it always ensures that the best quality of sugar beet seed is delivered to UK growers and perform a series of quality tests to guarantee the seed is of the highest standard for UK growers. As a natural product, the shape

of the incoming raw seed will show a variation in both its size and shape. The company’s pelleting process works with the shape of the natural seed to produce a larger and rounder pellet size suitable for use with all commercial planting equipment. Germains reckons it is normal to see a degree of variation in the pellet size and shape reflecting the natural protrusions of the raw seed’s cortex. The unique Xbeet priming process brings the seed closer to the point of germination. Advancing the seed to an equal stage of the germination ensures uniform emergence under even the most

challenging UK growing conditions, the firm states. Germains operates in the heart of the UK sugar beet growing industry from its global headquarters in Kings Lynn with dedicated research and development facilities. For more information on seed priming visit

Priming advantages:

• • • •

Faster speed of emergence in EU trial conditions Increases yield potential Increases vigour for fast and strong plant development Improves uniformity to optimise harvesting efficiency. FG

REAP THE REWARDS OF MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE You don’t need to think outside of the box. Make the right choice to ensure you get more yield in your field. Bio stimulants for improved early crop growth

Promotes plant emergence

Faster emergence and more canopy cover

Helps deliver consistent, higher yielding crops

Trialled and tested for UK climate

Independently verified results** *Based on a UK 5-year average yield of 75.5t/ha. **Independent trials verified by NIAB

For more reasons why Xbeet is best for your Sugar Beet visit ®

Xbeet and Germains are registered trademarks of Food Investments Limited. ®


October 2021 25

25 Arable.indd 25

13/09/2021 09:50


Newly-approved flutriafol used this summer in sugar beet

This active will be a fantastic tool in a sugar beet growers’ kit, particularly in the face of ever-changing legislation and unpredictable weather.

A new approval for flutriafol in sugar beet, which came into effect in January 2021, provides greater control options for growers in the fight against ramularia and cercospora, following the imminent loss of key fungicide actives in the beet industry. This new crop approval for flutriafol is likely to provide relief to many sugar beet growers who will have fewer options in the fight against disease,

explains Georgia Antoniou, FMC commercial technical manager. “The sugar beet industry has been in the spotlight and seen

several significant changes in the last few years, which has resulted in a decrease in the chemistry available to growers,” she says. “At the same time, cercospora and ramularia are diseases which continue to pose a threat to sugar beet crops, with levels of cercospora in particular reported to be on the increase. This means it’s never been more important for growers to have access to a range of flexible options to help manage disease pressure.” Flutriafol is commonly used in cereal control programmes, as it has proven activity against rust in winter wheat and winter rye. More recently, the chemistry has displayed great control over cercospora in sugar beet trials carried out by FMC. “This active will be a fantastic tool in a sugar beet growers’ kit, particularly

in the face of ever-changing legislation and unpredictable weather,” reckons Ms Antoniou. “The early sugar beet season this year was challenging due to poor weather. However, better weather in the last couple of months has meant crops have been moving quickly through the growth stages and critical timings for disease control in sugar beet will soon creep up,” she explains. “This new approval has come at the ideal time to get ahead of disease risks in the field.” Flutriafol should be applied from growth stage BBCH20 when disease pressure and weather conditions dictate, generally starting towards the end of July. Application can be made up to 0.5-litres/ha, either on its own or in mixture with an appropriate approved partner product. FG

Agronomists sought for biostimulant feedback The UK importer of seaweed-based biostimulant Algifol, MJP Supplies, wants to establish a network of regional agronomists to receive insights and feedback from them and their clients. Marcus Palmer (pictured) is offering free product to those who are chosen to get involved. Algifol is a concentrated brown algae gathered from the North Atlantic, dried and refined to maximise its wealth of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth-regulating plant hormones. It has been distributed in the UK by Mr Palmer since 2005. In that time, Mr Palmer and his customers have applied it to a wide range of crops, including combining peas, potatoes and other vegetables as well as sugar beet, oilseed rape and cereals. Now, Mr Palmer is keen to hear the views of agronomists and their clients. “Last year, we worked with the PGRO, and their field trials on combining peas proved that the

Algifol™ Biostimulant 30 year success story ✓ High resistance against cold, drought and heat ✓ More profit for farmers without extra work ✓ Protection from stress due to pest attack ✓ Stronger rooting & larger root mass ✓ Rich harvest of excellent quality Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @mjpsupplies

tel: 07702 293 727 email:

use of Algifol increases yields and reduced foot rot infection,” says Mr Palmer. “We have also worked with several universities and academics who have [concurred]. “Now, though, I’d like to work with independent agronomists and gain their feedback on the product as we look to broaden our knowledge and develop our proposition.” Algifol wants to work with one agronomist in the South East, South West, East and West Midlands, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, the North East and North West of England, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Agronomists wanting to take part or needing further information should contact Marcus on 07702 293 727 or email FG


26 October 2021

26-29 Arable.indd 26

15/09/2021 10:01





20 21

WREN Big things come in small packages Over three different, tough testing seasons WREN delivered*. ✔ Top 4 for adjusted tonnes (101.7%)

✔ Superb establishment (102.2%)

✔ Exceptional root yield (104.5%)

✔ Low bolting for early sowing (2,532/ha)

*3 year mean from BBRO Recommended List 2022 – full data set available at

SESVANDERHAVE UK LTD The Farm Office Heath Farm Pottergate Road WELLINGORE Lincoln LN5 0DW October 2021 27

26-29 Arable.indd 27

09/09/2021 14:50


Sugar beet weed management: Bringing hoeing up-to-date The latest Monosem, precision guided Multicrop cultivator. © Monosem

Sugar beet breeder SESVanderHave operates an extensive UK trials network, critical not only for selecting new genetics and seed treatments, but also to monitor emerging threats from pests, diseases and weeds. “One of the ways we achieve our objectives is by mirroring and anticipating changes to commercial practice in crop management,” says SESVanderHave manager Tim Giles.

“Weed control is critical for all crops, and whilst sugar beet helps address grassweeds like black-grass within the rotation, we need to consider potential resistance build82652


T7 3 row

up as the products in the armoury become ever more restricted. The efficacy of the herbicides we have needs to be preserved to cope with climate change effects that may see invasive species emerging. You only have to look at how ragwort has spread across the country to see why. “Combine this with increasing pressure to reduce the volume of agrochemicals used, reduce costs, along with a need to reduce the workload from conventional, or even hand-hoeing trials it was a natural step to invest in a Monosem precision hoe from Toucan. “This addition to our equipment line-up will increase accuracy and working the soil is a proven way to stimulate rooting, help warm the soil, prevent capping and run-off when we get a deluge. In time, we anticipate a greater move to both inter- and in-row mechanical weeding or band spraying to control weeds and disrupt herbicide resistance. So we need to adapt our trials practises accordingly.

“We have a long-standing collaboration with Monosem who worked closely with us to design and build our fleet of precision drills. To develop ways to achieve enhanced weed control within trials is a logical progression of this partnership.” For Steve Twist, managing director of Toucan, it confirms similar messages resonating from sugar beet and fodder beet growers with renewed interest in hoes generally and precision hoes specifically. For organic beet growers, it’s a vital key to successful production. The Monosem Multicrop inter row cultivator chosen by SESVanderHave is particularly sought after for its strength of build, simple adjustment, and array of tools, plus it is fitted with an Isobus task controller to individually lift units by GPS position – reducing crop damage for a far more efficient and accurate operation. The company reckons it is clear from the amount of interest being seen, encouraged by renewed optimism in 2022 sugar beet prices, that demand is building for units to be built and in place for growers next season. FG

Hugh Pearl Land Drainage

ex demonstrator


NEW THYREGOD TT800 3 row & T7 2 row/3 row beet harvesters now available in the UK Large stocks of spares available for UK-wide delivery

B W Brewster & Son

with 60 years experience of contracting can supply all your drainage and trenching requirements from design to construction


t: 01263 587359 f: 01263 587698 e:

Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage) Ltd New Farm, Bobbingworth, Ongar, Essex CM5 0DJ

01277 890274 Fax: 01277 890322

28 October 2021

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15/09/2021 10:02

The new CLAAS TRION fits your farm.

MODEL RANGE 20 TRION models HYBRID 750-720 STRAW WALKER 660-520 TERRA TRACS Available on 750, 730, 720, 660, 650 and 530 MONTANA Available on 750, 730, 720, 660, 650 and 530

Learn more about TRION.

SEPARATION SYSTEM 2 rotor on 750 HYBRID 1 rotor on 730/720 6 walker on 600 5 walker on 500 APS THRESHING SYSTEM 600mm threshing drum on all models


ENGINES Cummins up to 435hp

NEW MULTICROP CAPABILITY Change from one crop to another quickly and simply

GRAIN TANKS sizes up to 12,000L NEW CAB on all models

Made for your unique challenges, your specific goals, your individual success – the new CLAAS TRION comes with choices, not compromises. Call your CLAAS dealer today for a demonstration. 26-29 Arable.indd 29

09/09/2021 15:15

Puma 4.0

The market leader among 4-row self-propelled harvesters

Option AVR Connect * Discover precision farming: higher yields, lower costs * Work more efficiently by analysising your machine data * Online reporting tool for all your machine, planting and harvesting data

Call us now for more info or a quotation: T 07818 030552 | E

One Machine, Two Uses...


Duo Dribble Bars for Tanker & Umbilical Application

Contact us: SCOTLAND & NORTH ENGLAND - ANDY HAYHURST: 07837 274 719 SOUTH ENGLAND & WALES - ADAM THOMAS: 07376 549 609 01179 866 163 | Email: 30 October 2021

30-31 Rural Advice.indd 30

10/09/2021 09:45

Rural Advice

Which way is the wind blowing? It’s typical that, as more information starts to emerge about future farm subsidies, one of the major factors that makes decisions about land use tricky is blowing the other way. Farm consultancy expert Mark Russell, a partner at Carter Jonas, explains. With cereal crops at circa £140 per tonne, the level of margin was so tight that, when one took out BPS payments, most farm accounts looked fairly sick, and anything the government was going to throw back into the pot would have been a great help. Environmental payments via the voluntary market (carbon credits to big business to you and me) were looking key to underpin future income. However, with cereal prices at circa £170– 185/tonne (as at September 4th 2021), and futures for spring 2022 at £200 plus – what do farmers think now? If one could guarantee prices at this level for the next five years, the answer would be simpler (although arguably input prices would simply rise and swallow up margin). Crop in the ground would be king. But we all know that is not the way it works and, for most of our clients, longer term plans are being put in place to offset BPS losses and change operations to better take account of soil structure and environmental improvements. To make ‘public money for public goods’

stick, the government really needs to understand and include the profit requirement. They are going to be asking businesses to move from producing a tangible product to producing a public good. More ways of calculating the value to the public purse are being created and tested, but it will be for all of us (led by national organisations auditing the value of the public goods purchased) to explain to the public how their money is being spent for their benefit.

Why change? Why look ahead to an era where, as farmers, the products from the land include environmental benefits? The short answer is that there is a market for these goods and therefore it is a valid alternative land use, along with: • Energy (solar, wind, biomass and AD) • Development (houses, commercial space, public realm) • Leisure (equine, dog walking, running routes and cycling tracks) • Commercial woodland.

We are in a period of getting to grips with what the market wants land managers to provide, and there are going to be a number of false starts and re-imaginings of the answers before the products settle down into clear, deliverable options. The method of delivery is also going to develop over time; some will choose to provide the environmental benefit direct to users (just as farming families often set up a butchery to sell stock as a product not a commodity). Some will let the land out to third parties who will, in turn, engage with the end consumer, and yet others will produce these goods as a commodity and either sell the product to the public via the government or put their product into a joint marketing arrangement to multiply up the bargaining power of each small producer. Indeed, different elements of environmental production may lend themselves to certain delivery methods. Regenerative agriculture, rewilding and use of environmental subsidy schemes will all play their part in recreating the mosaic of land uses within any of our national landscapes. What needs to be remembered is that less production will mean less people employed on the land and, whilst some will be required to steward environmental areas, new skills will need to be learnt within and outside farming. We continue to emphasise to government consultations our clients’ business needs and the needs of farming as a community, so that these views can filter through to the future schemes. We are also engaging with those looking to source environmental services and those providing them, and there is an imaginative period in front of us where schemes are designed to meet individual needs – be that BNG, ESG or carbon requirements. We are looking at deals whereby traders rent land, professional services are provided to produce marketable environmental benefits, and even carbon treatment is included within Farm Business Tenancy Rent Negotiations. When budgeting forwards, we are not using £200 per tonne, but more closely following the averages over a number of years – this helps make decisions that protect clients’ businesses going forward. FG

October 2021 31

30-31 Rural Advice.indd 31

10/09/2021 16:05



RIDEMAX FL 699 No matter how challenging your needs, RIDEMAX FL 699 is your best ally for trailers and tank trucks in road applications. RIDEMAX FL 699 is an All Steel radial tyre that stands out for its high mileage and extraordinary durability. Designed for 90% road usage, the tyre features a reinforced bead providing excellent stability at high speed plus great performance. RIDEMAX FL 699 is BKT’s response to the needs of road transport applications in the farming, industrial and construction industry.


Tel: +44 0151 728 4171

New ADV_Ridemax FL 699_UK_210x297, 3_CPM CROP PRODUCTION.indd 1 32-37 Tuckwell JD.indd 32

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New combine meets expectations in difficult harvest Two Essex farmers who each invested in John Deere X9 high-capacity combines for this harvest have been delighted with the performance. David Williams reports. Both combines were supplied by main dealer Tuckwells, and territory sales manager for the Dunmow and Rayleigh depots, Tim Thornton said interest in the new range flagship continues to grow. “We have received very positive feedback from both users, including daily work rates equivalent to the combined output of the two combines each of them replaced. “Continuous damp working conditions and large volumes of straw made this harvest a challenge, but the John Deere HDX Hinged Draper header coped well in all crops and supplied an even feed to the rotors to optimise output and minimise losses. “We received a lot more enquiries this harvest from farmers and contractors considering buying an X9 to replace their current John Deere combines as well as other brands, so we have already decided to add one to our demonstration fleet for next harvest.”

Simpler system Trading as JR & EH Nott, and based at Ovington Hall on the Essex/Suffolk border, James Nott replaced his two John Deere S690 combines equipped with 635R 35ft headers, with one X91100 with an HD45X 45ft header. The X9-1100 is powered by a 13.6-litre 6-cyl engine producing up to 690hp between 1,700–1,900rpm, but in tough conditions when the engine revs are pulled down under load, maximum 3,000Nm torque is achieved at 1,500rpm, so operators can maximise work rates in difficult working conditions without fear of blockages. James tried the new X9 combine on his farm last harvest before placing his order. “I think the X9 is remarkable,” he said. “A competitor’s machine with a lot more power was also considered, but we preferred the John Deere. One of the best features is the HDX header, which is a massive step up from those on our previous

The performance of the HD45X Hinged Draper header is described as excellent by James Nott. Its ground-hugging ability ensures laid barley is picked up effectively and 1.2m deep rubber cross belts feed crops head-first into the combine for optimum threshing performance.

A John Deere X9-1100 combine with a 45ft HDX Hinged Draper header was selected to replace two S690 combines with 35ft headers by Essex farmers JR & EH Nott.

machines. Three sections move independently for accurate contour following and the table can be tilted forward to push the knife under laid crops and ensure nothing is missed. Cross conveyors maintain an even feed to the threshing system. The combine easily harvests 70ha of cereals per day, including moving between fields and without working late, so if we are under pressure and need to achieve 85ha or even more then this won’t be a problem. Average losses are well under one per cent which is incredibly low.”

Matches combined output “The single X9 matches the combined output of our two previous machines, and the whole operation is easier to manage,” continued James. “Corn cart drivers head straight to the combine so that they are nearby as soon as the tank is full, and they don’t waste time travelling to the second machine just to top up the trailers before heading to the store. Moving between fields is more efficient too. When two combines are used – one usually stays to finish a field while the continued over…

A Ziegler header trailer was purchased from importer Abrey Agricultural. Four-wheel steering means it accurately follows the wheel tracks of the towing vehicle and James Nott commented that it allows narrow gateways to be negotiated with ease.

October 2021 33


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15/09/2021 10:04

Machinery With the X9-1100 are (l-r): James Nott, Tuckwells agricultural sales manager for the Dunmow and Raleigh depots Tim Thornton, combine operator Steven Mynott, and John Deere area sales representative David Purdy.

door to check and clean it, but it was always spotless so I don’t check it as often now.” The X9’s wheelbase is slightly longer than the S690’s, but Steve said manoeuvrability is just as good. He says the cab is quiet and comfortable and the controls are easy to use. His criticisms are minor, and include the unloading auger design as even when folded for transport it sticks out a long way at the rear, and the shape of the header backplate which accumulates barley awns until they restrict the operator’s view of the central section of the knife.

Multiple benefits ...from previous page

other travels to open up the next one, but both need corn trailers with them, and tractors and people are needed to escort them, and to help remove, transport and reattach the headers. There is also twice the daily maintenance. Running one machine is more efficient and saves time.”

Range of crops Much of the land is contract-farmed. Crops include milling and feed wheats, malting and feed barleys, oilseed rape, beans, and peas this year for the first time in two generations farming the land. Spring oats are also grown, and sugar beet and maize are part of the rotation. “The previous John Deere S690 combines were great in minority crops and very gentle on grain for seed and malting, but we wanted a simpler life while maintaining the productivity to make the most of available weather windows to complete harvest on time,” continued James. “As soon as harvesting started this year, it was obvious that the new system was more efficient. Time saved chasing two combines around the field means we have reduced the trailer size from 20t to 14t. The larger trailers couldn’t hold two full tanks of grain from the X9 anyway, so it’s more efficient to empty a full tank once, and head to the store. Using smaller trailers is working well, and it’s safer too.”

Challenging season When Farmers Guide visited the farm, the X9 was harvesting wheat at 65t/hr at 6.5kph, but conditions were damp and the bushel weight was only 68kg. Despite challenging conditions this season, harvesting rates of 80–85tph have been typical, but in wheat yielding 9t/ha this increased to 105tph. Losses are negligible, and James commented that a field drilled with oilseed rape following early harvested winter barley had emerged quickly, with no barley volunteers.

Confidence in dealer James said that the change from running two proven combines to the single X9 hadn’t worried him. “Tuckwells’ back-up is superb and the team sorts any issues as soon as they occur. John Deere and Tuckwells are both excellent, and I am confident that if anything does go wrong that prevents us working then there will already be

a contingency plan in place.” Most machinery is supplied by Tuckwells, and the eight-tractor fleet includes six John Deeres, a large tracked tractor of another brand, plus a specialist slurry applicator. All the tractors and the combine are monitored through the John Deere Operations Center app – which James describes as a great management tool. “John Deere seems to get things right, and we bought one of the latest 8RX tractors earlier this year which has proved a real game changer. It was chosen for drilling, but it is proving so versatile that it is preferred now for almost all the top-work. “The Tuckwells team is always interested in what we are doing, and we deal mainly with sales representative Steve Buckett and the service manager Glen Sweeting. Roger Gregory has serviced our combines for the past 30 years and is never phased by problems – he just gets on and fixes them.”

Impressive design Combine operator Steven Mynott is also impressed by the combine’s design and describes its performance as fantastic. “I usually set up the combine using John Deere’s default settings for the crop, then experiment with the optimisation. The design makes it easy to achieve high work rates with minimal losses and the sample quality is excellent.” Steven said the HDX header’s contour following accuracy makes his job much easier. “On the third headland pass when travelling across the tramlines there is usually no need to reduce the speed as the header floats so well. It hugs the ground, and in laid crops just tilting the header forward to push the knife down under the crop ensures nothing is left on the ground.” Double knife sections achieve an excellent cut even in dense straw in damp conditions, and Steven said that he often hasn’t realised when blade sections have been damaged until checking the combine the next morning as the cutting performance remains so good. “Daily maintenance is quick and easy, and the engine bay remains clear of dust and chaff. I cleaned the engine air filter for the first time after harvesting 500ha, and although a small amount of dust was present it definitely didn’t need cleaning. For the first few days I opened the cooling pack

“We saved capital expenditure by replacing two combines with one, but we have also reduced our fuel and maintenance costs,” stressed James. “Our two S690 combines consumed approximately 750 litres of diesel each per day, and the X9 uses approximately 800 litres but does twice the amount of work. The X9-1100’s engine usually operates between 1,700–1,900rpm whereas the S690s operated at 2,100, but the fuel economy isn’t only due to the new engine – the whole combine design is very clever and efficient. “We have also reduced our labour requirement as only one combine operator is needed and we use one less grain cart, but for me the biggest advantage is that we achieve work rates similar to before while the whole operation is so much easier to manage.”

Running one combine an attractive option An X9-1000 was chosen to replace two John Deere S680 combines with 30ft headers by Dunmow, Essex-based Coleman & Bennett. In 2016, neighbouring farming operations owned by the Coleman and Bennett families merged their cultivating and drilling activities, and in 2017 all other farm operations except spraying were also combined. Approximately 1,700ha is farmed on land owned, rented and on FBTs, and approximately 265ha of additional contract cultivations and drilling are carried out for other farms. The two S680s were due for updating last year at the same time as one of the long-term combine operators was due to retire, so the opportunity to change to one combine – reducing the labour requirement – was an attractive prospect. “When it was suggested that one X9 could match the continued over…

The X9-1000 operated by Dunmow, Essex-based Coleman & Bennett.

34 October 2021

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continued over…

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Coleman & Bennett relies on John Deere machinery supplied by Tuckwells and the current tractor fleet includes six John Deeres.

Pictured (l-r) with the new combine: Jack and Michael Coleman, with Carolyn and Frank Bennett. ...from previous page

output of our two previous combines, it became a simple decision,” explained Jack Coleman. “We have always used John Deere tractors and combines on our farm, and a CTS twin-rotor combine was bought from Tuckwells in 2011, then when we merged the farming operations in 2017, each farm bought an S680 with a 30ft header and the two were then run and maintained as a pair.”

Dealer team is like family The tractor fleet includes six John Deeres, all supplied by Tuckwells. “The dealer is key to everything we do, and we regard the Dunmow depot team as part of our family,” he added. “Originally we considered replacing the two S680s with two S690s, but when we heard that the X9 was coming we decided to wait. We didn’t see one working before we placed our order but had faith in John Deere and Tuckwells, and we also asked the opinion of James Nott as we knew he had tried it on his farm. “Simpler logistics with one combine, one header trailer, one driver and one bowser appealed, so we ordered an X9-1000 which had been one of the trial machines during 2020.”

Performance without losses As soon as the X9 arrived, its performance impressed both families. “Conditions have been challenging with a lot of unripe grains in the barley,” explained Jack. “However, the HDX header achieves even, heads-first feeding for optimum threshing performance and it had no problem picking up laid crops at 7.5kph. Oilseed rape yielding 2.5t/ha was harvested at 7kph with minimal losses at a work rate of 8ha/hr – which was more than we could have done with the two S680s together. “We changed from two combines with a combined cutting width of 60ft, to the X9 with 40ft, and while we struggled to believe the new combine would actually harvest as much in a day, it is doing it with no problems.” Opportunities to work are increased. “We can definitely harvest later into the evening with the X9,” continued Jack. “The HDX header allows harvesting to continue after other combines would have stopped, and its ability to pick up

the crop then feed it heads first evenly to the intake elevator is impressive and is a key factor in getting the best out of the machine.” Grain losses average well below one per cent, stressed Jack, and in winter barley yielding 7.2t/ ha harvested at 6.5–7.0kph at the start of the season, total losses were just 0.2 per cent.

Significant cost savings Running one combine instead of two is reducing the farm’s fuel costs, as similar daily work rates are achieved with less total fuel consumption. Jack’s father Michael said significant cost savings are also achieved through having only one combine operator – equivalent to the typical gross margin from 40ha of cereal crops. “We were nervous moving from two combines to one, but there were opportunities for significant cost savings,” Michael continued. “If we have an exceptionally difficult season and struggle, then we always have the option to hire an additional combine from several neighbours. Challenging weather has created difficult working conditions this harvest, but the X9 is coping well.”

Pleasure to operate Operator Alex Shutes joined Coleman and Bennett last year having previously operated a competitor brand combine elsewhere, and he described the cab as excellent, and said John

John Deere UK harvesting products area sales manager Charlotte Pheysey told Farmers Guide that potential customers often doubt the X9’s capabilities, as the engine is less powerful than many competitors. “The design is so efficient that it matches or exceeds the performance of other top-of-therange combines without needing as much power.”


Deere’s machine management systems make it easy to get the best from the machine. “The work rate is phenomenal and the header seems to suck all crops in heads first, whatever the conditions.”

Trust in the dealer “We have a fantastic relationship with the Tuckwells team and just can’t fault them,” concluded Michael. “We wouldn’t have had the confidence to rely on only one combine if we didn’t have that much trust in our dealer, and if problems occur then we know we will be back working quickly.” FG

A demonstration day organised by Tuckwells on land farmed by Coleman & Bennett was attended by teams from John Deere, Tuckwells and the farm.

36 October 2021

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0% FINANCE AVAILABLE Period: 2+22 Months Offer based on max 60% of MSRP price or balance to finance whichever is lower. 0% finance available until January 31st 2022.

Exclusive offer for NFU members

FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY Available on new equipment only. Prices quoted are based on a 2 + 22 Hire Purchase agreement. Offer based on max 60% of MSRP price or balance to finance whichever is lower. Genuine Can-Am ATV accessories inclusive. Full VAT due on signing. Minimum deal size £1,500+VAT. Repayments payable in advance. Documentation fee of £90 due on signing, with £50 + VAT option to purchase fee payable with the final repayment. 0% finance offer available until 31st January 2022. Alternative finance options available. All finance quotations are subject to credit underwriting and approval. Over 18s only. Terms and conditions apply. Finance is provided by Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited. Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. © 2021 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP). All rights reserved. The BRP logos are registered trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. BRP reserves the right at any time to discontinue or change specifications, price, design, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Photos taken outside the European Union, on private and authorised terrains. Respect the environment and ride only to authorised locations. Always ride responsibly and safely.

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30/10/2020 16:07

October 2021 37

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Are you ready for winter? In preparation for the approaching colder months, Ceres Machinery says it has the ideal machine – the Ceres 20t Log Splitter is a very powerful and capable machine, recommended by all levels of firewood processors, which is suitable for agricultural and commercial use. The Log Splitter is able to cope with a wide variety of wood with ease, including knotted, twisted and burled rings, as well as root balls. It is powered by a hydraulic ram that produces 20 tonnes of pressure and it is operated by the safe and easy-to-use twin-handled operation, which meets all the latest safety requirements.


The legally required twin-handle operation works its own independent spool block, with the splitter only requiring a single-acting hydraulic feed from its power source. The Log Splitter has Category 1/2 linkage mounting for use with a tractor, but alternatively it can be used with a hydraulic power pack or telehandler.

The central beam is robust and strong, limiting the possibility of any bending or twisting during operation of the Log Splitter, while the speciallyshaped splitting head slices through wood effortlessly, with a maximum splitting height of 650mm. The base of the splitter is fabricated from checker plate which prevents the danger of the wood sliding. The Ceres Log Splitter can be used as a single piece, or in conjunction with the optional heavyduty table. The table makes a great addition, increasing the splitter's efficiency and ergonomics, with a height of 710mm, a width of 1,980mm, which provides a working space of 740mm on either side of the centrally-positioned splitter, and a top thickness of 6mm. The heavy-duty table is particularly useful for processing large quantities of wood, because it makes the process of loading bags, boxes or bins much quicker and easier. The table also comes complete with Category 1/2 linkage mounting and two large box section feet for stability as well as compatibility with forklifts and loaders. The splitter is easily detachable from the table, meaning that you have the choice of using the Log Splitter alone, so you can still gain access to challenging environments. Both the Log Splitter itself and the heavy-duty table come painted as standard. Alternatively, they are available with a hard-wearing, galvanised finish, for increased longevity and durability. Due to the splitter and the table being separate components, you can choose whether to have both or either parts with the galvanised finish. FG



Variflo Rear Mounted Bomford Kestrel 5.7 Power Plus Flail Mowers 2.4m, 2.6m and 2.9m Cutting Widths Hydraulic Sideshift Hydraulic Rear Flap

Proportional Electric Controls Power Slew 1.2m Head


From £3,600 + VAT

Bomford Hawk 6.5T Fully Proportional Controls Electric Arm Float Electric Rotor Reverse Choice of Heads

› Hedgecutters › Firewood › Log Splitters › Agricultural › Forestry › Flails › Excavator Attachments › Firewood Grapple › Saw Attachments › Remote Control Mowers

PLUS... › Used Machinery › Rotor Balancing › Spares

t 01789 763958 • f 01789 400330 • m 07836 589699 • e • 38 October 2021

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The Ceres 20t Hydraulic Log Splitter is a very powerful and capable machine, able to cope with knotted, twisted and burled rings, as well as root balls, with ease. Available with the optional heavyduty table, for increased efficiency. Comes with a hard-wearing maintenance-free galvanised finish.


01223 613246

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Auto -Level Series

Auto-Level Series Self-levelling technology Advanced electronic proportional controls 5.5m or 6.8m telescopic reach Flail & Rotary head options


t: +44 (0)1905 347347





CLAAS WESTERN Please contact your local CLAAS Western branch or call WESTERN Cirencester (Head Office) on Tel: 01285 863190

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Please contact your local OLIVERS branch or call OLIVERS Luton (Head Office) on Tel: 01582 727111

10/09/2021 09:51


Onion harvester launches into the market The latest product to come to market in the ScanStone range is the lightweight and nimble ScanStone Panther Onion and Bulb Harvester, equipped with a specially designed front lifting unit. The configuration comprises of an onion lifting unit at the front end, complete with a square bar and paddles for gently conveying the crop into the machine. The USP of the ScanStone Panther is the individual hydraulic control of each of the lifting unit’s functions; independently controlled square bar; independently controlled intake web and independently controlled flappy paddle. The square bar is driven with a sturdy belt, meaning that in dusty conditions there is no abrasive effects with an oil and greasy chain mixing with dust, sand or earth. The belt allows the square bar

to drive at the optimum height without having a hydraulic motor too close to the ground. Manual depth wheels carry the lifting unit to a set height. The crop is then conveyed to a longer main web. This web has a rocker agitator to help separate any last bits of soil or root balls. This long web then passes onto another mechanically driven web before going onto the hydraulically controlled transfer web and then into the cart elevator. The new cart elevator from ScanStone comes with higher and stronger active fingers on the sides to keep all the crop safely inside the

elevator before it reaches the trailer. A self-centring lane adjuster ram is at the operator’s finger tips on a joystick control. This ensures the crop is always loading exactly into the middle of the lifting unit without missing anything at either side. Once the joystick is released, the machine will automatically recentre itself for smooth continuous harvesting. This feature can be switched on or off from the comfort of the cab. The robust turret style steering system is fully controlled from a proportional joystick on the control box, this allows precise steering control if the machine is being controlled manually. The steering gear on the Panther machine, like all ScanStone trailed machines, comes GPS ready. The turret system has eight stud axles, which are simply adjusted to various track widths. The Panther is fitted with the usual ScanStone premium features such as LED road lights, working lights and centralised grease banks for bearings as part of the standard equipment. The colour screen control box features an auto levelling system, full headland management system and simple joystick controls. To find out more about this product visit the company’s website or speak to one of its five depots; Forfar, Brigg, Lakenheath, Kilkeel (Northern Ireland) or Chepy, Northern France. ScanStone is constantly building a stock portfolio in all the depots to make sure the correct parts are on the shelves for both the long-established and new customers in the respective areas. FG

Farmtrac compact tractors Distributed exclusively in the UK by Reesink Agriculture

Make big dreams a reality with Farmtrac compact tractors. The all-electric FT25G makes an ideal companion for easily managing those smaller yet tricky orchard or paddock tasks with great ease and efficiency, delivering seriously useful maintenance at great value. The FT25G is all-electric

Logically laid out controls

Rear three point linkage

The FT25G is low noise & zero emissions

An agricultural machinery partner with great service and great value. Great Choice. Great Performance. Great Value. Great Results Reesink UK LTD is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Images shown for illustration only.

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October 2021 41

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Machinery Pictured with the new T8.435 Genesis are (l-r): Emma Mayers, Olivia Abrey, Nigel Clayson, Ian Roberts, Glynn Taylor and Andrew Buttress.

although we weren’t inconvenienced because the dealer loaned us an equivalent model until ours arrived,” commented Nigel. “We couldn’t have asked for better service, and we always had a suitable tractor available for the work we had planned for our own machine.”

Great working environment

New brand and dealer impress on Cambridgeshire farm Changing tractor brands and dealers is proving a good decision for a large Cambridgeshire arable farm. David Williams reports. Based at Weston Colville near Cambridge, Nigel Clayson is farm manager for Henry D’abo Farming. Arable crops are grown on 900ha of challenging soils, ranging from heavy clay to sand over chalk. “Early last year, our 260hp main wheeled tractor was due for updating and, although we had used another brand for many years, the Ernest Doe area sales representative happened to call in to our yard asking us to try a New Holland,” Nigel explained. “The farm used Ford and New Holland tractors many years ago, until a previous farm manager changed brands. Because the tractors performed well and we received good back-up from the local dealer, there was no reason to consider alternatives.”

Successful demonstration A New Holland T7.290 HD was trialled, and the farm’s operators preferred it. When quotes were considered, the Ernest Doe offer appeared better value. “Being able to buy a tractor we liked more for less money made it an easy decision – so we ordered the ex-demonstration machine,” confirmed Nigel.

Second successful demo As the New Holland T7 HD tractor was performing so well and the service from Ernest Doe had proved excellent; Nigel requested a demonstration of a larger New Holland T8 last autumn. The crawler’s main role had been pulling a Vaderstad Top Down cultivator and the Rexius press, but the T8 handled each of them easily, and it proved just as popular with operators as the farm’s T7 HD. In January this year, a new T8.435 Genesis was ordered with delivery anticipated in time for the start of autumn cultivations. The new T8 Genesis arrived in early September, several months later than planned, and was one of the first of its type supplied by Ernest Doe. “The delay was unfortunate

Harper Adams placement student Emma Mayers was the loan tractor’s main operator and spent more than 100 hours in the cab. “My previous experience was limited to corn carting with the T7, so it was quite daunting when I first used the T8. However, Nigel and the farm’s main machinery operator Glynn Taylor gave me good instruction, and finding my way around the bigger tractor’s IntelliView 12 monitor and SideWinder Ultra armrest proved really easy. The cab is comfortable, and the visibility is excellent which was a big help getting used to the machine.”

New Holland preferred Glynn Taylor has worked on the farm for 11 years and is very impressed by the New Holland tractors. “We got on well with the previous brand but I think the tractors were overpriced. Having spent a lot of time on the T7 HD and some time on the T8 Genesis loan tractor I now far prefer New Holland,” he confirmed. Olivia Abrey is Ernest Doe’s area sales representative responsible for the farm’s account. “I’m really excited to have delivered the new T8 Genesis to Nigel and his team. It has plenty of power to achieve the productivity the farm needs, and it comes with technology and user aids which will match or exceed anything offered by competitor brands. It has lots of advanced technology systems which are well thought-out and easy to set up and use, and provide benefits for the farm. The tractor was purchased with a four-year, 4,000-hour warranty and an Ernest Doe service package for continued over…

Change of policy For many years tracked tractors were preferred for heavy cultivations, but advances in tyre technology including better grip, and the ability to operate at lower inflation pressures to increase the ground contact area and reduce compaction led to a change in farm policy. “Our twin-track crawler was excellent for heavy draft work, but we only used it for part of the year as it couldn’t do other tasks,” continued Nigel. “We believed that a powerful wheeled tractor with the latest tyres could replace the crawler for heavy draft work, but it would also be suitable for lighter cultivations and top work as well as transport tasks. Changing to the wheeled tractor would also solve the issue we experienced with uneven headlands caused by the twin-tracks scuffing during turns.”

Ernest Doe area sales representative Olivia Abrey says she is excited to have delivered the New Holland T8.435 Genesis to Nigel and his team at Henry D’abo Farming. Pictured (l-r): Olivia, Nigel and Ian Roberts.

42 October 2021

42-45 Ernest Doe.indd 42

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5 YEARS MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY AVAILABLE ON STOCK UNITS DELIVERED DURING 2021. Ernest Doe have New Holland tractors in stock & ready to go. Warranty period of 5 Years or 3,000 hours which ever comes first. Available on all stock units delivered during 2021. Offer available during Sept/Oct/Nov 2021


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October 2021 43

10/09/2021 15:19

For 70 years, Kramp has made life easier for farmers. While you’ve worked the soil, watched the skies, tended the crops, we’ve been hard at work too, making sure you have all the technical equipment and support you need. That’s how we’ve grown into Europe’s largest agri-supply specialist with the industry’s most relevant product offering that’s easy to order and ready to deliver fast. We Keep Farmers Farming

GENERATIONS OF GETTING PARTS TO YOU ON TIME 210x297mm_Generation_print_corres.indd 1 42-45 Ernest Doe.indd 44

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Olivia is pictured with Nigel and the new tractor. ...from previous page

peace-of-mind and which means the farm can budget accurately for costs of ownership. New Holland tractors have an excellent reputation and hold their value well. With its state-of-theart technology the T8 Genesis will be capable of making the most of future developments in precision farming technology and machine automation, and is a great investment for the farm,” she added.

Extremely efficient Ernest Doe New Holland brand manager Ian Roberts also attended the new tractor’s handover. “The T8.435 has an impressive power-to-weight ratio and needing only SCR to meet Stage 5 emissions

Ernest Doe New Holland brand manager Ian Roberts hands over the keys to farm manager Nigel Clayson.

regulations means it is extremely efficient,” he stressed. “The cab is superb and for operators working long days it’s a great place to spend the time. With excellent back-up from Ernest Doe it’s an ideal package.”

Future business “Although there is an Ernest Doe depot quite close to us, we hadn’t bought anything for decades until we borrowed the demonstration T7,” Nigel added. “We deal with Olivia, plus the Fulbourn branch and sales manager Andrew Buttress as well as the depot service manager Matthew Thomas mainly, but the whole team is great.” A smaller tractor of the previous brand remains on the farm and is due for updating shortly. Asked

9 & 10 November 2021

whether it will also be replaced by a New Holland; Nigel confirmed this is likely. “The service from Ernest Doe is excellent, so it would make sense to buy another tractor with the same back-up from the same team,” he explained. “Since buying the T7 HD we have also bought other machinery. Persistent wet weather last winter meant we struggled to get seed in the ground using our disc drill, and we replaced it with a KRM tine drill from Ernest Doe which performed well and will be used for all our crops in future. “I’m sure we will buy a lot more from Ernest Doe. The service we have received from the dealer and from New Holland will encourage us to consider additional products from the range in future. We know our business is valued,” he concluded. FG


The Midlands Machinery Show is back… Bringing farmers and the latest trends in agricultural machinery together again, as we look towards more efficient, productive and profitable ways of farming.

Network with leaders in agriculture

Hear from industry experts in seminars

Watch live machinery demonstrations

Newark Showground, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY


42-45 Ernest Doe.indd 45

Modern, clean power farming technologies

NRoSO & BASIS points available

*FREE entry & parking on registration

10/09/2021 15:20


Transforming post-harvest box filling worldwide Since its launch in 2019, the MonstaFill box filler from Tong Engineering has proved invaluable in transforming post-harvest box filling for growers worldwide, from the UK and Ireland, to Australia and the USA. Now, several new models of the MonstaFill twin-head box filler are in production at Tong’s new purpose-built manufacturing facility, demonstrating its role in bringing real benefits to growers both in reducing labour requirements and increasing throughput. Built to combine high capacity and gentle box filling, with reduced

when an empty box is presented under the hopper, the MonstaFill detects the box and gently discharges crop to the box. “The success of the original models of the MonstaFill in our home and export markets has seen further design developments to suit different box sizes and specific customer requirements,” says Richard Knighton, sales manager at Tong Engineering. “The MonstaFill can now be specified to suit one and two tonne boxes, as well as a new Dolav bin model.” The simple in and out forklift action to remove full boxes and subsequently present empty ones makes for a seamless process; there is no waiting for the forklift and the machine can be easily operated by one forklift. The MonstaFill can fill boxes to

level or weight. Integrated loadcells in the machine’s hopper tanks allow boxes to be quickly and accurately filled to a pre-determined weight, with the latest models featuring a new large digital display for enhanced visibility of the weight in each box. “We are delighted at how the MonstaFill is performing and its global popularity,” says Richard. “It is always great to see a new product come into its own. One customer in the UK is achieving throughputs of up to 90t/hour when using the MonstaFill with our latest FieldLoad PRO fieldloading machine. The MonstaFill has transformed their daily throughput capabilities so much that we have just completed manufacture on a further two MonstaFill machines to advance their potato handling operations even further.” FG

forklift movements, the MonstaFill box filler ensures a continuous box filling process. Featuring a rubberlined holding hopper at each end of the machine’s main crop conveyor; once one hopper is full the machine automatically begins to fill the second hopper. Linear actuatorcontrolled crop lowering chutes ensure careful handling of crop, and


For details of your nearest stockist: or 01604 - 300014

UNITEDSEATS.COM Off road seating manufacturer

46 October 2021

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Robotic equipment specialist offers palletisers for all budgets Bradley Engineering Ltd, owned and founded by Richard Bradley, is a specialist in agricultural automation and offers a range of solutions including its Agristack range of robotic palletisers. Growing up hand stacking bags of potatoes on the family-run fenland farm, Mr Bradley studied engineering at Harper Adams University before going on to develop and build the first twin bay palletiser, now the demo unit on the home farm.

Bradley Engineering offers new, used and refurbished robotic equipment to suit all budgets, able to palletise boxes, crates, nets and sacks. Robotic equipment for pick and place and small item handling on multiple lines is also available. The company also supplies ancillary equipment such as weighing and sack closing, conveyors and bag handling machines. It provides service and support for all makes and models of robotic palletiser, including Fanuc, ABB, Kuka and Mitsubishi. It also repairs and maintains older robots, with parts available direct and in stock. Programming and software support are also available, and on-site service for the UK and Ireland. FG


Single and Twin Bay Robotic Palletisers with multi pallet stacks Suitable for bags, boxes, trays and bales 12–15t/hr palletisation from £38,000 24/7 Support Rental Options & Finance Available

Bradley Engineering Ltd – Wisbech Office: 01945 479388 Email: |

marked Building a Future for British Agriculture for over 70 years

Lowlander ® Manure Spreaders 3 Year Warranty | Details available upon request

Twin Vertical Auger TVA | 6 – 40 tonnes

Horizontal Beater & Spinning Disc HBD | 8 – 40 tonnes

Please give us a call to discuss your building requirements

Tel: + 44 (0) 1362 860352


T: 01939 232 382 • E:

bunning spreaders

October 2021 47

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Freephone 0800 328 5492 Email

stem ent Treatment Sy Sewage & Efflu


In rural areas without a mains drainage system, and where septic tanks will no longer reach environmental standards,

Allerton can provide the ideal solution...

Trading since 1974, we pride ourselves on our individual problem-solving approach to finding alternatives for treating and disposing of raw sewage

The Allerton ConSept converts your existing septic tank or cesspit into a fully functioning Sewage Treatment Plant The Diamond Sewage Treatment Range is suitable for either individual homes or small population applications When gravity drainage is not possible, choose Allerton Pumping Stations for sewage or dirty water We provide Servicing & Maintenance on a wide range of sewage treatment plants and pump stations by BRITISH WATER ACCREDITED ENGINEERS



Coating Solutions



Leading Suppliers of Paint


and Specialist Coatings Plant & Machinery (full range of vintage tractor colours)

Hygiene & Food Preparation

Containers & Storage Tanks

Floor Coatings

Roof & Cladding Coatings (metal, galvanised, asbestos, plastisol)

Red Oxide & Anti Corrosion Primers

A SoLuTion To ALL your pAinT requiremenTS


Ideal for workshops sheds, garages etc. One can does it all!


Tel: 01508 486057 Fax: 01508 579103

K po

Im qu fo

48 October 2021

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The Dependable Choice in Drainage

Fi 10/09/2021 16:32



Hydraulic quickhitch system: An innovative and sustainable enhancement Kramer-Werke GmbH has unveiled a new, fully-hydraulic and patented quickhitch system, offering complete flexibility with continued maximum performance. According to Kramer, the fullyhydraulic quickhitch system ‘Smart Attach’ will ensure greater productivity, efficiency and safety. The dimensions of both the original Kramer quick change plate and the new quickhitch systems are identical, so existing attachments can continue to be used. Hydraulically-driven attachments can be coupled without getting in

and out of the vehicle, as connection with the hydraulic circuit is automatic. The attachment is locked and hydraulically coupled, with automatic pressure release, by a simple touch of a button with a secure two-hand operation. With the coupling unit’s integrated locking display, the operator can always see that the attachment is connected to the machine successfully and securely.

For all machines already fitted with the new quickchange plate, the display also features a corresponding illuminated indicator. What makes the new Smart Attach system so special, therefore, is its total flexibility. On the one hand, attachments without the hydraulic function and attachments with the conventional hydraulic coupling system can still be used. And on the other, customers

also have the option of retrofitting older attachments or using new attachments that are customised exworks to the Smart Attach quickhitch system, with the tried-and-trusted quick change plate. This flexible solution is unique on the market. The patented system, with floating coupling storage, also ensures that there is no wear on the quick coupler. Consequently, not only is there no need for constant interruption to the scheduled work process, operators are also able to make quick and safe use of the appropriate attachment for the relevant application. Smart Attach is a boon for the ubiquitous silage bucket not always achieving optimal results, enabling it to be re-coupled quickly and easily as required on a gentle bale spike. This total compatibility with maximum performance ensures a targeted increase in efficiency. Initially, the system will be offered as an option in the large 5-Series as well as for some machines in Kramer's premium 8-Series range. As well as the attachments already factory-fitted for these machines, corresponding retrofit kits will also be provided ex-works to enable existing attachments to be fitted with the system. FG


Kramer wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader and telehandler powerful, stable, efficient


Impressive performance data, technical innovation and high build quality make the entire Kramer product portfolio the ideal solution for agricultural use. Convince yourself! Find your local dealer: 20210812_EN_KA_EMEA_Farmers Guide_210x148 + 3mm.indd 1 46-49 News.indd 49

October 2021 49

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Request your FREE copy of our NEW Power Tool Promotion on our website now! It features over 290 fantastic deals with discounts up to 48% off list price and some unmissable combo deals on our SV12 & SV20 Series, discounts on many power tool accessories, and products from our Worksafe range.




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Valid until 31st December 2021.


Even bigger and better than ever, our 2021/22 edition includes over 11,900 products designed for use in the trade - including over 2,800 brand new products! Don’t miss out and order your FREE copy on our website now.

09/08/2021 08:45:27 08/09/2021 09:03



Tractor range upgrades increase appeal A demonstration day by Valtra UK provided an opportunity to try out the latest 5th gen N- and T-series models in the field. David Williams enjoyed his time in the cab.

The UK is Valtra’s third largest sales market after France and Germany, and the brand currently achieves a 6% UK market share. Significant range upgrades included in the latest 5th generation line-up increase productivity and comfort, although the power ratings remain the same as before. First to receive the 5th generation Valtra design treatment was the new G5-series launched last year, then the entry A-series was updated earlier this year. Now the popular N- and T-series have been upgraded, leaving only the largest S-series outstanding.




The Valtra line-up includes seven A5-series models from 75–135hp. Simple mechanical 12x12 transmission is available across the range, but the 3-cyl A75, A85 and A95 models can also be specified with two powershift gears as HiTech 2 versions with 24x24 transmission. The most popular A105 and A115 are also available as HiTech 4 variants with electronically controlled, four-step powershift giving 16x16 gears. HiTech 4 models can also be equipped with a creeper transmission.

The T5-series includes eight models from 155–235 rated horsepower, and 170–271hp with boost. There is also a T175 Eco model in the line-up offering increased fuel efficiency. Engines are all 6-cyl and the smaller T145 and T155 models have a 6.6-litre version, and T175 models and larger come with 7.4-litre power units. Transmission choice includes 5-speed powershift for HiTech, Active and Versu specifications and stepless CVT for the Direct. “There is demand for simple, high horsepower, high-speed tractors for transport tasks without complex electronics, and the T5-series can have a 57kph top speed, with mechanical hydraulics as an efficient and cost-effective package,” stressed Andy. “But we can also supply it to suit the most demanding field applications, with class-leading automation and precision farming systems. For a

G5-series The G5-series fills the gap between A5 models and the larger N5-series and includes five models of 105, 115, 125 and 135hp. G125 Eco versions are designed to save fuel with massive torque available in boost mode. Valtra Shuttle six-speed powershift is standard.

With N104, 114 and 124 models discontinued, the N5-series has been slimmed down to four 4-cyl, 4.9-litre engine models of 135, 155 and 175hp (201hp max). The N135 and N155 both come with an extra 10hp boost, there are Eco and standard versions of the N155, and the flagship N175 has another 30hp available to boost up to 201hp. N5-series transmission options include 5-speed powershift for HiTech, Active and Versu specifications, and stepless CVT in the top Direct version.

The N5-series includes four models with 4-cyl, 4.9-litre engines from 135–201hp, and with Valtra Shuttle powershift or CVT transmissions.

The T5-series includes nine models with 6-cyl, 6.6-litre or 7.4-litre engines producing 155–271hp. Transmission choice includes the new Valtra Shuttle five-step powershift or CVT.

large tractor it’s very manoeuvrable with a tight turning circle, which saves time on field headlands and improves efficiency for transport applications and loader work too.”

First impressions The press demonstration day in South Yorkshire featured the new N5 and T5 models for the first time, working with Amazone implements. The two series share many new design features including revised styling, new smart functions, and redesigned cabs. Valtra Connect is available for both series. In the cab, one of the most

obvious upgrades is a new A-pillarmounted display. This replaces the traditional instruments behind the steering wheel and the top section constantly shows all essential operating information, while the lower section can be customised to suit the task and user. On HiTech and Active models the display is also used to adjust engine and transmission settings. On Versu and Direct models, the A-pillar display and SmartTouch terminal show selected information determined by the application – although the operator can choose what is shown on which display too. continued over…

October 2021 51

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The cab design is excellent. A new A-pillar display shows essential operating information and the lower section is easily customised to suit the task and operator preference.

…from previous page

Revised controls The new forward and reverse shuttle lever makes it easier to change direction when switching between different controls such as the SmartTouch lever or the TwinTrac shuttle. Models with the SmartTouch terminal have a redesigned righthand control panel, and extra seat swivel improves comfort while keeping an eye on rear-mounted implements. Improved storage includes a handy phone holder and there are electronic power points for charging and powering electronic devices. The new Valtra Evolution seat has a backrest which swivels with the driver and it maintains back support when the driver turns partially to monitor implements at the rear. A new, Premium cab interior is an option.

Increased efficiency More than 80 per cent of Valtras supplied in the UK have Valtra Connect telematics. “With the owner’s permission, Valtra Connect links the dealer, tractor and customer and can improve productivity and reduce downtime,” pointed out Andy. “As the system has developed there have been greater benefits for customers, and now dealer service staff regard it as an essential tool for fault diagnosis during servicing and repairs.” Five years ago, only 5% of Valtras were equipped from the factory with

GPS guidance, but that has increased to 83% this year. “Farmers are under pressure to optimise working efficiency and reduce costs, and GPS guidance can reduce overlaps when spraying or spreading and help maintain accurate work records,” he stressed. “Valtra Guide, Task Doc and Section Control are all easy to set up and use through the SmartTouch display. “For base specification HiTech and Active tractors without SmartTouch, the Xtend display remains an option. This brings the benefits of GPS guidance to users who don’t need additional features of premium Versu and Direct models and it provides a practical and cost-effective solution for fertiliser and slurry applications on smaller livestock farms. Users can create operating profiles and store or transfer them to other tractors on a USB stick. This saves time setting up and ensures continued accuracy.” Auto U-Pilot is new, and combines Valtra’s headland management system with Valtra Guide, controlling the implement with greater precision on headlands for improved accuracy and reduced operator effort.

Loading efficiency Precision farming upgrades have been added for loader work too, with the Valtra Precision Lift & Load app, available for G, N and T-series tractors with SmartTouch terminals. Precision Lift & Load uses a new loader weighing function to weigh each load on the bucket or fork as it is handled. The app collects weight data and when the task is completed, the information can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet for records or analysis. Upper and lower loader movement limits can be set as well as maximum angles, and the loader and attachment movement stops automatically as soon as the limit is reached. An automatic bucket shake function is also included. Various operating profiles for different attachments and situations can be set and stored for quick recall.

door opening make it easy to enter the cab, and with the steering wheel moved forward there is plenty of space to get into the seat. The cab interior is attractive and well finished. From the base HiTech to the top Versu and Direct specifications, the layout is excellent, and all the controls are within easy reach. The new pillar-mounted display is larger than expected and makes the most of space available without obstructing the view. The display is clear and logically laid out, and the lower section is customised using a rotary selector and buttons to select information. Pulling away under load in the B and C speed ranges is made easier by Valtra’s Start Boost feature which makes full power available until the speed increases. The cab is very quiet, and there is little vibration. The test fleet included models with standard mechanical or active cab suspension, and both proved equally comfortable for field work. Visibility from the five-pillar cab is excellent all around, including down to the implement at the rear. Valtra fits decent size side mirrors which provide a good view behind.

Smoothest powershift transmission Top, Direct specification offers the smoothest operation and greatest control with infinitely variable CVT transmission, but the most noticeable improvement when testdriving the new N5- and T5- series HiTech, Active and Versu models was the new Valtra Shuttle five-step powershift. It’s much smoother than the previous gearbox in N4- and T4series predecessors, and in automatic mode it was hard to tell when ratio changes occurred whether slowing down or accelerating hard with

a cultivator in the ground. Ratios were perfectly matched and there appeared to be no loss of power. For operators used to a brief pause followed by a lurch as drives reengage; the new Valtra transmission will prove extremely popular and reduce fatigue during long working days in the field or on the road. The SmartTouch display on Versu and Direct models allows settings to be changed quickly and easily and it takes little time to get used to the logical menus.

Verdict The new N5- and T5- series Valtras are impressive, and even those currently loyal to competitor brands would find it hard not to be impressed. The cab is spacious, quiet, and comfortable and if one of Valtra’s four standard specifications doesn’t include the features wanted, then the Unlimited Studio will almost certainly oblige.

Demand remains strong Valtra UK national sales manager Alan Sanderson was at the event, and he told Farmers Guide that demand for the latest 5-series models is strong. “Things are looking good, and we are increasing our volume and market share. With the new G5-series, our product portfolio has grown, and we can offer a wider range of specifications and features in all sizes. Valtra’s Unlimited Studio is extremely popular - allowing customers to tailor all aspects of the tractor to suit their needs. “Agco has invested heavily in Valtra including the new models, a new paint shop and improved distribution, and this makes us well prepared for continued sales growth.” FG

In the field The latest Valtras feature attractive but practical styling. Access for servicing and daily checks is excellent, and the cooling packs fold out for clearing accumulated dust and chaff. Improved cab steps and a large

Members of the Valtra UK team at the demonstration (l-r): Senior product specialist Seth Bradford, business manager, key accounts and Ireland Andy Miller, marketing specialist A&SP Sarah Howarth, area sales managers Gareth Jones and Kevin Towers, and national sales manager Alan Sanderson.

52 October 2021

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0% Interest HireHire Purchase available over RoundBalers Balersordered orderedbyby31st 31st July 2022. 0% Interest Purchase available over4 4years yearsononselected selected KRONE KRONE Round July 2022. KRONE UK Ltd (Co. Reg 6799634, registered address Peckfield Business Park, Phoenix Avenue, Micklefield, Leeds, LS25 KRONE UK Ltd (Co. Reg 6799634, registered address Peckfield Business Park, Phoenix Avenue, Micklefield, Leeds, LS25 4DY)4DY) are are authorised regulated FinancialConduct ConductAuthority. Authority. KRONE KRONE UK JCB Finance Ltd Ltd are are its its authorised andand regulated by by thethe Financial UK Ltd Ltdare areaacredit creditbroker brokerand and JCB Finance preferred supplier of finance. JCB FinanceLtd Ltd(registered (registeredinin England England No.972265 office is:The Mill,Mill, preferred supplier of finance. JCB Finance No.972265and andwhose whoseregistered registered office is:The Rocester, Staffordshire, ST14 5JW) authorisedand andregulated regulated by the (Firm Reference Number: Rocester, Staffordshire, ST14 5JW) is isauthorised the Financial FinancialConduct ConductAuthority Authority (Firm Reference Number: 708332). Finance is restricted businessusers usersonly onlyininthe the United United Kingdom, by by JCBJCB Finance Ltd.Ltd. 708332). Finance is restricted to to business Kingdom,subject subjecttotoacceptance acceptance Finance Terms apply. www.krone-uk.comforforfullfulldetails. details. Terms apply. VisitVisit VariPack_A4_Advert_FarmersGuide_October2021.indd 1

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2022 line-up of ATV and side-by-side vehicles unveiled Can-Am is once again delivering with its 2022 model year line-up of ATVs and side-by-side vehicles – from entry level to top performance. 60km/h. On the ATV side, Can-Am is expanding its Visco-4Lok system. It works with the push of a button, where riders can engage a 4-wheeldrive lock mode, which instantly provides equal power to all four wheels for great traction. It will now be available on all 2022 Outlander and Renegade X mr packages, as well as the Outlander XU (650-1000), Outlander XXC, Outlander XT-P, and Outlander MAX Limited. FG










Suitable for Barns, Silos, Containers, Potato Stores, Grain Stores and much more...

Call now to arrange a FREE survey. O�ce 18, Epsilon House Masterlord Village Ipswich Su�olk IP3 9FJ

RIVA Surveyors (Commercial) Ltd


With increased horsepower, better traction, enhanced comfort, and so much more, Can-Am is rolling into the new model year with some serious swagger. For 2022, Can-Am is upping the ante, becoming the first side-byside manufacturer to offer a 200hp engine. That’s a lot of power. And coupled with an all-new pDrive roller clutch system, the entire dynamic changes through quicker acceleration and instant-on power at all times. And while the Can-Am Maverick delivers the best power-toweight ratio in its class, BRP claims, handling remains critical to all-round performance. “The 2022 Can-Am Maverick is the pinnacle of performance side-byside vehicles,” said Hailie Deegan, professional racer and Can-Am brand ambassador. “And the best part of working with Can-Am, is they keep making it better and better. There’s no other choice if you’re in the market for the best, and if you enjoy watching others try to keep up in the rearview.” Can-Am is introducing two new Rotax engines to its lineup – the HD7/700 ACE and the HD9, replacing the HD5, HD8, and 800. The Rotax HD7 is set to become the new ruler of the lower-HP class. It will be available in the Can-Am Traxter, where it replaces the HD5 with 37% more power, and with a sportier calibration, it will power the Maverick Trail 700. The new engine is optimised for off-road usage, delivering an improved experience with less noise, less vibration, and a cooler environment for passengers, resulting in a more comfortable ride. The Rotax HD9 option replaces the HD8 in the Can-Am Traxter range. It is a larger, more powerful engine that delivers 30% greater horsepower than its predecessor. It promises the same dependability, with even more workability by way of class-leading power and low-end torque. On top of the engine upgrades, Can-Am is fine-tuning its Traxter line-up with the expansion of the ABS on some HD9 and HD10 models. Those models benefit therefore from the innovative Brake and Traction Control System that offers maximum controllability. Those models fitted with ABS are no more limited to

CWG House Gallamore Lane Market Rason Lincolnshire LN8 3HA

T: 0800 448 0457 M: 07875 627675 E: October 2021 55

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Pictured with the Manitou 741-140 Elite are (l-r): B&B Tractors territory sales manager James Richardson, group sales manager Colin Blood, and territory sales manager David Madin.

Try the latest loaders at Notts open day There will be an ideal opportunity to try out all the latest Manitou telehandlers and loaders when the Manitou Roadshow visits the Warsop depot of main dealer B&B Tractors on Thursday 14th October. Models available to drive will include: • Manitou MLT420 • Manitou MLT630 V • Manitou MLT635 V+ • Manitou MLT737 PS+ • Manitou MLT741 V+ • Manitou MLT841 Elite • Manitou MLT841 Platinum

Significant updates to Manitou’s range to increase productivity and operator comfort have been made in recent years, and the test drive event will allow users of Manitou’s previous models as well as those with competitor brands to find out why the latest models are so popular. The dealer team and specialists from the manufacturer will be on hand to explain features


A Manitou 630-115 supplied recently by B&B Tractors.

and benefits and discuss deals available. Time and location: B&B Tractors, Windmill House Farm, Forest Road, Warsop, Notts. NG20 0EP. The event starts at 5pm. FG

Contact: Symon Jacobsen Tel 01561 361 340 • Mob 07973 542 142 Email:

6R’s Linkages & PTOs available ex stock

• 800 or 1000kg main block

• 400 or 600kg slide in base

Steinbauer Tuning Modules • Save fuel , time and increase productivity? • Come and have a chat and see what we can offer you

• 2.7 ton – 5.0 ton lift capacity • loader compatible • fixed, floating or folded positions of lift • PTO can be retrofitted at any time

Available in 6”, 8” or 10” widths



Available for  Case  Claas  Deutz  John Deere  Landini  Massey Ferguson  McCormick  New Holland  Steyr  Zetor

56 October 2021

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Intuitive, precise and convenient operating systems.

Extremely high productivity whilst retaining both high quality straw and grain.

Powerful turbine ventilation reaches the entire cleaning area and separation surface.

DGR System: returns elevators on both sides of the machine with special friction plates to thresh the crop while returning it onto the preparation pan.

Scan me for more information on the C9000 Topliner Series

To find your nearest dealer visit DEUTZ-FAHR is a brand of

DF_Profi Combine 57 Adverts_09_21.indd 1 54-57 News.indd

09/09/2021 13/09/2021 09:26 09:05 Transport Position


We are Main

Swivel Arm

Dealers for East and West Su


Wireless Operation

Extension to reach otherside


Contact: Joel Robinson on 07768 007526 • Sam Spall on 07799 262046 Richard King on 07538 595860 • David Eley on 07768 007528

Kate’s Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0EN

Tel: 01778 560466/560425 Glen Bellamy: 07767 816555


Pakenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2JS

01359 232155 • After Hours: 07768 007528 • E-mail: 82627

Visit our website:

58 October 2021

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Forage and transport range extended New single-rotor rakes from 3.8–4.6m working width were announced.

The tracking mechanism and balancing arm control the rake’s tracking behind the tractor, including during tight headland turns of up to 20-degrees steering angle. Mechanical damper struts are standard, and hydraulics are an option recommended for difficult working conditions.

Practical and low maintenance

An online launch of new products by Krone included single rotor rakes, a professional specification bale wrapper and a multi-use trailer. David Williams reports. Swadro rakes Three new single-rotor rakes were announced. They are three-point linkage mounted and attach through a compact headstock with a tracking mechanism and a balancing arm. There are two mounting positions, one of which brings the rake close in to the tractor to transfer up to 10% more of the rake’s weight to the front axle, allowing use with smaller, light-weight tractors. Four

top-link coupling positions allow users to achieve optimum lift geometry for three-dimensional ground contour following. Krone’s Jet Effect design lifts the front of the rake first, and lowers the rear first, for a gentle transition to and from the working position. This prevents the tines digging into the ground as they are raised and lowered, and the rake self-aligns to the centre before it is raised out of work.

The new Swadro models have maintenance-free drivelines with an over-run clutch as standard. Overload protection prevents driveline damage if the rake hits an obstruction. A 540rpm PTO drive is standard, while raking speeds down to 350–450rpm can be used depending on the conditions to save power and create optimum swaths. Rotor height adjustment is by a mechanical crank and takes only seconds. The swathing curtain folds manually or by optional hydraulics with added comfort provided by end of ram stroke damping.

Proven technology The rakes incorporate Krone’s proven cardanic suspension and Lift tines with kinked tips that lift forage up off the ground to minimise contamination. The rotor gearboxes are maintenance-free and the DuraMax cam track runs dry and comes with a three-year warranty. Each rotor travels on four wheels and has side angle adjustment to optimise the swath presentation. The rotor tines run close to the wheels for accurate contour following.

Line-up Swadro S 380 – 3.8m working width. Swath width 0.6m–1.3m. Rotor diameter 2.96m with 10 tine arms. Swadro S 420 – 4.2m working width. Swath width 0.8–1.5m. Rotor diameter 3.3m with 13 tine arms. Swadro S 460 – 4.6m working width. Swath width 0.8–1.8m. Rotor diameter 3.6m with 13 tine arms.

Professional bale wrapper The new EasyWrap 165 T is described as extremely fast, easy to use and powerful. It has two wrapping arms, and complements the EasyWrap 150 continued over…

continued over…

October 2021 59

58-61 Krone.indd 59

13/09/2021 15:08

Machinery The EasyWrap 165 T is a professional bale wrapper for bales up to 1.65m diameter and weighing up to 1,650kg.

…from previous page

launched last year. Bales of 1.00–1.65m diameter and up to 1,650kg can be wrapped at speeds up to 40rpm. Control is through an Isobus terminal, and there is a separate machine-mounted panel for control while replacing the film. The wrapper mounts to the tractor’s rear linkage using a headstock that swings into position and couples to the lower link arms. A slim drawbar and compact design ensure excellent visibility. The hydraulic drawbar swings to the side for optimum bale collection.

the previous wrapped bale is kept on board, allowing the wrapper to operate as a two-bale accumulator. The wrapping table is formed by four belts which ensure effective bale rolling. Four bobbins keep the bale in position and six bobbins are an option. Wrapping starts as soon as the bale arrives, triggered by a sensor. The film is 750mm wide and pre-stretching of 55 or 70% can be selected. The operator enters the bale size and number of film layers on the terminal, then the system calculates the actual number of layers. The

Gentle handling The bale is loaded gently on to the wrapping table by a sturdy lift arm. The arm is adjusted to suit the bale size without needing tools, and the arm design allows a second bale to be lifted to the wrapping table while

table stops if the film runs out, or the operator can continue working with one roll of film. When wrapping resumes – the bale doesn’t roll until the first full layer has been added to ensure thorough coverage. A bale turner is an option – operated from the cab. The whole wrapping cycle can be automated; from pick-up to dropping the bale after wrapping.

GX Universal trailer Krone’s new GX Universal trailer can carry any type of agricultural cargo. There are two sizes – 44m3 and 52m3. The GX 440 is on twin axles and the larger GX 520 is on triple axles and both versions are Isobus linked and controlled. New GX trailers of 44m3 and 52m3 capacity have a powered floor for unloading.

Unloading is by a fabric belt floor with tractive effort transmitted through two chains, and the belt itself is 2,000mm wide and 3.6mm thick with a 50t breaking strain. The headboard is transparent, and the floor chains are driven by two hydromotors. Unloading is gentle as the floor moves the whole load without compressing it, making the trailers suitable for fragile vegetables or root crops. After unloading, the unloading unit is pulled back to the front. Apart from the gentle operation, advantages include suitability for use in low buildings as the body remains horizontal which also makes unloading safer on uneven ground. A new feature is Krone ExactUnload rate control which allows operators to enter the length of the unloading area, then the unloading floor speed is adjusted, ensuring the load is evenly distributed along the entire length. Intelligent forced axle steering is standard, with mechanical or electrohydraulic activation of the rear axle in a tandem set up, or the front and rear axles in tandem. With an electronic axle steering system in place the angle is controlled proportionate to the travel speed. FG

THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS The utility vehicle of choice for many professionals such as farmers, gamekeepers and grounds-care experts. The Trans Cab system allows the MULE PRO-DXT to be transformed from four-person to two-person mode in less than a minute. The spacious cargo bed has a load capacity of 453kg with two people or 158kg with four people, and a 907kg towing capacity (including trailer and cargo).


60 October 2021

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13/09/2021 15:08




THE NEXT LEVEL OF PRODUCTIVITY • AFS Connect telematics - AFS AccuGuide - Remote diagnosis and service - Software/Firmware over the air - MyCase IH platform THE NEXT LEVEL OF PROACTIVITY • Improved Multicontroller operating armrest with AFS Pro 1200 monitor • Keyless entry and theft protection

THE NEXT LEVEL OF PROFITABILITY • Economical, reliable Stage V engines up to 313 max. horsepower • Optimal efficiency - 50kph at 1,600rpm (CVXDrive) THE NEXT LEVEL OF PROTECTION • 3 Years SAFEGUARD CONNECT Package • 3 year / 3,000 hour SAFEGUARD Warranty • CNHi Capital professional financing solutions for every investment

For more information talk to your local authorised Case IH dealer or visit

58-61 Krone.indd 61

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Advanced technology at an affordable cost Drone Ag founder Jack Wrangham using a drone and Skippy Scout software.

battery life and offers users the fastest scouting technology. “The amount of time saved will enable farmers to concentrate on the problem rather Skippy Version 2.6 allows users than spend all their time looking for it, to see a whole field with a bird’s only to find they are too late to make eye view. The new interface – Scout a difference,” Jack stressed. Spheres, offers high-resolution A new development is ‘Skippy overviews of entire fields with the Nest’, a new base station which ability to inspect leaf-level scout point enables a member of the Drone Ag data. “We are the only provider to team to fly a user’s drone remotely in offer users a drone-enabled, full field any location. Using the base station, overview that includes the ability to Drone Ag will be able to connect with focus on any area and choose where the drone to offer a field scouting to inspect at leaf level,” explained service. Commercial trials are due to Drone Ag founder Jack Wrangham. start next year. Skippy Scout can count emerging The solar powered base stations plants 20 times faster than is possible charge the drone and enable remote by walking the crop, and cereals, connection by one of Drone Ag’s oilseed rape, soybeans, beans, peas pilots. and potatoes can all be assessed, Previous Drone Ag developments offering an accurate total of plants in have been largely crowd-funded, and an image as well as per square metre. a third phase is helping finance the “This enables new and existing users to scan crops and provide practical Until recently, using drones for crop new base station technology. “We are of Skippy to count emerging plants, information which can be used by assessments was too expensive for farmers and we wanted other farmers and then monitor the same fields to farmers to make fact-based decisions many farms to justify, so it remained to share in the development of our establish an accurate green area index regarding field and crop care. a specialist service offered by technology. Crowd funding is crucial as the crop develops,” Jack continued. Drone Ag has announced large agronomy companies and to our product development, and we Other upgrades included with increased functionality for its Skippy contractors. However, UK-based are looking to raise a further £1.45m Skippy (2.6) include terrain aware Scout app, including 360-degree field Drone Ag offers affordable software in this third phase which opens in route planning which halves flight imaging, plant counting and base within a smartphone-based app Tramspread-Storage-Mix-190x133-09-21.qxp_Tramspread-Storage-Mix-190x133-advert 01/09/2021 times to get the most out of09:51 the Page 1October,” he added. FG station technology. which enables off-the-shelf drones

Drone Ag is leading the way in providing reliable and userfriendly drone crop monitoring at an affordable cost. David Williams reports.

For over 30 years Tramspread have supplied and manufactured slurry equipment. Our products have been rigorously tested by our contracting division and we trust them to do the job every time.




For sales and help or advice adapting your farm to meet DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy contact: East of England & Republic of Ireland: John Tydeman - 07730 438469 West of England & Wales: James Peachey – 07884 869034 Scotland & Northern Ireland: Mike Kitching - 07717 576625




Call: +44 (0)1449 766133 Email: Visit:




62 October 2021

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Super Grab

• Site clearance

A truly innovative solution to large bale handling

• Forestry works • Roadside works

A bale grab with a total ‘free release system’ enables safer bale stacking and loading. Holding of the bales is provided by four uniquely designed Hardox tines. The Heath Super Grab is able to handle 1200mm x 1200mm x 2400mm, 1200mm x 900mm x 2400mm and 1200mm x 800mm x 2400min bales either vertical or horizontal in operation. Height





• Fully operated machinery, including Harvester, Forwarder, Chippers, Mulchers, 360˚ with various attachments (tracked) Sennebogen road legal machinery, etc






Super Spike A bale handling spike specifically designed with road safety transport in mind Built with strength to allow a 1.5 tonne carrying capacity, the tines fold away for safe road transport position, while the safety bale bar extends for safe bale handing. Height(Retracted) Height(Extended) Width Depth (Unfolded) Depth (Folded) Tine Length Number of Tines Weight

Eco Superspike 1760mm 1760mm 1540mm 1170mm 260mm 980mm 3 190kg

Standard Superspike HD Superspike 1400mm 2850mm 1980mm 3770mm 1800mm 1800mm 1370mm 1460mm 260mm 550mm 1200mm 1200mm 3 or 4 3 or 4 360kg 680kg

Newbridges Farm • Blackwell • Shipston on Stour • Warwickshire CV36 4JX t: 01608 682062 e:


E: T: E: T: 07903 463743 or 07775 770454

Follow us on #kwrplanthire



Lynx is changing the landscape of tractor performance. Whatever the make or model, our implements and accessories can take your tractor’s versatility and productivity further than ever before. Go above and beyond with Lynx. ^ FRONT LOADERS ^ FRONT LINKAGES ^ FRONT PTOs ^ WEIGHT PACKAGES ^ RUBBER TRACKS ^ FRONT PRESSES ^ PICK UP HITCHES ^ ENGINE TESTING & TUNING

MORE WAYS TO ADD MORE PRODUCTIVITY For further details about the Lynx range, call Lynx Engineering today on 01327 843215

or visit

2965 Advert High63 Rocks FSCOTLAND.indd 1 62-63Lynx Drone Ag.indd

11/05/2021 13/09/2021 20:40 11:51

End of Season Sale £500 cashback when you buy 4 TractorMaster or CombineMaster tyres. £200 for 2 tyres* Includes VF and Hybrid options.


£250 cashback when you buy 4 Tractor85 or Tractor70 tyres. £100 for 2 tyres* From 1st September – 31st October 2021. For more details call your local dealer or visit

*UK. 18+. 01.09.2021 – 31.10.2021. End User Promotion only. Single transaction. Rewards will be paid via a BACS transfer. Available through participating dealers only. Promotion limited to one claim per applicant. See for full terms.

64-67 Massey Ferguson.indd 64

08/09/2021 10:41


Born to Farm event brings new products and features

Massey Ferguson has announced new 6S and 7S tractors, additional 8S models, and upgraded hay and forage machinery. David Williams reports. 6700 S replacements The new 6S series brings an improved user experience, connectivity and smart farming technology to the 135– 180hp sector. The five new models have 4-cyl engines and replace current 6700 S tractors and boast an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. Engine Power Management (EPM) provides 15 or 20 extra horsepower depending on the model, and gives the 6S.180 series flagship up to 200hp. Essential, Panoramic, Efficient or Exclusive specification variants are available. The new 6S-series cab includes features from the larger awardwinning 8S-series of which deliveries to farms started earlier this year. The cab gains improved climate control and noise levels are reduced to only 70dBA. Exclusive and Efficient versions gain a new armrest – linked to the seat and housing controls for the engine, transmission, hydraulics, linkage and PTO, plus the radio and phone. Mechanical or active mechanical cab suspension is available. A suspended front axle is also an option. Cabs with a Visio roof can be specified, offering great vision for loader work.

Multi-function single lever control A new Multipad, Isobus-compatible joystick includes a linkage control rocker switch, cruise settings, driving mode pre-sets and MF Guide activation. It also comes with a micro joystick for convenient control of two electric spool valves. An additional joystick is available to operate a front loader or front linkage, and can also be used for tractor direction and speed control. The new, brighter 9in Datatronic 5 terminal increases functionality

and is easier to use with short-cut keys providing quick menu access. It manages the main tractor functions and MF Technologies including MF Guide and comes with a quick set-up Go Mode. MF Section, MF Rate Control and MF Task Doc data are all available through the display. A new Fieldstar 5 terminal option enables smart operations to be run on a separate screen.

Smart loading Loading accuracy is improved through Massey Ferguson’s new E-Loader. Individual fork or bucket loads of materials can be weighed, and the total recorded. Maximum operating heights can be set and stored for safe operation in low buildings.

Transmissions to suit Transmission options include Dyna-VT Super-Eco infinitely-variable CVT, or Dyna-6 Super-Eco semi-powershift with AutoDrive. Both come with the

MF Power Control lever on the left of the steering column for clutch-less shifting with an adjustable response. Dyna-VT comes with a new Automatic Mode. Activated by an armrest-mounted switch, this allows forward speed adjustment using the Multipad lever or the foot throttle while the engine speed is adjusted to suit the working load and travel speed. Minimum engine speeds can be set on the hand throttle. Super-Eco Dyna-VT can achieve 40kph at only 1,450rpm to reduce fuel consumption. Dyna-6 Super-Eco 24x24 semipowershift allows 40kph travel speed at 1,500rpm. AutoDrive is standard on all models, and automatically shifts the gear ratio relative to the work load and speed. A Super Creeper option provides precise control with speeds down to 70m/hour at 1,400rpm. Brake-to-neutral is standard on all models. MF 6S models have a 2.67m wheelbase and are highly manoeuvrable, with a 4.75m turning radius which the manufacturer claims is the tightest of any 200hp tractor. The new tractors weigh 400kg less than their new 7S-series counterparts which have 6-cyl engines. Gross vehicle weights up to 12,500kg, and a Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of 44.5t means they can safely and legally haul heavy trailers. Rear lift capacity is 9,600kg and 110 litres/min closed-centre, load-sensing hydraulics are standard. A 150 litres/ min hydraulic flow option is available for Dyna-6 models while Dyna-VT versions can have 190 litres/min.

Many 6S tractors will be bought for loader work, and a factory-fitted integrated loader sub-frame is available.

7S models The new 7S series brings in similar upgrades to the new 6S models, but has a longer wheelbase and is powered by 6-cyl, 6.6-litre engines with 155–190hp (rated), and up to 30hp extra available through EPM, giving the flagship MF 7S.190 up to 220hp.

Transmission choices New Dyna-VT Super-Eco is available for all four models, and Dyna-6 SuperEco with Automatic Mode is an option for models up to 180hp.

Capable but compact The 7S series comes with a long 2.88m wheelbase for optimum stability and traction, but still manages to achieve a tight 4.93m turning radius. Gross vehicle weight up to 14t and GCW up to 44.5t make the tractors ideal for handling and towing heavy loads. Maximum linkage capacity is 9,600kg at the rear, and 4,000kg at the front.

Superb cab The 7S cab shares the design with the 6S-series tractors. A new air-suspended seat is standard, and there is also a high-specification version available with heating, ventilation and dynamic damping that responds automatically to uneven surfaces. LED light options include up to 16 work lights. continued over…

MF 6S models and specs Model

MF 6S.135


MF 6S.145

MF 6S.155

MF 6S.165

MF 6S.180

Four-cylinder, 4.9 litre AGCO Power

Max. power






Max. torque @ 1,500rpm






Max. EPM power






Max. torque @ 1,500rpm with EPM







Dyna-VT* or Dyna-6 Super Eco


Essential, Panoramic, Efficient or Exclusive

MF 7S models and specs Model

MF 7S.155


MF 7S.165

MF 7S.180

MF 7S.190

6-cylinder, 6.6-litre AGCO Power

Max. power




Max. EPM power





Max. torque @ 1,500rpm





Max. torque @ 1,500rpm with EPM





Transmission Specification


Dyna-6 Super Eco Dyna-VT (for Efficient & Exclusive only) Essential, Panoramic, Efficient or Exclusive

Efficient or Exclusive

October 2021 65

64-67 Massey Ferguson.indd 65

15/09/2021 10:10


The 8S-series has gained two new higher horsepower models including a 305hp flagship. Dyna-VT CVT transmission is a new option for the series, but standard on the 8S.305. New Dyna-VT Super-Eco boosts fuel economy by allowing 40kph at only 1,450rpm. …from previous page

Connectivity The Datatronic 5 display manages tractor functions as well as Isobusequipped implements and GPS guidance through the MF Technologies Precision Farming Suite. MF Guide, MF Section Control and MF Rate Control are all available. Data recorded by TaskDoc is transferred using a USB memory card, and Task Doc Pro allows application maps to be created and synchronised wirelessly with farm management software. MF Connect telemetry is standard on all 7S models.

Additional models The 8S series tractors have proved extremely popular with users since they were announced last year, but many customers have been waiting for Dyna-VT transmission. The option has now been added for the full 8S-series, which also includes two additional models at the top of the line-up with 285hp and 305hp, extending the choice to six models from 205–305hp, with EPM boost up to 20hp depending on model. The new flagship 8S.305 is available only with Dyna-VT transmission and has 305hp for all applications, which is achieved at only 1,850rpm. An extremely flat torque curve provides 1,280Nm of torque between 1,000–1,500rpm, making the new 8S.305 ideal for heavy draft work. The flagship comes only in Exclusive specification, which includes Datatronic 5 and MF vDisplay terminals, active cab suspension, automatic air-suspended seat with dynamic damping, a multi-function armrest, Multipad controls, four electric spools and 16 LED work lights. Other 8S models can have Exclusive or Efficient. Like the models launched previously, the new 8S.285 and 8S.305 both have the Massey Ferguson Protect-U design – a 24cm gap between the front of the cab and the

engine and bonnet which insulates the cab from noise, heat and vibration. Noise levels down to just 68dB make it one of the quietest tractors in its class. Like the 6S and 7S series, the new Dyna-VT transmission for the 8S has Automatic mode allowing the Multipad lever or foot pedal to adjust the forward speed while the engine revs are optimised to suit the speed and load. The Super Eco version of Dyna-VT allows a top 40kph travel speed to be achieved at only 1,450rpm. The new MF 8S.285 has up to 285hp, plus a 20hp boost from EPM for a 305hp maximum for transport, PTO and demanding hydraulic applications. Exclusive or Efficient equipment packages can be specified. Transmission options include Dyna-VT Super Eco; Dyna E-Power dual-clutch with 28 forward and reverse speeds plus seamless shifting through an efficient mechanical drive, or Dyna-7 semi-powershift transmissions are all available.

They come with improved mounting, TurboLift suspension, and a new compact mounting and anticollision system. Working width adjustment allows the operator to set the rear mower to match the front mower and maintain a uniform cut even when cutting around corners. A new, lower mounting system ensures a folded height under 4m for transport, and allows safe vertical storage without extra stands. TurboLift provides a lateral swing angle up to 19 degrees downhill and 30 degrees uphill for close contour following to protect the sward, reduce contamination and improve forage quality. The ground pressure can be set to suit the conditions. Both mowers come with a new generation cutterbar.

Front mowers Available as a mower or a mowerconditioner with roller or tine conditioning – the 3.1m MF DM 316 FP front-mounted mowers come with new mounts for closer coupling and have greater linkage oscillation for improved ground following. Spring suspension is an option for all models and hydro-pneumatic suspension is an option for mower-conditioners. A pendulum pivot allows contours of up to +/- 7.5 degrees to be accurately followed.

Upgraded rakes A new hydraulic lifting front axle enables Massey Ferguson’s new generation 10.6–12.5m four rotor rakes to fold to under 4m for transport. Easily operated from the cab, there

is protection to ensure the rotors only lift or lower when the axle is in the correct position. Upgrades for the larger MF 1404 TRC-Pro include an 11.5–14.0m working width, along with steering tandem axles as a factory-fitted option, as well as new sensors, improved front rotor suspension and modified cam tracks. Additional options for all four-rotor rakes include air braking, 550/45-22.5 tyres, a swath former and a retro-fit Isobus control kit.

Round balers and baler-wrappers RB round balers and MF Protec baler/ wrappers are upgraded for 2022. Film tying is new for the MF RB F Protec baler-wrapper combination as well as a new bale tipper and options including a hand-wash tank, LED lighting and a hydraulic jack. Film tying can be installed with net tying allowing operators to choose the most suitable material for the crop. Switching takes less than two minutes using the Rapid Reload System. This holds up to three rolls of net, film or a combination of both types. Replacement rolls are loaded easily from the ground using Comfort Load. New Silage and Comfort option packages are available for MF RB F & V series Xtra (fixed and variable chamber balers) as well as the MF RB F & V Protec (baler/wrapper) range. An uprated 1,000rpm gearbox option is available for the MF RB F Xtra and MF RB F Protec machines. Capable of transmitting 20% more power, it improves cutting capacity in heavy crops and reduces fuel consumption. FG

Complete connectivity The latest Datatronic 5, 9in terminal controls the tractor’s systems and manages MF Technologies including MF Guide, MF Section and Rate Control and MF Task Doc data capture and transfer through a single screen. An option allows the display to also control the radio and mobile phone with inputs through Bluetooth, USB or a lead. The Fieldstar 5 terminal option can be added for separate control of GPS functions.

Massey Ferguson four-rotor rakes with 10.6–12.5m working width have been updated.

Rear disc mowers New hay and forage machinery announced includes MF DM TL rear disc mowers with 8.6 or 9.6m working widths. The MF DM 8612 TL model has an 8.6m width and six discs with two blades each side, and the MF DM 9614 TL version has a 9.6m working width and seven discs with two blades each side.

Protec baler-wrappers can now use film tying as well as net tying, allowing operators to select the most suitable material for the crop and conditions.

66 October 2021

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Getting to the ‘Root of the Problem’ ‘With our non-inversion low disturbance tillage system’

Built in uk

’One pass’

‘Back to Basics’



Heavy push pull swing over action yard scraper, for use on 3 point linkage with category 1 & 2 linkage pins, the head stock is designed to accept a standard tractor A frame. The swing over latch is released by means of a rope, which can be operated from the tractor seat.

07860 496618

pump partsdirect parts direct

Purchase Pumps, Parts & Umbilical Accessories online now

All Parts are 100% Genuine, direct from Manufacturers

Specification: Scraping width adjustable from approx 1650mm to 2280 mm

Replaceable 50mm thick rubber blade 420mm deep Delivered weight 240kg Smisby Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 2UE Phone 01530 567040 Trade enquiries welcome


M 82315

October 2021 67

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First class seats for every journey 10% off RRPs – call for details

TEK Seating, the UK’s biggest independent vehicle seating distributor for the OEM and aftermarket, offers a wide range of competitively priced, quality agricultural seats and spares from leading suppliers such as KAB Seating, Grammer, United Seats, Isringhausen and Sears.


SCIOX Super T600


Maximo Professional


01892 515028 |

Branches: Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Rearsby, Leics


 Rural Professional Services

• Cubicle Buildings • Lambing Sheds • Dairy Units • Equestrian • Workshops • Grain Stores • Industrial Units • Bespoke Design • Nationwide Coverage


We manufacture, supply & build...

✦ Farm and Estate Management ✦ Subsidy and Grant Applications ✦ Landlord and Tenant ✦ Listed Building Advice ✦ Planning and Development ✦ Commercial Property Management ✦ Valuations ✦ Rural Tax Planning ✦ Project Management ✦ Compensation Claims ✦ Building Surveys

Salter & Mckenna

Lawn Farm, Cornard Tye, Sudbury, Suffolk Alice Howard MRICS FAAV 07955 210201 Cameron Mckenna MRICS NDAg 07920 527687


AGRICULTURAL TELEHANDLER RANGE FROM ARDENT Cost-effective solutions for short and long term hires Please contact us for bespoke agricultural specifications We offer JCB and Manitou products

03333 202555


01630 655 555 | |

68 October 2021

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15/09/2021 14:20

Machinery incorporates lateral suspension and features cooling and heating. The backrest swivels making it more comfortable for the operator to turn to watch the implement, and for reversing. The main drive pedal has a revised design for improved control, making it easier to carry out low-speed inching, perform headland turns and for highspeed travel on the road. Extra storage will be welcomed by users, including an integral cool box under the passenger seat.

Year-round tractor receives significant upgrades

Great option for customers

A new cab, enhanced controls, additional features and extra connectivity feature on the latest generation Optum announced in early September by Case IH. David Williams reports. In 2015, when Case IH launched its Optum models, the new tractors were some of the first designed to satisfy the need for machines capable of a large range of tasks making them suitable for use all year around. Now several manufacturers sell tractors offering similar versatility and the market for these is competitive. Previously most large farms invested in heavy, high-horsepower tractors for heavy cultivations, and smaller, less powerful tractors for transport and top work, but the Optum, also referred to as the long-wheelbase Puma, was relatively light and compact but flexible ballasting allowed it to be weighted up for maximum traction, and there was a choice of powerful engines for heavy cultivations, high-speed top work and transport tasks. A superb cab designed for year-around comfort and a high technical specification completed the attractive package.

Practical updates The latest Optum AFS Connect CVXDrive is the first major update of the series, and borrows many features from the flagship Magnum AFS Connect introduced in 2019, but of which UK deliveries to farms only started this year. A larger cab with a wider door opening sitting above re-profiled rear mudguards and with increased head and leg room is the most noticeable external change. The cab interior is totally different. Like the previous Optum line-up there are three models, with 250, 270 and 300hp (rated). They all come with Case IH CVX Drive CVT transmission.

Cab The longer and higher cab increases the internal volume by 7.5 per cent, and there is 11 per cent more glass than before. Interior noise levels

are only 66db. The MultiController armrest incorporates a new MultiController joystick with configurable buttons, and many of the switches on the armrest itself are also configurable with LED colour coding for ease of use. A new, larger Isobus-compatible AFS Pro 1200 touch-screen terminal at the front of the armrest replaces the previous AFS Pro 700 version, and is used to monitor and set up all primary tractor functions, including the engine, CVXDrive transmission, PTO and hydraulics, and it also displays the image from up to two on-board cameras. Essential operating data including travel speed and engine revs are displayed on a screen on the righthand A-pillar.

Task management The AFS Pro 1200 terminal is also used to manage the AccuGuide automated steering, and full AFS Connect telematics available on the Optum for the first time. Two-way wireless data transfer between the tractor and AFS Connect online management portal allows operating and task data to be viewed from anywhere by the owner and anyone authorised by him. Real-time tractor status information including location, fuel level and key performance data can also be viewed through the portal. Data transfer of job instructions, field maps and task records can also be easily shared. AFS Connect Display Viewing allows managers to share the terminal display on their own device so that they can see the same image as the operator. This allows operating data to be checked and makes it easier for experienced operators and trainers to suggest changes and improvements to the settings. Dealers can, with permission, also

share the data and monitor fault codes for early signs of problems. Updated firmware and new features can be sent wirelessly to the tractor, saving a farm visit.

Greater comfort New materials and the larger windows including the front windscreen make the four-pillar cab brighter than before, and the view from the side windows is enhanced by a revised rear mudguard shape which includes a curve down to the outside edge. Vision to the front is better due to a new curved upper edge to the windscreen and the wiper’s relocation to the base of the screen. For night working – LED work and road light packages are available including up to 14 lights in the roof, four in front of the cab, two on the rear fenders and six in the bonnet. The climate control system is completely new, with more outlets at different levels for maximum operator comfort. Auto-zone control optimises cooling and heating performance leaving the operator free to concentrate on the task. The high-specification seat

Ernest Doe Power general sales manager Ed Perry said customers are excited about the new Optum AFS Connect. “When the Optum arrived six years ago, it satisfied the demand for a new class of versatile tractor,” he explained. “For a 300hp tractor it was relatively small and light, but lifted more than 11t on the rear linkage, and could be ballasted up to 16,500kg. It was equally at home carrying out primary cultivations or fertiliser applications, and the combination of light weight and plenty of power also made it ideal for transport tasks. Its potential for year-around use made it extremely popular. “The latest Optum AFS Connect is another game changer. It comes with equipment and a specification to rival anything else on the market,” Ed continued. “State-of-the-art data handling capability and wireless connectivity will allow farmers to get the most from their task planning and agronomy software, and to maintain accurate records. Tractor downtime will be reduced too, as authorised dealers can diagnose faults remotely, often before breakdowns occur. “This new model is the latest to gain the new technology and improved cab, and we look forward to other tractors in the line-up receiving similar updates in future,” he concluded. FG

The new cab is larger and more comfortable than the previous version, and comes with improved controls and state-of-the-art data handling and wireless connectivity.

October 2021 69

68-69 Case IH.indd 69

10/09/2021 16:56

} e l a s m r {fa Suffolk collective sale remains popular in its 10th year A mid-Suffolk collective auction of agricultural machinery and equipment organised by Lacy Scott & Knight with Peter Crichton attracted entries from farmers throughout Suffolk, and achieved excellent results for vendors. David Williams reports. Billed as the Tenth Annual Collective Auction of Farm Machinery & Equipment, the sale was held at Warren Farm, Wetherden, and included lots from antique collectables to building materials, and garden implements to tractors. Auctioneer James Boreham

commented: “It was a perfect summer day and, after the hard 18 months we have all had, it was so good to see new and familiar faces, rekindle and make new friendships. Prices were good, bidding was furious at times and there was a terrific atmosphere.” FG

This Massey Ferguson 148 with an original front loader was an attractive lot. It was a 1976 model on a P-plate and came with its V5 document. It had recorded only 5,479 hours and was described as in ‘good condition’. It had Multi-Power and power steering and came with rear linkage and its pick-u p hitch as well as an Iseki back-actor with four buckets. The winning bid was £8,600.

The sale, at Wetherden near Stowmarket, included 1,009 lots from 80 vendors.

This newer classic Massey Ferguson 590 Turbo 4wd dated from the late 1970s and carried a T-plate. It had recorded 5,362 hours and was driven to the sale ground, although it had a fault with its front axle. It sold for £4,300.

A 3m McConnel flail in working order was tidy and sold for £650.

Two boats were on offer at the sale, including this small rowing boat on a trailer which sold for £40.

Two lots by Bunnings included a 16t trailer with a rollover sheet on 700/50-22.5 wheels and tyres, and a Lowlander 120 muck spreader carrying Ben Burgess dealer stickers. The manure spreader made £5,000 and the trailer sold for £8,600. Above, auctioneer James Boreham takes bids on the Bunnings trailer.

This tidy Oxford Allen Scythe was a good buy at £40.

This very tidy International 354 was a 1972 model and the engine had been rebuilt in 2021. The winning bid was £4,000.

70 October 2021

Farm Sale.indd 70

09/09/2021 16:14


Teagle Tomahawk straw shredder/ bedders are an essential tool for many livestock farms and this 505 XLM model, new in 2014, achieved a fair result at £2,000.

A Lemken single leg subsoiler with a front cutting disc made £170.

One of the star lots was this John Deere 6930 Premium 4wd. It was a 2012 model, on a 12-plate and had AutoPowr 50kph transmission and front suspension. It came with a Degenhart front linkage and was AutoTrac-ready. The wheels were 650/65R38 rear and 540/65R28 fronts and the tractor had worked 6,972 hours. Carrying Ben Burgess dealer stickers and in very tidy condition, it sold for £35,000.

This Spearhead 6.2m batwing mower was new in 2008 and made an impressive £7,000. Ed Crichton sells the Spearhead mower.

This Ferguson TED with a Perkins P3 engine made £2,200.

A Lister D engine described as ‘turning freely’ achieved £55.

In a year with rapid grass growth, mowers are in demand and this Bomford Agri ADM1850 flail made £400.

Without documents, this Fordson Dexta Special with a 3-cyl diesel engine and a pick-up hitch made £1,000.

In good condition – this McConnel PTOdriven, hydraulic linkage-mounted saw bench made £220.

This International B275 with an ROPS and a front loader was tidy, but failed to meet its reserve.

This Cat 3510PS telehandler was in JLG livery. It was powered by a Deutz engine and came with a rear hydraulic hitch, tines, and an air-conditioned cab with an air suspension seat, and control through a multi-function joystick. The tyres were Michelin and it was in tidy condition. The winning bidder paid £32,500.

A respectable £12,750 was achieved for this 24m Anglia Knights Sprayer with a 4,000-litre stainless-steel tank. It came with Muller Isobus controls, a 310-litre/min pump, a blast fill pump, air suspension, boom levelling, five nozzle bodies, a set of Defy nozzles, a one-year test certificate and was on 580/90R46 Michelin Agribib tyres with 65 per cent tread. It was a farm’s reserve sprayer and had been unused for the past five years. Two Keenan feeder wagons included a Klassic 100 (left), and a MechFiber 320. The MechFiber 2019 model, which was in excellent condition failed to reach its reserve, but the Klassic, which was an older 2006 model and also in working order, had been well-maintained and sold for £3,700.

This Westwood T1200 lawn tractor with a powered collector sold for £320.

A 56-bale capacity Browns self-loading bale grab achieved £300.

Auctioneer Ed Crichton closes bids on a Kuhn hay turner which sold for £1,000.

October 2021 71

Farm Sale.indd 71

09/09/2021 16:15



NEW ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Pour-On Solution for Cattle

Contains closantel Treats liver fluke from 7 weeks immature to adult Easy-to-use pour-on application Kills triclabendazole resistant fluke Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L

ASK YOUR VET OR SQP HOW SOLANTEL POUR-ON CAN BECOME PART OF YOUR CATTLE TREATMENT PLAN USE MEDICINES RESPONSIBLY. Manufactured in NI by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP. Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (G.B.) Limited, 1 Saxon Way East, Corby, Northamptonshire, England, NN18 9EY. Legal Category: Solantel® 200mg/ml Pour-On Solution for Cattle contains 200mg/ml closantel. For further details on this product including the dosage regimens, side effects, precautions, warnings and contraindications please see the summary of product characteristics (SPC) available at Advice on the use of this product should be sought from the medicine prescriber. | 5140(3)-LA(C)-v1e-GB-27/07/21

72-85 Livestock.indd 72

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How to achieve effective liver fluke control

Norbrook Laboratories’ technical vet offers guidance on fluke risk factors for cattle this year, understanding the fluke life cycle and how to achieve effective and sustainable control. The fluke life cycle Understanding the fluke life cycle is key to controlling the parasite on farm. Adult liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica, live in the bile ducts of the liver in many animal species, including cattle, and can produce thousands of eggs per day. These pass down the bile ducts into the intestines and are then excreted in the faeces. When the temperature is above 10ºC, the eggs develop in the dung and a miracidium hatches. The miracidium only lives for a few hours but if it is able to swim through water and find a mud snail, it can penetrate the snail and infect it. Over weeks to several months later, depending on the environmental temperatures, the miracidium in the snail multiplies to produce huge numbers of cercariae which are released and swim onto grass. Here they form infective cysts called metacercariae. When the grass is eaten the metacercariae are ingested, where they hatch and burrow through the intestine to get to the liver. They then burrow through the liver tissue, causing damage as they go, until they reach the bile ducts and become mature egg-laying adults. Eggs can be found in the faeces of cattle 10–12 weeks after infection with the metacercariae.

What are the risk factors? The risk of liver fluke changes each year and can be unpredictable. Spring 2021 has seen a cooler start lead into a warm summer interspersed with very wet periods. This offers favourable environmental conditions for snail populations and therefore the subsequent risk of liver fluke this autumn and winter is expected to be high risk for significant parts of the UK, though it may fall slightly later than expected. More specific

information is available from Nadis. Grazing sheep and bought in animals also pose a risk. Liver fluke will readily infect both cattle and sheep, so grazing sheep can contaminate pastures with metacercariae, which are also infectious to cattle. Co-grazing or alternate grazing between sheep and cattle cannot be used to control fluke populations in the way it can help worm burdens. Should your farm be free of liver fluke, clean pastures supporting the mud snail can be instantly contaminated with liver fluke from purchased cattle or sheep. Purchased animals are also a serious risk for the introduction of triclabendazole-resistant fluke onto a farm, so effective quarantine procedures need to be in place. Even modest liver fluke burdens can result in significant economic impacts and reductions in expected cattle performance. From a recent Scottish study, abattoir data showed that ‘when compared with animals with no liver fluke burden, animals with 1–10 parasites take on average 31 days longer to reach slaughter weight, while animals with more than 10 F. hepatica flukes in their liver at slaughter take 77 days longer to finish.’1

Now is the time to consider fluke control With the effects of infection on growth rate and milk yield estimated to cost the UK cattle industry up to £40.4 million annually2, effective and sustainable parasite control within herds is essential. A multidisciplined approach involving strategic flukicide product choice to reduce pasture contamination and drug resistance, alongside pasture management to restrict

cattle access to snail habitats and quarantine of new stock with unknown infection status is recommended3. It is vital to establish whether liver fluke are present on your farm. This can be achieved through regular post mortem examination of fallen stock or checking abattoir feedback. Blood testing of first grazed calves can be considered at or just before housing, whereas faecal samples detecting liver fluke secretions (coproantigen) or eggs can be done later in the housed period. Norbrook Laboratories large animal veterinary advisor, Douglas Palmer (pictured), advises: “It is very important to work with your vet or registered animal medicines advisor (RAMA) to establish a suitable anthelmintic plan that fits the requirements of your farm. This needs to take into account when liver fluke may start to be a problem, keeping in mind this will be different each year. Using the correct product for the most likely stages of liver fluke present is vital to controlling this disease, as well as using lower risk pastures at high-risk times of the year.” Now is the time to consider liver fluke control for animals that will be housed over the winter period. In conjunction with your RAMA or vet, you need to work out the fluke risk on the farm and what stages of fluke are likely to be present. This will determine when you need to treat and which products to use. Triclabendazole resistance is a growing problem in the UK and careful consideration to ensure appropriate flukicide choices are made is crucial in delaying this. If you do not have triclabendazole resistance you do not want to buy it in. The Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) effective quarantine measures for purchased cattle include keeping cattle inside, yarded or on snail-free pastures until treated with an appropriate flukicide and then ensuring no liver fluke eggs are present in the faeces six weeks after treatment. Further information can be found at FG

Flukicides should always be administered following the COWS five Rs principles:

• • • • •

RIGHT product RIGHT animal RIGHT time RIGHT dose Given in the RIGHT way.

References: 1. Mazeri S, Rydevik G, Handel I, Bronsvoort BMD, Sargison N. Estimation of the impact of Fasciola hepatica infection on time taken for UK beef cattle to reach slaughter weight. Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 2. Bennett, R. and IJpelaar, J. (2005), Updated Estimates of the Costs Associated with Thirty-Four Endemic Livestock Diseases in Great Britain: A Note. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 56: 135-144. 3. accessed 13/08/2021

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Livestock energy in the form of propionate and acetate. Much has been written and said over recent years about the need to manage the dry cow properly, and particularly with regards to mineral intakes during the weeks leading up to calving. Even on farms where the highest standards of dry cow management are practised, cows can still become recumbent and low blood phosphate levels can be a key contributor. Along with calcium infusion, Provita Boviphos, with its easy-to-use bottle makes it effortless to administer to help rectify such situations. It contains phosphate salts that are readily absorbed within one hour and with added controlled release properties for a maximum of six hours. Boviphos also contains slow-release calcium, in correct mineral ratios to phosphorous, to prevent rebound episodes and assist quicker recovery.

Your guide to cattle health around the transition period Metabolic disorders and health issues can erase the profit potential for dairy cow farms for the year. Provita technical sales advisor George Shaw shares his thoughts. Most metabolic and infectious diseases in dairy cattle take place around calving, commonly referred to as the transition period, e.g., ketosis, displaced abomasum, mastitis etc. This is attributed primarily to dysfunctional immune responses in the animal. In addition, recent studies show that adult dairy cows experience oxidative stress (OS) around calving. At transition, cows undergo extensive metabolic adaptation in glucose, fatty acids, and mineral metabolism to support the foetus and lactation, as well as avoiding metabolic dysfunction. Many find that the higher demands during these times, often coupled with trace element deficiencies, not only affects immunity but also the ongoing fertility status of the cow.

Ketosis Provita Animal Health has developed Energy Plus – an oral liquid supplement providing instant energy. Energy Plus has been formulated with propylene glycol, glycerine, and supplies vitamin B12 and cobalt, which is needed to stimulate glucose production to help treat ketosis. Propylene glycol will increase glucose production by entering the propionate production cycle. Glycerine also stimulates glucose production by entering the

glucose production chain. The combination of propylene glycol and glycerine in the Provita preparation provides an additive effect in producing high levels of glucose. Glycerine has several additional advantages: • It enters the glucose chain at a higher level, thus providing a very rapid response • It stimulates appetite so animals feed better • It has a specific effect against fatty liver, which is always a hazard with ketosis.

Milk fever At the onset of lactation, cows have a strong need for calcium and energy. A deficiency in calcium and/ or energy may lead to a number of diseases around calving, including milk fever. Provita has developed Bovical – an oral liquid supplement used just before or after calving when cows become low in calcium from the stress of pregnancy. Bovical is particularly useful for older cows and those with a history of milk fever. It supplies readily available organically bound calcium that reaches the blood in minutes, while also ensuring long-action elevation of calcium levels for up to 12 hours. For the all-important energy that the cow needs, Bovical contains high levels of slow-release glucoplastic

Foot health Lameness is one of the most common debilitating health issues for dairy cattle and at housing, risk is heightened. According to the Cattle Health and Welfare Group Report (2018), approximately 30% of dairy cattle will be affected with lameness during their lifetime. Several factors are associated with lameness in dairy cows including genetics, the environment and management. There are four types or causes that lead to most dairy lameness issues: digital dermatitis, sole bruising, sole ulcers, and white line disease. Classical signs of digital dermatitis include raw, red, oval shaped lesions typically found on the back of the cow’s heel, but they can appear as a range of warty or scabby lesions on the skin of the foot. Outbreaks happen mostly when animals are in consistently wet and dirty conditions. Provita has developed Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution, a blend of organic acids and essential oils and Provita has conducted over 40 trials across three continents to prove its efficacy. Veterinary lameness specialist Dr Nick Bell states that Hoofsure Endurance is “the only product I’ve ever trialled that has performed as well as formalin at preventing new lesions, and I’ve trialled a lot of products”. Hoofsure Endurance is well placed to help dairy farms get on top of and control lameness. Notable research shows it is up to 44% more effective than formalin with proven antibacterial activity. Also, with Hoofsure Endurance allowing up to 500 cow passes through a 200-litre footbath, this makes it a very cost-effective solution. The Hoofsure range also includes Konquest hoof gel and Combat hoof spray for individual hoof application. FG



AVAILABLE NOW USE MEDICINES RESPONSIBLY. Manufactured and distributed in NI by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP. Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (G.B.) Limited, 1 Saxon Way East, Corby, Northamptonshire, England, NN18 9EY. Legal Category of all products: UK: Colvasone™ 0.2% w/v Solution for Injection contains dexamethasone sodium phosphate 2mg/ml. Pyroflam™ Solution for Injection contains flunixin (as flunixin megulime) 50mg/ml. Loxicom® 20mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle, Pigs and Horses contains meloxicam 20mg/ml. For further details on these products including the dosage regimens, side effects, precautions, warnings and contraindications please see the summary of product characteristics (SPC) available at | 5213-LA(C/P)/EQ-v1b-GB-23/03/21

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NATURALLY BETTER than formaldehyde and copper

Increase productivity and reduce lameness with Hoofsure Endurance – the safe, clinically proven and cost-effective footbath: Clinically proven – Active organic formulation that


helps to clean feet and prevent lameness. Up to 44% more effective than copper and formaldehyde.*

Purchase 3 x 20 litre

Safe to use & dispose – Biodegradable, natural footbath solution that’s better for the environment and safer for animal and human health.

Hoofsure Endurance

RECEIVE FREE • 5 litre acid resistant sprayer • Hoofsure Konquest 300g 50 kg


25 litre


Formaldehyde is carcinogenic Valid whilst stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.

Copper is illegal

*References available on request

20 litre Hoofsure Endurance 5000 COWS

MORE COWS PER LITRE! Find out more visit: Call freephone: 0800 3284982 or contact your nearest stockist.

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Get your farm buildings ready for winter

Protecting livestock from cold weather and harsh conditions is essential for both animal welfare and optimising herd performance. Galebreaker provides a range of products to help prepare your livestock housing for winter.



The market leader for fast fit, long lasting, weather protection

The UK’s best selling springoperated rollerscreen system

Easy to install and fully adjustable

Provides variable ventilation and weather protection

No drill or boiling required – able to fit all openings

Allows fast access to sheds and feed passages – fully adjustable to fit any opening

Read our Guide to Winter Housing prep by scanning the QR code here.

+44 (0) 1531 637900

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With winter fast approaching, farmers are investing in ventilation systems early to protect calves from pneumonia. We take a look at how Cumbrian farmer Jonathan Philipson managed to overcome alarming pneumonia losses – as well as some other prevention strategies to try. February 2020 was one of the wettest on record, thanks to a deluge of named storms. It wasn’t an isolated occurrence – extreme weather is on the rise according to the latest data from the UN. With winter just around the corner, and the onset of cold weather causing viral infections to go up – farmers across the UK are looking for ways to protect their livestock early. Pneumonia is particularly difficult to treat, so many are investing in ventilation systems to prevent their animals falling ill in the first place.

The costly impact of poor ventilation Pneumonia is an infectious disease which can be caused by several types of viruses and bacteria. The disease results in 14.5% of dairy heifers failing to make it to first lactation1, while in beef calves the lung damage caused by pneumonia infection can reduce weight gain by up to 6kg per month2. As a disease of the lungs, infection commonly spreads between calves which are sharing the same airspace, rather than relying on physical contact between animals. In an inadequately ventilated calf shed, the air will typically recirculate around the shed so calves continuously inhale the same air, increasing the risk of bacteria or viruses entering calves’ lungs. An over-ventilated shed can also cause problems, especially in winter, as the chilled environment will lead to calves using more energy to maintain body temperature, leading to reduced growth rates and weaker immune systems. The secret to promoting calf health through ventilation is to create a continuous flow of fresh air without draughts.

How to improve ventilation in your calf sheds Mechanical ventilation systems can improve air flow and quality, something Cumbria-based dairy farmer Jonathan Philipson knows only too well. Mr Philipson rears all calves from his 200-cow milking herd on-farm, but was losing them to pneumonia at an alarming rate after weaning. “The shed which I wean calves into was designed for older stock and wasn’t fit for purpose for calves,” he said. “Every winter I was seeing roughly two new cases of pneumonia each week, which was expensive to treat and was having an ongoing impact on growth rates.” After a particularly severe winter in 2019–2020, Mr Philipson installed a VentTube Fresh system. It was designed to bring fresh air in from outside and deliver it at calf height. Air is also able to pass back out of the building, and a smoke bomb test carried out by Mr Philipson’s vet after the addition of the new ventilation system showed that the air cleared quickly as it was not static or recirculating within the shed. The system was custom-built to fit the length, height and number of calves typically within the airspace. “I’d say it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” he said. “It has transformed the feel of the shed as there’s no longer any stale air or the smell of ammonia lingering. The calves are eating more and achieving good growth rates without getting the setback which comes with pneumonia.” Mr Philipson has had over 180 calves go through the shed since installing the VentTube

Fresh system in October 2020. Only five have had pneumonia since.

Additional strategies to help prevent pneumonia Optimising ventilation is an effective way of preventing pneumonia in calves and, unlike vaccination, can be put in place and is effective straight away. Other strategies to help farmers go a step further in preventing disease, and give calves the best start possible, include: • Colostrum management: To promote effective immunity • Separate calves into age groups: To reduce disease spread from older to younger calves • Introduce isolation pens: Isolate calves with pneumonia into a different airspace to prevent spread to healthy calves • Minimise stress at weaning: Combining other procedures like dehorning with weaning can cause stress, which makes calves vulnerable to infections • Vaccination: To protect against specific bacteria or viruses causing disease that can suppress the immune system. There are a number of sources of information and advice available to help prevent pneumonia in calves by optimising ventilation. Your vet will be able to support you with assessing air flow and quality, or you can contact Galebreaker to find out about tailored solutions for your calf shed. FG References: 1. Brickell, J.S., McGowan, M.M., Pfeiffer, D.U., Wathes, D.C. (2009) Mortality in Holstein-Friesian calves and replacement heifers, in relation to body-weight and IGF-1 concentration, on 19 farms in England. Animal 3, 1175–1182 2. Williams, P. and Green, Laura E. (2007) Associations between lung lesions and grade and estimated daily live weight gain in bull beef at slaughter. In: 3rd Flagship Congress British-Cattle-Veterinary-Association, Glasgow, Scotland, 2007. Published in: Cattle Practice, Vol.15 (No.3). pp. 244-249.

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Q&A: Poultry housing This issue, livestock editor Sarah Kidby speaks to Vencomatic’s senior poultry consultant Andy Pond for his top tips on key points to consider in a poultry housing system.


What are some key considerations? A: Systems need to be hygienic, high

welfare nest systems with an ease of access throughout the whole system – that’s really essential because of flock hierarchy. The nests always need to be dry and warm and correctly lit, otherwise birds won’t frequent them, with good quality air and sufficient ventilation. The lighting is really important; it’s got to be poultry-specific, high frequency adjustable lighting throughout the whole of the shed, to encourage birds to lay in the nest boxes. The whole system needs to be easily cleaned and maintained during turnaround time. Fortunately, with the Vencomatic design, frequent manure removal is easy.


How do Vencomatic systems improve health and welfare? A: Firstly, we use a soft rubber matting

design for the point of contact for the bird where it lays its egg in the nest box. This stays cleaner and is gentler on the bird. With the opening and closing of the nest boxes, there is also a gentle and progressive movement of the bird off the nest box floor, so birds are not stressed. We have more than ample perching, encouraging easy movement across the system which is always really important due to the hierarchy and hen pecking scenario. Obviously one of the most important things for poultry is food and water, so we always incorporate easy-flush nipple drinkers, which gives them 24/7 access to clean water. We have a design on our feeding troughs called anti-selective feeding, that ensures the bird gets a rounded and complete diet as opposed to picking out the bits they want. We have a rounded mushroom design perch that’s proven to ensure comfortable and stable perching in the system, which is really important for protecting the keel bone – a big welfare issue. We also


provide step-up tubes and welfare ramps to encourage ranging around the system and, again, to reduce keel bone damage.

What are the wider impacts for productivity and profitability? A: There is gentle and complete

transport of the freshly laid egg to the tray, minimising contact and contamination and increasing output. Really importantly, a massive design feature on all our systems is inwardly sloping floors which greatly reduces the number of system eggs. Otherwise, these need to be hand collected, meaning you have to employ more people, which is a really big issue. The Vencobelt gentle egg handling design greatly reduces labour and increases profit by minimising cracks; it’s a very gentle system so there is no stressful movement causing cracks. FG

Promoting Natural Behaviour At Vencomatic, we recognise the importance of encouraging natural behaviour within our nest systems. Designed to mimic a tree, our systems provide more than ample perching using our unique mushroom shaped design. Our systems are easy to inspect, have smart feeder placement, and provide comfy nests for laying. We provide these features as we understand that happy birds lay more eggs.

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United Kingdom

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Prepare now for the avian influenza risk period After the UK poultry sector was rocked by 26 avian influenza outbreaks between November 2020 and March 2021 – the highest number seen in several years – Farmers Guide looks ahead to the coming risk season and what farmers should do now to prepare. Seasonal birds were hit particularly hard in 2020, with turkey rearing premises in Norfolk and North Yorkshire suffering outbreaks, resulting in tens of thousands of birds being culled. Cases of the H5N8 strain were

confirmed in poultry premises across England – in Cheshire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Dorset, West Devon and Staffordshire. A case of highly pathogenic H5N1 was also seen in backyard chickens in North

Yorkshire. The low pathogenic H5N3 strain was also confirmed in Cheshire West and Chester, and H5N2 was detected near Deal, Kent. Some industry experts have raised concerns that this scenario could be seen every year. Although the UK was recently declared free from avian influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza continues to circulate in wild and captive birds in Europe and as winter approaches, the risk to domestic poultry is likely to rise as migratory birds fly to the UK. Defra has urged poultry farmers to uphold strict biosecurity measures as we head into the colder months. It may also be worth considering the potential need for insurance cover, and sufficient housing and enrichment should another compulsory housing order be imposed this year. Insurance for avian influenza comes with a high premium, but should you suffer an outbreak, it could be a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of cleaning sheds and meeting APHA standards to restock. For those farms who would be unable to take the financial hit of an outbreak, insurance may be worth considering. Defra has shared the following

advice to reduce the risk of disease ahead of wild bird migration this winter: • Keep the area where birds live clean and tidy, control rats and mice and regularly, disinfect any hard surfaces. Clean footwear before and after visits • Keep chickens and turkeys completely separate from ducks and geese • Place birds’ food and water in fully enclosed areas that are protected from wild birds and remove any spilled feed regularly • Put fencing around outdoor areas where birds are allowed and limit their access to ponds or areas visited by wild waterfowl • In Great Britain, stay alert by signing up online to a free service to receive text or email alerts on any outbreaks of bird flu in the UK. It is also worth noting the emotional toll that an outbreak can have, so seeking help from consultancies where necessary and knowing where to go for free support, for example charities including RABI or the Farming Community Network, is important. For further biosecurity advice and updates on avian influenza, visit FG

free range egg production


Big volumes of eggsperience: NATURA More than 12.5 million bird places in the UK, 80 million in Europe and 120 million hens worldwide in NATURA – the flexible modular system.

Newquip Limited, NQ House, Conygarth Way Leeming Bar Business Park, Leeming Bar Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL7 9EE Tel. 01677 428600,

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100% Paper Crumb bedding


There are many benefits: • For your Cattle’s Health and Comfort • For the Fertility of Your Land • And potential cost savings too Take ‘Komfort’ in the facts: • Excellent Absorbency • Clean, Dry & Comfortable • Minimal Dust • Elevated pH Content • Slurry-System Friendly • Improved Soil Fertility Reliable nationwide delivery and a friendly, helpful service. To find out how much money you can save call: Clare on 07585 888754 Joanne on 07880 398552

A Veolia Group Company T. 01675 443 888 Approved by Defra, EA and Red Tractor for use as animal bedding.




Rispoval 4

£8.04 / dose

£7.90 / dose

Leptavoid H

£2.00 / dose

£1.92 / dose


£5.64 / dose

£5.38 / dose

Bovilis BVD

£2.65 / dose

£2.45 / dose

Bovipast RSP

£6.75 / dose

£5.50 / dose

Rispoval Intranasal*

£7.13 / dose

£6.91 / dose

Bovilis Intranasal RSP

£7.00 / dose

£6.55 / dose


Call: 01306 628215 | 1217 - Farmacy Cow Management Advert Half Page Landscape.indd 1

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Livestock Popular mobile handling systems for cattle and sheep

A versatile two-in-one machine French-based manufacturer of feeding and bedding machinery, Lucas G, recently expanded and updated its diet feeder range to include single, twin, and triple vertical auger mixers ranging from 8–46m3 capacity. The ‘Spirmix Jet’ range is highly successful on the UK market and features a front-mounted fan. Due to the unique design, with a horizontal feed rotor between the mixing tub and fan housing, it can feed out a TMR mix through the fan in addition to being used as a straw blower – a truly versatile two-in-one machine. This means farms can use the diet feeder in otherwise difficultto-access areas and over high barriers, or into troughs in narrow passageways, where traditional machines would struggle due to width or feed out height limitations.

The Spirmix Jet features a two-speed gearbox of the fan and mixing augers, along with bottom tank reinforcement as standard. Other features include 85cm counter knives and heavyduty augers with six, eight or 10 blades for reducing the chopping and mixing time of long strand materials and fibrous rations. The standard weighing system can be upgraded to a programmable recipe management, helping the operator maximise feeding accuracy and efficiency by reducing mixing times. In addition, Lucas G offers the ‘Spirmix’ and ‘Spirmix S’ range which can be equipped with various distribution options, including front and rear trap doors and front or rear cross conveyors. FG

Stockpen UK supplies high quality, heavy-duty sheep handling gates, mobile cattle systems, mobile sheep handling systems, stockyards and calving gates at competitive prices – delivered nationwide. All products have a hot dipped galvanised finish and come complete with joining pins and accessories where necessary. Gates are eightrailed for multi-use of small and large livestock – meaning one system is versatile to cover all applications. Among the company’s best sellers are its mobile systems for cattle and sheep, including the new mobile sheep handling systems which launched last year and have proved highly popular with sheep farmers across the UK. Overall, the company has a 96 per cent customer satisfaction rate. The system, made from high tensile steel, has a yard holding capacity of approximately 300 ewes with existing

fencing. This versatile system offers on-the-spot animal treatment and is easily transportable and quick and effortless to assemble and operate. Natural terrain and sunlight can also be utilised for greater stock-flow and maximising your farm management options. Larger and smaller systems are also on order and in stock. Contact the company directly for more information or to place an order. FG

Welcome to Stockpen UK

You can contact Edward Finney on Facebook

A family run business for over 50 years, o�ering an excellent service

The complete range of Straw Blowers and Feeders • • • •

Single, Twin & Triple Auger Ranging from 8-46m³ capacity Various distribution options 3 year Warranty

UK & Ireland Sales

Book your demonstration


Jan Soukenka 079300 50108 focus on performance



EW !

We supply high quality, heavy duty Sheep Handling Gates, Mobile Cattle Systems, Mobile Sheep Handling Systems, Stockyards and Calving Gates at competitive prices, delivered Nationwide

Mobile Sheep Handling System

Mobile Cattle System

• Holds an average of up to 200 sheep • 16ft sheeted race • Guillotine plus sheep shedder • Ten 10’ panels • Eight-barred and double strapped

• 60ft holding pen • 20ft race – with cattle sliding gate • Safely holds 45 fully grown cattle • Cattle sliding gate optional extra • Crush gate optional extra

Our price: £2,295+VAT

Our price: £1,895+VAT

Nationwide Delivery Charge £100

Call us 01757 668 517 • 07810 516 499


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Problem with scouring calves?


• Meloxicam based NSAID • Reduce clinical signs associated with diarrhoea in combination with oral rehydration • Can be used from one week of age • 1.25ml per 50kg bodyweight • 26 hour half-life in young cattle

• Rapid rehydration r following onset of diarrhoea is crucial to calf recovery • Contains optimal levels of readily available energy and electrolytes • Mixes with water or milk

Aiding rapid recovery for scouring calves USE MEDICINES RESPONSIBLY. Loxicom® 20mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle, Pigs and Horses contains meloxicam 20mg and ethanol 150mg. Legal Category: Manufactured and Distributed in NI by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd,Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP. Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (G.B.) Limited, 1 Saxon Way East, Corby, Northamptonshire, England, NN18 9EY. For further details on this product including the dosage regimens, side effects, precautions, warnings and contraindications please see the summary of product characteristics (SPC) available at | Advice on the use of this product should be sought from the medicine prescriber. Life-Aid® Xtra (not a veterinary medicine) contains sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium acetate trihydrate, sodium propionate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, glucose (anhydrous), silica colloidal anhydrous. | 5128-LA(C)-v1a-GB-01/12/20

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Maternal performance ‘key to profitability in suckler herds’

South Devon show and sale to take place in October cattle finishers; and an attraction for consumers who seek assurance of environmental sustainability and carbon reduction from grass-fed suckler herds. With a high return from the South Devon carcase in both weight and grade, the breed is well placed to maximise these opportunities. South Devons are well suited, not just to beef farms who want to benefit from the breed’s characteristics, but also to arable businesses who wish to diversify and make use of the best fertiliser for carbon capture – manure! South Devon breeders can be found throughout the Midlands and the East of England, and welcome visitors by appointment. For further information contact the breed secretary: FG

The South Devon Society’s Autumn Show and Sale will be held at Worcester by McCartneys on Tuesday, 5th October, with pedigree bulls and heifers from a wide selection of top breeding herds. Catalogues are available from McCartneys and SDHBS. There is strong demand across the country for the South Devon breed due to its excellent maternal qualities, which enhance the performance and efficiency of beef producing herds. Known for their very quiet temperament, they are easy to handle and both bulls and females are widely used in cross-breeding commercial herds. The welcome increase in the number of native beef schemes being set up by processors and retailers offers choice and competition for

SUCKLER COWS with plenty of milk

When it comes to raising profit margins, AHDB’s new campaign ‘Maternal Matters’ brings the focus away from carcase traits and back to the maternal performance of the suckler cow. In the English suckler herd, only 82% of suckler cows produce a calf each year – quite a different story from the norm in countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. Whilst undertaking a 2019 Nuffield Farming Scholarship, AHDB’s Beef & Lamb knowledge exchange manager, Sarah Pick, said she was surprised to find each suckler farmer she visited outside the UK had a clear breeding policy, focusing heavily on maternal attributes. An economic study suggests fertility is five times more important than growth rate, and 10 times more important than carcase quality to the suckler producer. Another significant finding

related to age at first calving: “Calving heifers at two-years of age reduces costs whilst increasing the number of calves the cow produces over her lifetime. In the UK only 35% of suckler producers implement this practice, however, in other countries it has been commonplace since the 1970s.” With changes in agricultural payments around the corner, there has never been a more poignant time for suckler herd producers to home in on how they can make their herd more efficient and profitable. Follow the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #MaternalMatters or visit www. FG

TERMINAL SIRES for high grade carcases

SOUTH DEVONS The COMMERCIAL beef breed with NATIVE appeal


COLLECTIVE SALE Postcombe, Nr Thame

Two unreserved dispersals plus included lots Catalogues available from Monday 13th September

SUPPLYING MAJOR & LOCAL RETAILERS WITH QUALITY BEEF South Devon Herd Book Society Westpoint, Clyst St Mary, Exeter

01392 447494 • • 82593

Thursday 7th October

FARM DISPERSAL SALE Bayford, Nr Hertford

Included lots welcome Entry forms available online, entries close Monday 13th September Catalogues available from Friday 24th September 81881

Docility for ease of management Weight for higher returns Forage conversion for lower costs • 01844 217437

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Glyn Davies Scanning • Sheep and Cows (Defra qualified) • • Sheep Shearing • 34 years’ experience • 82705

Tel: 07860 817527 Email:

■ ■ ■ ■

Oil immersed brakes 2WD or 4WD 2 Years' warranty Comprehensive parts backup


Call us on 01258 817372 • email

R A D I O Call us NOW 01604 402403



T-600 For the complete range of ALL CB Radios & Accessories visit

CB Radio T-600



Maximum performance from a mini radio

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Crop drying, ventilation and storage systems specialists. Flach & Le-Roy Ltd is an industry leader in designing and delivering high performance drying, ventilation & storage systems.

We have been supplying top quality drive-on and box store drying and storage installations to the arable farming industry globally for over 27 years and our business is continuing to grow. Drive-on Floor Systems • Letter Box Duct Systems • Control Systems Centrifugal & Axial-Flow Fans • Gas Burners • Walling Systems

35 years experience in the industry

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10 year Guarantee Manufactured in England

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

BDC Systems installed this 60t/ hour Svegma continuous flow drier with a 160t capacity wet grain holding hopper.

Power on the land The topic for this month’s Power on the Land is grain equipment, brought to you as always by Mike Williams. A choice of drying systems is featured in the comprehensive range of grain handling and storage equipment available from Essex-based Tey Farm Services. They include floor drying installations, a range of trailer driers, plus continuous flow grain driers with capacities ranging from 5–80t/hour. Continuous flow drying can operate with oil or gas burners and using highefficiency axial flow fans, Turboclean dust extraction can be added and Sinar Drypro moisture monitoring and control is also available. The Tey Farm Services equipment list also includes auger type stirrers for use in stored grain. They are designed to improve airflow efficiency in the stored grain to offer a number of benefits including a reduction in drying times, storage capacity can be boosted by allowing an increase in grain depth, and the stirring action also reduces the risk of damage due to hotspots in the stored grain. Stirrers are available with up to 4m auger length, can be fixed installations or portable, and are suitable for retro-fitting in most existing grain stores. Flach & LeRoy products are mainly for grain, but it also supplies and installs special equipment for woodchip and vegetable crops. A special feature of its grain equipment is the range of drive-on drying floors with fully automatic control using

humidity data from sensors located in the air ducts and the fan housing. Drying rates for cereal crops depend on factors such as grain depth, but are typically up to 0.5% moisture loss in 24 hours using 20–24ft per minute air flows. The drying floors are designed for frequent use by heavy tractors and equipment, and Flach & LeRoy can also supply air ducts and partition wall units for use with drive-on drying and storage installations, with the wall sections based on a self-shedding design. Gas burners used for crop drying have automatic control and most of the fans used for crop drying and ventilation are multi-stage axial flow, although centrifugal fans can be suitable for small capacity drying and for situations where noise nuisance may be an issue. The first Allmet grain driers were installed almost 70 years ago, and the number supplied since then totals more than 5,000. As well as growth in numbers, there is also a big increase in drying capacity required by customers, with 2.5t/hour a popular size when the Allmet business started in the 1950s, while their current range is from 10– 300t/hour to meet farm and industrial requirements. Drier choices include continuous flow, batch and heat recovery systems, and the continuous flow driers can be equipped with the Intelligent Drier Control system

providing additional automation to optimise moisture loss with reduced fuel costs and increased capacity. Buying a new Allmet drier starts with a site visit, and all new driers are designed to meet individual customer requirements, with installation followed by after-sales service including maintenance by Allmet specialists. As well as supplying grain driers, Allmet also has a comprehensive range of handling and storage equipment for grain including weighing, cleaning and dust extraction. McArthur Agriculture is the UK distributor for the Mecmar range of compact and portable grain driers from Italy. The driers are available in tractor-powered versions or with an electric motor, and they are said to be the leading range of batch grain driers

available in the UK. They are grouped in three categories, starting with capacities in the 7–15t range, the midrange portable driers are designed for batches from 14–28t, while the 32–55t group includes the S43T model with 43t batch capacity, considered to be the largest fully portable drier available in the UK. Continuous flow and floor driers are also available from McArthur, and its grain equipment range includes supplying and erecting storage, grain coolers and also de-humidifiers that can be equipped with remote monitoring. The JK Machinery range of modular grain and seed cleaning equipment is also offered by McArthur, with categories including the Air Sieve Classifiers typically achieving 99.5% purity. continued over…

This recent Allmet installation includes a 46t/hour continuous flow drier with a complete set of grain handling equipment.

October 2021 87

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Sales Direct


WE OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF QUALITY BUILT PRODUCTS DELIVERED NATIONWIDE DIRECT TO OUR CUSTOMERS We also undertake all agricultural engineering, fabricating, machining and welding, including reconditioning and modifications to existing machinery, blasting and paintshop facilities. For further information please ring John on 07860 417643

HD Access Platforms from stock

Rigid Hyd Bag Lifters

Fork Carriage

HD Muck Grabs

HD Bale Spikes – available in all sizes

Adaptor Plates

e: • Mole Drainers (low horse power requirement)


Grain Pushers – available in all lengths

John on 07860 417643


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88 October 2021

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

The D24T drier with 24t batch capacity is the most popular model in the Mecmar portable range distributed by McArthur Agriculture. …from previous page

When the first grain silo was installed on the Sukup family farm in America for the 1962 harvest, an unexpected problem was overheating, caused by uneven moisture levels in some of the patches of stored grain. To solve the problem the family designed an auger based stirring unit to provide a mixing action to disperse and aerate the problem areas. That was in 1963, and the idea was so successful that it attracted the interest of other farmers who had experienced similar problems. An improved version of the homemade grain stirrer was produced and the Sukup Manufacturing Co was formed to develop the idea commercially. The success story continues, with marketing on a worldwide basis including the UK, and the company now has more than 600 employees and is said to be the largest family-owned and managed manufacturer of grain handling, drying and storage equipment. The long list of grain equipment available from BDC Systems covers handling, storage and cleaning requirements, and drying systems are a speciality. The grain drying options include continuous flow systems from the Svegma range covering flow capacities from 5 to more than 100t/ hour and with oil, gas and biomass heating options. Features include fully galvanised construction, control panels can be fully automated with

monitoring and fail-safe shut-down, and the driers are designed to allow future extension if a capacity increase is needed. Low noise and dust levels are a design feature, with Turboclean dust extraction on the options list. Manitou is among the foremost names in materials handling equipment with a range that includes the MLT series agricultural telehandlers available in a choice of 18 models. Power for the MLT series is provided by Deutz, Kubota and Yamaha engines, and the transmission choices include hydrostatic, a CVT plus a torque converter and powershift combination. Maximum lift capacities start at 2,000kg with 6,000kg available from the top model, and the maximum lift height in the MLT range is 9.65m. Manitou also offers a selection of lifting attachments for use with their materials handlers, and these include a range of buckets for handling grain and other loose materials. Their CBA series buckets are available in two sizes with up to 4,550 litres heaped capacity, and the design includes a replaceable bolt-on wear blade to extend the working life. A recent arrival in the agricultural telehandler series from Merlo is the TF65.9 model in the highcapacity sector. Introduced last year, it is powered by an FPT engine developing 170hp, with the power delivered through a hydrostatic transmission with 40kph maximum speed. The lift capacity is 6.5t with 8.8m maximum lift height, and the specification includes both cab and boom suspension, the frame has a self-levelling control and the hydraulics are load sensing. Grain handling with a telehandler often involves working where space is restricted in and around farm buildings, and a loader with compact dimensions can be an advantage. The entry level model in the range is the P27.6 which has 2m overall width, the power unit is a 75hp Kohler engine, the lift height is 5.9m and the load capacity is 2.7t. FG




Latest CVtronic

Frame Levelling


Lift Height


Lift Capacity

A Manitou bucket attachment working on a Manitou MLT625 telehandler. LEADERS IN ADVANCED

October 2021 89 TECHNOLOGY

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage Grain drying tech is saving businesses time and money

Drawing on over six decades of experience within the industry, Allmet, a division of JWI, is the exclusive distributor for the Tornum IDC (Intelligent Dryer Control) System – one of the latest grain drying technologies available in the UK. Drying grain precisely is a complex process, but doing it correctly achieves the best possible grain quality for the best price. Relying on manual drying can risk either not attaining the desired moisture content, or over-drying the grain which is a costly exercise – by over-drying to 13% instead of 14% can typically add up to 20% to your energy bill. The Tornum IDC does all of the

hard work for you, Allmet reckons. The software-based control system continuously monitors incoming moisture content and physically controls the speed of the drier to ensure the precise average moisture content of the grain is achieved, irrespective of outside weather conditions. Labour hours are greatly reduced by not having to rely on basic monitoring systems and, crucially, over-drying is always kept to an absolute minimum – thus having a huge impact on costs. JWI director Charles White commented: “The IDC takes the guesswork out of the process – ultimately maximising obtainable product quality, weight and price. All of our current and upcoming projects are incorporating the IDC system, so it won’t be long before our customers are reaping the benefits.” FG

Join the wireless revolution Crop temperature information is sent to the Barn Owl Wireless web portal through a network of wireless sensors.

Barn Owl Wireless significantly reduces the time taken to cool grain and uses less energy to do so, says Martin Lishman Ltd. The system enables store managers to monitor and control crop stores remotely via an online portal, removing the need to travel to the store to manually check temperatures and turn cooling fans on and off. “We have had a surge in farmers approaching us for Barn Owl Wireless systems,” commented Joel Capper, Martin Lishman’s national sales manager. “From upgrading monitoring-only systems to

outfitting brand new stores with control, it’s clear that farmers want a slice of the system’s benefits. Each system is bespoke and is commonly used with our popular FloorVent underfloor ventilation system and Pile-Dry pedestals and fans to create a complete versatile cooling system.” Robert Boyd-Howell, of Maitlands Farm, Maidstone, upgraded his monitoring-only system to include ventilation control this year. “The Barn Owl Wireless system has eased my grain store management considerably. You only need to avoid a few rejections a year to help pay for it,” he commented. Savings on energy costs and labour hours and gaining quality data in return are just some of the benefits of Barn Owl Wireless for any crop storage situation. With hundreds of satisfied customers now on the network, the company asks – will you join them? For more information on Martin Lishman’s Barn Owl Wireless system, visit the company’s website. FG

itor Mon ntrol co and om fr re! whe any


YOUR CROP STORE? • Save on energy costs • Fast crop cooling • Complete storage history 100’s of eless Owl Wir e rn a B s u in systems e th s s ro ac UK!

01778 426600 /martinlishmanltd @Martin_Lishman

90 October 2021

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The Ultimate in Grain Care

in Grain Care Care in in Grain Grain Care

age age age age om m m om

• Grain driers • Handling equipment

Select the BestDrying in Select the Best in Grain Select the Best in Grain Drying Grain Drying BDC Systems Systems and Svegma Svegma Continuous Flow Flow Driers Driers BDC and Continuous BDC Systems and Svegma Continuous Flow Driers the winning winning combination: – BDCcombination: Systems and Svegma Continuous –– the the winning combination: u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u

Flow Driers – tph the Capacities from 5 to over over 100 100 tph winning combination: Capacities from Capacities from 55 to to over 100 tph Fully galvanised galvanised for indoor indoor or outdoor installation Fully for • Capacities fromor 5 outdoor to over installation 100 tph Fully galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation • Fully galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation Ideal for for cereals, cereals, oils oils seeds, seeds, pulses pulses and and seed seed crops crops Ideal Ideal for cereals, oils seeds, pulses and seed crops • Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation Dust control control Turboclean Turboclean fans fans Dust Dust control Turboclean fans • Ideal for cereals, oils seeds, pulses and seed crops • Dust control Turboclean fans

ilson II Scotland Scotland & & Northern Northern England England Area Area Sales Sales Manager Manager II T: T: 07468 07468 698188 698188 II E: E: ilson ilson ilson I Scotland Scotland & & Northern Northern England England Area Area Sales Sales Manager Manager II T: T: 07468 07468 698188 698188 II E: E: 01672 810851

• Storage solutions • Aeration equipment • Cleaners, weighers • Mill and mix

Complete Grain Plant Solutions

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MLT 841 MLT 1041

Designed to XL

Visit to find out how ECOSTOP could reduce your engine hours between 15% and 30%

For more information please visit or call 01202 810400

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

New grain drying and storage plant proves wise investment Knowing that its existing grain drying and storage plant was outdated and would halt plans for future expansion, J A & D Cottrell worked closely with Nash Grain Services and BDC Systems Ltd to design a state-of-the-art plant. The new plant, with an increased capacity of nearly 16,000t, enables the Cottrells to store their own grain and contract store for Frontier Agriculture.   “Trevor Nash suggested that we talk to BDC as he knew it had a proven track record of successfully designing new plants and delivering high-quality and reliable grain handling equipment,” explained Alan Cottrell of J A & D Cottrell, which farms 866ha at Priors Court Farm, near Wantage in Oxfordshire. “With an eye on continued expansion, it was important that the first phase of development enabled us to increase our drying capacity to 60tph. We needed to store our own grain plus have the capacity to dry and store grain for large grain merchants, such as Frontier, to provide us with an additional revenue stream.” The first phase consisted of the machinery building, which holds a large volume intake pit, a Skandia Elevator 120tph intake conveyor with self-regulating inlets, additional Skandia conveyors and elevators, and an Aagaard 120t/hour heavy duty aspiration pre-cleaner, linked to an outside located Svegma SVC9/6 60t/ hour continuous flow grain dryer. “Skandia conveyors are the only conveyors with self-regulating inlets. With other conveyors, you have to regulate the amount of grain entering the conveyor; Skandia’s conveyors have been designed so that whatever amount of grain comes through, they can handle it,” said Andrew Head, BDC’s MD.

Well-stocked warehouse A 120t/hour Skandia belt and bucket elevator and 120t/hour chain and flight top conveyor transport the incoming grain into a 160t capacity hopper bottom wet holding silo. From the silo, the grain is transported on demand through the Aagaard aspiration pre-cleaner, to remove any light impurities, into the Svegma continuous flow grain dryer. If the grain comes in dry there is an option to bypass the dryer. From the drier outlet the grain can then be transported to various storage areas or bunkers. “All of the machinery is easily accessible and blockage sensors have been fitted so if there is a problem, everything shuts down until it’s fixed,” said Mr Cottrell. Mr Nash added: “An important reason for suggesting that the Cottrells talked to BDC was that it has an extremely well-stocked warehouse so, if necessary, we can quickly and easily obtain spares to keep all of our customers up and running during harvest. The first phase also included a floor store which is linked via Skandia conveyors to the machinery building. “To reduce the initial build cost, we chose to install above floor BDC corraduct laterals with mobile ventilation fans,” explained Mr Cottrell. The second phase of development allowed additional grain storage and was designed with bunkers to enable the storage of different varieties of crops. This grain store houses Skandia 120t/hour

belt conveyors and Skandia 120t/ hour chain and flight store levelling conveyors to ensure maximum fill of the building. “We listened to advice from BDC and, after weighing up the advantages of significantly improving the ventilation of the stored crop against the increased cost, we took the decision to install below floor aeration laterals,” explained Mr Cottrell. “There is no question that below floor aeration laterals provide a much more even ventilation across each bunker, helping to ensure that grain remains in the best possible condition. “Plus, there is the added advantage that a below floor solution makes it much easier to transfer the crop from the bunkers using a telescopic fork lift fitted with a bucket onto the lorry when it leaves the plant – there are no above floor obstructions which the vehicle can damage!” he added. The levelling conveyors are suspended on steel rails in the roof of the building and automatically move along the building as it’s being loaded with grain from the belt conveyor to fill the storage bunkers.

Phase three The third phase of development provided additional large floor storage with two equal-sized bunkers, fitted with below floor aeration laterals. Currently, the stored grain’s moisture content and temperature are monitored manually, with the fans being turned off and on as and when necessary. “We are now taking a close look at BDC’s Moisture Monitoring Systems (MMS) which takes grain samples from both the incoming and outcoming elevators. If the pre-

defined temperature falls or rises a text message alert is sent, allowing us to remotely change the control on the dryer,” said Mr Cottrell. “There would be no need for anyone to be on hand at the plant to manually check levels and make any necessary adjustments.” The Cottrells have future-proofed the new plant, in the event that the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) reduces the amount of grain being grown by ensuring that the plant’s buildings, subject to the necessary planning consent, could be converted into industrial units. Mr Cottrell concluded: “The new plant does exactly what we want. We can tip at 100tph, the turn-around is very quick and efficient and importantly, the plant is TASCC and Red Tractor compliant so meets our drying and storage requirements, and those of Frontier.” FG

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

New moisture management systems offer real-time control Yorkshire-based manufacturer of mixed flow crop dryers, Kentra, has introduced two new moisture measurement and recording systems for growers, and an automated moisture monitoring system ideal for use at the grain intake. Kentra says the new grain moisture management systems will help growers manage crop drying operations. The high-accuracy products come from Canadian manufacturer Dryer Master, whose

long-established DM510 control system fully automates the grain drying process with minimal manual intervention. The new DM100 is a lower cost, less sophisticated version that still provides an element of control to relieve the workload of whoever is managing the dryer. Grain moisture is measured at the discharge point and adjustments to the discharge rate are made automatically when operator-set high, low and target

moisture levels for each of three discharge speeds are hit. Unlike the fully automatic DM510, the DM100 requires the speed set points and moisture targets to be adjusted periodically to maintain optimum performance. The new Moisture Monitor Pro records grain moisture and temperature at the discharge – with the option to add an intake sensor as well – to help operators achieve consistent results from fully manual control. As with the DM510 fully-automatic and DM100 semiautomatic systems, values are shown on a colour display, are accessible remotely using a mobile phone and can be downloaded to farm computer records. These features are also common to Load Monitor, a system that records the average moisture of entire lorry or trailer loads of grain at the intake. The sensor is fitted in the grain flow line – for example in a duct where grain passes from the intake pit to an elevator – and Load Monitor automatically starts

logging as soon as the sensor detects grain flowing across it. The finished record includes a consignment identifier and time stamp, and compared with sampling, using Load Monitor means there is no delay to tipping incoming consignments and the moisture reading will be fully representative of the bulk. Kentra Grain Systems was formed in 1989 to design and manufacture grain dryers that meet the challenging requirements of British farmers. Today, the range of mixed flow dryers produced from heavy-duty galvanised steel features a unique column design for effective drying of all free-flowing combinable crops and control systems, axial flow fans are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. The modular construction of the dryer allows for maximum flexibility in model selection. So, if you need a throughput of 10t, or in excess of 100t/hour, Kentra says its range of dryers and userfriendly management software gives you complete, real time control over your harvest. FG

94 October 2021

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Nutr it


ist approve ion

A High Capacity Mill for processing dry materials such as straw and miscanthus to a consistently short length for Bedding, Feeding and Biofuel Applications. Calibrate material length from 20mm - 100mm. Designed for Contractors and Large

Scale Operators. Process up to 25 quadrant bales per hour (subject to straw quality).


✓ ✓ ✓






James Johns, 60 Acre Farm, UK.

Fit the optional Grain Milling hopper into the bale chamber and fine screens to the milling system to quickly convert the C12 from a bale processor to a high capacity grain mill. Moisture content <17%

Ø 10mm


“Our results show how beneficial consistently pre-processed straw is in obtaining good dry cow intakes, even over straw that is mixed well in a wagon.”

Ø 8mm

Ø 6mm

Ø 5mm

Ø 4mm

Ø 3mm

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For ALL Your Crop Drying, Handling & Storage Requirements, from Small Upgrades to Complete Projects

Advice Design Installation Maintenance Project Management

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GA Direct Propane Gas Fired Four models from 43,000–444,000 Btus/hr output AGA E Direct Fired Propane/ Natural Gas Five models from 154,000–358,000 Btus/hr output Direct Fired Propane or Natural Gas • High Quality Heaters • Stainless Steel • Dust & Moisture Proof Controls • Built to Last • Fully Automatic • Modulating Controls Available • Separate Combustion Air Connection

APPLICATIONS – ONION & GRAIN DRYING GLASSHOUSE HEATING PROCESS DRYING POULTRY HOUSES Thermobile also supply a large selection of heaters for buildings, including workshops, factories, warehouses & poultry housing

THERMOBILE UK LIMITED 12 Buckingham Close, Bermuda Industrial Estate, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 7JT | 02476 357960 SALES CONTACTS: Andy Wallis 07850 988382 | John Hall 07775 635527 82443



nd Grain stores aural other agricult ial and commercilable buildings ava

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96 October 2021

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Pest control solutions: New vs old techniques

Martin Cobbald, director of Dealey Environmental, outlines traditional and modern forms of rodent control, as well as the importance of proofing your buildings. Rats can be inconveniently persistent. You can do a ‘Safe use of rodenticides’ course and put poison down, but unfortunately that won’t solve the problem entirely. Rats being neophobic (not liking new things), if you offer them new food when they are already eating your grain, they will likely be completely uninterested. Juveniles and weaker male rats that are sent to the edge of the colony (I like to call them

skulkers) will take the bait, but the core problem remains. So what does Dealey do on the farm sites it looks after? Keeps the rodents outside! The availability of proofing equipment for buildings has improved massively (see Table). The old method of just putting poison down and hoping for the best doesn’t really cut it anymore. You have to be a bit craftier and “think like a rat” as the old saying goes.

Whilst a rat with a good source of food may not be interested in the rodenticide you put down, if rodent proofing is involved it’s a different story. Picture this: You’re a hungry rat looking for warmth and food. You try to squeeze under the door of the building but find your way blocked by a hard black strip that you can’t gnaw through. You decide to try an alternative. A rat-sized black box with a rat-sized hole in the side, and food inside. Proofed farm buildings will only use bait when needed, prevent rodents’ access to grain, keep machinery safe, and, it’s effective on all rats. Un-proofed buildings, however, use an unlimited amount of bait, may suffer expensive repair bills, rats have access to your grain, and it’s only partially effective (you only get

the skulkers). The argument for rodent proofing couldn’t be clearer. With enough persistence, you can keep rats out of any building. In doing so, you are managing the pests away from your profits and improving your assets at the same time. A lot of agricultural suppliers don’t have access to a wide array of rodent proofing materials. If you need any help getting hold of one of the above, contact Dealey Environmental; the team will be happy to point you in the right direction. Dealey Environmental is a Suffolk-based pest control company, providing a range of services to the agricultural market including grain fumigation, pest control, grain store cleaning and store monitoring. FG

How rats are getting into the store

How to keep them out

Sliding door

Bristle strips/brush strips

Roller door

Steel core door bumpers

Up the girders

Aluminium proofing sheet

Top of the fan house

Gap filler with beads in it

Holes in walls

Wire wool and expanding foam

Up the gutters

Gutter guards

An open-fronted store

Charged pads across the store front

October 2021 97

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A family run business established in East Anglia for over 40 years

Complete Building Construction including...


Steel framed buildings Complete groundworks Mechanical handling equipment Drive on timber floors Building refurbishment For all enquiries

t: 01449 720256 m: 07774 633608 e:

Wilwyn, Flordon Road, Creeting St Mary Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 8NH

December 1986 Stem anum it, Catanum quam unceps, Catuam tum teatilici fursu vit ocaete esim urn imena, prarta demolti ina.

Grain drying, storage & processing specialists.

Bellwin Drive, Flixborough Industrial Estate, Flixborough, Scunthorpe. DN15 8SN T +44 (0)1724 747110 E

98 October 2021

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15/09/2021 09:07

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Protect every grain to preserve its value


The grain market over the past year has been unpredictable. Selling your grain at any time can be a gamble, but it is often worth waiting until after harvest to sell. But, if you are playing the long game, how do you make sure your grain is worth more coming out than it is going in? “It’s not just a matter of loading your grain into your store and keeping your fingers crossed. You need to condition your grain to preserve its value,” says Matthew Gibbons, director of Plug&Cool. A popular way to cool grain is to use pedestals and fans. This method has been used for over 50

years, because it is efficient, effective and cheap to run. By now grain will be either sold or in store. However, it is about this time of year that hotspots will appear. These are little pockets of warm air that develop in the areas that the fans can’t reach.

Mites and other nasties can build up in these hotspots, so it is important to cool them quickly – but it’s too late to move your pedestals this late into storage. This is where the Airspear comes in handy. “An Airspear is the perfect tool to keep your grain in top condition and avoid hotspots. The extra-long handles mean they screw in easily, and the small but mighty fan that sits on top does all the hard work for you,” explains Matthew. Plug&Cool offers two types of Airspear – the traditional Airspear, and the Airspear Max. The Airspear uses a 130W fan, is lightweight, easy to use and gets to work quickly, the company says, further stating that it’s the most popular Airspear as it gets hotspots cooled fast. The tapered spigot means no loss of suction, so the fan can work effectively. The Airspear Max uses a 1.1kW fan – so it has the power of a pedestal fan but the portability of a grain spear. The Airspear Max has been specifically designed for grain piles that need that extra cooling boost. Whether you need to get a large hotspot cooled fast, or you have undercounted how many

Airspear Max.

pedestals you need – the Airspear Max will suit you, Plug&Cool reckons. The company’s fans are made with high quality aluminium casings, to last year after year. Plug&Cool has been making agricultural fans for nearly 30 years, so it knows the importance of that durability and quality. Grain cooling equipment needs to be able to withstand the bumps of loading and unloading. Both fans come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind. Understanding that hotspots need to be cooled urgently, the company offers next-day delivery on all Airspear or Airspear Max orders. So, you can get your grain to the perfect temperature as quickly as possible. FG

Now available to buy online!


AIRSPEARS Grain spears are perfect for targeting the hotspots in your grain pile. Keep pests at bay by targeting small sections that your pedestal fans can’t reach. Small, but powerful.

1.1kW 130w

• Easy to move around the grain pile • 130w (Classic) or 1.1kW (Max) fan • 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty* • Fully stocked for next day delivery

*Manufacturer’s warranty on fans only

01621 868 138 October 2021 99

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Maintaining crop quality in store With a large percentage of the cereal harvest now in store, the correct operation of crop ventilation systems can maintain the quality, whilst it’s in there. Evans & Pearce managing director Rob White, provides his advice. Fan running times need to be managed to utilise the full potential of autumn cooling conditions and are crucial to achieve cost-effective cooling. Don’t leave fans on continuously all autumn and winter and don’t wait only for the cool dry days. The key is the temperature differential between crop and ambient air; every time ambient air is 4–6ºC cooler than the crop, operate fans to ensure you are always cooling the crop. Humidity is largely irrelevant in a low volume system; by low volume we mean air flows of up to six cubic feet per minute (cfm) per stored tonne. The volume of air is not usually enough to introduce moisture back into the crop. The AHDB endorses this message and recognises the importance of cool air, even if the relative humidity is high. Evans & Pearce customer

feedback suggests sucking heat to the pedestal is the preferred option. A good quality pedestal fan will do either – however, choose a direction and stick to it, don’t alternate. If you do not have a fan for every pedestal, fan rotation every 3–4 days is important to ensure regular ventilation to all parts of the heap. If using top caps on pedestals without a fan, check for condensation on the underside of the cap. If present, a fan is needed on that pedestal to draw out the warm air rising from inside the bulk. Regular checking of your harvest is important; make sure leaking roof sheets are not allowing a back corner to start spoiling. Is your crop cooling evenly? If not, a screw in ‘hot spot spear’ might be needed to sort out a problem area. Even with an automated control system, crops

must be checked – a sometimes tedious but necessary job. Summary: Run fans only when ambient air is 4–6ºC lower than crop temperature • Stick to either blowing air in to the pedestal or sucking it out, do not alternate • Check crops, especially after stormy weather; damaged roof sheets can easily go undetected • Rotate fans around every few days to ensure the bulk gets regular ventilation • Consider extra fans in mild autumn/winter conditions to utilise every cooling opportunity • Differential Control Systems do not have to be complicated or expensive but are very useful • A modest investment in a crop temperature spear will remove guess work and highlight problem areas • Seek advice if you are unsure – crops production costs are too high to let them spoil in the store. FG

Crop Cooling Systems The tough grain cooling pedestal

Stronger by Design

• A vertically standing, crop cooling and conditioning system.

• Recommended for small seeds like Oil Seed Rape.

• Draws heat out of floor stored crops, helping to maintain crop quality and price.

• Louvred slots are less likely to block so equal air distribution is maintained through the crop.

• No need to have an additional filter for small seeds.

• Cost effective and flexible solution that ensures crops stay free from moulds and insects.

Planning a grain store? Talk to the experts Tel: 01935 850750 • TB11692 E & P Anglia, Midland Farmer Polycool Ventilation Half advert 132x188mm.indd 1

100 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 100

VBW Grain Ventilation Fans

• UK Manufactured, built to last. - Cast Aluminium Case - Pressed Steel Impeller - Thermal Overload - Class leading air flow • VBW fans used on UK farms for 50 years. • Used in grain stores worldwide.

Supporting our manufacturing

16/07/2021 13:35

15/09/2021 10:14

Grain storage and handling Steel framed buildings



udrey & Son L a V t

Groundworks All types of concrete Turnkey projects JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd have been supporting farmers with their building requirements since 1993 and have a wealth of expertise when it comes to the requirements of today’s agri business. JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd can provide grain stores complete with the most up to date grain handling equipment, silos, dryers, and straw barns. We also provide a maintenance service to all properties and farm buildings. JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd provides a complete design and build service and will even take care of the planning application for you. We will be pleased to hear from you and offer a friendly reliable service. To discuss your requirements telephone 01379 678459. Phone: 01379 678459 Fax: 01379 678458 Email: 82131

ELECTRICITY IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE MODERN WORLD PLENTIFUL POWER, WHEREVER AND WHENEVER YOU NEED IT Supplying dependable & powerful generators in north east and north west england If you require a dependable, plentiful source of power, our fantastic generators won’t let you down. Marshall Green's expert team offer generators for sale to a diverse range of clients throughout North England. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure you have all the power you need, wherever you need it.




MARSHALL GREEN NORTH EAST Cleveland View Farm, Appleton Wiske, Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL6 2BA

01429 277 325 • October 2021 101

Grain 98-113.indd 101

15/09/2021 09:04


01692 535444 01379 671172



Grain Storage Handling and Milling Systems


LOWER OAKLEY, DISS, NORFOLK IP21 4AQ Buildings designed and built to EN1090

• Manufacture of agricultural and commercial steel framed buildings • All buildings designed in-house using Tekla 3-D design software to CE Standard EN1090 with certificate on completion • Buildings erected including groundworks, by our own employed staff • Design and installation of all grain handling and drying equipment • Planning service provided 82024

Terry Johnson Ltd Elevators & Conveyors

Manufacturers of centrifugal, low volume and portable fans, air tunnels, drive over floors, grain stirrers and gas burners

PELLCROFT 01526 342466

Sugar Beet Cleaner Loaders 82049

01406 422286

102 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 102

15/09/2021 09:07

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Lincs farm opts for two stirring silos for harvest 2021

The introduction of the ‘Super-deduction’ in the 2021 Budget, which allows qualifying companies to claim 130% capital allowance, applies to drying silos, but not traditional buildings and grain stores. For this reason and many others, R.K. Hobson & Sons Ltd of New Bolingbroke installed two 600t Sukup stirring silos, rather than another shed for harvest 2021. Malcom Hobson explains the

company’s reasoning: “Firstly, they are very efficient with each silo only requiring a single 18.5kW drying fan to dry 600t of grain in combination with the stirring system and the mobile heater.

“Secondly, our grain store buildings are a very dusty environment and using this system the dust problem is eliminated. Thirdly, the high speed of discharge into the silos with the Westfield

auger that will unload a 20t grain trailer in 12 minutes. “Lastly, the silos are vermin proof which is often a problem in conventional grain stores.” Sukup’s UK sales manager John Statt was very helpful with the planning process and groundworks, as well as sorting a couple of teething problems, Mr Hobson added. “He is always at the end of the phone, even on weekends. You would think it was his own business, due to his attention to detail and commitment. “Sukup Europe’s erection team was also extremely efficient and thorough, and worthy of praise.” FG



Contact John Statt Telephone: 01283 760445 Mobile: 07703 608014 Email:

Sukup Europe Ltd Unit 2C, Gunby Lea farm, Grangewood, Netherseal, Swadlincote DE12 8BE

October 2021 103

Grain 98-113.indd 103

10/09/2021 15:49

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

New weighing software offers customisation and flexibility Suffolk-based weighing equipment manufacturer Griffith Elder has introduced a new software range that allows users to configure operation, data collection and reporting exactly as they require it, among other benefits. Company spokesman Peter King said: “Weighing on the farm replaces guesswork with truth, providing farmers and growers with the necessary tools to truly measure and understand their performance and take control of the resulting profits.” Griffith Elder, which has made weighing on the farm its focus for over 40 years, has launched a new software range, ‘Weighbus’, which is aimed at bringing together first-hand experiences gained from customers. It allows users to configure the operation, data collection and reporting exactly as they require. Weighbridge ticket types can be created to cover different aspects of agricultural or other business operations. Configuration is made to collect only the exact data required for that part of the business; it is even possible for more than one business to operate over the same weighbridge, printing their own ticket(s). Data

requirements can be set to be optional or demanded to ensure the weighing operation cannot be completed without recording the data that is needed by management. The weighing process and data capture can be carried out manually or unmanned using the driver remote FOB button system, which allows the field, crop, store and any other required data to be saved automatically and instantly at the time of weighing, at the press of a button. Advances in technology allow any device on the network – be it mobile phone, tablet or computer – to connect and carry out a weighing or use the Weighbus software as if they were in the weighbridge office. The benefit of this is that it enables a tractor driver to save the weight while positioned on the weighbridge via their phone and, optionally, it is possible for them to select any of the data to be saved with weighing

like field, crop, variety and store. All of this can be captured on camera with an image of the vehicle on the weighbridge saved with every weight recorded. The Weighbus system allows flexibility in connectivity whilst maintaining security. All access and operations are controlled via user logins – users are assigned to user groups which can have all permissions defined by the management. This flexibility of setup carries through to reporting. User configured reports are created with specific filters to create CSV files, including only the

data needed. Reports can be run on a schedule and used to import onto other software. FG

104 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 104

10/09/2021 15:50

Building onstruction C Agricultural

We specialise in the design, installation, maintaining and service of...

Suppliers of Agricultural Buildings associated groundworks and concrete flooring by our sister company SJ Stanberry & Sons Ltd • Free Quotation • Competitive Rates • All Work Fully Insured • Skilled & Committed Staff • A Highly Professional Service • Plant Hire Available with Operator

Free no obligation quotes with competitive prices

Agricultural Building Construction Ltd operate nationwide, providing steel framed buildings with associated groundworks. Our aim is to provide a high quality product at an affordable price, combined with a customer service second to none.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Cold Storage Vacuum Cooler Automated Controls Service and Maintenance Contracts 24 Hour Breakdown for all contract clients Highly Trained and Experienced Engineers

■ Buildings • Agricultural • Industrial • Commercial • Equestrian


• Grain Store • Workshops • General Store

■ Kit Buildings available 82661

• Livestock Housing • Crop Storage • Silage Clamps

01284 630895


Air-Conditioning Refrigeration Technologies Limited email: Telephone: 07981 031613/ 01945 660231 Wisbech, Cambs

For free quotes:

01604 770418

■ Repair Works and Steel Fabrication – • roofs • side sheeting • gutters • doors ■ Off-sale supplies ■


FWT Burrows & Co Ltd • Althorp • Northants • NN7 4HH

Bespoke systems designed and built to suit your crop storage needs: • Grain Storage • Timber Tunnels • Inverter Panels • Automatic Controllers • Louvres • Servicing

WE BUY DAMAGED & DISTRESSED OUT OF SPEC GRAINS i.e. heated, wet, insect damage and compromised All types of cereal and pulse screenings Rapid and discreet service

• Steel Tunnels • Timber Floors • Heaters • Fans • Fan Houses • Sound Proof Cowls

COST EFFECTIVE RENEWABLE FERTILISER Rich in Phosphate, Calcium and Trace Elements

Email: October 2021 105

Grain 98-113.indd 105

10/09/2021 11:34

The UK’s Most Experienced Manufacturer of Grain Drying, Handling & Storage Equipment Continuous Flow Grain Driers & Belt Driers | Chain & Flight Conveyors | Belt & Bucket Elevators | Screw Conveyors | Belt Conveyors | Aspirator Pre-Cleaners | Levelling Conveyors | Ducting & Valves | Flat Bottom & Hopper Bottom Silos | Square Bins

Perry of Oakley Ltd.

Visit us online at

+44 (0)1404 890300





Hardcastle Ventacrop are specialists in the manufacture and installation of hardwood main air ducts and hardwood drive-over drying floors. We also supply axial and centrifugal fans, gas heaters and humidity/temperature control equipment.

Visit: To avoid disappointment contact us now


Sales: 07970 029 240 • Office: 01377 254 257 82159



106 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 106

10/09/2021 11:38

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage Family business provides reliable grain solution

As harvest 2021 draws to a close, now is the time to take control and let preparation begin for next season’s harvest. With longestablished, reliable machinery, Perry of Oakley Ltd reckons it’s the perfect choice to help you with any handling, drying and storage upgrades. Perry, a third generation family business established in 1947, has supplied over 11,000 chain and flight conveyors in more than 25 countries, across four continents. Its agricultural chain and flight conveyors are ideal for handling cereals, pulses and granular products. The three-piece trough design and durable galvanised steel construction provides outstanding

lifespan, backed up by the Perry 10year guarantee (T&Cs apply). To support the chain and flight conveyors, Perry manufactures a range of handling equipment, including belt conveyors, mechanical reception hoppers, trench intake conveyors, twin trace conveyors, levelling and travelling conveyors, belt and bucket elevators (single or double lift) and screw conveyors. The conveyor range can be supplied as horizontal or inclined, available in painted, galvanised or stainless-steel construction. Not only excellent for grain, Perry machinery can also handle products that include minerals, plastics, sugar, grass, biomass, SRF/RDF & many more. To complement the wide range of handling equipment, Perry specialises in manufacturing continuous mixed flow grain driers. Two models are available: the entry level Mistral and the top specification Savannah series. Perry can also provide a range of silos, designed using high grade steel, giving superior strengthto-weight characteristics and exceptional long-life service. FG

A service for all grain handling and storage needs Essex-based Tey Farm Systems specialises in all grain handling and drying needs, as well as supplying and erecting steel frame buildings for all grain store requirements. It’s essential to have efficient and well-engineered facilities installed, to enable you to process and care for crops to your best ability until loading for despatch. Each requirement calls for a bespoke and tailor-made solution. With extensive experience and expertise, Tey Farm Systems says installations are configured to the customer’s objectives. Whether you need a repair, replacement of a wornout bearing, an upgrade of existing equipment, or construction of all-new crop drying and storage facilities, the company works with customers to ensure successful implementation. It offers a complete specialist service including advice, planning, design, installation and construction, complete with operator training and full after-sales maintenance and servicing. Its abilities include: • Grain drying, processing, handling and storage

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Continuous flow dryers Cleaners, graders and aspirators Machinery: elevators, conveyors, screws, augers, blowers Air ducts: timber and steel Timber floors and drive-over lateral systems Stirrers: portable and fixed Heaters: modulating propane gas burning Buildings: all shapes and sizes Silos: circular, rectangular, outdoors, indoors, flat- and hopper-bottomed Ground and concrete works Aeration and conditioning systems Electronic monitors and controls General ventilation equipment. Contact Tey Farm Systems for more information on how it can help create or update your grain handling system. FG

October 2021 107

Grain 98-113.indd 107

10/09/2021 15:50

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage Manufacturer offers complete post-harvest solution The Continuous Double Flow, from British manufacturer Alvan Blanch, is able to process any combineharvestable crop, no matter how wet or dirty. Highly fuel efficient, versatile, and with automated control options, the Double Flow is a first choice for many British farmers, the company says. In partnership with Søby, Alvan Blanch, which has over 70 years’ experience, can offer a complete grain handling solution, with conveyors, augers and elevators designed to work in conjunction with the drier. Rotary cleaners and aspirators are available in six models, with two size options per model (with

Innovative grain floor aeration system

the option of two, three or four screens), designed for powerful precleaning and seed cleaning/grading. Interchangeable screens allow for processing of multiple grains in one machine. Alvan Blanch also offers a complete range of farm machinery, including mixers, hammermills and roller-mills, designed to allow on-farm grain processing and feed milling. Utilising home-grown grain reduces costs and gives the feed quality provenance. Machinery is built to last, usually providing over 40 years of reliable service. All solutions are custom built, whilst remaining simple to use and maintain. Alvan Blanch’s network of reliable dealers nationwide, and service engineering team, provides annual drier servicing and technical support. An internal parts department ensures parts can be sourced. To discuss your post-harvest processing needs, contact the UK sales team today or visit the company’s website to view the product range. FG

S&G Wooldridge Ltd designs and manufactures an innovative grain floor aeration system which can be easily installed in new floors, or retrofitted to existing floors. Six-inch rigid ribbed plastic drainage pipes are embedded in concrete and connected to removeable grills in embedded frames. Steel molds create the connection between the pipe and grill. Tests over five seasons show cooling of grain to be effective and even across the floor due to careful design of airflow and

DF25000 Double Flow Grain Drier Complete Grain Drying System

pressure drops. For aeration, 3m spacing is typically used but larger pipes and closer spacing offer more air volume. Grills can be transversemounted for new floors or longitudinal for retrofit. The concrete floor cutters and molds can be hired from S&G Wooldridge. Farm labour can be used if available to create a cost-effective underfloor aeration system. Spans up to 12m are used and can be fed from the side by outdoor fans or from a central tunnel, giving up to 24m span. Simple wooden central tunnels are easy to remove in sections to leave a clear floor space. The central tunnel engages through the floor with the laterals via a larger grill and frame assembly. The tunnel system is sectional and easily extended, contracted or removed completely to leave an uncluttered open space barn. The fan in the bottom right engages with the tunnel, and grain covers the tunnel which is just 4ft high. FG

Manufactured in UK

Rotary Cleaners and Aspirators RCG 630/4 Screen Rotary Cleaner with A60 Aspirator

Precleaning, commercial and seed cleaning/grading Two model ranges with 630mm and 805mm diameter Powerful aspiration at intake (optional) Simple to operate and easy to maintain Suitable for multiple grains – with easily interchangeable screens


RCG 805/4 Screen Rotary Cleaner with A80 Aspirator

Alvan Blanch provide grain driers and handling equipment through an alliance with Søby - 5 to 175 T/hr Grain driers Conveyors, elevators, augers Reliable & robust

Optional automated moisture control Alvan Blanch provide service, spares & support Custom built turn key solution by Alvan Blanch


Call us today: Neil in the North: 07720 149110 Mike in the South: 07736 378950

108 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 108

10/09/2021 15:52


A family business that puts the customer first



Russell Millar Ltd has been operating since 1998 and was run by Russell Millar until he retired three years ago. The business is now owned and run by David Willett, who worked alongside Russell for 13 years, along with his son Ryan, partner Sharon and lead fitter Neil Sharman. The company specialises in the manufacture and installation of roller shutter doors, with the bulk of the work going into the agricultural market. It can offer made to measure, up to approximately 8m-square roller shutters in various finishes, galvanised, plastisol coated to match the cladding colour, and foam

filled insulated for crop storage or workshops. These are available in single, three-phase and, for smaller doors, manual operation, and are up to the current health and safety regulations. Russell Millar Limited believes it offers a fantastic service as it only manufactures and installs its own industrial doors and can design them specifically for the customer’s needs. This is backed up by its own team of installers who understand what’s required. This has led the company to complete well over 30 doors for various repeat customers over the last 20 years. FG

he y 40s in t dustr ar in ye tter u sh







HaRvESt COnStant HUmIdIty COntROllER

Gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24/7. Efficient and economic with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onion stores nationwide.

We offer a made-to-measure solution to secure workshops and grain stores • Steel roller shutters can be operated by hand chain or electric using 3 phase or single phase motors • Standard finish is galvanised with colour options of Plastisol or Powder Coating • Access doors built into the shutter or positioned in the existing walls are also available • Shutters can be made up to 8m wide with wind anchors standard over 4.5m • With 40 years experience in the roller shutter industry call us anytime for a competitive price.

CALL: 01795 533903

t: 01353 725 151 e:

Main Office: Unit 2/3 Oaklands Park, Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. October 2021 109

Grain 98-113.indd 109

10/09/2021 15:52

Essex farm looks to rebuild after devastating fire

After a large farmyard fire destroyed three buildings in spring 2021, Jonathan Lukies of Cammas Hall Farm, a predominantly arable and fruit farm in Hatfield Broad Oak, shared his experience of seeking to replace the buildings in challenging times. Mr Lukies is working with steel frame and turnkey building provider, Johnstruct Ltd, which the family farm has been working with since the 1980s. Before the fire struck earlier this year, Johnstruct Ltd had been due to erect two additional buildings at the farm – one is half up and construction is due to begin shortly on the other.

Since the fire, the company has also completed a survey of the damaged buildings, checked the structural soundness and quoted for repair costs as well as like-for-like replacement. With prices rises over recent months, Mr Lukies noted that the fire could not have come at a worse time, meaning prices have had to be revisited.

Steel Framed Buildings Covering East Anglia

Another issue is availability which is causing significant hold-ups with some building projects. Johnstruct Ltd managing director Mark Allen highlighted the potential insurance implications for farmers, with respect to pricing up the insurance value of buildings on a like-for-like replacement basis. “Due to the last year or so, incremental material price increases and the building valuations at the time that insurance was agreed, this seemingly leaves room for possible under insurance implications for farmers,” he explained. “Some policies insure farm buildings at an agreed value or the value at the time of the building being built – this can leave farmers exposed on a rising cost market. “At this time, Johnstruct is predicting material pricing volatility in 2021 and is hoping that the recent relatively stable structural steel prices are an indicator that they have peaked.” Mark added: “Fire damage is extremely difficult to structurally validate –

heat damage can transfer further into structures than people think and especially beyond that of any obvious visual indicators. “Johnstruct has been working with a number of insurance companies and loss adjusters in this respect to support farmers like Jonathan in validating claims and ultimately ensuring that existing buildings are safe/fit for purpose.” The support from Johnstruct Ltd has been key, according to Mr Lukies, who commented: “They are easy to work with, very quick and reliable. They know what we want as they have been working on agricultural buildings for a long time.” Work to replace the damaged buildings at Cammas Hall Farm is due to begin next year. FG

Concrete Flooring Specialist


Looking for an independent, reliable and practical ‘one stop shop’ steel framed building service with the personal touch?

 Planning  Refurbishment  Project Management

Contact Johnstruct Ltd today...  Hassle Free

01277 890 595



 FREE Advice

01945 870076

• nationwide coverage • •

110 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 110

13/09/2021 10:34

• 50% quieter than their previous models • Batch or continuous flow • Lower build height

Farm Fans Quiet Driers

• Automated fill & empty system • Simplicity of operation & reliability

• Stirring system for all combinable crops • Prevents grain capping and crop compaction • Manufactured for over 30 years • Available from 4m–14m • Increases air flow within the crop

Floor Store Grain Stirrer



Outdoor Silos Fans & Heaters Stirrers Grain Pumps

01746 762777 • Grain 98-113.indd 111


15/09/2021 09:10

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

JONES BROTHERS Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall Panels Inspired by the latest technology in Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels, and with the desire to continue in meeting our customers' requirements regarding Quality, Design, Volume & Delivery...

...we have opened a new & improved manufacturing facility in Greenfield, Flintshire, North Wales

Hertfordshire farm impressed by new grain store Graham Heath Construction recently went to visit one of its valued customers, B J Northern & Sons, to find out more about their farm in Hertfordshire and get some feedback on their new grain store building. Redlands is a 380-acre, familyrun arable farm that has been in operation since 1932. Now in its third generation, it farms over 900 acres in total. Plans for expansion meant the farming business required a new building to store spring barley grain, in addition to the wheat and malted barley, amongst others, that it produces. B J Northern & Sons ordered an 80x40x22ft grain store with green cladding, painted steelwork and a natural grey fibre cement roof with

eight roof lights. The building was also fitted with concrete panels to a height of 3.5m and a roller shutter and personnel doors. Asked why he chose Graham Heath Construction for his building, Jeremy Northern said: “We had a look at other buildings [Graham Heath] had done in the area and spoke with other local customers. We were also impressed with the office staff who were very helpful on the phone, answering any queries that we had and explaining details. We would recommend [them] to others and consider having galvanised steel next time!” Contact Graham Heath Construction directly for a quote on your building. FG

• Brand new precision built moulds & tooling • Larger range of sizes & loadbearing options (95, 145, 200 & new 240, 280mm) • Selection of Concrete Lego Blocks • Increased capacity • Made to measure • Shorter lead-times • Established Quality Assured products at competitive prices • Design & Bespoke Project capability 82246

t: 01352 719182 or 01352 716648 • f: 01352 837690 e: www.

Agricultural, Equestrian & Industrial Buildings









it Qual




r Fa

ured B Ass g ldin s ui


ONE OF THE UK’s LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF STEEL FRAME BUILDINGS Made in Britain 17 years’ Experience Nationwide Delivery Bespoke Buildings 5* Customer Service

CALL US FOR YOUR FREE BESPOKE QUOTE & SPECIAL OFFERS 01270 781158 or email: @GrahamHeathConstructionLtd

@GrahamHeath Construction


112 October 2021

Grain 98-113.indd 112

10/09/2021 15:54

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage Floor stirrers Rekord floor stirrers have assisted on farms for over 30 years, and Danagri3S’s updated models are just as relevant to grain conditioning today, as they were all those years ago, the company reckons. Available as a retro-fit or new build installation, the stirrer beam is mounted on rails either side of the grain store moving up and down the building, allowing the auger carriages to traverse from side to side, whilst the special variable pitch augers draw grain up along the entire length of the auger, ensuring a total mixing of the grain layers to the full depth of the crop. This also reduces the static air pressure and significantly increases airflow, leading to greater efficiency of the floor store. This complements the company’s existing range of driveover aeration and drying laterals, tunnels, fans and heaters. In 2020, Danagri-3S took over the manufacture, sales and marketing of the fully automated Rekord floor store stirrer and the company says it has seen the stirrers being sold to all parts of the UK. The Rekord floor stirrers continue to be built in the UK at Danagri’s Bridgnorth, Shropshire manufacturing facility. Utilising tried and tested UK sourced electric control panels, the floor stirrers can operate in stores up to 15m wide, assisting in drying all types of combinable crops as well as wood chip and pellets.

New drier claimed to be quiet enough that you can hear yourself think Noise is a common occupational hazard around the farm, and the grain system is a high-level source. Along with value-formoney, build quality, ease of use and longevity, this was an important consideration when Mr Morris decided to upgrade his farm’s existing GSI Farm Fan drier. David Morris, who farms in Shropshire, has recently become the first UK owner of the GSI Quiet drier from Danagri-3S. Whilst most readers will be familiar with the popular GSI Farm Fans driers, what may surprise many is that the new Quiet drier is now 50% quieter than normal vane axial portable driers and produces a more comfortable, softer, less harsh tone, the company says. So much so that it’s possible to have a normal conversation even whilst the drier’s in full flow. Using the proven star-fire burner seen on existing Farm Fan driers, the key secret to the noise reduction is down to a new fan design, having fewer blades specially angled to quietly cut through the air coupled to a commercial strength single blower. Two plenums then split the air either in a 60/40 or 50/50 configuration allowing the airflow

to be optimised in both the upper and lower plenums producing the softer more pleasing sound, which will no doubt delight the operators and the surrounding rural neighbours. Compared to an axial fan, it’s more energy-efficient, using approximately half the amount of power to deliver the same amount of air. The Quiet drier has couple of useful options that can be specified. A static moisture sampler, the sampler only takes readings when the grain is static to insure a debris/ chaff-free accurate sample reading. To complement the standard vison control panel with its easy to read, large colour graphical touch display panel, the watchdog monitor allows you to control and adjust your drier’s moisture and temperature setting from anywhere, utilising your phone, tablet or computer with ease.

Silos and in-bin stirrer systems Silo and stirrer systems are still proving popular and Danagri-3S has installed several large projects this

year, offering stirrers in 18m diameter silos to stir-dry up to around 1,600t in one batch. The company says its extensive range of GSI flat bottom silos continue to offer simple and efficient storage of all combinable crops, complemented by an extensive range of accessories and control systems that make modern silo plants into labour and fuel saving investments for the long term. In-bin stirrers can also be retro fitted, turning the silo into a batch drier which can take out up to 2% moisture per day throughout the whole bin – making them one of the most cost-efficient drying methods available today, Danagri-3S reckons.

Intake and handling systems With the ever-increasing high outputs of modern day combine harvesters, it is important to handle and move grain quickly back at the farm. To assist with this need for speed and efficiency Danagri-3s Ltd offers a large range of solutions, covering intake, handling, storage and drying. The company says that its renowned Jema Dry Pit intake system can be built to accept anything from 10–60t loads, and acts as a bunker so that the driver and trailer can get quickly back to the combine. A full range of Jema chain and flight conveyors, belt and bucket elevators, and belt conveyors are available to either complement the intake pits or be retro fitted to grain stores to move the grain more quickly, having capacities ranging from 20–300t/hour. Danagri-3S specialises in grain handling and drying equipment. Free site surveys are available, with advice and consultation to assist you in choosing the right system to suit your present and possible future needs. FG

October 2021 113

Grain 98-113.indd 113

15/09/2021 09:11

114 October 2021

114-127 Direct Drilling.indd 114

13/09/2021 09:58

Direct Drilling

Low-disturbance drill allows reliable establishment An East-Sussex-based contractor who specialises in grass establishment and regeneration says the Moore Uni-drill is the obvious choice for his business. David Williams reports. Trading as Agrifactors (Southern) Ltd and based at Heathfield, Roland Davis started selling grass seed in 1977 when the Davis family gave up its dairy herd. In the late 1980s, a contracting business started, establishing and maintaining grass for agriculture as well as amenity grass for local authorities. Building and maintaining football and rugby pitches remains a key part of the business, and the Agrifactors team currently looks after 90 football and rugby pitches for clubs, schools and local councils, while approximately 160ha of owned and rented grassland around the Heathfield farm base is for grazing a 100-head beef suckler herd and 250 pedigree Pole Dorset ewes.

Seeds a speciality Seed supply is 90 per cent of the business. Amenity grass varieties, vetches, herbs and stubble turnips are stocked, including grass mixes made up on site. Wild flower seeds are also harvested, dried, dressed and supplied for planting, often as part of rewilding projects. Wild flower seeds are packaged and supplied to most major retailers throughout the UK and also sold under the Sow Wild brand name. Rare varieties are harvested under a special licence from SSSIs as part of the Weald Meadows Initiative. This is designed to increase populations of endangered flowers mainly within the local area, and Christopher Davis, who is Roland’s son, harvests the seed using a specialist combine, then cleans and prepares it for planting – much of it within 10 days of being harvested. “We used to cultivate intensively before planting grass, but now the emphasis is on carbon capture and avoiding ploughing,” he explained. “More than 90% of what we establish is by direct-drilling and everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible.”

Effective grass establishment Most wild flower seeds are spread after harrowing, but grass and stubble turnips are established using a Moore Uni-drill – the sixth

owned and operated by the company. “The Moore drill is exceptionally versatile,” continued Christopher. “We use a 3m version with 32 coulters spaced at 70mm, but RTK guidance allows a second pass with the coulters between the drilled rows, so we end up with seeds every 35mm for a denser sward. This is preferred for lawns and sports grounds. “For agricultural grass establishment we use one-pass seeding, as 70mm row spacing is suitable.”

East Sussex-based Agrifactors relies on a Moore Uni-drill to establish amenity grass including pitches for football and rugby, and for agriculture for grazing and fodder. The drill is also used to plant stubble turnips and grass mixes direct into cereal stubbles, and for overseeding mixes into established grassland (as above). Standard coulter spacing is 70mm, but using RTK guidance a second pass can be made with the coulters operating between the previous seed rows to achieve a dense sward with 35mm seed spacing.

between sites on the road as we use lightweight 4-cyl tractors and the drill is quite heavy, but for manoeuvring on headlands and in field corners it’s so much easier to use.”

Minimum disturbance Two rows of discs run at a shallow angle and at only 10–15mm depth for minimal disturbance, and the coulters are mounted alongside and graze the soil surface while dropping seeds in the slot. Coulter depth is set by the rear packer and hydraulic top link, and the drill has to be continued over…

GS4 mix trials This year GS4 grass seed mixes are being created for mid-tier stewardship schemes, and include grass seed, legumes and herbs. “There are restrictions on nitrogen applications, grazing and harvesting, but growers receive area-based payments for growing it,” said Christopher. “We have a trial of 40ha on our own land which was drilled into existing ryegrass using the Moore drill to minimise disturbance, and it has proved very successful.”

Accurate and reliable A very short working season of approximately six weeks per year for grass seeding means the team has to average 12ha in a typical 16-hour working day. “It has to be accurate and reliable,” continued Christopher. “We can’t afford downtime and the Uni-drill requires very little routine maintenance and is quick and easy to set up and use. We tend to replace all of our machinery regularly and before reliability reduces as we don’t like paying for repairs.”

John Deere 6130R tractors supplied by Tuckwells make up Agrifactors’ main fleet. The 4-cyl tractors were chosen for their compact size and light weight, while also having plenty of power. Users Harvey Sheffield and Ian Draper say the tractors cope well with the mounted drill, although care is needed during transport even with a 1,200kg ballast weight on the front linkage.

Linkage-mounted drill Agrifactors’ current Moore drill was purchased in January 2020, and it is the first linkage-mounted model operated, as the previous five were trailed. “When we had trailed versions, we believed they were the better option for our type of use, but limited stock availability last year meant we could only get hold of the mounted machine and now we prefer it,” commented operator Harvey Sheffield. “We have to be careful while moving

Slotted discs operate at a shallow angle and depth, and the coulter alongside each disc drops seed into the slot. A Guttler roller at the rear exerts plenty of pressure to close the slot, ensure seed-to-soil contact and preserve moisture, and it also copes well with undulating ground.

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Direct Drilling Exceptional back-up

There is hardly any soil disturbance, and the surface is left level. ...from previous page

horizontal so the front and rear disc rows and coulters operate at the same depth for even establishment and emergence. A handy indicator at the side of the drill makes it immediately obvious if the drill isn’t set correctly. A Guttler roller packer at the rear has proved suitable for all working environments and maintains its performance on uneven ground. For sports pitches too, it exerts plenty of pressure to close the slot and leave the ground level so that immediately after over-seeding the pitch can be used. The drill has an Accord metering system and its own GPS speed sensor. The tractor’s GPS guidance and autosteer ensure accuracy. An optional 270kg weight kit on each side of the drill

frame ensures effective disc penetration on hard ground and proved essential in the dry conditions last year. Operators Harvey Sheffield and Ian Draper both enjoy using the drill. “Once a week we check and reset all the coulter positions alongside the discs as having them set correctly is essential and we have found that they can move, but that takes only 20 minutes or so, and apart from that there is little that needs doing,” commented Harvey. “The only other issue we have found is that when travelling on wet roads the fan housing collects water splashed up from the wheels, so we have learned to run the fan for a while to dry the system before starting work. It’s a minor problem.”

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“Our drill gets a lot of abuse, as almost all its work is on land belonging to others and there are often tree stumps and large stones which we don’t know are there,” continued Christopher. “The back-up was exceptional previously through Sam Moore, but, if anything, it’s even better now that Agri-Linc stocks the whole range of machines and parts. There is a dedicated representative for Moore drills, and we are more than happy with the service. We get through a lot of parts and anything we have needed has always been in stock and dispatched immediately. There is very little downtime which is critical when we have such a short working season. “The Moore Uni-drill achieves reliable establishment with minimal soil disturbance, and its ability to perform so well in both agricultural and amenity sectors makes it the best option for our business,” Christopher concluded. FG

Pictured with the Moore Uni-drill are (l-r): Harvey Sheffield, Ian Draper and Christopher Davis.



Triton Drills manufactured by Covenbrook are available in the following widths • 2.5m rigid • 3m rigid • 3.6m rigid • 4m rigid • 4m folding • 4.8m folding • 6m folding other widths available on request, please enquire

For Triton

SALES, PARTS & SERVICE deal direct with the manufacturer

For further information on Triton Seed Drills contact John on the details below

t: John on 07860 417643 e: • Covenbrook Hall Farm, Stisted, Braintree, Essex CM77 8AJ


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Direct Drilling

Strip seeding brings multiple benefits to busy family farm Changing from traditional crop establishment methods to strip seeding has brought major benefits for Hebbelthwaite Farms in Leicestershire. James Hebbelthwaite is a third-generation farmer in Leicestershire. His grandparents took on the tenancy at Bridge Farm, Elmesthorpe in 1945 and James’ parents purchased the farm in 1979. In 2002 James started a bed & breakfast pig rearing operation, rearing 5,000 pigs at a time for Cranswick. After seven years working for a contractor, James returned to the farm full-time in 2007. Currently the Hebbelthwaites grow 100-acres of KWS Barrel winter wheat, 80-acres of Belepi, a winter wheat which can be winter- or springsown, together with 65-acres of spring oats for human consumption – the combination of heavy soil and lots of manure helping to produce high specific weight grains. Pig numbers are being reduced to 3,000 because of time pressures and new rules which limit the amount of manure which can be spread on the land. Working with his father David and one fulltime employee, James ditched the plough and power harrow five years ago in favour of Claydon’s Opti-Till System after visiting the arable farm of its inventor, Jeff Claydon, in West Suffolk. This holistic approach to establishing any type of seed that can be air-sown delivers high-yielding crops at low cost for maximum profitability. Instead of the drawn-out process of establishing crops conventionally, James and David Hebbelthwaite now do so much more quickly and efficiently using three pieces of Claydon equipment; a 7.5m Straw Harrow, 3m Hybrid mounted drill and 3m TerraBlade inter-row hoe. All of them, James emphasises, “do exactly what they say on the tin”. “The advantages of strip seeding become more evident every season,” James enthuses. “We have seen significant reductions in time, cost and labour, continuous improvements in soil structure, a substantial reduction in weeds, and higher, more reliable yields.”

Efficient method of establishment “Our heavy land is very difficult to manage and with only 8in of topsoil before we hit clay,

ploughing could throw up some very ‘livery’ soil which would then be very difficult to break down into a seedbed. The last time we used a plough was in 2015, when the land was still compacted after the very wet 2012 and 2013 seasons. “With just my father and me doing all the work, turning the soil over, then power-harrowing and drilling was very time-consuming and costly. We were also rearing 5,000 pigs from 7–35kg on a bed & breakfast basis, so there were lots of demands on our time and we weren’t exactly looking for things to do. It was apparent that we needed a more efficient way of establishing crops, but clearly a zero-till approach would have been a non-starter on this heavy land. “At one time, farmers were able to spray against almost any weed or pest issue but increasing legislation and a reducing pool of ag-chem products has made the job more difficult, so we also felt that there had to be a better, more sustainable alternative. “After seeing the Opti-Till System advertised, we looked around the Claydon farm and saw the benefits on some of the heaviest, most difficult to manage land in the country. Our independent agronomist was not too keen initially but having seen the advantages and excellent results has changed his mind, so much so that he now has several other clients who use this approach. “We ordered a new 3m Claydon Hybrid mounted drill and began seeing the benefits from using it in the first season, particularly on oilseed rape where yields were much higher than with our previous system. Like so many other farms in the UK we were subsequently affected by cabbage stem flea beetle and the last crop of oilseed rape we harvested was in 2018. We haven’t grown it since, but after a long break we plan to give OSR another go in 2022.”

James Hebbelthwaite says the farm has seen significant reductions in time, cost and labour.

sowing, low-disturbance establishment, and zerotill seeding. This makes it a much more versatile, cost-effective solution than purchasing a strip till drill and a specialist low-disturbance model. In standard form, the drill’s unique leading tine busts out compaction, aerates the soil and creates drainage/tilth in the seeding and rooting zones. The seeding tine which follows then creates more tilth and places the seed under it, at the chosen depth above the drainage channel.

Adding to the benefits “A year after buying the Claydon Hybrid drill we added a 7.5m Claydon Straw Harrow, which has been amazing. Until you experience the benefits it would be very easy to dismiss it as not doing very much, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a very effective and efficient piece of equipment.” A key part of establishing crops successfully is to achieve an optimum tilth as soon as possible after harvest so volunteers and weeds seeds can germinate. Even if no green shoots are visible on the surface, weeds and volunteers will be growing under the straw. The conventional min-till approach can be problematic because moving 100–125mm of soil will significantly slow germination or bury weed/volunteer seeds so deep that they do not germinate until after the crop emerges, creating major cost and control issues. Deeper cultivations also present a significant weather risk, as heavy rain will reduce the soil to a sticky mess with no structure or ability to support following machinery. The surface can also seal over and become anaerobic, creating issues

Versatile drill The Claydon Hybrid will sow direct into stubbles or cultivated soils, both min-tilled and ploughed, with or without fertiliser placement between or in the seeded rows. With a few simple, quick modifications, it can also be used for conventional

The Claydon Straw Harrow distributes chopped straw evenly and creates a fine, level 2–3cm tilth.

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with water ‘ponding’ or run-off. In extreme cases, full cultivations may initially be necessary to put right the impact of min-till, in which case weed/ volunteer seeds will be buried even more deeply, making control impossible and providing ideal conditions for slugs. The Claydon Straw Harrow distributes chopped straw evenly and creates a fine, level 2–3cm tilth, providing the high-humidity conditions necessary for weeds and volunteers to germinate rapidly. Straw harrowing also halts the soil’s natural capillary action, preventing water from being drawn up to the surface and the surface from drying out with the action of wind and sun to form a hard, impermeable layer. Using it when weeds and volunteers are less than 2cm tall will kill 70% of them, so repeating this several times will dramatically reduce their numbers and slug populations, often to the point where we need fewer chemicals and there is no need to apply slug pellets. This fast, low-cost operation is highly effective, James confirms. After crops have been harvested by the farm’s John Deere W540 combine and the contractor’s MF 2170 has packaged all the straw into 500kg bales, every acre is covered with the Straw Harrow, often multiple times to maximise the benefits. It flies over the fields, distributing any loose straw that the baler might have missed, killing slugs and their eggs, at the same time creating a fine 1–2cm tilth which encourages weed seeds and volunteers to germinate rapidly. “For spring crops, we just use the Straw Harrow in the autumn, spray off any residues and either do another pass with the Straw Harrow or shallow disc, no more than 2in deep, before drilling at the end of March or early April. The manure from the pig unit does wonders for the condition of the soils and crops but spreading it does cause compaction, so in those areas we tend to subsoil to 9in. “We run the 3m Claydon Hybrid behind a 235hp John Deere 6195, which provides plenty of power even on our heavy land. The front tines run 15cm deep for establishing OSR and the seed is drilled at 1cm using the standard Claydon A-Share. For cereals the leading tine runs at 10cm and seed goes in at 2–2.5cm. That works well and instead of leaving tramlines we use the John Deere’s GPS guidance when applying pre-emergence products at 24m, so all other operations follow the same wheelings. “After six years of using Claydon Opti-Till the soil structure has improved so much that it is unrecognisable compared with how it was before. Even where we have just used the Straw Harrow

after harvest the soil is alive with worms and their casts are all over the surface, so there must be an unbelievable number in the soil profile. “The other major benefit is that it encourages plants to develop unbelievable rooting structures which we simply never saw with a conventional establishment system, so even very dry conditions are not a problem as roots penetrate deep into the soil. In 2020, we had no rain from April until June, yet the crops looked exceptional throughout. “The improved structure and weather resilience of the soil has made following operations such as spraying and fertiliser application much easier and more predictable, even after heavy rain. During the very wet 2019/2020 season that was a huge positive, as muck was spread early, autumn sown crops were drilled before the really heavy rain fell and subsequently developed their full potential.”

The other major benefit is that it encourages plants to develop unbelievable rooting structures.

"In 2020, we had no rain from April until June, yet the crops looked exceptional throughout."

A novel approach For the last few years, the Hebbelthwaites have drilled cereals at 250kg/ha – double the seed rate used just a few years ago, which has proven very effective in crowding out weeds, both those growing in and between the rows. This has been enhanced by the purchase of a 3m Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe, this low-cost, reliable piece of equipment being acquired in 2020 from dealer Sharmans’ Melton Mowbray branch. The TerraBlade is an extremely effective, low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds growing between the rows in band-sown crops. By keeping the unseeded rows clear of weeds during the early stages of crop growth, competition for nutrients, light, air, and water is reduced, enabling the young plants to grow strong and healthy, and helping to maximise crop yields. It eliminates weeds reliably, safely without using chemicals and clears up any that were missed by ag-chems, or where such products cannot be used, as in organic systems. This drastically lowers the potential for carry-over of weed seeds and the risk of more resistant types developing. Claydon’s TerraBlade range now includes five models from 3–8m wide, designed for use on a Cat II front linkage – allowing for effective manual steering of the hoe blades between seeded rows. “Although herbicides remain an essential part of modern agriculture, their cost is continually increasing, and they seem to be becoming less effective,” James states. “Our experience is that if we apply a herbicide in the spring it will take out 50–60% of target weeds, but not touch the rest, so that is why the TerraBlade is such an effective tool

The TerraBlade is an effective, low-cost, method of controlling weeds growing between the rows.

TerraBlade eliminates weeds reliably and safely, and clears up any that were missed by ag-chems.

to have on the farm. “The only addition that we have made to the standard specification of our Claydon Hybrid has been to add two additional depth wheels, which have made the drill even more stable and further improved consistent seed placement. Our latest purchase is the Claydon Twin-Tine kit, which we will use for drilling spring crops. Overall, we have been delighted with the Claydon Opti-Till System.” FG

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New MD Disc to minimise soil disturbance.



CrossCutter by Väderstad Ultra-shallow tillage

Ultra-shallow tillage by Väderstad CrossCutter Disc provides full cut at only 0-3cm working depth. The unique cutting profile crushes, chops and mulches in one single pass. It is excellent in oilseed rape stubble, cover crops and grain stubble.

Learn how ultra-shallow tillage by Väderstad CrossCutter Disc will help give a perfect start to your next crop at

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Direct Drilling “We’ve gone from 80-litres/hr to just 40-litres/ hr, and almost doubled our output,” he says. “And a level, stale seedbed is then very easy to drill into with the MD disc.” Pete says the farm has tried a variety of scenarios ahead of the drill, including leaving the following harrow off the ground too. And where his old u-drill would burn 32–33-litres/hour working on cultivated land, the MD disc version has seen fuel burn drop to 28 litres. “The MD disc moves trash and lightly cultivates a narrow strip of soil, ahead of the coulters,” he says. “Where we’ve experimented putting cover crops direct into stubbles, fuel consumption has dropped to 19–21 litres, and the drill needs little power to operate.” With a late harvest last year, Pete says they would not have finished autumn drilling were it not for the MD disc. “We’ve been very impressed with everything the drill has done so far.” FG

Update sets a path towards direct drilling After five years of running a 6m Kverneland u-drill, David Atkinson and Sons, of Hawkhouse Green Farm near Doncaster, has switched to the new MD disc version. “There’s no doubt this low disturbance approach has reduced our establishment costs,” says Pete Atkinson, who runs the farm with his father, David, and brother, Ben. The 1,400-acre operation has a mix of soil types from limestone through to heavy clay, and most of it dictates that a move straight into no-till would be foolish.

“As a low disturbance drill, the 6m u-drill with MD disc is the solution we need,” he adds. Where the Atkinsons would have previously moved ground with a 3.6m Quadtill cultivator, a 6m Kverneland Turbo has increased output considerably. Cultivation power comes from a Quadtrac STX435, and there’s been a noticeable drop in fuel consumption.

The Atkinson family say that the low disturbance approach from Kverneland’s MD disc has been instrumental in reducing establishment costs.

Meet the Dependables. Claydon design and manufacture machinery right here in the UK. You can rely on our drills to improve soil health, deliver great yields and, most importantly, crucial profits. From the 3m Hybrid to the mighty T8, there’s one for every size farm and options for every drilling scenario. Call your local dealer or our advisors now on 01440 820327 to discuss the best drill for you.

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Establishing a better way

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right conditions. “It’s a quick, easy operation that also produces a slight tilth to drill into; the packer roll crushes any clods effectively leaving a fine, level surface and we rarely need the levelling boards.” Described as simple to set up and operate, the Carrier is set at its highest working depth and does not dig in. “With the Carrier and CrossCutter, it’s one operation and we can close the gate on it until we are ready to spray off for the drill.” A first Vaderstad machine for Stevens Farm, Mr Budd comments that he has been impressed with the durability and build quality of the Carrier. FG

Crosscutter makes light work of stale seedbeds Preparing the ideal stale seedbed ahead of a direct drill is an exacting task and like many farmers, Richard Budd has tried a number of approaches at Stevens Farm, near Hawkhurst, Kent. With 900ha of combinable crops on land varying from Weald clay to Tunbridge Wells sand, the focus is on winter cereals – but juggling the rotation can mean that volunteers are an issue, as well as black-grass. “We need to create an effective stale seedbed post-harvest so that we can go in and spray off ahead

of a Sumo DTS direct drill,” RIchard explains. “We looked at other disc systems but we don’t need to work at depth and risk pulling up weeds from below the surface, just to move soil evenly across the working width.” The solution came in the form of a 6.5m Vaderstad Carrier fitted with CrossCutter discs, chosen to work in

the farm’s 30m CTF system. “The CrossCutter disturbs the surface and chits weed seeds to encourage a green flush,” he explains. “It works to just 10mm deep but the two gangs of discs ensure that it moves soil and mixes across the whole surface.” Designed as a high-speed operation, Mr Budd reckons to travel at 16–18kph with the Carrier pulled by a Challenger tracklayer, and can cover more than 60ha a day in the

Versatility is key when investing in a direct drill Direct drilling and reduced tillage are currently hot topics. With changes to agricultural subsidies squeezing margins for many arable farmers in the coming years, most are looking at ways to cut costs while maintaining output. Many are investigating more cost-effective methods of crop establishment and regenerative agriculture is seen as an essential part of the solution. However, the unpredictable climate and lack of information and guidance can make it difficult to implement and maintain. One company with a lot of experience in this field is Simtech Aitchison. Its T-Sem drills have been at the forefront of direct drilling for over a decade. With a 12-model

range from 3–8m and fertiliser options for all models, Simtech feels it has a drill for every size of farming enterprise. Simtech’s Simon Clarke summarises: “The T-Sem is the economic and versatile solution for entry into direct drilling. It copes with high levels of surface trash and will penetrate very hard soil, which makes it one of the best drills on the market for establishing cover crops behind the combine. “It will work at the other end of the spectrum when things get a little sticky too, and everything in between. Add to this its low power requirement together with its ability to work in all non-direct drilling situations and you’ve got the whole package.” FG

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Direct Drilling

Continued success for multi-purpose tine drills Many farmers are looking for a versatile drill which will perform well in direct and min-till situations and Keith Rennie Machinery (KRM) claims to offer a range of tine drills which do just that. Having built a reputation with the Ares 2713 and SM 1909 tine drills, the latest Ares-P and SM-P variants from KRM feature a new hopper

and metering unit, improving the operator experience and accuracy. The recently introduced ‘Electra’ metering system allows

the operator to quickly set the desired rate from a single calibration. The system uses the drill’s hydraulic fan to deliver metered seed to a conveniently located container to be weighed. The weight is then entered into the Isobus control system and the rate set. The Isobus system can also

be used for variable rate drilling, auto on/off and sectional control where half width shut off is fitted, as well as managing all the usual drill functions such as tramlining, hopper level and alarms. Another feature of this system is the pressurised hopper which ensures consistent, even seed flow to the metering unit and external distribution heads, which leave the hopper unobstructed for ease of filling and cleaning between different seed types or varieties. The narrow Tungsten carbide tipped tine coulters run at an attacking angle to pull the tip in to work. Each coulter creates a tilth as it pulls through the soil and loosens the soil below the coulter tip, creating ideal conditions for germination and strong root development. Straw and other residues are moved away from the row ensuring seeds are placed in clear moist soil. The undisturbed soil between the rows minimises the risk of weeds germinating and leaves a firm surface for following operations. These lightweight, high output models are available in 4, 4.8, 5, 6 and 7m working widths to suit available horsepower and tramline width. FG

Time for a Re--Think ? Re Last year’s wet Autumn highlighted the risks of both later drilling dates and climate change, resulting in many farmers re-thinking their approach to drilling. KRM Sola “all weather” tine drills ensure your crop can be sown in the wettest seedbed to the hardest, dry conditions, with the benefits of less weight on the seedbed, less horsepower and less fuel used. Tel : 01423 324221 E mail: info

Re-thinking ReRe thinking ? . . Find out more at

www.krm www .krm




For Conventional Conventional or minmin-till

Narrow tip for low disturbance

Heavy duty for direct drilling

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Direct Drilling

Tine drill ranges offer precision and flexibility

Premium discs come with range of benefits Direct drilling comes with a simple aim; to retain moisture and place seed directly into the ground with no previous cultivation. Profitable Farming Company is looking specifically at oilseed rape establishment, utilising the premium-built Ozyrus II discs. Mounted to the discs an air seeder to splash plates allows for high work rates and low horsepower requirements, from just 120hp for the 3m discs. Working at a 50mm maximum depth reduces moisture losses, resulting in faster, more even establishment. Discs come as standard with straw tines to spread trash and optional rear tines to cover any seeds after the steel ring packer. Utilising the standard 560mm discs, residual trash is easily dealt with – but for extreme trash

conditions, an optional 620mm disc is available. Discs are manufactured by OFAS, which has a reputation for premium discs across Europe. The Titan 6m hydraulic folding discs are top of the range, with heavy duty running through every aspect of the trailed unit. The standard specification provides maximum specification, even down to air brakes for road transport, so nothing is left off the wish list and work potential is maximised. Soil cultivation depth is controlled by the standard front depth wheels to stop lateral movement in high-speed cultivation, with the steel ring packer consolidating to hold the moisture in the ground. PFC offers in-field setup and support to ensure maximum confidence. FG

Strength – Reliabilty – Quality

For the UK market, Kockerling offers two tine drill ranges – the Jockey and the Ultima. The Jockey is a 6m semi mounted trailed drill using four rows of S tines followed by a double STS roller and tine harrow. Row spacing is 16.6cm with a 40mm band of seed. The drill can be used on ploughing, min till, and direct. With an under-frame clearance of 60cm, the drill can easily cope with copious amounts of trash. Thanks to its large inter tine clearance and light weight, Kockerling says it has proved very useful in the late, wet autumn drilling slot. The tank size is 3,600-litres and power requirement is 25hp/m. Both 9 and 10m versions are available as a bespoke build. The Ultima drill uses a much heavier tine preceded by a rubbered press wheel. Each coulter is individually pressured by a

hydraulic cylinder, allowing every seed coulter to follow the ground contours, making it the most precise tined drill on the market, the company reckons. The drills principle is consolidated, sow, cover, consolidate, resulting in a firm weatherproof finish. Tine spacing Is 18cm with a 60mm band of seed. With only one adjustment it is very easy to set up and operate. Ultima is available in 3, 4 or 6m CS versions or in the larger 8 and 9m seed cart version with tank capacity from 3,000–4,000-litres. Seed and fertiliser is available on the 6m CS version. All drills are Isobus compatible. FG


Disc and Tine Cultivation Equipment to suit your needs

Call direct for best pricing Andrew: 07967 300 578 Office: 01805 603 363

Utilising the air seeder onto various cultivation equipment allows for immediate stubble preparation by the premium discs offered. When combined with the discs the seed is covered with soil by the following tines and then consolidated with the steel ring packer. 82270

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Strip tillage establishment allows for greater flexibility in difficult seasons.

Is it a case of delayed drilling or healthy establishment? For many, the optimum time for drilling cereals is mid-October but growers can be torn between later drilling to aid weed control and getting the seed drilled early in warmer soil for uniform establishment. Mzuri reckons you can have both. Direct drilling specialists Mzuri claims its Pro-Til system offers users the best of both worlds – an ability to control grass weeds pre-drilling, alongside the flexibility of establishing consistent and competitive crops later in the season. By adopting a whole system approach, the manufacturer suggests that growers can capitalise on

timings by choosing a weatherproof establishment method. The design of its landmark Pro-Til drill aims to provide just that by working directly into uncultivated stubbles, which by their very nature are well-structured and stable. When comparing this against working with pre-cultivated soils which can be prone to slumping through a loss of structure, growers

have little leeway for extending their drilling season whilst still guaranteeing rapid establishment. The Mzuri system allows users to maximise the benefits of cultivations whilst still retaining the structural integrity of the soil for better travelling and high germination rates later in the season. The one-pass drill delivers seed accurately into a strip of friable tilth, before being reconsolidated for excellent seed to soil contact, providing the perfect environment for successful germination. This targeted cultivation mineralises

nitrogen which, coupled with bandplaced fertiliser, yields rapid, early growth. The resulting seedlings are competitive to emerging weeds, and better able to grow away from pest pressures. By having this assurance that crops will establish quickly and evenly, Mzuri suggests growers can afford to pick their timings to suit weed control techniques such as stale seedbeds – something the manufacturer advocates. The Mzuri Rezult stubble rake is one such tool that was developed on the manufacturer’s trial farm to effectively reduce weed populations prior to drilling. By delaying drilling, with a system that allows the flexibility to do so and not run the risk of poor establishment, growers can achieve a broad chit of grass weeds by stimulating the surface with the Rezult rake. By taking the pressure off and widening the cereal drilling window, it is possible to achieve several flushes from multiple passes with the rake, allowing for the best control possible prior to drilling. This, combined with a strong healthy plant that establishes well, even late into the year, means the Mzuri system offers growers the versatility and flexibility they need in unpredictable seasons, the company reckons. FG

Dynamic Range C- Coulter D- Disc DC- Disc & Coulter

The High Precision Direct Drill High quality, low disturbance no tillage system Easy maintenance and low running cost One chassis three coulter options for ultimate drill flexibility



35cm of coulter travel with on the move pressure control

Redesigning the way we go Seeding

Steering rear axle for unrivaled Maneuverability and hill side tracking 25cm and 19cm row spacing Modular design 4.5m, 5m, 6m & 7m


Samagri Ltd - Manor Court Store, Scratchface Lane, Herriard, Basingstoke, RG25 2TX - 01256 384208 -

October 2021 125

114-127 Direct Drilling.indd 125

13/09/2021 10:22



Stop pouring money down the drain...

Take a look at our establishment system Proving to be the most reliable establishment method, the Mzuri system produces perfect seed to soil contact. With better establishment, direct into residue, soil structure and organic matter is improved to support vigorous root growth – all resulting in a significant and consistent uplift in yield.

With Mzuri you could benefit from: ESTABLISHMENT

SYSTEM SAVINGS* on average



£36/ha with band placement

LABOUR SAVINGS* on average

81 mins/ha

* Based on our 2019 customer survey of users converting from conventional plough based systems.

Call us today for a no obligation chat about the future of farming.

tel: 01905




Mzuri Limited, Peopleton, Worcestershire, WR10 2BF

114-127 Direct Drilling.indd 126


13/09/2021 10:25

Direct Drilling

Driving down the cost of crop establishment Dale Drills was founded by Lincolnshire farmer, John ‘Edward’ Dale, and has been a long-term advocate of low impact cultivation – recognising its importance in improving soil structure and the associated benefits of improved fertility and increased yields. Dale Drills has been helping farmers to drive down the cost of crop establishment for over 20 years. Now run by Edward’s two sons, Tom and James, who grow 3,500 acres of combinable crops (utilising no-till and CTF techniques) in North Lincolnshire, the company prides itself on technical expertise and practical understanding. The company’s Eco-Drill assembly combines technology with a versatile but simple design to ensure accurate, effective and low-cost establishment. Fitted with two 12mm wide, low

disturbance tines, the Eco-Drill assembly can be quickly adjusted to provide 5in (12.5cm) or 10in (25cm) row spacings. Attached to the drill’s main chassis via a parallel linkage, and followed by a depth setting press wheel, the drilling assemblies are able to independently contour follow, ensuring very accurate seeding depth even at the company’s widest working width offering of 13.5m. Each assembly is pressurised into work via a hydraulic ram which is supplied with an adjustable hydraulic

pressure, allowing operators to set the drill to the conditions. Dale Drills claims its tine opener offers greater versatility and a number of other benefits over disc openers. The additional weight disc openers require to gain penetration is avoided, reducing the amount of compaction caused by the drill. This is amplified by the fact that a lower horsepower and therefore lighter tractor can be used to pull the drill or alternatively a wider drill can be used, reducing the amount of ground trafficked. The simplicity of a tine opener removes the need for expensive bearings as well as reducing downtime for repairs. The Eco opener will avoid ‘hair pinning’ of residues, ensuring positive seed-to-soil

contact for rapid germination. The narrow, forward-facing point of the Eco opener will preserve moisture in a dry period whilst also avoiding smearing in wetter soils. With increasing interest from overseas, Dale Drills’s recent developments have focused on wider machines with the new EcoXL being sold across the UK and abroad over the last few years. The machine features a new layout with an 6,250-litre (4.5t) hopper followed by a toolbar fitted with the company’s proven Eco Drilling assemblies. Hoppers can be split into up to four separate sections, to allow for either quarter section control or half section control with fertiliser placed with the seed. Low ground pressure, 710mm wide land wheels are located towards the front of the toolbar, followed by two rows of drilling assemblies which remove any surface compaction. Wider models are fitted with wing stabilising wheels, located on the same axis as the main land wheels to avoid the need for expensive and complicated caster wheels. The Eco range of drills is available in four different layouts from 3–13.5m working widths. Contact the company directly for more information. FG

What if you could simply create the perfect seed bed?

At Dale Drills we’re as passionate about your soil as you are. As farmers we know just how vital good soil structure is to the health of your crop – locking in vital nutrients to create optimum conditions for sowing and growing. Capable of drilling in direct, min-till and conventional seedbeds our versatile range


of lightweight seed drills have been made with exactly that in mind – promoting low impact cultivation that encourages minimal disturbance. Renowned for excellent contour following, accurate seed placement and a low power requirement, why not see how our drills can help your business fulfil its full potential?

81946 01652 653 326


     October 2021 127

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13/09/2021 10:26

3.3m Trailed Press

4m Incorporator

The real value of carbon

3.9m QUAD-TILL Philip



Hall Farm, Stainton, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S66 7QY Tel: 01709 798522 Email:

FJD AutoSteering Kit

UK Official Stockist

ble Now availa e th K in the U le b a new afford e te r RTK Autos m system fro s ic m FJDyna

Call or WhatsApp Elliot on 07810860503

TerraMap Carbon offers a groundbreaking way of measuring soil carbon without actually having to break ground! So says Andrew Pitts, host farmer of the Helix National Helix Farm of farm business JW Pitts & Sons located at Mears Ashby and Whiston in Northamptonshire. Andrew’s farm is one of the network of Hutchinsons Helix farms where TerraMap Carbon has been developed and trialled. TerraMap Carbon, launched in May of this year, is the UK’s first ever soil mapping service that is capable of measuring both active and organic carbon in the soil. Andrew’s interest in Carbon mapping is twofold. “Fundamentally anything that is going to improve the resilience and profitability of my business is going to get me to sit up and listen. “We know that having soils that are in good condition and are resilient are going to be more profitable, as they are better able to withstand periods of drought and wet and are also better able to withstand machinery passes. “More resilient soils will, by their very nature, contain higher levels of carbon. “Secondly, if there is a business opportunity to be gleaned from marketing the carbon from the more resilient soils, it’s an additional bonus.” However, as Andrew points out,

none of this is possible without a starting point and knowing what the levels of carbon are in the soil. “As far as I am aware, TerraMap carbon is the only system available in the UK that can actually map both active and organic carbon, so it has been a very exciting and interesting project to have some of our fields mapped. “TerraMap has proved itself to be a very straightforward means of measuring and verifying carbon – providing a baseline or benchmark to work from. It’s repeatable, so therefore it is verifiable which means we can trust the results and use them to see how and where we need to improve the resilience of our soils.” Andrew notes that the results from the mapping very much reflect the changing practices he has taken with his soils over the years. “The plough was abandoned in 2006, and replaced with min-till and shallow cultivations; then, in 2016, we moved over to direct drilling. “With a strong view to constantly improving soil health, over the years we have left crop residue on

128 October 2021

128-135 Precision Farming.indd 128

15/09/2021 10:22

Precision Farming fields, used cover crops in different scenarios and introduced livestock into the rotation. The consequence of all of this is that TerraMap has confirmed we have decent amounts of organic carbon in the soil.”

What do we do with carbon measurements? “Having a baseline carbon measurement means we are now in a position to monitor changes to carbon levels as a result of different management approaches to get an idea of what actually makes a difference. We hope to do this over fields and even split fields. “We know, for example, that a two-year grass ley is beneficial for improving soil carbon reserves, but once the carbon is in the soil we don’t know if its stays there, and if it does how long for. However, using TerraMap carbon we will be able to measure this on a regular basis to provide some insight.” The impact of cover crops on soil carbon is an area of much interest, he adds. “Healthy and resilient soils have higher carbon reserves, so if cover crops help to improve soil structure, then in theory carbon levels should also increase. Again, this is something that we can now test. “We have trialled Hutchinsons’ Maxi Rooter mix on the headlands of spring crops this year with visible

improvements to soils, so we now want to look further into this to find out if it’s just the rooting that has benefitted or is there also a soil carbon benefit to using cover crops on these generally less productive areas?” Andrew hopes to explore the benefits of using Maxi Rooter around the edge of the field and introducing a different mix, say Maxi Cover in the middle of the field. He is also keen to know what the impact of stubble turnips would be in the middle of the field. “To do this, we will use TerraMap carbon after the cover crops have come out and the crops harvested, and compare the readings. “So, it’s a win-win on all levels – by mapping and measuring soil carbon, a picture is created of the health and resilience of the soils; that’s directly linked to profitability, and that’s key. Secondly, knowing what carbon is available in the soils opens up a potential additional income stream through trading.” FG The advantage of trialling TerraMap across all of the Helix farms means that it is possible to collect and analyse a greater amount of data – which may lead to something that is really beneficial and can be fed into ELMS.





U 23 8


Now mapping carbon!

2 32

TerraMap provides greater definition and more accurate soil maps than any other system, enabling agronomists and growers to make the most of precision technology. Don’t sign up to a soil mapping service before you have seen TerraMap for yourself. The game-changer in mapping technology. For more information visit

October 2021 129

128-135 Precision Farming.indd 129

10/09/2021 15:27

Precision Farming

Smart operation for the whole chain of cultivation management Elliot Haines, of ERH Services Ltd, first came across the FJ Dynamics AutoSteering Kit when he was looking for a system for his own compact tractor, and was so impressed with it, he became the official UK dealer earlier this year. Since becoming an authorised dealer of the FJD AutoSteering Kit, Mr Haines says 25 kits have been sold and are working very well. Described as the ‘new brain’ of agrirobots, the kit can be fitted

to any make of tractor and offers smart and efficient operations for a wide range of farm machines. Information provided by sensor modules and GNSS ensures that agricultural machines operate


accurately in various working environments. Mr Haines initially studied Agriculture at Writtle College but after a year’s travelling became a commercial helicopter pilot, spending 20 years mainly flying offshore to gas rigs in the North Sea, before working for JCB, the East Anglian Air Ambulance and finally flying from Beccles to wind turbines in the North Sea in support of wind energy. During this time, Mr Haines was also running his own paddock maintenance contracting business and stumbled upon the FJD Autosteer earlier in 2021, as he was looking for a system for his compact tractor for spraying. He was so impressed with it he began importing it and so far it has been very well received by customers. The system works day and night, without fear of rain or dust, and no matter how bad the working environment is. FJ Dynamics has also developed a ‘Running Mode’ function for situations in which the RTK signal is disconnected, in order to meet farmers’ needs in certain specific conditions. The kit consists of a control

terminal, electric steering wheel, sensor module and GNSS antenna. The control terminal is a combination of a display and a controller. The 10.1in HD high brightness screen is clearly visible even when there is strong sunlight. The self-developed electric steering wheel with highly-integrated torque can be used in any kind of environment, says Mr Haines. The sensor module is integrated with multiple sensors to ensure high-precision operations and working stability when the vehicle is running. The GNSS antenna is capable of positioning with high accuracy and able to receive data on longitude, latitude and direction. The signal is relatively strong and stable. It can automatically adjust the direction in which the vehicle is travelling with operational accuracy up to 2.5cm, using GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and GALILEO satellite signals, combined with a self-developed high-torque waterproof and dust-proof motor. This kit also uses sensor fusion, consisting of satellite navigation, inertial navigation and computer vision to control the steering wheel, so that the vehicle can drive automatically in a straight line. FG

FERTIWAY SYSTEM working width regulation by changing the fertiliser drop point TRIBORD 3D for yield-oriented and environmental border spreading ECONOV section control with 12 width sections EPSILON spreader vanes guarantee spreading precision at large working widths PRECISION FARMING with application maps

Our new CCI-800 ISOBUS terminal offers the same level of functionalities as the CCI-1200 terminal, but in a more compact size. The POLARIS features ISOBUS control as standard.

130 October 2021

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10/09/2021 15:28

Gatekeeper launches major integration update with CLAAS 1

New direct link with Telematics for improved efficiency


Easy setup and Field boundary exchange ready for harvest


Use CLAAS data to update your field records, view maps, analyse performance and take control

The direct link between CLAAS Telematics and Gatekeeper will save a huge amount of time for our customers. Being able to synchronise data with a few clicks could not be easier. Edward Miller UK Product Manager at CLAAS

For more information, contact our sales team:

01594 545000

NORAC Boom Height Control Systems available for select manufacturers The Benefits of Boom Height Control

Reduce Operator Stress • Operators no longer have to continuously look at the boom • Allows operator to focus on drive path • Operator can go faster Cover More Acres • Work day and night – sensors do not need light to “see” • Take advantage of low wind conditions at night • Spray faster – no manual boom adjustments Other Benefits/Features • Boom height control systems may offer other features such as Headlands Assist so that the boom can be automatically lifted and lowered at the end of the field • Satisfaction guaranteed Derek Johnston +44 (0) 1228 580372

Cote House, Wetheral Carlise, Cumbria CA4 8HZ

Maintain Proper Spray Tip Height • Increase application efficiency – get the most from your spray • Too low = Streaking • Too High = Drift Issues • Ensures chemical application is not wasted due to improper boom height Protect Sprayer From Damage • Accurate control • Avoid ground strikes • Prevents downtime from repairing bent booms and broken spray nozzels Hybrid Mode™ • An advanced crop sensing feature for in-crop spraying that eliminates the need for the operator to take manual Patented control of the boom in a row crops or adverse situations such as lodged, thin and uneven crop

Precise Solutions

October 2021 131

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10/09/2021 10:11

Precision Farming

Specialist company aims to ensure all farmers can be future-ready

Remote support added to display systems Have you been working in the field and experienced an issue with your Trimble display? Is there an implement which you just cannot get the measurements right for? How often have you been sat on the headland wishing an expert was sat beside you? To resolve this, Vantage ASC now offers TeamViewer Remote Support on Trimble displays (GFX/ TMX/XCN) via a downloadable app on the device. Once installed, the operator is able to connect the device to the internet, access a unique device identification number and share it with one of the service/support engineers, allowing them to log into the display. “Once logged in, our engineers can not only see exactly what the

operator sees, but we can take over the control of the display and make necessary adjustments or changes to help you get moving again. Nothing is more frustrating for our customers than not being able to progress due to a technical glitch; connecting operators and engineers quicker has been a priority for us,” says Vantage ASC national sales manager Mark Griffiths. Vantage ASC says the feature is significantly reducing time spent on the phone or waiting for an engineer. Now supplying displays with a modem and sim card bundle on both 12- and 24-month contracts, Vantage adds Teamviewer to its portfolio of proactive services designed to keep technology up and running for longer. FG

As precision farming technology becomes an increasing part of every farm, the Thurlow Nunn group has responded by launching SymAgri – a separate company specialising in agricultural technology. SymAgri was awarded the Trimble franchise in January 2021, after a strategy review of how best to provide customers with independent precision farming solutions. Formed from an internal department at the Thurlow Nunn group, the team is headed by Gavin Ludkin and Andy Bell, with a growing team of engineers carrying out support and new fitment work. SymAgri offers the full Trimble product range, with the most popular being the GFX750 screen and NAV900 receiver. This provides a flexible base to make any tractor,

harvester, or implement steer, using guidance. There is no brand limitation, as the system’s kits are bespoke to every application, fitted by the experienced SymAgri team. Supporting these units is also critical as the industry becomes more reliant on them, so SymAgri has a range of support packages for existing and new users. One of SymAgri’s philosophies is to ensure that any farmer can be future-ready, which is why the portfolio now includes many other types of applications, including telemetry devices, weather stations, irrigation monitors and much more. This ensures the whole farm is connected and the end user has as much information as possible to effectively manage their business. FG

Authorised Distribution Partner


Vantage England & Wales, giving you more than just straight lines. Your ‘go to’ for the best products and expert advice bringing you efficient, sustainable, and profitable solutions, as well as industry best service and support.


128-135 Precision Farming.indd 132 | 01480 861824

10/09/2021 15:29

Correction Services

Parts & Support



GPS Training

GPS Winter Service

WWe are able to offer a range of Trimble products and services from full installation of new GPS equipment, through to a Winter MOT on your technology systems. Ask t us abou S our GP security s package

For further information please call 01296 796726 or 07480 540051

GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES The all new AGM-1 and AGS-2 Receivers from Topcon

- QUAD Constellation (GPS, GLONAS, GALILEO, BEIDOU) - Receiver and Steering controller in one compact robust unit - Make use of new correction services StarPoint PRO and SkyBridge from Topcon October 2021 133

128-135 Precision Farming.indd 133

10/09/2021 10:14

Precision Farming

New launches improve guidance and auto-steer accuracy

LH Agro has launched two new Topcon Agriculture manual guidance and autosteering receivers, the AGM-1 and AGS-2, as well as a new satellite and bridging correction service, Topnet Live, to improve the accuracy and repeatability of precision farming operations. “The ability to accurately position cultivation, seeding and spraying equipment underpins the entire concept of precision farming, with the reliability, accuracy and durability of products including satellite receivers, steering kits and control consoles playing a massive part in ensuring farming operations can be carried out quickly and efficiently along repeatable A-B lines,” explains managing director Richard Reed. The new Topcon AGS-2 receiver allows up to four satellite

constellations to be tracked simultaneously, thereby allowing for more stable GPS positioning, whilst at the same time delivering excellent steering performance from its built-in steer controller, LH Agro says. It can track GPS, GLONAS, GALILEO and BEIDOU satellites, ensuring accurate positioning no matter where you are farming. The AGM-1 receiver is the next generation of manual guidance receiver, which replaces the existing Topcon SGR-1. The new model has been designed to be more durable

than its predecessor whilst allowing additional features such as Topcon TruPass, which delivers more accurate and stable pass-to-pass positioning in dynamic applications. Both of the new receivers are smaller than their precursors, making them less noticeable when installed and less susceptible to accidental damage. In addition, Topcon Agriculture has released additional features including NavBridge which allows GPS signals to be approximated when coverage is interrupted by tree cover, and SkyBridge, a new signal bridging service which ensures machines being guided by the AGS-2 receiver on an RTK signal can continue to operate if the RTK signal is momentarily interrupted. “The new Topnet Live suite of signal correction services allows users to benefit from an RTK guidance signal without the need to connect to a fixed base station,” Mr Reed continues. “This system enables growers to operate across a wider area without having to constantly change from one base station to the next, and without

having to worry about signal losses.” Topnet Live is a subscriptionbased service. Four levels of accuracy are available: Realpoint: Provides RTK accuracy (2cm or less) via a SIMbased mobile data system without the need for a fixed base station. Gives growers greater flexibility to use a highly accurate guidance system in areas where RTK bases are scarce. Initialisation and signal acquisition take seconds. Starpoint Pro: Provides users with 3–6cm guidance accuracy and uses satellite data, meaning the service can be used globally. Initialisation time is 18 minutes or less. Starpoint: Offers correction of 50cm accuracy and uses satellite data, meaning the service can be used globally. Initialisation time is five minutes or less. Skybridge: Offers connection accuracy of 2–4cm via an internet or radio signal and provides a satellite backup service. Initialisation takes seconds. For further information visit FG

Software specialist launches major integration update Agricultural software specialist Farmplan has released a Gatekeeper update that delivers improved integration with Claas machines that utilises wireless data transfer for enhanced functionality and efficiency. The download became live and available to all Gatekeeper users on 6th July. “This development reflects the importance of integration between our respective systems,” said Ben Hatton, head of sales at Farmplan. “Claas has been a longstanding partner and we are delighted to bring the benefits of this relationship to our mutual customers.” Farmers, growers, agronomists, and advisors across the UK regularly use Gatekeeper as their trusted crop management tool. This new update will let those users who operate Claas machinery – and its Telematics software – to wirelessly transmit data sets between Claas and Gatekeeper

seamlessly and instantly. “Previously, farmers may have been downloading their collected field data onto USB storage or downloading data from the Telematics website,” said Andrew Wolff, product manager at Farmplan. “This update completely removes the need for all those extra steps, freeing up time on the farm while ensuring all your data is immediately accessible, preserved, and secure.” This functionality allows a seamless experience for those farmers who use both Gatekeeper and Claas machinery as part of their daily workflow. At the touch of a button, all relevant data can be accessed and managed. Integration also ensures that all data sets are refined and

ready for use to ensure minimal admin and more practical usage on the farm. “In many ways, farming has become more disparate,” says Andrew. “For example, if there’s a lot of contracting taking place, a farmer might not have their usual immediate insight into what’s going on with each field. This update removes that barrier. The closer level of integration lets you know the exact situation on your farm at any time.” The new update will also provide greater support for precision farming. Users can instantly upload their Gatekeeper boundaries straight to Claas Telematics – vital for the UK, where boundaries can change yearly in line with stewardship schemes and other circumstances. “Essentially, we allow your data to move along a two-way street,” says Andrew. “Every year, you can upload your crop area boundaries

and the data is adjusted accordingly. This upgrade brings those two silos of data into one.” Edward Miller, UK product manager at Claas, commented: “The direct link between Claas Telematics and Gatekeeper will save a huge amount of time for our customers. Being able to synchronise data with a few clicks could not be easier.” The update is now available for download, allowing farmers to utilise and leverage their data more effectively through greater integration. “It’s the best of both worlds for Gatekeeper and Claas Telematics users,” added Andrew. “The new update will support agile and effective work while helping to create a more integrated farming world for everyone.” The new Gatekeeper/Claas integration update is available to download now. Visit to learn more. FG

134 October 2021

128-135 Precision Farming.indd 134

10/09/2021 15:29

Embracing the next generation of farming Precision Ag at Ben Burgess is a key factor in delivering premium customer support. Fine tuning of machines and implements by Precision Ag consultants operating across East Anglia and beyond, provides the foundation for getting the best performance out of customers’ John Deere products. Each machine receives a tailored set up specific to individual customers and their way of farming. Years of comprehensive data analysis empowers the Precision Ag team with a skillset that can save customers both time and money, Ben Burgess reckons. In addition, training is provided to ensure confidence with

the technology amongst operators and farm managers. As soon as any ‘Connected Machine’ (a machine with JDLink ) is set off, with the owner’s permission, Ben Burgess can continually monitor its performance using unique reports which allow the team to consult on functional adjustments.

JDLink also provides a conduit to a platform called Expert Alerts, which combines intelligent algorithms with a smart prioritising system, which can predict a possible machine failure. Having consent switched on for Expert Alerts means that when Ben Burgess receives a ‘Critical Expert Alert’, a member of the team can offer support immediately. Using JDLink to remotely access the machine means they are often able to gather enough information before attending the machine to enable a first-time fix. More recently, John Deere has launched an industry-leading ‘Performance Alerts’ system which focuses on optimising machine performance, allowing Ben Burgess to assist its customers with enhancing machine operation, as they are working. Data created by machines as they operate has become an important part of the agricultural world. It is one of Ben Burgess’s priorities to assist in the collection and interpretation of this valuable commodity, then present the opportunities it highlights to customers. However, data needs to be stored safely, accessed easily, worked with and of course utilised. This is where the John Deere MyOperations

Center comes in. It can collect all data generated by JDLink-enabled machines (not just John Deere), store field boundaries, A-B lines, produce application prescriptions and store all historical field data. All of which enables farm owners and managers to make informed decisions for the following year’s cropping season. Ben Burgess’ seven-strong Precision Ag team pride themselves on their knowledge and expertise, built up over a combined total of 70 years’ experience. With the increased demands and difficulties faced in farming over the last two years due to weather pressures and the pandemic, it is more important to Ben Burgess than ever before to ensure customers maintain access to its wealth of Precision Ag knowledge. This prompted the introduction of a ground-breaking centralised communication system called Expert Connect, which ensures customers always have access to a consultant when they need it most through one centralised mobile phone app. Combining these elements and building data-based partnerships allows the Ben Burgess Precision Ag team to provide solutions that really make a difference to farmers and their operations. FG

Väderstad machinery is designed to efficiently create the optimum environment in your field. Minimum soil disturbance helps to improve the organic matter found in the soil, enhancing water filtration, improving the condition of the soil and ultimately resulting in better crops. At Ben Burgess*, we have a wide range of Väderstad machinery, parts and servicing available. TopDown 300-900 The TopDown is a high intensity multipurpose cultivator, performing both a full-scale shallow cultivation and a deep cultivation in one pass. By adapting the working result to different conditions in the field, the TopDown is a highly versatile multipurpose cultivator, unmatched in performance. It reduce passes, preserves ground moisture, increases capacity and lowers the establishment costs.

Rapid A 400-800S The pneumatic seed drill Rapid A 400-800S is a powerful drill ready for future farming. The three seed drills in the product family are seed-only versions equipped with a high precision metering system. Rapid A 400-800S is designed with the driver in focus, while never compromising on the important seeding precision and crop quality.

For more information about these machines or to book a demo, contact your local Ben Burgess area sales manager.

Follow us: *Excludes Ben Burgess Coates.

October 2021 135

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14/09/2021 12:39

Sprayers Features such as section control and automatic boom height adjustment on the Metris sprayer provide the levels of precision application that owner Rob Holmes requires.

New sprayer is long-term investment For Derbyshire arable and dairy farmer Rob Holmes, a new sprayer should be a 10–15 year investment, so the decision on a new make and model was not to be taken lightly. In fact, it was an 18-month quest, which finally ended following a trip to the Cereals Event when Rob settled on the machine that offered the necessary build quality, and sufficiently advanced technology, to give over a decade of good service. That was back in 2014, so six seasons later – or approximately halfway through the sprayer’s life expectancy at Park Style Farm – is the Kuhn Metris fulfilling its promise? “My initial impression when I saw the machine at Cereals was that it looked right,” recalls Rob. “It was wellproportioned and balanced, whereas so many of the other options looked top heavy. “Other key requirements were aluminium booms and a steering axle, and I wanted auto shut-off, automatic boom height adjustment and auto wash-out. The Metris was the only trailed 24m sprayer available at that time that offered all these options. “Other considerations were the reputation and likely longevity of the manufacturer. When you are buying a machine that you expect to still have many years later you want to be sure about long term parts and servicing back-up. Kuhn is a company with a long history and a strong reputation for

quality. They have a UK headquarters that is relatively local to me and they’ve shown their commitment to the future with their investment in people and technology. Everything down to the quality of the paintwork gave me the confidence that the Metris was the right machine for me.” Rob bought his Metris to replace a 24m trailed machine that had done long service across the 1,100-acres that he farms near Ashbourne. Whilst boom width remained the same, he did opt for the increased capacity of a 3,200-litre tank (up from 2,500 litres on his old machine). This extra tank capacity, plus the auto wash-out facility that completes three cycles for a thorough clean in 15 minutes, have all helped to increase the efficiency of spraying operations. “We’re growing around 530-acres of winter wheat and 200-acres of winter barley, in addition to about 50-acres each of spring rape and spring beans,” says Rob, “so a lot of the cropping will have four or five passes with the sprayer in a typical season. We’ll also spray the grassland for weed control. It’s a lot of work, often under time pressure, so having a machine that’s efficient and reliable provides great peace of mind.”

which offered greater control and precision than the standard factory fitting,” says Rob. “It’s been worthwhile investing to get the machine that we want, given the length of service we’re expecting.” Other features that were specified and have proven their worth are the steering axle, which helps manoeuvrability and cuts down on any deviation from the tramlines, and the automatic boom height control. Rob also opted for the Equilibra boom suspension on his Metris – a system that helps to minimise the stresses and strains on the structure during work and in transport. The combination of build quality, design and no doubt care by the operator has meant no major repairs have been required over six full seasons of use so far. Apart from Rob Holmes is happy that he has a sprayer with both the technical performance and replacing consumable components longevity that he was looking for. such as pump valves and diaphragms, the only repair needed has been to solder a broken wire – and Advanced technology the problem was solved. As well as reliability and longevity, Rob “We have routine servicing carried wanted a step forward in technology out by a local dealer and an annual when investing in his new sprayer, so sprayer test carried out by Flowgrow opted for GPS section control to give at Burton-on-Trent,” concludes Rob. levels of precision application he’d not “Knowing that Kuhn has technical experienced before. specialists available through the dealer “I went for the nine section shutis also very reassuring.” FG off, with the smaller end sections,

Sancroft Agri Services es Ltd


NSTS Testing, Service & Repairs on all makes of crop sprayers

Contact Nick Hambling Sancroft Agri Services Ltd The Equilibra boom suspension system on the Metris sprayer eases the stresses and strains on the structure during transport as well as when operating.


Please contact us with any enquiries for KNIGHT and FARMGEM sprayers plus all your other crop sprayer requirements

Frogs Hall, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LF mobile: 07748 644975 email:

136 October 2021

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10/09/2021 15:33

Sprayer range maximises crop potential Garford Hooded Sprayers, Band Sprayers, Spot Sprayer and Weedfoil were developed to enable precise and accurate application of plant protection products and fertilisers to growing crops, maximising crop potential and reducing environmental impact. The company’s Robocrop Precision Guidance analyses multiple crop rows to find the average row centre position to an accuracy usually better than 1cm. This enables great efficiency for chemical applications as high accuracy allows greater inter-row coverage. The Hooded Sprayer features a tough polyethylene hood, breakback mountings, quick and easy bandwidth setup from 12–65cm per hood, with soil engaging plant protection shields for added plant safety. Integral spray tank systems can be mounted on the sprayer toolbar and, for increased

capacity, front-mounted low-profile tanks can be used. Integrating a Band Sprayer system within a Hooded Sprayer is common practice, so applying liquid fertiliser and plant protection chemicals can be applied on a single pass. Precision Weedfoil aims to control large, early emerging weeds such as volunteer potatoes in root vegetable crops. The Weedfoil pad height can be adjusted remotely via an electric actuator. The Spot Sprayer is designed to target individual clusters of weed material growing in young row crops. Specifically, volunteer potatoes growing in carrot and onion crops. As it advances forward, the weeds pass the toolbar and the appropriate nozzle is momentarily fired to accurately apply the required dosage. FG

PRECISION SPRAYING Technology options offer

SAVE UP TO £5000*


Hooded Sprayer

Precision spraying just got more affordable! Take advantage of our money-saving offer on precision technology when purchasing a new mounted or trailed sprayer. Garford hooded sprayers have been developed to enable precise and accurate application of plant protection products to maximise crop potential and reduce environmental impact

*Contact your KUHN Dealer for more information or visit our website for details: Offer closes 30/11/2021

t: 01778 342642 e: October 2021 137 06/09/2021

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14/09/2021 15:39


Pioneer Trailed Sprayer

Pioneering a solid performer Although S&K Sprayers (FarmGEM’s sole importer for the UK and Ireland) offers wider boom widths, 24m remains the most popular. But technology is also now key too, so the Pioneer Trailed Sprayer (which superseded the Diamond) is the UK’s most popular machine, the company says. Specified with a 3,300-litre tank and the proven Self-Trak drawbar, it is ideal for use for crops where the precise wheel tracking is key, and in OSR where the smooth underbelly and 600mm+ clearance is important, S&K says. A Delta 80 terminal with 8.4in colour screen controls the application rate, combined with a joystick for control of spraying on/off and boom functions. Axle suspension, hydraulic brakes and an automatic priming and purging circulation system are

also standard features, as are the stainless steel 19mm spray lines and chemical induction hopper. A new two-stage folding Series 3 boom with ‘3D’ active boom suspension is fitted to the trailed models and backed by a three-year warranty. The 18, 20, 21 and 24m boom widths are easily available as the Series 3 versatile construction allows boom widths to be changed by adding wider bolt in sections of boom. The boom has tilt correction and boom lock as standard and booms can also be specified with independent variable geometry and independent outer boom fold. The 3D active suspension system controls boom bounce, incline and yaw. Other features such as Precision Farming DGPS auto spray section control, auto boom levelling and LED night lighting are available as options. FG

01507 466011 S&K Sprayer Services Ltd Unit 5 Beechings Way, Alford, Lincolnshire LN13 9JE

Main dealer for BARGAM Agriculture Machinery Main Dealer for BARGAM Agriculture Machinery

Merse Agriculture can supply new and used equipment, servicing and spare parts for all types of sprayers

For a demo of a mechanical drive machine, contact UP DAT Efor D Gthe RI MP E UR JR MerseNEW Agriculture NEW updated Bargam Grimpeur range

Check out the website for more information and the rest of the range

Quality • Performance • Precision 82279

01361 408532

Quality • Performance • Precision

01361 408532

138 October 2021

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Maximum output, maximum precision on one axle Amazone has extended its UX trailed sprayer range with the UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super high-performance models, with an actual volume of 8,000- and 9,000-litres respectively. The compact Amazone machine design means that the new models combine tank capacities of up to 9,000-litres and boom widths of up to 42m, yet keep the excellent manoeuvrability and high stability of a single-axle sprayer. The newly developed chassis of the UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super directly links the axle to the standard lower hitch drawbar. The forwardsloping chassis design maintains an ideal weight distribution of the sprayer, and thus permissible drawbar and axle loads are optimally utilised. The centre of gravity is particularly low in the new chassis concept and

so ensures high stability, even on hilly terrain and when negotiating bends. The chassis also enjoys particularly good ground clearance, Amazone says. The narrow profile of the spray agent tank, with the fresh water tanks mounted on either side of the chassis, contributes to its safe handling, especially when the tank is partially filled. Another advantage of the tank shape, which is made of polyethylene, is the extremely rounded design and the exceptionally smooth inner and outer walls, which make overall cleaning very easy, the company reckons. Designed for high outputs, the

Super-L3 boom now encompasses working widths of 39, 40 or 42m. One-sided independent folding up to the inner boom section for negotiating obstacles is also a major advantage, and ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping system are fitted as standard. The new larger tank capacities come hand-in-hand with two newlydesigned, high-capacity piston diaphragm pumps with an output of 250-litres/min (spray pump) and 350-litres/min (agitation pump). These highly reliable piston diaphragm pumps enable consistently high

delivery capacities, regardless of the spray pressure. Consistently high agitation outputs and application rates are always available, even at high system pressures. In addition, the piston diaphragm pumps are self-priming, which means that the complete spray agent circuit is set up very simply and with short hose routing. The spray and agitation pumps can be driven either by a PTO shaft or hydraulically. The hydraulic pump drive, which is fully integrated in the Isobus control, regulates the required pump speed fully automatically depending on the operating status. In addition to the enormous work rates, the two new UX Super models also focus on reducing the driver's workload. The SmartCenter settings centre and complete operator station are securely protected under the access cover to the left-hand side of the sprayer. The high-capacity 60-litre induction bowl is also located here. The SmartCenter offers the ideal solution for every customer requirement with the high-end Comfort-Pack plus offering maximum convenience with the pressuresensitive touch terminal for machine operation with fully automated filling and cleaning processes. FG

Bigger and wider - the NEW range of UX trailed sprayers NEW Amazone UX 7601 Super

Amazone sprayers are engineered to help you maintain yields, save costs and conserve the environment. Now with the additional tank options of 7,600 and 8,600 litres and boom widths of up to 42 m, the UX trailed sprayer offers a range of perfectly balanced machines with superior strength, renowned reliability and all-round efficiency.

From the intuitive in-house software and spray booms with faultless height guidance right through to individual nozzle selection, CurveControl and AmaSelect Row - Amazone lead the way in crop protection with features that prevent waste and Amazone’s unique ContourControl and SwingStop systems ensure the nozzle is kept at the exact help save you money.

Contact your local dealer or phone us on 01302 755 725 136-143 Sprayers.indd 139

height above the crop whatever the field contours. 15/09/2021 10:15

Sprayers Smart alternative to PWN launches For sprayer operators looking for individual nozzle control with the addition of variable rate along the spray boom, to provide true turn compensation without the restriction on nozzle choice associated with PWM systems, Altek has launched the new Smart C Spray 124. Smart C Spray ‘True Turn’ flow compensation alters the application rate by swapping to a more suitable nozzle/nozzle combination dependent on the boom tip speed at every position. Switching time is just 0.2 seconds, so there is no noticeable interruption in spray pattern. It is also available with the optional Flow monitoring (Nozzle Spy), which monitors the liquid flow per nozzle position via an integrated flow meter in the line clamp. The Altek SBR 500 regulation valve has been developed to provide fast reacting and proportional flow control with integrated feedback to ensure controlled application at all times. User Interface control is provided by the in-house developed 10in touchscreen LT PC

Terminal with integrated NavGuide GPS solution. This solution provides all typical Precision AG features and supports multiple GPS solutions including RTK, variable application rate via Prescription map. In order to provide greater flexibility of the Smart C Spray system, Altek and its partner Lykketronic are currently developing an ‘ISO-Bridge’ solution which will enable the INC system to work on machines using Isobus control platforms. FG

Compact sprayer design attracts interest from contractors Team Sprayers is reporting an increase in sales of its Arian 2 mounted sprayer, with particular interest from contractors. The Arian 2 is Team’s largest tractor-mounted agricultural sprayer and features rotationally moulded plastic tanks with capacities up to 1,800-litres and boom lengths up to 27m, plus a two-stage control valve operation system designed to keep liquid wastage to a minimum, whilst optimising the sprayer functions. The Cambridgeshire-based manufacturer believes it has seen more interest as customers are keen to buy British. Team’s managing director Danny Hubbard said: “As a British manufacturer we can offer initial personalised set up support and long-term after sales

service which is important to our customer base.” Tony Leach, of Tony Leach Contracting Services, is reporting an excellent first season with his Arian 2: “Buying British was definitely a factor for us; it was great to get personal service from Team for the initial set up. We bought a 24m boom with a 1,800-litre tank at the back and 800-litre on the front. The boom is very compact when folded away, which is great for us as we move around a lot between farms. It’s brilliant in the field and very easy to operate. I have been really pleased with it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.” The Arian 2 comes in 1,200-, 1,600- and 1,800-litre tank sizes. FG

A perfect fit for a stronger future!

IDTA 02-08

2-8 bar

Award winning 4 star rated (sizes 025/03/04) Asymmetrical nozzle Pressure range 2-8 bar Available in sizes 02-08 Ceramic only

Individual Nozzle Control – CAN control along the spray line reduces cables and makes easy to install. Single, Twin, and Quad Options


 Suitable for use with all types of nozzles including air Induction  Smart C Spray provides turn compensation (Twin& Quad systems) by switching of nozzle combinations at each nozzle position depending on speed and direction of each nozzle position.

10 & 15

 Twin and Quad systems can be used in application using prescription maps. ISO Connectivity

1-3 bar

Can be used with a wide variety of controllers including; Ag-leader, Bertolini, Raven, Topcon


Five stream fertiliser nozzles Reduced jet force and gentle application due to 7 degree backward inclination Exit orifices designed for better cross distribution compared to standard orifice nozzles Pressure range 1-4 bar (up to size 08) Size 10 and 15: 1-3 Bar

New nozzle sizes from Lechler ID3 08 & 10 IDK 08 & 10 IDKT 08 & 10

Tel Web Email

Fast Flow & Pressure regulation using altek SBR500

01652 688 889

140 October 2021

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The Arian 2 Mounted Sprayer Effective, Accurate Controlled.

The new Arian 2 Sprayer comes in 1200L, 1600L and 1800L tank sizes.

The boom is very compact when folded away, which is great for us as we move around a lot between farms. It’s brilliant in the field and very easy to operate. I have been really pleased with it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.


For further information, please get in touch. • 01353 661211 01400 276050

Get in touch to hear about our preowned machines. October 2021 141

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Sprayers Sprayer range ‘constantly innovated and developed’ Based in picturesque Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, Househam Sprayers designs, innovates and manufactures self-propelled sprayers; with a diverse product range available to fulfil all individual spraying requirements. With four machines completing the range, the Spirit, AirRide, Harrier and Predator, Househam says it is constantly innovating and developing the range to ensure it is class-leading in all areas. The Air Ride, Harrier and Predator have been upgraded to the Claas Jaguar cab, optimising operator comfort, visibility and overall machine performance. All are available with Househam’s own GPS solution, NavGuide. With the company’s willingness to produce bespoke machines, it says it has won export business from customers all over the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine and many other nonEuropean countries. The renowned

AirRide (pictured), introduced in 2002, has been developed constantly in order to meet different spraying requirements, including strawberry sprayers, the Cotton Boss and the Veg Boss. It boasts a high standard specification with efficiency, reliability and comfort at the heart of its design. It is available with a range of optional advanced technologies designed to maximise application accuracy and productivity. These include Auto Nozzle Select (ANS), Househam Intelligent Transmission System (HITS) ultra-sonic Boom Height Control and the Spray Pilot hydraulically controlled auto-steer. FG

The future of crop protection? compromising on overall sprayer and boom stability. It also enables the driver to steer with booms folded to help increase efficiency especially within the smaller fields. The Aeon Centura Line is equipped as standard with PrimeFlow – a pressure-fed boom fluid system that guarantees rapid priming and prevents sedimentation and clogging. When spraying starts, liquid has already been distributed across the entire boom, circulating at the requested pressure through the spray lines. When spraying stops, the liquid will continue to circulate at a standby pressure. Even when spraying at low pressure, the spray lines are completely drained, leaving only a small residual volume, which means less liquid is required for cleaning. FG

The Aeon is the first of the new sprayers within the Centura Line series from Hardi, as the manufacturer has expanded its offering into a more sophisticated range of crop sprayers with higher specifications, advanced technology options, and finished off with a more desirable, modern and sleek design. The Aeon is currently available with tank capacity of 4,200- and 5,200-litres, and boom widths from 24–39m. Delta Force steel booms are standard on the Hardi Aeon, and technology includes individual nozzle control and automatic nozzle selection. The Hardi Aeon is manufactured with rear-wheel steering, enabling the operator to make sharper turns on the headland, whilst not

4200 & 5200L

24 - 39m

AutoNozzleControl (Option)

ComfortTrack steering

AutoSelect Duo (Option)

! w o n n o ti a r t On demons

HARDI introduces the AEON CENTURA line – the future of crop care. The AEON Centura Line is a completely new high-end trailed sprayer developed for spraying with higher spraying speeds, better performance resulting in an increased overall capacity. Built on a customer related functional design with ease and automatic operation, precise fluid system, perfect tracking and boom performance, get ready to future proof your operations with HARDI.

Discover the future of crop care. Request your AEON demonstration: Peter Wiles (UK South): 07901 856734 · Steve Dunning (UK North): 07785 707746 · 142 October 2021

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Make sure there is time to spray After two wet autumns, farmers are understandably anxious to get wheat drilled up. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of a timely pre-em herbicide programme. “Herbicides are a significant investment for the farmer, so effective application is vital,” says Tom Chillcott of Bayer. “You achieve consistent, good control by using Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) at the pre-em timing, ideally within 48 hours of drilling.” “This year, farmers can add Proclus (aclonifen) to the tank mix to improve control against difficult black-grass and ryegrass populations. It is pre-em only so farmers need to make sure

they have time to get back and spray soon after drilling to get the benefit.” Dick Neale, technical manager at Hutchinsons (pictured), says the past two seasons should serve as a stark reminder to cereal growers in black-grass areas of the perils of allowing the drill to get too far ahead of the sprayer. He thinks that the majority of bad black-grass

situations are due to delayed spraying or no herbicide being used at all because of this. “Beyond weed issues, drilling early also puts wheat under other pressures – the most significant being longer exposure to the septoria pathogen, with the associated yield penalty.” Whilst some may be pinning hopes on a return to an easier autumn like 2018’s, preparation to be able to adapt to whatever the weather may bring is essential, stresses Mr Neale. “There is a trade-off between, on the one hand,

holding off drilling on heavy land for sufficient black-grass flushes to emerge, and on the other ensuring it gets drilled before the weather turns towards late October. If you farm in an area where this scenario is familiar, then a plan B is required, as plan C – drilling early, in September – will most likely result in a bad black-grass infestation, early set-up of yellow rust and exposure to septoria”. In short, growers convinced that land is fit to drill should make sure there is a weather window and sufficient machine capacity to ensure it receives its follow-up preem spray as soon as possible after establishment, he emphasises. “If you are a one-person operation, consider a contractor to spray for you if that’s what’s necessary to keep up with the drill, or that the sprayer is ready to follow the drill as it leaves the field.” The way you manage your soil also influences results. Most important of all, the land needs to be fit for travel. “Any spray recommendations are worthless if you can’t get on. “Make your pre-em application as soon as you are able, but don’t race your spraying. Keep the boom low and your speed at 10–12km/h. Boom height stability comes with low forward speed,” Mr Neale concludes. FG


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. . . Y N A M O TO BE NEXT! 80924



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Farm Safety & Security

Using simple technology to save lives on-farm Farm safety issues remain very much in the spotlight, with the Health and Safety Executive recently issuing a warning after a spate of farm deaths. With this in mind, we caught up with Aberdeenshire farmer Marc Skivington about his popular safety app Smart Farmer, and how it could help to reduce deaths and injuries on farm. The latest HSE figures, published in July, show there were 41 deaths in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries in 2020/21 – almost double last year’s figure of 21. In August, the HSE urged farmers and farmworkers to prioritise farm safety after four fatalities were reported in just two weeks. With these sobering statistics at the forefront of our minds, simple technology to help farmers improve safety has never been more essential. The Smart Farmer app was created by Marc Skivington, who manages a 1,800ha business at Slainspark Farm, growing combinable crops, seed potatoes, turnips and daffodils; milking 400 dairy cows and fattening 52,000 pigs a year, as well as managing a 300-head beef herd. The farm also has a 400kW anaerobic digester, a 500kW wind turbine and a 400kW biomass plant. When Marc wanted to improve safety and make machinery checks easier on his own farm, he found the available technology was lacking and decided to create his own app, which launched at Lamma ’20. Since then, it has seen numerous updates and now offers not only a simple way of completing machinery checks, but also features to improve lone worker safety, field hazard identification, training, risk assessments and more. As a result, it was voted as one of the top five must-have safety apps by farmers during Farm Safety Week last year. It has also picked up a range of other awards, including Agri-Tech Innovator of the Year at the British Farming Awards and a Royal Highland Show Silver Award for Technical Innovation. Marc is now investing £40,000 into various additional updates over the coming months, to meet various requirements following feedback from users. Further information will be revealed in due course.

The software explained The app and cloud-based software uses a simple traffic light system to help operators complete checks on machinery and equipment before starting work, as well as keeping up-to-date with maintenance, servicing and training. Checklists are easily customisable, so you can opt for just a few checks, or a more comprehensive list. Farmers and other users can record prestart checks on their mobile phones, with QR codes used to identify machines quickly, while the app’s traffic light system shows the state of machinery at a glance. Users can also view

ongoing raised and resolved issues, adding a photo to make a raised issue easier to identify. The app works with all types of machinery and is available on Apple and Android phones. It can be used by unlimited users and machines, and with the industry becoming increasingly aware of farm safety, it can be used as a tool for planned preventative maintenance (PPM). As well as helping farmers to comply with the law, it enables employers, managers and operators to better communicate and take responsibility for machine safety. Other features of the app include risk assessments, training documents and the ability to record and print service reports and daily usage of machinery. This means risk assessments are easily accessible from the user’s phone – saving paper and avoiding them being hidden away in the back of a cupboard. The app can also give reminders when a service is due. As a cloud-based service, data is shared with everyone on the farm, so that all team members know the status and condition of the equipment.

place reasonable safety measures – so this new feature will be a welcome addition. Meanwhile, within the Smart Farmer web portal, fields can now easily be added by the admin of the site, creating a field boundary and utilising the simple key to plot all hazards on the map. Additional hazards can be added to the key for future reference. When the operator enters the field boundary, they receive a notification providing a map to highlight all of the hazards within the field. For more information contact Smart Farmer or sign up for a free 28-day trial via FG

Recent updates Lone working and field hazard identification were recently added to the app to further improve its safety benefits. The lone working feature allows administrators to set how often the system checks workers’ latitude and longitude coordinates, so if they are the same as on the previous reading, an alert will be sent to the operator and administrator. The administrator will receive a link to the operator’s location so they can check on their safety. Lone working is commonplace in agriculture and comes with the potential for higher risks and more severe consequences if workers are not able to summon help quickly. Those responsible for farm businesses have a legal duty to themselves and their workers to put in October 2021 145

144-147 Farm Safety.indd 145

13/09/2021 12:20

Farm Safety & Security Technology offers 92% recovery rate on thefts As farmers and landowners look to combat the ever-increasing threat of rural crime, ATVTrac is fast becoming the chosen line of defence, thanks to significant success and proven recovery rates. With its parent company established in the market for over a decade, ATVTrac offers multi-tiered technology with real-time location information, utilising GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF technology, to not only pinpoint vehicle location, but to inform owners of unauthorised movement via text, email and

phone call. ATVTrac has a 92% recovery rate and average recovery time of three hours, but it also has functionality designed to make life easier and safer too, with live tracking and machine over, assisting with safety and duty of care, helping to cover lone worker policies in the process. On top of its safety features, ATVTrac offers live battery information, with adjustable lowlevel notifications and an all-new service notification facility, helping to keep track of oil changes and

routine maintenance. Journey history and usage reports can also be downloaded and saved in shareable formats. If the unthinkable happens, ATVTrac has a 24-hour manned call centre, which tracks the device, directly liaising with police or partners, Securitas, to recover the asset and return it hasslefree. In addition, owners can get preferential insurance rates, too.

Find out more at www. FG

Revolutionising ATV & Asset Security A discreet ATV tracker that monitors the movements of your asset in real-time, allowing you to view status and usage history 24/7 with notification of unauthorised movements.

New dealer opportunities are available nationwide


Key Features:

Up to 25% discount on your insurance premium with the NFU Mutual






Endorsed By

Protecting your ATV, UTV, 4x4, Farming Equipment and Machinery

Get in touch: If you would like to know more information about ATVTrac or anything else please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 |  +44 (0) 1327 317 980

(Lines open 9am - 5:30pm)

DOOR SERVICES LTD Industrial Door Specialists

• Installation • Repairs • Planned Maintenance Specialists in Building & Perimeter Security 82288

Tel: 01245 600235 Mobile: 07887 806603



Agricultural doors Steel roller shutters – galvanised and powder coated Insulated roller shutters for cold stores Pass door and steel hinged door sets High speed rapid roll doors Insulated sectional doors

24hr call out

• • • • • •

146 October 2021

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13/09/2021 12:16

Secure storage for chemicals and machinery help prevent break-ins and painted in dark green to blend in with agricultural surroundings with a light grey interior. As well as the converted chemical storage units, shipping containers can also provide a solution to all other storage needs. A standard unit can be a cost-effective secure environment for small tractors, quad-bikes and hand-held petrol equipment etc., which are highly desirable to thieves and often stolen from farms and rural homes. For professional advice on storage requirements, contact Jane and her team directly. FG


Jane Billing has been in the container business for 35 years, having started out as an office manager for a container survey firm, making regular contact with container depots and shipping lines, gaining the skills and expertise she has today. Billie Box was founded by Jane in 2012, specifically to be a knowledgeable and professional supplier of shipping containers to farmers and manufacturing companies. Jane realised some time ago that farmers needed specialist chemical storage for pesticides, fertilisers or pest control poisons to meet the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements for safe storage of chemicals. So she developed a range of specially-converted containers to ensure these dangerous chemicals are safe from accidental misuse and theft. Lipped shelves and a ventilation system are among the changes made from a standard container. A high-security lock and hardened steel surround are added to

Wellington Security Products Acorn House Cutlers Green Thaxted, Dunmow Essex CM6 2PZ

Free site survey and quotations:

01371 831731

The Old Timber Yard Longborough Moreton-in-Marsh Gloucestershire GL56 0QJ


The easy way to avoid costly fines!

Simple to install • Cost-Effective




Chemical Storage for Farmers


0800 121 7388










01386 49155


October 2021 147

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14/09/2021 09:44

Farm Diversification

Wind power: A new generation of installations How small-scale wind farms can help decarbonise our energy system – and how Drax is making them profitable. Exposed to the blustery elements of the North Atlantic, it’s no wonder the UK is a world leader when it comes to wind power generation. In 2020, wind contributed 24.8% of all power generated, and on 26th December 2020, Storm Bella saw wind power provide more than 50% of the UK’s energy needs over a 24-

hour period for the first time ever.

Obligation. The UK has set a target of 40GW of installed wind capacity by 2030 – an increase from the 24.1 GW generated by more than 10,000 turbines today. Wind power is at the heart of the government’s Build Back Greener initiative, with £160 million being made available to upgrade and develop offshore wind capacity. As the UK progresses towards its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, wind will become a more important asset in decarbonising the country’s energy system. Much of our future generating capacity will come from large wind farms. However, businesses like farms can also play an important role in the growth of wind power with individual turbines. And small-scale wind installations will have a role to play as the UK moves to a more decentralised system with a greater number of distributed generation assets spread around the country.

Powering the future

Turning generators into vendors

Improvements in technology combined with lower installation costs have pushed the growth of wind power, but so have government incentives such as the Feed in Tariff and Renewable

By increasing the amount of independent wind power generated, the UK can reduce its dependency on emissions-intensive forms of power. By taking the surplus renewable electricity from

small scale generators like farms, the grid can become less dependent on bringing gas or coal power sources online. This is facilitated through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

The role of PPAs A key mechanism in supporting the growth of independent generators are PPAs, which help promote the growth of independent generation. Electricity suppliers will offer a price to the generators for their excess energy, over an agreed period. This energy will then be sold on to supply customers. For owners of small-scale wind installations, PPAs allow them to generate extra revenue, and stay in control. Drax offers a range of PPA options, beyond the standard agreements, to suit differing business needs.

Looking for a renewables purchasing partner? Drax has partnered with more than 2,300 renewables generators – including 810 sites dedicated to wind power, with a total generating capacity of nearly 141kWh. To learn more about how Drax can partner with you to find the ideal PPA, download the Drax PPA guide at FG




TEL: OFFICE 01536 669630, KERRY 07941 961496 OR JAMES 07826 398096 148 October 2021

148-157 Diversification.indd 148

14/09/2021 09:12


Selling energy made simple At Drax, we believe in Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that work as hard as you do. Total transparency, no hidden costs or nasty surprises, just guaranteed revenue that you can rely on. Leaving you to focus on what matters most: the job at hand. We partner with over 2,300 independent generators with PPAs in wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion. Find out how choosing the right PPA with Drax could save you time, money and effort. Download our free PPA guide today at or speak to a team member on 0845 485 3134

8274_Drax_Renewables_PPA_AW.indd 1 148-157 Diversification.indd 149

12/07/2021 14/09/2021 18:04 09:14

All the expertise and advice you need Larking Gowen has years of experience in agriculture and the expertise to guide you through investment, diversification, succession, tax planning and more, whatever the size of your business.

We'll be there to see you through the good times and the challenges. We forge long-term relationships, often through generations of families, and deliver timely advice at every stage. All your accountancy needs, with a friendly one-to-one service.

Now, for tomorrow

Committed to you Farmers guide Sep 2021.indd 1 150 148-157 Diversification.indd

25/08/2021 12:14:53 14/09/2021 09:16


Farm Diversification

How will the latest taxation issues affect your business? Experts from Larking Gowen, one of the UK’s largest agriculture accounting specialists, highlight two current taxation issues. Those with long memories may recall the generous tax relief once given on farming and agricultural buildings. Under the old ‘Agricultural Buildings Allowance’ the cost could, at one stage, be written off over seven years, but this was restricted to 4% per annum in 1985 and abolished from 2011 on the basis that such buildings had an indefinite life. “Arguments about this assertion have been raging ever since,” Steven Rudd, lead partner in Larking Gowen’s Farms & Landed Estates team (pictured below), states. “Some recognition was given in October 2018 with the introduction of a ‘structures and building’ allowance, initially at 2% per annum, increased to 3% in April 2020. However, this fails to recognise that modern agricultural buildings have a limited life, are highly specialised, cannot be easily converted and may carry a substantial decommissioning cost when no longer required.” The specialised nature of some structures has led to the testing of a different route to tax relief, drawing on the inclusion of silos and cold stores within the list of items qualifying for allowances as ‘plant and machinery’. The point was tested in the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) case of May & Anor [2019] which found that expenditure on a highly specialised store for drying, conditioning and storing grain was allowable as it was incapable of general use. Anecdotal evidence suggests that HMRC has subsequently sought to restrict the relevance of this case

Agricultural buildings have a limited life, are highly specialised, cannot be easily converted and may carry a substantial decommissioning cost. to its very particular circumstances, denying tax relief to specialised livestock or food processing buildings. Another aspect was tested during a 2021 FTT case related to a potato store, specifically

constructed to hold and process crisping potatoes. It was agreed that the internal machinery was eligible as plant, but HMRC denied relief on the building. The tribunal subsequently determined that the construction was fundamental to its function and dismissed the argument by HMRC, which has until mid-September to decide whether to appeal in the Upper Tier Tribunal. Currently, it offers a wider scope for tax relief on the cost of specialised buildings and with 100% Annual Investment Allowance continuing at £1m per annum until 31st December, when it will presumably revert to £200,000, there is probably still an opportunity to be grasped.

‘Making Tax Digital’ will affect many farming businesses Farming businesses are likely to be particularly affected by HMRC’s Making Tax Digital proposals, which could make their tax affairs significantly more complex and create additional charges. Significant thought and forward planning will be needed over the next nine months, William Wadsley, assistant manager at Larking Gowen (pictured above), advises. “In a paper issued 20th July 2021, HMRC confirmed that from 2023/24, tax for the self-employed will be assessed on profits arising during the fiscal year, with transitional arrangements in 2022/23 for businesses which use other year-end dates. This will effectively bring multiple accounting years into one tax year. Unlike the change in 1995/96, there will be no averaging calculation; the figure will simply be all accounting periods ending in 2022/3, plus profits arising between the end of the latest period and 5th April, less any overlap relief brought forward (probably from 1995/6). “The speed with which this is being

introduced is surprising. It was mentioned in the ‘timely payment’ paper in March 2021, but only a week after the consultation period ended a further consultation has been issued, including draft legislation proposed for inclusion in the 2022 Finance Bill.” Larking Gowen believes up to 50,000

In a paper issued 20th July 2021, HMRC confirmed that from 2023/24, tax for the self-employed will be assessed on profits during the fiscal year. farmers may fall within the transitional rules. There are several areas where the proposals could create problems: • The transitional year will fall into a period when BPS payments are being phased out and ELMS schemes are beginning, so cash-flows and profitability are likely to fluctuate • Against the backdrop of industry transition there are likely to be more successions taking place, with all the associated tax implications • Most overlap calculations will go back to 1995/6. Not all businesses have records going back that far, particularly if they have changed accountant • The five-year spreading calculations could be complex, especially alongside two- and five-year averaging • There may be higher-rate tax implications and if changes in partnership are already in prospect, considerable detailed planning will be required to optimise tax charges • For arable farms particularly, there may be tax mitigation strategies involving the timing of sales, recognition points of subsidy and choice of future year ends • All relevant businesses must review capital expenditure programmes to assess when and whether to invest over the next 2–3 years for best effect, bearing in mind that the Annual Investment Allowance of £1m is likely to end in January 2022. FG

Land with Development Prospects? For specialist professional advice on • LAND SALE VALUES • OPTION AGREEMENTS • PROMOTION AGREEMENTS • JOINT VENTURES

Chartered Surveyors and Development Specialists

Nick Harper FAAV MRICS

07528 089419

78734 October 2021 151

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15/09/2021 09:32

Do you own land with development potential?

Hawkspur acts for landowners with potential development land – whether selling it with planning permission or land that may take up to 20 years to be developed. Some landowners and professionals shared their experiences. Hawkspur managing director Nick Harper (pictured) acted as the agent for the promotion and sale of a parcel of farmland for Mr and Mrs R and Mrs DW. “He managed to guide us through the initial selection of a development promoter, the promotion agreement, the ongoing monitoring of the planning application and process, which ultimately led to the successful marketing and a profitable sale to our

preferred housing developer,” they said. “Nick, is now helping us through the various stages of an additional option agreement with the same developer which has all the signs of being equally successful.” The land was sold with consent for 135 houses, and the second phase of 100 houses has been sold to a housebuilder. Meanwhile, another client,

Mr P H and his brother, were considering how to promote a 100-house site on green field open farmland and approached Mr Harper, despite being experienced in land deals themselves. “We are experienced in land deals, including seeking planning permission for large scale residential development and achieving sales reflecting a full measure of development value. However, more recently my brother and I were considering the best avenue of approach for us to promote a 100-house site on green field open

farmland,” Mr P H explained. “We decided on this occasion to approach Nick Harper, whom we both knew. Over a five-year period, he critically helped us to select a suitable national builder for an option agreement and then worked with them and the local authority to achieve planning permission and a land sale on suitable terms. At all times, Nick was energetic, knowledgeable and discreet and played a critical role in the whole process. I commend him for similar ventures.” Kerry Addison, of solicitors Thompson Smith & Puxon, added: “I have collaborated with Nick over several years on various projects of differing values and complexities. Nick has always been patient, helpful and approachable. On occasions where the commercial and legal complexities have conflicted, Nick has always worked with me to find a realistic and practical solution to ensure that the legal position is protected but the commercial aims are achieved.” Whether you own land or buildings with development potential, have been approached by a developer, would like guidance on what your property is worth with planning or want to know if your council has a five-year housing land supply, contact Mr Harper directly for advice, or a free initial appraisal. FG

Helping you drive your business forwards...

Ensors expertise, excellent friendly service and regional knowledge offer the perfect solution. Over 100 years of practice can't be wrong.


152 October 2021

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14/09/2021 09:50

Farm Diversification Could wind make your electricity for you?

Diversification and VAT As farmers continue searching for new, diverse income sources, the VAT position of any new enterprise needs thought, explains Ensors Chartered Accountants’ agricultural partner Graham Page. Many new diversified businesses will involve dealing with the public at consumer level rather than at business-to-business level. Any addition of VAT to products or services could result in either those products or services becoming outpriced. Alternatively, if VAT is absorbed by the diversified business, the financial returns reducing perhaps to the extent that the new business is not viable. This is a typical problem for diversified rural businesses. VAT planning is key to a successful outcome. VAT-registered farmers don’t

always appreciate that VAT will apply to all trade activities conducted by that business. For example, a farming partnership that chooses to start a holiday letting business will have to charge VAT for that activity from the outset. The advantage is that it allows full VAT recovery of costs incurred in setting up a business. It is commonplace for new activities to be separated from the farming business to circumvent the need for VAT registration for the enterprise, providing its turnover remains below £85,000pa. It is vital, however, to avoid any kind of artificial separation of the new activity from the existing VAT-registered business. This will extend to a different ownership and constitution, different bank accounts, ideally different premises and minimal shared facilities. FG

Producing off-grid electricity from wind can be an ideal power source in rural locations, to contribute to your power requirements or offset consumption from the grid. As UK farmers face increasing challenges, utilising wind power could help cut costs long term and reduce environmental impacts. You can find your location’s average wind speed per year at various heights, using a wind speed database (e.g., www. Ideally 5.5 metres/second (m/s) or above at 10m will be required for a wind turbine to be viable. Variations can occur depending on elevation of the land. With an average wind speed of 5.5m/s, the Airforce1 wind turbine could produce an estimated 1,100kwh of electricity over 12 months on a clean air site, or more if the wind speed is higher, increasing exponentially. It is possible to utilise multiple wind turbines. FuturEnergy has been manufacturing the Made

in Britain, Airforce1 1kw micro wind turbine for over 15 years. It aimed to manufacture a robust small wind turbine that would generate enough power to make a difference. The new Airforce Control, supplied with the 24V or 48V wind turbine, automatically protects the turbine in strong wind conditions, providing battery charging control, whilst monitoring wind speed and power generation. Customers can connect to their turbine anywhere in the world using the free iPhone/Android app, check on its power output and even start/stop the turbine. FG

When nothing is sure, everything is possible…

Planning. Design. Property.

Diversification is not purely survival, but a challenge. Everything is possible. 0345 340 5215

We are exhibiting at the Farm Business Innovation Show on 10 & 11 November at the NEC, Birmingham – visit us at Stand 2051

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Farm Diversification three categories to consider: The resigned pragmatist – farming is a way of life. Change will only result as a matter of necessity rather than entrepreneurial drive • The focused specialist – economics of scale is key to the farming business. This performance is very good but very narrowly focused. Diversification is considered a side issue • The opportunist – entrepreneurs of the agricultural industry with a wider vision for opportunity. In reviewing current business, it is worth determining eventual goals and ambitions. There will be some situations where diversification is not possible, however in most cases the need or opportunity for progress and evolution of the business must be continually assessed. Existing skills and hobbies are always a good starting point. Feasibility depends on a range of issues – location, market research, profitability, cash flow, capital, funding, staffing and the effect on the farm. It is wise to assess each issue impartially and thoroughly and beneficial to take expert advice before proceeding too far. Gaining planning permission in the countryside is not easy but the right advice is often key to a successful outcome. FG

Diversification: Where to begin As diversification becomes increasingly important to rural businesses, James Whilding, managing director of Acorus Rural Property Services Ltd, offers advice on potential barriers and how to get started. “They always say time changes everything, but you actually have to change them yourself” (Andy Warhol). We have certainly been party to much change in recent years, mainly brought about by external influences. Nevertheless, with fluctuations in farm incomes, many rural businesses are having to change in order to generate an additional source of income.

Diversification is nothing new of course; more than 60% of farmers have already ventured into alternative enterprises. The introduction of various permitted development rights over the last eight years has certainly contributed to this statistic.

Development has typically been in areas of strong economic growth. Despite such popularity, many schemes have stalled due to restrictions hampering development, the key culprits being planning, feasibility, the lack of market knowledge, and in some cases a reluctance around risk is a particular problem. The role of a farmer has changed considerably in the past 35 years. However, there is scope for further change. In considering farmer behaviour there are

Start your glamping business on the best footing We’ve all learned to re-evaluate after the pandemic, and it’s likely you’re taking stock of your needs as well. Farming isn’t what it used to be and making sure everything is steady can be challenging. What seemed to be guaranteed before just isn’t anymore, and everyone has had to adjust their sails. But, in the wake of decreased overseas travel and increased apprehension about going abroad, the glamping business has been booming. There’s never been a better time to diversify in this area, according to glamping franchise Wigwam Holidays. If you’re in the market to diversify your farm and increase your monthly revenue, Wigwam Holidays, which has over 30 years of experience, offers support and

experience to help farmers make the most of their investment. Glamping is one of the most cost effective and financially rewarding possibilities for farm diversification, but starting a new business takes a lot of work. Entering into the challenge with a wealth of knowledge behind you can make it a lot easier. Wigwam can assist with everything from planning your site layout, to running your website and advertising to customers – to ensure you enter the holiday business on the best possible footing. Wigwam Holidays has 87 sites across the whole of the UK. For further information, contact the company or visit www. FG

There has never been a better time to invest with the UK’s #1 Glamping franchise

Book a discovery call today

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Anglia/Midland Farmer Ad_3069 – Cert. Leaflet 18/08/2021 16:43 Page 1

FARMING AND TREES GO HAND IN HAND Can trees really help you diversify your farm without you having to change the way you farm and your way of life? Yes. A woodland could help you more easily diversify your farm business without the need for you to change your main farming activities. With the recent launch of the new England Woodland Creation Offer, there has never been so much funding available or so much to be gained from planting trees: • Capital grant payments designed to cover 100% of planting costs. • Supplementary payments for public benefits provided by your scheme. • Woodland generated carbon income. • Increased amenity and overall value of your farm. • Sheltering livestock. • Income from the timber and fuel for your home. • Enhance or create recreational and sporting activities. • Wildlife habitat enhancement. • Flood alleviation both on the farm and the locality.

A typical new woodland planting with a diverse species range

Trees can thrive on that area of your land that just won’t grow a decent crop or has never provided a reasonable bite for livestock. This is the area that you can convert from lost leader to winner to bring in that extra bit of income and value.

CARBON – OPEN SESAME? Farmers can benefit from the woodland carbon market by growing a woodland. A win-win as the

trees are planted for you, paid for by someone else, but you get to reap all the benefits including the timber income. Tilhill has been planning, creating, and planting woodlands on farms for years. We are in a unique position to help you secure carbon funding and planting grants and guide you through the process of planting trees on your farm. Our carbonoffsetting arm, CarbonStore, unites farmers with land suitable for tree planting with companies keen to help offset their carbon emissions. It really is an exciting time to be a farmer with land that can support trees, there really is no better time to plant trees than today, and there really has been no better time to gain an income from tree planting on land that’s not currently realising its true potential.

Trees can complement and enhance your livelihood, your farm, your family, and your next generation without altering your business. For further information please contact: Simon Marrington on 07825 193278. Email:

148-157 Diversification.indd 155

14/09/2021 09:28

Farm Diversification

Unearth extra income – set up your own campsite

With demand for UK camping holidays far outstripping supply, there’s never been a better moment to turn your unused plot of land into a profitable campsite. The Camping and Caravanning Club has been helping landowners realise their potential for more than 50 years. So, if you’ve got the space, now is the time. All you need is at least half an acre of mostly level land and you’re good to go. The Camping and Caravanning Club has a network of over 1,300 Certificated Sites, that only its members can book – offering a ready-made audience of nearly 750,000 keen campers.

Thanks to its special exemptions, it doesn’t require planning permission or any form of licence to change the use of the land for recreational touring purposes. The Club can confirm the details when landowners apply.

Certificated Sites vary from back-to-basics to fully equipped. As a minimum, you’ll need to have a suitable point of entry for camping vehicles, access to running water, a rubbish bin and a suitable chemical waste disposal point where toilets can be emptied. The Club takes care of all the administration with the local authority and your neighbours, if applicable, and keeps landowners informed of the progress along the way. It also provides a dedicated

team of specialists to support and advise you at every stage of your venture. If you think you have a suitable area of land, the next step is to complete the online application form. As a new site owner, you’ll receive: • A listing in the Club’s online campsite directory and the printed SiteSeeker guide • Marketing support through the Club magazine, social media and newsletters • Branded site entrance sign • Annual certification • Pre-arranged, yearly visits from the Club’s Site Officers • Access to unlimited ongoing help and support from the dedicated team of specialists • Digital membership with the Club – giving you access to all member-exclusive perks and discounts. According to the Club, with its expert support, you could be welcoming your first guests and generating a valuable extra income from your land in as little as six months. Visit or contact the company directly. FG

SET UP A CAMPSITE SPARE LAND, EXTRA INCOME Demand for UK-based holidays is at an all-time high. So if you own at least half an acre of land that’s currently under-used, this could be the moment to turn it into additional revenue, with the support of The Camping and Caravanning Club. Our experts can help you create a small, easy-to-manage Certificated Campsite for you to run on your own terms.

For more information visit or call 024 7647 5131 156 October 2021 22633_Exempted_Farmers_Guide_advert_148x210 RB.indd 1 148-157 Diversification.indd 156

15/09/2021 14:49 14:39 15/09/2021

Mud control slabs ‘perfect for diversification projects’ If you’re looking for an almost instant and moveable hardstanding for almost any application, Mudcontrol Ltd says its heavy-duty recycled plastic slabs can offer the solution. WeMudcontrol Ltd was established in the UK in 2017, supplying high quality, heavy duty 100% recycled plastic products. The small team of Kerry and James at Mudcontrol concentrates on providing great customer service as well as great products, with no minimum order – no order is too big or too small. “Our Facebook community is very active, with customers past and present sending us photos, videos and stories of their Mudcontrol projects,” says James. “We have continuous 5* reviews, and a huge proportion of our business is repeat custom. “While we specialise in the revolutionary Mudcontrol slabs which have revolutionised mud control in the UK, and are now sold in over 40 countries worldwide, we also supply 100% recycled plastic fencing and associated products from the same manufacturer. “The fencing products are strong and reliable, they won’t rot and are

not palatable, so livestock usually leave them alone, and they won’t ever need painting or treating. They can be nailed, stapled, screwed into, sawn and installed (by machine or by hand) in the same way a wooden post can, but with no maintenance required, ever.” All products have a solid 20-year manufacturer's warranty. James adds: "Mudcontrol slabs are used to arrest mud in a huge selection of applications – if you need instant, DIY, porous, removable, reusable hardstanding for anything from a pygmy goat to a bull elephant – we can help. They require minimal or no ground preparation (they are the sub-base and base in one, you just need to remove any stones, hard lumps, or voids before laying them straight onto the mud/soil/

grass, and then topping them with sand, wood chip or bedding if it's for animal use). You can drive vehicles and machinery of up to 60 tonnes over the slabs. They can be installed on any ground, and are as permanent or temporary as you need; a perfect alternative to concrete, without burying your investment.” The slabs are perfect for diversification, allowing an almost instant and moveable hardstanding

for almost any application, the company says. For pathways, tracks, roads, loafing areas, feed areas, 'pony patios', gateways, parking, storage, or wherever mud is a problem – Mudcontrol offers a solution. For further information, visit the company’s website (www., Facebook page ( or YouTube page. FG

Opportunities to set up a distillery or microbrewery •

If you are looking to start a new diversification project, Brew-School owner Chris Horne says farmers have a built-in advantage when it comes to brewing and distilling businesses. Brew-School in Bakewell has been running brewing and distilling courses for over seven years; and acknowledges that farmers have a big head-start in the race to setting up a successful brewing or distillery business. Chris Horne, owner and director of Brew-School, maintains that farmers have a number of the essential qualities which can contribute to the

start-up of a successful brewing or distilling business. For example: • Many farms have redundant commercial buildings that can make an ideal home for a brewery, particularly as many of them have ample eaves height to facilitate the accommodation of tall brewing vessels or distilling columns

Farmers are comfortable in dealing with machinery and food grade equipment used in both brewing and distilling • Agricultural farms can add massively to the end value of their crop produce through the brewing and distilling process of grain and cereals • Breweries and distilleries can turn a farm into a popular visitor destination or add to existing visitor attractions, by bringing in customers to the farm through a tap room/shop or visitor centre • Farmers start with a good understanding of the food supply business, which is an essential part of operating a commercial brewery or distillery. Mr Horne comments: “Over the years we have met many farmers or owners of farms that have successfully branched out into brewing or distilling as part of their farm diversification plans.” Previous customers include: Blonde Brothers Brewery, Aldwark Artisan Ales, and Tipple Mill Distillery.

Brew-School assumes no previous brewing or distilling knowledge, but says its courses can up-skill you in a very short time, as well as introducing you to a whole host of industry experts who enable you to formulate your business plan and put it into practice. It offers a variety of start-up brewing, distilling, cider making and winemaking courses for new entrants into these industries. For information contact BrewSchool via FG

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e: 82578


Director Greg Goulding 01473 694454


Seamless aluminium guttering and gutter linings for all concrete, asbestos and metaI valley gutters. Ideal for Atcost, Crendan and Tyler type barns.


The material has a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

Editor Rachel Hicks 01473 694459

Please call or email for a free quote. STAR STILE HOUSE, COLNE ENGAINE ROAD, HALSTEAD, ESSEX CO9 2RP


Livestock editor Sarah Kidby 01473 694450


Machinery editor David Williams


■ We are looking to Purchase Cricket Bat Willow Trees ■ Minimum of 5 trees – Excellent prices paid! ■ Extraction & clearance is all included

ADVERTISING Sales manager Chloe Horsfield 01473 691888

Call Geoff Watling on:

01245 349811 or 07974 575431

Senior sales executive Jana Moyes 01473 694457



Senior sales executive Joanna Blower 01473 694452

Sales executive Dean Buckingham 01473 691888


TIG 16/

MOD Tige Tige Tige Tige

18 BR IM




or email:




ISHED VES, A RTS – CONACDERS, etc A P R S E T S E V AR PRE COMBINE HES, SIEVES, CHAFF S IV N K RAPE MODELS ur own L MAKES & facturing o Now manu T Y CONCAVES – ALtails... l HEAVY DUORDER see website fokr /cdeoncaves_user_story.htm O .u T MADE All Enquiries Welcome o d REFURB

Classified sales executive Samantha Wilson 01473 694455

NEW an pecialists in




Hilltop Farm, Danethorpe Hill, Newark, Notts NG24 2PD

01636 702524 07976 696712

158 October 2021

158-159 FG team .indd 158



½ 18 LI CO IM W

01473 327596

Classified sales manager Nicki Waters 01473 694456

Marketing manager K.M Sharp 01473 794445


3 rev

Sales executive Chloe Fox 01473 794444 Sales executive Jade Tyler 01473 694453


■ Free re-planting of replacement young trees

of rts rs pa lie T pp NI su A w R No ity G al qu


t: 01787 474217 m: 07900 920023



Managing director Julie Goulding





15/09/2021 10:17





Top quality belt driven air compressors for industrial & commercial users inc; garages, factories, workshops and farms. 10 bar/150psi max working pressure



.00 479EXC.VAT £574.80 inc.VAT




Britain's Tools &

Machinery Specialist! MIG WELDERS XEV16/100 †V-Twin *230V AIR DISP. MOTOR AIR EXC. INC. MODEL cfm (HP) RECEIVER VAT VAT XEV16/100†* 14 3 100ltr £479.00 £574.80 XEV16/150†* 14 3 150ltr £529.00 £634.80 XEV16/200(OL)†* 14 3 200ltr £579.00 £694.80 XEV16/150(400V)†14 3 150ltr £589.00 £706.80 XE18/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £649.00 £778.80 XEV26/200† 23 5.5 200ltr £799.00 £958.80 XE37/270 (OL)* 36 2x 4 270ltr £1269.00 £1522.80


Quality machines from Britain’s leading supplier See online for included accessories

£286.80 inc.VAT







£131.98 inc.VAT

TIGER 16/550

MODEL MIN-MAX AMPS EXC.VAT PRO90 24-90 £219.98 135TE Turbo 30-130 £269.98 151TE Turbo 30-150 £309.00 175TECM Turbo 30-170 £509.00 205TE Turbo 30-185 £539.00

MODEL CDP5EB CDP102B CDP202B MODEL MOTOR CFM TANK EXC.VAT INC.VAT CDP352F Tiger 8/260 2HP 7.5 24ltr £109.98 £131.98 CDP452B Tiger 11/550 2.5HP 9.3 50ltr £149.98 £179.98 Tiger 16/550 3HP 14.5 50ltr £219.98 £263.98 Tiger 16/1050 3HP 14.5 100ltr £269.98 £323.98

INC.VAT £263.98 £323.98 £370.80 £610.80 £646.80

MOTOR (W) EXC. INC. SPEEDS VAT VAT 350 / 5 £79.98 £95.98 350 / 5 £99.98 £119.98 450 / 16 £235.00 £282.00 550 / 16 £289.00 £346.80 550 / 16 £299.00 £358.80


18V ½" BRUSHLESS IMPACT WRENCH 3 forward and reverse gears



.00 119EXC.VAT

£142.80 inc.VAT







UPTO 730mm



Ideal for use as a garage/ workshop Extra tough triple layer cover Heavy duty powder coated steel tubing ZIP CLOSE DOOR Ratchet tight tensioning MODEL SIZE (LxWxH) EXC.VAT INC.VAT CIG81212 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.5M £239.00 £286.80 CIG81015 4.5 x 3 x 2.4M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81216 4.9 x 3.7 x 2.5M £319.00 £382.80 CIG81020 6.1 x 3 x 2.4M £349.00 £418.80 CIG81220 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.5M £399.00 £478.80 CIG81224 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.5M £489.00 £586.80


Ammeter BC190 Multi-position charge regulator Overload ONLY protection £FROM .99 DOUBLE DOUBLE EXC.VAT on charging 72 FOOTER £87.59 inc.VAT cycle MODEL MAX AMPS CHARGE/BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT BC130C 15/120 £72.99 £87.59 BC190 38/180 £99.98 £119.98 BC410E 35/400 £154.99 £185.99 WBC180 35/180 £154.99 £185.99 WBC240 45/240 £174.99 £209.99 WBC400 60/350 £219.00 £262.80 BC520P 50/510 £239.00 £286.80 20SPS12




£ DOUBLE .98


£262.80 inc.VAT







£ .99 84EXC.VAT .99 101INC.VAT


MODEL CAPACITY EXC.VAT 20SPS12 907kg £84.99 25SPS12 1134kg £119.98 35SPS12 1588kg £129.98






£ DOUBLE .99

MODEL DISC (MM) CAG800B 115 CON1150 115 CAG2350C 230

MOTOR EXC.VAT INC.VAT 800W £28.99 £34.79 1150W £29.98 £35.98 2350W £56.99 £68.39

INC. VAT JUMP STARTS £262.80 £358.80 Provides essential home, garage and roadside £478.80 assistance Integral work light 910 /JS1100C £634.80 include air compressor FROM ONLY £ DOUBLE .98 Long life battery DOUBLE 79 EXC.VAT GENERATORS FOOTER EXTRA LONG 1m LEADS £95.98 inc.VAT PG3800A


MAX EXC. INC. OUTPUT KW VAT VAT 2 £34.99 £41.99 2.8 £39.98 £47.98 2.8 £49.98 £59.98


Honda & Diesel engine models in stock CAN DRAW OWN WATER

STARTING MODEL BOOST 910 400 JS1100C 500 4000 700 JS12/24 1000

PEAK EXC. INC. AMPS VAT VAT 900 £79.98 £95.98 1100 £84.99 £101.99 1500 £149.98 £179.98 2000 £159.98 £191.98

VISIT YOUR LOCAL SUPERSTORE EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160 MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby 01642 677881


259EXC.VAT .00


£310.80 inc.VAT

MODEL Tiger1800B Tiger2600B Tiger3000B PLS195B PLS265B

PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. BAR/PSI HP VAT 110/1595 3 £259.00 180/2610 4 £339.00 200/2900 6.5 £389.00 182/2640 5.5 £469.00 225/3263 13 £699.00

INC. VAT £310.80 £406.80 £466.80 £562.80 £838.80

145 Bar 2103 psi


Ideal for effective cleaning with a hot jet of up to 80°C




INC. VAT £107.98 £131.98 £179.98 £215.98 £310.80 £538.80


Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £199.75 XR80 20.5kW £249.00 XR110 29.3kW £298.00 XR160 46.9kW £369.00 XR210 61.5kW £419.00

• Auto ON/OFF float switch

XR80 INC.VAT £239.70 £298.80 £357.60 £442.80 £502.80




£ DOUBLE .99



*Pumps solids up to 30mm diameter HIPPO 2 MODEL MAX FLOW LPM MAX HEAD EXC. VAT INC. VAT PSV3A 133 8.0m £44.99 £53.99 PSV1A* 140 5.8m £54.99 £65.99 HIPPO 2 (230V) 85 6.0m £59.98 £71.98 PSP125B 116 7m £69.98 £83.98 PSV5A 217 7.0m £69.98 £83.98







*Can pump solids up to 15mm dia. #Can pump solids up to 28mm dia. MODEL TYPE PW50A Standard PW80A Standard PS75A* Semi-trash PF75A# Full-trash


£239.70 inc.VAT




.75 199EXC.VAT





MAX EXC. MODEL OUTPUT KW VAT Little Devil II 10.3 £89.98 Devil 700 15 £109.98 Devil 900 24.9 £149.98 Devil 1600 36.6 £179.98 Devil 2100 49.8 £259.00 Devil 4000 131 £449.00



Honda engine models HYUNDAI DIESEL available GENERATORS UP TO 125KVA MODEL KVA HP EXC.VAT INC.VAT PG2500A 2.2 5.6 £229.00 £274.80 PG3800A 3 5.6 £269.00 £322.80 PG3800ADV 3 5.6 £299.00 £358.80 PG6500ADVES 5.5 9.7 £569.00 £682.80


£70.79 £81.59 £83.98 £107.98 £130.80 £167.98 £202.80 £239.98

£203.98 inc.VAT


110 VOLT






VOLTAGE HEAT EXC.VAT OUTPUT KW DEVIL 6003 230V 1.5-3 £58.99 DEVIL 7003 230V 3 £67.99 DEVIL 6005 400V 2.5-5 £69.98 DEVIL 7005 400V 5 £89.98 DEVIL 6009 400V 4.5-9 £109.00 DEVIL 7009 400V 9 £139.98 DEVIL 6015 400V 5-10-15 £169.00 DEVIL 7015 400V 15 £199.98

Delivery & Suction hose in stock


BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140 EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919








£ DOUBLE .99

INC.VAT UP TO £101.99 7938KG £143.98 CAPACITY £155.98 IN STOCK

.00 229EXC.VAT £274.80 inc.VAT


DEVIL 6003




MODEL TONNES EXC.VAT CTJ2GLS 2 £219.00 HEADER FROM ONLY £299.00 £ .00 CTJ3GLS 3 219 EXC.VAT CTJ5GLS 5 £399.00 £262.80 inc.VAT CTJ10GLS 10 £529.00



Offering low cost, efficient heating


£263.98 inc.VAT

Range of precision bench & floor presses for enthusiast, engineering & industrial applications B = Bench FROM ONLY mounted £ DOUBLE .98 DOUBLE 79 EXC.VAT F = Floor CDP102B FOOTER £95.98 inc.VAT standing



DEVIL 7003





.00 239EXC.VAT


Superb range ideal for hobby & semi-professional use




PW50A MAX OUTLET EXC. FLOW SIZE VAT 550L/min 2" £169.98 1100L/min 3" £189.00 750L/min 3" £259.00 1300L/min 3" £349.00

INC. VAT £203.98 £226.80 £310.80 £418.80

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NORTHAMPTON NOW OPEN! NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01603 766402 01604 267840 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451

*Pumps solids up to 30mm dia. #Clean/ dirty water (solids up to 5mm dia.) †Sewage cutter pump MODEL

MAX FLOW LPM PVP11A* 258 HSE130A# 140 HSE650A† 290 HSE1400A† 430

HSEC650A MAX EXC. INC. HEAD VAT VAT 11.0m £86.99 £104.39 7.0m £109.98 £131.98 9.5m £229.00 £274.80 10.0m £359.00 £430.80


ONLINE TELESALES 0115 956 5555




October 2021 159

Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE. Terms & conditions apply see for more details

31175 (67) (full).indd 144-145 FGFARM team .indd 159 1


06/09/2021 13/09/2021 13:22 14:48


Specialist Agricultural Spraying Contractor

Groundworks Roads & Driveways Landscaping Lakes & Ponds

Drainage Foundations Ditching & Vegetation Works Concrete Bases & Flooring


Road Haulage Riding Arenas & Gallops Fencing Treeworks

Suspension Fertiliser & Avadex application available now To discuss the above please contact

Philip Clarke 01728 688360 or 07850 710996

Beambrook Field Station, Partridge Ln, Newdigate, Dorking, Surrey RH5 5EE

Collins Farming & Forestry


01293 862666

Services Ltd

or e-mail:


Ltd James P Dixon


Nationwide Machinery Haulage Corn, Muck & Sugar Beet Haulage loading services available please call for a quote

01359 258034 07823 555210 John H. Howlett


Agricultural Contractor

■ Full farm contracts ■ 24m spraying & 24m fertiliser spreading ■ Muck, Limex 45 & 70 and lime spreading ■ Set aside topping ■ Combining and all cultivations

18 row mulch drill with GPS guidance, tramlining, variable seeding, swath control & liquid fertiliser application SUGAR BEET HOEING 12 & 18 row




m: 07850 988808 e: w:


• ash and poplar dismantling and purchase • hedge and woodland coppicing • site clearance • felling licence applications • contract chipping • supplier of dried and screened woodchip

Agricultural Contractor


Don’t let timber quality deteriorate Safely harvest while it has value!


Andrew 07860 262196 Hill Farm, Wissett, Halesworth



15t Bunnings with flotation tyres & wide spreading rotors 360o EXCAVATOR with tree shear


For high quality results and prompt service call

01526 322654 and 07976 550635 Scopwick, Lincolnshire

Established since 1956 - based in Cambridgeshire

Facebook: G C Dixon and Son

AGRICULTRAL CONTRAC TORS Covering all arable operations, including:  Heavy / light cultivations  Mole draining  Drilling  Rape drilling  Spraying  24m Avadex application  Combining  Mowing / tedding / raking  Baling and chasing  Hedge cutting  360º digger work Wheat, barley and rape straw wanted in the swath

For more information on our stubble to stubble and full farm contract options, please contact: DAN 07831761157 or NOEL 07702341374 EMAIL: 160 October 2021

160-163 Contractors.indd 160

15/09/2021 11:09

Contractors 82716

AGRICULTURAL SERVICES across East Anglia including…

Sugar Beet Harvesting, Drilling & Cultivations, Drain Jetting and Tractor & Operator Hire

Jesse Kiddrayl EnFgianerm er


Mobile Agricultu

PWMay May

Grassland Services Combination Drilling – 3m

Greencrop Forage & Contracting Ltd

07811 125312

Agricultural & Equestrian Contractors


unding area glia and the surro Covering East An on repairs & fabricati Onsite machinery ics ctr ele & ce an en Machinery maint ishment Machinery refurb repairs & service cts of machinery pe as all g rin ve Co a week Available 7 days 82606

Hay and Haylage Making – 80×47cm baler

Tel Mobile

South Essex based

01279 423214 07733 103431


t: 07950 162630 e:


07809 382136

Agricultural Contractors & Forage Merchants



Office Number: 01366 500828 • Hill House Farm, Bath Road, West Dereham, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9TP


• Crop spraying with 2 x Chafer machines, covering

boom widths of 32m/30m/24m/12m. Both 4,000 litre machines, with full GPS shutoff and GPS guidance

• Whole farm spraying contracts, one off applications and liquid fertiliser

• LGP spraying with a 12m machine on floatation tyres • Fully insured, NRoSO registered and NPTC qualified operator with over 15 years’ experience

NAAC lobbied for contractors to be eligible for grants Join NAAC now to find out more | 01780 784631 ND4435 General Ads May2021_188x61_FINAL.indd 1

160-163 Contractors.indd 161

29/04/2021 15:03

October 2021 161

15/09/2021 15:04

Agricultural Contractors

Services offered...

Suppliers of the finest hay & straw: Big Hesston, Mini Hesston & Conventional Bales


Baling, Stacking & Delivery Service Straw Spreading for Winter Carrot Cover


Muck & Sludge Spreading

All Operations Using Trimble GPS Guidance • Enquiries Welcome


Chris Whitton

07957 870362

• Norfolk • Cambridgeshire • Lincolnshire



D. E. KEEBLE East Anglia

Hedge Cutting / Flail & Saw

500m of hose and electronic tracking devices to track blocked/damaged pipes mini digger available for digging out and repairing pipes

Tel: (Snape) 01728 688688 Mobile: 07889 642096

Contact Paul on 07786 913159 or email


J. C. Contracts



LITION O M E D r ings fo d l i u B arm TAL • E F f M o P s A e R C All Typ RANCE • S

• C T E S O L INS & SI






30 Harwich Road • Ardleigh Essex • CO7 7LS

t: 01206 230662 m: 07850 888002 e:


01379 855005

Specialist Machinery Hire Robocut – Mulcher, Forestry, Trencher Muck Spreader Hire Hedgecutting – Flail & Saw Low Loader Transport



07771 706077

Agri Services


Agricultural Contractors



Covering Essex • Enquiries Welcome

Jenny to discuss 07921 077865

P. Crawford Contracting Ltd



T. G. ASKEW Blue Pump Farm, Bressingham, Diss, Norfolk IP22 2AA

Contact Peter 07966 184580 • 01787 277710 email

Bulk Haulage • Aggregate • Road Planings Stock Feed • Equestrian Rubber Chip & Silica Sand, Bark & Energy Chip • Farm Track Repairs For further information please contact us on Tel: 01379 388156 • Fax: 01379 388109



Email: or

162 October 2021

160-163 Contractors.indd 162

15/09/2021 11:09



T D Sagon Contracting We are very flexible and meeting our clients needs is our top priority



Operating area: Suffolk, Essex and South Norfolk

• Sugar Beet


• Precision Sugar Beet Drilling

Operating in and around Suffolk

Please call Tom for a friendly chat on...

07532 323796

Low ground pressure application of Avadex granules using the lightest machinery available with GPS guidance 30 years experience of applying sprays, fertiliser, pellets and granules Fully certified and tested machine and operator

Contact: Gary 07860 826033 email

Gregory A.E. Kiddy & Son WASTE TYRES Matt (Transport) Ltd 82374

• 12/24m spraying and liquid fertiliser application • Claydon drilling • Claydon Terrastar (also for hire) • Grassland operations/paddock maintenance • Tractor/telehandler with operator

of Removal

Farms, Agricultural Contractors, Plant Hire & Earthmover

25 Years’ experience in used tyre disposal Registered Environment Agency Waste carrier/collector National bulk collections in articulated trailers Mixed tyres accepted Forklift and plant tracks accepted Competitive prices • Excellent service

Matt Gregory (Transport) Ltd provides professional transportation of agricultural & industrial machinery, tanks, vessels & generators across the UK We have a range of Hiabs to maximise our lifting capabilities with a maximum reach of 28m 82364

For free estimate and quote contact

Chris Ingram – Intowaste Ltd

Phone Edward to discuss

07767 167821

07860 670 201 email

Covering Halesworth and surrounding areas

t: m: e: w:


P. BOWERS Construction

Agricultural Contractor

01284 827118 07710 782340



For all your 360º Digger work building needs...

Contact Peter

Hedge Cutting

From livestock, grain stores, straw sheds and workshops (industrial and agricultural) All groundworks undertaken, from drainage to concreting! Lagoons and water holding/sewage treatment plants, etc, also carried out

07944 272 762 •

a chat – Please call for help to y pp ha we are where we can


All Essex Area

07885 884060 OR 01621 786567 Est 2007



Specialising in providing a reliable service for smaller beet growers

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

SUGAR BEET DRILLING & HARVESTING 18 row mulch coulter drill, RTK guidance with section control


• Moats • Ditches • Rivers • Lakes • Dredging Now at Services WOODFARM BUSINESS CENTRE • Construction Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss options & for advice on • Restoration our wide range of design, maintenance & clearance • Landscaping services


Specialising in Ditching & Coppicing (shear & grab) Cuts & holds 14” diameter wood


All operations carried out with GPS

Tel: 01449 797227 Mob: 07811 175533

• Min-till cultivations • Ploughing, combination drilling • Round baling and wrapping • Conventional baling • Mowing, tedding and raking • Whole farm contracting

Contact Tom for price and availability Covering East Anglia t: 07908



September 2021 163

160-163 Contractors.indd 163

15/09/2021 11:09

PROTECTING AGRI-CONTRACTORS We provide flexible cover for a range of agri-contractors to help you serve your customers, whether you’re working with livestock or on the land. We also offer specialist risk management services to meet the needs of your business. To see how the policies and services can benefit your business, contact your local agency or search NFU Mutual agri-contracting.

The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No.111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ.


FarmersGuide 210x148.indd 1

MT 765C•95E•85E•75E•55•45&35 all models in stock and available

Available with... GPS Guidance Creep Speed Transmissions Front Linkages Hydraulic Pick Up Hitches

09/09/2021 12:41


Hire by the hour, week, month or year – it's your choice

Ian Houlgrave


Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email:

164 October 2021

164-165 Henry Brown.indd 164

10/09/2021 10:39

FARMERS GUIDE 25 YEARS AGO Under the heading ’Use it or Lose it?’ the editorial page in the October 1996 Farmers Guide commented on the reported closure of Shuttleworth Agricultural College, suggesting that this closure could herald further losses in the provision of agricultural education. Ernest Cozens noted in his Out and About column that the magazine circulation had been widened to include Kent, Hampshire Surrey and Sussex, and he questioned whether it was true that, in a book he was reading on the history of Norfolk, the first horse drawn plough was made by Ransomes in Norwich before the company moved to Ipswich. (By the way, it was true). Renault Agriculture celebrated the launch of its second UK retail dealership at Brockford in Suffolk with an open evening. Norfolk Farm Machinery Club had celebrated its 50th anniversary at its biennial

autumn cultivations demonstration, and Drake & Fletcher demonstrated tackle worth more than £1m at its tillage demonstration in Kent. It was reported that a Hertfordshire farmer had bought the 100,000th European-built John Deere combine harvester; the first one was made in Germany in 1963. A special feature on grain storage reported that UK farmers were on course for a record harvest, despite recent wet weather. The Farmers Guide noted that a Norfolk farmer’s new concrete crop drying floor had brought a 20% reduction in drying costs, and the fully automatic unique ‘Trayler’ mobile grain drier had worked successfully in Great Britain and Ireland over several difficult harvests. As well as cereal crops, the machine had dried rape, linseed, peas and beans. It was reported that a British-built crop stirrer system had been successful in turning bulk stores into low-cost batch dryers, and the largest ship to enter Boston port for almost a decade had loaded 4,200t of grain for southern Spain. John Hodge noted that Case had purchased the Austrian tractor maker Steyr, and that Hardi had presented a mounted sprayer to Otley College in Suffolk for use with students and trial plots on the

next-door Felix Cobbold Agricultural Trust farm. Armer Machinery had launched its sand machine which used a bed of fluidised sand to remove stones, clods and other foreign material from harvested potatoes, carrots, red beet and other root crops. There were two models, the larger of which cost about £160,000 and had an output of up to 125t/hour. A combine harvester special feature noted that drivers in the Massey Ferguson 30/40 series machines – which had an all-new cab with a full length, full width curved glass screen – would have their best ever view of the cutter bar. New multipoint connectors were said to halve the time taken to attach the cutter bar on the Claas Lexion for the 1977 harvest, and the latest Deutz-Fahr Topliner combines had a new balance system to level the machine when working across slopes on gradients of up to 1:5. Features for the new John Deere 2000 series combines included more powerful engines, improved transmissions, stronger concaves and the optional Hillmaster slope levelling system. The top of the range 270hp John Deere 2266, with a 25ft cut header and straw chopper, had a £169,000 price tag. FG

The Crawley 75 tractor 12:41

Around 200 Crawley 75 tractors were marketed in the UK in the late 1950s by Crawley Metal Productions at Crawley in West Sussex, and later at East Preston near Littlehampton. Developed in the UK from an American design, there was a choice of three engine types for the basic Crawley 75 tractor, which was built in Holland and modified in the UK by Crawley Metal Productions. When the tractor was introduced to British growers in 1958, there was the option of an 8hp air-cooled JAP petrol engine or vaporising oil engine or a 7hp Petter air-cooled diesel engine. The spark ignition engines had a fuel consumption of two gallons and the Petter used about 1.5 gallons in a 10-hour day. The Crawley 75 had an automatic centrifugal clutch, three forward gears and one in reverse,

independent rear wheel brakes, a central power take-off shaft and a universal drawbar. The draft control hydraulic system had a belt driven oil pump. The tractor had a 32in wheel track and, by reversing one or both wheels on their hubs, the track could be set at 36, 40, 44 or 48in spacings. Front wheel weights, a rear power take-off and a foot throttle were included in the list of optional extras. The 1958 price list included the Crawley 75 with a petrol or vaporising oil engine for £280 and the diesel model was £298. Potential buyers were tempted with the offer of two free services during the first 18 months of its life. Crawley Metal Productions advertised the tractor as the first model of its size on the UK market and was

The Crawley 75 tractor was designed in America and made in Holland in the late 1950s.


Cousins Contour Rolls™

strong enough to do heavy duty work around the farm. It was suggested that every farm should have a Crawley 75 as it could do virtually every job including ploughing, cultivating, drilling, fertiliser spreading and spraying. At hay time, it could be used with a mid-mounted mower. FG

Models available from 6.3m to 18.4m working widths, with up to 26” diameter rings. Why compromise when Cousins have rolls for all widths & conditions? For or more information please call the sales office on 01945 584600 or visit our website: October 2021 165

164-165 Henry Brown.indd 165

14/09/2021 09:42

Farmers – place your FREE advert in the magazine or online by visiting To post, see coupon on page 234 Deadline for inclusion in the November 2021 issue is 7th October 2021 UK’S LARGEST AGRICULTURAL CLASSIFIED SECTION All Prices Exclude VAT | E&OE


Brigg - Corringham - Halsham - Louth - Selby Browse More Of Our Quality Used Machinery Online At £145,000


2017, MF9380T 936 Engine / 485 Drum Hours, Hc Sieves, Maxi Spreader, Autoguide, 30ft Superflow Header, Twin Side Knives, Lifters, Dividers, Header Trolley & Balance Of Warranty. 988 Hours Andrew Whiteley: 07774 296382

Joe Warriner: 07717 880778

Ref: 11014400


Andrew Walker: 07827 773605

Max Pinney: 07795 128281


Max Pinney: 07795 128281

Ref: 21015791

Lee Say: 07771 942099


2012, RG635B 3850L Tank 500L clean water tank 30m Chafer Boom with Boom height control 10 sections Hyd Track width adjust C3000 Colour Terminal Hydrostar CVT 40 KPH Transmission 6228 Hours

Ref: 11016488

Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399


2010, HR4004D Used Kuhn HR4004D Rigid 4 Metre Power Harrow C/w Maxi Packer & Rear Levelling Bar

Ian Hopper: 07774 296379

Ref: 21013579


SIMBA 5.5M UNIPRESS Levelling Board and DD Rings, Very Good Condition Throughout

Ref: 61016697

Ref: 21016282


2017, RP180VX Used Lely Welger RP180V Xtra XC25 Baler C/w 2.4M Pickup, Hyd Brakes, E Link Pro, Xtracut 25 Knife, Caster Wheels, 500/55-20 Tyres, Bale Shape Indicator. 34,000 Bales

Ref: 31015119

Ref: 11016897

2019, FT718 Fendt 718 Power Plus Tractor C/w 50kph Vario, Comfort Front Linkage, Front PTO, 152L/min Hydraulics, 540/65R30 & 650/65R42. 1229 Hours



2017, KRAMER KT356 TC/w 3.5 Tonne / 6M Lift, Pick Up hitch, Air con, NEW 460/70R24 Tyres, Kramer Hydraulic Locking Headstock, Air Suspended Seat 2125 Hours

Lee Say: 07771 942099

Ref: 21015193

For more pics and info visit our website

Ref: 11016520

01865 880866

Chris: 07808 703325 Adam: 07802 776113 High Quality, Low Houred, Used Agricultural Machines. WARRANTY ON ALL TRACTORS.

UK Ltd

New Holland T7.210 Auto Command, 2020, 1225 Hrs, Front Linkage, 770TL Loader, 2 Yrs Warranty

Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390

Ref: 31015349


2015, MT775E Debris Deflectors, 30” Extreme Belts, Weight Frame + 22 front weights, 8 x Idler Weights. 5898 Hours

Richard Cross: 07860 429947

2018, FT1050 Reverse Drive, Front Linkage, 6 x Rear & 1 Front Spool, 220L Hyd Pump, Super Comfort Evo Seat, RTK Guidance, 60kph version, LED Lights, 650kg wheel weights. Balance of 4 Year (6000 hour) Warranty 4180 Hours

2018, JCB 4220 C/w Front Linkage, 1 Front Spool, 5 Rear Spools, Field Pro Pack, 600/70R30 Very Good Condition 4723 Hours

Ref: 41015812

Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399


2015, MF7720 D6 EF Dyna 6, 50kph Transmission, Front & Cab Suspension, Full Set Of Front Weights, 4 Rear Spools, 540/65R30 & 650/65R42 2512 Hours

2018, MF7726 D6 EF Dyna 6 - 50kph Transmission, 4 Spools, Multipad Armrest, 600/65R28 & 710/70R38. Good Condition 3900 Hours

N ST O O 2 W C 0 A K U20 VA N IL IT A S B LE

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

New Holland T7.210



Side Winder, 20 Reg, 874 Hrs, Mid Mount Valve, Front Linkage, GPS Ready, Warranty

Massey Ferguson 5711S

New Holland T6.160 21 Reg, Electro Command 40kph, Front Suspension




New Holland T5.105

69 Reg, 1311 Hrs, Dyna 4 Transmission, Front & Cab Suspension, Electric Hyds


Ex Lease, 21 Reg, 160 Hrs, Dual Command, Electric Hydraulics




fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 166

16/09/2021 11:23



Tel: 01529 303093 Mob: 07730 780510

LEMKEN JUWEL 8 £15,500 2016, 6+1 CS, 90cm point to point, in furrow, hyd depth wheel LE-424135

KUHN HR4002 ACCORD DA £4,750 1998, 4m combination drill, Suffolk coulters, levelling board, toothed packer KU-860570/015710

DOWDESWELL 170MA £7,500 2009, 9 furrow, UCN Bodies

SIMBA 4.6M trailed press



KVERNELAND NG-S101/OPTILINE £9,500 2015/2009 pneu drill, disc coulters, press wheels, p/harrow, 12 rotors, quick release tines KV-106773

MASCHIO JUMBO 8000 £36,900 2019, 8m Jumbo HD, p/harrow, new tines fitted, tooth packer, hydraulic adjustment 7W-KM98J0212


CLAAS 746 £69,000 2019, 746 eng hrs, 460/70R24, pallet fork, hyd. locking, boom suspension CL-K3500138.A

CLAAS ARES 657 £22,500 2006, 40kph, 130hp, 6588 eng hrs, 480/65R28, 600/65R38, 3 spools, front suspension CL-A0300889

CLAAS ARION 420 CLASSIC £38,500 2019, 40kph, 120hp, 1850 eng hrs, 320/85R28, 420/85R38, 3 spools SR00002089

CLAAS SCORPION 7035 £27,995 2014, 8872 eng hrs, 460/70R24, Scorpion carriage CL-415050042.A

CLAAS ARES 816 £19,500 2006,40kph, 164hp, 8799 eng hrs, 540/65R30 fronts, 650/65R42 rears, 4 spools, f/suspension CL-A0200631

CLAAS ARION 620 CIS £41,800 2016, 50kph, 158hp, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 3 spools, front suspension CL-A3607801.A

MERLO FARMER P40.7 £19,950 2008, 9017 eng hrs, 405/70R24, Merlo hydraulic carriage MO-B8287279

HORSCH JOKER 8RT 2014, new discs

GREGOIRE BESSON HRWB 8 £11,000 2017, 5 furrow plough, on land/in furrow, twin rear depth wheel 5P-N142650





Tel 01652 Kevin mob 07796 Michael mob 07850

Buy and sell online —


Tim Smith

655777 957735 828639

Fountain House, 111 Scawby Road, Scawby Brook, Brigg, N Lincs DN20 9JX

20 reg Manitou 733/115 LSU Premium new 15 reg MF 7726 4x4 Dyna Vario new gearbox 7300hrs 50K air FL 70 reg MF 7718s 50K air brake 3yr warranty 274hrs 19 reg MF 7718s 4x4 50K air brakes 345hrs warranty until 2022 17 reg MF 7718 4x4 Dyna 6 Efficient 50K front linkage 1600hrs 12 reg MF 7618 4x4 Dyna 6 7200hrs 15 reg MF 7618 4x4 Dyna VT 50K 7500hrs 06 reg MF 8480 4x4 Dyna VT 5100hrs FL

05 reg 08 reg 11 reg 11 reg 11 reg 08 reg 07 reg X reg N reg N reg 11 reg

MF 8480 4x4 FS CS Dyna VT 50K 5800hrs MF 6499 4x4 Dyna 6 FS CS 50K 7700hrs MF 6499 4x4 Dyna 6 FS CS FL 7400hrs mint MF 6495 4x4 FS CS FL 6900hrs Dyna 6 MF 6490 4x4 50K 7100hrs MF 6490 4x4 CS 2800hrs mint condition MF 6490 4x4 FS CS 7400hrs MF 6290 4x4 Dynashift 4400hrs MF 6180 4x4 Dynashift 6500hrs MF 6170 4x4 Dynashift 5900hrs MF 5460 4x4 Dyna 4 with loader 3500hrs


fax: 01652 651476

57 reg N reg A reg T reg 11 reg 63 reg 08 reg 07 reg

MF 5455 4x4 6200hrs with MF 955 loader Case Magnum 7250 8000hrs Case 885XL 4x4 David Brown 995 OPU cab Claas 610c 4x4 6500hrs Manitou 627 4x4 5450hrs Manitou 741/120 LSU 4x4 CRC 40K 3900hrs JCB 8052 digger 4450hrs Richard Western 12t spreader Case 1000kg block Rowcrop wheel for MF 6480 82550 October 2021 167

fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 167

16/09/2021 11:27

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

CAMBRIDGE MACHINERY SALES The Saleground, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2QT


• Cultivators

• Trailers

• Telescopic Handlers

• Ploughs

• Small Plant & Tools

• Excavators

• Hay Making Machinery

• ATVs

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On instructions from PT & J Fuller




To include: Tractors: 2018 Case IH 220 Puma, Massey Ferguson; 7618 Dyna-6 (‘13) 6499 Dyna-6 (‘12), Combine harvester: 2006 Massey Ferguson 7278 Cerea. Self-propelled sprayer: 2006 Househam AR3000 24m. Loader: Case 580F digger/loader. Machinery: 2019 Amazone Catros 6002-2 cultivator 6m, 2011 Maschio Aquila 6000 power harrow 6m, Vaderstad Rapid A600S drill 6m, Gaspardo Veratris drill 6m, Dowdeswell 6furrow plough, 2012 Reco Ferri TPE600 Pro J hedgecutter, Weaving front press 6m, Cousins Contour rolls 21ft, Cousins Packa-Rolla press 4.6m, 2003 Gull ABMT 12LX 12tonne trailer, Knight sub-soiler, McConnel Magnum Elite 270 flail mower 2.7m, 1995 Quivogne APX discs, 1995 Gull 10t trailer, Shelbourne grass harrow, John Deere Z525E ZTRAK mower, Massey Ferguson 200 4tonne trailer.



To include: Tractors: John Deere; 6140M, 6110M, 6330, 2850, Fiat 450, Massey Ferguson 135. Combine Harvester: Claas 98SL Dominator. Machinery: Weaving Tine Drill 4m, Accord drill 3m, Easterby 12tonne, AS Marston 12tonne, Gull 12tonne trailers, Vaderstad Rolls, Lemken Europal 8 5furrow plough, Stanhay precision drill, Reco Sulky fertiliser spreader, Tong grader, Maschio flail mower, Fyson elevator, Marshall 8tonne trailer, Perigini Rotaland power harrow 3.5m, Votex topper, Vicon Jumbo Buster. Also: implements, machinery, potato grading and planting equipment, workshop spares, wheels and tyres etc

WEDNESDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2021 AT 10.30AM Printed catalogues available two weeks prior to the sale date, please contact: 01353 777767 opt.2 or email

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01353 777767

168 October 2021

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16/09/2021 15:47

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free.AGRICULTURAL See coupon on SALES page 234 FORTHCOMING

H J Pugh & Co

SALE BY AUCTION At Basin Bridge Bungalow, Hinckley Road, Higham on the Hill, Leicestershire CV13 6JL

Ledbury • 01531 631122 •

Of Combine, Tractors, Materials Handler, Implements, Livestock & Grassland Equipment On Thursday 21st October 2021 at 10.30am

Important dispersal sale for Russell price farm services upon cessation of business. Excellent range of modern well maintained.


Including: Combine: Claas Senator 70 with 10ft header; Tractors: Massey Ferguson 6170 (98), Massey Ferguson 6180 (96), Case International 5130 Maxxum (95), Ford 5000, Field Marshall Series 3 (50); Materials Handler and Backhoe Loader: Manitou Maniscopic MLA627 Turbo pivot steer (99), Ford 655C Xtra (89); Vehicels: Mercedes-Benz Atego 817 7.5t with 24ft flat bed, Iveco-Ford van with cherry picker; Implements: Bomford 580 hedgecutter, Concept Perugini JT220 flail mower (18), Logic Contact 2000 weed wiper (19), Krone AM243CV mower conditioner (10), Krone Swadro 46 rake (09), Krone KW5.50 tedder (01), New Holland 286 baler, Krone KR10-16S round baler, Case 8570 square baler, McHale 991 BC bale wrapper (05), Teagle Tomahawk 8080 straw chopper (99), Dowdeswell DP8A 4f rev plough, Rabe Toucan SL3000 3m power harrow (09), Teagle XT46 fertiliser spreader (03), Bunning Lowlander 120 12t manure spreader, AS Marston FF10T 10t grain trailer (92),


various flat trailers; Livestock Equipment: Large quantity gates, hurdles, feeders, water

Live and online • Catalogues shortly

troughs and fencing equipment; Miscellaneous & Sundries: to include workshop equip-


ment, building bricks, slate, oak house frame, decorative bricks, roofing tiles and metal sheets etc.

(Only 4 miles off M50 junction 2)


FOR A DETAILED LOTLIST & CATALOGUE VISIT BROWN-CO.COM Viewing: Wednesday 20th October 2021 10am – 4pm Leicester Office: 01162 894719 | 07919015675 | 07717512498


82749 Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

Online Timed Auction Sale of Arable Machinery and Equipment

at Belton Farm, Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 1JD commencing on Wednesday 27 October 2021 and ending on Tuesday 9 November 2021 from 12 noon Tractor: John Deere 6175R Select Edition (19). Trailers and Tankers: West 12t grain trailer; AS Marston FF8L 8t grain trailer (85); Hi Spec 2600 S-AR vacuum tanker (19); Triffitt 14,000 litre water bowser (05). Drills: Reco Sulky Compact Master box drill (04) c/w Maschio Dominator Rapido DMR 3000 power harrow (11); Einböck comb harrow with Pneumatic Star 600 air seeder (98).

Grassland Equipment: Maschio Bufalo 280 flail topper (20); Opico 12m grass harrow (16); Taarup 338 B mower conditioner. Grain Drying Equipment: Master Driers Junior 100E grain drier (03). Telehandler Attachments: Strimech Pro-Ag grain bucket (18); Browns big bale gripper; muck grab; homemade bale spike; homemade man cage. Misc: Ktwo Airo Sales 225 straw swather; Ingersoll Rand UP5-30-10 rotary screw compressor (04); John Deere wafer weights and frame; Danuser post hole borer; general farm requisites.

Cultivation Equipment: Proforge Inverta short disc harrow cultivator; Vogel & Noot c-plus XS950 ST Vario 5f plough; Dalbo Levelflex 2008 front press (11); Twose U-HF/21/CB3 Cambridge rolls (99). For a complete listing of all the equipment on sale visit or Buyer registration for bidding will be via

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


Viewing days onsite on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 October 2021, 10:00 till 16:00

Fisher German LLP 01302 243933

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01284 771344

Browse used machinery, equipment and livestock

The ATV & UTV Specialists ANDREWS 300 portable space heater. £300+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

online 24/7


roto cut round baler wide pick up net wrap............................. £5,500

Peter Wragge




Supplies Ltd COMBINES


4wd tractor c/w Quicke loader .............................................. £8,950



spring tine grass harrow 5m hyd fold .............................................. £2,950

07973 657609

We stock:

All prices + VAT

R134A .................................. POA Air conditioning service equipment •leak detectors •vac pumps •recovery machines AIR CONDITIONING PARTS FOR ALL FARM & CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES AT DISCOUNT PRICES We accept all major credit cards



Case IH 895


Hall Farm Machinery Hall Farm, Aldeburgh IP15 5JD

NEW Malone 6’ semi offset toppers .. £950 McCormick MTX150, low hours 4770 ............................. £22,000

Teagle barrel straw chopper c/w fine chop ................................................ £3,500

BALERS & BALE HANDLING CHERRY Products wrapped bale side squeeze, good condition, available due to retirement. £1,250+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire)

01234 768889

NEW Talex Tornado tedders IN STOCK .............................................. £5,000

The ATV & UTV Specialists

Loader to fit 1594 David Brown .............. POA




01622 832666 07939 114023 HEATH Superchaser, 2002, will pick up ten 120x120 bales, air/ hydraulic brakes, new tyres fitted in 2019, nudge bar with hydraulic offset, good condition, south Essex. £18,750+VAT. T Squier Tel 07887 847494 (Essex)

•Galvanised and PVC coated steel• •Corrugated or box profile• •First and second quality• •Non asbestos•Big Six and Std 3in sheets• •Fittings and accessories•

FLAT 8 bale grab, in good working order, Matbro pin & cone brackets. W Fenn Tel 07714 200440 (Northants)

8t single axle dump trailer.................... £2,250



BALE ejector from Claas quadrant baler, c/w pipes & spool valve, near Exeter. £250+VAT. L Downs Tel 01647 252730 (evenings only) (Devon)



Sun Valley Works • Wood End Marston Moretaine • Bedford • MK43 0NJ


HEAVY duty block paving, 160 x 160 x 60mm, dark grey, approx 300sq/m available. £22.50/sq/m. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire)


NEW Walter Watson creep feeders calf & lamb............................................ £1,100 NEW Talex Spyder hay rakes .................... POA

t: 01449 737192


Hardy Roofing


NEW 32 Walter Watson feed trailer ............................................ £1,700


Manor Farm • Ixworth Thorpe Bury St Edmunds • Suffolk • IP31 1QH

Leyland 272 tractor c/w cab PAS, PUH .............................................. £3,250

Contact Tom on 07872 916363 for more information

FOR INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURAL & DOMESTIC USE We also supply... composite panels, fibre cement sheeting, accessories, fixings, fillers, mastics & can deliver to almost anywhere in the UK

Tel: 01954 267215

NEW Malone post knockers ............... £2,750



Claas Rollant 250

2wd loader backhoe c/w 3 buckets tidy machine .................... £5,750





Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


YEOMAN County multi-fuel stove, 13kw, top or rear flue, 750 mm wide, 612 mm high, 445 mm deep, good condition, Cambs/Northants border. £400. D Tebbit Tel 07889 752653 (Cambridgeshire)


BARN roof & steel doors, 63' x 45', used cement fibre sheets with all barge, ridge, gutters, etc, now removed, stacked on pallets, ready to lift, certified no asbestos present, also 16 steel framed galvanised steel fronted doors. Open to offers. C Elmy Tel 07840 931409/01728 648680 (Suffolk) 08-77780

02476 659 767

KIT BUILDINGS steelwork, eaves beams, purlins & bolts

All sizes available – made to order

QUANTITY of shot blast grit & quantity of roofing materials, 20yrs old plus. I Clark Tel 07718 918400/01525 860295 (Bedfordshire)

170 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

G – 41027926 – ex demo Case Optum CVX300, 5 rear remotes, 2 elec mid mount removes, 50kph Eco CVT, 98” bar axle, elec mirrors, ISO Power Beyond coupler ........ POA

G – 31027714 – ex demo Case Puma CVX175, rear bar axle 98”, elec adj telescopic mirrors, f/ linkage, on 540/65R30 & 650/65R42 tyres, aux high mount light ........................................ POA

G – 31027928 – ex demo Case Puma CVX165, 4 rear elec remotes, 2 elec mid mount remotes, high mount roadlights, LH & RH beacons, 98” bar axle, joystick ....................................... POA

S – 21027526 – 2014 Case 8230 tracked, 24” tracks, yield & moisture monitoring, chopper, spreader, 6.4m unloading auger, GPS Accusteer ready ..................................................£125,000

G – 41027938 – ex demo Case Maxxum 150, suspended cab, std rear fenders with extn, 4 mech remote valves, 40kph + creep activedrive, beacons ................................ POA

G – 11027491 – ex demo Case Magnum CVX380 Rowtrac, 6 elec rear remotes, luxury cab, Cat 4n/3 rear 3 point linkage, Camoplast 30” tracks ................................................. POA

W – 41027828 – ex demo Amazone Centaya 3000, Super ISO c/w Twintec double disc coulters, hyd coulter pressure, 2000L hopper, hyd fan drive ........................................£43,650

W – 21027826 – new Amazone KG60012 folding power harrow c/w 360hp 4 speed centre gearbox, oil cooler, 21 spline PTO shaft, mid ridge eradicator tine .....................£28,995

G G – 41028573 – ex demo Case Puma CVX240, 170L/min CCLS hyd pump, 4 elec r/remotes, 2 elec mid mount valves, high mount headlihgts, 2x110m rear lift rams ............................... POA


S – 41027150 – ex demo AVR 9200 harvester Spirit Varioweb 6.5t WB bunker, picking off platform, powered rear axle, 850/50R30.5 tyres, digging frame .................................. POA


W – 21027975 – ex demo Amazone Cayros XS 5 + 1 plough, 950 c/w 260hp headstock, Cat 888 integrated lower link balls, hyd swivel frame system..................................................£19,250

W – 31028121 – new Amazone ZA-V3200 Super Profis c/w V-set 3 discs (24m–36m), headland limiter V+, manual hopper cover, roadlights, guardtube ................................ POA



J – 21027545 – 2016 JCB 535-95 AGS Agri Super, 145hp, Michelin 460/70R24 80%, Q-fit carriage, Metal Master warranty ends 21.11.2021 or 5393hrs ........................£51,500

J – 11028529 – 2017 JCB 435S loading shovel Contractor Pro, Smooth Ride, autolube, Rockinger hitch, 750/60R26 .............................................................£98,500

G – 41025843 – new Teagle TA/PS 250, righthand cut, outboard gearbox, 2m cut, fully hydraulic offset head adjustment, wide angle PTO ....................................................... £8,950

W – 41027827 – ex demo Amazone KG60012 folding power harrow, c/w 360hp 4 speed centre gearbox, oil cooler, 21 spline PTO shaft .................................................................. POA

J – 21028932 – new bag lifter, 4 x 600kg bags

J – 21028994 – new Strimech FBL-01, Q-fit

J – 21028677 – new Strimech DWP-01, Q-fit & fork mounted

.................................................................. £935

............................................................... £1,180

.................................................................. £975

SD – 21028972 – new Krone Swadro 42 rake, tandem axle with flotation tyre, stepless work width control .................................................................. POA

J – 41027190 – new JCB bucket, 1cu/m rehandling bucket drilled for toeplate or teeth

J – 21027759 – new Albutt grass forks, 12’0” wide folding grass fork, JCB Q-fit

J – 11028291 – new Trelleborg tyres, 710/70 R38 (2)

J – 21028038 – used Cousins trailed press, 4.2m width

.................................................................. £850

............................................................... £7,110

............................................................... £5,400

.................................................................. £975


ELY – TEL 01353 664515 SPALDING – TEL 01775 712310 MAREHAM-LE-FEN – TEL 01507 568484

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


Pecks AgriTrac

RAMSEY – TEL 01733 844642 DEREHAM – TEL 01362 698698 October 2021 171

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      

Thames Valley Machinery 07764 835562




Contact James French – Manager/Engineer

07764 873486





2013 NH CR9090



2011 NH CR9090



2009 NH CR9090



CLAAS Dominator 106, 17', 6 straw walker hydro, good condition, cut 150acres this season, new rasp bars, concave & impeller a season ago, walker wooden bearings replaced, new preparation tray, good Mercedes straight 6 engine, ready to go. £11,000. J Rayner Tel 07811 822973 (Ceredigion)

2011 NH CR9080


2010 NH CR9080




2009 NH CR9080


2006 NH CR980




2005 NH CR980

30’ XHC 2778/2255

Operating area: Suffolk, Essex and South Norfolk

2004 NH CR980

30’XHC 2674/2176

2004 NH CR980

30’XHC 2970/2377

2004 NH CR980


Low ground pressure application of Avadex granules using the lightest machinery available with GPS guidance 30 years experience of applying sprays, fertiliser, pellets and granules Fully certified and tested machine and operator


1999 NH TX66



1997 NH TX66



2014 Claas Lex 650 V750


2015 Bateman RB35 36m


01733 841932


NEW Holland TX36, 1994, 3800hrs, 20' header with trailer, SL sieves, chaff spreader, straw chopper, air con, hydrostatic drive. £13,000+VAT. H Pell Tel 07796 877535 (Bedfordshire) 16-FOOT knife for MF 7345S Activa combine, 2012. £120. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)

07748 004794 01245 442224 LELY 3m combination drill/power harrow with packer roller, post emergence marking, load platform, levelling harrow, good condition. £3,000+VAT. T Crosby Tel 01245 320242 (Essex)

07860 826033 DOORS

TWO sliding doors, 7'9" x 12', c/w fittings. J Newton Tel 01522 788339/07940 513668 (Lincolnshire) KRM Sola NS Plus 2311 tine drill, 2014, 4.8m, pre emergence markers, following harrows, hydraulic fan, good condition, barn stored. £12,500 ono. R Ambrose Tel 07710 420596/01954 260969 (Cambridgeshire)

4-METRE Carrier drill, good all round condition, used last year. B Wilson Tel 07875 622600 (Hertfordshire)


CLAAS Dominator 85 combine with Perkins engine (can be seen running), breaking for spares. B Robinson Tel 07850 152240 (North Yorks)

Accord • Amazone Sulky • KRM • Vicon Coulters, Metering Units, A frames Etc 15-82637

01489 896 626


New/Reman, Dyno tested, engine blocks & parts available New JCB 444 engine stock! Tier 2 & 3 engines – 55kW, 63kW, 68kW, 74kW, 85kW, 97kW and 108kW available

More photos and full spec at

Seed drills

Perkins & Ford/New Holland engines

Top spec W6020 E-Drive Premium, in stock & good to go, 2 year warranty


ENGINES timikenginerecon

NEW SKY 6m EasyDrill

Contact Gary



ACCORD 3m drill with Kuhn 3002 power harrow, Quest refurb machine 2018, done little work, Maxipacker, quick fit tines, wheel eradicators, 3 rows of coulters on steel tips, pre em markers. A Teasdale Tel 07753 962384 (North Yorks)


Peter Barker 01483 200477




Roller shutter doors made to measure We also repair all types of industrial doors We can erect or make alterations to steel work for new door openings Call for free site survey

Old Barns Old Tiles Old Bricks Stone & Oak





Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email:


VICON 4m Air drill with tramlining. £1,450+VAT. J Smith Tel 07774 290777 (Cambridgeshire)



Ian Houlgrave


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

• Shelbourne Advantage, Mentor & SR 2500H • Hesston 8100, 6500 & 6400 • John Deere • Claas Maxi • Vicon • Stemas • Fortschritt





Call Craig on

07977 208205 (T)

VADERSTAD Rapid 400P seed drill, new metal, hyd fan, pre-em markers, following harrows, packer/roller, excellent drill, ready to go to work. £7,500+VAT. B Turnham Tel 07896 124031 (Northants)

172 October 2021

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16/09/2021 16:30

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234 LEMKEN Smaragd, 3m with 7 legs Tungsten points, VGC. £1,600+VAT. A Ford Tel 07708 154580/01508 530598 (Norfolk)

GRAIN HANDLING/ STORAGE OPICO 370 gas grain dryer, sceens rusty, good central auger PTO drive. £150+VAT. P Beales Tel 07584 189359 (Suffolk)

MASCHIO 6m Tine Drill


07748 004794 01245 442224

WOLSELEY electric fencer for 3 strand wire system, needs 6V battery. £70. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)




JOHN Deere 750A direct drill, 6m, hydraulic disc marker arms, twin Accord metering units, hydraulic fan, Isobus/GreenStar, Isobus screen also available, rear metering wheel, rear following harrow, brakes, road lights, 1750ha. £52,500 ono. G Balaam Tel 07712 931979 (Essex)

BARRIERS & RAILWAY SLEEPERS KRM 4m combination tine drill, Model No NEU2512, 1300ha, c/w pre-em markers & hyd fan, power harrow is a Falc Magnum c/w Q-fit tines & wheel eradicators. £14,000. A Longe Tel 07810 897543/07885 243836 (Norfolk)

07813 182054



01536 771246


KVERNELAND 4.8m drill, with tramliner kit, good metal, nearly new points, tidy machine, grain hopper has been extended, TS accord metering, more photos available. £7,500+VAT. J Pears Tel 07733 033214 (Lincolnshire)

Similar to the Farmer 80, but the Multi will take taller wire up to 125mm, as well as rabbit netting. With the adjustable arm, other options inc single & double strand barb attachments, re-rolling machine, hoist & loader/ telehandler bracket adaptor. John Brewer 07966 285240



We bring the personal touch back into farm finance. For the personal touch ring Dean Pollen on 07902 645650 or apply on line at

Coningsby, Lincoln t: 01526 342466 f: 343507 e:


Carier Elevators Conveyors and Spares Contact Robin on 01472 753936 07710 242015

JCB grain bucket, no brackets, approx. 7'6" wide. J Purser Tel 07917 035607 (Buckinghamshire) ALVAN Blanch grain dryer, double flow indoor model DF8/6A with single phase 480v 50 cycle motors & starters, good working order, Cambridgeshire/Northants border. £2,500 ono. D Tebbit Tel 07889 752653 (Cambridgeshire) ASTWELL Auger feed unit, trailer tip pit into 8" auger, very high output. £400. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincolnshire) TWO low volume fans. £25 each; also Robidome temp probe, 2m long. £50. All+VAT. P Beales Tel 07584 189359 (Suffolk)

INO MKS190 flail mower, good working condition, can work behind the tractor or offset. £700. G Atkinson Tel 07889 474617 (Lincolnshire)

KUBOTA GR1600 ride on mower, 2006, very good condition for age, will go straight to work, 515hrs. £2,900+VAT ono. R King Tel 07929 424474 (Nottinghamshire)



KUHN/ACCORD 4m combi drill, 2001, ceramic tips, hopper extension. £4,500+VAT. M Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warwickshire)



VADERSTAD Rapid 4m System disc with IDC controls, coulter blockage sensors & drawbar packer. £34,950. N Bett Tel 07801 053127 (Nottinghamshire)

Equipment • Livestock • Feed Fertiliser • Seed • Cash Flow Diversification Projects Building • Debt Consolidation

• Fans – New & Reconditioned • Grain Stirrers • Air Tunnels • Laterals • Drive On Floors • Gas Burners • Controllers & ACCS Equipment

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd

EQUESTRIAN IVECO 6.5t horsebox, two horse, good payload, passed MOT fine, will email pictures. £8,500 ovno. C Short Tel 07932 519714 (Hertfordshire) JENNY donkey, weaned, 18 months old, well marked & very friendly, born on farm, microchipped & passport, looking for a good home. E French Tel 01452 840379 (Gloucestershire) IFOR Williams HB505, great little trailer. £2,395 no VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire) HORSE haylage, this year's crop, very good established ley, Mole Valley equine mixture, no rain between mowing & wrapping, 40 round bales available. £30/bale. W Fenn Tel 07714 200440 (Northants) SUFFOLK horse sale catalogues, stallion cards. D Coe Tel 07867 578854/01473 311672 (Suffolk)


Roy Edwards 07702 408833 Full engineering, installation & dismantling services

MASSEY Ferguson 30 3m disc drill, barn stored, original tyres, used last year. Offers. J Ramsey Tel 01653 628366 (North Yorks)

SUMO 4m DD folding toolbar direct drill & Claydon front hopper with top spec RDS Artemis controller, approx 500ha use, bout markers & tramliner valves virtually unused, RDS system allows for variable rate & 2 hopper drives, vgc. £25,000+VAT ono. C Whitton Tel 07957 870362 (Suffolk)

CAD ASPIRATORS Guaranteed for bushel weight improvement


SEVEN used farm gates up to 14’ long. D Jackson Tel 07779 687408 (Essex)

SILAGE sides for Easterby 12t trailer, could easily be adapted, hardly used & stored inside, photos available. £500 buyer collects. J Reader Tel 07881 518815 (Norfolk) OAT straw in 4x4 Hesstons. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire) MEADOW hay, made August, in conventional bales in the dry. Priced from £3.80/bale collected, delivery available. M Crosby Tel 07876 196476 (Essex) HAY for sale, 2021 first cut. £4/bale. M Snare Tel 07388 651005/01953 850200 (Norfolk)

OPICO 595 Quiet grain drier, 3 phase or PTO, gas fired, only used in 2020, 2019 machine, for sale due to sudden Illness & retirement. Call for more info. A Teasdale Tel 07753 962384 (North Yorks)

Spearhead Agricut 270


More photos and full spec at

Main Agents for


2013, 4 row machine, hydraulic fan, off the Fen, excellent


KRM R600 drill coulters (48), with framework, in used condition, but still good. £600+VAT. B Turnham Tel 07896 124031 (Northants)

NEUERO corn blower, c/w exhaust cyclone. £100. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)

two yrs warranty



Call 07775 684401

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


GENERATORS GENERATORS: diesel & PTO, quality used & new, est 25yrs. JSP UK Ltd. Tel 01432 353050 Mob 07774 742182 (Hereford)

FIFTY-FOOT 6" belt with 5.5" cups, for a grain elevator, c/w working platform. £120. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)

KVERNELAND Taarup topper. £600. P Gear Tel 01438 869666 (Hertfordshire)

October 2021 173

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RC SETCHFIELD LTD Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Grantham 01476 560784


JCB 8018 MINI DIGGER 16 reg, c/w 1251hrs




NEW McCAULEY GP 14T DUMP TRAILER 8mm floor, hyd back door, s/d/bar



NEW H & M 14T DUMP TRAILER NEW KIOTI DK6010HST c/w 8mm floor, LED lights, c/w 58hp eng, cab, A/C, HST trans, 560/45XR22.5 tyres 540/540E PTO, PUH, 2 spools



All prices subject to VAT

JCB 536-70 SUPER 18 reg, 4750hrs, tyres 60%

JCB 536-60 SUPER 66 reg, 4173hrs, 145hp eng, new tyres

NEW HOLLAND T4-65S 69 reg, c/w power loader, 464hrs only

JCB 541-70 SUPER 15 reg, c/w 6524hrs, new tyres

MERLO P40-7 63 reg, pin/cone carriage, rear hitch, tyres 40%

P-F 19T LOW LOADER 2020, 21’ long, air & hyd brakes, sprung drawbar

TEAGLE TOMAHAWK 8500 15 reg, straw chopper

SOLIS 26 COMPACT TRACTOR 2019, Agri spec 8hrs only

KUBOTA L4200 COMPACT TRACTOR c/w 3600hrs on turf tyres

JCB 541-70 SUPER 19 reg, 1950hrs, 145hp

HERCULANO 3-WAY TIPPING TRAILER done very little work

DALBO 300x809 LEVELFLEX F/MOUNTED CULTIVATOR 13 reg, hyd levelling board




For more pictures and more stock visit











T: 01522 246522 or 07764 511257 Richard Betts 4x4 Ltd • Lincolnshire Based • Please see website for more stock • All prices +VAT

HITACHI ZX29U 2015, 3811hrs, twin speed tracking, hammer lines, blade, air con, radio, worklights, beacon, hitch & 3 buckets £19,750

FORST ST6P Nov 2020 woodchipper, 36hrs, 6”, sub 750kg, Vanguard 37hp V-twin petrol engine, remainder of 3yr warranty, in stock & ready to go £14,000

BAC TOE TIP BUCKET hydraulic toe tip loading shovel bucket, 5cu/m, width 3m, Volvo brackets, bolt on wear plate, used to load plastic & cardboard £6,500

BOBCAT E26 MINI EXCAVATOR 2017, 2196hrs, hammer lines, twin speed tracking, blade, orange & green beacon, hitch & 3 buckets £19,950

TRAILER ENGINEERING POWER WASHER BOWSER 1125L, Yanmar diesel engine, electric start, fast tow, lights £2,750

AUSA D 1000 AP DUMPER 2016, 10t dumper, 1433hrs, folding roll bar, seat belt, orange & green beacon, Kubota engine £14,750

JCB AGRI MUCK GRAB new 2021 hydraulic muck grab, width 7’6”, Q-fit brackets in stock & ready to go

KAESER M27 90 CFM COMPRESSOR 2016, 697hrs, 2 outlets, Kubota engine, fast tow, lights


£4,750 76240

174 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands October 2021 175

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16/09/2021 11:32


100,000 BTU Concept 2 Multi Fuel Cooker Used for central heating, cooking and baking Runs 20 radiators


delivered free nationwide




Call 01872 540664

Insulated twin skin Increased yield Flip up plastic fender

Call 07775 684401

MASCHIO 2.6m £6,995

Verge Mower

Spearhead MP2 �ail head


HUSQVARNA CRT 51 garden rotovator, Briggs & Stratton 800 205cc & plough 196cc. M Lugger Tel 01548 830233 (Devon)

JAPPA 385 Pro firewood processor, working order, 4 & 6 way splitter. £4,000+VAT. A Bramley Tel 07720 511098 (Cambridgeshire)




EASYCARE breeding ewe lambs for sale, suitable for smallholders, low maintenance, no shearing required - self shedders. P Gear Tel 01438 869666 (Hertfordshire)

Call 07775 684401 23-82761

2017, Giraffona 260, rated 200hp, left hand working, new PTO shaft, excellent

Photos and full spec at

07748 004794 01245 442224 MOUNTED folding grass harrows, approx 14' wide, frame good, harrows need attention. £350 ono. R Horner Tel 07769 806840 (Bedfordshire)

Holaras Rhino Silage Blades & Stego-Pro Silage Rollers



GLEBE FARM HEDGING The Hedging Specialists

Over 100 varieties of top quality hedge plants and young trees. For a catalogue, advice or a competitive quote, contact Glebe Farm Hedging Langham, Essex CO4 5PP


JENSEN A041 12" chipper, working order, spare blades included. £4,500+VAT. A Bramley Tel 07720 511098 (Cambridgeshire)

VIGOLO DSA220 verge mower, PTO 540, 2007, in good order, used on home farm from new. £1,600+VAT. M Abraham Tel 07774 132909 (Cambridgeshire)

Email: Website:


McCONNEL Hy Reach hedger, in working condition, Leyland brackets. R Littleworth Tel 07944 640696 (Lincolnshire)



Braked sprung axle with super single wheels

01400 272475

Tel Email





For more details visit our website or call

IRRIGATION pipe reel trailer, tyres & frame in good condition. £150+VAT. D Lewis Tel 07966 599160 (Shropshire)

HARDWORKING first-generation farmers looking for land to rent/ buy, local to Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk area, with land to put a static caravan to live in, or somewhere to rent and live with some land. A & A Livestock Tel 07969 794376 Abbie/07951 417294 Andy (Suffolk)

Tel: 01206 323200

01362 687260 • 07771 972092

01353 862 044



Contact Julian Pawsey 07836 726939 email:


Fransguard RV-390 Haybob



two yrs warranty

TRAILED mole plough, good working order. £1,500+VAT ono. C Pullin Tel 07802 831777 (Buckinghamshire)



Spearhead 620 Multicut

POLLED pedigree Hereford bulls, 12 to 16 months. SAC high health, accredited for IBR, BVD, Lepto & Jones level 1. R Fowell Tel 01263 587285/07947 126053 (Norfolk)


5 year warranty



Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

£2,150 0114 257 8891

McCONNEL PTO drive sawbench, very tidy, in very good condition. £950+VAT. A Hawtin Tel 01327 3507477/07738 951502 (Northants)

MALE yellow Labrador pups, ready now. £800; also German Shepherd X Lab pups – a super litter – some black & gold and some all black. £800 males & females. All pups are microchipped & vet checked. Please call to view. G R Oliver tel: 01379 586368 (Suffolk). VALMET Valtra 8150, tidy for age, 2001, low hrs, Botex crane in very good order, well maintained. £23,500+VAT. A Bramley Tel 07720 511098 (Cambridgeshire) TURNER Hydromower hedge cutter, Liri 16. £1,000. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)

WEANERS available, Large White X Landrace, Large White X Hampshire & pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spot. Prices start from £45 each. G Kiddy Tel 07808 204363 (Cambridgeshire) PEDIGREE Hereford cows for sale, will guarantee in calf to Hereford bull, TB4 area. B Manning Tel 07894 751548 (Suffolk)

MOBILE calf feeders (2), one with 50 teats, one with 30, good condition, no longer calf rearing, call for further details. Sensible offers please. R Morris Tel 01794 368191/07831 674522 (Hampshire) KEENAN 340 MechFiber mixer wagon, 2010 model, full set of 5 blades, magnet on discharge tray, immaculate condition. C Pugh Tel 07873 149208 (Kent)

176 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234


Prices on application


ESMA ES150T ex demo








KRONE SWADRO 42 (2011)


KRONE SWADRO 42 (2012)


MASTER M90 Grain Dryer










1600/2000 Dual Spreader Pre season offers NOW ON!!!!

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


All prices +VAT

01872 540664 • Lower Tolcarne, St Allen, Truro TR4 9QX

October 2021 177

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HIREPARTSREPAIRS Over 30 years’ experience

01926 614345

BREEDING ewes, 18 shearlings, Llyen X Texel X Charollais, Heptavac P Plus, Clik. Essex/ Suffolk border. P R Kemball & Partners Farms Tel 07803 133214 (Suffolk)

and many other wearing parts

JMT Engineering (Ladbroke) Ltd

email: •

Specialists in Tractor Parts & Manuals




example 86980031 Oil Filter MXM/TM RRP £10.12 OUR PRICE £6.67+VAT

Contact Simon Scott for more info on 07789 793721 or email

TWO 6t feed silos on high legs, been used in a pig finishing building, watertight & in reasonably good condition, only selling as updating to a single bin system. E Lankfer Tel 07789 162941 (Norfolk)

Barry Horne

Great Savings on Genuine NOS Case/IH MX & MXM Parts


SILOS WANTED & FOR SALE 07879 402246 01948 710662

CHAROLLAIS & Berichon shearling rams, all worked last year, excellent quality, ready to go. Ring for more details. K Smith Tel 07940 049960 (Derbyshire) PEDIGREE Hereford bull, 5yrs old, straight in every way, too big for our Guernsey heifers, reluctant sale. Ring for more details. K Smith Tel 07940 049960 (Derbyshire)


Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1JY

01664 562971

GATERIDGE Aberdeen Angus pedigree bulls for sale, Farm Assured - SAC Health Scheme, closed herd - ready to go to work. Small number of cows & heifers also available. A Thompson Tel 07836 246392 (Northants) LUCAS Castor 60+R trailed straw blower, silage feeder, little use, 2 speed gearbox. £5,950. J Huxtable Tel 01278 671661 (Somerset)

IAE Bull Beef feeders, 2020. 4 available, 8' wide, single side feeding, all very good condition. £550+VAT each. T Skinner Tel 01508 498986/07805 980475 (Norfolk) PUREBRED Boer bucks, top quality 8mth old (born January 2021) buck kids, well grown (50+Kg), Lambivac vaccinated, wormed, High Health status herd - Scrapie & CAE accredited, ready for work. Prices from £350 each. N Knott Tel 01449 737951 (Suffolk)

TEAGLE Tomahawk 8080 bale shredder, 2011, giraffe swivel chute, electric joystick controls, tailgate controls, always stored in the dry & only used for straw. £4,250+VAT. D Raven Tel 07825 151798 (Suffolk)

8 cows angus x, 3 heifers Lincoln red x, oldest 12 years, youngest 2 years. Been running with pedigree Lincoln red bull since early July, have very nice calves and easy calving

ROYSTON – 07848 459863 SG8 7QD


Weekly Prime cattle, sheep & store cattle sales Weekly Poultry sales Pedigree Livestock Sales Farm Sales and Valuations Fortnightly sale of Pigs Annual rare breed sale Deadweight Cattle sales Straw and Fodder Sales


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Lexion & Dominator We supply the following new parts combine hire CONCAVES RASP BARS BELTS Fabrication & repairs KNIVES CHAINS FINGERS Breaking 100s of machines FILTER KITS

BREEDING ewes, 13 two shear Lleyn X Texel X Charollais, Heptavac P Plus, Clik. Essex/ Suffolk border. P R Kemball & Partners Farms Tel 07803 133214 (Suffolk) PEDIGREE Texel & Texel X Beltex shearling rams, good strong grass reared tups, ready to work. £350/ head. A Richardson Tel 07710 077299/01206 386089 (Essex)

SIMMENTAL bulls, pedigree polled, free from IBR, BVD, Lepto & Johnes level 1, choice of 3, 17mths & ready for work. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081 (Essex) KW auger bucket, 1.5t, 2016, Kramer/ Claas brackets, chops & feeds out, gwo. A Twell Tel 07780 575656 (Lincolnshire) FOUR British Blue X heifers, 8–12 months old, 4yr area. J Newton Tel 01522 788339/07940 513668 (Lincolnshire) SUFFOLK shearling rams from accredited flock, fully vaccinated, clean heads & tight skins. V Wolton Tel 01206 298844/07920 772862 (Suffolk) GLOUCESTER Old Spot weaners, available now, pure bred but not registered. J Spackman Tel 01920 438232 (Hertfordshire)

WHITE runner ducks, hatched 2021. £10 each. K Smith Tel 07940 049960 (Derbyshire)

BULLS & females available, Fenomen bloodlines, easy calving strain, good confirmation, nice temperaments. R Swindell Tel 07968 505014 (Derbyshire) LINCOLN Longwool flock books. D Coe Tel 07867 578854/01473 311672 (Suffolk)

POULTRY hanging racks (9), foldable, stackable, galvanised racks, hanging rails included, used for turkeys but could be used for other poultry, each rack holds 30/40 turkeys, can be used as pallet racks. £40 each. M Binder Tel 01986 781351/07788 648187 (Suffolk)

PEDIGREE Hereford bull, 2yrs old, quiet, TB tested. £1,600. M Summerfield Tel 07776 192162 (Oxon) SELECTION of ages of Speckled Sussex hens & cockerels & Muscovy ducks & drakes along with ducklings, all good healthy birds ready for their forever home. B Sadler Tel 07896 673613 (Powys)

YOUNG pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls for sale, ready for work, from a healthy herd, several bloodlines to choose from, all very good to handle. B Sadler Tel 07896 673613 (Powys)

PICSTON Shottle semen, 50 straws. Open to offers over £30/ straw. Would rather not split into lots. Delivery payment on top of winning offer or collection from farm. Opportunity for top dairy genetics. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Bedfordshire)

HEREFORD pedigree polled bulls, two good 19 month old bulls to suit pedigree or commercial herds, both with champion sires, quiet & lovely temperament, good genetics & figures, Hi Health, BVD free, IBR vaccinated, TB4, viewing welcomed. £2,500. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Bedfordshire) PHEASANT feeders, large 205L plastic drum type on wooden legs, 5 available, good secondhand condition. £45 each ono. A Nottage Tel 07788 727176 (Norfolk) CATTLE show hurdles, very well made, galvanised finish, 7 gates & front connectors holding 12 show cows, very good secondhand condition. £1,000 ono. A Nottage Tel 07788 727176 (Norfolk) CATTLE clipping crush, homemade, with self locking auto yoke at the front. £800 ono. A Nottage Tel 07788 727176 (Norfolk)

178 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

B W M ACK (Machinery) LTD. New Machines

CLAAS Arion 650 CIS+ 50kph, Proactive f/axle, air brakes ..................................................................POA CLAAS Scorpion 741 Vari Power telehandler, 4.1t, 7m, demonstrator ...................................................POA ALPEGO RK 300 Rapido 3m p/harrow c/w Twin Force quick fit tines packer roller 3yr Driveline warranty ..POA VICON RO-XL GEO 2800 fertiliser spreader, Tellus Go Isobus control box, 2800L hopper, section control, variable rate,Trimflow border spreading ................... (depending on spec required) POA SPEARHEAD Twiga Classic S60 hedge cutter c/w hyd prop controls, 1.2m flail head T or C flail, rotor reverse, arm float. ..................................................................................................................... £17,250 MORO Warrior 200 5f (4+1) hyd variwidth plough hyd transport system ex demo ........................ £11,500 JPM low loader trailer, 24’ long, loading skids, sprung drawbar, air & hyd brakes .......................... £10,950 ALPEGO TR46 310 front/rear flail mower 3.1 working width, hyd offset, can be set to mulch ........... £7,250 ALPEGO TL 33-220 verge mower 2.2m working width, hydraulic right hand offset, wide angle PTO .....£6,500 ALPEGO DKS 400 power harrow, Twin Force rotors, quick fit tines, hydraulic folding ...................................................................................................... last in stock at special reduced price ALPEGO TR 46-280 front/rear, 2.8m flail mower, hyd offset headstock, demo .................................. £5,950

Used Machinery

Sales contacts

Paul Warner 07795 845308

Brian Cornwell 07899 965066


CLAAS Arion 650 Cebis, 2013, 185hp, 6250hrs, 50kph Hexashift transmission, suspended front axle, air brakes, full cab suspension, climate control ................................................................. £34,000 CLAAS Arion 640 CIS, 2008, Hexashift 40kph transmission, 4800hrs, cab suspension, good condition .......................................................................................................................... £26,000 HARDI Commander 3200L sprayer, c/w 24m booms, triplet nozzles, steering drawbar .................... £8,500 KUHN VKM 280 flail mower, 2.8m working width, rear mounted, hydraulically offset, large rear roller, good condition .................................................................................................................. £4,250 SPEARHEAD RHD 2.25 verge mower, 2.25m cutting width, hydraulic offset, wide angle PTO ........... £4,000 MASCHIO Offset verge mower, 2.6m wide. right hand offset ........................................................... £3,750 SET of rowcrop wheels Mitas 380-85 R48 & Continental 380-85 R30, rear 8 stud, front 10 stud, very good condition ............................................................................ £3,200 KONGSKILDE 4m Germinator cultivator, good condition................................................................... £3,000 STOCKS Fan Jet Duo with 3 point linkage mounting frame good condition....................................... £2,800 BOMFORD rear mounted flail mower, 2.8m rear flail mower, hyd sideshift, adjustable rear roller ..... £2,750 SPEARHEAD Multicut 300 mounted 3m mower .............................................................................. £2,250 AS Fast Tow fuel bowser, 500 gallon, 12 volt pump and hose, twin sprung axle ............................... £2,000 5TH wheel trailer bogie, hydraulic brakes, mudguards ..................................................................... £1,500 1000 gallon trailed water tank, hydraulic brakes, lights, front storage locker.................................... £1,000 SUTON ELCS 80 rehandling bucket, Merlo brackets ........................................................................... £975 SUIRE 9’ topper, 9’ three rotor topper ................................................................................................ £900 ALBUTT A101 rehandling bucket, 7’6” wide, Merlo brackets ............................................................... £800

Barroway Drove, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 0AL

T: 01366 324256/324311 E: Out of hours: 07795 845308 •

Massey Ferguson 6495 loader ready g/box issue ............................................................. £18,000 Case CX105 c/w Mailleux loader 04 plate 2500hrs tidy ................................................... £20,950 New Holland TL100 c/w loader 02 plate ............................................................................ £18,995 New Holland 60-86S vineyard tractor, rare thing................................................................. £7,995 John Deere 6200 c/w JD loader 1995 ................................................................................ £12,995 Kuhn FC303 YGL trailed mo/co tidy heavy duty mower ..................................................... £5,750 Claas Volto 1100 10 rotor tedder 2015 vgc ready to go .................................................... £9,950 Krone 8 rotor trailer tedder 2003 ready for work ................................................................ £4,000 Krone KW5.35/4 4 rotor tedder ready to go ........................................................................ £3,000 Large selection of shear grabs & buckets................................................................................. POA Marshall 10t silage/grain trailers 8 stud axles choice of 2 ......................................... £4,500 each Rolland Turbo12 trailer 12t ..................................................................................................... £4,995 AS Marston low loader trailer ................................................................................................. £3,650 Various trailers in stock................................................................................................................ POA Various cultivators in stock.......................................................................................................... POA McConnel 6400 EDS hedger elec controls 2005 ................................................................ £6,750 Ryetec 420 4.2m hedger 2003 cable control ....................................................................... £3,450 Twose 6m grass harrows ......................................................................................................... £2,450 Kverneland Centreflow Geo Spread spreader 2017 full ISOBUS c/w 12” screen ......... £10,950 Selection of bale wrappers in..................................................................................................... POA Bomford Falcon 6.5T hedger immaculate ............................................................................ £9,950 Bomford B557 hedger direct from farm ............................................................................... £3,750 Kuhn HR 3002D 3m power harrow 1998 .............................................................................. £3,400 He-Va folding 5 leg subsoiler very HD hyd breakback ....................................................... £8,250 Vaderstad Rollex 1020 ring rollers, c/w breakers ................................................................ £4,995 TH Engineering 5 leg flat lift vgc............................................................................................ £3,450 Teagle TBM250 flail, immaculate, 2015 ................................................................................ £4,150 Malone 6’ pasture toppers new in stock & ready to go ............................................. £1,175 each New pallet carriages .......................................................................................................... from £450 New LWC buckets & grabs in stock British built ..................................................................... CALL New Malone tedders in stock, 5.7m ...................................................................................... £6,250 New Malone post bangers, side & t/l tilt............................................................................... £2,995 Kongskilde Delta cultivator, 2008 .......................................................................................... £4,250 Choice of Gard 6m folding disc harrows ..................................................................... £3,995 each Welger D6000 6 string big baler 1998 ................................................................................. £7,950 AS Marston LL6 low loader trailer.......................................................................................... £3,650 McConnel Magnum 2.8m flail topper ................................................................................... £3,250 Claas Variant 365 round baler 2009 vgc ............................................................................... £8,950

All prices + VAT


t: 01243 575333 • m: Joe 07540 013587 e: mail@ •

2013 JF-STOLL VM 22-2 22m capacity machine, front cross conveyor-tandem axles, electric controls.................................POA

RMH 12M MIXELL 12m capacity -Just in, selling at trade price nice, simple feeder front cross conveyor ...........................£5,250

SHELBOURNE REYNOLDS POWERMIX PRO EXPRESS 19 19m currently has top off leaving it a 16m...........................£12,950

ROTOGRIND 760 refurbished, This is a tidy, fully serviced Rotogrind ready for work, original hammers ........................................£17,750

SILOKING TRAILEDLINE DUO 14 14m twin tub mixer, New augers just fitted, new blades, oils changed ..........................£10,500

SHELBOURNE REYNOLDS 5m, excellent condition, feedout doors both sides excellent condition ..... £10,950

JF-STOLL VM 18-2S 18m Twin Tub JF, new augers, blades, gear oils changed and serviced throughout. .......£11,800

LUCAS 30R STRAW BEDDER Ex local farm trade in-straight genuine bedder, located in our Evesham yard .............£6,600

2014 TEAGLE TOMAHAWK 8150 Tidy and genuine 2014 machine, will bed loose houses or chop short for feeding ...............£7,750

KUHN EUROMIX I 2070 Kuhn 27m, refurbished big capacity machines, will mix 12t of TMR per load ...........................£18,000

VDW SB-MINI 135 TRACTOR-MOUNTED MINI MIXER ideal machine for smaller farms, narrow passages ...................POA

HAYBUSTER H-835 Tub grinder ideal machine to pre chop long fibre, changeable screens, conveyor belt discharge ........POA

2012 KUHN EUROMIX I 1670 immaculate condition, 16m capacity, looks like its done almost no work ......£14,950

K&K 13m,well built, lots of life in this, stainless steel cross conveyor, solid auger ..........................................£5,250

HAYBUSTER H1000 Ex demo condition, available for immediate delivery, finance available ..............................................POA

KVERNELAND SILOKING 14 DUO Ideal for narrow passages and dead end sheds, 14m twin tub ........................................£12,400

FREESTANDING PROFI HI SPEED ROOT CHOPPER heavy duty, pro spec machine ..............................................POA

STRAUTMANN VERTIMIX 1700 DOUBLE 17m Strautmann twin tub, two new augers ........................................£12,950

SILOKING TRAILEDLINE PREMIUM 12 Siloking 12m single tub, front cross conveyor and rear left door ..........................................£7,950

TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1200 Trioliet 12m, 12m trioliet mixer-door on left, conveyor on right to feed over troughs .........................POA

MX T10 MX AUGER FEED BUCKET Root chopper, trade in machine,will feed meal and chop roots ..................£2,250

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

Feed Processing Specialists

Please visit for more photos or call 01789 205132 or 07721 442979


October 2021 179

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

Startin Tractors Ltd, Twycross CV9 3PW

JCB JZ140 2013, 5300hrs, 2 buckets, can be seen working on our own site

CASE IH QUADTRAC 620 2016, rear linkage, full Accuguide, Isobus, Power Beyond

CASE CX80C EXCAVATOR quick hitch & 3 buckets, 2016, 4966hrs, air conditioned cab

NEW SPEARHEAD TWIGA CLASSIC S55 & S60 1.2m head, proportional controls, 2021 build from £16,950 + VAT

JCB 526-56 AGRI PLUS 2019, 646hrs, Q Fit headstock, hydraulic latching

CASE IH JXU105 POWERSHUTTLE 24x24, Quicke Q45 loader, 2011, 2345hrs, one owner

NEW RICHARD WESTERN DELILAH D4150 rear discharge spreader Call for details & price

BEDNAR PRO 6000 6m straw rake, coulter discs, optional 400 seeder

CASE IH MAGNUM 340 Powershift 50kph, front linkage, 2021 demo tractor, low hrs

CASE IH MAXXUM 145 Suspension 50kph, front linkage & PTO, 2019, 3300hrs

FORD RANGER WILDTRAK DOUBLE CAB 3.2L Automatic, 2019, 30773 miles £25,995 + VAT

NISSAN NAVARA DOUBLE CAB TEKNA 2.3dCi automatic, 2021, 11200 miles £29,995 + VAT

ISUZU DMAX 2.5TD EXTENDED CAB 4X4 2016, 77488 miles £11,995 + VAT

ISUZU DMAX YUKON DOUBLE CAB Sapphire blue metallic, 2020, 23010 miles £22,995 + VAT

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


01827 880088 • • Check our website for up to date list & photos:


* Finance offered subject to terms & conditions

October 2021 181

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


71069434 JOHN DEERE 8400R


2019, 878hrs, ULTIMATE, 50K, E23, ILS, HCS, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, drawbar, hyd/air brakes, front link/PTO, SCV joystick, 900/60R42 650/60R34, rear AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, PG 27/07/2025 - 5000hrs


21061700 JD 8800i 2016, 1650/2600hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 4WD, 64 knife, 710/70R42, AHC, Duraline


11059453 JD 8600 2017, 1465/2297hrs, 40K ProDrive 4WD, AutoTrac Ready 710/70R42, 56 Knife Drum,


71065936 POTTINGER 1252 2017, CS-LINE, 4 rotor rake, trailed, 620/40 22.5, ISOBUS and new (unused control box) 8

31069188 JOHN DEERE 8360R

2013, 5215hrs, AutoPowr, 40K, ILS, 800/70R38 600/70R30, 5ESCV, CATIII drawbar, hyd brakes, leather, AutoTrac complete, activation, 3000 Dome, A/C, HID lights, been on warranty to 5000hrs



71069417 JOHN DEERE 7310R

2018, 2237hrs, E23, 50K, TLS, HCS, 4ESCV, leather, A/C, air seat, PUH, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, activation, front linkage, 710/70R42 90% 600/65R30 40% PowerGard Warranty 5000hrs - 8/11/2023


11067245 JD 8800i 2016, 1640/3620hrs, Prodrive, 40K, 4WD, 64 knife drum, leather, AutoTrac complete,

11067244 JD 8800i 2017, 1800/3200hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 4WD, 639 grass header, Autosteer + harvestlab com-



11064541 JD S690i HM 2016, 822/1105hrs,ProDrive, 30K, chopper/chaff, 2WD, 635X header, 35’ trolley


41058720 JD 960 2017, Round baler, 29698 bales, Maxicut, 13 knives, hydraulic brakes, 500/50-22.5

11065934 JD S685 HM 2017, 790/1172hrs, Autohitch, Premium Chopper, Active Yield, 30ft X header, 2 Side knives,

£18,950 31067160 NH Roll Belt 150 2018, belt baler, bale kicker, 500/55.20, control box, roll holder, up to 1.5mtr bale size

01844 278843 USED MACHINERY AUGUST 2020 A4.indd 1

182 October 2021

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11067178 JD 8600 2018, 1777/2582hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 4WD, 40 knife drum, 710/70R42, Maize KP, 639


11069752 NH CR9070 2009, 2196/2784hrs, 2WD, Autosteer, Elevation, self levelling shoe, 24ft Varifeed header,


31068058 KRONE1400 2015, 14mtr 4 rotor rakes, electric height - hyd width, independent rotor lift, Delta

Our Milton Common OX9 2NZ Yard Weights NOT included. Prices each,exclude VAT ex yard. Whilst stocks last. Correct 10/8/21 Please check hours and availability. E & OE

09/08/2021 11:23:06

16/09/2021 11:47

T S 7 4 1 1 1 3 7 7 3 4 1 3 T 1 S 4 7 4 4 5 1 5 1 3 1 7 3 1 7 5 7 3 3 7 4 3 1 1 3 3 1 1 4 7 4 7 5 1 5 1 3 1 7 3 1 3 5 7 3 4 7 1 3 7 1 3 3 3 1 7 7 1 7 4 1 7 1 3 1 3 3 3 3 1 7 3 4 3 1 7 7 1 3 1 3 3 7 1 1 5 4 3 7 1 3 3 C 3 S 1 1 3 D 3 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 5 1 3 1 F SC 1 S1 1 1 D 1 T 1 S 1 7 1 1 4 1 7 1 4 1 F 3 S T1 1 1 3 1 3 1 5


H 4 1 5



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TRACTORS        Weights NOT included unless stated Last Updated 4th September Price Stock Make Model HP Age Hours Spec £199,950 71069434 JOHN DEERE 8400R 400 2019 1200 ULTIMATE, 50K, E23, ILS, HCS, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, drawbar, hyd/air brakes, front link/PTO, SCV joystick, yourAutoPowr, ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery See coupon on page 42K, AutoTrac complete Ultimate activations, SF6000 receiver,for 4600free. screen, premium cab, 41066998 JOHNFARMERS DEERE 8370RT- Advertise 370 2018 1340 £185,000 11067165 JOHN DEERE 7290R 290 2017 1246 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, Active seat, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42 600/70R30, 4ESCV, AutoTrac Ready, £145,000 11071738 JOHN DEERE 7290R 290 2014 3782 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42 60%, 600/70R30 50%, AutoTrac complete, activation, £76,950 11070315 JOHN DEERE 7260R 260 2014 4394 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42 600/70R30, 4ESCV, PUH, AutoTrac complete, £59,950 31068436 JOHN DEERE 7250R 250 2018 3032 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 5ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 4600 screen, front linkage/PTO,  650/85R38 £99,950 71066749 JOHN DEERE 7250R 250 2015 2648 AutoPowr, 50K, AutoTrac Complete, SF3000 receiver, Activation, 4ESCV, TLS, HCS, A/C, air seat, £82,750 71067236 JOHN DEERE 7230R 230 2018 4888 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, front linkage, 650/85R38, 600/70R30, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air seat, £89,950 31067105 JOHN DEERE 6250R 250 2020 2122 PREMIUM, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, CommandPro, 4600 screen, AutoTrac ready, activation (no dome), £134,950 41067109 JOHN DEERE 6250R 250 2018 3713 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 4600 screen, 710/70R42, 600/70R30, air/hyd brakes, Ultimate seat, £119,950 11067652 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2019 3300 Ultimate edition, AutoPowr CommandPro, 50K, TLS, HCS, A/C, Ultimate air seat, AutoTrac ready, £114,950 31065036 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 2807 PREMIUM, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 710/70R42 600/70R28, air/hyd brakes, 4ESCV, A/C, air seat, fr £102,750 TRACTORS         Weights NOT included unless stated Last Updated 4th September 11064884 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2017 4953 Premium, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, AutoTrac complete, activation, 3000 dome, 4600 screen, 4ESCV, £86,750 Price Stock Make Model HP Age Hours Spec 41067107 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 3950 Ultimate edition, DirectDrive, 50K, AutoTrac ready, activation,TLS, HCS, premium air seat, A/C, 4ESCV, £94,950 ULTIMATE, 50K, E23, ILS, HCS, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, drawbar, hyd/air brakes, front link/PTO, SCV joystick, 71069434 JOHN DEERE 8400R 400 2019 1200 £199,950 41067108 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 4133 Ultimate edition, DirectDrive, 50K, AutoTrac ready, activation,TLS, HCS, premium air seat, A/C, 4ESCV, £94,950 41066998 JOHN DEERE 8370RT 370 2018 1340 AutoPowr, 42K, AutoTrac complete Ultimate activations, SF6000 receiver, 4600 screen, premium cab, £185,000 51065029 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2017 3697 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air seat, AutoTrac Ready, activation (no dome), 650/85R38 £89,950 11067165 JOHN DEERE 7290R 290 2017 1246 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, Active seat, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42 600/70R30, 4ESCV, AutoTrac Ready, £145,000 51066830 JOHN DEERE 6210R 210 2012 8263 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 650/85R38 600/70R28, A/C, air seat, AutoTrac ready, 4ESCV, front linkage, PUH, £48,750 11071738 JOHN DEERE 7290R 290 2014 3782 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42 60%, 600/70R30 50%, AutoTrac complete, activation, £76,950 31068359 JOHN DEERE 7830 205 2007 10038 AutoPowr, 40K, TLS, hyd brakes, 3ESCV, PUH, 650/65R42 80% 540/65R30 80% BKT, Active seat £36,950 11070315 JOHN DEERE 7260R 260 2014 4394 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42 600/70R30, 4ESCV, PUH, AutoTrac complete, £59,950 71065085 JOHN DEERE 6195R 195 2017 5989 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 710/70 R42 600/65R30, AutoTrac Ready, air/hyd brakes, 4ESCV, A/C, front £67,950 31068436 JOHN DEERE 7250R 250 2018 3032 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 5ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 4600 screen, front linkage/PTO,  650/85R38 £99,950 11065042 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2018 2992 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 4600 screen, AutoTrac Ready, activation (no dome), 3ESCV, A/C, £89,950 71066749 JOHN DEERE 7250R 250 2015 2648 AutoPowr, 50K, AutoTrac Complete, SF3000 receiver, Activation, 4ESCV, TLS, HCS, A/C, air seat, £82,750 51069192 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2018 2437 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, hyd/air brakes, fr link/PTO, AutoTrac Ready, Activation (no dome), £87,950 71067236 JOHN DEERE 7230R 230 2018 4888 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, front linkage, 650/85R38, 600/70R30, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air seat, £89,950 31063527 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2017 1128 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, air brakes, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, PUH, A/C, air seat, £93,750 31067105 JOHN DEERE 6250R 250 2020 2122 PREMIUM, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, CommandPro, 4600 screen, AutoTrac ready, activation (no dome), £134,950 71070506 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2015 5427 AutoQuad Plus 50K, TLS, HCS, AutoTrac ready (no activation), 3ESCV, Isobus, air/hyd brakes, 520/85R42 £61,750 41067109 JOHN DEERE 6250R 250 2018 3713 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 4600 screen, 710/70R42, 600/70R30, air/hyd brakes, Ultimate seat, £119,950 Premium, DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 114ltr pump, AutoTrac ready, dual beacons, beltline lights, 4ESCV, 31066929 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2020 904 £94,750 11067652 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2019 3300 Ultimate edition, AutoPowr CommandPro, 50K, TLS, HCS, A/C, Ultimate air seat, AutoTrac ready, £114,950 11067166 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2019 1153 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 650/65R38 540/65R28, 3SCV, AutoTrac ready (no £84,950 31065036 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 2807 PREMIUM, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 710/70R42 600/70R28, air/hyd brakes, 4ESCV, A/C, air seat, fr £102,750 31064742 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2019 1842 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, GreenStar/ISOBUS Ready, 3ESCV, fr link/PTO, A/C, air £87,950 11064884 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2017 4953 Premium, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, AutoTrac complete, activation, 3000 dome, 4600 screen, 4ESCV, £86,750 11069561 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 1741 AutoQuad Plus, 50K, air seat, A/C, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, AutoTrac ready (no activation), 3SCV, £85,950 41067107 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 3950 Ultimate edition, DirectDrive, 50K, AutoTrac ready, activation,TLS, HCS, premium air seat, A/C, 4ESCV, £94,950 71063874 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 2734 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, Nokian 650/65R42 540/65R30, 3SCV, A/C, air seat, AutoTrac £74,950 41067108 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 4133 Ultimate edition, DirectDrive, 50K, AutoTrac ready, activation,TLS, HCS, premium air seat, A/C, 4ESCV, £94,950 71068876 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2017 3577 AutoQuad + CREEP, 50K, TLS, HCS, 480/70R28 520/85R38,  AutoTrac Ready, 3ESCV, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air £74,950 51065029 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2017 3697 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air seat, AutoTrac Ready, activation (no dome), 650/85R38 £89,950 11064637 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2016 3305 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 4600 screen, PUH, A/C, air seat, £67,950 51066830 JOHN DEERE 6210R 210 2012 8263 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 650/85R38 600/70R28, A/C, air seat, AutoTrac ready, 4ESCV, front linkage, PUH, £48,750 11064638 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2016 3510 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 4600 screen, PUH, A/C, air seat, £67,950 31068359 JOHN DEERE 7830 205 2007 10038 AutoPowr, 40K, TLS, hyd brakes, 3ESCV, PUH, 650/65R42 80% 540/65R30 80% BKT, Active seat £36,950 11066745 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2017 1851 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, HCS, 3SCV, ISOBUS/GreenStar Ready, 3SCV, 650/65R38 540/65R28 80%, A/C, air seat, £74,950 71065085 JOHN DEERE 6195R 195 2017 5989 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 710/70 R42 600/65R30, AutoTrac Ready, air/hyd brakes, 4ESCV, A/C, front £67,950 31066875 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 1628 PREMIUM, DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, AutoTrac ready, 4600 screen, activation, 6000 dome, air/hyd £86,950 11065042 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2018 2992 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 4600 screen, AutoTrac Ready, activation (no dome), 3ESCV, A/C, £89,950 31069537 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 5539 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 650/75R38 600/65R28, Climate control, A/C, air seat, £72,750 51069192 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2018 2437 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, hyd/air brakes, fr link/PTO, AutoTrac Ready, Activation (no dome), £87,950 AutoQuad, 40K, 540/65R28 650/65R38, A/C, air seat, PUH, 3SCV, 3sp PTO, 114ltr min pump 71069007 JOHN DEERE 6155M 155 2017 692 £67,950 31063527 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2017 1128 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, air brakes, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, PUH, A/C, air seat, £93,750 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, MCS, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, 114lt pump, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, PUH, hyd brakes, 41068952 JOHN DEERE 6155M 155 2019 783 £72,950 71070506 JOHN DEERE 6175R 175 2015 5427 AutoQuad Plus 50K, TLS, HCS, AutoTrac ready (no activation), 3ESCV, Isobus, air/hyd brakes, 520/85R42 £61,750 11069955 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2014 2885 AutoQuad Plus, 40K, TLS, HCS, fr linkage+PTO, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, PUH, hyd brakes, 20.8R38 16.9R28 £54,950 Premium, DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 114ltr pump, AutoTrac ready, dual beacons, beltline lights, 4ESCV, 31066929 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2020 904 £94,750 £57,950 71066779 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2014 2813 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3sp PTO, 3SCV, PUH, A/C, air seat, air/hyd brakes, 520/85R42 16.9R30, 110ltr 11067166 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2019 1153 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 650/65R38 540/65R28, 3SCV, AutoTrac ready (no £84,950 £54,950 31072392 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2014 8406 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 650/65R38 540/65R28,  A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, air/hjyd brakes, AutoTrac ready, 31064742 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2019 1842 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, GreenStar/ISOBUS Ready, 3ESCV, fr link/PTO, A/C, air £87,950 £49,950 31071620 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2012 4483 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, front linkage, 650/65R42 600/65R28, 11069561 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 1741 AutoQuad Plus, 50K, air seat, A/C, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, AutoTrac ready (no activation), 3SCV, £85,950 £44,950 71069813 JOHN DEERE 6150M 150 2013 5083 PowrQuad, 40K, TLS, A/C, air seat, front linkage, 580/70R38 540/65R28, PUH, 3SCV, hyd brakes 71063874 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 2734 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, Nokian 650/65R42 540/65R30, 3SCV, A/C, air seat, AutoTrac £74,950 £36,950 11067167 JOHN DEERE 6830 150 2010 7795 Premium, AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, HCS, 650/65R38 40% 540/65R28 90%, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, hyd brakes, 71068876 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2017 3577 AutoQuad + CREEP, 50K, TLS, HCS, 480/70R28 520/85R38,  AutoTrac Ready, 3ESCV, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air £74,950 £59,950 41069198 JOHN DEERE 6140R 140 2014 2142 AutoQuad, 40K, AutoTrac complete with activation (SF1), TLS, HCS, air seat, A/C, fr linkage, 3SCV, hyd 11064637 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2016 3305 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 4600 screen, PUH, A/C, air seat, £67,950 £77,850 71066388 JOHN DEERE 6130R 130 2017 2263 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 114ltr pump, 4ESCV, 600/65R38, 540/65R24, AutoTrac ready, 11064638 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2016 3510 DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 4600 screen, PUH, A/C, air seat, £67,950 £59,950 31065344 JOHN DEERE 6130R 130 2017 2248 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, 4100 screen, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, 460/85R38 420/85R24, PUH, hyd brakes, JD loader 11066745 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2017 1851 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, HCS, 3SCV, ISOBUS/GreenStar Ready, 3SCV, 650/65R38 540/65R28 80%, A/C, air seat, £74,950 £54,950 31066149 JOHN DEERE 6125R 125 2015 2750 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, 3SCV, 600/65R38 540/65R24, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, PUH               31066875 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 1628 PREMIUM, DirectDrive, 50K, TLS, HCS, AutoTrac ready, 4600 screen, activation, 6000 dome, air/hyd £86,950 £42,750 31071656 JOHN DEERE 6420S 125 2004 4313 AutoPowr, 40K, CommandArm, TLS, 3ESCV, PUH, A/C, air seat, hyd brakes, 540/65R24 80%, 600/65R38 31069537 JOHN DEERE 6155R 155 2018 5539 ULTIMATE, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, 650/75R38 600/65R28, Climate control, A/C, air seat, £72,750 £53,750 11071961 JOHN DEERE 6120M 120 2018 646 AutoQuad, 40K, A/C, air seat, 420/85R38, 380/85R24, air/hyd brakes, PUH, reverse buzzer, 114ltr pump, AutoQuad, 40K, 540/65R28 650/65R38, A/C, air seat, PUH, 3SCV, 3sp PTO, 114ltr min pump 71069007 JOHN DEERE 6155M 155 2017 692 £67,950 £39,950 31067050 JOHN DEERE 6115RC 115 2017 3609 CommandQuad, 40K, TLS, 480/80R38 400/80R28 Nokian, 114ltr pump, fr link/PTO, pass seat, 3SCV, hyd AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, MCS, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, 114lt pump, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, PUH, hyd brakes, 41068952 JOHN DEERE 6155M 155 2019 783 £72,950 £43,750 31071451 JOHN DEERE 6110RC 110 2015 4942 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, A/C, air seat, 400/80R28 480/80R38 Nokian, 3SCV, hyd brakes,  H310 loader, Euro 11069955 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2014 2885 AutoQuad Plus, 40K, TLS, HCS, fr linkage+PTO, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, PUH, hyd brakes, 20.8R38 16.9R28 £54,950 £27,950 71070008 JOHN DEERE 6320 110 2006 6419 PowrQuad, 40K, TLS, 380/85R24 420/85R38, 3SCV, hyd brakes, A/C, air seat £57,950 71066779 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2014 2813 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3sp PTO, 3SCV, PUH, A/C, air seat, air/hyd brakes, 520/85R42 16.9R30, 110ltr £39,750 11069363 JOHN DEERE 5100M 100 2017 3250 PowerReverser, 40K, A/C, air seat, 16.9R34 13.6R24, 3sp PTO, 3SCV, Loader MX408, joystick, Euro head £54,950 31072392 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2014 8406 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 650/65R38 540/65R28,  A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, air/hjyd brakes, AutoTrac ready, £52,750 11071947 CAT CHALLENG MT745C 255 2010 5250 30" Tracks, PowerShift, 40K, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, weight package, Trimble steering system £49,950 31071620 JOHN DEERE 6150R 150 2012 4483 AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, HCS, air/hyd brakes, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, front linkage, 650/65R42 600/65R28, £49,950 31068239 NH T7.270 230 2015 8352 AutoCommand, 50K, fr/cab sus, 600/65R28 710/70R38, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, PUH, fr link/PTO, air/hyd £44,950 71069813 JOHN DEERE 6150M 150 2013 5083 AutoPowr, PowrQuad,50K, 40K,Premium, TLS, A/C, air seat, front linkage, 580/70R38 540/65R28, PUH, 3SCV, hyd brakes TLS, HCS, 4ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42, 600/70R30, fr link/PTO, AutoTrac £128,750 11057881 JOHN DEERE 6250R 250 2019 2150 £36,950 11067167 JOHN DEERE 6830 150 2010 7795 Premium, AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, HCS, 650/65R38 40% 540/65R28 90%, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, hyd brakes, 51049530 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 3100 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 4ESCV, 4600 screen, fr linkage, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, activation, £97,950 £59,950 41069198 JOHN DEERE 6140R 140 2014 2142 Premium, AutoQuad,AutoPowr, 40K, AutoTrac complete with activation (SF1), TLS, HCS, air seat, A/C, fr linkage, 3SCV, hyd 50K, TLS, HCS, 4600 screen, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, activation, 710/70R42, £109,950 31055841 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2020 2166 £77,850 71066388 JOHN DEERE 6130R 130 2017 2263 PREMIUM, ULTIMATE, Nov AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 114ltr 600/65R38, 540/65R24, AutoTrac ready, (registered 2019pump, March)4ESCV, AutoPowr, 50K, Premium Edition, SF1 AutoTrac 2018 Build, £105,950 11050851 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2019 2885 £59,950 31065344 JOHN DEERE 6130R 130 2017 2248 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, 4100 screen, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, 460/85R38 420/85R24, PUH, hyd brakes, JD loader £54,950 31066149 JOHN DEERE 6125R 125 2015 2750 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, 3SCV, 600/65R38 540/65R24, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, PUH               COMBINES £42,750 31071656 JOHN DEERE 6420S 125 2004 4313 AutoPowr, 40K, CommandArm, TLS, 3ESCV, PUH, A/C, air seat, hyd brakes, 540/65R24 80%, 600/65R38 Price Make Model HP Age Hours Spec Stock £53,750 11071961 JOHN DEERE 6120M 120 2018 646 AutoQuad, A/C, air seat, 420/85R38, 380/85R24, PUH, reverse buzzer, 114ltr pump, 692hrs eng 40K, hrs, 463h drum hrs, 640X header, twin sideair/hyd knives,brakes, 37K road speed, AutoTrac complete, 24" 11062596 JOHN DEERE S790 LL 2019 463 £255,500 £39,950 31067050 JOHN DEERE 6115RC 115 2017 3609 530 CommandQuad, 40K,tracks, TLS, 480/80R38 400/80R28 114ltr pump,Yield fr link/PTO, pass seat, 3SCV, eng hrs, 24 inch 40k, Combine advisor,Nokian, Autotrac complete, mapping complete, 35fthyd DP JOHN DEERE S790 LL 2019 356 £299,950 £43,750 31071451 JOHN DEERE 6110RC 110 2015 4942 1105 AutoQuad, 40K, TLS, A/C, ProDrive, air seat, 400/80R28 480/80R38800/70R32, Nokian, 3SCV, hyd brakes,  H310 Euro 500/85R24, 2WD, 630Xloader, header, 30' eng hrs, HillMaster, 30K, chopper/chaff, £159,950 11064541 JOHN DEERE S690i HM 2016 822 £27,950 71070008 JOHN DEERE 6320 110 2006 6419 1361 PowrQuad, 40K, TLS, 380/85R24 3SCV, hyd brakes, A/C, airterrain seat adjust, hyd face plate tilt, + activation, active eng hrs, AutoTrac Complete420/85R38, w/ 3000 receiver £177,950 11067795 JOHN DEERE S685i LL 2017 935 £39,750 11069363 JOHN DEERE 5100M 100 2017 3250 1172eng PowerReverser, 40K, A/C,500/85R24, air seat, 16.9R34 13.6R24, 3spbumper, PTO, 3SCV, Loader MX408,auger ‐ to joystick, Euro head Autohitch, Straw Folding unloading fit 30ft hrs, 800/70R32, £164,950 11065934 JOHN DEERE S685 HM 2017 790 £52,750 11071947 CAT CHALLENG MT745C 255 2010 5250 2081 30" Tracks, PowerShift, air seat, 4ESCV, weight package, Trimble steering system 620/70R28, 2WD, AutoTrac eng hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 30K, A/C, Advanced PowerCast chopper, 800/70R38, £99,950 11067261 JOHN DEERE S680 LL 2012 1581 £49,950 31068239 NH T7.270 230 2015 8352 300 AutoCommand, 50K, fr/cab sus, 600/65R28 710/70R38, seat, 4ESCV, PUH, link/PTO, air/hyd eng hrs, AutoTrac Complete, wireless data transfer, A/C, yieldair documentation, 30K,frchopper, chaff 11062496 JOHN DEERE T550i HM 2020 200 £189,950 £128,750 11057881 JOHN DEERE 6250R 250 2019 2150 AutoPowr, 50K, Premium, TLS, HCS, 4ESCV, air/hyd brakes, 710/70R42, 600/70R30, fr link/PTO, AutoTrac £89,950 11068000 JOHN DEERE W650 LL 2011 1320 1514 eng hrs, 3 speed hydro, chopper, chaff spreader, 625R header, 800/65R32 480/80R26, non HM. 51049530 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2018 3100 AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 4ESCV, 4600 screen, fr linkage, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, activation, £97,950 eng hrs, 800/70R32, 17.5R24, 2WD, Autosteer complete, yield mapping, Elevation, self levelling £74,950 11069752 NH CR9070 2009 2196 2784 £109,950 31055841 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2020 2166 Premium, AutoPowr, 50K, TLS, HCS, 4600 screen, AutoTrac complete, 6000 dome, activation, 710/70R42, £105,950 11050851 JOHN DEERE 6215R 215 2019 2885 PREMIUM, Nov 2018 Build, (registered 2019 March) AutoPowr, 50K, Premium Edition, SF1 AutoTrac FORAGE HARVESTERS Price Stock Model HP Age Hours Spec COMBINES Make 11067244 JOHN DEERE 8800i 2017 1800 3200 eng hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 4WD, 800/70R38 620R30, 639 grass header, Autosteer + harvestlab complete £159,950 Price HP Age Hours Spec Stock Make Model eng hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 4WD, 40 knife drum, 710/70R42, Maize KP, 639 grass PickUp, AutoTrac £175,000 11067178 JOHN DEERE 8600 2018 1777 2582 692hrs eng hrs, 463h drum hrs, 640X header, twin side knives, 37K road speed, AutoTrac complete, 24" LL 2019 463 £255,500 11062596 JOHN DEERE S790 eng hrs, 40K PRO DRIVE 4WD, AutoTrac Ready (NO I PACK), Leather, 710/70R42 620/70R30, 56 Knife £158,950 11059453 JOHN DEERE 8600 2017 1465 2297 530 eng hrs, 24 inch tracks, 40k, Combine advisor, Autotrac complete, Yield mapping complete, 35ft DP JOHN DEERE S790 LL 2019 356 £299,950 1105 eng hrs, HillMaster, ProDrive, 30K, chopper/chaff, 800/70R32, 500/85R24, 2WD, 630X header, 30' £159,950 11064541 JOHN DEERE S690i HM 2016 822 TELESCOPICS / PLANT £177,950 11067795 JOHN DEERE S685i 2017 Price Stock Make Model LL HP Age 935 Hours 1361 Spec eng hrs, AutoTrac Complete w/ 3000 receiver + activation, active terrain adjust, hyd face plate tilt, 500/85R24, Autohitch, Straw bumper, Folding 30ft hrs,ecospeed, 800/70R32, £164,950 11065934 KRAMER JOHN DEERE S685 tyres, boom suspension, A/C, airunloading seat, PUH,auger ‐ to rear SCV, fit trailer hydro, 40K, NEW 460/70R24 £51,750 71068461 KT447 HM 2017 2018 790 4800 1172eng 2WD, AutoTrac 2081 eng hrs, ProDrive, Advanced PowerCast £99,950 11067261 KRAMER JOHN DEERE S680 2012 Kramerchopper, head (no800/70R38, forks) PUH,620/70R28, trailer brake, Michelin Bibload 40K, Premium Ag30K, Spec, A/C, air seat, £58,950 11056854 KT357 LL 2018 1581 1025 Hydro, 300 eng40K, hrs,Premium AutoTracAg Complete, wireless data transfer, 30K,brake, chopper, chaff XCML £189,950 11062496 KRAMER JOHN DEERE T550i air seat, Kramer headyield NO documentation, FORKS, PUH, trailer 460/70R24 Hydro, Spec, A/C, £59,950 41060184 KT357 HM 2020 2018 200 850 non HM. eng hrs, 3 speed hydro, chopper, chaff spreader, 625Rbrakes, header,1SCV, 800/65R32 £89,950 11068000 JCB JOHN DEERE W650 2011 seat, 445/70R24, JCB Agri Super, Powershift, 40K, boom suspension, PUH, trailer A/C, air480/80R26, £47,950 71069831 531/70 LL 2018 1320 4242 1514 2WD, Autosteer complete, yield500/70R24. mapping, Elevation, hrs, 800/70R32, £74,950 11069752 NH CR9070 2009 5440 2196 2784 pin and cone, PUH, rear SCV, No tines self levelling Hydro,eng 40K, boom susp, air17.5R24, seat, A/C, £38,500 41065071 CLAAS 7055 2015 11069918 CLAAS 7040 2011 4302 Variopower, 40K, pin & cone headstock (no tines), boom suspension, A/C, air seat, 500/70R24 tyres, PUH, £35,950 FORAGE HARVESTERS £22,950 31071872 CLAAS 7030 2008 9271 Hydro, 40K, Kramer/Scorpion headstock, 3rd service, PUH, air seat, A/C, 460/70R24s. Price Stock Make Model HP Age Hours Spec 2017 1800 3200 eng hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 4WD, 800/70R38 620R30, 639 grass header, Autosteer + harvestlab complete £159,950 11067244 JOHN DEERE 8800i TOPPERS/MOWERS/FLAILS Maize KP, 639 grass ** PickUp, eng hrs, ProDrive, 40K, 40 knife drum, headstock 710/70R42, £175,000 11067178 KUHN JOHN DEERE 8600 1777 11069321 TB2112mtr verge2018 shredder ideal2582 for verge, roadside, bank and4WD, ditches. Oscillating and floating position. SparesAutoTrac or Repair. Does £1,950 Leather, 2297 eng hrs, 40K PROrollers, DRIVE hyd 4WD, AutoTrac Ready (NO I PACK), 11059453 JOHN DEERE 8600 1465 roller 31070550 MAJOR MJ71‐400T, 4mtr2017 rear trailed mower, front/rear fold, lights, UNUSED/Shop soiled, 2019 710/70R42 620/70R30, 56 Knife £158,950 £15,650 11070316 MAJOR MJ71‐240, mounted rear roller mower, 2.4mtr, 2018 £3,850 31072577 MAJOR 12000GM, 12' rear roller mower, hyd wings, rear wheels fitted for anti scalp or for rigid deck, of 2007 £3,950 *Stock correct at time print. Prices ex-yard and exclude VAT. E&OE. 11072529 BOMFORD 6mtr triwing rear trailed topper, 2013, 3 blade, does require some TLC but a lot of topper for the money! £7,250 51071236 AGF 2mtr RH offset flail mower, rear mounted, 2018 £3,750

Call 01844 278843 or email

October 2021 183

HAY & GRASS MACHINERY 41058720 JOHN DEERE 960 11064632 JOHN DEERE V451R 51071261 JOHN DEERE fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 183 324A

2017 Round baler, 29698 bales, Maxicut, 13 knives, hydraulic brakes, 500/50‐22.5 Tyres. £27,750 2018 Round baler, ISOBUS, MaxiCut 13 knives, 540PTO, hyd brakes, automatic greasing, 520/55‐22,5, 12211 bales, Castor action g£34,750 2011 Rear mounted 2.4mtr mower conditioner £3,950

16/09/2021 11:48

ALBUTT shear grab, 2018, 1.9m, Hardox tines, 3 rams, JCB Q fit brackets & pipes, gwo. A Twell Tel 07780 575656 (Lincolnshire)




2-shear & stock rams from MV Accredited flock, extensively reared, EBVs in top 25% & above Range of prices • choice of 30


WOPA foot trimming crush, stored undercover, good secondhand condition. £600 ono. A Nottage Tel 07788 727176 (Norfolk)

Good used Secondhand Tractors of most makes always for sale Also Machinery and Implements: Spares, Wheels, Tyres, Loaders, Cabs and Hitches




Norwich Road, Dereham

01362 692104/637332

Hours: 2835 e w t 01530 249191 31-82940 BOBCAT bucket & top grab, 1.5m wide, good condition. £975+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire) KRAMER 312 SE small loading shovel, 1988 machine. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)




USED MACHINERY SALES Votex PT3 9’ pasture topper, gwo ............................................£950 Tanco front end loader to fit IH 454-484 tractor, c/w power bucket & valves...........................£875 Quicke front end loaders to fit IH 574, 684, 414 or 434 tractors ...............................from £650 Front end loader to fit MF35-135 tractors, c/w power bucket, valves & fittings ..........................£395 Fleming 4’ tipping box, as new ....£350 2m grain bucket to fit old type Quicke loader ..............................£195 Pair 18.4x26 wheels & tyres 6” hole, 8” centres ...................................£250 Votex pasture toppers, breaking for spares All prices plus VAT 29-82751

Tel: 01945 700142 or 07774 676440


SUTON hydraulic brush & bucket 7'6" on pin & cone brackets, new blade on bucket, new hydraulic motor, brushes 75%. £2,000+VAT ono. R King Tel 07929 424474 (Nottinghamshire)

Caterpillar 930M wheeled loader

2016 with 5234hrs, weighloader, quick hitch, high tip bucket

For more detail and other loaders call

R McTurk Tel 07711 411601 or visit

LAMBING caravan, two berth Coachman, c/w oven gas rings, kettle microwave, gas bottle & 12 volt cable for electric, wind & watertight just needs 2 new tyres, lights & a wash outside & in. FREE to good home. B Robinson Tel 07740 683113 (Gloucestershire)



Roller Mills

POWER float, in working order. £75+VAT; also 10 road forms, 3m x 100mm. £55+VAT. P Beales Tel 07584 189359 (Suffolk) (Essex)

Two models Capacity approx 1 ton-3 ton/hr Easy to operate & adjust Efficient for crushing/rolling all common raw materials

COSALT caravan, single axle, good condition for age. I Wheat Tel 07958 401133 (Cambridgeshire)


07719CM4584889 0JY

BOBCAT S70 skidsteer loader, 2012, with 2400hrs, in good working condition, c/w bucket & 3yr old hydraulic grab. £10,500+VAT. P Littlejohn Tel 07974 745863 (Ayrshire)

EXTRACTION fan, industrial, ex wood yard, could possibly be used to blow or suck corn, c/w motor. J Neaverson Tel 07983 506419 (Cambridgeshire)


Available throughout the season, aged day old to adult, table or laying strains. Day old butlers - £90 per 100 Day old Coturnix Japonica - £80 per 100 Subject to your order placement or ex stock Eggs by the hundred or 1000 trade prices

Field Farm, Charlton Road, Evenley, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5GH

£610+VAT 01531 820545 •


• Japanese • Italian • Mexican Speckled • Bob White • Tennessee Red • English White • Tuxedo

Tel: 01746 762777


2022 CALENDAR Under The Wire 2022 Calendar (size A3) now available for pre-order for £10+£3.20 p&p UK

Also available to collect by hand at Ruskington or Boston for £10 only

HAMPSHIRE 2000 wet mix pig feeding system, consists of 3000L fibreglass tank, pump & mixer with single phase motors. £900. J Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon) MANITOU MLT 626, 1994, 9500hrs, left hand forward & reverse, good bombproof machine. £12,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Gloucestershire)

JCB pallet forks, had little use. £350+VAT. J Pears Tel 07733 033214 (Lincolnshire)

AMMERS BEWWeAdoRouErobefstSC to spot them ey slip through

but sometimes th

01526 583076 07831 828014 £5 will go to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance from each sale


SUTON hydraulic yard brush. £950+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)








Tel: 01280 705202 Fax: 01280 704163

PEDIGREE Texel shearling rams, MV Accredited, fully vaccinated, Texel Society birth notified. T Prentice Tel 07860 860990 (Suffolk)

BUTLEY Herefords registered pedigree bulls & females, quiet & easily handled, all bulls halter trained & guaranteed under Hereford Society rules, TB4 area. DC Smith & Sons Tel 07971 694912/07885 594143 (Suffolk)

STOLL twin auger mixer feeder, 27cu/m, side & rear discharge, c/w load cells, etc, excellent condition. £9,950. J Bell Tel 07977 934629/01788 890320 (Northants)


TRACTOR mounted forklift tines. M Keal Tel 07778 002918 (Lincolnshire)


Blue Bridge Group

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

tel Richard Evans

01953 717258 07836 253021

2016 Merlo TF35.7-120

DAEWOO Solar 220 III crane excavator, boom & dipper, can be put back to original excavator, test expired. £12,500+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)


LLEYN RAMS registered & unregistered shearlings,

Also see our website...

no profit is made from these sales

184 October 2021

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 184

17/09/2021 09:49

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234 Email Office 01530

Mobile 07831

229686 113316

Finance & Part Ex Available

NEW grain bucket, large, Manitou ..................................................................£1,975 + VAT EX DEMO muck fork and grab, Manitou brackets.....................................£3,250 + VAT Amazone ZA-M 3001 fertiliser spreader, 2009, weigh cell, top condition ........POA Muck Fork Grab X Form, Hardox tines Euro fittings ............................... £1,200 + VAT

Dowdeswell DP 145 Plough 2013, 7+1, DDS bodies, new mouldboards, Cat 3/4 headstock

Sumo Mix-Disc Cultivator 5m hyd fold, 2014, all new discs, Giant packer

Trelleborg Tractor Flotation Wheels 2 x 900/60 x 42 80%, 2 x 710/60 x 34 75%, will fit many tractor brands

Kuhn Vari-Leader 7 Furrow Semi Mounted Plough 2015, on land/in furrow, hyd vari-width, auto-reset

Bunded Diesel Bowser 2016, 2000L diesel, 200L ad blue, 12v pumps, super condition

TWB Trailed Subsoiler 3.5m, 5 leg, all new metal, standard or low disturbance points

Choice of Front Linkage Weight Blocks/Tool Boxes 850 kg to 3300 kg, most colours available

Marshall 8.5 Ton Twin Axle Drop-Side Trailer comes with full set of grain sides, excellent condition

Ken Wooton 10t High Lift Drill Filling Trailer centre partition 60/40, twin hyd augers, flotation wheels

New Kuhn HR 4004 Power Harrow 2020, 4m wide, 500mm maxi-packer, wheel eradicators

Bailey Flat Bed Low Loader Trailer 2019, 8.5t, body 6.7m x 2.5m, steering axle, demo condition

Suton HD 230 Hydraulic sweeping Brush with Collector 2018, as new

Dalbo Heavy Land Hydraulic Folding Front Press 2020, 4m, 800 rings, demo condition

Kverneland 4m Combination Drill 2014, 3 rows of Suffolk coulters, wheel eradicators

Ifor Williams Shoot/Event Trailer seats 18 to 20 people, excellent condition

Kuhn Heavy Duty 3m Rotorvator 70% blades, maxi-packer rear roller, excellent

Stocks Dual Wheels 710/75 x 42, 710/70 x 42, 650/85 x 38, 710/70 x 38, 650/75 x 32, plus other sizes

Howard Nordsten 3m Combination Drill 2012/2009, hyd drill lift, Suffolk coulters, immaculate

Richard Western SWT 18T Silage Trailer 2017, Nokian 650/55 x 26.5 flotation tyres, demo condition

Twose 12.4m Rolls 2014, 22” rings with breaker rings 90%, super condition

West 3000 Gallon Dual Spreader 2012, 650/65 x 30.5 wheels, excellent condition

Amazone K66001-2 power harrow, good tines, fan cooler, vgc .......£10,500 + VAT

NEW EX STOCK:Teagle Topper 9 mower............................. Retail £4,455 SPECIAL PRICE £2,744 + VAT Atco Centurian ST600 mower, front cutting ................................................................POA

NEW DEMO McCORMICK X7.624 CVT (240hp) 4wd tractor c/w guidance Please call and book your demo today


CONTACT: Joel Robinson on 07768 007526 | Sam Spall on 07799 262046 Richard King on 07538 595860 | David Eley on 07768 007528

Pakenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2JS

01359 232155 • After Hours: 07768 007528 • E-mail: Visit our NEW website:



Machinery Traders, Farmers, Agricultural Contractors & Coach Hire for all Occasions

Selling 2nd hand machinery in 1st class order!

HORSCH JOKER 5 RT 2012 5m, hyd folding, air brakes, depth wheels, very little work from new, excellent condition £18,950


SIMBA DOUBLE PRESS 5.5m, spring tines in front, DD packer, excellent condition


VADERSTAD REXIUS RST 630 2009, very little work from new, ready to go to work, immaculate condition £21,950



BAILEY TB 14T TRAILER top spec, demo condition, c/w silage sides, 2015, air/hyd brakes, flashing beacons, nudge bar, r/d/bar £16,950

AND ALL OTHER FARM MACHINERY EVERYTHING considered, immediate payment & finances settled

CLAAS 5300 RF BALER TWB 5 LEG SUBSOILER 2019, 19,000 bales, moisture meter, 2013, excellent condition updated knotter sys, dealer maintained, Maxi-Care, excellent cond £79,995

SAM SCL 4000 2005 24m, 4000L, full spec, 7900hrs, no boom cracks, welds or bends, exc cond, 2 sets wheels, MOT Mar 2022 £29,995

NEW BAILEY 15T BEAVERTAIL TRAILER 6500x1500, air brakes, hi-viz, bucket rest, rope hooks, bale wedge, f/ladder £18,950

£5,950 t: 01462 442409 • Ben: 07850 474511 • Daniel: 07734 328994 • e: St Ibbs Farm • St Ippolyts • Hitchin • Herts • SG4 7NL


Ex works • All prices + VAT


High Quality Machinery, 6m Combination Drills, Stainless Steel Water Bowsers, Road Compressors with low hours

See website for more pictures & more stock


Tractors, Telehandlers & Trailers

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

NEW Vicon VS330H Mini VariSpreader ..........................................................£1,995 + VAT October 2021 185

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 185

16/09/2021 14:46




01787 248049 PLOUGHS

LEMKEN 7/8 furrow plough, in furrow/on land, hydraulic variwidth, flotation rear wheel, good metal, 8th furrow, single disc & skimmer on pallet, with extra beam, more photos available. £9,500+VAT. J Pears Tel 07733 033214 (Lincolnshire) RANSOMES 3 furrow reversible plough c/w 6 new mouldboards + spares. £500. M Abraham Tel 07803 266436 (Bedfordshire) DOWDESWELL DDS plough breasts – 4 right & 3 left, in excellent condition. P Hawes Tel 07747 697836/01371 850392 (Essex)

Squire 1200 Grader c/w large hopper, 6 row fixed centre coil cleaner, screen & a flat belt & roller picking table


All of our LED units come with a one metre lead and a 13 amp plug Lights can be leap frogged Available in sizes 5ft to 12ft


B&W Hydrastore Conveyor 21m boom x 800mm, c/w wide tipping hopper, 3 phase hyd drive

Free standing or hanging Ref 6584

The MASCHIO plough range is now available from Writtle Farm Machinery. Please call for more information or to arrange a demo.




REEKIE Dominant 3000, new 47mm main web, onion kit, vgc, wheel drive, Dahlmans. £6,750. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincolnshire)

Tong Dry Brusher 1.8m x 600mm with 3 phase fixed speed

Ref 6672

BAIKAL side by side 12 bore shotgun, c/w sleeve, gun cabinet, cleaning equipment & 5 full boxes of cartridges. £150 (licence holders only). H Ward Tel 07771 537155/01485 571020 (Norfolk)

New Tong Midi Easyfill brand new, full spec machine with doorstop belt & variable speed

Ref 5207

NEWMAN electric motor, single phase, 2hp, 240volts, 1.5kw. £100. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)

KVERNELAND No30 split mouldboards (12) complete body assembly, from 6f LB plough (6L/6R), frogs, mouldboards, shins share, just need to bolt onto plough legs, metal good, inc 43 new non-gen slats & set of shins. £4,250+VAT. D Pickering Tel 07979 757884/01692 580138 (Norfolk)

Rebuilt Flat Belt Picking Table 2.7m x 900mm on a raised platform c/w rejects conveyor

DOWNS telescopic elevator, 600mm wide belt, 13.6m right out, 9m right in, powered up/ down & side to side, vgo. £10,250+VAT. D Brown Tel 07710 316205 (Cambridgeshire)

Ref 6314

WHEELED trolleys (2), 1.2m long, 65cms wide & 91cms high, ex railway trolleys, very useful for moving all sorts of things. M Binder Tel 07788 648187/01986 781351 (Suffolk)

Prinsen PPM60 Palletiser compact, self-contained capable of up to 9.5tph average at 25kg

Ref Midi Easyfill


Ref 6722 Rebuilt Walthambury Vee Track Stitcher 3m conveyor, c/w stitcher & automator

07748 004794 01245 442224

Ref 6754 Haith Line c/w picking table, splitter belt, 2 roller tables, rejects conveyor & coils with under conveyors



UK agents for Pro-Pak weighing equipment, Oldenhuis, Prinsen & Symach palletisers

KVERNELAND LB85 240 6 furrow variwidth, No9 mouldboards, approx 500 acres since new, other wearing metal good. £4,250. D Pickering Tel 07979 757884/01692 580138 (Norfolk)

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd Coningsby, Lincs

01526 342466

01621 828689

Tong Peal Auto Box Tipper c/w outfeed conveyor 2000mm x 2000mm, variable speed

01353 740666


PEST CONTROL VARI Scary gas gun, digital control, in very good condition. £125+VAT. P Beales Tel 07584 189359 (Suffolk)

DOWDESWELL MA 160 7 furrow, on land plough, Ransomes bodies, skimmers, metal 80%. £2,200. S Robinson Tel 07850 999870 (Cambridgeshire)

Ref 6762

BUNNING muck spreader 90, 1993, owned last 10yrs. £5,200+VAT. J Purser Tel 07917 035607 (Buckinghamshire) BUNNINGS Lowlander 10.5t Mk3 muckspreader, no work since recent £5K refurbishment, new floor gearbox, new chains, slats, gypsy wheels & shafts, plus new set of cutters, all fitted & ready to go. Call for more info & photos. £8,500. J Reader Tel 07881 518815 (Norfolk)

KVERNELAND LD85 240 5+1 manual variwidth, No9 boards, only done 100 acres, other wearing metal all good. £3,450+VAT. D Pickering Tel 07979 757884/01692 580138 (Norfolk)


AGRI-HIRE rear discharge spreader, 16t, recent refurb, new floor, new door, new rear gearbox, new w/a PTO, new wheel bearings & brakes, chains & sprockets all good, strong spreader with even spread pattern on all types of muck. £10,500+VAT. M Burrough Tel 07860 246156 (Somerset)

Swift Lift Extendo Elevator c/w power transmission & safedown end descender

Ref 6761

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


RANSOMES 4 furrow reversible plough, discs & depth wheel, hydraulic turnover. C Pugh Tel 07873 149208 (Kent) POTTINGER 5f variwidth Servo 45S, hydraulic depth wheel, hydraulic front furrow width, press arm, traction device & subsoilers, only ploughed 200 acres from new, best plough on the market. £22,000. D Murrell Tel 07850 724139 (Norfolk) KVERNELAND trash boards (10) with brackets. £75+VAT. P Beales Tel 07584 189359 (Suffolk) DOWDESWELL DP7D2 5 furrow (4+1) reversible plough, as new wearing metal, good straight condition, 12" furrow width. £2,995+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire) KUHN Multimaster 152, 5 furrow c/w press arm, metal 90%, for spares or repair. W Green Tel 07725 173222 (Nottinghamshire) KVERNELAND LO 300, 6 furrow, 2009, hydraulic depth wheel, hydraulic press arm, hydraulic variwidth, on land/in furrow. £9,000+VAT. M Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warwickshire) DOWDESWELL DP7. I Clark Tel 07718 918400/01525 860295 (Bedfordshire)

Ref Palletiser

CONCRETE blocks, ex marquee weights, 8 x 100kg, 8x 500kg & 4 x 1000kg, suitable as weights or for blocking gateways, lift points, 100kg are 350mm tall & will stop a motor vehicle but could perhaps straddle with tractor, can load if buying enough. R Pickford Tel 01371 870561/07891 170535 (Essex)




FULLY refurbished ScanStone 4 web destoner, 1500 wide, 2010 machine, ready for work & available immediately, Reekie & ScanStone destoner parts also available. Please contact for details. M Anderson Tel 07880 518867 (Norfolk)

186 October 2021

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 186

17/09/2021 10:02

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

East Anglia’s first choice for new & used agricultural machinery

MF7720 Dyna 6 E�cient

Valtra N154EV Smart Touch

Amazone KE3000

2020, 483hrs, black met, hi spd, Auto Comfort Air Evo, pump 160Lmin, 4 valves, Power Beyond, f/linkage from f/valves, 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 TM800s, radio FM/ DAB+, Valtra Guide Submetre Trimble, auto a/c, cool box 21049400

2016, 3893hrs, 50kph, suspended axle & high pressure brakes, 4t front linkage, wide pivoting front fenders, 650/65R42 40%, 540/65R30 60%, 2 roof mounted beacons. 21049550

2019, 1950hrs, red, front axle 4wd heavy duty hi-lock, 40kph

2010, power harrow/drill combination, Amalog+ control, disc coulters, 1327ha



Fendt 828

Fendt 828

Landquip 30m boom sprayer

Challenger RG655C

2015, 7869hrs, 50kph, 5 spools, 5000kg front linkage, Pro� Plus, air con, vario transmission, tyres 90% tread 600/70R30 & 650/85R38 31047485

2017, 5182hrs, 65kph, 4 spools, Pro� Plus cab, vario transmission, Variogrip, comfort f/linkage, lighting eq, 600/70R30 Trelleborg 70% tread & 710/70R42 TB 80% tread 31049944

2011, 8062hrs, 6000L tanks, 60kph, single line, 1m section control, guidance ready, Michelin tyres 480/80R50 30% 31051562

2015, 5272hrs, 50kph, 420/95R50 60% Spraybib, monitor, 6200L tank, 18/36m pommier boom, autosteering, AGI 4 Omnistar, C3000 receiver 41046608

Votex DK125 �ail mower

Opico post hole digger

MF 7718S Dyna 6 E�cient

MF 6499

with 12” auger, codes 05j20/80 & code 056033

2008, 5676hrs, 50kph, std cab, Dyna 6 trans, 3 spools, TLS f/suspension, air con, radio/CD, Datatronic screen, 480/70R28 20% tread & 650/65R38 60% tread 41051117


















2018, 1700hrs, 50kph, 4 spools, E�cient cab, air con, Dyna 6 transmission, TLS front suspension, lighting eq, 480/70R28 & 580/70R38 Michelin 60% tread 41051116

Chafer Guardian 2.5E machine sprayer

Cherry GS76X Muck Grab

Kverneland 3M 5 leg DTX roller

4000L s/s tank, steered 50kph axle Michelin 480/810R46 80% tread, 72” axle, 24m F Series boom, 12/24m whole boom tilt, hyd brakes, load sensing kit e-gauge, e/plumbing, hose reel, air supply from tractor, Cat 3 41051245

with Hardox tines & Merlo ZM2 brackets, hydraulic check valve for grab









All prices + VAT









All our Approved Used machinery comes with: • Minimum 6 months warranty • Trade-in opportunity • Service contracts available • Extensive checks carried out

CONTACT US 07798 585624

Thurlow Nunn Standen Ltd Wisbech Road, Littleport, Cambs CB6 1RA

OUR BRANCHES Attleborough Littleport Kennett Melton


• Finance options available from our in-house finance team

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

Valtra T254V

• Consistent, continuous support • Ability to view the used machine locally • All machines will be inspected and delivered

October 2021 187

fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 187

16/09/2021 11:51


library pic Track Marshall 105 plough available at additional cost

International 885 XL 2wd, 1985 B reg, front weights, good tyres



Amazone ZA-F 603 twin disc 12m fertiliser Dowdeswell 4 furrow crawler plough spreader good order independent left & right shut off, in good working order £495


library pic International 475 cab & loader


4 wheel turntable trailer suit straw or hay, or even vintage show piece


International B250 Early original example 1956 very desirable manufactured within the first 3 months of production.



Sanderson SB50 rough terrain forklift rebuilt Ford engine, full cab, new tyres, c/w bucket & tines

Ex demo McCormick X7.690 Premium McCormick X7.460VT 2019 (69 reg),165hp boosts 50k, air brakes, 225hp, front linkage, 150hrs, as new to 175hp, VT drive, 50k, a/brakes, precision 0% finance steering ready, 4yr warranty, 0% finance £79,999 £98,000 front linkage & PTO available @£4,500

MF34 corn drill corn & fertiliser drill fert box included, Suffolk coulters, in working order, wheel track eradicators

Tomlin 6’ & 4’ grass toppers now in stock


Demo Pegoraro 5m hyd folding power harrow hyd roller adjustment, adjustable clod board, wheel track eradicators, available for demo or hire

Was £19,500, Now £19,000



Opico Sward Lifter FOR HIRE £100/day, prevent that water logging in your pasture



Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

library pic

OTHER MACHINERY Demo McCormick X7-690 Premium 225hp, 70 reg, 150hrs, powershift & shuttle trans, 6 hyd aux valves, f/linkage, DSM screen, Isobus/precision steering ready, metallic red paintwork .......................£98,000 New McCormick X7-460 VT RTK guidance,

f/linkage, PTO, 50k, 175hp, a/brakes, available for demo.. .....................................£79,999 Pegoraro W5000 folding p/harrow, 250hp g/box, fluo system floating beds, track erads, packer rollers, adj clod board, in stock....................£19,000

Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR

Tomlin 4’, 5’, 6’ & 8’ mowers...................from £875 Bomford Bandit 2.5m flail mower, new flails, gwo ..............................................................£1,400 Amazone 12m twin disc fertiliser spreader .......£595 Track Marshall 90 crawler, cab & linkage ......£2,500

Dowdeswell 4 furrow crawler plough ...............£950 Lift harrows on 3pt linkage frame.....................£250 Various blacksmith harrow gwo ........................ POA Smyth drill suit collector ..................................£200 Massey Ferguson finger bar mower gwo .........£300

All prices plus VAT unless otherwise stated

Tel: 01945 410099•07850 731409 188 October 2021

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16/09/2021 11:53

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

01799 543208


BEET HARVESTERS TIM & THYREGOD 2–3 ROW Beet buckets – choice of standard & toe tip BEET CLEANERS – CHOICE OF CTM & TODD with picking tables etc BEET DRILLS – CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW Monopill, Monosem, Kleine & Stanhay BEET HOES CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW HYD FOLD Standen • Househam • FMA • Kongskilde • Garford FEEDER BUCKETS/GRAPPLE • KW • TANCO • SUTON Cousins 6.5m hyd folding rolls with breaker rings TERRADISC CULTIVATORS 3 & 4M Dutch & combination harrows – 3 to 6m BOMFORD B54 POWER PLUS HEDGE CUTTER Plough presses – Cousins, Lemken & KV for large ploughs FLAT LIFTS – SUBSOILERS 2 TO 5 LEG Steel tanks – 5000L and 4500L bunded steel tanks 10T RICHARD WESTERN DUMP TRAILER single axle 6t dump trailer on S/S tyres 14T WARWICK DUMP TRAILER – SPRUNG D/BAR Choice of 5th wheel dollys 14T RICHARD WESTERN WITH HYD TAILGATE 3t steel tipping trailer STAINLESS STEEL WATER/FERTILISER BOWSERS 15,000 to 22,000L single and twin axle 50’ NEAN COMBINE/MACHINERY TRAILER full MOT wells & outriggers on air with rear lift – choice of 2

Ziegler 4.5m Disc Master Pro (unused) with hyd depth control & lights

Ziegler 6m Combi Tiller c/w spring balance roller & following harrow

Ziegler 4m Field Profi ex demo, hyd folding, packer, stone protection, hyd depth control

Ziegler 3m Field Profi ex demo, hyd depth control, packer

£14,500 + VAT

WANTED s/beet drills cleaners & trailing

£12,500 + VAT

£15,000 + VAT

£8,500 + VAT

Ziegler 3m Stubble Cultivator (unused) with hyd depth control /packer

£9,900 + VAT

Ziegler 5m Trailed Discs ex demo, c/w hyd depth control, leveling harrow, & packer


Mob Tel

07836 643155 01263 833281


tanker harvesters 2 & 3 row

Abrey Agricultural Ltd, Pond House, Pamphillions Farm, Debden, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3JT

Visit our website NOW for a huge range of Used Machinery Stock Browse our wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment and find the right choice for your farm. EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300

EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407

EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288

EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

Reynolds Motors Cromer • Norfolk

CLAAS EASTERN October 2021 189

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16/09/2021 11:57





0774 703 0738 e:



Marian Teodorczyk

Potato • Onion • Carrot • Parsnip Red Beet • Veg handling equipment Graders (both screen & lift roller) hopper cleaners/graders, brushes, box & big bag fillers/tippers, etc Field equipment Vegetable transplanters, drills, top lifters, toppers, hook tine cultivators Grimme DL/GZ/GT/SE harvesters

Payment prior to collection • Any condition considered Call Lukasz on

07512 821421 or visit our website

RENEWABLE ENERGY OIL burner, Typhoon fan unit, heat converter & oil tank, drying set up for underfloor drying for grain or wood chip, Typhoon fan unit 3 phase 440 volts, oil burner Clark & Sutherland, heat converter, oil tank for storage. A McLaren Tel 07803 089082 (Perth & Kinross)



TOP link, complete & in full working order, had in workshop for many years & do not know which tractor it fits, collection only near Exeter. £30. L Downs Tel 01647 252730 (evenings only) (Devon)

JOHN Deere combine parts, selection of lifters, pulley, plus slatted shoe for beans/peas. R Morton Tel 07718 971902 (Cambridgeshire)


Perkins 1004/1004.4T

Short Engines


for agricultural & industrial applications

with oil pump, top & bottom gasket sets & rear & front seals

For engine builds AA, AB, AC, AG, AH, AK, AM Genuine & Aftermarket Perkins blocks & parts available

Agri spec pictured


01489 896 626

Specialist robot servicing for the agricultural sector

DOWNS Foxhound rubber belt elevator, 3 phase, 3 speed, grain & potatoes, vgc. £2,600. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincolnshire)





QUALITY FLAILS To suit most flail mowers and hedge cutters at competitive prices


PATCHWORK ECO+ guidance & mapping system, had very little use, upgraded satellite receiver. J Dalby Tel 07788 722165 (Warwickshire)

Tel: 01427 718561 Fax: 01427 718016


E-mail: Website:





2012 GM-R Voyager trailed sprayer 4200 24m steering axle on 270/95R 48 rowcrops just traded in for another new GM-R


Tel: 028 9127 5913

FYSON Barnstomer elevator with auto width & height control, plus Power Move, removable hopper, in good condition. £6,500. G Sly Tel 07973 388995 (Lincolnshire)

07584 055341 01945 479388



SINGLE row potato hoover. £150. M Abraham Tel 07803 266436 (Bedfordshire)


2014 GM-R Voyager trailed sprayer 3200 24m steering axle Matrix GPS Guidance 12 section auto shut off

Bradley Engineering Ltd

SPRAYER operator required on Norfolk farm to operate & maintain Sands 4.0 Vision sprayer with experience in potatoes, grain stores & other ag skills. House available. Apply c/w CV to Mr D Cargill, The Dairy House, Dunwich, Saxmundham IP17 3DN. D Cargill Tel 01728 648694 (Norfolk)

Also flail mowers for tractors and excavators from 15 to 200HP (Flails direct is a division of Engineering and Hire Ltd)

y The Specialist Sprayer Compan

2017 Team 200L 7m offset mounted sprayer as new condition adjustable triple nozzles electric on/off 4 manual section control


LORRY body jack legs (4), collection only, Milton Keynes. £100. P Dunn Tel 07711 316759 (Buckinghamshire)

Tractor & Combine Controls Material Handler Joysticks & SLI's

2012 Multidrive Bredal spreader 9000hrs two sets wheels well maintained current undergoing chassis respray & full service


2010 GM-R Voyager trailed sprayer 4200 12/24m steering axle benefits from Dual Spray-line conventional/Airtec



E&0E • All prices plus VAT



DOWN telescopic elevator ,13.6m long, powered backwards, forwards & side to side, c/w all panelwork which is not fitted at present. D Brown Tel 07710 316205 (Cambridgeshire)


Electrical, mechanical and programming software undertaken on all makes of produce handling equipment NEW, USED AND REFURBISHED ROBOTS AVAILABLE

STANDEN T2 potato harveste 2013, with Omega rollers, hydraulic wheel drive with rota axle, hydraulic web drive with 4-man picking table, full width digging, camera kit fitted, in excellent condition – stored under cover, more photos available. C Bamber Tel 07860 412798/07759 122656 (Lancashire)

CHAFER 30m E Series complete booms, c/w centre section, outer & inner booms, lift cylinder & all hydraulic cylinders, most hoses, fittings & brackets, etc, unused & as new. £2,000. P Williams Tel 07966 273748 (Lincolnshire)

Grain & Precision Drills Balers & Wrappers Mowers & Foragers


K80 forward tippler gentle & quick box tipping very adaptable & easy to operate


MEC 100 model single phase power shift pressure washer, 140bar, 4hp, heavy duty motor, detergent mixer if required, new 14' pressure hose with long lance, 3 piston pump, good working condition, on wheels, ready to use. £100. M Markham Tel 07850 863374 (Nottinghamshire)


K54 – Europe’s best selling agri box rotator for any handler

REEKIE Dominant 3000 potato harvester, 2001, 42 & 50mm rear web, dolman rollers, picking table, powered rear axle, full electric pack, good condition, loads of spares. £4,995 ono. A Fisher Tel 07970 716296 (Nottinghamshire)


K54Z Range is built for yearround demanding rotating tasks


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Machinery Ltd

(government guidelines in place) Graham Mitchell-Rowlands 07860 618903 Marek Technical Support: 07496 294201 Sue Admin: 01449 737482 Holly Bush Farm, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DP For your new self-propelled, trailed or mounted crop sprayer, go to

Sprayers & Fertiliser Spreaders Diet Feeder Weighing Systems

David King Electronics

Tel: 01789 731365

2014 Litetrac SS3000 6000L, 36m booms, 6000hrs, for sale as a tractor unit or with sprayer demount. J Palmer Tel 07740 510255 (Lincolnshire)

190 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

2012 BOBCAT S130 SKID STEER LOADER cab, genuine 1800 hrs, good tyres, service to boom

2017/18 HE-VA 12.3M TIP ROLLER 24” rings, 3 rows straw tines, very little used

2019 BAILEY TB20 BULK MATERIALS TRAILER air suspension, air brakes with ABS, front to back hyd sheet

JOHN DEERE 3520 4WD COMPACT TRACTOR hydro, 2115 hrs, turf tyres, spool valve, roll frame

2007 TOYOTA RAV 4 XTR 2L DIESEL 145000 mls, sun roof, alloys, MOT, FSH, our own vehicle

2019 BAILEY TB18 STEERING AXLE air brakes with ABS, 560/60x22.5 wheels, sprung d/bar, hyd door

MASSEY FERGUSON 240 & LOADER gold badge 50th anniversary edition, 6318 hrs, power steer

20 SEAT PEOPLE CARRIER, CANOPY rear lift for disabled access

LEMKEN VARITANSANIT 8 7f plough, slatted bodies, electric controls

1987 MASSEY FERGUSON 3070 2WD AUTOTRONIC TRACTOR 13.6x38 & 10x16 wheels all tyres as new

1991 MF34 COMBINE 3966 engine hrs, 4485ha, Powerflow table, straw chopper

NEW KUBOTA RTV 1110-UTV camoflage, full cab with heater, hydraulic tipping back


2018 JCB 527-58 AGRI PLUS LOADALL 1800 hrs, pin & cone carriage, air con, pallet tines on backplate


2021 EX DEMO TEAGLE TA/ PS 250 2.5 metre Heavy Duty side arm flail topper, used once

2017 JCB 541-70 AGRI PRO LOADALL 2750hrs, Dual Tech VT transmission, air con, good tyres

2013 BAILEY TB16 SILAGE TRAILER 560/60x22.5 wheels

LELY 3M POLYMAT DRILL ON CULTITERRA 3 rows hyd lift coulters(new tips), guttler roller, following harrow

REEKIE CLEANFLOW 2000 POTATO HARVESTER Dahlman rollers, picking off table, canopy

01691 791460 MF 7724S

MF 6499

2019, Dyna VT, 2000hrs, 50kph, air brakes, Trimble Auto Guide

2006, 9400hrs, Tier 3, 50kph, front linkage

MF 6490

MF 8730S Dyna VT, 2019, 2200hrs, Exclusive, front linkage

MF 7720 2016, 2800hrs, Dyna VT Exclusive, front linkage

MF 7718S 2019, 2600hrs, Dyna 6 EF, 50kph, air brakes

2007, 8500hrs, 50 kph, weights

MF 6485 2006, Dynashift, 8000hrs, Front & Cab Suspension, CCLS, 4 spools.

New Holland FX 50 forager 2006, also available with 8 row maize header & processor if needed

New Holland FX 58 forager 2001, 3500hrs, 90% tyres

MF 7626

New Holland 2405CP 2014, Dyna 6, 3800hrs, front links & PTO, 4 spools self-propelled forage harvester MF 6616

JCB 7’ bucket

2016, 2800hrs, Dyna 6, 50kph

Same Explorer 90 Top 2004, 40kph, 1700hrs, c/w set of weights, very nice condition

Case JX90 c/w MX loader

AG sawdust/sand dispenser


c/w linkage to suit rear of tractor, very little work

Portequip 22’ harvest trailer

Main Dealer for

c/w ripples & trap box, as new

email: llansilintractors@hotmail co uk

For a full list of our stock please go to www llansilintractors co uk


email: website:


2010, 2400hrs

c/w brush, as new


Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

NEW KUBOTA U56-5 5.6 TON DIGGER 47.6 HP, zero tail swing, 3 buckets, piped for hammer

Dean: 07836 680004 Peter Scott: 07584 066866 Kevin Gladding: 07960 678109 October 2021 191

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17/09/2021 09:26

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:





Sidewinder, 2017, Power Command Transmission,50KPH, 1170 hours, Mid Mount Valve,5 Electronic Spool Valves, AirBrakes, LED Worklights, FrontLinkage, No AGR , 650/75R38 & 600/65R28.

Andy Loxton: 07971 065 022

New Holland T7.270



Auto command 50KPH, 2014, 7450 hours, Guidance Ready, Bar Axle, Front Linkage, 600/65R28 20%, 710/70R38 40%

Charles Moorman: 07970 805 351

New Holland CR9070



New Holland T7.210


New Holland T7.210


Auto Command, 2020, 50kph, 1320 Hours, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, Telematics, Exhaust Brake, 4 Remotes, Radar, 100mmRams, Radio, High Mount Headlamps, Intelligent Trailer Braking, 8 LED’s, HTS1, 140LPump, NO AGR, 0% Finance Available , Extended Warranty

Jim Nash: 07734 550 400



Jim Nash: 07734 550 400


Power Command Side Winder, 520/85/42 & 420/85/30 @ 75%, 5835 hrs, Elec spools, ALO Q65 loader. Has had a recent major gearbox overhaul.

Tom Fawcett: 07779 793 039

Nev Kirby: 07970 805 369

New Holland TN75D



2005, 4WD, 4500 hours, Air Con, Power Shuttle, 2 remote valves, industrial tyres.


New Holland CX5080



Range Command Classic, 2019, 50kph ,Exhaust Brake, Joystick, 2 MMV,Power Beyond , Front Links, CabPack 2, 12 LED’s,Radar, TwinBeacons, 650/65R38 540/65R28Trelle, 540mm Fenders, Rear extensions

New Holland T7.210 Range Command Classic 50kph, 1318 Hours, 2020, Exhaust Brake, 4 Remotes, 100mm Lift Rams, Beacon, Wide Fenders,Front Linkage, Full AG Nav GPS L3-450-470MHz, Cesar Security, Bluetooth Radio, High Mount Headlamps, High Visibility Window, Intellivew iv Large Screen, 8 LED’s, HTS1, 110 L Pump, 650/65R38 540/65R28 BKT New Wheels and tyres, 0% Finance and extended warranty

New Holland T7.200


Jon Newton:07966 067 241


McConnel PA6585T



McConnel PA6065



SL sieves yield & moisture meter, air compressor , Smart Steer c/w 25ft varifeed cutterbar , 900/60 R38 & 540/65 R30

2012 c/w 20FT VF Header

2017 Right hand build, variable forward reach, axle mounted c/w 1.6m multicut belt driven head, hydraulic head roller, revolution controls, F10 comp flails.2017.

Axle mounted c/w 1.5m head, motion control, 2017

Dave Flippance: 07969 030 659

Alan Jordan: 07970 805 370

John Mycroft: 07920 589 737

Pete Donegan: 07734 550 407

Manitou MLA

Reiter Respiro R3

Pottinger Novacat

Slurry Kat 2500



533-145V , 2019, Pin & Cone hyd locking Air conditioning Air seat NO PUH, 90% 460/70 x R24 tyres Hrs 1400

Graham Milner: 07885 243 761



Profit front mounted swath turner, 2017, 3m working width ,3 point linkage ,Elastic, camless pickup ,Unique PU tine fastening system, Scraper made of Robalon ,Rotor for perfect crop flow ,4 sliding disks for best ground hugging ,Fully hydraulic drive with on board hydraulics ,Belt drive left, right & variable speed, Belt width 1000mm ,Operating terminal with display for all functions ,Integrated suspension system ,Hydraulic rotor lifting with relief ,1250kg

Jon Newton:07966 067 241





307TED 3m Mower Conditioner, 2011, 3m working width, semi-mounted side pull, mower condtioner,wear skids.

Gallon, 2016, 800/65R32 Tyres, Sprung Drawbar, Jurop Pump with Hydraulic Change Over c/w 9m Vogelsang Dribble Bar

Nev Kirby: 07970 805 369

Ed Evans: 07734 550 402

DEPOTS AT: YO17 | DL6 | YO51 | DN14 | DL8 | DE6 | NN14 | DE4 | NG22

192 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234 82407


JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014, 5066hrs, Direct Drive 50kph, 650/65R42 – 540/65R30, 4 manual SCVs, front & cab suspension, front linkage, autotrac ready # 21062933 POA

JOHN DEERE 8370R 2016, 2514hrs, IVT 50kph, 900/60R42 - 650/60R34,5 electric SCVs, pick up hitch, hyd top link, LED lighting, Cat 4 linkage, ILS front suspension # 21059759 POA

W JCB 535-95 AGSU 2011, 7534hrs, 6 speed transmission, 460/70R24, Q-fit carriage, pick up hitch, air con # 31060942



# 21061190

# 41051011

# 21060281

W VADERSTAD RDA600S 2002, disc coulters, level board, radar metering device, pre-emergence markers

# 11053438




# 11051241


# 11051636


# 11051918


# 11059601


W JCB 535-95 AGPL 2010, 3327hrs, Powershift, 460/70R24, joystick control, pin & cone carriage, air con, boom suspension, PUH, with two additional buckets & pallet fork frame


# 21061142

W GREGOIRE BESSON HRPC6 7 furrow on land/in furrow plough c/w skimmers, rear disc & depth wheels

VADERSTAD RDA600S 2011, 6000 hectares, radar metering, disc coulters, pre-emergence markers


# 81062957

W VADERSTAD RDA800S 2010, System disc, disc coulters, Phoenix metering device, pre-emergence markers

W VADERSTAD RAPID600 radar metering, air drill, disc coulters, pre-emergence markers

M BAILEY TB12 TRAILER 2014, 385/65R22.5 tyres, hydraulic tailgate, front window


KEEBLE BROTHERS 6m trailed hydraulic folding pigtail cultivator c/w standard Bomford tines

JOHN DEERE 7530 2009, 7780hrs, Autoquad 40kph, 650/65R42 - 540/65R30, 3 manual SCVs, front & cab suspension & front linkage # 11061934 POA

W JCB AGRI GRAIN BUCKET (980/A9943 3.0M) Manitou headstock


NEW HOLLAND CR9080 Elevation, 362E/1751Dhrs, Varifeed 30’ header & trailer, Smart Steer, yield mapping, moisture meter, camera, 900/60R32 - 600/65R28 #81060410 POA

JOHN DEERE 8370R 2017, 3120hrs, IVT 50kph, Ultimate Edition, IF800/70 R38 - IF600/70 R30, 5 SCVs, LED lights, air/hydraulic trailer brakes # 21043247 POA

MERLO TF33.7 2018, 884hrs, hydrostatic transmission, 405/70R24, joystick control, Merlo carriage, boom suspension, PUH, trailer brakes, air con & air seat




W BOMFORD KESTREL EVO E 5.0 2017, had very little use, 5m reach, 1.2m head, cable control, 3 point linkage mounting



# 21061194



VADERSTAD RDA600S 2015, System disc, crossboard light, iPad control, track eradicators, interactive depth control, Dickie John blockage monitoring, Fenix metering device

VADERSTAD RDA600S 2018, System disc, pre-emergence markers, 4000 acres control station, disc coulters, Phoenix metering device

# 21059184

# 11059034



Prices do not include VAT M AULDEN 01525 405848 Gary Buckle 07712 556387

C ROMER 01438 861257 Robert Vigus 07712 556389

S UDBURY R AYLEIGH D UNMOW W ORLINGWORTH A RDLEIGH 01787 374100 01268 783311 01371 875751 01728 628325 01206 230283 Paul Coffey Tim Thornton Olwyn Poulson Tom Mason Mark Debenham 07766 225174 07557 922965 07710 135644 07957 844986 07710 148420

I VYCHURCH 01233 225775 George Whelan

S TOCKBURY 01795 843250 Harry Durrant

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


A CTON 01787 374100 Julian Pavitt

October 2021 193

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17/09/2021 12:23

Crop Sprayers EX-DEMO

Electrac Trailed 3000/24

KNIGHT 20m mounted sprayer, good condition, electric 3 section control & in cab compressor, triple nozzle bodies with spare nozzles & bodies, stored undercover & drained down. A Wright Tel 07702 078702 (Nottinghamshire)

Hypro • Teejet • Lechler Altek • RDS • Dual Pumps Enduramaxx • Stocks Fan Jet

Agricultural Application Machinery Specialists

Contacts: Robert Webb: 07860 801322 Anthony Williams: 07711 947189 Phil Ramsey: 07934 799628 Andy Gemmill: 07802 336880


2002 12m NSTS tested full electric control




USED STOCK HARDI MASTER HYB 1000 2002 12m NSTS tested, full electric control £3,000 + VAT HARDI NK800 12M BOOM MANUAL 2012, 2 diaphragm pump cable on/off, hopper, excellent condition £4,000 + VAT Contact Richard Dix 07770 331587

ey slip through

but sometimes th


Contact Richard Dix 07770 331587

Boston Crop Sprayers Ltd

Quadbike & Golf Course Sprayers Orchard & Fruit Sprayers

01379 588286 Email:

AGRI-SPREAD AS55 trailed lime/ fertiliser spreader, 2012 build, 3 speed Landdrive gearbox, hydraulically driven discs, cleated rubber floor belt, hopper cover, 550/60x22.5 tyres, Tachometer, LED lights, hydraulic brakes. £11,995+VAT. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex)


01279 812727





Landquip InTrac 5200 (28, 30, 32 or 36m) J/D 732 Trailed 3200/24m Knight Trailblazer 5200/36m Knight Trailed 3000/20m Knight Trailed 2300 / 21m

NSTS Testing Umbrella Fertiliser Nozzles

Boston Crop Sprayers Ltd VASSGRO S P R A Y E R S


AMMERS BEWWeAdoRouErobefstSC to spot them LELY 165 sprayer, used on less than 100 acres. I Clark Tel 07718 918400/01525 860295 (Bedfordshire)


Berthoud • Househam Chafer • Agrifac and most other makes

Hardi Master HYB 1000


        


Thames Valley Machinery 07764 835562


Sprayer Specialist in the Eastern & Southern Counties New and used sprayers and parts stocked for:


JOHN Deere 624 24m sprayer, vgc, bit complicated for me! Reluctant sale. £4,500. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincolnshire)

BOSTON 01205 722 240 WISBECH 01945 461 181 BEDFORD 01525 841 923

FRAZIER Agribuggy with 21m boom, in good working order, some attention required to the brakes, 4196hrs, last NSTS test to March 2020, available to view, please call to register your interest. T Glover Tel 07775 515101 (Norfolk) KNIGHT 12m mounted sprayer, 825L, hyd raise & fold booms, in cab electric 3 section controls, blob marker, chemical suction probe, available due to retirement. £2,450+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire)


CHAFER Quickstart liquid fert kit, removed from a Sumo Trio, c/w with 900L stainless barrel tank, 4.5m stainless steel spray lines, GPS speed sensor, TeeJet 844 rate controller & Hypro hydraulic pump. £1,500+VAT ono. S Hazard Tel 07712 134627 (Leicestershire)




   CASE Sp3000 sprayer, 24m, 3000L, 5900hrs, 2000, 2 set wheels – row & flots, spray & fertiliser nozzles, no GPS, 12mth sprayer MOT. £25,000+VAT. R Rayner Tel 07808 066655 (Cambridgeshire)

BERTHOUD Mack 10, 1995, 20m sprayer, NSTS March 2022, electric controls. £1,250+VAT. C Kirk Tel 07930 902284 (South Yorks)





01284 724455

TWO 300L plastic spray tanks. M Keal Tel 07778 002918 (Lincolnshire)

AMAZONE ZAM 1001 fertiliser spreader. £600. P Gear Tel 01438 869666 (Hertfordshire)

Hillam Super Spreader Contractor 230

 S S S 47-82580

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Sprayer Specialists in the Eastern & Southern Counties Crop & Amenity Sprayer Specialist

Mounted|Trailed Demounts|Self Propelled



ROGATOR RG655, 36m, 5000L, 6340hrs, 2 lines/sets of nozzles, adjustable dribble bar, 500L washout tank, GPS Trimble screen, RTK mast system, 2 set wheels – row & flots, 12mth sprayer MOT. £56,000+VAT. R Rayner Tel 07808 066655 (Cambridgeshire)

SPRAYER front tank (Hardi), 600L, ver good order, ready to fit & use. £300+VAT. P Walsh Tel 07709 597395/01767 627233 (Bedfordshire)




Suppliers of...

SANDS SLC4000E, 2008, 12/24/36m boom, gritblasted & refurbed by Sands 3yrs ago, 7100hrs, c/w 2 sets wheels, Agleader/Trimble auto section control with dual ride, fast fill pump & pressure washer, camera & toolbox. £36,000. R Ford Tel 07771 640503 (Norfolk)

• Agroco • AR • BFS • Comet • Cooper • Pegler • Dual Pumps • Hardi • Hypro/Lurmark • Teejet • Flexible Pipe • Many Fixtures & Fittings • Safety Wear • Also Suppliers of New Sprayers

Black Peak Farm • Flint Cross Nr Heydon • Royston • Herts • SG8 7PJ

07941 179164

CHAFER 5000L sprayer on a 6185 Multidrive unit, 2007, 9050hrs, very good condition for year & hrs, autosteer & section control through AgLeader control, 2 sets of tyres & wheels with good rubber, Hypro pump. £37,000+VAT. G Stops Tel 01858 555426/07973 392136 (Leicestershire)

HOUSEHAM Super Sprint, 1996, 9339hrs, 30m boom, 2500L tank, 2 sets of wheels, LH Agro controller, good straight machine, selling due to being replaced by 36m machine, cheap enough to keep just for sugar beet. £8,750+VAT ono. L Shaw Tel 07949 078781 (Bedfordshire)


01354 694701 0212 Nick 07802 85 www.gledhillaccessor gledhillaccessories 48-82790

ACCORD Exacta CL fertiliser spreader, 12-24m in excellent condition. £2,000+VAT. A Ford Tel 07708 154580/01508 530598 (Norfolk)

194 October 2021

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17/09/2021 10:40

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

B • Brigstock 01536 373238

Ex Demo Deutz 9340 Black Warrior POA

Ex hire Deutz 6140


Ex demo Deutz 9340 Black Warrior POA

Ex demo Deutz 6215 TTV

New Deutz 6165 RC Shift

New & ex demo Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior Black Edition POA

Ex demo Deutz C9306 TSB 25’ header POA

Used Merlo 42.7CS 2019 2500hrs

Demo Kuhn 6m Optimer

Demo Kuhn 6m Prolander

Ex demo Kuhn 5000L Cultimer


Ex demo Kuhn Vari-Master 153 5F










Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

A • Abbotsley 01767 677316

Used Kuhn Multi-Master 121 5F

New Kuhn Megant drills

Used KRM 6m Opti Drill

Used Claas Quadrant 5300 baler


Demo Claydon T4 drill


Ex demo Claydon 2021 3m Hybrid






Ex demo Kuhn 1290iD baler


New Bomford Kestrel & Hawk hedge cutters POA

email: 82479

Please visit our website to view our full range of new and used machinery available


October 2021 195

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 195

17/09/2021 13:58

P J Reed



ROUND 6000L steel diesel tank barn stored, excellent. £500 no VAT. J Murrell Tel 01603 712222 (Norfolk) RECO Wilrich 4m hydraulic folding wings, good metal, ready to go to work. T Saunders Tel 07850 631331 (Northants)

01284 810751 07768 353910

Delivery service

01359 269378




SMITHS of the Forest of Dean Ltd Tank & Drum Experts We stock plenty of IBC tanks & fittings


2016 Spread-a-Bale Maxi XL

1250+LITRE plastic cone tank in galvanised forklift stillage, c/w 2 heavy duty single phase immersion heaters installed, used for biodiesel production; also 3 unopened drums of methanol. Will split. £500 tank & £80/ drum. P Dunn Tel 07711 316759 (Buckinghamshire)

Visit or call

01594 833308

POA Straw Spreader e w t 01530 249191 49-82942


BUNNINGS towable fuel bowser, 150 gallons, with auto shut off nozzle. £350. N Doig Tel 07831 607872 (Norfolk)

REGAL TANKS INDUSTRIAL STORAGE TANKS HIRE • NEW • USED 01638 712328 Suffolk 01992 451629 Herts/Essex


TITAN 6000L green plastic water tank, 2" outlet. £650. N Doig Tel 07831 607872 (Norfolk)

Pan Busters & spirals ALL BLENCH SPARES 454 Herne Road, 51-82468 Ramsey St Mary’s, Huntingdon, Cambs.

01733 844590 (24hrs)

available for immediate delivery, 22"-24" rings, horizontal folding, contour following


more photos and full spec at

07787 551081



GENUINE roller rings (22) to fit Vaderstad rolls (part number: 201483) 62mm bore, well worn but good condition. £15 each. D Shropshire Tel 07980 483489 (Suffolk)

Call Andrew Lloyd

01603 870903 07860 475964


New HE-VA rolls in stock

off the field for 2021 season prefer big bales


SULKY Reco combination seed drill with Maschio power harrow. £4,500+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

SIMBA Great Plains DTX 300, 2014, 3m one pass cultivator, 5 Pro-lift legs, Pro-active discs, rear DD packer, had little use. £14,500+VAT. A Pettitt Tel 07732 417966/07711 532310 (Cambridgeshire)

MEADOW hay, large round bales, 2021, no rain. £30/bale collected. M Chapman Tel 01673 843663/07971 940087 (Lincolnshire)

Are buyers & sellers of


07977 268113 (T)

ABBOTT & CO (Wessex) LTD



Call Jeff on

TELEPHONE: 01604 686216 MOBILE: 07973 265378

Fully searchable database at...

off the field & throughout the winter Very good prices paid promptly

Norwich, Norfolk

01502 710100 22,730 litre bunded tanks 17’L plus cabinet x 9’2”W x 8’H gauge & battery alarm

MARSHALL ST1200 tanker, manufactured 2016, Honda pump on front, side discharge, ideal for farm/industrial dust suppression. Available to view, please call to register your interest. £3,800+VAT. T Glover Tel 07775 515101 (Norfolk) 66,000-LITRE steel tank with 2" inlet/outlet, c/w 4 legs it sits on. £6,000+VAT. M Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warwickshire)


01603 712222


51,000 litre horiz/cyl dished ends 27’6”L x 9’W x 10’H & cradles 1 x twin & 2 x single compart



Collect from stock or nationwide delivery available

Well proven design Single and twin and three legged machines available Mounted and trailed

6m Discs

COUSINS Contour HZ horizontal folding rolls, 8.3m, 24” rings, 2012, excellent condition – almost like new. A Coulson Tel 07768 026998 (Cambridgeshire) COUSINS Land Packer, 4m end tow, good condition, tyres good, heavy duty. Photos available. £1,000+VAT. L Patchett Tel 07719 742598 (East Yorkshire) KNIGHT 4.6m, 3 in 1 triple press, front tines with new feet, hydraulic levelling, paddles, two rows DD rings, good condition, very strong & well made. £6,000 ono. S Kilham Tel 07885 456518/01553 631297 (Norfolk)

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

PARMITER Utah discs. £2,995+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

£15,500 RANSOMES 3.2m discs, good condition, some spares. £500+VAT. D Smith Tel 07973 139483 (Nottinghamshire)


Thames Valley Machinery 07764 835562


Galvanised roofing sheets, box profile and corrugated

2014 Amazone Catros




Posts for grain walling and silage clamps


WIBERG 950 spring tine cultivator, good working condition, 4 rows of tines & rear harrows. POA. G Atkinson Tel 07889474617 (Lincolnshire)


All types of steel available new and secondhand




Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Steel Stockholders

196 October 2021

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17/09/2021 10:57

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

Fenland Tractors




MF 5455 & Loader 1550hrs (2015) MF 5612 (2015) – 125hp 300hrs MF 5455 & Loader, 1550hrs (2015)

MF 6190 (1998) – 190hp MF 6480 Dyna 6 – 5374hrs MF 6499 (2005) – 237hp

Caterpillar D6C 82A 1967 Direct Drive ag crawler 3 point linkage drawbar

Hyundai Robex 60CR-9 2015 2764hrs new tracks

MF 698T 2wd & Powerloader

Caterpillar D4D 60J 1971 Direct Drive ag crawler 3 point linkage drawbar

MF 8926 (2005) – 6m lift telehandler Caterpillar 407 Ag telehandler (2009) – tidy MF 6499 (2005) – 237hp

Caterpillar TH336C – (2014) 6m Case 895L & Loader 4850hrs (’93) Various forks & grapples

JCB 6t dumper 2018 671hrs full cab

Caterpillar 931 1978 4 in 1 bucket, ROPS cab, Ripco 3 tine ripper

JCB 8052 2007 2654hrs new tracks

HARVESTING Krone Big Pack 1270 (2012), v tidy 48,000 bales MF 6480, Dyna 6, 5374hrs

Vicon RV2160 round baler, very tidy Krone 1400 (2013) 4 rotor rake Claas 2.5m mtd mower

Takeuchi TB250 2013 6518hrs new tracks

Hyundai 25Z-9A 2016 1877hrs man quick hitch tidy weight 2600kgs

Case CX18B S2 1.8t 2014 2394hrs variwidth tracks

Suppliers of replacement parts for all Caterpillar machines DUE IN – Cat D2 J Model, Manitou MLT 627 Turbo 2009, JCB 535-140 2013, Benford 4wd skip fill dumper

Claas Liner 3100 twin rotor rake 10m KV Taarup 4232 3.2 trailer mower Claas Disco 250 mower

New Holland 940 square baler


Visit our website to see our stock machines

Dowdeswell DP7F, 6f, v tidy

The Midlands Machinery Show in the Eastwood inLady the Lady Eastwood Pavilion Pavillion Stand LE29






01/14 - HYDROKIT



• Order on-line with your • Delivery time immediate own price conditions • Follow-up ly advised of your deliveries


Looking forward See us at to seeing you at


from actual may differ



All rights reserved

UK and Eire 12+13 Yew customers: Earl Soham, Tree Courtyard Woodbridge IP13 7SG (GREAT BRITAIN) Tel: +44 (0)1728 684 Fax: +44 (0)1728 684 800 E-mail: uksales@hydro 808 www.hydrokit. com


products -

ver Scan code Vensys with yourpost Equip ment mobile to watch group video

Headquarters: Rue du Bocage - La 85170 LE POIRÉ-SUR-VRibotière Tel: +33 (0)2 IE (FRANCE) 51 34 45 Fax: +33 28 (0)2 51 34 12 66 E-mail: sales@hydroki www.hydrokit. com





Contact us for FREE catalogue today!

Dowdeswell DP7F, 7f, v tidy KV LD85 5f & 4f Claas Liner 3100 twin rotor rake 10m

Flat Lift Force – 2 leg HD Buster Spalding – 3 leg combination 82414

CREATE your own solutions SERVICE your machinery OPTIMISE your equipment EQUIP your workshop

Knight Raven – 3 leg combination Vicon PO-EDW weightcell, vgo Vicon RO–EDW extension hopper Kuhn Axis 30.1 spreader extension hopper Vicon RV2160 round baler, v tidy

Cousins 9.3m Sidewinder rolls Kongskilde 6m Germinator AS Marston 16t trailer Richard Western 12t dump trailer AS Marston 8t dump trailer

AS Marston 16t trailer

HEDGECUTTERS Fella TFS 60 tidy Major 2.8 front & rear flail mower

A company of Group

VEHICLES NEW – Isuzu, DL40 – red Krone 1270 Big Pack baler



12+13 Yew Tree Courtyard, Earl Soham, IP13 7SG, Suffolk

Isuzu Yukon – 2017 – black

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

Ex demo Deutz Fahr 7250, f/linkage & PTO

Station Yard, Postland, Crowland, Peterborough PE6 0JT Tel: 01406 330386 Fax: 01406 330080 Email:

07885 202005 01954 210355 Hardwick, Cambridge

October 2021 197

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16/09/2021 12:04


£14,500 £6,000

Reco Mengele SH40

1998 12 blade flywheel, wide pickup, farmer machine

1995, 10 blade, wide pick reel, new blades, new wear liners, fully serviced, ready to go



£7,500 2020, 2.2m right hand verge mower, 90 degree up, 60 degree down, heavy duty flails, as new

Concept CS135 verge mowers in stock

min hp 20, max 35hp, right hand cut, 1.35m cut, rear roller

Concept flail toppers

various widths, front/rear mounted or just rear, hyd side shift, heavy duty flails & rear roller, extra wear skids

Prices from

SIP 685/HS 6 rotor tedder

SIP Disc 260S ALP plain mower

3yrs warranty 2yrs 0% finance on 50% RRP

All SIP products have 3 year warranty & 2 years 0%

All SIP products have 3 year warranty & 2 years 0%




POA NEW SIP Star 430/12 single rotor rake

6.8m working width, hyd steer, hook tines

16t capacity, sprung drawbar, full commercial brakes, load sensing, front hay ladder, mini super singles, 2019 build

Reco Mengele SH40

3500kg knife edge ramps, LED lights, 2019, fully serviced (dog not included!)

Used Concept verge mower

8” auto fill, 710/50R26.5 tyres, rear steer, air/hydraulic brakes, wide angle PTO

NC 32’ flat trailer

2007, lights, braked axle, 10.0/75-15.3 tyres, 8’ x 5’ body, ring hitch


Brian James Cargo All Plant trailer


NC3500 gallon tanker

Warwick 2t tipping trailer


IN STOCK s/d/bar, Hardox body, comm axles, air/hyd brakes, l/s, 560 floats, hi line LEDs, full silage kit, hyd door (sealed), g/chute

hyd door, easy sheet, sprung drawbar, hyd brakes, load sensing




hyd door, commercial axles, air/hyd brakes, load sensing brakes, sprung drawbar

2021 NC GT1850-14T i ser silage trailer

West 14t root/grain trailer

Dyna 4, 53 reg, 6400hrs, cab suspension, 3 spools, 520/85R38 r/tyres, 420/85R28 fronts

Tyrone 14t dump trailer

2021, hydraulic door, grain chute, AS NEW


Massey Ferguson 6480

industrial tyres, 4wd, front loader tines & bucket

Bailey 11t grain trailer

hydrostatic drive, 60” grass deck, turf tyres, 540 PTO, 3 point linkage, rear hyd spools, 3yrs warranty


TYM T455 HST (hydro) ROPS tractor

29hp, Hydro transmission, 4wd, industrial tyres, rear & mid PTO, rear spool valve, loader ready

NEW TYM 255 compact tractor

2010, 6500hrs, air con, boom suspension, pick up hitch



TYM T293 HST ROPS tractor

Merlo 40.7

2010, air con, boom suspension, pick up hitch, air seat, 8500hrs


Merlo 40.7 Turbo Farmer


2009, 5500hrs, air con, boom suspension, pick up hitch, trailer brakes, pallet forks & bucket, supplied fully serviced & Loler ticket



Merlo 32.6 Plus

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

W&M Agricultural E

NEW Protech P220s front mounted post driver 300kg weight, any loader or telehandler brackets inc, options – hyd tilt, rock spike

01691 683825 • John Mottram: 07968 715 512 • Mike Worthing: 07709 089 781 • email: 198 October 2021

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 198

17/09/2021 11:03

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234


Cherry Products grab

POA NEW BFX-180 Wessex International

round bale feeder able to spike, load & feed out silage, hay, haylage, also available BFR-180 c/w blower kit for straw

Albutt F352 bale grab





TreeMaster MS300

for round or square bales, 2 Hesstons, 3 mini c/w Manitou brkts (others available), for wrapped tree shear & rotator Hesstons, 2 round bales, Kv tines, Hardox bracing, silage bales, open 1030mm closed 540mm, suit 13t & above machine capacity 1200kg, all supplied with pipes & brackets sync’d wing movement, c/w pipes & brackets

Massey Ferguson 35 Grey & Gold 4 cylinder


Massey Ferguson 35 3 cylinder diesel

nice straight original tractor




Fordson Super Dexta

capacity 4.5m3, swivel chute 270o, r/remote control to tailgate & floor conveyor for easy loading

Albutt F501 multi bale stackers

supplied with pipes & brackets




NEW Kidd 450 trailed bale shredder

in stock, rear door mounted

Albutt heavy duty bale handlers

Sumo Trio 3

2011, QR tines, Guttler roller, transportation trailer

NEW Storth Farmer Plus 7.5m dribble bar NEW Storth 20’ lagoon mixer

2014, Matbro brackets, good condition


Amazone KF4000 power harrow

very clean & tidy, good blades, depth wheels, c/w operator’s book

BVL Topstar 170 block cutter


Terrington 8’ heavy duty rotovator

3m 5 leg, heavy duty flexicoil

8’ & 10’, single sided, heavy duty, left & right opening lids double sided version also available




Bull beef feeders IN STOCK


Root chopper bucket

2m wide, 1.6m3 cap, inc loader or handler bracket, stone trap, also available as mixer bucket, will feed roots, maize, silage & meal

2/3 tine, removable top frame any brackets

Call for details



Moulton yard scrapers

5/6ft bale spikes IN STOCK

7’6” KV grab pin & cone brackets good working order

7’6” grain bucket, 1.5m3 capacity approximately, excellent condition


Manitou grain bucket

hyd tilt, new rope, JCB Q-fit brackets (can be fitted with any)



£2,500 PROTECH P220 Plus post driver

Oswestry • Shropshire • SY10 7JU

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

l Engineering

CORVUS DEALERS FOR SHROPSHIRE & MID WALES 2yrs warranty as standard Call to arrange demo

All prices + VAT October 2021 199

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 199

17/09/2021 11:04


07768 171085 March • Cambs

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Photos & more at:

New Holland T7.260 2019, 1400hrs, Auto Command, front linkage & PTO, warranty until March 23, as new £83,000

New Holland T7.225 2018, 2000hrs, Auto Command, f/linkage & PTO, guidance ready, new f/tyres, very clean £66,500

New Holland T7.210 2015, 2995hrs, Power Command, 50k, Sidewinder, choice of other T7.210 from £48,500

John Deere 6630 Premium 2008, 7800hrs, 40k, TLS, front linkage & PTO, tidy £32,500

John Deere 3220 Claas Scorpion 6030 2007, 7200hrs, pick up hitch, 2016, 5000hrs, 40k, hydraulic locking, pin & cone very clean headstock, 405/20 tyres £17,250

JD 855D Gator 2500hrs, new tyres, power steering, road regd, glass doors, tow bar, manual tip, excellent £10,250

Claas Dominator Mega 218 Lely Welger RP435 1994, 3700hrs, 20’ header, 2011, 40000 bales, chopper, chopper, chaff spreader, very tidy tidy from local farm £23,500 £12,250

New Holland T7.200 2014, 5000hrs, Power Command, side winder, front linkage, very nice £43,500

AS Marston 14t trailer 2002, sprung drawbar, hydraulic door, roll over sheet, grain chute, £32,500 10 stud super singles, tidy £8,450

John Deere 6215R 2018, 4100hrs, Autopower, f/ linkage & PTO, Autotrac ready, 650/65/42 new, 540/65/30 40% £88,500

John Deere 6930 Premium 2008, 4400hrs, Autoquad, 40k, TLS, cab suspension, 650/65/38, 540/65/28 70%, mint £43.000

Gull 10t trailer Cousins V Form 1990, hydraulic door, grain chute, packer roller, 5 leg, (only 4 present), full width fold down window, 18” tidy machine wheels £4,450 £3,850

Pottinger Terrasem C4 & C6 trailed Ex demo Pottinger Terradisc 5001T Pottinger Synkro 3020 drills pack ring roller, leveling comb, pack ring roller, 3 rows of legs, reconditioned, hydraulic brakes choice good spec POA POA POA

�tt�efie�d �arm �achinery �td

Prices you trust Products you rely on

Attlefield Farm | Hellidon | Daventry | UK | NN11 6GG

All prices+VAT

BOMFORD 460 TRI-WING YOM 2012 / B121587

MCCONNEL SR15 2005, serviced



SPEARHEAD MULTICUT 300 two yrs warranty







MCCONNEL SR15 2007, serviced



SPEARHEAD MULTICUT 460 2018 S/N S181295, serviced



SPEARHEAD STUBBLE MASTER 730 SPEARHEAD Q2500HD Ex-demo, one yrs manufactures FLAIL MOWER warranty remaining POA


£4,950 82895

07775 684401

200 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

Paul G Lucas Potato Equipment Specialist


Jomac twin head box filler


Midema 160-70 telescopic elevator


Haith supafill 600 non lift type box filler

Peal 2507 digital tank weigher 2-25kg cap

Orion v track automatic clamper and stitcher

Haith stonetrap with side conveyor

Lazy susan rotary packing table-choice of 2

Haith 4t variable speed boat hopper-single phase








All prices + VAT + carriage Email: Mobile: 07836 608650 Telephone: 01673 843131 • Market Rasen, Lincoln, LN8 3JA

Kockerling & HeVa – cultivation time – have these on your farm to try McCormick X7.690 demo model at unbelievable price – ring immediately 2007 2016 2010 1983 1988 2002

Agricultural Engineers

Agents for

01162 478 999

McCormick MTX150, front linkage, air con – a very good buy ............................£22,000 McCormick X6.440 – this has to be seen – full spec & superb ...........................£38,850 McCormick CX110 4wd with new loader – genuine throughout...........................£26,000 Ford 7710 4wd, runs & drives very well – a good tractor – worth viewing ............£9,000 Case 856XL 4wd – still very useful as spare tractor..............................................£6,750 JCB 530-70 – refurbished with Loler certificate – nice.............................................. POA Deutz tractors – your opportunity to drive this autumn – you will be amazed these are exceptional performers – book today Kuhn 2190 variable chamber baler – ready for work – not to be missed..............£12,500 Rau 1000l mounted sprayer – horizontal 18m hyd fold boom – electric ................£2,950 Kongskilde Suct 700 PTO drive suct blower, high output – really nice ...................£6,750 Suton 6f rear mounted hyd drive brush – very tidy ..................................................£875 Juko 3m grain drill – tine coulters, following harrow, barn stored ..........................£1,500 Fleming range of toppers, flail mowers, ex stock at keen prices

USED MACHINERY IN STOCK Deutz 6160 2013 4000hrs only air brakes, front linkage, exc condition Deutz 6160.4 Profiline 2013 low hrs Deutz K120 Deutz 5120 c/w loader McCormick 2003 MC135 John Deere 6900 (1995) Bomford 3m heavy duty shaft drive topper Wessex 2.5m flail topper Twyman 10’ flail mower Twose 280 flail mower Lely Roterra 4m power harrow Lely 360M mounted mower good condition 2014 Lely 2.4m mower conditioner Lely 770 6 row tedder Claas Volto 1050 tedder Amazone ED452-K 6 row maize drill, 2011 Amazone ZAM300 fertiliser spreader, tested 2020, good condition Kverneland 6 furrow LB300 headstock reversible plough Dowdeswell 5 furrow DP7 D2 good condition

Edlington 6.3m Cambridge rolls c/w shutter boards Kverneland 9578C 2 rotor rake McHale 991BE bale wrapper approx 30,000 bales Kuhn SW1104 square/round bale wrapper as new Kuhn 700G11 disc mower Kuhn FC243 mower conditioner with lift control Kuhn MDS1141 QL fertiliser spreader Kverneland Taarup 9578C twin rotor rake Teagle 40/40 tub feeder/bedder Teagle 80/80 SC feeder/bedder Teagle 2010 80/80 SC feeder/bedder good condition Kidd Mk3 Professional Post Bumper as new KRM NEU-2512 350/29R 3.5m Sola power harrow drill combination with Elite tines Welger RP445 round baler Fleming 12’ end tow flat roll as new

Cousins 3m pigtail cultivators – choice of .......................................................from £600 Dieci 42.7 Loadall – JCB head, hydrostatic drive – for comfort & power really good value – 3 year warranty – view on site Portequip beef/hog feeders, calf creeps, all ex stock at amazing prices 2015 Kuhn 3m haybob – as new condition – had little use ............................................£1,800 Wide selection of bale handlers/bale spikes at knockout prices Western 14t trailer, susp drawbar, air brakes, floatation tyres ................................£7,250 JCB 3CX 2wd, 4:1 bucket – very tidy for year – a good buy...................... £6,000 no VAT Countax ES400 self propelled leaf collector with spare bags ....................................£450 JCB ‘Q’ fit headstock, hyd pin locking – suit 531-70 model ..................................£1,150 Ferguson 3t hyd tip trailer – wide wheels – excellent................................................£875 End of season lawnmower deals – your chance to buy Visit our stores for autumn cultivation parts, etc


Sales: Dave Griffin mobile 07712 509869 Saddington Road, Nr SHEARSBY SHEARSBY, Leics LE17 6PX


Visit us on and

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

October 2021 201

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16/09/2021 14:52






LEMKEN furrow press arm, with hydraulic ram. £300. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)

Andy Guest 01636 700608 07860 637654 e:

HAYLOCK heavy duty rigid tine, winged, subsoiler, heavy packer & scrapers, with option of small seed sowing, 3 and 4m versions in good condition, needs 200hp min, one pass machine. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambridgeshire)

HE-VA Stealth

Low Disturbance Subsoilers


Kuhn Power Harrows Drills & Accord d New & Usees par Machine Sep & R airs


 David: 07879 698473 Karl: 07500 448243 Washingborough, Lincs T: 01522 790720

KUHN power harrow, c/w transport wheels, 4.5m. £2,000+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire) 51-82469

COUSINS 6m double press with leading tines & cast rings, hydraulic folding, good condition, would go straight to work. £3,250. B Brown Tel 07768 038369 (Cambridgeshire)

SIMBA 6m land press, hydraulic transport wheels, very good condition, approx weight is 7t. £2,500, can deliver. email: jdkendallst.antonfarm@gmail. com. J D Kendall Farms Tel 07775 511903/01638 714197 (Suffolk)

2008 Quantock stubble cultivator. £2,500. S Winter Tel 01986 788252 (Norfolk)

HE-VA Combi Tiller & Disc Roller, 2011, 3m trailed, fully hydraulic, great machine. £12,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Gloucestershire)

NEW Fendt drawbar. M Keal Tel 07778 002918 (Lincolnshire) STEINBAUER tuning box for New Hollland T7.210 Tier 4B, assume would also fit Case equivalent. £500+VAT ono. A Pettitt Tel 07732 417966/07711 532310 (Cambridgeshire)

TR Smith Ltd

01362 668286

NRH 4m folding front press, 2014, c/w leading front tines. £5,000. A Longe Tel 07810 897543/07885 243836 (Norfolk)

TRACKS FARM Force Ultra Lift 5 leg flatlift, with heavy duty packer roller, new scrapers fitted & legs have been built up. R Morton Tel 07718 971902 (Cambridgeshire)

TIM Howard 3m 5 leg subsoiler with recently fitted packer roller, can be fully mounted or with drawbar & carriage, all in very good condition. £3,500+VAT ono. J Strathern Tel 01621 815430/07798 683520 (Essex)

MASSEY Ferguson 6480, 58 reg. J Purser Tel 07917 035607 (Buckinghamshire) TEN 45kg front weights to fit MF3095. £600+VAT. J Wright Tel 07816 323503 (Lincolnshire)

07748 004794 01245 442224

MASCHIO New power harrows New rotary cultivators New flail mowers New spare parts Direct from an importer

IH Hydro 84, older restoration but wings, roof & bonnet brush painted at some point, just over 8200hrs & all working with no leaks, missing diff lock pedal, no steering play, used mainly as hedge cutter, all lights work, tidy & ready to go. £7,500. J Waters Tel 01787 222378 (Essex)

in stock at Writtle Farm Machinery For more information see


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:



OVERUM 3.3m X pattern discs, 23" discs cutaways on front & plain rear discs, stored in side, vgc, heavy set. £4,250. A Dunham Tel 07767 248412 (Cambridgeshire)

JOHN Deere 2130. £5,800+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

RUBBER TRACKS & undercarriage wheels to fit most tracked tractor models. Premium quality products manufactured in the USA by the leading brands for maximum service life. Eurotrack Ltd. Tel: 01263 711474; e-mail: sales@

TRACTORS FRONT weights for MF500 Series. J Wright Tel 07816 323503 (Lincolnshire)

SIMBA DTX 3.5m heavy duty subsoiler, discs & press combination, 6 legs, 2 rows of discs & DD packer. £16,000. N Bett Tel 07801 053127 (Nottinghamshire) CHEVAL zig zag pressure harrows, 6m, hydraulic folding with heavy duty 10" tines, owned from new, covered a very small acreage, as good as new condition, includes a spare set of brand new tines costing £960+VAT! £3,950+VAT. P Skinner Tel 07711 405100 (Northants)

SINGLE leg buster, Cat 1 linkage. £100. M Abraham Tel 07803 266436 (Bedfordshire) SET of spring tines, 8’, c/w spare tines. £100. M Abraham Tel 07803 266436 (Bedfordshire) HOWARD 60” rotovator, gwo. £250. M Abraham Tel 07803 266436 (Bedfordshire)

RECO Wilrich 4m hydraulic folding, 2 depth wheels, following harrows leave a fairly level finish, was used by us with tractors up to 125hp, some new metal, points fairly good, located in Northants. T Saunders Tel 07850 631331 (Northants) WILDER 6.6m pressure harrow, good condition. £1,200 ono. S Robinson Tel 07850 999870 (Cambridgeshire)

CLAAS Axion 820 Cebis, 2013 model, 2145hrs, 50km/hr, air, 4 electric spools, front links & PTO, 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 - good, owner operated on small farm, high spec, good quality machine. R Hall Tel 07786064720 (Suffolk)

MASSEY Ferguson 8130 Dynashift, P plate, tidy machine, hydraulics slow when hot. £15,000+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

KUBOTA Granbia GB180, good working order, 994hrs, includes RSP160 cultivator. £9,000+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

202 October 2021

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17/09/2021 11:23

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

01223 870016

FARM MACHINERY RD 600F Drill System Tine


RDA 600S Drill 2002


RDA 600S Drill 2010


RDA 800S Drill 2007 c/w 3 Rows of Coulters


RDA 800S Drill 2012


RDA 800S Drill 2011 c/w 3 Rows of Coulters


RDA 800S Drill 2014


RST 450 Twin Press


RST 550 Twin Press


RST 630 Twin Press


RST 830 Twin Press 2014


RST 1030 Twin Press


TopDown TD400


TopDown TD400


TopDown TD500


Carrier CR500CB


Carrier CR650CB


NZA 600

Refurbished Refurbished Refurbished

Ex Demo

Ex Demo

Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Opico Rapidlift Rapidlift Rapidlift He-Va He-Va He-Va Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling Kuhn

Straw Harrow to fit Carrier CR500 Straw Harrow to fit Carrier CR820 NZA Extensions to fit 7m & 8m Cultivators TopDown Rear Drawbar Set of System Discs to fit RDA 600S Drill Carrier Tines & Crossboard to fit CR500 New Variocast Elec RRP £7,122 Our Price £4,000 RL 400 Cultivating Solutions £5,000 RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Demo Unit RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Second Hand Combi Disc Roller Contour 6.25m Ex Demo RRP £49,000 Special Offer £26,000 Rolls 12m, 24" Diameter Rings New Rolls 12m, 24" Diameter Rings 2011 Allrounder 6m Cultivator Ex Demo Vario 4.8m Cultivator Vario 7.5m Cultivator Vector 6.2m Cultivator Ex Demo Power Harrow c/w Accord Drill

Väderstad TD400 Refurbished

Väderstad RDA400S

Väderstad CR500 Fully Refurbished

Väderstad RST550 Refurbished

Väderstad RST630 Refurbished

Väderstad TD300 Refurbished

Köckerling Vector

Väderstad RDA800S Fully Refurbished



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Main Dealer & Service Centre Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge CB22 5HS

Refurbished VÄDERSTAD Machinery Available October 2021 203

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16/09/2021 12:11

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DALBO 8.3m ROLLS 2015, very good

rings and breakers, 21’ rings 8.3m working width, horizontal fold


HE-VA 3M FRONT PRESS 2016, good condition, good rings, shattaboard, steering headstock


SUMO TRIO 3m good packer and discs


HORSCH TERRANO 4MT excellent condition, very little use, DD Packer, good legs, new points, good discs, immaculate


SPEARHEAD MULTICUT 460 new, never used, 3 blade batwing, available now



condition, front levelling paddles, tines are okay, good wheels and tyres


OPICO HEVA 12.5m 2011, 24’ rings

and breakers, heavy duty set of rolls



excellent condition, very good discs, grain and fert, 2300ha, seed flow sensores, 6m, muller control box and ISOBUS



double STS Roller, good discs, front paddles


HORSCH SPRINTER 4ST 2011, very good condition, duett coulters, full width front tyre packer, good tyres



2012, immaculate condition, pro-active tines, excellent DD rings


SIMBA STOCKS AG SEEDER 2009, good condition, 6 outlet, comes complete with a step and pipework


SIMBA 3M DTX 300 2010, very good

discs and legs, ready for work


AMAZONE CAYENA 6m 2012, good condition, grain only, full rear tyre packer, good coulters


SIMBA 6.6M X-PRESS tidy machine, on good discs, excellent packer, DD rings


WEAVING 8m TINE DRILL hyd folding, can be mounted on a power harrow, or used on 3pt linkage comes with lely front tank


Gaydon Farm, Kineton Road, Gaydon, Warwick CV35 0EP Tel: +44 (0) 1926 640 637 . Email:

204 October 2021

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17/09/2021 15:43

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2018, 40k, 260hp 4133h, 480/70R30 fronts, 620/70R42 rears


CLAAS ARION 530 CIS 40K £45,000


019, 50k, 445hp, 1480h, GPS 2022 warranty

2018, 145hp, 5300h, 480/65R28 fronts, 600/65 R38 rears

1999, 40k, 195hp, 11800h, cab suspension, nice running tractor

2016, 40k, 375hp, 4412h, great condition

CLAAS LEXION 580+ TT £89,000




2010 10.50m Vario, 3480h, 2380 drum h

2006 7.5m Vario, 3475h, 2684 Drum h

2006 7.5m Vario, 3475h, 2684 drum h

1995 7.5m cutterbar, 3482h






1994 powerflow header

2006, 4m deep tine cultivation

2012, Tillage 6m disc drill, very tidy

2014, 6m disc drill








2019, 24 row beet drill, very little use

2009, 6m tine drill

2015, 4m direct drill, excellent condition, liquid fert aplicator

2009, 3m cultivator

HORSCH LEEB PT280 £215,500





2018, 30m 32m or 36m can be specified, 3000h

2015, 36m Isobus, excellent condition

2017, 120/70, 40000 bales approx

2014, 4 rotor tedder

£38,000 2014 50k, 155hp, 8500h drives nicely





2014, belt baler, ready for action




CHALLENGER MT765E £105,000





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MASSEY FERGUSON 7726 £59,000

Alastair McCallum, Used Machinery Manager Tel: 01284 777700 Mob: 07717 861815 email:


October 2021 205

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16/09/2021 12:13

J Murrell

01493 750999

2014 FENDT 828 4115hrs, excellent

Contract Farm Services



JCB 3CX SITEMASTER genuine 5191hrs



£18,000 no VAT



2013 MANITOU MT1030ST 2118hrs, legs

2009 JOHN DEERE 6330 PREMIUM Trima +4.1


1999 JCB 3185-65 Autoshift, 3936hrs

2012 MANITOU MLT625-75H 3750hrs







2012 CASE MAGNUM 290 50K, 4982hrs

Agricultural Machinery Dealers

2021 JPM 24’ 19TLL TRAILER hydraulic ramps, LEDs

NEW CASE FARMALL 55A 2wd, 4hrs

AS MARSTON ACE14 TRAILER hydraulic gate, vgc

2013 CAT TH707C 4622hrs, new tyres

AS MARSTON 12T TRAILER hydraulic gate, sprung drawbar

2009 JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER 8441hrs


2017 MANITOU MLT625-75H 3721hrs

2009 JOHN DEERE 6530 40k Autoquad, 10863hrs, mint

HYMACK 370 BACKHOE 3607hrs,1 owner

2017 JOHN DEERE L1534H BIG BALER 32k bale count, mint £47,000













£4,000 no VAT



For more pictures and further details of our stock visit our website

We are JPM Trailers’ East Anglia Dealer J Murrell • Willow Farm • Norwich Road • South Burlingham • Norwich • Norfolk NR13 4EZ

07770 692891

£15,200 All prices + VAT


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Norfolk Farmers

206 October 2021

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16/09/2021 12:14

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Unit A7 Lords Wood Road, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 8BZ

DEMONSTRATOR KRONE BIG X 780 FORAGE HARVESTER 780hp, maize & grass header available

2014 AMAZONE PANTERA 4502 36m, section control, high flow, Cat 4 cab, excellent condition,



NEW AMAZONE CENTAYA 3M COMBINATION DRILL WITH KG 3001 SPECIAL POWER HARROW Isobus, electric twin terminal calibration, pre em markers, track markers £37,000+VAT

NEW KRONE EASYCUT R320 CV MOWER CONDITIONER 3.2m cutting width, parking stand

£12,300+VAT ALSO IN STOCK/COMING IN SOON... NEW KRONE EASYCUT R280 plain mower £9,000 NEW KRONE SWADRO 38 & 46 single rotor rakes NEW KRONE B950 COLLECT triple mowers 2020 KRONE EASYWRAP 150 round baler wrapper 2011 KRONE 800/26 twin rotor rake 2008 SULKY X36 fertiliser spreader £2,500 2013 KUHN GA 4321 GM single rotor rake £4,600 2012 KVERNELAND TAARUP 9439 single rotor rake 2013 WEAVING UNIVERSAL HAYMAKER (HAYBOB)

2018 AMAZONE UF 2002 MOUNTED SPRAYER with FT 1001 front tank. 24m, individual nozzle section control, IsoBus





£1,450 + VAT

2010 AMAZONE KE SUPER POWER HARROW c/w brackets to mount on Amazone Drill

2003 NEW HOLLAND BB 950 SQUARE BALER 63000 bales excellent condition £13,000 2017 REITER SPIRO S3 PROFI STRAW MERGER


NEW KRONE SWADRO 46 SINGLE ROTOR RAKE 4.6m working width £6,800


£11,000 + VAT




Old Rides Farm • Eastchurch Kent • ME12 4BD


01795 880224



CONTACT JOE Direct: 07711 162004 •

CONTACT DAVE Direct: 07770 814967 •


John Deere T670i 2013, 25’ header, Zurn rape ext, lateral tilt feeder house, 30K elec shift, elec shoe/sieve adjust, 680R32 tyres, 1092 eng/789 drum hrs


New Holland TC56 1998, 15’ header, trolley, chopper, chaff spreader, A/C, radio, reverse camera, Goodyear 620/75R26 tyres @80%, 3485 eng hrs


Claas 1230 Vario Header 2016, 12.3m header, twin axle dolly trolley, short foldable dividers, left hand laser pilot


JOHN DEERE: 3800, 3420, 3415, 3200

JOHN DEERE: T670i, W540, 9580 WTS, 2066, 2264, 2258, 2058, 1188, 1177, 1166, 1085, 1075, 1065, 985, 975, 965, 955, 952, 950, 630, 530, 8820 CLAAS: Lexion 600, 580T, 570T, 480, 460, 440, 430, 218, 118, 116, 115, 114CS, 108, 106, 105, 98, 96, 85, 76, 70 NEW HOLLAND: CR9080, CR980, TX66, TX68, TX36, TX34, TX32, TF78, TF46, TF44, TF42, 8080, 8050, 8040, 1500’s, 133 MASSEY FERGUSON: 7278, 40RS 38, 34, 31, 29, 27, 865, 760, 750, 665, 504 DEUTZ FAHR: 6090, 4090, 4080,4075, M3630, M3610, M2780, M2680, M1002 LAVERDA: 152, M120. CASE: 1660


Welger AP730 1995, hydraulic drawbar, hydraulic pick up, good condition baler


Cherry Products CB10 7.5’ bucket with JCB Q-fit heavy duty brackets – 1994, 7.5ft wide, 4.5ft deep, 1.5m3


UTV PARTS used parts for John Deere XUV 855D/XUV 865M/Kubota RTV900/Kawasaki Mule 4010 inc engines/gearboxes





NEW HOLLAND: 1210, 1010S, D1000, BB940, 841, 835, 7070, 750, 740, 654, 650, 644, 640

JOHN DEERE: 680, 644, 592, 590, 582, 578, 575, 550, 342, CASE: RBX435

CLAAS: Quadrant 2200,1200, Rollant 255, 280, 180, 46, 44, Vari, Hesston 4900, 4800, 4750

VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, RV1602 WELGER: D6000, D4000, 520, 435

VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, 1601, RV1602

JOHN DEERE: 8520, 8400, 8200T, 7800, 7530, 7430, 6930, 6900, 6800, 6430, 6110, 3650, 3130, 2140, 2040, 1640

MASSEY FERGUSON: No.5, 2190, 2170, 2160, 190, 187, 185

JCB: 531-70, 530-70, 525-58, 520-4, 414, 926 CLAAS: Targo C50, K50 Ranger MATBRO: Telestar, Teleshift, 280, 270, 250 MANITOU: 2600, MLT 633 MERLO: 40.7, 30.6 Multifarmer, 28.7, 26.6

KUHN: Alterna 500




Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

01302 759969

JOHN DEERE: 328, 228, 131, 1360 POTTINGER: Novacat, Eurocat

KRONE: AM20, 32P, AMT 4000CV, Easycut 32CV


October 2021 207

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17/09/2021 10:46


RENAULT Ceres 95X, 1994 11k hrs, very good tyres, very well cared for tractor. £9,950. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Gloucestershire)

KUBOTA B1500-M, good working order, 756hrs. £4,750+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

2019 VST Euro GR185DT

TRAILER heavy duty 1.75t, ex NATO, with overrun brakes, etc, tows behind Unimog or Land Rover, etc, very good condition. £750. P Williams Tel 07966 273748 (Lincolnshire)

WEIGHT block, 3pt linkage, ideal for a loader tractor. £130. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (East Yorkshire)


Thames Valley Machinery 07764 835562

POA 18hp, Hours: 45 e w t 01530 249191 53-82941

NEW Holland TM165, 2001, 8515hrs, front linkage, super steer, front weight, 4 rear spools, 40K Powershift, 540/65R30 fronts 50%, 620/70R42 70%. £24,750+VAT. L Shaw Tel 07949 078781 (Bedfordshire)

CONVERTED Scammell four in line trailer, 12t, c/w with dolly. K Wheat Tel 07702 666776 (Cambridgeshire)

STEINBAUER chip for Valtra N121, boosts power by 20% plus, in original box with fitting instructions. £200+VAT. K Garrod Bros Tel 07932 150466/07950 021160 (Norfolk)

MF 6616

ALUMINIUM lorry conversion, 16t, c/w roll over sheet. K Wheat Tel 07702 666776 (Cambridgeshire)

JOHN Deere 6600 Powerquad, 1998, 12,000hrs, a/c, 3 spools, 80% front 60% rear tyres, 110hp, genuine throughout. POA no VAT. A English Tel 07722 009505 (Norfolk)

KUBOTA B1400 c/w flail, good working order, 906hrs, includes Austco flail mower, very little work. £4,750+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

MERRICK Loggin 10000L bowser, with cabinets for spray containers, pump not included, good condition. POA. G Atkinson Tel 07889 474617 (Lincolnshire)



INDESPENSION general purpose trailer, 14' x 6'7", with sides & loading tailgate. £2,200+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

2016, 2800hrs, Dyna 6, 50kph

01691 791460 53-82857

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

CASE Farmall 55, 2021 reg, new & unused, 2wd with full cab, unwanted Christmas present! £20,000. D Murrell Tel 07850 724139 (Norfolk)

MCCORMICK CX80 2002, 4wd, 1 owner driver from new, half splitter switch on gear lever, 3580hrs, a/c, 40K box immaculate, tyres 75%, never been pressure washed. P Hoyle Tel 07709 128058 (Lincolnshire) CASE/NH set of rear wheel weights, two 250kg CNH 87713987 & two 91kg CNH 87603738, plus adapter plates for Puma/T7. £400+VAT. K Garrod Bros Tel 07932 150466/07950 021160 (Norfolk)

TUNIT kit for a 6930, all in working order, only selling due to upgrade. R Morton Tel 07718 971902 (Cambridgeshire)

MF 8730S

Dyna VT, 2019, 2200hrs, Exclusive, front linkage


01691 791460

FORD 334 c/w loader, power steering, PUH, column gear change, 50% tyres. £4,000. M Ward Tel 07946 344323 (Lincolnshire)

JOHN Deere740A front loader with all the brackets & joystick control, c/w JD muck fork & grab, was fitted to our 6800 & 6506. £4,500+VAT. D Seaman Tel 07771 925247 (Norfolk)

45-FOOT box container, ideal for storage, etc, air suspension, disc brakes, roller shutter rear door. £900+VAT ono. S Goddard Tel 01227 831277/07974 479963 (Kent)

AQUILIA mobile cleaner trailer (no engine or pump). £1,200+VAT ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

IFOR Williams 10' x 6' trailer, very good condition, spare wheels, plus ramps & ladder rack. £2,250 no VAT. M C Heanes & Son Tel 07836 572586 (Lincolnshire) BUNNINGS 6t high tip trailer, old but sound, ideal for horse muck. £390. N Doig Tel 07831 607872 (Norfolk)


RICHARDSON livestock trailer, fair condition. £400+VAT. N Hurton Tel 07803 087415 (Nottinghamshire)

LIVESTOCK Trailer, 16' long, good condition. £3,000+VAT. S Gray Tel 07785 937779 (Norfolk)

RICHARD Western 14t grain trailer with extensions, rollover sheet, grain chute with sock, 10 stud axles, hyd brakes, tyres 2 @90% 2 @10%, new brakes 6 months ago, extra lights, ready for work. £8,000+VAT. B Turnham Tel 07896 124031 (Northants)

LORRY trailer flooring, 2.4 x 1.2m, various thicknesses, some damage to edges. £10 per sheet. D Smith Tel 07973 139483 (Nottinghamshire)

208 October 2021

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17/09/2021 11:29

01371 830353

Woodhams Farm, Cutlers Green, Thaxted, Essex CM6 2RH

2021 BROCK Sub-V 4.5m 9 leg folding LD subsoiler 500mm spacing, 700mm steel ring packer, swivelling scrapers, shearbolts, Cat 3/4 linkage, in stock

2019 FARMET Softer 6PS 6m short 2020 FARMET Falcon Pro Tandem 6m G+F tine drill, front tyre packer, disc c/w 560mm discs, DRR double soil paired row Bourgault VOS Openers coulters (can take Dutch Openers), packer, front depth wheels, in stock 250mm/125mm rows, large 405/70R20 Radial rear tyres, triple following

harrow, Muller controller, 6000L hopper, enquire for demo

BROCK Campaign trailed tine drill, 4 rows of heavy duty low disturbance coulters, 150mm row spacing, tungsten points, pre-emergence markers, Artemis controller, Accord metering, half-width shut off, available to order in 6m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, & 13.35m widths, 12m version pictured, see video

2021 BROCK Sub-V 3.5m 5/7 leg folding subsoiler 700/500mm spacing, standard or low disturbance legs, swivel scrapers, tool box, in stock

2019 FARMET Triolent 4.7m auto-reset cultivator, 60-350mm depth, ex demo

2014 LEMKEN Jewel 8 7f (6+1) on-land/ 2012 AW Lo-load 20t trailer c/w front in-furrow slats, vari-width, press arm bogey, hyd brakes, 24ft centre deck

2015 SIMBA Great Plains SLD 540 9 leg, Stocks Icon seeder, auto-reset

2021 BROCK Sub-Partner 3m 6 leg subsoiler tool bar, shearbolt, in stock

2021 FARMET Fantom 4.7m auto-reset cultivator, 40-150mm depth, in stock

2013 KV LD85-300 5 furrow, original no.28’s, rear discs, man vari-width

2009 SIMBA 4m mounted X-Press, Pro- 2003 KNIGHT 5m Triple Press, front active discs, hyd folding, DD Lite rollers, knock-on points, 700mm rings

2011 LEMKEN Jewel 8 6f on-land/in2017 BROCK Sub-V 4.5m 7 leg trailed furrow, auto-reset, press arm, vari-width subsoiler, DD packer

2017 FARMET Softer 8 disc, 560mm discs, steel ring, ex demo

2016 G.BESSON 8 furrow on-land/ in-furrow, AR8’s hyd vari width

2013 HORSCH 8m Sprinter, Dutch openers, Muller box, 11750ha

2018 BULLOCK Disc-Sub 3m 5 leg low disturbance subsoiler, steel ring packer

2016 FARMET Fantom 12.5m Classic, front levellers, steel ring packer, due in

KEEBLE 3.2m 5 leg trailed subsoiler, SIMBA 5.5m & 6.6m Cultipress, rigid front working tines, 3.4m transport width tines, hyd levellers, DD packer

2008 VADERSTAD 8m Rapid, Techneat Avadex, 3 row coulter, due in

2015 HE-VA 8m Disc Roller, front hyd levellers, new discs, see video

2021 BROCK Sub-V 5.2m 9 leg folding subsoiler, 578mm spacing, in stock

KEEBLE 4.5m 7 leg trailed subsoiler, hyd 2017 DALBO 16.3m rolls, 55cm breaker 2021 BROCK Sub-V 6m 11 leg folding front tines, shouldered packers rings, hyd weight distribution LD subsoiler 545mm spacing, ex demo

2017 FARMET Kompaktomat 6m seedbed 2007 KV 4m I-Drill combination, Q-fit cultivator, hyd depth, tooth packer tines, Cracker packer, hydraulic fan

VADERSTAD 12.5m NZ springtine, double fold, 4.1m transport width

McCONNEL 3m 5 leg Discaerator, shearpin legs, shouldered packer

2014 HE-VA 10.2m Swing-Roller horizontal fold c/w 20” breaker rings

2021 BROCK Sub-V 4m 7 leg folding subsoiler 571mm spacing, in stock

2021 FARMET 8.5m Fantom Classic 2007 LELY 3m combination, 3 row 8.5m cultivator, 40-150mm depth, due in Suffolk coulters, following harrow

2012 SIMBA Great Plains 6.6m X-Press, SUMO 3m 6 leg Trio c/w trailing kit & Pro-active discs, DD packer, brakes front discs, due in

2003 COUSINS Type 28 3.6m double 1998 SIMBA 4.6m cast ring double press, tines, levellers, Razor Rings, due in press, leading tines, due in

2021 FARMET Fantom Pro 6.5m cultivator, 40-150mm depth, in stock

KVERNELAND LO85-300 7f (6+1) on-land plough, no 28 bodies

QUIVOGNE 3.6m Discs

2000 COUSINS 12.3m Sidewinders (2 sets) c/w 22” breakers / 24” plain rings

2007 COUSINS 5m 9 leg V-form, front depth wheels, tooth packer

FARMFORCE 3m front press, steering headstock

2009 COUSINS 6m Type 28 Razor Ring double press, hyd paddles, tines

2009 KV EG85-300 6 furrow, hyd front furrow, vari-width, rear discs, no 8’s

2010 McCONNEL 3m 5 leg Discaerator, 2000 KV PB100 6 furrow, hyd front auto-reset tines, Razor Ring packer furrow, no 28’s

VADERSTAD 4.5m Rexius Twin, 3 row tines, levellers

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

2019 FARMET Fantom 8m Pro stubble cultivator, front levelling paddles, auto-reset tines, double soil packer, 40150mm working depth, ex demo


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1998 VADERSTAD RS 1020 10.2m rolls, 22” breaker rings

October 2021 209

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16/09/2021 12:16

Andrew Guest Ltd Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Refurbished Kuhn Power Harrow & Accord Seed Drill Specialists

Recon 3m power harrows from £6,350

Recon 4m power harrows from £7,500

Quick fit 2! Blade Holder Conversion Kit

Recon 3m DA drills c/w Suffolks 3m from £6,350 4m from £6,950

to suit most models of Kuhn


Tractor wheel track eradicators to suit Kuhn Maschio KRM from £135/leg

Recon 3.5m power harrows £6,750 Maxi Packer roller kits, flexicoils and tyre packers ex stock

Giant Packer roller kits to suit Spaldings & Shakaerators from £1,950 Vertical folding markers to suit Kuhn, Maschio, etc £875 pre emerge kits from £695 3m recon Kuhn Accord combis from £12,350 4m recon Kuhn Accord combis from £13,950

90 tonnes of genuine Kuhn tines in stock 2 bolt fix .......... ............ £8.95 Q fit 2 .............. ............ £8.95 Q fit 3 .............. .......... £15.25 Non genuine Q fit 1 tines (e ach) ... £12.00 Non genuine tu ngsten quick fit tines ........... £29.50

Tel: 01636 700608 • Andy mobile: 07860 637654 Email: •

Tel: 01636 700608 • Mob: 07860 637654 • Email parts: 210 October 2021

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16/09/2021 12:17



Monday–Friday: 8 am–5 pm Saturday: 8 am–12 noon


THIS IS WHAT WE DO! We will not be at


but come to ou r yard – we’re only 4 m iles away

NG23 5JS

Refurbished Combinations 4m – from £13,950 3m – from £12,350 Kuhn 3001 3002 3003 Power Harrow:

• New Maxi Packer Roller & Clod Board • Accord 3m DA Seed Drill c/w Tramliner • 2 row Suffolk Coulters • Vertical Folding Markers fitted on harrow • Hopper Extension • Step and S-Harrow

Kuhn 4001 4002 4003 Power Harrow:

• New Maxi Packer Roller & Clod Board • Accord 4M DA Seed Drill c/w Tramliner • 2 row Suffolk Coulters • Vertical Folding Markers fitted on Harrow • Hopper Extension • Step and S-Harrow

12 Months Warranty on our combis

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


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Email: • October 2021 211

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16/09/2021 12:18

OLIVERS OLIVERS Luton Tel: 01582 727111

OLIVERS Petworth Tel: 01798 343660


available at Over Full 100 listings machines listed at OLIVERS Reading Tel: 01189 723741

OLIVERS Tingewick Tel: 01280 848494

OLIVERS Winchester Tel: 01962 774590

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


CLAAS LEXION 760 TT £261,950 2018, 10.8m Vario hdr, 30kph, approx 902/ 576hrs, TT, RH V knife, hdr rev, dust ext, a/c, yield/Q meter, GPS steering, telematics, CEMOS, c/c, AdBlue, p/spreader, chop/chaff, Cruise Pilot, 4D-cleaning

CLAAS LEXION 570+ £85,000 2009, 9m Vario hdr, 25kph, approx 2662/1871hrs, LH laser, hdr rev, dust ext, A/C, yield/Q meter, p/spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader, auto contour, auto pilot 3D sieves CEBIS, Quantimeter

CLAAS TUCANO 450 £97,300 2013, 7.5m Vario header, 25kph, approx 1855/1318hrs, LH laser, hdr rev, a/c, yield/q meter, chop/chaff, auto contour, laser pilot, auto pilot, straw walker with ball bearings

2011,10.5m Vario hdr, 30kph, approx 2445/ 1768hrs, TT, RH V knife, LH laser, hdr rev, dust ext, Xenons, a/c, yield/Q meter, yield mapping, c/c, p/spreader, chop/chaff, 3D sieves, CEBIS, GPS ready

CLAAS QUADRANT 5300 FC £89,500 2017, 15500 bales, 2.35m PU, double roller crop press, rear steer axle, 51 blades, fine cut, Claas Communicator terminal, vgc, RF T+ST, roller chute with 3 rollers & weigher, pressure plate for moisture sensor

CLAAS QUADRANT 3300 RF £51,950 2016, 120 x 90, 6 string, Single Axle, 2.1m Pick up, Double roller crop press, Communicator II in-cab control screen, Auto lube, K80 ball hitch, hyd bale ramp, hyd bale ejector, Moisture meter, road lights, hyd brakes, approx 44,000 bales

CLAAS ROLLANT 374 RC £17,475 2014, 2.1m p/u, dbl roller crop press, pivoting & removable p/u wheels, Trelleborg wide flotation tyres, w/a PTO, fixed chamber baler, road lights, Rotocut, approx 12,000 bales

CLAAS SCORPION 741 £72,000 2019, Vario transmission, 1000hrs, Scorpion carriage, 4wd, A/C, trailer brake, PUH, fyd locking, boom suspension, extended warranty 09/2025 or 5000hrs

CLAAS SCORPION 756 £83,995 2019, ex demo Vario transmission, 500hrs, Scorpion carriage, 5t pallet forks, f/windscreen guard, washer system for windscreen, roof & RH window, auto return-to-dig, extended Warranty 06/2024 or 5000hrs

CLAAS SCORPION 6030 £35,350 2014, 3730 engine hrs, 460/70R24 tyres, Scorpion carriage, 4 wheel drive, air con, trailer brake, PUH, hyd locking, boom suspension

BOMFORD RAPTOR 1600 £2,950 Approx 2005 1.6m (5’ 3”) w/w, front mounted offset verge flail mower, offset 750mm (2’ 6”), tear roller, F & R flap kit, working range: 140 degrees, 90 degrees up and 50 degrees down, break back protection

MASSEY FERGUSON 7616 DYNA-6 £43,780 2014, 50kph, 160hp, AdBlue engine, 3,600hrs, 4 spools, f/suspension, f/weights, A/C, cab suspension, trailer brakes, electric hyd, PUH

KONGSKILDE WINGJET S4024 £11,985 2010, 24m trailed fertiliser spreader, 20 outlets, Micro Granular kit for Avadex, Trimble ISOBUS control including screen, GPS mapping & variable rate capability, 6000L hopper, holds appr 6t of N, 4t+ of urea, hopper grilles, 3 sets of wheels

KRM BOGBALLE M2W PLUS £3,975 2011, weigh cell machine, LED lights, mudflaps, folding hopper cover, 24m spread, folding rear ladder, hopper grilles, full set of books & hardness, in-cab control box

AMAZONE ZAM 3001 £5,350 2012, AMADOS+ control box, 24m spreading, 2012, first used 2014, lights & marker boards, wide fill hopper, 3000L, folding hopper screens, hopper cover

KAWECO PROFI 1.18 VC POA 2018, MEC-13500 1000rpm/min pump, air filter, silencer, oil separator, EKO model, air brakes, LH filling valve, pipe racks, hyd steering rear axle, aluminium mudguards, 4000gall, side marker boards, front filling indicator, front loading arm

MASCHIO UNICO L £18,995 2018, Maschio Unico L 5f plough, 300hp headstock, hyd vari-width, hydraulic alignment, adjustable f/furrow, MP4WD bodies & skimmers, r/discs, r/light kit, **ex-demo**

OPICO MASCHIO AQUILLA 5000 £9,500 2011, 5m working width, quick release tines, hydraulic folding, PR 500 packer roller, clod levelling board manual, hydraulic packer, rear road lights

HORSCH TIGER 4 MT DEMO £29,950 2014, 4m w/w, 2 rows (20) 680mm hyd discs, 9 TerraGrip tines & 770kg trip forcs, levelling discs, tyre packer, hyd Top Ring consolidator, hyd depth control, hyd leg break back

HORSCH SPRINTER SW8 £52,985 2013, approx 14000ha, 8m, bout markers, pre-em markers, 8000SW seed cart, twin hopper, side walkway/platform, grain & fertiliser, half width, shut-off, Horsch Duett coulters, following, Intermediate harrow, air brakes

TEAGLE TOMAHAWK 8080 £3,680 2001, twin chute, cable in-cab controls, 2 speed gearbox, swivelling hyd top chute, adj bed speed & direction, good tyres, hydraulic rear loading door

MCCONNEL SHAKERATOR £3,595 5 legs, toothed packer, good metal, some spare metal



Other Equipment CLAAS LINER 3100 2012, twin rotor, c/box, manual height adjustment, 8.7-10m w/w, 14 tine arms per rotor.....£11,995 CLAAS LINER 3100 2016, 8.7 - 10m w/w, hyd width adjustment, 14 tines arms per rotor, fully floating rotor susp .......£13,650 CLAAS VOLTO 1100 2014, 10m w/w, 10 rotors, hyd headland lift, hyd headland skirt ..........................................£9,950 CLAAS VOLTO 1300T 2015, 10 rotors, 7 tine arms per rotor, hyd headland guard, max spread 13m w/w, trailed .£17,500 PZ ZWEEGERS HAYBOB 300 3m w/w, rakes & teds, rear gates, barn stored, in very good order ...........................£1,450


CLAAS DISCO 3100 CONTOUR 2007, active float mower bed, hyd fold up & over, quick release blades, p-cut disc mower bed, contour hyd pressure control, centre pivot, 3m w/w Parmiter ........................................................£5,950 6M GRASS HARROW 2003, spring tine grass harrows, hyd folding, front depth wheels, adjustable tine angle, 4x floating beds, park stand ....................................................................................................................................£3,495 HOWARD SELECTATILTH P2 ROTAVATOR suit small or compact tractor, good blades, 1.00m w/w (3’3”), rear hood, Year Unknown ......................................................................................................................................£795.00

212 October 2021

fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 212

16/09/2021 12:21

S.R. Haylock

2017 MF 6615

2016 MF 7718

3500hrs, Cab suspension, 100 ltr pump, Eco PTO, 3 x manual spools, 460 and 380 tyres 50 % 30025128


4800hrs, Dyna 6 transmission, Front & cab suspension, 4t Front linkage with 1 spool, Datatronic screen.






4602hrs, Dyna 4 transmission, Power shuttle, 2 rear spools, Large side mirrors, Radio CD, 40kph road speed 30024201


Caterpillar Challenger 65 crawler, original condition, 3pl & pto, K reg

New Holland TVT170 4wd, 2005 50k, very good tyres, 8800h

Kubota 4wd compact c/w sprayer outfit, elec rate control, nice outfit

Merlo 40.7 Farm spec loadall, 2009 6800h, very good tyres

Manitou 527 4wd loadall 7200h, S reg, nice tidy condition

JCB 520-4 loadall Perkins engine, tidy original condition

Komatsu PC15R mini digger 1600h, full cab, very tidy

Kubota RTV 4wd 13 reg, 1140h, power steering, excellent

Concrete breaker to suit JCB 3cx or similar tidy condition


2014 MF 9407S

2916hrs, Elite specification, 460 R24 tyres, Digital display

2599hrs, JCB headstock, 460/70R24 with 30% £43,000


2019 Manitou MLT 630

2013 Manitou MLT 840 10021877


2008 MF 5455


584626 158848 107610

2800Hrs, PUH, Air con, Air seat. TOM G 2



2016 Manitou MLT 629 Premium Spec 6133 hrs, Air con, Air seat, Hyd imp lock, Jsm joystick, On 20” wheels.




Please see website for more pictures:

Holtractors Ltd 2019 NEW HOLLAND T7-210 71h, auto command(CVT) -50K air brakes power beyond guidance ready radar electric mirrors, front linkage +PTO Configural spool valves on front, all the goodies, as new condition

2014 RICHARD WESTERN 14TON RC 14t RC Silage-Grain trailer, air and oil Brakes, sprung D/bar, hyd tail gate 560 tyres, good condition

2018 NEW HOLLAND T7-245 power command 190h c/w front linkage and PTO

2020 STEWART 16-21 PRO HARDOX Stewart Pro 16t, 21c/mtr volume, 560 flotation eheels/tyres, air and hyd brakes, excellent condition

2019 JOHN DEERE 6130R 50K air brakes, front linkage & PTO, greenstar 6000. 4esv, cab suspension, 800h 600 Michelins

DEWULF HAULM TOPPER DeWulf Haulm Pulveriser, excellent condition

NEW HOLLAND T5.105 TRACTOR 88hrs, c/w MX loader

2020 HYDRO 3050 WHEELED LOADER Pivot steer 3.5t loading shovel, brand new, its simple, its basic it will do the job, everything is not shoehorned into it

VICON 12200 BALER 6 strings/ knotters,120 x 60 bale size, excellent condition



| 30+ tractors: Ford • NH • MF • JD • IH • Case | 30+ balers always in stock: Welger • NH • JD • IH • Claas • Hesston • Gallignani • Bamford • Deutz-Fahr | 20+ mowers in stock: Lely • Pottinger • Vicon • Kverneland • Taarup • JD • MF • IH • Ransomes • Deutz-Fahr • Tallis | 30+ tedders, turners, rakes, mowers, toppers, forage wagons | 15+ hay grabs, accumulators, transporters | 30+ trailers 3t–30t: agricultural, commercial, construction, dump, hay, general purpose, grain, silage, livestock, horsebox, dual purpose, plant, tippers | 30+ toppers, flail mowers, etc | 15+ ploughs | 50+ discs, cultivators, drills | 10+ 360o excavators/dumpers • Volvo • JCB • Hyundai • Hitachi • Benford | 2019(69) NH T7-210, 7hrs only, f/linkage & PTO, fully loaded with all the goodies, as new

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

For more info call Colin Blood on 07800 885075 or head office on 01623 847171

Eves: 01799 Daytime: 07831 or 07766

Agricultural Machinery For Sale Cambridgeshire


FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

500+ items in stock – please look at our website for full descriptions and photos Breaking Mowers – Tedders – Rakes – Balers

Evenings 01323 840077 • Mobile 07850 851941 • October 2021 213

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17/09/2021 12:19

SET of Stocks dual wheels, 620/70 42 BKT tyres, 75% tread, 6 clamps per wheel, very good condition & 16.9/30 Goodyear, 10% tread, 2 clamps per wheel. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambridgeshire) APPROX 20' x 8' flat bed trailer, double axle on rocking leaf springs, new 0.75" ply floor, new ring hitch, very handy low trailer, to carry approx 2.5t. £600. P Dunn Tel 07711 316759 (Buckinghamshire)

FOUR flotation wheels for Househam sprayer, condition good. £2,000+VAT. K Burgess Tel 07762 173415/07821 276413 (Cambridgeshire)

FLAT bed tipping trailer, new floor, good tyres, ideal hay, straw, etc, vgc. £450. R Anderson Tel 01366 728583/07887 484733 (Norfolk)




•Specialised Wheel Applications •Floatation Specialists •Rowcrop Wheel Assemblies •Stock Dual Wheels New/Used •Wheels & Centre Disks •Wheel Modifications •Second Hand & Part Used •Part Exchange Considered

Contact Colin

Sims 07831 805080 01205 460081


LEGRAS walking floor trailer, 2011, tested, good floor. £17,000+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

WARWICK 10t grain trailers (2), fair condition, kept indoors & oiled. D Lane Tel 01905 381212 (Worcestershire)

SDC trailer, 45' flat bed, air suspension, good floor, super single tyres, farm use. £2,500+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

NEVILLE tipping trailer, carries approx 25t grain, farm use only. £2,500+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

MERRICK Loggin 18t step trailer, 2.6m wide, 7.6m long + 3.3m long step, 0.9m high step, main floor 0.85m high, hydraulic brakes, lights – twin LED flasher, bale ladder, storage space, good tyres & heavy duty tow eye, carries 48 80x90 bales. £2,800. H Pearce Tel 07947 344310 (Essex)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

TRAILERS (cont) GOODYEAR DT800 flotation wheels, 900x60x32, replaces 650x42, 90% tread, 2 sets of rims for John Deere. £4,000. D Murrell Tel 07850 724139 (Norfolk) LAND Rover tyres, never been fitted, 600x16 Track Grip, 3 available. £45 each or £120 the 3. R Jones Tel 07785 583192 (Norfolk)


RICE livestock trailer, solid floor, on 4 Land Rover tyres. I Wheat Tel 07958 401133 (Cambridgeshire) BAILEY 14 Agri dump trailer, 2010, Nokian 600 tyres, rear towbar, locking rear axle. £10,000. B Brown Tel 07768 038369 (Cambridgeshire)

WARWICK 2001 14t grain trailer, only used for grain, sprung axles & drawbar, as new roll over sheet with manual tailgate & chute, tyres, lights, hydraulics & general condition all good, more pictures by request. £8,750. R Walker Tel 01787 248038/07971 596905 (Suffolk)

TYRES Let us solve YOUR Agri Tyre and wheel problems

SANKEY army Land Rover two wheel trailer, all parts working. £350. D Godfrey Tel 07707 524151 (Oxon) EX army 2 wheeled trailer, good solid floor, original condition, ideal for a muck trailer or sit an IBC tank in. I Wheat Tel 07958 401133 (Cambridgeshire)



Wheel barrow to Combine we have the answer!


HM 14t agri dump, sprung drawbar, commercial axles, 8mm floor, 6mm sides, 17.5 cubic capacity, 445/65R22.5 tyres, 16t rams, 2019 build. £12,750. C Allan Tel 07748 937504 (Cambridgeshire)

WHEATLEY Regent 5t trailer in good condition, c/w grain sides & grain chute at the back, sides can be removed, working light, tyres are in good order, always been barn stored, retirement sale. £2,000+VAT. T Ingle Tel 01763 838407/07792 673982 (Cambridgeshire)

All makes sold

Part exchange welcome Telephone:

01328 863 331

FIRESTONE radial 8000 520/85/38 tyres & rims & Firestone Performer 85 420/85/28 tyres & rims to fit MF 6290 or similar, welded rear pans & adjustable fronts in good condition, rear tyres approx 85%, fronts 95%. £2,000+VAT. Delivery negotiable. C Whitton Tel 07957 870362 (Suffolk) SET of JD wheels to fit 6820-6830 14.9-R28, 18.4x38 20% & 14.9R28 80%. £600. R Syrett Tel 01986 788389 (Norfolk)

or email:

TYRES & WHEELS 16.9X28 Firestone radial tyre, 25% tread, good condition – no cracks or cuts. £125. S Robinson Tel 07850 999870 (Cambridgeshire)

LIVESTOCK trailer 10’. Call for details. N Atkins Tel 07956 167510 (Leicestershire)

AS Marston 8t twin axle grain trailer, in good condition, good tyres. D Allbones Tel 01652 656572 (Lincolnshire)

BRIAN Legg 12t grain trailer in good condition, super single wheels, sprung axles, sprung drawbar. £3,600. email: jdkendallst.antonfarm@gmail. com. J D Kendall Farms Tel 07775 511903/01638 714197 (Suffolk)

PAIR of 20.8R38 dual wheels, with clamps if required, 40%, general wear & odd cuts, but for duals they are fine. R Mor ton Tel 07718 981902 (Cambridgeshire)

10.0/80-12 tyre, good condition, on a 5-stud rim (off Vaderstad rolls). £50. D Shropshire Tel 07980 483489 (Suffolk)

PAIR of 9.5-44 rowcrop wheels, barn stored, 70-80% tread, no cracks or perishing, no centres for them though usually use normal tractor rim & bolt in. R Morton Tel 07718 971902 (Cambridgeshire)

FIRESTONE tractor tyre, 800/70 R38 with approximately 65% tread, retained as a spare for our big tractor which has now been sold. £1,295+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire)

214 October 2021

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 214

17/09/2021 11:40

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234







2014, 4014 Hrs, 220 HP Speed: 40Km/h 36m Booms

2009, 7600 Hrs, 380 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 30 Track %: 70

2013, 4500 Hrs, 390 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 30 Track %: 25

2015, 8279 Hrs, 380 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 25 Track %: 50

2015, 5638 Hrs, 439 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 25 Track %: 90

2015, 7064 Hrs, 439 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 25 Track %: 90



















MF 1525

MF 7626 Dyna-6 EX

MF 7624

MF 7718

MF 7720

MF 8737







2018, 2794 Hrs, 170 HP Tyres: 480/70R28 (70%) 520/70R38 (70%)

25 HP, Tyres: 315/75D-15 24X8.50-12 Turf *fitted with a MF 54” mower deck*

2015, 3936 Hrs, 210 HP Tyres: 540/65R30 (90%) 650/65R42 (95%)

2013, 3853 Hrs, 260 HP Tyres: 480/70R30 (70%) 620/70R42 (80%)

2016, 4674 Hrs, 250 HP Tyres: 600/65R28 (70%) 650/65R42 (70%)

2014, 3471 Hrs, 240 HP Tyres: 600/60R30 (60%) 710/60R42 (60%)

2017, 4500 Hrs, 240 HP Tyres: 600/65R28 (40%) 650/75R38 (40%)

2017, 2102 Hrs, 185 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (70%) 650/65R38 (70%)


1500 HOURS

2014, 4405 Hrs, 290 HP Tyres: 540/65R34 (80%) 650/85R38 (90%)

2017, 1603 Hrs, 185 HP Tyres: 540/65R30 (70%) 650/65R42 (70%)

2017, 4794 Hrs, 290 HP Tyres: 600/70R30 (50%) 650/85R38 (60%)

2016, 2305 Hrs, 375 HP Tyres: 600/65R34 (50%) 710/75R42 (60%)


1500 1000 HOURS













MF TH.7038





MERLO 42.7















£22,790.00 (NO VAT)




2017, 2015 Hrs, 185 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (80%) 650/60R38 (80%)

2005, 8100 Hrs, 130 HP Tyres: Front 50% Back 50%

2017, 1565 Hrs, 180 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (75%) 650/65R38 (80%)

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


2019, 1389 Hrs, 185 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (85%) 650/65R38 (90%)

2020, 773 Hrs, 180 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (90%) 650/65R38 (95%)

2018, 3448 Hrs, 240 HP Tyres: (50%) 540/65R30 650/65R42 TRELLEBORG


1500 1000 HOURS

Year: 2017, 860 Hrs Tyres: 500/70R24 Micheline 90%

2017 67) 2.4 LX Auto Double Cab 45,159 Miles

Year: 2015, 4258 Hrs Powershift Transmission 3950 Hrs

2018 (18) 2.2 TDCi Manual Double Cab 20,619 Miles

Year: 2016 Tyres: 460/70R24 100% 2704 Hrs

2016 (66) 2.5 BLADE Manual Double Cab 54,850 Miles

Year: 2018, 143 HP M-Vario Hydro CVT Transmission

2017 (17) 2.5 TD UTAH Manual Double Cab 87,382 Miles

Year: 2003 40% Tyres 7078 Hrs

2018 (18) 2.4 Di-D Manual 61,080 Miles

Year: 2019, 2045 Hrs 7m Reach, 4200kg lift 4 Wheel Steer Crab

2017 (17) 2.3 Tekna Auto Double Cab 31,152 Miles

Errors and omissions excepted. All prices +VAT

Ag ; Graham Peall: 07970 121109 Andrew Elms: 07860 464753 Pick-Up’s ; Richard Young / Adam Swales: 01476 590077 October 2021 215

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16/09/2021 12:25

fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 216

16/09/2021 12:26

216 October 2021

Starling Agriculture Ltd 07960 588 948 • email •

Market Rasen • Lincolnshire

You’ll go fahr with this tractor! DEUTZ 6140TTV ’19 1500hrs, Vario Box, 40kph, one owner, manual spools, cab but not axle suspension ............................ £47,750

Is blue the new red? McCORMICK X7.680 ’17 4800hrs, 50kph but no air, from a good one owner home, full service history .......................... £47,750

Bring it home in a Bailey! 15T ’18, 10 Stud 560 Michelin Floats, commercial axles, air brakes, sprung d/bar, very tidy

HORSCH TERRANO FG6 6M 17 legs and 3 Rows following harrows, good pins and bushes

WIBERG 5M SPRINGTINE hyd leveling boards, 4 rows tines, following harrows ......................................................... £3,250

BATEMAN HI LO ’89, 1 approx 7700hrs, 24m contour booms, altek spray pack, Deutz engine, 1 set wheels In limited edition spray better blue!

More legs and breasts than Moulin Rouge! KUHN 12F ’09, auto reset, onland/ infurrow, manual variwidth, in all round good condition, looks like it’s still on original metal ........................... £19,950

Never been out the Parish! AMAZONE KW403 quick fit tines and Wedge Ring Packer, AD-P Airstar Profi Drill, 32 Disc Coulters with hyd pressure, AMADOS-II Controller

What do you get when you leave 7 Tilso Mono Sabre Low Disturbance Tines, A 3.9M SIMBA FLAT LINER a Tilso Packer, a welder and a tin of green paint in the workshop? Not sure what it’s called but I know its worth at least.£6,750

When Simon said he wanted to sell his Rolls – I thought he meant his car! NRH 6M 22” with breakers, very tidy

Wat’ am I going to tell you about this drill? Well to start with it is far less complicated than its previous owner! 6M WEAVING TINE DRILL hyd drive fan, tramling and pre em, markers, in overall god condition ....£11,950

Lay it with a Larrington 8 AND 10 BALE SPREADERS from ............................................................................£9,950

Lawn getting away from you this harvest? SPEARHEAD 620 MULTICUT ’19, first used ’20, 6.2m, does a smashing job! Also available to hire. ... £17,950

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Are you hell bent on Fendt? Look no further! 718 PROFI PLUS ’17, 2100hrs,guidance ready, 1 local owner, just Ready to increase your carbon footprint pulling this beast? 6.5M TRIO ’07, with Terratech opening discs, had 2000hr service, warranty until 3500hrs or Nov.’22 ....................................................................................................................................................... £89,000 tidy....................................................................£19,950

Bad ass Bessons! 6.5M DISCS WITH 700MM DD Packer Straight machine .................................................................... £9,950


.......................................................... £8,750

*** All prices open to negotiation – more money will be expected within reason!! ***

HE-VA 4M ’08, 7 shearbolt legs, Hyd folding, onverted to take JJ Metcalfe low disturbance points, Variocast OSR seeder – 8 outlets ................................................... £9,750

Marvellous MANITOU 735-120 LSU ’09, 6200hrs, They don’t make ‘em this anymore lad! TM 155. ‘03 ONLY 3300h, cab and axle suspension, 18 speed range 7m Reach, 3.5T lift, 6 speed p/shift, new tyres and command, from local retirement sale ....................................................................................................................................................... £44,750 full LOLER ticket ..............................................£28,350

Looking to start Deere farming? JD 6320 SE ’06, 5590hrs, p/q, air con, quickie Q50 loader ..................................................................£26,750

Due to COVID19 and to try and keep everyone safe all machinery viewings are by appointment only, with Machines being left outside yard in Carpark at the arranged time. For more fantastic machines please view


FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234 PAIR Bettinson dual wheels to fit Ford 6600 or 6610. R Kinesley Tel 01763 287344/07989 506680 (Hertfordshire)


FULL set of rowcrop wheels, Goodyear, 15%, rears 14.9R46, 220 centres 8 stud, fronts 14.9R30, 280 centres 10 stud and/or 220 centres 8 stud, all have adjustable centres, came off a Fendt 716 but would fit other makes. £995+VAT. M Hitchcock Tel 07900 264044 (Suffolk)

PAIR 20.8-R38 dual wheels, good solid rims with clamps, 40% tread. I Cowell Tel 07788 985544 (Essex)

PAIR of 18.4R38 dual wheels, solid rims, barn stored, no perishing, 30-40% tread, c/w clamps. R Morton Tel 07718 971902 (Cambridgeshire) 55-82564

At BWT we specialise in new and used wheel solutions for Rowcrop, Standard, Dual Wheel & Flotation applications.

PAIR of 8.3x32 tyres & rims to fit Case or Ford, tyres new this spring. D Jackson Tel 07779 687408 (Essex)

TRELLEBORG TM 900 tyres, 710/70/42 rears, 600/70/30 fronts, these are take offs & have been changed for TM 1000 VF, as new. £9,500+VAT. D Seaman Tel 07771 925247 (Norfolk)


HOEKSTRA onion hoover with rotating bar & paddle, vgo, barn stored. £2,000+VAT. D Brown Tel 07710 316205 (Cambridgeshire) RUSSEL two-row veg & strawberry planter. £150. M Abraham Tel 07803 266436 (Bedfordshire)



01371 832310 ROWCROP wheels, Mitas 340/85R48 BKT 270/95R36, adjustable centres, came off a JD6140R, tread 50%. £1,500+VAT ono. A Coulson Tel 07768 026998 (Cambridgeshire)

01362 687260 • 07771 972092

MICHELIN Xeo Bib VF 710/60R38 VF600/60R28, came off a JD6150R, tread 85%. £4,250+VAT ono. A Coulson Tel 07768 026998 (Cambridgeshire)

FIRESTONE 650/65R38 tyres & tubes, 30% tread. £450 no VAT. J Murrell Tel 01603 712222 (Norfolk)


COUNTRY VEHICLES Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3L, 2007, automatic, 191k miles ................. £4,995

23.1X26 as new 12 ply Titan tyres & 8 stud rims, off small Kioti tractor, suitable for Hesston baler, etc, diamond tread pattern, vgc. £1,100+VAT. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambridgeshire) TWO identical pairs of bolt in wheel dishes for a 480/80R46 wheel rim, 220 centres 8 stud. £350+VAT per pair. M Hitchcock Tel 07900 264044 (Suffolk)

SUZUKI Grand Vitara DDIS, 80,000 miles, 58 plate, 11 mths MOT. £2,000. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

Land Rover Discovery TD5 2000 W ..................... £1,750

TURF tyres c/w rims, suit Ford 3600-3000, 14.9-24, 8 stud, good. Offers. A Griffiths Tel 07979 204312/01743 791263 (Shropshire)

PAIR Massey Ferguson narrow drill wheels. R Kinesley Tel 01763 287344/07989 506680 (Hertfordshire)

FORD Ranger Thunder double cab, diesel, 29/09/2006, 4×4, only covered 117,000 miles from new, metallic grey with black leather upholstery, recent cambelt change & new clutch, MOT Dec 2021, nearly new tyres, Roll N Lock, private use only. £5,250+VAT. P Skinner Tel 07711 405100 (Northants)

PLASTIC veg boxes, approx 300, unused, approx 12" deep. £4.50+VAT each. N Hurton Tel 07803 087415 (Nottinghamshire)

Call us now with your requirements


For more details visit our website UK Agent or call

PAIR of 9.5-R48 Standen narrow wheels with Ford centres. D Jackson Tel 07779 687408 (Essex)

AMMERS BEWWeAdoRouErobefstSC to spot them ey slip through

but sometimes th

Dave Smith:



HONDA XL 250S trail bike, 1978, new model, overhead cam, electronic ignition, 5 speed, new front tyre & battery, indicators, mirrors, lights all work, historic vehicle so road tax & MOT exempt, with V5C, lots of power, ready to ride. £2,300. M Markham Tel 07850 863374 (Nottinghamshire)

VW Transporter T30 LWB diesel van, sliding side door, rear barn doors, ply lined, bluetooth, CD player, MOT June22, service history. £14,000+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire) DIESEL Tuning UK chip for Nissan Navara, removed from 2005 Navara, D4D-A7 on label, simple plug in fitting. £50. K Garrod Bros Tel 07932 150466/07950 021160 (Norfolk)

mobile 07973 139483

home/fax 0115 965 2204 RANGE Rover Vogue SE 3.6 diesel, silver, 09 reg, 2010 model, 150k miles, one owner, 10 months MOT, towing pack, FSH, vgc. £6,500. R Beare Tel 07775 744840/07811 338313 (Hertfordshire) CHERISHED personal number plate, A403 KAY, on retention 10yrs, assignment fee £80 paid, ready to go straight on to a vehicle. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffordshire) DAIHATSU Fourtrak, for spares or repair. £695+VAT ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincolnshire)

FORD Connect van, 230LWB, high roof, TDCI 90ps, 09reg, 92000 miles, new MOT, good condition. £4,000. A Dunham Tel 07767 248412 (Cambridgeshire)

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

TRAILER TYRES part worn, 445/45-R19.5, good condition, £150 each, quantity, can pallet, call George 07968 098410 or email whiteheadmachineryltd@

LAND Rover canopy, came off TD5 Crew Cab (X reg), original canopy, very good condition. frame & canopy together. £400 ono. A Nottage Tel 07788 727176 (Norfolk)

October 2021 217

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 217

17/09/2021 11:52


Contact • Dameon 07548 829587 • Richard: 07880 552295 • Office 01493 733211 • •



00 ,5 £9

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:



STEWART 2020 GX-18-23-S

AS MARSTON 10t tipping trailer with manual tailgate

MERLO Turbo Farmer 42.7 CS 2021, approx 30hrs

2016 BUNNING 105 HBD choice of 2

2013 BUNNING Lowlander Mk4 with weigh cells

2014 BUNNING Lowlander 120 Mk4 HBD

2006 BUNNING Lowlander 120

We stock parts for

We have the new Tier 4


ECE, BUNNING, HI-SPEC, STEWART & MERLO Nationwide next day delivery available

2014 BUNNING Lowlander 150 HD vertical beaters, sludge cake auger

2013 BUNNING Lowlander 150 HD vertical beaters

OTHER MACHINES COMING IN SOON including used Merlo telehandlers

in stock & available for demonstrations.

Visit our website for further photos and details

SUMO MIXIDISC 6M DISC ROLLER CULTIVATOR With new metal, ready for work!


RICHARD WESTERN 14T GRAIN TRAILER On flotation wheels, in very nice order! £9,950 + VAT

FRANQUET SYNCHROGERM 6M TRAILED CULTIVATOR A well built machine, ready for work! £5,950 + VAT

VADERSTAD TOPDOWN 400 4M CULTIVATOR C/w new discs, ready to go to work!

VADERSTAD RST 630 REXIUS TWIN PRESS C/w levelling paddles, new points, ready to go! £10,950 + VAT

2016 GREGOIRE BESSON 6 FURROW PLOUGH On land/in furrow, excellent condition £12,950 + VAT

016 LEMKEN JUWEL 8M 7 (6+1) FURROW PLOUGH In nice order

2006 KVERNELAND LO85-300 7 FURROW PLOUGH On land/in furrow with No28 boards & skims £8,750 + VAT

SIMBA 4.6M CULTIPRESS C/w new points and hydraulic paddles

2016 MASSEY FERGUSON 7720 DYNA 6 4WD TRACTOR 50kph, air brakes and front linkage!

2009 JOHN DEERE 6630 PREMIUM 4WD TRACTOR C/w creeper box & 4 double spools

KVERNELAND LB85 300 6 FURROW PLOUGH Still on its original No8 boards

2012 FENDT 718 VARIO TMS 4WD TRACTOR C/w front links & PTO, very tidy tractor £47,500 + VAT

1995 CATERPILLAR CH45 TRACKED CRAWLER In excellent condition, one owner from new! POA

£24,500 + VAT

£46,950 + VAT

£4,950 + VAT

£29,950 + VAT

£14,250 + VAT

£7,950 + VAT

£23,950 + VAT

£8,950 + VAT

Oakfields AG Ltd, Park Farm Lane Nuthampstead, Royston, Herts. SG8 8LZ

E: W:


Part exchange is welcome! Call / Whatsapp us on (+44) 1763 780440

218 October 2021

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16/09/2021 12:35

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234


New & Used Machinery

Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1HU


For all enquiries call: 01245 231320 or email

Merlo P55.9CS

2008, air con, PUH, 5.5t lift, 9m reach, cab suspension


Kuhn Merge Max 950

2020 machine, ½ season of work, excellent condition


Kuhn Axis 50.1 W

Quantron E control box, very good condition, hopper cover


2011, 30m spreading, very good condition, weigh cells



Kuhn Axis 40.1 W

2012, Quantron E control box, very good condition, hopper cover

Ex Hire Massey Ferguson 7718 D6 - 2020, Approx.300hrs, GPS Ready, Full Susp, A/Brakes, F/Lnk ~ £82,500 Ref: 11009689


Sulky X44 WPB4000


Operating across the South East of England


Ex Demo Amazone Cayena 6001-C, 2020, 4000L Hopper, with 60/40 Split, 36 TineTeC HD coulters ~ £66,500 Ref: 11010154 W


Kuhn HR6004 - NEW

6m folding power harrow, track eradicators – IN STOCK

Ex Demo Fendt Slicer 310 FQ KC Front Mower, 2020, 3.12m Working Width, 6 Disc Mower ~ £13,250 Ref: 21010732


Ex Demo Fendt Slicer 3160 TLXKC Rear Mower - 2020, 3.1m Working Width , 6 Disc Mower ~ £13,250 Ref: 21010497 W

Kuhn Axis 40.1 W

2012, Quantron E control box, very good condition, hopper cover

Kuhn Megant 6m drill - NEW


Krone 3210 CV Easy Cut

trailed mower, 2018, good condition, with grouper



Used CAT TH407C Telehandler, 2013, Approx. 4195hrs, Powershift, Pin & Cone Headstock with Forks ~ £38,000 Ref: 21011644

Used Amazone ZA-V 4200 Profis Tronic, 2017, In Fantastic Condition, ISOBUS Machine, c/w V3 Discs ~ £10,750 Ref: 31011671




Cultivating The World



All prices are excluding VAT and shipping.



Based in Cambridge

Tractors S RE CE




M.S. Johnson Engineering Ltd is the main agent for TAFE Tractors and a dealer for Ceres machinery in East Anglia.

Prices shown are subject to VAT unless stated otherwise

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


Nunzio Rio 07970 248113

0789 9870 821 October 2021 219

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 219

17/09/2021 11:55

} e l a s m {far

There was no doubt that the lot creating most interest on the viewing day was this 1949 Massey Harris 21 combine, powered by a Chrysler flathead straight-6 engine. The combine had only had two owners from new and Dick bought it through a Cheffins sale after it was entered by its original owner from Pebmarsh, Essex. It remained in superb original condition and full working order and was used by the Wombwells each year to bring in the last acre of harvest. On Firestone 9-24 drive tyres and Good Year 6.00-16 rears, and with its original registration and V5C documents, it attracted 27 bids and eventually sold for £10,750 to a buyer from Scotland.

Classic and vintage machines attract high bids at online sale A timed online auction of mainly vintage machinery and parts from the Wombwell Collection achieved some well-deserved high prices. David Williams reports. The sale was organised by Cheffins on behalf of the family of the late Dick Wombwell who lived at Rectory Farm, Ickleton until he passed away in 2019. The collection was built up over a period of approximately 40 years, and many machines were used alongside more modern machinery on the farm when time allowed. Several vintage tractors remain on the farm, having been owned from new or since Dick’s childhood, and form the core of a smaller collection. Cheffins director and auctioneer Oliver Godfrey commented: “The Wombwell Sale comprised a compact and eclectic mix of vintage tractors,

machinery and implements. We saw a huge amount of interest ahead of the auction, and the prices achieved, particularly in the case of the combine, go to show that the market for these earlier vintage machines is very much alive and well. We had bidders join the sale online from all four corners of the UK, keen to invest in vintage machinery, both from a financial point of view but also wanting machines that they could enjoy at the weekend. The Wombwell family are long-standing clients of Cheffins, and we were delighted to have had the opportunity to offer this important collection to the market.” FG

One of the star lots on offer was this 1947 Fordson Major E27N with a factory-fitted Perkins P6 diesel engine. In superb condition it also had an electric pack including lighting, a hydraulic linkage pack and a belt pulley. The transmission was a high-speed, and it was on 6.00-19 Good Year diamond front tyres and 12.4-11/36 Samson and Alliance rears. Said to start ‘on the button’ it came with its V5C registration documents and sold for £9,000.

This 1944 Fordson Model N also came with its V5C documentation. It was in running order and in very good, original condition, and was fitted with a rear PTO. It had Supreme 6.00x19 front tyres and Firestone 13x28 rears, and it achieved a winning bid of £2,900.

A Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies 54in tractor threshing machine on steel wheels and with drive belts needed attention but appeared in reasonable order. An early model and carrying the serial number plate 500013, it sold for £500. The elevator pictured alongside was powered by a Lister petrol engine and carried a supplier’s plate stating Curtis & Horn Ltd, Aylesbury and Oxford. It was a good buy at £100.

This 1940s workshop compressor with a JAP petrol engine was in very tidy condition and sold for £20.

There were many bundles of 10 hessi an sacks available for bids. They carrie d printed ‘Simpsons’ branding and sold for £10–£50 per bundle.

220 October 2021

Classified Farm Sale.indd 220

17/09/2021 15:05


This Howard Bantam Rotavator with an unusual grass cutter bar attachmen t was in very good, original condition and sold for £140 after attracting 11 bids.

This Land Rover Series 1, 109in was expected to sell well, and it didn’t disappoint. It had its original number plate and came with V5C documentation. It was purchased as an abandoned restoration project by Dick Wombwell and then restored over several years inside and out to match its original factory finish. Displaying only 31,000, miles it sold for £16,250.

This Ferguson TE Continental had a 4-cyl petrol/paraffin engine and had been purchased by Dick from the previous owner in Ickleton. The tractor was very tidy but had been dry stored for the past 20 years and needed two new rear tyres. It sold for £2,300.

This McCormick-Deering WD40 had a 4-cyl diesel main power unit and a smaller petrol engine for starting. Thought to be an early production version, it was purchased by Dick from a Cheffins sale in the 1980s. It was restored at Rectory Farm, at which time the original rear spade-lug wheels were replaced by more convenient pneumatics. The rear tyres were Good Year 16.9/14-34, and the fronts were 7.50-18s. Competitive bidding with 45 bids pushed the final price to £8,600 – well above the pre-sale £4,000–£6,000 estimate.

A winning bid of £500 secured this heavy Ransomes Hexatrac 6f conventional plough.

Used by Dick for ploughing matches, and pulled behind the Fordson E27N, this Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies RSLD 2f trailed plough was very tidy and made £320.

A second Land Rover offered was this 1980s ex NATO 110 which had served in Bosnia and Serbia. It had been converted to run on low ground pressure tyres and carried a Team sprayer in the rear load bed. Offered without documentation, it sold for £2,500.

These two classic tractors were ‘included’ lots. Furthest from the camera – this Fordson Super Dexta New Performance 3-cyl diesel was manufactured in approximately 1963 and had been owned by a local enthusiast and used on his smallholding for the past 20 years. It carried its original Peterborough Motors Ltd dealer plate and came with a roll bar. In good working order and tidy condition, it made £2,900. The Ferguson TEF-20 4-cyl diesel was also very tidy and came from a nearby smallholding, where it had worked for the past 10 years mainly to pull a set of gang mowers and for hay turning. New wings, plus a front cowl and grille had been fitted. The tyres were Victoria 11.2-28 and Dunlop 10-28 rears, and Kelly 4.00-19 fronts which were perished. Manufactured in the final year of grey Ferguson production, it achieved a winning bid of £1,800.

This Suffolk-manufactured Smyth drill was very tidy and had been stored under cover. It failed to meet its reserve. The Bamford Patent Grinding Mill alongside was in tidy condition and sold for £220.

Several new reels of sisal baler twine made £30.

An elderly steel, three-point linkage mounted, belt pulley driven saw bench needed attention but was a good buy at £25.

This Ransomes 6f trailed plough had er one mouldboard missing and anoth damaged, but sold for £140.

A quantity of Fordson spares including a petrol/paraffin fuel tank, headlights, a belt pulley and a radiator blind attracted competitive bidding and made £440.

Two Massey Ferguson hydraulic tipping trailers were both in need of new floors but had working hydraulics. The 579 mid-axle model nearest the camera failed to meet its reserve, but the 717 rear-axle version made £160.

Pictured with the combine at the preview day are members of the Wombwell family (l-r): Dick’s grandsons James and William with their father Peter.

October 2021 221

Classified Farm Sale.indd 221

17/09/2021 15:17










Tel: 01580 291271 • Mob: 07836 723944 •

2015 Case Puma 215 8579hrs

2019 Case Puma 150 CVX 2807hrs, mint

NEW HOLLAND: 2009 New Holland T6080 Range Command now fitted with a Quicke 65 loader, 7505hrs, 40kph, f/tyres 480/65x28 30%, r/tyres 600/65x38 30%, all original tyres, THIS TRACTOR HAS NEVER BEEN NEAR LIVESTOCK – IMMACULATE .............................£32,000 2017 New Holland T7.190 Range Command, 5877hrs, 190hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle suspension, f/linkage, semi Powershift, f/tyres 16.9x28 0% , r/tyres 20.8x38 40% Michelins ..................................................£44,500


2020 Fendt 724 VS4 Profi Plus 2076hrs





2020 Fendt 724 VS4 Profi Plus, 2076hrs, 240hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle & cab suspension, f/linkage & PTO, continuously variable, basic guidance, f/tyres 600/65x28 75%, r/tyres 650/65x42 75% Trelleborgs .....................................................£125,000

NOW IN: ENGINES: NEW CNH engines to fit Tier 3, Maxxum 115 & TSA 115, Case Puma, plus New Holland T6 & T7

2006 Fendt 818, 11300hrs, f/PTO, tyres 60%, v tidy ..£33,500 2007 Fendt 718, 14850hrs, on big rowcrops 10%, tidy for hours ....................................................£28,500

NEW FORD 4610 & 4630 short motors – genuine Ford engines Part No: 84227819.........................£1,750 each


1 x New Holland TX640 complete engine

2014 Massey Ferguson 7620 Dyna 6, 8940hrs, 200hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle & cab suspension, f/linkage, semi Powershift, f/tyres 540/65x30 35% BKT, r/tyres 650/65x42 60% BKT ........................................£34,000

2 x New Holland FX forager complete engine 2 x New Holland TD5 complete engine Quadtrak 450 Cummings short motor

KUBOTA: 2019 Kubota 7172, 1615hrs, 50kph, c/w f/linkage & PTO..................................................................£56,000

BRAND NEW TYRES: 380/70x24 @ £175 each Continental & Firestone Direct replacements for 13.6x24

CLAAS: 2010 Claas Xerion 330, 7896hrs, 335hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle & cab suspension, f/linkage, continuously variable, Outback Guidance, f/tyres 650/85x38 25% Michelin, r/tyres 650/85x38 11% Michelin ........£35,000

£3 4,


We have our customs agents & DEFRA in place to produce our paperwork for tractor exports/imports within the EU & the rest of the world

2012 John Deere 5115M, 850hrs, PQ transmission, John Deere 260 loader, as new .................................£31,500

2014 Massey Ferguson 7620 Dyna 6 8940hrs




2011 JCB 310S, 8100hrs, tyres 40%, tidy machine ...........POA

2018 John Deere 6155R Direct, 2750hrs, 50kph, f/linkage, Quicke Q66 loader, tyres 540/650 40% .............£73,500

00 0

2020 John Deere 5115M, 138hrs, 115hp, 40kph, f/linkage & PTO, 16x16 left hand reverse, f/tyres 14.8x24 99%, r/tyres 16.9x38 99% Continentals, as new ..............POA


2017 John Deere 6120R Autoquad, 4027hrs, 120hp, 40kph, f/axle suspension, semi Powershift, right hand door, f/tyres 14.9x24 80%, r/tyres 16.9x38 80% Mitas, mint .......................................................£42,000

16.9x30 @ £275 each Continental & Firestone 14.9x34 sprayer tyres @ £285 each Continental 650/65x42 Alliance road tyres @ £1,000 each

00 0

2019 Case Puma 150 CVX, 2807hrs, 150hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle & cab suspension, air seat, f/linkage, continuously variable, Power Beyond, guidance ready, f/tyres 480/70x30 80% , r/tyres 520/85x42 40% Michelins, mint .......................................................POA

2017 John Deere 6120R Autoquad, 4027hrs, mint

2019 Kubota 7172 1615hrs

£3 5,

2015 Case Puma 215, 8579hrs, 215hp, 50kph, Quicke loader ready, air brakes, f/axle & cab suspension, f/ linkage & PTO, full Powershift, 4 speed PTO, Power Beyond, mid mount valves, guidance ready, available with Q75 loader at extra cost, f/tyres 600/65x28 100%, r/tyres 710/70x38 100% Continentals ....£39,500

2020 John Deere 5115M 138hrs, as new

00 0

2020 Case Puma 185, 703hrs, 185hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle & cab suspension, f/linkage & PTO, full Powershift, guidance ready, mid mount valves, deluxe seat, climate control, 4 speed PTO, Power Beyond, f/tyres 600/65x28 60% , r/tyres 650/65x42 80% Michelins..........................................................£86,000

2017 New Holland T7.190 Range Command, 5877hrs

£5 6,



2009 New Holland T6080 Range Command now fitted with a Quicke 65 loader, 7505hrs, 40kph, front tyres 480/65x28 30%, rear tyres 600/65x38 30%, all original tyres, THIS TRACTOR HAS NEVER BEEN NEAR LIVESTOCK – IMMACULATE








2020 Case Puma 185 703hrs

£1 25 ,0 00

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


2010 Claas Xerion 330 7896hrs

We are expecting more tractors to arrive in our yard shortly – Keep an eye on the website! Find the most desirable stock at

222 October 2021

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16/09/2021 12:39

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234 82899


Richard Gravill | 07768 341193

Ripon | 01765 692255 Brigg | 01652 650600 Darrington | 01977 795241 Keighley | 01535 632661 Louth | 01507 617588 Malton | 01653 695094 Market Weighton | 01430 872421 Ottringham | 01964 622341 Leyburn | 01969 621369 Retford | 01777 704823 Stockton | 01740 630254 Tadcaster | 01937 835454

John Deere 6130R

John Deere 6155R

John Deere 6195R

John Deere 6195M

John Deere W540 Level Land combine

John Deere T660 Hill Master combine

2017, 3216hrs, 50k Autoquad c/w TLS & cab susp, 3ESCVs, premium lights, beltline work lights, dual beacons, iTec headland management, turnable fenders, premium seat Darrington WF8 3BW £59,950

2019, 689hrs, Select Edition 50k Autoquad c/w TLS with brakes, air brakes, HCS, Greenstar ready, 3SCVs, 650/65R38 & 540/65R28 Trelleborg tyres, std f/linkage Brigg DN20 9EY £87,500

2017, 2953hrs, stdf 40K Command Quad+ 20/20 c/w TLS & cab susp, 2012, c/w 618R 18’ header & trailer 3SCVs, turnable fenders, f/linkage, 114 L/min hyd pump, 650/65R42 (n/s Mich, o/s BKT) & 600/65R28 Mich (60-70%) Darrington WF8 3BW £69,950 Ripon HG4 1TT

Kramer KT276 telehandler

Kramer KL30.5T wheel loader

2019, 30k c/w 400/70R20 tyres, euro headstock, air con Ripon HG4 1TT


2018, 2091hrs, 30k c/w Comfort seat, Kramer quick hitch headstock, 375/70R20 tyres


Malton YO17 6YB


2021, 627hrs, 50k Direct Drive c/w TLS & cab suspension, 4ESCVs, 650/85R38 & 600/70R28 Trelleborg tyres, standard front linkage Malton YO17 6YB £117,500

2012, 1402hrs, 6 straw walker, 800/65R32 & 480/80R23 tyres, 3 push button spd trans, 17’ unloading auger, hyd chaff spreader & chopper, JD625R 25’ header & trailer, 1402 eng/1080 drum hrs Stockton TS21 1EB £100,000

John Deere 359 baler conventional baler


Ripon HG4 1TT


REF: 11121818

2020 New Holland T7.210 SW, Stage V, 50kph, 2 elec midmounts, 4 rear, front lkg, aircon. £94,500 Contact CD

REF: J1121410

2014 New Holland CX8070 Combine, 1783 threshing hrs, 25’ Varifeed header & trailer. £115,000 Contact BL

REF: H1116038

2019 Ex-Demo Pöttinger Syncro 4030T Nova stubble cultivator, wings & guide plate £27,795 Contact CM

REF: 61122955

2017 New Holland T7.245 AC, T4B, 50kph, joystick, elec mid-mount, auto guidance. £56,500 Contact RL

REF: 11119179

2010 New Holland CR9098, 30’ Varifed header & trailer, threshing 2300, engine 3000. £69,500 Contact AD

REF: 61118930

2020 Väderstad Carrier CR500 system disc aggresive, 470mm TrueCut discs, tow eye. £38,445 Contact RB

REF: 11123426

2017 New Holland T7.230 AC, FSH, front linkage, leather seat, aircon, excellent condition. £69,500 Contact CD

REF: 51122714

2017 Manitou MLT629m PS, pallet forks, 6m reach, approx 2500hrs, last of this model. £41,000 Contact BW

REF: J1116795

Ex-Demo Kverneland 3332 MT 3.2m mower conditioner, 8 discs, semi swing steel tine. £13,150 Contact BL

REF: 41112274

Ex-Hire 2019 Case IH Puma 200 Multi-Controller 50kph, exhaust brake, front linkage. £93,000 Contact SC

REF: 51116517

2019 Ex-Demo New Holland TH6.36 Telehandler, 145hp, Matbro carrier, aircon. £64,500 Contact MP

REF: 11124753

REF: H1120743

2020 Kuhn Merge Maxx 950 belt merger, c/w swath curtain, very good condition. £42,000 Contact AD

Ex-Demo 2020 Case IH Vestrum 110 CVX, clock 350, LRX 130MS loader, air seat. £65,950 Contact AS

REF: 11123813

2018 New Holland L218 skid steer loader, bucket, new fork, grapple, pallet times, 3800hrs. £17,500 Contact AD

Use the codes to contact our sales representatives about each machine: RB Ray Bennett 07710 985957 SC Stuart Crook 07831 249489 AD Andy Daffurn 07860 331023 CD Colin Davies 07860 401211 RL Ryan Lanfear 07769 248602 ML Marley Lawrence 07483 037710 BL Ben Linton 07495 114479 CM Chris Martin 07919 044389 MP Martin Payne 07818 077591 AS Andy Symes 07920 028599 BW Brandon Wilcox 07850 301575

REF: 61105502

2017 Ex-Demo Väderstad Carrier 525XL disc cultivator, 5.25m working width. £34,000 Contact ML

A G R I C U LT U R E 01373 465941

(MON-FRI 08.00-17.00) For more deals on Stock Offers and Used equipment visit

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

All prices + VAT

All items offered are subject to remaining unsold. Prices shown do not include VAT. Some images may be library photos.

October 2021 223

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 223

17/09/2021 15:23

CATERPILLAR D4 7U, very late model with original paintwork, on one farm from new, new Cat u/c, rear hyds. R Smith Tel 07881 621061 (Cambridgeshire)

TOYOTA Landcruiser 2010, top of the range, full service history, diesel, automatic, sat nav, reversing camera, tow bar, a/c, leather seats, heated front seats, central locking, genuine mileage 73000. £20,300. D Smith Tel 07831 091109/01277 356881 (Essex)

MASSEY Ferguson 30 Suffolk coulter drill, good condition, used last year, retirement forces sale. £200. M Watts Tel 01462 813543 (Bedfordshire) THREE horse drawn mowers, one Bamlett, one Bamford & one Deering, ideal for renovation or spares. £150 each or £400 for all 3. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffordshire) 58-82616

Spares, Repairs & Restorations

JOHN Deere Model B, circa 1940, starts, runs & drives well, earlier restoration, good working order, dry stored. £3,800 no VAT. A Lee Tel 07836 773893/01440 820954 (Suffolk)

Specialising in the restoration & supply of spare parts for Classic & Vintage Tractors Parts supplied for all makes & models TOYOTA Hilux Invincible, 2004, 132000 miles, new MOT, very good chassis, a scratch or a dent in every panel, but useful aluminium canopy & chequerplate load bed, tow bar, light socket, new rear springs, useful farm runabout. £4,900 no VAT. B Robinson Tel 07740 683113 (Gloucestershire)

IFOR Williams canopy, off single cab pickup, exterior dimensions 164cm wide & 237cm long, c/w mesh gate on rear, 2018 vintage, in excellent unmarked condition. £300+VAT ono. B Robinson Tel 07740 683113 (Gloucestershire)

VINTAGE & CLASSIC IH 955 XL Y reg, 2 wheel drive, 6500hrs, good condition. £7,500 ono. Hunt Bros 01609 881710/07702 734715 (N Yorkshire) LARGE antique anvil. Offers. J Wright Tel 07816 323503 (Lincolnshire)

HOWARD 350 garden rotovator, for spares or repair. £200 ono. G Brown Tel 07957 978089 (Lincolnshire)

HOWARD Selectatilth 6' E Series rotavator, for refurbishment. £300 ono. G Brown Tel 07957 978089 (Lincolnshire)

Proud to be stockists of QTP (Quality Tractor Parts)

T: 07557 977591 or 01328 838864 E: @kevinrix_norfolktractors ZIGZAG harrows, 3 sets. Open to offers. J Watkinson Tel 01379 642464 (Norfolk) HAYLOCK 10' cultivator, pigtail. Open to offers. J Watkinson Tel 01379 642464 (Norfolk) KONGSKILDE springtime cultivator, 16' wide, manual sides drop, no longer need. Open to offers. J Watkinson Tel 01379 642464 (Norfolk)

MORRIS 1000 6cwt van, 1965, earlier restoration, starts, runs & drives well, ideal for everyday use or classic road runs, all original, no upgrades or major changes. Telephone for more details. £8,500 no VAT. A Lee Tel 07836 773893/01440 820954 (Suffolk)

Ford 4000 tractor

£3,200+VAT HONDA XL 250S trail bike, 1978, new model, overhead cam, electronic ignition, 5 speed, new front tyre & battery, indicators, mirrors, lights all work, historic vehicle so road tax & MOT exempt, with V5C, lots of power, ready to ride. £2,300. M Markham Tel 07850 863374 (Nottinghamshire) JOHN Deere 2030, nice tidy tractor, starts on the button, no doors, has a PUH, only selling as not used now. £5,000 ono. J Huxter Tel 07980319147 (Essex) CAT D4 7U angle blade, ex Swedish army, elec start donkey engine, new Cat u/c, also various spares. R Smith Tel 07881 621061 (Cambridgeshire) MELLOTTE hand operated cream separator (barn find), make good ornamental conversation piece. £50. R Jones Tel 07785 583192 (Norfolk)

Starts and runs

Andrew H Gemmill 07767 891328 01702 202930


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


VINTAGE loading shovel, good starter, brakes need attention. £4,500+VAT. B Tuckey Tel 07970 789955 (Warwickshire)

FORD 6610, 4wd, B reg, 7170hrs, in in totally original unmolested condition, faded paintwork & light surface rusting to the bonnet, excellent tyres all round. £12,995 no VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire) HANOMAG R425 vintage tractor, 1959, in good running order, rare as hens teeth! £3,850. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire) LOADER for MF135. £350. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Gloucestershire)

FORDSON Dexta, has two new front tyres, starts & runs well, ideal restoration project. £1,500. G Voutt Tel 07768 835366 (Cambridgeshire)

FORD fore end loader, inc bucket, off Ford 3600. Offers. A Griffiths Tel 07979 204312/01743 791263 (Shropshire) DAVID Brown 2D with all equipment including reversible plough (original). I Clark Tel 07718 918400/01525 860295 (Bedfordshire) FERGUSON 35 wheel rims – one 12" x 28", one 10" x 28", one 6" x 16", two 7.5" x 20" tubes. J Newton Tel 01522 788339/07940 513668 (Lincolnshire) COLLECTION of old agricultural spanners. J Newton Tel 01522 788339/07940 513668 (Lincolnshire) BOX of light lenses, mainly for Ford tractors. G Parry Tel 01691 682458/07801 530663 (Shropshire) PAIR of stub axles suitable for Ford 5000, 6600–7600. G Parry Tel 01691 682458/07801 530663 (Shropshire) LINKAGE drawbar for Fordson Dexter, used but serviceable, also bearings to fit, if required. G Parry Tel 01691 682458/07801 530663 (Shropshire) 1960 Fordson Dexta, starts & runs, unrestored. £1,100 ono. J Eames Tel 01234 241836/07518 103013 (Buckinghamshire) NEW Fordson Dexta parts, manual & parts list, starter, dynamo, regulator, light switch, oil pressure switch, starter switch, thermostat, stop cable, wiring loom, main starter to battery cable. £300 ono. J Eames Tel 01234 241836/07518 103013 (Buckinghamshire) COMBINED leg/neck antique shepherds crook. D Coe Tel 07867 578854/01473 311672 (Suffolk) DAVID Brown 1490, 2wd Hydro swift, 1982, 5805hrs, on 14x34 rear & 750x16 fronts, 3p/l, pickup drawbar, needs TLC. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) IH444 tractor with loader & muck fork. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) DAVID Brown 990, 2wd, loader bucket, roll bar, 3ptl, linker drawbar. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) DAVID Brown 1490, 1983/4, 2wd tractor with Econ HM1 hedge trimmer, need TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

VINTAGE Fergie tipping trailer, in need of some love, but still very usable, Milton Keynes. £400. P Dunn Tel 07711 316759 (Buckinghamshire) SMALL seed drill weight to hang on any coulter of horsedrawn seed drill. £5. C Flatters Tel 01775 640112 (Lincolnshire)

CRAMER 2 row potato planter, needs repair & servicing, call for more info. £300. R Kelly Tel 07803 944949 (Hertfordshire)

RANSOMES TSR 3 furrow reversible plough with spares, used 3yrs ago, call for more info. £500 ono. R Kelly Tel 07803 944949 (Hertfordshire)


DAVID Brown 880, starts & runs well, some attention needed on hydraulics. £2,000 ono. M Anderson Tel 07880 518867 (Norfolk)

CHOICE of two Ford tractor weight frames, one basket-like frame to sit weight or block in, came off a 6610, one square box-like frame to sit weight in, c/w tool box carry/tray to sit a tool box in/ on. R Morton Tel 07718 971902 (Cambridgeshire)

hinery, Browse used mac livestock equipment and FORD 3600 in good condition. D Allbones Tel 01652 656572 (Lincolnshire) TRACK Marshall 155 top & bottom rollers, plus various other parts. D Ling Tel 07775 997232 (Cambridgeshire)

online 24/7





224 October 2021

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17/09/2021 12:10

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

The Doubleday Group Your local dealer for



2014 John Deere 7250R E23 40k, TLS, active seat, 4 ESCV, autotrac ready with activation, Michelin 650/85R38 - 600/70R30, 4670hrs £72,000


2016 John Deere 6155M Autoquad Eco 40k with creeper, 3 SCV, TLS & cab suspension, autotrac ready, air brakes, Michelin 20.8R38 - 16.9R28, 6130hrs £47,000



2016 Fendt 828 Vario 65K, Profi Plus, f/linkage, Evolution seat, RTK guidance, 4 r/SCV,1 f/SCV, hyd top link, Mitas 650/85R38 - 600/70R30, 6556hrs, new engine at 5000hrs £82,500


2015 Vaderstad CRL 525 heavy duty crossboard, steel packer, road lights £31,500

2009 Vaderstad RDA600S System Disc, staggered wheels, new system discs, coulter discs and coulters, following harrow & track eradicator points, 5238 hectares £29,500


2010 Amazone 3m combi drill, disc coulter, following harrow, rubber packer

2018 Case Puma 165 Powershift 50k, front suspension, air brakes, 4 ESCV, joystick, front linkage, Michelin 650/65R38 - 540/65R28, 2542hrs £59,750

2017 John Deere 6110M Autoquad 40k, TLS, 3 SCV, air con, 16.9R38 - 14.9R24, 623R loader, boom suspension, euro headstock, 3rd service, multicoupler, 5208hrs £47,000


2014 New Holland T7.200 Range Command 40k Eco, front & cab suspension, front linkage, 4 ESCV, Michelin 650/65R38 - 540/65R28, 2398hrs £55,000

2008 Landini Landpower 135 Techno Speedsix, 3 SCV, air con, air seat, 20.8R38 - 16.9R28, 3323hrs £29,500


2008 Cousins 6.4m Contour articulated rolls, 24” breaker rings

Kongskilde Delta HSF-300 7 tine stubble cultivator, discs & crumbler £8,500


2011 Kuhn HR4004D packer roller, scrapers, clodboard

2012 John Deere 5080R Powerquad 40k, 3 SCV, 540/540E PTO, air con, 420/70R30 - 320/85R20, MX T6 loader, euro headstock, multicoupler, 3rd service, 3906hrs £34,500



Dalbo Cultimax 650 track eradicators tines, front & rear levelling board, following harrow, rear drawbar & hydraulics £17,500





2020 Dalbo Rollomaximum 620 track eradicators, levelling board, crosskill roller, rear cage roller, spring tines £27,750


2010 John Deere 6630 Premium Powerquad 40k, TLS, 3 SCV, air seat, passenger seat, Firestone 650/65R38 540/65R28, 3868hrs £48,750


2018 Valtra T234D Direct 57k, f/suspension, f/linkage, air brakes, Egnos guidance, 5 ESCV, Smarttouch display, Trelleborg 650/65R42 - 540/65R30, 3021hrs £79,500





2007 Rolland V2-110 DM007 muck spreader, single axle, hyd door, vertical beaters £9,750


2003 Joskin Komfort 14000TS slurry tanker, sprung drawbar, sprung axles, rear linkage. rear hydraulics, steering axle, 550/60R22.5 £15,500


Holbeach Tel: 01406 540 261 Holbeach St. John, Lincolnshire PE12 8SQ

KL Kings Lynn Tel: 01553 617 666 Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE34 3EU

S Swineshead Tel: 01205 822 440 Station Road, Swineshead, Lincolnshire PE20 3PN


Vi sit ou m for r w ac m e hi or bs ne e ite ry


Old Leake Tel: 01205 804 544 Wainfleet Road, Old Leake, Boston, Lincolnshire PE22 9HT

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

Tel: 0333 6000 670

October 2021 225

fg_class_Sep_21 copy.indd 225

16/09/2021 12:42

Agricultural and Construction Machinery Sales and Service


Astley House, Back Lane, East Langton

2019 18hp VST EURO GR185DT Hours: 45

2021 MERLO 38.10CS-145 Demonstrator

2016 Merlo TF35.7-120 Hours: 2835

2018 Merlo TF42.7CS-CVT Hours: 4433

£675,000 2016 Spread-a-Bale Maxi XL Straw Spreader

Horsepool Grange, Elliotts Lane, Stanton Under Bardon, Leicestershire, LE67 9TW

New! Strautmann Verti-Mix 240L




01530 249191

Three bedroom detached house subject to an agricultural occupancy condition Partly refurbished

Large garden with circa 0.5 acre plot and views across farmland Quiet location within popular village

CHARTERED SURVEYORS | CHARTERED TOWN PLANNERS | ARCHITECTS The Hall, Priory Hill, Rugby Road, Wolston, Warwickshire CV8 3FZ

T: 01788 435 43 E:


Office 01787 211701 Luke 07915 669007

CASE PUMA 230CVX 50K, 2012, 4301hrs




JOHN DEERE 1950 2WD 1992, Stoll F8 loader, MC1 cab


LELY 4M COMBINATION P/H & DRILL 1996, 3m also available


ROLLAND ROLLFORCE 5514 MUCK KUHN AXIS 40.1 H-EMC 24M SPREADER FERTILISER SPREADER 2018, slurry door £21,500 2014, choice of 2


NEW HOLLAND LB85 BACKHOE LOADER NEW HOLLAND TS115 1997, 5424hrs 2000, 5803hrs, £17,500 Dual Command 40K


MASSEY FERGUSON 7620 50K DYNA VT EFFICIENT 2015, 2682hrs £51,500



LEMKEN JUWEL 8 5F PLOUGH 2018 Flexpack JR5-100 press £21,000



GEM SAPPHIRE 1120 24M 2500L SPRAYER 1995 £13,500






Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


All prices + VAT Boxford Suffolk UK

226 October 2021

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234


2015 BATEMAN RB26 3000L 24m + GPS 3780hrs

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands


2015 SAM HORIZON 4000L 12–24–30m + GPS 6060hrs

2016 HOUSEHAM AR 4000L 12–24m + GPS 6800hrs

2014 KNIGHT K1840 4000L 12–24m + GPS 5200hrs

2010 HOUSEHAM AR 3500L 12–24m + GPS 4900hrs

2014 MULTIDRIVE 6195 F/C 4000L 12–24–36m + GPS 2160hrs

2012 SAM VISION 4000L 12–24m + GPS 7700hrs

2008 HOUSEHAM AR 5000L 12–24m + GPS 6200hrs

2010 SAM VISION 4000L 12–24-30-32m 6200hrs

2014 HOUSEHAM MERLIN 3000L 12–24m + GPS 7600hrs

2010 BATEMAN RB55 5000L 36m + GPS + auto steer 8600hrs

2011 AGCO ROGATOR 618-S 4000L 12–24–36m + GPS 6980hrs

2009 SAM VISION 4000E 12-24m + auto steer 6820hrs

2004 HOUSEHAM AR 3000L 12-24m 8400hrs

WANTED SELF PROPELLED AND TRAILED SPRAYERS Roughton Moor, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire LN10 6YQ

Tel: 01526 354433 • Fax: 01526 354242 • email: • web:


This is but a selection of our stock – more on our website – October 2021 227

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 227

17/09/2021 15:58

Recruitment and About People Email:

Farmers Guide

RECRUITMENT and About People Tel: 01473 691888

are at We iting ru am recSaxh



Job Role The successful candidate will be required to work as an integrated member of our Technical Services team. Your main responsibility will be to assist in providing centralised technical support for our range of CLAAS products and systems throughout the UK and Ireland. Candidates are expected to have practical experience with the maintenance and diagnostics of agricultural machinery although additional training will be provided. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your technical knowledge whilst assisting our customers in a collaborative and supportive environment. Main Duties • Assist in the provision of day-to-day technical support to our Field Service team and Dealer Technicians, predominantly by phone, email and remote access. This will not only include our full portfolio of tractors, materials handlers and harvesting machines, but also our range of Connected Services, including Telematics, Remote Service and GPS steering systems, in line with seasonal demand. • Support with the publication and management of Dealer Service Information and Special Inspections. • Liaise with our factory based Technical Support Centres to raise and follow topics from the field and provide feedback as required. • Assist with final validation of new software and systems to ensure that they meet customer expectations prior to rollout.

Essential Skills & Knowledge • A strong enthusiasm to achieve customer satisfaction • A self-motivated and a driven work ethic • Proven ability to problem solve • A valid, current UK driving licence • Experience in a range of agricultural machinery operations • Excellent communication and organisational skills • Good IT and literacy skills Hours of Work According to the business requirements (minimum 37.5 hours per week). This role does not attract an overtime rate. For an informal chat about this role, please telephone Rob Fillingham, on 01284 763100 To apply: Send a detailed covering letter and full CV to All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. Deadline for completed applications is Friday 29th October 2021.

Job no: CLS2600 | 190mm x 133mm | half page Farmers Guide

Robin Bunning passes away aged 79

Robin George Bunning, of G. T. Bunning & Sons Ltd, passed away peacefully at home on 29th June with his family by his side. He was a much-loved husband, dad, grandad, brother, uncle and ‘The Boss’. Having been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in November/December 2020, and after two cycles of chemotherapy, Robin was cared for at home with only a few short spells in hospital.

Born in Gressenhall on 14th July 1942, he was the eldest son of George and Ethel Bunning. He spent his childhood in the village attending the local schools, then worked on a farm in the village. In 1962 he joined the Royal Marines, serving seven years and seeing active service in Aden and Singapore.   He married Doreen at Gressenhall Church in 1967 and spent two years stationed at Lympstone, Devon. In 1969, the couple returned to Gressenhall

and Robin joined his father and brothers in the family business, G. T. Bunning & Sons Ltd. At that time, they were shoeing horses and doing general repairs, but over the years progressed to manufacturing agricultural trailers, farm buildings, manure spreaders and pallet inverters. Robin was very involved with the development of the new factory and was offering advice and ideas in the days before his death. Now in the final stages of development, he said it took him

52 years to get that! Robin was a keen fisherman and enjoyed trips to Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire salmon fishing. He was chairman of the local Roosting Hills Trout Fishery for many years. The funeral was held at Gressenhall Church on 15th July with limited numbers because of Covid. However, Robin was given one final tour of the Bunning factory and premises with the workforce applauding him, then all walking behind the cortege to the church.

228 October 2021

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17/09/2021 12:32

New field sales managers for Olivers

Movers and shakers Do you know of someone who is on the move in the agricultural industry? Whether they are starting a completely new role, a promotion within a business or perhaps a retirement after many years of dedicated service, let us know and we will do our best to include it on our popular ‘About People’ pages. Send in no more than 150 words and a (head and shoulders) picture of the person in question to (email):

Duane Hill becomes managing director of Haith

Leading designer and manufacturer of vegetable handling solutions, Haith, has appointed a new managing director. Sales director Duane Hill is taking over the role, as outgoing MD Nigel Haith moves to the position of chairman. Mr Haith is preparing for semiretirement, having been managing director since 1997. He has overseen the company’s growth from a turnover of £6 million to well over £20 million. “I am incredibly proud of what

ICL expands commercial team ICL Specialty Fertilizers has appointed Matt Conradie as area sales manager in the UK to help develop and grow the specialty portfolio in the agriculture segment. ICL’s business lead for western Europe, Sander Selten, said that ICL is delighted to welcome Matt to its expanding team.  “The experience of Matt in specialty fertilisers is considerable. Matt worked in the past as regional

manager for Omnia Fertilizers and we welcome his extensive product knowledge to the team. With Matt on board, we will be better positioned to promote the ICL technologies in controlled and water-soluble fertilisers to the UK growers and farmers. “ICL is dedicated to helping growers and farmers increase productivity and profit by growing better quality crops, all in a more sustainable way. Bringing new skills and expertise into the business will help us to meet this commitment.”

Do you have a VACANCY that you need to fill?

tion call c e s is h t in e is To advert 73 691888


Both Philip and Luke are experienced agricultural sales managers, having worked in the industry with other reputable agricultural dealerships, and are ready to discuss efficient machinery requirements. Philip can be contacted on 07771 678946 or by email: philip.cole@ and Luke is available via 07774 732671 or email:

Origin appoints non-executive director International agri-services group Origin Enterprises plc, has appointed Aidan Connolly as an independent non-executive director, taking effect from 1st October 2021. Non-executive directors Hugh McCutcheon and Kate Allum will retire from the Board following the group’s AGM, scheduled for 25th November 2021, having served nearly 10 years and six years respectively. Mr Connolly has 30 years’ experience in the agribusiness sector. He is president of AgriTech Capital, a US-based strategy and investment firm which supports innovation and technology in the agribusiness sector. Aidan is also CEO of Irish agtech start-up, Cainthus, which specialises in monitoring key farm management practices that impact nutrition,

health and the behaviour of livestock through the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence. Prior to this, Aidan held multiple senior leadership positions at global animal health company, Alltech, over a period of more than 25 years, initially in Ireland and later in France, Brazil and the US. Most recently as chief innovation officer, Aidan was responsible for the commercialisation of Alltech’s global research, in addition to delivering the company’s corporate account strategy. Aidan is an adjunct professor of marketing at the Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin and a visiting professor of agribusiness at the China Agriculture University in Beijing. He speaks at conferences around the world, is a member of various international industry federations and a regular contributor to a range of publications.

Michelin appoints new communications director Michelin Tyre PLC has appointed Conor Twomey as communications director for the UK & Ireland. The role encompasses press and public relations, social media, events and internal communications across the UK and the Republic of Ireland and covers the entire Michelin brand portfolio, including car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, bus, agriculture and construction tyres, the worldrenowned Michelin Guide as well as Michelin’s growing interests in sustainable industries such as hydrogen power and high-tech materials. Conor brings more than

20 years’ experience, both in journalism and in public relations, to his new role, having worked for numerous media outlets in Ireland and the US before beginning a new career in public relations in 2010 and relocating to the UK in 2013. Since then, he has worked in PR for Jaguar, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and most recently Mitsubishi, where he also oversaw social media, events, internal communications, partnerships and government affairs. Conor commented: “It’s such an exciting time to be joining Michelin. The brand is very much looking to the future with a strong emphasis on sustainability and growth with, around and beyond tyres.”

Recruitment and About People —

we have achieved during my time as managing director, but at 65, I want to enjoy a slower pace of life and pursue my hobbies and spend more time with my family,” said Nigel. “The board and I are very excited about the future and know that with Duane as managing director, the company, its team and the next generation of my family are in safe hands.” Duane Hill, 35, joined Haith Group in 2004 and, from starting on the shop floor, has worked his way up through key departments of the business, moving into sales in 2007 and becoming sales director in 2011. Nigel and the Haith family continue to be Haith’s majority shareholders and remain committed to the company’s future growth.

Olivers has recently appointed field sales managers at its Reading and Winchester branches, in order to further the company’s sales support to its customers. Philip Cole (left) joins Olivers Winchester, covering a sales area in Hampshire. Luke Ward (right) joins Olivers Reading, and will be covering a sales area to the south of the branch across Berkshire and East Hampshire.

October 2021 229

228-231 About People.indd 229

17/09/2021 12:33

re OLIVER AGRICULTURE LTD We aing at on t t i u u recr k and L c wi OLIVERS are a long standing family business with nearly 200 years of experience, inge

Recruitment and About People Email:


we have many employees with over 30 years service with the company. In 1947 the business became the first independent CLAAS dealer in the UK, and has gone from strength to strength since that time. In recent years, we have seen significant growth resulting in an expanded area of responsibility. As a result of this expansion OLIVERS have a number of exciting new career opportunities within the business and are looking to appoint new dedicated staff to fulfil the following roles:

EXPERIENCED SERVICE ENGINEERS / TECHNICIANS Tingewick, Buckinghamshire & Luton, Bedfordshire

Due to the expansion of OLIVERS, we have exciting new opportunities for Experienced Service Engineers to join our growing team. You will play an important part in the servicing, maintenance and repair of CLAAS equipment and other products to support our customers. A knowledge of combines, tractors and forage harvesters is desirable, however, experience of CLAAS machinery is not essential, as industry leading training on our full product portfolio will be provided at the CLAAS Academy. You’ll also receive ongoing support from a team of experts to ensure that you have the very best start in your role as a service engineer. We will require you to have good customer skills, the ability to work independently and as part of a team and importantly, a desire to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with an overall willingness to succeed. In return we offer an excellent package including a competitive salary, contributory pension plan, a dedicated service van and extensive holidays. As a highly successful long-standing independent dealership OLIVERS is the right move for you. As a forward thinking and expanding business, allied to leading global agricultural manufacturers, OLIVERS offers stability and career progression for the right people. Service engineers are the backbone of the business, so please contact us today to explore our opportunities.



Contact: Applications/enquiries to Anna Barnes, OLIVER Group HR Director by email at TM

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. Oliver Agriculture Ltd are an equal opportunities employer. Deadline for completed applications is 31 October 2021.

230 October 2021

228-231 About People.indd 230

17/09/2021 12:34



We require an experienced agricultural salesperson to continue our established business in the East of England.

Southwick Estate, Hampshire

Competitive salary, house, and vehicle

Based from our English depot in Brigg, the role includes machine sales, demonstrating and general customer relations for the well-established ScanStone product range.

Career defining opportunity on this progressive Estate which offers a huge diversity of farming practices including arable, livestock and dairy, to design and implement an environmentally sound, financially sustainable farm management regime based on regenerative principles.

The role includes working with our current sales and service team, Steve Cooper and Stephen Hesleden on a day to day basis and taking guidance from our existing territory manager for this area.


• Farming the land to the highest sustainable standards, including arable and livestock enterprises • Overseeing significant regeneration programme and management of wider estate landscape including woodlands (in conjunction with a specialist consultant) and solar park • Integrating sustainable farming practises into a holistic estate landscape management regime • Setting budgets and business strategy

A comprehensive knowledge of farming and machinery will be necessary (in particular root crops), a full UK driving license, excellent communication skills and a reasonable level of computer literacy. The approach to the job must be second to none to offer our customers the absolute best product support possible. We offer the best packages in the industry for the best people in the industry.

• • • •

For more information please contact Helen Astill on or 07721 437 085

Please apply in writing to William Skea: or call: 01307 818000

ScanStone Brigg, Snitterby Carr, Gainsborough, Lincs, DN21 4UU


Proven track record of arable and livestock farming Business acumen, financially and IT literate Practical, energetic, physical A team leader, able to motivate and work alongside staff


Claas apprentices look to the future

Claas dealers from throughout the north of England, Scotland and Ireland have enrolled 16 new apprentices onto the Claas Agricultural Apprenticeship scheme run at SRUC Barony. Despite the difficulties of the past 18 months and the impact on education, the new 2021 apprentice cohort is one of the largest intakes of students since Claas first introduced the opportunity in 2008. Ahead of starting their course, the new students recently attended an induction day at Barony. Over the first three years of their apprenticeship, students will attend the Barony campus on a block-release basis, spending a total of 36 weeks at the college. During this time, they will be given comprehensive training in the wide range of technical skills a service

engineer needs to look after today’s highly advanced agricultural machinery. When not at college, the students will spend time at their sponsoring dealership, where they will be mentored and supported as they put their new-found skills to the test. In addition, they will also be invited to the Claas Academy at Saxham for specific Claas product training, prior to undertaking further advanced technical and industry training in their final fourth year. The completion of their apprenticeship will, however, be just the start of their training with Claas. Having qualified, working at their Claas UK dealership, they will then have access to ongoing training and development, and ultimately the opportunity to move into more specialised or management roles within their dealership or Claas UK.

Recruitment and About People —

The area is from the A17 at Sutton Bridge to the Humber and liaising with our dealer and customers in Yorkshire.

October 2021 231

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17/09/2021 15:49

fg_class_Oct_21.indd 232

17/09/2021 15:21

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 234

07473 727242

MASSEY Ferguson 35. J Smith Tel 07774 290777 (Cambridgeshire)



07836 540559

SCRAP ❚ Combines ❚ Sugar Beet Harvesters ❚ Tractors ❚ Trailers ❚ Cars ❚ Vans ❚ Lorries ❚ Trucks

David Smith 01353 861694 07968 661115


HANGING feed barriers, 20’. L Enefer Tel 07810 004470 (Norfolk) FORDSON Super Major 3p/l levelling box, Ford 4000 3p/l levelling box & Hanford No 5C roller crushed mill. M Morse Tel 07773 518082/01994 230663 (Carmarthenshire)




 KVERNELAND Mini Air for drilling onions. D Brown Tel 07710 316205 (Cambridgeshire) SAaMnthW a@farm sam 4455 01473 69 or TERS nic 4456 01473 69 Farmers

Please email pictues & details to

GRAZING wanted for quiet polled lambs, up until the end of the year, fenced or unfenced, references available. J Howard Tel 07779 266451 /07857 900036 (West Yorkshire)

S Gray Recycling

SCRAP METAL All types of scrap combines, sugar beet harvesters, tractors & machinery

GRAZING required for up to 300 Welsh ewes, will consider any location. R Evans Tel 07768 569947 (Powys)


Tel: Dereham (01362) 692104/637332

TRAILED crop sprayer with 24m booms, working order. J Ramsey Tel 01653 628366 (North Yorks) TECHNEAT Autocast for a 30’ combine. J Johnson Tel 07840 215098/01767 654137 (Cambridgeshire) HANDLE for a root cutter, Bamfords, Eclipse, McGregor or similar. D Coe Tel 07867 578854/01473 311672 (Suffolk)

TOYOTA Hilux, Isuzu Trooper up to £2,000 in East Anglia, can collect. J Long Tel 07711 079821 (Essex) FREE standing fodder beet chopper. A Heath Tel 07971 814082 (Shropshire)


John Deere 00, 10, 20 & 30 Series tractors



WASTE SERVICES & RECYCLING Agricultural Contractor

Farm Plastic Recycling • Fertiliser sacks • Empty seed sacks • Spray containers • No upfront fees • Pay per trailer • South Lincs & surrounding area • Fully licenced





Used Tractors and Good Clean Farm Equipment or call James on 07770 692891

Tel: 07785 937779 or 01953 454462


01406 550227 07860 537973 WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT


Farmers Guide

Top Cash Paid+VAT

LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90 van, 1995–2005, anything considered. Tel S Gray on 01953 454462/07785 937779.

JCB 520-50 Farm Special Loadall 4x4x4




PICKUP hitch for Massey Furguson 590 tractor, 1979, must be complete, including brackets & pins, ready to use in good condition. J Goddard Tel 01508 531055 (Norfolk) TELESCOPIC elevator with 900mm wide belt. D Brown Tel 07710 316205 (Cambridgeshire) PERROT irrigation reel, 100/500 or 110/500. D Brown Tel 07710 316205 (Cambridgeshire)

COUNTY Crawler tracks & running gear for earlier type, 6 stud, sprocket, chains, etc. R Shiner Tel 07710 707684/01234 750047 (Bedfordshire)

PETTER PH2 diesel engine, twin cylinder, runner or non runner, must be complete. H Willis Tel 07763 501599 (Kent)


TRAILED tanker sugar beet harvester, must be in good working order. J Riseborough Tel 07889 270002 (Norfolk)

Email details to

01493 750999

ROUND BALERS: Welger RP202 Claas 46/240/340 Krone KR125/KR135/1250 McHale 5400/5500

INTERNATIONAL 65 rear discharge muck spreader needed for parts, need not be a runner, picture shows an International 65 muck spreader for reference. M Gardner Tel 07772 170938 (Suffolk)




       TOP    PRICES   PAID


Fendt tractors








WANTED all models of




3HP electric motor, single phase, 230v, 1390 rpm. £75 ono. P Smith Tel 07725 246748 (Lincolnshire)


Please email your machine to or call

Norwich, Norfolk

PIG/SHEEP weigh crate, either digital or mechanical, in good working condition. B Brown Tel 07768 038369 (Cambridgeshire)

TURKEY processing machines, including drum plucker, wing finisher, wax reclaimer, fridge compressor, etc. Heart of England Farms Limited Tel 01926 843460 (Warwickshire) CAT D4c part exchange. I Clark Tel 07718 918400/01525 860295 (Bedfordshire)

GRAIN auger required – 6" uploading auger to fit 20' silo. I Scotney Tel 07592 613564/01487 822262 (Cambridgeshire) KUHN Aero spreader or Nodet spreader required, in working order. L Smith Tel 07799 875203 (Cambridgeshire) NODET Gougis Pneumasen 2, will consider any size & condition. R Jones Tel 07930 333534 (Shropshire)

COMPLETE full set of front weights with the centre towing eye for Ford 7810, ideally original condition. J Morton Tel 07885 879340 (Cambridgeshire)


01603 712222

HARRISON lathe, 24” centre 9” swing, with tooling, single phase, also DRO read out. £980 ono. P Smith Tel 07725 246748 (Lincolnshire)

Buy and sell online — Buy and sell online — we advise items should be viewed prior to any money exchanging hands

James Morley

HARDWORKING first-generation farmers looking for land to rent/ buy, local to Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk area, with land to put a static caravan to live in, or somewhere to rent and live with some land. A & A Livestock Tel 07969 794376 Abbie/07951 417294 Andy (Suffolk)



ur For all yoIED CLASSIF TRADE ISING ADVEaRcTt... cont

PRESSURE greaser to fit 12.5kg grease buckets. G Parry Tel 01691 682458/07801 530663 (Shropshire)

October 2021 233

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17/09/2021 14:39



for private farmers

The fast and efficient advertising service for private farmers wishing to buy & sell their used machinery, livestock or equipment. Submit online at or use this form: Post to Farmers Guide, Parkside, London Road, Ipswich, IP2 0SS. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept faxes. Provide a description of what you would like to submit, including the category to appear under. i.e. Wanted, Grass Machinery, Livestock etc. You can also attach a picture for FREE!

FarmAds - FREE Ads for farmers


Have you attached pictures? [Y/N Qty] This form must be signed I certify that in placing this advertisement I am acting in a private capacity and not offering items purchased for the purpose of re-sale and not in contravention of the 1977 Business Disclosure Order.


Address: County:

Postcode: Tel No/s:

Full Name (in caps): Email: Tick here to opt out of Farmers Guide emails:

Any suggestions?

Let us know what you like best or what you would change in Farmers Guide.

Please circle how many people read your copy of Farmers Guide:

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Other (


16/09/2021 12:57


@agrihire Made in Britain used worldwide



Y body spinner deck 18 to 40 tonnes.

Y body vertical beater 8 to 40 tonnes.

Classic vertical beater 8 to 40 tonnes.

All of our spreaders are manufactured by ourselves in the UK and combine heavy duty construction with top quality components. Standard specifications include 20mm chain, 70mm shafts and bearings, commercial axles, wide angle PTOs.



...the only British built plough on the market, uses a combination of well proven genuine Dowdeswell parts and modern updates. From 5 to 10 furrows to suit horsepowers up to 600hp, in furrow and on land options with a choice of bodies including DD, DDS, UCN, SCN and Slatted.

Call now to book your demonstration We also....

ice for ose serv h c i l u a on dr nstructi wait hy o u C o , l y a e i l whi ndustr tural, I Agricul

... supply a wide range of new PTO shafts and spares nationwide and also carry out servicing and repairs on most types of shaft. A huge range of parts are available including U/Js, tubing and guards. We also supply gear boxes and hydraulic motors for a wide range of machines including mowers. spreaders and toppers. Our parts department offer’s a comprehensive range of oils, filters, wearing parts, batteries, bearings, belts, and tools. Now the UK’s largest Dowdeswell parts supplier

Agri-Hire, main dealers in Suffolk for...

call now to book your demonstration Parts & Hydraulics Jeremy Waspe 01473 744184

Sales Ben Clowes 07764 968206


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Hire James Seeley 07860 849685

Transmissions Mick Hewitt 01473 240377

13/09/2021 14:27

Wash Lane, Mendlesham, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5TD


• From 34,000–358,000Btu



• Ideal for workshops • Fume-free • Low noise • Inside & outside use

INDIRECT FIXED WORKSHOP HEATERS • From 120,000– 2,000,000Btu


• Perfect for a professional clean • Ideal for extra cleaning power • Robust and reliable

COLD WATER PRESSURE WASHER • Sturdy and dependable • All round heavy duty cleaner


• Ideal for workshops, fleet maintenance vehicles, tyre companies and much more! • Efficient and trustworthy compressors 75577


For details or a demonstration ring Paul Bradford now on

01449 766157 or email

See our website for details 10/09/2021 16:54

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Farmers Guide October 2021  

Farmers Guide Magazine October 2021 Issue encompasses the best of British farming with in-depth arable, machinery & livestock topics, writte...

Farmers Guide October 2021  

Farmers Guide Magazine October 2021 Issue encompasses the best of British farming with in-depth arable, machinery & livestock topics, writte...

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